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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Brownsville, Texas Men Quot lie is the Ber of who dislikes Poilu it a Mohammed vol. 78�?no. I 17 born on the fourth of july 1891 weather Cloudy and warm Runty winds High 83, Low 72 copyright 1970, Freedom newspaper stranded Are flown by a in Force housing Survey proposed Saigon a Pic the . Were rushed air Force brought in a Fleet of the 747 Austin up a the Texas research league today called for a Sample Survey c 7 Homes As the first Stet in a to Vietnam after program to facilitate housing i own planes today to a �?z�2?e1u?d to arrive construction and prevent slum a Jeriean Dis Home for us in failed to arrive development Mas after the South a foot Brerry ret i47 Quot Ould have James w. Mcgrew. Executive ref. In i be first 747 to land in director a prelim Emea to South Vietnam. Bur the flight Nan report in a study of Texas airways 747 Tigo ass a a a Quot a government a chartered Mese allow can i land at Ian son Nhut military sources said the last to of the temporarily stranded gis there with airbase government refused permission for Law changes to Quot be Quot consid land at Tan son Nhut recommendations jes to be considered when the 62nd legislature forced 04? as5 pm it Rob con vow in january. Nhut Tho senior had asked the transact no laldl11? stray nonprofit Quot research of a f a -i41s right now for jumbo lets up Wop to make an in depth study 747s a a South vietnamese 0ivh states housing situation spokesman said. A the air strip an Fortt Nate proposals for should be modified to be f3 a to lev on How 10 meet suitable for them a housing needs. A flt men Canu officials gave what it recommends a a i. So nth Ltd negotiations the preliminary report today i n the Saigon government but called for Uno final sources said pan am a barging statutes which pro Neci to get rights for Hibit construction of Public hous regular commercial 747 jets to my on land cleared in Urban the a n say a renewal projects. Texas is the i be same sources said the Only state with such South vietnamese reds Shell Ashodian positions a restrict phenom Phonh i i cambodian command said nay met Cong and North v uth vietnamese government ton v of Ria Mese units bombarded was trying to get pan am to do report said Many Dis a mood j Ai positions slight a �?~<1t videoing of the runways peace families and Low income More than seven in by from at Tan sir shut before it would Parsons. In general have diff do win own phenom penh sunday or if to Anding righty for 747 s tilt finding Homes and Home r a the or is scheduled to boards tos because of spiralling land nmn piques from pm for the flight Home had of ousts j1 to Viet Cong gunners shelled put 011 dress uniforms sunday Urban renewal land with in Nang am base and a nearby and Cere read to to vast written Down Mav offer the s tonne unit and terrorists taken by bus to Tan son Nhut Onk poetical Sites for replace bomb near a Saigon Fri it of no Binh. Is Miles North Menf the report said of Sagon air Force officials legislation to give counties command said Sand they were not taken to the a 11 Bority to control the presently unregulated subdivision de a incorporated i ret off a rail Varro the i american troop strength \ a dlr in decreased by another get no confirmation the 4 my men last week and gave coming i base 6 of president Nixon a withdrawal program a head f t in air base when officials mildly unregulated 47 was Vei Ozment m to command servicemen r zone As of est since the said 339 200 were in the pee. 17, the week end be Coy. Smith still Bucks buying Isle pres i w. Be rim 22, where there were j7 too Cis in Vietnam. The Nixon administration plans to troop strength to a maximum of a non men Between Jan i and May i 5971 Al fire Cambodia n command Smith today a d the communist mortar a checking the a tack was of team Kriha orig on the East take to Block use of state Bink of the Mekong River Fonds to by a Park site on mus windows rattled in the capital Tong Island is four an Bodian t2 bom the governor hers bombed suspected \ i Ong pots a Ion it Onha one areas of larks Vuth Orio protect Jot. Of both the individual s and the Community so to. Welfare and safety through the use of building and Nous no codes stops at limit lines a the thew the authority to control sub Standar i conditions a a a new Laws to require any surplus Bouses sold 22 pages daily 10c a sunday Ute court upholds voting at 18 Washington administration supreme court . Fat to a Ision lowering the qualifications. T"8 age 10 18 m National the Nixon elections for presidential s Jet opera Dve passag of the Mea. I congressional candidate he to on a West Tut ional grounds held that state Vontina u f c0u�?~n was 111131111110115 on but was required to defend it is continue to Gin pm z of urge in the High say a a a is Era Nisi so delve eng the Prev Long a a att jul a b3n mercy i the in Sticks v Oro in in f Oregon and Texas asked the the court acted in last agreement to upholding to a .02ta.re he a i a a a a a a before taking a Holiday other key sections of the Law one striking Down state residency rules of beyond 30 Days for voting in presidential elections land the other Banning throughout the country literacy tests for voting. Black said that where Congress attempted to remedy racial discrimination by the states authority was enhanced by the 14th amendment s guarantee of Eola Protection of the Laws and other past civil War amendments. Imort minor 7,----, arc me we Fulg a Roll Nav a of till unconstitutional invasion of the recess. It returns monday Jan. Is of the Law right of states to set voter la. Bob Baker must serve his term Washington c Lii be Carousel Motel in Ocean cd to n�1�?� today rejected the court s denial of Baker s but he said Congress had no a a Bobby n or App is came As the Washington foundation in the civil War j1poet that Baker had amendments for changing the 2tt, ?�?� who was emerged from a Long period of voting age for the states. And rel3,Lve pro act to develop a 2s Story condominium at Ocean on the other hand legislation the Quot Bri a a a on the voting age in National amp a former a Lye costing about m elections where Congress has l-john50n the More Power need not be tied to of eat Cik eliminating racial i scam a must lion he said. City report said nes and the county lacks that a 1 i v j i jl4 i. I i a ill Brown meter hotel was a blisters it marred and gutted the main Entrance to building the it tis. Smoke filled infer Penthouse e of the comply in building by these stairs were impossible h ors of the a Mihili Zimm mortar a no in a Ca Ciu against the ullage v 10 see what further Steps he Taole Tondani inh a / in it on n i a it t a l to a . I. A Alt and Vaiuta of a around a go. _ said he a lm101c agencies or Nim my Bise a very a bought up to an to of dment Sam Lacy housing a report said some old Brut 1 ires sold by government groups Are moved to new areas he Side City limits and instant a nip a fee of the fort noon when two men perished it Pex Ufele o a be come a Blaze said that attempts to exit the. F Complex bum due to smoke and intense. Pit old Quot Thih Man l6aped 10 safety from a second store beat. I no survivors were taken from an outside bal Balcony. Herald the fort Brown Bla elections where Congress has b Johnson the Post quoted Baker As _ protege who now lives in saying m an interview that the Start pm vow o i.4, soon Neu Structure would be adv Erm of Jacent to his Motel four justices William o ?4.Baker according to the Post Douglas William a Brennan refile j i con Vic Lon the . Planned As a first step in the a Syren r. White and calf Back of a development to sell the 77 Thurgood Marshall said the of ill ? judge units in the Carousel 18-Vear-old vote Law should a a hot w i to Dpi Terrry a div dual condominiums have been extended to state evidence was Post said Baker declined and local elections. Ii tainted by illegal to discuss other chief Justice Warren r. R a matters in the interview a i m Burger and justices can m eld pan Roc 5m Harlan Potter Ham Ai a. Stewart Blackmum create also chided the it two Parks and wildlife Counnis team sinners he has asked to either resign or drop plans for the. Quot a Turing the trailers a pvt part to a by Dia. Park Purcha get near Corpus 7 toting of. Legal stand it own and said vie t on Quot Christi Are a Mobil Homes to include forces blew up another by a a Neitli re. Provisions for a Quot a Bank inc ii a a a a a Quot fit a nun >1 j the b i enl som the the the. Canmqrtste01?� St a a i ? 0l.s for Kcf cute the mad fur a Moh my or \ uniform construction in he a i a a 2�?o�l k a a my Unur Ana s factory Burh hse and 1, fort Donicz opened the door punch liar components blown hotel apartment Complex and smoke poured into a he he in place anchoring the Jhun me i i is ter investigators Are combing blackened ruins of the East win a month. Cutting off Access to Cambodia s ooh Oil refinery. It col a rom the cambodian Mill said the Blo to Bridge w Walath. 45 Mih Souther us Nom penh the weekend Battles communist troops were killed Shore error s office they chose to in is components. The refill said further study noon official St Eta r a a i if1, 7 la -&Quot"b7tny bad a talc Hub a and Swaetman a John Tver and the fed my Effort league a lied Congress could not interfere i t h the age set for voters by the states for non Federal elections. The new Law now becomes operative Jan. I the 18-year-old vote was brought to a direct supreme it our test because it was. W�swdn8hetstm the if1 lx�?~0n Behms a up Lep Ladon Quot a More Quot s Creon a amp a la a a use k it. Here draw out process of a p g Der the door and students went after some Cor i t Tationa amendment re Eesa d Monda that ratify. Action by smelled smoke and opened states i. The court dec than business matters in the hearings and ruled in the negative the n pm a pics and i done to wan and appeals court then affirmed the 10 set a Voivod in politics a the newspaper quoted him Knuever Black hat june a a 1970 Baker operates the Plush say ing As arise still up j by probed Okinawa rioting strains relations lev who burned Folb tax nearly is american care and a firing shots d by officials at 7 a a for an inventor of the of if sen. I it wer wanted that in it housing Stock by or get cop of two t0 be a state Park to could Hae it geography Al areas which Siy just extended padre Island sea the report suggested the gov Ere killed Shore that s a National error contract with a Suiwen Emmen Troon. Lost six j a go vet that a said he Bel eve exarch firm to conduct a Sam Al an<1 1 wounded Towel Republican May have plot it study including 5,000 on site do ame on Highway 4 is a hand in the Quick approx . Also recommended s. Interiors h s1a1<�?~wide program of con application no ilk Dot Ata collection on hous. Matching funds for conditions be report Suea tested legislators appropriate a Iamb Ririe l>0 of annually for the Contin an 1 be is Bel fond an Low be a use the rom Muai planted by the i cont no to sabotage i department on our line a am Rong for Fedora the Paik Purchase Hells command in Saigon Smith contends Fede Tai off Ai or tit land Ltd a a a it Ion i moist ii taking the lives of two a a it aun forced open the a i to each inflicting damage Spring door to tile Balcony and that a Moke la of estimated at $.50 my Kyj. 8 escaped the room a a a i a a Josman Lungi ithe gives of Donicio said a so that he and coming up the stat a a w Job a Nama so Galvan in. Of the other Man shouted Hack into am browned and Ochoa foe room for the men Sti l in 1 u it r 20 of port Isabel. A Side but got in be sense j2lhfi5 1 a would a both men were in the thud Domicio and Charlie Gal an 1 thud ikk1\ in hat by Story Penthouse Section when were rescued from the pout a h so he the fire broke oui. Apparently House Balcony by by amen using k1 g. In n in a Linen closet on the opposite a ladder. Balcony to the by f3th7 a it it Quot bulk Quot Quot a a president of the and ump a a ,0 0,her men escaped the student Bod of Valley Central two by College was also watching a reason the v he Shine died smoke Lee e with All that Aid today. Revai the Sun Ike in n the if i t and Eor have of Jen Alrea Builtin a vote. Up the school at a . Air Force by a the on Okinawa could bring on my in Means further strained relations be to ates must tween the United states and officials from but three their voting procedures Japan into the air but Illy Sun needed in awaken a up More , w to took the streets rhe crowd vial elections to lower countries said today Ala Una a welled quickly doth and began stopping automobiles eligible to is the japanese by ind Gadav in ill Vcit-rtg-i7? a and Kentucky 5ix-hour riot on what they out and the occupants allow 18-year-Olds to Caitor a a Superior attitude on fire taken by american it Louii acted in four cases 5toboned on the Island no Oregon Texas Arizo before the okinawan subdued setting the autos id Alk ladders when Uluig housing inventory All such a know i died Federal officials do and allow him to 1 four rockets hit Ria none Csc is a waived customary base Early today and to Cedres allowing a governor an minutes lab a two six foot Long Opportunity to review 122 Nim rockets struck the Grants but he Headquarters of the . 5th that even if Marine regiment. 21x1 Miles Back track South of the bae no Ca Sun foe the cast he has nov it t Quot new Quot it it a a prey i. Much re i in 5� is amp us to. I&Quot"8 01 let perk of a v let a Ong the 24th Anniv weary of the Hurt of the Fren it h Indochina not Xan tot compre Jum War and loth anniversary of the sul park5 plan founding of the Viet Cong s ave a pro8tnm of Pri Yont unties if you re not going to Fol Iau. I it a i of Brownsville a r2.50 Fine Ami Iso Day term in the county 0j us in a priority arca Jersig said i it a 0udty court at ,7 judge i flans Lorg a Ltd to Fine / Mil in tha in of a a my or to inc Parx Hoh Dav period ?, it it de it 1s to use of state ii versa by of the 3,96.5-acre site i i Oudt Loil inferno Dow n f i Alfonso Lee by climbing Down from the North Side Penthouse Balcony to a Ierg of Siuw and jumping to the ground. Three of the four penthouses were registered for parties Tho night 01 the Ere penthouses c and e were taken by two departments of the first a it lion a i Bank of Brown the thud Penthouse w the see fire the Page 8-a in impress aground in minister sea serious rime i to Ive were persons were were arrested estimated at i 35 injured and i damage was $118,000. I he riot began Early sunday i Moi Mug m Koza Cit v who bout 200 of maw Aas angered 1 at the Way a Militar police officer was investigating an Auto Accident began throw is be not spread towards the 12.000-Man air Force base Nore i soldiers were Ca lied out and they began to use tear a As the skin swans retaliated a a on fire and willing v into a guard Houe at 1, it about 300 people stormed the Gate three buildings n school fief Ore the my set fire to an american Here push Liers. Be 11 in Lton up me climbed to it or cent wide during the first nine a Viii Washington National ube ration. South vietnamese spokesmen asked said go be r no it n t rangers Paks commissioner Harry sweeping through the Mekong Jerng has said the Mustang site Delta 132 Miles Southwest Saigon killed 31 Viet orig after there is nothing the governor a guilty plea to a negligent homicide charge netted 21-year an estimated 13,5 persons a up a w it i it looked like most Arp a a s s Seva browse me ire a do Toyei records show that a aground of it into the the traffic tired and unsolved right up to t use a it n r Rem noon 3, when the constant lie current Congress leaving 8.8 calling in air strikes artillery a fire. One South vietnamese Ranger was wounded. And can to to prevent Pun Hare of the site Jan t n a sea of say ,. A _ a. Would filibusters real or threatened of old Victor Flansburg a a a Tonding parties in a in danger of ail three of the Penthouse a Milhon americans scant two hours after the fire Stamps their Ltd nil. A unfazed a by mrs to Congress"1 into can a Send Stowt Kim tuesday Ute Dav Lerma this a Erm a however. In my sus suspicions Trio just poke foils Fie to fist re a Hon Pedro came into the newsroom and asked a is it i Rue they Hare Given the Nihon the right to vote a a the supreme court says 18-rear Olds can vote in n tonal elections a said the it it editor. In that Case Senor lion watching the Dallas cd own Vvs Pedro would like to make a Houston Oiler football game prediction a said the Don. Ltd a portable television set a Ratch out for More of the a Witch id tacos letting their hair a grow Long As Lynden has is done Adios a i came to Waco to watch if Alii oat by wont. J Waco Tex. Haj Gat suspicious sunday when the they saw three men sitting had Charre died under a Blanket and Din ing Leer on the roof of a in downtown Waco. The men turned out to be the comm Horn for. Word Tho were Pended the jail term in favor is ant housekeeper to was la. A it of two years probation. Delivering a potted Plant in the expires and u Flansbury h t mrs John Cseh a Nixon Sugges was charged in a alarm and the fire. First the Dock connection with the july 19 taught to be confined to the death of Charles Ralph Pye. 19 Linen closet on the fat about 3 8 Miles East of Here on was fought by Hole i Mas Highway 48 Flansburg Fth fire extinguish was Hie Driver of the car that j de it Penthouse in which la two by of the part time Senate Fili bus s without food ter against continued development of the supersonic Tram president Nix port set headed for a second session the other Attema get will be Madelo current meeting cur off debate. \ similar no to heed attempt failed last saturday 43 suggestion for around to 48 a la votes shy of me it re with the largest reported in the us Orney general John i announced today. Of increase was the the 9-month period and was i per cent Tokyo i Fify than for the correspond states announced Hod of 1969, according to withdrawing of big a uniform crime servicemen is. 5,000 from cutback of 1 in cities of Over 250.000 in Northeast a vow up i vent reduction ired to a 14 per cent r suburbs and 9 be i a s. Hamlin it Ait 100.7 12,00 rom okie in 1 lit Asia of a the Iii today t men Japa Nawa in Ary prose j Rio offi foreign East end employees smashed into a police tru Ltd ski a no Pye negligent however parked Grain men perished was rented dont clo Galvan a brother ,. A a fa1 vim the Penth Muse bom aide was taken a police Reimert said. Weren to filed abort 3 p m Galvan t the dust net attorneys office that he until dec. 18. It was then that Cousin assistant 1>a Jam Brasch took related named la by tax it i his brother Joseph h Charlie , and n in Ochoa a signed by Dps the second dead n Jim Warner to to the Penthouse ?0 Derma s court. I t e in a after hearing for the can Atma party of first in a Power pack the game guilty plea thus morning Lerma a tas by inked out on fort Worth dismissed a driving while m. 1 Ual re said the lox.,at,. No charges Wert filed. Ding against 1 Man. Hie n a went a a some upcoming la Nelzi. Ting they watched i Joseph Galvan went to it the bedroom to lie Down Ochoa went to the bathroom pen Brownsville and Herald to publish on Friday the Brownsville Herald Wilt publish a Friday edition to be delivered 1 Hris Mas morning. Normally the Herald does not publish on Christmas Dav but since tie Herald has no saturday edition an edition will be published Friday in order thai our readers do not go two Days without a newspaper. Required two thirds Majorin r even if the St Roadblock a should be removed other of business which would then in come up in the Senate c threatened to uncork six More a tastiest. I a question Mark was wrapped around the future of f the food is amp program \ saturday when House and s Senaie negotiators trying to reach agreement on a Continua 1 1 a in Tion of the food subsidy plan broke up in disagreement my scheduled no additional meet Ings. The program expires Jan be Nixon suggested Satu div that 24 hour in Etine it Nimicht a wats were h american Lade. X necessary to Senate Jet Whir re spi Demoi Ratie Leader Mike Mansfield flatly rejected the idea. Abby. Amusements classified. Comics. Editorial. Horoscope. Hospital. Osuji tunics. Sports. Weather. Women # new _. Kongth i Japan will bring Force men in a level of about 27,000 Fror present figure of 39,000. To West since . Armed f it Beery farm to Japan As conquer h per the end of world War ii 1 i it or j he amen can w Ith Dri per from Japan and Okinawa agreed on at a meeting of h i Al japanese and Barm. Windy forecast ? i orc ast 1 continued warm temperatures the weather Bureau says partly to con Sider Hie cloudiness will con Lulu through tuesday morning temperatures should ran a prom 72 to 83 in the coastal sections the to 84 old Vanbey and i to 82 in the upper portions. W rids will u southeasterly from la to 26 Mph and gusts today diminishing to 8 to 14 a tonight and 14 to 20 Mph a i Rhaeta. La take Idle of 1971. In Tokyo that to Ami or a sine the can roes w Hii Envil final invt Jush Hort a Reph n put change he in sources ire the fact were inspired by Metal difficulties Ved the Lect of bases time ago were table for the Dure q the far j shopping j Days left Fage 7 a 12 \ a a Ca. A a 8a a a a a a is a a it

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