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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Brooklyn, New York Daily Eagle. Vol. 10.�?no. 235.Brooklyn, Friday october 3, 1851. One cent to to maj in of tip go Eagy of and Kings county Democrat. I. Vii a Neh rope Letoile and publ18iik re a Iglic building jew. 30 Fulton Street Brooklyn. Terms a Ribera every evening at six Anda of Artur cunts per cd payable to Uio carriers. Sub i Rippons Uken at the sume rate l or six months or a year Advance. Mail subscribers �3 per annul in Advance. Terms of advertising for to Klyk links or less. I ius cation. T. Insertions do. A do. A to. A a. A a 50 0 75 1 10 1 13 i 25 1 38 2 weeks. 2 13 3 do. 2 38 4 do. 3 00 months. 5 00 3 0 00 0 do. 10 00 9 do. 15 00 do. 3 88 i i year. 20 00 a dlr i rain Vinsik. car Are and continued on the a de immediately preceding the general advertisements in it following Are the rates i i ,��?�01 tion 75 i 5 03 j 1 4 00 a a 1 00 j i week. A 75 i 2 months. 0 50 it do. I 20 2 weeks. 3 00 3 do. 10 0� to 5b 3 do. 3 50 0 do. 16 01 a 4j��.r�3., Byci per annul. A a in All Quot a Ivi Rii Remedis not with writ Lea auctions will be inserted until forbid and charged Accord a Vry. And transient must be paid for in ooh Ingu wig of a thu is every wednesday evening. Of to Imsu is cur annul in a it a . Is j�5s a . Int Lnu in Gold Sieve and fancy colors executed Laid a 7 astr irate and at a a Kat rats. Tic husbands dream from to journal of Commerce by Charlesjr. Last night i had a dream my love that you were not my Bride and Oliai 1 roamed a boy again in All my Youthful Pride j dreamt of the Village As it was upon a Summers Day of the Roadside margin Green and wide and Moonlight night to play. Free As air i gladly starved far up a Well known Hill which overlooked the Meadow land the water course and Mill. I dreamt of the old school House and with the sound of Bell each joyous shout and face came Back of those i knew so Well. The Village Church too there it stood As when in by gone Days within we heard the Good old Man lift up the grateful Praise. I mingled Wilh dear friends once More delighted Wilh their talk but now alas they be disappeared from each remembered walk. Years have flown since then my love Long Vears of Busy strife. But there my heart Oft fondly turns a mid scenes of Early life. There i wooed thee Dearest one a Maiden Young and Coy while much around reminded me of when i was a boy. With Youthful ardor in my suit i All Loo warmly pressed but you of i cannot say it Quot twas i that stood confessed. As if to show that both were right time shall unceasing prove though Flowers fade in Forest Glade forever blooms our love. A chapter on Al Lilia captains with anecdotes to in Latch by we. Mathiews. That shrewd Chap William Shakespeare some lie re says that some men Aro born great Tome achieve greatness and sonic have greatness thrust upon the militia Caplain is partly born great and partly achieves greatness by his own transcendent abilities. From the earliest childhood or As suon As he can carry a tin sword his destiny seems revealed to him. Cocked hat Silver lace and red Feather Are Ever dancing before his eyes the rolling of Drums and the screaming of fifes sound perpetually in his ear and he becomes at once conscious that it is not in the quiet walks of peace in the Dull and bloodless strife of the Senate or forum that he is to win undying renown but on the Stern Battle Field at the May inspection and the regimental review. Fired with this idea lie atan Early age devotes his whole time to military affairs and the service of his country Alexander Caesar and Napolean become his models of imitation and joining some company of a a string bean a he rises rapidly from one Post of distinctions to another from private to Corporal from Corporal to Serge am from sergeant to lieutenant till at last he finds himself that loftiest of mortals that cynosure of All eyes and a a observed of All observers a Tho military Chorlain of the town of Hornby 1 a Little think be who have never drunk of glory s intoxicating draughts who have never pressed the cup of double stilled happiness brimming to your lips Little can your cold images nations and Placid souls conceive of the ecstatic throbbing that swell with almost overpowering Delight the heart of a military 1 casting a As cheered by the huzznli9 of Daggle Tail boys lie struts like a Turkey cock before a corps of the sons of Mars the first time after his election. A thousand anecdotes have been told and a thousand might be added illustrating this Turkey cock sense of greatness in militia captains. All who have Beard of that Floreo son of Mars who while practising military evolutions at Home the Day after his election pitched headlong Down the cellar stairs and to his affrighted wife who ran to his Rescue and inquired if to was much Hurt replied comte piously a a go away woman 1�? what do you know about War v we have read somewhere of another militia Caplain Whoso sense of personal dignity was so great that he marched three Miles under a hot july Sun with his sword held perpendicular in his right Side without once relaxing Tho face or cooking his head to Bee the c Many and when he did interrupt the Sweet flow of his complacent a musings and turn to his followers he found they had a fizzled a and left him alone in his they had deserted in couples and were making Bee line for Home As fast As their grass to anglers would let them while he for the last two Miles had been strutting on alone there is a Story of another who receiving a Billet from a lady in a bib Eho requested the Honor of Bis company at supper very innocently accepted the invitation in its literal sense. The Good lady was thunderstruck As he came March no into the House with sheep skins Healing and fifes tooting at Tho Bead of forty rag a ruffians each of whom had an appetite sufficient to create a Lamine la a Western settlement we recollect a Capaiu in the town of Maine who in training a raw corps formed them in a line fronting a barn and ordered them to a charge bayonets a they i Stanlly rushed towards him Whereon full of fright lest to might to pierced through by the glittering instruments of death and forgetting in his terror the military word he bawled out a whorish i Stop darn you the Row of bayonets still advancing he maae a tremendous jump to Tho right like a ree Toad before a narrow but finding escape hopeless and that he must inevitably be stuck through he shrunk close to the Harn and falling on his Knees stretched out his arms and begged most piteously Don Toh Don to that a Good sogers to know another Down East Captain who claimed a promotion for the signal coolness and courage displayed by him in saving his men from a drove of cattle. It was Parade Day and Tho company had just a Corner when they encountered the be Ocious a critters coming right towards them. With astonishing presence of mind our hero ordered his company to form straight parallel lines with a Hole Between a Ems a and so Lett ii g the cattle pass through 6aved the soldiers from destruction. Hardly is the anecdote of another disciple of Scott who having sighed for a captains Clamshell hat and nodding plume was at last elevated to that Honor and undertook on Tho Day of his election to astonish his subordinates by his profound knowledge of military marshalling his string can Erst on the Bank of a River he led them through various intricate manoeuvres such As opening to the right and left of he ugly die till at last forming them a Uto a line facing the Stream he ordered them to a Ivance a double Quick time they moved rapidly on towards the water and were fast nearing the Brink when our Leader waiving his sword in the air vainly endeavoured to recollect the military word a a on they still moved till despairing of the right phrase our hero threw himself on his Knees before the stupefied spectators and with arms outstretched and clenched hands cried nut in a voice of anguish a a do for s Sake Stop them or they la Aligo into to the River. Another Manuec Floe equally illustrative is of the Captain in the last War who on the eve of Battle feeling cock full of courage closed a most stirring Appeal to his company by the furious and truculent command a a follow Meir he advanced two be Psi gave one look at the enemy and took to ii a heels it is needless to add that his order was obeyed strictly. But the richest Story of a Ernali to oust valor is that of the bold Cutaio whose experience of wars horrors was confined to shooting with powder in Sham fights. He was once in a real Batlle. And seemed to enjoy it Wilh keen nothing could exceed his ardor he flourished his sword most fiercely March a counter marched and blazed away with great glee. Suddenly a Bullet whizzed through his cocked hat. At fir to amaze inn t stupefied him his brains seemed carried away. Then slowly uncovering he gazed at the Hole the lend had perforated in its Hasty Loor through his Chapeau and with a voice indicative of the fiercest indignation at such treachery lie exc aired a by they Are firing balls a and fled As if a Thunder Holt was chasing him. It would tie Dif cult to parallel these specimen of valor by anything exhibited in foreign lands or in boasted Days of Greece and Rome Tun at the risk of an anti Climax we cannot help adding the siry of the Famou company the n paraded before a French Prince on i visit to one of our country towns. After astonishing him by a Host of complicated Manchu it is the Captain stalked up to him with a a Boadil sir and bugged to know his opinion of the corps Belore him a a a dare a was the veterans reply a in Avn seen great Many companies a great Many i ave seen de corps de Napoleon in ave seen de a Iliad Orrcee in ave seen de Swiss de Jarman de Russ and de Prus but Pun inon Connaire Captain. I have Nevare seen such an Coli Spanie As yours Nevarez Nevare a a r to the provisions of the first tit a of la Liuigi Clinter of Tho second part of the i. Vised statutes ii Eime is hereby Given nun me Nuoi cigr.e-, Una been unpainted Assignee of Jesse Platt Den Der an insolvent debtor. All persons indebted to tin said debtor Are required to Render an account of Ali die debts and sums of Money owing by them n Speet ively to die said Assignee by i tie third Day of november next at my Ollie no. 3 front Street a Brooklyn and to pay the same and All persons having in their Possession any property and effects of the said debtor Are required to deliver Llie same to me by Tho Day above specified. All the credit is of tie s do debtor Are also required to deliver their re Pec ave accounts and demands to me at my said Tolice by the 2l the d y of november next. Hated the Glt Day of september 1851. William m. Ingraham Alloney &c., avg tow3w no. 3 front Street Brooklyn. Mon so a Cut or application Lor the discharge of an insolvent from Bis debts pursuant to the provisions of the third article of Ihei Isi title of the. Filth Cap Tarot the second port of the revised statutes. Benjamin in. Middleton of the City of Brooklyn and county of Kings an insolvent debtor. Notice Glrst published october 2d, 18.31. Creditors of Benjamin p. Middleton who have debts against him individually or As Ono of Tho members of the Hue Drill of fish mid Lyleton amp Coto appear Belore Hon. J. Greenwood. City judge of Brooklyn at the City court loom in the City Hali of the City of Brooklyn on the eighteenth Day of december next at 10 o clock in the Loreu Oun to show cause if any they have Why an assignment should not be made of said insolvent estate and he be discharged from his debts. Taylor amp Booth o2 Law Low att ornies for insolvent. a Ileal Jhoil a Lyn july 24th, 1851.�?the Board of health officer begs leave to report that to witnessed the operate on of Tho a pneumatic draining apparatus a and that the Experiment was entirely Satis Faveto y. This plan recommends itself above All either is it does in afew minutes what Lierck Loire took hours it produces no effluvia to taint the surrounding atmosphere it can be used at All seasons Day or night and that Tco in a cleanly manner. In future there can be no possible excuse Lor not having nil your nuisances promptly abated. All of which is communicated. Orders left at this office Wilt he forwarded to the company and receive immediate attention. Ordered published. Au4 of we. Boerum clerk. F s1112 subscriber respectfully Bull its Public attention h to the fullest and most Complete assortment of Cabinet furniture and upholstery goods to be found in any other establishment and at prices far below other dealers and which will o found a Beautiful and fashionable warranted sofa at $20, such As cannot be purchased elsewhere for less than 325, with every other article cheap in proportion. 816 if r. J. Todd,88 Fulton Street. A Iasi set fib goods largest warehouse of the largest Stock the cheapest goods and the Best assortment of Fine and fashionable Cabinet furniture Niphol Btry Goerdt and House furnishing articles in All their ramifications from cellar to attic will be round with the subscriber at the old stand established Over 25 years. Au9 if r. J. Todd 88 Fulton St. A 3 a ���>�?10 tons pure v Nite Lead 1000 to Paris Reen 300 la Chrone Green 500 la Imperial Green 250 la Chrome yellow and Nullar Tinios generally k Inin again shop forsake by j. Mundell Fri hia old stand Zilfi Fulton is i Vii in eve Money Muneyo . F �2 a Large amount of Money to invest upon Bond Ardlui Gage of productive property in new York Brooklyn or a Williamsburgh. And can furnish any sum wanted from $500 to $5,000. Also several sub to loan on unimproved property if Well located. Charges moderate. Apply at the real estate office 31 Fulton Street Brooklyn. N2> Isth Stone amp. Souter. Tj7, kt/3 t e ii Ipp 3� 1 of my the citizens of Brook jts Lyn will find constantly on hand Choice selected peaches and plumb of All kinds White Brandy expressly for preserving Fine Spanish our cd in jars. V William h. Cornell. Au20 of 180 Fulton Street Cornel Clark. For y su1 want your portrait painted Coll at the sub serine re a rooms 106 Myrtle Avenue Between Duffield and Gold its. Paintings of any sub oct furnished tourer. A number of Beautiful landscapes Lor Sale at very mod it Quot a Ari i 4�ea8hium pickles preserved fruit tec. Pickle by the Hundred by the barrel or by the dozen in grass of ail Tho various sizes also Catsup pre roved fruits,jellies,etc., in the Best manner fors Ireby e. Ii. Van Benschoten amp co �52 front near i Quot a. \ Yorks wardrobes oposits floor table am Carriage Oil cloths. Carpets. Matting with a very Large and Complete assortment of cabaret and common Lurnis lure of every variety and style. For sole on very Mode rate terms. Io2 r. J. Todd. 88 Fulton Street. . Albany female institution founded Inthey eur 1814, and occupying spacious and elegant edifice erected Lor its accommodation comprises six departments the whole including Tho ornamental branches under the charge of fifteen professors and teachers and subject o monthly visitations by committees of the Hoard of trustees. The course of instruction is thorough am practical embracing All the various branches of a thorough and Complete female education. The institution is furnished with maps charts globes models chemical and philosophical apparatus an orrery Wita numerous working models and Uia Grums Fovel Lustra tag the science of astronomy constituting an apparatus Lor this purpose not surpassed it is believed by that of any similar institution in the country and in extensive Library containing about six thousand volumes in addition to which in each of the three lower departments is a Spraull Library carefully selected with reference to the capacities and attainments of Tho younger pupils. Cue important feature in Tho arrangements Flo Academy is the division of labor among Many instructors so that the attention of each a a devoted to a few studies instead of being occupied with Tho whole belonging to a department and it is to this fact that the trustees ascribe in a great measure Tho reputation which the institution has derived from the Superior scholarship of its pupils. The department for composition continues As heretofore to receive particular attention and in oddity into criticisms and corrections of individual productions Oral lectures Are Given by the principal Anil professor of the first department to the various classes convened for that purpose. Particular attention is paid to instruction in penmanship and instruction in vocal music is Given by a teacher eminently qualified and who is engaged in this Branch none. The French department is under the charge of professor a i. Molinard and it is believed is net equalled in its arrangements and facilities by any other in the the pupils receive Dally lessons and by Tho Aid of the Normal Clase in which Young ladies May qualify themselves to become accomplished teachers of the language the juvenile department hns succeeded beyond the expectations Oft he trustees. Taught in the sume manner with children of the same age in Franco the pupils in this department acquire the language in its purest pronunciation with astonishing ease and accuracy. The department of drawing and painting is under the charge of a very accomplished and relic sent Astruc. Tor. The course of lectures on astronomy and chemistry Are delivered during the Winter and Spring terms. The of the other branches of natural science during Tho summer and autumn terms. With All the an institution of Tho highest Oiler the Academy combines those of a select and Well re Uia Teil Bott Lingsch Quot Oline boarding establishment is under the personal care of the principal and professor of French and subject to the visitation o the trustees in both of which Are Aldr Detho Best of advantages for the acquirement of a practical know ledge of instrumental music or any of the ornamental branches of female Educ lion and in she latter of which the French language is exclusively spoken these get Tah its meals the trustees commend w Ith great Coli ident to then patrons mud wish it to be understood Laii by cannot be responsible for alte. A la Nee deportment of boarding pupils not resident in these families. The act Demix. Yer comm aces on the 30th of August find is divided into four terms out in fencing respectively on the3uth of August 15th vo\cmber.7ih february and it Ltd 2d a vacation of eight weeks follows Tho examination in Iury. Of the principal l. S. Parsons a. M., under whose judicious Luam gement Jie interest of h e Academy have been advanced the trustees can up Phi in terms at Una Mutti red approbation As combining in in Utam tul degree Tho talents acquirement mid experience which be very requisite for unable efficient and successful Loael r. For terms of instruction or any other information which May be required in to the Indi buium. Reference Muy be had to l. S p Rains a. M., the principal orto any of the trustees. By order of i lie Board. L. S. Par80n8,Secretary. Trustkk3. Hon vim l March Rev win b Sprague do item i n Wyckoff Doberman Pumpelly. Esq Edwin Croswell Esq a ulc Oit Esq Ltd in John t Cooper. John q. Wilson Esq Rev Duncan Kennedy Janies Mcnaughton my. Marcus Reynolds Esq 11 on Amasa j Parker lion Era Harris Esq e23 of of a new National and metropolitan newspaper to be called the ame it can Patriot do Voiku to sic 8 he t a a i ii t Nion v a a a a c him Fiji divisible. The prominent feature of this publication will to political its main object wiil be to assist in the Elevation to the presidential chair of a new Many an Nhuc kneed pol Ali Chin a a Patriot and hero one whose whole Lile has been faithfully devoted to the service of his country that individual Tiro Strong soiled and Iron nerved pc conqueror of Mexico a general win Filli Scott of new Jersey subject to the popular sons and usages of the great democratic whig p. Try in National convention or other Mode of nomination which shall be exp lieutaud efficient at the proper period. Tiik americas Patriot will advocate the retention of the largest individual Liberty compatible with the conservative influences of a refined and exalted condition of society contending always for a government emanating directly from controlled by and uniform in its application As far a practicable to the entire people of Tho american confederation. It will Ever Cleave to the Union zealously locally As Tho soul of Liberty and a sub tiniest moral Power and political grandeur computable with american destiny and Tho human family from the Thra Dom of despots fools and knaves throughout Tho . It will unwaveringly stand by the Hammer of Tho stars religiously defend the Federal Constitution and support All compromises compacts and Laws by which its integrity May be perpetuated through All the cycles of eternal years. It will encourage the Progress and Extension of american democratic whig principles until the a boundless continent shall be ours a till the islands of the oceans Shah become jewels glittering on the Robe of Republican a Jonev and Justice tend until Tho grandeur and excellencies of free institutions to Hull be proclaimed and acknowledged among All nations and tongues and people. The paper shall fearlessly rebuke and expose corruption and misrule in a a High places a believing that where the a Menin office a rebound faithful and incorruptible the nation at Large must necessarily Roumain virtuous prosperous and Happy. The american Patriot will fairly canvass the claims of All candidates to office and while it will press Smelo Sot up no dictum of its own in opposition to the Thunder voiced sentiment of an enlightened people will nevertheless maintain its individual predilections supporting Only amp ecu measures and such men As May appear Best calculated in its judgment to secure the of a the Union a and Tho enlightened Progress and highest purity and exaltation of the american people. In addition to its political character the american Patriot will contain the usual variety of miscellany found in Tho Best journals in the country. Ite literary news and other departments will be strictly regarded and every Effort made to Render the publication highly Accel table not Only to the politician but to All classes and conditions of society. A terms. This american Patriot Wall to issued on a handsome sized Sheet its paper shall be of a Good Quality and its to pug Jbv worthy of the a a Art preservative of ail arts a and a la red it the Low Price of Ono Dollar Perun num. Payable invariably in Advance. Clubs of Twenty persons May have the paper for one year by remitting $15, and in the same proportion fora larger or smaller number of subscriber. A limited number of advertisements inserted on the usual terms Tho paper will to commenced on or about the firs Day of june ensuing. Editors and publishers who will give this prospectus Ono insertion or More Ora favourable notice will have their kindness occasion shall serve. Communications from leading politicians and others throughout the country on important National and local topics will be duly Wal comte and published As Tho cause of Scott and the Union May to Subserve and prompted. Individuals trick Day to the cause will i Bilge by immediately forwarding their subscriptions to the publishers. Williams Al. Wahto Cut jell of 87 Nasay Street How York. In circular a a posters of ale s p sizes checks Blank t Ards Pmj let. it graphic work in Short any description of Rint my Dune t the shortest notice on terms As Rea Comimo Anil in aft Tyl As As at any printing isl Ublish men in new York at the Eagle building. No. 30 Fulton Street. Brooklyn the the Only steam presses m Dong Island Are in operation. The Hulzen o Brooklyn and Dong Island Are respectfully solicited to leave their order with it. They shall not be disappointed in any respect. Remember. N. 3h Fulton Siren. His Yvo �p3j�s.��c a All tiie Philadelphia magazines for june Dadye a Book. . Amp a Pickwick abroad a con Munlin n of Dickens Pickwick papers. No. 1 to 5 of j. F. E. Flip Lens a elementary Ami a of Grotsie drawing Book. All the divil and weekly newspapers. For Sale by Quot a. Nev1ns, 103 Fulton Street one dour below mail Street. N. grate aprons and Cut tissue paper for frames amp a. My2d to Quot glasses to let a new lot of very Superior glasses. Particular attention paid to clocks and watches by the Moat experienced workmen. J. D. Chase set of manufacturer of Jow ulry. A to. Pronation now and pretty lot just received Good sizes and Good colors. J. , 203 Fulton St. Caff pins by Tho single pair or by the dozen at reduced vices. E5 of ,88 Fulton Street uh28 11 a Quot a o of 52 t e undersigned Jis agent for the Boston cel Obrn my pianos which will be sold at reduced prices with a guarantee. A Sample can be seen at my k. J. Tenn. Caes Ems oilcloth Feather bed. Hair in Brut sos with All kinds of upholstery and House frnning goods on very moderate terms Forsi be by pay 17 r. J. Todd38fultonatroet i surant. L0hg Island insurance company capital 200,000 dollars with a Large surplus. Office no. 41 Fulton Street Brooklyn. Buildings merchandise machinery and property generally insured at current Latos. This company has been uninterruptedly in business during the last eighteen years and has passed through Tho Groat now York fires of 1835 and 1845, and also the great Brooklyn fire of 1848. They owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they always practise of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the comp buy May sustain will Boad lusted and paid with their accustomed promptitude. Directors Peter c. Cornell Daniol gyros John a. Lott John , Charles j. Taylor Thomas , Smith Woodhull r. V. W. Thorno Freeman Rawdon Frederick Marquand j. C. Skidmore ii. K. Corning mh22 of John a Prentice John Schmuck John s. Wily William m. Bliss Neziah Wright Benj. W. Dlamater William Chetwood Henry Young John Vanderbilt Minturn Post Thomas Quylia Charles e. Bill Daniel a. Robbins. B. W. Delamater. President. E. Of finn Secretary the Kings county Mutual insurance company no. 42 Fulton Street Brooklyn. This company cont Lucr to insure against loss or damage by fire buildings merchandise household furniture vessels or their cargoes in port on the most favourable terms. Having adopted the plan of scattering their risks and generally to smiting them to $5,000, ask Tho continuance of the by Siuss of their friends and the Public. Trustees Morris Reynolds Adrian Liege Man Charles , Samuel e. Johnson Jeremiah Johnson Elias Underhill Gardner Wheelwright William Beard Barzilla Ransom Samuel Lounsbury Richard f. Haviland Aarau l. Reid Robert r. Story Loomis Ballard am of Madden John a. Cross Jesso c. Smith pol or g. Bergen a Errit Smith Molt Bedell William h. Corv William Burdoli Thomas Clark n Ichi a As Dou pm. Morris Reva Odds president. Adrian a Kukman vice president. Stephen Underhill Secretary. 83?&Quot applications received at Tho office of the president no. 00 South Street n. Y. Fe28 in so a Haftle Oye it is no 50 Fulton a Trust the North american fire insurance Cut a a capital $210,000, with a Large surplus be curly invested. This company confine their business to what Are Erined Safe and insurable risks and do not pretend to confine their business to Thi City of new York to the exclusion of Brooklyn risks. Persons did no with this company have an As Sun Cebu Tho characters of the directors Limi Muy will to fairly Ami honorable dealt with losses Viil be promptly adjusted and a Ltd without distinction. A his company intend to furnish to their yellow i Tizenb a prompt remuneration for losses and by fire. Persona compose the directors James w. Olie Thomas Tilesio James to Gofur Hugh Auchincloss a tames Mcbrair. Richard m. A Lachford Caleb Swan Thomas w. Gale a Jonathan 1 borne Daniel b. Fearing Chur los Williams will a club Wright Cornelius Mccoon David id Keeler ii. Ijar Nimeh Andrew Foster or Samuel .1. Brals Wyllis Ali Taksum Henry Parish. William s. Win Nitro Joshua j. Henry. Jamef w. Otic president. The undersigned general agent for the company i attend to All applications for insurance Anil All losses sustained by the comp buy in the City of Brooklyn will in and lusted by Tho undersigned and paid at Hie office of the com Punk. Jame?4 e. Linderii idd. Agent of the North american i insurance company e4 of office no.5� Futon Street. Brooklyn. 4"jhffi�k of the Crock Eusy fire insurance company no 81 Wall Street Corner of Nart Street a Apical. $200,000. Atan election held this Day the following gentlemen were re for the ensuing year a Sampson Moore Benj. B Sherman Peter Martin Rufus Story Henry Frey George elder Charles Burkhalter. Rosep Taylor Marshall Popou. Alexander i Grunt Asa h Porter Isaac c Taylor Francis Guiddy James a a Vidon William r Foster. Ata subsequent meeting of the Board fam upon mourn Esq., was unanimously re elected president Oft he company. New York february 3d, 1851. J Milton Smith Secretary. company continues to insure buildings merchandise. Puri sure vessels in port �tc., on the most Favorat a terms. All losses promptly adjusted and paid. Alden s. Coy veil agent fe4 of 43 Fulton Street. Brooklyn. B7uiukr e in insurance co., 50 Wall Street late 47, Corner of Hanover Street Newyl Orke Cape Al $204,0 10�?surplus 1st of june $70,000. Continue to insure against loss or damage by fire dwell big houses Ware houses and Othor buildings merchandise irn iture and personal property on the most favor Ablo orms. tors Smith w.ander8ou, Oliver t. Hewlett John Wilson Sorn vol a Thompson Francis t. Luqueer Fum Townsend William aglow v Samuel t. Skidmore Ira Smith w. S. Liar Rinnan e. Id Herrick w. A. F. Pentz Cornelius Smith Robert Speir Jacob r. Nevius James Chambers Paul a. Curtiss George id swords j. A. Robertson c. N. S. Rowland Edward g. Falle. John j. Phelps Titus k. Acice. Titus k. Atiteo Abrahan a Sands. Francis t. Luqueer president. Application for insurance will roce Ivo immediate Atten Ion at Tho Agency office no. 43 fusion St Reet Brooklyn. Dj4 Stephen Crowell. Agent ,.ffjajl Benefit life insurance co Iva. Offick in Brooklyn 43 Fulton Street. Surplus capita., Jan a 1,1851, $1,1 d2. I 2 1 Gaii. Statement of the Mutual Benefit life insurance Compa. 1y 1st, 1851,$1,192,441 co. Foj no. 43 Fulton Street. Accumulated fund Jan a balance january 1st, 1850, $935,994 96 deduct for losses then unpaid paid since. 40,350 00 a Ett premiums received during ,1850.$483,804 75 a Forest. 54,556 80 $895,644 96 total receipts in 1850. .$538,301 55 losses paid$111,200 00 paid for purchased policies. 11,229 36 paid salaries tuxes postage. 16,172 42 paid commissions. 28,023 25 physicians fees. 2,u25 90 Imus try amp Jot Rajeff. Tvs a of. Of add kinds a Verv Large Kef assortment of my Var spoons Forks butter knives dec., can be found Al ,1. D. Chaskes m t a. Fulton Street next to the Market. Aly Culver Are is made from Coin and us it Alwy a bus big in Good i shall take Pride in keeping it the sume. All those wishing Silver ,&c., would find by giving j. La c. N Call Thul they can but As Rwy Umble of him a at any store in this or the adjoining City. In. By very particular attention paid to Fine clocks and watches by Tho most experienced workmen. Myl the old and Tho now. The oldest and the newest Waytul and jewelry establishment in Brooklyn is that originated some thirty two years ago at 79 1 Upton Street by Samuel Smith and conducted for seventeen years past by the undersigned. Since rebuilt last year to is much enlarged and improved and will be found nil that such a place should be a mama sin of tasteful and elegant Rich and substantial Gold and Silver wares Fino watches amp a. Unremitting attention As usual to watch and clock repairing and to the repairs of every article appertaining to the Trade. Wad Witte jr., _ api w atch maker ice. Jei Vivy Sjo Imd some Beautiful ear rings Altor tin Putter Nof those worn by her also other novel and tasteful designs of ear Kings a Tho Felon a a the grape a a Tho Ball fondant a a Friendship cd allot the test Quality for Sale by did we. Vide or 79 Fulton g scrod pins and bracelets a Sla Stylos now patterns Tasio Ful and elaborate workmanship Tine prices moderate. We. Wise Juwel Lur amp a. Mh24 7<j Fulton Street. Book a by a Ito so a Good assortment of Doo and no. Plates can be found it j. 1>. Cliase-8,203 Futon Street and at reduced prices engraved in any Stylo. Myl of diet chains�?8hort chains of new pattern o la a pretty styles at j. I. Chases also Long chains j d. Of Sjo Fulton next door to now Market. A nth a a a a dung dumb so Silver Long Combs Tot k�9 children round Teeth an excellent article at j. D. Ullas a 203 Fulton Street. More in w pattern guff pins just finished. �p2�?~j la hides Buo cues and ear rings some Beautiful new finished. A Hon we wish. N 4 3., a n Aitfl-1 non i Vrui-38 Trein ont Row Bostons incorporated by the legislature of Auroa chutes. President Hon. Edward . Vico presidents Hon. Franklin Dexter prof. Henry Vav. Longfellow. Secretary James b growers in. Treasurer James Lawrence. Actuary Thomas t. Spear. Directors Hon George 8 Hiland Benjamin s botch Duant c Cabot b Young Charles Summ a Khomut a of Pictou. I a a tint no soil Joseph Andrews. N d frothing him. Do j a Gregorson Ialbert g dolt Joita 11 Hayward it Unhan Mason a Citer , a Siuth Alvan i a Slier. Fin object of this Imus Antii n Uii the a ii coun l end i o Arthur and the Otari of be it lib it tob>sc11 of a of t \ if a pin o to i a Niibu Isoo of it Ike Ltd an among the subscribers Altur night Hing tie Artis the cd Emilj l. Sibbi Ribi it of 1 Ivel it Mil Gnu it in Motif it l tor the year for which the subscription it it paid Pmj a a in Ditleo to 1st an i grave big of the highest or. Or engraved lorb Socini and Prin Uii it sen bars Tady. 1 in Taviti g Lor i n o a a air will in in m the its ii prot inc Ion of Alissi i. In Torii d and the a Jacb a Semlor a us cd by col. T d. 1 Irkis. And Roizis y Loam �1 by him in a the m Clely Loith j or a e. 1 he painting is showed i y ail to of the lines a our great ii ulv woj is thes Iory Isom Nat Outh Witch with her divining Rod. Has struck the Jina irem it within which the Gheesl of Samuel. Pleets. T n Tbs opposite Side of biopic Are a it i most in King purely a w id tear while in the Dimice Uro aeon two soldiers fit eni Wilh horror Rimi the Frei e. Fogt it do pub it color. In it grand com it option. This pier will a us win the Tiesi in the world size of the Plato 19 by 26 moves. 2nd. One share in Tho allotment made it the Annua general meeting. Tho amount remaining on hand alter providing t Enec Essary sums Lor expenses. &.e. W til to tii Euleil by the 1 it i rectors into a number of Sunipol various amounts from Tho value of Twenty dollars to l Ive Hundred or Emu. A Uip Tea in me Purchase of works of an of the Paoju up of artists or their immediate heirs and such sums Lobero presented by certificate Al lot b d to e subscribe is at i incl allotment Hie subscribers shall he Invin unto attend Tho certificates Aro devoted to Tho Purchase of pictures drawings enamels sculpture medals engravings and other works of Art executed by native resident american artists. All payments from the binds of the institution Are math to the artist direct. The directors will select works of Art for such prize Liol Dors As May desire it subscriptions received by t. Fat. Smith j 5 of 202 Fulton Street Brooklyn. L. F. 15. W. A attorney and Sou Citon Hythe county clerks office City Hall. Ri2 Imd Iii ise jr., watch Makek be a ,no.98fultonstreet. D27 Mtawa amp cry a Daour Ecotype rooms no. 43 fusion Street Brooklyn. O4 to Mph is Greenwood actor not so sir and ,no.3 frontal Brooklyn. S3 get re g. A Isa Coroner a office 208 9p3jgv/ Fulton try it up stairs aul5 Vamp Imless by w. G. Club Man at 161 Fulton Street,2d flexor room no. 2.�? a coins open to visitors. N5 Eod of Van Voorhis. Sheriff or Kino d ,no.48 Fulton St.,second Story. Jail Samuel Garrison attorney solid tor and office Jno. 2 Montague my 16 3ilott. Commissioner of deeds no. 48 fusion Street Brooklyn. a and i mortgages and other conveyances drawn her papers engrossed. My24 a. U. W. Cum fitly 139 Ful Lonstreet hardware cutlery Fri Tannia Ware mechanics tools amp la. Builders hardware furnished on the beet terms. By 15 3m Jame i Scoti Sexton of St. Johns Church no.250 Adams Street to whom apply or Tintori Nants in Tho burial Yard May be made. So t. 1-9fullonstreet, music dealer and publisher every kind of instrument tuned and repaired. Pianos guitars accordions 6tc., to lot by Tho Day week or Mouth. All music furnished to order. By will inti a Btu River both Binder and amp a a amp paver ruler Fulton. Allkind of Hook him Ling Dono in a neat and substantial books in Nodi Balsand music Bounto pattern. Paper ruled to any pattern. Tyr a in acc. u a a tii Imi a a on Ami Nib of. X i it Rotaj r saturday i ept. 6 to. In 9 a a. 1 a i 10 nand fall Anui go ent. _ _ irm. Iii ii it in Tun Tollus Uhitil Tui Pas Bill do 3 Rains. Leave Brick i n torn. Re up i 9 it in. I i d 4 p it. I e be Hui pm Ltd no i i t Juji. a 1- a j by Ftp i or jail nut a Horn in c 4. 5� 7 \ no. Pvt Jaimika in i big no in 9 01 1. 4 a. I p. In utri i Iii r turn i Hgt a do it in Green port will uritus. I to Ink a r s. I course it a w , and ii Nuoi Tuko 1 a i Ali Milic Toh lib l Fig lit trains. Leave Gnu at 7. Not hug get poll Dan be Gili of i at 8 a n Loi Lieut d h. P us a a. N hath Cave t Roou in Loi 1 it i a. i 9 Ito ave i a a m t i \ t let i i it 4 i b. I t. Man la. Kiln agent. D51 1851 fab i to i five Ummi . 1 i a it i rough evil lust i Rindini a the new Ami splendid steam Man kit Van to Lam upturn r. Senhuy later. W i leave in pier toot of Kolner in Ati Oei 1 a adj 7 bin a and Lalur div. At 6 of clock p. Airving Al Mai in in ample a my lot tic first Tram of Chi Sim Orv next during the lust Winter the rip Van v \ i kit has Beau ii us to trip ruled Piui passenger by her. Wilt have a a period . Unit vote the Uicon vement of j Large in it of fit Ign. 1�?~ or Lur thu i ii into Ali apply on neat <1, or of Villiam Mil Villi. Palfi if. No. 7 Eoula Street. Parties school and Prisut Juru scan procure stages Loac want comi Malan. From 1 to 30 tier sinus lot j�fe5sstifcl-.t.l a a excursions on april cation at the East Brooklyn stage office or to the superintendent at the fusion ferry. I�u8te� Kendall j0tl of lust Brooklyn. $168,051 19 $369,710 balance. Paid on dividend of 1847$12.938 80 a a a a 1848 50,497 56 interest on Divide Mph. 9,495 30 $ i 265,355 32 $72.913 m Nett balance $1,192,441 go Robert d. Patterson president Benjamin c. .lb a Secretary. Stephen Crowell agent 43 Fulton Sircom. Certificate of authority. Renewable in the month of january yearly comptroller s offi 2, Albany february 22,1h5d i satisfactory evidence having bean furnished to to that Stephen Crowell of the City of Brooklyn has been duly appointed an agent for the Mutual Benefit life insurance Corn Punj being an insurance company incorporated by thes Tuio of new Jersey und whereas it appears Iron the statement of the said company made to me on Outh. And filed in this office on the 22nd Day of february i85d that the said company is possessed of the amount of actual capital unimpaired which is required by Tho seventh Section of an act entitled a Anu Otto provide Foi the incorporation of Kinsiu Unco companies passed april 10, 1949. Now therefore in pursuance of the provisions of tin act Aio Rasuid i Philo c Fuller comptroller of the title m new York do hereby certify that the said Tophen Crowell s authorised a an agent Lor Quot the Saul Mutual Benefit Lile in a a Urence company to transact the business of Lite insure Unco in the county aforesaid so tar As he May be legally empowered by Hie letter of appointment und the which May be Given him by the said company. In witness whereof i have Hereunto subscribed my nan and caused Tho Seal of my office to be affixed the Day my the year first above written. Inh4 of pm. C. a Gurva is a a a a boo f it. _ d shoe store David Mundem. Amp is Happy to inform Bis friends and customers that to is Back to his old stand no. 116 Fulton Street where a in intends to keep a Good general assortment of diet Iobe und gentle Mons Booth and shoes of the first Quimty uni Gatesl style particular attention paid to the selection of to beat Prency Calfskin and Best sole leather so that not of Mill Man Mayde Spirof getting a Good Hoot Ahdo Legail fit at m&3 d. Mundello a 116 Fulton a st�4��3.4x Vethe Gede rated . W. R01 ack prof Sroi of astrology astronomy phrenology and Geom my combined Wilh a on Jura i Ion from Sweden office no. 6 White Street new York offers his services to the citizens it it a Brooklyn. He has been consulted by All the crowned bunds of Europe and enjoys a reputation As an astrology than any one nativity calculated according to geomancy a do Liev so. Gentlemen $5. Persons at a Lis Tanco Cun Hugo their Nativi ties drawn by a ending the Dale of the Day their birth. Ail looters containing the above fee will receive immediate Al ten Ion and nativities sent to any part of the world written on durum Leuper and he is prepared to to narc use of his Power by conjuration on any of Tho following topics courtship advice Given for the successful accomplishment of a wealthy marriage to Haa the Power to redeem such us Are Given to the free use or the bottle and for Al. Case of Hazard and for the recovery of stolen or lost pop erty audit he purchasing of lottery tickets. Thousands of Oine above named cases have been done in this City and its Vicinity and in Tho United states to the full satisfaction of All. ,0uu nativities or horoscopes have been cast during Tho last Lour Yeai s while hero. Letters will aus Woi every purpose and w ill do us Well Aslo cull in person and the Mailis now so sate that persons need not four to Trust Money through the Post office. Or. Kobuk rec ves Iro it 500 to 1 100 looters monthly and Inis Nev r Missel Sellers w ill to religiously attended to if prepaid. Foi a non particulars cull Al the of lao of the Eagle and got in astrological almanac guide. B c. W. Roback no. 6 White Street new Yoi k. To particular to mention Tho Post office county and slate. _ nuts Tim /ff4 of Lief fill a s7sl7 Ada Fri s f Teet Trouk off dyn.�?1the subscriber Wii d Reen Cipully Nutu once i., his friends timid the Public generally Thul he Lihung Niit Mude arrangements for Imu Ishing balls. Parties and associations w it. Dinner bup its nil Collations at tin above Nau cd elegant during the coming season., iut hic half. A the Largist and most Beautiful Bull room in the City of Brooklyn. It is turn hed with splendid furniture decorations und Imbo Libni its. Len supper room has undergone a thorough renovation Ai d considerably enlarged. Tho Gentleie nov room has been entirely Refl Tseu and furnished in style Derig cd Loun Hanco Tho co Lorl con eni Enre Ami pleas meet hts Joi trons. While the to a to d com Rii ence of the Dot Dies drawing rooms Are unequal d by any others in Len july j Joe whole being id Mim Ltd with Gas. A his Arran Gimi ends ate upon an it it it nne and entirely i inv plan. I Ich will a l in ton be a h i Suslan Tala Anri delicacies of the a Ufren in the most Satis Faveto. \ a it to any non Hirol Emsis he Wii i. Is snip his irim s and to e Public that nothum in i Fiott ilu to not in any buy Coli trinite to the contort of Lavor him Wanh in a patronage co Lorl of in v Juvaki Hull Mofid Piitz nil Anu 11, sir eels. A a to fact i if it of comic Rucian and it ainu l re a a ski n. Noa c a rj.l.,� 1 inn lit Ili Wii of 1 tellers 1m<o . T in Sim a 1 a toll Sci was a Lieut Asri Ocla. A Tel fion of ,mii89. Brunch office-28� Broadway new York. Accumulated Utah cupltal$20,000 guaranty capital. 40,100 Fra is an association of mechanics an. Thors Lur Niou or he Mutual Benefit of each other in Cote of Richness or Icci Diml. It by the payment of lire following annual rates you will a Ocoine a Lito member Tuul will be entitled to a weekly Benefit during Lite it you should to disabled by sickness it a Accident from attending to your Ordinary business or occupation. _ Yak Aiila do posit Tea Memder under 50 years of Auk. Ify paving two dollars per year you will draw 92per week do do do do do do three four five to seven eight do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do $3 $4 $5 to $7 $8 do do do do do Dojk Urt a i. N Jiuu Iii upon an the in Lei in i �?~5 a in a i a docs no pursue hit a Mir i Piialii lit a t o move a e i it Cerci e tvs in and it eds a n m a Cou Ihle a the a. Y ind Hinl a Ien Rons r it vement m tto is Art. W no Ltd pm pm e Hie of or a Quot mow air i c d did i buy k my the fits i a system Tau upon j he Tosis Pic a bids Gei Ilfin Ltd will tie Imp Khz a in e. Flow i grim Ines hair Urmann did Lund they . Maihos will rec Ive an on n Oriu int Neal Tzyh they prefer Ltd Tiona Are solicited to Cal and examine for a liw a. I Ith o non id 11�?T a tic those Over fifty Yna Ruoi ago will to charged 25 por cent. $1 50 admission foe will be charged in and Demon tothe a Iti ovo Lito first year and the my Ici tion and Tho first year Deposit within thirty Days officers of residents a Crossett. Vice president a a m Galpin c t Woodruff Secretary and to usurer h ii Darling i Nanck committee Springfield mint to do Kimball g Pillsbury Rov r Conklin to Humburd a m Galpin. New York a Banning j g Henderson be Treadwell. A t Voo Druff treasurer of Branch. S 0 Frinks Secretary. S i i ter Ford examining physician 86 Chambers St. References Hon j k Gidd nos m it d Hen Alp Ketih fetch i senator Hon see a m Gatea my n a of Pill b i Palmer Philadelphia a. Ril Kino Lold Rev i Osgood do Homer foot Esq merchant lion e i Beach c p Kibble my j i Rock would merchant we Stowe p a new York City p d Tyi Zitmore 4li Wall Street Chirk amp b Ylova to Wiull hotel Broadway i Ion Horace it Reeley Rev d m Graham 604 Greenwich St Joseph Burr,212 Broadway. Brooklyn. Geo Vilson my Corner of Fulton and Cranberry its g i Runnel my 182 Adamssr s , Kizior 179 Atlantic St t Jones. 93 fusion Avenue j Roth Lens Racket Street j. U Parker uru Girt Cor Fulton ave and Gold Street c. O. Lincoln a a Rural agent Lor fogs county. Brooklyn office. 186>� i Ulion a Reid _te4 of cd \ in. Jitter of the of Walworth Street from 3. A i Avenue to nostrum Avenue in the City of a Root in. A a. A mice i a he a by Given that the items of expense in this Malter ii Ivr in Lyrl in lha juice a of the Rii Reet Clemmis Riyuo of s of Cit a. And i hat will to Tux d before Tho Henri i in tie 1 a a a Ohio a on judge at his Ebu Nril a is a it Chr cd in i it Din mind Eit it a on the flip Day of october 1 r 51, at in of clock in he for noon. Hated m to Zembi a �?~-5 185. S 5 i g. Murphy . A the i Siiter Oili to opening of Willoughby frent from b. Freak us Avenue to no Trand Avenue in the lit of Tuo Okun. Is i i Ico s Here. Given that the items of a a Pond a m this . He a tace Fin m the i i e Tihe Rte Etc my a ,.u. I. Met it. Null to they wit be to it a it n do round a John in i Ozniv Judy. Jit h s Clem a a a a a Ime 1 to it 11 in i in cd a Gay of. The him a Jav of at la a a cock m l e ii. La hed it it i 25 5i a i n c i id by Alty. T7tz. In m to l Nih in tier of no it Puri Oioi g and la a g of. I Oder met m i y re i via Lonc t a ill re no Fulton to j, from i Votie it i in Iruin i i to the Rev vim m me i i a in Vav Rueni it in i �?�v rep a. In i j i l am Laving it ii Eli urn Inu und i. It. In t. In cd Mai it Leif. App muted Toap of Ihu a a a it it id or i me is. I i i Jive i n put a our it Peri of lne c til in i matl to. Tilo it n Young , who is univ of a a it Pei edit. The piano Forte and Rii Ngim. Wisc. Unsung agent it in a a chm a Quot Timidi ate pupils either Al their own or her Rem Thyce atals Victory retire Nick can no Given from ? lie pupils whom a lie has Iii Stu a id a i Erm a a a Kleran so 97 Sherm Reboh. A ear Saivii h it. To in a Quot id i 11 la of it pave men fir it i mils Mei a it n Iviz it in new a a Ilie to Hli a Cun he Exon med by nil a i pen in 1 a i a a i d i Ai we a it a no m caul or it ii ii us Vav a be on the 3d Oay of oct i r next Al 3 a a it i k 1 m a a Hoar objection a tit any trem the Paytics Frixel and but nip hut und sign our said reports in in Viii �m.-o��. S to Romako will pics Tut Fri like. Ill i a to l . Tooth Ujj new and 2d band for Milf a on terms Loi Juh Only by b. J. Add i. L h8 Ful it on Truet Brooklyn.  26 to Samuel p t Flor a tech n 11. Cahoone commissioners. Oltion can april 23, i f f Piv i 1�? j he a retinal and by of coition of cutt Pink enu Meled engraved a Criffi and be Hud at v r. A a Jid i.-. 1851. 79 Fulton Street ;