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Brownsville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Brownsville, Texas Failure to a coordinate diaries denied a lbs was informed before fed hiked rates says Martin Washington Ipi chairman William Mcchesney mail in or. Of the Federal Reserve Hoard said today the Board had kept the Johnson administration a continuously informed Quot of its position both before and after ii raised interest rates. The Hoard has been accused of failing to coordinate with the rest of the government when it boosted the Pace setting Dis count rate from 4 to 4.5 per cent. Rut Martin denied this before the Senate House economic committee. A i can assure you that the administration has been kept continuously informed of the position of the Federal Reserve system and that there has been a continuing Frank Exchange of views Between the Federal Reserve and administration officials both before and after the boards Martin told the committee while Martin under fire from the committee vigorously defended the interest raise As an Issue of conscience integrity and judgment As i interpret the the three Board members who opposed the move agreed substantially with the views of his foes. James i. Robertson who was in the minority in the 4-3 Board decision said in a statement submitted to the committee that he Felt a the appropriate monetary policy for later in 1966 can be Best judged after we have the Benefit of the official Federal budget message in january and see the Public reaction Board member George t. Mitchell said his position was that the action a could have been delayed to await coordination with other government he said he did not think there was sufficient evidence that a inflationary pressures Are Strong or the third member who voted against the raise. Sherman j. Maisel said the move could cause rather than prevent inflation. A people might mistakenly believe that the action was taken on far firmer grounds than it Maisel said. A they might assume that the Board was convinced that inflation was imminent. A others might not understand the significant difference Between Banks raising their prices and unions and other industries doing likewise. They might feel justified in demanding higher wages or prices a Martin testified that the current fast Pace of the Economy and the Prospect of a big increase in sanding for the War in \ let Nam justify not Only the substance of the boards actions but also their timing a a delay i n g action further would probably have made it necessary to take stronger measures later a he contended. Martin appeared before the House Senate group at the demand of his longtime foe a Ltd a Wright Patman. I Tex. Potman chairman of the committee led off an investigation of the feds a interest action by accusing the Board of flouting president Johnson Congress a and even the Law Quot the quickest Way to sink a ship is to have two Patman said in an opening statement Patman said All Federal agencies were required by the employment act of 1946 to coordinate their economic policies. Your Freedom newspaper a the final decision As to what the future of society shall be depends not upon How near its organization is to perfection but on the degree of worthiness in its individual a Albert Schweitzer your Freedom newspaper vol. 71�?no. To dial la 2-4331 Brownsville Texas monday december 13, 1965 a Wea Tuer mild Teni Taal arcs scattered Shower Low 6 b High Boio cages Price 5c six Valley ites die on roads six a Alley residents died Dor Highway 77 about five Miles de with oranges struck a 21-ing a weekend marred by trag Northwest of Brownsville. Cai freight train. Coy on the Highway five in Roy l. Green a Weslaco win two Emmo men died at 6 45 traffic accidents and a sixth of ter visitor from Nickerson am saturday when the car in a heart attack after his car Kan. Died of an apparent heart which they were Riding went had been struck by a hit run attack after his car was struck out of control near Pharr. Driver by a hit and run Driver about struck a Palm tree and exploded mrs Rosa Gutierrez Garcia five Miles West of Brownsville in flames they were Raymond 62 of 1222 South la St., Harlin or Highway 2s1 late saturday Gen and Roberto Garcia her night five year old grandson were Rodolfo r Gomez. 19 of Wes. Killed instantly at about 6 Laco was killed Early sunday Al pm. Sunday As they crossed Edinburg when his truck Load a a a a a a Tot 3, drowns in Resaca Here fort Brown Resat a claimed Yearance of the child so near the life of its third victim this the Resaca he first checked Hie year sunday when three year area behind the shopping Center old William Loughrey Sam a and immediately found the eternally drowned. Boys tiny footprints leading to the boy a the Only child the Resaca of William Loughrey Sainz and about the same time sped a Conception Sustaita Sainz 1313 tors on the other Side of the e Adams St. Water saw the body mrs Sainz was in an Stab the Middle of the Resaca Lish ment Al the fort Brown firemen in a Rowboat recon shopping Center when she nits pred the body the Boc was Sod her son about 2 p in and dead on arrival at mercy bos with the help of others started pita Justice of the peace John a parch for him. By Gavito returned an inquest mrs. Sam Call reporting her verdict of accidental drowning child missing was answered at services at immaculate con-.3 13 p m by Del. Homer Saenz caption Catholic Church and Ile was told that the entire area burial in City cemetery Are proximately on fourth in i had been checked and the child pending arrival of the Bovos la South of the Olmito turnoff could not i#5 located her. Who is employed in Mas doing about 50 Saenz said that from past sex a. And will be announced latin by Delta funeral Home survivors in addition to the Cantil. 22. Manager of a cafe at radial and Omar Longoria. 25. A Falfurrias school teacher. In the Olmito Accident mrs Garcia a Cut Iii half when struck by a southbound car driven by Earl Humber 41. Of Chattanooga Tenn. Humber his wife and three children were on their Way into Mexico for a vacation tour according to Texas Highway patrolman b b. Ennis who investigated the Accident investigators said the woman and two grandchildren. Rani Garcia aged 7. And the five year old child were returning to their Home in Harlingen after a visit Wuh mrs. Garcia a Brot her Tomas Gutierrez in Olmito the older boy had run across the southbound Lane on the floating in expressway and reached the northbound Lane where he had flagged a northbound bus. Texas Highway patrolman j e Taylor said witness reports indicate the five year old Liny bolted out on the Highway and the grandmother Tan onto the Road to Stop the child. The Accident occurred a 1 e grisly death scene a remnants of the dress worn by mrs. Rosa Gutierrez Garcia. 6&Quot. Cling to the vehicle that struck and killed the Harlingen woman and her five year old grandson Roberto Garcia near Olmito sunday evening. Mrs. Garcia was Cut in half when struck by the ear. New a bugs cleared in gemini 6 rocket wednesday Borman Lovell track i rendezvous space endurance Mark i is still on bulletin Spack pin i or. Houston Matin. Borne soul up in Thorn Rnorman and Lovell had a. P i l \ Lllan in or la it i Imi a spate champions today a Means i or launch broken tape recorder to annoy., a l Frank Norman and James wednesday probably will Rome them As they streaked through Generator of the tautly Titan i Lovell sited i sunni 7 toward off As scheduled. Mission Tho heavens iss Miles dish Rakert Hal by Khz a the Rimml new records inday cheered by control reported their beards were grow my 6h sunday. Gemini word that they a probably will further delay was possible Bustier and their diet was Contro us tie Able to rendezvous in orbit and time was growing Short medically sound but not very described wednesday with gemini 6 gemini 7 was due to return to appetizing cover new problems cropped up at Earth saturday after 14 Days a i believe we be lost a Little Cape Kennedy on Tho Balky aloft with the possibility it Borman radioed after up Kennedy huh gemini 6 Titan 2 Booster that would stay up a 15th Day. But Awakening from a solid nights t,._ no it Poon a Sam failed to lift off sunday. But no longer. Sleep today a new Bug crop a up in the gemini 6 rocket hut that it As the object a plastic was dust Mexico u. S. G Atter a morning of Cliff hanging tension officials announced a problem in ii Thi Booster engines had been solved a a we re still on engineers reported from the Cape As gemini 7 swung into it 13lh orbit and headed into its kith Day aloft the endurance flight record j fell to gemini 7 sunday tonight at 1146 est. The individual Orbital time record of of 225 hours astronaut i a Ines was resolved without further i delay to wednesdays launch attempt the problem developed in the Titan 2 rockets powerful engine system. But after a Long j series of meetings engineers said the trouble was eliminated and a we re still on schedule Quot a thousands Lites cannot he heard until their sp1&Quot a class fid so n Ian in the sixth bombs whistle inward Earth la a Quot v 2&Quot san l Jas a Nauls of minutes held by Day of a search for a troops of the . I7 try Al Schurra and Thomas Gordon Cooper will communist regiment believed airborne chasing still Cong Saigon Pill s marines penance and with the a Digap a a Fisherman is lost overboard a new mexican government meeting Here arranged at program to encourage Industry the request of Matamoros Mavin mat Amu nos and other Border or Isidro Gonzalez Saldana it towns with private t s invest was not announced beforehand ments and tax Breaks for the or the press notified. Bosio said investors a revealed at a because he considered it a pre the victims were struck by meeting Here last week it was Lim Narv to a later session at the left front of the car Knock Learned today huh potential industries and in addition to the my out the headlight on that Rodolfo Villarreal Cardenas investors would be represented boy s parents Are his paternal Side Humber said he had turn Federal representative of the setting up such an Industrial grandmother. Mrs Esther Kin de his Light on about five min Mexico ministry of indu try and District in Matamoros sounds Caid of los Angeles Calif his utes before the Accident and Commerce outlined the pro like a wonderful idea a a said maternal grandmother mrs estimated his Speed at about Gram to a boil to local business i Teresa m de it Astillo of 50 Miles per hour according and financial leaders Brownsville two aunts Mary Lou of Brownsville fall to Borman and Lovell spinning around Earth zone i stronghold about to Miles East Northeast of Saigon it was believed to be the largest single trapped in bungled mountains re the sum in 335 Miles North of Saigon today Cong in the communist then underwear. Borman and reached what appeared to tie Lovell were kept updated on the base Camp used both the Progress of gemini 6 fleeing reds i hey found Only additional interesting info abandoned equipment the leathernecks and accompanying government troops had been warned by the Marine commander the major tight Campaign in mgr was yet to come and psychological brigade Bidar accept. S a.0j1 Quot Quot heir Chave in space a urge Dpt of 22 vie for 7 wednesday but the new problem posed a serious threat to the Blastoff Date until it was resolved sunday s launch attempt was group to surrender in Masse to j1 an. A pm incl p1j2 troops in met Nam Hal s a Pullol from Quot Brownsville onion shot troop authorities said the surrender was the culmination of a Long the Region by warfare teams but ifs till rather neb South padre Island an air and sea search for a i Herman who fell from a boat in Miles Northeast of port Isabel sunday morning was Hunsuc 31. Of Matamoros police As of noon today the mixed that Marques who and Maria Belle White of san Francisco Calif. And four uncles. Richard. George Paul and Tommy Sainz ail of s a n Francisco Calif other drownings this car in fort Brown Resaca were March. 29.�?gonzalo Marque. Sur had 10 Ennis. Cardona said the program will traffic was snarled for an open the Northern Border towns hour after the Accident As High to new industries backed i do Way patrolmen and sheriff s per cent by private i s Yapi deputies moved a heavy flow Tai or joint i a Mexico investor sunday motorists past the merits such industries would be Bosio Cardona was accompanied by Guillermo Monte Uma. Director of Industrial promotion for the state of Tamaulipas similar meetings were held last week at other towns along the Border. Cross Rio Matamoros a a today a events seemed to Bear which have urged the comm out the prediction lists in radio broadcasts and by the marines moved Over the leaflet drops to surrender top of a Mountain Ridge line and at a news Browns Down into a Small Highland nigh. Maj an instant too soon. Tho new problem apparently was not associated with sundaes trouble informed sources said the trouble was in the Titan 2 rockets propulsion system conference sunday they said there were Indica Gen Lewis Walt. Inns hit the problem was in a scene. The bodies were taken in Garza funeral Home Here after Justice of the peace Johnny. Gavito of Brownsville had ruled a i be deaths accidental. Adolfo Betancourt assistant District attorney said today. As As i can see it was an in tax free for to or 20 years he said and Tariff restrictions on import of raw materials parts and production machinery would charged a till is civilly is Milan Phoe commander of the third Rene razor that develops the hot what Marine amphibious Force de ramps required to drive the of the Phuoc a a i lev turbines that in turn Power the a i Don t think the engines fuel pumps fighting has started Al Houston. Flight director Christopher Kraft told gemini Harvest Moon Quot 7 astronauts Frank Borman search had to be called off late let Een picked up on illegal in sunday because of darkness try and returned to Matamoros Leslie George Barber of port Tun hours before the drowning i Kiel a crewman aboard again returned to this Sid and Tai the port Isabel lisping vessel did not realize he had already two friends reported la be. Crossed the River and started investigation is continuing overboard about 7 52 he was wading the Resaca believing it Betancourt no to seen again was the River a spokesman for the coast eve Guadalupe Espinosa. Guard said seas were not rough e3. A local student who fell in a however there was some fog the Resaca and drowned while id a and visibility was very playing with a Friend under the Bridge connecting the Island at Elizateth Street. Villa woman was recovering to area known As the Day from a Bullet wound she Valley they found received earlier today in the appeared to lie a onetime dared area of Gonzalez Street Between communist Field Hospital and search first and second police report abandoned weapons and equip majored. Ment. police reported Irma Luna the area is 20 Miles South of Galvan. 27, whose address was the Danang Marine airbase in the marines and government and James Lovell that Cape Given As 1520 Ringgold the Vicinity of the Battleground troops participating in an worker do have some things Brownsville was shot once in where the now trapped a let operation dubbed a Harvest a Bey Don t fully understand the Back with a pistol As she Cong Force last week infill ted Moon in far counted 122 v Iet Ghoul the launch vehicle but l s Industry would Bene it Al Stin i Pic Bill Douglas walked with friends after at heavy casualties on government Cong bodies but hundreds of they Are pressing ahead with he said by lower labor costs in White. 29, recruiting and infer tending a dance officers said troops other communists were be their plans Mexico and Mexico would gain mation officer Foi i to Texas the other women accompanying bombers attack inned killed and hurriedly weather a exacted to lip by providing jobs Lor the Large National guard a charged her told them a Man followed strategic air command b52 buried by their comrades no problem Fin a launch numbers of its people who Are with murder sunday in the them in a car and suddenly bombers again today attacked in fighting elsewhere at Lea attempt wednesday partly them in a car a a avoidable Accident although our constantly moving from the in slaying of a Jet sonnet clerk in jumped out a pistol shot rang the mountains known to have 2fcx communists were killed Cloudy Kies were predicted Tenor to Border towns in search the adjutant general s office out and miss Luna Galvan fell caves and tunnels lug enough to during the weekend in the a by Dill foot Cloud ceiling of work the victim. Alls Karen lied wounded the Man sped away conceal heavy trucks and Large Mekong Delta 75 Miles South the program stipulates that dirt rom. 21 was found in her in the car turn Liers if troop the of the Driver questioned mein Humber family and he told i Vestiga the fishing boat is of Nevi he Earl i Empire of Pori Kabob and the skipper was identified As and h Leblanc also of port Isabel Ber the Driver he told i Vestiga the finished products would not apartment about 5 a in sunday tors suddenly i saw a woman to sold in Alexia to pointed police said she had been Swan and child Iii front of the car i out but would be returned to led swerved to the right and put on the v s or exported abroad miss Hedde trom had Altin brakes Sieve Bosio executive vice tended the adjutant general de Humber said he had his fam president of the Brownsville part menus Christmas party sop fatalities Page x chamber of Commerce said the with w hit. Saturday night West there was no re for the Jih gemini engineers and text uni a red toss ambulance took the area struck by the eight a a a a govern dans who worked around the the wounded woman to red Lei b52s today was Southwest of nlpn1 not Ops surprised a Batta clock Iii a record breaking run Cross Hospital for emergency the target area plastered Bon of red in go Cong week to get he lint foot treatment she a later trans sunday with 750 and province the vietnamese fore feared to civil Hospital Pound bombs which probably is continued chasing the police Are looking for the caught the adet Cong by gun wielder Surprise the Hyp Fly so High see Viet Nam Page 6 Gem attire a ifs Don Pedro bustled busily into the newsroom and looked askance at the lighted t twisting tree. A is it that Lime of year again already a or asked a yup a a replied the its Bdl tor. A time to do your Brist Mas a Senor Don Pete has a new plan this replied the Don. A the will do his Christmas shopping at the dec. 27 sales and blame the Post office when the gifts arrive late. Adios a and out be went. Husk tells let . I. S. to talk. Hill. Peace hinges on South Viet Independence space machine ready for launch less than eight Davs alter gemini 7 s Blastoff. To meet wednesday new liftoff schedule. Mission director William Schneider a Aid their work schedule was probably even tighter than last week s a we re proceeding As rapidly a we can said Merritt Nee i mini Page x Paris Lim a Secretary of state Dean Rusk today Lent word to communist China that the i nned states is ready to talk peace in Kiel Nam lint Only on terms which will guarantee the Independent e and territorial integrity of South Viet Nam Rusk briefed the new american ambassador to Poland. John a Gronoski on what he should say when he meets with red China s envoy in Warsaw wednesday it will be or Nous the far i s first session with longstanding and in unproductive dialogue Between the two countries at their Only official Point of Contact Rusk talked to Gronouski shortly before or met with High French officials to underline the determination of the i nit re states to see the Battle through in Southeast Asia because of the debt ate French election situation Husk was not having his usual nato week meeting with president Charles de Anile however rusks View were relayed to the campaigning chief of state by Premier George Pompidou and foreign Secretary Maurice come do Millville whom Rij k conferral with in separate meetings at their offices. After the meetings Rte k refused to disco e to newsmen is Fiat was discussed calling the talks a a general tour this was understood to include a let Nam and Rhode a. As Well As nato problems Rusk arrived sunday night to attend the two Day North Atlantic treaty organization Nak Council of ministers meeting opening tue Day most of the Furo Ean allies agree with French president Charles de Gaulle that the i United state is engaged in an a a absurd War in Southeast a la Only Western Solidarity again a possible russian threat to Europe requires payment of lip service to Ament an Objet lives elsewhere the growing impression in Europe even among la a most staunch c s Albe that the i United states is heading for a military show Down with the communists which they ate not certain should our although he did not say so Rusk a expected to a k the 14 nato partners to step up non military Aid for South Kiel Nam. But the nato meeting a not expected to result in Arn decision about the two major issues facing the Alliance these arc1 a what to do about West germans s desire Tot a greater voice in nato s nuclear policy a How to overcome French objections to the continuation of the present nato set up which de Gaulle wishes to see replaced after 1969 by a co Federal of Loose alliances. Christmas sols Light to lit other Ruspi retort disused

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