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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 3

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Brownsville, Texas To in Hen Row hmwhm9p Numi Unm Wotnow fire i if Weaver asserts Border liquor there 8 Gonna be some changes made ruling upheld by top court Washington up a the supreme court today left standing Texas court decisions declaring unconstitutional a 1963 state Law regulating the retail Sale of liquor for Export the court in a Brief order i j. S. Jets in midair collision a Cui i Vul Spain up i s. Strategic air command b52 nuclear bomber collided in the air with a kc135 flying Tanker during a refuelling re Sion Over the Southeast coast of Spain today and both planes crashed at least four members of the bombers seven Man Crew bailed out of the stricken aircraft and were rescued by fishing boats three of them including the Pilot were brought to the Hospital de Caridad Here the fourth was taken to a Hospital at Vera near Aguilar the Fate of the Tanker s Crew a normally three to five men Vias not known. Sources said one of th1 rejected a plea by the Texas state liquor control Board to review the state court rulings the Case was started by seven firms which own c s. Customs bonded warehouses in six major Texas towns along the mexican Borders Brownsville Hidalgo. Homa. Laredo Eagle pass and Elpaso. Under . Customs regulations no Federal or state taxes or duties have been paid on the stored whisky. The Law was designed to pre vent diversion within the state of liquor sold for Export. State Law required the firms to i obtain a permit from the Board at a $750 fee for each of their stores 2 to bin liquor Only from Texas permit tees and 3 to deliver in through a Public common Carrier for transportation across the Border to a mexican address most customers Are tourists entering Mexico or mexican nationals returning from work or visits in the United states they have been taking Possession of their purchases from i a customs officers just before stepping across the Border. The mexican government permits each person to bring in three bottles of liquor duty free the companies said the net effect of the statute was to destroy their business rather than regulate it because transportation by common Carrier from Brownsville s new fire chief Gerald c Weaver 34, of Mcallen said. On assuming hit duties today. A there will to some changes made in the department a a Weaver a Veteran fireman with 13 years of service with the Corpus Christi department until his resignation several months ago. Replaces Joe e. Caro who was fired last summer City manager Blair Westbrook appointed Weaver last week to the $7,200-a Vear Job. The appointment was confirmed by the City commission. Westbrook said that Weaver held the rank of Captain when he resigned from his old Job logo into private business and comes a highly recommended by his former employers and neigh Bort a i done to guarantee that hell succeed because he has a hard Job ahead of him but i think he has the potential a Westbrook added Weaver met with Westbrook asst chief Antonio car i a and the fire marshal in Westbrook s office today to go Over conditions in the department Garcia had headed the department As acting chief since last july. A i done to know what we Weaver said i am going to find out this morning what the situation is a we Are not going to change the situation completely overnight but there will by Soma changes he said Weaver said that before accepting the appointment he made a physical inspection of the Cliv structures and Indus tries a to see if conditions were similar to those under which i have worked i found Thev Are very similar to some extent to those in Corpus Christi a weavers wife Betty and their two children will join him Bere in the near future ast year a series of squabbles in the department and hearings on a grievances complaints Lief Ore the civil service commission prompted a civil service commission invests be general opera to it ent a Quot tort re leased last july hammered hard at the deplorable state of de ariment morale and the a almost Complete Lack of discipline a putting the blame for both conditions largely on the chief removal of Caro a chief was one of 14 recommendations made by the civil service commission. Which also asked foe the importation of a qualified administrator in fire fighting operation a it gee completely strange to the cliques and factions now operating with the department a i i Cero id a Weaver gig Gamss your Freedom news paper vol. Tip no. 169 dial i 2-4331 Brownsville Texas monday january 17, 1966 to pages Price 5c plane apparently the Tan Border towns to a mexican and Kerr crashed on the outskirts of dress would be too expensive. Cuevas de Almanzor. About the 53rd District court of six Miles from the coast the Travis county in Austin found wreckage was still burning the Law an undue Burden on More than five hours after the interstate Commerce this Durci collision. Sion striking Down the Law was the Jet bomber apparently affirmed by the Texas court of see collide Page Al civil appeals on dec. 2, 1964 bitter cold a Roe com Ide Page Al civil appeals on Der. 2, 1964 \ i i Mexico finally grips neatly to talk on new Bridge quarantine starts Here tomorrow the citywide dog quarantine a i United press International though blowing Snow Cut Visi Bil Winter s bitterest weather Ity in the Northwestern Pathan i gripped Lexa. With near Zero die and Eastern new Mexico temperatures today in the pan sunday. Handle and spread frigid Arctic a air Over the rest of the state Snow was forecast for the Northern half of the state by tuesday. The Mercury dipped to a Low of five degrees Early today at after a delay of about a year weekend by county judge of Dalhart. Mexico is now ready to Start car c. Dancy from Mexico a the v. S is eat her Bureau talking again about a new Gate sub Secretary of roads and forecast freezing rain and Light Way Bridge Here Bridges. Ing Fernando Espino Snow through tuesday for North ordered by or Earle b. Gnu a reply was received Over the a to the commissioners and extreme southwestern Tex Fey. City health officer starts court note of dec. 3. 1965, ask As. Light rain was forecast for tuesday and will continue for a a w Espinosa asked that repro parts of the Panhandle Lay whether or not the quarantine Senta Tives from the county meet Neath a four Inch crust of will be extended to county pros Early As possible with Hie i Snow other frigid readings in cinch no 2 As planned remain Rector of roads and Bridges for eluded Amarillo 9, Lubbock 21. Cd in doubt today. Or. A. G. Mexico a so that we can deter Alpine 25. Texarkana 29. Mid Randall county health director. Mine precisely the necessary land 27. Wichita Falls 28. And Al said last week that he would details for the resumption of the paso 31 the freezing line sex ask the commissioners court to projects heretofore mentioned tended southward to near Paris order the precinct 2 quarantine according to the terms and Junction and the Rio Grande in but nothing on the matter came plans contained in the prelim in the big Bend area up at today a meeting Ary agreement signed by Cam the cold air was penetrating All stray dogs in the City. I econ county and Gaines y the immediate coastal Plains at whether or not they Are Wear Puentes federals de ingress Daybreak and All of the state tug anti rabies vaccination tags. Cameron county commission Servi cios Conejos was expected to be much cold Quot til lie picked up and taken to i today came up with a for May meet soon it a tonight in a five Day fore the City Pound of their owners Mula for payment of justices of Espinosa stated his eagerness cast. The weather Bureau pre do not reclaim them within the peace but did not enact it to consider the project further dieted readings la to 15 degrees three Days and Pav a la a Day after Brownsville commission with local representatives below Norma with another charge for room and Board they or Tony Tamayo asked that a judge Haney said he and coun round of precipitation by the will be turn Imp postponed another week to Engineer John Huth a a Nav latter part of the week until the return of absent port meet with those people in Alex eight degrees reported Isabel commissioner Ted r Hunt the meeting today was scheduled to Convene at id a in commissioners went a Lieut the courthouse taking care of pre meeting duties with the county Engineer and then went into a briefing session with county auditor Jack Snoeberger the meeting finally started at la 05 suggests t armilla t i l or information received Midge completed in time for the and most place prior to the meeting san Benito ? heavy. Dalhart commissioner Adolph Thomasi u were the except inn Beth rennet i. Hgt of Rork period on the Bridge and Ere exception doth report have said it is doubtful the ing around three to four inches but All roads were open a1 . Troops ordered to observe 4-Day formal truce in Viet Nam psychological Campaign set to lure Cong a in Titi delayed i pay formula is found a a captured water sgt. Maj. Herbert Mccullah enjoys a Cooling splash of Viet orig water after trekking through the Jungles of South Viet Nam. Mccullah of Adairville by discovered the water which comes through a Bamboo i re when u. Forces pushed through a Viet Cong Village during a recent operation. Ico City this week meanwhile in the Snow the Bridge negotiations have Check ered Panhandle the Mer been stalled for nearly a year curve dived to a Low of k de since the director for the mexi Greess the coldest since last can roads and Bridges Section Winter Early today resigned the Post remained the weather Bureau said the vacant until november. Threat of blizzards was past Bant Start and that temperatures in the each of the commissioners Panhandle would be a bit High-1 has expressed his desire to get tuesday. The Bridge work moving and most of the Snow that fell in Washington up a the Nisi had some have said they want the the Panhandle tame sunday White House said today that indication i it and be Viet Nam Page i a a a american civilian kidnapped Saigon up vat Gong. _. T. A Atel written by guerrillas today ambushed an was not Iii a Hohnson Ofha set. No he her Johnson s would continue it least through suggestions of a reciprocal re a it of a get names most popular automobile Ami kidnapped Dou lbs sets no deadline on peace bid says aide not yet Given any on North Viet Nam. Which went to make that would show into effect Christmas eve accept c up $ their mind to peace offers or Saigon up Oil % troops with skits built around Cha were ordered today to observe propaganda offensive a formal ceasefire during the Westmoreland a a directly to chinese lunar new year and Day ordered the it it too amen official disclosed Thev had in troops in Viet Nam to fir launched a giant psychological ooh in self defense during tet. Warfare Campaign to win Viet the announcement followed Cong defectors during the three separate Viet Cong raid Holiday today within earshot of Saigon Gen William c. Westmore All of which were repulsed by land commander of u. S government defenders at least Force in Viet Nam ordered the is guerrillas were killed lit on cease fire beginning at noon abortive raid thursday and lasting until 6 pc Force blasted pm sunday his orders the communist assault Fotto How eel similar directives gov Lowed attacks sunday by Llen South vietnamese troops by planes which bombed and their commanders strafed an estimated wove Al the truce will be the second Cong troops found hiding in a cease fire in less than a month heavily wooded Region 20 mile although the 30-hour Christmas West of Saigon . Spokesmen agreement was broken by the said at least 40 guerrillas War Vici Cong almost As soon As it killed in the six hour barrage of began. Bomi rockets and 20 Millie the psychological War Camer Cannon for pain described by i s korean Marine today Eom official As one of the most plated a successful operation in intense in recent history was the Central Highlands credited launched several Days ago with killing More than 300 Viet when the guerrillas began Cong during its four week file eng into their Home duration Marine Contin villages for the tet Holiday. Used a similar sweep in the raise question Robert f. Delaney 40. Of Centerville mass., a special assistant to Brig Gen John n Freund who Heads the Campaign said it i designed to ask the guerrilla a Why go backs Why not stay Home a Twenty specially designed plane circled Over guerrilla haunts and dropped thousands of leaflets and surrender passes and played taped messages urging the pc to defect a special theme song ailed be As follow Justice Jack Childre it Ltd Lier month. Johnny and Robert Hernandez. Browns Ville Romeo Garza and Jesse lox. San Benito Neil Hawk la Feria Frank Pena Harlingen. And Joseph Frankie of los see up pay Page his a to try Etro liar Maen could be completed in my invite Inu for the unless irk is commenced very soon. Cloud cover a Aid \ Alley crops Texline p a v e 0 ing Arr Laugn for a v get Sunda it the and it it of Olpt Nam s auction in military activity. Songwriters was being Broad Gus Ramsey an american re nod or 1� is r u. Ii n f i1�?� has a Success or a lunar new it Par a ceasefire has been declared cast Over radio stations and iwo employee of the United stale i ? a the t failure officials would not say by both sides from thursday vietnamese song and dance operation Mission som. Yrs san is incr ask Sci but indications were that the whether that would be the Midnight through sunday for teams were sent on Tours by Ramsey 28, Boulder City. Samoans truck and helicopter nev., at the assistant som province officer for Kau Nghia province immediately West Ai Bill d failure w1�?zuat, a Wii , a j a. A indications were that the whether that would be the Midnight Merne an ministry Ion hat suspension of i. S. Air attacks cutoff Point for the communists tet the vietnamese new year decided tentatively to end the r a 3 peace drive unless there was some positive response from the communist there was a published report new York times tha the administration would do this after the vietnamese new year ends next week unless a favourable response is received by then. Harlingen s Basco closes Saigon the ambush occurred at 1 11 pm 4 15 a in est As Ramies a on hut Way to the Village of Tung Lap 24 mile Northwest of Saigon. A group of Viet a my guerrillas fired a a ill burst from Small arms which i Harlingen a the future Wells firm to ass urn the gov in the past month. Big a ate door today the monthly pay wended the vietnamese thrive a min it. _ Moyer insisted a there has of a major Industry Here was Ern ment contract representatives conferred with Roll stood at about 150 000, acut the leg. Officials said a i. Ppr. Unesda it in rat been no decision concerning in serious doubt monday As a John Henson Basco pres City officials relative to obtain cording to Henson Ramsey got out of the Carje g pm unit read Ngorn he 3ik will prevail any Date Mineral Wells. Texas comp Dent said today that final word my new lease arrangements it for some months the number with hts hand above i head h u p w a toss re entire Valley the i m sure that you can find by negotiated for the takeover on the talks with the govern and when the Sale w a n t of persons employed averaged and a led away by Hie Viet 1 a eau a weal Herman Aid. People who in their own mind of a $700 pm or Force main ten men might be received Bere through about 135. Hut the figure drop Cong the Driver managed to .imi.,1 drizzle Over 20 per cent of the have an opinion about Ante contract awarded la # t by evening year the rental was $12. Ped to 130 last Friday Henson hitch hike ride w a motor h nil a Arp today t0 spread said a but As far As the july to base aviation Mamie in the meantime government we a year but As of the first said Scooter an hour later and i. A _ l, a. I0 ppr can tuesday. The president and his senior Anee co Basc property their based in of this year the rental payment when the worker Wert sent reported the incident to som i in a Ifft a k a it a Pam for wednesday is con advisers Are concerned trying Basco located at the air eluding seven planes in Van was supposed to be based on a Home they were told the opera authorities. A Tho a a inked Cloudy Ard cold with of to pinpoint a particular Date is base Here dosed its doors Ous stages of repair was being fee of 2 cents per Square foot Hon might Start up a g a i n a. S. Embassy spokesman v Antes will Casi Onai Light rain. To miss the Point of thus Early today sending Home a guarded by air Force sentries for the five hangars and Large a within a Day or two and of to revealed the incident said _ g a. 0 Brownsville s 58-degree read proximately 130 workers and City police also were keep warehouse which Basco Leas course a under new manage no further detail Wert immedi aging Arv this morning was the it Ald up peace drive whether the aircraft main my a watchful eve on things de at the a minus a a cred menu lately available., in a highest in Texas. In contrast depends on the most Coom a tenant operations will be re employ is told today it for building up the payroll chairman die Ramsey is the second som in l a i j riot to wino Balmy la recorded Here pal and delicate evaluation and sliced in Harlingen apparently Basco employees were told however a to req up of the shutdown of Rico official to be kidnapped by the Jav \ a a Lar a in spa during sunday a High of 52 is forecast assessment As each Day comes hinges fat Al talks in Progress to of the company shutdown when ram co the new rental forum traces to the death la dec 7 vie Cong last year the j j 1 or. A it for tuesday temperatures in and 2oes Day Between air Force officials they reported for work today la did not go into effect As of William h. Hopkins. Bam communist captured Gustav a a a j the upper Valley Are expected movers comments came As and representative a it r a Sale negotiations had been scheduled to it a a founder and Board chair Hertz of Brooklyn ny., aah v. Din Range Between a High of 48 a resident s peace offensive so Aio Infusine company inc. Going on for several weeks and Flat figure Man was Riding a a Cyrl on the instead the City agreed to at the Tim of his death the outskirts <5 Saigon. Don Pedro came into the newsroom pontificating a of a Al a Cdr. Earle Griffey Aller a successful week on Broadway is now reduced to the Humble and sometimes dangerous task of catching stray dogs a a Quot the doctor said it was the Bluecoat a Job to catch the saw Hie Ity i editor. A Psi a said the Don a shut be Hor i Arle is not one to sit on the sideline s and Send his Surv Altern into the fray. And. De by a Large area of rain push no what More he wont have my up from the Victoria Mon Quot wind and some Clouds cultural weather 36 entered what Many diplomatic of Mineral Wells observers consider City officials were aware of Eugene around to feed ban his Terrey area of Mexico slight warming trend is sex critical phase it cited about thursday turning a to a a very lines this time Adios and out he weal. Tonight a lows Are expert Ted to petted approval needed the talks stay with the Flat $12 000 a year company was in the process of Hertz was a High a not i Kamfa of is to be sold to big the City had be aed a Large figure pending the Sal of negotiating a Large loan the civilian Aid official no Woi two High administration off Siam a if the air Force will be non of the airbase and a mud. Money being needed As work has been heard of him Cine his no it Rel urge from Al Here to 36 in the colder again Over the weekend Aalst Aid sunday la comma Agre to permit the Mineral several building Tamco. I when Basco dosed in. Sebazco Page 8 a abduction. St

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