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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Brownsville, Texas A there is no More contemptible Poison than Power Over oms fellow men. A Maxim Gorky Rott Motriuc a lend born on the fourth of july 1892 weather iou Fly and mild Hance of shatters i flit Iii Lott 70 vol. 79�?no. 203 copyright 1972, Freedom newspapers Brownsville Texas sunday May 7, 1972 61 pages daily 10c a sunday i be Runoff election scheduled in county races a a a a a a Briscoe grabs solid Lead in governor race bulletin Lubbock Tex. Up lev. Preston Smith running a poor fourth in the democratic primary conceded defeat saturday night in his bid for a third term As governor of Texas. Nitration and gave Uvalde rancher banker Dolan Briscoe a1 solid Early Lead in the governor s race. The voter resentment against Smith who profited $62,5j9 from his dealings in a multimillion Dollar Stock scandal. Apparently also carried Over to it. Gov. Ben Barnes a Dallas up a a record protege of Lyndon b. Johnson number of voters in to e and former gov. John b. Democratic primary saturday Connally. Booted out gov Preston Ujj pm returns from 173 Smith s scandal plagued Admi 0f estate a 254 counties. 37 a i Complete showed Briscoe with 177.045, Well ahead of his nearest competitor but just Short of the percentage needed to avoid a june 3 Runoff. In those returns rep. Frances Farenthold was second with 78.842, Barnes had 59.965 and Smith had 37.744 Smith said in Lubbock he May have waited too late to Start his no new tax Campaign platform by Wichael Rabun and conceded he was torpedoed Dallas up a newspaper by the Stock scandal publicity editor William p. Hobby and a twelve months of persecute sen Wayne w. Connally tion is hard to overcome a the both benefiting from famous governor said political names won places in former National committe a Runoff saturday in the race Man Albert b. Fay of Houston for lieutenant governor of Tex was leading the Republican leu primary followed by a closely they will face each other packed group including David june 3 with the Winner i that Reagan of Sherman. Sen Henry race getting a free ride into the Grover a Houston. And Dallas second most powerful statewide attorney Thomas Mcelroy office. The republicans did not attorney general Crawford of eld a candidate for lieutenant Martin criticized throughout governor this year the Campaign for his handling Hobby and in Connally in Runoff no majority for sheriff a and commit i i pct. A a incumbent de Laloi Graybill Defeated Marcia Perez can Zepeda Defeated Reed Dickens jr., by 653 to 390. By Bill Voung six Cameron county dilates must wait until june 3 and Juan b Sanchez Zepeda three Justice of the Pear before their political fates ate had 2.290 votes. Dickens 676 races in the county showed the settled the six will to com and Sanchez with 1.522 following results after Satur Peting in three Runoff elections pct. 4�?incumbent m. P Day s voting As a result of balloting saturday Lopez Defeated Estevan g. Pct. 2. Pm. I incumbent in the democratic primary Escamilla by 505 to 185. Adolfo g Betancourt who was election. Pct. 5�?incumbent Joe unopposed received 4.994 votes a record 28,044 voters turned Weaver who was unopposed pct. 3, pm. In encumber out to vote on National state received 382 votes. Romeo Garza Defeated Santiago and local candidates including let. 6�?incumbent j. J la la Puente by 2.928 to 1.592. Those seeking the offices of Chudyi Rodriguez Defeated Gale pct. 6, pm in incumbent District attorney sheriff and e. Armstrong jr., by 2.932 to Frank s. Pena Defeated i on a Wor i hed i ski no gov. Preston Smith enter keep s close Check on election returns saturday night with Early returns showing him running fourth. Shown with Smith in Lubbock of left is or. Elmer Raum and at right is Secretary of state Rob in i lock. County commissioner from 1.638. Precinct i. P c i runoffs Are set in All three Lopez of those races and the top contenders for sheriff Gus o Krausse and Mike Gomez District attorney Fred Galindo and Mel Chavez and pet. I commissioner of r. Pipo Lopez and d i. Lerona All will face off come june. Saturday s unofficial totals do not include 832 Absentee votes which had not been counted at i a in. Today. County clerk j. Harrison Diltz indicated the final Absentee count would come some time today the Absentee votes apparently bring to 28.876 7�?incumbent Pablo who a unopposed received 869 votes it. 8�?incumbent James a Longoria by 2.836 to 2,311. No incidents were reported during the saturday voting and the first return was reported see election Page 8-\ a a a Fri Iscoe Leader Iii county a of in every instance except one Cameron county democrats gave their approval to in Mart by Hijacker bails out Over Jungle area of Honduras the number of votes cast in the r u a h e n t statewide office democratic primary holders in saturday s balloting Krausse led a held of five Jon reception was gov. In saturday s balloting but n a to. Preston Smith who ran a dido t command the majority my a r Inoff Distant fourth in a five Man results have one woman Field. 1ft Quot la votes otherwise the incumbent iv52 c. G necessary to final Runoff Ilia Krausse with Gomez with stale s 254 counties. 37 compete showed Lunaria Salvador k. Per and Don Bov Kin incumbent do. F t Dut Ira by Jon a Hon Boinski released by cuban authorities a the evidently studied our scheduled at the Washington Veteran of id Yoro. Honduras up a a and flew to Miami. Flight said Robert National Airport to Dulles casual to saturday n his mid-40s Yah parachutist armed with Martin an Eastern spokesman. Airport no in Washington. D c third in a the he a former 38-caliber gun and a Satchel Quot he a supposedly a Pilot in in Rural Virginia where he leaving the a Vietnam War Pilot parachuted Sai j As full of explosives the Vietnam War he had flown picked up 8303.000 in Ransom. Runoff speaker Fri in an a rt1 airlines let forced the 727 with a Crew of and knew All about another let follows Gand with the Small wound it the by us he g attorney general commissioner with 3 677 0f agriculture state treasurer. Asnif with 2 69ft. Comptroller of Public accounts. H 2 157 in bbl and com atty Marty led the Stock fraud investigation Man desc it did ? the other fix candidate in the i behind challenger John Hill am be hew to held and Hobby narrowly led the Early returns the ticket late saturday it former House return from 173 of the Gus f Mutscher of Brenham to including convicted of bribery conspiracy on Hobby March is. Appeared headed for 6303j8 he extorted during a 20 exchanged the original hijacked 4fts 5-foot-8 and weighing about demanded Nally s re election to the House while hour log h i Salt Kine aircraft forty eight passengers 16ft pounds boarded fasten substitutes the ski a rate who launched and one shaken stewardess flight 17ft in \ Hen town a he sent his plot Eastern Railroad commissioner and the it attorney commissioner of the general Par land office All received a As a margin of the votes cast in their sped respective race runoffs Are almost distanced Ben a 19.22ft to 2.432 in the governor s race. Delph Briscoe headed a Field of even with 9.62ft votes Ben barr5� was second with 5,455 floret Farenthold was third with 4,553, Preston Smith was fourth with 2.784 Robert a l. I Ione had 146 William m Posey had 115, and Gordon w ills had 105, Bill Hobby narrowly Edge Vav. Connally in the lieutenant governor s race 7,211 to 7,215. Joe Christie finished s be tin is Man i liven for Erh it Indurai Jungle in a to Central \ men Ca from the Hijacker Des it tired by dissatisfied my net saturday Wuh Gnu Orleans a there he had passengers As White in his mid denomination a aunt with la id votes to Connally 108,723. Running third was see his conviction is bring Appeal Joe Christie. Do paso. 51.727 vote and sen Hall a Rockwall was with 30 988. With in other races former u s Ralph sen Ralph Yarborough fourth geared headed for a Victory Over Barefoot Sanders of 1 Dallas a former aide to nor nor mime Lyndon b Johnson. Sen wave had said he was not running on Connally brother of Treasury i a Mower. Ram hut limit it a Rny not form or gov in a we to it to Soju t to of on a Home up. Tot around Tho a a my Sot Pika to hoi Dod for it Runoff with in Olvedo Houston Newspaperman William Jun a to ooh to. Proo Tom my p h by it or Quot a Cut. Odt tar of the. Houston it Quot in. A poet campaigned on a plat by taking Over an were released earlier in Wash ordered a i it tin ii fir i Mer or a Domestic my ton Enro Ute flight e Bidav jumped from 27 in shortly before Dawn this isolated Mountain e a ii it i Boft Miles South honduran i fed Eva Irani of 5 Arch the police no i a manhunt 1 is into the is a Holt a nor form of Legwin Tawf Reform featuring a change m of state s Consun futile and annual leg Wiatre sessions the Winner of the june 3 Runoff Wim a kneed Ben f Barnes As Texas Beu tenant Gin error Bec Ause the Republican pacts did not held a candidate in he race. Is Iff ii i Cha Nee of stoic res a it sell primitive Oduin one of the searchers s Aid $300,080 with him hard to and a him Quot Mcansh a another Region that completely Hijacker said ruthless Man and Eastern officials plane to new York and the plane which was Miami to pick up the Large Bill to Miami with a Stop from Bank. \ plane also was sent to Richmond. Va., site of w amp a the Federal Reserve Bank pastern said the Hijacker kept 45. Loft of the original Money and the airline handed Over $258.ftftft after he returned the same amount of original Money. From Dulles the i 1 from let v org a runo and in w As a in count Thorn Cootie Between Chavez and inc of 0. Chavez of Harlin of sen at lip with 9.591, whip born a a Brownsville Atte Rcv count i with 9 631 his e three Man race Fer or Sande of county commis Mner pct. L f f. Ami totall to finished third it t the f out and is Thuv Ell i r Thom a Elf is set Between i i Jody new Tina i Ope led the Field 65.1 votes while l Erma be 15 close second with 2 508 Kika of precinct 3, incumbent Miami of an a i Pic the Hijacker in getting out without losing the tem airlines Jet was top of his head. We Don t saturday As a a com know a Hendershott said ruthless Man in his a there s not much room to get nud-4lk who said he wanted th1 out of you get out into Knacker 1ft i i heft extortion Money for a airstream you re gone and if a j political cause in South Meri your head is not in the right would be Rill b to of i tacked position it s not going with n an bomb plan a von Continua a government and if he h i. It will not be described. Lately who vim race plane and its original Crew flew mood to new Orleans the hijacks Craft was followed by Alioth r Jet carrying Federal agent armed with High powered riles at new Orleans he order of the plane refuelled and was told of ? with 3 19 crafts Hydraulic system malfunctioning instead of waiting for repair he Orde 1 a new plane. The replacement crafts also a 727�?was backed to Tail with the hijacked remit list. Over l r j ii Aliner i wads in Carolina from and in Raleigh. No. Up George Wallace making his Strong to and against school busing pay off Al the pods won North Carona democratic presidential Prunaret eel Jot saturday Mutu by a larger than exper ted margin Mer pop ular former gov. Tern Sanford mild temperature with a Long Hail a youth slight Chance for showers today pre Dent Nixon and monday Are forecast by the assassinated if Amel. _. National weather service the my in Ienni continued the Hijack told another Hen it Kors Iota Quot Aid be hijacked general Outlook Calls for Douds diverted Ai Western airlines Al crewman. James conf a Lone. He parachuted out at about 9 of Puzino to partly Clouds skies and to Havana saturday the youth was dying of Ancor and had few get Over mountains after first y human shield South Easterly winds through Arn ted wih a pistol seized a Only six months to live n Ding a hit on he Hijacker earning his monday Salt us Cliv to los Angeles con a Lone said in Merida airlines own charts where he Cun he Stewar. Temperature should Range flight and Lviv and first demand moxie Ile said he didst wanted to go Desses and Othet Tow Mem 72 to 87 near the coast cd he by flown to Hanoi rare if the plane crashed a about hot Odds of of h m fron the upper Valier with knew flight sch Dilir because be had Only six months we of Quot Tor the h, possible Sharp footing Fri readings in the mid Valley area or later settled for Cuba and an Vav a Hendershott said. I would Rit # transferred his grail and 88 the plane landed in Havana at Apt Willard i. Hendershott Ink woul i vow sex parachutes or h to 7 37 a in Edt it later was 52. Said the Hijacker who parachuting out Over the parachuted from the 727 mountains in the dark i jetliner shortly before Rawti would t do to Tor that amount Over Honduras in Centra Lamenta went out the rear of the plane through a door that Ojie cd Aga ins the huge Jet s airstream the sky pirate launched h s extortion sky jacking by taking Over the Eastern plane on a or Domestic flight Friday from in some of the races ing the contest for u s in. Which Ralph Yar in won in Cameron v Yarborough out Olied Quot los cd rival. Barefoot is. By 11, to 7.333 contenders and their vote h were Alfonso Al a Pion. Hugh Wilson. 77ft, and is m Cartlidge 424 Bent congressman from loth congressional District la Garza easily out us has his nod Iii Loith third with 3.742 votes by Ralph m. Hail with Jones with 510 John Lea with 357 Troy so 233 and Robert e. Vici 232 loin 844 Crawford m Art in Nee i votes Folio wed by with 6 wit and will with i l97. Robert s. Calved comptroller of pm bar had 8.533 Vlies to he of seven Arher v it included la me Vul is. Stanford s. Smith 1,71 Blankenship 649, be i 6m and Randy j Tun of a Cameron count ii re int v ranging degrees. Between commies smiler severe losses w Ile ii dined is Defeated Saigon i Pic i s. Intel Vietnam or a re killed with 38 per cent of the Eugence sources said saturday wounded a in one of he actions Allentown. Ato Miami. Fla Beckim to counted Wallace had the communists suffered such the i s summand reported he forced the plane to land at per cent of the vote to 38 per severe losses at Quang Tri they the a of foul More aircraft in Dulles Inte atonal Airport Athens Tex up it a John cent for Sanford Black Cand were being forced to Send in South Asonat including a Lui where Eastern off Ciais collect Rue Deanna dowdy the wife of Date Shirley Chisholm a one or two divisions from North traits aul and a second acid de the extortion Money and hit conv hied rep John dowdy. D congresswoman from new York Vietnam to replace them and spectre to embattled an us 60 r aboard the plane Texas soundly Defeated sat City maintained a steady 8 per were calling Back Reserve Miles a crib of Saigon with ins the Hijacker armed with a urday nigh in an attempt to cent of the vote in the count from Lane let of nirl nun nut it reported ,38 Caliper pistol and a Satchel win of few Cratie nomination there was no Esi Unale of the five Ait Orleans Bel Evod killed of what he said wore expo f it a ,t a or husband now Tactual number of dead but the two we a ago n the fiery Styes parachuted out of the demanded and received from the one plane to the other from new Orleans the plane flew South Landing at Merida. Mexico a City on the coast of the Gulf of Calexico. Atter refuelling it continued South Over Antral Amend after the Hijacker jumped the aircraft returned to Ferida where the Crew rested for several hours before flying to Miami a i Hon Pedro mine into the newsroom nodding his head wisely. A a Ami got Zanghi doing something right a inquired the City editor. Quot Nan. Sir a replied the Don. A but it would seem to be a Safe bet rial the politicians in Austin Are hearing it purty Good from the Paisano out Here in the Boondocks. and out be went. Texans Basin a Bael ban Dunk a la Cam Alen care for t Texa Over by 4 was Hadaf race vet Bat Castle v by who i 1 Lino 124 in 1bout i rep ver h a Hunt fir in 1 Token vow hts total 1 pc the Iota he gop 2 140 As it for Reagan place Ocee it is in the House of sources Basing their informs Wash in their Hel copts in the plane which then landed in a it Sennati is lion on monitored radio Broad Central Highlands had been Merida and returned to the casts and prisoner inter Roga found a ave All had been Given airlines Home base in Miami at tons said two North Vietnam up or Lead 4 29 pm Edt. The communist vietnamese Hie Rashott said a the was a re Wop on consume Dallas i Piir Tex my crafts and Rej Subh an de a hades Wilson a slate sen Ator who portrayed himself As overwhelmingly saturday against forced busing and said in no Uncertain terms they want a constitutional amond h 27 sen Mayo in Otic and i a a of pct 3 runo Mese divisions of Louft men were so severely mauled they news Agency a Nna in Coli Petely ruthless ii kept were being consolidated into Broad a St monitored in Tokyo. Is gun on at least one girl All on said Gas planes killed and the time a the u s and South a Ietna wounds a Many civilians in a Hendershott stewardess 1 against the Utility of polies won is flee cent of the Vole in five candidate race. Mrs. Lowdy was a Distant second Mese commands reported a let Ambir Jatta k on Nam Dinh Julianne Saxon saw the Hijack w re in Jar cent series of major dashes Friday City 50 Miles South of Hanoi in or go to the rear of the a Fane. Rpp w r Pong and saturday ranging from the North i let Nam but ment p r 0 h students to balances. In the 79 per voted in prohibit biting achieve busing set it Rac Den ent a or busing Rati primary of \ of in profs Sal t a slight i Ion a Fiel 3.249 the june bal Zaietz Tor no he did not see him go out a a a Fairman of the House agn Cul ar2er a it a cent a be of re Publ j Al i a 1 til re vim Mimi u my Lui arg >49 outskirts of Hue to the Central in Prins the North Aetna the rear door because he had or it it Lorn in Idee was re elected cans rfh11 noted for the Trev no 1021 Hig Blanda in which 648 North Mese s Aid six u s warplanes dosed the curtain in the rear. 10 Bis 19th term Poage took amendment 574 a it Nambae and Viet Cong were were shot Down Over North Hendershott said opening the m i61 int of vote in the nms1jjts from if the state s other pm be a v. Reported killed at a Cost of 40 vie Nai n 2nd six v s ships rear door while the plane is in democratic primary against one 254 counties 14,380 democrats follows Arvn dead and 143 wounded were it damaged off the North flight is a a difficult propose other candidate he faces no for prohibiting busing and 3 871 pct a Nib Abdal one i n adviser was killed vie Naf Nese coast in toe Laft tion a Republican of Noxen against 777 republicans arose neat Niku. About too 5<hiui three flays. Ltd Kwh Elief be Way Sucre Zuj Ber. Pro Habig in busing 198 against. A Gady jr., by 551 to 382. Alberto Almas Tail it hat is Mcelroy John a. 1 if Tseih Alton Lenk is j 55 and 27 votes 2 1, i in. C 4 sing referendum at. 2 a the gof primary i a wed 906 i measure and 229 of Iii plates All included matinee for it Rife treasurer St for state rat Road Ner. G to Giarcia for it a Tate senator for cd state retires in a Darrel Hemphill 51st 1 representative Patty me Edgar Hood District i j Dpi memo Hinojosa it commissioner precinct re or one and county Gap unum Donald c. Osborn. Index dist i lit feature Fage Abb. 5c amusements Jar classified. Pc t no is. ,. A Mimi i ,. In i Arm ,.4 4 Horoscope. 6r Hospital a obituaries % a sports in weather a w Mien 1 news. In

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