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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 26, 1861, Brooklyn, New York The Brooklyn a Aii a hag be. Vol. 20, no. 253.Brooklyn, Saturn in october 26, 1861. One Centra big he i. Van Anden publisher and proprietor fills by . 30 Ald 32 cult of st mkt. Boo bits. Delivered to pity subscribers every evening at Bix Otenti Oer week payable to the carriers it this Papko has the largest Octroi Latios of any even Lur paper published in the United states and As a medium it it Rusness and general advertising. Ii not surpassed by any other journal by terms invariably Cash in Advance. Printing of Evert description promptly and neatly kx1coote5k or a great reduction Sprou for Miff so amp by pfc dancing _ a _ a dancing academies no. 204111th Avenue Corner of 26th Street. New York. 137 Montague Street. Brooklyn.  clas3e8-tuesdays and fridays in Brooklyn commencing october 1st. Classes wednesdays and saturdays. In new York commencing october 2d. In the new building on fifth Avenue recently erected for the Curiosa. Will be Fouad every requisite of or such an Stab Bailment. Id addition to the Daeing. will 1u0 b. Formed for exercises in a new system of calisthenic especially valuable to ladles and children of delicate trame. Or door orb would be glad to me Arra Geraer u with Semi Garlef for lessons in dancing calisthenic a military Drill circulars for terms amp a a a May be had at either Academy. Sel4 3ra it. Ukr in Danu Inu Academy no. 347 a Fulton Street opposite City mail the Academy will be opened for the reception of pupils and the formation of raises on and after the 3d of september. Cisne3 for ladies misses and masters on wednesday and saturday at 3 of clock p. Gentlemen a classes tuesday and Friday evenings at8 of clock. Ladies classes. Monday and Tours Day evenings at 7 of clock. Private lessons Galvea at the Academy or at the residence of the Pupil. Farther particulars and circulars can be had at the Academy at any of the above mentioned hours. New classes now forming. Private soirees every two weeks the first to take Glace on thursday evening sept 12th, at to Quot Pague Hall. Au3l7m or. C. H. Rivers would most re Spect Fuji announce to Bis numerous friends and patrons that his new Academy Corner of court and a Eber me Horn streets a no. 33 ? Street will be opened for the reception of pupils and formation of classes on tuesday. September Lith. The classes will meet on tuesday and Friday afternoon at 3 of clock for ladles tuesday and Friday evenings at 8 of cock for gentlemen and wednesday and saturday afternoon a for misses and misters. Semi Modt Bly soirees will be pm. As formerly. Notwithstanding the increased expenditure a. The terms for tuition will re Naid the same As heretofore the Cost of the soirees and balls will be the same and at honorary members will be admitted at any time to the regular clashes and he entitled to the same attention As pay Mem Beth. For More full particulars apply at the Academy or and for a circular parents and guardians of children and ladies and gentlemen wishing to become members Sre invited to visit the Academy. N. parties wishing to engage the Academy for balls concerts or sociable Are invited to apply As above. C. H Rivers se4 6ra 33 Ficher erhorn Street Brooklyn. Dry removal re to Val ii >7q my own. Pinder amp son my of have removed their Stock of hosiery and gents furnishing goods from their old stand 171 Fulton Street to their new and capacious store 273 Fulton one door above biliary st feign of the Large plaid at great bargains and Well Worth attention infants misses ladies boys Young gents and menus underwear. J. C. Cottrell. 272 Fulton Street. Qualities. Wool Merino Saxony. O7 hosiery i hosiery n hosiery pm we. Pinder amp son. New store 273 Faltyn Street one door above biliary. J31_81gn of the plaid stocking. Alexandre kid gloves tha genuine article in full assortment will alwav3ho Toad t no. 25f Fulton Street opposite Clinton Street. I08m 8. Salb. For Sale or to rent pews no. 95, of and spin r. P. Dutch Church on the Heights. Rev. James Eells being among the most desirable in the Church. Unless previously ols posed of will be sold at Public auction. In said curd non monday january 13, it in a at 12 o clock Fil. Caul re of Seoti James h. Prentice 2 Remsen Street. For Sale a periodical and newspaper depot. Does a Good business and will be sold reasonable if applied for immediately. Reason for Selling bickness of the owner address Box "0,�?� Eagle office. A Ylst travel Ong Island by a Leo add change of terminus leave James slip and thirty fourth Street Ferrisi by i 9 a m tor greed port. 3.30 i1 m for Yap Bank. 32 m and 1.30 p m for Syosset q a get 12 m 3 30, 4.30 add 5 c0 p m for Hempstead. H a m. 12 >1.3.30. 4 30, 5 3 and 6.30 1 m or Jamaica. Trains leave Hunters Point on arrival of boat from James , Hudson River Railroad a for Alra by and Troy conned Long with trains North and West trains leave a a from 30th Street. 7 25,11 25 a a and 3 55 and a 25 p is. 10 45 p m sundays included 6 25 a a and 1 10 p a. �?�1 25 p m. 9 25 a >1,4 55 and 3 25 p >1. 5 55 p m. F. Smith superintendent. Coax and Wood from Cambeis st. Express 7 and 11 a a and 3 30 and 5 p and Albany with sleeping Cara 15 p a Poughkeepsie train at 6 a m and 1 15 p m. Peeks Bistrain 4pm. Sing sing train 9 a >1 4 o0 and 8 p m. Fishkill train. 5 30 p m.o2 . Private school tor boys no 55 Sands Street. St icily a select school. Number limited to sixteen. For Artber particulars apply As above to o253t w. A. Nash. A r1yate class for Young ladies no. 193 Atlantic Street Between court and Clinton streets. The branches taught Are Reading spelling etymology geography history English grammar. Composition arithmetic. Penmanship and the Kun oiment sol Frenzen. Terms ten dollars per Quarter including the use of books. The class is select and instruction thorough. The teacher of the class who has been Long engaged As an instruct Ress of Young ladles in a Large institution in the City of new York takes entire charge of her pupils receiving but a limited number. The Winter term will commence november 13th, when a very few additional pupils Cau be admitted. Circulars May be of talked at the fancy goods store of or. Brandt no. 393 Atlantic Street. A 1 in Eree evening i Lulio evening schools of the City for Malea and females will Ope Niou monday evening 21st last at 7 of clock in the following school houses Viz no. 1, Comer of Concord and Adams its. No. 2, in school House no. 6. Warren st. No. 3. In school House no. 17, Corner of fifth and North fifth its. No. 4, in school House no. 18, Remsen st. No. 5, a a 12, Adelphi st. No. 6, a a a a 22, Gree Point. No. 7, a a u 1u, Gowan us. No. 8, a a a a 25. Walworth st. Colorez school in school House on Willoughby at. The Board of education desire that All the Young men and Young women of the City not in attendance on the Day schools who Are Debous of mental culture should attend these schools experienced and competent teachers have been appointed and every facility will be afforded for the improvement of the attendants. In behalf of the committee on evening schools a b. Baylis. Chairman. 3861 Brooklyn o �2w t\ra\yi1sg and painting or. Wil a 1,1 Amon 1ms opened his classes for the season at his studio. 137 Montague s Reet in Dortu s. Schools. Private classes mud so boars attended. Circulars at studio. No 13 my a a Madame us an 2l0 a it Urt till Liri Riis one door from West gallic. Stamping embroidering in Gobi Silver silk worsted and Cotton crocheting netting ac., done to order on reasonable terms by mine. Graen also lessons in said embroidery As Well As in the German French and English language give by mine. Graen ,ber210 Coit Street. Of 1m classes of the German and French languages. Brooklyn professors l. Hurn ind . S1monin, respectfully inform their friends arid the citizens or Brooklyn that they will open Obj Ullh German and French languages for ladies and for be Othman on the 7th of october in Miami ton , room 13 Corner of court and Jor Alem m st on the 8tb at la Rof. Metcalf s Academe no. 68 South a Mali Street Between 3d and 4th streets Brooklyn e. D. The most approved method will be pursued and Short preparations will be required. For circulars Aud further information. &u., address As se27 3m re Encl Institute for Young no Hampden Street Elliott place i a re re ii i fue i10 Hanson place. Brooklyn. Bay a a to n?8e,itontiir.tltutl0n flu ti0n Young gentlemen Are prepared for College or Bugaev. Prev a i c,0�l spi Lull a l i thu in arc Utida Erttie cart of experienced professors extra charge. I or circulars address sub in au20 to l ,1 Simonin a t. P. Oort Abl. Principals Sfax lbs and French Law a Uay a a a t a lout in Tenonn t a Ltd facilities to practice turn conversational soirees Nhy translations properly and quickly dont by Sener do. Tonos and Mons. J. Roqueno our both o Tiv teachers Aud professors at the by a at a cools of the City in by. Obtained by apply ing at the teachers residence 76 Fuh Ltd Avenue two clock from the City Hall Brooklyn. Senora. Detornos and Mont. J have adopted a new practical and theoretical method atone earn for the pupils and of remarkable Breve a. Tnl\19 i vat 11, a its a a. A Wal As a peas pb/,8 a Jim Julf a m Jet Black Eye aaa while Marroni Fht seed per.-. W. A. Noun us. Fe>9 _ a it it Fulton of Clark a i a a re Pill a pm Hoath cultural Orner of cursor and Myrtle venue. Or it of leu vat House and i lady grape a of Vijh shrubs and Flowers for Salii. / Ual j Coli Coal i a the under signed has Cumberland Coal for manufacturing o use. For Sale by the cargo or ton at the Eagle of Oak and Wood Yard Corner of Bridge and Plymouth streets wholesale and retail dealer in Coal and Wood. N. Best of Delaware Pine Wood. Ap2 a. W. Hendrickson. English House Carmel Coal will a bet Andrt Ltd a to pow a. Apply at hat non wharf Between Fulton and of amp Tharine in rules or Beaver Street two door Frons Wall Nev York. Mh7vbusiness notices. Get your flour for the Winter before the Orlyce goes up. You can get flour at the cheapest flour store for from $4 50 to to it 50. Warranted goo d and delivered free in any part of new York or Brooklyn. W. B. Gillette. 204 front Street. New York �9 _ near Fulton ferry. New dining Saloon the subscribe has taken the Central stand no. 35- Pulton Street opposite the City Hall and tatted it up As a first class dining Saloon where every substantial Aud delicacy of the season can be procured at a reasonable scale of prices. Lie Hopes by prompt attention and the Superior Quality of his articles to it rat a Liberal share of the Public patronage. His friends and the Public Are respectfully invited to Cal. ?0 by j. P. Collyer. Pebble glasses Stop at Chase s if st Yon want Specke of any kind either Gold steel solve a a r lated. We mean to keep the Best Stock of 8pectacle? Eye go amp uses in this City and can suit All that Call and artery snort notice. Let every one that can Wear pebbles a us. A be advantage Over the Ordinary Glass will be explained �7 j. D of. And to their entire satisfaction. Our Price for gobbles is Ucb cheaper than you Chu have them done ii York John d. Chases. 203 Fulton Street. Manufacturer of All kinds of Silver Ware Gold and hair jewelry. Watches and clocks of a kind repaired in the re by Best Row edding and visiting cards at very Short notice and of Superior Quality. Also envelopes Blank cards ac., at chases 2fl3 Fulton Street. Cards written in a very Superior manner by the Only card writer in Brooklyn at chases. Iy23 Pebble Glabe eat amongst the thousands that Wear spectacles How few know the value of pebbles. Finest Quality to be had at j. D. Chase s. 2ft? Fulton Street iy23 manufacturer of All kinds of jewelry silverware a Pancy tin Bird cage5-a Large sort ment just received at John Buncel a au3l 2m_no. 94 Fulton Cor. Henry Street. I m Blind All that Are particular a about their eyes and Eor spectacles should be sure to re the pebbles the Best article Ever invented for the sight o it had at chase�?T8, 203 Fulton Street 1 manufacturer of All kinds of jewelry add silverware. Bakek1bs. Yellow Corn bread. A want of labor a reduced income the approach o rigorous Winter and not a Mouth the less to fill necessitates the strictest Economy on those who have Little and commends example on the part of All who have plenty. Foreseeing the Public want the subscriber has determined without View to profit the size and Quality of the loaf offered is the proof to Manu facture in addition to his present Trade one description of dread which will put in the table of Many families a loaf at Little Cost palatable Sweet healthful and As nutritious As any kind of bread that can be made. A single trial is solicited to convince every family of its Public Utility and advantages. Enquire for Morton a yellow Corn bread 5 cents a loaf at Rush More a 120 Atlantic Street Castanous 69 Myrtle Avenue. Burtiss Fulton a Cor. Of Raymond st., a 314 Myrtle Avenue. Barrows 435 Myrtle Avenue. Davis Walworth s Reet near Park Avenue an at the scotch bakery 125 court st., opposite st. Paul a. Í31 of James Morton. M1jgl�1yery. 9q�o Jay Street Corner of Fulton of Citro Avenue ladies Are respectfully informed that they can find an a Slort Mentor fashionable and seasonable millinery As above. Particular attention Given to orders for millinery. Dresses oape3, Man Filla s. Cloaks and ladies and child rent swearing appear description at the private rooms As above. E. Toombs it>4 Firo successor to m. L. Duthil. Millinery millinery ill Linbury at Rii ind s Well known stylish millinery establishment 87 Fulton Avenue. Mrs. Ruins will be prepared on and after wednesday. Oct.9th, to show her fall and Winter styles Wimch she feels assured cannot be excelled in the City at the Price. Screw and leghorn Flats cleaned and died. Felt and Beaver cleaned and a Elk iterators House furnishing har wars. Wood and Willow w ass in All their varieties at White a Nichols s98 Fulton Street Corner of pineapple. Call and get a Foh Salb. Y Ota for Sale at fkiok8 from to $800, in the 10th Ward of the City of Brooklyn on 3d ?n,14th avenues and president and Carroll Streeta if in movements Are made All the Purchase Money Caa remain on mortgage for Twenty years also water fronts on the Gow Anut Creek suitable for manufactories or lumber Brick Coal and fone Yards which will a sold or leased on very favourable a rms apply to Arthur w. Benson office on oar Roll a avens . Re. Adam8, a lumber m e r c ii a n to no. 34 Hamilton Avenue. Offers for s Ile in lots to suit purchasers Black Walnut coffin stuff a desirable lot of amp in. Black walnut�?w�1i seasoned Anil All thicknesses Ash-1. 1?4. In. 2 aod3 Inch and bircll�?1,1, and 5inch, c Inch and 1 Inch. a 1, Lih suitable for Cabinet and Carriage makers use. White Pine of All descriptions._o23 1m the Biol. A. Woods 1-4tu regiment n y. S. ninety men Are required to co Splete this regiment which has been at the seat of War for the past live months. Apply to a a ant. A v. H. Gill or it Lieut. Geo. R. Davey at the City armory Corner of Henry and Cranberry streets Between the hours of 10 a. And 5 p. 012__ filhe association of fast and exem it x members of the fourteenth regiment n. Y. S. M., formed for the purpose of advancing the interest of said regiment while at the seat of War. Of aiding the families of its members and of securing to those who May be disabled and to the families of those who May be killed or die in the service the Pine Lon and Bounty allowed by Congress give notice that application made to any of the undersigned executive committee will meet with prompt attention. The committee would Roost respectfully solicit subscriptions from the citizens of Brooklyn la behalf of the above object. Capt. We. Burnett. 19 Henry Street capt. Geo. B. May or the 264 grand Street e. D. Lieut a. Mouris. 59 Pearl Street. 1. D. Mccuskey 92 Fulton Street. I it m. H. Roberts. 274 Hudson Avenue. Col Jesse o. Smith. President 113 filow Street. A. B. Lindsay Secretary 14o court opposite Amity Street. And a find Ljung incl no Wooi 1?y st Quot am Power and to i Iacini Luery Price Ledu it sit. Aay Noa. 6 a s Jav v bbcoe1l a left at the four Wing a i one Ore a o Wii lbt atle tided to a he City p a a a of Ioe. It aay . Olvitt i a Lover. No. 4 a Annua unit i m. C. Mullany.31 fatten arc a 4. D.7enr v of in a Street a a and agent Wood in bundles Coant anti on i a. It it a in Rorr Ohina a. Tet use n. Uoo a to i China and Olafs a Yuk. Gas fixture i second toler135 Fulton Hurket. I. of articles kept by a a rot Casa scr. K e r9� 1. K h Ouer cat. Pacito and deli7�re<lfrae of expense. To jeep let a Union nominations. State. For attorney general Daniel s. Dickinson. For secretory of state. Horatio Ballard for com it Tiller Lucius Robinson. For treasurer. William b. Lewis. For canal commissioner Long term Franklin a. Alber. Short Terra Frederick a. Tallmadge. For state prison inspector Abraham b. Tappan. For state Edgio Eer and Surveyor William u. Taylor. For Register. Hugh Mclaughlin. For county clerk John n. Stearns. For Coroner Thomas p. Norris. For superintendent of poor i Ruth Jewell. For justices of sessions will am ii ii Oyt. Nicholas st Lwell. For Sinator. Second District 1st. 2d, 8d, 4tb. , 7th nth i vhf and 19th wards Jesse c. Smith. For senator Thim District Gnu. 8lb, 9th, 10th, i2�h. 14th. La eth tilth 17th, 18th wards and county towns Henry c. Murphy. Judiciary. For judge of the court of a totals William b. Wight. For Justice of the supreme com t�?2d District. John a. Lott. Assembly. For Asfe Robly first. District 8th, 17tb, 18<h wards and county towns Andrew j. Provost. Second do so i ctr 1st, 0th and a the wards Richard j. La Lor. Third District 4th and 10th we Ards William m. Thomas. Fourth District a cd 31 Ned 5th wards Jonathan b. Silk want. Fifth District 9th and Lith wards Charles l. Benedict. Sixth District i3th and t4th w Ards John m. Stearns. Seventh District 7th, huh loth and 19th w Ards Edgar Mcmullen. Amass meeting of the Citize has of the ninth Ward will beheld at Zellers hotel three mile House Fulton Avenue on thursday evening. 31st inst. For the purpose of endorsing the Peoples Union county ticket. The i Rettier will be addresses by Murphy. Hon. Moses f. Odell Hon. Hiram . Charles Benedict. In Chad j. Lalor. John g. Schlumaker and others. Richard Thurvan. Clair Manstch Ward executive committee. Ronert d. Bks Huick. Secretary._o35 Law i it us Coskun Hka 1 first District. Or. Cit Arles a. Van Zandt proprietor. Treasurer. Stage manager. Musical director. I. Burtis. L. B. Packard. W. Bardwell. G. U. Coon Man. 301 Tot ice office Brooklyn Civ Tkel 1 Railroad no. Atlantic Street sep Temby r to t>4, the supreme court having Coli armed the assessment or closing the entrances to the Tunnel in Atlantic Street and restoring the said Street to its proper Grade a. The persons assessed for said improvement Are hereby notified that it a it a paying their assessments at this of Iee within thirty <1 from this Date they will save the collectors fees and t e penal interest imposed by Law. K-30 pm William ii. Otis trea re. Uacke11s j and Oakes. Bread warranted absolutely pure and Sweet wholesale to commission stores. Scotch1 Rua k e r to no. 125 court Street ue20_tf___op."aite t o a inspectors of Elk Oil on a \ l District canvassers you Are hereby a nth a that tie 6th Section of the Law of april s>7. Re quires a v inspector and . C a a Waaser a it 1 on any a i in in fore tie Day of hol Diing the . At the Odin Ltd of Ltd county clerk to take and <5ul<cr, the oath i it a the Constitution. Dated Brooklyn. Out. 19, Isil. Ol6 lot we. G. Bishop. City clerk. Bols4s win Tenkku a Fak Uek a Lio understands horses and 1ms my would like twelve horses to it Winter. Cau give it i y re a tip a a a. Address Farmer. Gien Cove l. I Ohl a _ anew Ribco Veky cube Fok tin Worms the scarified or pin Worms the my Quot of which has verbal Ltd the skill of the most eminent p1. A chins Are entirely expelled from the human system i it use of or. E. G. Gould spin worm so rom. A cure wan unit d in every Case. Relief hot a no a four hours this so rep is purely a vegetable preparation and Hall s with the youngest Chi a. 1ikrvev t a dark Hon Ivor Rirs address Geo. 0. Goodwin a co., 11 or a 12 my it a sleet. Boston. Mass., general agents or new 1 l in i. Genie rally. Of a a iheet1n<s. Public notice tub under to x Appo need by the in Prem Cour. N Hiam 1&Quot in it put it l april a he to a ii to a i p. It g a a i a a nit it let Bush Inch caused by the a evading and rep Alvi i. Ayr nue. In the City of , and to us Elt i in a s a Hir g i on the Eald Rygr Diug. Will meet Dies not. A a a a it Erlb i ft., Between the hours of one anti two o�?T1.-p. to Ida it tips in a it Mthm loth same. John o sch a a Keu j John to Namer. William 4, Lawrence old am i Sam Jents reihe Registe ship. I have nailed my Flag to the Mast. And there it shall wave to the last. I hereby most respectfully offer myself to the electors of the county of Kings As a candidate for the Olliie of Register subject to your approval and endorsement on the first tuesday of november next. 1 Aho hereby pledge myself that in Case i an elected to the place i will appropriate one half of the income of the office for the full it More or less As a fund Sac redly Ami exclusively f Ltd the Benefit of the widows and orphans of those citizen soldiers of our county what May full in the defence Ami support of our Flag and our common country. The said fund to be under the Mia gement of the mayor of the City our state senators and representatives to Congress for the time being. Respectfully 014 Tille Robert g. Timur by. Amusements.�jukti8�?T varieties. Brooklyn cos. To Fulton and pineapple its. The Only legitimate place of amusement in Brooklyn. Of in every evening. The following ladles and gentlemen have been engaged and will a Pfar every night Mirs Louise Well. Actress. Danseuse and Panto animist. Mass Annie Bordwell the unequalled Ballad st and Brooklyn favorite. Or. W. But wort i the great Banjo soloist Sale of Woods minstrels. Lee Powell. Comic Voca lut and negro Delineator late of Nixon in Val Manobi theatre. Larry Tooley the unrivalled a Jig dancer. Or. W. Boru Well. C of Media and comic vocalist Frei it 9ha>v. Exter Rorant out poet and comic vocalist. J. Bryant the half wilted Darkey. Monday evening first appearance of m0ns. Div Frey the great contortionist late of Nixon Skoval amphitheatre. Biily Quinn the Brooklyn favorite Larry Thompson. Versatile performer. The above darned ladies and gentlemen Are each and every one a Star and combined form a company that cannot be equalled. The Hall has been entirely renovated and decorated in a Doit onto which is added a magnificent set of mirrors forming in All the prettiest place of Public amusement a a is or any other City. Apo of spa Ciao / office of t1�e citizens Gas Light a company. No.1 pos Tollice building Montague Street Brooklyn oct. 1st 186. Price of Gas reduced by this company to two dollars per thousand feet. No charge for introducing service pipe or for use of Moa ref ii. Warren. Secretary. Go Ood 3news-mks. Jjck. O. for the last three years at 261 Washington Street. Brooklyn can Teli any person what the cause of their disease is without any previous knowledge and cure you. If you Are curable and can Tell if you Are curable. 1 do know from personal experience. N. By mrs. Pollard is a member of the Rev or. Spring s congregational Church in , having been a member for the last 29 years. O21 pm Samuel Mclyn tub 79 William st. Amble m a it e is it to e de Sig n i having on hand a Large assortment of Marble mantel pities average from $9 to $20u each it would be adv Lible for builders and others to Cul Ami see his Stock its he offers to sell for Cost at nos. 92�i and 323 Navy Street near Fuli a Avenue and 66 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn of. T. Ohns a Martin Olaf b o i Broadway new York. Of 1 o a a a ladles fall amp Winter cloaks an elaborate assortment. Ladies fall Winter cloaks. Made exp ves by for the Oest City Trade. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks All die late get Paris i tales. Ladies fall axed Winter cloaks of the Best Nett reals. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks offered at the lowest prices. Ladles fall and win per cloaks at retail. Hayt Karo i Broadway. It Ruo Rlyn Academy of music Herrmann saturday october 26. Saturday october 26. Close of the Presti digit to rial season Clos of the season close of the season herrmanns Farewell Benefit. Herrmanns Farewell Benefit. Herrmanns Farewell Benefit. Grand combination gala night. Grand concert in which miss Carlotta Patti Madame Iier Mann and Theodore Thomas will appear. Herrmann will present on thit occasion a Moat programme Ana introduce four new tri0ks the j. Erf Tiance will commence wit the flying piiotogkapfi3, when or. Herrmann will throw. Instead of playing cards two Hundred of Madame Herrmann s photographic likenes3e3. The Price of admission. To the Public. There having been great complaint from the course Pur fued by Puich it my seals and then charging rates for Thea Arn the manager neing desirous of add iii the in preventing Tiit illegal speculation he Las a Uriu Ilid upon the two Farewell Benefi nig to in 1 Roo Kayji. To place the whole of the lower n Art of the House ii Climi i g the Ai Clu Stra stalls ibid que the Balcony and private if xes of. The uniform Price it it Futy cents. Fifty cents. No reserved seats. No reserved seats. Amphitheatre 25 cents As usual. Ticket May be had at. The Box office Academy shells run it. Ami proxy a music store. O25 it Brooklyn Academy of music on tuesday next oct. 29. Close of the opera to until january. A comi and last Benefit Tif b. Luluan. Opsand combination and gala nig4t. Two new operas isl a. Randi concert. I is and Only time of the celebrated opera of Betly. Music by Donizetti which will he Given in italian. Mass Isabella iii my lev . Susanl i first aug Only night of the new opera Domique in one of Les Noces de Jeannette Jeanne item a marriage now the rage in Parto Lin i Wuich Wip he Given in French m1s& Clara Louise Kellogg. Y Hoha chit Ved Puli m Enqu aped Success As Prima Dona of the i Ntim Dalian opera will up near for the frit Lime As a Freni--1� i Rima Duna in the Rule of Jeannette. The other Toltsi y l Uhm in. Mile. Elena and Mazzini. Miss Carlott pvt la a grand concert 8fs�t�icd by Madame Strakosch Signor Mancusi and thfod0he Thumas. N. to it the length of the numerous entertainments the a run Romance will. End Meiva eat precisely eight of clock Aud toe limbic ate respectfully requested to be in to stir places by that time. Quot pricks of admission. To parquet and Balcony a family Circle 50 cents am 25 cents Reserve Usta ski j cents extra boxes As Untal. All Benefit tickets will be rec Viv a at the door and Check Gold to them at the Academy Box office for tuesday s gala night and close of the season. The Sale a f stats commences in saturday at the Academy f music and Sileli a Wall Street. On saturday next to t p. At the acal Eltiy of music new York. Combined opera Herrmann Ani concert. Gala matinee. Gala matinee. 22 of Dpi Silil Armonio society of Brooklyn fifth seaso�r�861 and 1862. First concert. Saturday evening nov. 2n, 1861. The directors of the society take pleasure in a noun dog that arrangements have been mad for giving a fifth serifs of concerts and Rah Ever gals and Trust that the game Libra Suppon from members and All lovers of to it e Art can be relied upon enabling them to a com a life the design of making the entertainments of die present season equal if Ned Sonjie Lor. To Auy previous. I tie orchestra will be composed of the same eminent artists As l Erie lore under the direction of or. Call Berg Mann whose ability As a conductor is too universally known to need any and the same popular Leader m. Noll. Re he a plural subscription fee is five dollars Senor Imp to the Sut a crier in addition to the Ordinary privileges of membership in any society and Chi Sion o five concerts a d fifteen rehearsals Ai d a secured seat to each concert without extra charge. Besides which. Two extra tickets to each concert will be suld to toe subscriber at a reduction of Twenty five off cent from Public i ices. A clock will he appended to Ltd each members concert ticket a the part st Lidion of which at the office of the Academy of Mude wiil entitle the Holder to a secured scat without extra of a Ige. Members who Avail themselves of their extra concert to. It to cd a secure seats at the sane time by paying Twenty five cards extra. Box office to lie Oren from thursday morning until saturday afternoon previous to the concert from 3 of clock a. A a of clock p. the Box Kate per will be directed to secure no seats and to receive no directions for reserved seats previous to the Peting of the flux office. No tickets to be sold to non subscribers except on the Day of conceit when they can secure seats. The Price of t i �ket3 to single concerts will be to non do scribers one Dollar Rehe Rusing. Fify cent extra i lockets to in gee concerts wifi be sold two to each Fuff crier at a Venty five celts to a procured of the treasurer alone be the the Day of the concert or at the Box office of thursday or Friday previous to persons professionally engaged to music m to Purchase admission in the concerts and Rehe Iesals by the annual payment of of. Ice dollars Tuch tickets to he procured Only of the Indrei big of ii of sly ral pieces for first concert. A mph on. In a Lett. First time Haydn. Pc my lion no. 4, in i Nin Urr. Stir Man. Over i u be in. Vocal and Solo instrumental performer. Madame Blanchard Soprano from the conservatoire at Milan. Or. Goldbeck. Pianoforte. Or. Ber 4ner. Violoncello. Or Joseph Noll violin. Subscriptions received and tickets sold to concerts and rehearsals at the usual places and of the treasurer. 105 Jom Leinon Street. O2 of Brooklyn Atti neum grand presentation on curl. On thursday evening. November 7th, on which occasion the following eminent artists will appear. Mrs. J. Muzak. Or. J. It. Thomas a or. S. B Mills. Pianist. We , accompanist. To addition to the musical Attim tons of the Nett ruin ment the managers w in share their net proceeds with the audience by making presents of the l o lowing v Ilu Abie and elegant articles list of presents one seven octave pianoforte Roso Vood. Of Brilliant tone and action Over Strung Bass valued at 4300 co on cml Gnit Cerit. Cabinet Case noiseless tie Wir g a to clone. Grover k bakery a make valued at 90 00 one elegant dressing Case Worth. 2imv one fir e stench clock Worth. 25 o he opera glasses Worth each. ><00 Une Hundred copies of the celebrated lithograph to in us raving entitled the a a defenders of that Worth per copy. 1 00 one Fine Gold Pencil. In 00 Une ladies Tine Gold watch. 00 a ten Gold thimbles valued each at. 4 0 Egilio la Iano is on exhibition at the music store of messes. Grube a Aoler Halsey but dding 353 Fulton st. Psf a t he Weir it a machine can he seen at l>2 Fulton Street. In order that All May to get pleasantly seated the number of tickets for Sale is timed to Tileen Hundred. The above goods Are furnished to the management at the wholesale pricey tie figures Here Given Are the a regular retail prices. The presentation will take place on the evening of tiie concert in the following manner tie name and Valu of each artice in the above catalogue is piloted or written upon a slip of paper Aid carefully folded and enclosed in envelope. Which after being sealed Are mixed together in the most thorough a inner. As the envelopes Are All precisely alike it is utterly for anybody to distinguish which contains a varos of the valuable presents. From those cont lining awards of Stu smaller articles. The envelopes Are then placed All together in a Box and As the audience pass Ioto Trie Hall they Vive up their ticket and receive an a a Clope on opening which they read the tame and value of their present. Several respectable citizens i l he invited in to w Ines of the envelopes so As to he aide t it assure the Public that a is satisfactory and Quot on Tolcke some Dollar for Sale at the music , and. If Dot previously All sold at. The door on the evening of the performance. Doors open a\7 of clock commence a. O25 2w a Bird week i. A Loizou Success. T ii e 150�1e m i a n t u o l v e . A t m musical h All. Kex la a by a a on e v k r v k v l 2� inc and on wednesday and saturday afternoons. A magn1f1 ent cask Given at each in Alum ent. By iri Iguest a Kotuch i Karen a made exit Elv Siam glad Quot it a he inv a n to the ladies on wkly feb a it to vhf is. Oct. So. As a a Quot kit i. n l. 310,1c of Cisi a a in a o i us ont a to a the Billa ill lie i a a iii on Sumter in Uit a Tiou to Llie one i.inu11i--.1 a it tie Nniro l. On t1iit.911ay i i ,n0. 0,-t.tmh,. A Ubau Ilki 1. Yasi. Of \ e wil1 Imei in i tin author of Lili a Quot i ism. Us beet Tilk Prijic . To to decided by a Timon bite a from the induce. All poems to be sent to the in dupe musical had great Milf a i of the Ciul Prkna. Not our m a vim k on a 1 Ray a a every Eli Ito will Hij it it it i .1 huh a Beau Uil in to in addition to a regular iiri Quot 1 Quot can. The Marag u Cut Tiki it a a a 111 it Nom. A Ltd c of gun Cut us in Roi b. In axum. us 1 1 lung st i f Ilitsch Quot a a �6 of Quot Ilu a c a in Iivo a of popular alr0 at Achet it i him of. A a the piano Hwn Tif to Multi. T run to web Btl of new Cru. To bet iii to i. _ Glass s i a m i n h 1 no j , he in i t . Quot in or \t1 s. Arr. If slow. To a cent.�. N a f Ciao .ildtj. N o n ii iut cd it it a a i f Quot a i lbs ii Ihu tor. I. At i Cboin a Xiii hit no to i. A ii a a to a. La i Oij open i Alt univ or prot Vii a to or Uva i i d a m la e. J. We link Ayr _ e Lui Savage writing. Tie a end or has Beard of Rev. Or. So Sargeon the a preacher of Soudou. He of Euphis the same position there which Rev. Or. Beecher does in Brooklyn. It is hut fair to say Tolj atheist Man of far inferior intellect to or. Beecher end we can account for his inline use Only of the ground that preaching generally is so Dull jul erg and that even a of the Ricks of the mount Bank with the reverent profession is not Dis relished. For the illustration of what to flows it is necessary to say a word of the London saturday a weekly literary and political journal. Tie it ectus is prob to in one of the most ably conducted papers in England. One half of it is devoted to reviews of new Book the other to a discussion of the prominent Tapie of the Day. Its articles Are written with great vigor and frequently out step in severity what is deemed legitimate journal tie Liberty in England. Spurgeon and the s Durdy in vow have Long been at loggerheads in several of his discourses Spurgeon pitched into the Merino and the Levicia of course retaliates with a vengeance. Recently or. Spurgeon introduced the a a Gorilla at his a Tabernacle a Aud delivered a lecture thereon. So fair an Opportunity for a pounding was not a missed by tie saturdays Toa who a Pilche Sinton the Rev. Spurgeon la the of lowing Savage fashion a a i Here too is or. Spurgeon a a improving the Gorilla and with the assistance of or. and m. Do Chaitu a devoting to the funds of the band of Hope the proceeds of the distinguished appearance of All these eminent Public Perfo nets fur this night Only of the stage of the Teot Tabernacle at Newrid Tou. To thought that this building was solemnly opened a few mils ago As a House of prayer and Praise but 11k be High objects Are not inconsistent with the exhibition of a dead Baboon and a living charlatan or two. Do Chaillou of course has his popularity to keep of. Or. Bayard has his election interests to retain As Well As to exhibit himself to the people of Southwark As under Secretary. Or. Spurgeon has the Pew rents in View and Sliv not Combine All these popular necessities with the or attest Success of the Seasun whether the Penchev the statesman or the adventurous traveller was most at. Home in the apes society we Zoanni t say. At All events the Gorilla at Tabernacle is a Happy thought. Perhaps the establishment will take the hint As it has already ploughed with or. Spurgeon a Heifer. Blonde a under the dome of st. Paul a would form an attractive thing for the sous of the clergy while or. Bellew might perhaps inve3t in Leotard or the Ohio minstrels. There Are Hopes for religion so London yet. Or. Spurgeon has struck a Rich vein As his iii end or. Bayard remarks he has come out a was master of the ceremonies to the the l Ider Secretary of state even West so far As to suggest which was rather an equivocal compliment that or. Spurgeon might be a first Cousin to the Gorilla a and that a some Day perhaps the Gorilla might return the compliment Ami lecture on or. Spurgeon instead of or. Spurgeon delivering a Lecure on the Sim at Yuan rim lir i Urpi Sima Byrtia Kuljis we think we hear the great Gorilla of the i Turc say wed he comes to lecture on a stuff Ltd preacher. That hint of tue gorillas conring lecture is full of pregnant suggestions. It win take place in the year succeeding that when the new Sealander will moralize 011 the shattered Arch of London Bridge. Tic i in the consummation of Ages when the Gorilla shall have developed into at least such Rudiment Al organization As shall allow him to appreciate a a pureed some a formidable beast with a ferocious Grin showing the whole extent of its Large Mouth a fresh not from the a it id Ollice for the foreign Ollice but trom the services of the Sanctuary for the gorillas May perhaps like the i r or is of cur Day ape religion will re turn the Coro Plim of u Cutre on particular by push Ai d the five Points of calvinist orthodoxy. Possibly Ibe Gorilla anticipated by or. Lizard will Ilo a it Well in the language of the pulpit As or. Spurgeon docs in to Ltd Goril 1 manner. Judging from the Success of the preacher in the Moa Luv line we can predict that the Monkey will succeed in the clerical a Trise. Or. Spurgeon at any rate enters into the ape character with considerable a ppr Ciai Ion of the part. He grins and grimaces fibbers and chatters quite. As Well As cur cousins do it in tie k be Ute spark. He is quire Fie Etious about or. Irwin whom he Calls or. Darwin and Enol cites that gentleman for the assertion a that his great grandfathers great Giraud Tuilier a hither was a Guinea pig oru Oyster or something of that kind a a quotation which everybody remembers in the Oriyu 0/ .w-.y. Then or Spurgeon quotes the Bible to the dead Baboon and a turning to the Gorilla said a there is a great Gulf Between you and me a a Ore. And finally having got live thousand people together the whole fun of the cd Enid Ami d not be Complete without the customary tickling of the ladies. No Public Moe Ilg. Social religious political or agricultural goes Oil without drinking the a health of the. or. Newde gite cannot discuss the patriarchal principle without. A thanks to the ladies a and so 01 course we had the f uni liar tog in the great Gorilla lecture at tue g Tabernacle. The Gorilla has some bad Points but give the Devil Rind the Baboon his due he has some Good ones. He represents favourably the family and Domestic Virtues in general. Even the tuber Nocles themselves might take a lesson from the Gorilla. The Gorilla Todo him Justice Isa maning Many he has some Domestic Virtues. A the males invariably throw their Protection round the females. The worst gorillas Are Bachelor a from this subject a As tie rep Niters Quot Iocim us a emr. Spurgeon ,.-e-l to tin offering incl Renee of Hugule see Civ and said that the Best thing that every Bachelor could do was to take under i sheltering Wing one who could give him More than he could give Here it piety saying which May pus idly contain an allusion to the Power of Ilia ten ale Tongue. It needed not to add a that the Vaj to Eon Grega Ioli was kept in a continued if there is such rollicking Quot Fuu at Newington we must Siy lir. Here is an Hariu Lemoul of tire a George in the Tabernacle ought to be lie eased As a cheap theatre or. Once. The Gorilla lecture runs an Adelphi screamer very hard and Spurgeon Cru us Wright and nearly comes up to tire Ialo or. .1 Arm Reeve. J Deerfoot. The Ameri Cmil cml iii in Dublin re rom the sporting life Deev frit with Martin his Trainer. It a he six mile Champion and n Chin the lib yur la Champion Letl the Moira hotel d in i i on till iday the 1st inst., Lor the Royal hotel 11 r Tai where they remained alternately enjoying the luxury of sea bathing and walking the Hills in that it ,which is Une of tile most picturesque Ard la set haul in he county of Dublin. To regret to say that Kevin struck ids Kudo again rugged piece of Rook while in the sea and it so severely that he was not Able to Tike Hij Art As contemplated in the race to Day and in liars that he will be inca pack tale for Ica scr vice Lor some time to com d .1 fool Appe it a Marieh at Home in the water a a Dolphin mud to enjoy Len sell amazingly. To presented a singular no Caranae on emerging from tin water his skin having changed from a Copper color to a la tin aug red. Ife ran up and Down tin Hill As actively As a cat and 1 vide my a Paar a ouch More it. Home in tie country Ihn cooped up in town lie in id a Tare levee j Orthe country a yokels a and was loudly Chet red on his arrival and departure lie in Llu uth the railway Lati of being crowded on to 11 occasion with lookers of. Lie weighs it lids rime exactly list til Quot and pm tour"1 the win n indicating 5ft. . Mili n it a a Wei Eli set Del in Iglus 0 a Doami i. S a1 age. Lie a Louie a leu to run .1 Ilia 11 quoth iii Point Novich tor Pic aside. Levcun a be a. Ginin a. Gin. Tie Handicap 1 off a a a it in a a Inch was in ended to be tin in-1 s Duro Ohe it ii tiie above named , iii a .,11,. D h e to Vicli Lorli for to 1 tie a i Atli Iuan Ama Quot urdu i Nin qty us ugh , is it 11 by a i to 1, a Iff la. I slightly Sil Eiith Rioin a Spain in Quot a tendons of i Mill tin it tin a a e in a i t minor i Likit Ai v i-011 in Quot i take loin to forthwith. Jle a for Riig a sail.? in the ii 1 Pernia Steamer to Giloly i old Ltd. \11 ipod it b i Quot. M., whither he will be Lii Oil la Mil a i h m i Tiu nod some bit 1 Leoti pin you g As fir a e Iio. I. be Pion cos via 1.1 o t in m in Cio s it. F in p. Vias it n i Oay of the Iron ? i an Cut 1 a. 1.1.1111 n 1 a 1 Moo ii bark in m Milti our Veli Quot of Ivin expo non in Toile ali1 to a. A a r. By ? m a y be supposed be e a h. A r n full share of attention from the crowds there As Tomb de the Day was very Fine but shortly be ii i a Niue a for tie Start 4o�?Tciocr to a a n w a club ovcrca61�?Tanii seemed As if about to Jabr do5sn envy raid. It yield or it f air How 4 a m Luu old a by of Ilie Rotunda and lie approaches were crowded with people of All grades and by the time preliminaries in Rar Jonreed thare could net be less than from 7.000 to 8,c00 in the gardens. The course had to he traversed <4 japs to dec mph us Ilie 13 Miles at 17 uric it c 1 past 4 Leven who received three Diif-uus�?T6lart was stared by or. Drinkwater mid when Lis a a Law was expired Mills and a or out left tie scratch abreast the Light Aud Grae jul action of Mills contrasting strangely with Pic heavy Rof Liing gait of the Indian lire latter however went to the front soon after Starli Gaud kept 1 he Lead to the ninth Jap where Mills shot to the fore like a 1 Hie Ball and went rapidly ahead to the completion of the second Mike where he was 35 Yards ahead of Deerfoot. At the 2gf.b Lap he had increased the gup Between himself Aud the Indian to about 50 Yards was Sood at the heels of Levett Ana shortly after gave he latter the Gcoy. Lovett Here began to Flag and this gave the Indian an Opportunity to come no to is Heieie and so Triy after to pass him but not without a struggle on the part of Lovett which however pro de too much for him As it brought on Bis old Etc my the High in his Side which caused him to Suic suib alter rut Nide the sane distance As last w to i in and at the 37ih Lap time 32 Miu he dropped into a walk evidently Suil ring acutely. Dim run of had overtaken Mills Aad after running with him shoulder to shoulder for the it Atli 5 a map the a it �1 Man shot to the fore it a Titan iii la putt. I. Could not however Sling Tell Ihen a in tiie ii a r. To gamely kept at his heels until the a a Uzuh , when the six mile Champion again went a in a Ion unit the most vociferous cheering and 4 us it Lille a unit All tins thue lev Cut was gamely to ilium to in the hut alter a uniting sewn Miles and a hairier Tine 3d Nijiu. 5 Frt the pain in his right Side Ogi iii face it d him and he was comp lied to give in. Fri you i Lite ibis the Indian put on a Oiher of his i eur our puns and again led the Van for Agio a Lur Jap when Mills went up to his shoulder and the two ran abreast amid tremendous cheer in g to the erd of the ninth mile time 47 Miu. 1g sec when Mills took the Lead but the wary Chiao of the Woods kept close in his track Al ugh it was evident at this period that his lame Weot began to be painful his limping being quite evident Tut s in he kept up his Jung lopping is Ricer. At the 58 a lip he once More spurted in h01h, but Mills would not be left behind and at the Goth Lap the la Lille a Una again to it of the pre nivers hip and kit it once round. Deerfoot now it a Gau to Force the race and Mills nothing loth a a pud the cd Plenge. The Superior by to Obj and condition of tie men now beam ii the theme of the Mot unqualified admiration and Surprise-10 the vast abbe Madag for they ran at Racehorse Speed for half a Lap. The ii dial., however wore the longest for when Mills lad neatly computed go laps nearly ii Miles Lime 50 Mitus 25 second he staggered and reeling the crowd was caught to the Arm of Topper Towd who carried him to Wistem. The populace now came Rushing from the upper ground of to the Arena and course but the red mar having eight More japs to run to win the re the govt one ringing War whoop and drawing a a do Star a he gave it a Tomahawk swing and Clear-11 g Bis Way throw if i he crowd continued his journey to the end completing the 12 Miles in 1 hour 5 min. G foc., to the Surprise and Admira to n of every beholder. Mills recovered and was i none the worse and Levett was soon himself j Nair. I Cru of in Pouf ii cheered on his Way i a it the kit it undo Luverrn where a evil applied Hitu-1 Rei to by Lumar a business of rubbing his lame j Weot with a Jovion composed of a decoction of i jibs. In Itic from the recipe of a a great medi j Cine who Sun him q ii it before he left his j n Tivit will s. A the vast Tonev urse of people collected outside i would , Luxor Var be satisfied until the three i competitors api a arts at the window when they i n trived six h an ovation As in Only be Given in i ii Lami Chet r upon cheer succeeded each other 1 and he sed with one lung loud outburst of a de-1 Liu Hud pc mph who Are Ever grateful to any one hum any country who Upple them with the a Means of an hour s go Niue recreation and the i of Obst neg True manhood As de Veloid in of limb a race As contested by three such Tttus of their a As Levett Deerfoot and i i. The following is it time kept by or. E. A , of Kingstown who As ref a i anti int. S. s. s. I t min1. I 4 7 do Mih. 25 9li mile. 47 1g 21 i. Up iii it mile. .31 21 10th mile. .7 4 10 my pc. .1.5 t 7th Mil. 0 1 Tih Milo. .59 2 5 1th mile. .21� 23 st mile. Mil .41 40 12th mile. .65 g 111. S. S. S. 1st mile. �?�1 19 5th mile. .2 5 5 the mile. 41 40 2.1 to ii. 9 4-5 oth mile. .61 22 9th mile. 17 g a a Nizic. 15 a it 7 h mile. .30 i loth mile. A 10 it Anfe. .20 2 u . S. s. In. 1 1 of mile. -1 7-5 4tli mile .20 40 oth mile. .32 7 21 mile. 1 1 .5 �?�5ili mile .20 .5 till mile. By 20 mile. .1-5 i it tiie ratio Al loan. A is. Agency a for 3 10 Treasury notes. Nassau Bank of b r o o k l y he no. I court Street purse set to in inn minds for re a the Beer Starr of Thetreau in. A Hook will to it Cut in on the 9la Day of october at the Nassau Bank Quot of Broi . Of a r . Under Mysa of a or a a a Ivury notes to he is died unfit the if it fit 17, Jonii. Toluse notes wifi be issued in sums of fifty dnmar.--. One Hundred dollars live Roll Ira. One twin Sauil Ooi Lars Ami five to in Saua Tio liars Paob dated pith Auer iii la it payable to lire it years after Date to he order of tie my Beriber. Or As directed and a bearing interest at. The rate of 7 m9 per cent or annul Aychie Toni annual in suet interest Beira a at the rtt 0� two tents for each tiny tin Hundred . For tin 1�?~onver in nov of the Holder Ezrh note Xiv Tell have Coupon at tache exile sin the est r u amounts of Semi annual in or or. Vii re or siting be detached and la it it seated for pay Treut f on tie notes. R us Serif tons for such tre Asuit notes will received Durer ? tin i tet a la it p trom the Day of opening the Book Asu it repaid r mgt a Nnoli longer As May he directed Gay the trea Suno Suhr Wintion for less Tau a a to dollars nor for any Fra oven of that sum a to he receive title. Sut it Seri tion9 of fifty that Lior it it a. Hind cd dollars must to Puhl to lawful Coin of tip in in to 8tat-.-s at theft Rae of subscribe of. Subscriptions of More than Ore Hundred dollars May be paid at one a or if preferred a. Ltd tenth at the time of us scribing and one third of the Weott amount on every twentieth a Lav thereafter until to c whole shall be paid. No payment of less than fifty dollars can be accepted Thal Helm tie smallest sum for which Treasury can be issued. T Titi Filatea will he a Rantt in due Ticay to subscribers for the amounts so paid to Onri Rourl of which the subscriber will Iraq smut by Roa j to he he return of the Treasury when j Treasury notes 8? a by Esail. Wit be Issue thereon to Sucu subscriber or ii s in Ier interest As expressed in such certifier to but in Cise where Only a Partlo the amount Suh Scrino a it the title of subscribing Treasury notes Wil he is used Only h r the payments made subsequently to tie fun get which Wil r main until tie whole amount subscribed Hgt Sulci person Shad ii paid. When Treasury notes win be issued f a such first pay in it also. On payment of each deterred instalment the subscriber will pay. a thereto a my equal to tie interest accrued thereon from the i9lh August to the d the of payment on final payment like a Teveston the amount paid of subscription which payments of interest will he reimbursed to the subscriber in the payment of the first Coupon. The teens Ivy Nous issued upon such certificates by the Treasury will be set to Hie subscribers by mail or sec j other Mode As May lie Inui cared of to ice when Tiey transmit their or Cind i Retif Catts. Tits duplicate certificates May he retained h a them for to stir j. U. A it thin iii a subscription agent. To fac late my huh tit s be Tdiva checks and it or rent notes of i a Banks of bits cite mud new yarn. Will be re Ervih of let in 7 3-10 Tea Ray notes Cobo u n a a t r a c u in d. For Sale try a s. u key a co., Lotf Attert Street. Brooklyn. Yak. a a a a n t v a a l h -7 l i n a ment a a to try. Pc a a f v i1. A in l a and r h c to la i. A a Salt Evert hers. I Cuis leh it 14? Atlantic Street. Brooklyn Ron 1 vhf Hayes is Fulton i did y and ecu Tenien. T in iffy thins for of a oi.i>�, kit out Kkt a i of n it is astonish Ion Gnu Quien ran t car. A or Jat or luny Dibiasc. Yiu n-r-1 to a a. A a it i Goodw a. A b7 no. 264 Volton a Pue u Xci of a Quot Toa k t Klicska it it a . T la a a id i a a a a Asi a 1 in m a a a ;