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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Brownsville, TexasOf a totems try fee Spur Lac your Freedom newspaper fige3 monday january 23. I9t awry afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom n pm Sparer 11"east Van Burn St. Founded duly 4, 3892___ entered a second class Manor at the port office at Brownsville. Texas under the act of March 3,1879._____ subscription Kates by Carrier by week 40e. By mail in the Rio Grande Valley Pequot to $1.70 per year $18.50, by mad up state or out of Texas per mod $1.05 per car $22.00. _ we believe that Freedom is a gift from god and not a Ali tidal Grant from govern Meru Freedom is not License must be consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral guides As the Golden Rule the ten commandments and the declaration of Independence this newspaper is dedicated to promoting and preserve big Yotter Freedom As Well As our own for Only when Man is free to control himself and All be produces can Ary erroneous reflections upon the character of stand he develop to his utmost capabilities ing of any person or organization will be cheerfully corrected upon being brought to the attention of the publisher. Government should t try to gag press there is a school of thought which argues that a newspaper should never accept a Story from a person whose reputation May be less than jilt edged in certain quarters. We beg to differ. It is the newspapers Job to report the facts. Many facts which Are reported every Day Are facts which Are unpleasant to someone. This is regretted by Many people. Rut it is not the newspaper which makes the facts it is the newspaper which reports them. In ancient times it was customary for tyrants to slay the bearer of bail news. Apparently there exists in modern times a tendency on the part of certain persons in High office to want to punish a newspaper because the facts it reports Are unpleasant to the Holder of Public office. Were newspapers to be gagged and restrained from printing the unpleasant truths which do exist the Public would be kept in the dark on Many matters of vital concern to them. V0 a the Are reminded of an Exchange of views which occurred Back in 1887 when lord Creighton argued with lord Acton that the Benefit of the doubt should always be granted persons in Power. It was Creighton a position that persons in positions of Power such As Pope and Kings and presumably judges and governors should be judged in a less harsh manner than was reserved for the rabble. If for example. An instance of evil doing could be traced to a High dignitary in Church or state it would be Wise and prudent to Overlook the evil if it were performed by such personage. Lord Acton took the opposite View and we very much share lord Acton a opinion. In a letter to Creighton among other things he said a i cannot accept your Canon that we Are to judge Pope and King unlike other men. With a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other Way against holders of Power increasing is the Power increases. Tower tends to corrupt and absolute Power tends to corrupt absolutely a it is a matter of history that persons in positions of Power have facilities at their disposal to stifle both inquiry and complaint. Indeed the growth of tyranny is always in an inverse ratio to the growth of an uncontrolled and free press. It May have been this thought which at one time prompted Abraham Lincoln to say a if there is anything that is the duty of the whole people never to entrust to any hands but their own that thing is the preservation and perpetuity of their own liberties and institutions. I fear Vou do not fully comprehend the danger of abridging the liberties of the people. A government had better go to the very extreme of toleration than to do aught that could be construed into an interference with or to jeopardy in Arv degree the common rights of the and most assuredly this thought must have been uppermost in the mind of Thomas Jefferson when he wrote a the basis of our governments being the opinion of the people the very first object should he to keep that right and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government 1 should not hesitate a moment to prefer the amp amp amp ret at this unhappy juncture we find government m the position of seeking to stifle and control the press. To Force it into either secrecy r silence and failing so to do to hold its reporters in contempt. A newspaper s Job in the interest of Freedom of the press is to report the truth. It does not Geek to turn Down tips because it finds the tipster unlisted in the Blue Bonk. It must act freely and without fear even in the face of hostile administrations and hostile judges. This newspaper will continue to publish the truth wherever it can find it. It will also continue to Check the truth against the Public record and will bring to the sight of the Public pertinent items it finds there even when such actions Are disturbing or displeasing to some. Taking some kick out of it i Fred Danzig very Little to rap in weekend offering new York updo dealing and tiling a the red and the Blacks told its important Story in a skin Giuily arranged meaningful and effective fashion sunday night. The full Hgt or report on Abc to another Quot Bell amp Howell close up special focussed entirely upon the attitudes of the new african Nat on towards the West represented by the United states and the communist bloc led by Russia. Narrator John Gunther agreed with the words of the leaders of six african nations who were interviewed that the new nations Aren t interested in ideologies but in elevating their standards of living and defending those newfound freedoms die russians Are ahead of the West lending them a hand according to the Eye open ing films that producer Helen Jean Rogers took out of Guinea and Ghana. In thoughtfully drawing attention to this burgeoning problem area the report performed a major Public service. Sui Cardar made his fat pm to debut opposite Patricia Barry Erskine Johnson sunday night in a the Devil you say on lbs tvs . while the play offered a mildly diverting switch ending nothing that preceded it made the waiting worthwhile. It was an embarrassment for Caesar. It v a a romanticism in music a sundays lbs to special that Fea turd Lonard Bernstein the new York philharmonic and the voices of Birgit Nilsson and leontyne Price filled its allotted 90 minutes with glorious music. Director William Graham was. However Over fluid with his cameras he was precise in the use of Side View shots and Solo pickups but one longed for a few Brief head on shots of the entire orchestra. Bernstein was consistently enthusiastic and interesting if somewhat superficial As he explained the 19th Century a romantic revolution in the arts. A Jackie Gleason s panel show came in with a squeak on Friday and the lbs to half hour needs help if the addition of three dimensional settings and Blindfold games does no to help May i suggest that they simply forget about the guessing game and let Gleason and his guests a it around and talk v of i got tired of hearing Walter Cronkite talk about president William Harrison a catching pneumonia during an inaugural ceremony. The lbs to Anchor Man was really weighed Down with a a filler material As he covered the inauguration on Friday. I found not to s Huntley Brinkley team More contemporary in their chit Chat As for the inaugural Ball who will Ever forget Abc tvs Frank Blair asking Dina Merrill to describe the gowns worn by a the ladies of the evening Quot notice it s been three whole Days since John f. Kennedy became president and i have yet to detect the slightest improvement in to shows. I give him until wednesday. No wonder Desi is still Lucy Booster an interesting thought Only the two incumbents have filed for re election to the Board of trustees of Texas South most College. This presenta an interesting thought either the present trustees Are doing such a Superb Job nobody in the College District of it could be improved upon or a terrible thought a nobody care. La investors of Lucille Ball i a wild at Quot hit on Broadway recouped their Money on the Phila Delphia to it out. But they Are Small m number Desilus owns 90 per cent of the show. Now you know Wenj Desi Arnaz As president of Desilus is the Leader of the �?o1 lose Lucy rooting Section for his exp Ife. Ai Lene Dahl making a Palm Beach stage appearance in Quot roman Candle Quot will have her fingers crossed. She a hoping to be tagged for the film version. Frank Sinatra s a always Quot recording gives him the Lyric its Quot ill be Loving no always. Sinatra Loving whom always. Remember Turhan Bey heart throb of he he s helping his Mother operate a string of movie healers in Vienna and his receding hair line makes him look More like Yul Brynner every Day. A wanted More stars less pm you expect it from the arty theatre arts Magazine but that a where the words appear in the january Issue under the byline of Sherman Ewing Broadway producer. Saving that a audiences prefer personalities to psychologists any Day something we be been saying for a Long Timet Ewing pleads Quot let us forget the a methods and concentrate on perfecting the physical technique of stagecraft. A let s go to school with Marcel Marceau the French pantomime is and not with Sigmund Freud. The analysts touch is As out of Date in the theater As the casting Couch. Send them both to the to which we say now a Star will never have to Wear the same dress or hair Twerie wigs Tor women even if their own hair 1 perfect is t Holly Wood i age the a flatter wigs a in All colors with ready to Wear High fashion hairdos Are a Max Factor creation. A doll named Alyce May has been Lana Turners stand in for 15 years and now Lana the new mrs. Fred May winds up with her name. ,. As the a a bait which brought William Frawley to the Brown Derby for Ralph Edwards Quot this 1 your life a i heard for the first time about Bill a original a i love Lucy contract. Bui and his agent Walter Mey ers figured the show was a Hig Gamble and Meyers won a fabulous Deal on reruns today the maximum pay to actors on second telefilm run is $285, but Bill collected 50 per cent of his Origi # 0 # ######4 matter of fact Nal salary on the second showings of All 178 Quot Lucy shows now in its third run the show gives Bill 25 per cent of his salary. The fourth run adds up to 124 per cent. A a it world War it combat photographer Phil Stern now covering a West Side Story and editing some of his wartime photos for a Book tells this Quot it could happen Only in Hollywood Quot yarn. As he was arranging some of his War photos an inquisitive movie Man looked Over his shoulder and asked Quot what movie Are those imm pork chop Hill or a battlegrounds a Stern Shook his head and said a eth eve re from world War ii a a a hat studio a asked the Holly woodsman a mad world War Joan Fontaine is headed for a voyage to the Bottom of the sea Quot her first movie in two years. Titbits Minnesota a c u y u n a Iron rage the last Range to he discovered in the state differed from earlier finds in the no Iron hearing rocks were exposed at the surface. Ike Swai left demos a headache by Peter Edson Washington a Nea a the Eisenhower administration s last will and testament to it heir in t h e Kennedy administration is contained in the retiring presidents final economic report to Congress. Chapter three is entitled Quot policies for the its a Good peacetime formula for economic growth says he. Raymond j. Saulnier chairman of the Eisenhower Council of economic advisers who prepared the report. He Hopes the new administration will give it heed though he wont flatly predict trouble for them if they done to. Or. Walter w. Heller who will succeed Saulnier has been in to see him and talk about How to run the Council. They have not discussed the Eisenhower report. But the general Assumption is that the new Bunch of economic doctor wont agree with either diagnosis or cure for what ails business today. A if that a the Case it 1 just a Well to know what Medicine the Kennedy economists pour Down the Drain. There seems to be agreement on the symptoms. The growth rate should be higher idleness unemployment lower. Sauline Points out that since 1935 the Eisenhower administration has had before Congress proposal a for Relief i depressed areas measures to stimulate the housing Industry Aid to education extended unemployment insurance coverage and similar correctives. Along with these specifics the Eisenhower administration has to it rest riled general treatment to hold prices stable curb inflation keep the Dollar sound and. Above everything Elsp keep Federal government interference with the patient s Normal recovery at an absolute minimum. These Are the things the last three democratic controlled congresses have refused to agree on. Thev have wanted More government dosing nursing and pampering of the patient. If there had been just a Little Compromise Between the executive and legislative branches of government on this instead of political Bullhead Edness on both sides something might have been done instead of nothing. This is really the Hig policy for the future that the Kennedy administration might pay More attention to with the roles of the president and the Congress reversed if Kennedy and his economic specialists propose recession cures that the conservative old family a a docs in Congress can to go along with the two might accommodate their View so As to help the Long suffering Economy instead of leaving it to father time. Mother nature and its own devices for correction. Saulnier and i colleagues Are of the opinion that the present business weakness will be of Short duration. A i would expect resumption of growth will occur Early in the he save. The decline of last november and december he Calls a cyclical movement. There is nothing in this situation which ordains further change in downward direction. A this is where the Kennedy administration seems to differ. Some of its practitioners think this is a real depression the country is in and that it is going to get worse. Drastic surgery is recommended to remove High unemployment trends. Some Kennedy adviser think the remedy is a transfusion of greater government expenditures to make More fobs and put More Penov hark to work. The approach of the Eisenhower advisers is that such a stimulus would not last. It is considered artificial respiration. The patient May suffer a relapse when it a discontinued or it could result in Price increase and inflation which Are considered worse than the original malady. There is Only one Point on which the two schools of economic Medicine men seem to he in agreement Saulnier in discussing the Eisenhower report puts in this Way a this Bunche a meaning the Kennedy administration a Quot would like to see greater use of our productive he along with that. Fire Rhody can go along with that because business conditions. No matter How Good Ara never Good enough. George e. Sokolsky they can to Dodge it have to face reality every Day i get a letter from some person who lives in 1930 or thereabouts and refuses to face the very simple and unpleasant fact of 1961. Such persons remind me of those Brilliant mind in Wall Street in 1929 who believing that the sky is the limit committed suicide when the sky fell Down on them. The first problem that president Kennedy and this nation face is the Dollar and our loss of Gold. This is More important than any other question because As our Dollar loses in value everything we do or try to do goes awry. For instance the Cost of defense rises As the value of the Dollar goes Down and the Cost of keeping troop and bases goes up beyond our capacity to find the funds particularly if our so called allies continue to build their Gold reserves at our expense. Only t h e British have recognized the seriousness of this problem and have come through it with Devotion and purpose. Italy West Germany and Japan have been pounding our Gold Reserve greedily. It is questionable As to whether what they have done will ultimately rebound to their Benefit. A 1 the Kennedy administration faces the Dollar As the most urgent problem although it is understandable that Congress will not consider it so because americans have had no experience with inadequate currency since the War Between the states and therefore cannot get away from the simplicity that a Dollar is 100 cents 20 Nickles or 10 dimes. But a Ven on that formula what is Nickel Worth in this respect the Kennedy administration starts where the Hoover administration started. Hoover took office on March 4, 1929 the Stock Market collapse occurred in october 1929. Actually such a debacle took a Long time in the making. The worldwide financial difficulties of that Era were first apparent in 1921 and the first country to he hit was Japan. The Chain of economic disturbances moved from country to country with dramatic impetus and finally hit the United states. The London economic conference was called in 1933 to Deal with the question of Money and Gold and to set if possible a Universal Price for Gold. Roosevelt and Henry Morgenthau jr., torpedoed the conference and that was the end of economic sanity for Europe. A a a a today president Kennedy is faced by a similar situation. He walked in on an inflation which is Sharp and moving rapidly his Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon must stick his Finger in the Dike to keep our Gold from continuing to flow out of the country. He will have to take a plea a ant measures to keep our Gold reserves sufficient to cover our Dollar to keep the value of our Dollar up in the world and to keep our people at work so that the social and financial problems of unemployment do not complicate the american Economy at the beginning of a new administration. Many who regard themselves As conservatives do not recognize the seriousness of this particular problem. They keep harping on issues which Are not urgent and ignore the frightening possibility that the capitalist system could collapse in this country with tha collapse of the Dollar. One listens to All sorts of panaceas from devaluation to taking the Gold Reserve off dollars but none of the proposed suggestions mean any. Thing of significance. The Treasury must find a solution to t h e problem of the seeping Gold and the debasing Dollar within tha framework of the american econ omy without increasing unemployment. A a this is no child a game it takes absolute expert knowledge and enormous imagination. There Are in the United states men whose business is Gold who watch every fluctuation in Price. In Quantity in the movement of Gold who can Tell instantly where every Pound of Gold is situated who watch every operation in this Field. Douglas Dillon know where these men Are. Who they Are what they do. Because of his experience he undoubtedly knows the British dutch and South african operators As Well As the americans. To my knowledge at least one of the largest american Gold operator and an expert in the Field is a Friend and neighbor of his in new Jersey. It is such practical men who ought to be called in to consider a solution of this problem a and immediately. Knprr Ortii if. Kutni feature so trate Lor Fulton Lewis or. The real Goldwater outlines philosophy the political enemies of Barry Goldwater he has few if any. Personal foes use every occasion to paint him As a Man consumed with anti labor Bias a a a reactionary who would help a malevolent management grind the rank and file worker to helpless dust for those who know the Arizona senator this is arrant nonsense but the Liberal makers of Public images will continue their Job on Gold water for partisan political motives. The real Goldwater and his actual philosophy of labor Are Best revealed by his new format of proposed labor legislation which he plan to translate into legislative reality Barry Goldwater a labor program is made up of five principles expressly designed to make a truly free Man of the rank and file Union member. Buttressing these is i expressed conviction that truly voluntary collective bargaining is a sure guaranty of a democratic society with the right to strike As a Basic civil Liberty. Here in Brief Are senator Goldwater five basics which together constitute a new Magna Carta for labor Union members. A a item prohibit policies by which unions exclude qualified workers from membership and thereby often deny them jobs. On the one hand says Goldwater a untold numbers of completely qualified workers Are kept out of unions they want to join. Yet paradoxically under present Law. Unions enjoy the a precious privilege of exclusive representation of All the workers in the bargaining unit Union and non Union alike. Union exclusionary practices would has a a a a a prohibited by Goldwater As a obnoxious and completely item end the indiscriminate use of Union funds for political purposes. This practice is one of the most a Brazen examples of coercion in american society. Millions of workers Are compelled to contribute through their due to candidates parties and programs favored by the labor Bosses but opposed by the members them selves. Item provide additional Safe guards against violence in labor dispute and restore Law and order in that important area of National life violence Force intimidation sabotage and even bombings Are becoming an almost everyday occurrence wherever there Are picket line the Lacity of local Law enforcement is due to a Quot political Affinity Between the local politicians and the Union Bosses who Reward them periodically at the voting polls. These acan Dalou local situations Are now so out of hand As to require correction by Federal Law. Item strengthen the Bill of right provisions of the Landrum Griffin act. The labor rackets hearings dramatized the need for Federal regulation of unions in order to eliminate crime and corruption. Unhappily the Landrum Griffin act does not solve the problem since it leaves it to the individual member to bring private suit against crooked Union leaders. In theory this May seem sufficient. But in practice the average Union member is too strapped for funds to beat the Legal costs himself. And besides he fears the labor Goon too much to Hail his Union Leader into court. Senator Goldwater will propose amendments to Landrum Griffin whereby the government will be charged with the responsibility for bringing action the Union member item permit a secret Ink ballot to he conducted by the National i Bor relation Board up on petition of 30 percent of the employers involved As of now there is no Law requiring a strike vote and where Union constitutions do require a majority strike vote the voting itself is often conducted under conditions where the employees opposed to a s strike fear to show their True sentiments. Senator Goldwater a solution is a simple As it is effective. The Norb secret elections will determine without fear or favor whether a majority of the employee w ant to Start a strike or bring it to a halt if it a in Progress i of. Kin feature a.vmlp��. i a a a a a a a crossword Puzzle Woys to work barbs crocodiles really do shed a Crocodile tears when they devour Large victims. But there s no sentiment involved. Just As our eyes water after a big Yawn a Crocodile s eyes water when his jaws Are forced open. The first Stern shovel on the Minnesota Iron Range was introduced in 1893 and the electric shovel made its appearance in 192c. Tomatoes Are the most valuable vegetable crop produced in California followed by asparagus Lima bean and snap Beans. About 45 per rent of the value of agricultural production in California a shipped out of the state. So they say we do not prove our Canadian ism hut Only our immaturity i done tint to be tied to an american Dollar to an american Bor Marc missile to Jimmy Hoffa. Or Ern to a adult but i belie pc that ran Drai with these and related matters without lapsing into demagoguery or denunciation of America. A Canadian Liberal party Leader Lester p. Pearson. In be met them All and id rather stay Home with a Good Hook. A social historian Cleveland Amo Raj on the a International social All breaking of relations among american countries casts a Shadow Over Continental Unity. We have no reason to break relations with Cuba. A Manuel Teilo mexican foreign minister. In an office Ftp a amusing How Long it takes some people to Tell you How Busy they Are. Dumb people often land a Job that a so soft they me Down on it. Some Day some builder la going to make a living room Large enough to hold All of the youngsters toy. Just look at a to fight and you ran Sec How Many Boxer quit fighting before they retire. A Bank account does no to do much Good when you re too quirk on the draw f f f f Mam �4#�aai f Little in contrary to a Kurt the geographies soy almost old nations touch the United states. 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