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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Brownsville, Texas C Page to the Herald Rundy july 14, Imi representatives feud about affairs of one Washington july is Fly Pic rep. 8 Carroll Reece in Tenn reopened his feud with rep. Charles 0 Porter id Ore it today with a Public complaint that por and served in this official role. Reece and Porter have been feuding Over Porter s opposition to the Trujillo government of the dominican Republic. The Oregon ter took a woman employee of the congressman wants the United Library of Congress with him As states to Cut off foreign Aid from a a travelling companion on two any latin american a dictator College boy accepted As Leader of moslem new building applications move slowly Reece accused Porter of waging Quot Campaign of revolution Quot i in the against the governments of the dominican Republica. Venezuela. Cuba. And trips to latin America Reece one time chairman of the Republican National commit tee inserted his charge congressional record. Porter and the woman lib Panama. Colombia ran of Congress supervisor Ang Nicaragua Riv denied Reece a insinuations a i am at a loss to understand although they confirmed that she Why this woman travels in the did accompany the congressman company of anyone engaged in in an official rapacity As Export supporting revolution against the researcher and Trandafir. Governments of Friendly Allied to government funds spent neighbouring Reece mrs Rosita Bennett the Only i said. A we have cordial diplomatic relations with the countries now Road. Made the trips to Costa under attack by the gentleman Rica and Colombia. No govern from Oregon and yet an employee applications Cor building permits continue to be slow reports by Melen Hsueh two Days of ceremony at the sure cracked and he smiled a at City Hall showed saturday. United pres staff correspondent family Villa Here were marred by Broad Friendly smile. A $5,000 permit was issued to Versoi Switzerland july 13 an attempted burglary. Police he refused to answer question Gloor building service. Inc., own up it a ten million ismaili mos seized three men trying to enter but stated gravely a my religious an 1 contractor for a Frame lems today accepted a 20-year-old the Villa Friday night Only a few duties Start As of Harvard student As their spirit hours after it was announced that cries of a a enough and a a that sual ruler in a ceremony that the late Aga Khan had chosen ally forced the newsmen to leave. Davitt blvd. Another $5,000 per transformed him from Prince a his elder grandson As his sue his father. Prince Aly. And his Vas t0 t1e�?~ same con rim. A nervous College boy. Into Cessor. All three were being held half Uncle. Prince Sadruddin. And tac or or a fat Arr an 1 Concrete for interrogation. His younger brother. Prince House at 445 Mcdavitt lot Nura but the burglars failed to in amen. Were net present at the Bdl 9. And Concrete pier Home on lot number 8, House number 455, Mettle All powerful Aga Khan in. Latin american expert in the Library s legislative reference bument funds were spent. Director s. Griffith of the Federal government rent Spon sible for the conduct of for the reference Bureau a d it was eign affairs comports herself in common practice for Congress a manner calculated to pm men to Call on the Bureau for sex Barras the government of the pert advisers and assistants and United slates and contrary to its that mrs Bennett was assigned official position a Reece said i comedian Steve Allen called Universal Lover by his wife tuberculosis Hospital gets Patien t woo Tefere with the ceremonies the Villa at Villa ceremonies inside the building in a 13-member delegation from Frank persons owner and con room tractor was issued a $5,000 per various in my i a in a Ulii num buttered and kept locked Swiss Naif for a Brick veneer and con branches of the Shiah is morticians prepared the body of Crete slab Home on Bendon Maili sect arrived to Greet the he new agas 79-Ycar-old grand Gin in unit e. Father for burial. Slim handsome son of Prince Aly Khan. # they were escorted to a Salon att la til kill is the Harlingen in the Villa and there heard the new Aga read a a relevant sections found Iii . Hospital re Harlingen state tuberculosis corded its 1000th patient last 0f the old agas will which pro week after 18 months of service claimed him As his heir. Iowa City. Iowa up an they heard the old Aga s words epidemic that felled 200 youths at a religious conference at Grinnell to 19 Texas counties. The Hospital has been operating that the ismaili sect a needs a at maximum capacity. 524 Pat Modem minded Young Leader to College has been diagnosed As the cents. Since May i of this year Cope with the problems of an a me disease that swept the far East taking hundreds of lives. Or. Albert Mckee University of the. Stoup later on the hmm n mgt a we a to a a air flu. The mild outbreak at Grin Wllliam Ewald to on vacation. Today guest writer to Jayne Meadow who write about her husband Steve a urn. I by Jayne Meadows written for the United press ten five books made three movies. Starred on Broadway written hit songs and done a Stark of bestselling record albums. But More important he a made a number of lasting Loving friendships and i am convinced that this and currently has a waiting list atomic world. Of 42 women and 15 men. Fifty six then religious ceremonies con children Are among the patients firming him were held privately. I Ida tests have now in the Hospital. Despite the waiting list Hospital authorities have asked that Irr a a a Aall interested citizens and groups coloured Satin chair nervous and nr1 a second known appear continue efforts to help find and tense with the 43 ismaili Lead a Quot a of the. .1emt Quot in a treat tuberculosis patients in ers and a group of 15 women As pm up at on in the i Nitro patients they said sem bled around him. His fare was composed but he Green Villa Lawn the new Aga sat on a Brearn states. The first epidemic developed on South Texas Are being discharged daily and a a. Beds will become available gripped hts Knees so tightly the the University of Al form Rorr Smice the hospitals opening Knuckles of his hands showed pus in the last week of june White. Patients have come from All Southeast counties except Mullen count authorities said new York up a to the to and All his prolific professional Public the name Steve Allen creativity is due to his inner Gen Means a tall bespectacled come to chess and almost child like a Dian with a warm gentle manner predation of simple wonder of Dotty Tho Deputy sheriff Dorothy Caldwell at her desk in the Cameron county court House. Shortly before the Grinnell Eon photographer Cluster Ferenze held Early this month hosed around. The new Aga Compo vitalizing some 200 girls. See us for All banking needs a $15,000 permit was awarded Jack Kama risky contractor and Tony Spencer owner for a Brick veneer and Concrete slab Home on East banker Terrace addition House number 13 on Circle St. The municipal services of Vienna. Austria now require 20,500 workers Tail pipes amp mufflers i Complete Stock of All models a seat covers a numb Mono a Amoco Marvin Brown s Central service 7 m w. Elizabeth u t Tim of delivering a joke or playing the life piano but to me. His Wile Steve is zest for ufos Steve has a tremendous zest for More than the Calm glib to Star the other evening we were audiences see to me he s the Quot caving our Little motor boat happiest Man i be Ever known. Among a flock of magnificent happiness has been defined As it a arts anchored near our summer the finding of one s vocation and when suddenly he said with Deputy Caldwell ramrod office your. If love by Ever with Frank Smith a Young lady was her Job it s Dorothy tis Cameron county a Only woman a key Chain attached to her Belt in Deputy Dotty is duly authorized to make a most unusual career in t it arrests and carry a gun. The of t i Pott a a a a a a a but Dotty n a my Gnu util pot in a no prot Throy in of Jorv a Steve has fulfilled himself in a wan to bom Lona Tely known by the 29 other son. Carrying a Natty Silver be How Many arrests has she Bushel Basket full of vocations re that of remark is typical member of the sheriff s office badge of office feminine like on made none. What kind of lation ships and hobbies. He a writ Quot to ran always pack a great Deal of thought into a few words. He is the great Lover Type not in the adolescent Hollywood sort of Way but in the Universal sense that he loves the world loves people books food sport nature everything. Although his in com president leaves mock hideout spot strange Jailer is killed by husband s gunshots had entered the he shooting Iron does she pack her Blue eyes lit up with an infect j urns smile. A there it she laughed placing a plastic toy re-1 Volver on the desk. A it wouldn�?Tt1 Hurt a actually her principal duty is to manage the office work Anc make out the payroll. But Ocra i _ Oklahoma City up it an base. C.erh0hoh� Quot up Quot a a when i a a a Wyon to. Top or Hgt a _ Gettysburg. Up a president Eisenhower hardly a week goes by abandoned his War emergency Rha do no Asp a Check into hideout today in favor of a get an Anvil opt and mail it to some Tys Burg golfing weekend while p a on bes read civil defense officials calculated a a in Pap a Cess Tate the presence of a policewoman. She will accompany a the a awesome toll mock atomic attack of fridays Kwh farted in Busine beside his compassion i think his wife my Fer a minor a of deputies on shot and killed an air Forre Are leave from his Casper Cain Grant Friday night who had in to a Encampment where the tired the Pilot a a Home. La Leo j. Canavan. 21, sprang from his w Ife s bedroom after the financial service Center its Good business to pay by Check As the Only lady Law officer. Oklahoma air guard was Sig org Dotty has to take quite a bit of Wash Bacton by to , 1 a redid practically every a a Hor it a Quot he nut a Quot red at tinker air a net in pm base. A county of his Irish ances try he is respected in the business a a Man who will always play the game fairly will never Compromise on principle lense officials completed their is refused Quot to Helt of Lunate of the Multon theoretical. Mertink ,10na,,4 Good natured kidding. One night while acting As radio dispatcher. To work. Ruins As Large City and Many air and atomic installations. The president left the Emer Gentry White House by automobile Early today before civil de by killed and other millions saved promotion methods during Friday a nationwide Roxy a a during Friday ration he drove at nationwide a top a fast clip Over he has said a will get by under my own steam or not at that he is greatly talented no winding Back roads from these one denies and that the Public Ere Retreat arriving at the farm approves of his methods is proved at 6 40 a. In. Cost. He was on the by his constantly increasing rat Golf course 20 minutes later. My and popularity. His audience Riding with the president were loves him. His children love him his nine year old grandson a his friends love him. And i love Vid and eight year old grand him. Daughter Barbara mrs. Eisen a. Bower and granddaughter Susan of Finnell will 5. Were following them later. to to 111 they spent the at these Tain w Iii. It cart hideaway within 200 Miles a a Sill it ii ue5# it Washington. The Small White House staff Bonn Germany. July la up Winch accompanied Eisenhower a a Ray West German naval officers by helicopter to his relocation site an Ltd men will Board it. S. Bih Fleet and Mari of Hie 14 newsmen who destroyers in Barcelona monday joined the helicopter evacuation for two weeks of special training flew Back to Washington for the the . Military assist vice and summer Maneu vers bothered by caller Canavan s wife. , 19, had shortly after starting Force to Mfd her husband and police that Deputy Walter Keller radioed in j a Man had railed her at iras a no. 33 calling he. No. 33 Call-1 15 times on the Telephone since ing he .1037.�?� Dotty had her husband left for Camp a Wert fairly Well memorized the police code but this particular number caller identified i lopper or a Titi look it up for you right ago. She said the himself As Edward Douglas and told her he was a a Good Friend 8# reply re. Frantically of your husband and wanted m tumbling through her list. Then see her. Police suggested she Mike a Date with the caller and they your Nav it would trip him As he entered Ner a microphone apartment. Canavan hid in his wife bed room to await the caller who was to arrive at 8 30 p in. Of Nav ask a when he heard the Knock on the door we thought it was the police a Canavan said. A i looked at the clock and it was about 6 o collapsed in Yard a the knocked on the door Gisin and said a this is i. Ailed in the bedroom nod to Dpt do Law a he do Urb she found it. In code the rarely used 1037 stands for a what is blushing into the Dotty managed to stammer bark a my name is Dorothy then there was the time not when somebody Cvenic the department s Ace investigators were never Able to find out who placed a dead bloody Snak on the floor beside her desk. It so happened quite a number of i deputies were on hand Busy checking office reports when Dotty reported for work that1 my wife to let Hun in. Sheriff morning the pres w weekend on monday ident is Bis new time from the front Lawn of i advisory group an Minrod today. The announcement Laid the a Edulard to take off in training was designed to Quot prepare helicopter again this them for duty in a destroyer to be loaned to the Federal germ in Navy relocation site tailed a a highpoint by the United states next Winter. A emergency location of the office of defense mobilization and the construction firms continue to Federal civil defense a Duimstra report a labor shortage in Switz on Ireland. New Post wine e. Brashear of 1145 training a drive int. Recently assumed new duties in the management Field at minimal suit or Market. Ile a lived in the Valley since lists moving to Mcallen from Lubbock. Ile i a graduate of Mcallen High shool and received a degree in business administration from Tivas Aam in 1951. Brashear married the former Mary Louise Robertson of its Sion. And a one son Olin Kyle. Look mom i 5 it Long hold i 20 la. A Crew easy to Hondl easy to carry her not in the i the a a a a j Boynton Fleming said she calmly the Pilot Hilo ii i Oki .1 a. Wretched Down picked the Nak City Salesman said he stepped. A i. A up by the Tau Ana dropped it Outi out of the bedroom with his Pis of window Tol and ordered Ohmann to a. Xes she has a lot of fun in Retina Ai her work. But when her a boy i i a sergeant Are out on a dangerous assign grabbed mrs. Canavan As a Mon of Dotty worries continually until they return. Chief Deputy Canavan he struggled with Bill Gatliff has never known and Ohmann and the sergeant a id. Body As conscientious As Dot to. A a i started shooting a in left a a she s laughing and full of fun the Canavan said a and most of the time Quot he said. A but kept firing As he ran Down the he can be plenty Tough if she rear has the wounded Man ran Down a Golf and swimming Are the drive and collapsed in the front sports Dotty likes Hest. But when Vard he was struck once in �1e the Long Day s work is Over head and three times in the what Dors she Ngwu a Mojo you hark. Guessed it a Good. Thrilling de police said no charges Are tec five Story planned against Canavan and he in expected to return to his air guard Camp Why risk carrying sums of Money. And Why stand in line to pay Bills. Keep your Money Safe. Pay Bills with a first notional checking account. Paying by Check not Only Odds prestige to your business transaction but gives you a officials of a Stem Iii Mexico City thie very to government agencies High Mexico pm Eddie Rickenbacker. President of Eastern air lines is scheduled to j a a a when you buy a Norge appliance think of it not Only do you get a huge discount and Trode in when you buy a Norge appliance a but now this fabulous fun Bonus As Well comes in Gay red and yellow plastic. Outriggers make it tip proof styrofoam makes it buoyant see it today Washington. July 13 Tofpi thievery of personal property is rampant in government agencies i Here the general services and up Captain ministration revealed today. It called on personnel in All departments to be on guard against Jai rive Here sunday at the head of the casual sneak thief who poses fee re 1 Quot a Pton i Ltd 85 wow for. Moss not or to a i Pur Oins purrs a aug ural flight of the new Orleans and of a it of a a Ems Mexico City air route Gas Rov emment i Home-1 the new route recently granted beeping Agency sat a thefts Are airlines by the civil totalling about a month. It i aeronautical Board of the United suggested workers immediately states under the new Mexico Alert building guards if they have a a Legal receipt for All Bills paid. A a More business like Way to handling your Money. A assistance in preparing income tax statements. A Protection against loss of Cash. A a monthly itemized statement of your account. A a Complete record of your expenditures. A time saving convenience. Reason to suspect the motives of a this offer is limited Tom Stevenson co. United states air treaty will Start regular service within the next ten Davs. Eastern offbeat Here said reran today. Captain Rickenbacker and the it est Germany sends Goodwill group representing the of a i a n i press and business Circle of Lou materials to in Els. Iai Tuva we arrive aboard a Doug-1 Hamburg Germany july 13 As dc-7b which is scheduled to a a _ the first air shipment of land at the Mexico cite Centra of Quot Cost German materials for communist China left Here this week it was reported yesterday. The shipment of 500 too parts for electrical switchboards was Dex Airport sometime before noon after a round of social activities. The group is scheduled to depart tuesday for new Orleans. First National Bank at Browns Hills member Federal Deposit insurance corporation 757 Elizabeth phone la 2-3333 Japan is making fresh gains in tined for piping foe use in a red i the philippine Market. Manila re chinese automobile factory. Value i ports. Of the shipment was not disclosed. A a a

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