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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Brownsville, Texas Page 4 a Panda february 4. Ink amp it Brown Vilu a Independent Freedom newspaper founded on july 4. 1892. Pie he every thu Nova a except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspaper 1135 e. Van Buren St., Brown Avitie Texas Ameri Anskis Gatling yer Treeka we believe that aft men Are equal la endowed by their creator and not by any government with the gift of Freedom and that it i every Man a duty to god to preserve his own Liberty and respect the Liberty of others Freedom is self control no More. No less to discharge this responsibility. Free men to the Best of their ability must understand and apply to daily living the great moral guides expressed in the ten commandments the Golden Rule and the declaration of Independence. This newspaper la dedicated to furnishing information to our readers it a that they can better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage other to see its Blessing for Only Man uder stands Freedom and is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities in Harmony with the above moral principles. Second class postage paid at Brownsville Texas. Subscription rates by Carrier by week 40c. By mall in the Rio grand Valley per month is 70, per year $18.50. By mail up state or out of Texas per month is 95 per year $22 of. Why does Yarborough ignore seashore protests the chamber of com sure in fact sen. Gordon allot Nerce has stood firm on its of of Colorado said he had never position to the padre Island a seen such Quot frantic efforts to get t Oral seashore pin propos any Bill through committee. Heed by sen Ralph Yarborough said his conclusion was that if he and Secretary of the Interior Ste lived in this part of Texas head wart Udall. That s a pair for never quit fighting it. You the chamber has done Well to the senators Lunatic Bill. Pro continue its oppor Hon to this aiding $4 million to acquire Hun measure despite the pressure dress of millions of dollars put in by county judge Oscar Worth of land As a Federal Sand c Dancy. Incidental sen allotto pile is a vague outline which ibid group of South texans that j could deprive Texas of us tide a Ben the Hill went to his com Erskine Johnson lands dedicate the Island to Ever Mitten senator Yarborough con lasting wilderness and isolate the leniently neglected to present the Tom v.11.v counties from the of Opp Mhaas a. Joy virtually every major Cham tourist Trade. Jer of Commerce in the Valley them i a frantic Rush to Tot a a or he Hab it not a of my a this Bill passed according to a a it the senator member of the Senate committee we Hope he gets wind of this which held hearings on the Mea one. County super Market Peter Edson Trade act gives big argument George e. Sokolsky intense nationalism Marks today a goal Washington Nea the ,. 4 biggest Job before Congress this a Way there is excitement some one language for business help to unify ideas although a sear will be to balance the and Abou pro Outing some kind of a and politics As latin was once a thematic i symbols do a lob for vantages of president Kennedy so gone world and alway the Resit Universal Tongue in the West or the scientist who wherever he sweeping new Trade expansion Larice t0 ti1e stows More in aramaic in the East. There was May be understands the plus let program against its obvious in the will go Down As the a time French was the in Mark similarly musicians in disadvantages and come up with Era a intensified nationalism Versal Tongue of diplomacy but nearly All parts of the world can the right answer. 1th 104 nations actually Mem the United nations can no longer sooner or later read a score. A i this in a tremendously Complex Ber 0 top United nations. The expect French to serve and Dele japanese journalist May stumble Issue really understandable on indentation of Mankind rather Gate plug their ears to listen to Over Shakespeare hut a japanese in to Trade experts Congress will than top Union of Peoples is the interpreters in several tongues f idler can read Wagner or the want to hold extended hearings characteristic of the moment. I there a a time English Quot rhapsody in both Deal on the proposed legislation be ran recall half a Century was the Tongue of Trade but today with ideas. Fore acting on it. And everyone a a Man be Andrew Carnegie one must use whatever Tongue i is is a Likely to he affected by it will believed that their efforts were is needed to sell a safety razor or an old Friend of m1n#r Henry want to testify at length. So of bringing on a unified Mankind a sewing machine. Eichheim now Long dead. Used to Congress is Able to Complete its Ltha tribunal the league professor Pel. In his letter tit about the streets of Shang artion before the existing red-0 a Tiona and the United nations me. Makes a salient Point a writing Down the sounds he pro Cal Trade agreement act sex spam Iota existence with this Quot the fact that your son Learned heard. Eichheim could not a pins on june 30, it will be a main View j Prynch 5n Pho a d5d of make de stand a word of any dialect of a Frenchman out of him. A it chinese he was a musician a did a to permit him to com fiddler who spent the Leisure of i was a boy there was m.t1 rate the frenchmen. A retirement Transl iterating Chin much excitement bout the Poi Nelp i"1 a Quot rid a a o Puccini Nihi Lity at a single language Tor Polar be throughout the world do re or y the a. Hunt ugh etch no Sunrise that would Mankind. Tjit too has passed Sion of the existing new v professor Mario Pei who mj�1?1�?T a a Quot versalled an alien Tongue and for Ann fkr Stith know More about language than. . .0 anp1r a thereby made it a lost Tongue if Congress is unable to com plete action before that time. It should be mean Extension legislation for another year. With know More about languages than a a in rate a v postponement of the final dec most authorities writes me i Ion until of tar the november Quot so a a a Quot n t Cotton o inter we the me Otth t Quot St in to Quot Quot Quot to auctions National a understanding what i ,7 a partially Universal language is Ever the much Hel bored word / Quot it s Quot is t i we Quot Tor or. ,. Concerned. I could Quot jew it a Quot Kee Kwa in Dudro . In. Or Boston whom he Doe not even if the Kennedy program is enacted in whole or just in. ,. Or Unstan Winom new no a a a a not Al re with von More in . Wan rumanian and polish men�?T., uw�?o7r a a a a a 1 is or a a web it Quot Quot Quot t put into effect the Chance in pain. To Point Trade relation contemplated by ,h9t h a Quot Quot a i this program the pre Dent , rat a 01 Quot no it Quot rom ,0 which to Teof Fiato Rene in. Are there to indicate that approached Reata apically. It of i what Westerner. Be to Earl tons f so App inf and Mer. To Popaca af1 brotherhood piously has nothing to do with mandarin a dialect of chinese m,., t in Flynn Tkv or to of Man do not at All hinge on peace among my most Begger up Ken in the North but which an nut the Neco mated rho no a in links to r Friend Are some who Peak official needed to know anywhere orr<1 j the world language Assoria several languages and can curs and which Many could not speak the idea is to a a it a the Chanty on a a Par Antly the Wisdom in each. Their knowledge of Jan hut made their ideas known by a a err Annatk. Re Quot it . Recognizing that while no Conn Guage does not sweeten their at writing the characters on the existing Trade ton 1 fast la going to give up its own Tibiae toward each other the Palm of their hands with a Fin the Furo Nean common Market Hal traditional Way of express. Lingua Franca of each age or each in. Own internal changes in Tariff in it9 Fly a it j�1 raph1ra1 area la a Means of of mtg iwo. add a. Hiaam. Futlz of acc a Quot my ,0 Quot ,0 a a i1 Quot "u"11 but Quot l1&Quot tire until 1070. United states modern America Russia and and understood principally in countries where there is no reason for even a phase of cer of the question of language la wan culture another such Tongue Quot like from living life yer Start not and Ernp pin Thurman sensing changes might he geared to that for smooth transition. Administration official who have worked on this program a Tore attracted Uch a wide Ellen local custom. Wed Tele As the Cameron county Gen former. Etal store out at fort Brown. J Well if you re going to do How Many people will he draw things like this you might As had been in lights in Las Vee log the Federal Quot aureus food Well do them by go after All we and on the m the stage my it like what the Catcher says to owe of to ourselves you know ther Star of the hit musical the Pitcher mgt Odd knows. Who and there is nothing to fear but Quot a Vav Quot and the Story of go Psi a re they where do they come fear itself from who can know really it another can of spam please. These reports give Congress Hollywood a Nea a Mit de Quot that i let Jeff a a grandmother you Are a he said. Quot do your Lra i Green had been bom in a do most of the stage sitting Quot old press ions. Nurani i Vav a err . A trunk the daughter of the old grandma Rosie was Loving every with Jeff. Min was no Puah Cameron Ronty is get would take a staff of a Hundred vaudeville starring team of Joe minute of it. Or it 7 youngest of four children Drin thav year insist there Ting in o an a a pts finn a mgt in 0 Check them omit. Keno and Rosie Green. She had but it was later for Jeff than Horn to Mit i and movie director a no spa of a to tog the United re a Al r n�?T"1&Quot 1 h to a a a the Quot Neh he Quot a Quot 0� of tsp Jet toes Carr Aion a Quot Quot r Tomow Ify she to info la get. The by to tvs or bro., Trudia or. Of inn of Quot a my to but it. A. Hub a to c a a or to Horam she a hot a Mfd the a and re Al ,rn.,n r i. He retd a a part a. The i bet on the a vhf is 1 been a kid Star in films. Mitzi know exactly what she starring in the show in Las up a Pray to senile apr to opera in probing the sources of the Side the Academie Cie by or by id no is she had starred in a to series thought about it All. She told nne of the lads in the inn Between the two largest Quot no win Quot strategy and appease for a moment he says. A or May of what lies behind the Quot no win a and. More recently her name Jeff newsboy quartet became 111 Jeff lading areas of the world. Ment thinking current in Liberal be that we Ahall have to look eggheads mho want to muzzle the replaced him he had teen the Thi Aid to be for their in circles these Days. Congress Ward to a substantial separation nation s military leaders. The show so Many times he knew All Benefit of do Well to study the pub armed forces organization an la to convince the american Grandfather Joe was Quot a quoth a. Quot of Ute try world be Toni Laaied by the. Cd it a to. Trot Quot a it Wutoh they a. That la Immor with the. Tart of the. Mad a a it Romi a with the. Ear. Of a i Rah a a Conr Urt a Glutton crr d and and b�?T�?~n1 the Quot Quot a no it just did t a if your _. _ a a alive today you would be a Star Rose i get and june havoc a Girdy version starring Rosalind Russell is a Trad and eld programs of Juvenal in Haw betaine to. Al Quot red at in i Quot la my. Be Thiis or he i Quot thu Quot my my Chi a now Mitzi Green ordered a be to Man and played for six months 0na Ottha principal arguments and a Good introduction to the fore High cocktail and id that was the part of her life by Mitzi i reef or producer Mer Ald a n f d of Mawn temp and of Ida at that com out in Jike living my life All Over a was reliving it was Why she Vyn Teroy tested and cast Jeff we As nervous and reluctant about to la film. 0 j Back in the mid i iwo a. It vice its or fictions again say her words were Ahmit a third gone to the studio with curly 1 a fashionable for population ing a Are growing faster than generation in show bus new event paired Moon fared Jeff. When Jeff had acted one before in a experts to say the United states a thought and May add an which went All the Way Back to you Are bom in a trunk and Quot Wagon train directed by i was a mature nation who num other 30 million people by 1970, George m. Cohan. Hers were gradually leveling off. A to million. To a Fhi a a and. A 4 la a. It a 4m-m>ajk if Iny of those forecasters Are to brainwash the american people into giving of their arms to in International a peace Quot Force. And who would control each a changes is that labor and Man that in the article entitled. Well How Manv americans forc Yuliy b4�t or nip gement Are both constantly world . I a 1 Floral talker on Quot peace a Llota making adjustments in their own i Quot a 01 world Quot a Quot to to him their army Navy affairs to meet new conditions. I i in the Aimer number of the and air Force Over to the United _ markets change production Virginia quarterly review a of nations for example maybe spend Quot a Mir life in show9 business dad Quot the show in Tan and Jeff methods Are changed by Automa All places. Bere Are a few professors at the memories pile up. Cut out of the film it was f1ftn Quot rth development of now the author of this article. Prof Center Tor research in conflict _ the boys done to have time for r r r Mitri mid she did no to want tube Tough on dad who postponed Tell water rail. B Isle ass must there Kenneth e. Boulding is director Resolution who warn to do that the l. N. Pub my about a National a greens 9-Vear-old son a Pusher. Ing him until the Day of the for a flexible to stay alive of the Center for research in hut it is virtually certain hat the Quot ten High now to Stittle for Tyzz 2.�?� by my i a by a a a a Ltd Nam a i had a a Athar not a Quot a which amt Ltd a a. Conflict r,.alu�on am -h.r.a, _ they re too Busy revising last Donee Man in the film version of stage Mother Quot Mitzi said. A the grandma Row be had flipped a most naturalized citizens Are est a International View s or Boul dint a article in is the census Bureau a lust re years forecasts. Mitzi who had played was the Pusher Why i re Mem about that a and she already in prial1y zealous in expressing a in t a anneal for non resistance to the Palace at i had become a Ber one night he took me to a warned director i Rov an old hair a fad Amr an mtr 1 a. A. A nov i of _ r1�?T,n. Ai a a. Is Fujer wry n to who had danced in the chorus it How. During intermission he now no cutting room tricks changing rapidly. The Challenge in 01 a we russian Yugo at or Ghana Nisi imperialism. For George m Cohen and in than bed me Hack stage to the Vith Jeff a for added punch she to United states Industry Agri my 7\r dressing rooms not to share his Law told Lern a you know if Culler and labor is that they a a a a 2 id m. In Friend Triumph but to Intro Tois boy Grandfather Joe must meet fhe new Rood tons or nobody would bother waiting an the John Birch Moriety stage grandmother do a re a Jvn a Fred yet Jeff Wouk of get. By me la no a citizen a a in Man nervous Quot Mitzi laugh Quot show my Friend How Groat suffering for those who cannot or who a Mew prevent world do not make the adjustments a by i Vang virion the but the argument is that there i to deter communist of so much Mot to he gained by his argument is that making the change than there is the free world resolve its conflict i to be lost in the adjustment. The a Norm Worl j by to minimize hardship cases the peril Point and escape clauses 0 dear to the protectionists Are retained in the new Kennedy so they say atom bomb on new zealand. Ploys the whole ugly Arsenal of Thom As Ferguson of George slander and vilification. It of town ont explaining Why hell pose All respect for the Democrat move his family there. Tic process All respect for the in a a dependence integrity of a he neutrality is the right to be in judicial system of the United aligned but it is not the right to states be irresponsible a dangerously. Gov. Edmund g. Brown of Calif misleadingly irresponsible in the Omia. This perfectly incredible Arti knprngn1 in. In Zunni Tat Eek eee be a Ereea eee Eek a a Eye a a in a a a be 4rt Buchwald crossword Puzzle twisting on a floor world a sen. Kenneth b. Resting n. I face of the realities that can Well i fight because i love to fight decide the fat of the entire and Thi is a Good place to fight. The Twigt with All its ram Ifica a doing the Quot mess around Quot one of the men in our party _ former Franth officer serving fion a hit Paris m a bi8 Way with a Young Man a Bro who had become our manager on 5 to. ,t1 with Katan Gese forces in the nightclub that were dying have Nett pushed her aside and Start the spot shouted Quot get Back p., 2 world. For example he Saya that. Led of idled productive capacity unilaterally defended a having the free nations abandon their sovereignty. The argument put Forward by or Boulding is garbed in the of the academic French Guiana anti of to prov Lous up ext r Congo against the u. N. Been saved by the craze student de dancing with her partner. Down on the . Who were planning riots have the blonde did no to like this so do a Ltd . Yur a in a Rem to mor Thor Honal state ,. Is no longer a 1 but 11 inc Ata Refl caused by import Competition. A is the events and decisions of the the american people cannot de a postponed them in favor of the she started dancing with some All left us and we crawled Back next to month May Well decide nerd on the present two part danc. Lha fat cultural vacuum one else partner Quot like she did to the table in disgrace. Tho Fate of Man for the next to system which Nav Footsie under 0 France has been filled by last summer a and the party of is is con years ,. We in this Hall shall the table with the lives fortunes american Rock a no Roll favourites the third part came Over to our be remembered either a a part of and destinies of All of us and for the moment the town table and dragged one of our l few per it required to hold hearings on Dent Republic called the United 0 twist of men on the floor and insisted he it 0.&Quot. . Married to hardship rasp As at present states of America does no to make dance with her. The generation that turned this a Michael j. Quill. New York Dopson 1 know whether to a new Chubby checker. Apr opiate As a form of Organiza j Hon for the kind of technical society in which we to Plain the Tariff commission would he English that Means the ind Epen trip table. Planet into a flaming funeral pyre transport workers president overthrow the government. A r. Or. That met it vow a to ave calling for formation of a a is is a in the meantime we ordered a Ltd a Quot a hoping no would be Given discretion to succeeding generation from the tonal i Ihor party and a we done to know How they do the drinks but each waiter who tried a on Wolt it a Knock us off the apply Tariff Relief tax benefits or Scourge of .�?� Tonali Safion of All transport twist in America but in franc to bring them was caught in the a air. Out everyone avoided adjustment assistance on a Broad a president Kennedy before the Tion facilities in the it s. United nations. F american our officers told us the i Arad and mined a. i non a or n i Jim chewing soldiers spoiled by Vojt of Money. The moral from port but what goes on behind morning. 1 it a pfc Peppermint. Workers might become eligible tvs dinner and unwilling to fight top to Bottom from Washington the dance itself it was probably our own fault i in a for the new government adjust a he the. Row rum but t0 smallest Hamlet is grab the other night for example because we Yere staring Tooa a what you can. We went to the Hub St. Hilaire hard. But someone swung a hip they Are Tough warriors a Julia Khrushchev wit of the one of the Hest twist temples in 1� out jaw knocking us off our a a former East Berlin Herder russian Leader in a Magazine Paris. The floor was covered Ainoi. Rolled on the floor ind would report to the president sense in the present state of the world. What he desires is a Quot True Lite something to watch. It Lsne a stomped and his body ,r,r,.j�?�ur. Industry basis to single compan lust the gyrations of everyone was recovered it was carried to Quot you had Only stayed on the or f0 Jingle products. A Are infected Poison i a Axle that makes the twist the rash Register to await a com it re01,1 m d in d there Are no estimates of How lined by the mad our touch an interesting spectate Munraj waiters Mineral in the j�?T�?T1 1�?T�?T 1 Annm have Nutten you Many companies or How Many guard who defected to the West article. Questions and answers a Are there Birds that do not a die world first Long Dis hav a Wishbone tone Cal on Waya made a mom flightless Bud plea from Brantford to Paris Ontario ass the Ostrich Emu re and Canada on that Date Texas wary Lack or Only have of a Stigal remains of a Wishbone a a who first wrote of a trip to a the Moon a a wha american poll Titian a Iai Cian of fam Fata a was known by the nickname greek philosopher in a. D. Iro Quot the Kingfish Quot Quot a Huey Long of Lyntis Lana. Quin what year was toe Chi a new Republic established q is unique about the a in 1912 China became a re Gass lira tree Public As the Manchu dynasty a the leaves take on three Dia a overthrown by chinese a Tinc Tive forms q Why it the Date auf. 19, it important to telephoto biliary Lina gusts led by or Sun Yat sen q do bats a Soma of the Northern Bat do. Other Hub Errata. With wrenching perspiring bodies holding our head so nobody would and three of our party were Stop on h. When w e discovered trampled to death just trying to a Young thing rolling in time with get to our table. The survivors j it on the floor. Were placed a few inches from the floor. If you Are seated near is is is the dance floor at eve level a a that a it a she said. A a you be they re doing the twist invented a new step a there is always a Good Chance of we tried to get up and she got losing an Eye tip a the same time but the first thing we noticed wow up knocked Dow again she shout the flub St Hilairo dance Down too not missing a afer was that there were More heat. Women than men on it. Apparent another girl realizing that we in the girls Uke to do the two wry a doing something different More than men do. Or maybe pushed the other girl away and they re not a tired at the of a the started rolling a few feet the Day. The second thing we a Ltd from us. Noticed was that no one was this time w e stayed Down for a quite sure who was dancing with count of nine and then tried to whom in the twist you Are not get to a Neutral Corner hut some Sun posed to touch your partner ones knee caught us in the Hack and in Many Case the French and we were Down again. Girl. Feel this give them a License we finally got up All the to Dane with whomever they girls wanted to twist with us Damn please Only we did no to know How to do it a noted on Lovely Blanda who i standing up. Ment assistance. To there a no estimate of Bow much it would Cost govern ment officials aay Hov Cever that they will not for Blank Check world is is a rut what about the Fate of the United states in a time the communist Empire is Bent on conquering from the Bingle of rout beast Asia to the islands of the Caribbean or Boulding does no to even say How Wear to Stop the russians and red Chin of kiss 44 stud tree i immense 45hsbrewtrib# lore of Rich 48 Kur Iun Annuli cover Plant French Guiana 51 hebrew Racettc 71 to Moua m occupant penal a a a 55 arcaded Bridge closed in 1944 5# to tur is Small apace 67 lofty 14 mortgagee Down 15 snare i acting by turns 1 i Mariner 5tnf, is mend dome Eurof la Noua suffix 3 Mea aur 22 dinner court 20 Vara Gians 4 Borough a 2s intellectual h note 21 ski 6 note in Guido i 24 jeers encounter 25 number Avale 25 lateral part 4-1 a re Nam 28 Budge holding a River currents m Geraint a Wolf 45. 92 unsuitable 7 win. Color 27 Bell l _ a upor is Asiatic kingdom 8 lubricant 34 moslem Coin a permit i Imi in ennui 35 seed coating 38 whirlpools 38 tip 29 Church part 47gaaeoua so delicacy element 10 heavy blow is enthusiastic 49 Light Brown 11 roman ruler ardor 60incorporated 12 Oriental coins 37 Liaa ome a 19 Early English 36 photographic 62 iniquity _ a author Ltd to Piv Tarn Phr 9nt Van v a Quot Quot Quot will submit ,Ri�a pro Pool a Quot by a Quot ral a Quot a i Quot a i Hay a a a or en., to ,0 a Quot 1��?T Quot a Gross. The Groat danger Here however i that the Mere availability of Eurto funds will induce Many inefficient operators to file claims for damage from import Competition. Ieese a a a a Little Liz Ever look at the meat counter at the supermarket and wonder Why one Type of meat is so much redder than another. For example Why is beef Darker than pork the color of meat is due to the amount of he Mog of in in different animals. Cows have a greater a mount of Besag vote qua pigs do. What used to be an itch is an Olle Fly but if you re broke it # a till on itch that seeks to abolish our Liber ties or. Boulding is no Bent on resolving conflict at any Price that liberties sep not to concern him the plan advanced by or Boulding is on which Calls for the United state to turn its Mill tar Force Over to some vague International Force he suggests a a font organization of the a Tor armed forces of the world a then he assert that a once this had been accomplished a major i systems change is under Way. It is the organizational disunity of the armed forces of the world which constitutes the real Throat to humanity understand that i clearly or Modding does no to say i that the communists a the i Throat to humanity. No a find i the disunity of the armed Tercel a to be the threat. Casting a. Tit of 3 of of 5 a i or or Tarn to r ii i r 15 _ 17 of or 20 i 21 22 23 i 24 it 26 27 2t 29 30 31 it 33 34�?o 35 36 a Quot. 37 via a a w it 42 7t inn 4b 49 50 51 52 53 or 55 _ 56 57 us la a in 1 t Quot is Esq aph ski Lui Assn

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