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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Brownsville, TexasYour Freedom newspaper the Best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your . A Elmer Leterman your Freedom newspaper weather Cloudy mild South winds 54-72 degrees vol. 28�?no. 174 10 pages Brownsville Texas monday january 23, 1061 dial i 2 4231 final edition Price 5c roster in Senate is completed Austin up it. Gov. To Ramsey today appointed ser Ray Roberts of Mckinney a chairman of the powerful senat finance committee As the upper chamber completed its organization. Ramsey named senators to 2 standing committees. The action clears the Way for introduction or bilis from the floor of the Senate. Appointments were made a lawmakers returned to thei desks after a weekend recess. Speaker James a. Turman stil1 must name House committees to Complete the organization of the lower chamber. Ramsey named sen. Bruce Reagan of Corpus Christi to hear the important insurance committee. Other key committee chairmanships went to sen. Dorsey Hardeman of san Angelo As head of jurisprudence sen Abraham Kazan or of Laredo As head of legislative and congressional p dist rioting sen Wardlow Lane of Center As head of state affairs sen George Parkhouse of Dallas As head of water and conservation and sen Frank Owen of i paso As head of Oil and Gas. Turman said he did no to expect to completo Bis House selections until Lato in the week. The speaker has had less than two weeks to work on the Long Job of interviewing the 150 members of the House on their committee preferences. Bill due soon Senate committee assignments will Clear the Way for the upper chamber to begin introduction of Bills from the floor Honre member have been filing legislation for introduction for the part week the two Chambers quit for the weekend last thursday after hearing gov. Price Daniel outline Hie program to retire the states $63 million deficit and raise More than $200 million for new spending in a speech to a joint session on wednesday. Daniel divided his program into two categories retirement of the deficit first As an emergency matter then tackling the problem of a permanent tax Bill to take care of the need for new Money tugboat Crew strike ended new York up a a two week the seafarers Union said Quot there the Harbor was reached by put effect. A Railroad spokesman exp Harbor tugboat Crew strike that is no question that if he had t Ting off a showdown on the main planned that other lines would not forced the new York Central to entered the picture the strike dispute of tug Crew size which accept shipments if they were order a Complete shutdown and never would have been settled this the employers wanted to trim headed for eventual movement on Cut rail service for 100.000 com soon. There s no doubt the others the present five men. J Central lines Muters ended today with a Settle j feel that Way. Too. Its always a the tug Crew Issue under the talk bog Down ment reached under pressure pleasure to work with a proves new agreement must be submit a Union source reported Early Lom the new Kennedy adminis j signal like or. j ted within 30 Days to a special today that after a fast Start Sun to Tion. Delay in sender a White House commission which a Day at 4 . Est negotiations labor Secretary Arthur j. Gold the control said it could not re already is studying Railroad Feath had slowed Down. Governor Rock erg who joined the talks at 1 sume operations on its commuter embedding Feller retained state atty. Gen. . Sunday at the Behest of service until 5 . Tuesday and the settlement came just a few Louis Lefkowtz at the meeting president Kennedy walked out 14 on its Long line new York service hours after the Central the see and was reported ready to seek hours later and announced a set until later because of Snow remove Ond largest Railroad in the United a strike halting injunction if no element. A Al switch inspection and equip states in terms of traffic ordered settlement was reached. The Cost of the strike is expect ment placement problems a shutdown of All freight and Pas the main Contention was whether to run into the hundreds of the new Haven said it would be Senger services on it s 12.000 mile the 11 railroads which operate millions of dollars As a result of 21 hours before it could resume of track from St Louis and Chi the 56 tugs nine ferries and Hun wage costs and loss of freight and full new York operations because Cago to new York and Bostons dress of barges in the Harbor passenger Revenue from St. depended on Central equipment w Hen pickets showed up at Cleve have the right to reduce the pres my Chicago to Boston and new in the City including a third rail land. Rail delivery of food to new ent tug Crew size to five. York. A which requires recharging York City already had been halt other issues of wages and work Union leaders praised Gold the Accord Between the 660 tug de by the strike. Conditions were not critical both bergs work in helping reach a a crewmen and 11 railroads which the centrals freight embargo j Side reported and one apparent a settlement. Paul Hall president of operate 56 tugs and nine ferries in threatened to have a nationwide see strike Page anguished father a Howard Fancher 42. Sobs in new York Hospital where he is recovering from bums after learning that his wife Anna four daughters and two sons perished in a fire that ravaged their apartment sunday. Fancher was injured by the Blaze but he managed to save three other children. The fire was apparently touched off As one of the children played with big Battle shapes up for Laos Cloudy and mild says cold War relations forecaster Kennedy top advisers Star editor dead at 65 Washington up a presi the president Kennedy reached orally helped the disputing Par Dent Kennedy met with the Secre his office around 9 a a ties reach agreement. Luang Rabag Laos up Tariesa of defense and state and his Kennedy planned to work with Kenned and his National secur a major Battle Between pro West top National Security adviser to Mcnamara Rusk and Bundy Cuba drops scare eyes the schools Havana up a the end of mostly Cloudy and mild weath j Harlingen a Frank g. Rags oct. 28. 1958 in his Home and had the a Yankee invasion or appears to be in store for Dale. 65, former managing editor been hospitalized since that time Mitten Premier Fidel it scare permitted Premier Fidel Castro a re the deficit As a separate item and not Lump it together with the Revenue needs for the next two years. This was done in the tast session. He pointed out. And the tax Bill proved to be inadequate. Temporary tax Daniels deficit erasing plan killed by a Tiger called for a 3 per cent a Tempo a Muong Sai is the Rarys a increase in natural Gas stronghold of winds will be moderate and South to southeasterly. Temperatures will Range tues m u n is to a the t1 la rebels aped to Center on the question of noon. Report from Lle Wellum Thompson Day from o6-72 along the red to he Chii inc in today cold War relations i labor Secretary Arthur Gold . Ambassador to Moscow Deal m the mid Valley and 50-76 a defense Secretary Robert s. Her also was expected to report a with a Tel it it rom in the pm Grande City area just 50 Miles North of this Royal of state to the president on settlement Quot Elf a la a for the Hathor and Bay area capita. Dot an Rusk and Al Geirge Bundy Early today of the new York tug Khrushchev s views on american Southeast winds eight to 10 knots army units and Patchet lao for White House spec Jai assistant for boat strike which had been Ham russian relations. A Are expected through tuesday Ces clashed at Muong Sai sunday National Security affairs met with Pering rail service. Goldberg per-1 Rusk and undersecretary of the Lake Arra. T ctr. A hot saw continued Cloudy and Cool is a a a Brownsville and the Valley of the Valley morning Star died he had spent the last year in the Eim t t it attenm0ri today to through tuesday the u. S. Weath this morning in the veterans and Kerrville Hospital and suffered a education and farm problems and or Bureau reported. Ministration Hospital in Kerrville. Second stroke there slightly More the rent injun t Maior Hel read or Ragsdale suffered a stroke than a week ago amp a a a Quot a and military authorities said the he urged Law takers to handle1 encounter could be a prelude to a a a a big Battle. The government rushed in supplies in an attempt to hold the key town. Laotian army commander maj. Gen. Bounleuth said Nis forces killed five Patchet lao soldiers in the Muong Sai clash. Another was last major the govern second names Washington up echelons studied Brownsville a overnight i o w state Chester Bowles to Ucucu. R no with Kennedy sunday on Thomp Falcon Lake area son report which May have in eluded a soviet proposal for an , to it Jav Early Kennedy Khrushchev meet of High Sunda by de. I Grecs. The ambassador report was Likht rain and or Jade movie sent to Washington following a1. Two hour meeting he held in the into South Central and Southeastern Texas As another Cool front production taxes a revised to Ltd ment North of Here it controls a Senate goes to work today on a by enabling president Kennedy to Factor formula to determine Cor Long Valley that leads to the me Stal a Kol commit the approved a get his administration in High. A a. C i Thyl cup nah 0cnp All of air rut afloat Turt film oni Otic Kremlin saturday with Thrush i. _ Chev at the russian leaders re nosed is a y 1 0 state. The nees will pass without Controvert a e k a an Loa re Patchy fog was reported 1�? a a Kin the Eastern sector Early today Kennedy two and a half hour running from the Gulf coast duration franchise tax Ecat fund in a a mid military Authon ointments to the second Echelon gear. But at least two selections the Way up to the red River shuffling of farm to Market Road Les consider it a key to the de of he Kennedy administration face some dissenting floor debate As the highlight of a Busy Sun the state s overnight Low was program Money and his Montro Ense 0 Luang Rabang. J most of the sub Cabinet n Hersial abandoned property act. J rebels were putting add a Gas taxation and the abandoned Ona pressure on the City from two of property Art were two of the most directions. Two rebel com heavily contested issues of a a names were reported to have last legislature. To raise new Money Pames Wert reported to have xxi a f Daniel reached Mekong at Pak 0u pc Cut i till called for a 1 or cent payroll-1 and other r0up was repo Tea j most of the sub Cabinet Nomi before their eventual Fontima or new chief executive Lubbock where 19 degrees was Tion who has been almost a study in a prodded. Both undersecretary of state pin it equal motion since his Ina a coldest Pirp in the nation was designate Chester Bowles and 2ura10n Friday. Reported at old town Maine designate Chester Tso wies Ana names advisory Council pre the Merrill by dipped to 27 in other actions Kennedy degrees below freezing. Salinas. A set up a special advisory calif., was the country s warmest mings tax estimated to yield operating less than 20 Miles i0 17fin� to k01 a 17 million or now and in Pas a the Southeast. A m. F 9 1 i 11 in Bangkok it was announced $217 million or new and increased selective sales taxes estimated to Navy Secretary designate John b Connally were unanimously a quoth is inday of 73 degrees their nominations. Ag0, a Tance in the Scambray Moun mrs. Ragsdale has left for Kerr gains of Central Cuba. Valle and will announce funeral the regime and the cuban arrangements from there. Press adopted a wait and see pol or Ragsdale was born in dal Jay toward the new Kennedy add As. July 2. 1895, the son of or. Ministration in regard to possible and mrs. Allan k. Ragsdale the improvement of cuban-. Rela family moved to san Antonio tons. Castro made Friendly Over when he was 12. He attended Tures of the new president Over Grade and High schools in san an the weekend and called off the Ennio and was graduated from nationwide Alert against a threat main ave. High school. Juned . Quot invasion which the worked on Magazine regime has said would come by he attended southwestern uni Jan 20-versity at Georgetown for 3� Premier Castro a fifth major years and left in his senior year speech of the year was to be de to enlist in the army in world slivered tonight before the Grade War i. He was stationed in Texas a Ting class of a Volunteer teach and Indiana during the War and Erst who will spearhead the was discharged As a first Lieut a year of education program just Nan. Or. Ragsdale began his newspaper career As a cub reporter on unveiled. During the weekend Castro met with leaders of the land Reform Edinburg a Kim ii Iun to Pui Init a Virci a a Vars Wuriu re Daniels abandoned property act the Laos situation. The Council we was among a flood of Bills prepared in the House and readied for formal introduction on the by r met for a week. Freshman rep. Paul Haring of the communist new China jury the Senate saturday confirmed the san Antonio the entire Kennedy Cabinet and Adlai Steven Robert Kennedy had an opposing vote. Sen. Recommend ways for dealing with problems of a conflict of interest among Federal officials and a Gen Lea 10 eral problems of ethics in govern d Quot it x 155lit a announced that he would nominate Paul b. Fay jr., a War rating is the Cleburne review after the Institute final Quot it product War ended. From Cleburne he ton for 1961. The name of wont to the san Antonio Light agriculture cooperatives was then to Houston where he worked Phanid to a russian style title on newspapers and As a feature of a Peoples writer on the Houston Gargoyle a urges greater Effort Magazine. J Ernesto Che Guevara the a he returned to san Antonio in tonal Hank president exhorted 1931 and to the staff of the Light workers at the former . Gov where he was employed until 1946. A ment owned Alcaro Nickel he was managing editor of the Plant to produce More. He told i Light the last five years he work a them a Only through work and de on that paper. Sacrifice can vet produce More j or. Ragsdale moved to Harlin it is easier to die to the trenches Gen in 1948 and was employed by fighting than to work 365 Days a the Star As news editor and was London up a shoes shined named managing editor in 1952. The regimes Campaign for suit pressed and left hand open in 1928, or. Ragsdale married More Industrial output and ing and closing nervously Antony a Alberta Smith of Haskell in wich education was hampered How Armstrong Jones reported for Ita Falls. They have one son. Ppr continued rebel fighting Frank g. Ragsdale Princess mate shows up Early work today 15 minutes Early Legal experience. Vav the priest told United press in awaiting act on were nine Mem bum Stan a of Chicago As Assi to to Spand �3 Princess Margaret a husband James. And Properio. Houma proposed in an interview officials on a Date for the trial burglars steal guns and radios in Cambodia that a a Nat on con to be Case has a pin Tan read a a Quot a Quot Quot Man. Terranc. To called to Settle the criminal dislri0, court in aus c Controvert laotian crisis tin from 92nd District Here on the held. Mont. Said non controversial the government announced Dur motion of former 92nd judge s. N. Sections g p ing the weekend that Royal troops Mcwhorter. I that a senae and Houre both mat had recaptured the strategic air dist. Atty. Les Proctor at aus at noon. Brownsville police Are invest port Village of tha Thom 100 tin has said the Feit Case will other congressional new gating a break in at Gibson pro Miles Northeast of Vientiane from come up for a trial setting about duets in which burglars lifted be rebel troops but the situation veral gains and radios investigator Douglas Ward said the thieves gained Entrance by cracking a Hole near a Side door. Police also reported finding a .22 German Type pistol and a Box of ammunition in an empty lot believed taken from another recent burglary there was fluid. San Antonio livestock republicans a House Republic the Middle of next month. Cans scheduled an afternoon Ciu Semaan said he does not plan to us to consider the gop House ask for a postponement a unless police committees recommend something unforeseen comes Tion that they oppose a packing Quot Confer Wiot Moor Robert f Moody. Investors service May Uto in. Chauffeured limousine Wagner and gov Nelson a. Or j. C George Learned today at 9.4a a just in time to a he by Rockefeller on possible ways of doctor George said the rating the morning cup of Tea with the Harbor strike. Weed found on jail prisoner in the a Shambray mountains it a was reported that Many militiamen leaving a a invasion Alert i duty were being a ent into the operations against the rebels in Las a Villas province the government confirmed re More ports of a military operation guerrilla forces sunday interest rate. An estimated 100 newsmen and ton will be exported through Maz a nth the announcement that two he said a 19-45 refunding Bond photographers and a crowd of Mlan Pacific Coas p01&Quot, urn. \ v to was the first Issue May be raised by Moody s curious spectators met Tony on next Harvest a As a Resu _ to an a St improve a mention a Mode of by govern a la lag Nav crop Mexico Cit Yupp ending the 13-Day-old new York would make it possible for the office staff. He had not been due 700 00 Bales of mexican cot against __2 Bonds t0 by sold at a favourable until 10. Than too our Date or mexican coi against y be raised by Moody spurious Spectator met Tony on the next Harvest Cycle As a Resmi w r rating. While this would lip Idt Waik in Roll of he my. Of recent inn Wiira ton o the High a a a Quot enough .0 unnerve any Young my Roann do. A Quot Roth a 20-year-old jail inmate show noon Cotton by i tilted press International new York mar. 32.14, up 7 May 32.55. Up 10 ump future new York mar. 34.18. Lip 11 May 34.35, up 13. Against a. Man a Irti 1 inn a iwo a . Mint anti warm err the City a Overall credit rating he Despy to Ftp Crno ral Roliff Center on the Northern la lag men m Saida Tony was ending nine months of a agricultural sector. Roborts from Las Villas said a live got a world of witnesses the House rules committee aged a signs of nervousness a this the 1945 Issue is a combination unemployment since his marriage the maritime ministry said a my Haviv armed insure in be he said one of proposed by speaker Sam Ray morning and that was his mis Revenue tax Bond Issue. Margaret last May there was sizeable proportion of this Cotton have been fighting against a them got sick i might have to bum a Texas Democrat. The take. Doctor George recently visited a Nijm clamor he should get from a la Laguna and Sinaloa drum Nind As it just by 30 000 Cas and Tenn h Pius a ask for a postpone i it hut Otho gop members were expected to chief county Jailer Johnny the Moody offices in new York. Paid stand on his own two feet slate formerly was handled Tro t r at in Liviu i us a a Wisp we up ready to by it a the i supt a majority Clough said one of his guards he Vas accompanied by the City a fun Anciaux like any self respecting through port facilities at Browns u Donn mip Onn Artirp father Felt 18 free on 55000 a Raint Rayburn a proposal. Searched the Man and came up financial agent Richard c. Non he band a a a Ville. A a a i c8i y. J j Bond. Ii Itoku avs _ Ren John m. With a marijuana cig Aret. Card Chicago. And Good 5m to Tab mixed Slaugh he a indicted in August on a Slack or d.w.va., urged that a we found another cig Aret in it the Baa rang in a cd �ki.,h Hij fes 23 �24.sy ican Corlece 1 000 i prep added t0 the it a Tion u Hetnor Neteh the 3 Wing How the 20 year old pan american College d 41000 mile interstate High 8aton is being conducted Tot. Pit had bounced Back from near i coed Maria America Guerra w few the Termine How the inmate got the Alsa apr a few years ag0 when j additional authorization going of pm so Eli Reserve funds had been Over Ter steers and Heifer 23.50-24.00 2o goofy Hoir 50ft-fis0 la. A Tocki cd Maria am Recti. Und fryder a torn m.00-25.00 n Edinburg Cath .1 Stocker feeder heifers 20 00-23.2a a o a Church Cia and exiles to Parley potty tire says High Standard and Low Good 425-500 la. Slaughter calves 23,50-21,00. Hogs 300 steady no. 1-2 Grade Suil ool �10110 200-230 in. Butchers 18.50-18.6 1 no. 1-3 sow 250-450 lbs. 14.00 j pack of i a mrs an organizational meeting of a 12-member Coj Smittee named to study projected needs of the school system will be held at 7 30 Possession of Mart expended. Economically depressed areas. Huang will be filed a Clough said. _ said the expansion would crap Eythe suspect was committed to jobs and attract Industry to the 1ajj recent y a a probation Viola fire kill seven children. Uncle areas. Texans body found Lebanon okla. A up searchers found the body of a Wichita Falls. Tex., Man sunday p-jt1 today at the Board of Edu to Filer patrol nabs 31 aliens in sector Shivers skips Senate contest j Baltimore Tjit a seven children and their Uncle were killed Early today in a fun alarm Louisville. By. Up a the ing of Cuba Are in existence in leaders of the liberation army As courier journal in a copyrighted latin America. Col. Martin Elena 55, commander Story published today reports that the Miami refugee told Adkins in chief and former cuban Mili a meeting is set for tuesday be a the Camps Are financed with Tarsi attache to Washington inf. Tween the four top leaders of the Money from the United states and Tomas Cabana an army Veteran a cuban liberation army and that the liberation army is Dis a who was graduated from a re represent a lives Rotthe . Gen p1pd with the was they Are int a foots itral intelligence Agency. Heing run the number of men n Knox by. Maj berth Loci cd to can a. Tkv reporter Gam the liberation army w As variously Mino who Heads f3. The army s lil u estimated at 4.500 to 7.000. A plans and operations Section and Adkins who has been in Miami my Adkins said that the four offi Jet pm of Don Fedko Caine into the newsroom looking very pleased. Quot hot darn a said the Dun. A Jack Lias been in office Only four s and already the weather has a a you be got to give those democrats credit a agreed the City editor. A now that Jack Martin Rutledge and Frankie Sinatra Are running things great improvements Are to be expected a said the Don. and out he went the . Border patrol App re ,m,.� we a. In a of Chan ration building hended 31 aliens Over the week air Stan up a former cover fire that do stroked their two Contact with a i f pers planto ask that relations be in Lake Texon near the spot Ren Rritt Sald end chief Robert l. Jarratt of the inf Lan shiver who it considered Ron Frame House about 10 Miles a f y d Ussatis tween exiles opposed to the pres dear in charge of what or Nodi a w he croup will elect a chairman Brownsville office reported today. Making pc a race for . Eth of Baltimore a of the men deny any Cut Monoc winds wednesday while he and Cut Chan government of Fidel Tion with the government of fut an d other u Piper a Ena Irman Oitim Yuie Zuur making the special race ror . Apr treatment by Reo n nor Nim twi 7. officers at tonight Sall of the aliens were mexican Nator. Said today he will not be another child escaped by jump rpm in a s 0f Imp us govern r�?Tastr0 Quot improved and regular Vencio Batista Liiste he his w if were fishing die body a psf it primary purple ise of nationals except for two Norweg a candidate ing from a second floor window. Ment and have threatened to of James Lee 69. Was found in be committee is study the sys ten seamen picked up at Galves Shivers decision was announce the parents Ernest and Tunny a mme thrive feet of water near the Shore terns needs mostly classroom ton after a jumping pm in a letter to friends who had , were at the time p n in is his wife a body was found Satur spare and report to the school a a a urged him to run. Making funeral arrangements for Day in the same Vicinity. A Board. Reeks new trial the former governor became a grandmother who had just died 1 izod. The committee includes Adolfo Manuel Perez of Harlingen has Active again in politics during the Din t to now suspended sentence Betancourt Douglas Early san filed a motion fora new trial. Be last presidential election when he1 1 Edward Robert Bryant of har Tiago Salinas. Newton Liddell rez was Lingen has received a three year mrs Don Hockaday mrs. John 138th District suspended sentence in 138th Dis Holterman t. H. Settles mrs. While intoxicant strict court for indecent exposure. Clarence Sturmer e b Clark and sentenced. Bryant pleaded guilty before mrs Ethel Adams mrs. J. B. County jail he claims the court by vice president Lyndon by Tom and minor Cut. The Uncle. / to. Four folded a Judy Ftp h. A. Garcia icon it and Dtta Cromack. Erred on a vol Legal Point. Johnson. Killed Bernard Gran. 35. Tion Camp a a Lor the eventual ire. The a Lory identified the Lour lome. Camino who talked morn Freety the chief discontent is that than the other three was quo. I it _ a american Aid is reported being saying a am worried not die Story claims the . Gov 1ypn discriminate la to All anti a very optimistic we have the men Ern ment. Through the cat and Rostro with Hottie to Ordin a the ability the Erport enee hut other under cover agencies Defi at1on or a Petra management we Are not allowed to us them nicely has been assisting the anti Dkins j Noi Bave control of the exile situation the americans do not this give a control we feel we a re at least not trusted that we Are being de. Earlier reports that four a Olibera a temporarily the Story claims revived. It 1� like working Blind

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