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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Brownsville, Texas Pwt monday january of Iii a slight Del a the festivities r in tax men dope pushers feed victims on lies emf narcotics Pusher and find Federal Ald More conducive the social leveler have one thing to political longevity and thus in common both promote their. More attractive than boosting a a a products on the basis of prom local tax Isong a painless Way to alleviate a major share of Federal Rev the problems of life. In the Case venues comes from the Progre of the dope peddle he will re Sive personal income tax while leave you from anxiety and the bulk of state and local funds stress whereas the social leveler is derived from taxes which Are will use the taxing Arm of the either proportional or even re government to take from the Gre Safve to be sure. Of we a1 a a haves and redistribute Tho locate All taxes and All Public substance to the have not a expenditures by income Brack most politicians fall into the Els and relate the two we category of social levellers for it is by Tho Wile that Thev can most easily Garner votes the is sense of their continued pm Plov Mentz and Power Roger a Freeman senior staff member of the Hoover institution on War revolution and peace at Stanford i diversify. In a recent talk explained rationally How the a a narcotics of Federal taxation is toed to expand the Power of government and increase the dependence of those receiving largess though Freeman did not touch on the devastating Long Range effects to the self Reliance and May be driven to the conclusion that government is primarily a huge machine for the redistribution of income but. Maybe it is not doing enough of it a a a two tilt Thi difference in incidence of Federal and state local taxes May not he As great As is often imagined or Asseri \ de there undoubted is a Retif Feren impart upon various economic g r o u is consequently those who feel that redi Tribu Tion of income from those who earn it to those who Vearn it is a major purpose and virtue of a tax system or of govern character of the recipients we Man favor financing think he has some worthwhile observations a Quot Lee is the common folklore Federal Money comes a of o r As through the National government and abhor the growth of state and local taxation moreover. The Are steadily at work and were Sucre Stu in the Rev free a a Verv comforting thought Enue acts of 1364 and 1965 in which parallels the reasoning of making the Federal lax system the patient who told his pave i More progressive they a re Utti St that he was making Long presently hard Ai work in pre distance Calls to himself a is no to paring further revisions of the that expensive a inquired the same Type doctor. A no. It does t Cost a obviously it is far easier to cent a said the patient. A i am engender enthusiasm for a new reversing the charges a program if the potential Benefi there is eternal glory and diaries can lie told or at least political profit tin timing the an made to believe that somebody Thor of something Akin to the else will foot the Bill Small won Morrill aet. Hui Burton act or Der then that Federal Grants George Barden act which int possess a political Charm for of hated Federal Grant programs fire holders and office seekers but whoever heard of a tax Bill for prospective recipients and named after those or any other for Manx local taxpayers which legislators at arty level of gov is overwhelming and decisive eminent Small wonder that As their spectacular record elective officials increasingly proves All we have to fear i Dick West i a lilo a will have their Day John Chamberlain americans watching War in stoic Calm Washington up a it has recently become a practice in some colleges for students to if anything is Plain it is that had with Honor the willingly in new York for John Lindsay s Grade their professors the big majority in the United to stand up and to he counted old seat in ingress. The dem presumably teacher who get states would Tike to make up its is there but the average person socratic candidate. Grin Lehman Low Marks try to Curry favor mind on the a let Nam situation does no to want to be dramatic who has a great new York to by bringing apples to the without marching and teach ins about it Utica i name would like to see pupils and those who receive and All the other hoopla that we what All this should prove to Bie . Negotiate its Way out nigh Marks Are ridiculed by the have been witnessing Over the the world is that americans Are Viet Nam mess with Hon rest of the faculty As the past year this it must be it Aid willing to a do what it takes to or a Republican candidate. Goes for demonstrations by both maintain their country a position 7heodrre is actual the left and the right. The at the big bulwark against com by ,0 a he left of Lehman on the tempt of the left to carry the monism but they want to a 1p Nam Issue country by storm toward a proach the necessity of physical the conservative party in peace at any Price decision has action to that end with a stoical nominating Jeffrey St John a Mien. I radio to personality who hat student body s pets. Meanwhile Mccall s mags Zinc has been running a poll that give children a Chance to Grade their parents the Early replies indicate that America failed to generate mass support has a Large number of problem rut the counter movement parents sparked by such groups As v0 y Oung americans for Freedom t expect it will turn out that has of get brought out any huge such cases Are caused either by crowds. \ Yak gathering of 1,-children demanding too much up or a pm score been trying to get something v0 a v0 called operation Asia off the ground to Roll up support for a the stoic spirit is actually re dear Cut Victory Over the \ let their parents thus creating barred out to listen to senator big far Mundt the other week in Washington and Tom Dodd jr., the son of senator Dodd read a few words for his father but frustrations or by being too lax with them which also creates frustrations anyway it is Clear that if present conditions continue the nation soon will be beset by a rising rate of senile delinquency. It is equally Clear that this car Ned most of them. Business of students grading teachers and children grading v parents could be the Start of a new and perhaps far reaching appraisals take for thie television rating fleeced on the left As Well As on the right at the recent gather new left groups in Milwaukee Wisconsin the a a moderates rejected the counsels of the far out Viet Nam Day committee of Berkeley califor the Young democrats and the Nia who preach instant with Young republicans were con drawl from Viet Nam. The 39 spec Nous by their absence from to-25 vote against calling for a meeting that might have con Cong is trying to produce a definite statement of principle in a District that is probably far from representing a Cross Section of America. If enough votes go to St John to win for Lehman. It would mean that even in an unrepresentative Urban neighbourhood Johnson can carry the Clay for insisting on my trend in example system. Ele and Walt Dulaney Brownsville Cal Blue Over Bools a it a it presently operates a program is rated by the audience some critics claim this is the main reason Why there Are so Many Lousy programs on the air under the new system the situation would be reversed and immediate troop departure sep peace with Honor in Asia raied the pragmatists of the movement from the maoists i in v0 the trotskyite and those who listen to the orthodox common meanwhile. Sanford Gottlieb where does All this leave the its. This does t mean that the Washington representative of country a what it proves to me far out left has been rendered sane is off to Algiers for re is that most people prefer to let toothless but it does indicate co Naissance among people who courts Legislatures the Prest that Lyndon Johnson by his might talk for to Chi Minh. Dent and the written word As re a peace offensive a had at least Gottlieb Speaks for the non com ported in the press and Over a for the moment split the move Monist peace movement and his Din and to do their speaking ment that was calling for hts trip could be regarded As Beme for them for. At the same time Scalp just a few Short week in tune with lbs a recent spirit ago of permissiveness toward peace As thus column i being writ teeters of any kind its a a ten the pause in the War con tar gite but one thing is certain unties. The same split among Johnson can to fight his War for the a a liberals that was observe Over a a the on Gay stoics to Back Able at the Milwaukee new left tem. Theres got to be some that Yak was finding it practically impossible to bring a big group into Washington some Sou too students in More than two colleges were signing a pledge to support president the audience would be rated by Johnson s Promise to stand firm meeting is disturbing the Cam movement one Way or the other the program in other words in Viet Nam until peace can be pain in the seventeenth District and soon. The producers directors and. Actors would give their opinions the hip Quot wh0 re we hm2 Fulton Lewis or. This could he the dawning of dear fee and Christmas my Walt for if so. Pay him the Money and Boyfriend got Lei him know what sort of gifts me a pair of those hoots that your mom considers proper Are in style right now and Cost then of he likes he can Susti Over $15 he had to Send away lure a Valentine s gift for the he a whether he Quot should eject himself for them he earned the Money Christmas present he wanted runs and co Pilot Thomas p Stafford himself doing Odd jobs in octo to give you re sure to let him there a school of naut sax that command Pilot thought which holds that a Man Walter a1 Schirra had but four does no to run away from a Bear tenths of a second to decide because he s frightened frightened because he a Way. When their Booster engines Sud in other words automatic re Denly shut Down action comes first and emotion at this most critical Point a i appreciation of the situation Berry reports a Schirra was re later Mark ably Calm and Cool. It scientists might want to take was t until one minute later a nother look at this theory on after he had made the right de the basis of a squiggly graph vision and everything looked is of heartbeat readings t a k e n if it would be 0 k. That during the crucial abort of the pulse rate started going up a gemini spar capsule on de the Only Way the doctor can Eemer 12 explain it is that a Schirra liter in an interview in the Ama ally did t have time to get news Charles a Berry m d scared during the emergency chief physician to the Astro itself a Ber and november his Mother know you love the boots but knew about it and it was All help him see that you had to right with her. Obey your morn s ruling or selves if anyone will Ever love instead of a program Well when i opened the pre you a lose All chances of seeing us enough to marry us a the turnabout grading new Day for television any audience that received a Low rating would of course. Apropos can we attach a immediately take Steps to a up s a from a single Gal who improve itself and As the asks a Why do people insist on Audien is improved so would asking single girls a when Are the programs. Or at least that you going to get married a or my theory Why Aren t you married a Why a Don t they consider that this it might work nut in practice might be a very personal mat uness the networks found a Ter. That we re wondering our Way to cancel an audience find Iii trouble Hunt for truth sent hns Mas Day this is him a a special visit to what my Mother said you. March to the phone right now thank hl5 mom Young lady and Tell that Boyf a the mix up uni it be in or Friend of yours to come and Der too Fie and Walt get hts bin its no daughter of mine is going to accept some thing to Wear from a boy. It s not proper a and she made me Call right then and there he came and got his gift and i Haven t seen him since and he Hasni to even called me i Don t blame him for being mad. But it s not my fault what can i do to fix things up a Blue in Brownsville read and heed a Fie and Walt tem also could be applied to politics which some observers say is even in worse shape than Central in be television year Thorp Arp a polls conducted for the a finance to go on number of polls to determine socratic w Ashington a Senate i counts for the a summer crash right not to join a Union to hotel Jority Leader Everett Dirksen is not alone in believing the administrations Multi billion Dollar War on poverty will be a in the upcoming my boy Friend and dear Fie and Walt this came up during the holidays if you done to know whether a woman is married or not. How should you address her Christ dear file i both have a Field trip together. He told what people me that he does no to want to go congressmen and he said that if i go. He will m think of their these w Ould be favor of polls to to. Determine what congressmen go out with some other girl the a Hank of heir constr tue a its following night i told him that in a not certain what that. To. I was going anyway. Do you would accomplish. But if a card to mrs Smith or think i made the right Deci nothing else it would make National dem committee we Are in danger of forgetting without controls the society which made us what and collectivism we Are today and we Are in the american people attained danger of ignoring what lies at by far the highest living stand the end of the new Road we have Ard in the world they became taken a a nation and a people by far the most of intent pro that new mad is marked by dimers in the world they made the unlimited use of government their land Rich far beyond the Power and the dominance of the most fantastic dreams of Earl collective group Over the Indi Ler Ages. This cannot be explain Vida in almost every walk of de by the blessings of nature or life. By contrast our nation and by stimulation through gov emits economic achievement which ment action other lands equal is the wonder of the world were in blessed by nature notably built in Freedom by Persona Russia have lagged far behind Enterprise us and the most energetic pro me have All heard the glib Grams of governments having arguments used to justify the total Power have not enabled change that modern society to the Peoples of these lands to a too Complex to tolerate much overtake or significantly gain Freedom that our future must on us now be planned by Force that Freedom a our secret dear Rlue id suggest you i talk things Over w Ith mom now that the heat of the moment is past and see if you can buy h. L. Hunt the Boot out of future allow ances from your boy Friend hell certainly planning them to a miss Smith i say a miss a Ilion a worried. Am i right1�?barry dear worried amen of dear Barry you re rights you gave in to this treat this when in doubt write a a miss Quot spoiled baby a would soon Smith of Shes married Shell i multiply his demands Fie Correct you with no hostility a Relf Mcclure Syndicate fat a but if she s single Shell App re Ture if you have a question Send it to ele and Walt Dulaney never be and elate your not crediting her with a nonexistent husband and thereby requiring an a a in a not married a explanation some gals Are Touchy about their single state address them at teen age Date line in care of this newspaper for a reply enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Washington notebook pm a ill devote most of his time to duties Washington Nea postmaster general Lawrence of Brien who is widely expected to continue both As test Dent Johnson s top political Strate the �11 and a kept 0isi>n Man for him with Congress thought he minority collectives need our Fountainhead of All we achieved Nim won it ont is help and so on the fact re without Freedom our future our a it with those report mams that the tremendous sue would tie very different from a the care of the neatly with this Public Anre a october 26 a a a in a terribly sorry a Day answered after checking his Calen Dar a but i already have a Coni fitment for that a gosh a sighed hts visitor a everyone we be a ked has a Cess Story of America took Plain our past. Chi if crab a Independent Freedom newspaper founded on july 4, 1892 published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspapers 1135 e Buren St. Brownsville Texas matter tier by the presidents National be Curdy adviser one wag commented a now that Bundy is leaving. I wonder if hell go Back to his real name George mans a tangle tongued Piat previous commitment for that form forme has introduced night. A the postmaster generalship is a full time lob and i expel i to devote much of is time to it a a a no h a Tif r How big the gov eminent bureaucracy May grow there will never be enough important government of in it one i ii t afternoon after the holidays half a dozen White House news photographer were sprawled out in various attitude of slumber in the West lobby where the press Waits for news an enterprising network sound Man decided to record the Vig Orous snores of one particularly fatigued cameraman he placed him that Way at the White in his House finals to fill the speakers slots the microphone of his tape re on the programs of the Many Corder under the Man s nose for annual dinners in Washington five minute or More picking this problem is often vexing to up some marvelous erratic snor both parties ing variations. Thus newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our former postmaster Genera by the time the network Man readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own Edward Day recalls tha the finished All but the scorer were Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. For Only head of a Large organization awake and laughing loudly the when Man understands Freedom and is free to control himself once dropped by his office with laughter mounted As the tape and All he produces can be develop to his utmost capabilities in a flattering plea for Day to Harmony with the at Ive moral principles speak at i group s yearly Shin we believe that All men Are equally endowed by their Crea dig tor and my by a government with the gift of Freedom and the Board of directors he that it is every Man s duty to god to preserve hts own Liberty Aid had unanimously decided and respect the Liberty of others. Freedom is self control no that Day was the Man Hest qual More no less. Died to make the speech they to discharge this responsibility free men to the Best of their had considered Many name ability must understand and apply to daily living the great moral but his was the one they alway guides expressed in the ten commandments the Golden Rule came Back to they knew of and the declaration of Independence _ course that Day would have a to. A a particularly significant message subscription rates by Carrier by week 40c by mail in the for them Rio Grande Valley per month $170 per sear $18 50 by mail what dam did you say he Ftp state or out of Texas per month la 9,>, pc t v a Ltd Ltd i. Dinner is to be a interjected tech by class Posmuga paid Ai Tauaa. A Ilia. Was played Back the snoring sounded like a wild july thunderstorm in the Middle of the playback the scorer awoke slowly it dawned on him what was going on he fixed a Stern gaze on the Man with the tape recorder and said a a a just want to remind you i take pictures a Takin. Note of the impending departure from the Whit Moum a1 Liot Murgi Bow it Fine article for Mccall s the doctor says j by Wayne c. Or Amstadt my newspaper Enterprise Assn quis there any treatment for scleroderma Quot a in scleroderma or hide bound disease the skin becomes thick and tight the cause is unknown the disease starts in a Small area and gradually spreads. It May also involve the joints the underly Washington my mechanism is a replacement of Normal elastic connective tissue with the Type of no elastic fibres found in scar tissue in the past treatment with cortisone hormones and other drugs has been tried but without much Success. More recently three new drugs have in found that will improve Many of these victims potassium Para amino Benzoate Par taken by Mouth softens the hard fibres this drug has also helped persons with Dupuy Tren contracture and other program had not been reconciled since inception reimbursements from the City of Newyl Ork except for payrolls were at least five month behind and. Again some disbursements were made without proper support a a violence is a major problem at Job corps centers throughout the country. An 18-poverty program could torpedo year old Job corps member was several dozen House democrats convicted last month of the a who represent marginal Dis Zor slashing of a fellow enrollee Council tricks pollster Sam Lubell As at the new Bedford mass inserts that lbs a reason to be Ter the new head of the Job apprehensive corps or Franklyn a John a the surge of Hope and in son says blandly that he anti thus asm with which the nation Cipares More a a blowups a anti greeted the Start of the drive to poverty centers but does not have convinced president Johnson that reaction to the anti a York peace Niks Ara backing a Republican. Theodore Kupferman. For the House seat formerly held by mayor John Lindsay a special election will in held next month and Kupferman a Lindsay protege has called for the Complete withdrawal of r s troops from South a Iet Narn Kupferman. A member of the new y Ork City is opposed by demo Erat Orin Lehman and conservative Jeffrey St. John. Inmate at two Pennsylvania capital Ca Psi Lyl grumbling among the White House press corps continues. President Johnson a last full dress press conference was held August 29 and press Secretary Bill mov no a moral obligation another. Leaking believe they will undermine the penitentiaries the p ederal reprogram. On at Lewisburg and the state correctional Institute at Chase a have volunteered to donate blood for american gig stationed in South Vietnam. So for that matter have students in 260 colleges and universities across the country. The program was initiated in., a amid october in response to Spon ers says haughtily that lbs has Vaneous offers to donate blood to hold Asj gesture of support for . Policy in Vietnam thus far leaders of the Al Cio have More than 32,090 donations have earmarked $4 million for a Mas been made and red Cross blood Sive Campaign to repeal Section i mobiles have visited Only one-14-b of he Taft Hartley act. A half of the donor Sites $2 4 million advertising contract the red collects the va., charge that members of been let and 13 regional of blood for processing into Gam the local women a Job corps bees set up to marshal Public a globulin and serum album Center have been engage in opinion against right to work in for use at the front. Gamma prostitution Job corps officials aws in states repeal of 14-b globulin is used to protect concede that in Mckenne. Lebi would strike Down the status against hepatitis and serum Al Anim and thievery a on the part is and prohibit any other state Bumin for the treatment of of a few girls has plagued the rom guaranteeing a worker the combat Shock. Cen Lei a a a a a a a a a a a a anti Noverto officials in Chi eliminate poverty is away. In its place a sense of disillusionment is beginning to develop woth comments being expressed that sound surprisingly like the weaned remarks that have been repeated for years about foreign Aid a scandal continues to plague Sargent Shriver s office of economic Opportunity and gof candidates can be expected to make political Hay As the elections near. Consider the following police in Charleston w five years Cago will spend nearly $890 00 1 a month administering a $2,421,- 076-a-month program the local Antipoverty staff will be More than tripled from the present 1,000 to More than 3 500 a investigators for new York District attorney f rank Hogan have discovered the disappear Anre of More than $400 000 from the Treasury of Harvout act. Loca anti poverty program the accounting firm of Price waterhouse and co audited the har a hrs a. You Art books and discovered pc Jmari a Fibrotic diseases Dis odium de that accounting procedure to injected into the vein has and internal accounting controls a a the Pacific Ocean is twice a big As the Atlantic Are 20 times the size of the United states. From new Guinea to the Mainland of Asia the floor of the Pacific reveals contours More varied and rugged than anything on land. Some of a Island Chama Are 1,000 Miles in length and we their existence in part at least to the tiny Aniu thai Tai us 4durai proved beneficial in some patients the third drug Epsilon amino Capric acid Fiala has three Mode of action although it is not a steroid hormone it reduces inflammation and although it is not an Antihistamine it combats allergic reactions la also acts As a diuretic or a water pills the Side of feels with the get three drugs were mild and were usually controlled by reducing the dose or Disroon timing the drug for two or three do All were most effective when Given Early in the course of the disease be fore irreversible changes had taken place. 1 quis it harmful to refreeze meat that a been allowed to thaw Quot of so what ailments would be caused i a thawing and Reutti wrong were wholly inadequate a As of september 15, the firm found that a no posting of rash receipts and disbursement have been made since june 36, voucher Register were not up in Date no records except in voices and payroll registers had been maintained on the a sum Mer crash Bank Ace it e s 0 0 00 0 0 00000 0 00 0, any protein food Lead to chem Cal non bacteria decompose j lion of the protein although there is no present evidence that in the absence of germs that cause food poisoning this would cause any sickness the foods would develop an unpalatable taste once thawed j meats should be kept in the i refrigerator until ready to Bel a miked leftovers can lie refrigerated again bul should not by it Frozen. A him by no. Tar one of these Days him will Hove to give him s daughters away e00 0 0.0 00

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