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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Brooklyn, New York Vol. 13�?no. 256brooklyn Friday november 3, 1854 one cent. Aha Kings of our Democrat. I. Van andean Ruhm Shek and Troy Virtor. Life i bit unix 20. terms. A alrered to City evening at six and a quiet Cunti Par weak payola to the camera. In a advertisements not accompanied with written in Milru Lio Fli will be inserted until charged accordingly. All transient advertisements must be paid in and to Cert wednesday hvss1n0 aasis�?91 per annul Luad vanes. Book and Job pk1r�k1b with Teutli a in prompt a Quot eat kecuc7lcm rank Oak in a Tsi a. West India tradition. Concluded. 33 pm a look upon me a returned he with solemn earn eat Nesa think upon me As one who has been lore de by Providence into some terrible danger but a one who has in encountering it to defend something More than life. This Man May kill me he May not. what i would shun for your Sake and that of our child but no human Power can save me either irom shame from meeting this Man. My wife my Honor is in your hands what shall i do v a meet him a she replied in a voice but with Ileath like Cheeks. A meet him my husband. If god wills that Vou should fall 1 shall mourn your loss As a Man whose Honor was priceless. Of my heart 1 know not what i a say no More a returned Belville hastily kissing her Lipa and then leaving her in the care of mrs. Returned to the Hall at the moment that the Captain was including the general in hta insult. A a so air said i Ptacin Mandeville brutally to you have plucked up courage to return he 1 surrounded by your friends you will no doubt venture to fight t a a. A undo Uoc Day i will a replied Belville a but Befu the it Cornea to that you will listen to Rae As i did to a hum 1 Thia yellow can surely never mean to Woik upon Meto make an apology a muttered the Captain because unfortunately it is not a possible thing a and he Shook his head a though self convinced. A the proof a began Belville with frightful calmness frightful to All around for almost the whole of the guests had gathered in a Circle male and Fenicia. A the proot that you Are a Bravo and not a gentleman a either by rank descent a that you Are vulgar enough to suppose that dueling has the slightest regard to conventional rank. The next is that your blood is polluted and filthy for you ate descended irom the countess of who was a mistress to the King and Twenty courtiers As notorious a Messalina i Tell you this in order to show you How remarkable terse and applicable a the manner in which you address the Captain was livid his Eye were filled with blood the veins on his temples were swollen and Hie Frame shivered with irrepressible rage. Silent deadly and withering already he Felt his by Brit gliding through Belville a heart and then a infernal gleam Triumph crossed his face. Belville con Linued when one gentleman insults another it is from some adequate cause. Men do not covet the live of others that you seem to do. The insulted party is not abused like a felonious Vagabond nor is it usual foramen to insult women you Are sir a most unique specimen of Quarterdeck insolence of Turanic intolerance mud you have carried such height that nothing but punishment proportioned to these repeated outre get on society is left on you.�?T. We shall sign to we Ahall fight a exclaimed the Captain grinding his Teeth and with his yes glowing i Ike those Otan angered Snake. We most assuredly shall sir have not done with you yet because 1 mean to with you after your own Lathion. If a Low Laguard insults me in the Street i either Paea by chastise a you chastise i Well a and before fighting with you i will chastise you coptic used the Young officer with Noble calmness which entirely confounded tha other. A you will chastise me Goon a and nervously beating his heal against the ground be waited for Tho sequel. A you tire perhaps one of the handsomest men i do not doubt it you Are proud of Thia Beauty because it enables you to seduce and destroy innocence and pure women you Are proud of your strength too sir. I can with ease fling you out of the window you enjoy the reputation of being the Best Ahot and the beet swordsman in the colonies you do not know sir that i yield to no Man in kill in these things and you will and yourself after All in the condition of an audacious hound who by hib noise disgust those around him and a finally kicked Tutol the room. Take care a cried Mandeville clenching his hands it May be you will be thrown out of the i repeat sir that you Over rate your strength. Then a Quot a in truth no for behold an example of it a and Mandeville sprang Forward and struck Belville a severe blow on the cheat. With the Speed of lightning with a strength As unequalled As its dexterity Belville struck the of a fender on the Mouth. The lips and left Cheek were frightfully Cut to this Mouth in an in Btu no a was Lull of broken Teeth the Teeth which we to to White Aud regular and perfect and a torrent of blood flowed. He was Lent rolling across the floor like an inanimate carcass. The lorm of Belville certainly gave Little indication of the vast strength he had exhibited and his naturally quiet and unobtrusive manners had in Clinad them to attach Home Little share of timidity. To him All questions therefore relative to this were forever settled. A few moments afterwards beheld Mandeville Rise from the ground a horrible and ghastly object. He glared upon the Calm and collected youth with the ferocity of a madman but was unable to articulate a word. The Captain was helped away and Belville took his wife Home. A one Issue Only could come of this business which a waa hourly expected in fact people indifferent to the lives of Eitner but desirous of being amused startled of appalled grew angry at the delay which took place. They expected that one would have Cut the others Throat before Thia but several Days elapsed and nothing of importance occurred. The general had in the mean Timo reent for Belville end spoke to him thus a a a lieutenant Belville a and he took his hand pressed it warmly a a tear came into his Eye a you have in my opinion conducted yourself in this affair with a courage and a propriety which 1 have never a seen surpassed. Pray do not interrupt me air a he 1 added a for believe me i did not doubt your courage a Belpre but with a wretch like this Mere courage itself would scarcely be sufficient. A Man of courage May turn Pale before an Assassin and As Auch i regard him. I cannot myself move in this business but any of my officers will be proud to do so. You have the right to Challenge him As he insulted and struck you a a a i have done so replies Belville a but he Lias been Laid up to Morrow however we meet. A and the weapons v asked the general. A pistols a was the answer. J a shads crossed the face of the general. A i would not lose you Belville said he a fora peerage believe me but i cannot help fearing this villains i cannot avoid it but do not fear it general a waa the Saino Calm answer. I would avoid a Duel if possible for Many reasons but a Auch cannot to 1 prepare myself to meet Tho a and your wife t a my wife loves my Honor and my reputation better than my life. 1 have concealed Quot nothing from her Ank she trusts in god in. A by heaven-1�?T exclaimed the general in amazement you utterly astonish me but you a re will worthy of each other. Go my Friend and my prayers shall of with a Iii i have laced death Many a time but feel Here something like dread do you see a and after a few More wrung the hia subordinate and departed. As the lieutenant had Laid the preliminaries for the meeting were arranged and soon after the Day broke Ere the heavy Dews of the night were of the grass kissing his Pale wife and child and receiving his embrace without a word of remonstrance though there was an expression of deep and worm Leas despair written on her face which he did not dare to question she returned his embrace and it was not till h6 was gone that clasping her it child to her to a of her Unte trained sobs could no longer be repressed. The spot where the combatants was a Green and sheltered Nook giving to the Spectator one of the most most magnificent prospects Down the slope of the Island and across the sea that could possibly be had. Overgrown with the glorious Luxuriance of nature reeking Wii the Rich doors of the fragrant plants and tropical blooms it was Little fitted for a deed of violence and blood. When Belville and hia Frinda came to the ground they Captain Mandeville and Hie friends coming the other Side. The lieutenant raised his hat with a cold and polite air which was returned and then with a Stern glittering Eye he looked so fixedly upon Mandeville that the latter appeared uneasy beneath its influence. His disfigured face appeared perfectly frightful. The unhealed Acara with their grim red and almost raw lips the bruised sunken Eye was a certain proof that the face he had Boeneo proud of and which certainly to do him Justice be had not hesitated to expose in every danger had forever lost its attraction but his hideous looks and frowns were thrown away upon Belville and Mandeville Felt a sensation that he had not before this time experienced. As there waa not the Sll guest attempt made at an apology the men took their ground with the deadly weapons in their hands. A one in they lifted up the pistols. A two 1�?T each deliberately levelled and covered his Man. A time 1�?T they fired simultaneously. Belville was untouched but Mandeville a left was shattered. He must in his agitation have removed it Aahis body covered it consequently Belville through tenderness bad might else have missed his foe. Mandeville had insisted though he writhed with a in upon a renewal of the Duel. It was accorded to. The next time Mandeville with a yell leaped up into the air and fell Down dead. He had been shot through the lunge and heart. Belville walked solemnly Home to hia wife. He had killed his enemy but there was blood on his hands. Years passed rapidly by but he never forgot this event. Vast Bork no a a Martin Van Baren who a now at Vevay Switz Arlaud a said to be engaged upon a history of his life and Imes. . Van Buren has bad an extensive political experience namely surrogate of Bis native county state senator give Rotor United state pc senator minister to England Secretary of War vies president and president. The work is said to be considerably advanced. Books a for tale by Geo file yer a Paltay it. Quot Africa and Tho american pit lectures on Tho a Trae been Tytul and in a l a Farmingdale a by Caroline Thomas. Quot alone Quot by Marlon Havlland. Quot Utah and the mormon Quot by Ferritt. A Twenty tears on the Island a a the Iron coasln.�?�. A Aubrey a by the author of Amelia by bit iat. A a Harper a Gazette of Tho world a is i a Reginald a a a fit i 7e if a virginian has beaten the Yankees with their own weapons. . Rollow of Fredericksburg has invented a machine which will Bunek and Shell Corn at one operation. The ear with Husk is thrown in its Mouth and in the twinkling of an Eye the porn fails at one Point the clean cob coming out at the other end the capacity of the machine is about four Hundred barrel per Day. A parricide sentenced a the Allegan Mich record says that on saturday last j. R. Clements was Lound guilty of the wilful murder of Hie father on the 2d Day of March in the town of Baib in Allegan county and was sentenced to the state prison for life. There is no capital punishment in that s ate. Roro Oklyn Institute cd the yearly Coo Rae of Letu Roa at Tbs Brooklyn Knitl us will commence on thursday evening nor 16-h, 1854,and will court to of fourteen lectures. Nov. 16�?Thomas Starr King i a a 23�?-. A a so Park Benjamin. Dee. 7�?John Al Saxe a a 14-Bayard Taylor. A a so Quot 23�?edward Hitchcock D. Jan. 4&Quot 11�? a 18�?John Pierrepont a a 2i�?George w. Curt a. Feb. 1 a 8�? m 151 doors will be open at 6ft . Lectures commence at 7k . Tickets admitting a gentleman end two ladies two Laora to the Coane May be procured it the Institute of the director. Price of tickets $3 Rollin Sandford go jut Smi i to Samuel Lounsberry we. Ingraham. Oc20. F a lecture Toni Thiee. Rix o. B. Moer Json x Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the an action in the supreme court of too a to be of new Korky the place of Tria it Bereola the county of King which complaint Wai filed in the of fice of it he clerk of the Auld count at the City Mauiu the City of Brooklyn on the 27ui of september 185wherein Alfred l. Searing la Pla Lattof and o. B. Feu stat Ault for to a re a copy of your answer of the subscriber at hia office no. 18 a Lellam Street in York within Twenty Days Ater the service of ills summon son you exclusive of the Day of inca service and if you fall to answer the comp wit i a the Oliue aforesaid the a Loffl a this action will take judgment against you for the am of one thousand Htee Hundred eighty four Louara and 77 cents with interest Tai arson from May 1st 1854. Besides the costs of this Howard wait Pic offs. A y �?�.<008 lw6w no 18 William ., n y. A Wolery harness &c.,. Robert a. Story 1 Itisha old Quot bund no. 25 Fallon Street a a a a having Onla god hia Prem Laeland added to Bra a lock out Laver that Pecan to hit former Friend and Patron and All May b a pleased to tav Orhum want Iqbal Anatomy engine and All other Asiaa 01 note and lire bucket made to order. N. agent for the atle of All kind of Coal and Wood. Anal t hath amp . 246 Fulton �>1\, o Brooklyn. A Virginia comedians�?2 vols. Lost heiress a . 8outhwo, la. Alone Agatha Boa fort by author of plague. Kaap pens Middle Ages. Memoir of Napoleon. Family and court by Dutches A. 8rsuus. Ida n Irma a mrs. Phillips. Sun c ciopm��?10 vols. Hoods choir woiki�?4 to s. Of Ivirson works a vol i to 7 now ready. Smor Agnes Convent life. An1? of new livery Sale Ai Tex change stable not. 9 and ii to til i i few doors from Fulton av.,Brooklyn. Here a a taken on livery by the Day week Mouth at a libera prices As any in thelly. A up Quot horses bought and sold on Commissi on and a few choices ones always reserved log customers on hire. Car Nangoi take on storage. A. C. . Proo Ruurt n1nth Ward City of Brooklyn the subscriber having been appointed by the corporation to make a map of the 9th Ward has nearly com pleiad the same and be invites owners who have Marc of their property and holders of lots who wish Thom Cor Reuy marked and assessed to Call Athos office and Olvea da�8rlpuon of the same Richard a Catt cloy Surveyor quitan ni., Reeve a a buildings opposite City Hail. Toto tip Jiin the so a subscriber haying Al been appointed Arant for the Hartford and Protection fire insurance cos., of Hartford conn.,in place of Charles e. Bulk Elev deceased gives of Ocetha Behm taken in office a. 283 Fulton Street Nhu Ehouse a building where he will receive proposals for insurance Issana policies and attend to renewals. Usta Hora , Bank checks in neat binding 284 v books Fine lithograph. A Long Island Bauk. A Atlantic Bank. Bank of Brooklyn. City Bank. Bank. V _ Central bask. Just received and for Saleby George Little 51 Fulton Street. A sores sort Wlla i new books for Sale by Geo. Little jul 51 Fulton Street a . To the european wars of the 16th Century a by Alex. Dumas. The dead sea and the Bible land a a by be hew. A a party Leader sketches Jefferson. Clay Hall ton a. A a last of hia neme.�?�. A a Ftp flush times Ofa Lahoma Ard a journey to Central Africa a by Tataro a Cape Cabot Twenty years of a african a. Is to a a >10x , Oil fainting Oil a Prius memo Tocu and lithograph framed and us framed May a found in great variety at markh�?T8 a then mum Book and Huele store 175 Atlantic at. Alio an to Menie variety of juvenile and school Booke fancy Gruodi accor Deona Plano Portea violin string Jhu Ilc 5 c. All Call and be the picture gallery Gratia. De22 by _ Stromg. Spooner amp Welch 59 Myrtle Avenue 59 by tween xxv and Lawrence Lucite the Aue Nilon of help friends and the Public of Brooklyn and Vic Luuy 10 to Beer Large and select assortment of witches clocks jewelry Goiti and Sliver spectacles Silver and raied Ware of a Raj description fancy goods sic. Ac., it. All of Whcnt-3> will continue to Ieli at the lowest Cash prices As heretofore. Val he. C Locas and few try and engraving. In All its Ora oches Oertly executed. Se21y t i7�y. a Mott Brothers a ski Fife no. 13 John Street. N. A. Importers and dealers in Fine watches jewel re of All a Tana and of the latest patterns. Also Pia it mond sin rings pint Silver Ware a Al of which will tie warranted. P a the heat workmen Eniy employed in repair je23 by 1 his ill to a Hako k6 a to Iube vat and a try Superior razors made bygllchi1si,car. Always be found at j. D. C a sets jewelry store 203 Furlum Street Ibe Only agent Lothel Salty. Every razor Wurr nto i to aerie i Satlawa Toto air of Tala very Fine been key and David Tayler watches just cased at we. D. Chase�,2t3 Fulton us manufacturer of Stiver Ware jewelry ac., w at Bea end clock repaired to the beat manner be if a Luhks cd h Liberia Row Selling hia Broca at unusually Luv it Retreat Gold English lever watches from a to Lse Swiss Vlaich Earlom. 25 to 8i�?~ 3�lef watches All of which Are Warrantor Froim c to it Lialos fins ear langs. Bracelet Noi Elalat rings a a Besimi Erwalt. Bome Plendl a Eck Lacea for children a Irge variety of Gold and Viu soc crosses Gold Loek us. Deals a. New style of gents veto and Fob chains of f Perlor qually. Silverware of every Descry pm. Tryr Vanlou equal to and at prices which defy Competition always on band Nade to order by Theab Scriber. Gold Silver Ano suit any axe w. J. Vanderhoaf n b. Water ebon every description and French clocks. Repaired by the Tanoai experienced Workman Aud Warra Tod xlt�.,i�, a j Vanderhoef 41 by no. 146 fusion Brooklyn. Xiut1cp a All part tour Oak aug claims against Al it lha a National Oil company a incorporated by and under the Laws of the state of new York Are requested to present the tame to the Secretary g. A. Wilson with Draper Vone Heriot their correctness at Kos office 13 Grear wicast., on before the first Day of March. 1855. 0l�ri areas i Lih. 1854, Liws few splendid assortment of it Iii. Put led . , Anttoni Cord end Moat lathe City can at a a Joseph Puckitt sock co., of ladle. Drea. Ead Mantilla trimming., he., fcc., <51 Fulton St Alan of la. Gold to Tel be s in. Jluua.1tt, Bois amp co., have recent a been getting no various new and Beauty fatal styles 0 fringes Coro tassels. Ac., expressly tor the fall Trade. 261 Futon at., opposite Clinton. Ae29 by . E. Of amp a Jap Lin be it 1st, would return his for the very Ste used to him the part year and Woula re per tally get notice Loire put Mousaad the Public that be be be amp a Ved from no a 1210 i of. 284 Fulin a a Early opposite jonuaonst., where he will continue Tolve i personal sue Niton to every Branch of Fiur ical and mechanical dentistry and win a a Arnot every of Era Lun to be performed in the Moat care fill and satisfactory manner and a i the very lowest Cash priest. He would Alto Dell attention to his Block and uus Teeth which be flatters himself Are Superior to any now Iau each persons it Quong operations will find it to their advantage Logie him Coli. He will insert Teeth on the Hest bold plate for. £2to4 uns Uver plate for. Io2 of lot a a 75 to $1 full upper Beta on Sliver $15 00. Ca Viviea filled with Gola. A to to $1 a a a a Cement .�0 a a tinfoil. 50 cleaning Teeth. T v to i tooth ache cured. A a extracting. 25 cd All w a re Wurr Dira us report sir Ted ae2 Smyj a Sluk of for the discharge of insolvent per Juanito the provisions of the to Ltd article of the first title of the fifth chapter of the Pecoud pan of the revised statute. Joshua f. Bridge Aud Samuel j. Bridgeo the City of Brooklyn county of Kings insolvent debtors. Notice first published. Creditors Vul year , county county Kings at i Chambers at the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn on the eleventh Day of december 1854, at 16 of clock id the f Renoon to show cause. If any they have Why an assignment should not be made of said insolvent a stale from their debts. We. S. Sears se2si&wl0w atty for insolvent 85chambers it. X Otoe of of plications for it a wifi Al charge of anime solvent from hia debts pursuant to the provisions of the i tiled article first title of fifth chapter of the revised statutes. James Brown of the City of Brooklyn county of Kings insolvent. Notice first published september 2&ib,1354. Creditor before Hon. Henry a. Moore county judge Al go county at City 11 ail Brooklyn Kines county on theeler Embray of december 1864, at 10 of clock a. At., to show cause if any they have Why not be made of Aid insolvent s estate Ana be be dts charged from his debts Edw k. Trav 18, e2ti a wow Proctor for is Roadway. Notice of application for the discharge of an k solvent front he to tue visions of the ibid article of the Firat thle of the chapter of the amp a part of the revised statutes. Daniel , othe Clyol Brocklyn in the . Notice first published september 16.1854. Cred Orato appear before honorable Henry a. Moore King county judge at his office Chambers. In the City Hall Brooklyn ont Nedab Day of december 1854, at 10 of clock ., to show cause if any they have Why an assignment should not be made of said insolvent estate and be be discharged from nos debts. New York. September 19,1854. Sutherland a Morrell Syfor insolvent se9 Lawrow 54 Wall Street the City court of Marlon Mckinney against William Mckane. Do toe defendant you Are hereby summoned Aud required to answer the complain to this Callou we itch was filed in the office Riibe Clara of this court on in Elute a of june 1864. Aud to serve Pyo your answer to me Sal 1 complainant on the subscriber at his office no. 54 a .,1 Street id the City of new York within Twenty Days after the Servic Hereof exclusive of the a of Auch service and of you fall to answer the so com Piatt Wethli the Lime aforesaid the plaintiff cd to Sci Lou Wylli Ukaj Adymy Dagam Soljou tor the Sura of one Hundred Aad ten uni lamp and interest from Ide t8tb is Yum March Oue to Susana Elul has dry a and fifty four Uei Tadej Coats of ibis i it on. S. B. By Sophy puff a aug a june 30, 1954. 54 Wail St., n. Y. Oct Laww a risks metallic burial cask of. Morrel go Maxi. would inform hit Friend an the everything id Thea Bova line at a give personal attentional face rain and reassures those who Malfav Orhum be done with entire satisfaction. N by Charok Modz amp Atz. He invites attention to to it metallic burial cases and expects by a strict Attea ozut business to those who May need Bis service. Metallic Bertai cases and Wood co fihs of every Quality. Interments procured in All the Cemeona. Offic#,7 . O2f t Segal matrices Bounty court county of Kings a the Mutual life insurance company of new York Ai Al debt Angus Mcdonald and Ann Ula wife Samuel f. Bortol and Mary his wire Thomas Allcot Michael Bull Van and Bridget Ann hia wife Thomas Kennedy and Bridget his wife and Hamuel w. Crone and Caroline his wife. In pursuance of judg Rentof the county court of the county of Kings made and entered in the above action on the Twenty fifth Day of september 1854, 1 will expose fur Sale at Public auction at Montague Hall opposite the City Hall in the clip of Brooklyn on the thirteenth Day of november next at 12o clock at noon of that Day. All that certain lot piece parcel of land situate lying and being in the town of Bash Lack in the county of Kings being part of lots known and distinguished of acer Tada map entitled a map of progeny in the town of by Wick a longing to 8mul a Lues to a filed in the office of the clerk no , of the county of Kings by the no moors 18 and 19, bounded and containing As follows Viz beginning Ata Point on the northerly Side of Sandford , Distant fifty seven feet six inches Westerly from the North Westerly Corner of Dandford sir is and Graham Avenue Root no thence northerly at right angles to Bandford Street one Hundred 180 feet thence Westerly parallel with Sandford Street eighteen 18 feet nine 9 inches thence southerly at right angles to Sandford Street one Hundred Iota set to the northerly Side of Sandford Street thence Easterly along the northerly Side of Sandford Street eighteen nine inches 18 it. 9 to to the paint Nuce of beginning. Usted new York september 2�, u54 an John e. Develin referee. J. Blunt ply offs. Atty new York. Ae29 iaw6w supreme court a the seamens Bank for savings in Tbs City of new York against Warren begun Charles j. Holyland Aud Harriet ill wife Aad others. 1. In pursuance of a judgment made and entered in Thia cause on the 2nd Day of october to tha year one thousand eight Hundred and fifty four 1 will a 1 at Pabloc auction at the auction room of Oakley a Wright no. 543 Fulton Street in the City of Brooklyn of wednesday the 1st Day of november 18 54, at 12 of clock at noon on that Day. A that certain lot piece parcel of land with the building and improvement thereon situate Lynnr and be fog to the sixth Ward of the City of Brooklyn 00 the northerly Side of Union Street commencing at a Polat of the said Side of Union Street Distant ninety feet Westerly from the Westerly Side of Clinton Street thence running Westerly length said Side of Union Street Twenty Swo feel eleven in Bra to the Middle of a party Wall thence nor the by parallel with Clinton Street through the Middle of i basal Wall one Hundred feet thence Easterly parallel with Union Street Twenty two foe Celoron inches \ and thence southerly parallel Wita Cal noun Street one Hundred feet to the Point place of beginning. The from o the said lot to Ibe depth of ten feet from the line of Union Street to be re serval a courtyard Iau adorm to Wuh the lots below on the said Street. Bated Brooklyn october7ih, 1854. Quot John a. Week8, referee. Gao. T. Strong ply of a. Oc7 2aw3w s the >r0going Sale Lead Journei to wed Vaday the 8th Day of november 1851. At the sane us Aid i a e. M>3 2awid Joh 4 a. We s is referee. State i new York Saybe Takyi a office Albany aug Psi 10th. 1364. To the Shenef Ottie county 0/ it not a Star notice la hereby gives that at the general election to b held in ibis Klaus on Ibe tuesday succeeding Tref Iii monday of november next the follow a alerted to wit a governor in Tufi place of Horatio Seymour a lieutenant go the place of fian fora a. Church a Casai the place of Henry Fitzbugh a an inspector of state prisons in the place of a Henrj Stor Utu. All whose terms of office will expire on the last Day of december next. A representative to that Marty fourth Congress of the United states for these Road congressional District comfy of Edo the City of Brooklyn and for the first Congress onal District composed of the counties of Suffolk Queens Richmond and Kluge except the cities of Brooklyn Ana Wiiliam Bargh and for the fifth congressional District comp used of the seventh and thirteenth Quot wards in new York Aud City it Williamsburg in Kings county. County officers Alnotto be elected a three m embers of Assembly poor in the place of Jamac. Rhodes and William Rushmore Toju stores of sessions in the place of Nicholas Stillwell and Samuel 8. Trykur two coroners Ini he place of George c. Ball a Dercar bus Dooly a Asu Roghe in of Jesse c. Smith a City judge for me City of Brooklyn. Yours respectfully e. Orth a . City of Bro Klyn county of Kings a 1 hereby Cartley that the Abo vels a True copy of the original notice received by me Thia Day from Tae Secretary of a York. Dated Brooklyn Anu Englebert Lott sheriff. State of the state of new York. 14,1854. Aul5 Fawd corporation Lor Der a Street grading and paving from Hoyt to Bonda treet. Sealed estimates will he received at the Street office until we a Ednk Day next the lust., at 4 a clock p. A. For grading and paving Degraw Street from Hovi to Bond Street with Ibe following materials to wit Cut curb Cut Gutter circular cat Corners and crosswalks at All a he intersections marked on the profile All la a tract conformity with Ihu ordinance and Toba paved with Hank paving Sofiea of the nest Quality to have eighteen inches of Gruve a under me pavement All Ibe materials to be of the us to Ziy and the work lobe Aone in the most sub . Contractors will please take notice that there will be no allowance made for extra work if it should be found necessary to Taka up and re pave any of the intersections to Mase a Neo. Conform to the proper Grade but the same will be considered As included in the contract once and no extra work will be allowed in any Case except specially ordered by Rheco Tuou Council. They will also Tok a notice that no a so Uriate will be considered unless it contains the name o a responsible person As surety. A a Brooklyn november2d, 1864-Kjn 2 did. A corporation i confirmed. The Street Bemmiss. Middle to Carroll Bird a. Grading and a. Street. Lee . Grading and Pavli a irem Boss St. To division Atlantic St. Flagging Between Powers St. And fourth a unload at. Flagging Between Smith court ats. Livingston at and Hoover place Cross walks. The assessment san the above entitled matter were of the 28vh Day of september Laa to and the original assessment Roll fair copies be delivered to the collector of taxes and assessments on the 8th Day o of Tobar inst. Notice is hereby Given to All Partle interested that by paring to near several assessments to Alfred Wood collector of taxes and assessments at Bis office in the City Hall within thirty Days after the delivery of said assessment Rolls to him they can pay the same without any additional charge. All assessments nut so paid will be collected by him Neof Bis Deputy collectors with additional charges thereon prove Derby Law. Dated Brooklyn 4th l october. 1854. Oc6 aw4w . comm Lonar for formation notice in the matter of apportioning and assessing thee Pensifor Ashing to. A amps and posts from Navy at to Bedford a. R Washington a Gas lamps and posts from Myrtle to Lafa Yat Eav. Class on a. Gas posts from Green a. To Lei forts at the undersigned acting As Commisa Onei amp it apportion and assess the expense of the above the lands benefited thereby undertheprovislonsofsections24,25and 30,of title 4. Of the City charter hereby gives notice that be has completed his reports of the assessments in the above entitled matters and that the same Are filed in his office where they can be examined by All Partle interested. And 1 further give nonce that All persons interested in the above matters can be Beard before me at my office in the City Hall on the 4to Day of november last., at 3 o clock p. After which 1 shall proceed to Complete and sign said reports parties having objections to make will please present them in writing. Dated. Brooklyn it Fly Gnu 1854. Oc8 did a. T. Lawrence Street come a. O corporation a Fotta. Corporation to Flag sidewalks on Westerly Side of Adele he Street a. Tween Myngle and a Kalb a Ifni a tree a notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that a no to ton has been presented to the Fommon Connell of Thia City asking for the Paas Geof an ordinance requiring the owners of property of the above named streets to have their sidewalks flagged six feet wide. A remonstrances Tesny so sins passage said ordinance Musi be pm oiled to the common Council on before the Lith n�v8mb�rnext, As they will finally a Toler next As soon thereafter As Cove 1854. Lent. Daten Slot oc2 lot a a a Brooklyn oct. Slat 1854. A. To Lawrence Street commas sonar. Corporation Cler irom Fulton to Atlantic Avenne. A petition a Beai preset tied to the comte of a Sandlof to City of Brooklyn to open Clermont Avenue from Fulton to All a me the common Donn do have fixed the , beyond which the Alae lament for Aid Lampro lament Ahall not extend to wit the whole length of Clermont Avenne from Fulton to Atlantic Avarone and up depth one hair the blocks on each Side thereof. Kemonta trance if any against tha Bald opening meat be presented to the common Council on before the 23rd Dev of next a they will finally upon the aame at their next ensuing meet log a soon thereafter a Congo Leot. Dated Brooklyn october >0th, 186. Oc3l2w a. . St. Comm a corporation Notick assessment a con a firmed. Front treet opening from Gates to Fulton . The assessment in the above entitled matter was duly confirmed on the la faday of october inst and the original assessment Roll a fair copy thereof will be delivered to tha collector of tax Sand assessments on the21stdayof of too Ernst. Notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that by pay. Int help several assessments to Alfred Wood collector of taxes and his office in the cite Haua Wita in thirty Days after the delivery of said assessment Roll u him. They can pay the same Wii Bont any additional charge a. A Jesu Meta not so paid will be Eoli acted by his on of his Deputy collectors with additional charges thereon provided by Law. Dated Brooklyn oct. 1?, 1854. J a. T. Lawrence ocl7 Lawriw Street commissioner. Corporation Notick Abs easement con a firmed. Fulton get. A Ewe from near Clark at into the Earl rim. Cutter land at. And Park a. Public c . Hadron a. Gaa Tampa and Petta fro m Jot Mion at. To Fulton a get. Gaa Lampa and Plata from Bridge to a mond at. The Asmi Amenta in the above entitled matter were dal confirmed on the 22dday of september last an the origin Alae lament Rolla Ortar Copie thereof will be delivered to the collector of taxes and Kaaea Ament on the Ith Dai of october Tuat. Notice la hereby Given to All part Lea interacted that by paying to Alfred Wood. Cot Lector of taxes and Kaaea Amruta. At hia office in the City Ball wet bin thirty Daya after the delivery of Bald a Aeu Mem Holla to him they can pay the aame without any additional charge. All paid will to collected by him one of Bla Deputy collector., with additional charge thereon provided by Law dated Brooklyn the october 185. Oca Lawn. .vb.khce,Street Gommer. 1 b Lotfi us Llu tor of taxes and _ assessments lax a 18i4. V to Olce is a Rev Given Tibai the tax Rolls of the present tear. A ill be open tur pay mini on the first Day o november 1864. K j All taxes i d previous to the first Day of december will be received without Sny had Iliou. 3 o a ii taxes unpaid on the first aay o i it Ece Ltd. A one per cent default Wilt of sided and one per cent for every thirty Days tue Reaf ter. Hears for receiving taxes from 8 of clock a. In until 2 ociock.. Bankable Money otly received. Auf amp dem Wood Gol Lector Ufa be and assessments Allper Sansare to examine Ibert Buls bet re pay tug Aid in Deevota Cirrus Troi g properly a re Pon b e tur he a Srur. Us to i by sad and Tea a Akk bakery tit subscriber would respectfully inform his friends Ard the Kipar chased that Well meat a the Boston ice Cream Saloon a 129 and Bdl Fulton Street Andisha Behas added thereto a bread and Oak bakery where All those who May Honor him with Kelt favors Cau get supplied with As Good and As cheap an arts Cie As can us procured at any store to this City. In the Saidara will be kept Mya Iera of first rate Quality and Phil dip to a ice Cream of the very . Parties supped with confectionary and ice Cream notice. S2tf Howlind Story. Colic in infants is a very distressing complaint often dist Bing the so Rubera Aud exciting the sympathies of the Bouse old. I he remedies Ilsi Coli Lionly Resor Edo such As Landau in aug orc . Often produce lasting injury on the cons ital in and Soute Livues Fraih. Rob it it 8 cd Lac mjx1uke fur inf anti Thorda it Pii opiate rebel for m pain operates gently of tue Budweis. I in Eric City Safe Ano Roll Amie sold at25ceuis a vial by mrs. Mha ye8, >75 Futon St g. A Milne 217 Julien it t. J Hayes. 154 Atlantic St and by All the druggists in Brooklyn and new York. Ocio am Quot Brotice a All Persona having claims against the a american Candle Coal Fany a incorporated by and under the Law of the state of new York Are requested to present the same to Ibe Secretary g. Wilson with proper vouchers of Ike correctness St his office 13 Greenwich at.,on, before the fits Day of March 855. Dated August i1854 a is it Soufi g rookery fruit and seed Storr boat camera. ,,an-1 Gnata mom Ladr while grappa Yth Keg Brandy Neachea i Tarai also to general aaa Ort it Rentof fixed glad and Flowa Abund , and \ a a a a of All Kinda. We. H. Cornell hut 1� fur ten Street Tornar a Lark Traat. 1 for tent is important that a a All persons suffering from any disorder of the Eye should know that the most such Taafel practitioner a an Oculi St is . Wheeler of no. 486 Broadway Corner of Broome St. New York and 141 court St Brooklyn opposite Warren. His practice has tor several years been very Ute Ulve embracing every character and phase of disease to which the human vision a liable. In numerous instances the Moat extraordinary cures have been effected by Bis Peculiar system of treatment even after the efforts of other Akil tul and experienced medical gentlemen have Uii Arlo fall edit Beof service to the patient. D1 eases of the Eye however apparent irremediable unfailingly yield to Laap plications Aoth Atno one among the thousands who fall acted need Dea Palof Haring restored to them health to ton and Clear and perfect sight. Artificial Yeb of the Best parisian manufacture inserted without Givens pain inconvenience them. Office hours la Brooklyn rout 8 to 10, a. And in new Turk 11a . To 4, ._�o�o�o�l of fice of repairs and supplies no. 4 cloy Brooklyn 1.6.not Loci it Welland paran a Aara a a beaten . Wilt to roce Ved at Thia office until monday theolb laat., at 12 o a lock format lug upend rebut in Iba Welland melting pump incomplete Street. Naar Strong place. _ John Perrt. Ocsid cot afr. Kept a. H sap a. Corporation Notick firmed. John Street grading and paving from Jay to Bridge St Wyite Avenue grading and paving from Ross St to a Lek san a. Leo Ard Street grading and paving from Hamilton a. Of co it is Columbia an Middagh streets Public Elsiem. G a Tell an to Utvik a . Well and Onop. Navy is. Gas amps and Posta from Concord at to Flat Bush a. Fark . Gis lamps and posts from Navy St. To Clinton its. Franklin a Gat lamps and posts from Flushing to de kilo ivo. The assessments in the above entitled Maua Isroe doly confirmed of the .3rd Day of Uci Oberist and the Origina assessment Roll s fair copy thereof will be delivered a the collector tax Sand assessments on the 2nd Day o november next. Notice is a by Given to All parties interested that by paying their severs assessments to Alfred m Wood. Col lecture of taxes and assessments at hts office to the Cut. Hall within thirty Days after the delivery of said Asse Aamen Roll to him they can pay the same without any additions charge. All assessments not so paid will be collected by ten one of Bis Deputy collectors with additional charge thereon provided by Law. A a. T. Lawrence. Sixes commissioner. Paled. Brooklyn octet arrest 1854. Oc3> Lewsaw corporation Notick assessments cod firmed. Btu in Street Well and pump Between Powers and Nevini streets. Gates and a min ton and pump a cd Luiona. Welland pump. Between Myrtle and Park . At c St. Well and pump Between Powers St. And fourth a. A. Livingston near Hanover place Well and pump. Joe amp alb a. And h Mil ton St. Welland pump. Fourth p Well and pump Between Cutten and Henry its. A the1 assessments in the above entitled matters were Dull confirmed of the 28th Day of tha original assessment Rolls fair copies thereof will be Denvered to the Cei sector of taxes and assessments on the 8th Day e october Lanai. Notice is hereby Given to cited that by paying their several assessments to Alfred Wood collector of tax Sand assessments at his office lathe Cluj Hill within Thart the delivery of said assessment Rolls to him they can paths same without any additions charge ail assessment not so paid will be collected by him one of his Deputy collectors charges thereon provided by Law j piled Brooklyn oct ber4, 1854. Oc6 iaw4w a . Lawrence. Floreet comm corporation notice Eiri Matea for j d can a Trest re grading and re Yavong from Pearsall St. To fifth . Sealed a a limited will be received at the Street commissioners office until. Wednesday next 8th in stunt at 4 o clock up. For the and re paring Deax Street from Pearsall Street to fifth Avenue with the following wit. Cut curb Cut Gutter circular Cut Comers and crosswalks. At All the intersections marked on the pm file in strict conformity with the ordinance and to be paved with the Street which con Erm to the Midi Nate can be used in the work. Contractors will Plecas take notice that there will be no allowance made for extra work flt should be found Neces str to Takeos Aud is Pavs any of the intersections to make them conform to the proper Grid but the atme will be considered a included a the contract once and so extra work will be allowed a any Case except specially ordered by the com Nora com cell they will also take notice that and Esil Maie Wiebi considered Nule Asit contains the aame of a response in e Parson a surety. By oily nov sad. 1454 no2dtd . Lawrence Street co nun Eier. Corporation for Bartlett Street grading and paring from division to Flushing a. _. Sealed estimates will be receive Ratthe Street commissioner s office until wednesday next 8ib instant at four of clock p. For grading and paving bait Leit Street from d v Sion to fluid log Avenue with the following material. To wit a Cut curb Cut Gutter circular eat Corners and Cross walks at All the intersections marked of the profile All with the ordinance and to be paved wll Bank paring stones of the Best Quality to have ainu teen Luches of gravel under the pavement All the materials to be of the Best Quality and the work to be done in the most substantial manner. Contractors will please take notice that there will be no allowance made for extra work if it should be found necessary to take up and re pave any of the intersections to make them conform to the proper Grade but the same will be considered As included in the contract Price and no extra work will be allowed in any Case except specially ordered by tie common Council. They will also take notice hot no estimate will a considered unless it contains the name of a responsible person As surety Brooklyn november 2d, 1854 no add . Lawrence Street commissioner. Corporation for Wick off a icon grading and paving from fourth to eat Matea will a received it the Street commit a Toner a office unlit w cd it rid y next it the , it 4 o clock. P. M., for grading and paving we coff ire t from f Una Lofy a Avenue with the following Matt rial to wit a Cut curb Cut Gutter Clr Clai Cut Cornel-., and cro.swat�.,at All marked Uthe profile Ell in a tract conformity Ora Nence and lobe Naved with Bank paving atone the beat one pity to have Elx been in be. Of Grevel under the pavement Ell Ibe Materiel to be 01 the beat Quality and the work to be done to the Moat Saubat animal manner. Quot contractor writ take notice bet there will Bono allowance made for extra work round a Cea Karyto take upend re pave any of the Imera Cellona to make them conform to the proper Grade but the aame will be considered a. Included in the contract Price Ana to extra work will Bellow Erin any care. Except specially . Dered by Ibe common Connell. They �1,1 Alto Taka notice that no estimate will be considered Una eat it contains the name of a responsible Persou entirety. A. T. La whence Street Tommu loner Brooklyn Ito Moer 2d. 1864. Nug dul Ixo tub. An ordinance in relation to building of Brick Brooe and to extend the limits outs District heretofore fixed within which Bill drugs of Wood shall not be erected. The mayor Aid aldermen of the City of Brooklyn in common Connell cod Slou do ordain As follows All dwelling Ouaas store houses and other buildings which erected add built within that part to wit a Brooklyn contained to the following Bounds Cotta unclog at the Centre of tha Junction of Adams Street Aua Guiou Avenue running that be Easterly Slot the Ceu Lanai a in Uve Oue to the Centre use of Bond Street ally. A a a a nne thence southerly through the Centre of a blk Otie Centre of Atlantic Street to Deuce wee to erty the Cush the Centre of ats Nile Street to of Hundred feel from the Easterly aide of by Ltd Auer to shall be Bull it air a?.r 5tonf,i of other Mauriala than wooo. Vaji the prove Lotsof the entitled a an to is tons fire Iio iils and far Bemore effectual prevention of fires in the City of Brooklyn a paced april 16, if 62, shall behold to apply to the District described in the first Section Hereof. Adopted by unanimous consent oct. 16th. 1854 Josyp Hoegeman Clera. _ approved october 18th, 1854. Oc28 a owed a. Lambert mayor. A Frame court county of o Gustof Winberg against Jubert West june a., Bis wife and Paul Relief. Com. Not ser to the above caved defendants. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action which has been filed in the office of the clerk of the county of Kings at thecly Hall in the City of Brooklyn and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint of the subscriber St his office. Nil Enber 7i Nassau Street in the City of near Yerk within Twenty Days after the service of this sum mans Ongoa exclusive the Day of such service and if you fall to answer thess id comp film within the time aforesaid theol Aluff la this action will apply to the court for tha Relief demanded in to dated june 26th, 1854. Charles Welch ply of atty. M a no. 71 St new York. The summons and Eom feint in this a lion were filed in the clerks office of Kings county on the 20tb Day of october la at oc25 a wow surr me Daniel Bogart Junior Wium Keo a and Margaet Keoga Bis w be am Rolney h. Rit Nieft. Comtoi Sei cd to the above Nat Neu Deien Danta. You Are hereby Amnion a Aud Rexol cd to answer tha a a my Lauri a this scion which was film t in the office if the clerk of the county of langs at the Clu afro us n. Id said could to of the Ruth Day it to Uit a d., le64, sad to serve a copy of your Abs we it i to the Saia a int Pat it on the subscribers St Tater office Viiu racer 93 Bros Way to the City of new Yura Twenty Days after the service of this summons on of exclusive of the Day it such service Ana 11 you fall to answer the said complaint within the Latue aforesaid the plaintiff in ibis to Tito will apply to the court for the re Lef demo use Iii . Usea Aux St Ruth 18&4. Patterson a Eastman oc301ax6ff Pipiu life a Ati Vreys. Supreme court Kings o James c. C Butch against William of Sass and ethers. a j. Wijt glow Pic be is. this court made m the those entitled action mean amp a Date Ibe 2 o of of t a Oil .854,1 will sell by Poblic auction at Montague Haji court Street opposite the City halt to the City of Bro Kiyu of the i7tbday of november 1864, at 12 o clock soon of Hai Day die following described land and premises All that certain piece . Arcet of Ista situate lying and being m the town of Gravesend and Conuis of Kings and slate of new York Boon Aeu a follows a to Gay and of j Voo bees Foar Budreo seven in five a Ezor thereabout northerly by Isna of oar Siaus to ornate oae Cun u red and sixty five Leet utter Aboms Easterly by Laud of Ubu j. V Vorhees tour Hundred Ana seventy five Feti thereabouts southerly by t ugh w Ater Une Naik of Ohey its head Bay Cove Cut Mon Calleo one Hundred sixty get contain aug Oneado a half acres More of less Ruby Sci however Tony easement read a Blo it Way to Favori of Hep Eil Srauy individual individuals along the said a afe Pshena Bay Cove dated of Rosalyn it Ner Fath 1854. A re a. Mccur ref re. Juju jul a Uteri y a William Murav against Joseph t. Rubuls and Dennett. 8o&imoma.�? for Relief. Of the defend Anu. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the rom Plant in this action which will be filed in the office of he clerk of the county Kings at the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn and to serves copy in the Aid complaint on the subscriber St fils office. No 22 win urn Street in the City of my York within Twenty Days af-.� the service of ibis summon son you exclusive of the Day such service. And if you fall to answer i e said complaint a lilt the time aforesaid the plaintiff id this action Wiiiam Jevto the court for the Relief demanded in the com Piatt. The said complaint Van filed is toe clerks office aforesaid on the 10th Day of october 1854. Dated August 5th, 1854. Och Laww Geo. C. Blanks ply Fly atty. Ufa Kvuei court kit Tab con Tyr Thomas fits sums against we ism for to a Guam Barnes. Money demand on contract. ser a a Wuu ii pit. Clerk of the c county of Kings is the City Hall in the City you Are hereby summoned and required to answer the Somp Siut in filed in the office of the of Brooklyn in said county on the sixteenth Day of Bep it tember in the year 1864, and to serve a copy of your an s wer to the said complaint on the subscriber at Bis office no. 43 Wall Street Canncey Coart in the City of new York within Twenty Days after the service of this summons on you exclusive of the Day of such service end if you fail to answer the said complaint within theime Afore iad this action will take judgment against you for the sum of seventy dollars and eighty five cents with interest from the fifth Day of August one thousand eight Hundred and fifty four besides the costs of this action. Dated t a. Se29 isw8wga a september 15lh,1864. 11 Awdeh Ben j. K. True ply Fra atty. Supreme United state life o insurance company in the City of new Yak Fuin tiffs against John a Stewart and barah v. I wire Cornelius Blake John Young and Faience w. Millar . For Sellec o the defendant John Young. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the Ruoai Plant in ibis action which was on the 2it Day of Epi Ember last past filed in the office of the cleric of the county of Kings it tha City Hall in the City of Brooklyn and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint in on the subscriber at Bis office no.38 William sure i merchants Exchange in the City of new York within Twenty Days after the service of this summons on Yon exclusive of the Day Tauch service and if you fall to answer the said complaint it Tom the time aforesaid the plaintiffs in this Autiero Wii apply to the court for the Relief demanded ii the Onia Plain. A dated october 12th, 1854. Edgar s. Van Winkle Ocso 1sw6w plaintiffs attorney. Corporation to j Flag sidewalks on the Easterly Side of Kant Avenue be. Wen Taylor the Wal teams it urge Une. Notice is hereby a Tver to All Par tire a treated. That u re sol Union Baa been presented to the common Council Othla City asking for the Pas age of an ordinance requiring the owners of property on Ibe above named Street to bits therral Dewalls flagged to the Width of six feet. Remonstrances in any against the Paas Geof said ordinance must be presented to the common Council on be t re the u the Cay of november next As they will finally upoqtbesam1 at their next ensuing meeting As soon thereafter an to Brooklyn 0 to Bersi 1864. Oc31 Diot Lawrence Street come a. Knives and Forks of All kinds bread Cook and Carvers pocket knives and Bucia is spoons is and Allkind Sof Housse Epths Irv eff my a i Sunn. Ear. Berv Allis maim bru8 t to Suma of Money on Bong. A id ohm. Appl,4� a80w a Xirau. A. In 1.7 to Ueke Ilei o Owen a canal William for mane Almasd of Cool . Com. Noner to Wllliam Barnea. Ton Are hereby to mooned and required to answer the complaint in this action Welch will be filed in Ibe office of the clerk of the county of King., at the City Hail in the City of a Rooklyn Lnu and Coaney on the Dixie Entz Day the year 1864, and to aerie t copy of your answer to the Bald complaint on Tea Anba Culber at Bia office number 43 Wall Street Jauncey court in the City of new York wet bin Twenty Daya after tit Are vice of Tala Atun Mon on Yon of the Day old neb Verrice and if Yon fall to answer the Bald complalr.1 within bedtime Afore Ald. Be plaintiff in Tala action will Taka the and of one Bondred and Twenty dollars with internal from the Firat Day of a at one Roland eight Hundred and filly four Dealdea Tho coat of kids action. Dated Nep Embar my 1854. A 29 la Waw Benj. K. True fluffs. Atty. Out Huls court William Edgar Bird and q Jobock Motley pull ills against a Iep Neq Newi iian and myth. Lats partners in Trade under the firm tame of Newman k Amiin de Eoanu. To each Ana every of tue solve named defend aits. You Are hereby a immune of aug rerun to a answer the complaint in this action which was this Day filed to Theofi Teof the Cier Kothe county of Kings at the City Hail in the City of Brooklyn and to serve a copy a your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers St their office number 62 wait Street. New to City Witban Twenty Days after the service of tuis summons on you exclusive of the Day of suet service Slot you fall to answer the said complaint wit Etc the unit tour timid Chepla inti win take Judt men Gail i you for the sum of two Hundred Sno Tanir you Seth it Norisis with interest from tar in into Oay of 6. Via Ember Una thousand a get Hundred and he it three Betio a fio Costa of this action. Dated new York october 3rd, 18&4. _ Braa Ley Mil a Woodbu la oc41aw�,w Kolsi Nuffy a Meys. I n fur nuance of an order of 1ess& x c. Smith. Esq.,surrogate of the count of Ollga. Notice la Harby . To Taw to All person having claim again tech Abl y f�nn4t7 Lair of tar town of Flat Lansa deceased that they a in sex a Tibia the mom. With the Toucher thereof a it the Uby cri Liera at Tea office of Lott Murphy a Vanderbilt. No 3 a rout at in tha City of Brooklyn on before the 26th.Day. Notum Ernext. Dow May ,l�4. Re Kouwenhoven a jerks Ltd Law a John a. in pursuance of an order of Jeska c. Sign no , of arrogate of in. County 0 a Stine to hereby Glt eur according to Law to All i non. it e aids jan�amedob0agh,late a of Becl y of . key me to Blitt the mine with the touch. Ibe Reol. To to e at the office of a. Mccain. 9 court Atiao in the City of took in. Of before t a if ii Day of pitl next a 1? l0ltl,18it John n pursuance of an Orde Ruf Jesse c. T Visith earn surrogate of Tih cd Uriyu Klonga. Inti co a hereby Alten Accordi Quot a to a a a to Al a it bang claim Patrick a due a it of Broe Slym deceased that to Ltd Ore Fuji same. A kith the a steers thereof ��5i�o residence no. 83 my Street to thu Ltd a break lii of of before the 4th Day of april Uay a n ;