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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Brooklyn, New York In Eagle not i3v m 26?. Fri a v november 17 1854 one cent. He ring county Ftp Mondat 1. Varean a. Fubel Butek and Tiltom Butoft. A a Oil a ii nun thumb a. Delivered to City Sucur Crumba every evening .1 six Ano cents to Iho Carrier. By accompanied with written instructions will Ite inserted until forbid Gnu charged accordingly. 11 transient advertisements must lie paid in Advance _ _ Quot Quot i re do it shei �5ves� wednesday lv3in� 4y i a ����?b1 per annul in Advance. Is Man a Job . Cdx i cute with Thule and pro inter i As it dbl us Lott Rook put Ink cd rim the haunted Blouse. Concluded Tito Rumor these occurrences very soon spread Over London and every Day Cocu Lane was rendered impassible by the crowds people who assembled around the House the Parish clerk in expectation either seeing the ghost or hearing the mysterious knocks. 11 was at last found necessary so clamorous were they for admission within the haunted precincts to admit Lliso Only who would pay a certain fee an arrangement which was very convenient to the needy and Money Loving or. Parsons. Indeed things had taken a turn greatly to his a is action he not Only had his revenge but he made a profit out it. The ghost in consequence played its antics every night to the great amusement Many hundreds people and the great perplexity a still greater number. Unhappily however Lor the Parish clerk the ghost was induced to make some promises which were the Means utterly destroying its reputation. It promised in answer to the question Rev. Or. Aldrich Gler Kenwell that it would not Only follow the Little miss Parsons wherever she went but would also attend him or any other gentleman into the vault under St. Johns Church where the body the murdered woman was Dou sited and would there give notice its presence by a distinct Knock upon the coffin. Asa preliminary the girl was conveyed to Tho House or. Aldritch near the Church whore a Large party ladies and gentlemen eminent for their acquirement their rank or their wealth had assembled. About ten o clock on Tho night Tho 1st february the girl having been brought from cock Lane in a coach was put to bid by several ladies in the House or. Aldritch a strict exam Naron having been previously made Hal nothing was hidden in the bed clothes. While the gentlemen in an adjoining chamber were deliberating whether they should proceed in a body to the vault they were summoned into the bedroom by the la lies who affirmed in i Greal alarm that the ghost was come and that they heard the knocks and scratches. The Geul Lemen entered accordingly with a determination to Suller no tue Little girl on being asked whether she saw the ghost replied no but she Felt it on her Back like a site was then required to put her hands out bed and they being held by Somo the la dus the spirit was summoned in the usual manner to answer it Wei in the room. Tile question was several times put with great solemnity but the customary Knock was not heard in reply in the Walls neither was their any scratching. The ghost was then asked to Render itself visible but it did not choose to Grant the request. It was next solicited to give borne Token its presence by a sound any sort or by touching the hand or Cheek any lady or gentleman in the room but even with this request the ghost would not comply. There was now a consider Abl pause and one the clergymen went downstairs to Ileri Olafe the father the girl who was waiting the result the Experiment. To positively denied that there was any deception and even went As fur As to say that himself up Nono occasion had seen and conversed with the a Elul ghost. This having been communicated to tile company it was resolved to give the ghost another trial and the Clergyman called out in a loud voice to the supposed spirit that the gentleman to whom it had promised to appear in the vault was about to repair to that place where he claimed the fulfilment his Promise. At one hour after Midnight they All proceeded to the Church and the gentleman in question with another entered Tho vault alone and Mok their position alongside the Coflin poor Fanny. The ghost wus Ihnn summoned to appear but ii appeared not it Wab summoned to Knock but it knocked not it was summoned to scratch but it it scratched not and the two retired from the vault with the firm belief that the whole business was a deception Practised by Parsons and his daughter. There were outliers however who did not Wilt to jump so hastily to a conclusion. Again Altera serious consultation it was agreed on All hands that the ghost answered anybody at All it would answer or. Kent the supposed murderer mud to was accordingly requested to go Down nto Tho vault. I to went with several others and summoned Tho ghost to answer whether he had indeed poisoned her. Thero being no answer the question Wes put by or. Aldritch who conjured it it were indeed a spirit to end their doubts Mako a sign its presence and Point out the person guilty. There being still 110 answer for the space italian hour during All which time All these boobies waited with the most praiseworthy Perserver ence they returned to the House or. Aldritch and ordered the girl to get up and dress she was strictly examined but persisted in her first statement that she had prac ised no deception and that the ghost had really appeared to her. So Many persons Hud by their openly expressed belief the reality Tho visitation identified themselves with it that Parsons and his family were far from being the Only persons interested in the continuance the delusion. The result the Experiment convinced most people but these were not to be convinced by any evidence however positive and they therefore Prond about the Rumor that the ghost had not appeared in Tho vault because or. Cent had taken care beforehand to have Tho coffin that gentleman Whoso position was a very painful one immediately procured competent witnesses in whose presence the vault was entered and the coffin poor Fanny opened. Their deposition was then published and or. Kent indicted Parsons and Ilia wide his daughter Mary Frazer the servant the Rev. Or. Moor and a tradesman two Tho most prominent patrons Tho deception or a conspiracy. The trial came on in the court Kings Bench on Tho 10th before lord chief Justice Mansfield when after an investigation which lasted twelve hours the whole the conspirators were found guilty. The reverend or. Moore and his Friend were severely reprimanded in open court and recommended to make some Poeun iary compensation to the prosecutor for the aspersions they and been instrumental in throwing upon his chair car. Parsons was sentenced to stand three times in the Pillory and to be imprisoned for two year s Bis wife to one years and his servant to six month s imprisonment in bridewell. A Printer who had been employed to publish an account the proceedings for their profit was also fined �50 pounds and discharged. The precise manner in which the deception was carried on Lias never been explained. Tho knocking an the Wall appears to have been the work Parsons wife while the scratching part the business was left to the lit i to girl. That any contrivance so Clumsy could have deceived anybody cannot but Xei tour wonder. But thus it always is. persons can Only be found to Alto the Lead Many Absurdity however great there is sure to be Plonty imitators. Like shop in a Field in one clears Tho style the rest will follow. Caution to Pittsfield mass Eagle relates the following sad occurrence a on Friday last a Little daughter g. O. Burnap esq., this town aged about 12 months while playing Iell upon the boor and happening to have a dress Hook in her Mouth it wits forced by the fall into the Larynx where it lodged. The servant in charge the child not knowing its having the Hook the cause its strangulation was not discovered until death ensued. A modei., Fok modern. the largest Ocean steamship says the silo to to Maga a sine now ply ing on the Atlantic bears Preci Ely the proportion in length breadth and depth that Are recorded concerning Noah Sark. The dimensions the Atlantic steamers Aro length 322 feet beam 00 feet depth 28 1 2 feat. The dimensions the Ark were. Length 800 cobia breadth 60 cubits depth 30 cubits. The Ark therefore was nearly twice the size in length and breadth these vessels the Cubit being nearly 22 inches both had Tipper to tvs re and Middle stories. After All the equipments forty two centuries which have elapsed since the deluge the shipbuilders have to return to the Model afforded by Noah Sark. A misunderstanding. The boarders were assembled one Stormy evening in the parlor n fashionable boarding House in Boston when it rather antiquated., Maiden listed out the remark that be loved a Rainy Day and always availed herself one to arrange her drawers. It a so do i a growled an old sea Captain a i overhaul my drawers and shirts too sometimes and sew on a Button where it is Mademoiselle did not faint but there was an angry Rustle her Silks As she swept from Tho room leaving All to Exchange a suppressed titter Lor a Good Hearty laugh. 1 City court Brooklyn Latina Davia and o Haa again a Charlea m. A allot and partition. 1 c to pursuance the in Dement Ord a this court made in this Avilou on the 26lh october i �51, i l be sold at Public auction by or under he direction the subscriber the referee appointed by this court on Monda december a tits 18?l,a 12 clock noon Lugue Hull court Street Brooklyn opposite the cd y Hali to follow lug described pieces or parcels land with the buildings and improvements to Teredo which Chirles Hulock la to the City Brooklyn grocer died seized All that certain House and lot in the fifth Ward Side to Brooklyn bounded Aid described Asol. Low six is ginning tap Dexiu the northerly lice Prospect Street at the Dut amp uce one la scored and Twenty fire fuel two Loches Easterly from the northeasterly Corner Jay and Prospect serrets and running from Asid Polmuj beginning along Ilie said northerly Une Prospect Street Easterly Twenty fir to to and two inches thence Nort orly parallel with Jay Atreo seventy live feet thence Westerly parallel with Prospect Street Twenty five feet and one Inch thence southerly seventy Tivo feet to the place beginning. Aleo one other hons and lot situated in the same wird bounded and described As follows a beginning at a Point in the southerly line Tallman Street St the distance one Hundred and Twenty five feet and Easterly from the southeasterly Corner Jay and fal it a an streets and running from said along the southerly i Neof so id Tallman Street Twenty five feet and one Inch thence somber by and parallel with Jay Street forty seven feet thence Westerly and Paral Ltd with pros Twenty tie feat and Ono Luco thence northerly Ort seven Frei. To the place beginning. A a a lao one other House and lot situated in the same Ward bounded and described As follows a legion Long at a Point la the southerly Iliae Tail Iau Street at me distance fifty two feet and three la cats East Eric from the southeasterly Corner Jay and Tallis to streets and Runn lug from said Point Bogi Nuila Souther it parallel with Jay Street forty a even feet and two Liciu s Easterly parallel with tul Luata them feet Piral let with Jay Street for Tys it Veu Ion i Aud two inches thence Westerly Tho southerly line Tallsun Stiesi Twenty three foal to Tae puce Hegl nol Jug also one other to Usu so a 1.4, in Nulod in the. Same bounded and described As follows a to southeasterly Corner the Lute sea on Jay and taxi eau Tiball and run Long said Point beginning on the southerly line Bauerl fifty to it feel and Throe inches thence too that by Vitu Jay Street Twenty three feet us seven indies t Mirce Westerly a Tariff lol with to Luttati Street fifty two fee nod three i Chesti Jay Street thence nor Lurly tint a Easterly into ja1 Aires Twenty Inree not a id seven inches to the Placo Bella a Aud Siso one her Bouse and lot Sumate in tin same w8id, bounded and Druc Riith Das f�?T4>owsbeglnniug at a Point la the Easterly line Jay Street at the distance twerly three feet end Jeven Inch Nom tory the South Easterly Corner Jay and Tail my a to iritis and rucking from said p. L it beginning Easterly Paru a with Tillman Street fit to two a cell us inc St laches. Ali Aiice a oui Lirow a tid parallel with Jay Street Twenty three feet and event Chri Luence Westerly Phi Atlo Lelih Tallman Stroei fifty twp feet and thre inches to the Easterly Lino Jay stree1 Sufica along the Easterly Hue by Sii get Twenty three to Aud seven inches to Tho place beginning. It p. Ipod Kef up ree Al . A. O. F ammonia id. Atty. A a dated Brooklyn it nov Muihor it 4 Loi 1aw6w. It i books amp to. _. Al for Sale by get , i Ralus is. A Africa and the american Pis a Are Etudes on tie a True Beau tui and by Caroline Thomas. A alone a by Marlon a Vila a Utah and the mormons a by re Ria. A Twenty . A a the Iron Cousin a a Aubrey Quot by the author Amelia Wyt tatars. A a Harper a Oraette the world a West. A Reginald a �?opinhsidndaay.1 a a it y6if neat Hinding or i # books Fina lithograph. Long Island Bank. Atlantic Batik Bank Brooklyn. Qty Bank. Bank. A a. Central Bank. Just race Lead. An it mor Sale by to is org Lite la Quot. A 51 Fulton Street. Vil . Successor in Wilder a Skuro k x1ew books for Sale by Geo. Little ii 51 Fulton Street. A up Bubo i or the european wars the Ichih cent Rye a by Alex. Dumas a the dead sea and the Bible lauds by de Hauler. A a party loaders sketches Jefferson Clay . I a last a Lili Quot a the flush times Alabama and a journey to Central Africa Quot by Bayard Taylor. A capt. Canot or Twenty years a ocly . , Oil paintings Oil prints Meixon tents and framed and unframed May be found in great variety at Marsus athenaeum Book and music store Atlantic St. Also an immense variety juvenile and school books fancy goods accordions piano Fortes violin strings music a. All Call and see the picture gallery Gratis. De�2 by Lens tag. B p o o n i. It amp Welch Gal a Myrtle ask nuke 3u Between a a ind Street. Tuite the attention Iligir Friend and the Pul Brooklyn end Vicinity to ibor luge and elect . i Chea clock., jew try Gold and Silver Specto Silver Gnu posted description fancy go itc., itc., . All a bin they will continue to sell at the Lowit Cash prices Shere Tofolo. Watches clocks Aud Jewery repaired and engraving in a lots branches neatly executed. S�21y a established 1783. 1 Kemokai. Mot Brotherson. Ill John Street n. A. Importer and denier in Vine watches jewel. By o i ail kinds and the latest patterns. Also Pis Mon san rings plus Silver Ware kc., allow wac haul be warranted. A swy a he Best workmen Oniya Siplo Yedlin repairs. Jovett in. Street Tho Only agent in this City. Very razor is Traute i to a a por facts Iid faction or our it ample. very line Liee Eley and David Zayler a amp Che just cased at _ a a j. ,2y3 Fulton it. Manufacturer or Silver Ware jewelry itc., watches and clocks repaired in the hem manner be to watches amp sub psf Gil Acri Berls amp a unusually ova rates to old to gush lever ,$48 to $160 so pfc watches from. �?~26 m 80 watches All which Are warranted from a to 40 to plugs ,,itc., a Pestmal orals. Honi splendid Deidre a a a a Iju Rne flan a Tot Peais it cd new styles Genie vests and a chains. It s Nodi Quality. A a to or Orwat a Oft very Neacil pin a. Warranted uni to Cain ?�3 which Leiy conto Taniou a ways on hand or made Voo Ruji Rby tha subscriber. Specia Clos Gold Allver and cult suy to. Vav. J. A a Andrut Wokf. every description and French clocks a naked a the most Peri eucled Workman and warranted give satisfaction. We a j. Vankru Oise u21 by _ 4o. Tifi Fulton at., Brooklyn. County court county a he Mutual life in Granoe new York against Angus Muon old and Ann Bis wife Samuel v Bartol and Mary ids win to Luigi a , Michel Sullivan Sud Bridget Ann his sign fat Kitias Kennedy Salt a Bridget ins wife and in Mel Vav Cronk Aud Caroline Bis wife. In prs ounce a Piid Hienl the county court the county Kings Gnu to Zutl entered in the above action on the Twenty fifth Day september 1851, j will us Puse for Sale at Public auction at Montague Liall opposite the City halt in Tho City Brooklyn on Tho thirteenth Day november next at 12o Cluck St noon Ihu Day. 1. All that certain lot piece or pared land situate Vyff go and being in the town h till Jwia i 1>j la Kings Balog part lots known Cert Almap entitled a pm Apo Rooeny in the town Burwick belonging to tia Mutl we lion to a Fil d in the office the clerk now , the Poauty Kings by than numbers la and 11, bout add and containing As follows Viz a Heglon it Ning Ata Point on the for Lhorty Side 8andford Stroei Duvaul fifty seven feet six inches we Storly from the ninth Westerly Corner Halford Street and Graham running thence northerly at right angles to Bandford Street one Hundred Tny feet a Lioce Westerly parallel so re to eight a on la ii it Flop 9 inches thence Saoulli Erly alright angles to Handford Stroei Oil Ehtan Dresti 10n it to the northerly aide Handford thence Easterly along ill northerly aide Kan Ford Street eight cuu end nine touches 18 it. 9 to to the paint or place Helm Illg. Dated new York Hept Riiber up lt�?~54 Julin . Referee. J. Blunt ply fits. Aug a now York. S�29 Lawriw Cir formation notice in Tiu Matiur j apportioning and asses san flashing a. A amp ainu tips Sud posts from Isky at. To bed Ford a. 1 a. Washington a. Gas lamps and posts from Myrt loto la Tutere a. Cla Siou a. Gas lamps and posts from Green a. To Lei forts is the undersigned acting As commission Ergo apportion and assess the expense the above improvements Onishe lands benefited thereby under the provisions sections24,25aud 30, title 4. the City charter hereby gives notice unit to has completed his reports the assessments inthe above entitled matters and that the same Are filed in has office where they can be examined by All . Audi further give notice that All persons interested in the above matters Cun be heard before me Ai a office into clip Hull on the 4tb Day november inst., is 3 o clock 1. After which i shall proceed to Cou Iloie and Sigu said Copons parties having objections to make Wil 1 please present them in writing. Dated. Brooklyn Voth oct., 1854. A. Oc28dld a. It. La we kick Street con r. A supreme the Rutgers fire insurance con supreme Kings.�?. Y the Rutgers fire insurance company Elul not John Yoang Cornellus l. Blake George w. Hit Lovrell Lemuel aral to jr., and a Aruold his wife will Siuah. Arnold Zel ,ydlali.,, Thomas ungers and William g. Oltof. Com ? served a a Vojon Young Wulz am is. Arnold Linuel Arnold or and a a Arnold is wife . You Are hereby suit Mcneil to answer the com plaint. In this action which is this Day hold Iii the a Ifica the clerk Tho county Kings at the Glt Hull the City Brooklyn Aud to serve a. Copy your is Ishwer Al thur office no. 19jhroad Tny earner Job Street new York within Twenty Day aft / to in or vice this Samaons you exclusive the Day Auch service and you full to answer Tho said coup until Riih in the time aforesaid in this Section Wil i apply to the court Forth led in Tho conic Jitu. Dated August Shah 1864. Oc3 1 Hwu w Pkt amp Nichols flu s atty Quek Alu court Kings count Loonry Boucher Igaina Gaorge Cummins Simmoni for u Money demand us Condrac. Com. Not served to Tho defendant George cumulus. You Are Horeb a us Moufie and required to a hic tin Compoi Nellu this action which will is filed in the office the clerk the county Kings at Tho City Hall in the City o a Brooklyn Aud in it a copy your answer to the said complaint on the jul us Llu Eis. Att Beir office no. 9 court Strait Brooklyn within Twenty Days situs the service a a you Uzl naive Quay Ucb Sarvich answer Chr. a Leblo the time aforesaid the plaintiff in this action will take judgment against you for the sum one Hundred and sixty eightdours.13 pm Dolors Wilb Lih Rel from tha old h Day nov chm a one thousand a i by h Miro Ltd and fifis four Besid amps the costs Ihly Avilou. A l 4lod november i3tu, h?4. Sld m a ii Day filed in the offic the clerk Kings coup in at to City 1.1 All Brooklyn. Norou her Mth u�?~54. Hin Hyrc ilex hafsnkr., nol la wow rail full Nalton yes. court county Kings 5 Charles h Thomson flav end Cornell Graham Kex a a against Otto re. Davenpor. Ard Rufua Sun Mots for Atno re do mail on cd a tract. To George k Davenport. You a o Hir Ehy summoned to answer the complaint la this action Wrich a copy Isher with serval upon you Aud Sarve a copy your a War to in a sol j on Tho Aub crib is at their Oli Ico number Edno court Street la ii City Brooklyn within to copy tiny after 11. Service a ref exclusive the Day Fri Tai serve cd and you fall to answer the a a a Foresaid to Pulus Rwy i like Juun mtg it the num ,.f iwo Usu Ruand two Hundred an i fifty four Roll hrs wit Al re it Sifi Uin the first by March Oik thousand eight him drool in i fifty three besides the costs this action. Dated october 12th. 1851. C. A j. Wins Jow ply Fri att is. Tue complaint Wak fulfil la Theodi roof the Cituk Oishe county Kings at the Cut Hull City Brooklyn the Day november 1854. No4 iaw6w j. Winslow puffs. Awl Yak. . Ok1ffin, Dea list would a know led a Monta for the v it Beizai patronage oxen died to him the part your Sud. Would a Lvi Douce to Ihu patrons and the Public thut ii has Kim Uhd Trout no.234 Fulton at., Early Opp it it to jn.n�onst., where to will coming Tot Iva Jila personal leation to every Branch urn Cal and mechanical death Ivy and will warn at a very be por Fortnow 1�s the mud satisfactory Mancer. And m Lam Vry lowest Cash prices. Lie would also Call Alten Llo Niou Block and gum Teeth which he flatters Bini self Are a Superior to any now la. ail persons a Quiring Dol i operations will find it to Ihler and Van tags to it give Lilin a la a he Teeth ill Uati a Gold plate for. Fri i 4 on Silver plal6 for. A iu2 on in Pivot 75 to a a i full upper sets an Gavillo fined Ullh Gold. 5u to $1 m a a Cement. i it a a a a tin foil. Fin . A a a to tooth ache cured. To . 25 try Allwork As rep a a outed. Se25 in fit application fur the la discharge insolvent from their Abla pursuant to the provisions oath Ethelm article the first title the fifth chapter the second part the revised statutes a Jost Lua. Brj duh Aud j. Blog ilm Coy Brooklyn county Kings insolvent Deaiurs. Notice first published. Creditors to appear before Hon. Henry a. A Torr county add goof the county Kings at Bis Chambers at the City halt in it the City bios Kiva on the eleventh Day do Cem Haf 1j54, at Hgt clock in the Forenoon to show cause any , Why said insolvent estate. And Taybo discharged from to Liber debts. We. 8. Skars atty tor insolvent. S5chambtirs St. Motice air Pic Ati on Lor tue Dis la Surg an insolvent from his debts pursuant to the provisions the third article the first title fifth in amp Pitura Fth . James Brown the City Brooklyn county Luigs insolvent. Notice first Puli Sigud kept niger la a a. Cred ors to appear before Hon. I Lowry a. Moore county judge Kings county at his Ciambor Sinuhe City Lisl Brooklyn Kings county on Tho eleventh Day december 1864, at ,10. clock a. to show a amp Nie any Iboy have Why an assignment should col be Diode said insolvent a Estalo Aud be he discharged from hit debts. Mow. F. Travis Serfli tallow Proctor for to solvent. In flip Sway. �vjot1ce application for 1�?Tue a. I discharge an Teso vent from ills debts a Urf. Ant in me provisions the third article the first title the my Chamer tue i second part the revised Hui mos. Duh , or the City Brooklyn in the county Kings. Notice first up pushed september 1&. 1864. Creditors to appear before honorable Henry a. Moore. Kings county judge at Bis office or Chambers la to City Hall Brooklyn on too 4th Day december 1854, at 10 clock ., to show cause Crany they have Why an Assi Gumul should not be made said Insu events estate and he be discharged from his debts. Hew York september 19,1854. Sutherland a Morrell Alfy for insolvent Solo Luniow 64 Wall Street a a a Mie Citi court Marlott Mckinney against William Mckane. To the Dof sudant. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the which was filed in the office the clerk lids court on the Soto Day june 1834, and Toi Erve a copy your answer to the said complainant on to subscriber at Bis office. No. 54 Wail Street in the City now York within Twenty Days alter the service Hereof exclusive the Day such a ervice and you fall to aus or thu said Compla Lut within the Liuo aforesaid the plan old la this action will Lake you tor the Sui ii one Hundred and to a dollars Aud interest from the in eth Day March Cue thousand eight Hundred Aud fifty.-ur, besides costs this action. 8. To. Alt a june 30,1854. 54 Wall St., n. Y. Old Lawriw pm ski a metallic burial case.�. A i Morrel general under taker would inform his Friend Thea Bova Hue at gives Persoons attention at funerals Anu Heusi ures those who be done Mode Kate. Be invites Auto ton to the Sec Tilic burial expects by a strict Stten Tronte those May used Bis services. Metallic burial cases and Wood coff no every Quality. Interments procured in All lbs Cemo eries. Ofti�e.67mr-�e . Osi t Tolio in infants in a very air trussing Coni punt. Often do tubing the Slu inhere and exciting the the household. He remedies most commonly resorted la such us Len Dummy. Paragon la ac., often produce lasting injury the Constitution and sometimes Hub. Or to Hullt s cd log mixture for infant be Fords pain operates gently on the bowels and is perfectly Rufe and Rvl ladle. 8old at25cents a vial by Yeu. 175 enl tons q. 1. Milne. 217 furious a. T. , 154 auuntksl., and by #11 the Uri a glut in Brooklyn and now York. Oclo do persons having claims against the Quot american Candle coat 1 any a incorporated by uder the Law the stale new York Are re it due id to present to same to the. Secretary o. Wilson with proper vouchers the correctness at Bis office 13 Greenwich St.,, or it fore the i suday March 856. Dated August 11,1354. �m2 us Jgwo grocery fruit and seed by steamers. ,and gusts Momti tide White grapes the Keg Brandy peaches Pujara also a general Assort Rentof a Aldo is dam and . Klamt. And Voss nil. You. U. Cornell a mitc aat a Ftp Maine quake me court Kings county. O Tunis Van Pelt Talmaye against James for Money demand on contract. Corn Dot ser to James mix. The defendant ten . You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the Cotulla Jimlu Ihle action which will be filed to the office. the clerk the county Kings at the. City. Hall in the City Brooklyn and to serve copy your answer to Tho said complaint on the subscribers at their office no.,25 Wall Street to the Cit new York within Twenty Days after the service this you 0icldtv6 the Day such service and you full to answer the said com plaint within the time aforesaid will Lake judgment against you for the sum . Five Hundred and lii four dollars hid fifty cents Wanh interest from the fourth Day september Oue thousand eight Hundred Aud fifty four besides in Euila Tali action it a dated november2, 1�5j. Marvin i. Prime ply Fri atty. No. 25 wan jt., new York. The complaint in the above action was filed in the office the clerk Oft be Kings county on the 6th Day novem ber 1854. gt8 Laww Marvin it prime fit supreme Bogart against Alswor lines Samuel Barker and David for Money demand contract com not nerved to Samuel Barker. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action which was filed in the office Oft be clerk Law the count Yum Kings at the City Hall in the City Brooklyn,1 on the 3lsl Day october 18f4, and to Servo a copy yours aperto the said complaint Dii la de a Scriber at his office no. 63 second Street in the cry Williams Burg within Twenty Days after the summons on you,.exclusiveof the Day such service and Ifyu a fall to aus or the said complaint within the. Plato Lff la this action will Tako judgment. I Galoci you for the sum five hunted dollars Wii interest from to eighteenth Day april one Trio us amp a Oij Ghl Hundred and fifty four besides the costs seventy five cents protest. A. Dated october 3 lit 1854. A a a 1102 Lawriw a Jno Berry Pic . Atty off outs. A Irp oration no a Kye a to in air be to Flag sidewalks on Westerly Side Adele by Street Between Myrill and Dekalb avs. Notice is ii Reby Given to All parties interested that a petition bus be a presented to the common Canoll Oft the duty owners sidewalks he Pas Geof an ordinance requiring the owners property on the above named streets to have their Oag gtd six foot w de amp Emon trances Auy again is passage said ordinance most b6 presented to the common Council on or before the Lutta Day november next As Thoy will finally set upon the same a i instr next ensulngmoet1nt,6 s Assoon thereafter As convenient. Dated Brooklyn oct. Sist 1854. Lot a. 7 Lawrence. Strip Street commissioner. Corporation Cler. Anont Avenue from Fulton to Atlantic averse. A petition has been presented to the common Council the City Brooklyn to open Clermont Avenue from Fulton to la ave. The common Council have fixed the District beyond which to assessment for said improvement shall not extend to wit the whole length Clermont Avenue from Fulton to Atlantic Avenue Aud in depth Oue half the blocks on each Side thereof. Remonstrances any age test the said opening must be pre amp suied to the Cou Kutou Council on or before the 23rd Day november next As they will finally upon the same at their next ensuing meeting or As soon thereafter As convenient. Dated Brooklyn october Goth 1854. Oct a 2w a. T. Lawrence St. Coram a state new Kings six the undersigned sheriff the county King in Couf Romity to a Precept to him la Bis behalf directed Aud delivered and by this Bis proclamation req ires All prs ans found to appear Ata court Oyer unit it rim her and jail delivery to be Holder at the court House Chy Hall in the Cut Brooklyn in and tor the said count Ion the ii the a , j8.4, at la clock in the Idre Norijo by re cog in tace or otherwise to appear thereat and the Unsei a nth a requires All just Ceso the Fence coi ouers other Oil get who Bevel Ken tor the Tipp Taranco any person at the said Corror who have taken Auy Ion any prisoner or witness to return such inquisition and examination to the said court at the opening thereof on the first Day its Silling. A so Gard at Hie sheriffs office on the 4th Day november 1851. Nog Lawyd Englebert l07t. Shirlef. Corporation a firmed. T. John Street grading and paving from a amp to bidge St. Wythe Avenue grading and paving fro Mross a leu a ton a. A a. Leo. Ard Street grading and paving from Hamilton a. To court St Golubi Blaud Middagh streets Public Cistern. Gates an i Tompkins avs., Well and . Navy a a Gas lamps and posts from St. To Fiat Bush we a a. Psik ave. Gas lamps and posts from Navy is. To Clinton ave. Franklin a. Gas lamps and posts from Flushing to de Kalb Rio. The assessments in the above entitled mallets wree duly confirmed the �3rd Day october inst and the original assessment Roll or a fair copy thereof will be delivered to the collector tax band assessments Oil tha2nddayoi november next. A. Notice is Bernaby Given to All by assessment to Alfred m. Wood. Collector taxes and assessments at his office in the City eau within thirty Days after the delivery said assessment Roll to him. They can pay the same without any additional charge. All assessments not so paid will Beconi Leclede by him or one. his Deputy collectors with additional charges . A r a t. Law rence. Street . Deled Bro Xlyn. October Jill. 1864. Oc3i law4w och ice Coj Lector taxes and a Saess nexus Tazz a 1854. Yotkois that the7ax Rolls Tho present a end. Vill be open for payment on the first Day november 1964.a taxes paid previous to the first Day december will to received without any addition. Y a ail taxes unpaid on the first any dece Amor Ouper cent default Wilt be added add one per Cert Addis ious for every thirty Days thereafter. Hours for from 8 o clock a. At undid . I bankable Money Only received. Alfred m. Wood collector taxes and assessments. Ail persons Are Reque Sud to examine their Bills before paying and . I wrong drop Eric Afa responsible for the error oc�?~26 Assi Jess mint the matter a it d Graw Street from Hoyt to Bond Street opening. Notice is hereby Given that tue four Wing asses Amenu. To the above mutter remain unpaid and Bat Tho warrant for Coj Locking will expire tithe hit Day december 1854, and that unless said assessments opeus eau percentage allowed bylaw Aro paid on or before fluid Dutu judgment will to entered in lilo Supre Inea court in Kluge county again teach and every Poradun who a Ball have neglected to pay for the Aino unto said assessment with to said exp Liaos percentage and costs. Jamos Wonfor fc90 60 i dwt a sump Sun $ 5 73 Day in i Mclaug an 1 67 Geo b Ood o u 84 Elton Hall. 15 63 i goo Duchan .234.21 p Rifleman. 56 i0. Klent leg Hali 15 3�. Hugh Kelly. 3 95 i Chas t Wel Gaud 10 70 James he end. 3 951 Alf red m. Wood collector taxes and assessments. Brooklyn 1854. 6s3 r oc9 law6w u. B. Dio Erkson Al. Aro hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint the plaintiff in Anat Lonon the supreme court to Ste the new York Tho place Irla it whereof is Tom county or Kings which complain to amps filed in the office the clerk the said county at the City Hall in the Cit , on the 27ih Day nept Embar 1864, wherein a left acid a bearing is plan Ali and o. B. Dickerson is defendant and to serve a copy your answer on the subscriber at. By office no. 18 William Street in thecly new York within Twenty Days after the service this summons on you. Exclusive the Day Buco service and you fall to answer the complaint within the Tiuliu aforesaid the plaintiff in this action will take judgment against you Lor the sum one thousand the a a bund red eighty four dollars and 77 cents with interest Llu it re i it a from May 1st, 1854, besides Tbs costs this action. Vav Howard wait Fly Fri atty. Oc.2 lw6w no. 18 William at., n a important that Ati persons suffering from any disorders the Eye should know that the most Success Fol practitioner As an Oculi St is or. . 486 Broadway Corner Broome at. New York and 141 court it., Brooklyn opposite Warren. His practice has. For several years been very Tensive embracing phase disease to which ibo Fly run vision liable. In to most extraordinary cures have been Quot effected by his Peculiar sysum i regiment even after the efforts other skillful gentlemen have utterly Laile to Bob service to the patient. Dii Baiei Oft be Eye however apparent Orrem Edulji it unfailingly yield to it Alsap to that no one among the Tjio viands who Ore afflicted need despair having restored to them healthy vision and Clear and perfect so get. Art1f1cialkyeb a the bests Arlilan manufacture inserted without giving a amp to or inconvenience Toboso requiring them. Office hour in Brooklyn from b to 10, a. and in new York u. . To �?~4, . A an88tn / Louf ovation Notick urdu Antii to Feuce vacant lots in the Block bounded by court Clinton Jora Temuri und Euise streets. Notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that a Resolution has been the common Council this City asking for Tho passage an ordinance requiring the own ners property on the above hive their vacant lots fenced. Region str amp aces any against Tho passage said ordinance must be presented to the common Council on or before the Tab Day Novom tur last boy will finally upon the Sain Eai Tel next or As soon thereafter As convenient. Dated Brooklyn nov. 7, 1854. Tio hit a. T. Lawrence Street Coli Oil a. i for j Wells and pumps. Be a led estimates will to received at the Street commissioners office until saturday next Ullh inst., at 4 clock. F. At., for construct log welts and a map at the following places Viz Oie in Oxford it. Near Myrtle a. One near the Corner Columbia a Congress its. And one on Faltyn Avenue Between Lewis and slut Vera ave. The work to be commenced immediately and Tobo com put did strictly in accordance with the City ordinances. A. T. Lawrence Street Cost. In Rooklyn nov 7tb, 1854. No7 did corf ration to Flag sidewalks on tailor Street from Kent to Bedford ave. Notice Given to All parties interested that ares Quilon bus been presented to the common Council this City asking for the pus rage ordinances requiring the owners proportion the a Yovo named Street to Havo their sidewalk sat turd six hew Lac. Remonstrance any against Salford a dance must he presented to Iho common Council in or before the 18th Dynof same str Beer next ensuing meeting oras Soonah Rostier a convenient. Dated by Kiyu november 7,1854. No7 7h a. T. Lawvence Colum it read and bakery the .5 Al a would his friends and Tho Public that be Raspur Abaied i Hatleli Raenel a the so stun a 129 and lamp a Fulton Street and that he has added thereto a bread and to bakery where All those who May Honor him with Ioir favors con so supplied with As cod and Asch Eapan article Asean by procured m any store in this City. will to kept oysters first rate que silly and to Ella Delphi amp. Ice Cream the very . Parties supplied with end ice cosm be Hortein itt �3itde Liotis. F�2 Rowland Story. I Pipero Latiok Ood a firmed Hant a Street opening from Gates to Fulton ave. F he assessment in the above entitled matter was duly confirmed on Tbell today and the original Sei sment Roll or a fair copy a Hereof Wylli be delivered to the Colt Octor tax Sand assessments on the2iitdayof Tooer lat. Notice Libere Nogiven to All parties interested that byway to Alfred m. Wood collector or taxes and assessments at his office in the City Hall Alta in thirty Days after the delivery said assessment Roll in him. They can pay the same without any additional charge All assessments not so paid will be collected by him or Ona Bis Deputy collectors with additional barges thereon provided by Law. Dated Brooklyn oct. 17, 1854. A. T. Lawrence ocl71aw4w Street commissioner. Assessment the matter grading and paving from Atlantic a to Fol Gutib a no a notice is hereby Given that the following assessments in the above Malter remain unpaid Aud that the warrant for co Lecton said assessments Willox pro the 3d Day december lu64 and that Uless said assessments together with the expense Jand percentage allowed by Law Are paid onor before said Date judgment will be entered in the supreme court in Kings county against each and every person who shall have neglected to pay for the amount said assessment with the saidexpeuse8, costs. A a Henry h<�li.�.$16383 slept in run Logton. 279 04 Barnabas w Hsitu. 1156 �9 Phoebe am Beiman. 137 86 Barth a Creagh. .37 99 j Ames nor Smith 335 62 Edward Woody 262 99 j c Brevort.xr. l Leffert .242 85 j c Brevort. 567 86 Geo Winterson. 2496 Jav Esseff. 124 86 Tho Rice. 15986 we Hamilton 119 86 John 8 rider 48 47 Mury Johnson 100482 John Vanderbilt 7j515 Ananoo Wooding 1235 32 we Depauw. 76 74 Chas slain c Fitch 40i> 06 Thos j Gerrold 243 78 Joseph Smallwood. 4914 John has sey. $ 49 66 Hiram a Norris 16 69 Joseph evens 13766 to it Thomp on. 135 16 Henry k Fountain. ¿23 86 James a Bradley. 186 22 d Van Voorhis and j Haynes. 587 s6 Henry Clarkson 67 36 Eberhart. 25340 same a a a fort. 892 36 David keep a 262 36 Htu Ryd a Anilou 47069 Stephen Bonington. 244 19 Cli aau Baxter 244 44 James Kelly. 12173 j Ames Lenox 12173 Ben trealy k angst v Bluith. 1109 50 Owen he cube .60 69 Jos Wrogg Leswith. 122g2 a clowns. 303 45 Harler l Packer. 892 95. A Brooklyn oct. I Jyh 185-1. Ocio law6w. Alfred m. Wood collector tax Sand . Assessment the matter a amp 1 Street from Fulton to Lafayette Avenue opening. Notice is hereby Given Ratthe following assessment san the above Mailer remain unpaid and that the warrant for cold assessments will exp Leon tbe29thday november. 1854. And that unless said assessments together with the expense and percentage allowed by Law Are paid on or before said Dato,judgmentwillbeenieredlnlhe8upremecobrl in Kings county a Gaius Euch Aud every person who shall have neglected to pay for the a mount or said assessment with the said expenses percentage Aud costs. Robert Abo Teon 9621 re hot or holt$786 75 Geo Hill. 196 31 Henry Stry hugs 537 20 Lff maxwell.?. 3t3 35 win h Thorp 409 04 to 8 Thorp 500 <3danl Giacou. 596 60 Ephrum r males. 2.3 82 Isaac c Delapl amp be. 1075 25 John Clarke 230 97 we Smith. .16 76 Alfred m Treadwell. 214 0> Owen a Wen a 16 76 j nrobins603 75 get Wilson. 338 we i Elliod. 117 52 Henry taucey25 00 wms Bort. .116 67 Fred # Walker,3 05 a b england.12 48 Jas c Mckintosh. 11395 trios nonisi227 57 Henry Young 117 27 Alfred m. Wood collector taxes and assessments. Brooklyn oct. 19. J854._ocj9 Lawriw assessment the Wiatter Hicks Street and Montague place we and . Notice is hereby Given that the following assessments in the above Mucor remain unpaid and that the Warrantor collecting said assessment will expire on the 3d Day december 1654, and that unless said assessments together with the expense and percentage allowed bylaw Are paid on or before said Date judgment will be entered in the supreme court to Kings county against Earh and every person who a Hall have neglected to pay for the amount said assess ment with the cottage and costs. A w Moore. 814 00. A Dwarf e Harp lot. 14 00 f6 06 John k John 15 00 kelchtiui48 co j5 John b Dardy. 16 0030 0u John t Moore .14 00 Alfred m. Wood collector tax Sand assessments. Brooklyn oct. 19,1854. Ucl9 lsw6w it danford$26 00 j roachj4 00 Charles l Barre. Geo b Upton. Alfred ill Ceil. Is no a i Arnold. Assessment the matter Carroll Street near it artilion Avenue Well and . Notice is hereby Given that the following assessments in the above matter remain unpaid and that the warrant for collecting said assessments will expire on ibes Day december 1864,and that us Lesssard assessments together with the expense and percentage allowed paid onor before said Date judgement will be entered in the supreme court in Kings county again teach and every person who shall have neglected to pay for the amount said assessment with tit Ala expenses percentage and costs. Anson Blake. $21 001 Geo Vav Holl. $ 4 00 Albert w Hendrickson 17 50 Josepn Carr. 17 00 a dwt in Bui Ard 10 501 Elisha k b Estes 4 00 Wran Brown. 6 501 Joseph Carr. 4 00 win Platt. 3 37 Geo Fui Soine. 4 pm Brooklyn get. 19,1854. A. Wood Oclo Law few collector Alesand assets. Assessment notice in the mutter Beve Nicenah Street third and fourth avenues Well and a quip. Notice is hereby Given that the following assessments in the above Mattor remain unpaid and that the warrant for Jcj Lect Long said assessments will expire the 3d Day de ,l85i, and that unless said assessments jog Etner with percentage allowed by Law Aro paid onor ,.judgment will reentered la the supreme court in Kings county again teach and every person who shall have neglected to pay Forth amount said assessment with Basald expenses percentage and costs. Geo butler.,$1400 Chas w Pool 7 00 Rob to Duncan. 18 00 uaachand., 9 00 Hamilton Reever. 48 00 Peter Wyckoff. 8rt,. 14 07 Quot i us a spoons a Salt Ami met Bartl Poona Elj with the Bowles gilded 10 proven getting Black can be had it j. O. Oboes 20. Faltyn a or. Manufacturer. A Dos Ropa Ltd lube Tut amp nor. Get Butler 7 co Euseba Burbank 14 00 is my a froth. 7 00 Elisha Burbank for we Burbank.s6 06 Himilton Reeves 10 �?~�?~0 a v w Yauu or. Alkred. Wood collector taxes and assessments. Brooklyn oct. 19,1854. Oc91aw6w assessment tue matter o Myrtle a a. And Jay at. Public Cistern. Notice is Herby Given that the following assessment in the above Malter remain unpaid and that the warrant for collecting sold assessment will expire in the 3d Day 0/ december 1854, and assessments together with the expense Aud percentage allowed by Law Are paid on or before a amp id Dale judgment will be entered in the supreme again teach mud every person who shall have neglected to pay for the amount said assessment with the said expenses percentage and costs. Humphrey 5 80 Cimias w Wei lbs. Julia Murthur. Urls Lvii . Miry e 8imer�. Horace Usu than. James Borland. James Bogert. James Wood. Robot Hutchenson. Francis b Stryker. Thomas Jones. Robot d Audreon. Stephen Lleni Glon. Dan a Vanvoy urls. Auth Tea Stevens. Ill easily. Edward a Natvey. Geo p Roach. Jet me Rye Sun $1000500 4 5u robot a Volta. 4 40 a to w Jacksu. 3 50 Sami Booth. 500 3ru Nathan k Waldron. 9fit 3 50 John Wiley. 4 50 3 50 thus b Smith. 4 50 3 50 Paul banker. 5 00 3 �0 James bag Ley. 5 00 350 a Ruple Smith 500 300 Jas Rhode. 500 5 to Wmk Brundedge. 600 g 90 wrae Johnson. 101 0 a kid Zakeih drew000 35 00 Mason Whiting 600 6 00 we Rockwell. 6 06 5 00 Bench Downing. 500 1160 John Voorhis. 6 00 3 00 we w Russell 50o Alfred a Wood collector taxes and asses menu Brooklyn oct. 19,13.54._ ocl9 1aw6w is Quot . Witcra Tiivi uo45�w assessment tie matter from Myrtle to fart ay., for Gay lamps. Notice la hereby Given that the following assessments la thu above matter remain unpaid and that Trio warrant for collecting said Aspessi neuts. Will expire the add by december 1864, Aud that unless said a amp a laments together with the expense and percentage allowed by Law Are paid on or before said Date judgment will be entered in to supreme court to Kings coup in against Euch Aud every person who shall have neglected to pay for the amount said assets Mout with the said expenses percentage Aud costs. J Al Ojuesa c w John mocha wobder.$7 70 91 Roswell Huey. 155 is iut a a Moore. I 55 do. 4 65 win co Uklyn. 155 Smith he Luckerson 3 81 Oliver h Wilson 1 Wells o Petit. 381 Dan a rolph1 Iti i thus p Gaston. 3 8 Stephen taylor381 John Halsey. 06 cons Fedgo .590 Hnry Webber. 6 66 uni it la vetch 180 Memy havens. 191 tues Harris. U0 Dan a Rolph. 181 Geo o Morgan. Scio Archibald Cowan Ltd Hen woood.�180 John Heath. 191 wind prest180 Sunry Davis. 191 Edward cop Luad. 51 Jos James. 8 is John morriapn.,. 3 82brooklyn oct. 19,1854. All amp . Wood or thai not itts. C a Prem court county Kings o James Thompson and Alfred Thompson age Lnu Matilda. for a Money demand on Eony Trad com. Not ser to Matilda. Retaken. You Are hereby summoned and required to an War 4h complaint in this action which was filed in Theoff icel the clerk the county Kings at Ibe City a Ball Brooklyn on the j2th Day Day october 1854,. And to serve a copy your a Awer to the told the subscribe s at their office number 9 court a tree. To esd City within Twenty Days alter the Jet vice this summon soc ser. Vice and you All to answer the sold complaint within Tbs time aforesaid the plaintiffs in , Attl Setyon for the Stem one Hundred fifty one dollars end six cents with interest from lbe29ib Day september one thousand eight Hundred and fifty the costs this action. A dated october 2tb, 1854. _ocl2law6w p. C. K j. W1nslo w,, supreme court county Kajj Gustof Amberg a Gaius Buben West Janse. Bis wife and Paul for Relief. Com. Not ser. To the above earned defendants. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer Iha complaint in this action which has been filed in the office o la. Clerk the county kior., to the City Ball to Uit sity Brooklyn and to Sorre a copy Youran Awer to the. Said complaint on to Auba Culber at bit office Humber 71 Street la the City new Fork i within Twenty Daya after the to Rico Ihla Tiu Mont on you excl valve Oft be Day Ucb Tervree and u you tall to Aoa wer Thewald complaint within the time adore. Talk Ibe plaintiff in Thea action will apply to i be c ourt for the Relief demanded in . K dated junes6tb.l8sd. Charles Wal sub Rio Fra airy. No. 71 Nassau at.,new York. The Ammona and complaint in bit action wore filed in the Lerka office ring. County on the he Day oct a . 8t .__oc25 Lawriw supreme Daniel Bogart Junior William Keogh Aad Margate Keogh Bra wife and Rodney h. Relief. Com not served to the above named defendants. Yoa Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action which was file in the office the clerk the county Kings St the City offi ook Ynio sold county on the 10th Day August a. D., 1854, and to erv6 s copy your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers at their office number i93 Broadway in the City new York within Twenty Days after the service this summon on you exclusive the Day c Ucb service and you a to answer the talk complaint within the time aforesaid the plaintiff in this action will apply to the court for the Relief demanded in the complaint. Dated Augusi both 1864. _ a Patterson k Eastman oc30 Lawriw plaintiffs attorney. Supreme court Thomas put Simona against William tor Money demand on contract. Com. Not ser to William Barnes. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action Ohleh filed in the office the clerk the c Canty Kings at the City Hall in the Cut Brooklyn in Bald county on the sixteenth Day september in the year 1854, and to serve a copy your answer to the said complaint on the subscriber at his office no. 43 Wall Street Jaunee court is the City new York within Twenty Days after the service this Saiu Monsou you exclusive Oft be Day such service and it Yon fail to answer the raid complaint within the time afro Sala the plaintiff in Thia action wll take judgment acal Nal you for tue sum seventy dollars and eighty five cents with interest from the fifth Day or August one thousand eight Hundred and fifty four besides the coals this action dated september 16th, 1854. A a evil Laws Ben j. K. True t in offs Atli a. Q up deme United states life o insurance company in the City new yep Pion Lifs against John a Siewart and amp re y., fats Wile Curne Lias d. Blike John Young and Pale use w. Miller . For Relief o the defendant John Young. You Ore hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action which was the 2ist Day a plumber last past filed in the office the clerk the county Kings at the City Hall in the City Brooklyn Aud to serves copy oar answer to me said complaint o i on Iho subscriber St Bis office no.38 William Street Mer Bauts Exchange la the City new York within Twenty Days after the service this summons on you exclusive o the Day cd such service Aud you Fallis answer the said the time aforesaid the plaintiffs in bit Halloo wll apply to the court for the Relief demanded i the complaint. Dated october 19th, 1854. Edgar s. Van Winkle oc20 Lawriw a attorney. I i Ketto court Kings county a o Owen Early against William for Money demand contract com. Not ser to will Rem Dame. A you Are hereby summoned and required to answer a complaint la this action which will be filed in the fire the clerk the county Kings at the City Hall in the City Brooklyn in said coup in on the sixteenth Day . In the year 1854, Sod to serve a copy your answer to the said complaint on tha subscriber a Bis office number 43 Wall Street Jauncey court in the City new York within Twenty Days after tin service this summons you exclusive Oft be Day u Anch service Aud you fall to answer the said Compla Lut within thelme aforesaid the plaintiff in this action will Lake judgment again i you for the sum Oue Hundred Ano Twenty dollars with interest from the first Day August one Nousand eight Bun Rod and fitly four beside the costs this action. Dated get Ember 1 Jib 1851, St-29 Law few Benj. K. True . I n pursuance an order Jesse a. C. Smith e.q., surrogate the county Judi. Notice a hereby Given according to Law to ill no Ion Eiting cd Kami Charity by nne to Lete la. Town ytatleud., deceased that they ire req red la exhibit to same with the Vonc Beri thereof to the at the office loll Murphy k Vanderbilt no. S front at to the City Brooklyn on or before the Seth Day a november Nail. Dated 12 the hit. Gasket bt17ae we. \ executors byes Lawm John a. Lott \ Jin pursuance an order l Jesse c. Smith. Esq., surrogate the county togs. J notice is hereby Given according to lamp who All Serneo having claims against j Ames Mcdonough Kite u the Chy Brooklyn deceased that they Are required to a Chiba the same with the vouchers thereof be the subscriber u the office , no. Scour Sheet in the Eity Brook you. or before the Fitu Day q april next. Dated october 10th, 1854. 111 a 6m John i m fund Mattce an order Jesse x c. Smith esq., surrogate the county Kings. Notice is hereby Given according to jaw to All Persona having claims against Patrick , late the Cut Brooklyn deceased that they Are required to exha a the same with Beto Leberi thereof to the subscriber at his residence no. &3 Gold Street. In the City Brooklyn on or before the4lb Day april next. Dated september 28th, 1854. Oct to swim Frederick to crib administrator. Ira Jil. I Ong Island Railroad a Winter i arrangements on and alter monday oct. 2d, my. Trot a will ran it a follow., a null farther notice Ixo ept bold Kyd coins Kat. Huf. Brooklyn at 10 12 5 p. For hemp Tad a a 3 45 p. For fanning Dale 6 40 . For Jamaica the train will leave Brooklyn at 10 And 3 45 . Each Day and Lake the train on by Faaet Branch at , at 11s5 . And 5 26 p. In Sai Ordaya the 3.45 train will run to Yaphank and leave a. M., monday morn. Log. For Brooklyn Alao tne6.4 it ., Jamaica train will run to Farmingdale on saturday Nighta and leave farm Lovdale at 4.23 a. M., for Brooklyn on monday morning a freight train leave Brooklyn al7.30 to Kluht Oodho Whit. 10 Or Brooklyn. Fanning Dale at 7 30 Lor do a a by Faaet at 7.35 am. A 1 Ford Hempstead at6 55 a. a 360p.m Ford Jamaica at 5 40,7 35, 8 45 And 210, a 4 35 . For Brooklyn freight train will leave Greenport at 7 For Brooklyn Beitf . Morris . Old Black Ball line l1yer-fool packets. c. H. Marshall esq., 38 Burtung slip Sebuh certificates furnished tor passage to Sod from Liverpool on the St andl6ih every month by the lowing splendid ships Harvest qaeen�?1.500 tons Captain e. Young Isaac webb�?1,500 tons . Farber. Great western�?1,600 tons w. G. Farber ,450 tons e w Peabody. Isaac wright�?1,350 tons e Absel columbia�?1,250 ton j m. Bryer fideia�?1,000 tons t Dixon yorkshire�?1,000 tons c a is Rob amp la . Drafts tor 1j5 and upwards on the Roya Bank Ireland and on messes Baring Brothers k co., , payable at sight. Old line l socket so Piei 3 East River foot . Oc9 3m great reduction in prices. I theonder Algedare prepared to Farnah 4pag�8 for Ric a los Mullary Compa-hie., ac.,for Iha present Aea Aon at greatly Jsu eth so reduced Price. Omil Uaea can be for Slabod at All time and at reasonable rate far Pic Nilca and military excursions on application to the starters the Railroad Cara Fulton ferry at the several depots at the termination the route at East Brooklyn and Bedford or at the Rall Roa. Office no. 12 Fulton at. Y28 it k n1ves and Forks All kinds _ bread Cook and Carvers pocket knives sad bul spoons All kinds. Ladles and All Klad Sof Hou a seeping a a Ino. Bunce Ltd to fallow. Ltd a. Her 1-0 8umb Money on Ilond. And mortgage apply to a 4 fait ins Jajw Annex Bird a Ort my it and Well it map at my a cages Lar Jno Buncel Seal a it Ailtee a orb a r y ;