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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Irr Lull in Aerial strikes on North a Iet continues it in inv it ugh be outgunned marines kill 56 Cong As ground War resumes Saigon u outnumbered trois battled Cong near it a i to heavily s Marine a entrenched \ lot Nang today and killed 56 of the a on military spokesman the fighting near Village erupted As the i necks resumed full operations for the fir since the Christmas be by sending three full be animist reported qua be Ila father scale time e fire balloons into the Field \ m a r i n e battalion runs from 1,200 to 1,500 men the two Marine patrols were operating about seven Miles South Southwest of the major t. S. At Danang 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon i s and vietnamese planes also have resumed attacks on Viet Cong positions in South \ my Nam hut there have been reports of a the \ lot Nam bombings in once the cease no no fire \ military poke Man said a we have received no instructions to Lay off bombings of the North but by the same Token we have received no orders to commence bombings a in the Mekong Delta a Viet Cong terrorist posing As a recruit smuggled two bombs into a Barracks filled with trainees and exploded one causing heavy loss of life the second bomb designed to kill Rescue Crews failed to go off military Security prevented publication of the exact number of dead and wounded a 21-2 ton truck Aff Ying troops of the i. S army a 1st infantry division later in the due struck a mine in Bing Duong province about a Al Miles North of Saigon. Details were sketchy but a u s military spokesman said a a heavy casualties were feared the Barracks blast occurred at the Headquarters of the government s 9th infantry division in Sade about til Miles Southwest of Saigon in the it of must do mated Mekong Delta military Security prevented the release of specific casualty figures among the undisclosed number of recruits caught in the explosion As they slept. There were no reports of casualties among us army advisers in a nearby compound at Sade \ Christmas pause in the air War against communist North Viet Nam continued today. There has been no reported air a Tivin Over the North since Christmas ave. When c s and South vietnamese forces began observing the 30-hour yuletide ceasefire. Is. Spokesmen declined comment on the Lull or when or whether attacks against the Hanoi regime would by Rene w de both bombs planted in the Sade Barracks were of the Claymore mine variety the first exploded about 50 pounds of High explosive and i he second was set to Send thousands of lethal steel pellets ripping into survivors and see vat twi Page 8 via i t mount in Affifi pm trim Mummy Nam it j a the truest end of life is to know that life never ends. Death is no More than a turning of us Over from time to eternity. A William Penn a a v a c a your Freedom newspaper o i of of father partly lowly Yorth East winds i for High 72 vol. To no. 1.52 dial i 2-4331 Brownsville Texas monday december 27, 1963 Vin pages Price of traffic kills 721 county dads wont endorse padre Island land contract in deadliest Yule by i Lilied press Intel National two months of hip bloodiest thursday until Midnight Sun tile nation Sot a a Black fighting of the War in South Day record of 721 \ let Nam it was barely Khz traffic 721 Christmas traffic fatalities during the less than half the total of three Day Christmas Holiday american deaths in action since More persons than had died the Start of the vietnamese Over any other Holiday period conflict on record the i rut of press inter nation the final total was greater a1 count of fatalities during the than the american death toll in 78-hour period from 6 p in Texas violent death toll 95 by i oiled press International Holiday traffic beat a deadly Tattoo into the Texas Holiday weekend today pushing Road deaths steadily upward a i tilted press International Survey that started at 6 p in thursday dec 23 showed 95 violent deaths in Texa. Ini id my 52 from traffic eight in fires 2s of deliberate hmm fides and seven hum Ella Neou accidental deaths some of the deaths had sat rime twists in the Valley. 19 year old cd Shotts of Donna stopped to help a Motorist he thought was in distress she got out of his unto in Pharr another Auto came along and struck his opened Dom Hahin. Him 3 1 to 4u feet arid in in r j him in fort Worth a policeman was Laking a complaint Call on the Telephone when he heard shots at the callers Home. Gerald lame Roget found Fatalis to a hit Hie. L l Ward Floyd Conley 29, was found dead Bride his Auto near the Rogers Home five la Al lips Horn Herr Christmas f Ive b have been a list of Munfor their Butin the Christi the five born at met Dux beg i no ii last of then minute b f was Over it the Texas department of Public safety has predicted to texans will die in traffic be fore the Long Holiday period ends with the conclusion of new year s weekend. Otic up i 59 o Vav i or. Amt mrs Rexi Ialyn Hilo. A son 230a Roost Vel Ai 7 19 pm or and mrs Juan to a daughter 9u0 a a pm fat 08 p in or and mrs Dan child d Slighter. 3305 Boca j 2 45 p in Charr kills area youth pm Arr Edward k Chott is of Donna was injured fatally in a car pedestrian mishap Here sunday night he died a 9 Gnu let m in m Mien municipal. Hospital. His death brought the 196.3 Val lev traffic fatality toll to 79 Pharr police identified the Driver of the car involved in the pedestrian death As lose Ledesma or 21. Of Pharr authorities said Holt parked his car on East u s Highway s. Near the Cactus drive in the Ater to go to the Aid of another Motorist Ile was Hias he opened the door of the is ailed Lehi Cie Chott was knocked 40 feet by the Impact. Hospital attendants said the teenager suffered head and Chest injuries he was hit at 6 25 pm Pollee listed the address of the victim As 424 s. Main in Donna investigation is continuing funeral services will be held at t p in wednesday in the Stet her i Uncial Home it impel in Donna inducted by the Rev Ernest Lime pastor of the first Baptist Church Donna burial will lie in Donna Ceme the youth was native of hit ago Iii and had been a resident of Donna for five Yea it Ile is survived by his Mother. Mrs Clara Bott of Donna three half Brothers Gerald Papiol of Harlingen and Rudolph and Harold Chott of Illinois two Osier mis Melvin Johnson <4 Dolton i. And mrs Joseph Minerv to of can ago Ridge 111 one half sister Helen Witt of Illinois and his grandmother. Mrs Vernon Myton of port Huron Mich fires ii planes 5 miscellaneous Al total 8 1 late reports of fatalities sent the death count morning pud the previous ill time Holiday record of 7l i traffic deaths set during the 193fi four Day Holt Day this year s Holiday period was 21 hours Shorter the 1956 Holiday had been called the Black Christmas because of its record Holiday toll that title now belongs to this year Christmas weekend by comparison 716 amen cans died in South \ Iet Nam from of in this veal to dec 20 from Jan i. 1961 until dec 20. 1965 1.546 Merit is have died in action in South \ let Nam Only 104 More than twice the weekends traffic toll Texas led the nation with 52 traffic deaths reported during the Holiday period it Losev followed by California with 51 Ohio had 4� Only Alaska. Hawaii Montana and South Dakota had a record of no Highway fatalities twelve pet mins died when a san t ram Isco bound greyhound bus skidded off an icy interstate Highway near rogue River. Ore Early Christmas eve \ lunar Auto collision near Sublette Kau claimed mishap near Buffalo Minn Nunda v the worst fire of the Holiday took the lives of eight persons Early Friday when a Blaze swept m a pal Anent House in Newark. N i Fin Liol \ Iliin critical a a a vote set on id tax a a a or a Cameron county commissioner voted today to submit the qui lion of authorization for the county to Levy a tax of five cents per Sumi evaluation for advertising county to voters on Jan 28 the approval of the election re pie i came after Clyde Fincher of san Benito said he had a petition with at least 250 names asking that the county join with Hidalgo county in advertising the \ Alley to tourists and Industrial developers Fincher Anil Carl Gibbons s fellow member of a committee that had let Oen winking on he idea originally started by i he \ Aih y chamber of Commerce. Spoke to the commissioners court and after Assurance that the commissioners would not lie Ivy and i Cage 8 99-year term stymies pact by Ray Murphy that the commissioner a court is not consulted on these Cameron county commission things Tell the a St a mute and ers court voting 3-2. This morn when the Park Bnard want something done they take us eating Bon. Wen till sergeants released by Cong charged with nit and or Marti Bury of 124 Mcdavitt in critical condition t Meres Honnila after w ill nah \ Okinawa up two cd. T s my sergeants freed by the the Coin in in isl \ let Cong last distil month and who later were the critical of american involve Smith men in Kiel Nam hav i rep to spec Chatta treed Bordel or t be Alay of to at Kingston Box physicians worke boy for seven hours tor the 66 p Rush fondant at Alverce Hospital Sav his condition is very critical i he shooting occurred off old port Isaiah Road near i o in a Alta. According to Depute shei Iff Nom Bryant no Char grime been filed in connection with the shooting i Alley due More mild ii eat Lier mild temperate is and partly Oudy Kies Are forecast for tie next three Days by the i s veal her Bureau highs of 72 arid boxes of 49 Legreco Are predicted in the of Wuh aiding the in is military come Sod today two Are sgt Georg of Chester a a. 5 Claudeah in Moog. Penn they nov 2s at the camb after two vent ral once ii nothing to Viet Nam join non to returned the army i ate on the whether Simi ire into a statement i it hurdles on jus would lie e men for a apr and Del Venn g certain Dot s and writing interest oth it the nation ? High sunday mis 71 degrees a Alpine. Texas my Miami. A the love sex a s a Belove Zero a1 Broadus and even town alone Hibbing. Minn. Still has 32 a in he of Snow on the ground military a said Char against the furnishing Kiel con statement Cal to the states the statement in and Mcclure were a alleged dealing communist Ca plot statements attrib in a Noe 30 ice in phenom sued it pm in and ing declined to endorse t h e it minty Park Board s 99 year d0\vn to the Island and wine and lease with a new Orleans de dip us and expect us to rubber eel Ope r who says he wants in stamp these proposals put a High Rise apartment and a a think the commissioners other improvements on 77 acres court is the policy making a nov of county property on padre is 0f this county and i think this land is just a Case of the Tail wag although the commissioners gig the said Thomae. Court in effect disapproved the j it Mitchell the Only a lease already executed by the drop Island resident who spoke Park Board. County atty. F. T a the meeting told the court put Graham already has said luf it or Aleanese. Hut i like he believes the lease is a valid the people of Cameron county one better. I think it would be a the vote was taken on to Ftp thing if somebody won by lion of the lease s chief oppo come Down there on the Island nent. Adolph Thomae or of san Nhoi the people who can t Benito and a second by Tony afford a $25-$30 a Day hotel or Tamayo of Brownsville Motel room acting against accepting the Park Board contract were Thomae Tamayo and Guy Leggettsr of Harlingen on record As favouring the proposal was ted r Hunt of port Isabel and county judge Oscar c Dancy j after impassioned pleas by county Park Board chairman i Ygnacio Garza. Oceanographic i development inc., atty c s i Kidman or. Firm president lax j albeanese or of new Orleans and Park Board member John a. Jones or of la Feria the commissioners court vol cd to go recently brought in a flaming into executive session in discuss Bonanza Gas strike collapsed in the matter further the Choppy North sea some 40 executive session Miles offshore today a 20-minute executive session firs reports said that 40 did not change i he vote align technicians inc luding a number Merit voiced earlier by the three of americans had taken in life members of the court who had boats opposed the lease a week ago at Lead two Rescue ships veer the major Bone of Contention standing by still was the 99-year term of the preliminary reports said one �?oi"1 in it Quot a finals lease and this was the subject ship had picked up one dead. M Iii d to Elam army Headquarters f most 0f to open discussion three seriously injured and 14 Tao Merit or say tor the Ryukyu islands said a Thomae insisted he had seen other Crew members from the ii h and Airt Ute Levo week investigation was nothing of a financial statement Rig Ienena on Okinawa it inducted into he conduct of Edher it a the firm or its presi the Quot sea Gem drilling Tig Only that they were the two sergeants which d it a Ibe anese operated by British pet Saba loin kota1 wan ants the pet tearing of John c Jones of la Feria a sent a radio distr ter leaving Ambo charges in violation of the docs not maintain i inform code of military of m uss i on Krs court Clealo Fincher left and Carl lib were sin 11 ssi us today Iii their Effort to obtain court approval of a vote would authorize tile county to advertise the Valley for tourism and in a. At Light Lay Lebeane mar. Of new Orleans argues for his plan of opulent of i �?Ta111. Maud which failed to receive commissioners court sement. Herald photos they Are the people who see contract Page _ offshore Oil i Ltd Colla pcs Grimsby England i pm a a lug offshore nil Rig w h i cd aiding enemy with the lulled slate has diplomatic relations Ann from Hie War in i lined states and said thee would the australian embassy in movements when phenom penh handled their Eurn All that it in United Malar Isis take operated a sent a Radii member of the Park Board As wa1 collapsing sure Thomae the Park Board the Rig was perched on Stilt. Justice Active 104 aiding the Kjad it Ati Floc themselves of at More than 40 Miles off the Enfa in Bernese a a solvency and Good Humber River Estuary in the Smith held f their not Foi a Cordel a lip possible our martial credit it bulges were Pief ened dec the people who Alp lending i Anil Zinther investigation is up Morive asked that the lease being conducted to determine or set up for said whether Thev should be i the tin to toe in Robem patrol department v patrol car n in them on j be caul on scat belts Holiday Drivers i who know tray lie it Hie High it de of Garza milked or Smith and Mcclure my be nought a court martial a a pin 1s not primarily a profit spokesman said making venture but that his in Smith and Mcclure were Crest is basically in Oceano when graphic research and develop Merit Thomae again raised the Point captured nov 24 196.3 Hie abet Cong overran the ump Hoa is special forces amp 27 Miles Northeast of Saigon c in North sea it brought in a Gas strike in october fro sounding Al nut feet to Elow coast guard lifeboats helicopters took off to he develop assistance of the toppled r to and the Rev n i 59 Fulvo soil amp a wre fire loss $750,000 yesh 1 in. E d. 1 at $750 Ihm Tut dealt sex seven Down 5 apart my Don pm do came into the newsroom looking a out Hull Sci i to f you feel Heller Hun it in a look a said Hie id i it Lur a Al least a said the Don morosely Quot Senor lion Pete is a Lull looking it Only dentally. I _ _ Senor Don Pedro feels As it Galveston Eire chief Vav. J Hen he swallowed Santa a heard Dors on said so firemen and a1 a ast night and ii is Helling in but one piece of fire lighting Mill Adios quo pm in Aud oui iut Wei. Can. I Siliati for the Galves department said the Esle was a conservative one answered Carrier Pilot safely plucked from sea Hope troupe sees Jet explode Lerona likened exploded open but for 30 Susie Tim tilled minutes they were aft my i hat t h another american Hud tree Etas the Carrier Aud its escort destroyers. Be Tinter iou an the. I in by i ii i t ill Swanson scoured the Waters a it a frightening it i frightening a a said actress Joey Heath of on she had end railed when the plane exploded with or blinding Sheet of flame a Brot Al thin. A Quot pulled from let he Therton i an min Hind planted a big Al on tinned most Worth i a he a of mope and i East had boarded the Carrier late sunday Atter performing for i s. Servicemen at a am Rahn bae. Girl trying to Tai Friend fuds in jail a is Aco a Rosalinda Ca Nile of a Allen attempted to keep police from arresting her Boyfriend on a disturbance charge Early today and ended up in jail herself booked for interfering with an officer patrolman Webster /. U n a said he was called to the cafe of Constable Rodolfo de la Pena where the Constable had Guadalupe Hinojosa under a test Fot disturbing the Ca c de la Pena asked Azuna to take Hinojosa miss Stop the a grabbed in let the to he come j Day. Brist Mas i h Ashling list Ursoi asked to the Arelli officer to attempted to Ozuna said she pm and would t to were released t Ai % a in. To i Lull to addresses of the winning entrants in the Rolan hits Mas lighting contest were an bounced today i he top two display in he modern division Are located across the Street from one another on i an fax Street first place went to 2 15 i air lax while the display at 204 i an tax took second thud place Winner is located at i hit am Wood first place in the biblical Calegory was awarded to Ilia display Al 15 Rentfro blvd second Al 1224 Poplar and third at 1114 Bel Thair. The displays Are required in be lighted for the last Lime to. Night from 7 until to o clock. A total of ski in Pri a Mon sex and plaques will he presented to the winners at a i Luvurt hour club meeting. I

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