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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 5

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Hawaiian pie i i Macadams pi5 is a hawaiian version of the Southern states Pecan p e beat 3 eggs with 1 cup of huh Corn syrup and 2-3 cup of sugar stir in i 1-2 cups of chopped salted Macadams nuts 2 Tablespoons of melted butter and i Teaspoon of Vanilla blend Well. Line a flinch pie plate with Flaky pastry pour in Tho filling and bake in a preheated 325-degree oven about 50 minutes or until crust is Golden Brown and filling is set Cool. Then chill pie. Serve with whipped Cream if desired. Makes 5 to 6 Servings. Poll s pointers dear Polly for put Ting the Christmas tree in the Holder take a Long piece of aluminium foil and wrap it around the open top of the stand leaving a Small opening where water can be added the foil can be shaped easily and holds in place. The Sheet or whatever covering is used can be pinned around for decoration the foil keeps i he Sheet or tree skirt from getting wet anyone who has had water reach All the Way to the Rug will appreciate this p o i n t e ice Marne dear Polly we found the following ideas most helpful when an elder in aunt was hospitalized for a Long time we Cut pretty flannel nightgowns open Down he Middle of the Back. Hemm it d the Cut sides and sewed Matching ribbon ties on at the Back of the neck or Collar she enjoyed the warmth of these Long gowns and the Hospital staff appreciated the easy slip on styling. We made adult size bibs by cutting attractive Bath towels in half each half folded Lenthis it it and with a semicircle Cut to fit the neck. Made one Bill the Cut edges were bound with Bias tape with enough left at the ends for lies of the towels were very thick we found ii More practical to just hem gracious Christ no dessert is perfect ending for meal the of for . December a. 1x5�?page i for and about women dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren a i my i do your own Santa Clausing for your men love Fine mild smooth cigars i \ drop in for Christmas ideas Hau a Tampa cigars ally rift wrapped in handsome Holiday packages of 25, and 50�?Ts, in All popular shapes a $1.75 to $12.00 plus state and local taxes of and orgy sets Mary chess Coty in Prev Kent of London for men a a i a of Tiara Chanel no. 5 Spray Cologne now refillable so of 3 plus tax $3 50 in Tony Gonzalez Hospital pharmacy f i w i of. Re i t this week s Handy shopping list watch this newspaper for the Best food buys i lip anti use lids Handy Cheek list. Some items Are listed by brands t hese Are National advertisers in this week s Alley morning Star Valley i veins Monitor and Browns Ville Herald it Heck each of their ads Thuv have something in offer von Dairy products Borden a Falfurrias cottage cheese a Golden Jersey a Hygeia a Knolle beverages falstaff Beer Jax Beer a Pearl Boer a household products Pine o Pine Reynold s wrap Frozen foods drug items leave Castex fas Teeth Mentho Latum Mph preparation h turns miscellaneous foods Borden a evaporated milk foes company products Gebhardt products a Jolly time pop Corn a o. B Macaroni Ozarka water cereals baking products Angel food flour Pioneer products White wings flour a canned fruit and vegetables tobacco hav a Tampa cigars King Edward cigars Patio products pet evaporated milk Skinner Macaroni products by Gaynor Maddox Tower suit in new York s time newspaper Enterprise Assn. Life building higher than the try this special Christmas highest Christmas tree is floors menu Green Turtle soup lob above the City streets Ster or Salmon quenelle roast director Kovi stresses Delica Young Goose with Apple a1 by for Christmas dinner a peo Arnond Pine nut and Walnut stub pie do not want to stuff them fing wine red cabbage with selves it s not like thanksgivi Fin wine. Red cabbage with my no it s a Day of Grace chestnuts Green salad. But he and Good will pleasure and de Noel or even better an airy friendliness and family Clebra Deau Nuby Why do most terrible personality and she s a chocolate bavarian with a lion. Lots of Beautiful food yes men prefer to buy their own big Showoff but Shes Good Wreath of candied w h i p p e d amal festive surroundings Cie clothes no matter How p o o r looking and thai s Why she scream ganc0 with lightness Quot he sex their taste is rather than let popular. This in t just my that s one suggestion from planned. 1 baked Ham or fillet their wives go shopping with opinion lost of kids agree with Paul Kovi the courtly euro of Iteck for those who prefer them i know very few men me. I am not cute but i am Pean. Trained director of the them but the Gosling is such whose wives dress not ugly either this boy is go an authentic Continental Christ them better than they dress my to ask this girl to go the edges and attach the ribbon Mas traditions we Hope our themselves most men know steady. I told him to is Mak or Bias ties. The other sides friends will enjoy nothing about style they come aug a big mistake and he said were already finished. These Boche de Noel a Christmas out of the store with something thai was for him to decide Towel Bills were used not Only log is traditional also he sex just like what they went in what can i do to get Hun a at mealtime but for shampoos planned further he prefers with you have to look dose to likes him and some medical treatments however the delicate chocolate see if they re wearing their new dear likes nothing. No we like to think that these bavarian with its Lovely Wreath Blue suit or their old one. You Hoy likes to be told whom to pretty lungs made a dear old because it is so much lighter should write a whole column on like and any coaching from the lady a after Sinh a Christmas Din How the Well dressed Man sidelines will Only make him dear Polly a i find it tier you will Rise from the table should dress. Niobe determined to make up very helpful to hang a clothes with a smile of satisfaction in sick of slobs his own mind it s not possible pin bag the Type with a Hanger Stead of an overstuffed Grunt a dear sick i Don t have to by throw mud without getting sox of Frac Rax a love Bird gift pack filled with Cologne. Singing out Christmas in three different scents. Nosegay a delicate blend of Floral notes. Figurine a Light hearted lilting fragrance. And fresh feminine bite Lilac. I. >0, tor. Dorothy Gray Clit it i a amp a head drugs Charles i Littie my 1057 e Elizabeth poll 2 2551 in the top on the window Slot he added in the car when travelling with a baby or Small child the babe can be held in one Arm and its bottle put in the bag when both hands Are needed. The bag holds All sorts of things Handy and readily available. A mrs e w. Dear Polly a recently. When refinishing furniture i found an Ordinary Emery Board i is valuable for removing old paint from Small hard to get at places in e. S. Tower is Ite by Rin with candied Krut series i 1 cup sugar divided 2 envelopes in Flavoured Gelatin Teaspoon Salt 4 eggs separated 2 cups milk 2 6-Ounco packages or i 12-ounce package 2 cups semisweet chocolate morsels i Teaspoon Vanilla 1 cup chopped mixed candied fruit 2 cups heavy Cream whipped write a column on How men some on yourself so my an should dress no Man who vice to you is to concentrate on want to be Well dressed needs making yourself More Quot Lika Only to walk into a first class Hie Quot and quit attempting to Cut men s clothing store and ask other girls Down one of the salesmen for guid a a a Ante men who sell menus clothing Are among the Best dear by i have a dressed men in the country daughter who is seven years they make an honest Effort to of an b Abby. She is about the sell the customer what is right slowest eater i have Ever seen for him and Only if they fail. Quot Tok her 45 minutes to eat a will Thev let him buy what he he l of his morning wants. Regardless. A a Der Abby please answer i his soon As it is very Imper Tant to to their is this she has always been a sin w eater and nothing can make her eat faster i dont know if we should try to get her to eat faster or not. Can you advise three minute Oats and Popcorn canned meats these retail grocers advertise regularly in the Brownsville Herald Lopes supermarket Glens supermarket King Mart fort Brown sup Erette h e b. Food stores Al Centro supermarket minimal supermarket swarming termites Are a warning it you see winged Black insects around your horns hidden worker termites May be damaging timbers Woodwork and carpeting. To avoid costly damage phone for skilled inspection by Termini world s largest in termite control. Service fully guaranteed. Free inspections Bruce Termini co. Cau collect a 3-2573 Termini nationwide termite and rest control real me mix Gelatin if cup of the Sug cute boy at school and i like mrs c. A and Salt in a Saucepan Beati him very much but he Doest dear mrs a forty five together egg Yolks and milk like me he likes another girl minutes is far too Long to sit stir into Gelatin mixture. Mid she is real popular and i am out it a a bowl of Cereal she s heat. Stirring constantly until not this girl has a big Mouth no a eating a she s dawdling Gelatin is dissolved and Choco i Hose Are the years children late is melted. 5 to 8 minutes t Trivit a Horn form their Hibits so give her a remove from heat. Beat with a a ii Larrr certain amount of time like 13 rotary Ileal or until chocolate is i Tim i minutes in which to eat her blended stir in Vanilla and can a i cd i cd Civy Cereal and then remove the did fruit chill stirring orca howl. Full or empty she has spirally until mixture Mounds in willing May vie out on Hie i rained Aoi to accept Hei fid when dropped from a spoon dance floor but ifs on the Way doing around change her tune beat egg Whites until stiff but m m find massive cultured and train her to get on with not dry gradually add remain Pearl jewelry the cultured the business of eating at Mealing be clip sugar and beat until Pearl associations of America Tiem. I very stiff fold into chocolate and Japan report. Jean Schlum a a a mixture. Fold in whipped Cream Berger of Tifany uses 32 of desired Garnish with Wreath strands of nj2 to 3 millimetre conf1dental to a a a m of whipped Cream candied cultured pearls in an exquisite in Corona you Chocker. Cartier is showing will never win the boy s a love Quot Tornado bracelets of from 7 to l v buying him presents. Just la strands of pearls in the v 2 behave so that when people to i v millimetre sizes. These him he s just like his a Are twisted and dramatized Ber hell stick out his Chest m with a plethora of jewelled Stead of his Tongue clasps. Marion Rucca Lati High a a a lights 12 twisted strands of 4 problems write to Abby a Little Yoke softens the neck Milli Meler Rose pearls in his Box 6970, los Angeles. Calif line of this easy shift one look hand crafted Renaissance style for a personal reply enclose a at the diagram will show you lobe Gabory a Pearl Salon stamped self addressed Enve How easy it is to make. No features a convertible twist log a 3213 comes in sizes 12. 14. 16, Choker and Bracelet set. Both 18. 20, 42. 44. 46 size 14 takes Are Macle of la strands of 4 24 Yards of 35-Inch fabric or millimetre pearls with match 211 Yards of 44-Inch. Ing inter Locking Diamond Pearl Send 35c plus 5c postage for and Platinum clasps. This pattern to Iris Lane care of the Brownsville her manufacturers Are giving Ald Box 140 1 new York i. Free scope to color combination by add 15c for first class theories for Spring shoes the mail and special handling. National shoe retailers Assoc free pattern is waiting for action reports. Samples Pale you Send tit cents for our new Pink and deep Raspberry. Fall Winter pattern Book which Shannon Green with Navy Pale contains Coupon for pattern of neutrals with padre a plus combinations of Shock colors in dispel those Holiday shopping blues of the Telephone dial brings you a spin cherries and Angelica. Yoke makes neckline news ladies. Fashion dept personal shopper service just Call Jane at la 6-2688. You la find it the most simple and efficient Way to fret your Christmas shopping done. Your Choice. Mondrian effects. And stained Glass b s always Best to remove eggs from the refrigerator about 43 minutes in Advance of a Irig them. Eggs at room temperature separate Yolks from Whites More quickly. 507 n. St. Harlingen 3213 12-20 42-44-4#? 4 major pattern pieces egg nog is made a Villi fresh Riel Cream there is a difference in egg Sog for i ii Cis i Nills to Ive a portable Motorola to _ ii Model Art 19�?��?with stand 169 50 Economy furniture co. 1141 e. Washington la 2 575 prices slashed All cocktail and Holiday dresses la off re Park 18.00 dresses now 11.99 25.00 dresses now 16.99 30.00 dresses now 19.99 35.00 dresses now 23.99 also one group Holiday skirts tops and sweaters reduced ladies Fash ids dept

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