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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Brownsville, Texas Vur Freedom to newspaper a the Only constant and unfailing source of Progress is Liberty for by it there Are As Many centers of improvement As there Are a John Stuart Mill weather Cloudy mild9 is e. Winds 74-84 degrees your Freedom newspaper vol. 68�?no. 168 to pages Brownsville Texas monday february 19, 1962 dial i 2-4331 final edition Price 5ccease-fire in Algeria denied dateline the world Congress Back on Job Washington up a the Senate foreign relations committee directed its attention today to the administration s proposal to buy half of a special u. N. Bond Issue. It did so As Congress returned to a full schedule following its traditional Lull during i he week of Lincoln s birthday. Congolese search for suspect Leopold Ville the Congo up a congolese police reported today hey had been unable to find a Man wanted for questioning in the slaying last week of it. Col Hulen d. Stogner u. S. Embassy assistant military attache. Asst. Police chief Joseph Matucha declined to give further details on the Man s identity except to say a the May possibly be a White while the search continued. Elizabeth thring entered her third Day of confinement at Malaka prison on an arrest warrant i charging a a suspicion a in the Case. Jpn to heat test arguments Middleburg a. Up a president Kennedy today faced new arguments against u. S. Resumption of nuclear atmospheric testing this time from a powerful British voice. Hugh Catskill Leader of the British labor party arrived in Washington sunday with the announced intention of urging Kennedy not to resume atmospheric nuclear tests although the British government had made Christmas Island in the Pacific i available for such tests should the president order them. West rejects red air claim Berun up a the soviet Union sought to impose a claim on a Block of Berlin air corridor space again today and received another firm Rebuff from the Western allies. The russians announced sunday night they we Ould be using the space below 7.500 feet in the Berwin Hamburg corridor northernmost of three Between West Berlin and West Germany for three hours today. Elizabeth Taylor released Rome up a Elizabeth Taylor apparently recovered from a Case of food poisoning today left the Hospital with husband Eddie Fisher and her leading Man issued a statement denouncing a uncontrolled re Morse of a romantic involvement with the actress. Rumours of a romantic attachment Between miss Taylor and Richard Burton who plays Marc Antony in the movie had been circulating for several Days in Rome perhaps because of their torrid love scenes before the cameras. But there was nothing to indicate any substance to the rumours. 177 die in giant storm Hamburg Germany up a thousands of Rescue workers toiled through mile upon mile of Sodden wreckage today in search for More victims of one of the worst storms Ever to hit Norlem Europe. An incomplete count showed that at least 177 persons 147 of hem in West Germany were killed by a taking storm that started Fri Day and raked Northern Europe for nearly three Days. More than 100,000 persons were left homeless. This port of 2.8 million persons which was hardest hit by the pounding seas and howling winds was left a City of shocked silence watery death and devastation. Receding Waters Ware expected to reveal More victims. Hardest hit areas besides Hamburg were lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein. Fresh water was supplied in barrels and jars As cite authorities prepared a mass immunization program against typhus. When the fury subs ded Hamburg was permeated by an eerie stillness. After is hours of raging Waters and crashing dikes the Only sounds wore occasional cries for help from stranded persons and the Clatter of Rescue helicopters hovering Over inundated areas. Hurricane Force wands and driving rain forced the Micro hey Elba River to Cascade Over its Hanks Friday and surge into the Homes of him Borg a inhabitants a a a Snow buries wide Section latin vote importance is mounting by de Anderson 11hie vote has represented the a Herald staff writer i Jority and continues so now. In a the spectacle at san Antonio general election Here. 60 per cent reason for delay in Glenn a space flight a this photo showing heavy seas breaking across the Bow of the destroyer Bailey graphically illustrates Why astronaut John Glenn a Orbital try has been postponed repeatedly. The destroyer is shown taking on fuel from the Carrier ant Eitam saturday. Both vessels Are deployed South of Bermuda in the orbit recovery zone. Officials say the Odds appear �?o60-40 in Favory of the space shot going off on schedule tuesday. By United pre International Winier worst storm choked the upper Midwest with 4-foot Snow drifts today paralysing transportation and stranding hundreds of persons. Blizzard like winds in to 60-40 Chance tuesday weather Odds favor flight t poops land in Guiana Cape canaveral up Georgetown Blitsh Guiana up ii a Britain rented Mote Tough commandos into this paralysed fire blackened capital today to prevent fresh outbreaks of the first half of the two Day countdown status of his spar Al cite a and looting a a the weather Odds tilted in Astro countdown began at 2 30 a m Craft which is slated to take him a 7 Man unit equipped with Ute bargaining an agreement now naut John h. Glenn favor to both the Atlas Booster rocket and on one. Two. Or three trips automatic weapons was flying in in a pertain Miles an hour Cut visibility to Day and the countdown proceed the Mercury space capsule were around the Earth sometime after from England to reinforce British Zero in Many sections from South for his planned Orbital flight ready for the first u. S. Attempt 7 30 a m rebels say discussion must go on Paris up a France announced a cease fire agreement with the algerian rebels today. But the rebels said the peace talks have not ended. A Semi official statement issued by the French government this morning said algerian affairs minister Louis Joe ended secret peace talks with the rebels sunday night. The talks lasted one week. Authoritative French spokesmen a a said full agreement was reached though the French want the Mill rut the re Bra leaders on their tary on both sides to sign return to Tunis the afternoon de the political terms of the agr rued ibis statement. I Menf will be Laid Down in two in Tunis rebel foreign minis a declarations of intention which Ter Saad Nahlah told newsmen at will to made Public simultaneous the Airport that a a the discussion is in by the French government in not ended. It has made a Grea Paris and the rebel government Deal of Progress and can resume in exile in Tunis with Rood Priori til main farm of Tho War. Vice Premier Rel Knock Krim expected to he Quot n a Quot Quot Quot Quot o1&Quot -fn.no, Arr the. Airman we bul a Mill Hay a int to she a hav then it of do. Another rebel spokesman Minn said. A it is not finished vet. An.,. Of Hor Martins ill or Quot now of the Nials a rare Dot. A a to we a Hor Whf Char a my t Rha Rma Quot quoth soon at government headquarter at Rocher noir East of Algiers i to run the territory during an interim period of six to nine months a a mixed Security fore of 30 000 to 40 000 men. Probably under a moslem commander will be responsible for internal Security during the interim period Al i though the bulk of France 40-j Hoo Man army will remain for a time. A a referendum will a hell i throughout Algeria after about six months in which the entire popu Gaulle was receiving a report on lation will vote whether it wants the talks from the three French foil Independence or to remain m i r i a t e r who took part under French Rule. Joe Public works minister Rob a if. As expected the vote is or Buren and state Secretary for overwhelmingly in favor of inde Sahara affairs Jean de Brogile. A Indence. A Sovereign algerian sure of agreement Republic Wall he set up. French officials were at a loss a France will retain garrisons for an explanation of the rebel de and bases in Algeria for a num Nials. However they were Eon her of years Vinced that even if the rebel state a France and Algeria will co a men resulted in More last min operate in exploiting Sahara Oil. A there Wall he firm guarantees for the future of the 1.1 million earlier officials said that three europeans in Algeria after inde vew raid Algiers Algeria i pm use Eret army organization Oas commando attacked a special French Security Center in Algiers hotel Radja with bazookas today causing heavy damage. Authorities said the attack was carried ont from a moving car. First reports said four persons were wounded and the was heavily damaged. Dakota to the oho Border. I tuesday. J to put a Man in orbit around the Minnesota had up to 27 inches National aeronautics and Earth. Of Snow. Some Iowa communities it Pace administration issued a Powers quoted Nasa weather measured 20 inches. Sioux Falls i Wea her forecast which it called Man Ernest Amman As saying he in the s.d., reported 31 inches on the oautj0usly optimistic. La col was a a Little bit More optimistic ground. Wisconsin had up to a John a. Powers spokesman for than Powers said the Marine spare Siree. Some of the troops Are Pilot probably will turn in at Alquit veterans of the Mau Mau Cani-7 or 8 p m. And a be ready to go pain in Kenya or have seen service in Cyprus and Egypt. Soldiers already patrolling the principal Denim it. Had resulted Pendency. Last week when More than a dozen candidates or Texas top offices sought support from the states latin american voters Rived to spotlight the mounting of the voters Are latin and the remaining Are anglos and other no polities Bosses i no. Or a or than it anything not a in the Snow Northern elections minority in Brownsville situation it is that we 6-Inch snowball no longer have the political Bosses the appearances of the Candi a we a did Parg ago Jar Date were sponsored by the to James b whip r b Yeager Leticai association of Spanish h l Yates. Milton h. West John speaking organizations passo g Fernandez and Harbert Daven which claimed to represent 200, considerable blocs too vol erg. Of voters. We have no such Fig the event has caused consider Greg today. Able discussion in Cameron coun foot of new Snow Dubuque Iowa Nasa k Mercury Man in orbit reported its heaviest february pr01pct said the Odds appeared to snowfall in half a Century Sioux Gio in our City. Iowa residents said it was the worst storm in a decade Michigan had 6 inches of Snow Nebraska had up to 14 inches of Illinois had a a a he is usually pretty cautious a big Agenda for trustees a a a cooler Temps due thursday Brownsville had the overnight temperature Brownsville s school Board faces another lengthy session tuesday night. The trustees have 13 items on the Agenda including several car warmest ried Over from the last meeting. In t h e i in addition to hearing a report Johnson a 67.107 vote majority Over the Nixon i it de is credited to among political observers and1 1116 reason or that the sate monday morning with 67 de from superintendent Ben Brite in particular those who Are close new 8�pration of latin Anteri arces and the . Weather by the Board will consider a list of to the latin americans rans Harp a More Independent ref us id the mild weather in new teachers submitted by write Jesse Sloss Brownsville City and Fhi a because of better the Valley to going to continue hear a report from the Pupil pro Secretary for 16 years said Quot the schooling. They made individual through tuesday. Grew committee receiving a re 30 South Texas counties including App a Asals and Vole their own cooler temperatures Are Export on flags in the system. Re Cameron which gave president Imi Rig the latin have a number pulled about thursday As a new View poppy on use of school buses John f Kennedy and Lyndon r of up apr ,0 whom they look to it old front headed today toward by clubs report on Sale of Aud. For guidance but they Are de Texas with rain and possible thorium seals and pass on tax and finitely not a a Bosses in the sense Snow forecast for the Panhandle just ments As submitted two weeks to latin Washington 1113 character Ltd vote tue a and wednesday. A has Given indication that it con a Harp before word War n to for he a by temperatures the Uard also will hold an aug. Iris this vote to dip a balance of mention off hand a few there is tuesday Are to Range from 6r>-82 Dince with Adolfo Betancourt deflower a in Texas this is being i pc or Yznaga a. A. Champion in the coast. 62 86 in the liar Garding situation at Canales and Hiam i Fri he Pacyn and is or Lton Gonzalez. O. R. Garcia Al Lingen Mcallen areas and 58-88 in Lincoln Park schools discuss posing particularly noted at places a Quot r1�?T a and up in Harlin a he Rio Grande City sector. Bible adoption of school Hoard police Corpus Christi where the in mais it up a Brownsville a High sunday was lines har report on pending pro latin vote is rising i a a re pm have asked me often 87 degrees. Mcallen s 90 degrees , a election Date for school a in Brownsville the Power of Why in is that re nip a Popup of map d the want est City in the trustees and filing deadline for the latin vote is nothing new mexican descent Here Are in the majority. That they do not from the Esperet negotiations which if. As officials her believe the have been going on intermittently agreement is approx d by both since last october. Sides the cease fire will he signed the first is a purely military at a formal session somewhere in project officials planned to Mon business was at a standstill be cease fire agreement calling for France in about eight to to Days. It or weather throughout the Day cause of a general strike. And my to the fighting in which rebel vice Premier Mohammed make a Complete review of the More than 700 persons were mole than 250,000 moslem and Ben Bella held by the French Powers added. A when Ernie is of situation tonight to include on under arrest for looting and an europeans have died in the past with four other rebel government holistic it can to help but tilt the scene reports from Navy ships in estimated 2,000 mole were out of seven years including some members at a chateau Southeast Scales in our the recovery areas and make a a it my As a result of six Days of 18.000 French soldiers of Paris was expected to he re Glenn was spending a quiet Day preliminary go or no go derision noting burning and pillaging it still was not Kun we when leased in time to attend the be re on the Cape and checking on the at about caused by demonstrations against would sign this document a 1 Mony hims. Premier Cheddie Jagan s left Wing i government. A general strike which threat ened to topple Jagan from Power i j continued following the failure of i the trades Union Council to come i to any agreement about resume j Tion of work. Authorities called on shop own Erso reopen hut Many owners wire reluctant to do so because some 350 visiting rotarians a1, will be the principal speaker of the threat of looting. There continued sessions today in their at today a plenary session. A were indications that food ration two Day annual District Confer member of rotary since 1927 he ing Niay be ordered until suf knee Here which began sunday has travelled More than 500.000 Admiral opposes Matamoras port 350 rotarians continue meet Mexico it i pm a a Long brewing conflict in official Circle Over the Matamoras a fall a deep water project a been publicly disclosed. The new spa it or nov Elade today said hat the Navy Susec Lefary vice Adin. Oil Erin Orozco Ada has Dally taken a stand against the plan which the government previously included in it Constitution program during the loupes mittens presidential term. In Funkel proposed that instead of a deep water port. Mexico build a canal to Eon Nee with Brownsville s deep water which St ands to Witter heavy loss of traffic of Mexico build a port at Madam no. Government source also denied a current Rumor that a British offer for financing the Matamoras port had ejected. Fic enl quantities of supplies can better International relations is mile in the club service and has be brought in from Trinidad and the conference theme. Addressed More than 1,000 Boother places. Officers for the Vear Aud the far gathering another contingent of troops a next meeting pm ire will be be John Mckee of Dallas Region Rived from Britain sunday to join looted this afternoon. A1 manager of government of been re the nearly 2,000 rushed in by the District forms a Triangle fairs for the Ford motor co. Will plane and warship during the which includes Victoria to late speak at the closing session to Quot a past week. They Patio led the do to Brownsville and along the Day on a the Challenge of for Ril Arko books on Sale streets of the capital in Battle coastal Bend to Corpus Christi eign booklets describing the Silver dress rotarians began registering the governor s banquet and the newspaper added that anniversary of Brownsville a the demonstrations were spark a sunday afternoon at fort Brown Ball tonight at the civic Center Orosco Vela a bitterly of Charro Days went on Sale today of by Jagan s austerity program memorial Civie Center. Starting at 7 30 p rn., will be prepped the project at an inter at 50 rents each at the chamber of new 14\ev top info it forced International guests include sided Over by judge Reynaldo secretarial meeting. Previously of Commerce with covers in development of this British Colony Victor Genaro Rivera of Sucre. Garza of Brownsville president he had been visited by the four colors the Booklet contends which recently was granted Herm Bolivia and Juan Vanman of of the local rotary club. Candidates. Brownsville port Al. Hofmokel. Director of include a history of each fiesta j Rule As a since 1938 epee step to full i depend ardent in. Also App nning before since the founding of Brownsville pot a afro says Don Pedro came into the newsroom wearing i pin striped Serape with the natural shoulder. A big time tonight a asked the City editor. A a Senor Don Pedro is getting in practice for the Maurice Pipkin depreciation dinner tomorrow night a said the Don. A undoubtedly Leflor Don Pete will be naked to make a few remark about Maurice provided he Promise not to Tell the truth. and out be went. Sweep their own into every office. The answer to that is that brow is Ville is a place where at least on the surface we have never voted i a racial Issue. The latin has always received a fair shake Here. Unlike at Corpus Christi and other cities where he has frequently simply sat idly by during elections. Hero he has been Active. A oaf the present we have a City commission with a majority of anglos. Two Are latins. Rut during the Stokely administration we had Throe latin commissioners for a stretch. This is indication again that voters Here vote for the Man and not his i attn voting strength political commentators up state Are giving attention to the a impressive voting of the l,atin.�?� at Corpus Christi these latin vote Page two Nina appeals to . Women Moscow up a mrs. Nikita a neighbors going about our peace to the a Friendly understanding j United states As Well As in other Khrushchev appealed to the Wom fun affairs a she said in accent edit had with the United states j countries in of the United states sunday but fluent English. Uhn Franklin d. Roo Evelt was or. Khrushchev said the re re Xiding to appeals president alans also want peace because or. Khrushchev whose first a unfortunately the danger of they ate building a communist name is Nina said she was re War has today again become a society in their country the spending to letters and cables reality Quot she said. A me May have greatest and the Nobles under from american women who Are different views on the source of taking but it More night for a a frendly understanding and sup a Ort for her husband s proposal for a Summit conference on disarmament. In a nine minute j Bort wave broadcast beamed to North Amer the sessions were nine Exchange Rarric of quits students fro foreign countries. X a we Are stressing improved in Lor id a emotional relations and Emp a a sizing the importance of and vivid Tony Barreda of Brownsville Ual contacts a said Harold be has withdrawn from the Justice Bern one of the Brownsville con of the peace race in the May 5 vent Ion chairmen. Democratic primaries Howard Duffy of Mcallen is Barreda withdrew late Satur gov i nor of the South Texas Dis Day night. His withdrawal left a Friet. He addressed the initial Torney Robert Hernandez. Jess a session sunday afternoon. Also Lieck and Howard Metzger in the speaking were m b Hope of lace. Kingsville and Edmund c. Meter o Friday afternoon former Bachtol of Sueur Minn. I Brownsville mayor m. M vicars Ira. The. Vin. Of la. Son., pr.-, Quot bout the. La. Danor. Main problem of the Day which More and mrs. K. Let us sink atom visit Matamoras withdrew As a candidate for state that has Ever Tallen to rotary Hub of Matamoros representative from District 39 is Clear that wag to the visitors at a Din a. Place 2. His withdrawal left Nir said the soviet Union a will Nam Fuu Chi my Raj Nuu new in us it a it a a people and1 the premieres wife said general apr sunday night at the drive incumbent Maurice Pipkin and novel be the first to Start aids by a t0 Prfu event War and build among them thousands of amen disarmament would provide pro in in Matamoros. James l. Rentfro in the race urary the annual ant he or Miti up world peace How to prevent a can women Are coming to real to Tion from missiles and atom the conference began today All other candidates pad Lour urn., Moscow radio no Quot a Quot re a a hot la. Dorow a bomb she a i with a pan District Xor nor. Blue prow Toi the saturday �?��?�i/., a Ink atom lain is alone so said Pear i. The. Most a Warta of , Tor husband Tetra proposal or Akia at Tio atm d. D. Night deadlier a Roama of with the other weapons in the Dent desire of every soviet Man she said a new War could bring for a Summit Metag when the Monroe of Clayton n. M. off new flt a. Deepest part of the Ocean and woman and child she said the death and destruction into every 18-nation disarmament conference Ber of the program Pun rung j county demote live without weapons As Good soviet Union would like to return Home and every family in the opens in Geneva on March in committee of rotary inter nation Man

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