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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Brownsville, Texas A the True danger is when Liberty is nibbled an a for expedients and by parts. A Burke serving the Laver Rio Grande Valley for 65 years weather partly hourly continued hot 74 to 9.1 i left Rem vol. 66�?no. 318. 50 pages Brownsville Texas sunday july 14, 1957. Dial i 2-4331 sunday edition Price 15c civil rights Compromise sought Neutral senator seeks to appease opposition is Southern faction made on cuts jury verdict expected in Parr trial nine Are accused in Case Houston july 13 up a verdict is expected this week in the fourth mail fraud trial of George pair and eight associates a Federal court jury in Houston began deliberations Friday afternoon and spent its first full Day saturday in deciding the Fate of the South Texas political Boss and his co defendants. Eight individuals and two Banks Are accused along with Farr of diverting More than $220,000 in Bena ides Independent school District tax funds to their personal use. The All male jury got the Case after 38 Days of testimony and a Marathon trial in judge Joe Ingraham Federal court. Testimony alone covered More than a million words. About 40 exhibits were offered As evidence mainly photostat of checks and other documents. Another 40.000 words were taken up with attorneys arguments and judge Ingraham a charge to the jury. The first act of the 12-Man jury Friday was to elect As it Foreman Fred Smith owner of two Huntsville. Tex., Heaters. He is the Only juror not from Harris county. Courtroom observers expect a verdict sometime this week although it could take longer. The first trial of pan and his group last Winter took in jury sch Scaffo Ali Lull water Washington july 13 Upit a treatment of his foreign Aid and congressional democrats protest other budget requests. Of today against president Eisen they also talked of out doing Bower s latest Economy moves the administration by setting a in the House democrats Angri spending ceiling Tower than the by retaliated against the Percsi presidents thus Clearing the Way dents secret a Cut spending a Di-1 for a politically popular tax Cut restive by threatening rougher Tariff barriers Are cited in the Senate former air Force Secretary Stuart Symington Ltd to said Eisenhower s Quot incredible policies May scrap Multi Mil lion Dollar weapons programs but Galveston Washington. July is a up sen. Karl e. Mundt . A Quot from a Neutral Corners a proposed a civil rights Compromise tonight which would go far toward meeting the protests of Southern democrats. His plan the first Overall Compromise formally offered since the Senate began debating the Issue on monday rime at the rid Jyi a nine hour and 20 minute sat a i session marked by Southern demands for elimination of a provision they tour could in used a to Send Federal troops in the South. Mundt s proposal would strike that Section from the Hill with its Man trying i of Roc Kau trip Here Tex. July we will a refuse even to consider up a Blond bearded Michael provisions to allow the Justice de Money saving suggestions for Golden. 32-year-old los Angeles apartment to seek injunctions greater efficiency in the armed Man was granted permission to against violations of Rivil rights service. Day to proceed on his voyage from and have offenders tried without Galveston to Brownsville on an a jury. Inflated rubber raft i a sin,.lr serum Golden a to mile. Off a Tver worm a a a Laland head no toward we no a mid a in a a a late today afer of n h j stir among shipping add an one dment to require to decide that it was unable to reach a decision in the Complex j Case. Two later trials were declared mistrial and the Federal government carefully presented its ease against Farr and his a sonatas this time to prevent another mistrial. The jury faces the task of returning verdicts on 161 remaining issues on a 20-count indictment. The first trial resulted in decisions for Only about 59 of 200 latties. The first 19 counts under con r Illinois car owners take to diving to determine damage to their autos from Flash flooding. Chilla is a milking it red funds London. July 13 Upit so rainfall disrupts Chicago Airport Hospital services he pointed out that the administration recently scrapped the entire program to develop a new military cargo plane the c-132, on san Francisco. July 13 up after spending 93 million dollars Brownsville Letoi b. Pearson. Canadian on it. Thursday the government a a in require former minister of external of announced it was abandoning de-1 trial by jury in All eases when fairs said tonight any increased Vei Ozment of the Navaho inter k a a fact were in dispute . Tariff barriers to Canadian Continental guided missile after Bolden As he Foa pm along in or Miichi Ltd n Good would threaten further de investment of 500 million dollars t a la Lilc Fen cooperation Between the two a the administration explains Natiw Quot a these unique efforts toward until Stis f _. And after a Brief conference they the Senate is prepared to vote a unless our exports to the unit lateral disarmament in the face m go dry ahead tuesday on the de states can be increased. Can 0 communist military voyage a a a Law Rke motion lorek up l Ada will obviously have to take strength on the grounds he can the los Angeles Man who said proved administration Bill some kind of remedial action a a 0� afford to discontinue our of he was making the 230 mile Voy. Of Pearson said in a speech prepared torts 10 remain Strong a the mis a a Ark had a Supply of another Mur a proposal would for delivery at the annual banquet Soun Democrat told the Senate. G Gallons of water and some 60 imi1 of Mars a proposed rom of the american society of news a same time president or 70 cans of food. The raft was mss on to investigate violations paper editors. Eisenhower continues to refuse to equipped with a sail oars and a Cis 11 a rats. He would give the Pearson discussed before the 5� on Ider moving Down the Compass. Commission Power Only to invest 300 editors some limit have Ca Hsc cd Miar Ivnik the it Ary through greater efficiency a freighter miss universe told the witnesses and report on other i a it co. Of by of can my. I tor Many it an Quot i these &Quot>v, a Chr Cor won a Man Conrail off Calm the. South Dakota Nwator. Diner report for a career Tencen in. Hose state contains Lew than support not automatic live plan for the armed forces. Anderson offer d Golden a to of negro b. Not Nouv f on the International level. Pear a Hoover commission recon but hot it adventurer refused 0 a cd he a b saying he of the Nuhim three Broad avenues where great Friday at about 4 30 p Mest. Ligate violations of voting rights canadians mar Sammt could be made in the Mil capt. H. A Anderson of the but would let it hear Volunteer. It Ary through greater efficiency.1�?� freighter mass universe told the witnesses and report on other j son urged the United states not to men Dation for further teamwork an hour Toter Gap. Assume that Canadian support of to the services and a a True Man turned his pleasure fishing a us. Policy was Quot automatic and weapons system evaluation Pix a a or Queen. Off Ion w m course and headed toward got m pre determined. Was in a a voice from a Neutral Comers because the civil rights Las not a political Issue he said he had a no. Which we Haven t had since in South Dakota. A mid Bra a a a Canada red old War Symington my Bren looking tor a com promo full it cognition of and a Precia in Hie House democrats talked sent a Cutter plan which southerners might not i Hon of the magnificent and Essen of placing a ceiling of 68 to 69 the 0imkt curd like but with which the South by United press Suh Urzaa Lla Vay Iutuk the eater in the basement Betws Een the of tia that the United states is billion dollars on the Money the a stubbed by ret oils of a Man on Cou a by an entire Hospital was evac gency action to remove 152 a flees of Brand and american paying in the maintenance of government can spend in the tis h Raf in the Gulf of Mexico sent rated in an emergency and an Hents when Waters from giant airlines. I peace. A Cal year which began july i. This the Cutter Iris on search he said he had drafted his plan duration now allege overt mail a communist party chief Nikita electrical transformer created a electrical storms seeped into its the Short circuit heated water but a a a he said the would be three to four billion Del Toast guard located Golden in his of the Senate fraud Ach. The 20th count comp a Bobev has complained that scare at Chicago Midway air basement. Destroying medical turning it int0 steam which general worry from the knowledge jars below the president s Origi Flimsy yellow raft. Only eight offer it As. .111 a rems the alleged Nail fraud con Rcd Chi no is Quot in my us dry port saturday in the aftermath of supplies and knocking off Power. De in the ounces a on with thai United states policy plays a Nal spending estimate of $71,800, Miles off the coast. Udsen up for a he Spir Scy. Diplomatic sources said today. A near record rainfall which de meanwhile water gushed into smoke Orr Inhui Large part in a determining the is 000,000. Golden told the Iris skipper that we Vinyl 4co oed Nants with Parr in the Khrushchev made the remark lu8pd the metropolitan area. The air terminal at Midway air weary waiting travellers to flee Mios of peace or catastrophe. A the proposal grew out of angry he came to Galveston by truck a Hui a ju1. Trial Are d c Chapa b f Don-10 but european leaders during Myall memorial Hosp Tai at port and shorted a transformer the Airport busiest in tile world he said Canadian anxiety a vet democratic reaction to the Dis cd launched his raft from West a whip Nivelt i i uti. A has been closed to traffic since a possible stir Lear War was height covery that Eisenhower two by on thursday. / a quo of up the deluge late Friday inundated cried by the knowledge that can week ago secretly ordered gov the guard immediately r. No pm runways. Ada is now a strategically Indis frament agencies to hold spa i Ron Arl a Headquarters in new a l. C. Mortrud. Administrator of in use blew to . Security Anding wherever possible to last 0rkn� which gave Golden a 1 a a ? the Hospital said Only 20 critical a Hus a an element in your defense year totals or one to two billion ii Rel ,0 his trip a Quot Fekla a 1 Sion by ill patients would be removed he cited the three Early less than he had told Congress Southern democrats demanded to another Hospital St. Francis warning radar lines in Canadian he government needed to spend it i in nearby Blue Island other a soil. This year. Hip Soh to Ald. Jesus g. Garza Santiago negotiations for increased Garcia. Octavio Saenz Jesus soviet Aido the satellites the Oliveira o p. Carillo Oscar Ca source sad. Rillo or. The Texas state Bank the piping regime is under fur Alice and the san Diego state stood to be insisting that Russia Bank. Fulfil her commitments to Supply Industrial goods and raw mate eating could ruin perfect crime scene Pakistan May be new ally of w est Punn a j Mena. Wild. Would be taken to we in la. A a a. Of pm Washington. July 13 ,up.-pak�,�n-. Bitt , us thin a 1 meet Llly slip Lphr 41 Russi. Although under pm. Pawn is Praw Mulier Lula can of Over Anah Mur. Wall Mem into the Burmont Flat Lnor if sure for More assistance from Here Shaheed Suhrawardy India policy of coolness to from an excavation of a new add a satellites in Ford to rebuke whose political Good will she is at the american i per sent More de pendent than at he two countries. Ltd my unit x Vilii a fit 11if ii fit a if a of a a comm i to 1 of you re planning on commit Ever. J As allies hand in with the Karachi government in ment storerooms will be a total. N. Ting a crime anytime soon. Be in czech Oslo a final communique by presi the struggle for control of rash Joss a sure you Don t eat anything on the Lakja yesterday that russian so Lent and the visiting air i our a i la inches of Ham can univ a Wincn s ene. Look inside at this week s a a. A a. A Leader treated lightly on the communique said the to o the electrical storms which j. 5��?� chant it lean attitude j a i Gaur will t in i Europe cannot of official talks Here today and de Ward tile United s a is has Bein edition being built at the Hospital profit Only to arffuerf1 the h of \ ill 1111 veil Ike red China on paned on a Western sightseeing influenced by its convention that Mortrud said. Officials reported Lan for Nai x ,. F 1 j is at hour with Amchan a str nov toe limed mate by giving in the basement was a full of water because nation of Ili a i 4 \ 111 Iii a 11 than try of two countries will a go on itary. I to Pakistan was siding and that a everything in the base m 7 no pc meeting f Pete it Snelson of that the Senate kill a civil rights Bill provision which they said could Send Federal troops into the South to cml segregation. With a vote still three Days away on the motion just to take up the Bill its Southern opponents began during today a Long Senate session to list amendment try he j offered once that vote is taken. The Senate is scheduled to vote cd tuesday on the family key and a it a a Quot or. You la learn Why your Teeth will it Asp no a Quot Aith Creal Joy to a a Quot a w. Land state president of the jul american authorities have told bans to a Brownsville s Cotton nor chamber of Commerce will 6 p a Canadian officials that defense carnival were furthered Friday speak today when Tri regional motion to consider the Hill. Weeks when the spelt Dally appointed Mer reinvention business gets under of a rid i Lineal debate May follow. A sen. Richard b. Russel cd a n 1 c n Ajo Otai problem and dealt Wuhen i co on it omm tee of the Way in Jacob Brown auditorium toward leaders discussed the Kashmir is swept the Midwest area dumper a Kontir put .4, Chi Timber of Commerce met convention activities actually j Gay. In Der Ltd the Southern bloc. Betray you. Other communist states. But if you re not worried about blot there have been signs for j $ Pakistan desires to Settle that try something a Little differ a some time that the growing Call ent. Peer j. Oppenheimer has Chi soviet assistance is severally written a Story entitled Quot wha testing Russia s strained econ in i. T4 a is Row makes Jerry run Quot a tale of Jer 0my. Of Iii it i til Iii i by Lew is and his Hopes of sue a. _ _ coed my his already successful Ca it Quot Finan its h Fra ii Rij Iii and the decision of the unit d n a our Russia s Oiler of economic assist a g url lil g it i we a run 2 with it re another Lea Turr and not to ? eur trim. Cd 01 though ifs about insects it will nest i months in a Harlingen july 13 a Tuple Hope that such a venal Duomo Prno it interest More than Little boys political contest with the West _ a Sale of substantial interest mite Ulen storms were expected to sue and dispute with India Overall inches of rain on Chicago ind Quot a it vow r 1�,.iiisokmi,l committee headed by Dave began Friday night but the first and sen. John c. Stennis Ltd distribution of the Waters of the suburbs flooding viaducts an though creeper and l. R. Nance made no business meetings Ore to be Hel both Bromhed today to of Indus River and in inbound Home Knockin out a he de a today. A a amendment it it j to Tho Telephone service and e ertrie., on v Nadian imports re Beauty contest and set a Tenta Friday night the Early Comers. The prime Minuter mid that and Hati ram Tate the United stale would make Quot be deadline Al Auh 5. Ii held. Were entertained with a recept t of ulry Lehr further defense cooperation More contest will prot ably include at the Civie Center and Quot Norge. App administration disputes peacefully and in con Dorrity with in. Manorial Sut l weathermen said the Down pour was the heaviest to hit the since 1883 when 6.19 rain fell in a 24-hour difficult a he said. Senate asked to probe the May be solved speedily Equit to tar a i a us Al or in a �.��. .�.��. In me first in Adonai Manx of liar Abby and Ruti to in Atco Ixl. Rtli1, up Miaw of Arpa creatures. Tile latest shakeup in of Oxbow Lingen to aint Murchison of dal-i., e Tju Orin idles of the night but none was sex and theres a Host of other Sto May Lead to More satellite claims Las and v. F. Newhouse of Mission United nations a ported to match the fury of the i re or Sutow turn no i a a re. Thrush a. Anjou nil today by Hahn 6r>u. Ulm lust Chev has indicated during his Gen Bank officials. Your think. Vre Quot River Jupt Russia a. C. A Luve Pic in a a peal in the Magazine with stories wll we the Satull tips a Raisin a the first National Bank of har of Oriental furniture and Mandan the a standards of living. La Quot a a a a a a a a weapons. A be sure to read your copy with the Herald today. Silent of Fry pnj7iaed 10 expand e o Hood no by opening lock Gates of Washington. July 13 up tot Pedro Lingen and Evan Hurst executive vice president said there would lie no change in the top rank my lower Rio Grande Velev Bank Quot or Hirst and i retain substantial holdings in the com Pany Quot Breedlove said. A we feel the Sale to or. Murchison and Djin Pedro came into the newsroom looking despondent. A Escamilla the wayward Snail remains missing a said the Don sadly. Quot it is said in the Cantina set that she has eloped with a lobster who has a huge claw and a Small a Escamilla ought to know better by now a said the City editor a perhaps on the other hand a said the Don a she has been kidnapped. In his event i shall notify Clay Zahry who will no sleep More than 18 hours a Day until the Case is solved. Ami away he went. 20 Wii Illuri Iii Hebo bombings Algiers july 13 up Twonley persons were wounded in a Chouse the owner i. Wallins. Two rebel bombings today on them and Houd make of a 11 Iii i Rye of tile French Celebration of Jarger and Giri Mger i i i a i i Bastille it la i til the Harlingen men declined to the attacks came in Spur of say Bow Many shares were Pur new today to Colorado Springs deaths included a seven months trial on manslaughter charges m it tees a 11 w a tip t he f r�?~2 a Elk Quot a Apfl a a a Quot a Vendor who la introduced n to Sis tyls Toju i lace Academy. Drowned in basement apartments create a bipartisan eight Man bubl iriv material and. K by reel stepped up French Security measures to prevent rebel violence during Independence Day festivities involved tonight and tomorrow. I million the first attack took place in the Murchison and Newhouse listed chased by Murchison and Newhouse but other sources reported around one Center of Oran where a rebel among their lower Rio Grande hurled a grenade through the window of a bus filled with workmen. The blast wounded ten five of them critically. One of the victims had both legs amputated. The second attack occurred at the first National Bank in general Serif 78 Miles West of Constantine Harlingen in its Lith year re winds. Valley Bank interests the first state Bank of Mission the Mcallen state Bank the Edinburg state Bank and the citizens state Bank of Donna. Two nights of judging. Mexican a in Matamoros. Con bib same provision was sub a Cotton dance to be held at mention activities moved into full a a ted to heavy attacks in Senate Jacob Brown auditorium was also suing saturday when a shrimp pee cities by son John j. My discussed and the committee boil was held at noon on padre Ceilan Ltd Ark. I Ami Allen j. Al Nide tentative plans for a a Island and a Cabana hospitality Lender . And fast m pay prove flt cd entertainment in the provision which Russell Ami co ton related subjects mom to afternoon. Askoul to us Lect would permit Bors also spoke of a second pan join Blanca play land Mexcur i d ii fade for children s costumed pets Sion was h a Larrr Aih the a re arts pro a j the possibility of a free picture eng was climaxed with a gamely. Nowa for children will be explore dinner floor show Ami dancing won a i cd by members who will also Dis in Matamoros. Il7ctill.cl t. _ w _ ,. -. Cuss the carnival with Matamoras during today a business sessions _ m bv9. U. S. Surplus Gram to Pakistan the Chicago River to Jet the runs Ltd a Gordon Allott a Coli to in to soc whether wives of the Jaycees will take an i a it get i i to taking payment in pakistani cur off flow into Lake Michigan thus is a pub it a a Senate investigation participate in the escorted Matamoros shopping tour l Lus Iii Reemty. Eliminating a repeat performance of Girard ease and the agree Evris <,?.lauk 1 it and v7 and this afternoon will be hosted re the Pakistan i my i the Rne de Astron flood of or not Al Winch the us a. A 1 a <11 display to a Law n am nmn a a i i r avid mum Upo get Sph. Loin a a i fed a = or to la f a r"1n Quot in i r is reps to hot a a of in. Mend at the Ca flew today to lilo rain snare de a the in Hihn i a trial a or. 1,.__ a advertise the it Arni Al. Tile com Center. A f Eria a i motto Canales american a luncheon is set for Mem of Isallas 48 o a a Vas kill inter displays the civic Center. An estimated Lav my Rhi m a traffic a partisan eight Man publicity material and other items 700 Jaycees Weer expected for the nukes Highway about Ariot Lier Man w As electrocuted committee to report on w Hether tor stoics. Stores will trim win convention from san Antonio. Us. A r a alien he stepped into Vaters of the agreement permitted Dows in Cotton merchandise where Corpus Christi Austin and the it an a Miles hoi n of. 1 Feria. The Accident happened about �?~9 15 pm. Solis who was driving lost control of his truck which ran off tile right Edge of the Highway knocked Over a Concrete Post. Went through a liar bed wart of w. Hofmokel port Browns-1 Fence and into and out of a Small Ville director said saturday he Gully. The truck never turned Over but Solis was thrown from the truck and apparently killed in the fall. State patrolman r. C. Dumas said. Juan Garza of Santa Rosa and Miguel i Longoria of Lancaster his basement and switched on the servicemen to be tried by foreign pass by lights today monday it should be Good swimming again this weekend. The weather Man says it will be Clear to partly Cloudy with High daytime temperatures sunday. Temperatures should Range from 75 to 86 on the coast 74 to 15 More cases of polio added courts for off duty offences should Ltd Anim mrs Quot ill meet again be reviser or seran oed in tuesday at to a. In. At the j Valley tile supreme court ruled c. Penney store. Ship i aminul to jul Ault Ryti Iurii Thui Day that the government hair a Vasiu ii a t i authority to turn Over army Spe Oulla Lilott i o Austin. July 13 <up,-t�,., zit Quot a Quot a ass la t is Lurf Wmk Bott Itin in 17�� it Quot a i a Quot uni a re i to Ion Lur regular Quot Quot had a Rived wort irom ski Itaw to the h Loi Man what a on or gird Dufy at end term classes at Texas South Lyndon Johnson that the approx 364, the mate health department an army firing Ranee. Ern College w ill be held wednes in atoms committee had approved announced. Allott told the Senate it must Day and classes will Start thurs 11.000,000 for work on the Brazos the department said that of by a studiously fair both to . Allies and to american troops. Quot but of there is a conflict be Day Santiago pass and ship Channel. Registration will be Iron. 8 30 work u a Norway now under on the main route to Algiers. Ported resources of $18,700, to a rebel threw a grenade at a and deposits of $17,000,000 As of group of soldiers. June 6. 94 in mid Valley and 74 to too in ibis years total 216 cases have a a Fri 11u1ii 0. 4. The Rio Grande qty area. Been paralytic and 148 non Par a but if there is a conflict he toll . And from i to 3 . Tow hell Sailboat enthusiasts can look for Lytic the total was Well behind tween them Quot he said. Quot As there in Deviney a office located at Theno and Hon Omni 001 injured. A third unidentified to moderate Southeast last year s figure of 547. Apparently was in the Girard rear of the administration build Jyo to fee passenger left the vehicle and had As of june 21, an estimated ease our primary duty to Ameri my. Hofmokel Aid Johnson ret Wirt cd not Horn lot ated by police of for monday the forecast is Eon 3.339.869 persons in Texas had re eau citizens because we sit Here courses available Are biology he would seek Early action on the press time tinted partly Cloudy with Little revived of least one inoculation o As a legislative Bod it representing chemistry. History education in floor of the Senate on the $1,000, the body was taken to Aaron change in temperature. Poliomyelitis vaccine. Those citizens. Girth mathematics and speech too allotment. Cox funeral Home in Harlingen

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