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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Brownsville, Texas Repairing Dom in oar store by expert workmen. All our work to guaranteed. The Valley first first in the Valley lease d wire service of the associated press it riveted or welded tanks design Sis or Typo \ Quick service Alan. A Iron work Browning a corp Christi san ant a a Houston thirty eighth year no. 255 Brownsville Texas. Monday june 23, 1930 ten pages today 5c copy in our value by c. M. Hall n mtg pm by Gap Quot Ipp hopi Quot As Ere write these lines today be i Tore the House takes up the scheduled vote on the rho and harbours Bill Ore Angle of the Valley s latest and p baby greatest single acquisition or. In to the Engineer of this column. We in the Valier know All about our proposed port but carried As one of Many items in an omnibus Bill. The remainder of the world does not know to much shout it. The Valley should begin to advertise the port the Chambers of Commerce and like bodies can select their own ways of letting the nation know about it. But Valley individuals can also do much to Aid. Why not ask Ever one in the a Valley to Arite their Distant Friend about it. There Are about 175.000 persons in the Valley. Say that Many of these should Arite three of four letters about it. Is this could be made to mount up to 100.000 letters it Mould be an economical and effective Way to advertise the big project jumping right into our political i at gallery we have with us today Cunt s. Small. Or Small is from out West. Valley port vote awaited from House los Fresno threat of suit held Only Rumor with the vote on the amendment to the Rivers and harbours Bill expected in the House today no action had been taken at noon on what will be the final step in Congress on the Valley a deep mater project. It to expected however that the vote will be taken later today. It be ii understood that Assurance of in favourable passage has already been Given the Senate. Humours today on the streets of Brownsville Mere to the effect that j los Fresno interests had filed petitions seeking to restrain members of the navigation commission from extending the funds voted e. C. Tooth Man la selected for the port but no recorded step president s son at work in foundry new York june 23�?/p>�? Allan hoove., second sew of the president donned overalls today and started to work in the Bonne n. Plant of the american Radiator company. In his second year at the Kuna re school of business. Hoover like most of his classmates. To spending the summer learning the manufacturing business from the ground up. He is being Given no special consideration company officials met a. And As far As the company is concerned is just another College boy trying to get some practical education. They did not know exactly wha. His salary was but said it was nothing to write Home about. A a we now number three a -4-aa-4-a-a-4-a-1 g.0.p/s elect local chief of such action could be found. Voters in los Fresno Hare been opposed to the Bond Issue for the p it that Section representing the Section of the District holding i re a an attitude but those in charge of the port affairs do not believe i that the voters there can be stirred j to any such action which they be i Kjeve would be Only a futile step. V she House should sign the amendment to Tat of Wen a of tsar a is but today. It has been maid \ i that it will immediately go to the president for his signature. Week a then expected Tabel \ started by the navigation committee an Early Date. Organization manager of state party he has been vigorously campaigning on a platform of a forget politics and develop Texas the Only thing we Are afraid of is that. With the exception of seme parts of West Texas. Or. Small is going to think they forgot politics and everything else when the time to vote for him has passed a a a at a meeting of the Republican Headquarters committee held in the St Anthony hotel at san Antonio. E c. Tooth Man of Brownsville was elected Secretary and director of or fans amp Hon so charge is she Pang permanent a Dallas i or Toothman has been assistant Secretary for the last four years and to intimately acquainted with the party a Altair and activities. He has a wide acquaintanceship among and is very popular with Republican leaders throughout the state and nationally at the meeting of the Headquarters committee there Arete present Orville Bui Migton. Or. F. L Thompson. Mrs. C. Griswold. Eugene Nolle. Phil e Baer and r b ores paid Thi world pot a Jas a Ltd Connul Tow conference a Vult today after in a it it d i u we a i it is known mat i. V. Lee of a Jig my in a of sky in hmm Stoiu who to in Washington. D. Which her role of Matron was q and for that reason not present abandoned for that of flapper. Also favourable to or. Toot Lur. An it was the Sun s fault. Warmed by its rays Al Hamburg yesterday n i a o. 171 a 1 a the dirigible s Silver nose acquired i audio tops r i Ignis Zep leaves Earth on Impromptu voyage Dehlin. June 23�? put a the Oraf Zeppel. Which germans Call �?o8he�?� and have credited with matronly Wisconsin Trade Evangels arrive governor Moody Heads delegation to Vallej in attempt to Iron out land Sale differences it special to the Herald Harlingen june 23.�?Wisconsin delegates sent to the lower Rio Grande Valley by governor Kohler of Wisconsin arrived Here this morn ing for their inspection and study of the land situation and were Given a warm reception by a Valley committee part of the general Texas re crept Ion group appointed by governor Dan Moody. Prominent among the portion of the Texas committee arriving with the visitors were governor Moody who joined them at Austin yesterday and Grady Kin solving of Corpus Christ chairman of the Texas receptionists. M the delegation was immediately a if a a Iff a taken to the Rees Wil mond to sump Mukhi a suit reopens twelve lawyers in court to hear Case Over several weeks the old Ojo de Agua partition breakfast served by the Harlingen chamber of Commerce where or. Kinsolving presided. He introduced to tile gathering All of the Wisconsin group which includes George of Kuh. Secretary of the Wisconsin manufacturers association f. H. Clausen president Carl a. Johnson. Past president senator Forbing Mehigan. Adjuster for the Wisconsin real estate brokers Board Elmet h. Grootemaat. Chairman of the Board and William doll attorney. Moody Speaks just about 3 o clock yesterday afternoon a baby Arr lied to the Lone Eagle and his help meet and it a a boy. And it Aas mrs Lindbergh s 24th birthday. Both mrs. Lindy and the Lone eaglet Are doing Fine thank you. Suit contesting title to about 48. A him f 1 set Ksn so or a a. Uss 3 3� a Wincn to Mai to Valley Detto paint any Eckart has r x. A get by Rey j group. A in selecting this commit use Josh ilex a to Nakata rep cleared am resent Tive of All the state. It in the suit has been pending in the eludes wily two men whom i know Cour 5 since 1915. Heirs of Nicolas to be actually engaged in the Sal Balli a Catholic priest who at one j of Valley land. The other member t Lone eaglet arrives sunday cops seeking to brighten Home of Lindy Lingle killer Ufi Urual buoyancy. It suddenly tipped into the air. And in a to moment in dirigible itself Rote High from the ground with Only a few of its arc aboard and with officer and 45 passengers left startled and apr and i Char Lind Bush 1 a Quot a no re behind. Today re peeping into a Cradle Hana Lehmann and the at a wee Mlot humanity who pm a ser watched the ship above a not yet opened his eyes on 1hts 1 expecting it to be brought Vale of tears and laughs which a a a a yesterday he started travelling through one of the parents declared that he resembles his Mother and the other that he looks like his father. We leave it to you to guess which is k to Earth but while it cruised shout Over the City the Crew radioed that there was still excessive of military fliers Mexico City Jane j3.�? it president Ortiz Rubio today issued a formal order forbidding military Alia tors from engaging in Long distance flights. The president said he had decided that no More mexican fliers will be permitted to risk their lives in perilous flights hating no specific purpose. The order included col. Roberto Englewood n. J., june 23 a a Fri colonel and mrs Charles a. Lindbergh Are the parents of a Ion. The baby weighing seven and three quarters pounds was born at 2 15 p. I Eastern Standard tune yesterday in the heme where his Mother the former Anne Morrow was bom. She became a Mother on her 24th birthday. Aside from the statement of the baby s birth and his weight no de blame placed on former City Hall employee now missing time held the land Are contesting title with the present owners. The land has been Cut up and developed. And there Are Many owners and likewise there Are Many heirs claiming right to the valuable land. About 12 lawyers were in court monday morning representing the various interests in the Case. The suit to being tried before the judge without a jury. Testimony and written instruments Are now being introduced. Lawyers Voct the trial will take several weeks. Are tort near and Industrial leaders interested in the development of Cha state As a committee members members of the Texas committee present were Harry Seay Dallas if. R. Safford Houston h. M. Lull Houston w. A. Wakefield. Corpus Christi Wallace Rogers san Antonio e. B. Neiswanger san Antonio w. M. Mcintosh san Antonio John t. Lomax w. E. Anderson san Benito d. W. Glasscock Mercedes John 8hary. Mission another slow draw maim Andersen Harlingen Lloyd blood Worth Edinburg w. A. Harding Raymondville Wayne Wood Brownsville John Phean. Mercedes Riff inf Sama Harry Faulk Brownsville and Clar Ain in of me oame ence Malone Houston. Kansas City. June 23�? spa after breakfast the delegation left another name has been added to the i for a tour of the upper Valley. Said which. We wish we had one brought safely to Earth in the Cool Little Nickel for every picture of i that baby which will be carried in newspapers for the next six months we could then quit work and just write columns or something. J rents ambassador and mrs. Dwight do a i it i it Orrow except the statement j j a a that Mother and baby were resting com stably. J news of the arrival of the Lind Texas Winner to defend Bergh heir spread rapidly to ail had Ronten plated cancellation j a i parts the country and to foreign of evening her skipper and his aide i of col. Fierros flight before its i place in contest i shores and within a Short time a. Fred soon after and found every j Start from new York but that Mas i Parade of messengers with con Chicago. Juno 23�?vfl�? James ired Forsythe gun Toter and for _ a Mer City Hall employee was hunted Long list of Western peace officers lunch was to be served at Delta tails were forthcoming from the household of mrs. Lindbergh s a As the Man who killed a Jake a i who wer too slow on the draw. Orchards with stops at Edinburg lug. Tribune reporter. J a of a a a kno Depuy unused St is and Mcallen and dinner tonight in Forsythe whom judge John Lyle a a buoyancy and that they would be Fierro who was forbidden to conure Hie to Kern again. F untie his Dight to South America. The Zeppelin arrived at Starken Africa and Europe Ai drome it i p. In. And was president Ortiz Rubio said that he a year ago characterized As a a potential killer to under a year s jail sentence for carrying concealed weapons. The sentence recently was alarmed by the appellate court. 4irtuv�?~fpr�sreso the group will spend the tween trains yesterday in Kansas night in liar in pm City with a prisoner. Burrel Newton. S Harlingen. 23 dinner at acht club new ton complaining of heat ners Zirino Den tuesday s general program in Otto Sci Quot in an inspection of a cent Isa t rung ship shape and nothing fur Thor to worry about which reminds us that our marriage Busine has picked up a bit since we started talking about our 1930 june weddings not being up to Par. It is now said that the number is beginning to approach fifty. Much As All arrangement had been been completed he decided to a1 grate Latorya messages and bearing a Flowers began to arrive at the Mot i radio stations inter Rockefeller wedding planned for today j he had Philadelphia. June 23-jjp�? miss Mary Todhunter Clark Daugher of and mrs. Percy Hamil ton Clark of conc cd a Philadelphia suburb becomes the Bride of j nations. Be son Aldrich Rockefeller second a. Win of or. Anc mrs. John d. Rock f a is lev Man in o non. Of new York this after ave Drymen to i pen. San Diego. Cal. June 23�?p/ Low the venturesome flier to com i miss Janh East men of fort w Orth. Row Home a plete the first stage of his sen a i Taxa. Winner of the Miami Beauty j erupted their programs to broadcast contest will go to the International news of the event which has been Beauty contest to be held next fad Tiona air voyage. The president raid however that come to the conclusion it was unnecessary for co Fierro to continue his trip since he merely would be repeating what already had been done by aviators of other Emler or noon. More than too of the socially Pri eminent of new York. Philadelphia Washington. Baltimore and oter cities will at end the ceremonial St Spath s protestant episcopal it is further said that the faster a a Thev come the More composed the Church in a. 1 10 justices of the peace seem to become of Ock Standard time. Members of justices of the peace and the More nervous the principals. A Niwa Ted Annie rays the Way to the altar in 1930 is paved with filed intentions. President hoovers Cabinet senators Anc members of the diplomatic corps at Washington also have been invited. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Benjamin n Bird Rector of St. Spath s. Once upon a time a Young Man had to Tell a a father what his intentions Are but these Days he has to Tell the county clerk. H general Carter Dies at Houston Hospital Houston. June 23.�?up>�?gen-� j j m. Carter of Wharton re 5�?~2ss�wf/,si.1retr2sli tired major general in he . Fort Brown practice regular annual Sabre work and mounted pistol practice began monday for fort Brown cavalrymen it was announced today. Frist work was started by a troop which left the local fort for Loma Alto monday morning. The men will remain on the practice Field for four or five Days if the weather continues fair fort Brown officials stated. A this is merely army routine and practice is held every the commander said awaited with Lively interest for Sev in Rio de Janeiro a if it costs Hoo Era weeks. Too to defeat Hie attempt of Florida \ name had not been announced representatives to disqualify hex on or the new arrival but Charles a. The ground that she was married Lindbergh. Jr., for his father or when she appeared in the Miami Dwight Morrow Lindbergh after his pageant Grandfather were mentioned As this statement was made Here probable choices today by her manager. Sulci preparations which had been Van. Made for mrs. Lindbergh s recep �?o1 had t heard of Tho trouble Tion in a new York Hospital were until i read of it in the cancelled several Days ago and hos us Jivan raid. Quot the charge that j Pital equipment and two nurses mss East men t was married is untrue i have followed her activities for the last six or seven year and never have heard of her being mar Ned both miss eastment. Who As miss Texas a won first place and 3r.e of the tatter s trial on the plunge was slowly drawing on be made during the Day. Gun carrying charge. I hts trousers prisoner Newton the the Wisconsin party arrived Al a this it Forsythe s friends among lad with the Bright idea slipped out Austin yesterday was met by gov a a politicians almost ran me to of the dressing room to Liberty. Emor Moody and accompanied by a of him to san Antonio where the committee met a portion of the Texas committee and departed Tater passes 300 hours to liar go two were installed in the Morrow Home. Born in Morrow Home the arrival of messengers trooping up the drive of the House was the Only sign about the Morrow Home to indicate that the event had miss Alberta Mckellop of san Diego taken place. There were even per who As a miss California Quot won Sec i sons within the House at the time Mercedes Man Dies one pm amp of. Were Here yesterday but who did not learn of the birth in death to vacate the sentence Quot jul Rel it said a i would not do Forsythe police recalled was Art endurance r Light rested in a raid t on the Moran Attlio gang Headquarters last dec a orc Jwuc a i Szure Quot tire to no sense Ember. He was released when he Chicago. June 23�? ifs the re states being at War with each himself As an employee f idling endurance plane. A City of or Quot Hull said at san Antonio. A a we of the corporation counsel s office. Chicago a passed its 278th hour in Are going to look Over the situation police at the time in commenting air Over sky Harbor Airport at and then nuke an attempt to Iron on his release said Forsythe was �-40 a. In. Cd today. Out the difficulties that have to break the world record of 420 hours. 21 minute and 30 seconds a held by the a St. Louis Robin a Ken Neth and John Hunter brother Dallas couple buys pilots of the City of Chicago f must remain aloft until after 5 01 30 a. In cd next sunday morning. In an attempt last year in a Lane called a a Chicago we the two Brothers remained aloft 261 hours. A in the place innocently to was sent there. He in t a but today they hunted him for murder. Police said they had no photograph or identification of Forsythe explaining that no rogues gallery pictures May be taken by police in Iii the High court has sustained convictions. Ave a letter today from c. H of Mcallen. Or. Britton writes his explanation of the Little affair during the jubilation Parade As Fellows 1 no ice air it it year p is of saturday june 2ist. on your Volley Parade wherein state that myself and or. Dec Keniv. Re took exception to the noise Maeu a due to the a Bat i withdrew both charges against Vynese two cars. I feel that you might have been fair enough to have stated that we army and former head of the Mill Tia Bureau died Here today in a Hospital from complications following an appendicitis operation. Striker riot Seville Spain. June 23 Many persons were wounded during rioting today resulting from a sudden conflict Between the police and strikers. The police fired into the crowds in an Effort to suppress took exception to the blowing of demonstrations. Fire sirens and not to the noise. And had we been notified in Advance of your arrival vie could and would have gladly added to the noise but v me the sounding of a fire Siren Means fire Quot first woman out for California governor los Angeles. June 23.�?<jfh for the first time in the history of California a woman is among the candidates for nomination As governor. She is mrs. Clara Short Ridge Foltz of los Angeles. Expiration of time for filing official notice of candidacy found four gubernatorial aspirants in the Field. In addition to mrs. Foltz the Republican candidates Are c. C. Young incumbent mayor James Rolph jr., of san Francisco and Buron Fitts District attorney of of los Angeles county. Milton k. Young of los Angeles is the democratic candidate. Valley Cool As nation sweats signed c h. Britton. Chief of fired it. Chicago june 23�?ofi�?a heat when a boat capsized in a storm the next Man who writes a it ainu to Gonna rain no Mon just ainu to Gonna get his article in this paper if it is left to the Engineer of Pesature of 110, Centralia. 111., was this column. Omner a with 105. St. Louis s velt that topped the Century Mark the Middle West into the yesterday. The hottest spot in the Central area was Anna ills., with a Lem on reids Lake near Tryon. Neb. They were p. B. Shepard Lincoln no. E. T. Robertson Hastings n�b., a miss St. John. Kearney neb., and an unidentified woman. Did not meet. Miss Mckellops right to retain second place also has been questioned on the ground that she was not a Bona fide California entry. A a. Mckellop. Her father said he was prepared to carry on the Fly act to protect her position of second place. Although she is a californian. Mss Mckellop entered the Miami contest from Oklahoma where she was visiting her grandmother. Brownsville May get another Road link a special to the Herald Austin. June 23 a delegations a a Here to ask the Highway commission to Complete the Catarina Webb county Gap in the new Federal Highway linking Abilene with Brownsville. In the delegation Are county judge Justo Penn. Comm. V. L. Puig and engr. T. E. Huffman Webb county and rep. A. P. Johnson. Dimmitt county. The Gap is to be built in from Dimmitt county to intersect the Laredo Austin Highway. At Junction it will connect with existing highways directly to the Midwest and through Abib ene will extend to Northwest to thaw in Brownsville the thermometer of Nolc slow la Sliner fax 102 and Omaha neb., was Only reached 87 while the remain we y p blistered with too. Sioux City la., with 99, and its hottest june Day sice 1926 Cairo. 111., Lincoln neb. And Evansville. Ind. Were one de give bet or off with 98 pipes one minn., reported 96. Beacher pools and lakes were Der of the country sheltered. Showers in a few scattered sections of Texas had tempered the i Summers first hot period according to weather Bureau reports today. Fort Stockton reported one fifth of an Inch of rain. Encinal Browns As Market opens new York june 23�?/t��?anither Avalanche of Selling orders Fel upon the Stock Market As trading was resumed today beginning the fourth week of almost steady til they left and were informed by outsiders. Among those were mayor c. P Kitchell of Englewood and Daniel Pomeroy Republican National committeeman. Who had called on ambassador Morrow. Quot i am a bit surprised a mayor Kitchell said a for i left a Basso Dor Morrow after 5 of clock and he never said a word about it. Come to think of it. A gentleman passed me in a bit of a hurry while i was in the House but he talk to me. He must have been the looks like Lindy mrs. Lindbergh who has been her husbands constant companion in the air since their marriage May 27, 1929, continued her flying to within a few Days of the baby s birth. Last thursday she flew with colonel Lindbergh from Teterboro Airport to Hartford conn., and return. Ten Days previously she had accompanied him in a test flight of a Small monoplane. The Only description of the baby was a statement of a servant in the Morrow household who was quoted As saying that a the looks like his he has blonde hair and Blue eyes. Friends said colonel Lindbergh took the news of his sons birth with an appearance of outward Calm but that the Grandfather. Ambassador Morrow gave Frank expression of his elation. They also said that the arrival of a boy conformed to the wishes of both colonel Lindbergh and his wife for a son. At Home of daughter Mercedes. June 23. A James Samuel Lynch. 86. Died Early sunday morning at the Home of his daughter. Mrs. Frank Hall with whom he has made his Home a number of years. Death resulted from heart trouble. Mrs. Hall and her husband accompanied the body last night to Sioux City la., for burial wednesday. Survivors in addition to the daughter in Mercedes Are four sons. A. L. Lynch of Weslaco the others residing in los Angeles. Des Moines and Sioux City and a daughter in los Angeles. Or. And mrs. Hall who spend a part of the year Here during the vegetable season will go on to California for a stay from Iowa. Chamber to meet the Board of directors of the Brownsville chamber of Commerce i big Citrus Orchard it special to the Herald Mcallen. June 23�?a producing Citrus Grove of 40 acres Southeast of Mcallen was purchased this we a for $50,000 by or. And mrs. E. P. Lam Mer of Dallas. The Dallas people were Brough the Valley by s. P. Darnell Mil Naire Dallas Lumberman and were will hold a meeting at the chamber offices tuesday night at 7 45. It Tell i f was announced today. It a a.? immediate judge h. L. Yates president of the on the it modern organization will preside at the 1 Nome on the Sltes meeting. G. C. Richardson Secretary. Is in Chicago attending the International rotary convention there and to expected to remain for a week or ten Days. Routine business matters will be discussed at the meeting tuesday. Injured in crash Galveston. June 23�? to manual lera 26, Galveston police patrolman was killed and Kenneth Martin of Texas City was seriously injured yesterday when a plane piloted by lera crashed near Here. The land was purchased from of c. Baker of Pawnee 111. J weather j for Brownsville and the Valley partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday probably occasionally unsettled. For East Texas partly Cloudy to unsettled tonight and tuesday a not much change in temperature. Light to moderate Southeast winds on the coast. Dancy asks state to Aid military paving Austin. June 23 a judge Oscar c dance of Cameron county. H m _ Pattee and a. V. Logan commission i at Vine and minion also reported show declines. Several initial transactions j to Pav a Norn Apfl to. Are in Austin today to appear . A. Des mar the Browtt Vuis precipitation of were in blocks of 10.000 to 40.000 1 Reaty approved before the state Highway commis a a men were drowned while 42 of an much being the heaviest. Shores a Long list of stocks lost $1 i Washington june 23.�?< Sion seeking Aid for closing by Par swimming the it were William scrib Corsicana. Dublin Greenville and j of $5 and . Steel and Amer the Senate foreign relations coming cd two gaps on military higher 18. And Lester Rees 25. San m acc each reported a Maxi-1 lean Telephone reached new Low Mittee today approved the London Way in Cameron county. I four were drowned saturday night mum temperature of too yesterday Levels for the real. I naval treaty. River forecast the River will continue to fall slowly practically All along during the next 24 to 43 hours. Flood present 4-hr. 24-hr. Stage Tae nag. Bal a sunday june 22 Eagle pass 16 3 3 Laredo 27 03 Rio Grande Mission a not guilty is riot plea Dallas. June 23�?hf a the Sher a change of venue was ordered. Bail Man riot cases were passed Here was at $5 too each and five made no it who do cos do a a Csc bad to the tem Ber at the earliest before the county Jai. Trials would be held. Judge Pippen today denied the san Benito judge Pippen told the 14 defend request of Maury Hughes of dal br0otisville ants he set the cases for today Mere Las attorney for most of the de r. _ m by to ascertain if they had counsel pendants to reduce the bail. Hughes j a and to see whether any wanted to asserted that most of the alleged 27 plead guilty. None indicated a de rioters were sons of tenant far �?o1o 21 sire to plead guilty and All said they mers and said that six were less j188�?� or than 19 years old. J san Ben to 23 Hughes then asked for a Hareas Brownsville 13 Corpus hearing and the court said he would set a Date for the hearing tide table to req Hughes raid that Elf Orts High and Low tide at Point Isabel 21 22 23 18 87 10.8 188 14.7 �?0.2 00 -0 5 -1.5 -12 -1.5 monday june 23 16 32 of had Legal representation. The cases grew out of the disturbances at Sherman May 9 when a mob burned the Grayson county courthouse and a part of a negro i business Section and attacked National guardsmen after being foiled of 8 5 109 17.8 13 6 -0.3 -0.2 0 1 Roll .00 of .13 to .74 .00 of 04 .87 .14 .00 4j would Likely be made to make Bond tomorrow under Normal Meteorol for several of the defendants Dur logical conditions High. 3 41 a. M. Low. 7 49 p. It. Ustice court As a result i Mist Ella Neol s data fourteen men were indicted by of the rioting but they have not Sunset today. 7 is Gua in an Effort to Lynch George Hughes. My the Day. Negro attacker. Hughes perished in about a dozen or More men were the courthouse Blaze. Charged in jul the Grayson county grand jury and been indicted. Sunrise tomorrow. M

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