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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Brownsville, Texas Wife drove Oswald Over drink says Book new York up Lee Harvey Oswald a tortured personality at Best was driven Over the Brink of insanity when his wife rejected him to live with a woman Friend the night before he assassinated president John f Kennedy. This Factor plus Quot a feud among Texas democrats that took Kennedy to Dallas against the advice of friends emerge in new focus in the first instalment of the controversial Hook a the death of a published in look Magazine in the serialization to appear on Newsstands tuesday author William Manchester writes thai mrs. Marina Oswald loved with the emotions of her near crazed husband on the night of nov 21. 1963. He said Marina s decision to move in with mrs. Ruth Paine in Irving. Tex., was the Straw that broke Oswald s slender hold on sanity. Manchester writes that the political rhubarb plus Oswald s rejection provided the coincidental trigger that led Oswald to assassinate the president. Manchester concluded that Oswald acted alone in the murder but said he found a a disease of the spirit in Dallas which had an effect on Oswald s thinking Manchester in the first of four instalments in look quoted letters exchanged by Marina and mrs. Paine an ordained unitarian minister and Mother of two who was separated from her husband a. I am very Hurt that Leeds attitude toward me is such that i feel each minute that i bind Marina wrote. Mrs Paine replied a if Lee does no to wish to live with you any More. I would tie Happy to be As an aunt to the next Day mrs. Paine wrote. A i love you Marina and want to live with you. I Hope that you and Lee will agree Quot Manchester quoted Mannas reply a dear Sweet Ruth. Sweet Ruth i am so grateful for your Good and sympathetic heart a Manchester writes that manna now mrs. Kenneth j Porter a was a playing Ruth off against Oswald while failing to Tell her protect Ress that Lee attempted to shoot Ion Edwin Walker had a Rifle hidden in a neighbouring garage and had plans to go to Cuba. Quot in retrospect her own Lack of consideration for the woman who had become her Benefactor appears Manchester concludes pickup 3rd ugh Manchester a and delete last 4 pughs beginning Manchester a account of the 1963 tragedy subject of a court Battle by mrs. John f. Kennedy also disclosed hat at the time of his Dean the president was considering re placing Secretary of state Dean Rusk probably with Robert Mcnamara was studying French to negotiate with Gen. Charles de Gaulle in his own language and was planning a trip to Japan to restore american prestige lost when leftist riots prevented a visit by see Kenneda Page 12 v i fireworks due monday surplus food system Here \ ires Cavazos 3 your Freedom Vav of a ref urn newspaper 090 Horn on i or i out Thoi Only. Vol. 72�?no. Ii dial la 2-1331 Brownsville Texas sunday january 8, 1007 it pages Price Loc firework Are Likely to erupt at mondays commissioners court meeting unless commissioner Johnny Cavazos has cooled off by then late Friday he was mad be in e a woman did no to get any food at the county a surplus food depot Here Quot there is a Verba bout monday morning it la be Between Spellman firm on Viet win new York up a Francis Cardinal Spellman returned saturday from his annual Christmas pilgrimage to u s. Servicemen overseas and said there can Ive no peace in \ Quot Lam a until we have Victory a group of 15 pickets testing the Vietnam War stood outside the terminal building at John f Kennedy a nun t carrying signs Reading a Quot in towards humanity and a War is not peace a Sims Man s Airport remarks to ?.< men were certain to raise eyebrows again in the Vatican where sources previously stated Pat the new York archbishop was making comments about the Vietnam War almost opposed to those of i a me ply 11 the pontiff has repeatedly appealed for a negotiated settlement of the Vietnam War and for a cease fire Spellman who had first called or a total Victory in a in Quot Mas Sermon in Vietnam said upon his return saturday. Be can to get peace until we have Victory a the 77-year-old prelate said the communist Viet Cong and the leadership in North Vietnam a won t talk to us a Spellman us military vicar of the i s armed forces Aid Vic tory in the Eves of american sen iceman now fighting the War a Doe not mean the wholesale Slaughter or crushing of their enemies a i Van killed a Diego a Alif up the Navy Sod saturday that a was one of to men killed i Ltd a when a 15 Marlin patrol plane crashed into the South Clina sea off Corregidor Island. In texan a identified a act Man ordnance airman Ron a i Steen of Santo. Tex of a afro says i is pm pro came Inlet he newsroom carrying his altered Box Brownie a Senor Don Pele braved the Mee Ting of the lawmen at the e ohm House to get a picture erf in lady do of Willacy counts i Al Ria inset of hut sire did t show a said the Don a i he Camel a she miss Edna or Greel cd because of illness a said the i tic editor there air rumours thai the Lute do cd Willacy county and the lady do erf Mariamo tits lamps Are one and the same person hut Don Cedre irises to relieve them a said tile Don a a Adios arid oui lie went. Cavazos and Jimmy Hollon who is in charge of the food distribution. Cavazos Contention is that anybody who needs food should be Given it Mollony a objection to that Point of View is that he s bound by Federal state and county regu a lations m handing out food what happened late Friday was that Cavazos found a woman crying in county judge of a car c. Dancy a office. Cavazos said she told him they would t give her any food Cavazos stormed out with the woman in Tow and headed for the surplus food depot Ai fort Brown he told the clerk there a wanted the woman to get food right away. The clerk a soft spoken pols de woman named mrs Eucha g Vela told Cavazos she was n f authorized to give the com Quot planning woman any food until her turn came around again on Jan. 23 Cavazos told mrs Vela he was t interested in the rules and regulations he said he wanted the woman to get food ties aug a she needed it. Mrs Vela tried to explain the handouts Cavazos said he d had other complaints and he was going to pm a Stop to this kind of thing a Hollon could t be leached because he was undergoing Den Tai treatment Friday afternoon Cavazos called up Dancy and told him to put Hollon on monday s Agenda and Tell him to show up there Hollon was contacted by the Herald saturday morning said Hollon to gov. Earned by a set of Miles. I can to just hand out food because some body asks for it a i a there Friday when the lady wanting food first came in a he added she a been drawing food once a month for two years now her husband is ill and i told her to get a certificate from a doctor or resident nurse a the county City clinic so that she can draw food for the next three he added Hollon said All applicants in the same category As the complaining woman Haw to Requa Ify every three months under e s department of agriculture i sea regulations he said the county a a con tract with the usha which requite this the Point of asking the woman to get a doctor s certificate was so that she could lie req tia lifted for the next three months the t sea supplies ig1 surplus food to the county. A Elf thee want to change the county rules a Hollon said a that sail right with me but until they change them i ran t hand out food except under pres ent rules a the controversy on the food distribution has been simmering for months one Side represented mainly to a Azo and Dancy holds that food 1� being denied hungry people and that they ate boing treated too roughly when they show up a the distribution office die other Side represented in part by commissioner Adolph Thomae and Hollon himself hold that a lot of Chi Selers a Pix for food they of not entitled to and that they have to Ive weeded out carefully Thomae recently fold Dancy thai the county judge had Given a complainant $10 out of his own pocket because a said he was Hin gov and that it later turned oui the complainant Hhd made is Kim m wages that veal firemen remove bodies of Las vegas Motel blast victims. Police believe suicide bomb detonated with pistol Only Fen snipers i harass Allied Van e reds flee before Saigon Iti a a let t Ong recruits most of its guerrilla Force to be found it was the marines had hoped to forces vanished saturday in the Force. But for the fir Quot time he apparent that the communist find enough Viet Cong to give path of us marines driving up admitted it was quite Likely that guerrillas known to be using the them a fight but the comm a swampland Peninsula in the u s. Troop would be stationed areas As a Sanctuary had been rusts in True guerrilla fashion first american assault against in the strategic area in the near tipped off in Advance faded into the Countryside or the communist dominated me future Only a few scattered sniper was believed Many of them Kong Delta for Security reasons the tug rounds hampered the drive up merely assume the role of the communists apparently Marine Landing Friday Wax not the Peninsula. Apart from the simple banners working in their tipped off in Advance had fled. Announced until saturday when occasional shots the worst the Rice Fields leaving Only snipers behind to vietnamese marines joining the marines faced in the Early informed source a harass the huge Allied invasion americans in the amphibious stage of the sweep were Marine operation called assault came ashore. Colonies of big red Anis that House amay have but there was no Kiel Cong stung like bumblebees suicides bomb kills 6 persons in vegas Las vegas Nev. Up a a the Al Cortez hotel and Casino was watching a of mine combat dynamite bomb. Apparently whore an employee said a it Felt movie on television when the triggered by a Man Bent on like it the blast moved the Blat col lapsed the Ltd thug of suicide ripped open a modern bunding three inches a his unit he at first thought he three store Motel in this Gam surviving Motel occupants Salt dozed off and the blast Wax Wing capital saturday killing wandered under Shock or befit part of the television How Nix person Derment peking up shards of tied i wife. Bobbie at least 12 others were Glass the bodies of victims a through a window to safety injured. Disintegrated into frag she also a hospitalized police found a 25-caliber menu by the Blat. Were a vacationing Idaho Mink pistol they believed had been scattered among the debris rancher. Lewis Painter. To had used to detonate the dynamite one of the in persons hts leg so badly shattered it h i ammunition for the pistol Waho pita Zed a1 Southern Nevada Lobo amputated his wife found in a nearby car registered memorial Hospital was Jim Laura. To was hospitalized for to r j. Paris of Hollywood. Mahan. 24. Of Allegan Mich. He lacerations and Shock Hist atty. George Franklin said the blast a sounded like an an Fri team flew or said an examination of the a bomb and smelled like Here from Washington. D c. Small foreign car revealed two Sulphur and Rotten egg a saturday afternoon to assist Iii Sharp wires coming out of the Mahan an sex Marine said he identification of the victims Battery. Franklin said it appeared Paris had originally set the charge of dynamite to go off in i car. A but decided to change his mind and took it up to the room on the second floor j instead a a based on what we j Franklin said a i am almost convinced Paris used the pistol i to detonate the dynamite Quot at mid afternoon firemen were still mopping up debris from the 1 38 a m. Disaster that dismembered the bodies of victims and caused an estimated $200,000 damage to the $1 million orbit inn Motel fifty two persons were registered in the Motel More than a. Dozen were injured and in were. Hospitalized police theorized the. Wafa honed from to to civic it Are in Ara i Zee i la inters coldest la dither behind b by i ii it int press International wee up for hip great take _. The North Atlantic c a the by Izzard n us and freezing rain halted buses in the seasons worst storm downtown Hartford. Conn. And churned across the real Lake one Denver it Aid it Man y feh bomb la Avard new saturday. j must ave and 14 Leav ing in it path As much a a a is a 17 in Che Force the Allied Force of some 5. Mill fighting men that had hit the beaches Friday in the first joint amphibious assault of the Vietnam War advanced Brough the Paddy lands of the Thanh Phong Peninsula re Miles South of Saigon for the second Day without meeting any organized resistance ironically the u s marines suffered their til Quot casualties of the operation late saturday by Accident a fragmentation grenade carried by a Marine accidentally exploded inside a helicopter jut after it touched under Down on a Landing zone a few Miles Inland from the South China seashore two Marine were killed and two other were severely wounded another helicopter rushed the casualties Back to the Carrier iwo Juna flagship of the Marine task Force spearheading the sweep by u s. And South vietnamese marines and infantrymen who came ashore in amphibious vehicles backed by 7th Fleet warships and i s Ai Force fighter bombers the american Landing in the Mekong licit a opened up a new phase of he War Gen William Westmoreland commander of american troops in Vietnam said there would be More such assaults in the coming months Westmoreland said the land my was not related to reported plans for stationing troops permanently in the Mekong Della where the a let Cong Sticks of dynamite and triggered in room 214 on the rinsed second floor the room to which a or and mrs. R j Paris were registered investigators found the list a of if Snow 12-foot Drift a ads and the behind the Mote it had been Canadian bolder to at Kina Ai a pref. A it i banged up Quot from Ltd Mem a a a Quot a wave wine thrown against a Cement it Quot to it it a Nan. Trio buried by % Avalanche sort d t he it Eck Lieen compromised As Early a last thanksgiving on nov. 2r. An underwater demolition team of Block Wall by the Force of the the u s. Navy made a Survey of explosion they said. White Beach where the leather the explosion cracked Winner landed the naval party Dow for several blocks was protected by a regional the 147-unit a shaped Mote Force company lifted in Helicon i situated on Fremont Street tors to the Beach from a nearby the main thoroughfare in the to Day weather linked paralysed a Earp toll reached 12. Five in minces Quot a. A eee in Wisconsin behind if linked the Winter and one Oach in Oregon i a coldest weather dropping tem Michigan Ami Illinois Pera Tures below Zero from the Mong the hardest hit by the dorm were the too Kim citizens if Duluth. Minn where 17 inches of new Snow fell atop 19 Riche already on the ground w ads up to 50 Miles an hour Zero from the and w Amor Minnesota and Wisconsin blizzard warning remained up through most of the in in pushed the now into eight foot us w o Dillon. Lolo up a three lies Young mountaineers buried 40 a huge slab of Snow that Rev broke Loose atop Windy dive out land pass m Central Colorado and staying above Quot were rescued and revived the two other ver Hun tor minutes before he was cd Anderson said he Rode he slide by kicking his feet in Snow injured dim. By us Fores patrolmen for rangers arum Al ii Arapahoe Basin Loveland Basin ski Mea credited with fast Adion me saturday in Quick thinking Ber. Dave Kritzler teams of fore to rangers and ski por Hapis went taken by patrolmen. Ambulance to Denver both one Hwy at first Wax reported were reported in Good condition dead by the Colorado state the other two boys were not patrol he was revived after to identified minutes of external heart Massage and Mouth to Mouth resuscitation administered by and rescuers Aud a doctor who was Wen aboard a bus that had been in organizing blocked by the now across u s 6. Two others buried under and even feet of Snow also were with revived and three others in the party All from a boys Home in Denver escaped injury. One boy Aid he Rode the Crest of from Arapahoe Basin the 208 foot High Avalanche a three boys were two boys Kenneth Landau Schaeffler said then and Michael Anderson both 17, were plenty of rescuers at the were Laken to a clinic in Dillon Cene and that doctor a Glare Colo where Landau was the bus saved the life of at Lei reported in Good condition one of outpost. But while the Navy front worked the so called �?oo1 Survey a itself being Voyed by a five Man a Iel c patrol that approached Beach and stuck around i enough to spy on what going on up correspondent Tom it Pora who went in with a grand Don f newsmen who hit the Lefore the first marines downtown Casino area floors were collapsed to the ground by. Part of the roof Structure by aged Over electric Power a in nearby building Nebraska. Iowa and Minnesota hazardous driving warning were posted for Michigan much veh of new York and new England Trai in Minnesota and Wisconsin authorities a ked motorists to stay Home parts of new Hampshire and disrupted Maine were alerted for possible including heavy Snow Gale warrants re. Said a Marine n about 9 tora asked an off the operation had the planning stage a too Long a the in v or i group Beach it foot he South a Intra and army had in operation since governor turns Eves Pai m be Ach. Eta up the laude Kirk Florida new go born Ane to sea Wackenhut Corporal Sage Wackenhut retained it Nen in arg two of found t Unco with probing the third was a shovel. W Illie Schaeffler c University of derive was among the re h parties boys Vav Ere equipment uncovered reline think the he a in Oft Leer reason i Rig knew o help wipe aboard of Security a chaperone do he por of de ski ruin of the team party the marines were melt in scouring the 60-Squar Peninsula where about i the deltas nearly s population live they reports the a v tamed be spit e facilities Arm f Meering shop j recreation area in the Vicinity. Surprise a Day governor and his Kirk for $1 a veal blonde Emerald eyed Madam out crime was a a a ailed into key Largo in a the destination yacht saturday night after an risk and the we Ocean cruise. Couple had been not since actress Jane Palm Beach at an Field got stranded with a but the yacht i pres agent on a Barren Kev Largo Tecau a of Choppy bahamian Island have so Many a and Kirk took a plane to i to curious eyes been turned Palm Ketch for a j. Tse a Art honouring in Ean Grapher a k re sometimes called a Jacques Piccard juju. A millionaire financier and Ger. Even More sex Ling is a a a Man born brazilian Erika melt planned announcement by Kirk sunday this announcement according to aides will be Quot of some significance concerning drifts at Duluth until late saturday morning the Only in moving in the City were Tram and snowmobiles we re in Snow up to our a Minnesota Highway department official said the wind shorted out Power line cutting off electricity to eve Duluth Home wind caused Power failure also were reported at Carbondale la Springfield. Ill Joliet us. I Werta lire during a Torrn some w extern Telegraph lines to Cairo were knocked out by the airline flights to Duluth were cancelled and planes were bypassing Sioux c Sioux fall. S d a or Popo a int w it Early at at Calumet e report e Lai Kph bul buried. And had a rain Union. In i and. To. Iowa and the Stevens t was drifted it p state Cruiser or right Snow. Tine Enfeld. 26 it sail aboard a yacht i Acton. Friday night from Kev i Argo and re St and Tow it Adit the me foot Securi for their troop j Tyri a a belongs to the head of j Florida a private police Force weather la Tinner monday Haiti Zug of. Ii Iii h Quot to s isl monday of 67 Dollar Day greatest Ever t t r

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