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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Ltd a a it m weather a perfect a Here says Broyles Quot perfect a that was the comment of Arkansas coach Frank Broyles a Man of few words on today s weather As he watched his bowl bound Razorbacks polish their offence this morning at Sams stadium perched on the top Row of seats in the West stands. Broyles was wearing a Long billed baseball Cap to keep the Bright Sun out of his eyes. Up there it Felt much Wanner than the Airport s officials Fin degree Reading at mid Morong a a this weather a just perfect for us a he added a a of it were much warmer we d leave a Broyles said the practice sessions Are a tight on explaining that saturday s rained out drills were made up sunday. No practice had been planned for sunday but. After the rain stopped the Razorbacks worked out in the afternoon be fore a crowd of spiral Hundred fans the team and coaches left immediately after today a practice for the King ranch and an afternoon tour of the big spread. A lunch Stop at Harlingen was scheduled in route tuesday afternoon after a morning workout at the stadium they Are to go to South padre Island where they la have a Chance to relax on the Beach before a seafood dinner in the evening at the sea Island Motel. Wednesdays schedule Calls for ii morning practice session and a noontime departure for the Razorbacks Home base at Fayetteville. Ark they will return As they came in a chartered bran Lff International Airliner and an Arkansas National guard du3, eating lunch in the air. Matrimony threw a few grains of Sand into the smoothly work ing schedule of razorback practice sessions sunday and today. Tommy Burnett alternate left end. Was married sunday in the Little town of Roger -. Re. Near Fayetteville the wedding scheduled far in Advance of the Razorbacks bowl bid. Took precedence Over football practice. Bobby Burnett starting Tail Hack and the leading Ball car Ner in the conference acted As his brother s jest Man they a v in a chartered plane to Rogers Tot the saturday night rehearsal dinner and sunday wedding and were flying Back Here today Broyles assistant head coach Jim Mckenzie also missed today a practice he is in Norman. Okla timing interviewed for the head coaching Job at the University of Oklahoma Mckenzie who is in charge of the razorback defensive unit see it Sorbal is Page 14 your Freedom newspaper vol. Tip no. I 16 dial la 2-1331 Brownsville Texas monday december 20, 1965 16 pages Price 5c ref r 11,4r at work or play Arkansas players and coaches find Brownsville s prevailing weather quarterback John brith num. Above works with the offensive team on pass plays this morning. Sunday afternoon after the Sun came out tin1 Razorbacks shown below got in the a South of the Borders mood with a guitar Solo Oil the Patio at fort Brown motor hotel. Shown left to right Are Randy Stewart assistant coach Lon Farrell. Jim Lindsey and Dick Cunningham. Four american civilians kidnapped by Viet Cong she Vole chanced. Bul too Laie i a a huskers would rather train in Brownsville res f Ive a a cts he new dominican rioting feared after 26 killed the University of Nebraska silo to Brownsville was report bowl team every year Corn huskers after voting to of to the Herald by a Nebras said practice for their Orange Bow Kan close to coach Devaney the huskers Haven t been Allbones in to cml to Riz. Had soc and the team s activities. Together Happy in Arizona mid thoughts on then decision or added that he Felt Nebras they be gotten a bad break and asked coach Bob Devaney a would be Happy to train in from the weather with rain. To let them come Back to Brownsville at their next of sleet and hitter cold wed Brownsville port Unity. A and if they Don t have done better to slav in the Herald Learned t o d a y get a bowl bid. Brownsville the Nebraska coach that the huskers asked Pecan ought to be a cinch for some complained eve to let them vote again after they had decided to journey to Arizona but arrangements already had been made for the team to train in Tempe. Devaney a huskers trained in Brownsville last year and went away highly pleased with their stay Here however. Devaney said this year s team includes Many of last years sophomores and juniors the players he said v oled to go out to Arizona because they d already made one trip to the Valley bul a few Days later. T h e Herald Learned the team petitioned Devaney to let them take another vote they decided they d rather come Back to the \ Alloy bul by then the teams managers had made a Deal with Camelback inn and Ibex make i he switch. The request of team members to change their training Sagon up a four employees of an american con St auction company were feared kidnapped by communist Ger three americans and their vietnamese Driver the attack on the dump Hank was the Only terrorist incident Erhard opens talks in . 22 i pm a blocks went up and stores the fighting began when the in the dosed Down dominican government troops Santo in Santiago meanwhile True opened up with machine gun raising Calm a reported Merican and tank fire on the in at in Road paratroopers broke up a Battle hotel in Santiago. Where there sum to Between rival leaders of last spills rebellion dominican Amu tortes. Wore attending a breakfast to least in to persons were reception former rebel Leader killed in the lighting sunday col Francisco a Arnano derm including col Juan tora who was among those at the Fernandez the former army hotel was not injured. It t irn a it Lait Iii the rebel the violence also spread into a Sotis government unofficial reports Santo Domingo Lei Miles to the plated the death toll As High As South where rebel sympathize Ders angered by reports that six us helicopters sped a their leaders had been killed Forte of about lab airborne rioted and swarmed through troops to Santiago Al the the streets throwing Molotov request of the provisional cocktails and bombs anti Domino an government it was erecting barricades a National Santo Domingo la mobs began forming streets of Down oven Domingo Early too to fears of fun her Notin. Fumes i rum funnier fell Mission Man Dies in crash for r Worth up Sun boil monoxide fumes from a Furnace spread into the ventilation system of the Pioneer in Durance building Toda m a 2 j Kyi oils were overcome none seriously to first it was feared a Nam rat line had broken bin to Bee said this report was false Nome employees of the instil Nice ten company became sick while at a Howard Johnson s re Laurant on a Coffee break a dozen ambulances were used to take a he v Ltd in to ,.-Pitak i were in Good to fair condition. Disown n reported policeman was reportedly \ i s. Embassy spokesman armed and shot with his said la Mner ieans who were pistol by the mob tipped in Hie Santiago hotel according to reports from when the fighting broke out Santiago hip Bailie Between vere rescued unharmed Caamano s Quot constitutionalists Quot Pope i roes acceptance or Yule i Nice Iii let and the government air Force ground troops ended with helicopters ferrying the former rebels Back to the capital after first evacuating the me scans and other foreign nationals caught in the Battle the reports said helicopters woo ted onto the grounds of the Matun hotel and troops set up defensive posts and Mission a \ grinding two array aged fur the evacuation of tar mashup four Miles West of the civilians government h or a sunday night left one per troops stood by while others a an i another in critical helicopters began stunning the condition rebels Bac k to their Barracks in killed was Humberto Garza. Santo Domingo m produce manager of Hub w Hiie there were conflicting Tood store in Mission the past reports As to what triggered Quot years. The fight witnesses sic dial tin death was the 77lh of the spin Aln gunfire erupted Early Quot a Valley roadways sunday during a Wreath laying reported in critical condition ceremony by the const it lit Iona today in Mission municipal hos lists at a cemetery in Santiago Pilaf was Rafael Casas. To of and then moved to the hotel Edinburg Casas suffered a Skull troops of the dominican or fracture broken ribs arid other Force surrounded the hotel injuries. With machine guns a did heavy investigation state tanks and sent artillery fire rocketing into the Structure or Washington Uri a West nuclear Force to which Britain German Chancellor Ludwig would donate the four Polaris Erhard began a series of top submarines she expects to have level talks with i s. Officials by the end of 1%7 financial today on Germany s bid for an contributions by West Germany expanded role in nato nuclear and probably Italy and the defences. Netherlands and veto Power before going to the White Over firing the weapons by each House for a meeting with member of the Force. President Johnson the the various proposals All German Leader conferred with Start with the theory that Secretary of stale Dean Rusk unless West Germany is and his key aide brought into closer Particia a major topic of hip two Day lion in the Western nuclear discussions was i he nuclear deterrent she will eventually sharing role that West Derma seek an Independent nuclear by wants on arrival sunday Arsenal of her own. Erhard said he was seeking area Man 75, drowns in canal &0zr fisc re or Vatican City up a Popp Paul i Hopes the United states will accept it communist offers of a cease fire in Viet nut he accepted and worked that Christmas May sacred it was the first statement Force planes flew Over the hotel a the Heigh of the Bailie but did not strafe or bomb the rebels witnesses said Don pm do Zaoie into the newsroom wearing his Moth Cairn tribal headdress of Limp thicken feathers. Quot what gives a asked the City editor Quot the last noir Yon dug that thing out von claimed you wire making lug Medicine to the rain gods a a Psi a said the lion Quot but this Lime Senor Don Pele is wearing it inside out. Which has Marie the rain Clouds go a was. It s convertible. and oui be went. So shortly after the Battle broke a out at the hotel the government of provision president by Hector Garcia godot flashed a Nam on Christmas Day he the Pope since the United request for us assistance. Said sunday this could be the states began its massive helicopters lifted members of prelude to negotiations from buildup of troops in vie Nam the us Send a Robonie division which a equilibrium and peace and escalated air attacks on armed and wearing masks May follow North \ let Nam he warned a to Santiago. The Fis year old pontiff Mak a vaster War could be the my his first direct Public result. Reference to the Yin Nam War Quot where is peace did where o in some months declared thai Hie it Hris Imas spirit Quot pop the conflict was growing Paul asked. In urging the gravel and More bloody with cease fire offer lie accepted la each Day. Without referring to the United states by name he urged in his regular sunday Sermon to crowds in St Peter s that a at least the id Iran to \ 111111i Bench declared Quot we recommend this to the Wisdom and compassion of the responsible chiefs of state. And we Hope that negotiations will follow the cease fire and that Accord equilibrium and peace fifth circuit in new Orleans to erns of la Joya and Belen proposed cease iut May in May Bear Oiler Ca Otoo Appeal of Havana rant it Are i s District judge Reyn do Ltd it int a will in Wuh the i fifth circuit court of appeals to hear cases on Appeal in Atlanta ga., the week of january la the week of february judge Garza will sit with the Highway patrolman l Awrence Schaeffer said Hie two men were alone in their ars when the crash recurred on i s Highway it twin to to pm he said the Garza car was going East Aud the a sax car West cause of the crash was not determined he said both cars were demolished Garza was pronounced dead at the scene funeral services Are pending Al the Flores funeral Home in Mission. He is survived by his wife Mina Garza four sons Humberto or David. Edward and Hornet Galva two daughters Olga in la and Edna Wilma Garza four Brothers. Juan Garza or of Viet Nam. Enrique and Armando Garza of California and Oscar Garza of Havana ranch arid three Sisters mrs Dora g Cavazos of Mission mrs Maria Louisa Pala fair solutions of give and accompany my him were West German foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder and defense minister Kat Uwe \ on passel Erhard s visit was the third and last stage of a week Long venture into Persona diplomacy by Johnson his most intensive since he entered the White House two years ago the president was Host last week to president Mohammed Yub Khan of Pakistan and British prime minister Harold w Ilson tie West German Leader arrived Here amid rumours that the genres were considering a modified version of a Multi lateral nuclear Force Milf largely the same As that proposed by Wilson last week the Wilson plan which some diplomats believe would lie a starter Quot along the Tricky Road of nato agreement was said to tentatively int hide an Allied Rillas today while working reported in this jittery capital outside the big i a. Air base at on the fifth anniversary of the Bien Hoa 12 Miles Northeast of National liberation front Viet Saigon. Cong. In Saigon a communist but the sounds of heavy terrorist hurled a hand grenade mortar fire could tie heard at a i s army dump truck from across the Saigon River injuring five american service where guerrillas were reported men and seven vietnamese to have attacked a government civilians Post heavy fighting was heavy fighting was reported reported elsewhere in South else Here. Viet Nam old vials of the Raymond. There were rumours during Morrison Knudsen it o said they j 1. Jay that vie Cong agents were checking records to were cruising the streets of determine Hie identity of the Saigon in an automobile conium men who vanished while Laming Imp pounds of Jongh working outside the mine Field explosives to by used against singing Hie Bien Hoa base the quarters housing la s. Service base is Only a few Miles from men the communist infested zone ,. P c civilian police set up Road blocks throughout the City searching vehicles and sushi emus looking pedestrians t s. Min roamed the City arresting american servicemen found on the streets in violation of the military curfew and warning Merican civilians to return to their Homes. \ 7 p Iii to it a m. Curfew was imposed on All foreign servicemen As a precaution against communist terrorist . Two terrorists one a Ivy Par a i United press International old boy hurled two grenades Rainy weather that made sunday night at a group of highways treacherous brought vietnamese National police an upsurge of automobile col wounding three of them one of visions sending Texas weekend the 4 communists was immedi violent death toll to its most lately Cut Down by machine gun tragic level in weeks fire near the Phil Tho race \ United press International track and the boy Huynh Dang Survey for the period Kim Ween Tiky surrendered there were conflicting ports on whether the nut men were four Mner ieans weekend violence toll i o h or p in Friday and Midnight sunday showed at least 42 violent deaths including 32 traffic fatalities two traffic accidents claimed a total of seven lives and four Small children died in a fire that swept an apartment when they were left without adult supervision i a it i r i i. A Sania be freight train Amu of Cut Benavides of la la a s s to a discovered Tho body Dav Ghl pm where the victim had apparent a mlle 1 in Slipp d and fell into the Ca Ynn rial while returning to his Home Marilio for help in freeing his ear from 2.3 of he the body of Fia year old qualm Naranjo of la Paloma was discovered floating in a drainage canal near his Home at about k 30 a Iii today the Muddy canal Bank the body was recovered from the canal by Benavides arid Deputy sheriff Marcus Dodson who was called to hip scene Dodson said the victim appeared to have been in the a tor since saturday night by sheriffs office records showed report of the Man being missing from his Home death was attributed to Sci 1 dental drowning by san Benito Justice of the a Pace Romeo Garza the body was taken to Thorn a funeral Home where it will remain pending completion of funeral arrangements Naranjo is survived by his and West rout. La. Troth of Riley Evans Rigsby Pera. Calif and car wife three sons and six Dan tors. Olyn Jane Williams 22, were the dead flames kill four the Parent of four Small children went grocery shopping sunday morning in Galveston and returned to find their apartment in flames killed in the fire were Barbara Eliza ire ii Watt 3 Gene Wyatt or. 3 Elmira Wyatt 2 and ten Wyatt is months it appeared the children had tampered with an open Heater or and mrs Gene Wyatt had been gone Only a few min utes. \ collision in West Texas Friday night killed three persons Tao cars collided in a Haff flies leap into Pool during i Filiti Santo Domingo up fifteen americans mostly members of a Texas amp a University agriculture team took Refuge in a swimming a it a my Sun Day when a Bailie broke out Between dominican or Force ground troops and former ret Els. Aus embassy spokesman said u Mner ieans were Iraj pm in the Santiago hotel but were rescued unharmed the students were later Hawaii was i below Zero at a curve near Canyon and Over moved from the Battle area Boonville n v the highest turned the Lead were Rthur during a temporary cease fire reported sunday was m degree Wilkowsky of Dallas and Henry arranged by i s. Consul Leslie a Pompano Beach and Miami Banes frizzled of Amarillo Al Boul Gucfa i. Bolis ii 1 government troops today see i it Nam Page oleic Zeal a ii onion has Jaaden pleas m i i. And. New zealand i Pic mrs Herbert raw on wife of a surgeon gave birth to quadruplets tonight two boys and two girls. Doctors at the National women Hospital said they were a bit concerned about the condition of the infant no orig the first to congratulate the raw sons was Shirley inn Lawson who gave birth to quintuplets at the Hospital last july after treatment with a Fertility drug doctors refused tonight to in whether or Rawson had also had the drug we i do new Vork up Light rain killing mrs Mary Lane Sweetwater near Owhi water. L Stamps 7s Wilson 13 both of and Norman my x in of ode a a tie two students of Texas West lowest temperature reported to pm College on then Way Home the weather Bureau Thi for the holidays were killed morning excluding Alaska and saturday w Hen their car missed shopping Days left Christmas seals fight the my other respiratory diseases

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