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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Brooklyn, New York Crook err did Cuis Gle. Friday Evex Otti oct. 3. Democratic Republican state nominations. Election tuesday november 4. Judo of the court of , Alexander s. Solmson of new re. Secretary of state Henry s. Hundall of Courtland. Comptroller John f. Wrigfht of . Treasurer. Kunj amp min Velli or a of Hriz. Attorney general Levi s. a. Of Otsego. State Engineer William a Mcalpine of Albany. Canal commissioner Horace a Lecatou or our Udanga. Psf i Kutob of stats prisons Henry storms new York. The pol Joe system of discussion took place at the meeting of the Board of supervisors on wednesday relative to the pm of lice regulations of Williamsburgh which revealed gome startling facts and proved How easily the name of Justice May be used As an instrument of oppression corruption and Money making when not zealously guarded and placed upon an equitable basis. The whole system of the police de Par Mentin Williamsburgh is conducted by fees. A policeman receives 76 cents for every person he arrests the keeper of the prison receives a fee for every prisoner he locks up the magistrate receives a fee for every prisoner he convicts and with such a precion fee Pystor it is no wonder that Justice �11 Williamsburgh should be rather flourishing. Pacts which were adduced during advice Ralis. The new York Tribune Lias been giving the wigs some Good advice in regard to the manner in which they Are to exercise the elective franchise and the tone of its article is so different from any thing which we have been in the habit of getting from the same Quarter a to occasion some Surprise. Aud to by the theme of remark out of doors. We have not space to take in the whole article but the scope of the advice Given May be gleaned by the following extract a a done to scratch a Watne a shouts the Ward orator at the top of Liis breath a vote every name on the ticket a a echoes the party journal a a a lire a the Reg Lar ticket gentlemen a a cries the vote distributor at the polls and the conscious Law abiding virtuous citizen inflamed with political Zeal and flurried by the excitement and Bustle All around him takes the vote handed him and drops it entire into the ballot Box though he Well knows or by due inquiry would certainly learn that there arc names borne upon it of men far fitter fur the 6late prison than the legislature common Council or whatever May be the position for which they Are candidates. It is time that the so Ceries of party should he deprived of this Baleful it is time that bad men were disabled from using the necessary machinery of parties for their own aggrandizement and they have no right to the honors and emoluments they have Long Mana de by intrigue and dexterity to secure. Every citizen owes to his co Imlay the duty of voting and making proper exertions to secure a just result at each recurring election each one owes to his own convictions and the Public interests a decided support of those principles and measures which seem to him most conducive to the Public weal and therefore to that of the party which sustains them but it is no citizen s duty to contribute to the Elevation of incapable or in worthy men to stations of Trust or on the contrary it is the duty of every citizen to take care that such men be not elected no matter under what parly designation. And so fur from a hurting the party by scratching the the names of bad men off your ballots and putting better 11 thei Stead you could not do your party a greater service. Temperance Temperance friends bad another Large gathering last night. And Are preparing in Earnest to make themselves Felt in the approaching election hitherto the operations of our Temperance men have not been so single and disinterested As to secure the entire respect of our citizens. Instead of directing their efforts to control Public opinion in the Choice of sober and right minded men for office they have shown a disposition to bring Forward candidates from their own ranks by which they lost the Power that they would otherwise have exerted on the two political parties. We understand that in this respect their tactics Are hereafter to be charged and that they will now organize closely and make up their ticket from the tickets of the two principle parties. When the candidates Are equally objectionable on both sides we suppose that they will not nominate at All Aud when they Are deemed equally favourable to their views they will pursue the same course. Their object if we understand it is to Lay inducements before the two political parties to nominate men who will pursue a fair course on the subject of suppressing the Sale of ardent drinks. How their plan will work will be shown by a Little experience. The Long Island rail people of Long Island Are making very severe complaints against our City authorities for the part which they have taken in stopping the locomotive on the rail Road and there is in this City too a general desire that the Road should be dealt by fairly and not be subjected to any needless annoyances. The restoration of horses on the Road would certainly be a greater nuisance than the proposed Fiu my which is used so successfully in new Yolk Aud which we Trust we will be permitted to is used Here. We understand that in new York the a univ locomotive is preceded by a Man on horseback and that the steam whistle and engine hell Are Dis pen Sod with. Certainly such an arrangement would be far better than a Hundred horses and nearly As Many Drivers with their everlasting changes d0�6e and filth. The teams should Alto be stopped of the Sabbath or at least should be prevented from running at All hours anti making the Street a scene of merchandise and business on a Day devoted to religious observances tend quiet enjoyment. The rail Road company have been greatly to blame for the manner in which Bev have abused the Liberty of the citizens hut we Trust that they Wal be subjected to no annoy ounces but will be held to a strict accountability and made to use our streets properly. The Dummy would cure Many of the worst evils Conn planned of. Or part to add to s one of the the debate will show clearer than any argumentation How much this fee system has been abused and How Many atrocities must have been commit cd under the name of Justice. Or. Sparkman stated that lie As one of the town auditors of w Williamsburgh had examined he accounts of the constables und justices and found the fees of one of the justices for the past year to amount to �9,000. He said he whole system was a grievance but it would be done away with by the new City charter. Two Hundred and oaths had been sworn be fore one of the justices in a Day. The new Char tet Only allows �10,000 for justices and policemen while their fees for the past year just doubled that amount. Now it is quite evident that Many of the arrests which swelled these fees have been made without any just cause. When a policeman or Constable is in want of Money he will not be very scrupulous in nuking arrests and will detect a Small degree of intoxication in a Man when no one else would be Likely to make the discovery and when he arrests a sober Man for drunkenness if he does not go quietly along to the cells lie is then disorderly and is considered a Orthy of double punishment. Such cases As this occur frequently in cities where policemen receive 110 fees and How much More numerous must Tivey he where they Are paid for every arrest they make. It was shown at the meeting of the Board of supervisors Itiat the fees of the Williamsburgh worthies since the passage of the charter which abolishes those fees have increased at such an enormous rate of Progress As to awaken the most unsuspecting to the huge corruption of the sys pm. Or. Sparkman observed that As the constables had sworn that they had Rcd Rcd the services to the county for which they demanded payment the auditors had no Power to go behind their oaths or reduce their Bills. These facts should Render it necc6sa.-Ry in future to scrutinize the oaths of professional sweaters whether they Are paid for swearing or not. Many individuals would not think much to depart a Little from the line of truth in conversation who would not for worlds swear falsely because of the solemn character of an oath but when a Man swears ten times or Twenty times or a Bun Dren times daily an oath loses its solemnity and when fees Are in perspective truth will be very often sacrificed. The City of Brooklyn was once under the Beneficent influence of the fee system which operated in the same manner As it now does in Williamsburgh but our City has Long since been relieved from such a monstrosity As Williamsburgh will be As soon As the new charter comes into operation which it Doco in in Nuvy next. The Newt the mails of the steamship Canada came in last night bringing Fuller accounts from Europe than those published by Telegraph. The Chrystal Palace continues to attract visitors beyond All expectation and to yield Large receipts. The die. Covery of Gold in Australia was creating a regular juror among the English and bids fairs to be the cause of a second California scramble. Kossuth has been liberated and is on Bis Way to the United states. He has of late received every possible attention from the turkish government. In Franco every thing is feverish and the absolutism proclaimed by the austrian government has awakened much fear Aud still More disaffection and it is quite possible that Kossuth May be called Hack to his country yet to take the Field against his old enemies. The congressional election in Maryland presents some unexpected results in favor of Tho in Baltimore District where we have generally succeeded by eight or nine Hundred the whigs have elected their candidate by some 200 majority. The result in the state is As follows 1st dist. A whig probably r. I. Bowie the regular whig candidate who was opposed by t. F. Bowie Independent whig. No dem. Candidate. 2nd dist. We. T. Hamilton dem., by about 260 majority. 3d dist. Edward Hamilton dem. 4th dist. Baltimore. T. Yates Walsh whig. 5th dist. Alexander Evans whig by Soma Jority. 6th dist. Not heard from. Sinee the last congressional election Tho state has been newly distracted. The last delegation was equally divided. Temperance Catherine Hayes and father is already known to our readers that father Mathew the apostle of Temperance is in straitened circumstances owing to his a wearying efforts it the Causo of Temperance. His health though at All times precarious and Bis Constitution though naturally fragile have not deterred him from seeking the most Remote parts of this continent to spread the having truths of Temperance among the people and the most Happy and sue. Pcs swirl results have every where marked his Progress. It will therefore be heard with particular pleasure that miss Hayes the Irish vocalist has announced her intention of giving one of her concerts at an Early Date the proceeds of which Are to be appropriated to relieve the necessity of father Mathew. Miss Hayes has addressed the following letter to or Wardwell the manager of her concerts Astor House september. 30, 1851. Dear sir a will you favor me at As Early a Day b3 possible consistent with your arrangements already made to announce and prepare on my account a concert As attractive As any of Tho pres ent series of musical entertainments the proceeds of which i wish presented to the Rev. Father Mathew my warmly esteemed countryman As my Humble recognition of his disinterested and Noble efforts in the cause of Benevolence and of humanity. I shall be Happy to Confer with you on the Best menus of carrying out this object in which i feel assured a he Good citizens of new York will gladly co operate. I remain dear sir yours very truly Catherine Hayes. 11. Wardwell esq., die., a 300 Broadway october 1, 1851. Or. Wardwell has replied by signifying his readiness to support the worthy object in View by carrying out the arrangements for the concert with All possible Speed. It is unnecessary to commend this benevolent Enterprise As it commends itself to the Public in a manner which is sure to be responded to. Miss Hayes fifth concert of Mies Hayes took place last night at Tripler Hal before an overflowing audience. The announcement that handles Messiah would be produced on the occasion caused a Large attendance of the Lov ers of sacred music All of whom expressed their satisfaction of the result by a plutus applause Aud res Hayes was frequently encoded during the evening. In the last air i know Tomt my redeemer ii Velh a the audience were completely entranced by the brilliancy and Cha Sleness 0 f the performance. Miss Leech appeared to labor under some Cabarras intents on her first no Bearunce but Boon became re assured and performed creditably. Herr mengies still Cor his popularity. The concern a. Most Complete in a a dbl n sl11 was Heyes since Mph yet achieved by mls a her arrival in this country. Or. Editor. With truly commendable Zeal promptness Lias Bis Honor the mayor and his attaches displayed their Power in putting a Stop to the running of the locomotives of the l. I. Railroad company through Atlantic Street. Quot his unparalleled Energy on the part of our c a authorities is deserving of All Praise. have effectually shown to the world that the y a men juice their own ordinances when they set Elf t10 locomotive cd were a nuisance on be Street they ought to be stopped but How Wjk j would ask that the same Zed is not new be use of in enforcing other Ordi the terrible com Morlun gendered in Syracuse by the attempt to capture a fugitive slave has subsided with theesta prof the Elave. The Only serious Accident of the affray is the breading o. Dances ? repeatedly have residents on Atlantic Street petitioned the mayor and aldermen to of their ordinances requiring the Leinov a of wooden Sheds Stoops 9igu posts die., which now disfigure the Street and have Ever been considered As nuisances and in Many instances dangerous ones. We want to see some prompt action in this matter gentlemen. A what is sauce for the g 1 of has usually been considered to be Good sauce i the consistency. The marshals Arm. At rests bad been made. The last advices no Rev. James Moore of the Monrovia died August 26th, from an Accident a Board the Louisa. Two Brothers one of them residing in Tennessee Aud the other in Kentucky by tire name of Harper lately and a quarrel about a slave nud shot at. Each other. One of them died immediately and the other after lingering a few hours. This a Tab a Case of Elave catching in u slave state. The mexican revolution goes on bravely the pronoun Cimmento of the insurgents does Dot however declare the revolting states Independent except in the by Cut that its overtures for reforms Are denied. The Battle of Carmargo on the 19th ult was a very severe conflict lasting about eight hours. The government trips were Defeated with a Luss of sixty killed and wounded among whom Wab general morale and three other officers killed. The forces of Carabel sustained no loss whatever with the exception of ten wounded the whole number of men engaged under him was Only about four Hundred. They consisted of one company of americans under the command of Captain Trimble and a texan company under the command of general Canales the balance were commanded by colonel Cabalar. The various ports Are declared open to foreign vessels upon paying moderate duties. Arkport was current at Brownsville that general Arista would assume the commando the revolutionists. The Money panic which was at its height Here two or three Days ago has just reached Boston where it bids fair to he More disastrous than it has been Here. Rumours of heavy failures give a feeling of uncertainty to a change a a which will probably continue till the worst is known. Here the panic is dying out and stocks Are resuming their former prices. Trie Money Market shows a gradual alleviation. No Good goes out this week to Europe and the declining rates of Exchange indicate that list la will go next week. The brokers have returned to their old rates of discount for state Money with the exception of the Banks rated As broken which Aro As follows James Bank Saratoga county. Bank of new Rochelle. Farmers Bank of Mina. Yvo totem Dauk Wlms Woicek. Peoples Bank Patterson new Jersey. Commercial Bank Perth Amboy. The Bank of Salisbury my. The Rev. Or. Bacon Ono of the editors of the Independent has returned together with his son from his Long and pc Rillous journey in the his health is Good and he bears no Marks of the toils and sufferings which he has endured. He has been absent thirteen months. Two condemned pirates Reid and Clemente effected their escape from jail in Baltimore on thursday night last. The Syracuse slave Case. _ Syracuse october 2.�?at 2 of clock yesterday afternoon the consideration of the fugitive slave Case was adjourned for half an hour that a larger room might be obtained. While waiting for Tho dispersion of the crowd the negro Jerry seized it favourable Opportunity and made an attempt to escape and with the Aid of his friends partly succeeded. A hard scuffle with the officers ensued Jerry surrounded by his friends made his Way to the Street and ran through genoese and water streets As far As lock Street and canal Bridge where he was retaken by office Ravay and Lowell who with some assistance conveyed him to the police office. A Large and excited crowd gathered round the building in which the police office was they were addressed by Charles Foote of Michigan and Saru Uei r. Ward of Massachusetts who though they did not counsel resistance to the Law advised All friends of Liberty to Brand by and see the affair through. The examination was resumed at 5 Hervey Sheldon Aud d. , esq., appeared to Aid or. Gibbs in behalf of the alleged fugitive and j. R. Anderson assisted messes. Lawrence and Loomis for the claimants. The examination of a. I. Lear the alleged owner of the fugitive was resumed but before any Progress was made the commissioner consented to Bear the claim of the defence that the pros ecu Tiu ii should produce evidence that the persons Are legally held to service in Missouri. The matter was argued. The excitement of the Large and increasing crowd was becoming intense and a number of the windows Rotthe office were broken by atones thrown against them. At 7 of clock the commissioner adjourned Tho court until this morning. After the adjournment of the examination the alleged fugitive was taken into an apartment Back of the police office with the in Teuton of waiting a dispersion of the crowd when he was to be removed to a place of safety but the excitement continued to increase and an attack was made upon the police office by a number of Persona with clubs axes and crowbars. The windows and doors were broken through and the office filled with Mon but the negro was beyond their reach. A Plank was used As a battering ram and an Entrance forced with it through the partition sep Era Ting the office from the apartment in the rear of it in which the negro was. Resistance was made by the officers having the negro in charge. They were however overpowered and lie was borne away by his friends. A Carriage was in readiness near Brit Olla a hotel into which was hurried and which bore him out of town to a place of Security. In his endear Ore to retain the negro in custody Marshall Fitch of Rochester had his right Arm broken m two places. Thus far no one else is reported As being seriously injured. In half an hour after Tho Rescue the crowd had entirely dispersed and the Eity assumed a quiet aspect. P. I. Lear the claimant was arrested As a kidnapper on a warrant issued by Justice House on complaint of c. A. Wheaton and gave bail to appear for trial on the charge of being a kidnapper. There was no attempt made to recapture Jerry after his Rescue from the police office and lie is now undoubtedly beyond the reach of the United states authorities. Notice to the Bills of the following broken Banks will be taken at Par at Ubina Hall wholesale and retail clothing warehouse Corner of Fulton and Nassau St., opposite the Sun and Herald buildings James Bank of Saratoga. Commercial Bank of Friendship. Commercial Bank of Perth Amboy. The Bank of new Rochelle. Farmers Bank of Mina Western Bank of White Creek. Ocean Bank of new Jersey. And All the other Banks of this state taken for clothing at thib establishment which can he selected from a Stock of some Hundred and fifty thousand dollars Aud suitable for All markets and this particular season. October 2d, 185j. P. L. Rogers. Marine intelligence. This Day october 3. Son risks6 13 1 Sun skts.-5 47 Moon bits .12 00k. M. Uigh water at nov Kronor is Island new York.01 53 . A mystery generally Endeavor to measure the divine Wisdom and goodness As displayed in the works of creation by referring to that part of creation which becomes subservient to Many a u3e or convenience and any thing which does not seem to conspire to this end is a mystery which they cannot explain. To me it appears strange not that there Are so Many things which been to have been created without any reference to Man but that such a Large portion of the works of Providence do tend to serve him and minister to his wants. The difficulty in the Case is that Moat people look upon the Earth As having been created or rather remodelled from its chaotic state for Many a sole use. Instead of this the world As anyone will see who reads the first chapter of genesis was created without any reference whatever to Man As its inhabitant. Man was made for the world not the world for the creation was completed with the exception of Man himself before we find any reference to him Aud then it was Beau by there was no a a one to till the Earth that he was created if a person build a Large and costly mansion in the country and leave Ono in it to take care of it and preserve it from going to ruin no one would suppose that the House was built for the accommodation of the care taker and yet that would he As rational a supposition a that the world was created for the sole Benefit of Man. This will he evident to anyone who takes the trouble to think fit. Fire is a necessary element to Many a Comfort and yet Many generations Lead passed before Firo was evoked from the other elements among which it slumbered. The tree grew in the Forest and generations of them gave Placo to generations he fore Man had discovered the Ore with which to form an axe. Tho Trees Bud and Blossom but it is a Small portion of their fruit that is fit for human use. In fact it is but a Small portion of created things that eater legitimately into the service of Man. And this is just As it was intended. In the first place we read that Quot there was no Man to till the ground a and then that god created one und put him in the Garden of Eden a a to till and dress and yet people will say that the Earth was made for Man and every thing Beautiful and Good on it was made for Bis happiness or use. If these things do Conduce to his happiness he May enjoy them but they were formed without any reference to his Comfort or convenience Paddy. Liberation of Kossuth and his departure for the United London morning chronicle publishes the following under Date of Multa sept. 12 by the French Steamer which arrived yesterday from constantinople we have received the Welcome intelligence of the liberation of Kossuth and his Gallant companions Frump Tajah 011 the 1st instan1 the Mississippi had arrived at its Cabins were fitted up in tint most Ellegant manner so As to accommodate Kossuth his family and All his party. A turkish Steamer was to leave at once for Gie Meleck to take them on Board and convey them to the a Runells where the Mississippi was to be in readiness to receive nothing could exceed the kindness and attention of the turkish government. The Pacha of Brous a in accordance with orders forwarded to him a it a a Oono to it a lieu a1d, boat us lava la Tulili 1� Ftp Cut ridges to convey the exiles to the Point of their embarkation. Among those mentioned As Likely to accompany Kossuth we find the two Well known names of the two Perez Els of vis Sowiski and a general of Asboth. His Secretary and physician will also go with him. Count Matthi any a movements Are Uncertain. His state of health is Buch that he is anxious to get to Paris in order to consult some of the French faculty. The countess Bathiany has been using All her endeavours with the French ambassador to obtain permission for this change in his destination. By the growler which arrived this morning we Bave heard that Kossuth and his companions were All Safe of Board the Mississippi and that she had left the Dardanelles with them on the 7th for America. Sailing of Ocean steamers ships. Leaves for Washington new York Bremen. Africa new York Liverpool. Baltic new York Liverpool Glasgow new York. Glasgow. Canada Date. Oct 4 oct s oct 11 oct 11 oct 15 Humboldt. Now Yor Havre get 18 oct 22 Atlantic new York Liverpool oct 25 from Europe. Humboldt Havre new York Eph . Now yerksepu7 a new yur oct i 23 professor Alexander c. Barrys Tricot heroes or medicated film Down the Gauntlet to All rivalry May be deemed a bold proceeding. But prof. Barry does not hesitate to put his Tricot heroes for the to Ltd grand requisites of Efficacy and cheapness against any preparation for cleaning renewing pro serving and strengthening the hair which had Ever been advertised or offered for Sale. This is not All. He challenges the associated skill Aud science of the medical world to produce at any Price no embrocation which will reduce external irritation cure Ordinary cutaneous diseases and relieve the pain und inflammation of bruises cuts sprains &c.,More rapidly than this same Tricot heroes sold retail with an accompanying illustrated pamphlet of six Ceu 8vo. Puges for 25 cuts a bottle in that pamphlet High medical testimony will to found which will sustain this Challenge but he refers to Tho article itself and to a comparison of its Virtues with those of other compositions of a similar class for confirmatory evidence. Every mail conveys to him from various Sec Tiona of the Union the marked approval of those who have experienced its benefits mud druggists to All parts of Tho Union have found it to their interest to place it upon their shelves. Sold in Large bottles Price 25 cents at the principal office no 137 Broadway new York. For Sale by the principal merchants and druggists throughout the United states mid Canada Mexico West indies great Britain France amp a. S7 3m a Wak in this City on the 2d instant by the Rev. . Wood Charles Warner of Leicester Abby England to miss Maria a. Partos of Brooklyn. Railroad indignation meeting. A while the Queens co. Fair was in Progress yesterday afternoon at Jamaica there was quite a Large and excited indignation meeting upon the grounds of those apposed to the course pursued by the corporate authorities of the City of Brook Lyn in their treatment of the Railroad company. Or. Nathan Sheldon was called to the chair and the meeting wus addressed by w. Cogswell Hon. W. S. Smith and Hon. and the following adopted with great unanimity resolved that it is the unanimous opinion of this meeting that the action of the common coun cil of the City of Brooklyn in prohibiting the use of s Eana Power by the Long Inland Railroad with in the limits of the City is under All the circumstances of the constant and recent heavy expenses of said company for the Public Security and accommodation harsh ungenerous and not in accordance with the other great cities of this state and that a committee of ten be appointed to draft resolutions to further express our sentiments on the subject to repeat at a future Day. The following committee was then appointed a a Vav. Cogswell w. S. Smith j. , g. , , Samuel m. Titus Silvanus a Smith , George Rea. The meeting then adjourned. The cholera has been very Bevere and fatal at Point Commerce Owen county Indiana. A num a Ber of the first citizens of the place have fallen victims to Tho disease among them or. Johnson and or. Plumb two practice ing physicians. Or. Plumb was attacked and died very suddenly. It is said to was to have been married in a few Days. The Village was almost entirely deserted at last accounts. A new Albany bulletin. Good manners a it Baa been Well said that virtue and Good manners Are twin Sisters. So congenial Are their dispositions that they add Lustre to each other and so tender is their attachment that they cannot flourish apart. A virtuous Man without politeness is like a stubborn Oak upon a Hearth in Winter the tempest and whirlwind have warred with it in vain but the Frost has withered its leaves the Hail has stripped off its Flowers but amid its continual struggle for its own preservation it has ceased to afford shelter and forms an object of wonder indeed but not of regard. But give this person the accomplishments of a gentleman and he becomes like the same tree in summer its branches covered with foliage and and Orneck with Bloss oms. T he Birds of the air build their nests among its leaves the beats of the Field take shelter under its branches and the Way fare ing Man fatigued by bib exertions and fainting with neat finds its Shade a spot where to May rest his wearied limbs and refresh his exhausted Frame. Catharine haves had an overflowing audience at her concert la a evening and Sang her part of the Messiah admirably. We have never heard her when her execution throughout was so Clear and faultless. We thought the Burden of sustaining the oratorio devolved too largely on her but she bore it . The entire Canadian Cabinet has resigned and a Rew one must soon be formed by lord Elgin. The National shades. John a Force no. 16 High . A Les winks liquors c1qar8,&c. 810 of in this City on the 3d instant after a protracted illness Margaret the beloved wife of John of Mahoney. The friends of the family Are invited to attend the funeral from 15 Vine Street to Morrow afternoon at 2 of clock. In this City on the 1st instant Priscilla relict of capt. Ichabod paddock of Hudson n a. Aged 8�?~. Years. In this City on the 1st in amp Tant Isabella Maria infant daughter of James w. And Isabella m ingate. In Cecil county md., last week Moork Mold Black woman who lived near Tho Black House aged about 130 years. Ward it Jere Ort in. The democratic Republican electors of the City of Brooklyn arc requested to meet in their respective wards in pursuance of recommendation from county committee on monday evening october 6th, for the purpose of a Piir in Ltd four delegated from each Ward to attend the Assembly District convention on wednes Day the 8th Day of october Anil also four delegates from each Ward to meet in county convention to be held on tuesday october 21st,at 3 p. Mat the House of b. Nelson in the Village of flit Bush for the purpose of nominating a Seua or and county officers the Ward Meelius will be held at the following places 1st Ward Farreny a 1st Ward hotel Furman St 2d do a Tinero a Cor Washington and York St 3d to a Colgan s Eagle House 196 Fulton is 4th do a Hegemanis auction rooms 11 i Washington St 5th do a Brooklyn hotel Cor Prospect and Jackson St 6th do a Sweene a Corner Atlantic and Columbia its 7th do a freely a Cor Lafayette and Jnson aves 8th do Hatfield a Gow urus 9th do a ninth Ward hotel Loi do a Carroll Hal Mcnamara a. La Tho a Central Hall Lulu Ian a Myrtle ave. \ j. M. Folk chairman. C. D. Jackson Secretary. So to it Cost in dem. Keep it county committee september 29th, 1851. Resolved Toat Assembly District conventions beheld on wednesday the 8th Day of oct bar Lor Tho purpose of nominating a member of Assembly it Roin each District end also to appoint a Delegate it Oracich d it tact to represent this county in the judicial convention of he 2d judicial District to be held for Tho purpose of nominating a Justice of the supreme court to to supported at the coming election that Tho convention of me 1st District meet atthe House of b. Nelson in ibo Village of hat Bush at3p.m that of the 2d District at the Yousoof Dominick Colean 196 Fulton Street at 7 of clock p. M und that of the a id District at the House of Edward Langstaff no. 173 Myrtle Avenue. Resolved that a county convention be held on tuesday the 21st Day of october us 3 p a at the Hou of off it. Nelson in the Village of Flatbush Lor the purpose of nominating a senator and Courty officers to be supported at the coming election. A tool vote that Tho hum1 in. A Lihsiu electors o4 the various wards and Iosub in this county be requested 10 meet at such places As May be designated by their several committees on monday Tho a eth Day of october to appoint four delegates from each Ward District in Williamsburgh and town to attend said conventions. Resolved that the above resolutions be published in the Brooklyn daily Eagle Aud Williamsburgh Independent press. T. G. Bergen chairman. John Lawrence Secretary. E3i to Wellard a Patent Japan paste blacking Superior to any in above blacking obtained the medal of the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia at the exhibition of october 188-49 and �?T50 first Premium at the great fair of the american Institute held at new York october 1850 and Tho first Premium by the Maryland Institute Baltimore in october 1048-49 and 50, and is acknowledged by Al 1 who Bave tried it Superior to any that has Ever been used. It improves and softens the leather and is warrent Denotto injure it in the slightest degree. It not Only gives with a very Little trouble a Beautiful Jet polish but it retains it Ucli longer than and other. White amp Knapp agents for the Sale a Black ing. Made by we. Currey Suc Conesor to j. 50 chesnutst.,Philadelphia. Sig pm auction carpeting at the Broadway carpet store Peterson a Humphrey 379 Broadway Corner of White Street n. Y., having a Large Stock of carpeting now in store purchased at the late Large auction sales Are soiling the same at the following astonishing Low prices Rich tax Astuy carpets from 9a to i la per Yard do Brussels do for fam 8s to 10a do do 3 ply do from 7s to 9b do do superfine extra heavy 5s to 8s do do goods All novel 3s 6d and 4s Oil cloths from 3s to 9s per Yard and All goods found in carpet stores full ten per cent less than any other store. Country merchants and others about purchasing would do Well to give us a Call Bosforo purchasing elsewhere. Oh21 3m gents. Fashionable fall clothing furnishing goons &c., Thompson Peck amp Vixon 304 Broadway co Ner of Duane Street new York have constantly on hand a Good assortment of Fine and fashionable ready made clothing and furnish or goods consisting in part of hosiery gloves silk Merino and Cotton under girls and drawers handkerchiefs cravats amp a. Shirts made to order. Also gentlemen Stout articles. They would invite attention to their Stock of cloths Cassimeris and vesting which arc of the newest style and rom which garments will to made in the Best manner and most fashionable style. S2 3mo\\l great bargains great bargains in Silks and dre8s goods of almost every description and the largest assortment Ever kept in this City at North if amp cd Lapp a 212 Fulton Street new number opposite time Brooklyn savings Bank. Also a very Large Stock of shawls and other dry goods to which the attention of the Brooklyn Public Aro respectfully solicited. Sio if z3t government Stock a unlit Ocean Bank n. J., Delaware and Hudson n.j., Farmers amp mechanics Bank of new Brunswick taken Nopar for dry goods at Lewis Al Williams s27 of 200 Fulton near Clinton Street. On. Cloths. Floor Oil cloths from 38c to $1 50 per Yard table do do 25c. To 1 50 to Carriage do do 32c. To 50 do Stair do. Do 10c to 45 do a Large assortment of Tho above goods can be had Tunc 50 Fulton Street. A a a mpg of Jas. E. Underhill or. Daniel m. Treadwell Orner of Nassau Street and Hudson Avex i the latest numbers of the French English and Domestic papers always on band. every sunday. S29 3m Iron railings Plain and Ornatek Tal for buildings and cemeteries Iron doors shutters balconies verandahs bedsteads and Smith work in Gene a Mckinny Furman Street near Fulton ferry Brooklyn. Balconies ral by je27 3m a doctor Charles a. Van Zaudi continues the practice of Medicine in All its various bran Chest at Tho Corner of Smith and schermerhorn streets. Au29 3m new fall goods. Just received and Imp opened by s5kj3r3�an a oui any no. Mccan Lustree Corner of Mercer new York consisting of new and elegant patterns brocade silk extra Rich colors plaid silk splendid Styli set hone do All colors heavy watered do., changeable of every desirable Shade Aud at remarkably Low prices. Black Gro de Rhine silk Oil boiled from Fis Yard upward. Plain in modes Green Blue Corn. Lavender Pink Aid every other known color. Don Bio Width As 11 a eke. In a Ane St Adee. The greatest excitement throughout the City in consequence of the opening of those elegant and Recherche Stylen of cited Mereland Delfines still continues and is Likely to it to so while a get have a dress left. Rich coloured do Lai a at super Yard extra do do 2a id to 3s, a very Good Quality is shawls. A Lew Piniuk and embroidered Crape shawls Silil on hand and Selling at reduced prices. Long and Square Broche do do Plain Cashmere Plain and plaid do do Wool shawls worked Broche and printed Cashmere do wide and narrow velvets All Chi if a and qualities which were ordered expressly tor our own Trade and will therefore be found desirable colors. Mantilla of All the latest patterns and every Shade of silk n. By some of last seasons velvet sack5? and cloaks on hand which we will sell at very Low Rales to close Ibern out lion new ones a Labont cellars amp a. New styles plaid i Ibbons All widths nou ii worked collars is each do do 2s do Rich do do 3s do and so one very Beautiful French worked from 7b to 12s, the above article comprise but a Small part of the Largo a a r my d of new Good v. E have on Buna and which we will take a great Dea mho in showing to All who will Lavor u3 by of Ling. . Amilus visiting me City Are respectfully a elicited Belore making their Pur Luibl a to examine our mock. Berkman amp company is 1 3m 06 canal Street Corner Mercer. Olgr Quot s he Cost of and Kroug Island Are respectfully invited to Call at Rico Brooklyn Carvet store 162 Fulton str St and examine one of the largest and Best selected stocks of goods of the kind in this country. Stewart amp co. Me now on hand and Are daily receiving from Europe the and unction a full As sort Nikiti of every thine it their line consisting of English and american velvet tapestry carpeting Brusini do ply do superfine. Ingrain do kit or Dii do common do woe and Euon do tap. End. Crus a Tair do venetian do Anion Iorii 2-4,3-1 and 4-1, do Stair i Dull lengths Fleer Baize in widths of 4-4, 6-4,8-1.12-4, i 4, floor Oil clothe from 2 it to 24 it wide All prices Plano and 7 Able covers embossed worsted and Cotton All kind Sand sizes 4-4, 5-4 and c-4, Canton matting door malts of oven kind bindings pc Stair coverings ado a splendid variety of ii Ojnik. Axminster suited and Hru suds Hearth rugs of every description and Price. Also a full assortment of window shades of european my designs and scenes Thawil Grui if every undersigned say to All that having Donehue amp to Neissin Broesch never ten yearn they flatter themselves they have Lik Ovid Donn of the Public. Their arrangements Are such is them to sell As cheap if not lower than the Newyl a a stores and they Are determined not to be undersold h v no establishment in the United shines. A a Stewart amp co., au24 of 1g2fulton . Brooklyn r Zzz \ Al rvs Karicas cd a a in Aio. Chartered in 1824. Ofliia-5, but Filion St., Brooklyn and Exchange Wall Street . This company having their capital invested in Tho most Unoo bled securities and having a surplus of $ 30.000, continue to insure dwelling houses stores and other , merchandise vessels in port and their Earp Coupon As favourable tern s is any . Directors John Eudie jr., Joel s. Oatman Robert c. Bell John n. Genir., Alex. Ii. Schultz John , Henry Quackenboss Justus Redfield John w. Amerman Fordyce Hitchcock John c. I h. William Ellsworth president. Alfred g. Stevens. Secretary. Jy21 of William Ellsworth Phineas t. Barn uni 1l Howard. Caleb s. Woodhull Charles , an Statius Nicholas Richard l. Allen William Miles Elijah of Purdy a Samuel p Townsend j. Karshis fashionable hair cutting Saikou 61 Fulton five i Brooklyn. The his friends audit r Public that to con nos As heretofore to Cut gentlemen a hair and trim their a huskers in the newest and most fashionable prevail inst vol. Twil Bebis study to maintain the character of his Saloon for Comfort cleanliness and convenience it has so Long held he feels grateful for the Pas favors and intends to give satisfaction to those who May think fit to patronise him. Lie has constantly on hand u varied Stock of Choice perfumery and fancy goods in which Aro embraced Lubing a extract Blair oils in All their endless varieties the Keza soap tooth Nail and hairbrushes of French English and american m Iii feature Rogers und other razors genuine Cologne and Bay water. Also a new article forthe hair which effectually destroy Dandruff Scurf &c., a powerful invigorate to the roots of Tho hair warranted to be entirely tree from any deleterious matter and possessing Only a need Ful and stimulating properly. He particularly recommends the invigorate or no an indispensable article for the toilet of the ladies. Us use for ladies and children a unit is invaluable giving Ita Venuti us gloss disposing it to curl and keeping it radically clean he trusts by unremitting attention to meet the favors of the Public. Titis Saloon is closed on sundays. O9 of Eagle House restaurant. To zit oysters in perfection it is Well known can always be found at Dominick Cong and a no. 196 Fulton St., Brooklyn. During Tho past year he has furnished More parties than any other purveyor in this City. His great object Luis always been to secure Tho custom of those who favor him with their orders by supplying them with the very Bett that can be purchased. He would inform Hie patrons that alterations in his establish Luent that have met with very general approval. There is now a private Entrance where gentlemen accompanied by their friends can enjoy a stewed to a a Fried dish of oysters in As much Comfort As in their a own Homes. His pickled oysters Are beyond comp re. He also has constantly on hand Choice wines spirits bottled and draught ales and Porter. He Hopes his friends and the Public will believe him sincere when be thanks them for the past Favory and trusts that the treatment they have hitherto experienced at his hands up to the present time will induce them to continue t heir favors. Brooklyn March 29.1851. Mh29 of or. A auning a Patent body braces Aud supports do. Banning the inventor of the Patent body Brace galvanic attachment spinal supporter femoral inguinal and ventral hernia trusses pile and pro Lapsus Ani Spring and Pelvic Girdle and who is also tic discoverer of Tho new theory of the mechanical origin treatment of consumption bronchitis dyspepsia general debility female complaints spinal weaknesses derangement of the nervous system and other chronic affections having travelled and experimented several years has returned to thib City and May p in be consulted at his office pall u 341 Broadway new York. A to Quot a a Rrt tents presents a a choices election of papier mache goods such As card baskets and plates writing desks port folios Porte monies card case9, cases albums work boxes and various other be procure Daf n29 i f t. D. Smiths. 202 Fulton treo John a. Dayton office 43 Fulton . Of the Eale Purohi amp so or leasing of real estate on commission d7 George a. Stil Well 105aud i07 court year Atlantic manufacturer of grates and fenders Plain and ornamental Iron railings for cemeteries and buildings Bank doors shutters Etc Patent Iron bedsteads and chairs castings of every description done at Short notice grates Sot and repaired soap Zionc. Fire Brick Coal hods Range Etc also no assortment of builders anchors. Smith work in general. Orders received from All parts of the United stato8,fi� . 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