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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Brooklyn, New York Since the third Ofa nowt Talon had elapsed we have the state committee of great principle a Ishri and have doubtless have race copy pm tic Regency we May look been rubbed Quot _ by Tyire Elivra inn Anri veti��nao6tr m r before election. And yet this Selbst tided cheat sympathizing with rebellion and treason without principles without the rank and tile of a party except such As have failed to comprehend the nature of the rebellion and ate yet lighting in imagination some political conflict Over again without Public Confidence or consistency denounce All As a republicans a who when our existence is trembling in the balance prefer a great generous and ennobling popular movement to such groveling and mischievous associations or to following such perfidious leaders. And As often As they Are exposed As charlatans and trimmers acting in sympathy with Trai Tore they bawl loudly and lustily that the democratic party is abused i the democratic party Forsooth the democratic party consists of the honest masses of men and not of self constituted committees and defunct regencies. I love and Revere the democratic party but scout and defy and de bribe its Camp followers counterfeits hangers on and swy so mendicant. If the demo cratic parly is assail ii by exposing those who have brought it to defeat and disgrace Ilu a by the Bame Rule Joe Smith when he was characterized a a beast and an imposter might have exclaimed that christianity is denounced or when the Blear eyed painted harlot is called by to became other vocation be May cry out that virtuous woman is assailed by obscene Eph Sheib. The democratic Parl has been betrayed crippled and crucified by Erin it and vicious leaders but these will strut Ibi in Brief hour and perish and the poetic Conegp iou will be Reu sized that a truth crushed to Earth will Rise again. The eternal ears of god Are a a who would be Iree themselves must strike the the United und harmonious movement of a great people in such a fearful crisis embracing members of All parties but acknowledging the supremacy of loue presents one of the grandest moral spectacles of modern times. Without pre concert it sprung from Trie masses in spite of Covilie Ihirg and even hostile Ful y armed for the conflict with ret rellion abroad and treachery at Home like Minerva Ibe goddess of War and Wisdom Trout the Braiu of Jupiter. Edit it should so suddenly have risen to Complete perfection was not to have Yeeu expected but with no platform save the Lausii ution no rallying cry but the Union no but the stars and stripes no purpose but the overthrow of rebellion it has already carried terror to traitors abroad and reduced the smog Geidig Gasconade of traitors at Home to secret tremulous whispers. Before it faction trembles and tears its air and gashes its Teeth in silence. Craven politicians und it too Strong for their party harness and fall Back abashed and even Billingsgate the last desperate resort of detected villainy pays it and those who have been Active in its advancement the generous tribute of opening upon it and them her floodgates afresh i but the Union rivulets Are gathered in a single Stream whose Broad Aud deep and quiet yet Resistless current will Bear away All opposing obstacles und sweep upward to Gladden Aud bless the Dumcius Freedom Aud humanity to give strength to the weak Ald Hope to the despairing and a Promise of Triumph to the faithful. Of How Many patriotic hearts leaped Lor Joy a when they Law a United people set party in abeyance and engage in one United Effort for the Are Ter vation our cherished land. What thanksgivings Ascender what Lopes beamed what gladness prevailed amongst the masses As this party icon crust entered upon is benign Mission. The dogs of cliques and committees and regencies Are already crumpling beneath its feet and their reign of imposition is closed. The Levy of political blackmail has been abolished the frito Florby legislation will not defray the expense of reaping Vilice brokerage no longer pays and those who have Lati enc a upon such spoil fur years can now Only find employment As hired mourners to a mimic sorrow a for the downfall of secession treason in the Empire state. But upon the overthrow and destruction of these elements a More enlarged Equality of the masses will arise the popular Triumph about to be achieved will be Peru agent in its rectifying influences Iho Sewhuk arc politicians by Trade will not be in demand the government will again be a government of the people and not a government of committees caucuses and packed conventions. The Union movement was demanded by the exigencies of the occasion. It was necessary to save us from Drift aug to Swift and terrible destruction. It should be supported try All Loyal men for itself Ana not for is candidate merely. It was us act o practical emancipation not of Blacks bul of w Lutes not from Southern but from Northern slavery not. Ruiu shackles upon it hints but from letters upon the Immor Lal mind. A take heart the Promisel Lmar draws near. I hear the downward beat of Ivings and freedoms Tran ipod Joy 1o the people Wue and fear to new worlds tyrants old world s it i proposed , Ilert re shall be propositions of place made to re Heliot propositions of peace Tomen with Anas in la it in bands against the Only truly free Govar mint on Earth men who Are struggling As with a death struggle to tear out the vitals of the Constitution Are to meet with propositions of peace. Let them Trace the history of t ri6 infamous rebellion Srour its coi Neuce mint to this moment. It commenced yens since Butts rapid growth and in a. No elopement took a Iaco Whin the great Culini nation. It Trifid a i entrusted a few before it Theu came to include Many. See How wicked its commencement How guilty its career and if a rebellion commencing and passing Odas this has and say whether it is to he nursed now after it has put its head in to e Halter Wii i Liberal propositions of peace. Or. Lincoln selection and inauguration were made tic occasion and pretence but i repeat there was no rime within Twenty years when the South had As Little to complain of and the honest masses of the Southern people were complaining of As Little As at this time. A majority in the supreme court in their favor and there was nothing but the executive against them Aud it was doubtful if he was for he had shown conservative tendencies with Congress organizing territories on the very plan the South had so Long contended for and the fugitive slave Law being executed with More Fidelity than for Twenty years Ard when there was no better sectional controversy going on they availed themselves of the Elt Cimon of or. Lincoln for the purpose of inaugurating this rebellion. Congress stood ready to redress any grievance that they could show to exist and before Congress at Ibe time but the secession was determined cd. The robberies prac iced upon the government. Within the year previous showed that they had comen Platea it under any circumstances. Evidence of premeditation were seen in the rapidity with which slates wheeled out and dragged others after them. The stealing of the Public property vessels mints Post offices custom houses Navy Yards Aud everything they could Lay their hands on they seized and every wrong they could perpetrate was perpetrated from Day to Day Dii Vire out defenceless women and children because the women spoke and children listed the Swerid name of the Union Burnid dwellings Aud hour deride their own citizens. Their robberies and wrongs i undertake to say have no parallel in modern warfare scarce among Savages certainly not among civilized people Nuiji eyed with Plum. A the rudest brute that roams Liberia s wikis Lias feelings pure and polished As a Gem. The Bear is civilised the Wolf is mild a and yet we Are told we must make proposition., of peace to them. The propositions they should receive Are the promo Rufous of execution. Those who undertake to pc dog a for Ilmoni and encourage lorem Are already receiving their deserts and with the rebellion itself it is Only a question of Lime. To be sure sympathy with the rebellion Reie is driven its biding place now it is silent for fear bul it exists. Shall we go to rebellion and Wii ii hat in band this great government of was ii Glon and Jefferson and Jackson ibis government of thirty five millions free and Happy people these thirty four Sovereign states 1bat have met the most powerful nations of the world and come off triumphant shall it take Oil is hat and ask this rebellion what kind of terms it will accept ? what encourages them Aud protract this rebellion ? the Frothy conceit of its leaders was taken out of them a Good while ago. Their Success is somewhat further Oil Ilyau when they comic med in ii in own estimation. At Home i Here Are a thousand curs i uttered against then is one with us. We see but Little o. Its wrongs except against our government but 11 s v n i is lire Felt Anil seen at Home Verv it to Buriks relations us to Seiil old Domestic Luo Keu up und ukr to my for inc there is a voice of inked Tallinn breaking out from one Eird of the Gnu mrs in Ihu Otin r like Uit of Boche from those who i i not be co lib Recti Why decs Oil Tobii Gooij v first Bev hoped England out of to tir dislike of democratic institutions might be them. But they have More Hope in to , Amov ours Lee. If our people in the Loyal Slat it i up Ciciala or in this Gio it Smik of Kew York Hod been unanimous As tiny should Fetic a pit and spoke in a voice of Trump to Toner a Tae Union i it must mid sin 11 be be rebellion would Hove hem put Down before to Day. But it we Nch Vii u\6 und Comfort Here Aud u was Belg tved Toni it Wak Rev Jinell to receive univ in the Fuyun. It rend in our press an Stilie i m Aua apology for ill course. It read in me doings of committees and conventions that he administration was a division among us. It Learned it from the speeches of some who dared to speak on the subject Aud All this furnished Hope that at some time it would he ended. It heard of our Liberal prepositions of peace from one cud of the country to the other. It understood that these propositions were to go from what had been a great party. To be sure Many democrats the mass of the a democratic party leading democrats Aud those grown Grey in the service repudiated it but notwithstanding the state committee claimed the right to put Forth peace propositions As the democratic doctrine and valueless As it was at Home drowning men catch at straws and the rebellion believed Quot it was to have Aid and sustenance from such sources. Hence it is that the democratic party in its Strong men and its mosses was called upon to repudiate and curse All such propositions As a heresy for which the democratic party could never be responsible. Lei those who undertake to inculcate such doctrines before they arraign us for standing upon our country a battlements let them out with this a damned spot from their own Escutcheon first. They have done wrong and injury. Not Only have Imp Brave sons fallen but under these cursed it have fallen an eel Wurth a Lyons a Baker Aud yet rebellion goes on and Why because of these encouragements. Alas poor Baker he was swifter than an Enre and stronger than alien. Attic great Union Square die cling in april he stood by my Side and his voice tor Ibe Union is still ringing in my ears. Be went Forward to fight the great Battles of this country. Is it possible that that great heart his Ceat de to Puls Nie is that eloquent to ague silenced forever ? that piercing Eye dimmed in Cath let those who give Aid Aud encouragement to the rebellion look upon the picture and. Find cd Moi t in it if they cuu. Baker was a Fon Igner. Let the native born citizen who trembles on Llie blink of secession Jan this littering unction to i soul and tic himself if before god or Man he Cun stand blameless. The great question is How to restore Pence by a vigor a us iks Cimon of the War by Hying aside All party arrangements by coming together like Brothers. Govt quient and rebellion Are two great m d hereditary antagonisms they stand Oppi sed to each other and must always be in con iii. The cannot remain together if nov Inonu it docs not put Down rebel a for rebellion will put Down government and those who do it it Aid the government with a milling in Ait Suong Arm will Aid rebellion. Both cannot Loyc and none but the most Blind of scurvy politicians on Earth can fail to sec in it there can be no dividing line Between them. The rebel army is numerous but it is not effective. It is made up of men too old Lor service mud too Young Lor service in a great degree and they will be found not to have the compact Power when u sled in the Battle Field it May act As Gucci la where it is live to our one or when our troops a e Cut til from water or provisions but meeting our army fairly in the Field it win be driven like Chalk before the wind. What will it subsist on omit g the Winter it cannot subsist on its own citizens Lor they have been pillaged out and there is nothing More to pillage. It cannot clothe itself in Lig leaves like the original sinners. I Cray army itself in Confederate Bonds and it will have to cat them into the bargain and use them As by mice used Ole for meat and drink Aud lodging. It. Will find ail the Bonds it can manufacture Good for nothing. They cannot Deposit them for Security for anything except Burro Ved trouble and they will be As unavailing As the prayers of Bishop Polk himself. Our army is gathering my our great Fleet Wylli soon hover upon their Southern Toast and we have reason to believe that this secession that West up like a rocket will before Many months come Down like a stick. They look yet fur encouragement in this state to the secession press but that is All played out. Tuu Only part of it that was Worth stopping Lias been stopped and those who had capacity for Active mischief have been sent abroad for their health tue Atlas and Aryus has been secession open in the first place Covert in the last and it has a few echoes that have found it profitable to make shrines for do Udo. I am glad they did not Send it to fort Lif Uyette. For the mischief it can do is not Worth half As much As it would Cost to feed such Gomeau Diers. It makes a noise but rats in u of Creel trap set up a cry particularly if they be a a cd Iuis of How Well they have always behaved. No great events can bring results without some Litile disturbance. Even the heir to Burdell was j of brought Forth without some Doise. There mrs. Cunningham had the whole trouble thrown upon scr not Only of producing the heir but of sounding the . The labor wus divided in the Mailer of producing 1bo bogus slate ticket the committee Cic ail the labor and the aryans sounded the Rtse ousts. Laughter the fact that these papers without circulation character or influence at Fitial bit great movement shows that it should go on. I feel proud of my country when i see this great Union movement All parties uniting together and moving on for the purpose of res co iii our holy Jano from the infidel our Constitution from the do Poiler the stars and stripes Horn obloquy and ois Honor. Thep is and future Are Topar Ateo by a great Volcano. The Lavee tide that has been cast up by this great eruption has overflow the political past and buried it like ii or Herculaneum. The future lies before us new ideas and impulses Are before us new e Ali Fis Are demanded in the cause of human Regent ration. Can we not turn away from the buried past Ai. D look to the living future and from the miserable political wrangles of another time and another occasion and look to the great political Uuie that is set before us what is Iha Touty to maintain our institution Rescue cur country uphold our Banner put Down rebellion. The great Union tide is swelling up. Let Tho a who do Dot wish to be crushed beneath tue wheels of the car of Progress make Way for it is Abi it to move and get on it if they do not wish to be let behind. A cd innate hear it a we have been so do tied Down by political ideas that we Ore hardly capable of rising up to the ideas of today. The latter half of the 19th Century is going to be sign Aliased by the second birth of revolution. We have gone through two wars with the strongest Dation on Earth but now our political institutions Are thrown into the Domestic Crucible seven times heated and they will come purer than before with new Hopes new energies like the Flowers of Spring that Rise above the terrible desolation of the Winter. Look Forward then with the Eye of Hope to the Sun of your future Prosperity. A see truth love and mercy in Triumph descending and nature All glowing in Edens first Bloom on the cold Creek of death smiles and roses Are blending and Beauty immortal awakes from the or. Dickinson retired amid loud and Long continued applause. Three cheers were demanded for the venerable creator and were Given with a will. Speech of Thomas Francis Meagher. Col. Thos. F. Meagher was the next speaker. Bis appearance on the platform was the occasion of renewed enthusiasm. Or. M. Said citizens of Brooklyn fellow citizens of the United states in compliance with a very complimentary requisition i have received from Beveral of the most influential and noted citizens of Brooklyn i am Here amongst you this Day to participate in the proceedings of thi3 Sci tire and to far As my voice and vote can do to ratify the nominations of the Peoples ticket. At this late moment of tic afternoon after the lengthy discourse which has fallen from the orator who has just retired and the length of which was in due proportion to the instruction it conveyed and the eloquence with which that instruction w up stated. Aher that eloquent instructive Slid inspiring do cruise it a a us necessary for me to say that i am heart and Toul Ofiu me object and High spirit of this occasion. In died i am Kiiber disposed to do what a very directive Shilcut of Liber of parliament did after Atie Diug u pub-1 c in ii g in brie Tel in company with the celebrated Edmund Burke Aud when the latter had concluded a a very i Oquest speech his colleague a tit std his observations into one Sente ice he said a ditto to or. i think if you it re not too flattering by disposed in my favor i to hound let Al of the same example. However i pm to no what j Ductant to leave this meeting without assuring you of the gratification it gives Rne of a ticket which is dominated i Teety and absolutely front the people. R is Ibe list occasion citizens of Brooklyn on which i Bave attended at a Rutilis Ilion meeting pc apr perhaps Ilmet of or. Llu Vemeyer and that wis somewhat Cin Tilar in to this. 1 i invt re Rajlic Tikiun meeting for the simple reason that the Louii Tui ions heretofore a a Ltd it it did not in m fhe heart of the a Propios not m to tin tribunal of the popular judgment but it r Elt no Hole and Corner Home rum Cau up mine hitter Rabeun Conven Ticle which to tits 1-nine of the p Nile sacrificed the Hii Ltd it is of Rieu a the dignity of the people. A i Lull time All this proceeding to Onlo he did shut instead of iii people m Cit big , at ious fran same obscure a y Tim Tiu. Obscure minority should a i Fps Tom m minutia irom the per it it in the rime of a hts. I it be i revolution of Isis when Louis pm Lippe Lidd 11 h. Y to of will uni Iouli Cintioni f if �?T1 of when soms Geruais of Lliel am b also vanished and in the chamber of deputies lathe presence of an excited and victorious people who s the galleries of that chamber appeared the Duchess of Orleans leading the heir to the French Brote Lamartine the Oracle of the peo ule arose and alter hearing suggestions from different politicians and revolutionists and men of great note add Many of them of High Genius be uttered thebe words which seemed to be the inspiration of this hour a in times like these we must not look to the formulas of statesman Riipi but descend into the Depths of the soul of the people and sound there the destinies of the future 1 for this reason fellow citizens that these nominations have proceeded from the Depths of the popular soul and have come direct upon the National ear i son with you this even ing and most heartily and emphatically endorse your nominations. As has already been distinctly and in strains of Luminous eloquence reiterated upon the popular ear this Day the principle Jav it g at the basis of their nominations the principle upon which this movement derives its stability and from which it will obtain its Triumph is on undivided unequivocal Devotion to the american government to this hour of its great period uncompromising prosecution of this holy War. Such Biog tin Case i sustain it heartily i sustain it with nil my heart i sustain it with Oil the vigor of my brain. I win sustain it with All the. Vigor of my army not Here alone Omodest these citizens assembled in peaceful congregation but upon the deadly scenes a bib a Ait me in the future. And Why a cause of i have before Baid this is Only a i its a necessary hut Osacr Dvor. A just War because not ouly the interests the Honor and the very existence of one of the finest one of tic Moat prosperous and decidedly one of the incest if not the supremely freest nation the Sun Ever looked Down upon. Necessary because the property of that Union in its ships fonts arsenals custom houses in All those guarantees for a dignified Ond Independent nationality have been in some instances seized fraud Lei try and id others violently and Nezari ii stay vetted irom the supreme government an hence the necessity of this property being restored to the legitimate stewardship which the whole people through the Constitution has melted to the bunds of the present administration. Noi is it less sacred bad just and necessity because not having been provoked but hav ii g been kept Back by attempts to win and Cou old ate i both no Are now in arms having not Bun resisted until hostile arms appeared upon Arlington Haig its and were shaken in there Cerf the buy majesty of the american people in them a o at me National capital not until lieu Dij the pies deut Call upon the american people to strip the sword which has by to sheathed since the mexican War and assert for themselves the sec Iny Ano insolubility Aud supremacy of thai air icon chief magistracy. Into the antecedent Cir Cunis Tacea of this War it was unnecessary for him to go of they were forcibly Analysed by the Venc Rable go l Leseao to preceded him. The history is Ali a a a Luwi Lur to the people Young and de i Ini in. Commandments or any us the oth a Cau i Al principles of the religion which the vast iii join it it his nation professes. Tufe gov Enmei to Ifju Dio not prosecute the War energetically Ona most Itro Rousky would be wanting in its duty to the e Mizens who have j 1 iced it in o ver scr Ligi us \ unmindful of its obligations to Tolep Island to Tui re and if it failed to assert the Euprey Liucy it derives from the people then say i this government deserves to peri6h. A voice from the platform or. Meaghers certainly. Most decidedly if this did not assert its supremacy and staid out in the face of the rebellion or if it knuckled under to the rebellion it deserved to Pei Tob. A voice again or. Meigh try who cries a no a As or. Pickwick quid at the supper a it must a some vain mail in would not by a haberdasher. Laughter who Are those who cry out for peace. Short who Are against War Turner any circumstances and in any Cumry. War indeed is a a Rible visitation. The Hoiris of it Luve been primed in imperishable colors by poet and Painter and even tic sculptor in left in Many a Al a Goric to statue an Homo Nitsou of tiie Cala Minca Bat proceed from it. But War has its Virtues and blessings As Well As its calamities Aud every great Nui Iod has passed through such an ordeal As tint which it has pleased Gud this american nation should now Nass through. England has had her civil wars her wars of the red and White roses her cromwellian War her Williamita War her War of the succession and War of the restoration and reluctant As i am to acknowledge even the giant Ness of England i must admit and join the world in acknowledging that she stands among the first class nations in the world having derived rut her strength than incurred weakness from these wars each and ail of them teaching her lessons of sagacity and How to solidify Ber position in the world. Gliniany bus had her 30 years War she is not an exhausted nation but a nation of guat Energy and great philosophy of Scholastic and nation Al aspirations which Are not inferior to those animating France which is not Niy the rival of other european nations but their pre eminent mistress. France has had her withering revolutions out out of these Cir cent isms she has come with a renovated Constitution and new Beauty Aud so of Spain. Never was there a country so worried by intestine conflicts and provincial revolts and at this time no coun by has risen up so proudly to assert its ancient tical renown. It is pm Ting Forth its political ambition Imo that sphere which will renew per haps upon a broader scale those glorious conquests and colonization which have been irn i la Tiabl set Forth in the pages of Prescott. Here the a r has had Good effects. It has brought out great qualities great enthusiasm a great patriotism because it Lias brought out from the deep fountains of the Public heart that patriotism which has been polluted and defiled by the touch of the Mere miserable local politicians. Therefore i am not sorry for this War and in Stead of being justified in any attempt to deprecate it i am induced to encourage and incite it. I should be derelict if i did not Call upon my countrymen to serve this government with All the Neive of the Irish Arm and with All the warmth of the Irish heart. Cheering politicians say Ivy done to you leave the americans to fight out this War we irishmen who arc Here Are All americans. Ken we de cheering Between the adopted and the native born citizen there is no difference except tic privilege of the Pieri Dency. This is my Home this is my tag and 1 feel that 1 would be unworthy of the Welcome tendered to me Here if i did not with All the Energy of my Arm stand by that flog in life and in death. But they say Why Are you not in favor of this attempt at Independence on the part of the South since you advocated a similar one in Ireland i Tell you plainly if Ireland was an Independent nation and were Connaught to Rise up and secede i would stand up in the Irish Senate and vote supplies to put Down that rebellion. Whatever oath the citizens of the states May have taken we Irish emigrants took an oath of allegiance to the whole and undivided country and As that oath should be perfect so should the country be indissoluble and perfect. With regard to the Triumph which this movement has achieved in bringing the people into one compact mass 1 May refer to a similar movement in Ireland. The catholics and protestants were divided and the catholics were disfranchised. In 3783 the Irish catholics and Prate amp taxis stood together and fought Side by Side. This sex Milel would have followed in this country. In referring to or. Buchanan or. Meagher stigmatized him As the greatest criminal in this struggle. Not alone upon these High grounds do i stand Bere with you hut upon that ticket me names which will stand in Competition with any in the country. It is enough for me to n mind y on that it is headed by Daniel s. Dickinson. Applause on it is also the name of Hon. Fleury c. Murphy who was the custodian of this Ling in a fort Jug country. Applause he then referred to or. Linlor candidate for Assembly in the 2d dist it whom he described Asa gentleman who would rather Icse Bis right Arm than Compromise n single opinion that he honestly entertained. Believing that such principles As lie at the basis of this movement Aud which dictated these nominations Are recognised not Only during this but subsequent elections during the War the the government will be borne triumphantly through its deadliest and fiercest perils this us my most Hearty support. He believed the government would Eulum out triumphantly for the glory of amerlean uis Iory Aud humanity at Large. He could almost hear Theja joins pm of amp from the thousand pc leaven Point lug a Nires Hui Jig beyond the sea that the rebellion which arose without provocation was Pip Down without Imrey or rather without compromised without one single Iota of Conui Promise. Heie they would be reminded the first in at disasters which fell upon the fathers Ltd fihe first great revolution asserting Rittir Independence and laying the Idun danns of that great Empire a Natii it is now the study and patient enter he of the South to tear up and de Siroy. These Bills were tic scenes of your forefathers 111st disasters but this great rises As an imperishable Monument to it it Vindy Cate tin and it sources of that period and he Felt sure rim tii in is a go gtd in a and is i has car lied in Bis hand this Al g for nearly a Cru Tuty to nil parts of the in the Munc of put Mee and it ultimate Cornu re ennobling hit Ducc up Ilo Rivers of the Amazon Aud to the i Arctic , you with Maud by it until Al to Tel upon tin Opiol and Over a a Lude min Zaihi i old on inseparable per pm. Apiri.-a.-. Speech of col. Jesse c. Smith. Col. Jesse c. Smith was the next speaker introduced lie was received with applause. He said that owing to the lateness of the evening to would not detain them very Long Afier him they would h Avo an Opportunity of hearing his Friend or. Murphy. He merely desired to say that As his Friend or. Murphy and those who preceded him Hod always acted with the democratic party to had always As consistently opposed that party. It was a matter of congratulation that the Republican party was in such a position that it could act with those of opposite politics. He came into life As a voter about the time of the organization of the whig party. He followed us banners As Long As the whig party sustained us organization since its Disben Donmen be had followed the Republican party until it has triumphed by electing n president of the United states. You May say we Are proud of that Triumph but be Felt proud to see men of All parties coming to the Aid of the president in sustaining him m this unrighteous War on the part of the Southern rebels to Felt prouder when be saw men of All parties sustaining the government without respect to party. saw the Man that had lately commanded tic regiment which he had the Honor of commanding some years fall covered with Honor and with glory that could never be dimmed when be remembered that a Large share of that regiment was of opposite politics to him of they were to him when he commanded them when he saw these men standing by the government could he fail to sustain those who sustain the government against rebellion. He would sustain them and be would act with them in any position to which he might be called until they carried the War to a triumphant termination. He was for carrying on the War to this end it May take More than five Hundred millions of dollars it May Lake More men than has been called for he was for giving All Money and the men necessary to carry this War to a triumphant end. To must sustain the government and we will Tustain it. Applause to said if the people should choose to ratify Hio nomination for the Senate it would he his sworn duty to support the Constitution of the United slates. The United states organise the militia and it is the duty of the st the to Drill and discipline them. This duty on the part of the state has been imperfectly Dune. The difficulty has been that the n Ati or has been in the bands of men who do not understand it and the militia has the restore been called a use its machine. He had been connected with the militia organization for Twenty Long years it was for the Way it i6 managed n nearly useless machine. It would to in lets until the state adopted the principle that the poor Man Nho gave his time to a military organization be paid tor his time applause and those who Desin to pay Lor commutation should not As now be Hirai mid and annoyed by the manner of collecting a Fine of 75 cents costing five or ten dollars in collection through a Marti Uil. Applause there should be a system o another character adopted. There Vivere Many subjects be would like to talk to them about if it were not now so late. H is too late to speak to you on the subject of taxi?.but he recognised the necessity of practising rigid Economy in every department of the government that a we Iima be the better Able to Bear the taxes that will be item silly to sustain the general government through its trial a and that government lie would sustain at every Hazard. Applause speech of or. Murphy. The pc were numerous Calls for a Veory c. Mar by. After a few minutes or. Murphy made his a Petralle amid applause and spoke As follows la would be unreasonable in me to seek to detain you a the cold at this late hour when the Day is throwing is lengthened shadows Over the ground especially after the remarks of the eloquent gentlemen who has preceded me. And to w Hom you have listened so attentively and 1 doubt not with great pleasure but As i have been Yeh Eird As one of your Standard bearers at the approaching election it is proper that i should say at least a few words to order to Malee known my sentiments at the presi. It t a Geney of our Public affairs. Nearly fifty years ago to if spot on which pc Are now assembled was dedicated to the defence of the country. To were then engaged m a War with a Loreign enemy and hero shoulder to ten Ulder stood the people the men of Brooklyn armed to Ripe the foe. We have met to Day on the thus consecrated by the patriotism of our a then circumstances More serious to the Commonwealth than that occasion and i Trust in a spirit of Devotion to the Union not less exalted than theirs. What is Ilist present condition of things the half Century which has elapsed fince the time i have referred to had made us a great and prosperous nation. No foreign foe Lead dared again to invade our territory. We had been it Otto pursue undisturbed the arts of peace and to expand our Borders even to the shores of the Pacific extending the its sins of free institutions Over a great Empire. Seliad gained material strength and wealth we were 1 Appy at Horne and powerful and respected abroad. We lad taken our position among the first class pow is of the Earth. Our example had told upon Mankind America which half a Century ago was regard-<�?�<1 As an insignificant people Hud not Only established her own Freedom but had liberalized by her influence the despotic governments of the old world and More than this our government was looked up to by the Downtrodden sons of men throughout the world us their ouly guiding Star to Fredom. In the face of All this Prosperity and glory a rebellion has Brinkm out Ca uselessly wickedly criminally among ours Ives a rebellion which weeks to destroy ibis government which demands a dismemberment of the Union and will have no other terms which seeks to destroy our nationality to Lake fun us the very trophies of our revolution and make even the Senu Chr of our Washington a foreign Tomb. Fellow citizens you know me As life Long a Democrat a member of that party which has sustained the South on the great questions at Issue in regard to slavery As Long is Thoc questions were before the United country for discussion. But when the South sought by rebellion against the constitutional authorities of the land to accomplish its purpose it severed the lie which bound it to the Northern democracy and made the North upon that Point a United party. From that moment there was there could he Only two parties one for and one against the War to crush out the treason. For my part i hold it to be a duty which wre owe to ourselves to our children and to the friends of Liberty throughout the world to sustain the government in its efforts to establish its authority. Yes to sustain this administration whatever May have been our views at the election in the same sense and in the some spirit and with the same Unity of feeling purpose As our Noble volunteers responded to the Call of the president to take the Field in the defence of the ii Piton. Who were the men of the Gallant 14th and g9thv who were Wood and Corcoran v were none of them democrats v did they Stop to discuss whether the president was the Man of their Choice v a voice Hiey Are All democrats whether that is so or not i do not know but i doubt not the democracy were there fully represented. And if they our political Brethren could leave their Homes Aud families to answer the Calls of the administration can we not Bere at Home show the same patriotism Ami by our Voles sustain the measures of the government to put Down this unholy rebellion and not by our votes give Aid Aud Comfort to the enemy against whom our townsmen Ami friends Are battling i it is Idle to complain at tvs time about the causes of the rebel i it a and to di8ct�s the mph whose fault ibis unfortunate co a edition of tiling a us occurred. It has been precipitated Doul tree by errors on All rides. The responsibility rest where it May can and will be settled hereafter. It is Dow our duty to serve the Republic firs of All. When a ship is cast upon the rocks and life and property All Are in danger of being lost it is no time to inquire by whose neglect or miscalculation she came there. The time is Tod precious and the danger too imminent for that. All bands must labor to save the ship. So our first and Only duty in tins crisis is to save this government Aud the greatest step in that direction in my opinion isun United front on Thep it of the North. It would be a Sublime spectacle to see the local Nice of the country voting As one Man. Its moral i Avet upon the South and upon the world would be greater than a score of victories in the Field of Battle. Let us then my friends All Cote up but Ldla to sustain the government of our country and be not deterred by our predilections or suspicions As to the causes and objects of the War from maintaining the integrity of the Republic. Let us not permit the Success of Litis rebellion by any act of ours. Let us run to the Rescue of our Iree institutions for ourselves and the world save our country from becoming a byword and reproach and among the nations that we Are another proof that Mankind is incapable of self government. Let us heroically determine that the great fabric which the fathers raised to Freedom and which in its towering dimensions Lias become at once the admiration Aud Hope of the world shall be sustained through this conflict and for All time. Let us show to the South that we arc unitedly resolved that its treason shall beaut Down. Thus shall we secure the blessings of peace and Freedom to our country. I will of div say in conclusion that i am with you in this movement. Tic Dhu a thug was a most glorious Success and terminated amid three rousing cheers by the As. Sch Lytge and the Star spangled Banner by the baud. The even listing military Fine question. To the editor of the Brooklyn Eagle a last iri Ghl being uie time set apart by tbe7ihh regiment n. Y. S. >1., to sit at the Arsenal As a court martial to hear excuses for non attendance at the annual Parade on the 37th inst., of the nuni donned militia a question arose in regard to myself and Many others similarly situated whether the colonel or his Deputy and Tho marshal of my District have any Legal right to demand from me evenly Jive cents for military fines and costs i being not a citizen of the United states having Only declared my intentions to become so 15 years ago but never completed the act by taking my final papers out and of course never voted at any primary or general election. Several gentlemen present contended that it was an extortion and advised Nio not to pay it but let them carry their threats of collecting $3 Oil by Force in Case of my non Pali Zient into execution. I concluded however. To pay the Fine of 75 cents under protest and refer the matter to your opinion whether under the circumstances of my Case 1 was bound to pay the Fine or whether the of note was legally demanded from me. Should you decide it was not Legal what Steps can or ought 1 and Many others similarly situated to Tala from whom the same amount was extorted to have the sumo refunded. I have no objection to donate 75 cents to the 70th regiment or three Tinus that sum to provide their court martial with Brandy Ami scars of which that awful court to be will Supply <1, nut to extort from to 75 cents illegally might to be res rated and ventilated for the Sake of a principle. Matiy gentlemen present contended that it was no belter than putting their Han sin my pocket and robbing me of that amount under threats of further trouble and expense. A will you oblige me and Many others there present to reply through Mir valuable paper always so Dis Len Guise red f or its set iii opinions and correctness of principle. Yours Verv respectfully re Riauo hat or dr., Brooklyn oct. 25. 314 Outfield street.�mwp�afljj<$agit. This paper has the largest circulation of any evening paper published in the United states. Its value As an advertising medium is therefore apparent. To notice can retaken of Anonymous communications. Whatever is intended for insertion must be authenticated by Tho name and address of the writer not necessarily for publication but As a guarantee of his Good Faith. We cannot undertake to return . Friday evening oct. 25. The mass meeting on fort Greene. We need make no apologies for devoting so much of on space to the report of the Union meeting held on fort Greene yesterday. The Brilliant oration of or. Dickinson will be read with interest not alone by the great mass of the people who agree with him but by the few who Cavil at him for stepping out Side of the narrow lines of party and nobly Aid ing the great movement of the people. The time for action has come to be sure but the time a for discussion will not cease until every honest citizen in the Loyal states shall be convinced and aroused to his if there be yet one be who hesitates As to what his duty is we ask him to read the words of one who has been through a Long life the most uncompromising advocate of the constitutional rights of the South. The traitors among is if there be any who Are waiting Only for National ruin to shriek in our ear that a port mentions note of woe a a i told you so a will not be convinced. They will Dis org ize parties and disorganized their government to fulfil if they cod their unpatriotic prophecy. The speech of Thomas Francis Meagher Wil have its weight we Are sure with the race for whom he braved death and suffered exile and b filed in his at empt to free his native land he now desires the Rish race to leave those who come after him Here a a Hope a name they too will rather die than the Hon. Henry c. Murphy a speech will at tract the attention it deserves. He stands where All who know him knew he would a be found by his country. He says speaking of his position a a a fellow citizens you know Meas life Long a a Democrat a member of that party which a Ian a sustained the South on the great questions at a Issue in regard to slavery As Long As those questions were before the United country for discus a Sion. Bat when the South sought by rebellion a aug inst the constitutional authorities of the a land to accomplish its purpose it severed the tie a which hound it to the Northern democracy and a made the North upon that Point a United party a from that moment there was there could be a Only two parties one for and one against the a War to crush out the treason. For my part i a hold it Tobea duty which we owe to ourselves a to our children and to the friends of Liberty a throughout the world to sustain the govern a Zinent in its efforts to establish its col. And in declared that As a Republican be was proud to act with All who acted for their country. The lateness of the hour prevented him from sex plating on local matters but he declared himself in favor of abolishing the military flue , while in favor of compensating by a More efficient plan those who devote their time to perfecting themselves in military training so that they May be ready when their country needs their services. The two following resolutions which were adopted will be heartily endorsed by the tax payers a that the increase burdens which must result a from the War demands a change in the character a of our legislature and an honest and a Nonomi. A Cal administration of the finances of the state a and every part of it that we heartily approve a the nominations of the Peoples Union Conven a lion and feel assured that on interests will be a promoted by the election of its candidates. A that we recognize among them men eminently a fitted by character ability and experience to de. A fend those interests in the legislature against a a tic schemes of mercenary politicians and selfish a a speculators by whom the sources of Power have a been too Long polluted the state disgraced and a the fruits of honest labor wasted or the Herald gets off a Good joke to Day in rela. Tion to its a War the Herald says it has received letters a from All quarters complimenting a us on on military map6 for their a Euraney Aud a was teaching the people geography by illustrating a the great events of the some wag is evidently making fun of on contemporary. The idea of instruction in the Herald s War maps is Good very Good. The writers of the complimentary letters with Nice discernment say nothing of the dearness of the mops and the readiness with which they can be comprehended this would be putting it on too a thick a and would spoil the joke. The Herald volunteers on its own behalf to say that through its maps More a a knowledge in of geography is imparted than at schools where a there is nothing to impress it on the Youthful if instead of seeking to impress Geog Quot Raphy on the Youthful mind through the Aid of the Birch the teacher will impose As an addition a if Ilic Tion the study of the Herald s War maps we will guarantee a sensible improvement or else we will lose All Faith not alone in corporeal but in mental suffering As a stimulus to intellectual culture. The Shower Bath is said to be a severe punishment but we will venture to say if the Herald s War maps Are introduced int Jour states prisons in its Stead the criminals will prefer the first As the lesser of the two evils. In the event of the Herald s War maps being placed among the list of punishments in sing sing we shall expect a Lurge migration of the criminals to the state Lunatic Asylum at Utica and we warn those who desire to keep out of that institution not to lose Tsitir senses in the mysterious labyrinths of the War maps of the newspapers. Ton ratan to two South Brook-1\ n Cults a i get a k mulch of a Limo Anil Home Gamo in-niorrov., in a a Lii inst on 11m Star Groi itch i Carrol la arli. To Inonu a on rut at was won let a Tho Siars Hilt. I it i Muir Ilins Finiw p.,1 a Lolo Atron Gor Ami nil Oil j a Poil a 0, 2 o clock Hoiu mril Jinny a he Ina who Ollk in it Cuil and no Hulit w in. The Nashville with Mason and Slidell on Board it appears has escaped the vigilance of the United states steamships and the a a plenipotentiaries Are now on their Way to Europe. The information Given by the Southern papers that the vessel had sailed for Europe direct was As might have been anticipated incorrect. The Pursuit of the government vessels after the Nashville is therefore a a wild Goose the newspaper people seem to have had a shrewder idea of Tho destination of the Nashville than the government. It is said that there is not Coal enough in Charleston to take the Nashville to Europe and if there were she could not have got out of Charleston Harbor if she had taken enough on Hoard to Supply her engines with steam while on the voyage. The Nashville therefore slipped Over to Cuba and handed the fugitive plenipotentiaries at Cardenas i 1111 whence they can easily get to their Desti nation. Tic question of Southern Independence is not to be settled in Europe the settlement is in the hands of the generals who Are to Day before Washington with a larger army than Napoleon commanded when he braved the United a Lowers of Europe of Leipsic. If that army fulfil the. Expectations of the people the vitality of the rebellion will be crushed out even yet before Slidell obtains an audience of the French emperor. A the ninth Waud mass meeting of the v ters of the ninth Ward will be held at Zellein a three Milo House of next thursday evening for the purpose of endorsing the Peoples in Long county ticket Hon. Messes. Murphy Odell Wal Bridge and others will address the assemblage. _ Tim Navy Maui employees of the Brooklyn Navy turd held another meeting yesterday and appointed a committee of three a messes. Russell Clark Aud a movie to go to Washington and represent their to the porn k 1 naval no in lilies. A collection w is mule to defray the travelling expenses of the delegation. Hollins versus falstaff. The news from the South we Laid before our readers yesterday is cheering in the extreme. Our Fleet at the Mouth of the Mississippi which Captain Boradil Hollins a destroyed a turns out to be in Ijen red not a Man on Hoard of it received a scratch. Hollins dispatch Bab not been equalled since Jack falstaff gave the details of his encounter at Gads Hills. Shakespeare lived not for a Day but for All and he must have Hollins in his minds Eye when he sketched boasting Jack falstaff. We append Hollins account but a3 sir John was the More truthful Man of the two we give precedence to his account of the Quot pm it a cringe he gave his enemies on Gads Hill fal. I am a rogue if i were not at half sword with a dozen of them two hours together. I have a soaped by Miracle. I am eight times thrust through the Doublet four through the Hose my Buckler Cut through and through my sword Bacad like a hand saw ecco Snartum i Dever dealt better since 1 was a Man All would not do a Plegue of All cowards a let them speak if they speak More or Lees than truth they Aro villains and the sons of darkness. P Lien. Speak sir How was it v Odds. Vve four set on some dozen fal. Sixteen at least my lord. Cads. And bound them. Peto. No no they were not bound. Fal. You rogue they were bound every Man of them or i am a jew else an hebrew jew. Gads. As we were sharing some six or seven fresh set upon us fal. And unbound the rest and then come in the other. P. Lien , fought be with them nil fal. A11v 1 know not what be Call All but if i fought not with fifty of them i am a Bunch of radish if there were not two or three and fifty upon poor old Jack then i am no two legged creature. J Oins. Pray god you have not murdered some of them. Fal. Key that a past praying for for i have peppered two of 11i-m two in a sure 1 have paid two rogues in buckram suits. I loll Alico what i Tell thee a lie spit in my face Call me a horse. Thou know est my old Ward a Here i Lay and thus i bore my Point. Now for Hollins and his attack on the blockading Squadron a a a foist Jackson saturday oct. 12, 1801. A last night 1 attacked the blockade is with my Nittlo Heel. I succeeded alter a very Short struggle in driving them All aground on the South West puss bar except the Preble which i sunk. A i captured a prize trom them and after they were Fust in Sand i peppered them Well. A there were no Cal milies on our Side. It was a Complete Success. Ii Luns. A new Orleans oct. 18,1sg1.�?� now Mark How Plain a tale shall put him Down an attack was unit on the night of the 12lh inst. On the Unin d Stales Elret lying at Anchor near the South West pass. A the rebel Fleet consisting of six gun boats the battering ram Alan Arcas and a Large number of fire ships which filled tote River from store to Shore. The United states Fleet consisted of the it. S. Steamers Richmond Huntsville a Waler Wietti sloops of War Preble and Vincennes and Eto Reship late slaver Nightingale. The Fleet when attacked were at Anchor inside of the South West pass to protect the batteries in process of erection to command the Mouths of the Vissi Sippi. The ram his masses came Down and drifted foul of the Richmond starting a couple of planks in her Quarter and Stern doing but hit e damage. To avoid the fire ships the Squadron immediately got under weigh and drifted Dow n 1 lie River. The Richmond Preble and Vincennes got ashore on the bar Llic Nightengale also went ashore and while ashore were attacked by Hie rebels but without doing any damage to Hie vessels or life in any respect. But one shot took effect and that struck the Richmond on the Quarter. They were beaten off by the Vincennes with two guns she having Hove overboard the rest of her armament wit i her chains anchors amp cd a to lighten her she being very much exposed to the rebel fire. The Squadron Lias no one killed or wounded. The Richmond Preble and Vincennes were towed off the next Day by the steamship Mcclellan which opportunely arrived. The Mcclellan received considerable damage to Ber Stern Frame in getting them off. The Nightengale remained ashore when the Mcclellan left and would probably be got off Ibe next Day by the Aid of the steamers connected with the Fleet. The United states steam frigate Niagara arrived at the South West pass on the 4lb. Our comments on the Battle at Edwards ferry Are unfortunately but too Correct. It was a repetition of the old Story Brave men led into a position where Victory was hardly possible and Retreat entirely so by the blundering of somebody the new Yolk eur Czinu Post coincides with the views expressed by us yesterday the Light the Post says now upon the ascertainment of facts turns out to be a Only a repetition on a larger a scale of the Battle of great Bethel. In other , there has been another stupendous Blun a Der. I be have always been taught that the last a strap in which an experienced military Man a would allow iii Selto be caught was an impasse Zibie River id Hia rear add a Superior enemy in a front. Any intelligent Tyro who has read the a history of a Campaign would know better than a that and yet it Wae precisely such an error which a a our off Leeis on the upper Potomac have commit a Ted. A one thousand missing a is the heart rend. A a ing result made More sensible and discouraging a by the lots of m e cd the Best and bravest souls a in the army. Our actual loss in men it is Likely a will prove much less but our actual loss in Chu a Fracter will be much greater than is represent a by the numerical the Herald is disposed the paper which have pointed out the blunders shown in this engagement and says a hey desire to a Embarrass the if there be incompetency shown by men n whose hands the lives of thousands Are placed the administration will be far less embarrassed by having the fact pointed out than in ?gui3. Ing it until it is made potent to the world by far More ghastly results. The Herald gives its Esti. Mate of the affair at Edwards ferry As follows a the fact is that although a severe engagement it a has Token place in acquiring Possession of the a right Bank of the Potomac and a consid Rabi a loss of life has been experienced the Success a achieved can scarcely be exaggerated in import a car. Be and the Federal cause has obtained a Tri a mph which must be a subject of Universal re a a to icing. It has put the entire right Hank of the a Potomac from Point of rocks to Washington a City in Possession of our Brave troops and has utterly broken up the plans of the rebels who a bed As a feint to deceive Gen. Mecle Llad thrown a a heavy Force on the lower Shore of that we have Lorg by id the opinion that if any other paper displayed the same contempt for the judgment of its readers which the Herald does it would not be tolerated for a week. In adjoining columns to that in which it is announced that our troops liars acquired Possession of the right Bank of the Potomac the following announcement appears dated Edwards ferry a a yesterday on learning that a Large Force of the enemy were approaching at two Points above and below and in the immediate Vicinity of the ferry it was judged advisable to withdraw the portion of our troops from the Virginia Shore both at Edwards ferry and Harrison a Island. This was rendered the More necessary from the High slate of the water and the Gale which made it a matter of impossibility to throw Overa sufficient Force to make our positions there perfectly secure against a general attack. Tho forces at Harrison a Island were removed first in Hie face of and unmolested by a Large body of Tho enemy who wisely perhaps fore Boro to make any demonstration. General Stone commanded the division oppose e Edwards ferry and removed them during the tempestuous a Loren in i e night safely and a without any Accident he being among the last to leave the Shore a the administration has no interest except the interest of the people. We Are satisfied that no Man in the land feels More keenly the Blunder at Edwards ferry than president Lincoln. While it deprived cur country of an and a Gollatt Soldier it Dep ived the president of one of earliest and most devoted friends. It is the interest of the administration and it is the interest of the people that we shall be victorious in every contest with a be rebels. It is the blundering of generals that a i Charr ass the administration and not the newspapers whose duty it is to expose Euclid blunders. The people have the cause of their country too much at heart to be disheartened at partial failures hut we should not be the less anxious to avoid them. After a repulse however Trilling it is the privilege of the Craven to despair and of the sneaking disloyal st to bluster us loudly As be dares it la for the Loyal masses to rally the closer around their country nil its government while every Manly heart is netted to tej air the past and have it forgotten in the iii i Lcy of the future. The infanticide inquest upon the Linny of Achilo to which i Louora sey confesses to have Given birth i the morning of monday , will he to sued this afternoon when or. Palmer and or. Kut Ebann will testify is to mat a re which Eaine . The films l of extends no further than the nets of the am st of the prisoner and her confession and tue incr tin child breathed and h id life or it coming into the Woid ;