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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Brownsville, TexasHer Pace 16 cold cd am my cold. Eek i pro Leittl r five minutes later i f a a or calling Trao a a r what in this same \ hotel yes one 0= Twe Iff maids room 427. Check and a report a court w a amp a Iggi h9 All orb town last week How he took silly a sch my by in i my peeking 1 a the five out the ooh the j million Irta ins o his Worth that k use Down to used to be Street. Count n v his n the loads o gravel n Eva go a sue s a he cays old fool Haven t seen Johnny round either1 i drove in the South Road bout noon i i 1 no where a v he d been / Are you map amp of lepale1 Quot the vka60s at has 4rcl5ep �3 f and re def. A son 5 Pevoto j or 5? them. A a the sikh a. Chr i x.n0 xxx 1pe slake Mcwha 1 p thi5 15 it a co o n have Totsky in5ufferafle/ a mob a set close to xxi Quot Paisain How a like my numbers thigh ? Majc venous my Pearl a5 always whats More 1 have some goop news. Or May 1st Down ? so. R n�o0� Quot i sure Park it Oyer a there and Tell Little Quot a Fleur Sthats of it your mind Only i cant it gab toc Long j yeah Fleur s Back in her pressing room mr.krebs.,but i think my sister works As a maid in a big House Over near Boggstown sergeant she lives with be and my wife a and this was her Day ofe so she was Home with us y a Don t care Cook wot \ common in the. 5a3e makes a a it. Acceptable a i was tellin her about it Socker 5 cab Bein bumped Down into that Gully and after a while she says Quot Joe i m. Beginning to wonder tramp so it a a would t let me make co operate and it s in the diction a cd 5 now Sou want Touse one that in t1j a a a a 1 hyphenated up. 1 he doctor says v Harold Thomas Hyman m. 1. Written for newspaper Enterprise Assn. A Why is it a demands an indignant correspondent a that you doctors continue to say there is no such thing As a cold cure almost every one Lias a cure of some kind or other that he swears by. Don t you want people to get j better unless you get your Iee a j ill answer the second question j first. 1 can assure you my Friend that if a True cold cure were announced at any medical meeting anywhere 111 the world the cheering would make you think you were in Pittsburgh when Mazer of ski hit that Home run in the world series. Now in answer to your first question i regret to repeat that we say there is no cold cure for tiie very simple reason that there is no cold cure. Why then you May ask do a act of your friends j believe 111 the virtue of his own particular cold cure Here Are some of the reasons like All other infections the 1 common cold May fade out of its a own Accord before it comes into j full Bloom. Hence any medication that you happen to be taking at i that particular time might be credited with the cure. That s Why each of your friends has his own particular cure. If there were any one effective cure each of your j friends w Ould be taking the same cure. Many people think they re catching cold each time their noses become Stuffy or Runny. But As you know your nose May feel j clogged and run a bit if you sleep j in a Stuffy room. Or sit for awhile 1 in a Smoky room. Or inhale smog or an irritant fume. Or if you re coming Down with an at-1 tack of Hay fever. Under any of these circumstances you a feel. Clear As soon As the atmosphere j cleared. If at the same time you happened to be taking Medicine j you might think it had cured the cold. But what you did Vas to cure an incorrect diagnosis. While the usual cause for the common cold is a virus that is not responsive to treatment an identical condition is occasionally produced by Streptococci or pneumococci that can be bumped off by any one of several antibiotics. When this occurs you Are Correct in stating that you be cured a nasal infection that resembles the common cold. But it is not exactly the kind of nasal infection that a produced by the virus of the common cold. Now my Friend if you a like to prove that you and your friends5 Are right and that i am wrong ill Tell you what to do. Call a meeting of All those who have cold cures. Choose any one of the methods. Have every one present agree to a trial at the next Opportunity. Continue your Experiment until every member has tried every cure. If then you can show that any a a cure has a batting average Over the .300 Mark let me know and ill Dine publicly on Cro a. Priscilla a pop Tell me again a about the Sandman pop t Well. Or. Me comes at night and puts a few specks of Sand in everyone a eyes Morty Meekle Alley top one thing sure with All those Guys around she should t have to. But t Dunno if being in that Dang Bandit s company is any less 1 of a Hazard Jackson twins red Ryder do id St led rider up search. Huh Korito hot Liet Lols v. Unolt Fudd no. Sut will Hait to go Back to the ranch for. Adj a. Supplies or Vale la iv1i6h Strah Evve no Bor we fwd i japanese Hitt can l Cal old speak scratch 0-ktgkc3le.viiaff-.iljk v6 in word ihsaho1 bugs Bunny Dixie Dugan to Quot to >a<1 in \ gets Bimpe enough. Ma>3e jul play 5 accost on elsewhere lsn��3 mis a i Tese ones a other 5 3 it Bruse out / the door y a thought t was _. No 10 and or All a but i was t a dear Reader or. Hyman a i Martha Wayne predates your comments and questions but regrets that t h e heavy volume of his mail Dor it not permit him to answer each individual letter or Post card. However i will comment in columns like i the above upon matters of general to unusual interest. Shout ribs a. I was just i thinking about Lull an incident a f t gulp ah�x6 to j the Fol will to fac6 1 "7 dad 1_ the Mil cd Wash Tubbs la take to at 5�?T a Dlo above his Brothers. And watch f or a Chance to remove it and get it Back to the states c.3ht Stu Posic a5 american Cap aces a in a no wont Artre is pull of pm you a . We Ano me hmm wish you had t said i a Quot More it May be was a violin student i can t Playle to late wfl1me l learn How freckles All in a lifetime our boarding House in r it to 4 like tax i cd a a /1 1n6 a lab am a Quot / 7 min to Lulf Avdi Ite magical act is stretching the of a check1 o Ccu amp. He wee a firm m t do wish Youe. use it a Poms Booth Fop such prolonged periods master a a offer ally other people want to use it out our Way say curly How poes the Buck fever affect a Cuy when of. Sees a peer you Pont have 70 see a Dee r you cot it v Rioh now j be a �st�?~5 a pact Cally a a1agician amp a a _ being the teams tallest basketball player he spends most Opall that time getting in and. Reg a 1 5 Fork Cowe jux Pilow let amp

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