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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 2

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Page 3 monday december 13. Is Okay you slav pass social Security tax goes up next month you May la of Hoard poll you re paying this year. If you Titian Rotor to Tho government s Mako $6,000 a your or Moro you social Security program As an will pay $277 20, compared to Tho a insurance rather than a present 174 a tax a if you buy that line ins but Tho employee i not the try lolling i Uncle Sam thanks Only in it who will feel the Pinch but you have decided you Don t the employer is required to want to participate. Match the employee tax Dollar its a tax All right and it s for Dollar. This Means that eight going to be More expensive and two fifth per cent of the come 1966 even if it were an total taxable payrolls earned in in Sura no get program it is com i >66 will be taken by the gov Poison you done to want it or eminent to help the costs of the a need if you take it anyway social Security a Stern that is you and your employer arc fore a maximum of $554 to per Luff to pay dearly for the so Call ploy and there s More to come re benefits you aim pay for a the salaries and expenses of the Large run of social Security emf print pm. Reasons for workers who administer the pro the rate increase Are that the Gram and who lobby for further government is spending More Extension of the system in or Money administering the pro Der to beef up their army Gram and the amount of the Ashen you receive your first benefits is Bein Quot raised con a Check in 1966, you will find St idly in Congress. For sex that you have received what ample last year an across the a amounts to a Cut in pay that Board increase in benefits of 7 a is the deduction for your social per cent was granted to offset a Security tax will be increased the riving Cost of living How leaving you less Money to take about that0 Home with you and to spend As All of this Money is being Tak it of Vee fit in from you because your gov in eminent does no to think you have Congress ii is increased sense enough to take care of fhe tax rate from three and yourself. Five eights per cent on the first where will it end 1 is such an $4 Soo of our wages to four and a insurance a program a Pruner one fifth per cent of the first function of government you $6.whi of your wages that a a might try a Keg some of the maximum increase of $103 20 for lawmakers who enacted the pro 1 each employee Gram you won t got a straight it Means that if you make $5. Answer but at least it will give him a War. You will pay $210 to the politicians a Chance to prac the social Security program tire talking oui of both sides of next year compared to the $174 their Mouths. Hard sell citizenship i thought you \ might be trying a to slip supplies into Rhodesia Dick West test your knowledge of trivia John Chamberlain automation fails to Rock Rockford Washington up Rockford Illinois if this from Day to Day for various to a go blow a what Rockford there have Jeen countless columnist were Given to puffing parts of the production line if needs now is not help in Job requests for another washing a a automation advances i n t o things work out this particular training which is something ton a trivia qui of the Type dire predictions of a world in development of automation will the companies do for Thetn-5hat appeared in this column which factories will have no enable the Small manufacturer selves but a continuing Supply last month. Need for human labor he would to get the Benefit of machines of what it Calls a warm bodies a by a countless a i mean that be projecting future Une mpoy that Are now of important la a new Chrysler Plant in a near nobody has requested another ment curves through the roof Bor saving value Only to the big by town has intensified the re quiz of you done to receive any on the basis of what he has mass industries. Gions acute labor shortage. Requests you can to very Weil seen Here certainly some of the p would be East to be an count them. A experiments that Are being car alarmist about the prospects of this underwhelming response r p 1 on Hgt tie machine tool jobs melting away As Rocky in Rappr. Colman com leads me to believe that the makers of this astounding City. Ford s experiments conquer the for example needs a first quiz was too difficult for an hour West Chicago por world of factory production rut up do Slin Niv of youths and it the average Reader. In fact it Len i vast changes in our Indus Rockford itself is an example of fun its a it preferable to Start re was too difficult for the writer. Trial practices. What the employment picture a l j it or try Lenin new a a a a a a i could be in the world of the ,� s from the old Tine. I is a town suffering Anuj sen Cong promising workers from a severe labor shortage of adult pm Ping schools at the i got one answer wrong myself. I identified the pakistani Camel Driver that former vice president Lyndon b Johnson invited to Washington As Mohammed Rashir. Actually his full name was Mohammed Bashir Ahmed. I m sorry about the confusion folks and by Way of making amends i have prepared a second quiz that should i impose less of a Strain on both Reader and writer i. What is former vice for instance at the Ingersoll a a take a Many a me a design f h milling company you will he a Onri make top machines that v kit compare in shown a machine that Nares make the no an nes Mal b t advanced Etc Tran known a machine mat pares Wlla put other men out of work to d t Metal from a shape destined to the Onnor unities for plan n / Ai Lumina e he a die without the intervene a 7 opportunities or Nani against High school drop outs be a me run out me intervening the production lines of the in minced that Hon of a professional die Mak full up of r big manufacturers and Small All Over the world or responding with fantastic accuracy to taped directions the machine s cutting and grinding Edge moves forwards sideways and up or Down simultaneously what this might do eventually to the die makers. Ele and Walt Dulaney Mem is \ i n per cent of those eligible to Register to vote did so ninety eight per cent of those eligible to vote actually cast their ballots forty four per cent contrib listed funds to their political party was this in the United states where in the 1964 presidential election Only 7k per cent of the population was registered and. Of these one Quarter failed to exercise the franchise0 yes. It was Hughes aircraft plunged into a company sponsored non partisan. Get out the vote Campaign for the last National election the above results were the outcome. Barton Evans chairman of i what Hughes called its a Active citizenship describes it As a blueprint for an exciting new Force in american politics certainly party contributions from i urfi or 44 per cent of All 23 1112 Hughes employees was a new element which should bring Huzzah from the democratic and Republican party chiefs but it seems Odd that the american c citizen has to be a a organized into doing such an important thing As casting his ballot. Another aspect a can he he a a organized election after election to obtain a continuation of these same encouraging re suits regardless it was a valuable Experiment on this firms part. Now if it can find out Why so Many citizens in general refuse to give the rest of us a helping hand in making our political decisions that will be a further contribution. Make up Isnit necking amp provided ii is convinced that laziness is not i he prime Rea. Son for a boy quitting school if Promise to be \ ritually limit i Jat a Wirt wants to help a a Ess j company like rarer Colman in its own apprentice program he might better work to relax for a Long time to come the $1.80 hourly minimum wage president Lyndon b. Johnson s who Are the aristocrats of the Rockford and other places like where ii pertains to kids just present title0 automobile manufacturing Busi it. Should he Able to absorb out of High school i he average 2 who was the . Senator Ness. Could be of great concern each and every die maker who i s. Manufacturer cant Aloid who used to Chew cigars to the United automobile work might lose his Job because of a to offer training at such a wage without removing the cello Erst Walter Reuther die shaping machine that Rock a which is obviously one Rea Phane wrapper then there is another Type of Ford Sells. The old skills die and son Why the Cost is being Palm 3 during the congressional machine still in the mock up new skills Are born pm on the american tax Pav investigation of television quiz a a a tha Quot n enable a Manu Rockford is a remarkable up often with unsatisfactory re show scandals. Charles Van factoring company to use Auto Community in Manv was not so Ujj a dorm confessed that he was muted production lines for Batch s0 Jong ag0 by Secretary of in it oct a univ in get Given some answers in and production one such machine Jabor Willard Wirtz offered to Ain great , i. A i Vance. What program did he destined for a european custom help so up the Community a la Auto appear on or. Would profitable adapt Auto b r problems a a we dive de the pm St 11 Bas Iteen criticized 4. The Chimpanzee who took Mau it Quot piques to the Mak High ted t0 work with Rockford fam no v rut Quot ? is % Init of Sihu oct $ no �0 if inti 1 a Quot us a it i 111 Odin in be. Weil mom \ Roll la 11 s "2 sp7 a of aunt flu i it n industries he said n , a a augury of resides in he nalwn.1 zoo ave trick a we will involve Quot a Quot on the Job training pm ils future or should t he too t he use1 of Corn up i prize to Perl it Titis Rockford $ Snow fun to Boloix ii t h cd Urb re a network dlrpc1ions, which can be shifted Wirtz was. In effect to Tell him Newal All by itself. President Lyu dear Fie and Walt Why do Mother of two adopted children Date either of them Ever had0 parents consider a kiss As be it broke my heart to read what please Tell me the answer right my dirty a my boy Friend and i the 14 year old boy said when he a wave Andrew had an argument and a Misun discovered he was adopted that dear Andrew they a pro Bah det standing we wore talking this explained a lot. Because in Razz you rut if they did t about it and when we finally his parents horse whipped him. Kid you about your height differ got things settled Between us. Being adopted has nothing to do once. They a find something else me. My with brutality and sadism Here what was his name0 5. Who was the newscaster that Man mimicked after the 1&47 election0 6 w hat treasurer a woman a suggested that paper Money be printed in assorted colors0 7 what senator uttered the immortal line Quot this is the most unheard of thing i Ever heard of0�?� amp what change did Harry Fulton Lewis or. Of to tease about that s the Way Truman make in the presiden Seal what were the Lapel bal 9 grammar lesson my boy Friend kiss de dad it in this and hit my boy this kind. This Type of parents q is in Quot first Date season Friend in the face. Would obviously do the same if you like the girl. Why not then later he tried to Tell me thing to any child of theirs turn a deaf ear to the critics buttons Given to world War la he was sorry for hitting my boy adopted or not and a a her out anyway you veterans commonly called0 Friend but he said i our children now 9 and 5. Can Cut the chances of Embar have been necking in the first have known they were adopted Ras sment a bit by making a place we weren to necking Al All he Only kissed me once so Joy and pleasure they have by saving something like. Sos Sherman what s wrong with that a if we brought us is immeasurable an. I wonder if you a mind go were kissing All the time i d we feel our children Are very my to the skating rink with this Lindsay a winning i no cop backing since they were 2 years old the 00 0f your height difference retard who testified a the nations Republican voters Adams hearings0 Vor John Lindsay for their Par tvs presidential nomination. Don t scuttle through the crawl space looking for your old English grammar a this widely a used grammatical form in t in it a All it the a preparatory accusative cases example from the Boss a Jones you threw away the / report on the meeting did t you0�?� r this puts the Burden of proof on Jones and should the report never turn tip. Jones has had it should some other hapless wretch prove to be the culprit. Jones still is tarred with implied complicity. The accuser always comes out spotless As in the wife s use of the a preparatory accusative a a you Arentt eating a you hate my cooking a understand but a a me. We weren to special and cherished i Hope this Young boy will midget0�?� you la assure her that von Washington a \ Gallup governments totalled $7 million have lot at of in Shelbyville pro-1ft what was the name of poll released last week showed a year at the turn of the Cen dining about 50ft new lobs Gen Bernard Goldfiner blonde Sec hat Only four per cent of the Tun this figure had increased Era electric and Pittsburgh a to $1 billion in 194ft and Dur plate Glass already located ing the past 25 years has soared there Are expanding their operations the 36-year-old mayor explains a we be gone out and helped a poll of Gap leaders would to $14 billion a year. A v dear a a me the problem is eventually realize that his Par done to blame her for being tall. And let her know that although you know you be got some growing to do. You done to want to Post juju top Smjth Pone the pleasure of her com m it Artex r Hunt for truth one of changing customs when Elds Are not Normal parents and your dad was in his teens of being adopted is not the reason Section was More discreet a on he is being sequently he measures your be tul a adopted Mother Havior iceberg style Figur a it Par Mother thank you for Pany until von nudge the 6-foot my that whats revealed Public making the Point so Well thai Mark try0�?Walt in is Only a seventh of what s hand picked children Are Sel a Bell Mcclure Syndicate Era hidden from View. Dom picked on the la year turd wed suggest a Mother old s parents Arp exceptions if you have a question Send daughter talk explain your Fie and Walt. It to Fie and Walt Dulaney standards of behaviour to mom near Walt this is what i write to them in care of this and ask her to translate them want to know. What would nth newspaper and enclose a to your dad in terms hell acer Boss and girls say if a boy stamped self addressed Enve cent a Fie and Walt. Took out a girl who was much Lope if you would like a per dear Fie and Walt i am the taller than he was for the first Sonal reply. Answers i. Honorary chair probably disclose even less sup Man of the american red part for new York s handsome Cross 2 William Banger r n Young mayor elect for Lindsay i 3 to vent one. 4 Ham 5 continues to downgrade his Par Hyka it Cohorn 6 Elizabeth to and to Reward members of handouts Sinh an official is 7. Joseph r the political opposition Ralph mayor of Shel wis k lie he has refused even to con Ovville. Ind it is encouraging therefore. When local officials say thanks but no thanks to the Federal changed the eagles profile that it faced right instead left. 9 ruptured ducks in Mildred Paperman to create new jobs without the Federal government there is no abject poverty in this area. Our local welfare services Are More than adequate and the Shelby county i nned fund Anim he raised More than $100.�?� Kim for various health programs recreation and so Tom Tiede in the hearts of the american people in these troubled times a righteous anger is rising Only rarely so far. Is it directed against the real sources of our troubles but it is clearly aimed a and aroused by the appallingly irresponsible Altitude of the Public agitators whose ugly. Childish antics Are a con Stant mockery of everything constructive that americ stands for. The Ordinary american does not know the answer to Tho problem of \ let Nam he is not sure just How we got into that grim and bloody Duel in the Jungle or How we Are going to a win it he does know that once there we cannot turn and run away for if we do that the enemy snip la follow us he does know that other americans risk death daily in those haunted Jungles and deserve every kind by a l. Hunt of support from the people at Home who do not have to run that risk these Are some of the Rea on Why the Ordinary american is disgusted arum sickened by the spectacle of a up Cace marches in our cities flying communist Kiel Cong flags by draft dodging schemes openly promoted and by the direct mailing of anti War pro Man a from Home to our soldiers stationed in a let Nam however you feel about the a id Nam War if you retain a spark of common sense or sincere patriotism you know that no hairy unwashed Quot student demonstrators sprawled on a Public Street is going to help matter in Iead. Tie is a symptom of the worst of our prob lems the Blank refusal to think at All Al Tut the future of this nation typical i boy Man who can to \ Ole yet w. G. Brandstadt my the doctor says Vannatta a korean Veteran so suit new York s of county Federal officials Are now try of chairmen a including Bronx ing spa up an anti poverty congressman Paul Fino on top program in Shelbyville and in level appointments within his she lbs Rush and j p Alm coun. New administration he has car bpm mayor Vannatta and his Rind a a fusion government to an Colv Council have told the local extreme complain party Lead anti poverty representative that has met with the War on hovers. Thev can handle their own prob or Tyr a Quot area representative a lems. Morris Moriarity in an Effort i found from on Oriondo 10 fed Quot Hal a that control soon leave Tho Leo cd from no a in mind. We item Lindsay has named n Cal Community when the fed Nwe or ,0 Arnn a a to registered Democrat Woody peal government moves Klein As his press Secretary a Annatta told this office a we Klein a former new York news have attempted to solve our Man actively backed Ultra lib problems on the local level and Oral congressman William flits i think we can be far More sue Ryan for the democratic May Cess Ful than Federal Bureau i Oral nomination when Ryan lost rats hundreds of Miles away a Shelbyville is in excellent economic Hape. Vannatta says the to chink Tams. Viet Nam he still has trouble spelling Nea a the average age of and writing letters Home is a the combat i in Many units painful process but lie can Here is is stand what a Man he is a Pink cheeked tousled hair break Down a Rifle in 3 1 seconded tight muscled fellow who. Under Normal circumstances would be considered by society As half Man. Half boy not yet dry behind the ears a pain in the unemployment Chart but. Hole and now he is the beardless Hope of free Man Elf is for the most Pari in he to a married and without material. 1 a and he has come close to join my them. And he has become self sufficient he has two pairs of a and put if Hack together again Tigues. Washes one and wears in 29 he can describe the no the other he sometimes forgets is Menc lature of a fragmentation to Brm a his Teeth but not his grenade explain How a machine Rifle he keeps i socks dry gun operates and of course and his canteen full he an newspaper Enterprise Assn. Sneezing Long considered a simple reflex can also be an Art it seems there Are almost As Manx was to sneeze As there Primay Klein then switched Lindsay. Item Lindsay named Robert o. Lowery a lifelong Democrat. To be the City a $30,000 a ing about the Vannatta says Quot mortality was extremely evasive especially on the question of Federal a an Itta insists that he is not leading any a crusade against the War on poverty a maybe places like Appalachia need help a he says. Quot but let s not Tonev in in the whole of Shelby county waste he says. There Are univ 15 listed unemployed males and Shelby nor year fire commissioner Lowery a ill itself is constantly attract the backed Democrat Abe Beanie my new Industry a always been Able to help them for mayor is closely aligned in the past year and a half selves and we Are proud of that with j Raymond Jones Man he says three new companies tradition a to skin a cat a bul there Hattan democratic Boss the taxpayer a immunities that neither want need Federal assistance people of Shelbyville have Are to skin a Only one Safe Way. Since item i in Sav named Tim everyone sneezes at times and Othy w costello. Liberal party Mato chairman As $37,500 a possessions except for possibly an Oid car at Home and a to att Sis or radio Here he listens to Rock and Tolland 105mm howitzers. A he Sef frail Aji Independent Freedom newspaper founded on july 4, j so0 published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning by Freedom newspapers 1135 f. Nan Buren St. Brownsville Texas this newspaper is dedicated to Furni Hong information to our readers so that they can latter promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see ill blessings. For Only when Man understands Freedom and is free to control himself and till he produces ran he develop to his utmost to capabilities in Harmony with the above moral principles. To discharge this responsibility free men to the let est of their a Blind must understand and apply to daily living the great moral guides expressed Iii the ten commandments the Golden Kule a rid the declaration of Independence. Subscription rates by Canter by week 4�rby mall in the Rio Grande Valley per month $170 per year $18 v by mail a state or out of Texas per month $1 95, per year $22 of. Second Daas postage paid at Brownsville Texas. I with the approach of colder weather will probably do in Cook his own meals fix his own Quot a Hinves us to per hurts and mend his own rips fact or sneezing technique. Material or mental fortunately the habit of inhale he will share his water with my snuff til induce sneezing and you in you thirst break hts to thereby Clear out the head is tinny in half if you hunger split in longer an indication of Genius ammunition if you Are fight Utility. Golden snuff boxes have my for your life of a fund their Way into the collect pal a up the up l jux Bons f antique novelties. Us it la pal up. Claim the party will be worse he ran do the work of two if you Are a closed Mouth off than it was before the decile has seen More suffering civilians draw half fhe pay of i urge von to mend your Hon than he should have in his Hurt one arid find ironic humor in it ways such be zing builds up put by Ai Tion of Mavor died life he has stood among Hill All he has Learned to use his terrific pressures in the nose. Lindsay should utilize either if the need arises a a a a he can also dig Foxholes apply professional first Aid to a wounded companion March until he is told to March Ile obeys now. Without Hestia lion but he is not broken year Deputy mayor costello has never supported a Republican presidential candidate. Gap leaders who toiled Long and hard in the Lindsay Cam Lind Thev Berry s world he just got out of High school within the past year received Public and he in so grades played a Little ashamed either football and had a girl who hts broke up with him when he went Oversea or who swears she is still faithful although he is half the world away. Lie has Learned to like let Eer by now betaine it is cold and lie cause it is a the thing to do a he smokes be it a use he eels free up mar cigarettes in his a rat Ion Pac Kage and it is also the thing to do he is a Pavale f first class a one year military Veteran with one More to go his eyes Are dear but his future is not of bodies and he has helped to hands As a weapon and his construct those Hills. Weapon As hts hands he can he has wept in private and in save a life or most assuredly has not been take one. Place Begaii e figh teon and a half years old pals have fallen in Battle is hat a Man he is. Short there s no hmm behaviour to bring in a fellow Tike Ladylike out the Gen Teel the of Nisi tided Chalk Beds of Kansas Are world famous rounding the Adriatic sea gorillas Nav stand my tall and weigh Otto pounds a natural Tunnel on the Southern railway is said to be i he Only one in the world used by a Railroad the Tunnel is to nasal sinuses and Middle ear it May thus cause nosebleed or infection n the sinuses or Middle ear the same holds True for the modest sneeze who a trained himself to abort an oncoming sneeze there is also the possibility that such a sneeze May precipitate a stroke in an elderly Huson the Hobgoblin sneeze accompanies eat h sneeze with a bloodcurdling yell his Mee my let h Moue would be Fine if he could learn to eliminate the yell it accomplishes nothing except in lose friends and alienate it Cople n o t Surprise them on rep Atod occasions during Campaign the got Nom Snep a surd new York voters that he would not. Under Ain circumstances use the office of mayor to Aid the Gap Federal Aid to slate and local Chance that you sneeze again will live to Only i Niter states we presi Dent Ever elected directly by he never cared much for the Senate was Richard Mentor Calt a 10 Slot a Lewes Ern Virginia work preferred waxing his own Johnson in 1s36 he served under president Van Bun n quis it possible for a 16-year old girl in have a real c Ancer How can one detect it early0 a a my or of the breast c an occur at any age but is extremely rare in girls under 2ft�?less than one tenth of i per cent of car to washing his father s but he is now 1ft or 26 pounds lighter than Lief Ore because he i the Bora is a cold a violent working or fighting from Dawn North to Northeast wind which to Dill often longer. Weep a Cro a la Region our alcoholism is a growing problem in Russia communists on the rocks with Vodka i first . Vikk it com a minted to sneeze properly ail you need to do is to Iet the Force of All cases any Lump in the breast the sneeze come out through that you can feel with t h e your of a Mouth and unless you Flat oif your hand should tie sex Are on a desert Island cover Ammad by your doctor of a can your Mouth with your hand hat handkerchief or whatever is is i11 11 a five cent Handy. Removal gives in ism. U you do us up is every tor e cure j Early Complete the Best Chance a fyr a h�5 Blu inc a ii this fhe Toj department or the defense department i

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