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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Brooklyn, New York Atnif amusements meetings amp cd this evening musical Hall Corner Fulton and Orange Bohemian troupe of Glass blowers. Bdrti8 Van to wits. Cor. Pulton an pineapple its a Flore Man great eve wot oct 35 a . Daniel 8. Dickenson Hon Moses Odell Hod. Edmund Driggs Jamescraig esq., All visited Williamson a yesterday. An Imperial photograph was taken of Hale old Patriot Dickenson and Brooklyn can every Day look non future attorney general of Empire slate. Madame chivalry i3 henceforth a fixed fact. Academy of music was crowded with F. last evening in response to Appeal to their gallantry of a very accomplished musician and charming comm As Well. This was Well. grand Duett from a a William Tell a hero of lakes with or. Thomas was an exquisite performance surprising and a lighting everybody. Miss Patti in two grand Arias put Down to her created quite a sensation her Bird like tones reminding one strongly of Queen of soon Jenny Lind. This Young lady is certainly destined to become an universally popular favorite. It is hardly necessary to say was rapturously applauded. It Only remains to give what Painter Small ult no Lasio or tin thing touch to ileum Annie confederation by giving Monsieur a bumper to Morrow night. We would Call attention to advertisement o Gradd a to sensation in addition to a first class entertainment a number of splendid premiums will be distributed to audience. Among it presents is a piano valued at �300. Police last Robe or Bummer fraternity usually a considerable crowd was represented by a unit this morning one 1 Ridget Cassidy was sent up for 10 Days. Zamiel appear a Andrew Mill of Gold a a Reet did not answer to Call a Conie Fonh and prosecute a and in default Philip Grau was absolved of offence of As a Mil and Battery. Alleged pm re7, Lawson charged by James Bush Wenli Embezi ement and arrested by ulcer Osborn of 1st precinct is a a eld for future examination. Bogus Bills a Mary Murphy charged with passing counterfeit Money on Alexander Mccoy arrested by officer Euson of 1st precinct is to answer charge. Quarrelsome in is Donavan has a hankering after rum under Hie influence of which lie is very Apt to get up a kids with his neighbors. other night came in a vinous fermentation to or. Hollands Gate in Huntington Street and scandalised mrs. Holland in a very Gross manner and when called to account threw bricks at her. Or. Holland remonstrated at a finally disarmed Donavan of a pistol which endeavoured to conceal. Donavan defended himself insisting that to was a Man More sinned against than sinning. weight of evidence was against him however and Ijen Nib was Coli Vic de fined &5 or ten Days and required to enter into bunds to keep peace for one year. Sunday recreations Tjie a hard and first named Hail from ninth Ward and were raised there last Are Nlle giant to Loti two factions Are in open warfare and if they would Only eat one another up tails and All nobody would feel disposed Tosy a will you did it a but when Public solely comes to be involved it becomes a matter for consideration. Not a sunday pusses but some citizen or another on their Way to and from Church shares in favors intended by belligerents for each other. Battle ground is usually near Reservoir. Last sunday nearly two thousand Young men and boys were hotly engaged in this sort of inlay exercises and showers of stories actually darkened air. Officers White Williams Aud sergeant Opdyke of 9h, dressed in citizens clothes. 6to e a March upon them and arrested each a boy. mob followed officers fully thres fourths of a mile pelting them whole Way and seriously injuring All three two of them notwithstanding succeeded in lodging their prisoners in station House third Lia Virg been forcibly rescued out. Of hands of officer Williams was roughly handled by mob. Warrants for arrest of fifteen others wifi be dealt with by Justice Boerum on saturday morning. This sort of thing must be Pul Down with a firm hand. It is an exceedingly dangerous nuisance some of these Fellows using slings such As David slew Goluh with and which carry a Stone about a mile. Out door sports base Ball matches to come have been made for following matches at base Ball oct. 25�?star is. Hamilton second nines on Hamilton ground at two of clock 1. Oct. 25�?resolute of Brooklyn e. D., is. Quickstep o Staten Island. Oct. 2t�?powhattan is. Star return game upon latter ground. Game called at 2 p. Oct. I.8�?liberty, of new Brunswick is. Atlantic of Brooklyn at Newark. Game culled at 2 p. Oct. 28�?Brooklyn is. New York juniors on mu1 duals ground Hoboken. Game called at 2 p. Of. Nov. 2�?constellation, of Brooklyn is. Monmouth of Hoboken first of a Home and Home game on Putnam grounds at 2 p. Henry Eckford is. second nines of these clubs played first match of a Home and Home game yesterday aide noon Upo Uthe hitters ground at Beloid. Notwithstanding coolness of afternoon a Small assemblage amounting to about two Hundred gathered to witness contest which although up to lost innings was in favor of Henry Eck funds Termi Oatch in a Victory for at antics they scor tug 26 runs against 22 Oft be Henry Eckford. Good batting is credited to Babcock Phelps Sebert and Ross of at Jamies and messes. Stillwagon Patterson Saunders Snow and Reynolds of Henry Eckford. We noticed Good Fielding by Reynolds making a go gtd Fly catch in fifth in tug sul Wagon and ii. Dalton on a Lenry be Kford a Side and of at antics messes. Phelps g. Sein Sinh Buckley and j. Smith marked their play with several Good Fly catches. Limited space prevents us from commenting Tully upon play exhibited pm occasion and for further information see score v Atlantic. Ii. Eckford. Ii. L. K. . , 3 2 Putty re on r2 Ross ss.2 3 Snow 3 Colyer c.2 3 Rakotis 34 b8 2 Phelps 1st b.0 4 Farrell cf.2 Babcock p.3 2 Saunders c.3 Hawx burst if.3 2 Flatt a p2 3 to till Wagon s s1 3 j. And in so b1 4 it synolds 2d b.2 Buckley c i3 3 Kelly lstb2 3 26 22 runs made in each inning. 1st. 2d. 3d. 4th. 5ih. Glt. 7th, Silt. 9th. Atlantic.4 a 2 u a 0. .20 rekford.3 1 5 s 8 2. .22 struck out Babcock 1, Law burst 1, Colyer Reynolds 1. Umpire s. Dave port of Hamilton. Scorer Lor Lenry Eckford or. Bell. Scorer for at antics or. benevolent association. At a meeting of this association held at Montague Hall on wednesday evening president Oharles Doherty esq., spoke in very feeling terms of life and character of their late member m i Bael j. Deegan. He said we met hero to night out of respect to memory of one of oldest Ono of truest and one of most untiring in his Devotion to cause of Benevolence that Ever was connected with this association. This is an event we Job not Only we his immediate friends and fellow members have reason to lament but which friendless Little Lone ones of orphan Asylum in whose behalf be has worked so strenuously and so Long will sensibly feel for while yet Young in years i think his deeds will Bear me out in saying to Bat Evv men in country have sacrificed More Lime and treasure in cause of Benevolence and real Charity than has. He was Ono of my first acquaintances in this country and i freely confess thata More congenial companion a truer Friend or a nobler spirit i never yet met Aud if had any failing for faults be had none it was his generous nature and big heart at Lault and May on some of Eusian have caused blk to Over task his own Constitution and perhaps Overlook his own interest while assisting lonely and friendless. memory of such a Man requires no Eulogy at my bands Large number of friends now mourn his loss speak in stronger language than i can and while a we lament loss of a True Friend and brother City of Brooklyn Muy Well lament loss of one of her Best citizens and society Ono of her brightest ornaments. At Cut Lusion of or. Dohertym a remarks following resolutions were adopted whereas it has pleased great disposer of events to cull from our midst our late much esteemed member Michael j. Dot Gnu therefore. Resolved that while we recognise in his Early death will of him disposes of All things for Best yet we cannot refrain from giving expression to our sorrow at loss of one whose generous nature and amiable character endeared him to All knew him. Resolved that in his de Atli our association has lost a Good and exemplary member one whose efforts on behalf of objects of association wore unceasing and whose ready sympathy was always enlisted in cause of Charity and religion. Resolved that we tender to his family in this their hour of affliction sympathy and condolence of this association fully sensible that nothing hut consciousness of his happiness in a better world can alleviate unit severe loss. Resolved thata copy of these resolutions be presented of his family and inserted in Brooklyn Eagle and new Lork Lle Mlih Okas. Doherty pres t. J. Duane acting sec y. Ladies and children s fancy furs a a Grea variety and Low prices at big lows. 185 Faltyn Street. A Eph it worsted a cheapest store in City for All kinds and colors at p. T. Wells 263 Fulton Street opposite Clinton Street Felt hats cloth hits gents Aud youths Caps in All new styles lat 185 Fulton 6treet. hair Dye 50 and Brown Best in use warranted for color and durability. Depot no. 1 Barclay Street n. A a a and sold by All druggists. S. Darling s Corn and bunion Salve never Falls to cure warranted. Price 25 cents a Box. Sold at office 11.2 Nassau Street n. A a a and Byj. W. Hayes 175 Fulton Street Brooklyn. It surprises Public to find Best Quality of Black sewing Silks Selling at four shillings per at e t. Walls 263 Fulton Street. Brooklyn. To stores in new York in Best locations for business bowery grand and canal streets and 6th Avenue. Possession immediately. Apply to s. J a Iierman shirt store 312 Fulton Street Brooklyn. Fine French corsets to Hook at one Dollar each at w. A. Corr a 222 Fulton Street. Also Best and cheapest skirts la City coffees. Teas and sugars grocers Hoar d not houses and Large consumer supplied on most Liber amp Limo at 92 Atlantic Street. Brooklyn. Corsets French Woven mechanical Only $1 be pair Domestic 65 cents per pair All other kinds equally of at p. T. Wells. 263 Fulton opposite Finton st. do ladies Purchase mrs. Sherman sub Rte in preference to any other answer because they have been tested and endure test. No. 264 and 266 Fulton Street. Bead opinion of Prince and Princess Napoleon of a ulc bouquet Imperial a an exquisite perfume of matchless delicacy and permanence. This fragrant extract is result of Long continued experiments and is now for first time introduced t Public notice with flattering endorsement of a Prineo from refined court of France and a Princess from fragrant Plains of Savoy to whose judgment in a Prce Iarion of Sweet doors All must yield Palm. Translated from French sir a ii t. Highness Princess Marie Clotilde Napoleon has received bottle of perfume you have been so kind to Send her a has found it so delightful that requests you to Supply her with a few bottles which i beg you to Send to new York hotel. Accept my distinguished compliment Duchess do ask Aries lady of Honor. Or Cee Ogk Reynolds 2g0 court st., Brooklyn. On Board Jerome Napoleon i 20tli sept 1sg1. F . Consul Gereral a i have Honor to request you on part of Prince Napoleon to have kindness of giving an order to or. George Reynolds of 260 court Street Brooklyn for ten bottles of perfume similar to that which has supplied to Princess a 25 francs 5 dollars per bottle and to have them sent to 11.1. Ii. Prince Napoleon to a palais Royal in Paris. I take Opportunity &c., signed a. Ragon Lieut. Col. Aid de Camp Lemis. De Mont Rolon Consul general of France in new York. bouquet Imperial prepared by George Reynolds chemist 2g0 court Street Brooklyn and sold by druggists and perfumers generally. Price 50 cts. Per bottle. Brooklyn juvenile High school Washington Street near Concord. fall term will commence Mou Tiv sept. 2d, 1801. school is especially designed for boys under twelve years of age and is preparatory to collegiate and polytechnic Institute. In it Myacc icirepeated re qty hts from Patron of a school a limited number of Lif t e Nii la Mulei 6�0,t uen will receive<1. Circulars containing references terms Etc May to obtained at Book stores and at store of g. P Milne 217 Fulton Street also of or. To. Ii Raymond president of polytechnic Institute col. Abel Smith. Headquarters new 33th regiment Brooklyn r a flesh ast 24th st new York a oct. 22, 18�ol at a Hiett Irig of of Peers of above regiment col. Stephen a. Dodge in chair Lieut c. W. Courtright Secretary following preamble nud be amp Slutins were adopted Viz Quot whereas it hits pleased almighty god in his merciful Providence to remove from Hll to it Here of earthly action our late col., Abel Smith and although we would rather live had him lie if die must in defence of his country a integrity upon Battle Field we How with submission to me divine decree and submit Wilu re sep nation. Resolved thai our sympathy to hereby expressed to funnily beloved colonel in this their great misfortune and trouble. Resolved that these resolutions be published in Brooklyn and it und Ait engrossed copy be gent to bereaved family. Col. St Wiiks a. Donn chairman. Lieut. Chas. A court Ihunt Secretary. Drab to Mikus a a us ,-., a Oli Celo cosi. My it. T. Wow a Valoi bar it Tel Brooklyn. Radii so velvet bonnets made Over in latest s1>rp. Al Nam in 100 Fuji us wanted at above a Good errand by ave and Felt hats t a misses Aud child ren at North s. 11-0 Fulton. Dominic. -.c. Iv2hl Pierrepont Street la Dmn. H Buntine Tatj no opened Saloon for la Lou Une . I Well do need every evening. Garrison a Mill i Nuj oysters arc a rent do 1 legacies whether eaten from . Fried or rounded. Imported wines and liquors for unify and medicinal purposes of a reliable character can to had at newly opened store no. 85 Fulton Avenue Between Lawrence and Bridge streets. Also lome m Brown Stout and Muir amp songs scotch ale imported in bottle Philadelphia Porter and Leofa Superior Quality. Druggists supplied with pure wines and brandies at a reasonable Advance on Cost. J. to co., _s5 Fulton Avenue. For Salje to let. A a Wei a with House and lotto let or for s ale a most excellent Opportunity for one or two Persona to continence very or of Tible business Ltd ale and forts brewing. Apply at 71 Prince Street Brooklyn o25 6t a go of let a first class furnished 1 Nuse for six months handsomely furnished throughout with everything in Tible for housekeeping will let very n As Miu by to a private Famis without children can until in of this month Between hours of to and 4 o clock Wyckoff Street 2d House from new York Avei be. O252t is it a Kent front and Back room on a third floor or front room Ard Hall bedroom of Nuse no. 13 me Street. Inquire on 2d floor. 022 in Rupo let three Story and Baise Al mint Frame dwelling located on Franklin Avenue near Park Atlue. Eon Vemont to Myrtle and Flushing Avenue City cars la ame n in Complete order Aud has Ridge to Ltd water a. Ruuge a. A Sherston in Nedin by. In Vii e of Glover Coiner of Funk Len Aud deltaic avs. it lust and found important news to blacksmiths. Tin Smith Coopers and others. Save your time and Herriage. I have constantion hand bar Iron tin plate Rod Iron Terne plate hoop Iron. Fine solder Sheet Iron coarse solder Sheet Zinc bar tin Sheet Copper bar Lead. Wire &0. Pc Sale at new York prices for Cash by Edward Cooper. No. 28 Fulton Street Brooklyn se7 till myl next door to Eagle unfermented aerated bread. R e q u a aplomb exclusive manufacturers nos. 9 and u Hoyt Street Brooklyn respectfully inform Public that they Are prepare to Supply and deliver in any part of Brooklyn this invaluable bread warranted free from All deleterious ingredients and highly recommended by eminent chemists and medical acuity. advantages of this bread Are 1st�?it la Sweet fight wholesome and very palatable being made without use of yeast or Alkalies do entire process is cleanly no hand troubles dough or bread till baked my ready for distribution. Bdl it retains its moisture and flavor much longer than common bread keeping fresh for Days. medical profession and Public generally Are Reg spec fully invited to visit bakery and witness process._au71 to soldiers and their friends. ¿9 Reward lost on tuesday Laso a a Young Grey Parrot. It flew out of window f to. 3 \ Oik Fleet. Whoever Wilt return it to above place will receive o23 it a a tray Quot cow to k3 in a by by Ronny tsp Vclav my so a , and Low prices at not Tny ski Fulton. "v\n-.-. A Yuri an 1 of a write i to am novel is Worrey in a a a it Quot of All Lotc Rumm. Partings ave i smis or re a. Ii inc or by Cir Jioio a a Rumuly re Oonah a win. A u defy d in few. n. Long if a it Aluir a Vlk Ginie Raby of a mph �?�.vir.--, Fulton Stree. A in Ufa k m e n to. owner can have Illig in Vanderbilt Avenue Between Willough and do Kalb and prying expenses 1.25h Jepthalisted. All soldiers should provided with bilk handkerchiefs. Friends forwarding packages to those already gone can enclose nothing More acceptable or beneficial in View of coming Winter. Look different styles including special designs for army. For Sale to wholesale buyers Only at Bailey a southards. O3 pm 27 Park place. New York. To ladies if you want your fall and Winter sewing done neat Quick and durable rent a sewing machine at 156 Fulton Street Zed if you like it buy it. Se4 6nf1nkle amp Lyons sewing machines to let and for Sale. At 156 Fulton Street Brooklyn sell 6mstodabt pianos. James e. Lent. Having been appointed Lay manufacturers Stodart Morris sole agent for Sale of above justly celebrated instrument for Brooklyn.,begs to inform his friends and Public that is prepared at Afi times with a full assortment of All size and styles which is enabled to offer at West manufacturers prices. J. To. L. Deum9 it quite unnecessary to refer to Menta of Stoik t piano talc is Well known by All makers arid dealers As Well As by thousands own and have used them for last Quarter of a Century will testify that they Are All doubt Oue of Bear if Dot very Besa piano Fortes Ever Nanu facture justly known As sweetest toned Aud Cue most durable. manufacturers can with Pride Point to every Plano As an advertisement and claim every owner As a Friend. Par Tiei it desirous of purchasing on time can be accommodated by adding simple inter amp to. Also those to hire can always be suited both in Price and style of instrument. James k. Lent 359 Fulton str Taulli of opposite City Hall. Amp or call1cot amp livings Law offices no. 1 Park place Corner of Broadway York Theophilus 0. Clix icon a Kohuk s. La visas 16 court Street Brooklyn. Notary Public. Richard Neunan broker in liquors and 8egar3, 201 water Street n. W. Corner of Fulton Street. New York Calls attention of Trade to great variety of ampies in his office and oilers. O5 by Ger Spooner amp Taber lawyers. No. 343 Fulton Street. Brooch in. Commissioner of deeds and notary Public. Alden j. Spooner. 216m Frank w. Taheb. 109 st. Gsg Augustus b amp now ton attorney and counsellor. Montague Street Corner of court Brooklyn n. Y fell by recet3-akwai.t Gryp Locust Mountain Nave now on band a Supply of justly celebrated Locust Mountain Coal received direct from mines without transhipment which we Are prepared to deliver to families in Brooklyn or new York in Fine order from under cover guaranteed not mixed Vith any other Coal. absence of clinker and Small of ashes or waste Render this cd Al greatly Superior to any other for ranges furnaces or stoves. Orders received at our wharf Between Fulton and Catharine for. . Brooklyn and at95beaver Street two doors from Wall new York Marston amp Power Busteed amp Boyd attorneys and counsellors at Law commissioners of pet a is. No. 16 court Street Brooklyn. Richard bustled. A Samuel k. Boyd. Au28 to Kooklin Academy of my Bice Herrmann saturday. Auto Ilell 26. A a saturday 26. Cwyk of 1iik 1 Rusti Dili it Atohi a i season ski 9ptiik Areitio Zoltai Ouia season plonk of Ai. Season iii Mann a fakewk.1,1. Hon Mann s farkwf.1,1, uen Butr. Wehrmann s Fak Kwell Benefit. Grand combination Tala night. Rand 0.0 n c e it t mibs c�i1l0tta Patty a cd Madame Herrmann Ami Theodore Thomas Ivill appear. Herrmann will present in this occasion. A moot Magni cent programme and introduce four new Quot tricks Thep if will commence with flying photograph when or. Hermann Quot it throw 0f Puying card two Hundred of mad me Lerr Mann a i Louma Pulc likenesses. Their Ieok a omission. To Public. There having been great complaint from course pursued by spec in purchasing seats and then charging advanced rates for them Odthe manager being desirous of aiding Public in prevent log tills illegal speculation has Drumin ibid upon two Farewell Benefit neg in la Brooklyn to whole of lower a Tartof House int ludic g orchestra stalls Pat Quitte Balcony and private boxes at uniform Price of a a a a i hey a knt. Fifty cents no it served seats. No reserved 8eats. Amsih theatre 25 cents As usual. Tickets May be had it b x office Academy site us a Rose of Anu proxy a music store. O25 Brooklyn Athene my grand presentation concert. On thursday evening. November 7th, on which occasion following eminent artists will appear. Mrs. J. Mozart or. J. R. Thomas or. To. Mills. Pianist. We. Do Koslek. Accompanist. In addition to musical attractions of entertainment manage will share Belr net proceeds with audience by a Ping presents of following valuable a Ndele Gant articles li8t of presents one seven octave Bias torte. I use Wood of Brilliant tone ill action. Over Strung Bass valued at #300 co on emf Cabinet Case noiseless sew it g May c him a Rover amp bakery a make valued at 90 00 one it nit pressing Case Worth. 2u w one fir c Fiji clock won. 25 00 six of cart glasses Worth each. 8 00 one Hundred copies of celebrated lithographic one Iuvino entitled a defenders of i in c Worth per envy. L 00 Oneff be Gold Pencil. La 00 one ladies line Gold watch. 05 00 ten Gold thimbles valued each at. 4 u is piano is on exhibition at Trusic store of meters. Iupe amp Auler Holtey building 353 Fulton st. S3t i be sewing machine Cau be seen at 182 Faltyn Street. In order that All May pleasantly seated number of tickets for Sale is Liuis Ted to fifteen Hundred. T Ahev goods Are furnished to Hie manage nent. At when locale prices. figures Here Given Are regular retail prices. presentation will take place on e veiling of Cor Cert to following manner tie name and Van a Quot of each Ari a in above catalogue is minted or written upon u slip of paper Aad carefully folded and encased Uit ivc Vooes which after being sealed Are nixed Togo her in tie most Tutor such manner As envelopes Are All precisely alike it is utterly impossible for anybody of contain awards of most valuable present irom those containing awards of Emalera Itkes. envelopes Are then placed All together in a Box and As audience pass into 11 All they give up their ticket and receive an envelope on opening which they read t ame and value of their present. Sverai respectable citizens of a a be invited into witness in Pement of envelopes so As to be Able to assure Public int a l a satisfactory and a on Square a to key a one 1 Tolar tor Sale at music st nes and. If pot previously All sold at door on evening of performance. Doors open a 7 of clock commence it 8. O25 2w a a Moorlyn Academy of music 5j� on tuesday next oct. 29. Slope of t1ie opera until january. Sfcox1 and last Benefit it f a a. Ullman. Go ind combination and gala night. Two my operas and a concert. First Anc Only time of celebrated opera of be i . Music by Donizetti which wid be Given in i Abell Hinkley a Mignoli. So Usini. Fir amp to Anu Only night of new opera Bounque in one act. Of Les Noces de Jeannette. Jeannette a marriage now rage in pans and which Wib be Givan in French miss Clara Louise Kellogg has achieved such an unqualified Success As Prima Dona of tie genuine italian opera will appear for first Tomt fat a a Frensprion i Dona in Ernie of Joannette. other roots by dub Tuil. Mile. Elena and auzzin1. Miss Carlota \ p Volt it grand concert assisted by Mii Dame Signor maned so and Odolf. Tzumas. N. t a length of numerous entertainments Perl Romance will Eom Metr eat precisely Emir by of clock and pub Caie Reid heated to be in their places by that. Time. Prices of admission. To parquet and Balcony $1 family Circle 50 cents am �?~<5 cents reserved sea s5j cents extra boxes As us Ual. All Benefit tickets will be received a it door and Check Eold to them at Academy Box office for tuesdays gala night and close of season. tale it f tits commences in saturday at Academy f Muic Ancl Behy a wait Street. On saturday next at i p. At Acack Tiv of music new York combined of Fra Herrmann and concert. Gala matinee. Gala matinee. C22 of 8ijjsciajl . Cono Lodi re Murray a to Brooklyn on wednesday oot 23d, Ntihem residence of brides father by Rev. J. Of a Turner. Neil Cono Gugce to Ellix Fri Xci a daughter of Edward Murray esq., All of tits City. Ullh 2bd in31 a la Booket i look cot iii Init Money. owner ctn have it by in Ping at 231 Fulton Street proving property and paying exp 0?5 it v Ost a will i v. It a i 4kky hound i Femat a dark a pot of. Her Back. tinder will be list by d by in tuning tier at i i Remsen Street. �?T0\ nyy Wurf county of Kings t or fire insurance on Ninati of Brooklyn for Tius Hurt hit. Sci . Juo i Van Dyke Iti inn s a i Luj lot inc his wife Liike. De a in la hints a Shii Nentis for Eclief. Cum. Not s or cd a b. 1 Ltd d d iii Rue Efti Zsofi a \ Ltd dv1, v i u u to Mev. Art Sii Umino in it d had menu fut in iii Lah i in tiffs u, w Hicl will itch d it. T in off a of tin Vnti. At i aint �4 Kinus to tie City iih.1i. Bra Salt no ooh Arr. N oops of Unur answer to a d Ciup Bilant a a a Quot a Aii is 1 Ihor it Nis , a 3it hide p "lrer1\ i yet in huf. Day after Pic a Quot ii i i j of. Yon Quot Clu sit us Llie Lav of a i Ofa my fail sued Cou Dali t my f uni a Foresaid. T.4, in this Noii it a Quot Ifft a i it it cd a a a a Al l Ait it 1 iii my i up Day a a t ill. To it n. A ski. I cd my of a. 1. A hint a Ltd. A Jve Effta de a in a a a a Ltd a a. A a a a a a Ltd in. A ii a a a l on i Quot Juh Day do a in i �3. Caw vex. Ahji. Alt died. Fri Tukur in Brooklyn oct. 2tth. 1s�i. After a lingering ill Ness . Wife of John g. A either aged 39years�?T 11 months and 10 Days. funeral will take place from her Fuce residence Jio nay Lireet it Nev of Fulton Avenue on Friday afternoon at 3 of clock. Theft lands and relatives of family also Atlantic Lodge i. Of o. Of. No. 50. And members of a old st Chuoen guard of Brooklyn Are respect full invited to a tend her tuteral without pm tier invitation her remains stiff be interred in Firce Wooi cemetery. situation a by Quot a Young to woman a situation at first rate Cook Washer and Iro tier. Best of City reference from her last place. Apply Attillary Street. O25 it wanted by an am Ehica to protest not t irl. A situation to do Rise general housework of a private family will found a Quer. Neat and deserving Gira very Good Plain Cook Ard first rate Washer and Kroner is not so particular about a wages As a steady place. Apply at i tillary Street. p. Wanted a Al tuition in a Plyat e family to do general housework or As Plain Oak was or and Kroner a Young healthy willing and obliging Wotan. can be Well recommended has no objection 11 country. Can be seen for two Days at no. 3 Church Street. South die store pad wanted part be a furnished House in Brooklyn for three persons. Rent must be moderate. Ground floor preferred with privilege of Kitchen address stat no location and terms a a a. B., Box 13 4 p st office. New York. O25 it a of a a of do Board in Vicinity of Duffield Street and Myrtle Avenue. Address a a. B.,&Quot Engle office. _o253t to anted a situation by a respect v Able american girl to do Chambers Ork and cae of cold run. To be seen on saturday 25th int at 2peir. Street._o2? it it anted a chambermaid and Vatt a Ress one that is Tim tar and competent. To pay in in Lici fic Birtett. Between Franklin Avenue and Clove Road t doors from Clove Road for two Days. ____ol5 it anted two rooms in a la a late family in a Good neighbourhood a or a in ipod c a furnished or unfurnished without Board and within minutes walk of Brooklyn poet office. Terms . Address o11. S. Ii.,�?T Brooklyn p. O., staling terms. O23 to anted a situation by a it esp dec t ii Able honest Young woman is a first Hiss Cook exl a and Kroner is willing Aud obliging Cun g be me Best of City reference Call for two Days at 77 Maun s Rev Between Atlantic and in Cadlo a a treets in tie fancy amp to Quot be o�?T3 a it _ _ wanted a situation by a res in ctr to t a a a fish . As conk and laundress or to doa pern housework is willing and obliging has g of City reference. Plea a apply at212 Pearl Street. o.�?T.h wanted a German girl from la in 16 Vars of ago. For general Homework. Good r Fer Knees required. Call a it 2 0 talc Lyhl 22it�?~_\ki ax1 Elk a l>a1>y ifs Riku to i a Board in a nil veto Hilly in Brooklyn or Itsvo a Niv we Ere jul my a enjoy come Rte of a Home. 8ne will take care o but a 10 in he contented with Plain f.,re. A1 Drees Haling Ter Quot a a a Aioli must be moderate. A a a. H t. A a Ottee of to e bios Kun n do i y i Iglo oj2 or a n to do a lad v exp Eli a e f n Lead or of vocal and in fru mental in in. Toro lot in hint a i imply european Liei died where acc Ollam Beard for ins Rue Ion. Ail die it music s >1 Lent 3fip kit top s re t prof in. A Van 1l1 -7 it tits a a to amp a a i7�d a iii ulv c it rur Fri. A hrs it no a to Jjo Al g i chided in re Stu c a ble a a Miries or some or it. H u Molt a lid i it Illus 0 urtr.,. compete t to of o i do re ii in.,, it in and Muic and to nov a. It Oolie a iii flu . Char and shop.-. T it t a i . I a a a \ a in.-1 it. R ibis i Loti Juneio am toss or a a d1 a a it a it r o Al. To t a. Uni a be it t la Roo 1. N o.2 mt�?T-vion"iiv5\�?~>si i of it a a Tva a. As so. Is Woulff uu4 t. I. A in us to in r. Ltd i Tiu i. Uff a a i Quot. I11 a <1 1 1 it in to it in. A an seen for t Woff i s a. A a a a a it. Tut . R. Wjt Luu Luj Sirvert a 1�i a la. I fit of Sfedu v v >1-1. a to Hgt in a p d v i it a. Fell i c a1 id a it Al holy fell a. I d 2j2.v first edition by Telegraph to Brooklyn daily Eagle. Eagle office 2>i p. J from fortress great Fleet. It is still at Hampton of gun boats in Philadelphia. Auction sales. A Juss meeting Jab of Citi rvs of tiie ninth Ward will be held at Zellers hotel three mile House fait on Avenue on thursday evening. 31st inst., for purpose of endorsing Peoples Union county to Ket. Re lie n Estinv Wal addressed by Hon. Lien Ivy Murphy Hon. Moses f Odell. Hun. Hiram Wallbridge. Charle Benedict. Richard j. Lalor. John g. 3chumaker, and . Richard per Nan finh a an to Ward executive committee. K ii fat d. pick. Here tiry. O25 1 w 1>kgciah Damoc Kattic Quot Union Gese 14 ral c0mm1ttk will meet at Montague a this u u1dato evening. Oct. 25ih. A Rita a. At a a a. Of clock. Punctual attend Aco a ques de. Jim order. Thomas g. Talmage chairman. I b. V i in. . O25 it a Quot valid Tavvo old to a gentle a fax 4. Or one or two be Nikunen and their wives can obtain pleasant rooms and in Arr in a private family of Only two per Ora by in Flint a it 123 Pierrett Wjt Street. Location is pleasant House new and has nil modern improvement. And convenient to Wall Street and Fulton ferries. O 5 by _ 4 t a of em-x3l i Loyess of Brooklyn Navy Yard Hmil in Navy Park on 2jd in for purpose of taking so in reference to re of Ivy no their pay Regula Fay master of Yard having failed repeatedly to pay on regular pay Days a nesting great inconvenience to them a employed in nary Yard. Mieting was organized by calling or we. Taylo. Of Brooklyn to chair. Or. Taylor stated object of meet Irp after a hic report of committee appointed at a preliminary called for and rendered. On motion report was received and committee disc aug d. On motion it was resolved to appoint a committee of three to proceed to want a not a and urge necessity upon Secretary of Navy of it acing men in Navy Yard will disc True their duty promptly and faithfully. following commute14 was selected Aud Dunant Muzly end std a a Tephen Clark. Daniel Collins Aud Robert Moore. On Morion a committee was appointed from each in Yard to collect a sufficient sum of Money to c a fray All necessary expenses. On motion meeting adjourned subject to Call of Cabman. O25 1t we. Taylor school tor Bow no. 55 Sands Street. It icily a select school. Number limited to sixteen. For further particulars apply As above to 02531�____w. A. As interesting to ladies Quot of Long Al Island. Save y o Etc a it p e t 8. Very Good Advick How can in be done from fortress Monroe. Fortress Monroe oct. 24, i via Baltimore oct. 2�?�>. \ weather has been most favourable for completing enormous preparations for great expedition. All armed vessels and transports have now arrived and Stampton roads especially at night presents a magnificent appearance. s. It. Spaulding will net leave for to Hatteras before sunday. steam inn Boais Whitehall and a Llen. I Liila Hemmila oct. 25. steam gun Boata Whitehall and Ellen formerly new York ferry boats have arrived at Navy a Ard with their machinery disabled. They will have to undergo repairs. They were bound for fortress Monroe. Their arrival Here led to silly report that Privateer Sumpter was coming up River having been captured by Keystone state. T�.0�f01lati03v notices. A Ion a utj.ue-a3� Iuen t s a in drainage District no 19, map a comprising following named streets and alleys and . Viz Plymouth Street from Summit Between Washington and main streets to Summit Between main Aud Dock its. A enter Street from Summit Between Washington and main streets to Summit Between Man and Dock streets. Front Street from Westerly line of Washington Street to Summit Between Jain add Duck streets. York Street Frota Summit Between Washington and main birr Juir is Street. Fee Weir Street from aun Mit Between Prospect and York streets to front st. Stewarts Alley from front to water its. M in Street from Prospect Street to East River. Hudson so Reet. From York to front st. Mera in Street from Garrison to James st. assessment in above entitled matter a duly confirmed on 7vh Day of october. 1861. And origin amp a assessment Roll or a fair cop thereof will be delivered to collector of taxes and assessments on 23d a of october. 1861. Notice is hereby Given to All parties interested rat by paying their several assessments to a demand Drigg collector of taxes and assessments at ids office 1c Civ. Hall within thirty Days after delivery of said assessment Roll to him. They can pay same without any additional Harge. All assessments not so paid will be collected by Otto or one of Hla Deputy additional charges thereon provided by Law. Dated Brooklyn. Oct. 21st, 1861. 0s2 2aw4wtu Chas. Tinney. 8treetcommissioner use Harrington a Patent Carvel lining under your carpets. Oil cloth and matting. 4 is composed of two la yrs of heavy Eustic map twi it. A 1 Tyr of Cotton Between mid forms a sgt of. So Quot no a it cd for to i pct to Iny u a of a amp melt Tely prot Cong it for m Nail i is or a a it unevenness in fat it or. An i fran. Imh.iim a i to floor. It Cen Detis heavy lists to is mite Mea at 1 child in Nike Tom u Towarmer in a re Fri lips eol a air Pas in a up Ouirt seams of Ali in Jot and will lift it r i it in Wear of that Cansey or Oil cloth. It is one Yard and b Taui Cord no is piece for i y led to do hire Dis sold by All flit i i Wtipil Tut it dealers. M sedely by new York Oak pet lining com Pam Ore aug manuf Mure of. Cotton Batts and bed comfortable a of fill Una fipe at Annm Whin a 0 it a it o i Petiti a. Aun a Tref Miulan of Wai Ding. for ebb a . Ids c win i in. Pen w Van fabric. Can in Sam i without in Ury Aud will last for years. ,. Are invited to Oak a and i amino it at Ware rooms of new Yoke i,1n no. Com any. 44 1 Norl t. N.\., o25 of j. R. to Ringnot agent. May h Ioka Quot in a lit it its Wrt Donl of Thuu s of m vib iii Pat Lulu. If alive or if t of living .1 to. Lim1, and place of it a eath. 81.e tin list wife of pal1 ick l in in bit of it it i Klyn. Detz used and is it mph a an m Crest in his Pap it in Brno in any to pm a a Taibe. Tin above in or Maiio i us go a Rul on. A Quot t Swet. Or lion Man d. Dawson. Pori office of Uimer. , be Tew Hided. _ id Jaii puff to Quot to Allt it i j Vij Urt gets in ii of v. Len we Rob and to i. A Vul 0 a Quot Tom a . .h.,�? in. He Quot cd a Rich it. Bowans. O a vein . R r m o a to to e i. Frei Alnut A. A it it Lim. Ion tit Eiehl it if Tola r. Ia , to n at. .1. V a a a on 111 Quot iii i office f t to. a a 1.1 \ p. A a 1 of Bro Uklet. To Quot to Idle a t a Sera a a it. I a i Mih or la is. A i to i in i Quot i i. A it. A a i1�?T i i John tiled new Ca a a. I n or it �?�.,. A a e Rvl i if ? it i i i \ a a a it Quot 4 a Tel str in i to Ltd a <.1. ? a of Iblis i till. A a i a it . I \ Tut i Ivi iii n ii a r i. -. a l a Xoai i ? w a a is t it i 1 ii i l-1 i 1 a in few j 11in 1 a Iino ii s Ai a a a i i 7 add a Al. In. Corporation notice a assessments confirmed fencing iot3 in Cheever place East Sije. Nos. 32, 34 and 36. Fencing lets on Lorimer Street Vest Side Between Mon Ercse Avenue and Johnson st. Per cig lots on South. 3d Street North Side Between 7ih a and 8th streets. Fencing lots on North 9tli Street Between fifth and sixth str it its fencing lots on North 7th Street Between fourth and fifth streets. Forcing lots on North 6th Street Between fourth and fifth streets of a i Cir lots on South 2d Street North Side Between fourth and fifth streets Fenc Lre lots in eighth Street West Side Between South 2d and South 3d streets. Fine it Glotsos Summit Street South Side one Hundred feet Felt Nice re Umbria it. Foncine lots on Carlton Avenue Between Myrtle and de Kalb a it to lots on Clinton Street Between Degraw and Harrison its fencing lots on Cumberland 6treet, Between 3iyrtle and Dekalb avs. Forcing lots on Willoughby Avenue Between Cumberland Shutt Ami Urc Rort no. Fencingto on Adel Lii Street Between Myrtle and de Kalb avenues. Fla Ging sidewalks on Morton Street both sides Between Fedro Rolavs. Fillip g Iota on 2fth Street South Side Between 3d and4lh avenues 290 fett. West of 4th Avenue fifi ing lots on 20lh Street North Side Between 4ih and 5th Avenue. Nos. 357 and 32fi filling lets on 2lft Street., North Side Between 4th and 5th Avenue pcs. 39 and 392. assessment in Hie above entitled matter were duly confirmed on 7th Day of october. 1861. And Ori final assessment Rolls or fair copies thereof will be delivered to collector of taxes and assessment on 2 j Day of Drober. L-6j. Notice is hereby Given to All parties in crested that by Payne their several assessment to Edmund dries collector of tuxes and assessments it Lis office in Fri Gity Haij. Within thirty Days after delivery of said assessment Rolls to him. They can pay same without any additional charge. All assessments not so paid will be collected by him or one of la a Deputy collectors with additional charges thereon provided by Law. Dated Brooklyn oct. 81,18r1. O222aw4wtu Chas. Tinney�8treetcommissioner. Sheriffs sales. A or y supreme court John Leif crts at. X a William and others. In of a judgment order of this court made in Del above entitled a action Bearid Date 7th Day of october fiv6i. I will sell by Public auction at commercial sex Chan Fie no. Fulton Street opposite City Leaf in in City of from Ken. On 29tb Day of november l of. At 12 of clock noon following described land and premises All that certain piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in in own of flare Rush aforesaid known and Diatkin Guy shed on a certain Man entitled a map of o Toland. A a to not flatus ii. L. I., property of William Jarvis survived by George a stick. 1853,�?� and filed in Kings county lit i Ter s it lice of Block number 49 forty and bounded and g As f Hows to wit beginning in Centre Fine of Hudson Avenue As Laid Dawn on Sai i map at a Point where it is intersected by Centre line of coffins Street running to Bench East Erly a Ong said Centre line of Collins Street seven Hundred and seventy nine feet one Inch to Centre line of Albany Avenue thence southerly along said Cen reline Alban Avenue two Hundred and sixty Leet to Centre line of William Street thence Westerly along said cd dare line of William Street seven Hundred and event y nine feet one Inch to Cenge line of Tudson Avenue and thence Porte Tyalor g fid Centre line of Hudson Avenue two Hundred and sixty feet to place of by Cinnic cont lining four it two Rood Twenty four porches and six tenths of a Perch of land together with All and singular tenements Hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto ii longing or in Anywise appertaining. Dated Brooklyn oct. 14. 1-61. O41aw6wm Anthony Campbell. Sheriff. Quot county court Kings county Wil a Liam a. Kouwenhove ii against Michael Meehan and others. Abka am Lott. Ifs. Attorney. U a. Judge Jet order of this court made in move entitled action bearing Date 3d Day of september 1 61. I will sell toy Public auction at confine Ehrlex charge no 309 Fulton Street opposite City Hall in City of Brooklyn on a b Day of october. 1361, at 12 of clock noon following described land and premises All that certain piece or parcel of land and premises situated in fifth Ward of City of Brooklyn bounded As commencing on souther1? Side of water Street at distance of fifty five left and six inches Easterly from Stathe surly Corner of Bridge and water streets running thence Easterly along southerly Side of water Street Twenty two feet and two inches thence southerly parallel with by Edge Street me Hundred feet thence Westerly and parallel with water Treel Twenty two feet and two inches and thence northerly and parallel with in i i Street one Hundred get to place of beginning including Trie House now known by Street number 13 a Lone i idled and to ii by water Street also All that certain other Job piece or parcel of land situate Lyme and being in said City of Brooklyn bounded a it follow Beumling at a Point on Westerly Sidt of Bridge Street Distant sixty be. F. Southerly from southwesterly Corner us Bridge and lil tary streets running thence Westerly twin Uch Middle of a party Wall be div of e Teet and six inches thence Sutherly parallel a Fri Bridge Street Twenty two a feet thence Easterly parallel with Milf airy Street through Middle of a Patty Wall eighty one feet and six inches to Bridge Street and thence northerly along said Bridge Street Twenty two free to Pic be of beginning. Together with All and singular tenements hem and Appu tenants thereunto oui in Bro klan septet Dot for of. Tsp of. Oil 2aw3wtu Anthony Campbell. Sheriff. I fms e of above property is postponed until to fam Jofh i in of october is 51 j t same hour and Plch dated Lipf okla. Act. 4tlu it a. 0.521006 Anthony Campbell. Sheriff. Sab of above properly g further postponed until 1.51 ii of of non a 1-61. At same hour and place to Ltd in. Oct. 24ii, 11. 2. 2umsf__ Anthony Campbell. Sheriff. Court exe Hauert firn in urk Fulce in oui pary of City of new i Ork. Plaintiffs Bobert h. Goff a tul others. Defendants. In Pius Ance of judgment of above entitled court n Adi in above entitled action. Of 6th Day of se.item-1j. R a to 1. it it fee appointed in and by said judgment ii r purpose of expo Mug and Carr Itig into effect such id ii or i. Will sell at Public auction at Franklin House in tiie City it Brooklyn. County of Kips on 27th Day o november. Info. It 12 o clock noon through j Unes Midi Bea Krafe auctioneer flt do Wing Dot script Al pro i urls Viz All that Eti Tain lot piece or parcel of with tin Huil Tigs there in erected situate lying and Befi g in a Ward of City of in Oklyn in Vul buy of Kings and state of new Yolk Ltd South is Erly Side of.ks Street Between state and Jora Lemon sire--�.-, and known Ami on a certain map enticed .map of pro Perry of Hie heirs of Tunis i Raleign deceased in flu Guy of Brooklyn november la 15 surveyed by r. In Ai City Surveyor. air i filed in office of tin p of Register of Theca Ozity of Al nip. On it of May. Many mint it or -1 eighty one Otid b Luik cd a a Boot. Vis it a Point on s Dot Ray Hilife of jink s Reot one Hundred a d sri pity three Fri no Thedy a rom me of st Ana Slicis streets running 111�T�-1 re pot therly Aluig 11 ick s s get Wenty five a t Boce Easterly a org a Quot to v2 two on to in b uth nce a i to la pal Alf i Wuh lurks Tinct Thweni a five feet acc we tto i v a Ion. Fid Gnu e on said in to ninety feet to sgt Iio soul i Cait Ray Side of Street at t a poem nip a i i i a id ?s it drug nov but tin sue t i i r As 2.3 two Hundred lift v in it a his Mac act 2�si, 1>01. C. Jon it. Of a m so a. Of Tiv att s. Viga u _ Centra sales booms Omsk so and is a i ouse so a josepj9 Tuco Eman. Anc Moneet. Seg� Bali Hor Horn Stork. 0 every a Rishi Hall. Milll., sold by Jos. Hegeman on 6atlut i oct. 26tb. A. _ o Rock i. At no. of Turabian Street Bett reea.ubi. I s to jets. South Brooklyn. . V of. re us or a Yeneral Ai Ortt nent �n1 cd Quot or it it it amp lounge but Kle auctioneer. Hamilton ?0.� goal our a Corner Jor . Vei six i Gay oct. 30th, 1861. At 12 0 clock m., at merchants Fern Irnyce v v Parb Prory Sale of vat army property. To t an st ate Navy Street nos. 286 and a89-Tj�Ose two 3 Stow and Baa ment. Brick to 3d Story and Frame dwt amp not eds Metal Root. Ornamental front massive Piazza Budt by tip a work modern improvements 13 Roo Nnami , size aix50, an j each arranged not accommodate one or to families both Infix Erder a id rent Ortiz seac lot cae 89x196, within 200 feet of of quod Avenue cirs two licks of Washington Park to minutes walk of Ferrie terms�?4sooo can remain on Bon d and m it a Guge for a term of years. Livingston Street no. 134, opposite Gallatin place Teaf pleasant 3 Story Bat mint and Sab cellar Brick Metal roof Uwe ii Njg 12 room besides , Marble mantels. Grate . Heater Etc 25x38 feet Piazza in rear 7 fret wide let 25xioli feet Yar i airy and walks rugged. Gra e vines Etc. Court Yard Iron railing and Stone stoop one Block from Fulton Avenue cars half a Block from Coney Island car route blocks from cd a Hall new court House. Post office Etc. Terms�?6u per cent can remain on Bond and mortgage for three years. Cheever place no. 4$�? that Beautiful 3 Story White Marble basement stoop and Lime is Brick dwelling. 20x40 feet with Metal Root containing 12 rooms besides pantries modern improvements courtyard Iron railing Etc. Lot 20x80 Ftp now rented to a first Clas tenant until May for #123 per annul. first class two blocks from cart Lireet tar 5 to routes walk from South or Hamilton Avenue ferries. To Init Rix y per cent can remain on Hond and mortgage for three years. Mill Are Etc no. 1,2, 3 and 4, Corner of Hamilton Avenue. Those four 3 a Dory Brick my Tal roof dwellings. No. 1 finished Lor a a Ore All recently new roofed and put in Good repair in w rented to Good tenants 26x10 set lots nearly 29x100, situate with in 211 feet of Hamilton Avenue cars 5minutes walk c f Fer 1 j. Fiul a Doek from court Street cars terrass a in y per cent Caiu Tiutin on Bond and mortgage for three years. All above preps to will to Ltd old to highest bidder to close estate. For minute particulars see mans at office of auctioneers no. To court Street favour in. O245t Assignee Sale Sale of real estate belonging to estate of late Jacob b Boerum of Flushing. L i., a full description of which has heretofore been published a a wednesday and Frida issues of Brooklyn Eagle commencing Wuu and since May 8th, 1861. Arid which was to take place May 3nth, a Ytit at one of clock i. M., at City Hall in City of Brook Lyn. Is adjourned to 15th Day of june next Faithe Bame time Ana may29, 186l 8. Law m302awtdth&s Assignee of j. Boerum Sale of property referred to in foregoing Adver tis ement is postponed to 89th Day of june inst at same hour and place. Jel5 a jaw this 8. Law. Sale of above property is adjourned to 6th a of july next at same hour and place.june 29.186�. S. Law ie29 2awtds&tb Assignee of j. Boerum. Sale of above referred to property is adjourned to july 13th, at 1 o clock p. At same place. July 6th� Law. S. Law jy6 2awts9a-Assignee of j. Boerum. Sale of above referred to premises is adjourned to july 27th. At same time and place.june 12 1861. S. Law j?132awts�Assignee of j. Boerum. Side of above referred to premises is adjourned to Leith Day of August next at same time and july 27.1861. 8. Law jj�?~27 2aiv�8<fc5v Assignee of j b Boerum. Tic a v of above referred to premises is further and Joumei to tie 24th Day of August inst., at same time and York August 10th. 1861. 8. Law. Aul2 2awts Assignee of j. Boerum. Sale of above referred to pret Kes is further adjourned to 19th september next at same time and pine.aug. 2-1 1 61. 8. Law. Au24 2awts Assignee of j. Boerum. of above referred to property is further and Joumei to 2-september just at same time and placr.-stpt.14, 1w 1. 8. La a rcffi2awt?m an Gene of j. Boerum. Tic so e of above referred to premises is further adjourn i to la. 1st. Lav of november next at same time and t bice.sept. 2k s. Law be ass nuts Assignee of j. Boerum. Eye and ear. Neatness removed by a Quot etherial ear 1nhalat0r, Papkov kit of by highest medical authorities. Invented and applied by or. Von Mosch Zisker. Oculi st and Aurist a s t r a Bis m u a or Cross Eye. In t1s worst stages curl d in one minute. Second letter unsolicited. New York. Aug. 20, 1851. Dear doctor i am at a loss for words to express j a and Heartfelt gratitude 1 feel for what you have done for my once Alf Licud ears before putting myself under your care 1 bad been altogether deprived of sense of bearing. In one ear for nearly sixteen years while 1 was continually annoyed by discharges from other. Thank therefore to great amount of Sill you pos Ess As an Aurist. Forthe restoration of my hearing a Messing a hive been for to Long a time denied. Aud in Justice to you Drar doctor. I Touhl mention that your Superior skill and science have accomplished what other members of profusion in this City have pronounce. D to be altogether hopeless. assured that your kind attention to me during seven months i was under your treatment til never be forgotten till mind and memory perish and before concluding i would urge upon All those May be similarly afflicted to what i have been. Hie necessity and privilege they ought to feel i having Opportunity of placing themselves under Able treat Mentor so eminent a Man May Success attend All your efforts As it has Doc Iti Case of your grateful follow creature. / William strut hit is 134 Franklin Street. 20th july. 1861, or. Vox ? i was afflicted with total deaf or is when i was induced to pay you a visit this morning. No one can imagine , when after one operation at your hands my hearing was suddenly and painlessly restored to Roe for which 1 feel very grateful. After total deafness shut out from so necessary a a dense a to have it re tur Rcd and to hear distinctly reflects greatest credit on Sou Fot Titei Meme a a unt of skill possessed by you. I beg to thank you a or what i Cau so fully appreciate. 1 am. Sir. Your obedient a Ervant. Edward Temble Harrison s Mercer Street. New York. No. 107 Clinton place Between fifth and sixth Avenue. Or. Von mosch7.isker, Well known european Oculi st and Aurist inventor of ear a p0 Rizer which restores hearing in most obstinate cases As Well As stop9 noises in Bead May of consulted on a All diseases of Eye and ear. From 9 till 5 of clock at 197 Clinton place. Eighth Street. 1 Between 5th and 6t,b avenues. N. Y. \ p. S.strabismus or Cross a jes straightened gratuitously to j poor. Oct 7t a. On current be solutions to Amend v Conati Tufford so As to prohibit Sale of intoxicating liquor As a beverage. Hesow Ltd. If Assembly concur that Constitution of this mate be amended As follows 7�?Tfie Sale of liquors As a beverage is hereby Grohl bitty and no us shrill of enacted or be in Force after a adoption it it of this amendment to authorize such Sale and Rie legislature shall by Law prescribe necessary fines penalties for any violation of this provision. Resolved if Assembly concur. I hat foregoing amendment to referred to legislature to be chosen at a next general election of a senators. And that in conformity to Section one of article thir Een of Constitution it be published for three months previous to time of such election. State of new Yord t in Sinatr. March 13,1861. A forego resolutions a vere duly passed by order of Senate ja8. Terwilliger clerk. 8tat�"5p new York. Is Assembly april 5,1861. forego inc resolutions were duly passed. order of Assembly Hanson a. Risley clerk. State of new York. Office of tub Secretary tip state i have coi paid preceding Witali original on Fallein this office. A a hereby certify a a me to a Corre t transcript therefrom an 1 o u i Ole of such origin in i it. R Floyd Johlfs. ?19law till novt Secretary of Statey u i 1 o n n o x 1 c r. Stain of of new York j of kick of tit of a it r no an.listl. I vol. To no sheriff m . Forsty of Kim. Siim a notice is hereby go Var. Loii it hit Genera election to i held in till. So rite i a Tumu. Ucci Entong first monday of ne.xt-. of Iowa a officers Are to be elected to wit k set nov of san re. 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