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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Brownsville, Texas I Che hmm Thule Herald better jobs p Oor stepping Stone Fage 4a�?thk Brownsville Herauf sunday july 14, Isa r. C. Hoiles at a Price Lucre Cost per family Freedom newspapers one of Texas five Moat c on latent new paper july i Imi thirteenth �n<1 Adam it to Pihl the every a a Mont int saturday and sunday Momma most of the steel companies in creased the Price of their steel 56 a ton As of july i to take care of to Xay the wage increase agreed to Byi the steel corporations under Dur Jhu Rulp Tenn rate it for a a a 40r mall la the Rio grand Valieres a apr in a Quot Quot or in la v he mail up Patata or out of that Ltd a the Heads of the Union Are props i few iffy. A a testing that this Price increase is Quot War i # it on truth i. consistent nth another truth in not necessary. But they Arr Mon a it Quot m with the Tjit a in a Uch to at moral Tut without experience in producing r or in command nth and the declaration of undo. R a wealth so their opinions Are of Little value. They rated a it <1tmj at rid to Artol March i map a Fost face at Brown Svall a the Goidz to at Ary Tim a Trimnal int with the truth a would Aport a at severe out to it How War with the moral Gold int Iron Una Rel ration upon the or s Anding of and person or a. I tech a Mai Ltd corrected up a no brought or the attnt1on of the pm he or. Free Enterprise Bucks organized government ate men who cannot answer questions with it contradicting themselves. Tile american Institute of research reports that the steel ingot production for the Ween ended june 19 was 2,220. Oui tons multiple it ing this tonnage $8, we have a total of ,310.000 increase per week multiply this figure 52 weeks of swi .840 Kio. There Are estimated to tie 42 million families in the United slates. The implications of putting government into Bu-1 dividing 5692,Mono 42 Mil Ines Are Aatonio thing when you Stop to think of . We find the average yearly when the credit of a City county or state can he used Ost 17 of Quot put the a in to create or subsidize a competitive business or Industry or or. H pfc a it . 1,. ,. As i remember it however the the for Nti it Arpris a in fact Tieking the entire re a Bagit or go up in ,.b sources of an organized government. Periods so that the annual Cost consider the ill advised Caprice of building a $1.1 will be More than 516 of per million county owned Motel on padre Island. Illy later on. Here the county government which consistently worker produce own Mage runs in the red due to the astute management of its fit no or Nom a a that is. J Mancial affair indulging a fling in the financing a profit making Motel competing with any m 10 he want8 to it per d private Enterprise who might have the same thing in his Money and where he wants to mind. Sell hrs services the worker pro 1 the Standard canard goes like this a Revenue Bonds ducks his own wages. He does this done to Cost us a things which is the one Gal i us version of but Quot hat he adds to the value of old Franklin # song Quot we owe it to cursive.,.�?� to t a.,. A a _ i Nils the consumer of what he the fact is. Government in business is one of the prox to of a Hen it # things we can least afford and consider the Patent non based on Competition is not Pena l sense that a it does t Cost us a Iii Zed because of increase in first off the whole gimmick rests on a Dodge wages of what he buys. If the of which leaser governments like to brag. The swindle cum Omar believes the wages Are is against the Federal collector who does no to ,g7 than he n kiting he the income from Bonds issued inferior government1,&Quot 0 17a a units. Consequently the buyer of one of the Bonds which when a Ngmar a Maloll had j w ill be issued to build the Motel on padre Island might Arf Asbor or Jung enjoy what is equivalent to 12 or even 20 per cent in monopoly of labor duress treat depending upon his income bracket. J collusion the threats of to Sjur this is the Only Selling Point of a government Bond in the stockholders. The custom of course and the minute government paper is subject a of a of la up to taxation it hives through the floor. Tut not thy Faith rat re a vhf �?z7fh in princes As the Good Book tells us. And the people buyer of the produce. Of course done to except when exempt in this theory of the Law of the Jungle of that might makes right or that jobs a nut interchange Hollywood beat Erskine Johnson Nea staff correspondent Hollywood Inemo a to sing or not to Sig a a a that is the question. The lady asking it to Julie London. Her records in that Low curl up with me beside the fireplace whisper Are a hit Parade All themselves even though Julie will Tell you. To no Singer really. I Dave no voice. In an actress. But one thing is sure Julie London la a girl on fire in show Ruxine with a triple career of movie to and record. Movie Iowa has become i Uniontown. Since tuning up her emote in the movie a the i rat mail the Ever. Jack Webb has starred on to a playhouse to in a without incident. At the moment she has Robert Taylor in her Arm in a new , a Saddle the wind. It s a Western and she s laughing these Days George e. Sokolsky Legal ethics Gal counsel have offered and pro Irwin Rhodes a lawyer in Gin video Legal advice to laymen i Cunati has raised an Issue which Vigants As Well As to lawyers. The american bar association is they have supplied funds for ii naturally ducking because it is a ligation recommended and sup very Tough one to face. His Point Ppd counsel to litigants either is that Lay organizations Are in from their own staff committees lawfully practising Law. He Calls and panels or from selected attention to the fact that Idolo groups they have instituted pro tical and pressure groups a have eroding in their own name and set up Legal staffs on National and in the name of litigants have in local bases and have As adjuncts Terv ened in pending cases and Legal committees and panels have in instances interjected staff attorneys Are generally Sal themselves into cases without Aried other attorneys Are paid prior initiating from litigants. For services rendered often or these Are very serious charge through the organization or do and according to the Canon of Legal services. These a ethics the american bar As Legal staffs and their cooperators Xua Tion should go after these have sought out eases intended to organizations at once and should establish principles of Law favor bring charges against the lawyers ahle to their cause have filed so concerned because these Are derailed test rates sometimes in i Melv she Star i actives and l Ethe name of an individual often mind me of earliest childhood i solicited for the purpose some when a a Silver Dollar Smith ran limes in the name of the organisation itself. A a sensing the news Thurman sensing one of the sayings for which create the Job to make the no wonder people Are wonder Abler that men cannot switch jobs Benjamin Franklin one of the Stem possible. if it pays to save. They had. Imp it/1 Xii can morn Noui in in. We without the counsel of the Union a test quoted men of Hixton is but for some time Row and the l 0tfpr wonder because this creep rats airs sirs Sessco Arstra s the la Navera of All categories Nav the taxes it product on. A ving Here during the last Quarter be of a Dollar is measured its a Bank now will lose j7% of its the Law. So the of ail categories Pat the taxes the Union worker who is product Century he could not have made purchasing Power. So when a value Over the next five years on the Bonds which will finance the Motel just As we something that is a necessity. I guru a statement. In iwo. For in Man look at the i too he has in0 jul pro on a a fax a income Par the taxes on All government Bonds some of them in be water or electricity or food stance in the Light of what has had in the Bank since to and investment now will be Worth Only the Many Many millions of dollars. How Many billion c<ml1 011 a a Lei a a re to happened since he would have ta., he us Quot a n or a 13 then a $1 no annuity now Ine Many Manv millions of a ours. N a to maj Vantage Over the unum monopoly a Jin us a or nov saved is a a 0 measured its present Pur we Worth Only in of us free Bond a of standing today who know?.who r1�?z Kirk inc in Quot put mar. he re,.i,/.-, but All of in pay the taxes which the owners of the Bonds done to have to pay. Uries where the consumer can do saved is a half Dollar earned. I without when the Price gets too in eau that is what has happenedrthetalu1 ont est Mew Deri figures Are no reflect i High Vita o i. Him Viu of in Tipri Niju Himin ii. Lev pm in it wont Cost us a dims a smart financing is Al High of a a a a most m they Arki the Douay during on this is Ono when the Hank on on they tre a Nec ready breaking our Hacks. When they asked the Guy Man m the of teen year. Any mensa and eaten deeply m with j2 broken ribs if it Hurt he said. A Only when i same Way with the Bill. It Only hurts when we laugh. A did not use steel we would go hark to the primitive life most of it would perish. Arbitrary wage these arbitrarily High wages in. A hat make saving unprofitable Doe be Benja Falln Quot a ?"rlp.1. 7. 7 Quot t amp it Quot is ,,�1 to he profit j a a a a i s i Ava i ii a i and Franklin Wnm Njg not at ail. Half a Quot the we Ion is being a a but up Kingi dollars Are better than no dollars. A a of pop 00 inc it Lvi to save. And at ally and if people do not save without saving our economic Lur a re non,.th# re i , �?~1 a let All. But it who bought a Jio too Stem would soon falter and our lure every consumer and the Era terrible reflection on our gov 1, a Durance policy in 1940 with Way of life eventually disappear stltjlv.mhmv� , a Quot Quot a , .0,1 Chil who. A a. Poop. Unions use so Man it wasteful pro durin hrs Var thai Furen Bould he pass out of the do is decide we want to Stop m10 order to get this firt ious a. Situation has Rome to nays p Piure has the satisfaction of nation disagreeable though the that i and re Island is a sound Enterprise. They Nae no wage such wasteful methods As knowing that they would receive process of doing so May be we limiting apprentices limiting the att j10.000 from the life insurance must Ihen demand of our Public rapidity with which they can i company ail right should he die officials and legislative bodies jurisdictional a a scorns very strange for peo this it ear. Hut he also has the that they take the necessary Steps. T keeping men standing Idle who in United states of hairier extreme dissatisfaction of know to Stop it. Otherwise we shall Island will build up is to finance certain chosen and a a could be temporarily doing other Ira of themselves the that the amount they receive eventually suffer the same exper ored individuals cramming these improvement into Therresa a Erk keep a the wrong a. Thrif .y?1h Tell Hgt buld pm a Ide Only half the pro. Jew thai All Ajhar Natrona of a an no i in j Kerr scr tin of the. M j , Sav . Thrift have been rectum he intended for them to history have suffered that have tiny bit of county owned land at the extreme tip of the Man in la Job and but strikes and characteristic of the american have. Allowed inflation to continue in 170-mile Island a plot supposedly aet aside for families non productive wolves that live Patopie As a whole since the Days the Man who bought an annuity chirped who want to come Down on sunday and enjoy the Urf on us so rep hat treat la com of our nation s founding these in 1940 to pay him Jim per month no Benjamin Franklin was not and Sand without the clutter of tourist attractions 2 life. Qualities have made it possible on retirement this year would get wrong a was eternally right. It. I.,. ,. This penalty that people pay for for our traditional free Enterprise his Jim per month All right but is High time we were relearning a county that plays note keeper can decide to that labor unions Are a system to work. Tie savings of it would buy for Hun Only half the lesson he taught us and re the people have furnished the Cap of what he expected it to ital to make the investments to when he bought the policy. The county a decision too into the Motel Iii near is an indication the commit Ioner have no Faith a padre Island is a sound Enterprise. They Hae a Quot Faith that private capital m ill build the necessary tourist facilities on privately owned land. They apparently believe that the Only Way padre a i should never do westerns. In a scared to death of horses so has two new record albums a about the blues a and a London telefilm Cam eras soon will Roll of a Julie London starring musical show planned As a series. Ifs strange the Way career catch fir in Hollywood. This i Julie 1.4 mid on s third trip on the stardom Road. She hit roadblocks on the other two. Ten years ago she thought so Little of her chances for stardom that she finally gave up iwo budding career to marry a radio actor and movie bit player named Jack Webb and to become a housewife and a Mother. Her two children Jack Are six year old Stacy and three year old Usa. Then came to and the drag net Quot musical theme became a Dirge for their marriage which ended in a divorce. Julie wound up with a big chunk of jacks to loot for the kiddies but personally the was left with a Dou barrel of nothing no marriage and no career. To Tiet the Dum Dada Dum off her mind and out of her ears she started to sing. Coaching her from the sidelines was a Young musician named Bobby Troup together they made Sweet music i a professionally and personally. They Are expected to marry this summer. Julie s first Carcer was of Marrier Bros. Alan i add wife Hue t Arni. A former Holly Wood agent met the Manta Kona. Calif., Blond with the Case Alum True and arranged n screen test for her. Warner Bros gave her a contract the usual a Starlet Quot title and a memo option not renewed a j after one movie. Cary Coopers a task Force Quot career no. 2 of Julie was at Universal where she played ingenue in movies like roots and Gin scared to death in mystery thrillers like j a the fat Man Uke the answer to the ques Tion a to sing or not to sing Quot lube is confused about something else. A says a i alway think of myself is a housewife lip Lait a Beer Saloon opposite the Essex Market courthouse in new York # # # where Justice was bought and sold and Smith cleaned up so obviously this is bad Legal bountifully that he paved the practice the american concept floor of his Saloon with Silver placing upon the lawyer the re dollars a desecration of Federal is possibility of not seeking clients currency beyond doubt certainly when he creates the however i do not believe that client he is acting like those Rhodes will get to first base with Quot strike suit Quot lawyers who Are his protest because Many of the really their own Ellerf and organizations to Tiuch i refers whose object it is to blackmail a Are now politically More powerful corporation into paving to have a than the a Mer in bar association suit withdrawn. And control and dominate Many the pressure group is s curious politicians who can he Defeated in american phenomenon and is a their areas if the opposition of product of our wealth and prof i these organizations to them be Gacy. We will pay for anything if comes sufficiently vehement. It becomes inconvenient or unpleasant not to pay. In most free countries polite societies exist Rhodes makes the Point in his to discuss current problems memorandum there have also always been Agi a these organizations habitually National groups which seek to stir boast of their Legal activities Arni the people to the acceptance of a prowess in their publications eel Tain philosophy of life. Hyde aspirin publicity and Pattisu Larry in their annual reports. It is obvious Why they must do so rot Only is the gaining of Legal re it department store if the right fellow comes along with fight Between the Rah and the the right approach. Or it can open a to station free poor the employer and the work from those annoying commercials. Or a laundry or any a Quot v 111 i Gnu so Long As probing else that turns a Dollar. If you think that is Ridi 7 Bat ibo a j j a i of a re a kit Between different Culous remember it would have appeared ridiculous to work that labor unions Arlt years ago if you said Cameron county was going into based on no principle that they the hotel business for $1,100,000 a a denial of the Golden Rule private capital will build padre Island in an orderly in i the coveting commandment and sound fashion and without the politicians having a Jim of Loti Hor As their hands in the financial transaction if Given a Chance. Vve can afford to wait for these developments but we can to afford any More politically owned and financed business enterprises. A county government that finances competitive business can crush any individual financing his competitor. It could just As Well be you. Next titties. Buy establishing the system that made 1 what a said so True. The nations press Parkin London is dedicated to such activities. But nowhere else in the world do the protagonists of an idea or of a position have enough Money sults on of a in. But in to organize As they do in the addition their income. Quot United states to occupy enor the proof of the ability of these Mous office space to employ pressure groups has been Stab Many men and women some of listed beyond question a scr whom Are even experts to own a ies of supreme court decisions tremendous inventory of equip which have been precisely Char ment and to maintain Public rela act Ristic of the programs of these tons office s in new York and various pressure groups to which lobbying agents in Washington. Irwin Rhodes refers actually the these organizations no matter pressure group have succeeded for what temporary reason Organ their Effort to destroy the Fri. Sized. Become permanent inst in the Juncks and Mallory definition Ever seeking new act Xvi awns the supreme court hit the ties for their Large staffs Fri in vital spots and Congress Rhodes told the american bar Lias been slow to protect the association american people it w As on an in these organizations have held Teresing Victory for the wrong themselves out As specialists in the their Field and through their dec pm Kin re was of it and a St. Lur test your horse sense or George h Crane Afore one Point for a Correct solution of Cash of la first five prob Lynis. The last problem counts five Points. Acor yourself As follows i j. Pour 14, average 7-1, Superior it in. Very Superior i. Which one of the following household items is an acid aspirin Lye soapsuds baking soda 2 which one of thes american me a is unique in that it flows no rib Wabash Saint John Colorado Hudson 3 which on of Mesa term is used to describe women a Hosery h hosiery Bork Caliper gauge i a Etc i i a Kibitz r is usually associated Vith which game below cards Golf Baske i Ball Dice 5 which on of thes goo metrical terms is most augg Stiv it a Triangle segment radius diameter Hypotenuse 6 in the left hand column below you will acc the names of five e persons who attained Fame in various Fields of science or Art to to match them appropriately with the names in the right hand column of men who also became eminent in those same Fields of human acuity you a entitled to one Point for each Correct judgment. Thy it Mma dment no labor Union brass hats. Fiscal l it King the mail Street journal i Jeri a to the Banks and the Dan Treasury to use the cheapest burgers that changing conditions will rowing available Short term Bor when general Stilwell in Norl Demake it one Day difficult and sex nor mar i was asked to comment on in fact no believer in labor unions the result of his foray into Burma. The doctor says or. Edwin p. Jordan it Bow Sot me time since i have which has Given the name quo multiple. In \ ii m of this behaviour of multiple sclerosis there Are no symptoms which Are completely typical. Double vision a tremor when trying to pick up some object and a walk which is irregular something like that of 8 per son who is drunk a considered to be Hie most common though one or All of these May be absent. However no Reader who has or thinks he has. Any one of these symptoms should make any such diagnosis on himself. Many treatments have Bern tried including artificial fever the use of drugs to delay vioral coagulation attempts to deserts time to allergies and vaccines none of these so far has proved discussed multiple sclerosis this disorder of the nervous system appear to be becoming More common it a believed in afflict Tome. Where around 100.000 in the United states alone. The encouraging feature of multiple sclerosis is the increased a mount of research timing devoted to uncovering new facts on this subject. This greater emphasis is largely the re ult of the work of the Nabonia multiple sclerosis so City for several years it has raised funds to support research and improve treatment. Already Acme extremely to Porta of research projects have been supported funds from this source Many of the projects hat practice collective bargaining that takes am from an individual his right to make an individual bargain dare attempt to answer questions because he would Piave to contradict himself in a Short time cd admit that he was a Haw unto himself. Problem of education the problem is one of education. The problem is getting the workers to see that labor unions keep total wages Down la is a tre me Dou Job because so Many of a eople have been taught in their schools and in Many churches Arni politicians and newspapers and radio broadcaster a that labor unions Are Good for the working Man. In fact met people use the term Quot labor unions Quot loosely when they say that a Man a a right to join or not join a labor Union. He has a right to join a labor Union if a labor Union Doe not at Vvs pensive to borrow the Money. In the Case of the Treasury s borrowings it is Lait too extreme to say that they represent a potentially explosive situation for til country. The risk is that one Day he is reported to have said. Got the hell licked out of us. There was nothing apologetic at out this succinct summary of what happened. The general was1 the to usury will either be caught will Waie of the importance of Short in a Money Market unable what had been lost hut he also knew that he had been handed a difficult Job to begin with and them seen it made impossible circumstances which he could not control. Something of the same senti-1 Nannt if not the precise language rowing. But the essential cause of this , it seems to us was the reversal of the administration s spending policy. It was that which put the Treasury in what secretly Humphrey frankly Calls a a when a Man is already in debt up to is ears spending to the to provide its huge needs except at very High costs or to escape Hilt and increasing his outgo at that be touted to Call on the fed eral Reserve to create some new inflationary Dollar Bills. Thus the greatest pressure for new inflation would come precisely a the time when heavy red it demand had curing to a. Randolph. Made the must be Burgess is he prepares to leave i Cady great Post As i ruler Secretary of the mid-195.> or. Burgess had Treasury where for four years i done much to base this Strain. The main task a. Been to try to make Eisenhower administration had the huge Federal debt More Man made Large cuts in government age Able. As a former official of the new Yolk Federal Resen Foard and As a Long time i state banker or. Tempt to bargain for those who Burgess was Wail aware when he want to make their own bargain or have a different agent. But i know of no such labor Union. One of the problems is to get people to know what a labor Union really is and Lati or Union leaders dare not publicly answer questions because they dare not let the Public know what labor unionism really Means. Came to the Treasury in 1952 that the problem of juggling the go comments outstanding debt was getting Mon and More acute and that it was Tim Alen Rig to im1 dangerous lie tame to die Job full of determination to do something about it. Die Crux of the problem was this in 1952 the average Matur rapid rate he is in a poor Post lion to get his debt in hand when this happens to him at a time when All borrow Are eager for funds and pushing up the Cost of borrowing hts position is Well inflationary pressure hop less. What has caught up with Uncle Saivii right now is precisely what men like or. Burgess feared when they warned against having too much Short term debt and living rom hand to Mouth. We Don t doubt that or. Burgess is going to hand on this Burden to Hia successor with a keen sense of disappointment. And inc he knows Well the consequences we suspect its Small Comfort that he got ii eked doing a Job that others made impossible. I m Al says East As a bad wild Julie was the sit the to housewife when Jack s Quot dragnet it to big time. Perfectionist Jack spent longer and longer hours working at the studio until eventually about the Only Tim she saw him was once a week or on her to screen As sgt. Friday. When Jach asked Quot All i want Are the facts a Julie was muttering Quot All i want is Jack a a that a Jack Webb a am not Money. To tie real honest Himmie it Iii ii could have named at. I rids As the heavy when so filed suit for Alvoree. Ironically one of Julie s a pals when both were under con i tract to us Verway Nas just joined her As a Hollywood comeback kid. She s Marjorie lord who once played ingenue along with lube. Now Marjorie will be Dan a no Thomas new to wife in the fait. Ai Fulton Raphael Al Hannibal i Goethe let Chopin it Titian i Wagner it Malcom yet Macarthur Fri Browning answers win of Stdot a Raj ii a Miaco Pix us i a a to do a x Obj a in hoi no Ltd a 9 Onue Jodh a up Jwj it Alf Nef a a to Puou Turof i but Day a a Seward s Folly answer to previous Pupil spending with a consequent lessening of the demands on the Treasury fear Cash. This improve mint coupled with a More reads tic attitude toward interest rate enabled or. Burgess to lengthen the average maturity of the government s left to 35 months or very nearly five years instead of Lour. 1 it looked then arum this news kids eur a it Mii e paper said so it the tune a even a Turtle gets nowhere. Though the problem were going to until he Sticks his neck out be solved. The Treasury was rap a a idly being removed from both the Ruttle Lix a highly technical involving particularly helpful. Lying rest is a adv of nervous tissue chemical Best form of treatment during reactions and similar complicated q p acute stage of multiple Seler proyect. A oils. S. No leu Iii May run know Mui title sclerosis is charac what multiple Cleix Sis is. It is termed Long periods of in a disease of us nervous system pro vement. A warm climate and that is the spinal Cord and High Freedom from colds and other in or Center it if the unknown on sections of the nose and Throat in different areas of the Ner May help to prevent the Down a a us oem be attacked and swings of the d the fact con Sequen the the of the that we or not Satis bed with our i or vary widely and it is this sit he most hopeful sigs i re Fow a Flower Gorden is a thing of Beauty and a Job to fever. A suf try of the government Deb was Hutras nent and the dangers. 48 months. This meant in effect. Today All thai gain is lost. The that the government had to pay average debt maturity of treas off the equiv aleut of its w Hole debt Ury obligations at present is 43 every four Veals and then re Bor j months. That to a Shorter period Row it. Since the due dates on necessitating Mote juggling and these Loans an staggered this in posing More troubles than when turn meant that the Treasury was or. Bulges took office j forced to make Many recurrent one can find Many reasons for j tips to the Money Market not that . Perhaps or. I to get hold of new Money but just Burgess himself missed some onto keep its old Loans financed. Port unities when Money was i the hazards involved Are some a cheaper to shift More borrowing Whit Akin to those faced a Man into Long term Loans. The Wise who bus his House with Money abandonment of the cheap Money borrowed on 90 Day notes instead policy did result in rising interest of a Long term mortgage. There Rales and that in turn increased a Are the harassment of constant the political pressures for the revolutions never turn Hack hut they sometimes make very acute angles. Barbs when some husbands make the wife s re natives feel right at Home they re hypocrite. # a # any wealthy Man who a really worked for All he a Worth is an exception. A a no matter what time you take your vacation its always followed a fall a a a an Illinois woman who live n a three room apartment gave birth to triplets. They la be changes made. In s a Maple a nov nitwit knows that / Ackbar i a cum railed a sewards Folly Quot 7 its capital a a a 13 Defeated 14 embellishes 15 concedes 16 Hoof of la Mouth it rap. Title Gill Ceni St american rodent a weight of India 2i country on the Holt in 23 russian wolfhound 26 self esteem 27 enervated 31 confined 32 cease 53 soothe Ovet 34 Volcano in Sicily 35 Royal italian family Nam 36 River in Switzerland 39 grooves 4<1 beg 43 sibling of Bud 46 states for it 47 extinct Bird us lure 52 Kodiak lies off the alaskan Peninsula 54 trails 55 staggered 56 most painful 57 natural fat Dohn 1 arabian garments 2 limbs 3 v Ark 4 same a it 5 retains 6 handled 7 Oriental country comb. Form i religious mendicant t Nolle a 10 age 11 poker stake 12 employer 19 wheel part 21 dinner course 22 state 23 Church part 24 Dregs 25 the Dill 26 most Westerly Aleutian Island 29 Bridge Frio Mineral resorts 36 certify 17 Constellation 38 withdraw 41 body parts 42 Onsager 43 hardens a Cement 44 nested boxes 45 asterisk 47 Man 48 heavy blow 49 augments i Frozen water 53 permit r r ii 5 i amp in it or i n f5 r to 21 to is a of % to f ii it Quot l ii la 14 to 110 to him w 3t of a a a Chi d 5f�?o a

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