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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 24, 1861, Brooklyn, New York Vol. 20, no. 251.Brooklyn, thursday october 24 1861. One cent ail i i. Van Anden a Bux Sheh and proprietor. A a Gas bail big a As 80 and 32 Zoltok Stinst. Broom i delivered to City subscribers every evening at a no a i or week payable to the carriers. By this Papko has Latiok of any ecu. Do paper published in the United states Aad at a medium a or psi near and general advertising. It not surpassed by and other journal. 1 17 terms invariably Cash in Advance. From Oham Bei s st. Express 7 and 11 a a and i 3 30 and 6 pm. 1 printing of Evert description promptly and neatly ice Kouts s a a great reduction Feor form Raffis a travel of a islam do a Talija a Oady change of te11minu8�?leave James slip and thirty fourth Street ferries n. A 9 a m Lor Greenport. A 3.30 a m Lor Yaphank. A 32 Ftp and 130 v m for Syosset. __.9 a m,13 i. 3 3a. 4.30 and 5>0 p m for Jle Ranstead 9 a Mvi m. 3.30. 4 30, 6 30 and 6.30p Al tor Jamaica. Trains leave Hunter s Point on Arr Vii of boat from jane3 Hudson River Rax Leroal a Fott Albany and Troy. Connecting with trains North and West trains leave v a from 30th Street 25.11 25 am and 3 55 and _. 1� m. Troy 8nd Albany with sleep-1 10 45 p is Shadaya included log car10 15 i a i Poughkeepsie train at 6 a i 6 -5 a a and 1 40 p m. M and 1 16 p Ftp. I Peck Suu train 4 pm. I 4 25 p m sing sing train 9 a a 4 309 25 a a 4 53 anti 8 25 p m. And 8 pm. Al skill train. 5 30 p m. I 5 55 p m. O2 a. F. A a Milf in superintendent. lessons in French Given at the House of the Pupil by an experienced and Well e located Young Frenchman at Etc its an hour. 75nents for hours. Acp�?Tth1� j. Giraud Post office 8tation a new York. _o23 2e private class for Young ladies no. 193 Atlantic Street Between Cour and Clinton streets. The branches taught Are Reading spelling. Etymology. Geography. History English grammar. Composition arithmetic. Penmanship and the Kun Oroen s o Frenzen. Terms ten dollars per Quarter including the use of a books. The class is select a d instruction thorough. The teacher of the class we 1ms been Long engaged As an instruct Ress of Young ladle it. A Large institution in the City of new York takes entire Chaie of her pupils receiving but a limited number. The Winter Lerm will commence november 18th, when a very few additional pupils Cun be admit id. Circulars May be obtained at the fancy goods stored or. Brandt. No. 193 Atlantic in free Eyl Nino lib 1 it plug evening schools of the City for males and Lemiles will open of monday evening fils Trust at 7 o clock in the following school houses Viz no. 1, Corner of Concord and Adams its. No. 2. In school House no. To. Ivarsen st. No. 3. In school House no. 17, Corner of fifth and North fifth its. No. 4, in school Blouse no. 18. Remsen st. No. 5. Quot 12, Adelphi at. No. 6, a pc 22, Green Point. No. 7, a 1u. Now anus. No. 8, a a a a 25. Walworth st. Coloured school in school Blouse on Willoughby st. The education desire that All the Young men and Young women of the Ohy not in attendance on Tae Day school who Are Dellious of mental culture should a tend these schools experienced and competent teachers have been appointed and every facility will be afforded for the improvement of the attendants. In behalf of the committee on evening schools a. 11. Baylis chairman. 1861 Brooklyn. O. O�?T5 a a drawing and painting my. Wil Llam Wonhas opened his classes for the season Athla studio 137 Montague s Reet a. Schools private classes and scholars attended. Circulars at studio. No it. I q Madame Graen 3lu Zouki auit Lii Suone door from West Baltic. Stamping embroidering in Gold Silver silk worsted Aud Cotton crocheting netting ac., done to order on reasonable Terras by mine. Graen. Also lessons in said embroidery As veil a in the German. French and English languages Given by mme. Graen. Remembered Cou t 1m clashes of the German and French languages. Brooklyn professors Aud . 81monin, respectfully inform their friends and the citizens of Brooklyn that they will open classed of the German and French , for ladies and for gentlemen on the 7ih of october in Hamilton building room 13 Corner of court and Joral Raou sireet8,and on the 8th at prof. Metcalf s Academe no. 68 South ninth Street Between 3d and 4th streets Brooklyn 10. D. The most approved method will be pursued and Short preparations will be required. For circular and further information. Ampey a address As above._se27 3m tc1rencb Institute. For Young Gen it Tlemcen no. 93 Hampden Street Elliott place Between Fulton Avenue and Lansou place. Brooklyn. The fall term of this institution will commence on monday the 9tb of september. Young gentlemen Are prepared Lor College or business. French is the language of the school. Spanish and German Are under the care of experienced professors without extra charge. For circulars a. Address Asab give. Au20 8m . Simon1n at. , principals. A Fanity i and French languages taught in Brooklyn private lessons Aud classes. With facilities to practice Ano conversational soirees also translations properly Ana quickly done by see or Alberto de torsos and Mons. J. Roque Nourt both native teachers and professors atthe Best schools of the City can be obtained by apply ing at the teachers residence. 75 Ful Tot venue. Two blocks from the City Hall Brooklyn. Fie nor aide torsos and Mona. J. adopted a new practical and theoretical method atone Eab for the pupils and of remarkable Brudt a. Ram gymnasium. Eurn Haimy a classes in Gymn As Ltd and calisthenic for season of 1861 and 1862. For masters and gentlemen will meet on tuesday thursday and a sturday afternoons and evenings at 4 Aad 8 of clock at to. 12lioerura Street. A class for ladies will meet every morning at 10 of clock and a class for stung ladies and misses will meet every afternoon at 3k of clock at ladies gymnasium 176 Atlantic a elect class for ladles and gentlemen in Light and Graceful calisthenic and games accompanied by music will meet in ladies gymnasium on monday and Friday evenings at 8 of clock. Commencing oct. 14.1861. These exercises Are adapted to the most delicate constitutions. None but persons of respectability will be admitted. Full particulars can be had by applying at either gymnasium. Se303m___avon 0. Burnham. Mirn ram a gymnasium for ladies -53 no. 178 Atlantic Street Over Whitehouse Snew shoe store opposite the athenaeum is now open for the Tberon shave been thoroughly renovated the Bowling alleys put a Complete order and new apparatus has been added. Skating taught on Patent roller skates. Ladie classes meet every morning at 10 of clock. Young ladles and misses meet every after Nova at 3 4o�?Tck. Particular attention paid to children. Schools liberally dealt with. Lady Are invited to Call at All exercising hours. The room Are open from 10 a m. To 5 p. Refers to revs. R. S. Stairs h. W. Bee her or. J. Barker s. S solar w. A. Bar a att or. Molella f. A. Farley or. J ii. R . J. Crude. Or Mitchell,_se2l3m be ladies gymnast a and movement cure Corner of Atlantic and Clinton streets Brooklyn will be re opened on 8epterc>. R 1st next. Or. And mrs. Bloede in attendance. Out of All chronic diseases particularly those of the female so. treatment of curvature of the spine and other deformities. Gymnastic and a amp Asthenic classes for ladles misses and children. Apply at the gymnasium or do. Bloedb�?T8 Home office. 142 court Street. Au33m Coal Aasu to duo Oal Coal 1 Coal 1 a the undersigned has Cumberland Coal for manufacturing or Smiths use. For Sale by the cargo or ton at the Eagle Coal and Wood Yard Corner of Bridge ant Plymouth streets wholesale and retail dealer in Coal and Wood. N. bestow Delaware Pine Wood. Np2 a. W. Hendrickson. A i Nollsh House Mannel Coal will Jet be landed a a if v Day. Corsale in Lota to sultry Marston a Power. it Tea turn wharf Between Tulton and Oatha lao Beaver Street doors fron Wall. Neil nov of dancing. York. Get your flour for the Winter before the Price goes up. You can get flour at the cheapest flour store for from $1 Al to $5 5&Quot. Warranted Good and delivered free in any part of new York or i room Lyn. W. B. Gillette. 2pi front Street new York. O9__near Fulton ferry. _ new dining Saloon the subscribe i has taken the Central stand no. 33 Fulton Street opposite the City Lylall. And dated it up us a first class dining Saloon where every substantial Ami delicacy of the season can be procured at a reasonable scale of prices. He Hopes by prompt attention and the Superior Quality of his articles to it a Liberal share of the Public patronage. His friends and the Public Are respectfully invited to cull. Se20 by j. P. Z5llver. Pebble Wlas sea stub at a Jurjis a a want Samta kind , a Leei . Orrin Ted we me Tuk eeb the beet Teek of Speet Wie. And err Sla Esob in this Olej. And can cult All that Call Ana m very Enort. To tace. Let every Onetha can. Ear pebbles and the Ailya take Over the Ordinary it Laau trill a slain d by j. In 0 and to their entire oar a Ricafor pebbles h much cleaner Ian you Oan have then Quot done in new York John d Chase s a 3 Fallon Street manufacturer of All kinds of Svor Ware glib and hair jewelry. 5v and of All kinds Roo Virond in the a very beat a Dod Worth so dancing academies no. 204 fifth Avenue Corner of 26th Street new York. 187 Montague Street Brooklyn. Classes tuesdays and fridays in Brooklyn commencing october 1st. Classes�?wednesdayb.and.8atdrday8, in new York commencing october 2d. A in the new building on fifth Avenue recently erected for the punic be will be round every requisite for such an establishment. In addition to the dancing classes will also be formed for exercises in a new system of Calu thenis. Rape Dally valuable to ladles and children of delicate Frame. Or do Worth would be glad to make Arr Angeine to with Semi Narles for lessons in dancing military Drill circulars for terms amp pm May be had at either Academy. Sel4 8m j t. Uri8�?T dancing Academy no. 347 a Fulton Street opposite City Hall the Academy will be opened for the reception of pupils and the formation of Cla bes on and after the so of september glasses for ladles misses and masters on wednesday and saturday at 2 of clock p. Gentlemen a classes tuesday and Friday evenings at 8 of clock. Ladles classes monday and thursday evenings at 7 of clock. Private lessons give at the Academy or at the residence of the Pupil further particulars and circulars can be had at the Academy at any of the above mentioned hours. New classes now forming. Private soirees every weeks the first to take place on thursday evening sept i2th, at Montague Hall._au2l7m or. C. H. Rivers would most respectfully announce to his numerous friends Aad patrons that his new Academy Corner of court Aud Scher pm born streets a no. 33 Scherm Tarboro Street will be opened for the reception of pupils and formation of classes on tuesday. September Lull the classes will meet on tuesday and Friday afternoon at 3 of clock for ladies tuesday Udd Friday evenings at 8 of cock for gentlemen and wednesday and saturday afternoons for misses and masters. Sell Rood they 8olrees will be Given Asco Itterly. Notwithstanding the expenditures the terms for tuition will remain the same As heretofore the Cost of the soirees and hulls will be the same and ail honorary members will be admitted at any time to the regular Clase and be entitled to the same attention As pay members. For More fall particulars apply at the Academy or Send for a circular. Parents and guardians of children and ladies Aud gentlemen wishing to become members Are invited to visit the Academy. A. table parties wishing to engage the Academy for Ralls concerts or sociable Are to voted to apply As above. C. Ii River to se4 6m 33 schermerhorn Street Brooklyn. Dry goods. 273 removal removal of we. Pinder it son a i i o Erem it red their Stock of hosiery and gents furnishing goods from their old stand 171 Fulton Street to their new capacious store 273 Fulton our door above Tulare st a Ian of the Large plaid at great bargains and Well Worth attention infants. Misses ladies boys Young gents and menus a underwear. J. C. Cottrell. 272 Fulton 8trjsei�?T. Qualities. Wool Merino Saxony. 07 d hosiery hosiery hosiery i so we. Pinder a so new store 273 Fulton Street one door above tillary. Ftl_81gn of the plaid stocking. Lex Andrei kid genuine article in full assortment will always be found f no. 255 Fulton Street opposite Clinton Street. 03m e. Lewi3. Fok Sale. For Sale or to rent a pews no. 95, 96 and 99, in r. P. Dutch Church on the Heights. Rev. James cells being among the most desirable in the Church. Unless previously disposed of will be sold at Public auction in said Church on monday january 13,1862, at 12 of clock m. Inquire of ae6 tf_jame8 h. Prentice. 2 Remsen Street. A a or Sale a periodical and newspaper depot. Does a Good business and will be sold reasonable if applied for immediately. Reason for Selling sickness of the owner. Address Box �?o0.�?� Eagle office. Jj3tf bakeries wedding and visiting at very Short to tace. And of Superior Quality. Also Ilia Delopes. Blank cards ac., at a cjiaal�?T/3, 203 Fulton Street. Cards written in a very Superior manner by the Only Ultra writer in Brooklyn. At Chase Pebble glasses amongst the thou Sands that Wear Sii Estades. How few know the value of pebbles. Finest Quality to b a had at .1. D. Chaskes 20.1 Fulton Street iy23 manufacturer of All kinds of jewelry. a by to Nikki cages a Large As received at John dunces bu31 2m _ no. 9l_f Ulroan Cor. Henry no Roet. Of a in a Ltd to a us at a be i it it Noil he but to Weir Oyes and we car it Uei tabs should sure to be the pebbles the be to m to b Ever invented for the sight. A Etc had st Oil so s. 20 Fulton -tr--ot., a h3 manufacturer of All Kuda of jewelry an a silverware. Yellow Corn bread. A want of labor a reduced income the approach 0 rigorous Winter and not a Mouth the less to fill necessitates the strictest Economy on those who have Little and commends example on the part of All who have plenty. Foreseeing the Public want the subscriber has determined without View profit the size and Quality of the loaf offered lathe proof to Nunu facture in addition to his present Trade one description of bread which will put on the table of Many families a loaf at Little Cost palatable Sweet healthful Andas nutritious As any kind of bread that can be made. A single trial is solicited to convince every family of its Public Utility and advantages. Enquire for Mort ones yellow Corn dread 5 cents a loaf at Rushmore a 125 Atlantic Street Castanos 69 Myrtle Avenue. Burti Fulton a Cor. Of Raymond st., a 314 Myrtle Avenue. Darrow s,435 Myrtle Avenue. Davis Walworth s Reet near Kent Avenue and at the scotch bakery 125 court st., opposite st. Paul a. Political Jol of James Morton. Grocz Kies tra Ceries in keeping with the it &i&4�?at Arnold Youngs j8i Fulton Street. Brooklyn May be found the Argest assortment of Fine family groceries in the City Emma Cong everything in the Trade to Tret nods and exclusively for Cash enables us to offer rare inducements to Cash and Short time buyers. Are Tauy receiving the finest butter from the choicest Dalerti Orange county. Those wishing to Purchase sugar by a line barrel. Flour by the barrel Tea by the Chest Coffee by a it a so a of. Soap by the Box. Starch by the a it a Case &c., a. We invite ail to Call and exhume our Woolfond prices and see r the same cannot be purchased Asche Apin Brooklyn As new Yore Ana delivered reef ii Page. We would Call particular attention to1 our 45 Yeti j Oblong Tea Arnold a Young x. Iel5 6m 181 Fillon Street by Soklyn. Important to the Public. A if you vyi8h genuine Tea and ooffe3. And at prices to suit the times go to Hardin a co. Junction of Fulton Aud main Streeta Brooklyn. The very finest Quality of old government Java Coffee Only 18 cents per la. Or 6 lbs. For one Dollar. Rich mocha or Turkey cts. Per la. Or 5 lbs for one Dollar. Rich and fragrant new teas just imported in five and ten Pound boxes at . _ Harding a celebrated Cocoa Mustard and spices of the most Superior Quality and at prices 20 per cent cheaper than any other establishment. Remember the a land Junction Fulton and main streets Brooklyn. The oldest Tea and Coffee 8torb in the City. Mb6 of c5rst Quality family groceries�?w7 a h. Cornell. 230 Fulton Street Corner of Clark Street offers to families the most Complete assortment of groceries and fruits to be found in the City embracing every article of necessity or luxury kept by family grocers in extensive Trade in Gluding Choice winks. Liquor. And Segars and every variety of foreign and Domestic fruits �fen., to. Garden. Field t Flower 8esd8. Assortment of jellies or ode from pore fruits express in for the Trade. Dried fruits of ally nos. English pickles sauces to. Boned sardines and Orvea in Oll a 11. Cornell Nochta the patronage hitherto extended them from the Avenue As the orders Are attended to daily Taal. Good delivered All parts of the City. The War col. A. Al. Woods 1-t in a regiment n y. P. About ninety men Are required to Complete this by raiment which has been at the sea of War for the past live inti Itlie. Apply . A. W. H. Gill or 1st Lieut. Geo. K. the City armory Corner of nary and Cranberry Street Between to hours of 10 a m. Andel m. Ol2_____ in association of past and exec Ift or the fourteenth ref Ament n. Y. S. M., formed for the purpose of Udu Sciug the interest of said re ulment while at the sear of War of Tilini a be families of it members and of securing to those who Lviv he disabled and to the families of those who mas1 by kill d or die in the service the Geminn Aud allowed t v 1.onnms give notice that paid Catlon made any of the under Biyuen executive committee will meet with prompt attention. The committee would most respect fully solicit subscript it a Yeti Zens of Brooklyn la behalf of the above fit a Zoh Purnett. 19 Henry Street cd mme a a Luiu grand Street Eft d. 1 a a a mip is w pm Arl Street. m h 92 Street. Script m. H. Robeldo. 2�4 Hudson Avenue. Col. Jesse c. Smith. President. A�s6ttf1 ind3ay�?T a Caret Farr 145 court Opi Meltc atty Street. Leople a Union nominations. State. For attorney general Daniel s. Dickinson. For Secretary of state Horatio Ballard. A for comptroller. Lucius robin30n. For treasurer. William b. Lewis. For canal commissioner Long term Franklin a. A Jer. Short Terra Frederick a. Tallmadge. For state prison inspector Abraham b. Tappan. For state Engineer and Surveyor William b. Taylor. For Register. Hugh Mclaughlin. For county clerk. John n. Stearns. For Coroner Titomas p. Norris. For superintendent of poor Dit Mac. Jewell. For justices of sessions William ii i10ht. Nicholas Stilwell. For senator. Second District 1st 2d. 8d, 4th. 5�h. 7th. Let a i3 h and 19th wards Jesse c. Smith. For senator third District 6th, 8lh,9lh, 10th, 12 h. 14th. , 16th, 17th, 18th wards and county towns ii enry o. Murphy. Judiciary. Fur judge of the court of appeals William b Wright. For Justice of the sup erne vmit�?2d District. J011n a. Lott. F Assembly. For Assembly first District 8lb, 17th, 18�h wards and county towns Andrew j. Provost. Second District 1st. Goth and la Ith. Wards Richard j. La Lor. Third District 4th and 10th wards William m. Thomas. Fourth District a 33 Ard 5th wards Jonathan b. Tikwart. Faifili District filth and 11th wards Charles l. Benedict. Sixth District 13th and 14th wards John m. Is earns. Seventh District 7th, 1mb. 16th and 19th wards Edgar Mcmullen. Or Coroner a first District or. Charles a. Van Zandt he registers iii. I have nailed Roy bag to the Mast and there it shall wave to the last. I hereby most respectfully offer myself to the electors of the county of Kings As a candid Ite for the office of Register subject to your approval and endorsement on the first tuesday of november next. I Alto hereby pledge myself that in Case i am elected to the place. I will appropriate nne half of the income of the office for the full term be it More or less As a fund a redly and exclusively for the Benefit of the widows and orphans of those citizen soldiers of our county what May fall in the defence and support of our Flag and our common country. The said fund to be under the management of the mayor of the City our state senators and representatives to Congress for the time being. Respectfully. Oil Tille. Robert g. Timur by. Hats Ano it web furs furs at tames ? harriets hat and fur stores no. 93 Atlantic Street opposite the Market and no. 100 Fulton Street near Hen a Brooklyn. I am prepared to offer to my customers and to the Public in Gen ral a Large and Well selected Stock of Lidie misses and children s fancy furs of my own manufacture consisting or Hudson a Bay Sable Miok. Stone and Fitch Marten silk Rian Squirrel Frenchi and water Mink. Talmas. Cloak capes. Half and Quarter capes Victo Rines. Muffs cuffs and Sleigh Robes of All kinds. Also a Large assortment of gentlemen a youths Anil children a silk Beaver and Felt Latsin great variety of new styles which i will sell i prices to suit the times. N. repaired neat Frisbi snably and cheap at Short notice. James iii auks 93 Atlantic Street oppor Ste the Mark Taud Lyl Fulton of tweet near Henry Brooklyn. Ol9 tiie nation a loan. Us. Government Agency a for 7 310 trea 8ury notes. Nassau Bank of Brooklyn no. 8 court Street. Pursuant to instructions from the Feore tary of the Treasury a Book will be opened on the 9th Day of october atthe Nassau Bank of Brooklyn for subscriptions under my superintendence for Treasury notes to be is quod under the of july 17. Lechl. These notes will be lamed in Sains of fifty dollars one Hundred dollars five Buo cred dollars one thousand dollars and five thousand dollars each dated 19th August 1861, payable three years after Date to the Orner of the subscriber. Or a directed and bearing interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent or annul payable Semi annually such interest being at the rate of cents for each Day on every Hundred dollars. For the convenience of the Holder each note will have coupons attached expressing the several amounts of Semi annual interest which coupons Mav be detached and presented for payment separately from the notes. Fun script tons for such Treasury notes will received during the fifteen a 8 from the Day of opening the Book As aforesaid or so much longer As May be directed by the treasurer. No subscription for less than fit dollars nor for any fraction of that sum can be received. Subscriptions of fifty dollars or on Hundred dollars must be paid in lawful Coin of the United states at the time of subscribing. Subscriptions of More than one Hundred dollars May repaid at once or if preferred of e tenth at the time of suit scribing and one third of the whole amount on every twentieth Day thereafter until to e whole shall be paid. No payment of less than fifty dollars can be accepted that being the smallest sum for which Treasury nut icon be issued. T will be granted in duplicate to subscribers for the amounts so paid to original of which the subscriber will by mail to the Secretary of the Treasury when Treasury notes As aforesaid will be issued the Creon to such subscriber or his order carrying interest As expressed in such certificate but in cases where Only a Partlow the amount subs Loed i paid atthe time of subscribing Treasury notes will be issued Only for the payments made suite Quentin to the first which Wil remain until the whole amount subscribed by such person shall be paid when Treasury notes will be issued for such first pay ment also. On payment of each deferred instalment the subscriber will Oay. In addition thereto. A sum equal to the interest accrued thereon from the 19th August to the Date of payment Ana on final payment like interest on the amount paid on subscription Welch payments of interest will be reimbursed to the subscriber in the payment of the Firat Coupon. The Treasury Notts issued upon such certificates by the Treasury will be sent to the subscribers by mail or such other Mode As May be indicated by them when they transmit their original certificates. The duplicate certificates May be re Tai Nedby them for their own Security a h. Frothing am subscription agent. To facilitate subscriptions Ceu fled checks and current Bank notes of the Banks of this City and new York will be received. °9 lot u Sloan 7 3-10 Treasury notes Copons attached. Fok Sale by j. S. Mackey amp co., Lotf no. 0 court Street Brooklyn. Special notices. Al Broadway new York. A a of fall amp Winter cloaks Odi an elaborate assortment. Ladies fall Ani Winter cloaks a made expressly for the Best City Trade. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks. All tiie latest Paris styles. Lady Ksn fall Asi Winter cloaks of the Best materials. Ladies fall and Winter cloaks offered at the lowest prices. Ladies fall Ani Winter cloaks at retail. Hayt m Karr q �1 Broadway. Ou1 361 police office cemtk4l, in Railroad no. I Atlantic Street september so is la. The supreme court having Contin Ineil the assessment for closing the entrances to the Tunnel a Atlantic Street and restoring the said it treet to is proper Grade pc. The persons assessed Lor said improvement Are hereby notified that by paying their assessments at this office within thirty Days from this Date they will save the collector s fees and the penal interest imposed by Law. A so in William it. Otis trea it uror. Oakes crackers and b r e a of wait Antip absolutely pure and Sweet wholesale Toa a commission stores at the _ scotch bakery no. 123 court struck be20 of ,>o3llo rat. A Nira. T Quot Ott neg not oks of elegy 10 n an 1 District canvassers you Are hereby notified that the6th Section of the Law of april. Is to. Require every inspector Ami District. C Vasser to at in i on any before the Day of holding the . A it the Olli be of the county clerk to take and mls Cribe the oath prescribed by the Constitution. Dated Brooklyn oct. Id 1811. Olt we. G. B1mh p. City cleric. A of secs wintered a Farmer who by understands horses and has the be get would Elk a twelve horses to Winter. Can give City Rog a Muei. Address Farmer Glen Cove. L. I.__1m1 a a a Teu Bay by Rickerby a Lan to v f Junction of Fulton and Dekalb avenues the fined a tirs in the Miket served up at All hours. Also steaks. Chops a to always on hand. Families and panics supplied at the Shore Strouce. N7 in a Nav a a i i so v e Rye of 7u to Leo a Quot a it a Attl Umsu the Asch rides or pin Wor us. T a Nova of to Icli liar ova re Allied the Al till of the most it Nineff pm Vii a a bin it. Greenl Orelj expelled from the Quuinn system by Lue Unicof i v. 0 Din worm syrup. A curo in every Case. Relief afforded la i i is a a Gnu p h Ruric v a vegetable preparation. And hat tid is Kiev a a l�?Tv1 a. ,5. Monnius e l a apr Lphr wild it s 1 i do. K of. Ii Ami 12 Ihm Pill so teen. Torf m. Central agents Lor new England. by Brug its Geu rally. A Lodjai Phylli harmonic society of Rookey n fifth sea80�ri86l and 1862. First concert. Saturday evening nov. 2d, 1861. The directors of the society take pleasure in a noun Tine Tbs Arringt inept have been made for giving a fifth series of concerts and Kii earn als and Trust thatt became Liberal support from members Aad All lovers of the Art. Pm be relied upon enabling them to accomplish the design of making the entertainments of the present season Equi. If not Superior to any previous. Tie orchestra will be composed of tue same eminent artists is Heieie Oie under the direction of or. Carl Berg Mann Vlase ability a a contractor is universally known to need any commendation and the same popular Leader i. Noll. The annual subscription fee is live dollars securing to the subscriber in addition to the Ordinary privileges of membership in any society admission to five concerts at d Fly teen rehear als and a secured seat to each concert without extra charge. Besides which extra tickets to each concert will be sold to the subscriber at a reduction of or cent from Public prices a glitch will be appended to each member s concert ticket a the presentation of which Ai the office of the Academy of music wifi entitle the Holder to a secured seat without extra cd Fowe. Members who Avail themselves of their extra concert tickets can secure seats at the same time by paying Twenty five extra. Box office to be open from thursday morn no until saturday afternoon. Previous to the concert from 8 o clock a. Until 5 of clock p. M Toje Box keeper will be directed to secure no seats and to receive no directions for reserved seats previous to the opt Nln of the Box office. No tick ets to lie sold to non subscribers except on the Day of concert when they can secure seats. The Price of to rivets to single concerts will be to non subscribers one Dollar rehearsals. Fifty cent. Extra i tickets to mingle concerts will be sold to each subscriber at cents to be procured of the treasure alone be it re the Day of the concert or at the Box Oik Oti 1 thursday or Friday previous to conceit persons professionally engaged in music tiny Purchase adm shot to the concerts and rehearsals by the annual Payi Neihof such tickets to be procured Only of the Itin of Les Orch soul pieces for first concert. So min Invin k in it first time Haydn. Atm la Cluny no. 4. In d ii Inoru. Thu Nann. A a Kra i key . Lito it. Vocal and folo instrumental performer. Madame Blanc and soil Rano from the conservatoire at Milan. Or. . Mil Beux Ines. Violoncello. Or Joseph Noll violin. Subici options received and tickets sold to concerts and rehearsals at the usual places and of the treasurer. Kj5 Joralemon Latrett. O2i of flee id Quot week. X Success. T Ile Bohemian troupe still at musical Hall. Exhibition very evening and on wednesday and saturday afternoons. A magnificent Case Given at each entertainment. By request. Another Bea Tuul head dress made entirely from spun Glass will be Elvin to the ladles on wednesday m Ter non oct. 23d, As a special present Mode of disposing of tiie present etch lady on entering the Hall will be presented with an extra number in a iii ton to the one put chased at the dour Noi ipe. On thursday evening. Oct. 24th. A Beautiful Case of Glass work Wip he Given to the author of the but original la of. Sublet to Quot the Glass to bed Cicen by a committee selected from the audience. All poems to be sent to the Quot Bohemian troupe musical Hail. Great treat for the children. Another matinee on saturday afternoon. Every will be presented Uilah a Beautiful present in addition to a regular drawing number. Admission 10 cents. The management takes pleasure in announcing the engagement of i Lofessor b. Palormo the celebrated pianist cd this City who will perform a Choice selection of popular Aira at enter tier Yuent. The piano used is from the establishment of Albert Webber of new York. The Beautiful Glass steam engine will be jux full operation. Adro Issitt cents. No half Price. Exhibition commences at 8 of clock. Distribution at 9. Afternoon exhibition at 3 o clock i to Button at 4. Doors open t Ali an hour previous to it a h hit Tun. We. Wood Roffe business manager. E. J. A 111 t a agent. O 15t of a a us Yish Yakle ties. Bruh Kyn cos o Fulton and pineapple its. The Only legitimate place of amusement its Brooklyn. Proprietor. I. Burtis. Treasurer. L. B. Packard. Stage manager a. Hard sell. Musical . Ii. Conman. Open every evening. The ladies and gentler Enriave Yeen engaged and who a Par every Nickit might a Louise , actress Danseuse am pantomime is miss Annie Boi dwell the unequalled Bali Adist and Brooklyn favorite. Or. W. Bui wort Quot a the great Banjo soloist late of Woods minstrels. Lee Powell. Comic vocal it and negro Delineator late of Nixon a Gyal am Philbea re. Larry Tooley. The unrivalled Jig dancer. Or. A. Bordv7ell. Cote median and comic vocalist feed Shaw poet and comic vocalist. J. Bryant the Imu wit Tea Darkey. Monday evening first appear once of Mons. Duverney. The great contortionist late s f Nixon a Roval Amobi theatre Biily Quinn tiie Brooklyn favorite a Larry Thompson versatile performer. The above named ladies and gentlemen Are each and every one a Star and combined form Compi Sythat cannot be equalled. The Hall has been entirely renovated and decorated in addition to which is added a magnificent set of mirrors forming in All tiie prettiest place of Public amusement in tuis or any other City. Ap5 of millinery quo Jay Street Corner of Fulton m �7 o Avenue a Dies Aro respectfully informed that they can find an assortment of fashionable and seasonable Mil Linery As at give. Particular attention Given to order for millinery. Dresses. 0ape3. Mantilla cloaks and ladies and children swearing Apps do script Ion atthe private rooms As above. E. Toombs ie4 6m___successor to m. L. Der . Millinery millinery millinery at Uii ind swell known Styli in millinery establishment 87 Fulton Avenue. Mrs. Rii ind will be prepared no and after wednesday. Oct. 9th. To show her fall and win Ike styles which she feels assured cannot be excelled in the City at the Price. Straw and leghorn hats cleaned and died. Felt and Beaver cleaned and pressed. O2w kindling Wood. A Quot idling Wood by steam Power and Ltd machinery Price reduced. Factory. Nos. 6 a 8 Jay Street Brooklyn. Orders left at the following places before so Clooke. Us a be promptly attended to j he pity pots office. Ray. 3?1 Myrtl Avenue. A Oster a Lopez no. 4 Sands Street. Or. C. Mullany 31 Fulton Street. J. Davenport Porcar Oxford Street anti Avenue a and agent Wood in bundles constantly on hand. Ol5tf Debadin a Bro. Proprietors. Lots Fok Sale. T ots for Sale at prices from a 350 Elj to Asoo in the 10th Ward of the City of Brooklyn on 3d 4tb avenues and president and Carroll streets if Ira a it movements Are made All the Purchase Money can remain on liar to amp be for Twenty years also water fronts on the Gowan a Freek a ories. Or lumber Brick Coal and Rone Yards Wulc s will be sold or leased on very favourable nos. Apply to Arthur w. Benson office of oar Roll no a or meetings. I Public notice the undersigned j commissioners appointed by the supreme court pursuant to an it passed april 19th, i860, to estimate to la. Dam Atis to buildings cause by the regrading and re i Tiv Rugof Fiat Bush Avenue in the Chlof Brooklyn and to us see the it Netus alb Long from the said regrading. Will meet daily at no. 3-15 Fulton st. Between the hours of one and of clock i m. To take proofs in ration to the same. John g. Sci Makek John Mcnamee a commissioners. Evil Siam g. La whence. Of it of to hoi�?Tse-kkeijek8. I Efries Ratkos House fuhn18hino Star Waii. 5 Ood and will i Ltd was in All Ali eur varieties at White k a l o h o i it. 808 Fulton Street earner of in in earner Call Aad get a Calai Oene. _1 1 1 a big Hal 0k. Thokisji�?T3 a b. N i o a a to to .19 Lina m in t. A posit it cure Rul Talgia Anik. Ukal for Sale. It or of Herr j Usab , 149 at Urtle Street. Ire okla. Reini1 v. A. Joseph w. Hater to Feigum Eyrcei. It he i it the and of Benedict Arnold. The november number of harpers Jay arenc has reached us. The leading Pap erisa profusely illustrated sketch of Bee duct Arnold. We copy a few of the closing paragraphs a the command of West Point was uns aspect imply Given to Arnold Ted he made his quarters a the seat of the tory colonel Robinson opposite. The time chosen for the performance of his overt of treason was about the Middle of september Lobo while Washington was absent in Connecticut con terring with to Crambeau com madder of the Crouch allies lately arrived lie sought and held a personal interview with Andre before Dawn on the Western Shore of the Fud sep several Miles below West feint. It continued until Daylight when they went to a House not far Distant to Complete the arrangements there Andre anxiously awaited the return of Nim of r Bis secret departure for the vulture it vessel that brought him up the River. 8be was driven from her Anchorage by a Cannon on Shore during the Day and disappeared. Andre was obliged to it turn by land. He crossed the River in disguise and with a pass from Arnold. At Tarry Totsu be was met and questioned by some Young american militia Nien. They searched him thoroughly and in his boots found papers of great interest to the British which had been Given him by Arnold. They conveyed him to the nearest american Post but the stupid commander not comprehending the matter informed Arnold of the arrest. The alarmed traitor immediately fled in his Barge to the vulture in the Tappan Kea leaving Andre to his Fate. The unfortunate Young Man Otto had been conveyed within the american lines against by will was Token to Tappan where be was condemned and executed As a spy on the m of october 17s0. Arnold lived Many years to experience the tortures of an utter outcast. A the traitor entered into the service of his Royal purchaser immediately. He first addressed an Exziar Atoy letter to his a late court Rvin ii a Aad Thor imbued a proclamation calling upon american Pilici is and soldiers to imitate his example and join the at my of the King. He was successful in neither. He was finally sent to Virginia on a marauding expedition at the head of sixteen Hundred men. It was a suitable employment. With the malice of an unprincipled renegade he plundered and destroyed. Having finished his work there he was sent to new England on the same errand and burned new Loudon almost in sight of his birth place and the grave of his Mother this was the closing scene of his military career. Arnold was thoroughly despised by the British of Licero. They accepted the treason but hated the traitor. Cornwallis refused to associate with him in Virginia and he was sounded by All As far is prudence and the Good of the service would allow. Lie found himself uneasy in inactivity and the War having virtually ended with lit surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in october 17sl,he sailed for England with his family a few weeks afterwards bearing a letter of introduction to lord George Germain from sir Henry Clinton who spoke of his a spirited and meritorious conduct since he joined tiie British he commended him to the a countenance and support of his lordship. Efforts were made by the politic to give Arnold position id London but they failed. The King and Bis Council and a few others connected with the government noticed him from motives of policy but he soon sunk into obscurity. No gentleman would associate with him for endure his company if it could be avoided and his presence at Eon it was an it Fence to men of character. Neu the petition for a Bill authorizing a negotiation of peace with the americans was presented to the King Arnold was standing near the throne apparently basking in the Sunshine of the Royal favor. Lord Lauderdale it is said on retiring to the Senate declared that a however gracious might be the language he bad heard from the throne his indignation could not but be highly excited at be holding Lissi misty supported by a traitor a Arnold was at the drawing room of the King i Ope evening when lord Shelburne Oll Broil to in Tondu Cerim to Earl bal Curras who was with bar Goyne at Saratoga. The Earl refused his proffered baud saying with tones of keen a a Heinz i honoured you As a Brave nun in Battle i despise you of a traitor to y our country unworthy of the notice of honest men. Your touch would be turning upon his Heel he left Arnold to Chew in silence the bitter Weed of deepest Chagrin. At another time when lord Surry bad a sen in me British Senate to speak to saw Arnold in the gallery. He immediately s it Down Ard pointing toward him exclaimed a i will not spell it Bih that Man is in House when Talleyrand Wasin England and was about to Imtiaz i lib America lie heard that an american gentleman was stopping at the same hotel with himself. He sought a interview was pleased with the intelligence and Liu ency of speech of his new Friend and Assed him to give him letters of introduction to some of his friends in his own country. A alas a exclaimed the american with much i notion a i have do country nor countrymen a it was Benedict Arnold. An Bicer of rank in the american army who had known Arnold in life was in London after the War. The traitor called at his lodgings and sent in his card. A Tell the geat Leium uni not at borne a said the officer to the bearer a and never shall de for general after the War Arnold made his abode at st. A Johns in the British province of new Bru Swiek w Here Many refugee loyalists who lied from the United states and settled. He engaged in a profitable shipping business made Money lived m a style of ostentatious profusion and thus Purchis eos Entrance into the society of the so called higher classes. His known fraudulent dealings and haughty deportment made him very unpopular with the people and on one of Misiou they showed their resentment and contempt by Susiem i in his Cal Ign in Public labelled traitor in Sucha position Asio be easily seen from his House. It was then committed to the Llames with loud Buzz is. This was in Ltd. He went to st. Tob tib in thu every year his unpopularity increased and in 1tm he closed his business sailed list for the Vest Judies Aud then for England Aud there made his permanent abode. Mieu War broke out Between England Aud Fiance he petitioned for employment in the British army. His prayer was rejected because not a Soli aty of incr could be found who would serve with him. Arnold resided temporarily in the West indies sevc Tal times when engaged in commercial pursuits. He was at Point Poire in guid Loupe when that Island was retaken by the French lie bad accumulated a Large sum of non y there and p Aring it might be taken by the French if his name and character should be known he assumed the name Olanderson. He was put on h a French prison ship in the Harbor. A Sentinel soon informed him that he was know. Hgt at once planned a method of escape with i treasure. He enclosed it in in empty cask which under cover of the darkness of night he let Down into the sea so that the Waves might carry it ashore where the English were encamped. Flu a bile of the cask he placed a Lett a Guior Mug the eng Lihi Itiat the cask and font is belonged to hint. He then embarked on a raft of it links which lie had prepared with which he Rea died a Small bout. In this he escaped to the Thuis j diet and saved both his life Aud Money. Arnold resumed to England soon abet his perilous adventure in the West indies and lived in per Leet retire tent on Gloucester place. Tuere he died of the 11th of june Bol at the age of silly one years Llis wife who was More than Twenty years his Junior died there in june Iso. I it cpi-ro., r a r s. About r a to l0 c0vld riot its it the idea that a he Quot a �7 on his Foroi Efra Andje old it legs and Jook a a n Cut i Doroug however v-1 u Quot a a 11 wound and a soiled r. T. A. Jul of a of health Bis Power of Dee mod Prev Jpn powerful enough to suppies the of amp a of Twenty Ordinary a Cathy on m e Clabion a k,.\, burp i de in a Lien Hoube emulated death with Tuch exactness that the owner of the poultry thought the thief had died from a eur Feii and alter kicking the big Flani d body rudely about the floor picked it up by Ibe toil and threw it on the dug Hili a to in m Alimard ma6ter Fox gathered up his legs and cod Hie to Fence. A Jox had been pursued near Edgefield South Catota. But the Bounds Loetell Trace of him invariably upon the pide of a Bill. A gentleman deter no tits a to Polve the mystery found that the its after stoning a Enid Lead the pack a pretty smart race in the neighbourhood get them warm and excited and would then run to the top of the Hill descending slowly until he reached Midway when he would lie Down meantime the dog flushed and eager would have their natural Speed accelerated by the descending Grade and they would almost literally run Over us Well As p amp Tihe object of their Pursuit never perceiving that Hij had lost the Trail until they precipitated in unify. A Ftp into the Valley below. As soon As l i tip pied the Fox would Rouse himself cast a la iii Abuce behind to be sure of be position of ins emmies and Sun away in a opposite i Reeth b Wlsh Vii greatest Speed. Just Day Tiuliu a gentleman once observed a Jox walking by us a Sbily along the Borders of a Faim i or looked v by anxiously Over the Wall into the fit id a denied to Long very much to get la id of one of the bares feeding in it Whit h la knew he could , by running. Afier Rilli Cirg a Short Lime be seemed Tofu pm Bis plane. To first examined the cub rent gaps in the Wail fixed upon one that seemed 10 be the most Irujo mine and then Laid Down As a cat would of a mouse Hole. Fie shed with great care and silence soaped a Small hollow in the ground throwing up a barricade As a kind of screen meantime however keeping Upa most Catious examination of the adjoining Field. Nyhen All this was accomplished Belaid himself Down in a Cor Vermont posture for springing on Bis prey when the Sun was fairly up the bares began to pass out of the Field but not within reach from flip ambush. Presently came directly toward him be did net look up the involuntary motion of his ears showed however that to knew of their approach. The hares came through the Gap to Gerber m ill the quickness of lightning he caught one add killed it but unhappily for Bis length of Days the observant Hunter now tired his gun and Fox and Hare by dead beside each other. The weight of Money. From a very headed a making Money a the words being used in a strictly Litte ral sense we take the following extract 5ye have said that the amount of Bullion which will pass through the assay office during the present year is estimated at one Hundred millions of dollars. Let us try to Uve some general idea Eti the weight and bulk of the Gold required to n Uke up this nun. A cubic Inch of line Gold weighs about 10 l-7th ounces and is Worth a trifle less Ihno �-310 a cubic foot weighs about 1454 pounds and is Worth $362,000 a Hundred Mill ious in Fine bars will Mea uie about 273 cubic t of Sav and ones Vedith cords. If cast into a solid cube each Side would measure about six and a half feet. It it or coinage is of a Standard Gold,5�?T the ten Dollar piece weighing 25s grains. A million dollars in Coin weighs nearly 4479 pounds Troy equivalent to about 3085 pounds Avord Poi or More than one anti three a meter tans. A a g Lovoi Uche High 10 inches at. Tho Heads and it. Tiie , will hold about $50,000 in Gold Euini thou. Iid i Ucb kegs would be required i j $160,000.00 1. Gold in Grain occupies about twice the space a hat it does when cast into burs. It is Aid that in l Ait Orr a Gold dust was for a while sold by tip Quot n mt., this in ensure holding 142 ounce Worth $2,505. A Hundred millions in cil if Orizia crust w Woulff measure 40,000 pints or 625 i bushels. After a the Coin which any depositor i would be Likely to carry with him. Makes no very i Quot rent bulk. Into a Box measuring on the inside 1 10 inches Long 8 wide and 5 High $36,000 in Good a Coin pm be packed.1 a bag 6 inches by 9 will bold $5,000, Lea i Jug room to tie. Silver Coin occupies a Little More than t Wenty live times the bulk of Gold Coin of the same value. Miscellaneous. Z is to Amend the Constitution so As to prohibit the Sale of intoxicating liquors As a beverage. Thesul Vacti of the Assembly concur that the Constitution of this mate be amended As follows tiie Sale of intoxicating liquors As a beverage is hereby prohibited and no us shall no enacted or be in Force after the adoption of this amendment to authorize such Sale Aud t the legislature a Hall Btu Law prescribe the necessary fines i Ai d penalties for any violation of teds provision j a olved if tiie Assembly concur. Stiitt the foregoing i amendment be referred to the legislature to be chosen at the next general election of senators and that in conform a to to Section one of article thirteen of the Constitution it be a published for three months previous to the time of such election. Stats of new Yord. so Nat March 13,1861. The foregoing resolutions were duly passed. By order of the Senate. Jas. Terwilliger clerk. 8tateof new York. ? in Assembly. April 5,186l the foregoing resolutions were duly passed. By order of the Assembly. Tianson a. Usley clerk. State of new York. A Offick of the Secretary of state i have compared the preceding with the original on Tillen this office and hereby certify the same to be a Correct Traa a crypt therefrom and of the whole of such . R. Floyd Jones �j91aw tillnov4f_ Secretary of state Ryd Veuy i i Ilmon Auy was latties and gentlemen. I a it of tiny u Al cough or qum get Pic a a i a u Afan h . Big Quick Quot Irv a a h air. A greater Lun us i Quot i i Quot a a endure. Not my Arp a till7 no. 204 Fulton Avenue Unco u a so the tricks of Lccy Naid the Fox. One of the most interesting essays in the present number is devoted to u description of the Manly sport of lox Bunting. As illustrative of master lie Nard Strick we give the foil owner a number of Hali grown toys he a d in Dinar bed a lbs and App Routly Kil,�7. The body was carried brine and in Wavu Civ -1\ in a Corner of the room while Ilc in u t f Sun per. La Yard seeing Bis a Nenkies 1 Mil it engaged ventured to a it , i Al f or Puri Ose caiiii1 i by 1 is Mann i it u la f to l it Jeenii l g it Nisaib to a tip i mov resumed iii iii Sci in state. E of the t of quo who wit a i is sed to e ii Chi menu a a t Tui witing under the Eit inns artices to la it \ e i a w l every de i Phot at Ely p so o m i Ltee Lig uni ri., under i l be Lux in in a log a i a 1 a i Tinetti As leu j Ime As Ita an-., a a a m a a a a it i con end a pro i t ii end Vul y a a Vini in 11the mys Ilio Ilion of e Lection notice. State of new York 3 Offick of tub sec fart of state it , August 1, 1861. To the sheriff of the county of Kings sir notice is hereby Given that at the general election to be held in thl state on the tuesday succeeding the first monday of november next the following officers Are to be elected to wit a 8>cr�.-tary of state in place of David a Floyd Jones a comptroller in the place of Robert. Denniston an Turcey general. In the place of Charles g. Myers a state Engineer Aad Surveyor in the place of Van r. Richmond a state treasurer in the place of Philip Dorsheimer a canal commissioner in the place of Hiram Gardner for full term a canal commissioner in the place of Benjamin f. Bruce who was appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Samuel u. Barnes an inspector of state prisons in the place of Josiah t. Everest a judge of the court of appeals in the place of Georg f. Comstock All whose terms of office will expire on the last Day of d Comber next. Also a Justice of the supreme court for the second judicial this frit. In the place of John a. Lott whose term of office will expire on the last Day of december next. Also senaus for the second and third Senate districts comprising the county of Kings. Cowry officers to re electro seven members of Assembly a county clerk in the place of Charles w. Thomas a Register in the place of Howard c. Cady a superintendent of the four for the 4th District a the place of John c vend veer justices of sessions in the place of Nicholas Stillwell and William ii. Hoyt a Coroner for the 1st District in the place of Alfred ilor ton All whose terms of office will expire on the last Day of december next. You arc. U without delay to deliver a copy of the above notice to it it the supervisor of Rodeo the assessors of each town or Ward in Jour county and also cause a copy of said Notov be published in Ai the Publ c newspapers printed in your county once in each week until tie a Devrion. Yours i spec Tiutin David k. Jones. Secretary of state. City of Brooklyn m Kings , a a a i do hereby certify that the above Isa True copy of original notice received by me this Day Troia the Secretary of state. Dated in Rook to. August 1. It lbs. F�u2 Law till new to my adm it a o 4 . Sheriff. Reainu Jyh Oktis. , agent a Pas i iii Efu of Quot 481 Broadway Between grand and Broome Tri Ltd Wiere he Sells new 7 octave pianos for Jaq a a and . Second hand piano and Meto Deona rom �25 up 1 Unis All kind of musical merchandise at War. Hiki Flo Zieons to rent from 2 upwards i t in niemits received for the same. Alexandre organa a or it.-u- s a a >.t,v la Ricos. Mh7 by Toke nth James k. Lent. 359 a Fulton treet. Opposite City balls new and second Dan Tim ears his Hje a on of trip to rent a Lii the Pri it he eos r.vir.-. Up Irma applied to Purchase. Accordions Guitara. V in a ii final violins. also she�1. Music for fifth. A piano cd Loktev. Davv Stoat and Sale Ruom fourteenth Streltz. Oor. Of third a Taito of 7 in i Ter of acatan1 the Tostru Meutz ,.i a a a a ranked a Luau Ere a 1 v. A \ 1 Luram Lity urn git a a l. A hey Are Hir Fly Apple ditty. A. A a i off by r a a a i or ouch. Trial. The prop a r. A ,�?~u7a in 1y_. 1 Ritieni to the of a a a a a it. Trials Good a a by a i4, mire of to w 1 a. I a i in i. A twi in Pei to Mac Nril . Arnou tank sum its a a re. 8il it a it a 1.11e am i. >1 i a l ,.\ a a a Al 1 j a a l. A a Tau Fol Cut. Off it i i Surv i 1 n u id a i at Oil pc i a a a to a a 1 a 6 Quot no to fall a i at tip i a a a u bul g be i eat Ibex of it Ute us of a Globe it a a. 58 at a Ltd k 8 a i if i a piano -i-1 8 v. Lka a. is re a 7.1 1"1a a Orvik. Midair a Irsln-.-, a a or \. N i a 1 a a a a re. I f in Bati. A it of a Vitia. A a a a -,1 re a Quot Quot co t \ a piano Forte Fot birr in g Kyc a a v it Jikky Vav. to a it ;