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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 5

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Brownsville, TexasThe Browns Ytit be Herald Mandan Tanury is i Palm for and about women Whistine Ca planning t0g0t0w Ork Ponder effect on children no. R-123 sizes 12-20 to wed or. And mrs Raul Barron of Corpus Christi formerly of Brownsville announce the engagement of their daughter Lydia to Bernardo Vela jr., son of mrs. Maria Vela of Corpus Christi. The wedding will he on february 12 at St. Joseph Church. Rayburn studio tvs How to return Toai rivals Ruth Millett newspaper Enterprise Assn. Before a Mother decides to go to work to give her children Quot More advantages Quot she ought to sit Down and consider the advantages she is giving them As full time homemaker that will no longer be theirs if she goes to work full time. The biggest advantage a full time homemaker gives her children is just being around when they need her. When they Rush Home from school eager for a warm Welcome. When they have problems they need to have lightened sharing. When they need a helping hand with their projects. The next biggest advantage the full time Mother gives her children is the feeling that she has time for them that she Isnit too rushed or harried or dog tired to listen when they want to talk to do with and for them the things that Are important such As being a Home Box lunch for school on Way out room Mother or a Brownie Leader to have time for family projects and family fun. Another big advantage though children May not themselves be aware of it is that the full time homemaker can often do a better Job of steering her children in the right direction simply because she has a better Chance to guide them than the Mother who is gone from Home All Day. So any Mother who is trying to decide whether or not to take on a full time Job should be sure that she weighs the advantages she can give her children not working against those she can give them taking a Job. The advantages that Cost Money Arentt the Only ones that Are important to children. They a it a not even be the most important ones. So any Mother who is considering taking on a Job for the Sake of her family a welfare should be sure that she Isnit taking More from her children than she will be Able to give them in return. Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren use leftover Odds and ends for coordinated room decor if you re doing Over one or and Green chair. Make curtain More rooms in your House save and a Couch slip cover of it. If the bits of wallpaper and fabric possible quilt the fabric for the that you have left Over. You May Couch cover. Use Plain yellow flip need them As time goes on �01 cover for the red chair Patching and mending but they dear p0py j Chi that Liv have other uses too. No r00m is All wrong and Don t i for lending a coordinated of a feel comfortable when friends drop feet to a room these scraps can in it the wans Arp painted Orchid dear. Abby in t it proper Are willing to teach him. For men to Oiler their seats on a a a a. T,.tubus to women any More 1 ride confidential to Quot willing the divan to work on a bus every Day and to work be a Bellhop. Money can be used t0 turn. A a beige. Furniture is blonde throw i have seen elderly land even grow on tray pregnant women stand while men a a just sit there. Occasionally i will for a personal reply Send Ordinary Metal wastepaper Bas rugs Are Green lamps Are Green Ket into something special. Paint and White and the drapes a the inside and about one half Inch three shades of Green trimmed a a gentleman Oiler a woman Adf Addrell stamped envelope Quot a it a Elp or Seo a gentleman Oner a woman Mii to Oressey Namdeo envelope fabric on \ h ins seat but you should see the to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills a. D do a a Brak trim a duty looks he gets irom the men Calif. 1 who Are sitting. Are gentlemen italians Stock Market really wild Jeanne Lesem new a York up the school lunch Box is gradually los in ,t1dn ing ground to the National school new York lip a in Italy lunch program and to bag lunches a land where emotion can run supplemented milk and dessert High it is natural to expect wide in school cafeterias says a school fluctuations in Stock prices. But becoming extinct in our civilize 1a a p i Yyi i of p Tion lady bus rider x Juif i Lui 11919 dear lady some of the women who ride buses Are in bet i / f / Ter shape than some of the men. M 1 naturally an elderly or pregnant the a woman be made to stand \ of Crft any More than a feeble or Handi mate capped Man. But healthy Able the Rio Grande Valley music mais bodied women who compete with teachers association will present for ions expect a Ann Stone and Jean Serafy in con looks horrible to me. Wall s and Busload of sir Walter Raleigh Rrt february 6. This should be of carpet Are Gray. One chair is a a a special interest to Valley concert Light Green and Couch and Aneth far Abby husband and goers since both pianists Are re or chair Are red. I want to get silents of the rep Grande Valley rid of that red. What color slip in presenting this program it covers and draperies shall i is the plan of the music teachers have association to provide Valley mus a mrs. M. M. Is lovers with an evening of dear mrs it m a White pop is dear mrs. A. A you re quite top and Bottom. Right things Are All wrong. How in a Pine panelled country kit those Orchid Walls Creon into Chen one imaginative Home a that Green and beige scheme paker covered plastic canisters with int them a Pale Pale Green that the provincial patterned Wallyn will blend with your other greens per that she had used on the up some cushions in Luke Sweet and per half of her wails. Even extra Brown will help that beige sofa curtain material can be pressed make a splash of color with an into service in the form of place arrangement of Green and bittersweet berries. Then you can Greet dear Polly living room your friends with Assurance. Casual with a double made for Stripe with its banded bodice tabbed Collar and sleeves. Make it both ways to Wear for every occasion View a Vernon Scott puffed sleeves. A perfect dress for Hollywood up silk or Cotton striped fabric As Elev a Jon show is Bounce Well As for prints or solids in Suk air the Odds Are 1�oq la Shantung Broadcloth polished i have four children. Every time one was born wed agree on a name we both liked take the baby to Church and have it baptizes wed get Home husband entertainment and to 1vp child hed Cotton with yellow Flowers would Start calling it something i of and 1 ves you of the Masti pieces or piano me but web Kray background a. Nature performed. Although some a a 9 our Christopher he cars Max music for 1vv0 pianos will or in. Marie Ann is cookie trances it Luord the major part of t p pr0. S a a 13. 8 Antonio is Char Gram adj devoted to selections food service official. A action in the Stock Market in 1960 be t a fr0m the sold repertoire of Tho . Department of agriculture went far beyond expectations. _ a two pianists figures show that More than 13.5 this prompted Arthur Wiesen i of not v we a in a this Type of pro a ram an an million children will Benefit from Burger of the investment firm tfx of Calls me Lual event Tome music teacher s j a Sun miss Raja represents a gain of 750,000. ,. K t 1 Barr made two Valley appear an quilts curtains place mans Over the 1959-60 school year. A an thai i Der Abby 1f Ces under the sponsorship of the pillows afghans and rugs can be Iio too oooo less 0ne cent 9,999,999&Quot Only you done to Hove to be Handy to make these never return. It a l j York markets look like View a with n no Ria h in Altaev go a a a no Trittas and a a a a a Ltd it a a a Mirik a Nithil own. View b l a a 1r m m six 14 l0 lean tha a us . Vron Omic value of the hot plate a a ?, i brei Vantly eased above Tuncy St tip a he �?~7&Quot Quot like association 1� a non profit Une rom june. 1958 to Ertem look bodice 1� Gen eat to above a. A a varas reprieved Lor another go round. A a dedicated to improving the her. 1960. For a gain of 240 per the Waist and sports get in Short Ric or v new b As a summer replacement last health and education of school cent. Thereafter wide daily Quot must i suffer All life because in a a woman Quot i to b in Tamos add Yeal or Kerry Como show. C b j j d r e n through nutritionally swings of As much As 10 per cent trash or Necic a i a Ronnie a situation comedy Drew adequate and educationally sound the equal of 60 Points in the Dow �10 cents la you a u acceptable ratings but when fall food senders and to developing Jones Industrial average were a i Rel la a her rolled around there was no room High standards for school food seen and the end of novem Morrs Stossl a a a a it no a the programs. Her prices were 32 per cent be 1 n print your Lull name and so Tor tour months i Man to i���0 Low the september Peak j. I. X. X. Happy was unhappily on the Rector of lunchrooms for the min. Dress pattern number and sue. Kunnap ,.y no polls o educate Long sees we swing. Noted then a Dan Raven a a Medio social an1 educational benefits individual securities showed even 4. the lunchroom becomes a wider swings Wiesenberger re a Ere detective thriller ,.anic, Italy a leading pet e e lessons she explained in an in Roch ical producer jumped 235 per Ter View. It teaches children prop cent from its 1960 Low to its Hiibner conduct while eating Handiwork whether or not. Simple Sug Short Cut ideas in _. February belter Homes amp Gar t very dizzy. Should we Tell him so he and teachers from All Over the Val Dens make the Quot All thumbs ran improve or should we skip it Ley. Homemaker As productive of italian for fear of hurting he feelings the pm ram featuring Ann future heirlooms As grandma the three h s Stone and Jean Serafy will he give was it dec for yourself How easy dear has considering the it non feb. 6 in town Hall at these projects can he. Get your present crop of Wall Flowers a girl the fort Brown memorial Center copy 0f february better Hornet would have to be pretty Quot dizzy in Brownsville. A second perform gardens today wherever mag to criticize a boys dancing. Done to manace will be Given at Richards Azo nes arc sold suggest he improve unless you Gold room in Harlingen on feb. 9. Large totalling capacity 6fnun Tif vision built Victor Cha com i Iota adding a subtracting machine Tuc Trie Morefi Tor Only $203sl� lit a get Jackson hurling we 49 e. Elizabeth Brownsville stretching it Hollywood up Ducer director Samuel a pro Fuller is a and Burns and company Hack in business. Quot i was really surprised when remarkable Tablet. Away but finished the year up Only 91 with during world War Luu Al ?"1 us ult 1h news that irom Home. Per cent from its Low. Dring the War Fuller was with had seven weeks to get Back introduces wider variety Snia Viscose largest textile the army a 1st division. Since i on the air Ronnie said. A Vve it Aiso introduces Many to a producer saw its Stock Rise 226 can Rei Iava Famania. He made sure the Divi did no to even have a script ready wider variety of food than they per cent from its Low but close Al Manta at any appears someplace a most shows done to get a second might get at Homo. But she con 74 per cent above it. Medio Banca in each of his pictures. He had a Chance so we decided to improve ceded that lunchroom managers leading finance and investment to stretch a Little in his latest much a a a. A a a. 1 j the it a a Kut both monthly cramps and Quot hot Flaa Haa of Chango of Hosl just because you re a woman you Don t have to suffer Nasty cramps every month. Done to have to go through the change with fear and misery i today most women can relieve a female suffering at any age a with Pinkham tablets in doctors tests with Pinkham tablets most Young women no film a underworld .a.&Quot but he not it to on the shoulder Patch of an army recruiting poster. Lease Sale due a i Austin up a tracts of Tex longer suffered agonizing a period 35 University lands totalling More it As much As we constantly must try to overcome j Bankier group Rose 210 per cent biggest improvement is children a food prejudices and to from 5ts Low Ordy t0 c Ose 34 pm a spa ined legged lop eared Mutt j make less popular but nutritional above it named Howie who resembles the la desirable foods More accept Wiesen Breor attributed the offspring of an outsize,1 Yak incl me to youngsters ,h, Sharp Rio in italian Stock prices a Bull Moose. He s the funniest1 parents can be a stumbling in univ the it dog Ever to slobber on to Quot he Block Bere she indicated unless recent years Manly to was trained the same Man of it a minimize their own food f ban8ed Altuda on in Tref who provided Geo for Quot people a and expect their j vim onninv1 tar Coniton now a Norge Quot 2-Speed, 2-Cycle i Cluj j Choice Quot Frank inn is the Trainer Chi Drin t0 a11 food offered. He said the search for capital pains Quot. In Middle age 8 out of 10 than 44,000 acres will be offered of a to nationally the us a said the growth and capital appreciation tested got remarkable Relief from. J March 28 in the com a �?z10 r most popular foods last year were played a dominant role with Divi distress of change of Llop no a. Ten Fps Ivy 43rd Pound for Only $2 j 1rat flu shots were used. Taking Moore pc try i. The Hie in nah costly shots Vicere used. Takin Pinkham tablets alone a who the Hig Pooch gets the treatment at Desilus studios where auction May be the last offering flashes Quot Quot subside. Nervousness is 0f state University lands with one. Calmed then you can Start living each Royalty reservation Jerry is filmed. He has three a full Happy life again land commissioner said i stand ins and makeup when simple Iron deficiency an Muex Emia robs you of Energy Pinkham tablets Are also a Blessing Rich. Turkey ground beef ground return a seemingly minor a Quot canned pork and Gravy and consideration. Spend More time with him than canned fruits and vegetables. J Index climb about 80 per cent of the food he noted that the Index of 55 served in the program is bought Ditt 15 securities Rose 73 locally with Federal funds. The re eaf1, Tallan a Unnes Tose half hour for them to paint eve surplus commodities brows on Pluto and to Darken his ears. Another added element to the a new voice for the in Iron they help strengthen blood wets lose election is ova of amp not a give in to female All-1 Gail Tex. Up a residents a cents. Get Lydia e. Pinkham. Pinch 1 of this Borden coun tablets from druggists. Take Dally. Or. Like vitamins see if you Don t to Community monday voted 125 show is and new peace of mind new re t 32 against a proposal to allow child actually slaved n Lief from physical discomforts too 0 alcohol pc 2-Yoar-old twin boy. David it was the first local option Decara to nning to talk Tion Here since the repeal of pro fac selves now Quot bums said. They do with Ronnie. It takes a Maunder comes from government a 2ijm Hie news in capsule form if Youey Ifer liquid druggists also have famous Ledta e. Pinkham s vegetable compound beam crushes worker High and at the Peak the yield was Only 2 per cent on average against 3 per cent at the yearned and 5.2 per cent in june 1958. Italy a Economy has been sound in recent years and increasing steadily but not nearly at a High j enough rate to justify the great Bull Market in italian Stock prices. Hibi Tion. Singer january Sale a round Bobbin to citric made Singer m handsome Walnut finish Cabinet a with this Machina you can mend darn applique embroidery on any fabric Only $10 Down 1.25 a weak As aur easy pay Nast Pisa inventory clearance reductions 530 $50 a pm a it Xiu i floor models and demonstrators including the fabulous slant of Matic special and Othar models. Vacuum special used machines triad Las from $9?� full Rowtie canister cleaner Rega Larla 4912 a portable electrics from $19.50 a a wide assortment of electric consoles from 29.50 Singer sewing Center lifted in phone 600%. A Fidel s Sci r jew no machine co Mcallen Weslaco w amp la a to Feneis at Vul. Brownsville Harlingen always Cometo United finance and Thrift Dallas up a a half ton steel the rate of growth has slowed in Quot to ruins Tho scene when they do. I beam crushed Clarence Williams recent months but the Outlook and we have to a tart the take All 31, to death Friday night. He was continues favourable for 1961. Over a an employee of Mosher steel co. Ronnie a youth is evident in that the beam slipped from its place he would allow himself to Star on a construction project. In a show featuring a shaggy do Gand a dimpled moppet. Youth killed oar no old trouper would think of Ventson Tex. Up John such a suicidal move. Stephen Preston 12, of denison1 Quot ttys not easy playing straight s san Jpn and Kil de an aut0. Man to the dog and the baby Mobile Friday night As he walked they re both the worlds greatest along us Highway 69 with two he grinned 1 Frion pm. In Side the pity limits. The Quot the average viewer like me other youths were not injured. Wont look at anything or anyone a else if a dog or a baby is hang Dies during operation ing around. When in a in a scene with them t might As Well be in .1. In. 1 "7 7 Omaha Michelle Procter. 4 died of mul a tint or Xiv in. To Tho idndl1 �?T1 in Uri a Roro Vod Friday of Pooch you re glad you done to i own a when she ran in front of a ear a it Jim cd cd on n blm5v Street two hours after a n t 1 t 1bc Accident she died while Doc ire Whf told. But i Tavo to tar Wirra ppr or Monk m Parrk. Admit he a the funniest dog i ency brain operation. Ever _ fully automatic Washer with exclusive lint of tet 0i�penset 2 automatic cycles Normal Cycle for All your regular Wash. Delicate Cycle for special fabric and was a n Wear. 3 Wash 2 inst temperatures hot warmer cold Wash warm a cold rinse 2 speeds fingertip a election of the right 1 was a rinse and spin Speed 10-lb. Porcelain tub smooth Rustproof with extra capacity for tumbling turning flowing action that gots clothe Dean. Model aw-g-224 $229.95 with Trade no Down payment wac easy terms sensational dryer value a a tilling Norge Mym 2 no Tumble cycles for parents London up a the National Union of teachers in its journal today urged stronger penalties for parents who strike teachers. Stride verdict made san Antonio up a Frank Sparkman. 33, a hot himself to a death in the bathroom of his Home Friday. Bexar count v medical examiner or. Robert Hausmann returned a verdict of suicide. Ruptured a free demonstration will be Given a lamed pneuma 1i Jpn Sion technologist direct from the factory of the new no beit no strap no bulb pneumatic spen Sion for men women and children. Reese hotel two Days Only tuesday january 24th, 25th. Hours 10 . 8 . A pneumatic Spon Sion is the scientific to Tirol for reducible hernia. Tills is the finest appliance Ever offered. No Belt to Cut off circulation no strap to chafe. No bulb to spread the opening. This and Worth a Dollar on a new pneumatic pension. Reese hotel tues., War., Jan. 24th, 25th Allied surgical appliance co. M we to 42nd St., new Lork a. Y. V loaded with Christmas Bills do yourself a favor pick up the phone Narf Call the number listed below. Listen and learn Why a Bill consolidation loan is the intelligent Way to unload Christmas Bills. Hint it la keep you from spreading your income too thin do us a visit or Call. A United finance and Thrift corp. 811 e. Elizabeth at. I 2-7400 a Friendly hand. When you need it Only dryer with Norm alone Givis you ways to dry 1 Tumble dry with heat 2 Tumble dry with air Tius dare not Tumble. 3 heat dry no tumbling 4 air dry no tumbling incl Sivi Notum Sli Cut for delicate things you and loaded with Oil of the most wanted dryer features if Wash n wears dry wrinkle Freel if automatic 3-heat selection a High Tow or Fluffy if exclusive 5-Way venting i if Norge knee action door Latch i Onha $159.95 Ami w Milia no in w n p \ mint he a easy terms dog 220 757 Tom Stevenson co. 5ale5 since 1922 service East Elizabeth phone i 2-3333

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