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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Brooklyn, New York Left Puhm iii Aib Brooklyn daily . 20, no. 252. Brooklyn. Friday october 25, 1861. Jim Feira a i a a a my u Van a a dam publisher and proprietor so a i 80 and 82 Pulton Stokby. Brooklet delivered to Olty subscribers every Evon log at six Cento per week payable to the carriers. A Tispa Pauliae the largest Trou elation of any evea g paper published a the United Stales and As a medium us in Esa and general advertising. U not surpassed by any in journal terms invariably Cash in Advance. Printing of every description promptly and neatly executed a great reduction prom forme bakeries yellow Corn bread. A want of labor a reduced income the approach o rigorous Winter and not a Mouth the less to fill necessitates the strictest Economy on those who have Little and commends example on the part of All who have plenty foreseeing the Public Ivan the subscriber has determined without View to pro at the Bize Anil Quality of the loaf offered is the proof to Ratanu facture in addition to his present Trade one description of bread which will put on the table of Many families a loaf at Little Cost palatable Sweet healthful Andas nutritious. As any kind of bread that can be made. A single trial is solicited to convince every family of in Public Utility and advantages. Enquire for Morton a yellow Corn bread 5 cents a loaf at Rushmore a 125 Atlantic Street Castanous 69 Myrtle Avenue. Burtiss Fulton a Cor. Of Raymond st., a.314 Myrtle Avenue. Darrow a 435 Myrtle Avenue. Davis Walworth s Reet near Kent Avenue and at the scotch bakery 125 court st., opposite st. Paul a. J31 of James Morton. Coax. And Wood. Of Al Signe. Coal Coal i 1�?the under 1 signed Bas Cumberland Coal for manufacturing or Smiths use for Sale by the cargo or ton at the Eagle Coal and Wood Yard Corner of Bridge Ana Plymouth streets wholesale and retail dealer in Coal and Wood. N. Best of Delaware Pine Wood. Ap3_a. W. Henpriok3qn. English House Mannel Coal will be landed a a it Days. Por Sale in Lota to suit by ma.r8ton a Powell apply at Hax Tura wharf Between Fulton and Oatha lao ferries or Beaver Street two doors from Wall. New York. Business notices. Out your flour for the Winter before the mice Coes up. You can get flour at the cheapest flour store for from $4 50 to $6 50. Warranted Good and delivered free in any part of new y Ork or Brooklyn w. B. Gillette 264 front Street new York. O9 near Fulton ferry. New dining Saloon the subscribe has taken the Central stand no. 35- Fulton Street opposite the City Vilall and fitted it up As a first class dining Saloon where every substantial and delicacy of the season can be procured at a reasonable scale of prices. Be Hopes by prompt attention and the Superior Quality of his articles to of the Public patronage. His friends and the Public Are respectfully invited to Call. Wesoly a p. Zollver. Pebble glasses Stop at Ohio to in you want specks of any kind either Gold steel Silver or plated. We mean to keep the Best Stock of spectacle and Eye glasses to this City and can sail All that Call and at very snort notice. Let every one that can. Wear pebbles and the advantage Over the Ordinary Glass will be explained by j. D. 0., and to their entire satisfaction. Our Price for pebbles matauch cheaper than you can have them done it. New York. John d. Chases. 233 Fulton Street. Manufacturer of All kinds of Suver Ware Gold and Hall jewelry. Watches and looks of All kinds repaired in the very Best manner. "23 Stedding and visiting cards at i very Short notice and of Superior Quality. Also envelopes Blank cards. A at chases 203 Fulton Street. Cards written in a very Superior manner by the Only card writer in Brooklyn at�?T8._iy23 f Pebble glasses amongst the thousands that Wear spectacles How few know the value of pebbles. Finest Quality to be had at j. D. Chases. 203 Fulton Street iy23 manufacturer of All kinds of jewelry. Silverware pc a Clancy tin Bird Gagesr a Large assortment just received at a a _ a. John by Noel a au3l 2m_no. 94 Fulton Cor. Henry Street. The Blind All that Are particular about their eyes and Wear spectacles should be sure to set the pebbles the Best article Ever invented for the sight 0 a had at chases 203 Fulton Street ?3 manufacturer of Al hands of jewelry and silverware. Millinery. Of q Jay Street Corner of Fulton Avenue Ledies Are respectfully informed that they can find an assortment of fashionable and seasonable millinery As above. Particular attention Given to orders for millinery. Dresses capes. Mantilla cloaks and ladies and children swearing appear description at the private rooms As above. E. Toombs je4 6m_successor to m. L. Dora. Millinery millinery millinery at Rhinda swell known style he millinery establishment 87 Fulton Avenue. Mrs. R1iind will be prepare on and after wednesday. Oct. 9th, to show her fall and Winter styles which she feels assured cannot be excelled in the City at the Price. Straw and leghorn hats cleaned and dyed. Felt and Beaver cleaned and pressed. O82w. To House keepers. Jjefrigerator8, House furnishing har War Wood and Willow Wash in All their varieties at White a Nichols t08 Fult on Street Corner of pineapple. Call and get a no groceries groceries in keeping with the times at Arnold Quot Youngs. 18 Fulton Street. Brooklyn May be found the urgent assortment of Fine family groceries in the City Era a acini everything in the Trade which being bound 1o�?~ first Rod and exclusively or Sash enables us to offer rare inducement to Cash and 9h�>rt Lime buyers. Are any receiving the finest butter from the choicest Dairiki Orange county those wishing to Purchase sugar by it lie barrel. Flour by the barrel Tea by the Chest Coffee by Tesack. 8oap by the Jox starch by the a . Amp a. The invite All to Call and examine our god t Nia prices and see 1 the same Carnot be purchased As cheaply Brooklyn As new Yore Ano delivered ire of . We would Call attest to Quot to our 45ceo Ito Longree Arnold pfc Young liel56m 181 Fallon Atreo. Brooklyn. Important to the Public . In you a wish Seiko the Tea and oof pvt. Ana at Price to Alt the times to t t a a a Hardin so co., a Tinchen or Fulton and main streets Brooklyn a the Vors test Oua Liti of old government lava , Only 18, per la or to it la for one Dollar a Loti mocha or Turkey. 33 cts. Perih. Or 5 Iba for one doth. Klch and fragrant new tub. Juat Lap Orlid. In ave an i the Pound boxes at wholesale prices. Harding a celebrated of co a and 3piiv.-i, of the Moat Superior Quality and at prices Auer cent Erlian any other establishment. Quot remember the stand. Junction Fulton and main arc a Brooklyn. The oldest Tea and oof Seffi store in the cloy. Mh6tf first Quality family Grove Rita a we h. Cornell. 23u Fulton Street. Corner of Ozark Trec offers to families the to it completo assortment of a Efto terlep and fruitts to be found in the City embracing every Art Cio of or luxury kept by family grocer h Oxten Ait. Of Rolt eluding _ Choice wines. Limo big and be Paar. And every variety of foreign and Dor Ventu fruit a. Garden. Field Flower ?.svd1 assortment of jellies or de from Puro fruits i for the Trade. Dried fruits of Alik aka. English Pickle dances to. Boned sardines and of vet. In Oil. W. H. Cornell an lev a be patronage hitherto a him from the Avenue or the orders Are attended to goo silvered All in arts of too Olav. Lectures. Ait you it a menus Christian association. N e it Leo tube John b. Gough ohm the a mysteries of London a of a London by night a at Tok Academy of music. Monday evening october 2bth, commencing at 8 of clock. Dodworth a celebrated Cornet band will perform selections of music from 7 to 8 of clock previous to the lecture reserved seats at 25 cents extra can now be secured at Babcock a. £46 Fulton Street. Roses 142 Atlantic Street. Tickets of admission 25 cents can be purchased at the following places closes drug store ice Fulton Street Babcock a Book store. 246 Fulton Street near Clinton. Pyle amp brother a drug store Fulton Street Corner o Pierre Poi t. Bose s Book store 142 Atlantic Street rooms of to e association 182 and 184 Washington Street. Proceeds fur the Benefit of the Bethel Mission Sabbath school. Ol61 political. A people a Union nominations. State. For attorney general. Daniel s. Dickinson. For Secretary of state ii Oratio Ballard. For comptroller Lucius Robinson. For treasurer. William b. A Mcavis. For canal commissioner Lone a torn Franklin a. Leer. Shorr term Frederick a. Tallmadge. For state prison inspector Abraham b. Tappan. For Stato Engineer a and Surveyor. William b. Taylor. For Register Hugh Mclaughlin. For county clerk. John n. Stearns. For Coroner Titomas p. Norris. For superintendent of poor Dot Mac Jewell for justices of sessions Vii Liam ii ii Oyt. Nicholas Stilwell. For senator. Second District. 1st, 2d, 8d, 4th. 5th. 7th. Letb Liph Aud 19th wards Jesse c. Smith. For senator. Third District gab 8th, 9th, 10th, 12-h, 14th, 15lb, 16th, 17th, 18th wards and county towns Henry o. Murphy. Judiciary. For judge of the court of annals William b. Wright. For Justice of the supreme court�?2d District. John a. Lott. Assembly. For Assembly first District 8tb, 17th, 18�o1 wards and county towns Andrew j. Provost. Second District 1st, 6th and 12th wards Richard j. La Lor. Third District 4th and 10thwards. William m. Thomas. Fourth District a. 3d and 5th Ward Jonathan b. S1ewaiit. Fifth District oth and 11th wards Charles l. Benedict. Sixth District 13th and l4th wards John m. S earns. Seventh District 7tb, 15tb, 16th and 19th wards Mcmullen. P Oil colion Bra first District or. Cit Arles a. Van Zandt. Of printing Fyk Cutko neatly and accurately at this a fico. Iju in register3iiip. I have nailed my hag to the Mast. And there it shall wave to the list. I hereby most respectfully offer myself to the electors of the county of Kings As a candid4te for the office of Register subject to your approval and endorsement on the first tuesday of november next. I Alto hereby pledge myself that in Case Lam elected to the place. I will appropriate one half of the income of the office for the full term be it More or less As a fund Sac redly a and exclusively fur the Benefit of the widows and orphans of those citizen soldiers of our county win tray fall in the defence and support of our Flag and our common country. The said fund to be under the management of the mayor of the City our state senators and re presenta Tives to Congress for the time being. Respectfully 014 Tille Robert g. T1iursby. Lots Wuh Najih f ots Jook 8ale at pricks from $350 a a to $300. In the 10th Ward of the City of Brooklyn of 3d and 4t,h avenues and president and Carroll streets if improvements Are made All the Purchase Money can remain on mortgage for Twenty years also water fronts on the Gowan a Creek suitable for manufactories or lumber Brick coat and tone Yard which wifi be sold or leased on very favourable Tamri. Apply to Arthur w. Benson oboe on Carroll Street soap nov us at. Special notices. Office of the citizens Gas Light company. Post office building. Montague Street Brooklyn oct. Let. 1661. Price of Gas reduced by Titis company to two dollars per thousand feet. No charge for introducing service pipe or for use of meter. O23 of ii. Warren Secretary. news mrs. Or. O. Pollard it located for the last three years at 261 Washington Street. Brooklyn can Tell any person what the cause of their disease is without any previous knowledge and cure you. If you Are curable and can Tell if you Are curable. I do know from personal experience. N. . Pollard is a member of the Rev or. Springs congregational Church la Hartford having been a member for the last 29 years. O21 pm Samuel Mcintyre 79 William st. Marble mantels the undersigned having on hand a Large assortment of Marble mantel pieces average from $9 to $200 each it would be advisable for builders add others to Call and see his Stock As he offers to sell for Cost at Nob. E26 and 323 Navy Street near Fulton Avenue and 66 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn l. I ol96t Martin Olsen. 01 Broadway new York. Ovll ladies fall amp Winter cl0aks.oux an elaborate assortment. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks made expressly for the nest City Trade. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks All Che latest Paris styles ladies fall and Winter cloaks. Of the Best materials. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks offered at the lowest prices. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks at retail. Hayt amp Karr of notice office Brooklyn Central Railroad no. Late Antic Street september 30, 1861, the supreme court having confirmed the assessment for closing the entrances to the Tunnel la Atlantic Street and Rector log the said Street to is proper Grade. Ac., the persons assessed for said improvement Are hereby notified that by paying their assessments at this office within thirty Days from this Date they will save the collectors fees and the penal interest imposed by Law. N-30 pm William ii Otis treasurer. C rackets and cakes bread warranted absolutely pure and Sweet wholesale to commission stores at the scotch bakery no. 125 court Street Sefl of opposite st. Paul a. To a inspectors of election and District canvassers you Are hereby notified that the 6th Section of the Law of april 16>7, req fresh Overy inspector Aud District a Vasser to attend of any Day be lure the Day of holding the election at the office of the county clerk to take and subscribe the oath prescribed by the Constitution. Dated Brooklyn oct. In. 1361. Old lut we. G. Bishop. City clerk. A Oksys wintered a Farmer who understand horses and has the beat accommodations would her twelve horses to Winter. Can give City refer Kucej. Address farm flt Cien Cove l. Oitim ays Lii Hay Liy Khz Kusby Laine. Junction of Fulton and Dekalb avenues the finest outer in ill Market served ill at All hours. Also steaks. Chops to. Always on hand. Families and parties supplied at the shortest Law of. W disco v he y pc i k e for fan worms�?1tjio Asch rides or pin Worms the removal of which has Over balled the skill of the Mort eminent pm vol chins. Are entirely expelled from the human so men a the a c0 or. E. P Gould spin worm syrup. A cure warranted in every Case. Holier Ruffu Rcd in Toniy four hours this syrup la purely a vegetable prepare Tom and in Unden with the youngest vhf �1 Moore so a , actor cars Geo. C. Goodwin a it he. 11 iii 12 mar-1,All w pc miss., general agents for new Knel tid. Tot by i v you Sims i us . In or sale�?$5500 will Plu Iva is a Mcclur. Ciauri to Vilh All tin Jou i j. Wall of. Be in Rook is or Xieo Ocie that arrangements have b series of concerts 2 that the Fame Liberal fun Poi philharmonic society of Brooklyn fifth seabo�r�861 and 1862. First concert. Saturday evening nov. 2d, 1861. The directors of the society take pleasure a a noun ing a have been made for giving a gift Fol str stand Kii Emly als and Trust. Support from members and All lovers of the Art. Can be relied upon enabling them to accomplish the design of making the entertainments of the present Beaton equal if not Superior to Auy previous. I a the orchestra will be composed of the same eminent artists As Bere Toofie under the direction of or. Carl Berg Mann whose ability As a conductor. Is too universally known to need Auy commendation and the same popular Lender i. Noll. The annual subscription fee is five dollars securing to the subscriber in addition to the Ordinary privileges of membership in any society admission 50 five concerts a d fifteen rehearsal a secured seat to each concert without extra charge. Besides which two extra tickets to each concert will be Auld to the subscriber at a reduction of per cent from Public prices. A Check will be appended to each member s concert ticket a the presentation of which at the office of the Academy of Ftp uric will entitle the Holder to a secured seat without extra Chat re. Members who Avail themselves of their extra concert ticket can secure seats at the same time by paying Twenty five cents extra. A Box office to be open from thursday morning until saturday afternoon previous to the concert from 8 o clock a. A until6o�?Tclock 1. M thebon keeper will be directed to secure no seats and to receive no directions for reserved seats previous to the opening of the Box ticket to he sold to non Suboc Ribera except on the Day of concert when they can secure seats. The Price of to 5kf.t3 to single concert will be to non dub scribers one Dollar rehearsals. Fifty cent. Extra i tickets to single concerts will be sold two to each subscriber at face Tuty five cents to he procured of the treasurer alone. Beo Rethe Day of the concert or at the Box office on Thun Day or Friday previous to concert persons professionally engaged in Muric my Purchase adm Sion to the concerts and rehearsals by the annual pay met of to free dollars such tickets to be procured Only of Ali do recur s. Orchestral pieces for first concert. Symphony in off get first Triue Haydn. By phony no. 4, in d Winorr. Shummon. Toyek 1 ule of. Vocal and Solo instrumental performers. Madame Blanchard Soprano a from he conservatoire at Milan. Or. Gold Eck. Patio Orte. Or Behrner. Violin eur. Or Joseph Noll violin subscriptions received and tickets sold to concert said rehearsals at the usual places and 0 the treasurer 1u5 to Ralerson strict. O2ltr milk of week .8 glorious Success. T 1l e Bohemian troupe still at musical Hall. A exhibition every evening and on wednesday and saturday afternoons. A magnificent Case Given at each entertainment. By , another Beautiful head dress made entirely from snug Glass will Begir tothe ladles on wednesday afternoon. Oct. 23d. As a special present. The Mode of disposing of the present etch lady on entering Hall will be presented with an extra number in Addi Tion to the one purchased at the door. No 1 ice. On thursday evening. Oct.24th. A Beau a Ihl Case of Glass work we in be Given to the author of the Best original poem. Subject a Quot the a lass steam to be decided by a committee selected from the audience. All poems to be sent to the a a Bohemian troupe musical Hail. Great treat forthe children. Not bar matinee on saturday afternoon. Every Chiqiu will be present d with a Beautiful present in addition to a regular drawing number. Admission 13 cents. The management takes pleasure in announcing the engagement of professor b. Palormo the celebrated pianist of this City who will perform a Choice selection of Conniar air at each entert Imine it. The piano used is from the of Albert Webber of new York. The 1�oi�otiful Glass s t a a m engine will be to full operation. Admission 15 cents. No half Price. Exhibition commences it 8 of clock. Distribution at 9. Afternoon exhibition at 3 o clock Omri Bulion at 4. Doors open half an hour previous to a a h Thirlon. We. Woodroffe business manager. E. To. White agent. Ol5tf �ourtis1 varieties. Brooklyn Gor. 2t Fulton and pineapple its. T1ie legitimate place of amusement in Brooklyn. Proprietor. Treasurer. Stage manager. Musical director. I. Burtis. L. B. Packard. W. Hard sell. A. U. Conman. Open every evening. The following ladies and gentlemen have Ueen engaged and will Opfar every night Mars Louise Wells. Actress. Danseuse and Panton Irist miss Annie Bordwell the unequalled bail Adla and Brooklyn favorite. Or. W. A up ort4, the great Banjo soloist late of Woods minstrels. Lee Powell. Comic vocal it and negro Delineator late of Nix on a rival amphitheatre. A Rry Tooley. The us rivalled Jig dancer. Or. W. Bordwell Comra Edian and Oor Alc vocalist feed Shaw extemporaneous poet and con la vocalist. J. Bryant the Hull wilted Darkey. Monday evening first appearance of Mons. Duverney the great contortionist late a f Nixon s Roval amphitheatre Biily Quinn the Brooklyn favorite Larry Thompson. Versatile performer. The above named ladies and gentlemen Are each and every one a Star and combined form a comp my that cannot be equalled. The Hall has been entirely and decorated in idol ton to which is added a magnificent set of a mirrors forming in All die prettiest place of Public amusement in Tais or any other City. Apo of furnished rooms to let with boards a private family residing in a three Story Brick Hoult a near new York Avenue. Bedford one lock from the Fulton Avenue cars would let the entire second Story neatly furnished to a no All family or a few single gentlemen. Terms moderate. For further particulars please apply to 0. Shaw in the gents furnishing store no. 149 Button aver be. O34 2t Lioard a two gentlemen and their o wives can be accommodated with plea ant rooms and boned in a Small private family�?263 Pearl Street Brooklyn. O23 3t____ boarding a few gentleman and their wives can be accommodated with Good Board also single gentlemen Wlton single rooms. Terras very reasonable. This House has been newly fitted up and furnished with ramp Sand water. Apply at 97 Middagh three doors from Fulton Street near Fulton ferry. Sel9 of medical or. Thorness Arnica Lobo a a ligament a p03it1ve cure for neuralgia and re k u m a Tiff i a for balk every Here. Ii Ouis Lehn 149 Atlantic Street Brooklyn retail agent Joseph a. Hayes 176 Fulton Street. Dlo 1? livers i3ulmonaky wafers. Ladles and gentlemen. I really think it safer for coughs or comma get Oliver s pulmonary , it 1b astonishing How Quick they make a cure. / Throat or lung disease you need not Long endure. Woodward a child 7 no. 204 Fulton Avenue unction of Flatbush a the col. A. Jef. Woods 14th regiment y. A about ninety to non Are required to Complete this regiment which has Fineu at. The seat of for the past five months. Apply to a Art. A. W. H. Gill or 1st Lieut. Geo. 1. Davey at the City armory Corner of Henry and Cranberry streets Between the hours of 10 a m. And 5 p. 013_ Phe association of past and exempt a members of the fourteenth regiment n. Y. S. M., formed for the purpose of advancing the interest of said regiment while at the seat of or. Of aiding the families of its members and of securing to those who May be disabled and to the families of those who May be killed or die in the service the pension Aud Bounty allowed by Congress give notice that application made to any of the undersigned executive committee will meet with prompt attention. The committee Nilu most respectfully solicit subscriptions from the citizens of Brooklyn la behalf of the above object. Capt. We. Burnett. 19 Henry Street. . B. Magrath. 264 grand Street e. D. Lieut. A. Morris 59 Pearl Street. A Lieut i. D. Mcclaskey 92 Fulton Street. Sergt. H. Roberts. 271 Hudson Avenue. Col Jesse c. Smith. President 113 Willow Street. A. B. Lindsay Secretary 145 court opposite Amity Street. Au6 tithe Peoples movement. Mass mee1ihg on fort Greene 7,000 dam us in Union ticket enthusiastically endorsed. Of Perill of sex mayor of Daniel s. Dickinson our duly log or country. A men of trios. Francis me1ghe&. The privileges and duties of adopted citizens. Speech of Jesse c. Smith. State military organization speech of nil. Henry c. Union shall not be dissolved Wood. It i dung Wood by steam Power and machinery proct reduced. Factor nos. 6 a 8 Jay Street Brooklyn orders left at the Roll Wink place before 8 of Cluck p. Fol lbt promptly Atte Deoto it it 3�?�. That of apenae. He 4 u la her no. 4 a ands tree 11 m c. Mill any 3 Fulton Street. It. v Rorry ofom slice Aud. Avenue naut. Arc Arnii Ristoro i r. I t m s tv�0lk8al15 and till tax a in inti i f. A a of it. �ain-iu1 Cli Tuou to w1.�sj3, l . order Islip Quot tie Union ratification meeting i old on fort Greene yesterday was All things considered a great Success. None of the usual Lap trap was resorted to to attract a crowd the spontaneous enthusiasm of the people was relied upon and was sufficient. Despite the chill autumn air which rendered attendance at an open air meeting unpleasant. A Large and enthusiastic crowd attended and remained until the darkening Clouds of evening shut out the speakers from their1 View. The attractions to he sure were very great. The Hon. Daniel s. Dickinson was announced to speak the Man whose name for years has been a synonym of in Comaromi amp us democracy. He was thereto Ull the party he had acted with for a Long life that in this crisis it is their duty Tostrud with him Side by Side by All who stand by their country. Thomas f. Meagher was also there to speak to and for his countrymen. To remind them of the privileges of american citizenship the duties it enjoined and to declare that he was hand and heart Wuthe Peoples movement personally acquainted with some of the candid its for local Ollice and knew them to be in corrupt ble Mcd. Our own fellow citizen Hon. Henry c. Murphy also addressed the Assembly and was enthusiastically welcomed by his friends Aud fellow citizens after a absence of four years a the As or. Meagher expressed it a of that Flag abroad a to which he now Renews his Devotion at Home. Col. Jesse c. Smith also addressed the meeting and was warmly received. A Little after three of clock the meeting was called to older by or. Sprague who nominated for chairman the Hon. De. A. Lambert sex mayor of Brooklyn. The nomination was unanimously Cuscior re. The following list of officers were proposed Ana their nomination confirmed president e. A. Lambert Esq. Vice presidents a. A. Low 1i. Whitney i. T. Leverier u. S. Powell. John j. Stud Well lion. Samuel Sloan. Gen. Ii. B. Duryca 1. I. Miller. .1. C. Can Noyer to. F. Hennessey. K. A. Dunham. Charles Franks. Stephen Crowell. Martin Evans. Tohn i. Bergen Alfred Lobley .1. Carson Brevoort a tamps Sharkey. George a Coe James b. Graig. W. S. Griffith Hon. Samuel Smith. Charles Parker s. L. Husted a. A Georgay. Field Joseph Smith. Hon. We. Wall we. Robert.-. Chauncey Perry Quot we. Murs Rall. Lion. To. A. Cross John Liber. John d. Cocks am. 1 f. Meserole Jacob Rosengarten Avni. Cooper. Bliss John Davies Hon. John Berry Isaac Helienek c. K. Atwater Frederick Scholes Samuel Hubbard John Lefferts. B. W. Rider h. V. Vanderveer. John l. Rider 1�. C. Winslow Van Siemien. A. A. Benson Abraham Lott e. A a Hillock Munith Fancher s. , 1>. S. Nelson secretaries j. Rapalje Boora Etu Gordon l. Ford Alfred Dorlon John l. Spader Matthess j. Of borne. S. Mocker. Speech of or. Lambert. Or. Lambert of taking the chair addressed the Mieting As follows a Tell Oak citizens a on the to l of april last just Arrix Mouths ago yesterday we met on this spot after the fall of Sumter to give utterance to the outraged feelings four inmost souls at that nefarious crime of treason and disgrace. Assi bled Here by thousands we listened with intense interest to one from whose tips fell words of burning eloquence. Kind log the fires of patriotism in the coldest heart his Devotion to our country and its holy cause no Man could doubt. Be went from this Rostrum to the Senate Clumber and the Battle Field and has sealed his Devotion to his country and his Flag with his life. Could the clique it statesman and Soldier general he Here to Day i doubt not he would rejoice at the a spectacle presented of a Union on the patriotic Philorm on which we stand and would urge with All the ardor of his soul a United rally of All patriotic men in the support of our country its gov eminent and its Flag. His voice is now silent in death his eloquent lips Are closed but his pierced body and his blood poured out for us and our Chih Vrcon Calls to us from the ground. Of the of Cirion referred to Gen. Biker used the following language a a the object of this assemblage is not merely to Tiina Lutr the valor of our Young men who Are . T leave is for Distant conflict. That is not necessary. The Ini of Titus blood in their Young veins Burns line a lava fide. A a r meeting ought to have higher nobler purposes than i Elt 11 these. It is to confirm strengthen Theson a a a duty in 1 a heart of every citizen in the great t j in it also be that the country will require the a hmm it of h r j re her Row rms her might her it Ltd Ltd inc. Re he purpose of this meeting is to pm cd a to0acii other that these gift shall to of Erci these sacrifices made. We met thou fellow cd la Zim it not As partisans but As am Ricau patriots. To meet again to Day to Reutow our pledges and to in action by our presence and our voice tit., no urination for slate and county Ollieus of men selected As Union Loving men ilm Ging to the winds party questions party pro Adieu san pc a ulices that we May present one solid Phalanx in upholding our Constitution and Laws and in the hands and hearts of those who arc nobly defending the stars aug stripes As Well As 10 carry dismay into the hearts i those who Haw lifted traitorous hand our noblest Ami Dearest rights. I Carnot butter express my Oun views 0 the duty of every Man that has a a a path of love far his country than m quoting the in Guage of one whose words 1�u with Over of those whose privilege it ins been to hear him. Judge doughs two weeks in tire Bis death in a letter indeed for Public -1 id1, and addressed to the i twin iii of me l committee , used the in Laredo go Quot iii View of this state of facts there d but on a in h of july ult to nil patriotic no n. H 1? us a a p iri it q a ii ii 1j a a Muesli of involving Par tire a p Finicy it a a Pilot it i in it g Viri ment or no govern i a it Euta by or 11 a a a Quot in in and lie Nee it becomes Llu duty of every 1 Niu Ionia t i 1 v i h tul of constitutional Liberty to rally to Ltd 11 j 11 to Quot i a or common country its tie a. The Only of preserving lie Ai a a in lie Stales �?o1 a Cever of no undo he which a la Ltd a i Well j ii on trate his i Volinn to it. His Linn la big Tom Cna i ital Imi and in a / it 11 to 11>< i a Lii of l la Nul die a nil Al h my Aud Abro i a tin Union. It a ii. In mry or. Rodman thti1 it and the following resold Tuu a which Ucic Adit item Mani Mousey resolved that in this hour of National danger when the most wicked and Lonu Idabel rebellion the world has Ever Een twin tens not Only the integrity Ltd us Union but the very existence of the government when the priceless interests of the present generation the Hopes of posterity am the cause of democratic Liberty throughout the world Are staked upon the event of the conflict when the enemies of our peace Are making extraordinary party clamor should cease and every True Patriot rally to the defence of our common country. Resolved that in our judgment the Federal Arnin in Srafion mol.�, Hub. Of Kjall have the unanimous support of the it Opu of Kings county of whatever Formor political party in ibis struggle wbb the enemies of the Union and the Constitution and we therefore Call upon All men who love their country Heller than party who value their liberties and who Honor the fathers that died to achieve Plum to sustain the. in this crisis. Resolved that the increase Burden which must result from the War demands a change in the character of our legislature and an hone amp to and Coqui Micai administration of the finances of the st the and eve. Re Pitt of it. Resolved Thot we heartily approve to. A nominations of the people s Union convention and fuel assured that cur interests w ill let a promoted by the election of its candidates. Tinl we recognize among them men eminently fitted by character ability a and experience to do feud interests in the legislature against the schemes of Nier Canary politicians and selfish Spectator by whom the sources of Power have been too Long polluted the Furiato disgraced and the fruits of honest labor wasted or plundered. Ill solved that the harmonious action of that convention. The Char Cler of its nominations and their cordial approval by the people Are ominous of better times and industrious men and should inspire them v ii a determination to sustain those nominations at the poll and 10 def t the unreasonable efforts of disappointed office seekers who Appeal to the party spirit while the cry of their bleeding country is ringing in their ears. Sex governor Dickinson avas the next speaker introduced. His appearance on the platform called fort i much enthusiasm. He stopped for raid and spoke substantially a follow h Ekin of Hon. Danl. S. Dickinson. Or president and ladies and gentlemen 1 Greet you upon this classic and consecrated Grgur a in the name of our cherished Union. The time for i cussing a free Earnest Aud bold Lias not ceased a has been Otien suggested tor a ill it of ase until every Liorest citizen in the Loyal suites shall be convinced of and aroused to his Dut it a until ignorance shall be in Cornu do until partisan efforts shall All be merged in Union for the Sake of the Union until traitors shall he shut out from society to indulge in self communion until a treasonable press shall be silenced add until the stars add stripes shall Lioata again eve try where throughout the land on the Ivy is of a Davkand damning rebellion. If during the autumn of Isio an intelligent stranger in the h new world could have entered the Baroor of new Yolk and. Have seen her a a Maysaud Broa armed ports where laughing at the storm Rich navies ride a could have looked upon the magnificent ships arriving from every sea and others outward bound to every clime it under heaven could have contemplated the Emporium of the new world soon to be the Emporium of both 1 old and new with its vast contributions of com Meree its untold wealth its measureless Enterprise its Majestic grandeur its Mech a Pic arts its mercantile renown its financial Powers collecting Ana disbursing the new worlds Revenue could have witnessed its refinement and solid culture its institutions of religion Charity and learning could have cast his eyes Over the Empire state seen its other Strong and populous and in Riley cities Ard towns springing up from the hat Bors upon the seat we along us Noble Rivers and upon its Inland teas could have considered its system of improvements uniting the Waters of the West with the Atlantic its railroads Chickering far and near could have Cairn i Eri its agricultural elements and strength beheld its cattle upon a thousand Hills Aud its four millions of free and healthy and Happy people he would have involuntarily exclaimed a where Cau you find so Sublime a View so interesting an anticipation Viand when his enraptured vision had contemplated this if he had yet a desire to look further into the a wide abyss of possibility a let him have passed beyond the boundaries of the greatest free state that Ever had existence to the Broad Field of our Natiola it Union stretch out upon our Broad lakes Range Over the b Utt does Prairies of the West Ibe worlds Golden Gran cry the pantry of hungry Europe Rand calculate their productions when lie had Learned to number the Sands of the sec listen to the hum of new or Giandre machinery Tell us of the Ini eral elements the Keystone bears in her bosom thread the Potomac the Ohio Mississippi the Missouri and their tributaries View the Gulf of Mexico and estimate the productive up War of the planting states and then As the hum m Eye is never eat lied leap if be could the Rocky mount ins and stand upon the Shore of the worlds greatest Ocean and there Agaid find the same enterprising people the same irrepressible Energy the same refinement and culture the same institutions and states Replete in All the give strength to a people cities which have sprung up As if by music a Industry which is thrice rewarded the Earth teeming with her choicest fruits and sparkling with Golden treasure which would almost sate the greed of avarice itself let him number upon this vat area embracing almost every variety of soil climate and production thirty Lour free and Independent Ziatts drawn together by a common impulse in a holy and Happy Union with boundless and pop Ufi us territories engaged in erecting others and 00 millions of people enjoying All and blessed As no other people were Ever blessed before basking in a worlds sunlight such As never slept upon gods children below and when he has looked upon this wit wonder Aud admiration and his heart has thanked the giver of All Good that he Bas so eared for and sheltered Aud protected poor erring Man he would involuntarily exclaim a what More could mortal desire a and could that same stranger come again now finding this same free thrice blessed and Happy people turned from the pursuits and arts of space to the horrors of an unnatural civil and intestine War these states Dis severed and belligerent he would be shocked that in one Short yen such Beauty had been turned to desolation and the would exclaim a an enemy hath Joue this a Many have sought in vain for the cause of the rebellion and must continue so to seek for it was without cause. The sectional controversies which have prevailed the ugh they served As an apology for it. Did not even contribute. The rebellion was the fruit of conspiracy the conspiracy avas the production of mad and mean insatiable ambition. It originated in a desire for rum j and was quickened by the determination to cover i the evidences of robbery and plunder. I its prime movers were Lew b it it is apparent a that Al was encouraged by Many 10 whom it had rot fully committed its a Ceres. It made the election cd or. Lincoln the occasion for inaugurating tie rebellion without any Well grounded pretence tint it was the cause. Its leaders who will find no parallel in shameless and infamous am a City not even in satan aimed at Power Aud pomp and consequence its Active Follower and voluntary participants to conceal bankruptcy �11 morals politics or business its sympathizers in the Loyal states were made up of those who Between mental blindness and obstinate prejudice were unable to see or comprehend any hug be did a Mere partisan political scramble of Cross Road a mucus we a ulcers who feared to Jose their High dignities and rations upon which Kiev got higher still if Tley should not keep the ques lion Fri bin the traces of party of lobby Poji ii clans who having Long gorged themselves upon the t it to of unclean legislation were willing to Sre the Union imperilled As a thief or burglar welcomes 0 Coli bagration in a , that he Uny dive move deep in plunder of Medy and fule t Clicc so tiers who like Milaw crud Long waited for something to turn no it and Fri Ievon the rebellion would if. These combined elements spec Idle in this sate in the Hamn of a Renoud incl Regency have stood is the advocates apology to Aud defenders of rebellion Ulm have jew. It Aid countenance Comfort and encouragement and have Fin crib or i id veil a Nain ulried its i lords in tress on if Aud murder. The Hotst win v l of j 1 i 1 g to comprehend the mag rude of the nil it a is at irm and were Coli cram Itig the secession movement by us a a Ince renamed Ilu in error Aud no Quot it Ltd cd a a a i. Scr i ibo a who to a e be i a no a a cd and Point kilns who prefer , a Quot 1 Price m ,1 no a a is to , Consi in in a a nou. Q Iff it cel f Are maid up. To v Are a me1.her we a Vive or live or die. They Are nun to h. I us two to la of oily a h i Bull Ltd Ato 1 it us pc or i h it 1 a it Loes. Tuo a cd i. La. Do Loyal it Quot to a. La regard to sent or o n to a Jivis Are 1 dly-11.u to tin m u my a a i e la my a he con?, tin she am i a the holy Nunuo rin p of to 1 am. 111, via a a a he do a less ten in Fia in Maui <1 g to a 1, a it Okiu tor w and. A Wilh u e c Oija h 1 a pro tug. Their 1 n 1., i is j Jim i a 11 a the they a Laili to a . A ii a Lija Kes in. Eit it it n Iuva her i. F and or get a a. .1 p. J. A it a Illus igl-1 it Ltd i a j a a a. Aid Quot to Are 1l1 y Opp a Thoone gent a a but o l Urio ism to Luicians Walt cantus Lugt Deal in Ildia Nibur , and build ,.-and propose to put tue most Ormid Avde Rich dior. The world Ever Siw Brattm Ganimy of Liali a million into party leading snags Tobe Donven by tl"m�eive3 As a political Bobby Liaise v a it is conceded by All Liberal misled men that the masses of All parties Are Hoie i and sincere Aid the friends of their Donn try. It k e. admitted too that there Are some of be rims ton grave for Mere party management add monopoly Aid it cannot be denied that if Ever a que Iloo could Arife demanding the noted action of All Good men irrespective of political this �6 that Civ Oue. It vitally concerns not oily our National Well being and repose but our very National existence. When Nudi fiction reared her threatening remt though its dangers were to be laughed to scorn in comparison with Shote which menace the Union now Gen. Jack ton whose democracy however would have been colled in question had he done it in this Day Thi Utah in an age of extreme partisan bitterness called curly to his Aid and counsel that moral Titan Daniel Webster that glowing and Eloy nerf Ana intrepid Patriot Henry Clay and asserted the tour 11 \ 01 the Constitution and invoked not his party adherents but the american Pipok. A neb 10 stay up his hands in defence of Ilia Cipuns the common property Hope and pipe role Aih but the Patio a so and democracy of Tien. Jan Hui a in flu Liace been condemned by tin m Ost n i patriots of ibis Day because he did t 01 invoke party i Siead of a people ate he would have l Een m i nov a by treason a to Gers As an exceedingly Black in Dubli Caa. The Republican Barty to its credit tie it said nth Tygh it was largely in the ascendant in Ali Loyal states and had not Only a chalet magistral Clits Choice and o its party in the Nati a but Large Mojo pity of Llie governors of the several states and alter secession a majority in both blanches of Congress and a majority in Inot of the state Legislatures Early saw the impropriety and the impossibility of defending the Union against such an infamous and formidable conspiracy and rebellion by a political party and in this state in a spirit becoming the occasion Gen piously proposed that All should unite irrespective of party Lay aside party platforms and prosecute the War together As american citizens upon the common platform of the Constitution and the Union. It is not the abandonment of any org Onizaki a. But this proposition was rejected by the opposing organization upon the alleged ground of principles the democratic party in its elements is the some now it Ever was and when it has relieved itself of the dead weight of Rotten leaders who hang upon its neck in festering Regex pics and state committees of treasonable presses which misrepresent it and the time comes for the exercise of political opinions it will assert its office a d claim its place. These self constituted Heads id tie democratic Church fear if there is a Union movement and they Are Cut off that democracy w ill he lost upon the same principle that a philosopher of the same school feared if the Earth should revolve the water would All be spilled. Its organization is for the Down and its members Are. In the tented Field defending the Capitol of the Union on the Ocein rescuing our Ilag from secession piracy in the workshops ply ing their Busy trades on their farms engaged in the pursuits of agriculture a Ong the Busy railroads freighting the productions t 1 inc Tycast to the Seaboard add the miserable secession clique who Chint to speak tor it in this state no More represent it Titan Brigham Young and his suits rear. Sent the Christian Church. They have dragged it into a Bosch is n. Iuo Rily its organic upon is demoralized by lobby agents its messes Dign Ted by such con Diirr Caiu Reo and disbanded its principles As pit mul gated by . Who abuse us name and have worked s temporary overthrow Are not and never in or been democratic principles. Shy put Forth in the name of democracy any Riih g a it suit emergencies from the a Bat Filo platform to Rani secession and disunion sometimes open sometimes Covert sometimes sugared Over with Liberal propositions of peace to armed traitors sometimes boldly denouncing the executive for Bis Tresl and imprisonment of lurking spies or d refusal o release them sometimes because Hibas a Aid the Strong hand of military Power noon a Teaset Able Piess some Kiracs insinuating id Aid of the rebellion what they had not the d to enter and at All times censuring and i the pics dentin the Zischa be of his duly. Tin Yare for the Union and sympathize Lor those in arms against it they arc for the War and discourage enlistment and bowl Over taxation they Are for the government and Embarrass those charged with its administration they me against to Helicon and join it in assaults upon Union men. These political ornaments so full of the name of democracy and so empty in its principles while loud in denunciation of All who a would not act under their party Lead instead of with the people As such changed their a great principles a radically three limes in Asro air a weeks and Are not through yet. First the a a state committee a which Fias of the democratic party declined the proposition of the Lle publicans for United action during the War be _ Eaimec a a great principles required them to accompany All the demonstrations to put Down the rebellion with the a a most Liberal propositions of in ten Days thereafter the same patriots assembled in state convention and voted Down this very proposition and the one who offered it not knowing of the intermediate change of a great principles went away like the servant who was sent to collect rent Lor the Vineyard a shamefully in place of this they passed the ninth Resolution w Ith As Many brads and horns As the beast of the apocalypse calculated to censure Aud Embarrass the executive i r having done his duty in the arrest of spies in refusing in the midst of treason and rebellion and murder to release conspirators Anil nemits and traitors on a co Yov that they might ply their hellish mischief again and another week the ninth Resolution stood As the a great principles upon which this Bastard organization required All democrats to stand of pain of excommunication. But a Tremaine and a Brunck two of their candidates having both patriotism and manliness could neither stand nor urn upon such a great principles a and repudiated them and declined. The state committee however was to tiie be gency what the lamp was to Alloin when he required Aid he rubbed the lamp Aud when they require it they rub the committee and upon this occasion tin y called together not Only the committee Ami filled up the gaps from their own Board but Theu gathered candidates Aud committee and dubbed both Aud by unanimous consent Mode up a new declaration of a Groat principles a a week old and they were Given to the world under the Cert Leates and hands of the candidates themselves and where would they have stood Tine for the Union movement still the platform wan Loose shaky rickety unsafe and Ussat Isaac Toty Ami tammany Hall Alt there wis left Oftle Deluica organization arraigned the whole Asa to giant Imp Stien and declared its Repi Elution of the ticket unless its managers should change tin time and come up manfully to the of Uit its i the occasion and go for prosecuting the War o an honorable peace Ami for maintaining the Honor of the government the , and the Union. The Quot have As much Uva ode with their platform is the common Council of new Haven did with a oily ordinance. It is said that the students of yid College having been suspected of some nocturnal a it Pica the the e to lathers Procla mid an Cush ump a Ramc it a penal offence to be in the is reels if it r id of clock in the evening without a Wnm. numbers of the student i n nerd walking in the dark after the in, . Aril were arrested hut us each n an Vable t a show a visit in v. T h him As re upon ii. Lie a was discharged. Toe ordinance was 11-.-1.� cub d a in it quire Ari i,i<7< to be placed a. 1 i a Ltd. This the students complied with i. Vie i tit still walked in darkness and is a ,1 Piini a or it. It was a leu Timber Atimnd-1 j. To Ltd fit to the Candle to be lighted. This the snub is complied with again bit wrapped a cloth Ai Niimi and escaped again. I , the it i y fathers upon a farther Aud res Muri Quin 0 each one to have a 1 Mitera with it ii thud u it Saivii g Light in the slip cos .xc., and . . The Roor Tat dilates of the la go Raj a o i a a a tin 11. of great Cli vet m a t c to of a i to i to t of a speak and All in bit. C iii Pony a i a i a i r a to Ftp . S m l ii1. I. I h,.i in. A. I Vyt a i a i o licit to a a a Tel 1 the Tlle i at m a to i bit 1c a. I a a Ito air cml v a put s it. Nisa p a i v p i l it to Vav Al 1 a. A a a of i tv.�, t leg on t. C. Buy y Gnu Itoi a -. 1 w no a i is-1,"tn-.y in y Uia i a Oil i ii i d of m Ai to p. In Quot 1�?~ a it. In i Uli 1 ;