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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 4

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Three four. Five am seven. A cwt and tote storm gets heavier. Jim Jozos away loudspeakers of the Downto am Section Cive Forth their Christmas music. It for fells ust King neither have i min sos to. Astrological forecast in i Broil Righter to i m a. Dec. 14. I%3 Only i in More lays till in Luis Mas. I Priscilla to on 1 pins and noodles x /. St today the Quot Bush Hacks Raio to phed a to compute of apes an when of clash tried to outdraw Ela stash came out a very co Finly deceased second Best 1 cart of his cuppy a and Povy an on i a k from the Fust least Wise Woy Tey All ended up i i Ain t thet the truth Sorto spook come to think on t1 i lib flt i a a nary of of a mite late Feo it to Emam seemed too of slash Moch c.ood1 pm on i its find what slash hid his jugs a got a a ter All thet Tlapa be own t tamil amp with Thiee an apts reckon thar a a amps amp Qto it somewhat a of Gin w we Tom tick Fife in vet by he atm Cost san Rcv emf &osv&s1se, Bot Mph Kaio mom it is a to Tae be Peet myster Psi a-15 a mow Dom f by contract Coit Cee As 6ccrv, Lorzy ocpbcs/m06opv fat Al cd Ituk movers to in u hold let ice amp a to tale to Smoot Vooth tee j of the Micro a Quot it s Exford nears ism Luck Brae my who a sea i amp top a cm5tsq-sift com test Heern Mai pm cd a ask fades Mso it searches Kcf v Ctm in met pc mrs de just Oke vis t be a of out you go lfa7"a Strw so to voip 45 her kno a a Back in the living 2oom, Leatha shows 4speg net a Asj Ltts-4vc a pm wet Chat r a -�?yc3 a in Nyhl if y that never. / goes Heare / Back of Yoo Bee Orl i called m i knew twinks f a you i Useo to of madly in Lovitti to \ with mfg my Jons Tell /cf?t4 Only j my Dixie 4 r f of in a it oct love with t m it re >3"oc in Quot y of not what w2 s Gen Kral ten Deni i is a Day when startling and dramatic events can occur that give you a Chance to show that you Are quickly adapted to the requirements of the moment and Are Able to handle Tho inexpert. De in a very Clever and detailed fashion. Take the time to be very meticulous concerning your5 prestige and Good name Aries mar 21 to apr 19 consider the most important work that is before von and get at it quickly make the right decisions. Co workers can be very inspiring treat them with Courtesy. Taurus or 20 to May 20 get into creative work Early so i that you later have free ump i for the recreation you want to delve into be ure to make appointment with friends. They j follow your ideas wisely gemini May 21 to Lune 21 j if you confide More in those j who dwell with you you can avoid some very unpleasant so nation there Start an uptrend 1 in your affairs done to delay in seizing opportunities at hand Moon children Lune 22 to huh 21 being precise in whatever duties Are before you spells Tho difference Between Success and failure with them some project in particular. Be ure to collect data you require Leo july 22 to aug 21 you Are now Able to add to your abundant e by being very Alert j and getting the backing of financial experts. Business persons of note give support you need be diplomatic. Virgo aug 22 to sept 22 those projects of magnitude you have in mind May be just what will give you the big am j und Anee you want however j study All factors Well first in i i prove health and attractiveness i Libra sept 23 to Ort 22 of i some anxiety Vou have Only my grows if you give it Power but i a objective thinking solves it ease 6 by. Private duties need full at h Tention also keep Busy. Be Hap a Jar pm. Scorpio Ort 23 to nov 21 x l ook to those Good Friend who y ate eager to a it Vou with Arn ideas of magnitude that you a have. Contact them Early Joie a with social groups that Are worthwhile in p m Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 safeguard your rept a i turn today since a thoughtless aet could mar your Good Nam for a Long time to come. Do utmost to please higher ups Don t fall Short of exudation. It at Norn dec 22 to Jan 2 1 concentrate upon How to Advance More quickly in your Chat it ten career and create a More More pleasing image for others to see Admire Many new vistas Are open to Vou expand aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 seek out the get advisors who can give Vou the right ideas in order to carry on with your Busi a Ness in a More Active was modernize do whatever pleases your mate More in p m Pisces feb 20 to mar 20 a partner has the favor of certain bigwigs and this is the time to Tom with them for More Bene fits get future bettered real abundance can lie Vours if Vou Arp More co operative if your child is born today he no she is one of those rare individuals who will get Earl remarkably interesting ideas that can be developed later on in life to a most practical and rerun Eramo e level encourage your progeny to think in truly big terms for Best results also by tire to dwell on the More orthodox methods that have been used in the past. Oth Era is there is Apt to be a tendency to go off on really big tangents spoiling the wonderful Promise Here a the stars impel they do not compel. Rit t you make of your life is largely up to vol �?~7-ix a Brinker la sorts of presents and j goodies of a a it it s wljm5 i sell. Ill m a it Aav four it m and to co and Plockl a cheer Leader to Cit with me did you by Biz have Ann Bod Voll Quot co to boo Quot at Yoo njfzc>c3hi a Boa phone ? a Vvs a tin at doctor Gus Vav co run me out a tvs Palace is gone a y j twas r. Vat Guz. Now i All Tea. Stands Between you an the i to Rone a a a tool Ai Quot a Well maj d v Ake of Sou of / pct t want us a. T to it never mind just Emu a Tusic know Vav of n isme Jomes /j-/3 tax a r r 1 4. A firing a St v in u St in 1 Ejli a j Al. I pc Jur j it a buy Tom x can a a v Cut a no erne to i Doy feel s4ff d3 v. Hopes \ it a x i Anhang glow by Cmel around. t twinn i can get t turn of the maybe i Don t want to. P no car at dawn�?T.,.stuck in Saso. J near a Cesar Moapi Driver 30s&. Come. Captains wish to i est. / x Carroll Righter a individual forecast for your sign for j Annmary is now ready for your copy Send your birthrate and is of to Carroll Righter fore a cast the Brownsville Herald Box 1921, Hollywood 2s. It Ali for a. A a a a a 0 0 0-0000.0 0 04 Wka happened to the Cavil Hep so is a so Aith a a thares ? we map t Pead Vest Erpal a hot to get water it store in stomach he Hsc Vav How t q survive in desert hell be hard to it am0sr5 so or. Gafic Many tuareg with covered face Vul his Pip glimpse a sea a bile Wark. Jet k Ano on one hand a it had sea. Tat toc a Swastika. In a. Matter o \ of j of r boarding House of i our Way o fur �?~6 Ca 5 does a -5 s a �?�6 s it vet 1 d 0 c a a i 0 a the Arche fish gets it name because of it habit of projecting water from its Mouth thus wetting insects and knocking them into the water this fish which can be raised in Home aquariums reaches a length of 6 to 7 inches and can throw a Jet of water almost As Long As its body with amazing accuracy. Bes known of this species inhabits the fresh Waers of Java my other a Larvic a4 / / j a a. V r3 j in

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