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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Brooklyn, New York Ref Cir t pm Quot. Re. A r a it Quot i .7 to str vol. 21. No. 22y. Boo klan we0n�sday. September. 24.1862. its a a it Al it a u in a a . Vaa an Jsn publisher and Propri Stour. Liou Bunin is 80 and 83 Fulton Siam a a Bokly delivered to Olty a us Scriber every a Vonlang st six event per week payable to the carriers Imp thu Pabb a the Lai taif Ottoo latib of any evening paper published in the United states and a a medium for business and general a averting 1� not sat. Pm sad by Ano other journal. Of i a ital invariably Cash in Advance. Printing of every description promptly and to Katly Kuk outed. Reat seduction from former rate groceries. F. F. Y f f a save your Money ask took grog or Fos p. P. Buckeye laundry soap. Because it 1� the parcel. Beet and Obe Peot soap Many Lor Are any fabric cleansing thoroughly and Nav list lao or does no to injure color or fabric no matter How Fleo whether tool o Ico Tizol and you get an 18 cent Bab Vos 18 Sonta ask Fofi p. P. transparent Buckeye bar i1eoau8eit la pare. It preserves the san smooth and heart uni. And Yon get to a 0ent Bak r0b thres cent ask tor r. P. Of. Variegated but key soap. Because Bis the Oest of the kind made and _ you can get a six Dent cake por two cents. Ask tor p. P. Buckeye Blue because one Tome of it will go farther in service than the Samf Quantity of any other make and better still you Oan get a ten cent bottle tor it be cents ask for. 00.�?T8 Buckeye starch because a a ,Strong,.sweet. And gives a Beautiful gloss to Tbs doth and you get la for 6 cents. 5aw for 35 cents. A8k for p. P. Buckeye flour a Beau feb it my a Riff old fashioned farm3jss�?T 7ab3i7 a a Ion both amp la High ground from sound sixty Pound to the Nih Elohim Winter wheat raised near and manufactured at Akron. Ohio Holting. And in theroso a most Rae amp Werhle anywhere in the City for 45 is an warranted to please ask for p. P. Buckeye hams. Because they Are corned so Gar cored City smoked and he Ike a a in a very particular to please. Ask Ffolk p. P. Buckeye 00ffe5, because in compounding. Instead of using Chicory or aug unhealthy reducer pore sound Well prepared Ohio Rye la used. And Yon get it _ _ from 18 cents to 35 �oent8 per Pou. Ask tor r. P. importation Black and grab teas. Because _ they Are better Flavoured More uniform and cheaper than any in the Market. _ these goods Are us polled to the Trade by the people s provision company depot268 Greenloh in rat n. Y. A Bine Flag and a Pedestal sign at the door. A retail counter for the Benefit of those who want Sample ass. Any Grosor for these goods. Ies by Kythe Rye Mills prepared Rye Coffee. No peas. Beans of Ohio Koby. Only 12 cents per Pound. Neatly done up in one Pound packages. J. Ten Eyck . Sole Agente for Brooklyn. U7 a Auto Street. Be sure to ask for the a a Rye Mills prepared Rys bomb of Hub a bluish. Liberal deductions to the Trade ly32awtu&t 3m auction saxes., reduction be in the Price Tea Coffee and spice Oso. Harding sold stand Corner of Pulton and main streets. Brooklyn. Team so cents per Pound and upwards. Coffee�?13 cents per Pound and upwards my a by attend Long attention attention whoever boys his groceries for Cash will find it in hit interest no matter How ear Distant he uves. To Call at h. Indig s grocery and provision store. 78 Fulton Street. Between Henry san Hooks st. Where is Tobe found the greater variety an dts Best Art Loles at the lowest prices. Punctual attendance goods rent Home to any part promptly. _ please Call and satisfy yourselves. A sugar retailed at wholesale prices. K Indig. 7 ton r. Good mixed Tea at 50 cents by b Indig. 78 Fulton st. Good butter from 13 cents and upwards the finest state at so cents by my 311? e. Indio. 78 Folton r. A burst Quality family groceries a. .3 h. Cornell. 330 Fulton Street Corner of Ourk Street offers to families them it st Complete assortment of groceries and fruits to be found in the City embracing every article of necessity or luxury kept by family grocers in extend a a a Trade including _ _ Choice wines. Liquors and Segara and every variety of foreign Aud Oom est of 0 Ulta ftc., to. Garden. Field and Flower seeds. Assortment of jellies made from poro fruits exits by or the dried fruits of All kinds. English pickles Succa a. Boned sardines and of less in Oil. W. H Cornell solicit the patronage hitherto extended to him from the avenues As the orders Ore attended to Dally 05 usual. Goods delivered to All Parta of the City in for Sale amp to let the four Story Marble _ front House no. T8 Firat place has every improvement Grill be it until May 1st for $30 r or month to amp Good tenant. Oil cloth on All the Halle be a 2w_john Butler 112 Faltyn st for Sale cheap a grocery and uqt20rbtotte, License paid a Olga Good Bis Meis rent Lew. Having a Back room basement and a Soo ice Ltd acquire in the Twoie to. W. Corner of York and streets Brooklyn. Thorpe it owner being seac Dot an Ardfin bldg keeping store not agreeable to his health is obliged to go to Aea again.___53 it for Sale or Exchange on ukr nil Kal near Myrtle ave tue and within two i Ostrea walk of the Newtown Cara from Fulton Fern a a Haudy of cottage House and Bro seven us lots a Ltd fruit and evade Trees All in first rate order. Price to Salt the time. A it pm ton. Thompson Box s1sg Post office new York. Sejo a pro grocers and let Al the building Corner of living too Street and blk place Brooklyn one of the rest locations in the City for a he Gro very or bakery business. Enquire of or. 0kay. 03 Fulton Avenue Brooklyn or at 192 Broadway. N a. Roon to. 9. Sel9�tt ots for Sale at pkg Etc Jutt Fla Ali to Tsoo in the it it the Ward of the Oitt of Brooklyn on Dana 4th avenues and president and Carroll Street u improvement Are made All Trie Purchase Money can remain of Boort aage for Twenty years also water fronts on Tho Gow Anut Creek suitable for manufactories or Lumbar Brick Coal and other Yards which web be sold or leased on very favo Rabb Zernu. Apply to Arthur w. Benson office on Tarrou Street near nay ins st. For Sale 13 mile3 from the City a a a us a acres. With a new and commodious Hnatew by Laings Garden Orchard amp a. Situated in amp Hearilhy and Beautiful neighbourhood the House being unoccupied the depose Oft at a sacrifice for each. Soph to i. A a Wayte 303 fourth Street co of h. Eads�?T07 j Fulton Street 3roovlyn mv20 %4 or a a. Wits Haem iii i a for Sale or Exchange for Unity property a Bouse and Lotrn Potshke Pesio. House of Brick with modern improvements. Lot 1311 in con a enl tog fruit Trees a Rapu vines ac., Corner lot location one of Rae pleasantest la the c eur Ilure it this office. Iy3tf for Sale a bargain a Large Buick stable situate on Liberty Street near Concord. Brooklyn Well adapted of. A live a stable will be cold at a a amp resin or will Beebe Bansod for a Hnuter in this City. For part ullars Enqu Lief s. Hond love. Mom ague Street near of a team Power to let a room about 20 w feet Tquary to let with Power. Apply at m. Mcken a Eye a Iron railing manufactory Furman Street near Fulton ferry._a-.-.12 to Upo let two s Story Brick houses Al situated at no. 235 and 237 Hicks Street. In the 01t> of Brooklyn two lots to each House and All Tho modern improvement. Water Gas and fixtures. Inquire of Samuel Smith Corner of Smith Street and in top Avenue a3, of Jio let up pkg fast of a House to -1 a gentleman add wife. Gas and water. Neighb Ornwood or 1 apartments pleasant. Will to let reasonable to a Sulla or tenant at 3gu Bridge Street. Iyih Btu a or Sale a neat two 8toky and a attic Frame dwell Lur. Fide in with Brick 22 feet front Ellb a two store Tea Cora Extension the Bouse Contu no ii rooms Aid is in cellar under the whole Bull org. Lot i x7a, parlor the Purchase Money can remain on Bodd and mortgage for a term of years apply on the Bremnes 367 Carlton Avenue Between Fulton and Sman Talca in ours �5h2 Low bent�?1 to rooms 1st flour. »6 per month to a family no children. 130 promo asieet.___________au8 of a farm for Sale on tile rank of the Hudson River Jef Milo South of Rhinebeck depot containing 84� acres in a Good Sute of cultivation u has Oal Topo of the finest Nildine Altos on the Hudson Enid pro of s. It. He3tsr, at Thi . C. Edey auctioneer. By m c. Edey. Will sell to Morrow thursday sept 25th, at 35 Cheeve place Between Harrison and Degraw Street. _braokun., gentle in Hou Eholt furniture Conslyn Lutc of mahogany Sof a. Tete a tet a and Chat i. A hair cloth a 11 of any Maible top Centre and Side tables a Jefferes. Bedroom and enamelled suites bedding. Amp a. Alio Dion room Iurna tire. Carpets Oil cloth May Cdr a. Also Kitchen for Lite. With Volch the Sale will commence. Ae211 Quot Joseph Legemah auctioneer. On Ataii Balsa room i wtllo�oghj33 Sooknee 01 Peart Street near the gits Hall. Manv 1 re3uiar sales of pur17ituce. M., i a feb Ida Friday sept. 26th. It 10 o clock. A. at the Central sales rooms Willoughby Corner of Pearl Sta. Brooklyn. Mortgage Sal re a Walnut secret or Bedstead Plymp-ton�?T4 Patent Marble top dressing tables Rocker chairs. French clock pier Glass carpets Cattor waiters Caka bus-ket8, amp a. Seltz of instruction. Lady native of Paris Quot will commence a Glass for Young ladies la French music and pull an on wodday the 2.jth september a a desires s it w More pupils com die her number. For Tesla and probe apes. Apply to Madame m. From 2 till 4 o clock at Pollut Ostreet 2d from amry Street Brooklyn Tesack prof. A. Magnet a a Coll state and mercantile Academy for Dav and bo9,. No. 89 Wes Warren Striet Brooklyn will re open on Bop Emberl a i the English classic and commercial branches with modern languages. Tuft by by competent Tea bets and professors. A Specula de ovum iii ha3 Ben organized for Young Bosun Ler 10 years of age the premises occupying 4 urge Lota with attached and double House with All Modem improvements afford the 8greeublents3 and advantages of a Couar by seat and City residence. Further part Laurs with references Aad circulars will be Given when requested the principal begs leave to i Feren his patrons and the Public Shat connected with toe above institution he has a so organized a new Academy of languages. 8ppciallv intended for Laditi cd gentlemen who have but Little time for self iii Trucmon. A lessons Given a Ealiah French Spanish. German italian la in and greek with bookkeeping and Penman shop if desired. Oak classes for lamp diet evening Liatses for gentlemen terms moderate Sel pm or. Cutter and mrs. Burns eng Lush and French boarding and Day school. No.48 Fler report Street will be re opened on monday sept. 15. Circulars May be had their 3m Fujko Oflyn Heights Institute a a French English and classical hoarding. And Day school for boys a at no 130 Remsen Sta Sefc. Brooklyn. A gust2ne blurs add. Am r Channing Moore. Or. A s tills int Tut on Fuu used in 1840. Is designed to prepare boys either for College or1 bualnes3 life its location is Central within a Block of the City Hall. The school Bush tug Iel Atye and a a Ora odious. French is the language of the to school Tho in ush branches the glasses and the modern languages together with bookkeeping music 1-Rswirg and fainting will be taught by competent instructors. The school being divided into two departmental Well adapted to boys of All Ages the preparatory department la deigned to fit Young Noy forthe academic department to which they maybe a dented As soon As qualified. The fall in exam Tances on monday sept 8th, the Piid Cip amp is will at the Schoni during the on Cedlo week Between the hours of 10 and 12 a jul. Dally to examine and Chapel y pupils. For circulars or further information address either of the principals n. B a having at the request of the patrons of the inst tute decided i o introduce. Into the school Mii Utaro disc Pine the principal have teemed the services of major by c Martin late of the British Koval artillery Whowell have charge of mathematics and military tactics Sel of Greenleaf female Institute 106 vex Pierrepont Street Comer of Clinton Brooklyn n. A the 102d term of this first class boarding and Day school for Young ladies will open in Monda a sept. 8th. With every desirable facility for improvement au29 in instruction for Young lauie3-miss Ames late principal at female grammar acre Tho. 9. New York City will re ume her class Lor the education or Yong lady sat 193 Atlantic Street Between court and Clinton streets on wednesday. Sept. 10th. The number of pupils is limited to sixteen and none Are received under twelve year of sea the studies pursued Are Reading spelling etymology geography. He Story. Grammar. Composition physiology astronomy. Penmanship arithmetic algebra and t in rudiments of French. Terms ten dollars per Quarter. Including the use of books. An afternoon Glass will be commenced on monday sept. 15th.-to meet on mondays. Wednesdays and fridays from 3 to s of clock for instruct a of a to penmanship mental arithmetic and history with Asala Tanca to composition if desired. Charge 83 50 per term of ten weeks from Date of Entrance i circular with references May be obtained at the store of or. Brandt. 196 Atlantic Street or of Misa Ames at her residence 266 sober Merom st get. Near Nevins. A25 2n ibo iding Avo o. gymnasium for i alies and gentlemen no 13 Bovsum Street Brooklyn. A classes for Gen Timeo onto slav thursday Ana Satur a c mm�,ndng8ei>t 30th. Att a. Aus svs for ladles and sips 01 afoul a Vve Nessy and Friday at 10 a. and 2 p. M., a time clog oot. A in. Classes for Young Mas ers on Blondan a dec Day and i Ida afternoon at 4k o clock. Commencing oct lat. Military Drill will be introduced in the classes. Private classes in Drill and cams Benica form Gatab times. App Ralus Lor Lewis s of hand and furnished to order. Every of apparatus furnished and erected schools and institutions terms which Aro reasonable and full parse ours apply at Gymn slum. Celb 3mpiano Fortes. Mhz Sawyer amp Thomps on h a pianoforte Are pronounced by All who have examined them to be the bettinu8e. They Are constructed from the moot carefully Sale okd materials and none but the most experienced workmen Are employed in building Thun and each instrument is to warranted 10 stand any climate. They Are remarkable fort Clr great depth of tone and perfect action. Prices from $ que to $1,000. Pianos to let exchanged. Tuned repaved polished removed packed. Shipped and 8toied. Quot Var Groonis no 69 Fulton a. Or of juy Street Brooklyn n y. Large tick of Sheet mus c in the City. Ali by i i a new 7 octave p1anuh, us to x Rosewood cases. Iron Carmet Ana ovoid Crux user $160 do with mouldings. $160 do with carved legs inlaid name Board $176, $185, and 9200 do with Pearl be $225, $250, and $300 new 6x octave4140 do 6j4 octave $14v the above pianos Are fully warranted and arc the gov Rte bargain that Oan be found in the City. Please Call of Teto. Second Hiu d pianos at a26, 440. $50. $00, $76 fico �T�115, a d$u5. New Melodeon. At extreme is Tow Urton Loonez land second hand pianos to let at to and upward per month rent allowed if purchased monthly payments re celled Jor the same. Second band piano taken in exc amp Rig t or new Cash paid for the Samo foreleg Sheet a Csc 1 Ieng Page. All kinds of music prices i pm Melsi in attendance to try Nen mule. A oraoi5 Waters. Agent. No no. 481 Broadway. U. Y. Removal of w. Walkers Filoreto no. Si9 Fulton Street a st. Annas where w a beep Hagood Apo Taedt of Plano Portes by the most approved my Akera at very Low prices Hoff for Sale and tire. Kenfipp Lueil to Deoss and musical instrument of every desc Tauloa. Aleo a Large Stock of foreign and american Sheet Munda Piaros Melodeon a and a kinds of Mulla la amp to it uz<77�?Tav tuned and a a it Xapsos to rsnt�?jamj6& file Way a Fulton Street oppo Elte City a amp lib new and Teanua Feni Fust Rumenia Aida Sod hand to rent with the Privi Taye i Oyln and rent applied to Purchase. To Cordona Sanlor Flut iils violin of pc u a of Cen to inf to , Masily a Brooklyn. Cell Kwiath a Way a Technow inst Pute. Livingston Street Between court and Boero Zeu fall term Obj a amp monday september 8th. The Trust sea invite attention to the unsurpassed Viuca Tiona Lavanta eur afforded by the Institute its location is Central and of easy Access by the City rail roads. A Large airy and commodious edifice a Library of Over two thousand carefully selected volumes. A Complete philosophical and chemical. Apparatus and my neurological Cabinet and a Well to pointed Gyno Aiumu Are among the material aids it offers to the pupils. The course of Finady comprises All the essentials of a commercial a preparatory collegiate and a Liberal bile Nufice education including latin and greek. French German and Spanish a full course of mathematics. Natural philosophy and Obe mistry. With copious experimental of Lustrato tis Book keeping elocution drawing in All it branches. Vocal music Acac from this wide variety a free selection is allowed without an y extra charge limited Only by the capacities an educational interests of the Pupil it self. A to dubious attention is a amp in to the moral training of the pupils without resort to Corporal punishment. Incorrigible delinquent Are dismissed. The principal is assumed by nine accomplished and experienced professors with an adequate number of carefully chosen and competent instructors. The trustees Challenge scr toy into the qualifications of this body of officers. Whose Well matured system Bas received the commendation of the highest educational authorities of the country and who a past Success affords a ample guaranty of thorough teach grand a vigorous and Hea by discipline. Pupils received at any time during the session l nose who enter Miet the of Ezung Are charged for the remaining portion Only. Further particulars May be obtained from the Institute catalogue from the president of the faculty or from any of the four win named to Arp of trustees i. H. Frothing Ham president is Stranahan. John t Martin Delandor my Geo a Jarvis a Quot a a Chas s Bayliss James How a to a pres by Blydenburgh l b Wyman to u Chittenden Josiah o Lew. A b Bayus m g flare Lugton j3 e to Outh Worth. Chas a a m Irvin Alex m White. Aug it 2mnrle Burroughs Institute x Young lad lots. English. Of Keno and classical. No. 30g adelp11i Street third door Nitu of Lurcene Avenue Brooklyn. This it Ltd title Wilt re open cd monday to ept. 15th, with every i acidity fir of tax Long a thorough Ana accomplished you cation. Circular Rosy be obtained at the Institute and of prof. C. Stone. At the polytechnic Institute. Terms moderate se23 0t Brooklyn Institute drawing let ola88lis�?arcditecrural and Mechanic Al class under the Tuit Lou o. Prof. D. Paton will com Menee on Mon Day sept 29th. And continue every monday Ard thursday evenings from 7 to 9, during the Quarter. Terms to or Quarter in Advance. Landscape and class under the tuition of prof. T. Monk will commence of Tuff Day snot. 30th, and continue every tuesday and for Day evening from 7 to 9, during to e Quarter. Terms$2 per quitter. In Advance. N. . Monk s private losses on tuesday and Friday astern cock at o of clock. Ae231wlady thoroughly competent to give instructions in the Elero ent by and higher English branches Alpo late of French desires to Jive private us sons to a few pupils an hour or two each Day. Yould Reo Ive Hern at her own residence of attend them Altheris. Wou d have no of of Tims to Aal tuition As teacher in a first a ass school please address for three i�7p. Lvt�s9 m. A. Carpenter Brooklyn Post office. L�t$3 2pj____h>n� misses Williams have removed Their scum Fri Lora 2i Oxford Street to 30� Fulton Avenue two doors be of of fund Street the fall term of rhe tenth year of this school will commence sept 8th. Children my rotted at All times. Circulars to be had at the school. N. c Hidren under the age of eleven years win be received As do Ruers. Eel pm i a Pence female Institute will j re open on monday the 1st of september. The course of instruction embraces the whole Range of a thorough and bund Taniai education. For circulars or information plan Ecail at the Institute. No. 37 Lawrence Street Corner of Johnson. S. Lawrence. \ Priam nala au261m h. W. clashes for boys. X English. French and classical. No. 33 Clinton Street. Or. Tim. Adams . Mods . Or Geo. Waken inst in vocal music. Neyt classes re opened sept. Ihbe 1861. Pupils Are in three departments , Middle Ana senior the i umber la Ting strictly Limpid the room Are Well lighted Ald ventilated Aid punished with Allm Iden apply aces for duration. The c asses form a progressive series con no the poll by easy Ages through a comprehensive tour ouch c Urs of Beady. Discipline is mild but firm and of signed tfx Turco a permanent i flu Noe on the manners and More is of be pull. Yaja it Cima for four boys Loai eight to Tel years in the Junior department. Circulars May it a obtained at the bookstores. A Al 6 pm i Quot a Ikenn avd English Institute Foryt Oung gentlemen grand Avenue first door South of Fulton Xcvi nue. Brooklyn. This institution formerly at no. 92 lilo it place will re Opeo its fall Perm on to ept. Bib. A he course of instruction is systematic and pro heal Arrau ced to thoroughly prepare Young Geol Tuten for College or business for Nch is the sole medium of con ver Sallow in Ihn school Spanish and German a a under the care of rave teachers without extra charge. For circulars. A if Ormasen terms a. Address As above. An53m l. J. 8im0nin. a la. Do who has a i taught for Many years in gome of the Bent families of Upland anti of the South will be hippy to receive two. Or thre pupils at brr own would have no Objet. Mod to attend the to at theirs. She Speaks French flu Dotov Udd teaches both the Mano Aud Harp. I desired she would us Derucke tar entire charge of or two Cai Idren. And give them a Home such As would com eos the for a a noise re scare. Pc raids of and reefs apply to or. Rg31d, a Fioler 14 Alft pc Street co Kiyu in b the hair Dye the Best in the world 1yi1xia Batchelor a celebrated Hall Dye pro aces a color not to be distinguished from Stu Row a arrant d cot to injure the hair to the least remedies the ill effects a bad dyes and invigorate the hair Forillo Grey red or Rusty hair instantly turn a splendid Black or Brown the hair soft and Beant Tinl. Sold by druggists 4c of the genuine is stoned William a. Bat0helq3. In the four sides of each Box. Fao icky no. 81 Barclay stress. New York. Late 233 Broadway and 18 Bond a je28 to a to amp a important discovery the a. Way to make Quot a wig that 13 a wig a a and yet seem not what it is ladies and rent Temon doubting this can see tor themselves by calling at the wig i a tory. Ill at Antic Street where can be seen the Best a Lort ment of wigs toupees half wigs. Bands braids Ouris. Long hair a aids and every description of hair work of she latest of Aihoa. N. Gratis upon All diseases of Theta a Given per tonally by to proprietor. J. B. Dorrington ladies hair Dresser and wig maker Oil Atlantic it., le6ly Between Henr t and Hicks notices. Horse for Sale cheap As the owner has no further Nee for him is hand3 High sound and kind Good cart horse. Cali at 73 Lawrence Street from 5 to 7 of clock p. M., All this week. Ee23 3i apartments to let to a family wit ii children at 173 front Street water on every floor Gas in the first and third balls. Enquire on the premises. Se23 3l utters w anted knife cutters a preferred. Apply at a. S. Stevens Corner of court and sickest streets. Brooklyn. Se232t 7ollver�?T8 diffing Saloon the 8 jul Scriber returns his to Anks to the Public fort Huberal encouragement be ban met with store he opened the Central stand. No. 359 Fulton Street opposite the City halt a a Dushl g Salon. Where every substantial and delicacy of the Searon can be procured at a reasonable scale of prices. He Hopes by prompt attention and the Superior Quality of his articles the cont nne to Merl the Liberal Public he has so far received. H1& it a tuvo. Of oct ully invited to Call. A a a a a a a a a a a a Bafs a. A a a P. Zollver. T a Dies wishing to do Plain sewing la which can be done by hand or Mac toe can obtain it by application to mrs. St vans. 273 Sackett Corner of court Street Brooklyn,?23 Law a ice apartments to let to a Small in desirable family being first floor consisting of parlor Kitchen three bedrooms and closets with Gas and water Large Yard and use 6f cellar apply at 87 Powers Street near state or of e. H. Babcock Corner of court and Montague Street. __se233t Atlantic savings Bank. No. 177 Chatham Square new York. Open v Aily. Deposits from 25 cents to 45,006 received. Six per cent interest a d. Interest commences oct. 1. D. Yan Pelt. President. Josfpit p. Cooper. Secretary. A to loan on Bond and mortgage. Se3iy o Box Marks a the subscribers offer for Sale at their lumber Yarda Corner of John and Pearl Street. Clinton Avenue near film Hong. And Ila term a on Newtown Creek. Boards already sawed and planet us table for Makine Cracker boxes at a Low figure. Cat and see before purchasing elsewhere. Also a full a Sorl ment of lumber suitable tor Bull i its. Se31 of a. N. Conklin a soy. To fib the Patent self adj rating u Mosquito bar to prevent Moi Quitos files and do it from i Terling Dipong. Drawing and bedrooms wore the window is open any did Tance top or Ottom. Price 56 cents each. Nth More sleepless nights. Csc and examine. John Bun orc. I Pulton Street Coroner of Henry st. Home furnishing store._ael6 3v House wanted in a Brooklyn West of court Between Clark and Amity Street with Furnace Gas fixtures and Allm Idem improvements. Will either buy or hire address Box 1622 n. Y. Post office to lab terms and full description._�el8 a in to Madame Nap Leob respectfully lab informs the parents of her pupils that Bhe will reopen her school on monday sept. 8 that no. 184 Clinton Street. Bro Mav afew save your spare Money and interest Money deposited in the dime swings Bank 15 court Street Hamilton building on or before the lot Day of october a it i 1 dra lot Eros. From the 1st october. Bank open front 8 a m. To 3 p. M., and on mondays and a Burdajs. From 5 to f i. Total depositors 11.446. Net deposits $476,911. Mone to lao on Bond and mortgage. Brooklyn Bept. Letb 1862. A a a a John a. Cr0s3, president. We. W. Edwards treasurer._sel6tilloctu Brooklyn Amateur musical society a tie next sea on or this society will commence on monday 6th october. 1862. Gentlemen we thug to Jola i 1 please aply to or. 8 Knaebel the conductor no 12 Fulton Avenue Brooklyn. A Junior Claes Bas bees formed to connection with the above society for those gentlemen not sufficient y advanced to play Wilh the society Wilch class is now open to receive members. Tousaw a. Chester. President. B a Liz Zephyr worsted split single and double in All colors and shades Woollen and Saxony yarns atthe very lowest prices wholesale Aud retail knitted goods in great variety and of the newest patterns and designs. Be Derick lowest or k co. Jie 6m_277 Fulton Street. At chases 203 Fulton Street wed Ding and visiting cards of the newest and most fashion Nelp styles at Short notice. Of Fords written to order. Paper and envelopes a tamped with Plain and coloured initials aug cute have just received a Large w assortment of German English and Domestic hosiery Enid gives for the fall and Wint r season Moat of it Gether with Stock on hand we offer to customers at the old Low prices. Frederick Loeser amp co se6 f-m_277 Fulton Street of Polho the Post office ladles and Collar in adre saes and gentlemen a clothes cleaned by a new steam Proem s lace Alna cleaned by a soft finished process. Laces a d Muslim done up equal to new Terras moderate. Importer of parisian corsets French steam scorer. Au36 pm 164 Montague Street t to doors from court. A Otice All persons having Cal it 8 against Ramon a 0adi2, deceased lately of the Olty of Brooklyn Kings county Are notified to present the a ame. To the administer matrix at no. 17 Fulton Street in the City of new York. All Persona indebted to the same will please make Bement thereof at the same Diane a Brooklyn. May 5. Is62. Je71a6m8 8ar\fj of in. Administer matrix e Whiting Mercha Ani tailor and of Clothier removed from 174 Fulton Street to 24j Fulton Street st. Ann buildings. The custom department is supplied with a sew and Fash a of amp ble a amp Ortr enl of of lofts. Oas a a ii ides and a Csc a High. Which will be made to order in the most fashionable a a Outh b and boys clothing and furnishing goods in Large variety. H Harte a amp co. A by Junr a a a Brick. Lime of mint Plaste Bao. 30nn. Bbown and no1 cd Styhr Blu stg ii of it order. Guis Brut us. Steps to Prog and flagging Lalifi in the Best saner. On band every description of masons ma.tkrij.l5. 4077 sip Yard Al Oahu near Oli Atoo Avenue. Pebble glasses�?3top at chases. If you wan 8peck, of any kind either Gold. Steel. Hive or plated. We mean to keep the Best took of spec Toalei and Bye Glaser a is this Olty. And Mac kit All that sail and Ai very Short notice let every one that Ean Wear feh Lea and the advantage Over the Ordinary Ataee .111 be explained by j to it. O., Aad to their entire Sadaf Motlon. Our Price for pebbles is neb Shea Zarthan Toa Cao have them Don Etc new Yor John d. Of asks. 28 1 Fulton Street manufacturer or All kinds of Silver Ware Gold and hair Jewelv watches and Kolooka of &1 kind repaired to the cry Bart tips intr if agent Lhman Ani lady and a single Kent Man can be accommodated with Board in a Pri vate family. Rooms furnished or unfair ubed. The Home ton totos the modern improvement i and is convenient to a the ferries. Apply of 153 Adams atreet._�e6 by soar do pleasant rooms and Good Board at no 51 Concord Street. Convenient to Fulton lit Ferencek exchanged. Se9 4w Rico be let to a single gentleman. A Ai icely furnished room without a Leo. An a fun to fed room suitable for a lady. Apply at 223 state Street. A private family in the Moi c Central Point in Brooklyn would take a couple of Giogio a a nil men or a married couple for the Winter at a very Moderato rate from the present time until the 1st of Hay. The Roma Aro very Largo and pleasant. Inquire it or address e. A 183 Dull eld Street Brooklyn. T�3 3il>oard�?choice rooms. With Good i Loaid will be Lur Nahed to a few select parties in a Gintell private or Ordence beautifully Loc Ltd Ami mute. Cont dirt to the cars in Elliott place Corner of Latrop place Boose with a Bay window references exc to sed. Dinner at 6._�23 6t Board wanted on Brooklyn Liell to in Attol ily private family where there Are no Olier Boa Neib a parlor and Oder Nom for a gentleman and v be. Addi Ess boat Long terms and location a w. U. Quot Bro Kiju Friele. Lice fell 2t a Pard wanted near Fulton ask Luke. Between Raymond Street and Clinton Avenue for Lenan and wife Largo and furnished. the second floor. To a House with All to Modem improve nuts Well located and a Rood table indispensable. Tems Nett lie a ice ate and include Gas and fuel. Private f imply it f rred address stat log location to rms and refine does f a Ali re i Days to Box 569 Brooklyn i. O._se23 it Stoard a private family having �03 two pleasant front rooms on second Story in a he hither inc stood with Nelai Tegarden would take three or four get Union to breakfast and Tea. At $3 per week. 71 covers s Reet Pacific and Dean its. Se23 8t_thb wa11 fund committee of tue City of Brooklyn and county of Kings. Hon. .7 b t Stranahan ohm., Hon. Martin Kalbfleisch lion. John a Lott. Hon. John a Cross a a Low Henry r Pierson Henry e Pierrepont Hod. Conkling Brush . J Carson Breevoort Hon. Cyrus p Smith Abram b Bayle Seymour l hasted tames d spark map s b Chittenden Nathaniel brigs Jno h Prentiss William marshal. Alex. Moncue Walter s. Griffith Secretary. Isaac a president of the Nassan Bank treasurer. 1 this committee has been constituted at the suggestion Ard in compliance Wilh the Earnest request of an authorized representation from senatorial county and Aird committees Asa be Teap wag organization Forte City and county to continue its labors during the. War to receive All funds which May be contributed to its Treasury and to disburse the Bame for the purpose of increasing the number and promoting the efficiency of the National army with Especial reference to the soldiers who have gone or May go from this City or county. The committee do not Deblon or desire to. Interfere with any Ward town or other local organization hut expect to be Able to Aid them in their patriotic efforts. It is known that while some of the wards can raise More Money Ham is required to pay the Ward Bounty to All who will enlist from their Ward there Are several of the most populous wards where the men willing to enter the service is greatly to excess of the ability of the Ward committee to raise the Reni site funds. It is hoped that by i he Agency of this Central committee the Means raised Forte purpose of aiding enlistments May be Quot appropriated to that end without regard to the Ward or town in which the recruit May happen to reside at the time of enlistment and thus the less opulent wards May be provided with the necessary Means to bring their tech ult. Foods Vytill be received by this committee and disbursed for All purposes connected with the great work of the Southern rebellion and restoring peace to beloved land. Contributions Are solicited and will be duly acknowledged by the committee will meet regularly three times each Veek at the office of the Home life insurance a. No 16 court se�3 1 j Hird senatorial s regiment. Col. Mathew a. Blust. A few Good men wanted Vor this . To whom _ All the bounties will be paid. Lieut. Belcher. Recruiting officer.  bel96t _ _75 Fulton . Company Hist regiment n. G. . a business meeting for the purpose of re organizing this company and of other importance to the members will he held Corner. Gout and Joralemon Street. Over in g. Farwell Al Drog store on a wednesday 24tb, at 7.80 p. A punctual and regular attendance of every Nat her is expected. By order s�8 2t,�?~_thq3. S. Daki Captain. Kings county Bounty the com Rattee of the Board of supervisors will resume the payment of the con ref Bounty to volunteers on sep amp. 4th, at 10 of clock and will continue from Day to Day. From 10 a. to 3 p. M., until further notice at Dove a building Joraine Mon Street near court. Sei it a a More men for thu second Cost Ajo Pany a Boobly monitors at a Meetin last evening held at head quarters of to Hafl company the officers of this compary and toe executive committee after pm suiting together feel justified in saying from past expert present indications that with two Hundred Aud fifty dollars with what they have now pledged will secure the number of Meo wanted to fill this company at once. The cd airman of this committee now a is for this Money from Christian friends of the monitors and from the friends of cur country which to a needs Strong and willing soldiers to protect free ins Itu tons preserve bless id rights and privileges under the Constitution Aad demand by the Dwvid and Bay met that loved Flag shall remain untouched by any Kebel in this whole country. Of More Money is Sint to the chairman of this committee than it now so much needed to fill the cd company it will be used to raise men for the other Comra Oles of monitors forming in Brooklyn which will help fill up quota and. It accomplished would Stop the draft in this City and prevent the of any citizen acknowledging ids physical inability or of convincing the Murgeon slut Fie Hisa a. The amount received wid be acknowledged in the Eagle with name of Dolors to Ess otherwise requested and the remits a Cora Ali std by the Money when the companies Are completed Lio ratio a. Bus 7 Greene Avenue. Chairman executive committee 2d company Brooklyn monitors Brooklyn Epta a 18th, 1853. P. 8.�?�leven churches Supply the 1st compary of Moul tors with Good Boob and papa is who Are now at fort Ess Monroe and if Ray person wishes to add to the contributions of Broks 8i d papers they can be sent to 7 Greene Avenue. Se8 by a pats Aflfe Caps ladies of refined taste will a know de that when the requirements of fashion ere combined with Economy society h sat idea. Now Tarkisha constantly on band an extensive assortment of Felt bats for a bolts misses and Cal Dren fancy Caps for in fast a of every style Unish be also soft pc t hats for gents and youth for style and a atty cannot be i ceded. Harms bilk hat the Gem of the season Are incomparable for be amp tress of Sty let durability of Macau facture. Aad exact Cess of fit they Are just the bats to suit Gen Tzemei of tarte s and fast Iofi. Harlo is preparations for the fall and tinier fur Trade the ladles May re get assured that Harris wifi present to them the Mot extensive Stock of fur that can be Froud in the copy. From which they can a amp Keibel selections Vilarr Tow on Haida general is Ert men of Row military cps for officers in the army in Gecer Lall of the above hats Caos a Are to be it und at the Kings county and fur company a 6tore no. 269 Fulton Street opposite Clinton a visit to which wifi always result in pleasure and profit. Ael6 watch jes a. Jeweijry.9/11 Fulton st. James h. Hart too. Manufacturers and importers. Having recen in removed to their new premises la 31. Ann s build fur Are constantly receiving new and Freih a oods of the lamp tee styles a kick they Are offering to the pub a a at very Low prices. Con3�?T8ting of the finest egg Lush an Dwiba Watnea. Made by t. P. Cooper m. J. Tobia. Robert Roskey r h g. Beesley e. D. John Ion. David Taylor Jules Jurgensen Henh Bucht a. Cur Quin. Jules Emmery Audemar Paul Brandt Etc. To. Us to. Gents Fine Gold English lever watches Banting oases from. 460 to 180 gents Fine Gold detached lever watches Hunting cases from. 85 to 160 gents Fine Silver detached lever watches Hunting cases from. 10 to 80 gents Fine Silver English lever watches Banting cases from. S3 to 75 in does richly engraved Gold Hunting detached lever watches from. 30 to 109 ladies Ena Meleo and embossed Gold Hunting de Taoheed lever watches from 45 to 126 ladles Fine Gold Lepone watches from. 31 the 35 Silver Lepine watches open dial from. 7 50 to 15 Silver Anchor watches open dial from. 8 50 to 30 ladles Fine Gold Etma Caa mosaic. Carbuncle and lava its. Fine Coral Cameo Onyx Turquoise and Jet setts. Rich Coral. Carbuncle Pearl Aud Jet to etts of sleeve Bat Nofri and to Tuda Etu can and Plain Gold neck chains and armlets ladle Fine Gold Chareune chains Gold Tai Hobles. Keys crosses Duff Pina beit buckles Rich Gold pens pencils and tooth picks Etc at correspondingly Low prices. Solid Sterling silverware consisting of Tea table and desert to to orb a Forks soup. Oyster and fish ladles pie cake. Ruu and Tea knives card cases Napkin rings sugar. Salt and Mustard spoons Salt cel ars cups Etc. Best Quality of plated Ware _ of own manufacture ice pitchers cake baskets . Card bassets in free. Lorka spoons. Cups Coffee urns Walters Volkle lauds Lerry discs table Hells Mon taint cat pc. Aulinda it fold Ware elated Eola to new a Ltd Aorl not cd James h. Hart it ou., 241 a i Titan Street. A a manuf Achire every Dean Piloo of air work Snow 65 Bracelet pins ear Kings Finger rings. Ert Chalus. Neck chains charms dents and Kwiya Etc. Of tsp in treat variety from persons Orr Bair. French and american clocks _ of every Deer Puon. One Day eight Day. Striking. Alarm and Marine die Oka in Iron Bro Nee Marble Rosewood and Black a Alnut for Taos at once ranging from Ftp 50 to $50 warranted Correct 4rae-Tcciicis we Yuxiu. Clocks Loci Jeff Alt . A eco Orieal to Moo in Ltd Van ants to give perfect Antis is of. Jawes h. Hat 4 co. 241 Volton is. 8l Annas rail in. Hlf Chesi Cash Price paid for old Gou and Storer a pm in exch of a Ilju 4 a then Eum. _ the last and great st perform Anoe. Unparalleled array of Talent. Great Quot Success. Of the Chrtt t y s. Joined Siefrit. Meses. Chbi81y and Foster pie Lions to or. Christy a departure for on a. Thursday september 2.5tb, 1 62, Christ a a min8tkkls, for one night Only. On which occasion besides Oiher eminent Volunteer Talent or. Chas Mel Illethe great Bjork Len favorite will appear. Also or t. B. Fran Degas the renowned baud linger and or. Ohab. Ken j Perm lesion of but m. Booley esq. In conjunction with to of entire Christy troupe pro ounce 1 by prets and Tubic the a monitors of mint Telsy several up Uncial acts five been prepared lh�occas�0d. Reserved seats50 cents. Galleryv3 cents. A _jc28 31_________ , Cricket match will take place on thursday next -0th, Between the wit Low club of this City and the Newark club of Newark n. A j., on the Willow ground adjoining the hour a of or. Gar ii Sod Bedford. The affair a ill be one of great interest to the admirers of this game. Wickets will be pitched at 10 p. 11. The Fulton Avenne cars run very near the 2 great geographical painting 07 the Mississippi. The Inmom original three mile picture Reley rated Lirou about ear t and America for is won Ier Ful accuracy and Natur Stoess having Peen visit Din London alone by Over a mili_t0n up pebs0n3. To a Linch Baa been added a new a Htoy Rori Oal Section a of tub War on its Banks. A preferring the Terry by naval and military engagements along its shores from sul Ruto to the Baize Actton amp de of fifteen Hundred with the numerous Fleet of gun boats and . Together with Tho thousands of u. S. To Ops a assemble it a Quot that Point. Irethe Early period of the War. Abo. the Quot Battle of a a burial of the Quot the running the rebel batteries at Daod no. 10,&Quot the naval fight at Memphis a the bombardment of Vicksburg Quot Quot the naval Pic touts of Fak Agut and Porter at forts st. A bldg Aid Jackson a Quot glorious Fleet at tue Ball zit. Etc forming an intensely interesting Aad instruct i of work on the. Great Mississippi in peace and War. Banyard a Alissi Sippi will be on exhibition i eve r y evening a and wednesday and saturday afternoons. Commencing tuesday evening. Sept. 16th, at the Hall in lows building. Corner of court and Joralemon streets opposite City Hall. Tickets 25 cents. Children under ten 15 cents. Schools admitted any afternoon Upas most Liberal terms. Hall open at bad past o clock evening and 2 a a clock afternoon patting will move an half Hoar later. Tickets or information Caa of obtained Dur lag the Jay at the Hall or at the piano rooms of Al. E. Mathews a director. 2s6 Fulton Street. R or. C. C. Mudge. Bible depository. 43 court Street will need late for All Sabbath schools. Descriptive Pamfil strap cen_bgl21m Tali blog a Garden Sumiller season. Lessee and . Wheatley. The sixth night of. Edwin Forrest. His first appear Aace this sesson As Virginios to Sheridan Knowles great tragedy of the same a ame. This evening sept. 24th, Yir Ginlund. A a. Virginius. Edit v f0rre3t. Admission 5u cents secured parquet eats 75 cents family glrcle25_cents_commenceja8_vclocfc_se8 Jjo Worth s dancing Aoa Jesues. A no. 2c4 fifth Avenue. N. Y. _ a no. 137 Montague Street Brooklyn. New York classes on wednesdays and saturdays comment Ogot. 4th. Brooklyn classes on tuesdays and fridays com a Djeu tog oct.3d. 1 morning and afternoon classes for Young ladles and child ten. Even tog classes for gentlemen. A 1 circus a of terms it May be had at either establishment Sellem it. Dribo dancing Academy m and a 373 Fulton Street opposite City Hall the Academy will be open for the reception of Papilla and. The formation i of raises from and after the 2d of september. Classes for ladies Mieses and masters on wednesday and saturday a at 2 of clock p. Gentlemen s classes tuesday and Friday i evenings at 8 of clock. Ladles a glasses on wednesday even a Quot a Ltd _ _ of Ament Row Edh by a Tiew classes now forming. Private soirees every two weeks. The rooms Ean be hired by Kaspe Octabie parties by applying at the Academy aus of my. C. H. Bivers private dancing Academy. No. 83 schermerhorn Street Cor. Court Street. Brooklyn will commence the first week in september and continue open until june 1st. 1863. The masses a re so arranged that begone re can commence at any time. Send for a circular. Soirees will be Given for the Papilla and their friends As heretofore. The booms Caa be hired by respectable parties for Babs soirees or concerts when not otherwise occupied. An30 60s l Adie so pair for the Sisters of mercy Brooklyn win be held in a a a a Montague Hall from the 20rn to the 26th of october. The proceeds will be applied to the payment of part of the debts on their Rew Convent Willoughby Avenue. Tickets of admission 10 cute. Se20lm f1nakcuip for Sale Bri Oklyn pity 7 per cent Bonds. Brooklyn City Railroad Stock. Long Island Bank Stock. Central Bank Stock. Montauk insurance e.t0ck. Union Frky Stock mechanics Bank Stock. Atlantic Bank Stock. Brooklyn pity Rai Skoal bond3. To Ieti part of a Bouse a Wiloughby Street. Water and Gss er22 of aptly at 45 Fulmon Street. Orff iii of 1 Fae Fth Knox 1 court Street Brooklyn f ept. 8tb, 1-62. The but Ard of directors have this Day declared a semiannual dividend of five feb cent 5 net nays in of a Lemaud at their Branch office no. 62 Wall Street. New York. Dec Olmis Philander Shaw. Secretary. D a i Dendy the directors of the Atlantis fire insurance company of Brooklyn have this Lay declared a Semi annual dividend of five a per cent payable on August 28th, 1863. Au3f Imp Horatto Dokr. Secretary. Vol sen hog be no. 242. 244 k 246 Fulton Street. Between Clinton and Ozarke streets Brooklyn. This House is newly Furnest de through it. A few suit j o rooms for families likewise rooms for single gentlemen can now be secured for the season at reasonable prices. A lurch room Bas been attached to the hotel where meal either hot or cold will be served at All hours at moderate cbargeb_sc3 if he Wyllo Gubbi Shages Peter doyl8. Eleven years with John c. Force no. 11 Willoughby Street. Brooklyn. Steaks chops. Bare bits poached eggs. With other refreshments Tinner from 12 to 3 o clock daily. Closed on sundays. Au23 1 no m judicial. T rheumatism cured by the celebrated German remedy. For Sale at 266 j at Street Corner of Fulton Avenue. Or Parker s drug store_fe7 tf/3.00d news mrs. Pollard botanic i physician 261 Washington Street can Tell you the cause of your disease without any previous knowledge and what kind of disease you have to your entire satisfaction or no charge will be made. Mrs Pollard treat All diseases especially with great Success. Bor fou and consumption. Liver comp Toto i n. is. Pollard can Tell if you Are Core Able. We know frock or Acai expert Auer. Geo. Andrews Lars Marv Platt Audi 2m�?� amp a log xhosa affy to iad with Dib a ass which their family phys Octan foils to cure would do Well to consult it d. P Moo Allum. As he does not give Medicine to any Case unless be is sure that he eat Oure it. He gut Poteet to cure female complaints of All descriptions to their most aggravated stages. Venereal diseases of both male and female effectually cured in a very abort time. Office 72 Concord one door from the Corner of Pearl Street whew he can be consulted Gratia with the strictest cond re from 9 a m till m_aul42ro�?T glue. Excelsior liquid glue ten Point 8 a b o t t l e. With Brush. The Best article of liquid Giue Ever made always useful in every family Anil every place of business. It mends everything and eaves Jolla. Where it costs Cenia. For Sal eat wholesale let a d s. Harab. No 2i l Broadway. A pwt airs n1 la it a pts Drle tor s 0li �?o9 m William Street at retail id this District by Geo. Close. No. 106 Fulton Street r Davit s. Fulton Street Corn r of Clinton frauds m. Basset a t Atlantic Corner of court Street t Lewis 123 Myrtle Avenue her chel Parker. Pulton Avenue Corner of Jay Street Macdonald amp brother. 114 Myrtle Avenue. R. S. St ves. 110 Bridge Street r it Rutherford Corner of Myrtle and Osell Street o k Goode. Corner or Fulton Avenue and Orond place. J. Worthington. Apothecaries Hau. Comer of Pulton and pineapple streets r j Owens earner of Classon and Myrtle Avenue a. John Heulyn Ghazi. Corner of Gold and pressed streets Lames d Rice 231 Fulton ave nue Pyle a Broth a Fulton Corner of Pierrepont Street and of Humbla. Cornet of Carroll Street and by druggists Ana Dealzie generally a file o. Edward Mcdonald sole proprietor. Madame . A Mali Vati fifty a the a Thor of t hoi Ley h Jie collections Hadaf own tastes and Foeh Lona in Dortea. 8ha knew what baited her a features. At the time when a Nylic singers in dogged in crowning themselves with hearses of feathers and Gigantc h gets the size of which to Daj a Ems to Abc Tud in some caricature by child i remember to have seen her braided hair circled by a Fine venetian Chain with one Small Gold Coin serving for clasp above her forehead and attracting every Eye by the Thor Dougli fit sees of the ornament to its wearer. Perhaps the Chain and tee Coin indicated the character of a woman if not a her life in her Art at least thoroughly fearlessly original it was at Naples that she gave Way to one of her oddest caprices. A she played a says a. Damo Merlin in her memoirs a in a new opera a Amelia a composed by Rossi. In this opera a Libran undertook to dance the Mazurka. She never excelled in dancing though she was excessively Ion of it. Her native Grace seemed to forsake her whenever she attempted to dance Sill she seized every possible Opportunity of dancing on the stage. Lathis instance Madame mall Braun a Mazurka certainly contributed to the failure of i have elsewhere been assured that she could never dance a time a �?�0 Cal parity which however singular it Seemi has distr Gui bed. More than one perfectly organized in the Zollverein department of the International exhibition has just been placed a wonder Ful piece of mechanism Only a few Days from Hanover some of on readers know the diff Jui Type Awakening Early in the morning Here is a piece of mechanism which will not Only ring a. Gentle alarm to arouse Light sleepers but will at the same time strike a Light for a lamp and another to boil a cup of Coffee. If the drat alarm be not enough a louder one will follow sufficiently sonorous to awake the dead if even this should prove insufficient the mechanism will after a a Short Intel Val pull off the night Cap if the Sleeper wears one and in the almost impossible Case of a continued slumber after ail this the machine a As it disgusted at such laziness will tilt the Sleeper on the Ilour. In fact the mechanism does everything almost but shout the hour in the sleepers ear. An extraordinary amount of ingenuity has been expended upon this combination of clockwork and Springs and a heifers and levers. For the present apparatus including clock alarms neat cupboard and sofa the inventor Aske $4c0, and very cheap it is at the Money considering the time and trouble of bringing it to perfection. But if a demand for a the apparatus should arise there Ean be Little doubt that it could be supplied at $50, or even Lisa. The Royal commissioners found them a selves unable after a Long sitting on the 10 t0 come to any decision with to pet to the suggested postponement of the Day for closing the exhibition. A the French recent writer on French theatricals says eth Mattieal successes Are in the first place a great Deal More Brilliant More dazzling More immediate than thobe which can be obtained from books. No doubt they last but what does duration signify to a feverish. Race anxious for present enjoyment greedy for celebrity and luxury such As Are on modern iii Tira Tours. The theatre corresponds exactly to the Ideal of the present epoch and that is Why i draws a to itself All men of intellect. A second reason for this popularity is to be found in the substantial results produced by the stage. Whilst a Book a novel for instance however Large the impression May be Only brings to the author an average profit of from four to six Hundred francs in consideration for which sum the publisher enjoys the unlimited right of printing the volume during a period of four years the Law Hab fixed on behalf of the dramatic writers a Droit d auteur in virtue of which they Are entitled to one eighteenth one twelfth one tenth and sometimes a larger proportion of the profits arising from each performance according to the number of acts which makes up the play. Thus the dem Monde which has realized for the manager m. Montigny a Clear Benefit of one Hundred thous and francs �4,000is Worth about half that sum to m. Dumas Wii at becomes of All the pins a any of on male readers sufficiently domesticated to feel interested in the solution of this mystery May satisfy their curiosity and become martyrs to discovery by visiting a sewer Nicl a a want 9. me eldest m Birmingham. A the Bottom of it there is a Deposit As hard As the a a Blag from a blast Furnace and in this Deposit millions of pins Are imbedded. A piece about the size of a Many a fist picked no at random on wednesday fairly bristled with them and this was but a specimen of a great mass of such matter. In another Way too the Deposit is a curiosity tor independently of the plus it encloses a heterogeneous collection of old pocket knives marbles buttons and other articles of the kind that were probably wept Over As lost when the a oldest inhabitant Quot was being whipped at school. To persons of an investigating turn of mind not gifted with too acute olfactory nerves a Pound or two the Deposit will afford an hours harmless dust. A pastoral reception and a Monitor of the wishing in Street m. E. Sabbath school on Sunda a very pleasant re Union of pastor and. People took place being the return from Europe of the beloved pastor of their Church the Rev. F. 8. A Hass who bad been absent for two or three months seeking a relaxation from a Field of labor. To a school room was beautifully decorated for the occasion being tastefully festooned Wilh 11 is Whereon the Start and stripes Shode resplendent and ranged on either Side with Shields bearing apr ornate devices. The Walls were marked with motto is in Evergreen expressing a greeting to the pastor in words of warmest Welcome. The exercises were of a very interesting ice character. After a hymn entitled a a pastor a was Surg and a prayer offered the superintendent. Or. E. White made an excellent address in behalf i tace school couched in terms of affection and Welcome. Short addresses were also made by two scholars of the male and female departments the Little girl representing the latter uses entire and elegant bouquet of Flowers to the respected pastor. A Jiun written by one of the female teachers a a song of was then Sung aider which or. De Hass replied to the several addresses and hymn of greeting Welcome declaring that in expressing his emotions of Surprise and Gia it Udo Lor his kind reception words were choked in his attempt of their utterance. He expressed his happiness in being enabled once More to seb their Happy countenances alter his Short ramble in the old world of which he gave a very entertaining View embracing a hurried glimpse of Many places of interest abroad renowned in Story and in song and promos i to Complete the sketch on some future occasion. A Bym Nof thanksgiving closed tee services which were observed Aud a Iota Ned to by upwards of seven Hundred persons. After a dismissal of the school a tree thug of the Church member of a Large number were present was commenced to consider he question of co operating in a combined movement of churches to assist in raising a Monitor company for every regiment that leaves Brooklyn. Tier hearing read by one of the Delegas from the Church to the Monitor Cove Nicod held last evening Corner of court Aud Jeroloman Street a printed circular published by that body setting Forth the important Chi racier of the tii i apr Island they resolved with cordial unanimity to join a the Effort with that interest and Zeal which the cause Deiiana. The Jaminal principle and Prima y object of this patriotic measure have been so Folly slated in the report of the meeting of the c Hention last week and published in the columns of the Eagle that it needs no further elucidation ;