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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Brownsville, Texas Face it a a the Brownsville her lds Smid Gay. January i we i moving Date has school Heads playing russian Roulette by Don Osborne with classrooms to spare students of the Brownsville High school will continue to attend Classer As if they were it tic on each other s Knees for a few months after they Transfer to the new High school building. The Transfer was to have taken place at midterm , 21 a nit it halt now become obvious that the state of construction w ill cause further delay a the next convenient Date is the Charro Days weekend when we let out school thursday said High school principal Arnulfo Oliveira thu would give us two Davs with school out to make the completion and acceptance of the new building by this Date. Fell 2. Also Doe not eem Likely after this we have the easer Holiday a Oliveira said we could move then Quot easter this it ear Falls on March 26 mild weekend l the building is accepted and ready for use sometime Between feb. 2 and March 26. High school officials Mac have to make the move Over a weekend. To is not a Prospect that appeals to Oliveira and his staff when the move is made the school staff will have to Transfer files stocks of text books and science equipment biggest item to be moved will be the is Noel Library a fortunately. We can close Down the Library for a week if we have Oliveira observed a i have the thought of having to move All this in a he commented glancing around i office a if i can t find something Here i certainly won t be Able to find it Over there athe moving problems of course could be solved by simply delaying the move until after the end of the school year regardless of when the new building i ready to be occupied. This however. I it not feasible. The present High school building is to be taken Over by the Junior High school classes when school starts in the fall. Between the time the High school classes move out and the opening Day Dav of school in september the budding will he repaired and remodelled the sooner the High school Clas is Are moved o u t the sooner this work can get underway and the better the a Chance of the renovation being completed Ive fore the opening of school. Some Mav let i ext a also. We May have a traffic problem in the new Oliveira observed a the layout is complicated and although we do not expect and serious problem the students Max have s o in e trouble familiarizing themselves and finding their was he pointed out that if the present High school students could get into the building during the second semester of the current year they would have an Opportunity to familiarize themselves before returning in the fall for their first full year in the building this Way we would Only have to worry about orienting the freshmen and sophomores rather than All of the 2.500 student Quot Oliveira explained he said he had been through the building several times and was Only now beginning to be Able to find his Way around it without making an occasional wrong turn the single Story building a five acres under one roof and is designed in a series of a pods a or circular births recorded Here von want to get married he a a pop the ques Hon you need sleeping 4 pills for that Man it s up to Yon me have drugs and a a magic powders2 Keystone stores we Are open 7 a m. To 12 p m. A 5 n w. Elizabeth 7. E. Taylor Ernest c. Cisneros births recorded with the local registrar last week or. And mrs Modesto Ochoa so it a Bov. Gabriel Gutierrez. Dec 8. Or and mrs Miguel Angel Cervantes girl. Esmeralda. Dec. 29 or. And mrs Elpidio Garza. Girl. Sylvia dec. 31 or and mrs Noe Esteban Trevino Bov Noe Martin dec 31 or. And mrs Jose Garcia girl. Francisca Jan i. Or. And mrs fide Saldana. Girl. Bertha Alicia. Dec 21. Or. And mrs. Miguel Camarillo. Girl. Lilian Hedy dec 22. Or and mrs Joe Edward Cavazos. Boy. Fabian. Dec 22 or. And mrs. Eduardo Hernandez. Boy. Eugene Demetrius. Dec 22 or. And mrs Seth Rivera boy. Seth or. Dec. 22. Or. And mrs. Hector Cantil girl. Belinda Laura dec 23. Or. And mrs Rafael Barrera. Girl. Ignacia dec. 23. Or and mrs Juan Garcia girl. Yvonne. Dec 23 or. And mrs. Juan Jose Hernandez girl. In it a Marta. Dec. 23 or and mrs Geronimo Garza girl. Yvonne dec 25 or and mrs. Juan Manuel Alvared girl Sandra Patricia Ive. Sir. And mrs. Felipe Benavides. Boy. Andres. Dec. 26 or and mrs Rogelio Cabrera. Girl. Patricia dec. 27. Or. And Leonel Maldonado boy Mario Rene. Dec 27. Or and mrs Elias Perez Bov. Carlos. Dec 27 or. And mrs Luis Caballero boy Jose Luis. Dec 28 or. And mrs Jose Nieves Negrete boy i Eroy Edward dec or and mrs Miguel Reyes. Girl. Rebecca dec. 2k. Or. And mrs Martimiano Hernandez girl Rosalba. Dec. 31. Or and mrs Alfonzo Brownie Jenkins girl Ida Saidie. Dec. 23 or. And mrs. Miguel Perez. Girl. Gloria i air. Dec. 23. Or and mrs. James Vera. Girl Jill Elizabeth dec. 23, or. And mrs Pedro Cerda girl Maria Dolores. Dec 26 or and or Pedro Gonzalez. Boy. Efren dec. 27 or. And mrs. Jorge Garcia girl. Esmeralda. Dec. 30. Or. And mrs Rafael Mena girl. Maria Del Socorro. Dec. 30 or. And mrs Afolfo Ramirez boy Adolfo jr., dec. 30. Or and mrs Felipe Garcia boy mafias. Ivc 31. Or and mrs Sixte Casas. Girl. Alma neb Jan. 1. Or and mrs Ovidio Salinas girl. Nelda Haide. Jan 2. Or. And mrs Alfredo Cantu. Boy. Felipe Jan 3. Sir and mrs Ramiro Medrano. Girl. Blanca Estela. Jan 3 or and mrs Pedro Montoya. Boy. Jorge Jan 3 or and mrs Rafael Martinez boy Marin Alberto. Jan 5 or and mrs Silva. Girl. Martha. Jan 4 or. And mrs Silvestre Esparza boy. Silvestre Jan 6 or. And mrs carbs Rodri Guez girl Adriana Jan 6 or and mrs Rosendo Gonzalez girl Maria de Jesus. Jan 2 or and mrs Gilberto Gonzalez girl. Rosa Catalina Jan 3 or and mrs Donaciano to Pez Leija boy. Jose Luis i., Jan. 5. Or. And mrs. Jesus Perez. Girl Sonia Jan. 5. Structures around a Central area. Moving into the new building will not immediately solve one of Oliveira s major problems whore to put 2.500 students in a building designed to accommodate 1.500. This i paradoxical in View of the fact that the new building will actually accommodate 4.000 students. The Paradox results from the fact that Oliveira has had to draw up the class schedule for Tho second semester in accordance with the restrictions of the present building and the school staff will have to live with i Jet crash kills Viet War Pilot Goliad Tex up a Marine capt. Michael s. Stark. 25, of new York was killed Friday when two f-9 Cougar Jet training planes collided in flight near Goliad. Stark who had won a Bronze a tar for Aerial combat in the Vietnam War was piloting one plane and a student Pilot was flying the other. The student was identified As ens James e. Esco 23, of new Orleans la. Esco parachuted to safety. The planes were based at the naval air station in Beeville Tex. Leonine Gregorzyk 55. A Farmer in the area. Said he was feeding some cattle about three Miles from the collision site he said he saw two fireballs in a he ski and then spotted one of the planes As it plunged to the ground he drove to the spot where the planes crashed and reported a the wreckage was scattered All a the Tail was about three quarters of a mile from the he said a there was a Skeleton hanging in a tree about four or five feet up a naval officials however the victims body was not that badly burned and it was found on the ground and not in a tree until the end of school in May although the semester May be finished out in the less restrictive new building staggered skeds to solve the problem of How to accommodate 2,500 students in a school building designed for 1,500, the High school schedule is Laid out so that classes Are staggered a some beginning at 7 30 a in and others at half hour intervals the first classes in leave the school at mid after noon. The others following Ai half hour intervals with t h e last classes getting out at 4 30 pm staggering of the classes Means that except fur a period Between the commencement of the late classes and dismissal of the Early ones not All of the students Are in the building at the same time. The heaviest period is in the Early afternoon but Here too the problem is eased by arranging the schedule so that Many of the students Are out of the building attending vocational classes or engaged in outside activities. At the Day s attendance Peak there Are about 1,900 students in the building. Oliveira said. A we use every room we have a he added. A it is impossible to keep All the teachers in their own rooms and a few of them have to travel a Vade their classrooms so that another teacher can make us of the class schedule presently in use by the High school is a complicated affair and Oliveira said that drawing it lip a required a master magician a this week Oliveira completed the class schedule for the second semester and it also is a complicated one with staggered classes outside classes to Aile Vitae Peak attendance and a travelling classes. When we move into the new building we will have sufficient room for a More conventional Oliveira said a but changing the schedule after the beginning of the semester would create too Many problems we will just have to stick with it a South most aviation j to he did say however that when the move to the new building is made there will be no More a travel Inge for the teachers. 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