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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 1

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Despite watergate Washington sex scandals religious leaders see Little gloom in moral climate by Kenneth r. Clark United press intent Thutt a pair of unsavoury shadows cast by watergate and the Washington sex scandals will haunt americans 200th birthday party this year but a up Survey of religious leaders turned up Little gloom where the nations Overall moral climates concerned. The Rev. Ryan Seawright pastor of the 375-member first United methodist Church in Rural Washington ga., called recent allegations about Capitol Hill mistresses on the payroll a a cathartic action a which should bring about a a general House a i feel it is going to be a sort of cleansing thing Quot he . A it seems there is a mistrust of the professional politicians a Ibe Washington people want new faces. There is a Strong possibility we May have a whole new group of faces faces with a new see the brightest possibilities that we be had in a number of Baptist minister and american party candidate for state representative Joe h. West of san Antonio tex., dissented from that View. A i think its very apparent that we Are having a very serious moral decline and there a no Way the nation can continue another 20 years As we Are right now Quot he . A i do believe its that to West watergate and the current rash of congressional sex scandals Are a result not a cause of moral decay. A i think the Root is what we re being fed a he . A i mean through the television through newspapers and even through the radio now like the suggestive lyrics of songs. I think we re being conditioned and brainwashed to accept a Standard that is immoral immoral the Rev. Thomas Basich pastor of Advent lutheran Church in Roseva be minn., was More philosophical. A sin has always been with us so this kind of thing is not unique in kind a he . A but it is in degree. An awful lot of this kind of thing is going on. It is one More symptom that shows that our society is indeed very sick morally. A secondly it has very seriously lessened Confidence in government. People Are very cynical and disillusioned about government and that is very unfortunate for the democratic system requires a High degree of Basichis Long Range View however was a bit More upbeat. A a in a optimistic generally speaking shrimping below prior prediction Bacun Schroeder shrimping in the Brownsville area has not been As Good As expected according to reports of local shrimpers. Although a Good season was predicted by Texas Parks and wildlife the catches Arentt living up to expectations. The owners of several local shrimp companies agree that most of the shrimp Are being caught North of Brownsville in the Galveston Freeport area. Most catches in the Brownsville area have been 200-300 pounds per night. Carl Gayman of Gayman shrimp co., inc. Said the usual amount caught during this time last year was 1,000 pounds per night. He no boats have done that yet this year. Catches around Freeport have been larger he added from 300 to 500 pounds Waters inside 10 Miles of the coast have been closed since May 17, and will be until july 15, to allow Young shrimp a Chance to develop before moving into the open Gulf Gayman samples have been taken in closed Waters but none have revealed any Large amounts of shrimp. Guy Pete of Pete shrimp co agreed that it Hasni to been too Good this year. A a we re not looking for one like last year or anything great but for a fair the Lack of shrimp is also causing a shortage of work for employees of shrimp processing plants at the shrimp Basin. Gaymen catches Haven to been so Small this year that the Crew can head them on the boat. By Richard Hughes Dorado puerto Rico up a president Ford led the chiefs of six other major Industrial nations into puerto Rico saturday for a Summit conference aimed at keeping their current economic booms from going bust the luxurious Dorado Beach hotel once owned by the family of vice president Nelson Rockefeller and site of the meeting was turned into an armed Camp White House officials expected 15,000 puerto rican demonstrators favouring Independence from the United states to mass outside the hotel grounds sunday the Day the seven world leaders begin their talks Ford the Host and first to arrive at san Juan International Airport diverted attention from economic matters by warning Cuba that the United states would retaliate if the Castro government interfered in the Domestic affairs of the United states and puerto Rico Ford had ruffled puerto rican feelings by failing to inform them in Advance the Summit would be held on puerto rican soil but he attempted to mollify the islanders Satur Day by praising their right to a freely determine the nature of their ties with the United states. It was the second economic Summit held by six of the Heads of state who met last november in Rambouillet France. President Valery Giscard do Estamo of France did not invite Canada to that conference attending this meeting were the leaders of the United states West Germany Japan. Great Britain France Italy and Canada All of whom Are in some sort of political trouble feta Ptero it Don Pedro came into the newsroom and announced a it must be True that there a a Sacker Boro every a a How a that a the City editor asked. A Don Pete was just thinking about those people in Tokyo who shelled out 1, dams each to see that All look debacle a the Don. A a it a no wonder they have to move to a different part of the world each time they stage one of those fiascos. and out he went. Bom on the fourth of july 1892 because i think a moral Renaissance both on the personal level and the Public or government level is altogether possible and quite probable a he . A i think there Are great spiritual resources in the country and i expect to a tide to evangelist Billy Graham agreed with Basich. Graham recent sex scandals Are just another manifestation of something that was going on Back in the Garden of Eden and in the country a Early Days. A this goes on in Small towns All across the country a he . For Cardinal Timothy Manning of los Angeles spiritual Leader of that o x so la of s it s a Al o o or x o o he s a t 00 largest roman Catholic archdiocese a Public reaction to watergate and sexual adventuring in High places in itself is a Bright note. A even the tragedy of watergate showed the depth of Peoples moral indignation and their allegiance to principles of moral conduct a he a on our 200th anniversary i am very optimistic about our future As a nation. In the past dozen years we have displayed greatness in our concern for human civil rights for nature and for the end comment. May god guide us to even greater compassion and to greater respect for life right across the vol. 84-no. 307 Brownsville Texas sunday june 27, 1976 pages 90 daily 15c-sunday 35c poles halt Price hike with strike by Terence j. Andrew major nations holding Summit and look to this conference to improve their images. The subject on the Agenda was coordination of their policies on economic growth Energy Trade currency Exchange rates and relations with third world and Oil producing nations. A we Are fully aware of How important it is for us to work together to shape policies to achieve stable economic growth and to respond to the new challenges and opportunities which face us All Quot Ford upon arrival at san Juan. Local Man is drowned in Resaca a Brownsville Man drowned Friday afternoon while swimming in the Resaca de la Guerra the victim was Jose Salazar 20, of 2905 St Nolind. Salazar was fishing in the Resaca near 400 acacia Lake or. With three of his Brothers in Law when they reportedly decided to go swimming a witness Salazar apparently suffered cramps and drowned before help could arrive. Justice of the peace de Sarabia ruled the death due to accidental drowning. Survivors include his wife Maria Elana Salazar his parents or. And mrs. Seferino Salazar or. Of Colorado two Brothers Seferino and Mario Salazar and five Sisters Beatriz Vicky Bertha Rosalinda and Dora Salazar All of Brownsville. Funeral services Are pending and will be announced by Trevino Delta funeral Home no change in weather Valley weather will be partly Cloudy through monday with a Chance of showers in the afternoons and evenings High today and monday will be in the Low 90s in the coastal areas and upper 90s in the West lows tonight will be in the mid 70s. Winds will be southeasterly at 12 to 22 Mph today decreasing to 3 to 7 Mph tonight. Probability of rain is 30 per cent today and 20 per cent tonight. Warsaw. Poland up a the government retracted plans to increase food prices by up to 69 per cent and workers who went on strike in protest and barricaded rail lines returned to their jobs saturday. The governments Quick decision to Back off on the Price increases was viewed As a surprisingly democratic move but the turn of events left Premier Piotr Jaroszewicz in shaky standing. The workers protests thwarted the governments second attempt in six Virs to raise food prices poles police restraint this time avoided the bloodshed of 1970. Few people gave Jaroszewicz much Chance of surviving As Premier after the government once again misjudged the reaction of the polish people. Jaroszewicz appeared tired and drawn in announcing the governments economic package in parliament thursday then withdrawing it in a Brief television appearance a Day later in the face of nationwide strikes and a Railroad blockade. However informed sources there was no threat to the leadership of communist party first Secretary Edward Gierek who came to Power when his predecessor Wladyslaw go Mulka was toppled by the 1970 not in the ports of Gdansk and Szczecin workers at the Ursus tractor Plant near Warsaw who upped up Railroad track Friday and halted traffic to the South and West of the capital praised Gierek for the authorities restraint. They blamed his advisers for recommending Price increases the government originally announced the Price of meet fish poultry butter Rice and some vegetables would be increased by As much As As 69 per cent effective sunday to be offset by a series of salary supplements higher pensions and child allowances. Factory meetings designed to give workers the Chance to comment on the economic package turned into strikes and sit in demonstrations throughout the nation leftists Sta All out attack . Tried to dry Cuba crop los Angeles up a the United states secretly used Cloud seeding to dry up the cuban sugar crop in 1969 and 1970, Lowell Ponte a former Pentagon think tank researcher saturday. A former specialist for the International research and saying the Battle a technology corp., the Cia and the Pentagon seeded Clouds j. A a in a inh plier Only that Nami rain pm a sheer pleasure a what better Way to spend a saturday than Riding around am Goland mall in a shopping cart with a chocolate ice Cream Cone to lick and a Popeye balloon to hold. That formula seems to fit the needs of Julian Ochoa 2-year-old son of or. And mrs. Placido Ochoa of 780 Robin Dale Road. Jherald photo by Ron Schade. Gop falling behind on funds Washington up the Republican party is falling far Short of its fund raising goal this year because big contributors a Are holding Back gop finance saturday the chairman a at a time when we. Should be doing everything in our Power to unite and win i find republicans at every level coming up with every excuse in the Book Ftp not doing something a Jeremiah Milbank the Republican National committees chief fund Raiser. Addressing the closing ses Sion of the two Day inc meeting Milbank the party is $16.5 million Short of its 625 million goal. The inc finished its main business Friday proposing a rules change to make delegates to the National convention vote for president according to the Way they were bound in state primaries or conventions it also approved Ford backers As convention officials. The gop National conventi on must approve any rules changes when it meets in Kansas City to aug 16-20 Milbank that four years ago More than 700 persons contributed an average of $50,000 to elect former president Richard m Nixon but this year Only 105 persons have Given the gop More than $10,000 the new election Laws prohibit individual gifts to presidential candidates after they win the nomination the campaigns Are financed by the government a but allow political committees like the inc to funnel a portion of the Money it collects for All party candidates to the presidential nominee by Michael Ross Beirut Lebanon up a leftist forces advancing under heavy artillery fire penetrated deep into Christian territory saturday trying to open up a Supply route to a pair of palestinian refugee Camps that have fought off tank led attacks for five Days. Overwhelmed by the three mile Long Advance into Eastern Beirut Christian forces they pulled Back a with dead bodies of the enemy marking the Trail of their Retreat a the All out leftist attack came As conditions inside the heavily fortified Taj Zlatar and Jiser a1 Pasha tanks grew desperate. The palestinians saturday they beat Back an armoured assault by 4,000 christians a but they Haven to Given up a privately the palestinians expressed concern that the smaller Jiser a1 Pasha Camp May fall if the offensive continues much longer newspapers quoted military observers As a should prove decisive the next 48 More than 1,000 rounds of mortar rocket and artillery fire pounded the two battered Camps overnight according to reports from the front and casualties soared to More than 170 dead and 300 wounded. Artillery and gun duels also raged throughout the garbage strewn City now without without water electricity or bread supplies for five Days. Doctors warned that the Lack of sanitary facilities and the mounting piles of rotting Bage could touch off an outbreak of typhus. A famine and thirst Are haunting Beirut like two dread Ful ghosts a leftist held Beirut radio. A now the third and most dreaded ghost of All has arrived a disease a hospitals have begun urging citizens to report for vaccinations but warn that serum like almost everything else in Beirut is in Short Supply. A we Are facing the horrifying Prospect of watching epidemics break out and we will be powerless to Stop them a one doctor officials neither electricity nor water could be restored to the sweltering City until the fighting ends. But a Quick end to the 14-Mon-th War was nowhere in sight. Efforts to arrange a truce failed Friday night when fighting prevent d a meeting Between president elect Elias Sarkis and libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul who were stranded on opposite sides of the City. In a More ominous development christians forces War Ned they would begin shelling Beirut Airport m five Days if leftist forces did not agree to prevent the smuggling of weapons in incoming cargo. The Airport which now is under supervision of joint Arab peace keeping Force has been the Only Safe escape route for those seeking to flee the War torn country. . Embassy officials estimate 1,300 americans 700 britons and 500 other nationals and foreigners remain in Beirut despite several convoys out of the country last week in wind currents that carry Rains to Cuba a Between 1966 and 1972 the Cia and later the Pentagon were using Cloud seeding to make enemy trails Muddy in Southeast Asia Ponte in an interview for National Public radio. Quot but the seeding near Cuba was to cause less rain not More i it was supposed to squeeze rain out of Clouds before they reached the Island. You might say we tried to embargo a the experimental seeding was stepped up in 1970, Ponte because cuban Premier Fidel Castro staked the Honor of his communist government on the Success of that years sugar crop. Castro set a Harvest goal of 10 million tons of sugar a Ponte the Cia decided after Castro s promises that failure would demoralize his people and make cuban communism appear a the Cloud seeding brought erratic weather in Cuba and the sugar Harvest fell Short of its goal Castro offered to resign but remained in office Ponte a weather science is too primitive to say that Cloud seeding Hurt cubans Harvest a Ponte a but it could have. The Point is our government secretly attempted to tamper with weather in another nation with which we were not at War in an Effort to cause economic and political harm Ponte author of a the Cooling a a Book dealing with climatic change and manipulation of weather for political reasons the Cloud seeding near Cuba was originally to provide information for a Pentagon project called a Nile Blue Quot British colonial Rule is ending mercenaries face longest weekend by Nat Gibson Luanda Angola up a for 13 mercenaries this is the longest weekend of their lives monday they May be ordered shot to death these soldiers of Fortune three americans and 10 Brt tons sat quietly in their cells in Sao Paulo prison saturday Reading week old British newspapers but mostly they were waiting the five member angolan revolutionary tribunal will sentence them monday for a War crimes a their attorneys say some of the men expect death by firing squad others expect prison. The americans Are Gary Acker 21, of Sacramento Cali Daniel Gearhart 34, of Kensington md., a father of four and Gustavo Grillo 25, an argentinian born american from Seuey City . In Many ways the three americans have been Lucky. So far of the seven americans who joined the Rush for big Money four died less than a week after they arrived. None Ever fired a shot none was even paid Acker an sex Marine Dis charged because of mental problems almost changed his mind about joining the pro Western forces in Angola but he his parents urged him to stick to his original plans a you can to Back out of things ail your life a his Mother reportedly told him Moat of the britons were in the country longer but their last Days of Freedom were even worse. A col. Tony Callan a the notorious greek cypriot born mercenary commander ordered the execution of 14 britons who wanted to go Home in the nine Day trial that ended last week . Attorneys Robert Cesner or. Of Columbus Ohio and Dill Wilson of is Louis to argued that Acker and Gearhart should be treated As prisoners of War under provisions of the Geneva coi it Ference Grillo a former bodyguard for a new Jersey Gambler was represented by an angolan lawyer. On the final Day of the trial. Callan whose real name is Costas Georghiou spoke at length for the first time. Callan freely admitted order ing the death of the 14 britons and killing an angolan Soldier and a civilian he also took responsibility for the actions of All the Mer Cenales and he was ready to accept the consequences Victoria Seychelles up a the exotic Seychelles islands Britiany a last african Possession Gams Independence monday ending 162 years of colonial Rule by London the Union Jack will be hauled Down at Midnight and replaced by the red White and Blue Flag of the Seychelles Republic in a ceremony at the local soccer stadium in this Seaside capital of 15,000 on the Indian Ocean the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester represent Queen Elizabeth ii at the ceremonies prime minister James Man Cham the 36-year-old bearded son of a chinese immigrant will become the Seychelles first president upon Independence Man Cham a Amboyan International Playboy has he Wilt continue close links with the West including Britain and the United states. The 86 Granite and Cora islands comprising the Seychelles Are an exotic blend of mountains Coconut Palm plantations and sweeping beaches. abby.2. Amusements.8 classified.4. Comics. 1$ editorial.2 horoscope.10 obituaries.2 sports.1 weather .16 woman s news 1

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