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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Brooklyn, New York A tag us b democratic judicial convention the democratic convention for the second judicial District will to held at the Waverly House in the City of Brooklyn in the county of Kings in Friday the 10th Dav of october 1851,at 12 of clock noon _ Richard d. Little Robert h Coles secretaries of last judicial convention. Catherine Hayes in have just Learnt upon undeniable authority that miss Catherine Hayes will give a concert at Montague Hall on wednesday evening Dext. We have indications of a considerable storm which it is Tobe hoped will not disappoint w e understand that the barometer has been Falls Ling for some hours and As the wind is in the storm Quarter we May expect Ruiu. We have looked at our almanac and it says a you May expect rain about these the Union Abe a Temperance paper published in Brooklyn in an article headed a John headlong Ata mock auction a a concludes by recommending its readers to beware of a mock does the editor desire it to be inferred that the genuine article is to be preferred and May be used ? a Young boy of about 15 years of age. Named George Colgate web taken before Justice King yesterday charged with stealing Money and other articles from Bis friends Anil being guilty of habitual misconduct. He was convicted of Petty larceny and sent to the now York House of Refuge. Public school no. 13.�?the Public examination of this school will ta6e place on the first Friday in november instead of the first Friday in october As heretofore stated. The Junior classes will to exp a tined on thursday 6th november and the senior on Friday the la commencing at 10 of clock . The following scrap is pointed and pungent it will Bear publication every months 1 May said an inquisitive Little girl a will Rich and poor peo pie Livo together when they up to heaven a a a yes my dear they will All be alike a then a Why done to tilt and poor christians associate Torether Here a the Mother did not answer. A splendid members of a a Brooklyn engine company no. 17 have presented to their Foreman William Wright Esq., a magnificent Gold watch. Thib is a compliment of which or. Wright May justly feel proud and one which reflects the highest credit upon the generosity of the company and the character of their fore Man. Brooklyn of those who have paid their Money to secure the erection of an Observatory in this City Are desirous to know what has been done with the fund and what Are the prospects in regard to the founding of such an institution. We have already noticed that professor Mitchell has been announced is being engaged for the new Albany Observatory and those interested would like to understand what is the situation of things in regard to the work with which the professors name has been connected Here. The new la natio readers who pay attention to the proceedings of the Board of supervisors will have seen that at their meeting on wednesday they fixed on a bite for the new Lunatic Asylum. The location selected is the High ground beyond the Greenwood cemetery it is within the City of Brooklyn but lies along the Border joining new utrecht being bounded on the South and West by the new utrecht line. The site run along the Centre of 58lh Street from the new utrecht Boundary to the 3-.1 Avenue a distance of 8120 feet and thence runs Westerly along 3d Avenue a distance of about 400 oct to the new utrecht Tine by which it is bounded of the West. The situation is one of great Beauty commanding an extensive variety of Prospect and is said Tobe the most eligible of any of the Sites re commended. The Price which is �900 an acre for about one half and �1000 for tile remainder is admitted to be a reasonable amount. Or. Spinola stated that Witt tin eight months from the present Date at least a portion of the new Asylum will be ready for the reception Aud accommodation of lunatics. We Trust that the Enterprise will now meet with no other obstacle and that the building will proceed with All possible dispatch. The institution if carried out according to the design of the originators which is on a plan similar to that of the Trenton Lunatic Asylum will be an object of satisfaction and Pride to the inhabitants of this county As Well As a Relief to tire unfortunate class of individuals for whose accommodation it is designed. 2tirats�m�nts. feathers of nil qualities up to strict in prime for Sale in lots to suit purchasers by o3 it. J. Todd,88 Fulton Street. Sjana Fiete e so a few Baies o trusses of very Superior Mackinaw Ami real London Duffil illan kits Jusi received and fur Sale cheap by o3 k. J. Todd 88 Fulton Street. Oil i Ion a a Large assortment of floor table and Carriage Oil Ciot Lis direct from the Maine manufacturers All widths and very old together with in assortment of carpeting und rugs for Sale by 03 r. J. Todd,8 fallen Street. Ass site. E. O. Of o. A the members of Liro Oklyn Lodge no 25, Are requested to lie to i be Ippun Lual in choir Alle dance of tuesday evening october 7th, As business of importance will be brought before them. O3 ill John 8tevenson, Secretary Wani to Dpi in Brooklyn the lease Offhouse wins Wilh a Toro 9uitttl left a a druggist South of Union , or East of that Section of the City for next Spring. A Long lease would be taken if any one erecting a building thereabouts would be willing to requisite manner. Address c. F. of this paper. O3 it Bee we a by lost child on the29lh of .1 uly last a Little girl named liar ret cum mins a Gutive of tipperary Ireland was landed in now York she came passenger in the ship Rohu from Livor Pool since which time nothing has been heard of any person who can give information or her that will Lead to her discovery is to where she can be found May by applying to or. Begley Quarll Street near Wal log by Brooklyn receive the above Reward. U3 at fight in the police morning a woman named Ellen w. Closkey was brought before Justice King on a charge of assault and Battery preferred against her by a Nymph rejoicing in the name of Mary Casey while defendant was testifying to the nature of the assault and the extent of the injuries inflicted Upas her person Ellen thought fit to dispute the veracity of her statement gave her the lie and applying to her a very Nasty epithet pitched into her with the ferocity of a Tiger and but for the interference of the officer Mary would have presented in a very Short time a physiognomy More ornamental than Beautiful. Ellen was locked up to await an examination on both charges. Nassau file insurance directors of this new insurance company met last evening and passed a Resolution that the subscribers should pay the full amount of their subscriptions on the first Day of december when the company will into operation. The office is already located at no. 10 court Street Corner of Remsen Street in one of the most favourable positions afforded by our City and everything indicates that the new company will to one of the strongest and Best yet organized. The capital Stock required by the Law is �150,000, ill of which has been subscribed and the organization of the company therefore placed beyond a peradventure. Its list of subscribers embrace Many of the Best men in Brooklyn. Effects of evening a woman of respectable character was arrested by one of the first District police on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. It appears that she was a industrious woman who supports a family of Small children by her work and having been exhausted from fatigue last evening she drank Bome Beer which produced such a state of excited ment in her mind that she became when arrested however she Felt the nature of her position and. Begged to be liberated promising to never got drunk again. She was taken before the Justice however and fined �3. burglars have Beer More Active within the last week than for a Long time previously and have hitherto escaped detection though their depredations have occurred nightly this morning Between the hours of 3 and 4 of clock the dwelling Bouse of or. Grander in Livingston Street Between Bond and Nevins was entered by burglars and �60 in Cash a pair of pantaloons and some other articles stolen therefrom. The thieves managed their business so quietly that none of the inmates of the House were aware that it had been entered until it was discovered in the morning. Last night the dry goods store of or. J. B Sutton no. 171 Fulton Street was entered and the following articles carried off a Viz 10 Yards of Berge,5 pieces of silk 7 pieces of Satin 2ss Yards of various kinds of silk 5 dozen gloves 6 dozen Black italian silk handkerchiefs. The thieves effected an Entrance in the rear of the build id by forcing open the window shutters and made Good their escape without exciting the least suspicion or alarm. Last night the Schooner Oceola lying in the East River was robbed of four Firkins of butter marked . Seventeen kegs of White Lead manufactured at the Brooklyn White Lead works in front Street. The Lead was the property of me serb Lane it pc Maugum 92 Broad Street new the police of this City Are on the Alert and have a strict look out for All suspicious persons. Nassau file insurance company. At a meeting of the directors of the above company held Al the office no. A court Street Tho following Resolution was unanimously adopted resolved that a instalment of live per cent on the subscriptions to the okapi no Stock of the Nassau Pire insurance company of the City of Brooklyn be cubed for payable at Tho office of the company no. Ill court Street on the tar stay of november next Aud Tho balance on the Sirut Dayhof december following. Extrum from the minutes. Daniel Richards chairman. William m. Harris Secretary. O3 Tel in tit pigs county Board of supervisor october 1, ic51. I the matter of the equalization of the assessment Lio us. On motion of or. Voorhees duly was resolved that u vote of this Board Hud on the 24th september last adopting the a it port of the committee on equalization of assessment Koloc us a mended sgt he to Aud to per cent to the 3d Ward assessment Roll to percent to in Etith Ward assessment Roll and deduct hmm Ike assessment Rolls of the town of Winlun Enshu to per cent and from that of the town of Rushwick to per cent to not reconsidered. And the question Heinc taken on the said Ieso u Ion it was adopted by the Board. Or. Kent then uttered the following Resolution which was duly seconded to wit resolved that in order to equalise the assessment Rolls of the several wards Tov us cult to districts in the county that there be added to thu assessment oils in the several wards and towns excepting the three Dis strict Sinuhe town of and the town of Bushwick 2 per cent and that Thure a deducted from the assessment oils of the Irvn of h Williamsburgh 10 percent and from that of Tho town of Bushwick to per cent. Or. Stilwell then offered the following As an Amend ment to the said Resolution that 30 per cent be added to the assessment roil of the to tit Wrd of the City of Brooklyn 25 per cent to assessment Roll of the 9th Ward 5 per cent to the assessment Boll of the Retith Ward 30 per cent to the assessment Roll of the town of new utrecht and that there be deducted from the ases to. Rolls of the Lowus of Wiliams Burgin and Bushwick it per cent which amendment was duly seconded and the previous one Simon having been ordered and the question being taken by yens and nays the Suid amendment was lost by the following vote a has Brooks strweli�?2, nays Brush Spinola Booth Morris Hudson Kent Ryder of by a Williams Muchmore Bergen Schoonmaker Ryder of g., Voorhees Debevoise Berry spark Many pc and the question was then taken on the Resolution As offered by or. Kent and the said Resolution adopted the vote being 17 ayes 3 As follows year a Brush Brooks Spinola Booth Stilwell Hudson Kent Ryder of a Williams. Muchmore Bergen Schoonmaker Ryder of g., Voorhees Debevoise Berry sparkman�?17. Nay Morris a and then or Bergen one of the members who had voted 5n the affirmative on the motion to adopt the said Resolution As offered by or Kent moved a reconsideration of the vote by which it was adopted motion seconded and question thereon taken motion lost. To was ordered that the proceedings this Day had in relation to the equalization of the assessment Rolls be published 1 insertion in each newspaper published in the county certified from the minutes. O3 Ltd amp a Chas. E. Bulkeley line lop stages. The subscribers would i respectfully inform the Public that they a Aro now Runnio the above of stages from the Fulton ferry through Fulton and Sands streets Hudson Flushing and Kent avenues in Brooklyn and first Street in Williamsburgh to Green Point passing Tho Nuvy Yard and City Park the Peck slip division Avenue grand and Houston Street ferries and running u distance us 5 Miles for 6 cents. Ea3t Brooklyn passengers wishing to Cross the Fulton ferry will find this the shortest route by 1 mile and they will reach the ferry in 20 minutes less Timo than by any other line. Stages leaves Green Point and Fullon ferry every Teu minutes from 6 .,to 7 p. M.,and at intervals of about 20 minutes after that time until the last stages have their respective stands. The last stages leave Fulton ferry for Gree Point at % past 12 of clock leu Vosgien Point for Fulton ferry at a past 9 of clock leaves Green Point for East Brooklyn Only at h past Isom clock leaves East Brooklyn for Fulton ferry at 10o�?Tclock. A we. No expense will be spared to make this one of the very Best lines on the Island. O2 if Johnson is. Hudson proprietors. Tong 5sjland Lodge no.63, a j. Of. members of the above Lodge Are requested to be punctual at their rooms Corner of Myrtlo a euro and Steuben Street on Friday evening october 3. At 7h of clock As business of importance will demand their attention. By order Charles n. Speed a. G. James Pinkerton Secretary. O2 2t new stage arrangements for Jamaica and Long Island rail it and to Greenport. Passengers will take Tho Fulton Avenue line of stores at Fulton ferry at 8 of clock a. And 3 of clock p m. To cent act with the Jamaica Lino of stages at Bedford fur Jamaica. Passengers taking these s Ages will always be in time to take the cars at Jamaica for Greenport. 02 a a Montgomery Queen _ mrs. Shepherd teacher of babe piano guitar and singing is prepared Quot to receive Pupil sat her residence Quot no. 2 de Levolse place Between Futon Avenue and Livingston Street or if preferred would attend them at the residence of their parents. Mrs. S. Batters herself that her Success heretofore together with Unab amp Ting exertion will ensure her giving satisfaction to those who May favor her with their Patrou age. S3 2m faction sales. F. C. Schaffers dancing and Waltzing Academy will open on thursday sept. Lrtil at 3 of clock for masters and Roi amp ses and 8 of clock p. M., for gentlemen in Franklin building near the Corner of Orange and Fulton streets oven he Star office a for particulars apply on mondays Aud thursdays Daja of t tuition or at or residence near the Corner it Cla son and Button us Onuf m. Air 3m baby mrs american museum. Manage .Uml . T a Aurum assistant manager John Greenwood a re this evening and every evening during the week. A new and splendid Bill. In the afternoon at 3 o clock a cheap excursion. Also the laughable farce of the fire eater. In the evening commencing at 7x of clock Kotzebue a celebrated moral drama the stranger strange Clarke countess mrs Rogers tf1e entire chinese museum Lato of 539 Broadway has been added to this establishment and contains Over a million of curiosities which will afford to the visitors As thorough a knowledge of the chinese people As a visit to China itself. Abo. Queen Adelaide a Carriage titania thu fairy Queen. An immense Boa Constrictor a. A performances at p. Aud at 7k of clock in the Evoy Ning. Admi88ion25conts children under 10 Vea Raof ago,12# cents._�?T_ju24 of concert so lecture rooms gothic Hall Adams Street near Concord this establishment has been entirely re in celled Andimo proved by the addition of new drawing rooms elegantly furnished. The Hal i has also been enlarged and a hard Pine floor of the most approved construction for dancing Laid in the same which together with Tho new draperies couches Render it Tho largest and most spin did Assembly room in Brooklyn or new York. The Vilall and rooms Are at All times to those interested. Tiu Sameoun Bora amp Deto the scope onto premises. N25tf faction sales. Adj Ogle. Hons and Madame Berteaux a French and English Day and boarding school for Young ladies 43pienepont Street will re open septum Oer 1st. Tho English department will continue to Beau Doerthe direction of n. Cleaveland Esq. Aug of Kinderhook boarding school. R up he Winter term commences on the first thursday Al in november. Pupils Are accompanied by the principal to and from the school at the commencement and close of each term. Among the present patrons Rofe Renco is Mado in new York cite to Edwin Croswell Esq., senior editor of the Albany Argus m. O. Roberts Esq., 177 West Street Vav. Ii. Bernard Esq., 57 Beaver Street John Frisbee Esq.,59broadway in Brooklyn to Hon. John Greenwood a. Crist Esq., Harrison Street doctor Cullen 79 Cranberry Street at Whoso House the principal May be seen for a few Days. Circular containing full particulars my be had at any of the above. Address 630 in a. Watson a. M., principal. Brooklyn Institute a drawing classes w 1 on tuesday evening october 7t&Quot, 1851, and continue every tuesday and Friday evening Rura 7 to 9 of clock. Landscape and figure class terms $2 per Quarter 24 evenings payable in Advance Robert Hoskin teacher. Architectural and mechanical class�?�4 per Quarter in Advance. John Kuum. Teacher. Application to join either of the above classes can to made any week Day evening at the Institute. Young ladies class every saturday afternoon from to 4 of clock. Torran s3 per Quarter. Apply to u. Hob Kin teacher no. 80 Myrtle a euro. Nerkitt Smjth John Hooper Oliver Hull Charles Congdon Brooklyn sept. 17, ism. S8 of committee. Cemetery of the evergreens a notice to lot owners an election of two trustees for the cemetery of the evergreens to take the places of Samuel e. Johnson and Edward Copland esq�., Whoso term of service soon expire will take place on monday the 5th Day of october next at the office of the association no. 291 Fulton Street Brooklyn. The polls to be open from 4 to 5 of clock p. S2d 3if,,f Geo. Hall general agent. Notic3e is hereby Given that the annual election of directors of the Coney i Eland Plank Road company will be held at the office of the company at the residence of John Vanderbilt in the town of Flatbush on Tho Farsi monday of october next at Tho hour of 5o�?Tclock,p m John Vanderbilt president. September 12,1851. Sly to co to Elf Claf Hank of new jer3ev j Bills of thib Bank taken at Par for furniture at Tho lowest Market Price by of Law r. J. Todd 88 Folton Street. French and English boarding and Day school for boys. A Traue duties of this institution under the direction of Or. A. Bout baud will be resumed of monday the first of september in the up Neon and convenient building lately erected for that purpose Al the Corner of Remsen and Clinton meets next to the Presbyl Riun thu ice. Us to Hje it a it Fht it in of Lari a Tuisila ail Opportunity of acquiring a practical knowledge of Hie modern languages and particularly of the French which is the Only one used in the family whilst they pursue All thu regular studies pertaining to a sound English and classical education and receive such general instructions us will qualify them for any profession or occupational life. Au2t� eods a boarding school for Young ladies to open on 5tii october 1851. A a. Stodart formerly mrs. Ogilvie or the senior room of the new York female High school wishes to receive a limited number of Young ladies at her residence Bay Side Long Island and bus Tho Pelt Mission to refer to Hon. William 1. Imp coun 30 Warren St.,n. Y Charles town Esq., Broadway near Broome St., n. Yard Othor late Petrous of Hor private school Broadway. All the brunches of a thorough English education will be taught with the Froncz Spanish and Lallan languages. Needle work drawing and painting music piano &.e. To those desirous of placing their daughters or wards where they will be carefully attended to 111 every respect mrs. 8 would say that the location cannot be surpassed for Beauty of situation or health pos Essig All necessary advantages for Riding bathing and walking and very accessible being one and a half Miles from White Stone and but three from Flushing from which latter place opportunities offer several times a Day. To and irom new York and from Whitestone daily each Way. A berms which Are moderate according to the ago Ami studies of pupils can be known by application to mrs. Stodart Bay Side Flushing l. I. S4 in heal Anil i boor. Coal depot at Haxtun wharf. E have constantly on hand and Landing leu1gil Wyoming peach Orchard red and White Ash coals of Best Aud of All and kinds which we will sell at lowest Market prices for Cash. We have also in said and Are constantly receiving English end scotch a amp incl halibut Ion a and Blu Tidell a Orrol Welsh Cumberland and other coals All of which we will sell at wholesale or retail a Liberal discount made to dealers n City weigher attends to the weighing of our coals insuring to purchasers full weight. Orders take for new York. Apply to Marston amp Power foot of Dock St., Between Fulton and Catherine ferries 23 thu Brooklyn. I it Al a up sum Rue is. keepers would do Well to Call on us and eng Genoal for next Winter to be delivered lii summer at Olivics j summer prices while freights and Coal Are Low by doing so they will be saved the risk of High prices resulting from floods Breaks in canal , railroads or strike of minors Boatmen or combinations of any kind. Marston amp Power. Coal depot at Haxtun wharf Foo Dockst. Between Fulton and Catharine ferries Brooklyn. &p3 of carpeting amp a. carpeting a a try Beruti Ful and extensive assortment now on hand at Mcgrorty a great carpet Emporium a Street Brooklyn. All bought for Cash and sold Low. Also Oil cloths Diu gets Mats. Us n. and Oil cloths made and Laid Down in any part of Brooklyn or new York City. Whole Sulo warehouse 130 willium St.,. El7 3in Oil cd Jln Foj Hsy floor Oil at the lowest Cash prices at 50 Fulton Street. Good floor cloth at 3s or cd. Ap2 of Jas. E. Underhill or. Oil cloths from 2 to 12 feet wide May a be had at no. 50 Fulton Street. Also on hand a Largo assortment of Oil cloth rugs table cloths ice. James e. Underhill n7 if no. 5ft Fulton Street. Jill Untra. James Cole a auctioneer. Offinet a Quot of. 43 Button Street Corner of front Brooklyn test James Cole will give his personal attention sales of household furniture and also to sales of , &c.,at Tho Exchange new York. N. forthe disposal of propert private Sale. Saturday oct 4, at 12 of clock a at Tho Kings county hotel Williams Burgh. Mortgage Sale of Al that certain lot Oflund on the southwesterly Corner of grand and seventh its being 75 it on grand 6t, and about a id it of seventh St together with All Tho tenements thereto belonging. For full particulars Seo advertisement in Williams Burgh times signed by Philo Cunningham Assignee of mortgagee. Saturday of t.4, at 12o�?TDock, Franklin House re sule on account of the purchaser it the Bale of july 19, 1851, he not having complied with the conditions of the Sale. By order of the Carman deceased the Hwu Sourd lease of lotto 27 Fulton Street Brooklyn. A Lour Story Brick store and dwelling 24 it 6 ins by 45 it together with the unexpired term of 4 years Jim Tho 1st of May 1851, of lease from the corporation of the City of new York the buildings to to paid fur at the end o the a term or a new lease Given As the same is provided for in the lense under which itis now held lot 24 feet 6 inches front 29 i 3 in rear bolting to 2 ins on one Side 90 it 10 ins on the other Side More or less v also he unexpired term of three years from May last of lot in rear i the above quid lot is 34 by 100 it More or Les the building to be paid for at the end of the term As provided for in the lease under which the Samo is now hold. The House has been Tsekas a hotel for a number of years past and the building in the soar is a Largo Brick stable. Terms�?10 per cent at Tho time and place of Sale monday. Oct at 10oviock,at31 Ridge a i n a a steam engine boilers machinery Complete fur circular scroll in i lop sawing and turning consisting in part Olono 8 horse Power engine anti boiler gearing shafting Bel ing saws turning lathes amp a. Terms easy and made know on Day of aide. Tuesday oct 7, at 12u�?Tclocfe,atthe merchants Exchange 430 valuable lots on Atlantic Powers and suite streets the 4th Avenue and Pacific Dean Bergen Wyckoff Warren and Baltic streets known for the lust Century As the Powers estate Viz lift on Atlantic St 30 on Pacific 2� on state,22 on Dean 34 on Bergen g2on Wyckoff 38 on Warren. 14 on Baltic 5i on Powers Street and 80 on 4th Avenue. This property is in the very Best locution in the City All the streets and avenues Are graded and most of them pared a elegant Brick and lame buildings Aro now being erected. This is the most desirable part of the City fora private residence and will at least double in value us soon is Flatbush Avenue is opened. Maps atthe Olieo of Tho auctioneer. Torms�?60 percent May remain on Bond and mortgage for a term it years Ilde aired. Saturday. Oct. 18, at in of clock a. M., it the Kings county hotel Wiiliams Burgh. Mortgage Sale full that lot of Tho so Cornero to Mccomi and South 5th its williamsburg., bring 20ft sect us to and 75 it on to och 5lh St together with All the tenements thereunto belonging. For full Paris cubits see my it in Tho a Sette signed Joseph Conselyea mortgagee. New s a plug of ladies bonnets at the Bee hive 221 Fulton Street. Received per last Steamer irom Europe 37 cases new styles of ladies Straw and fancy bonnets of the Paris and London fashions for May. Also 113 Cartons splendid Hibbons. My29 of Ola act or Jar Sale. Etta cart jots Fosi Saff,k-l2 vacant v lots for Sale on Gates Avenue near Bedford Avenue and running through to Monroe Street. T he pro pity is beautifully to crud and on Gates Avenue All Tho Lota Between lit Ford and Clusin avenues arc sold under restriction which prohibit any House from being elected within fifteen feet of the Street and Tomt Cut so less than �2.000. The intention is to make this Poiva. Of a ates Avenue As attractive As Clinton Avenue. There is no liner location in the City. Apply to 823 of Stephen Crow Ell,45 Fulton it for a on mount Prospect City of Brooklyn l2n Lois of land situated on the Flat Buan Road two Miles from Tho ferry. Tho lots will in sold m Small Wincele at irom �15ft to s25�o per lot of 251 0 Square feet of .uml, and on Tavo Rahle terms of persons wishing to build dwelling houses. A prohibiting nuisances will to inserted in All conv Vanees. Apply to s30 2.v T \ re Tol 71 pineal., n. Y. H t k St a to it air i i it a Fluk Yufor Sale a to of ground fronting on water Airee and extending to i Oak fat reel Alley 25x111. Enquire of John a. Dayton 43 Fullon ., Broil Ken sept. Iff r-51. �10 of b s for Sale on Washington Avenue Between Gates and Green avenues. Terms easy apply to John p. Solomon 213 Washington St. »3 in Between Vesey and Barclay is s., n. Y. B5rook8.yn tip b so Kern a ? r Long Island Bazaar forthe Sale of Llor fes carriages amp a it. to to Kkt South Brooklyn. The undersigned having taken the premises incr Dom Bia Street do mined As u biding school intend holding sales at auction every tuesday and Thuler Day morning. Commission per cent Cash paid Down for nil sides effected. Further particulars and rules and regulations of Tho minion made known on application it Tho Esta o i i Hhd Iii i. Clue inner nth s�?~7 2w S. Hill auctioneer. Of it my Tiv a for Sale in Dulch a Imreh properly in Henry Street near Mark consisting of three a ots and a Suos Tantal Church edifice Tiu by 8u it sold a great bargain. It is Seldom Huici on Opportunity offers for die up property most eligible situated lbs Church congregation or any other object for which so much land and a spacious edifice Are req ired. Until sold it would be rented Lor lectures Putric meet Inga and concert. Apply to j. It. Brower so co., is i in 45 Fouth Street new York. Cpl a cargo of guano is daily expect d by the it subscribers paid to be of die same Superior Quality is hint per a Hannah Brewin a and will be sold and delivered from the bark a Fiella a Al Baxter a Lawrence a wharf Brooklyn Between Fulton and Fouth ferries at the rate of one Ceni per Pound to All such As will Send their bugs or barrels to the store of said Baxter amp Law Renic to others a moderate charge will to made for packages. If once stored it will not be sold it that Rales therefore apply Immo Danu a Chouteau Merle so Sanford s2 in 51 new Street. New York so to Fob county �59 Twenty Flo acres of land at the Narrows this Side of Hamilton House on the 1 Ign ground fronting on Tho water. A finer nation for Gem Lemon a residences is not to he found. Communication with the cities of Brooklyn and now York tall t ours of the Day and night mid in a Lew minutes time. Apply m Merle court Street Brooklyn s2 in or to 51 n w Street. New York. Of fifty to a Lute fart oath new 3 Story Brick House yips Corner of Myrtlo and Clermont avenues 2 rooms an amp with sliding doors 2 Largo bed rooms 4 closets and Kitchen with Rango amp a. Rent �150 por annul. Apply on the premises. Also to let the store next to Tho Corner on Myrtlo Avenue suitable for almost any business. S26 Law to i Jjo to in Union Street font Brooklyn be Quot ulal Weon court and Clinton pm re to a a Stone front mouse a a modern improvements. For further particulars apply to w. Al Muntz au4 of 45 Cliff St. New York or it Tho House. To let a two Story Brick shop with Iron la in Psi floors and shutters and Mutual roof. A bul enquire of e. W. Cassidy by 10 of 139 Fullon Street. Brooklyn. Two cottage houses at privatesale�?1 lot 25xl00fcet, with two commodious Cott Ngoho ?fr8e8,at present let to Good tenants no �>300 porn num a situate in Baltic Street Between Hoyt and Bond terms 650, if applied for Toon. S 1,000 can remain for 3 years at 6 per cent. K. J. Todd mh28 88 Fulton Street Brooklyn. Slot Imp amp eau Niqi. Engl Bekx lot auctioneer. Brooklyn Exchange. Sill Folton St., Brooklyn Freeman buildings faction sales. Aaron strive jr., auctioneer by Stone amp bother. Ornee 31 Fulton it Kkt. . E. Lott will Ivo his personal attention to the Salol stocks goods real estate household furniture at the Salea room and out door generally. At private Salk. A Jorge spacious dwelling House Bam out Housch amp my one narc of Lund pleasantly located on the North Sloot rond about half Way Between the Village of East new York Nril John , being very desirable for a country residence Aud cannot be surpassed a Oen cd Anc for a Public House w Brown sanded Honeo and eight lots of ground on Washington Avenue non and North of Fulton Avenue the House is Large recently and Well built has All Tho conveniences of Lurnice Range hot and cold water Baths. The Garden and ground Are Tust Lully arranged Iheson Lofto Best Quality and furnished with Trees fruit shrubbery Flowers Etc. Torino one half the Purchase Money can remain on Bond and Mort Ngo. 2 Frame cottages on Smith St eur Warren finished in modern Stylo. 175 lots in Tho Lelih Ward on some of the most popular streets. For further particulars apply at the office of Tho auctioneer at the Brooklyn Exchange no 291 Fulton it. Friday oct 3, at 10 of clock a at Brooklyn Exchange 291 Fulton St furniture Sale by virtue of a chattel mortgage by order of ii p Curth attorney for mortgagee consisting of Beds malt Raes bed std pier dining and card tables Bookcase carpets chairs clocks divans mirrors sofa Etc. Terras Cash bankable Money Only. Wednesday oct 15, at 12 of clock at the Brooklyn Exchange,291 Fulton St 64 lots on Franklin a euro Carroll president and Union Street As follows to wit 9 lots on Franklin Avenue 31 on president Street 9 on Union Street 15 on Carroll Street. Besel Otmaro located in Avory desirable Parton the City having a commanding View of the cities of now York Brooklyn and Williat Isburgh also of now York Bay Etc in a very healthy and pleasant neighbourhood to mechanics and lit is desiring to Purchase one or Moro lots at a reasonable Price Anu of easy Access to Tho i a Les this will bean Opportunity rarely Buffo Ltd Franklin a. Be Lino is now being opened paved graded and lighted which will be Tho nearest pleasant Ami most convenient Ron it from Fulton or peels. Slip ferries and Willi Wineburgh a Flatbush Coney islam amp a. Terms unusually Liberal. Further particulars May to obtained at the Brooklyn Exchange. E5. J. Tosdal Ftp auctioneer Stork and sacks room no. 88 it Rob a. Tho undersigned the oldest auctioneer in Brooklyn re turning his Gancero to Lanka to the Public for past favors tenders his services to families in the disposal of furniture at auction during the season in Brooklyn new York Orang Pari of Long Island he assures those who Muy favor him with their Quot business that the Trust reposed in Nim will not be forfeited. His spacious Salea rooms Are now open forthe reception of furniture groceries or any other description of merchandise on which adv uces will be made in Large or Small sums Best prices will be obtained with and prompt returns. The undersigned knows the value of every article of Fin nature and other goods to a nicety and is Well calculated to hold autum sales or make valuations. R j Todd no 88 Fulton St auctioneer and Valuator. Real estate sales important to tub the undersigned the of debt auctioneer in Brooklyn give notice that to will attend to sales of real estate in h inshore at the Franklin House or at Tho merchants Exchange a or $3 per lot or any larger parcel in a jobs promo Iii it a amp a Quot furniture groceries and All kinds of merchandise sold in Hiss Torvund Els Whereon equally . U. J. Todd auctioneer and Valuator.88 Fulton St. At private Sale mangle of Superior Quality imported from England a few Days ago by the Mechanic who made it for Hibo Nuse. It will be sold for Tho Sterling Cost it applied for immediately to u. , 88 Fult ii St. _ Hui Fiset Lieis by . Sales room 172 and 174 Fullon h., museum building Corner of Orange Street. H. So. K. Will give their person attention to sales o household furniture a apr Vale residences or in their spa Cio usand convenient Salel rooms. Real est Riley and to Tock of goods generally and Trust their experience in Selling and in Tho arrangement of household Lurnis utry and Gunraj merchandise Lor Public Salt forthe lust fifteen Jeur Sinthy City of new York w m be Inan Ift is in the favourable result to owners of any business ctr Utheil to their care. Cash advances made on Cousin Anent when required. At private Sale one suite of carved ror Wood parlor furniture i Crimson and Gold Satin Brocatello consisting of in sofa Tete a Teto a re farm chair ladies 4muduhon Buck parlor chairs of 8 pieces exquisitely carved and up bolstered in the richest materials just received a rom one of the most reliable manufacturer m new York tilts suit is eminently Recherche to which the attention of connoisseurs is invited. N. have a duplicate suite of the above in Muslin which can to covered to order in Brocatello Plush or do Lune to suit the Luste of Tho purchaser. J in la by main duct of eco. Brooklyn Public sales room. No. 191 h of lain ti�7i Street i intr Concord Street furniture sales Tho subscriber respectfully his services to those who intend disposing of their i urn time at auction during the season and will to obliged by receiving at Eurly notice from those who May Desiro his Persona Horn ices. Those who wish to dispose of a part of their furniture will find it to their interest to Send it to the to Alo room 191 Washington non Concord Street. Furniture taken on storage. Joseph 11egeman, auctioneer. J. H. Will give his personal attention to sales of household furniture groceries dry goods Sec., Sec. Also to Thesa Leof real estate it . A Roarick. A fills hams a those who Aro partial to first rate sugar cured hams not too Salt will do Well to Call before they Are All gone at the Choice fully grocery store no. To court Street next to Mon Tuque Hall Sitf George t. Broome. 4 Boice by Ashly a Roc Fry store no. 8 court her not Mon Hall. W in i Ileal the subscriber has always on land a Choice Block of family groceries. At this store May always be Loul the most Choice Green and Black teas old Java it five Green and fresh roasted and ground of an London Dock port beat Quality recon mended for invalids Aba Euderia Sherry and Otlo wines Blackberry Brandy recommended highly Dorsum mar complaint together with a Fine de English table sauces. Audios who Aro Porti Sulur in regard to their table Are politely requested to give the subscriber a Call who will be Moat Happy to Supply them with first rate articles no reasonable prices aft of George t. Broome. Long Island clothing Quot wave Kosiff. Of clothing a Telegraph line conduct amp a Teflon the Cash and one Price system by F. 132and 134 Fullon corp prof mull Gheta. Brooklyn where Are now opened a Largo and newly manufactured assortment of olo Nily made up of e most fashionable London and paric style of Gend a allot which will be sold at the lowest Price for Cash. prices will convince the Mostic optical of the fact that new York clothing establishments arc and henceforward will be unable to compete with Tho Telegraph Lino. Fined Rossand frock Coats 00 to $20 00 Fine office and walking Coats. 1 00 u 9 00 Fine pants French Doeskin. 4 50 9 00 Fine pants Plain and fancy Cassimero. 1 0� a a 7 00 Fine vests of Al kinds. 75 41 4 Oft just received a now and Well selected assortment of French and English cloths Oass ignores and vesting which will be made to Stylo under the supervision of the subscriber who would hereby invite bin numerous friends and customers to pay him an Early bit at h in new Placo of business. B. F. Whiting my24tf of the late Tenn of still Well to Whitne a both s?ls4 it Kwh Hito of Tho firm of Hutton so Llu Estis has taken the spacious Seiil store 152 Fulton Street where Wisnow prepared Lemli Aito offer to his friends and the Public anew and Choice Nusso tement of family groceries at the lowest Market i ices. Also Elwoyn on hand fruit and in their season of every variety and of the choicest qualities. Person dealing with this establishment May rest Assur d thute cry exertion will he used to give the utmost a a at infliction both us to the Quality and the Price of the goods goods Deli be of Kike of on a Roe in any Parton the City with promptitude and dispatch and remember the number 152 Fulton Street opposite High. Edwin j. Llu Stih jy30 3mi3 late of Tho firm of Sutton so Huchu. . Blair dug Twe or three gentlemen or a gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with Hoard and pleasant rooms in a Small family where there Are no other boarders. Apply it 199 Adams Street Brooklyn. September 20, lt�5l. B2& in St one 6c Sotuk will give their personal attention Dales of household furniture stocks of goods and Merchan Clise and out door Salen generally in new York Brooklyn or Williamsburgh also to sales of real estate a toe or. A. C amp to Tho merchants Exchange n. Y. Patronage solid u u. Real estate at private Sale. Also Money loaned a a a Bon Aud mortgages. Vacant Lota in All and upon Many of then Money advanced to build. At private Sale. Tho excellent new Brick store and dwelling situate on the Corner of court and Douglas so Rete a most desirable Loci Ion tor a grocery amp a. Abo several now Brick stores on Fullon avenues Terina easy. Also Woof the banded me cottage Homes situated in Hanover place near Fullon Avenue one of the most do i Gotful b eat has in the City. A Iso some very dish Able building Iota on Pond do ate Dyber erhorn Pacific Cumberland Oxford. Adelphi i a a Cevoise place and Carlton mid Clasen avenues amp a. A it. Of Tel lir a Uci loiter by Kosier amp , no. 4 Sands Street near Fullon Brooklyn. The. Subscribers would respectfully Intorn Beirl Lemu Aud the Public that they will give their put att Mike to the Salt of real estate it auction or private talc in ibis City Aud tithe i Ichimi Exchange new to k. Alto to sales of Bou bold Turnt Ture merchandise of every description to to on inv Umoh Lein a. Stalls into of every desc lion at pro Vale tide farm Bouses ll<1 lots at All prices nun i payment easy. loaned on Bond and mortgage in Bunius to suit. Also will attend to letting of in uses and cold cling of rents. 1�?Tmvaie 8alk. Farm for Sale containing 1 3 acres of Choice land with d buildings such a House Bain cow Sheds and tables Grainery House. Amp a. To he land is suitably divided into Meadow plow and Wood Lai in Bora Toga county n. A 3>4 Miles West of Ralston spa on Tho main Road from Milton to by . The above farm will be sold at a bargain if applied Lor immediately. Vanderbilt avenues one two Story attic and cellar Fra no House and a a i. Quimo on the e bide of Vanderbilt ave 75 it s ire a a Jive House is new tilled in to Ptak 2t>x25 it. His. A Cheri 15x25ft House to tilt in modern Stylo re a front sliding doors hard finished and Cornice 23x80 Joel. Terms�?$1690 May remain m Boud and mortgage. Park avenues two 2 Story attic and cellar Frame Bouskos with Kitchen attached and Iota situate of the Baldeo Park Avenue the 2nd Ami 3d housed e of Vanderbilt Avo lots j9x72feet 6 ins Bouses 19x25 feet Toul but d in Modoc n style Kitchen 14x15 feel. Terms�?$800 May rom Nln on Bond and mortgage. Atlantic Street one 2story, basement Ami Umler Dellft Frame House und lot situate on the n Side of Atlantic h 25 it a from Powers St lot 1811 3 ins by 80ft House 18 f 3 ins by 32 it built in the very beat manner with Columna and Piazza in front hard finished and Cornice Marble Manilow and grates sliding Ducois and Ull lit Modem to pro Emonts. Terms�?$1250 can to Muir on Bond and mortgage. Also the Onu 2 Story basement and under cellar Frame House and lot Vav mid next Adang the above of the same size and finish As above Dusci Tbod. Terms the same. 2 two Story houses in Portland ave near Atlantic at 1 two a Lory House and store of Atlantic ave near Adolph i Street. 1 twos Ory Hotine on Walworth St near Myrtle ave 2 two Story houses on Dean St near it Arsiel 4 us onry houses on filth ave non Dean it 3 three Story houses and stores on Atlantic Avenue near gown us Lane 5ft lots in Flatbush ave Dun Bergen und Pearsall uts 50 lots on Kosciusko Lafayette and y i Burro Els 2 lots on Adelphi St near Atlantic ave 5 Small houses and about 40.i lots at Union place lying Between the Brooklyn Ami Jamaica Plank Ami rail roads nearly opposite Tho Gyrt amps Ltd Senif Cthery about it tubes from Routh ferry. Lnu a a fild or unfurnished Cun a tie Hud at 192 a Hun tic so South aide within Flo minutes walk of the South ferry. Refer ence Given and required. The family is Small and Tho us More Rondau mag Quot of. Apply Roro it .to4 a a few single gentlemen can he ii Comno dated with genteel apartments breakfast and to Dinnerson Fum Luy in u genteel location. Ap.iyutl92 Atlantic Street Brooklyn. Err Hail of insurance. Vhf he York state fire insurance co., Newark Wavro county. Cd vial 200,000, paid in and lev. Sird according to Law. Office no. 4 St Reet. Brooklyn at foot or fit look he a real estate Agency insurer buildings merchandise to Libihoul fund ure tied other property against loss it r Daniago by fire at a lowest Rales. All birr Iines of tin t i this City and w ill be pm Injo try and fright by attended to and lobes liberally Njume let end a d at their office i Brookl Yii i acc dance with ther Les and companies. Direct on Albraham Fairchild Horatio Ufa John Layton lii Riim , John i ugg Ait Oliver , fee Bun Cut Erum i Taylor. Joel Prescott t Rumias Barne Ambrose Salisbury. Howard , Albert f. Dressy Olivelt u. Palmer Treb Dent. Ruel Taylor by Creary. Undoubted to the responsibility and Protani Liture of Tho company in pain other .o.-ses, will be p Ivon by applying to the agent at their office. No. 4 funds 6t. A policies la Biseo by Hulf 3m Orville o. Junes agent. Woj r oven Ihrl Tho subscribers intend to lure in company to be called the na88au fire. I Mirance company of Brooklyn pursuant to an actor the legislature of Tho to Tate of new York a Niit Lial a an act to provide for the incorporation of insurance Emu notes a passed april 10, �819, forthe Papen of making insure since on dwelling houses, All kinds of buildings and upon household furniture merchandise and other property against loss or damage by fire nil the risks of Inland navigation and trim porn attn which company will be located in Tho City of Brooklyn. Dated March 1851. He by buggies of a Arnol Charlea a Lyslo William James Sheldon Henry c my i a Elijah Lewis,hr., Thomas Brooks a b h ilu Nirid bpm ii a b Powell Abiel a Low Robert i. Lane James a h Bell Poier Bulen Rowland Mery Thomas. Stir too co it pm a Villiam m Parrim. George d Morgan Thomas j Gerald James Weaver Stephen hum a Danol Van voor Bla. A bin b buy Lis. J w Harper George High Singh a c Johnson John j Studwell Isaac cur Hart Michael column by a Stone or Dnny a re Churm j Carson Brevoort John t Martin. Jc24 of a Al Al by fire insurance company of Brooklyn. A it i it Al $150,000� offices no. I to Atlantic meet and 74 Wall y this company will insure buildings March endive homely Oil furniture vessels in port their cargoes ate., against lessor damages by fire. All lassos promptly and lusted paid and. M4bru ic13 is hereby Given that books for subscribing to t u Stock of a Plank be constructed to run from Franklin Avenue near the Bath House in the to a n of new utrecht to third Avenue in the City of Brooklyn will be opened at the store of Cammeyer and Johnson no. 35 ferry Street new York City on the 2tuh instant. Dated september 25th, 1851. 825 301 i Scarf a a horticultural oar Den Smith str or Between Baber erhorn and state a Trees a Boquet for bal and Green House plantain full Bloom sold or loaned for decorating apartments ate. Gardens Laid out and plans drawn for landscape gardens. Jy7 ton a w. H. Smiths Oil store 204 Fulton Street Brooklyn As constantly Ulhand pure sperm lard solar and whale Oil also Samphone und burning fluid together with a it Milele assortment of Gir tid let Cun Doh bras China vases Hall lanterns solar lumps lamp Wick lamp glasses and All other articles appertaining to his 1 us Ness. Lie would recommend to latin lies his solar Oil whirl is entire y free from acid and will Burn equal to sperm it i 1. orders punctually attended to. And the Trade supplied at Market Price. �?��?~�?�-5 3m i flue office no 7 court Street basement not door to the Post office a fur tie procuring of nil kinds of servants men woman buys and Fornall kinds of employment. Orders thank icily received and promptly it landed to by j. T. Hui via Elk s27 in proprietor. Fias Bivas by plated goods a new pattern of Pla k7 Ted goods look equally in Good Artsil Vcra run Blound it j. D. Chases jewelry store 203 Fulton Street next door to the Market. Moro cuff . Ap22 keep it before the people of Brooklyn Reynolds fit t1jmmell have succeeded in effecting an entire revolution in their business and have now facile pics to sell Cabinet furni1 ure of the most fashionable patterns and Imide in the most substantial manner it prices that would astonish those who have been inthe habit of purchasing at similar establishments. To detest extortion in every Simpo and form and therefore the question is not with us a a How much Cun we make on Thi a Rodelo or that a but How Low can to Allard to fell it of a to have also enlarged Ware rooms which me Low second to Nono ii it Brooklyn and therefore solicit those about furnishing to cull Ami judge for themselves of Tho truth of this statement. It we should not happen at the Lime to Bavo the patterns to suit to can manufacture them of seasoned materials of Rosewood mahogany Black we Lanui a with covering of Batin Dun risk Brocatello Plush Sulci. Delaine. A. auction or commission work bought sold or manufactured for . Renning done and All kinds of upholstering attended to. Reynolds amp Tummel 231 Fulton Street one door above Tollary Street 2 a Brooklyn. Junr Dunning Dennis Perkins John d ticks Etc tub , Charles Fri yen As a Nim a n t it Ranahan Edward a Lambert Levi h Brigham Nehemiah Knight Robt. H. Berdoll John n a i Jaylor Walter s Fri filth a it Dunham a Cook Hull Edward Bridge in Nihil h Greene Joseph h Shupard Anthony p Ostrom Ezra Lewis Al Venus p Stilwell Horatio Dorr Fec a. Director. Geo a Jarvis Juh Van nostrum a Isaac Otis John a Davenport Conklin Brush John b Kitching Robert i Perrin e Darwin Litchfield Richard t Holmes Jarvis Brush John n. Wyckoff Pope Catlin Henry a Kent Henry Fuy Date or. John j Van Nostrand Westminster s Abbey Nathl Putnam Seymour l dusted John b Wright William f Schmidt. Czar Dunning Prest. Fe22 by Iarj a Saiia i to 3 14 i to to Woulff respectfully inform Tolje Public and their Cusit me b amt their Cap Estivo place of bus incs will to close i during Tho Winter month nt7>� of clock. 1. M., from monday october the 1851, until March 1852�? White to Burrell City Hall Square Wobito to knapp208 Fulton Cor Pfarr Corv Young to palmer23ft Fulton Street h Dwenger Atlantic Cor Henry a it rec b u leech16ft Atlantic Street Damrel fit Street e wuarsldy.�?T. 27 Eulou Street John Linnet. Of dlr us to Cuso. Rulious us ouzo e 11david b llaylis131 Luau us a Trout Brooklyn Sopt. 30ih, i85j. 30 Law laces hdkfs., amp a. Try dwards so Madden Rospoch fury invite Tho it Jug Lention of the ladle to their und varied Stock it new goods which they Are disposing of at much less than Tho Ordinary prices. The following comprises their lauding articles embed collars ail kind Ami Price a ind with and without Colquiet Ned cuffs All kills a Nib it und Plain he Koa n very Largo Astor Imant a mail Muslin edging and inserting including every Varia uly of style Width und pattern a very extensive Assort in it in tanks pm enl Robes and Waist at nil prices Enid in Milin and Luce sleeves All kind Luce capes mud Bortha a Vuleti Wienes Lucoy and Luger it Inge English do Mechlin do blk trimming laces imitation Luces ids kind Buick veils an elegant Asbor Mont Plain to la a striped and cheeked muslims a. Having Many yearn of exper Lenco in this they Aro enabled to offer Tho ladies just such kind of a. Oods As Are most ilu sizable and a by keeping pm ample Mack to preclude Tho acc cd pity of leaving the City to obtain articles in their line. Edwards a Madden 157 Fulton Street Brooklyn Al 5,n Ami 557 Broadway n. Y. a. A if. X a Kuitu 1 fancy embroiderer. No. 233 Tulious treet Buk met sumo Grain begs leave to inform the Lames of Brouk Lyu and it Vicinity that she la it buy to take in All re Motol Anc y Miiko Dieky or to Ivor to i a a Orsad or Cotlon on do Tho Difluri i t i Viz Merino Crapo Salin vol in a inn r a o1 Ori Tirol in turns on , a la. I to ii Stirlin fir a Liaw 1�. Cloak., dresses hand sure he of a. A a a la. Aud several other article a Loo numerous Mil imn Graen has had for a number of yours a vast ,. Rum enu to tit Roider Anu she Tuttem herself that my work r q air to any . Regalia Fornall Tho different societies embroidered and ii Iii up to order Al Short Nutini and eur reasonable Quot Tutu lessons in embroidery Given by Madame g., at any a Lesi Slilo time. my ,.� .11 i is 1.1. Soto a for s20.�?equal Bat a. Other dealers. If you can. K Johlin 8b Fulton Sirwet ;