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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Brownsville, Texas Existence was Given us for a Tion. Our Worth i determined by the Good deeds vie do rather than by the Fine emotions we . L. Magoon be thrown serving the loiter Rio Grande Valley for 65 years Brownsville Texas sunday. August 4. 1957 dial i 2331 weather partly Cloudy Southeast winds 78 to 93 de it Rees hpricet5c vol. 66.�?n0.346. 54 pages sunday edition Mcclellan raps Hoffa Union plan water meeting set in Austin August 21 rebels continue to Battle in Santiago Valley to air news Ito Daniel a a a a a a committee witness Bertha Nunez pretty 27-year-old employee of an electric appliance maker in new York is shown As she testified before the Senate labor rackets committee. She told investigators that one of Johnny Dio s locals organized her shop with the cooperation of the Boss and workers had to join the Union or be fired. She said she got a raise from $36 to $38 a week but had to pay $15 or More in initiation fees and $1 a week dues. Up telephoto merger idea is up a 4t Ler Medas Loo much Power Havana aug 3 up Spora Dic bursts of gunfire and a bomb explosion turned the tense City of Santiago into a Battlefield in the in Troea Street killed a woman. Cuban rebellion last night. The flare up in Santiago Fol the rebels were reported to Lowed a government announce have Quot eliminated a jeep patrol ment that 13 rebels and two gov Weslaco a the valleys ape _ rial situation in regard to the of policemen. Considerable gun Hemment Soldier had been killed statewide water picture will be fire was heard in the Swank Vista in a new outbreak of fighting in explained to gov. Price Daniel Alegre suburb. A bomb explosion Oriente province where Santiago by a group of Valley men in an is located. Austin conference at 4 . Aug. This morning Santiago turned school budget hearing slated the $2,480,686 budget for the the tax rate la split 96 and one 1957-os term of the Brownsville consolidated Independent school District will be publicly aired at 7 30 . Tuesday. The proposed budget is $394 886 less than the budget used in the past year which amounted to $2,-875,573. The upcoming budget is based on current taxes including an assessed valuation of $46.000,, w Ith a $1.35 tax rate and an anticipated 86 per cent collection. More firms join Cotton a fete program eight More firms have announced participation in the 1957 Cotton carnival on aug. 15, 16 and 17, Howard Hill finance co chairman of the chamber of Commerce merchants committee reported saturday half cents for local maintenance and 38 and one half cents for interest and sinking funds. Very quiet. A widespread strike continued in the City which is a the conference will be in Advance of a proposed special of the legislature at which hotbed of sympathy for rebel Wajer legislation would be con Leader f Idel Castro and his band s Decd in the Sierra macs Ira mountains. Proposed legation if a Bill the Issue continued to develop failed in the regular session on the International level and in is any indication would give the solved u. S. Ambassador Earl state title to All water in Conser a. T. Smith As Well As three vation storage and would enable u. S. Citizens in Santiago. The state to sell this water. Val the Gow nimm �?~.1&Quot Quot Quot Arul a a or Quot a tier no Quot in Havana blacked the Ltd Ablo dam above m Rio state department for seeking to _ Yould capture All water that now jokes about Smith who raised i flows into Falcon Reservoir. Cuban government ire when he 2. Irrigator closest to Diablo visited Santiago and described dam would have first option at police action against a crowd of this water. A breakdown of the proposed women tag Quot repugnant to 3. The Valley would have to budget shows that administration or a pay for water it has received free costs for the next year will be cd ult. In the past and to which it has Only slightly More than during i Well established Legal rights. The session despite the tact i a Quot a a a a Jas a a 1 Quot we in the Valley Are a aware that an Etsu Allsag ton program aet1 by Quot of a Guantanamo said 0, the need tor dear legislation to at 12.00? will be added How. To Quot of Quot a is the state s pressing water Ever salaries tor administration. A Quot t to probe let a a airman a l. Era ousted. He termed the situation Mer of the lower Rio Grande business secretarial and clerical posts and supplies showed de Quot just a Little water committee said saturday. In Washington diplomatic Quot however the lower Rio Cran Dulles in report to president teases making the total propped a special situation and budget amount to $83,716. Last a l�?z�,�riw4n r n t t we Wou a be governor Daniel to year the budget for the area was b old Kuncio Fruita Doe the acts in $77,868. J not intend to demand Smith s re water left m the Pio Grande that a # Thi a Quot a in to Quot a salaries tor instruction White a Ujj n1 it to in is no a appropriated Valley \ _ a a. It i l n i i n in i a a in showed an increase Law. And to duct in the cuban up lature user. Have 3 Litls Cre a i a so i it f Al i u i i s i it is to have him declared Persona feet of annual certified water an a Elj ajl Al a a. Al aka ajl m. M manager Larry Lyles said this was due to the increase in teach grata. Era salaries from Gilmer Aiken and from local funds. Also 20 teachers have been added to the a ii previous number least year the i a a a Washington tip. .3 a up sen. John l. Mcclellan dark said today Lames Hoffa s scheme for a frantic Union of All transport workers would give the teamster Leader the reins of a a super govern a a Quot a a a a Mcclellan chairman of the Senate labor rackets committee said it would be Quot most Munfor Unate if Hoffa. Heir presumptive of the big teamsters Union which controls the nation s millions of truck Drivers succeeded in his plan to merge with All longshoremen and rail ship and airline employees. Washington. Ipp Secretary Quot this is too much economic of state John Foster Dulles re Power f0 in one organization a turned from London and reported Mcclellan told a press confetti president Eisenhower today on ence. He also said the committee the prospects of ending the global this week showed collusion be arms race. Tween some employers and Dulles went almost directly a phony unions which he said from the Airport to the White a amounts to unfair Competition House to report on his efforts to honest management and Hon Rescue the . Disarmament con Cost unions Ference from threatened dead i worked with racketeer lock. I the committee has charged he told newsmen at the Airport that Hoffa worked with his Friend that a the danger of general War convicted labor racketeer Johnny will be lessened if Russia a Hio to seize control of the team cents the revolutionary Western ters Union in new York. It said proposals to open vast areas to Hoffa set up a number of Quot paper joint East West air and ground in locals a to Rig a teamster election Section against Surprise attack. Staffed them with Dio s Hood to to soviets Toms a a it i now up to the soviet Mcclellan re urged i he open Union to Dulles said Cannes that Hof. Quot i Hope the soviet government a a a ii Mitre that an impede ton on a t system that makes us ail More Safe and which facilitates Rudur Lantie Seaboard. Hoffa promptly trumped this by proposing a a ahoy school hired 420 teachers and during 1957-58 will employ 440. La the salary increase for teachers ice Jef i amounted to $399 from the state radio stat if Xhu car a she revived a $150 raise a ree a it ilium statue store m m abide a co., Elk etchers received a $100 raise. Wyn s shoe store the outlet the proposed budget submits $1,- new York. Aug. 3 up to military budget Cut Tion of armaments is As much mar Ger of All transport their interest m to ours a leading democrats have 1 a a a a two praised the Western disarmament it pc he a 00 a tor rack. Proposals submitted by Dulles. Yesterday a a cards on the rom new York fable move which puts it up to on a testify. A . A. A it my the next week. Quot to neing it Ila Lierz Trohn Russia to Quot fish or Cut bait the communists launched a propaganda barrage against Dulles new inspection plan. The London daily worker charged it was Wyn s shoe store me Uruci 4llt \ in Surv j Itri a Vito a Law firm renor int the j 11 Quot store Easterling and Van Tyne 694.520 for the area and last year s the Flag of the cuban revolution los Fresno and Al Jardin water 000revealing his sen ice final unquiet of the annual air feet of annual certified water a prop Ria t ions Quot Falcon Reservoir will provide Only 1.312.000-acre feet of water for United states use in the lower Valley. Quot the International Boundary Quot i Quot cited with Dio july 25. Will testify and water commission has Esti a trick and the soviet k mated that Diablo dam will add Washington. Aug. 3 up it a Quot sweat nearly a billion do Force association convention. The Agency Tass claimed that Dulles commute 150,000 acre feet to the Valley s almost half of defense Secretary lamp out of its appropriation 3,000 delegates earlier had adopt and his Western colleagues had to Quot a ring charter annual water Supply. The figurer diaries i Wilson a $2,.�?T00,000ooo a aul that As a result he ail cd a Resolution calling on pres concentrated on Quot Means to. Of. He am. I nixed of my for military spending Cut will fall on Force Structure will a creak a Dent Eisenhower and Congress to strengthen the propaganda Posi those from the Valley att evil the air Force it was disclosed nit Quot anti the aircraft Industry will Hullo up the air Force to Nim Tion of the Western Powers. My the conference will include tonight contract. Len Cal superiority Over the run a lot of propaganda aul tunning Harn of Brownsville j a Force Secretary James h he handed this news to the Sian air Arm. In a speech at Warrington eng Mcclellan said that Max Chester former official of a retail clerks Union local who a con and the Brownsville Herald. Fifty two merchants had previously announced participation was Only $1,465,618. Jary movement waved from the districts a d. Parish manager books Crown of the statue of Liberty for of the Mercedes water District school Library books showed a 30 minutes today. Jack Drake executive vice pres will be kicked off on Wedi mesday aug. 14, with a joint service clubs dinner in the Avie Center. At that time. S. Marion Rhodes chief of the Colton division of the com in the three Day Celebration which $2,900 increase w Ith a jump from a Prouo of members of a new a he Valley chamber of l j a $6,000 to $8,900. This. D ies said. York it of to cute a stir vhf two to Uvencio Batista went Presentat Lou from the vase de 7\t fkr t an in cml Al w shown in a. P St Quot tur legation in the legislature at this go 111 # a a jul Kwh the lotion vision o. In a v.-. H f. W supplies and "lg.f. Hot shh of jul a m we meeting. Cramer a a id j j i my modifies Sabui nation service will supp Jfe an 1 ment and Hung it to wave in it was voted to sock the Confer j deliver a talk. Expenses again due to the in or Shadow of Migg Liberty s once with gov. Daniel of a Val already underway for the car creased number of students and Orch 0f Freedom. Ley wide meeting of watermen in Nival a the Beauty Rome taut pro a he two new schools. Last year s. Weslaco july 18. Cram which will be presented on figure amounted to j.16.190 and the. �?~,1h,.0, july movement fhe stage of the Majestic theater proposed budget lists 38.020. Is he revolution to army headed on aug. 16 at 9 . A number the first items on the break a kor Etc i to Linz. In 7 a of contestants have already an Down to show a decrease Are other policemen removed the Flag u Morrison bounced with the Deadyne for in supplies and expenses which in from the statue after 30 minutes not apprehensive land British foreign Secretary Quot it distressed me. Of course. I win a cd declaim that rus a hat we have to postpone or dim a a a a n nne a ase Quot a f Lait n is write Auto workers. Dio was new York director of the us a Al a Catchall Union now known As the Allied Indus trial workers and bossed its locals in the nation s largest City. A Coeliac defined a Quot bouncing charter As one Quot granted to a Down to brass re stacks in the London. A Jed briton not to he taken in b n to 0, a a Quot a a it Quot a a by a lot of propaganda about Force a aim to Quot Krop ii by Date or the we dragon the some of these Charters have been mate certain Douglas lined to get Friend or favored individual and cd text Quot but i Tats in London talks he Quot Quot a live about cur,ur8 ability to provide it great air a Jbv Quot Quot the chairman said Quot i think is said in his prepared text. Am not apprehensive about cur we britons not to be taken in peace by ready air Over disarmament. Gen. Harte k. Part it like. Oro planted to be us a purely tor a a a Misc inv ano., mental air defense commander j apr a p. "p&Quot., r purposes of exploitation Quot Washington aug 3 lip a Security Check is being run on told inf Man he a ,r., states. Russ Betta in. France Ned la. Mcelroy Oncin Nati soap Mcelroy prior to offering him a rockets such As the one fired at &Quot."j. Aile twi a a in. It manufacturer and advertising sex High Nevada proving ground on air Al a he Smatla and in lil i i Vilf la i pert a definitely is under consid a in Cincinnati the 52year-old a 1 be stored at a a Emu Kurop would la1 opened. R. Ration for a i tor government Gaj it i he is going to. As it i or ust n air up to air and ground inspection i i Lei i la 11 i a pet to a High administration offi. Aet run. To Quot Al i cd i is tearing set for monday. The in a jump mostly travel allowances and accompanied the Demontra Jet a i Grants will Parade on the opening commencement awards and sup tors by boat Back to Manhattan. A we of in cuff Day of the Celebration. 0.�?z1_ervisor supplies. The figure last a grand Cotton Ball will feature pc a Nna hot a Kronos a the beauties on saturday aug. 17 it car or Al Rel he proposed Washington monday for an Early in the Avie Center. The Wirmer will reign and All others will serve As her attendants. Prize will be Given for the first three places including a trip for the Queen and an escort to Mexic City for a week a wrist watch and a three piece set of matched Luggage. Prizes will also be Given in another event of the carnival the children a pet or costume Parade set for aug. 16. A free movie will be presented for children. Investigation the elks Lodge is sponsoring _ _ Bales of Cotton for Street Decora cir0 w it Mikill lion during the event and stores i will display Cotton items and pos Fivie Iril Huniu ii jul tors where possible. 1 1 him i figure is Only $10,390. A big Cut i vltl4�?~lll% was shown in general travel which a i in \ j ii cd in fell from $1,950 to $2,500. Com # _ me Cement awards also dropped Iii a is it 4 i i la from $1,200 to $800. Ill i it Iii instruction for the negro school Rex a w r a from 1.878 last year to i 111111 Vav in cock $4,381 proposed. An increase showed in the teachers salary and a drop showed in teaching supplies another surphes and expenses. In Whid cars we re a i med a Quot a hostage last night other school services including More doming tonns w Hen acting Warden w alter d. Achuff Fie jammed on Railroad tracks to to Cut Short a vacation to re Day left one Mann Iti Rolly in be this morning said he rial said today. Quot Quot the rockets Are carried by m however. The source did not Aberns in appointment he would to receptor fighters to increase confirm reports that the $2x5,000 not say with whom. The White the Power of air defence a none ration a year president of Procter and House and Pentagon official Partridge did not name the bases Dulle a Gamble is in line to succeed Sec spokesmen said no appointment but informed sources said there Exchange for similar rights in the soviet Union. He also offered some smaller. Zones if Page 13 by . Nay be Only a few at first. Douglas did not touch on the Vatican tics los Angeles. Aug 3 up two Quot Nightmare a traffic am in segregation cells today while # a authorities investigated a Brief Iii mess in and bloodless riot in which 20 per sons a including 14 women were Blair ahead see school. Page 13 of last year Manila. Aug 3 up the it s. Navy today challenged he right of a Philippines court to try chief warrant officer Gordon o. Cames on a charge of vehicular homicide. Cames of Conrad Iowa. A accused of running Over and killing a filipino on june 28 while driving a military truck in san Marcelino Zani Hales province. I. A i of re. Re the Sambates provincial court i convention earlier however thai to do. Aug 3 a lip the Chi a turd Turi diction a spokesman for Secretary of lne smile Max have to pare its Nese communists today f Point of the Mountain Ary of defense Charles e. 3vil for him wag Schedu Letl monday. Utah aug. 3 up a sixteen Utah sources said question whether the air Force state prison inmates were held 1 f it la flatly that Mcelroy is not by in a can continue to maintain 128 run a i i considered As a replacement for wine it was drop Jan to that / he if Pouch fellow Cinci Natian John b hoi lev Elvrom 137 wings in the Budge Lister who has resigned As direct for to fiscal car ending la t ii. / i j tor of the International co opera june 30 Gen Thomas i. Whit., ii a m Tion foreign Aid adm istra new air chief of staff told Tiv lion Jared and a housewife and her two children badly shaken Austin. Aug. 3 up Commerce Sinclair weeks said there is no basis to rumours the Texa to Ohio businessman will take Over or see budget. Page 1.31 j bounced the for mation of a a it Ficor of a it y s Navy National at hoi in Pat no a Mand in the Philippines sub Church movement Winch we a i ted a memorandum to the break off political and Economu a Jim Phi Justice department ties with the Vatican. Challenging the authority of the the communist Effort to Iso court in j10 ease Cole said j late chinese roman catholics cames a performing specific Rorr. Their Church was announce Al military duties and was in route in a piping radio broadcast that to deliver a payroll for filipino also made a bitter attack against civilian employees of the Navy the Vatican. When his truck struck a the red radio accused the vat Cole said Carnes was driving it. # r u i lbs a Ryan Bis two j j an Quot provoking chime Speed and that the victim de Secretary of the Treasury who sons from Houston were killed to a to Mand against their gov darted across the Street in front a Apt. Charles Cole stuff Legal fan Pedro m-��2� Don Pedro wandered into the newsroom late saturday with an eight Inch Trout on a Stringer. Quot that one looks a Little Green Anil tender a the City editor said. Quot think me be you should have tossed him Back to get a Little Quot this constitutes my entire Ratch for the Tift a the Don sighed. Quot fishing against such people As Mary Holmes and Bob Duffey takes too much out of a Man. I went Down there looking for two things. A trophy and Doe Osborn. Never found either one. Quot Estoy Ean Sado and he took his fish with him. In mum in by a 19,7 business activity is running a department. Weeks said Only the widely separated Southern r 1k�?z not Rolt it d tin Orison univ Bead of last year despite a drop to Days ago that lie was remain Cal Fomia accidents of Alfred in l he leu. Pna0n on y during june the University of my in the Cabinet at president a i i _ j /. �?~,s1 it Ouary. Mittun Rev in Eisenhower Mission mrs. Beatrice seals Alhambra and in san Diego. Achuff said the flare up was not leeway Texas Bureau of business re Eisenhower a request. Quot he 51, of Mission drowned in an or a a in a still weak in the a riot hut the work of a hard a cart b reported today. Not changed his mind ligation canal near Mission pre said mrs. Gave Vandergrift who Roro 0f Long term inmates "a1 however lie Bureau said in spokesman said sum ably thursday night. Managed to grab her two Daugh Karat majority of the prisoners incr Ras it of 4 re it a in Register to Treasury sources discounted mrs. Seals had been missing ters. Ages 2 and 5. From her car usually feel chagrined Over the in in r so la a Nir a. I Specula Ion hat Sci Roy will re Houston aug. 3 up since thursday night and her body Friday seconds before a freight a turns of he few a he said. Me air a a. Was discovered saturday morning train slammed into it at an Al the trouble began last evening a so the ill or Rem Dmn a Quot floating in a water District six Haman crossing v., a Small band of convicts. Bas resigned to become canal near lift pump three by a Harold i a labourer in the nearby Goodwin bumper to bump tract. I Diego Wasny to so Rii ree men to Are killed on fire by in an automobile acc ident Only Ament and making the chinese the truck instrument i at., driving a Airm a with knits an t Bua Bali a hark a a Quot it pro a Nativ. To the North quantic the. Gull Fri Way in Cen Houa per traffic in san tax car cd 3,to a Roc zip Quot Quot. Quot 1&Quot Quot trealy organi Avion they Saki ton and Galveston f Almoite on a an a. Lucky. Attu it a Bhaji stage. As to slags the to it a a re Quot end Hon ill Quot mid Quot much no background of Adver the a Toms were Iden thed As Quot diam nil a a it a trend. I he to Jwj f i said. Filing non Milinn nil t or of i. Be leu oui to aul ick by the sail Vito Liitt to see Justice of the peace j. M. Aus the same predicament he Wah women members of a Quot Kitchen business was expected to Cen using Pon?0.�&Quot and sales i Travathan or. Of i Quot communists a msgr. Air National guard i a a Heel an a the ind in a i a a a Zoa in i u or Isiah Fri Levi Hill and Hie t Vin Batik last f i tin or Mission returned an inquest unable to Jinp completely elect band who were in verdict of death by accidental before a Santa be passenger train terrain my inmates with numbers drowning. Ploughed into his Auto. He was played on Wash tubs scrub mrs seals a negro was a a taken to san Diego county hos by Anis and Kitchen it enols. A toe of Pine Bluff Ark. And had pita in Quot very critical condition also captured briefly were lived in Mission for several years. She is survived by two sons Bennie Lee and Acey Lee seals. Graveside services were conducted at Hillcrest cemetery in Edinburg saturday at 4 . Under direction of Virgil Wilson funeral Home of Mission. Mrs. Vandergrift Learned of Lothro men who accompanied the caters Accident today after under going her terrifying experience. Quot thank god i was Able to get us out in she said. A i had a hard time going to sleep last night. In a never going to drive Over that crossing women to the prison and three prison officials. All hostages were released unharmed after prison guards carrying sawed off shotguns and pistols threatened to Rush the i troublemakers. a Fyk t quaff a him f Burgess High Boll and his two sons. James e. I&Quot"1 t Ward the end of 1956 and the be defense department i ginning of 1957. Did not exclude the to. The june drop was attributed that Mcelroy will replace Wilson swerved out Quot of control and Quot crash accuse Ltd of spying on he reds Day and Friday. To decreases in consumer spend who a said he Hopes to end his cd into a Concrete Highway Mark-1 and Quot Ink discord Between Cath officials of some 25 states and ing residential building Petrie frequently Stormy a a us Koi Uvari nah tha up inc up. To in Mai a it Anthony Riberi the former papal j san Antonio. Aug. 3 up it a Nuncio in Olina who is now in More than 5.000 air nation Formosa following his expulsion Al guard trainees will participate from the Mainland. Riberi was. In a Parade and review thurs government of Olio believers and the piping re am production and crude Oil runs career this fall. Wilson plans to James Al and his father to thug Nir to stills. To on vacation the latter part of were killed instantly. William t. No piping broadcast said the another Factor contributing to August and will not turn Over the or was thrown from the car and break with the Vatican was Anflic decline was the growing Pine top defense Post until his Sucre died later in a Hospital. Bounced in a Resolution adopted tier of closing businesses for Vasor has been thoroughly briefed. Police said the three men were j Friday at a National c conference cations the Bureau said. An informant said. On a fishing trip to the Gulf i of catholics in piping. Territorial possessions plan to attend the review. The twi May Observance will include an acrobatic show by the Quot minute men Quot the air National guard Jet aircraft precision flying team summer bargains stacked for monday s Dollar sales

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