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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brownsville, Texas 50,000 doctors seen Balking at medicare at last. Sowl effective on re dec inures in comme months minion to a socialistic feeler dictate their actions. The gov Al health care program seems emment has a nay of getting in be shaping up. Organizations while # Doc moving Urie the vacuum left tor acting independently give by the amen an medical also a he gov emment neither a heart cation tacit acceptance of nor a head to line its on medicare s Basic premise while be quote Agi n from a he up quibbling Over the term the new re in a be elation of Amtman the Val a the Amene an medical Atolia is and surgeons in predict elation has David the nation that More than Mem Doc doctors they would face per ecu tors will Reft to take part in lion under the Sherman Amitie Federal health Tare pro Trust act if thee a ? in concert Gram to Boycott the program Quot up quote from a Chicago As to the prosecution of 51.000 soda ted press new release a doctors would be a pretty Large reported on dec 2 order even for the Federal gov Harry a Northern the As emment even so eve a be pox Socia Tion s Anteri in phys Sivility attests to the Wisdom of clans and surgeons executive acting individually rather a Hart director Aid wednesday be under the direction of a single based his figure on letters and organizational head actions of local create medi Ca societies the asset v on formed in i to who. Northam again ? be business needs of d ors born Only too years too Early negotiate at till red China at gunpoint w Ashington i i Al though tie exploit of he germ is astronauts repro ent a a group of Yale i a versus the Taiwan chinese would Minh has said he will talk when big Profe sors and student a crud of course have to lie thrown the has departed from Sal Forward experts say we an . Out. Rod China has Aid it Grin very Nice of the old revolt. In us ing an eminent divine an emm out Are still in the horse and hug 0n Damp scholar an eminent won t sit with the a Tchiang Bai titular might meet him on a stage of space travel authority on Melville s a o b v Shek satisfaction for his own terms by saying that is Only a figure of dark. A and f of perfect a fair red China Here would require we will talk when he gets his speech of course but it tarted a few Emmen political Sci a preliminary abandonment on troops and agents out of South on a train of thought that enl St have signed one of the part of the Taiwan chinese Viet Nam by All Means let the eventually got a bit out of con a Hhpto-18 too newspaper of their right to a veto in t h e South vietnamese govern them la. Advertisements calling for a in Security Council presume selves without the intervention program a venting doctors would not go on strike but would refuse in Ai crypt direct Federal payment for medical services Quot i doctors rom i he a item said his c in 15,Dor member it a 2�up Tabeth position that the conducting a nation Camp a a scheme that we i Paigr against the health f a r inferior Medica Are nor Harn said the do participation Mas a advocated b ans group. Non Ham Aid. As Long at decisions Are not influenced by f Here Ion or Pes allies the Lex nation mailed 274 too letters in july a Quot a August urging doctors not if that Many do tor St k to in. In a a in plan the to their guns we d a the so replies he de i a red were 20 to la Listic plan is doomed a word i r razor of the associations of warning Herr however May pram r a or in order although the Assn we with or norths in nation of american physician and the association of american and surgeon can. And no doubt physicians and surgeons Possum perform Yeoman service to Tion medicare will result in individual dissenting doctor a inferior medical care and rising a coordinating Agency and in for costs As the experiences of both mation Clearing House he do brr air and Sweden with social tors determined to oppose the i de Medicine Tell u in no in plan should be extremely War. Certain term the Federal needed plat ing them Cave under the ital care plan is just that a re direction o the association. Cia de Medicine in Bare Bone in other words to agree to let terms Hub. Uon Dpn a amp at nationwide reappraisal of our Bly if the Law is to hold t h e of either to Chi Minh or . Have happens if the Dep Arp astern to Icv Quot the name Taiwan chinese can the thrown Don Johnson or for that Mal of the horse and Bug of the group sponsoring the and to the wolves without their prior ter. Mao tse Tung any time a by in a Val. Federal vers sement i americans for con ent i his. No doubt could a reappraisal involves an even project Ike the space program. Rpd0nralvhj 0f Yar Eastern be arranged if the c s were handed quid pro quo we Are it wants to nog sufficiently machiavellian to a for it. A a is h ing on confess to Tate with red China beginning threaten Taiwan with Camelia Day approved a 112 91 approx the quest it a of red chinese Tion of an existing treat of is nation to launch America into admission t0 the in. Mutual defense but if a reap Addor moment stoned by a he horse and buggy age Praia a were to involve such lip it Ltd 1 a til j f1 1 by with a revolutionary new form a a Arm twisting there would t be a rain Writy of the Yale com of transportation a country to the world that Mummy and sponsored by Amer the action came Over the of a a ill. In a fluid world there is would continue to tru to the c s. Leans rot reappraisal of tar position of a Small group of nothing eternal sacrosanct in and vital matter. Eastern policy says a fhe i nit Economy minded senator who a bom and policy but just Honor cd links. R0ndi e l Milos and f Bina Are on a doffed Al he project a a 4o you Bego late wit a coins to inns it a a jul Mke h0 Tyun a Universal is to begin by waste it the taxpayers Monck like red China Quot where do you ifs buggy Al right Aid begin when the conditions of clo blessed thin. A Pardon touching a sin that red Chi own a it have systematically studiously refrained people twelve Indium in i so from giving Chiang Kai Shek of ele and Walt Dulaney go Back to Start a a sick parlor games it should be a game in which which apparently Are stepchild every president Premier and him i i 4 advice from one who has had it recently we spent or. To. Cir a a. A ,. No unit it a wit. An after wait until you re Home for the in hear a a Norh flu 3ar� c a it re a two i a j c0u Erk n i a Rhoda Rogers a Day to test the effects of a new the shout of a Mother w Hoiu Wager payload than this coun a r y t i. In Tim con Voung lady wh�?z.,h3 j Nedinne Ripon Tel Rny Ink popular quaning his neighbors evening the Knack of seeming to be in a Start for a. Do i to. _. A forcing the non uni ver Sal Ltd sen Philo lung Buster All Laid Down for your defeat Tail Jan it Nailin of 12immi never get it out of the Bam a before you have even of much sponsors of the measure Point a opened your Mouth a n d a h Holt it it Murp than live64 de out. However that other coun How do you Trust a Man like a vhf military weapons such tries Are at work on horse and Mao tse Tung. Who Sass that. L As big bombers or missile or buggy programs the Aid thus to Lical Power grows out of in s atomic warheads we dont even country cannot afford to fall be the barrel of a gun 0 let Bim of Landing Craft and Hind Lei a tar with this matter Anither condition Laid Down during the korean War we used although the i s project will of n admission before going by the red chinese it that the the seventh i Ort to keep him be directed by the National in to other matter in the far in repudiate its 1951 Resolution from stacking the chinese horse and buggy Adin Nistra fast hat the Yale minority condemning piping As an a Mainland i there is going Lobon Nuba a civilian Agene think need the grosser in Korea thus there be any a Scolli Ion it will lie Belt is known to have far reaching red chinese have spurned the could be no negotiations looking cause the red 1 chinese up in. Military implications. In recently and have Evenin seat red China in the in tween tis the North Viet the concept of hitching a talked of setting up a rival without the in itself eating name Quot forces that Are trying Thor a to a buggy originated in a peace body but the have Crow even the Teague of a to throttle a Small inoffensive Germany and is based on the said enough in the past to Indi tons. Feeble Reed that it was agrarian people in South yid Arn sent chinese Rickshaw Prin Cate the might condescend to refused to Hies the russians Nam who an suffering because Ciple take a seat by Manhattan s for a Gressing in Finland. In to Chi Minh himself has con Wemer von stable a former test River if the re to of the fact it expelled the russan is Tentle refused to abide peace German harness maker who world would be Good enough to for their behaviour full by the Geneva agreements participated in the pioneering t hang the i n charter and exas for a a negotiating a peace of Cui work now lives in this country Pel a All imperialist puppet Ful solution of the Kiel Nam incidental he Gnu the and will serve As a Nuba Coates War North Kiel names to Chi agreements and we did t. Sultan intelligence sources report that Russia which has More powerful Hor a. Is capable of car Horn or react to producing buggies that carry a Fulton Lewis or. Loelf r a Wowch the of Quot won it tue Viz t a a a re get Quot Quot Urh 0 ,,.�ou a it Ita a a and a a a a a a a a a 11 b in to wipe out your frendly of a up intent on Tho other Side of the Kitchen table. Go in Mother players compete to men who in win the biggest fun would collect the world a a of Virv Rory try happened to other people a Sal the rueful muss Rogers a the . Sympathizer j x visits Ortli kids Rhoda s ease and not tempted to peed dont just zoom out on the us buggies Are More techno Pace was quite sedate due to of you know you re going to be Bland ass rant thai you have rally advanced carrying such the heavy neck Brace he wore late to meet someone try to the right of Way proceed with sophisticated equipment As de �?o1 always thought accidents Call and push Back the meeting caution and watch for the in teachable whip stocks and Side by time. Expected nut who might crash lights for night driving. A re to a a a a u. I by a a a ogers Quot then the Light and ram your Side. Nib a has converted a coun neral with the most expensive Boom within a month i was in Quot and Don up an 0ffencjer your try7 Lane in Florida into a horse j1?�?T Tolt a tone a in lot nobody would really lose he evolved in tw0 according to up fire Vou get in the car it Elf trying to squeeze and buggy7 Range first attempts hnr1ahtrfifrt tnuf71him Cav the nuclear bomb cards a j "a15 be Check la urns and tread Tough Hen the Light s turned to Send out an unmanned s0ns he by macs he Mcnama hire at a. Heath a hint tojth7 and wha not would he reshuffled 271a��?olt, j. A it j2 once you re in the car Tost your Quot Quot he rend buggy failed because some. Hate lost China to the Chi Cleveland chairman Max t no inner _ 4 _ that Doon t the pain one braise and Windshield wiper remain several car lengths one neg it ed1o untie the reins behind the next car to avoid the next phase Calls for n Washington a the John Sion of Congress rations a Chi sacs one game and a a Rev played every7 make in for the semester a j of today think of the pensions this of Rouege i in Misong a4ust the rear vision Mirror new ramp f Iles j a in e Scitem e and a troms have lost Luna to the it in it Irve Iana. Chairman of a gop entities Nese Cuba to the cubans. Afri task Forte on congressional i n Ament an a Tivin Ca to the africans and Are lox Reform says House rep Tili tics and Side Mirror and observe if Wrend collisions a Good Rule it Chimpanzee in the buggy. Then no Vietnam to the Yie name a. Cans Are so shortchanged on veterans affair i. La i. M. N kit inn rr4 u fun it i i in 1 Iti. Al. Ii. Ii. T a Ita f thinker upper. Such games believe help relieve a lot of of Fhlen or of it or it a since i a Hurt. I be been the Brake hights arid Stop lights is fall Back one oar length for human passenger known As Sunc coax tries Mav even lose staffers that Thev Are in effect was it and Means a tits freon and Noxie to be j Lauona d a w of thinking about reflex on the garage wad when Calt h to Miles of Speed and a a will take Over. America t0 the people of this denied rho right to Analyse Small business 1 Pic May get a prow Raub of a accidents and maybe some of Thev should i might seem like make your hand signals Clear some Day. Experts predict. Nim try a a a a ,1-4 if this is True and it probably game right now but All to often ideas might help your read a i0 0f i it i hts a hut it could to it that it it Gnu Don t befuddle those Man will ride in a Surrey with ilk the Best game brains in the it turns All Loo deadly. Anybody escape Holiday in jury let s save fat or pop a behind of the fringe on top. Country ought to aet to work who could find a Way to turn it Hope so a a be sure to practice using dts sing something that could into a real game would de in a Pih -1 your emergency Brake so that these w7 o re s were greeted alternatives 2 i 19 0 47 full 2 17 4 19 3 13 2 with thunderous applause by a Cleveland wonders Why no a played at the United nations Sorup the All time Nobel Peac e. In Orts All the Heads of mates. A is All. Thoie tie Lime essential in Bright red seat belts Are prize doctor said that a you re conditioned to react que Kly in it a a when you be driving Frd been wearing one in Al. At All everyone knows enough ther Accident in turn migh Trak 1 sullenly give -1 j heavy traffic. Your regular out in Hunt for truth h. L. Hunt or should to stay away from have been slight so if Vou the wheel when he a drowsy or Don t have seat belts install drunk but you should also stay them and if you do have them. A most of All a summarized off the Highway when you be buckle up. Rhoda. A live aware that you re got that what the hello attitude a nothing should distract Vou guiding a head Metal Mon ter after a famil fight or scene from your main business which have re velt t for the danger a Mph your Meade when you re is driving of you want to Park minutes inattention could be angry or depressed your Emo Park but Don t use the Road the death of you or some inno tinny interfere with your judg for your love scenes. And Don t cent person a men let Small kids or pets remain a Beu Mure Syndicate Fea i a since even some of the j Loose in the car tie them turn prescription heavily advertised Down the kids with eat belts. Do you have an experience cold remedies make you drowsy and the animals with leashes that you think would help some it s Wise never to take an unattached to the floor tested treatment when Vou must keep the radio volume w. G. Brandstadt the doctor says crowd of 500 one night in new group interested in civil Liber York Cit % they were delivered ties or minority rights has yet la Mike Iverson a old californian who visited North Aleman in flagrant violation of u. S. Law. Iverson a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley returned from Hanoi in mid september and has Eriss crossed the country ism and demanding to draw i of u. S. Troops i Vietnam or a recent week. From amp consumer a intentions key to 1966 business to Tiv who Iroff at the Dan senator brought or operation a Quot Quot a a to v t or of allotting comm Nuu to of Tho naut no to largest University it altered i enough so that you can instant at this newspaper lie Nee students through Carn to a halt Lamming its streets pus lectures and mailed prop Halls and doorways Sam Campbell Ginda should look around and for their permissive attitude. My the re us of this attitude the president and the regents of in june Imi by a vote of 15 the University of California to 2. The i diversity of it to lifer were rewarded with derision Asa Board of regents ended an and recalcitrance even then la year ban on communist the men who held the a speaker pre ident Lark Kerr thorny glinted by the tax pay said that the lifting of Tho ban ers submitted to degrading would prevent the communist conferences with rebellious brat from becoming civil rights mar Nik and failed to bring the Tjpas guilty to just punishment. President Kerr s word Are a the effect of propaganda lit Cha sic example of Wishful think erasure is illustrated by t h e in without cause Given a free cae of a Leader of the a Stu when we look ahead to sex trouble with putting the ques Tan c the common Sta organized Dent committee which sent Amine business a editions far Tion in that was is that it in at Berkeley the most massive Young people to Cuba the at the coming Vear. Inevitable the ply leads to other questions a a Rill rights agitation Force to summer in violation of crucial question dines Down to namely How great will to the evil put together on an Anteri 1 s Law this Young Man told the consumer. What does he inflation and what is the Proba car Campus president Kerr reporters that his a political in plan to do Hie loss of productive Ruanda s and the Board of regents of lighten Mentz began at the age government policy is import As a result of strikes. Ike University of California of 15 when someone gave him Tan to by sure but Only a it trip Man their ill advised a a Spanish edition of Castro a affects the consumer. The gov 1set the disruption of Tsitir institution now a Tho time to bring your Couver. British Columbia one else a Avrine to Fie and Walt electric Blanket out of storage. Washington to Baltimore Low Dulaney about it address them the National safely Council eve York to Boston Ile however warn that t h e s p Dre de group Large in electric blankets after being i it aria line i washed in this Way. Developed Iii reak in the wiring and Sula \ lion even though the Man fac person Lurer s instructions wore Fob a a up Lowed to the letter their use j could then have caused it Hort circuits and could have started a fire Wand a hug accompanied led a f r Dubois clubs of Amenta Al verson wears on his right hand a ring a gift from the heroic people of North rep Cleveland Sass that More inn a change in congressional �?~25-Vear protested the abuses of con ii staffing is of cd cry to protect recently pineal democrats the Chart be / or it of a he minority the Low describes the staff ratios on House rules must lie altered a the standing House committees say if the minority is to have an Opportunity to discuss alternatives to the majority proposals. The new Hampshire congressman cites debate durig Tho Pat be Ion on the administration a said to education Bill. Re publicans on the House education and l Al it or committee had prepared a number of amendments which would they said have improved the hastily drawn administration Bill. But the word from the White House a no amendment a a using their 2 1 majority democrats shut off on the gop amendments denying the minority Hie Iii mice to explain i them Quot in effect we had a one Par to t wholly in amen on procedure a recalls. Of course the amendments Weir Dei eat c d a to to and and committee demo gof agriculture 11 2 appropriations so 13 banking and cur Rency 55 4 District of Columbia la i education and a i 7 foreign affairs 17 i government operations 53 3 House admin action 5 it Interior and insular affairs 10 judiciary 37 2 merchant Marine and fisheries 9 i Post office and service 15 2 Public Avo is 36 8 by vigorous twisting and squeeze Vietnam. It is made from the a Notin n s1 1,1 a 1 1111 a scraps of an american plane i a v in it Domor a part of what bus Mav get saving that if to in 2uijj2nh so Quot of can damage the insulation Lnu is 10 a to i Quot of the swing yen bes. Bel is cons so tha begin to break dry meaning must Ako blasted from the Skie be avoided because the solvent by a soviet built missile he re it Mhz with a Grin Iverson Fella i audience is he question a we a a a a a a your Ole Trio Blanket the Amert ill ids Lect i. S. 0.1 a Jothi slaughtered thousands of to soldiers have and move Forward hopeful that Vii an 1r in Comer Quot in Ltd font amen to nuke ii signify without to Tell it an planes Harp bombed Hosp so really the whole Busine a t leaning and 2-Yea a old it. Wah it Arld schools that american officials Are a colonialist on daughter Chat a Rouen suck of cml an Independent Freedom newspaper founded on july 4, 192 published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspapers 1135 e Van Buren St. W Brownsville Texas this newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our riders so that they can better promote and preserve their own purchasing Power from the earners to some other group the go comment a of i aide to motivate to some degree space exploit and propaganda Are example of governmental motivation Saber rattling. Jingoism and War Are the most effective of All governmental motivators. For when the worker i will in la to work he certainly will have an advantage Over those who Are or willing he will i willing to f tend to improve his kill and errors frankly and to pre Sor a he brushes aside to be growing o a propaganda Himi Hun d�0 but he Vin Cong and d run. H?. I he fuel hut More than a Mil have in and Way. Is any treatment needed a a i i minor abnormality i of no signify Anre if the uvula he tank inflamed or ensigns to earn More when he Carns criticism of others keeping an Quin your column about lion North Annalese r Kod their lives to flee to Chi Minh a police slate a1 Erynn travelled to the Orient with two other american. A leftist newsman Chris More it is mathematically in open mind to correction a you Slat Nln two hand Harold us editable that he will Huv More Ani i willing to exercise the ted that it May be transmitted no a Jylnn a Mif styled social ______________________a.-. Hat make or More by the Mojher by is in Only x in he barbs in Little girl had Thi communist South movement on however when we consider Freedom and encourage others to be us Blessing. For Only the con Umer and his intentions when Man understands Freedom and is free to control himself for at of it attic we Aud All he produces ran he develop to his utmost capabilities in Hill have to take into account Harmony with the above moral principles. Not Only what want we believe that All Nim ire equally endowed a their cd a i he a a a Jno a hmm a or and not by a of moment with the a i a it Freedom and ,,hip Mav acquaint the sit t pc at an Maine hut a a in Nason d hic a ii ask. It and More no less. Shall have to Huv a Ith work. �0 discharge this responsibility free men to the to of their tvs. Flat pity must understand and apply to daily Liv Uig the great moral.,.a a in f us h to in aged kid guides expressed in the ten commandments the Golden Rule Hamlin. Quot v a need an Tot Preter Ute Pearn team Al Independence Jar Bra Tepe to in ,., manner by go mud s4r be Good Cla amp of postage paid at Brown Vui. Text. Thava in the coming year. The Den need cd inv ung Effic Lent use of time 1 i willing to cultivate by condition and took word and deed the proper rein Gamma globulin for too bad a Here Isnit an insect Bon hip with associates so How do you explain Thi a that we can work together in a a a in . Tolerable Harmony a which occur Only in boys. The House f foreign affairs to he extent a oat the work there in a Complete to once of committee h n % t n is Riaff population of or commune Gamma globulin in the blood Mern Liers 17 of them demo to the tale and the nation can occasionally girl of preschool Erat the ranking and Curren a. d Quot a i a Klik. I answer vex to that question age have a Gamma globulin de cd committee has 59 staffers. Ii per a his two la it Eriv in Ujj g mils that he May an it a College glad who a t0 lat degree will the Lic ency a not a Complete a All but four members of Ute a Liberty of of a. Freedom is self control no to sire i0 by ajs0 what by plies for a Job in t looking for y ear exceed the old in sen re if they get frequent in democratic party the Corn ule ii i of Anet that it will feet ions inject wifi of Gamma Mittee in science and Astro id in Gio Buin Are Given Fin a Short a duties Tia a staff of 19 a of How Good Iii business tie in time but the Lune these gut them democrats i9hfi�?~ ate ready for Hool their Gam Republican leaders will make How willing i to Nuce it globulin production u us the Issue of minority staffing �?�o�?T1 a ally Normal a major one in the upcoming in e is by by Jef today i in going to of remonstrate the Art of self Defenso is it Opp its to Pushy Christmas shopper is Quot \

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