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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - January 22, 1881, Brooklyn, New York A Sis six saw amp Miia a a a a i a we we iwo a a i / 4-the Brooklyn daily Eagle amp vol. 42.-no. 21. Brooklyn saturday january 22, 1881. Of a action Salie Quot auction Kee. Three cents. Attrib boo hang. No. 389 Fulton Streely oppo Aito the pity a amp in. A Roalph Heibman amp. A tuesday. Is Nuat 10i30 a 5 Elm 11,. Near i St. A Good Roto Nood Wilmit Malio Gany a Inin Jeroom turn Intro. Hair a Roar a. Huh line. A a Nitaya. Cro Jarry. Ciao. Ins Vais Oavp-.-.-.,Anbro Kelevh Joo Iota of w �hawl8. A Elk i i Bou Blanket a a Viil soil a a bios had or Solon a Alpaca remu auts. Tala la us sulots. Boots shoes. Sgt oms Rof a a. Samuels. 833 grand at. A. Prem Touy close the Catale of Joseph Drake be coated. Tho two a a a so pm Jol Rinor Street. Orange Saleroom. 1 ulars atoll Scoof guest. N. Y., Joh it. Now Iju Ork. _ by Fri. At \ a of clock no Tho by dwt h. Jour no.28�o Green Rioh a Voneva is Lisp. A aspect Park Coney Island Railroad West Brighton Beach division in Xou Sion tickets 25 Yenta enter time after Toni radar. A Brooksi Winter time table 18s0-81. Ember 4. 1880. Trains will a Twell feat the Crooks in deput ninth a. And then Lith so Creon Wood. Lor Brighton Boath Conoy is All Way Iiona 7 30. 830, 10 30. A. In. 12�i0. 2 00,1 30, 4 Ivl. 5 30and 7 Al Rotum ing trains Leayo Vest Brighton d All we a. Aut Oiw s .00, 9 00, 11.00 a. A. 1. L n s in Davao tha 7 30 a. M., 7 Al m., trains from Brooklyn Tho r 00 a. And 7 30 trams from Wesl Brighton will not Bori n. Extra trains will run who Noyer Strayol Demanda. Park Vasiler Fiill Ayen Iio no from Milton Oal Harine ferries Rin pros not Droel the Ilont. Sup. Rock away. Rockaway reach. Fall Winter schedule in effect october. Now York. Woodli Aven Hoo away Railroad. Faro us leave i lutbu.shavouu�, a la h a. A. Foj a la Avn Avenue. 0 10 11a. A i a a. Al. I �ch.740 a. A la a a a Fine built Iris bins. Several hotels opt in with Good. Tbavkl., transom Tatlock. Amp a. Charleston. Savannah Florida the South Soi Tii West. Virs. A. Aci.,m.,. From Pior 27, North River toot of Park Woodhull san Day Jan. 22 Wod nonday. Jan. 20 we. Yuan Tau a. Ago la from i. Pm Savana. Gay a 3 m., r 43, Kurtti Kivor. I new no. 33 foot f Spring at. City of 51.10 City of Colo for Frog he or Tivo a i the Union o hol a. Yon duty Anou Oil link. New Knipton. Saturday. Jan. 22. Uhor. 26 of Koitek Vogic. Agent u apply a Okgi Klaot Thores Pao office Udd Rois is on the pier. 17 Liro Adway. Nov York pity. At. Grer sout Hern freight Lueg. A Echt porn. Tiessa Law. ? mail steamers. And. North Kivor. Newyork. I be. 12. U air al4. To Niv from pier Atia Cazimie. Steam ours i or hint drafts thru glib us i i Ruuge _ a Ork. Snow think Stab Lleni. He a Torii Ilo Largars a\r.n.?i Urivi i us 1 Kiv i. It. A. Hon la Onrot Ratt-3. In in the Khz. I 7u court loll. Ill a. F0 .1. No. Dmura. And in i fact. F. O. Of Iii Ulps. I 10 a. Nicra. Cly a How Loo if in. N. To a in Ann. Adriatic Svi Sukdav. Lao. 29, 00p. Blk Jannitt a l Ford by of h.-5, let 0-a. Of. From per 1-Il-two North ver. Cahill ratio adj. Is �1�o0 Saturn tickets at. N. Mai Nibia Donot carry cattle a Loop or nit Fri r4, but r of Ucayali in a Maud Erory Wiere in England. In Olill so land .swod., to Lom Al rams a ply v. In 12 court John Martian. 3f a Nha Nishii a r. Coin is Ihu Broadway. In a Quot Quot Eneyar. Trans Atlantic o pm if Pany. New York an i Hay Pior new no. 42 non i River foot of Mort by hid Lin i tool by King by. No any a. Pm la di.soomroft.-, 01 Cross Iii the uh.niik-1 u�1uk. W,.duo, by. Jan _. Lot credit. Of parts suit. For in Cikut a l Riasia a apply Woltri Berrian. Agi no. A a Dowling railway us boat. 2f>, 2 2, 8 a. In no o. A Nve per Ual a Sekma. North Girman Lloyd steamship line. Between new York Northampton Bremen. Company a flip or foots second St. Hoboken. Oder. Mosul. Donad. Hipkin. Rath of put Sago from now York Orbron Indik a a. Second Cabin. Ergo. .saturrt.-iv. A of sturday a. Rai orday. Salu Dur. Fitl o South Unito iry 22 iry2u iry 12 60 so return Nickel. Mcatic 2is third a. Hob Rcd iced rates. Prepaid sail from pier bet wet. I Fott Reightor Pastar Quot a. Oulu lbs a. 2 howl i Lehre Krai upon St. Agon a77 i l k Green n. A for Brooklyn Nman la Neroy a mails Kamers. For Jit Yok. City of i night City of City of from Joauin. $f0, a Tonus. Steel face i Raji hol h 3a Broadway n. To. At. Aud a 81. Brooklyn he Vul Lvi rp00f. Sat birr Iris. Ii la i a. I h the. L. 27, 1. 3, �13 Ai 9 a. Ai. Sai 9�r. F Jyi 1. 1 2. 3 r. Vil Iri h. Let but a turn of Nevorn ble sort a Day. Png ii Tel. 4. Hll n?�31 1 ind he ii in i & dry a Jawny i he Oun steamship now re a upon Ciulini i of k i Arbor. From pier 4 a. A. New Yolk Gallia wed. 2d. F.-bothnia\v.fdn4sd a l be. 2. 7a. And every wednesday from now York a yes of a Cabin Dia Aige i Isuzu a Oragaig acco Rnoda a Oulu Paris $15. Additional. Return tickets on very Low Tufi. Tickets from Livor wit Guo Enston All other parts of eur Iupe a Tiu us Bill of Ladin Given Tor Belfast Glasgow. Havre Antwerp other Porta on Lliott Conti out end for ports. For i vat passage apply Tho coup any a of Iii. No. 4 Dowhanj Treen n. Vuk a inon h. A lion amp in agents. P or Psi wage tick is from or for eur be drafts a Wust Ralea no a further i Korm Itman. Apply t. H. Hendrkje son Luh Atlantic Avenue Noar Street sole agent for Brooklyn. _ Kwh York <7un.v Vlf la steam Bahij Ojni. For. Only Weic Kia of american steamers. From riot i. East Kner. I 31. Is. Newtok a new thursday january 27 Saratoga. Ten a any l or Ihram Nia Iiara l. F. To for Santiago de Cura. Is. Santiagoto Day. Feli Runny i none of the Chi film Anives Are fund 1 with swinging Tertha or Sinai table.-, Rise Are luxuriously furnished an due inn i. And Tabb if Boto Annex Collid. A a Mes k. Ward 1 3 Wall i. N. V. Item states mail Iii Liucc from Pirr no. 38, River fool of a a he St. For Queenstown liver. Food on the Day As follows. 2 30 Hwy Ike in Jan. 18. A a. 31. Cabin in Sago. $80, a. Intone Editto $10. Is Ferngo Low Rales payable in a Guion. 20 Broadway. New York. Orto. C. court at. Corner of re sea. F Aulon line x 8tea.-u.&state line. A no last or. Undone hrs. Passim not or e a is ii is sail f. V k thursday from pier 42. N River loot of canal Pooh engr Momoi Hions unhurt nosed. Fit Cabin a$7 reon la in. A a Europe $26. Kex curation tickets Rndy of l Tiesu Irry neither Gentilo sleep. Nor pigs. A tin i dwt a agents. No 33 bronc Vitty n. Bernard Hoiu an. Agent of Quot court St. Brooklyn. Parcel a i Warde Lacall parts of Huipe by a Luwine a i. Rational link of steamships be in taken York. Link Pooi. Queens. Town London direct sailing weekly from in for a a i. Nort b air now. Ornong u Quot on key so crowing the Atlantic Habin note a �100-8120 3t. T�5kol�?4. Ft2h. �?oboing$2 lower thin. Yoojin Broadway. W. Us Mauser. Agent Brooklyn. John Henderson win Feama Burgh. Dorland 4 $70 Fez Cursio in prepaid lit other ?.�quot a of a. I.2 Boston via Tiik Stonington i inf. Conmy of 101� All f a St. Tim cig steam Fofi. Datur.�,. Find wait lat. L u dig. Wot no. Iol Fri dive. A 1>. A. I n.h., io.,1 1,�, new York him Viii in h-,-.a. L.zil.,d thus tick la in Woi York Boito i Good in taif cilia d of the tickets for Solo a principal ticket off Cej lec Rod Oil Ccu of mod Coll a icon Rcd a. Not. »i3 3 .i7 ,lwiy.,.�? i metropolitan fifth a hotel ticket onicmn.y., 333 Washington a i ii new face. Imio Denck freight Only mop Galatia leave pier 28. North n 4 a. Freight foot a Bobbi la of w r ill i i Ide opt sunday presi Danl. 1 Blile Token by Lon rate i. Bad com k w. Passenger age a eduction of Fahe fall River link. Obos Ioan. of special lj3hted reduction All East in Point Al. A lug kit Andoli Sun Pui i ill Teni Leanier i n pm. I i Vebi Annex Doati All nor Cipul hotels of the Lino on the pier court Fitro Taud a 24. Foot 4 00. Jor if 31 Loyc fyn.4.1 i 1 i. A. To info 1 of obtained in new York ticket offices the office no. 2andl Dor d e a 0 v e l l. A Gente. Uko. L Conkol. General agent. F am Lis Cassidy o o of a aaa a a a a ssh sea i 8�s8 a a so Quot by b b Fine Seal "s8a a a a a aaa a a o o 0 a Goa o o o o o o 000 l l Lull Limm a a aaa a a nit n in n n n n n in n in is Sig Ssiss the Kirbt involve of Alaska London Dyko real skins has just Hen. And ladies is search Elf some Shinil Insko is her d0l5ians should Oali. Select. Cassidy no. 277 Fulton St. In Ulm tire amp a. W weekly Moni tily payments Oil Otiis. Taken for furniture. Ca1um�. Bedding. A. John mull no a. If nud 81 31yrtle a. Cor. Lawn Reno licensed in Esons. Witick. A 01of an ii of Brooklyn uary 11. 1881-Ndoptod by Tho Tho 27tu Day of in Ole a by Kuhn i pursue Ringo b3�r.tss notice in Gylven Tofill a in the carrying on of business sons in Gandil in thu carrying on or any business or of munition a Vincnt lond who Are licensed maintain such or a Chiclos. Or carry on or occupation that they Aror Rcd Forth Ntim a Iez Tion for atthe Laconsa Bureau. Oily the Clark Mollico. Room 4, pity Hall Haf Weon Tho hours of 9 a. A. And 1 a a All herein Inonu Onod Waioli Are Severa Lyas Follins. Trill terminate expire on Tho Host monday in Tulch Quot Siroub. $300 $000. Tho discretion of the Fitch Bonagurio. $300 $500, Tho i Nib Theodi Sindi each the of Public a or Tuple or it. Than 7 71 people. $1 a. E arh Pawn Rokin. Each auctioneer $100. Ini e a ionic .?25. Kiveli a ii tread car. Largo of a team Railroad. I jul. Each 9lhg� or of Mutia $15. Kali Billii Ubalo. And menagerie Oft Bomart. Ire. Opera hons. Playhouse tis finont. Hero he seating. $75 where Hua Suat lug opacity a Eton of Tho. $r>00 8750, r Othor place Polly for 750 Niall on lorm Railroad or each by Vii Cli chs Miu he Chat Ishimi chunk decl pm dior try Iii on re Driver rim Vrbin a Thirlo a ii Canduci Jyh dealer in Jill Mmel Umici Iki h Loal id i Llory. $5. Hou3tt. Tar. Or he Ali Dur. Or any k i Mich Ini Ilio a ii n a i knit Culjich a tu3s Nyji ii two Horby a. A Irum Bymun abused on the Public b left Iskold. $10. List in a ulu $5, Tel of March 3.1b or 0u31 Mutso. Foi ibus othe tickets the Roets tres or Otue u any Imai places of dry. $5only Dan Kallur lhic0 chicle Dri Vori. To have i hot oily Hall. Jal2 i _ _ _ _ of Load cars am be Tom common Chunoi 2. Of article Joh. Ins in a not broker Migney received for licenses. Zirli Dimsh Era Regii Selod i potion in Tho rear of the arc d. Mcnamara. City clerk. To Rake oud Loil of the City of Brook City of i idd ii i. Take but i said in a a r Dit or a a tithe Halit he opted in ten 1 Days i with Mnych atthe Cir y 1 Rio 1 orig Tir in o is lid a a Ery Lici Scorpo 3 place of he i Okyi Shi 5ad a Oihi a in a Folio id id Kab of thoth in Lai i Ovod shall of the Ordi no is hereby in i Iii Fin said i will licensed of january. If tsp. Provod by Tho clerk. Kinnary in. 1s81->ius is a True copy of Tho thee of Tho whole of Day Jam he i it. Mcnamaua., City clerk. Suave ii Al 8caivspo a amp talk Imp bail Roan b Brooklyn Annex. For cite. Railroad. Leave oct of Fulton Street daily. A a. In. Bill. 7, 7j0, to a. H 30, 0 00. U 20, 0 40,10 30. 11 a 1112 in �. 12 3 it. 1 0u 1 30. 2 00. 2 30, 3.1 0, .3 a 4 0 a 4 30, 55 30,6 00, 6 30,7 00, 7 30 a Smik 0 00. 9 30, 10 a 10 30. To fall Kishi Bosbon boat 4 00 re Kuminir. Loan Oraey City on arrival of All trains. Bog game Checkow a Kir Hom All Points. Ask for Brook trn ticket Nhun Muing a Bre Klym of Island Uay reload. I 30 by. Is venue. Sun Days 9 00, Winter Spiik Dull. Leave depot corp prof Atlantic did Flat i Hunters Point five minutes later. Babylon. 8 a. 11.00 a. M., 3 30, 4 30, 5 30. To. A. Put Quogue 8.30 a. Al 4 30, a. Farkoostaway.8 30. La Goa. M., 4 30, 5 30. 7 00. Suaofty&0 is a. I Uleu City hemp stood. 8.00. 10 00 a. M., 1 -&.3. A 0, v 3->. A Endaya Sun Days Iron Avenue. From Flat Buah a Qiju daily except sunt Finys from Hunters Pont Moi Viln so by Frilay saturday mulls Only. 12 1. Sund is i n a. A. 1 30, a i it. Glen. Go a i covet a. A. 3 30. 4,l/. a. Sundays y0&a. Pm i. I Mfd jihad. A in a. A. 3 3 Gri on poit Sag Hautur 8 a a a. M., saturdays Only. 3 >0f. Huminston Northport. Us 00 4 30. G 30 a. Won Dave. U 0 a a. L.l5 j0p. Farm Ingvalo Lakeland. A f/0 a. A. 3 30 port Jeffor Hon. 8 0 1 4 30. Sunday. 0 00 a. Nilk associated Linkh of South _ frn railway travel tint Atlantic coast Pili h. Ngy l Roi l lug a Yuth a a nut a Day Iii no. Winter train am like elect Paiit Ary 17. Dpi. Tilalnno.l-Faktmail-1 a a. A. Daily from now York. Manivo 2 28 Wii Minalou 10 10 charlotte10 a. A Al Lautz. 0 a. Mont Ginory. 7 Gnu a Mobile. Log a. A new. 9 20 a. Pullman in feckers Between Wasli in Allan a. Richmond Charlou Wal Kington Wanh train it. 3. Pullium Sec puts Between Imd Atlanta via Richmond. No. 2-8 10 a. A. Daily except a Jan Day from new York. Arrivo re Limond 5i48 Wilmington 8 20 a. A chair Loxton. .7 3.i. 10 40 k a. 1 17 Columbia 7 15 is Aiken. 12 08 a. Auguta. 12 2.7 a. Atlanta. Ii -8 a Montgomery. 7 1.5 am. Mobile. 4 new Orleans. 10 All trains daily from Richmond South. 10 a. Train lady Lecept sunday limited express composed Enciu ave a of Pullman prior Chargo. Now York Washington. $2.r&. Pullman Palco so Feuerh Charleston. Lam in const Luis. Pullman sleep Era. Richmond Danville Danville u Augusta via Oen iral Short Leo. Pid Louin s i Durs. Richmo Ifil Danville breakfast station. Pull inn Sleeper. To Chorlotte 9 32 a Montgomery. Piedmont air line train no. 3-? >up.m. Daily from new York. Arne Richmond. 11 38 Wilmington. 9 a a a can Rhea Tun. 7i5 am. Savannah. 1220. Lackson Iquio. 7 Rio. H30 a. Maiken 12 29 augusts. 12 a. Ii Riotte. 12 Quot a. In Aara 11 54 gym. Montgomory 7 a. Mobile 4 7 am. Now Orleans. 92o a. Ouston. H a. Galveston. 10 45 san Antonio. 7 0 no Connor turn Willi o. Lund a. A ii. Clia Rulle. Virginia Ai Idland Kouts a Avo wan Hinton 7 19 a. Danville. 0 i Charlotte 12 3-2 a. A Lhnn Uris love. In ugh Shii Sec pins can. Without Chango. New York Savannah. Atlantic coast Lino new York a Lents via. Allan a nov �rlofin.4. Piedmont air l train no. 4-3 in.5v. Í>a1 a ?t.-. Sunday. In pm York. Yea. It. A. Paltu Tiore Day Lino a a Dultin Toro b39 with the Magnah cent Stea Iorg of the of Arrivin. Of Portsmouth Iglo. 3, 9 25 connecting Wias above fur All Point soul. No. 4-3 4 daily except sunday. Front iilelnlua54 i. Baltiinoro.8 25 Wab Mcton. I l Al. Danville. Hi2 a. Conned ing Chi Irlotte. 1 37 a. A train no. 2. Pullman sleeping car Washington Augusta. For of berths sections Lor tickets time table for All information apply Tho new York offices. 229 i>5o Broadway or Nickeloff icon of the. A. Pop general agent. / Lent Lal Kail Hoad of new jell Aey lion i n now York foot of Liberty it. Station in Crook Len. Foot of Fulton it. Jewell a wharf. Commencing do tumber i. 1880-leave now York fool a 5 a a Phe Migton. Keeton. Alien. Quot a 7 a a Al Sclifo icy amount Aln. Hitti Bridge do. Xart a Batem r. K. Eix Toli. H Vav Veny. A. �h5 a 51 for Vlon Kington Eaton. Allentown. Reading. Manoli hunk. Santille. William a port. Drain Nanticoke. Upper la High. To. Lr5l-or i be Migglon. a ton Allon torn. Rending Hurrl Surg. Meuch Hun x. Waverly. A. A a 3-30p 51.-for knit in. Bash i Luucy chunk. To Naqui. Uri Iton Wilkes Burro. Scranton. A. 4 ji0 or Schoolboy a a mountie High bring. B., Alunro re a Din her a Burn Macb chunk. Tilke Remeny train Learnt 8 45 12 a for bound brock�ndinterincdi.utionbat539p. 81. For Kaston Allentown Lin Risburg for Newark 5 4.7, 6,15, 6 a 7 la 78.1.&8.15, 9 1,7.9 30. La. La .30, 11 l7 a. M., 12 of4 30. 5, 5 30, ,7 4�, a. 6 15, 6 39. 7 15, 8 9 15. 10 15� Vorter. To local Points Hoe time tables Hla Tlona. Barf acct Fulton la9 a. 1 a. A. 12 30. 1. I3u. 4, to fkr Fay. Skom London. To the Liev Only of Tho Smjth daughter gives great satisfy on in Reading Tho present Ami future All. No. 1.7g Cumberland sit. Cyrilo us. And fort Greene from 9 a. To_9j. T in a 50 Liiri. Test Moj 1um clairvoyant private i tongs daily Siofu Luroas told Stock Spry Cul Lions us Der spirit control. No a Alel for fitment or who on i spot instr Ragi Quot 188 Fulton at. Otio Puinno g your printing done run Job Book Kintino off. Csir Tiona 34 Fulton it. The Kaglis Job is completes � Cui Blu of Eutie Ying the Totea of ibo Moat fetid 10 Luo Pri uling Lino popular prices. Oro having increased facilities consisting or the latest in Oro Moonts in Priis spa Largo assortment i of Tho most a Naoom Stylos of Typo Fnu ii the prominent Typo found i Theu. S.,ims Douce god that printing of even do cup lion in done in the Gigli eat Stylo of the Art. Prices that this office bind Youk orders for printing Brooklyn a ilk Job pm of a a Tang department nos. 34.36 3s Fulton St. Popup Jau pricks. A Gank ledgers. Tick Jjo is. Kok jb�odk5, do Arris notes Bills of ladino Bill Heads be n eltkt0�?z itto new Fork Long Branch division. All rail link for Perth Amboy. South Araby. Rod Bank. In we Branch. Ocean Grove a Burin Park Point plea Ani Tom. River Barnegat atlantus go Lay. Elo in Aye now York toot Liberty Street st500, 8 15, 11 45 ?��5 a a in we a railway nution. Of Liberty Street for Freehold 8 15, ii 4 a., 5i, a a new Jersey Southern railway Loayd new York foot Liberty Street North Niyor. In Al Cir Sandy Hook via i Branchport 8 15, ii 45 a. 4 00 Var Highland la bran Liport 5. 8 15,11 45 a. 3 39, for Monmouth Beach Sean get via Brano port 5, b a 11 air a. A. I .0, 4 in 51. A a Ninatti Quot a Quot a a Marlor l 3o v. Red Bank for Man Heater Tome few or. Atlan 1 Oitt All a ,4 51. Via Rod Bank for All Eutona Whiting a Zoina ,. New Tork f n do i a Ladelphia. Ninth Green Raeta an 45, 9 i 0,10 00.11 15. A. A 1 a 1 4 pm d a a y i a. Iw., a a 12 on sunday 94rf.v.?b?3�j?vki8�. A in trains leave Philadelphia for new York Slamons Philadelphia a ninth Eon streets 7 30, 8 3. 9 30 Al is a 11 30,12 00. On is 12 .00 return trains leave Philadelphia for new y from Lati a a a a a a or 2.-do. 3 6 30, 8.5 from third darks streets 4 45, 8 20. 0 iry pm a. A. 4s0 from Trenton. Warron Tucker Slroeta-1-2.7 4 -07 0 40, .3 ,8w.9 0r. 10 08, ii 20 a. 2 �9, a ii but 6 30,7 25. 8 25 sunday 1 25,4 2.7,0 20 a. A Oil a conto action h made Jersey pity station hmm Brooklyn Erie depot Jersey pity. Tickets for Sale foul of Liberty Street. New York. I 4 court St. And Annex office Jewell a wharf Brooklyn the new York Transfer company Dodds Call for Check baggage from hotel or residence do a Lin lion. Cincinnati Chicago St. Louis the West via. Bai.t1m�ori� Washington. A leave new York font of la Uberty Street 9 01/a. I Orion Cunati. Louis amp of. V0 a. Daily fast line Ali rough. Coaches looping Cath Nizihti. Clit ago. Louis.11 k a. Louis a. Baldwin general Pas Rengor agent. Josfph s. Jarrid. Gone Raj manage gip Ecial Sale of Staple Day goods. Monday. 24th january following Days. Now prints now few Singh Baa Obud Musi allow casings. Vide Ashout Wiigs Wanton Flaviola ticking Ilina Linan Zamuka towels Tow lines. Liuasi Vianor table Tovoia piano Onyore Huoy comb guilt Mara Ollela quilt. Wilfe kid Nain. Victoria lawns. A Clearing out a Liipa a Winter goods. Consisting of White Blan Kota. Shaker flannel. Soar lot willed Flam Domet flannels flannel sul Tiliga Waterproof Glottis ladles cloth skirts Alorio underwear. Kid gloves. Linen. Blok silk vet vots. Black valve Toone Blok Silka Blok satins Black a Someros coloured Oral mores Jamel a hair suiting. Brocho shawls Avo Loo shawls Missos shawls a Black Oss Moro shawls30o Worth 75o a Pir. 5u pairs Nottingham curtains. $4.50. ?vu3 ?.ton Street Between 81. Felix St. And fort Greene place a. To i linens housekeeping g00d8. A. T. Stewart 00. Will offer during the present ii onto attractive lines prides in the above named art1�oles. Alltiie5vkll known l de fabrics from the Best markets of the world will be placed before customers prices that will defy Competition. Among the 5iany articles offered a May be enumerated the following a damask cloths napkins Ailee Tings. Shirting towels towering. the variety Are a Well worthy of the careful attention of.\rtib5 make purchases. Broadway. Fourth Avenue. Ninth streets d. Matthiews amp Soi n. 0d8 40�o Fulton Street. Trn Tell he few Owosso w a re h w w w w 5 Mem a ii Iii her w w w w Anat u he a vow o 2 Teah Ukko w w i a re u Kab w w Javk special Sale of Pur seem in n a in first i r i n n n a n n n a a a he n n n a a n n n is. K n in aaa n Inin fam Al Ain Una an ins Odds ends shout Lens a the in. Winter Fabuz is Low pricks. A. Matthews amp sons. Fikis by so of a a a oods aul Csc Wilson. Quot Trade eke k Kkt k a key amp a amp in amp amp a amp a pc wow w we w w a w w we we w w Mark. Earl amp Wilson a menus Linen collars cuffs Ark the Best. For Salk Wilprit. Kekry Coal upon. A a Avld mi3lick, dealer in Coal Wood. Coal Wood. Coal Wood. Coal Wood. Ill Myrtle Avic nue. Bridge Kkt. A Coati 1voxice3� to y. 11 a x of do said Ordo foot Abr by any Tho 27th Day of Tymofy a a supreme Coull in the prof the Brooklyn Lovatos railway company 3 of in order of this court made onto red entitled proceeding bearing Date tie 29th Day 7 1889, a. The Rof Oree in Tho ipod will sell Pullio. Trio Dock if Jay Street in Tho City of Brooklyn on Dat Tytlik new York. Barso Quantity of yellow pin Quot a feet thu 1881, time of. 15, Shl. Kraul guat Nathan atty for Peter pity. 12 of clock r about we Hundred w on said Vens Rofo Roe. 23 Park Row n. Jal5r�tstnftth k the Lyndi Pinkei Pinoci we the i Hoin ii. Sni re i Yoi not Ings county county court _ trial be had in Tho county of Kines Tho East Iclyn saving is Bank of the City of Brooklyn plaintiff nil William Samuel Plimier. I divid us executors of taif items under the Imbt will Ament of John finder Lal of the City of Brook k1 Adelaide Lili Chheth Pini. Mary Pinder. I Phr met Pindi life of 3 n Al. Elizaboth Coll a a Misti a a?s3 Smitti. o Tho de a of ibo 3 you by ii dated is. F Tho said Joll if the snid h. Iid i rider his wife Ada Cooper. John Sanderson Orson Ife Adolphus g. Named defendants the cum Saint in this Weron the service of this sum Rase of your Nln his wife join Henrya i9th Day Tho Soffio county a. Ond re hereby 81 i a Erve a copy o. 1 y within Twenty Days after til exclusive of the Day of service in a appear or answer judgment will before the relict Donau god in the i Quot a a a Kennard Buxton. Plain till a attorney Post office address no. 10 court Street. Brook York. Defend alb Cooper mistress Cooper Ada Cooper Thomas Colley Lili Zubol Couey Sanderson the Fiji going summons is in Rod 1 by publication pursue int an order of Hon. Moore county judge of Kings county dated 1 of january. Lh81. And tiled with Tho complaint in f the clerk of the county of Kings Tho House in the City of Jan by 19, 18si ?22 6ws Kennard Buxton. Plain titty a attorney s. Leme court Kings county _ Geory a. Scud Derand Elbert Carll. Ai. Tigai Vikt George Dillon others. W. H. W. Plaint is .-.ttorneys. Action no. 2?in pursuance of a judg Moni of this court Mado in the Abovic entitled action bearing Dale the 14th Day of january 1.841, i will a Ell Public auction by Thomas a. Korrigan auctioneer Tho sales Rojina no. 35 Willoughby Street n Tho City of Brooklyn on the 15th Day of feb iary 1681. I2 of clock noon the following described land All that certain lot piece or Ircel of land situate. Lying am Hoing in the Klove Ward of Tho City of Brooklyn county of Kings is roof now York is foilo3vs. To wit beginning on the Easterly Navy strict a Point dist southerly one Hundred Twenty live feet from Tho Softli Eastoria Corner of Navy end Law Yevto sets running Thenee Easterly right angles Navy Street one Hundred feet the Centre line of the Block Between Navy Raymond streets thence running southerly along said Centre Lino Twenty live feet thence Westerly right angles Navy strict one Hundred feet Mio Easterly line of Navy Stroot thei Ico northerly along the Easterly Lino of Navy Stroot Twenty five feet Point or of big mining together with the buildings thereon Oracle. Dall Brooklyn january 22, 1881. Jh22 3wsaw Thomas Ricky Senff. Rain Raofi a Pennsylvania Railroad great trunk link United states mail on after january 17. 1881. Trains leave new York via Desbrosses Ana Courtlandt Street terries As follows express for Harrisburg. Pittsburg the West South. Jars attached 9 6 8 30 with Pullman Pul daily. For Williamsport. Lock Havon. Con for Wilha sport. Lock Havon. Corry i a. Concocting Corry for Titusville tre the Oil regions. Willuam smrt. Or 30 e. Petroleum Cen. Egions. Willuam smrt i Jjck Haven a. Al. Haiti Iacoro Wasbin Glon the South a a Blini Nedwash Ireton is tires a of Pullman parlor oors Dally of opt sunday 19 a. Arrive Washington 4.00 regular 4 30 8 40 a. Al. 3 40 Ana 10. Sunday 4 3u a. Al 10 express for balt Moro. Except sunday 1 00 Al. Express for West philae Lnla. 4 30. 7. 8. A0. 10 limited. 11 a a. 1. 3 20. 3 40, 4. 5, 6.7. 8 30 10 and 12 night. Sunday 4-. 40 9 a. Al 5. 6. 7, 8 30 la and 12 night. Emigrant second lass 7 express for Philadelphia via Camden 7 30 a. And 4 Al Oxcell sunday. Boats of Brooklyn Annex connect with All through trains boats of Brooklyn Annex connect with All through train Joy City affording a speedy direct Transfer for Brooklyn travel. Accommodation for Tran ten. 0 30 a. Al. 2,4, 4 10 of Newark Elizabeth. 0, 6s0. 7. 7 30, 840. 0. 10, 11 a. A. 12 m., 1. 2. 2 30. 2 50. .3 20. 4, 4 10. 4 30, 4 .70. 510. .7-30.r>40. 6,6 10, 6 30, 7, 7 30, 8. 9, 10 15, 11 30 Al. And 12 night. Sunday 8 15, 9 9 3 a. Al 1. 4 30. .7, r b7,0 o0, o. 9 30 and 12 Nair it. Newar Conly 4 30 8 and 8 30. Sunday 4 30 a. Al. Only on sunday 10 rahwn5-,u 30,7.7 40. 9, to. Ii a. A. 12 m., 1, 2. 3 30. 2-59. 3 20.4.4 10. 4 30, 4.70. 5 10, 5 30. 5 40. 6 10,6 30.7. 7 30.8,9, 1015, 11 30 a 12 night. Sunday 8 15,9 0 30 a. M., 1, 4 30,5 45.6 30, 7,8 15, 9 30 Mand 12 night. Woodbridge. Perth Amboy South Amboy,0 10 a. Al., 2 30.4 0. And 6 10 now hrunswick.4 3o.6 30.7 30.8 40.9and 11 1.2, 2 -70. 4. 4 30, 4 40. 5,5 39,0,7, 8 30, 10, 11 30 m., anal2n get. Sunday 4 30 9 30 a. M., 1, 5. 0. 7. 8k10 m., Ana 12 night _ East Millstone. 6 31 11.00 a. Al,2 50and 4 30p. Al Kingston room Xiv Hill. 8 40 a. A. 4 40 Princeton. 6 30. 8 40. 11 a Al. 1,2, 4. 5, 7 Lambertville. 7 30. And 11 00 a. Al. 1, 4 0 Flo Moncton 7 30 11 01� a. A. And a Phillipa Irir Liol Viafore. Villi 11 00 a. 51 4 u f. 51. renting Bordon own Blair Linton l uni Den 4. To 7 5 1 11 a. 51., 1.9, 4. P. Freehold 7 3u Randll a. A 2 aiid4 0u Fomin Edalo ,7ioand la a. M.,2 51. Hialit town Pill Merton Cam Doil. 4 0 51. Via. 51&on Tuo Days thursday Udea Sardaya. 7 30 jul Iichi trains am vet from Pittsburg b 00. 10 40 a. 51 0 35 pm daily 0 30 51. Daily Oxcenty monday. From a Abington Baltimore. 6-.50 a. 51 3ig0 3 20 10 30 sunday. w a. And 10 .0 51. From Ballimore. 2 51. From Philand Olimbia 3 50. 6 30. 8. 9 40. 10 40. 11 10 a. A. 1 10. 2. 3 50. 5 20. 8 30 .8 .30. 0 35and_1050_3 50, 0 50, 8. 10 40. Ii 40 a. 51 6 80. 9 35. 10 50 7 Voket office 526 044 Broadway. No. 1 actor Houma foot of dear Osaka Courtlandt n. No. 4 Loor of Joehur Toflea i oui court6t. And Brooklyn Annex station foot of Fulton it. Brooklyn nos. La lie 118 Hudson Hoboken Klyn non. I14,116 118 Hudson is Oxon Jornsay pity. Emigrant locket office no. 8 Battery iliac new York Transfer Pony will Call for rebook Hae Gago from hotel Roa Dences. _ full ilk Thomson. L. P. Farrier. General Man agon Gen l Para anger agent Fevo Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Railroad. The old established route Short Lins Between new York Philadelphia lethal is eau Way Dally Oxcenty sundays stations in Adelphia 2 in now York. Double track Tho most in Provod i pinot the Fao Toat Limo consist tool with Abdul a Foty. On after january 17.1881, exp Bibb thai he leave new York via Desbrosses 5xpbe8b ainu leave new York Courtlandt Streete ferries a follows. I aaa or 4 30, 7 30. 8 00. 8 40. 0 la limited. 11 i .8 20,340. 4 00, Skaj. 600. 700. 8and 10�0 and 12 00night sundays. 430and 0 w .,5 00, 600.7 0o,8.30andi0 0op.andl2 00night. Exi Bess trains Leayge now York daily7 3 1 a. 51., 4 a running through via Trenton boats of Rocklyn Annex connect with All through trains Jersey pity affording a speedy direct Transfer Tor Brooklyn travel. Us turning Tny in leave West Philadelphia 123 45, 5 25.7, 7 35.8. 8 30. And 11 a. Limited express 1 30p.i. 4, 5 45. 7.8 on sunday. 12 01,3457 25.8.8 30 .,4,7. And h leave Philadelphia via Camden u a. And 8 50 m., except sunday ticket offlcq8. 520 944 Broadway no. La Tor House foot of Desbrosses your stand streets no. 4 court Street Brooklyn Annex station foot of Fulton Street Brooklyn nos. 114, 116, 118 Hudson Street Hoboken Tallon Jersey pity. Emigrant ticket office nn.9 Battery place. F ran k thc�m80n, l. P. Farmer general mans or. General Paa senior agent. Ujj Nso ram be polio eur 1 App Liomati so renewal notiob8, f i. L with Tho Lumet Nea a so Aii Dos path Thi Brooklyn Eagle Job printing Offida in monday january 24, during the week James orrery amp 00. Will make a 8pk0�Al of Fering of damask. Including ble curd damask 1 3-4 Yards wide 50 cents a Yard. 2 Yards wide a lot of extra Fine double damask 2 Yards wide Fon a Dollar a Yard. Also some boo Ellent half bleached a damask 40 cknt.8 a Yard. Several More casks of 10-4 wide Linen sukting 7.5 cents \ Yard have been Uko lived. A James Mccrerry amp 00., Broadway eleventh Street new York. Viii i us la Lgan Rions. 35 a fair barbarian a mrs. Frd noes Hodgson burnetts novelette which begins with a Twenty Twu Page Insl Allmont Utho Brul Huntly illustrated midwinter Scribner will be completed in Throe issues. Prica of the Ber 35 cents. Subscriptions will be received by Book nows dealers or the Pudlis Hera for Tho three numbers con Taining this Story. Price $1. Sorb nor a of. New Youk. Rust issued. Valuable cooking receipts. Thos Murrey. Late caterer of astr or House Ross More hotel of new York con Ibntal hotel of Philabel Pilia. A new Cook Book containing original receipts All of which have been Perroni Iii by Tho author Sira Pilliod adapted Tho wan los of families of moderate Means without sacrificing the rare Quali Tiei that Servo Mako the dues first lass told West auranus so Decate. Price 3 cents. An instant Success. A emr. T. Murrey has compiled a very excellent Cook Book Llis exp Cricco of Acuto Crof hotels Lias Al Lois of him Finci Litsios in discriminating not ily Aslo the value of Trio raw. But a Tho Iii Ali Oris of i Rop. A mainly a hero or Murrhy shows taht is in his Chaptone. York Iii Jum iary a a those who Are looking of or a convenient reliable Cook Book cannot do Chriatian Union january 10, 1881. A this Stylo is so Clear much Tho Point that every Little Liuigi Serju can follow Ishuin without Tho Chance of an error. A 4j Peu Plo who Imit buy May rn>4t assured that they will got thu lost of cyclopedia of cookery York graphic. J�nuary6. Iasi. For Fiaalii by books idlers now soda ers. Or will be sent poet paid upon of Price. Leo. W. Iia ulan in Ublia Hor 19 Par knew Yuk. Wjk Vajta Hijii work i Ketroiv is a. Called anew edition of a history of k07ian1.5m?� is a a re of rare Merit can Conti Doutly recommend Ain rending Niblic. For Bale by Thos h. Turner 617 Dekalb a. Department of Haiut ies corrections of county. Nook Jan. In Sunjy de pro>0kn .5 so solicited will he received until 11 of clock a. Jim iry 27, j8s1. The a Luico o Tiu Momb i Vic i lira Uklyn which time Thoy will Ono nod Yho Ronrad. For fuds plies for Tim Uko Olliie mme Brizio Penis Minry until july 31. I8hi. Consisting Fri Only of beef. Hour a Ugur. Coffou. Rice. In a h in Hii Phi does. O is. . A in Cunt. Tin Ware our. Root a i Tati Norv a. Scho Tuuu a of items on file Oil Iio. 4-Il Strout Cun be seen try bidder Alt dds us in be Meomi Miod by a Reri lied mob pay f order of Charles la Emiry re a in re r. Or Money Uno ult of ten per cent of Tho ngg Rogato Bill. Tho in missioners Reserve the rigid a a of oct any All bids which they deem not in Tho of the Cotmil Opl. order of Tho Board of commiss minors we. Shipman. President. C. Toal chief clerk. _ jul5 lot Corpora Ilion noetic Jalcs. Bep ent 03� City woi11�? commission Era a office. Municipal Don Artmont build ing Bra Okly ii. January 8. Jar. Sewer drainage map n. District no. 29, chapter 4 Laws of ik72, chapter 622 Laws of 1s7. A volumes i 2-Pubiic Notimo is hereby Given Mil Tia expenses l r Oono Trupti i Iii sub Ruiu lateral Sowers in Mariom streets roads avenues places in Lam a Bovo mentioned District has Boon completed by the Comus Osconer of Tho Depar Lmont of City works of Trio City Ofa Selwod upon the Disye a vet Jiwon upon the District included within the follow aug Boundary i in Point on Tho Westerly Sido of ninth venue Midway Twetten Carroll Ami Montgomery sir opts running Zience southerly along Tlle West Ray Sido of Kintli Avn us a Del 29 11-12 feet northerly from the northwesterly Corner of Prospect Avenue ninth Avenue running tie no Westerly 97 ,v12 Leal Ithone Noru Erly ninth Iro Riuo Toa Point 172 Leet South of Braxton Street Phonco Westerly Point 97 if &.l2feet Easterly from eighth Avenue 14510-12 feet Bra Tui Street Themo Westerly Long Tho southerly Side 0/ Bra ton a Tibet Apuin 97 lowj.l2foetwesterly Troisi eighth no nuo thence southerly i62 8. L2 feet thence Westerly the Point 97 Loyd i Loet Easterly from events Avn then northerly Braxton Street thence Westerly a Poi id 100 feet Westerly from Siivo Avenue Ghenco northerly 7k.i2 feet thence 1 v-i2 Foet hence uni thorny 85-1-12 feet thence Westerly a Point 2 foot of Storly from Luck Bou place thence northerly 10 i feet Hixt Keulh Street thence Wonderly a Point 17 1?-i2 feet Westerly from Webster fila thence southerly 60 Foet Phonco Westerly 8 4-12 Fud Tronca northerly 8 foot the South orly Siao of sixteenth Street Iliesco Westerly along Trio South irly of sixteenth strict the a Point 75feet Torly from sixth Avenue thence southerly h&i2 v.l2 feet thence Westerly a Point 97 4-12 feet Easterly from fifth Avenue thence northerly Tho southerly of sixteen Ali Street thence along Tho is Tutherly Side of sixteenth Street the a Point 83 -12 feet Westerly from fifth Avenue Phonco southerly j15 9 12 Folt Thimo a Point i l feet Moro or less Easterly from fourth no Nice thence southerly 00 feet More or loss the coca Wust Orty a Point on the Sido of fourth Avenue 25 feet northerly from Llie Corner of Prospect Avn fourth Avenue Leoce Westerly x Point a the Westerly of fourth Avenue 7.3 4-12 feet North Yuriy from Prospect Avonzo thence Westerly 655 9-12 Leet Tho Easterly Side of Laird Uve nun a Point 115 Foet southerly from the southeasterly nor of sixteenth Atreo tined ii emm thence South Westerly a Point on the southerly Sion of pro Apoc venue feet Wos Lorly from third Avenue thence southerly 12 feet thence. East Ray 20 fact enc Sou Borly Tho northwesterly Corner of lord Vonue Diamillo a Naomio thence along the northerly Side of Hamilton Arimo toapomt29 fact Wos Torly from Tho northwesterly Corner of Avenue second Avenue Cuco northerly parallel second Avenue Tho southerly of thence northerly Tea Point on the Hiorth orly Side of fifteen Ali Street 8s foot from second Avenue thence northerly Toa Point on Thorou thorny Sido of fourteenth Street s8 foot Westerly from second Avenue thence Point on the northerly a Ouuor fourteenth 97 19-12 feet Westerly from second Avenue Ioco northerly parallel second Avenue Tho South Eric Side of Wuu Street thence northerly a Point on Tho norther Ysido of Tweith Stroot 190 Foet Weaterly from second Avenue thence northerly parallel with second Avenue the about Lirly sidot tenth Street thence Easterly Tho southeasterly of tenth Street second Avenue thence northerly a Point on Tho Easterly of second Avenue 190 Leet northerly from tenth Truat thence Easterly parallel with tenth Street a Point id feet Westerly in a third venue thence northerly Lof foot the southerly Side of thence North ii a Point in Tho northerly Side of ninth Street 97 10-12 Zeeb Westerly from third Avenue hence northerly 10 feet thence Oslo Rev 250 foot thence northerly 190 Fuet thu Side of eighth Street Phonco northerly a Point on the northerly Side of eight i Street 350 feet from flt ird Avonzo Chunco Hka feet thence 2. 0 Foet Tom Rico northerly parallel in Hird Avenue a Point Tkv feet northerly trom seventh Street hence a Oberly a fool thence Noi Mirly a a tint. I9v Foid North of Simi treat Phonco Easterly 195 fret thence nor Phorly parallel third not nuo u a Post 1.79 12 feet southerly Iram guts ii Street 1.73 foot Morozor thencinorthorly51 feet ecu. We8t71 feet thence southerly i.9 Fost Phonco Westerly 19 feel Phonco Nurt Berly 2 7-12 lout Iunce Westerly Gowan us anal thence northwesterly a Point 25 feet North of Artnoll Street thence re Foet thence northerly 7.7 Leet thence Easterly 2 foot Phonco northerly i feet Bunce Westerly 125 leu tithe Easterly Sido of canal thence northerly 9 feet Tii Enco of Story 127 feet nonce for Liery Nara nov. Ins Street 190 fert therefrom a Point 50 feet a out Horly from Sackett Street hence parallel Sackett Street 125 feet Gowan us can i thence northerly along said a Primus a Point 73 feet northerly from Sackett Street thence Easterly 12. A of thence Orui Erly parallel Novins Street he a foot Thor from a Point 109 net northerly from a of Glass Strout thence i i Worly parallel Dougula Street Luu feet therefrom a Poi id 80 feat Easterly from kevins sir not thence South Uris parallel Nevins Street the northerly Side of Douglaas Street thence Easterly 389 feet thence northerly 190 Lect thence Easterly the Easterly Side of third Avenue Phonco northerly along the Easterly Side of third the a Point Luj feet North a by from Butler Street thence Easterly Para Louo Butle Street 526 9-12 feet thence northwesterly 51 7-12 feet in or loss thence Easterly Tho Westerly Viilo of fourth eve nue thence North Waterly a Point a the Osh Turly Side of fourth Avenue 2.7 foot South of Baltic Street thence 99feot then sunt Lorly 31 4-12 Foet Phonco Easterly the Westerly Side of fifth Avenue thence Easterly the Easterly Side of a Point r15 ui2 feet northerly irom Butler Street thence Easterly 103 10.12 foot thence southerly 5 6-12 feet thence Easterly parallel Butler Atrock re feet therefrom the a Point 105 0-i2 feet from sixth Azemie thence Aon theirly parallel the sixth Avenue the northerly Sirio of St. Johns place thence another by a Point on tie a Thor y do of St. Johns place 190 Foet Westerly from sixth venue thence southerly parallel sixth venue the northerly brio of Sackitt Street thence southerly a Point on the South Erly Sido of Sackett a tract 92 foot Westerly from sixth no nuo Phonco southerly a a feet thence oa8ler�y,�9 feet Phonco southerly a Point �9 foot southerly from Union Street Junco Westerly a feet hence southerly thu North orly a Trio of Gorroll struck thence Tho Southw Storly Corner of irroll8trfat.ind sixth Avenue Phonco southeasterly a Point on Tho sisterly Side of sixth Avenue. 09 3-12 Foet from Carroll Street Phonco Easterly a Point ill 6-12 feat West of seventh Avenue thence no orly 126 feet More or less thence Easterly a Jio iut on tie Westerly seventh Avenue so 6-12 feet southerly from of amp Roll Street thence Earl orly Tea Point on Tho Easterly Side of Sun Tutu Avenue 22 feet Hout Fiory from Street Phonco Easterly a Point on Tho Wos orly Sido of in of humus place 39 1 foot South sisterly a Jiom on the Osterly s place 20 6-12 foot soul Horly frown Carroll Carroll Street the Sivio of. _ a treat thence Oak Terry a Point on Tho Wos Torly Side of Fiske place 38 5.12 feel southerly from Carroll Street thence pastor la the a Pius on the Easterly Sido of fake place 18 11-12 feet southerly from Carroll Street the Noe Easterly a Point on the Westerly Side of eighth Avenue 30 19.12 southerly from Carroll Street thence Easterly a Point on Tho Oas Torly Side of eighth Avenue 10 4-12 Foet bout Horly from Carroll Street Phonco Easterly 5k foot thence southerly 46 feet thence Easterly ninth Avonzo Tho Point or Placo of Hogi imag boing luring All the several Lota parcels of land designated a a drainage map n. District. No. 29, chapter 415. Laws of 1872, chapter 022. Law of 1875, Vola. 1 on file in Liis Deu Artmont. Tho said commit Mioner will be his office room 15, second floor municipal building on Tuo Day Tho 2. Day of uni Iarj. 1881, 11 clock. Tho Forenoon Bear objections said assess Wlinich May in Tho meantime examined Byaus office. John French ties into profited the of the department of City works. Attest d. L. Northup is rotary. Jau Lut department of City works. _ Brooklyn january 10,1881the following proposals wore this Day publicly opened announced for furnishing this Day publicly opened announced for furnishing lies for Tho keeper of the City Hall Louis Keitel h. K. Townsend $475. John Furnoh. Commissioner. Attest d. L. Nob Nup Secretary. Ja22 notices b. Duncan Turnbull has a his Jay Boon told a a partner in Ray Buai Noaa Ali conducted realtor under Tho firm name or Thomson $ Turnbull. Urm namoi a a a ambs a. Thomson. Both of us being practical boiler Raak Cra giving our whole attention on Busineau having enlarged our facilities for doing work Coil Dontly solicit your Patron Igo fooling of Laured will give entire a a faction ii Lino of dior making or repairing Roas Nablo lieu i uuii9t Lii Ariun i Ici Pikini i Iii in no 72 Rearce St., janual7, 1881 h0m80n amp Turnbull. Taxes taxpayer so noti�o�5-i he r e 33 y give notice that i will commence e lists of All unpaid taxes water rates assessments for the years 1874 1878, inclusive for Tho purpose of offering the same for Sale in accordance with Tho Laws Myrto Ana provided for snid sales All Ponena interested id who desire save Furt Lier expense Are Quested?nof03m��a a a Quot a la of Kelt feb. To Giatras of Arrea hinting of re Bra do sorption. From Tho Oma lost card Tho largest Postor Dono the Brooklyn bag life Job a �r3w Wllliam Wilson wow w we w w we w w we w w w w w we we we w w w w 7 a. Lull a a a Kaaa a am a a. Am William Wilson. Medical Al inventor of the Quot Leo thoe of a the trial of medi a medical pal no. 485 Ful Matt be consulted daily from 10 important no 1 in n v Val Jan n v v a l Lynn Navaal i n v v aaa l ii n in v a a ill i Russo id d 5 3 i d d a a ask a i did Swiss 8 8�000 if you arb suffering from any Dis of thu most effective remedif.3 Ever world. The a Wilsonia appliances Are not Mere Pew weeks Wear. But they retain their can be worn by any member of the same persons who read this notice May won Tovery before. The fact is. I determined by advertise until i had five Hundred for As evidence. Have gut away their bandages. And Are Healthiest person living children three eight twelve years of children. In Short. The cures effected that the above statements sound like these facts can All be substantiated the charities credulous that commissioners of invention is Tui offer of five thousand dollars ers of Brooklyn is still open will i prepared go into the cases. Suffering. Loco. Rheumatism congestion of the kidneys medicines have failed reach less if the citizens of Brooklyn continue Dies they have themselves blame. The Cost of appliances. Though times cheaper than i he present method paying for their drugs. Send for Price lists Estimo who have been cured. Before you we i court the fullest scrutiny pre have inquired of those who have you who Ari suffering Are prevail on the3i Gall upon before making any in regard note the address 405 Fulton Street male female assistant is always in o clock appliances Are being used with As Len new York which will be seen hand in an Engle sir journal. I refer of James Taylor seen in Thi testimony the Chest in the Case of Charles Hel English Ami in the Many Loundro la Tostie or the in most Rem i of Bristol i locally operate iry the o _ pro Dino Fiill. Schiff of Thiol Quot wilsonian lie Faaiu of or Idro is of Worobei Insu Meh our air where Trio medical Dud that Ullom Tho patients were there could Novaa Nozot re Pritchard wholesale but Cher of lass yet by tier imply touring week Able a Gabo his us without one touch of Tho a urge on a knife. Another ii just remarkable cure a that of Mary Pulun. Respect Long whom her fathers Timon is a Ivon below. In this Case her of Piper amp Mercha of Bristol acted the Parton of d8aaian an by Tenkins her out of the of the nod incl profession bin Genii her in his Cir Risako door Hiya carrying her from Douce in his she Boink unable Tom Demlo Cona jump room where 1 found Hor Laid upon a Couch was informed that her Tup a lid Wero per Abyzud. And that medical men a Tato i Shu Lay by for several months or she would never Leo Able walk ago. Hurum Ployer having purchased Tho a for her she wok driven her parents Louse Liere 1 called by when int Merit a few <l4y� late. To Tannd for Mont Lis met less than Throe weeks Rotun nor Are the o a ast a Fin cilia them by hundreds. A a pc. La Ali jealousies of some Modi Oai Inui vile into Tiro. To injure by dop.wu., by thou a Wilsonia their Lun Nince confound invention v a in elided steel Pkt a As found. Tho pm Trier Rathe us her sit. Inasmuch i face of the How them id in Bel f Atli Macrio magnetism w Hout i be virtue Iii magnetic who can be sceptical sunia"isthomo8t. 1 res door Lati ii. Is is s Ovide Atte r the system the thu i but. Id of air Iyog Ahi t. a Hill Uund Are. A fact. For Bimbo or. Vin once Doe lured that if in face of Tho evidence 1 Otic Lough doubt the fact Tho a Wii a Niue that tie constant cur Imti Cpl lived through the Najip Miculion of a truly scientific cold feet general debility. Alk _ Beehive saw Millr Rop walk Bristol. Pear Sui i Javo Gront plos Suro in boar Iii testimony Powors of your a for Many years i Ellered from old Fual oven in Iho months of ,.1, Auguat i a Eldon went without fuel being painfully cold when Oce Niroj Ihu your Toiola Ami Boltl Lomo. I therefore Pur Charod them had not worn thu solos ton Niimi Tua lion Iny feet Hogan wan.-., Over since have not Lull. To ii slightest want of heat have your App Liim a fully Lily who wore a Lfering from one cannae or ii nother now a 1 Inee them Lioy Liiva richly fell they Ara of Tang bettor. Yours Repac Lully w. Norris. We. Wilson est indigestion complaint. Richfield Downend verb a Listol. I septet Sherai id Geati in. Wilson a Peak the Mao i uni was induced try a Quito cured in ii Tilo i feel unite we Wear i ror r wonderful Ain truly suffered from no time i 10 of your Holts a go 1 have 1 Shah thank on wind id everything i say in a hut a Ahnert time o Day i was induced Richard Smith. Cure of constant. 7. 1870. Hin for Throe years i a suffered Uit Romely from Tho a have Conill Linta live often been ill tint 1 was old Igod we lip work lie Liy. A Forl Naglit ago i Pur. Has a of your appliances. Imme Din Toly i commenced Wen Eliom 1 found Relief am now hotter than i Liao been for Yeara. I am thankful buy i Ean oat enjoy Lood now which la a Groat com. Fort 1 pm Able get through u great More work i also sleep Mic i butter. I Cun strongly re comm ind your applio2co5 a Youe auf foring from Samo com Lamla. A. Mij Yron a a Dove Kingstown Bristol. We. Wilson Esq. Colds oin the Chest. Of Loucky this May 8, 1880. Bin i have pleasure in Toslin Finz the Bonoit 1 Lii Vode a a Wilson a Ullest lung filth Groks during Tho pwt Winter. Usual Fonn has been suitor from Aunce Ayivor 0 let is on Tho chop during Tho Winter months which Constitution seem powerless resist or Sha off. I,�8t nov tuber on experiencing Host attack ladopt0dtlu�?o\vilasonla, though i have caught several colds since not our of them has affected Chest any Way i Havo been Able shake of Case unknown for years. 1 consider the Impero remount is duo wearing your appliance. A i have not used any Lior special Means for pro serving health. 1 do web mime appear in publish Init Lovlimo Nils but you Are we Como Uso for private Bronco. Yours faithfully. Name on application. I or. eclair. Constant nervous weakness. 24 Clifto Stapleton Roap ? a Bristol boat Ember 23, l87fi.i. Sir i am loosed Tho Belt Yon supplied with 11 have now worn four a not Felt 80 Well for your appliances the give any Tutor italic y that Cinco i have worn re been much bettor. 1 weeks can truly say that i has years. I have strongly by friends Shalibo any i ded Yosl Happy yours mos respectfully John matl cask of hysteria nervous pros Tjia Tjon. To great Benefit Ray Aring thu a Wilsonia ii Marco rough Hill september 25, 1870. Or. Wilson Mali Cal Elc Clerici a sir i desire testily Attu her has Leoci Ved through wearing. Appliances no Wou Aste thank you fur being Tho Means of Resi orig iter health. She Suff Rod furs length of time from general debility Zicconi Panido time with hysteria out Rhino Proa Rution. Various Remedios Wero tried without of oct. After however wearing your appliances Only a Thor time decided improvement bet in. Enabling her the resume her business duties she a now i am very thankful say Nile Woll Strong a Gam. 1 shall plot soil the give All tie mfg nation 1 can the anyone can strongly recommend marvelous ouse of gout. 2 Dook omit Gaza gom Derland Basik a Bristol. Keji tember 3 a 1670.1 dear Sib i so Happy inform Doit that i Havo derived Gro Athoney afro Rayourn Wilsonia Belt which i Hare worn now for about 3 months. I had been Tut furing from rho Inatio gout Iloe Plo a niuta for about Tilton Yexa hut now thanks the Bolt 1 am Ubalo sleep As found a any one could wish. A or. W. Al Wilaon. The value of the e a a wilsonian in Lumbago. 6ea&tshnuuuiiry, Redland bin Biol i Iryll Sib already i have Rontu Rod Giro n favo Niblo opinion of the Uso Luln so of Trio whistle is. And i offer Ono equal nato Tho magnetic Belt. Thora Aro Man who knot what Lumbago a Tiea i which human nature la More or Loaa subjected. And who have not tried the Bolt can Havo no idea of Good. Pouolo if i May he pardoned for any Iii should Exa Ciao b common sense degree of patience not Aupp obo that Thoy can relieved in Era minutes or cured in amp second hut thut Thoy will out Thoreau Good of the Belt with much delay a very certain. Porno daily i thank Yuu As from the use of Tho Bolt 1 feel no doubt that i hero been saved some Days preventable Aba once from Buai Noaa a Boon which those who Lara work do can fully a Traci. I consider duty if any recommendation Ofir a a a can Beof the Alig boat Bolt pm ?w1ls�k, Siom Al Onorr. Service in inducing others try the Naake Forby .t.? refer books in the Malachi Flynn. A Oha Nooy at. Theodore Truax. 376 Dean at. Luther Smith i widow at. H. W. Love Joy 121 St. Mark a. Or. Hobby builders merchant goner Lalands Bend a ,409,Frankli a _ _ of tit div a 1, 1p�7 x Luna ii Tki Ira Linton 21� Kirin ton Al. Of. Jallel Xix a a. A a 6 shermerhorn St. Win. Edwards 154 Vanderbilt a. Bali in. Jew Debu eve. Sirs. ,7u. Ipao Hobt. Is. Mrs. I Uwono Meta. Or. Muggles. Lir megaton St. G. W. Brown.34 South i Ortlund a. Louis Herwon Piotro gallery. Fulton at. G. W. Shaw store merchant Fulton Al. Mai. B0yd,3 a Smith St. A a a a mias a else oily Era Layment Bureau 70 Dawsib a. Dikenson 511 Linton a. Mrs. Greaves. Ital Glinton a. ,. John w. Has rinos. To d Fleet place. A a or. Of. Nilson. Decorative asian writer 418 Bridge at. Or. Wellnan Congo Lionar Fulton at. Or. Pomeroy 437 Josafa Yetteva t. Hales 4f�5 l Ulton St. Levi Brown. 78 Herkimer St. Or. �ouadw10k. Press leplat. Or. Clarice. Court St., or Charles us udder North orc l. U. Mrs. Covert Northport. L. L David builder. Northport l. I. Or. Woo Diiullo. L. I. Lir. Izui Litu Kuti. I. A. Mrs. Peters Huntington l. 1. We. Gardiner Eaton a Kook. U i. Pillows reasonable t. Truax Berrott Scho Doolady n. A Plakk Tesij. jew ups hotel wow w we w w we w w we w w w w w w w w w we we \ w w w w ill lib sbs5 too r s o o s o o 6 o o Sass o o o o a g o o b s o o Sass 000 o no n o n n n in in. Entrician Turer on elect rival therapeutics a a Oine Quot a the Langu of. Of disease a Laiks Quot 0 &o., ton Street 1 a. To 8 free of Ohar Gei Tiosh the off f r f bbb b b bbb 00 k k Quot of k err 00 r o o Orr o of Oak .1 Roo Pokki b 00 00 k k 1. Inn b y Ynn y n n by n null y n in ease. You have your disposal one brought before the people of the plasters which become useless after a curative Powers Fourr Wenty years. And family from time time. Der that i Hap n0 1advertisbd Dis Wuen i arrived in America not Public. I have now Over one Lyn ready testify that Galvano every malady known Man except a have begun decay appliances will Herb in the pity of Brooklyn the Par suffering from inflammatory Rheuma nerve maladies bearing on mania. Have Loose veins whose legs have been hound patients in one City whom i could he. Thousand persons in the City of Brook magnetic a belts will remove cure Rotten lung even where the lungs arrest the delay heal them. Al Zed have been restored patients Tim have been taken of their out goes been Complex idly cubed martyrs Var in elastic stockings for Twenty years now As free from Vau Loose veins As thu who had never walked from birth age Are now walking about As other by appliances seem so miraculous an arabian nights tale. Nevertheless. And open letter tub physicians Brooklyn of Ninoe the most in most wonderful on record. The physicians charities commission continue so be Bor six months. And will Only take their incurable motor ataxia inflame Statory of Tronio pleuropneumonia Oil any disease their an absolutely delayed lung. To Buffer from of the above Mala expensive is one Hundred of purchasing pry5loians�kills make full 1n�juiries of your Tisie galling upon. Fer not Selling you any goods until you been cured. _. Now under the care of your physicians acquaint with invention the same. Brooklyn. A i Tendance from la o look a. Till 8 Marke Success England As in Brook byte following testimonials just come the cure of Rii in the Case also debility weakness of Lino s1 o n i a l s. ?7 of the kidneys. Bit Stanlov sekt. July i 1870, so in answer your inquiries. 1 hog St., after rearing Ymir "wiisun1a&Quot Belt our week 1 received re., was Ribhi iwo Nuiloa nit limit As Isi Moo after Baug us Lor three Mont a. I was suffer a irom Cung Eatrou of Trio i Lanoys a a re Poi fully Youra. To or. Wilson. W. Stiff. Remarkable cuke of Iff Jared spine. Howell. Bristol May 5, is70. Dear sir i am plot am o that Thieo i Naye worn the Quot wilsonian Belt you Sun lied with. I feel Ipi a new Man. Ten Vara Cinco i foil Frein a scaffold Moured spine Tinea i could not stand upright. Thanka the Belt. I am greatly recovered. I would not be without same fur live times the coat. 1 should meat Hiippi any Iii Qirici. W. Price. On. In Omu. Willbon Stoke a ii of. Liver complaint severe indigestion. A 128 Raij. July 20. 1870. Sir for Livo or six years 1 have from the Ahorro Comphie Wiita am Etimoa severely that i Havo had Olavo work. Weeks since 1 Onui Piej one of your Quot we. Sonia Quot bul since wearing i foal a now Man not Banff Iiron in Tim aught fast degree from the above Cemida Airita. And 1 would strongly Reicin Irmond Ali Iii Tellow workingmen Buffer ing irom Tiu above complaint. Signed James Bush. Or. William Wilson Stokes crop. Bristol. .ma1�kahle cuke of paralysis. No. 10 armory Square ill Ilund. Dear Caire return Public Ain Coro thanks Yon Tor Trio cure by your Quot Wil Sonia Quot. Of tie paralysed of daughter feel air Ovid recommend the sumo All in that Loring Frulio the same or any Othor complain Flat till Doctora cannot cure. 1 have also recoil Amend in several Parlina Tayou. Youra truly. David Pullin. Marvelous cure of sex Erik headache. 5 Junul Street Asi Ilet Road i pistol. Both i guat. 1873.1 dear sir i Havo Muchin Tho great Sci Petit derived from Ihn for live pc Ira i had Aull Rod meat acutely in head by great nervous Ceil Chili Shioru of a lilting for i lib Tini Ipi Lief. A i Dontly Thi Kiuly health it. We. Wilson key. 1 am sir yours. Baynham. Remarkable cure of asthma heart in seat a. Foundry Suket. Al Bucksten August 23, h80. I foul n duty 1 in foring follow boar l ? wonder Fol la Ono i live lurid i from Karin your-wlli80ma�?o a Phi Iunce. For Tho lust Yoars i have us inured from Nishma und Beurl i Sozia. To f of in Vir a attacks of a Besima train. Whon seeing your appliances advertised in thu paper 1 real Voici try them Lino lit i have Sci from wearing Thorn bus lion truly wonderful. For year 1 have not Viown what was Havon Good rest but Sinco Tho appliance. 1 no enabled slump imply All through the und should so roughly All Pursons suffering from the Samo a. 1 can most truly say i Ivo not Felt so Wall for years. Any Ono can apply i i Rori yours or. Wilson. Ally. Apply pc suite Itulid Eliza Jeffreys. Rheumatic gout giddiness weak Eves. 11 8t., Brustol july 21, 1879. Dear sin being Hellod keep for months a Limo by the a comi lain 1 was room Mendoca try your magnetic. And am Happy i derived great Bonoit from them also Daog Ter Auto acting Lor years with weak Eye i Strong in Lani Inatio not being Able Seo for Voeks together found Groat Relief in a few hour from wearing your Wilson Ian Magni Tilc Shade. Your respectfully r. Clarke. A late detective of police. Otic by Rife Knoks As the value of magnetic belts. Tho dowager lady Palmer Dorney court Windsor. Charles f. Eltoum i Esi. O. S., l. A., Cheltenham. Tho Rev. A a. Knox a. Rotor of Shobrook Devon. E. Esq., mjk., medical officer of health for Ventnor. Thomas Cottle. Esq. U. 0. S., l. A., thou ton Ham. Simmons Esq. Chol Tenham. Arthur f. K. C. S., acacia Lodge Oxford. To her. A. Morton Brown la. D., minister of the congregational Church Cheltenham. The Kev. David Skiffi Johs South Walea. Talbot Secretary founder Princess Louise Homo Woodhouse. Wanstead. Miss s. Lla Vas oath we Bank Dacre Bank a Oil Esq proprietor Riding school. Ohol Tenham. Tho Rev. Wilkinson. Minister of Tho Baptist mra. ¿1nrvkr, Kingsdown orphan Home 12 Kings Dowie Road. Upper Holloway London. A a or. Maundy a station master l. And s. W. R., Yeo a Quot Jere. Bodin. Fruit Ceca in Guise Homo Woodli ouzo. Wan a Yuen tenant colonel of. W. Hodson 25 priory Ghol Tenham. A a Hinry Hopkins be i. Pm. A., f. O. A. For. Terhi Schodl. Bikini Nahum. And principal of Surai _ author of soveral education no works 14 Bellidoro. Bath. A turks. Mkt win Esq., 28 Georgo Euston a or a ill dispensary. Exeter mrs. Courtney. Fore is. Lix oter. Miss. Marks. Cheltenham. Or. James Onsum. Exeter. Or. 1. Al Len merchant Yovu. Fred Stephenson. Esq., italian Villa Cholton in Norman Union St. Ryde. W. Kemeysuiddkll.ksq., Kiuon House Lana Down rond. Cue Stonham. Just curio ipod trom Baku Haitsm. 119 a few Chubch Road november 28, i.<80. Silt having suffered for a considerable Timo with flu Silt Havig suffered for a considerable Timo with rheumatism.1 Trio several Rome lob without finding Relief. I was induced try Ono of your a Wilsonia Quot belts holes. 1 a Liberty t. Wlasok Lioun troubled with. Much exp a this Public. Being f bricklayer by Trade i in much exposed Toto weather., Xoi James Taylor. Debility of the Bohrat. 14 Aloan by camubnwell., a a 15�. Ivo Don Novom Bei i. Jim. Sir having buffered fora Long time from do ullity weakness of i most attended by a cough having been treated by several Day simians for the same getting no Relief i was Induc i by a Friend try one of your belts Illus r protectors which Advt acid have found very great benefits from Tho use of Ulicni Houvig much stronger cough having entirely Loit Isip. You arc b Liberty make what Trovor use you think proper of the a Quot Hytmo. Lualua Lottor As the contend Are strictly. I Roku Opportunity of recommending your valuable Appu ances fooling a 1 do. Fully of the great befit i Havo drive Una �1 Vliem. I. Wilson Blu us bloc troian Ulo Wagster. Of Brooklyn new Yorki profc.aqrdavjs.i.4pmat or. Johns or. Or go Avis. 34 3tonk in a Tooi pc a _ .3�2 what twin a. Nir. I nov i. N. John d. Kensly of St. Mark a. Pref Erir Oharles Hawk Smirh .s8 Profero a Oharles Hatow Smith i. Or. Makky Saloon Smith Degrant Uniat Kef. Jay at. And myi off div id Collier Conte Lonor 181 Columbia at. K. P. Parker. With on Tain Bush Navy Yard. Luo Nib bayli8, Antonia Duto Iima oo., n. I a Jwj _ Pav is. 3fji Flat Husli a a. I�orlon.74 Lawten Richard Mawson 530 Ioka at. /xttr�\.an, Nixus a. Mrs. K. A. Tho Airson 365 state at. E. W. Storms pleasant a room. W. Mauston 184 South Sacco Dat. Ii. Barney 307 Fulton St. V. Fairlea Takh 28 30 Spruce 8t, n. I. Stinson. 31 Spruce at. N. K. A a. Lewis. 81 seventh at. Falr8,52 8ovcnthav. Mrs. Jul a. Lapinel 37 at. Or. Lamp Bill. Rosta Thos. Dick in on 3m Jay at. John Van Horn 98 a a Lllan St. N. Court 86. John Van Horn 98 Phillip St. N. Or. Oha lbs u. Jill leu Bast now York. Amp. A. Adsit. 108sixth. A Uptain Martin 38 Pulaski St. David Watson 335 Kaat Twenty Ninalu in a mra. Si800,18 Hanson puts. Him 0. Livens Urgen. Soj Eisai. Kivuti the each Tab Morrow. Prospect pay in sly highs Start from Pilaza entrants Fob trips around the Park a Thabea a a tse sierras. Have Ely a theatre. Pih Priston manager. H Haverly. Brooklyn i. A. Ha1 Apps emers. Tails Venino last perform Knob. Americans favorite company sal.8 Bury a o u b a & u r s. In the fare 25 cents. Large sleighs let for parti by address Harths a 8tilwill,.p. O. Box 218. Books Btte in the Nii a a a aeon. Pray books almost Bob rail s a k k k k Kkt k k k Nei r in Joan ii week the justly Ceto Bri mrs. Mckki-1 Mill item artiste Rankin. Splay the a Yanites. Caheny of Munro Riuo Okyn. Tup. Musical event of �931, Brooklyn Park theatre popular hit of the sba80w change of Bill now the Lalk of the probity read from Uio Quot Bagle Quot january 19 Quot a Werrmann Remayna the Brooky throughout week astonish a Wilder jus audiences with the impenetrable mystery of his tricks keep them Faaa Inaten by Bis amusing babble if. A of a. As inexhaustible Waii Huep cum ii _ _ during the a levity of their Pero Antiona. The Profe added a Largo number of now troika t. A his fatal oboe. Ipp Lyof wonder aah has a Aroma Lui thursday. Friday saturday a Turda matinee. The Groat Only Ajir rates in a of v v 1 he common Gobi Neil of Tia of Brooklyn do or dam As Ollowa i hit Tho come manner of they wants he mid Hli hereby Atli oried Edimo water Retes Oil Persona Imge god in bus incas in the pity Ono cent Pur Ono Lind Gallons. In Gommon Council do combo 27, 1680. A. Proved by the mayor do combo 33, ls8ij. City Lonni air january 12,1881. i do hereby certify vol the foregoing a a True copy of the Iri Miil ordinance on Ulo in this office of Tho whole of Laid original. A. Mcnamara oily clerk. A Coffee bi�y0nd comparison combination Blis Nurt originator Solo proprietor id Fulton of lire doom from Fulton ferry n. Itou Aii 6 a Vonoy it. 211 213 Groon wich fit. N. Quot oho Mically Piliro Toad a lira chop of cute. Wineow shades half berth opaque Holland i 220and 228 St. �?zn1w i. 1 shades from $1 $2.59 a always Iii a lock Hung per window. I Ono Day a notice. Mry 3>eu la Sale Porter i. For family us in pkg the Macreed faucet a. Due Vorodi any Parton Tho Oit. Ono gallon 60 two Gallons $1.10 five Ballotis. $2.50. Orders by postal card 16 Onu Oad plact the. Oysters. A. Go. Arr in fish. Gym i Kos. Glams.lobbtrrs.40. 354 Fui Ron Corner Rod Hook Lane. Or Dora Ched for an Doh Rod any part of the pity free of expense. Q. Ryphe mos extensive 4ian�ofacturers of billiard Pool tables in the world the a Balke Chicago Cincinnati. Sun Friio fico 721 Radway new York Cuy Solo Anil of Tho Colin rated Quot Monarch Quot Quick Cushion. Lowest prices. Send for catalogue or Call on the i Balke. 721 Broadway new York City. Of deeds City office Brooklyn january 14. I88i.-Notico is Liu Risby Given trial a meeting of Trio common Council hold on monday. January .8. 18si, the follow Iii Naniel Persona Wero appointed Commisa Idonur of deed in in rho City of Brooklyn for the years 1881 1882, Lioy lire Lier Ehy notified tilt Thoy Aji Poar Iii office Hie thu oath of Ohio january 27. 1881, they will lid appoint Lenont Barrett. Daniel in Liam. John b. Irmi. W. W. Bogul Charlea Lergen Jacob t. Charlo a w. 3i i Gulivi Fatiau Rya it. Win. G. Us Myu. Irwin d. Nit plur cil. Gharl is b. Idolly James l. In born. James w. John 11.George or. Luy Ai. A. Reid tired by Law Nii or Benro Derod As having Doc Tao Cio go Cordo Niilo u ur., Eph j., or. Kismann Polo Kilby. Galob Fostor Henry a a. Or. Fain non. James b. Flood. Jani is u. Radii a i a. Go i t. A gun guck Gruel gov Hubl. A Fragol Adam Hamdi George hurl a haunt. W. Hil. 1. H. Mattl Koli Oiiver lid Moi Krim Dick Freder Laird John Lark w. Ido w. Hid a. Cd flu a Glork. Jynon Wichas Langford. Cd. L. May Alfred Ali chiefs. Martin Thor Job s. Miller Johnd. Mur Semi diva re f. Molody we. K. Mallcy John Morton James s. Madden. To Isodoro a Mcilduff Jemes v. No Holias. Anthony of Donnell. Hugh of go nor John pm. John d. Ryder Stephen Riley Edward Ritter a a Leal a Rhodes. Cor sum Mca Ghi Sweeney. Joh Saal. John a. Steigely Jacob Story Stephen b. Savun Hashii f. Sawyer. We. P. Solomon a. 0. Selma of Adam. We. T. adv a pfc. Regis of Van Uon valor. Goo Voorhis Zachariah. Herman Watt re. Brit a a. Woolley. Walker Dor o 11. I w. 0imivllss10nj of deeds pity Glicr Tkv a office. Brooklyn. January 20. 1s8i-Itico is hereby Lue eting of Tho a Kim Oil held by go 1 Alondus ,., pm Iowa Woro a posted coi Tor the Iliyof Brooklyn for they Are hereby notified that Tho Folio of 18si 18s2 Boba baby moan Schai a a pc Hehli Toovi phial Hill. Alico file Tho oath of Oro january 31. Will by a Ned said appoint Mon Witzen. Joum l. Finn. Jolt r. A billed Frank in Martin Charlo s. Snaford. K. Walsh. Hugh Burko. James a Angleton. Cliartt. Margden Edwin f. Brown. William a. Mot John Ayers. Toorgoli. Bartow Lurlea a. Bugdoll. Kharlos w. Barnum. Zolman a Grano. Patrick Wardwell. Charlea w. Lor. David a h. I jowl Smoy Hoberg k. Cohort a. Dicko Sou. In Redonius Dol any Josub Harloam. Gerhard. John i. In Heo Doro a. Ills Jacob William Jamos if. Vanort if in Leodore. Myron e. Loss they Appo Rod by Law o Derod As by roil coi ring k. Risk Les a. Libo Isia of in Ina. P. Fredi by. Jail td7� or. Joh. 3, or. Hal in. Martel d. H. Nee. Edwin of Corgo f. Lilt of pc Lewi Gnu Blit hum f03 Bill dui Khz Madd 5ikhi Loki Tracy. Jourd Ward Bukki tonne attorn Woods. John b. Haf Tizor John a Olio. Hormann o. Phell David a a. C. Gun Leo in. John a. Rack. Wii flon of Manor. Joseph Lear. Washington u. Berg Chru Liau grim. Charles f. Gaubert. Alonzo Tauhert Clu of Brion. I Yar Buttle. Thom. Patrik Safah wifi Iamb. Geikler. Henry Heimz. Charles Rowe George h. Mitc Ali. John l. Hudson. John b. Eissman pct i rules i icis n. As w. Ard d. Mcnamara City clerk. A _ ja20 i0t_ Rob in Lorrow a Quot a Sukdav Eagle do without it. Phenix insurance company of Brooklyn. N y. January 1,180. Of server for. 59 res Khok. For All unpaid loss a a. 132,0f7.39 All o la Hub. 11,451.05 capital Atouk in United states Bonds. 1,090,900.00 net surplus. 521,lri.79 Cash Aas Skly a. Jas Najiy 1, j8s0.s2.-,r,s i Thomaa Lotsof Tho Phenix Aro larger than those of any company continues insure Aga Isk by fire or against Inland Ocoa Marina Lois Koa the most favourable Terras. Offices not a. 12 14 court a Brooklyn no. �o8 Broadway Brooklynn tie City of now York Nio a. Western Union building. Broadway Corner Dey St. Pitcan Crowell preside no. Philander Shaw vice president. Kwa us. Soc a of Brooklyn Dopart Uruu Continental ins1711ance. Cor. Court Montz gub streets. 1880 .$3.69r.50ft.42 ,. 1 .noo1 i9.6iil.9 i do rials l22j.204.43 lius us. 224.672.06 t. Hope. Prosi Deou kill Cash ask los. July capital. Net surplus. Ric Skunk outs Reserve of dior Elai divided Provite. In ii. Lamport. Vice pro Sidon. Charlo a h. Dut Gilica Sec rotary Brooklyn department. _ o Filce of mechanics Quot i the insurance company of Brooklyn. 165 Brood Way now York 217 Montagu mechanics rank building Brooklyn. January 15. I8si_the Meghan building Brooklyn. January 15. I8si_the mechanics fire insurance company of Brooklyn Givah this notice of int onion with Tho written Conant of ? a of Altok holders Trio Unn Timous consent of Tho Board of directory increase capital from $159,00 $2g9,0 by the Isufi Teof 2. Kex Sharks of $5u each or Cash. order of the directors. John h. Baker presi Dout. Walter Nichols Secretary. _ Ciric Nick Ebocker like Xiv insurance company no. 239 Broadway. New York. Ulishes. 1933. John a. Nil hols. Pro Sidenb. George f. Sniffen Secretary. ?icia�4. Nice a Rooklyn Trust company a Brooklyn. N. Social charter As Zitur or. Iian argument of real is Loire registry an trans do of Gorer mount Comer Montague Clinton this company a authorized by receiver Iru Stoe or guardian Oxe can agent in the Sale of tale collect interest or dividend i for books or make Purchase other securities. Religious charitable institutions persons unto in Stourd the Tho of. Will find this company a afo convenient depository for Money. Ripley Prus ident. Chas. Marvin vice president. W. Bonkep., Secretary. Win. John John aug lied a Edmi b. Kendall. T. In Tiu Zolfo n Corbin. F. Know uni ind. Corgi trustees. H. A Pio dropout Henry k. Sheldon Henry san Igor Chas. Marvin. I. Baylis Skiple Hopes. ?1 of Haulcey. Jos Iii o. Low. Alex. White. Alex. Coue a. A. Low. E. Staples 2�os Montague a a dealer in Brooklyn investment Sec unties Misc Anjou blonds of solicited for the boo of All dealt in the now York Stock Kyo Hungo executed through messes. Mills. Kol Joson Smith n34 Wall at. A advances made on approved Coll Torab Isan a a Brooklyn savings Bank Corner Fulton Pard Stroota january 1, 1881?in conformity with bylaws regulations interest has d by Lieen credited dope tors in this Bank the rate of four in ice cent per annul payable after Tho i9th until Ouie Wibo. Ordardo by the Board of tru Stoos. In or eat Hor after allowed depositors will upon the following conditions Viz Tho nig Hoot Rato then paid by the Bank will Cvijo. Much of Tho i Lorest Haj Riner Gorlion of each account Hall not exceed our Thuch und doll is. And a rate one pot cent per annul less on the excess Ali proof. Lalosea Webster. President. Ilme savings Dank Fuko Oudyn 867 Anil 3q9 Fulton of. Brooklyn Doc Antior 10. 1880, the thu toe of this Bank have directed Tny on the Day of january. 1881. Into Reata the Prato of four i or cent. Anguin for the six deoonihc., 1880, to carried 10 the credit of All Dipofi Vitora entitled Thorold Mahlo on after january 15, ib81, Al lint when declared a earned once the credit of each Tho books of he Bank a Bare stands expo try As posit is entitled interact Tho same As of cosh a oposits Mado on or Bejoc january 10, will draw into Esb from january l sym out u Husted. Pro eident. John w. He Nten treasurer. Bsh a h. Huntis Tom soc rotary. N Bond pro age. Oney loan lit Large or Small bums. Willuam Bridge 3 Willouhby near Citi Hall. In i Foney l 3an on Good Quot a xxi pro potty in Brooklyn flow rate of iut Orest Moderato expenses. Add Tasa is in Box 573. Poit York. Notices. In tins Matteu of talk assign Mon of Thomas Fagan Iii twin a Cuollo. Of Liia pursuance of an order Ido by the hoax Henry a. More county judge of Kiusis county on Tho 1 Ullh Day of Jannery a.u., 1881, notion is Herihy Siren All the Ore Ditora persons Bavin a Polahna Aspinal Thomaa Fagan lately doing a Rainota in Tho Unity of Brooklyn in the county of King Anil stale of now York that Thoy Are required present their said Elmiina with Iho vouch or the Rotor. Duly Vor Lloil. Id the Iho duly appointed an Lgnore of Tho sail ten Mia Kagan for the ii Nellt of Hia creditor., Hia place of iranian Otma mamas. Noa 28 30 burling slip in Tho City of now York in Tho county. Stato of now Yolk on or holi Iro Tho 2 Day of March 1881.-dated Brooklyn january i a 1881, i lanky York. Pity John Heivry Aea Igloo Mai ii Auer for am goo 81 Cedar Al in ,. Ralff vhf h Knoin january 34. Matinee wednesday saturday or Tay Lor announces Iii pleasure Forona week Only of the finest a la popular operatic organization in America the bbb Golf 8 8 too Sass dded d 1&e i Keb no o o o o of a v. A Kaaa h a a Lull in k in in n n n n n in is in too pop Eek err a q o k r u a o o pipes err a a of ? p seb k r a a too too too o o o o too o Coo goo with the full dial whorls in used thu ekstra under the Dirc Otien of or. 8. L. Dlr a. Tue Day evenings saturday Matinko. Miff Adeta i fillipps. Misi Mai a Stone. Or. W. W. 11. Or. U. Barnabi Fik. Or. Kammerle. Dir. Go. Foo Rio Rny a Ham Montuy Muky. Thursday saturday evenings. And wind ask us Day Matleb. Chimes of Normandy. Mim Adif Yaide Phillipps. Miss Marir Stone or. W. Whit Nosy. Or. Tom Karl. Or. W. In Fps Sendun or. H. O. Barnabee oko Uoc. Friday Bohemia n girl min a Obj Aldino Ulmar. Or. W. We Henry or. Or. Ii. O. Bah Nakk. W. H. Macdonald. Or. Ous Kammerle Popula a Puihim. A c., 7. A. $1 $1.25. Box a office vow open. Detachment of tale Law f. Ird k Fri part Jiu Tom of a Ufka i a Tho acidic 3. With Over on. Hun Duke elegant no full Choruzi of Eig tily Beauty fill Conory Imi itary Apoc. 13ly Mouth Chu re la wednesday evening february 2. 1831. Concert by Tho ave Lii Puk Irviv in in Allan of Huron miss Jos Phink t. Organist. I Tod by Tho following irl mls or. Rafael Joseffy. Iii nil. Or. Georgew. Morgan. Organist. Avi the English glee of new York. Miss re Kef. Mii i. Or Louisa f. Hardin Dukuh. Cim Raite or. W. H. Beckett. A Riteno a. U. Woodruff. Honor or. Co. K. A Kun. Baas or. C. Florio. I Ino. 59 fits. Reserved stats .&Quot.9 i. Extra. Forh float172 at. X,011ty-th1ru a annual j5all a 01 the Emerald association in Ain of the Brooklyn roman Catilo i asylums Academy of music on tuesday Foru airy i. Isl. Tic Kote $. A tried so. Ir3 no Chiin Delhi Bro Sce Quot next Jagle for part Ulah 01 a Fra the a oar. Of of. February 3. Tits tit a uis.hi&, Serid 7.ic. 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Tickets May Oxcilia god Lor beats a chandlery a no. 172 Montague upon payment of 2.5 cents Mitra. No Mil. A Okhova will deliver his highly humorous lecture of. Miss Jomir so wedding no cards. In Unity Uhruh. 01/issoti a. W a on Folten Atlantic a on Friday evening. January 28. Forthe Benefit of the Church. Adm is fifty is. Organ 7 20. 8. Dan land Road emv.2 .8 court. Gun Ranten the in six private ,.$jsu a cons hour a Licila those he a. Weill Anders lie Only profe.saur9 in the Busuioc Sui can Teich Hie waiting a in private Leasor. If we do but Sii coed will return your. H. Hive Kli for i a no. Brooklyn Higins 17-5 state Irner of court. Classics for bks a Inners o now forming. Privatt lessons All hours when not a 9hl Yah classes. C in or Send for circular. To. It. Uris sons a school for dancing. 611 Fulton at. Oij silo bulb us a. Glasses Nosy forming. All the Hio Noble dances in one course of lessons. Send Fob circus Jab. W Finland Danci Nii Acack Guand Union Hall/�58 court St. Hernoon a sri wodn.8 i in a Edsa turd a Denim monday. Wednesday thursday. To ring ladies. In Slomon $6 per Lun Tor society Waltz a specially. Send for circular. None fail the learn he Raltz Al w Ellan Deus dancing Domy. I Ovate Day Cint classes Tair Clit Byan ft.\p9rieiiee l gym Leman ten her so cml clubs n on motor Date terms. Address maitre. Kfir is of Nice inst a Lictaoa it. Cd Auhorn a Quot Burvant a Stratton Quot comm Era a Al school 88 44 court Street. Opposite City Shii is he Only tit nation in this City devoted e business mining. Still ends recon vol any time. Call or Send for circular of. Claghorn. Of Luciolo. To a 35 pays for a scholarship Good till Tho student Gnu dates in the full 1 uprising writing arithmetic care Sinai Ciu sively routine of Tho of Siuting Iio Hho Hook. _ College. 94 Ai it. Twenty Ono yearn a Stabl Alied the be school of any into two Uitich Dero kid Busi any Aurtan Vosmik nos3 course. 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Near Willoughby a. _ a German l.\dy, a teacher de give private lessons in Tiara in French moderate Price. Address l. Al. Box 8. Kagl offic Toi i Csc. He new York of Ausro has no Brooklyn a. Nor has any per son or Par a Ous music school a w Crusor atones in Broo Klavu any a a Section whatever with thu institution As Reprez Lunstad. The new York a icis Only no. .5 East four tenth Street. New York pity. A. Griswold profit Dkl i Olumba ? y. 573 Bedford a. Noar Gates. Tuition for strictly private Ussong month. To class Treacil twi in ski Atory. L rec Lois by. J., organist St. Luke a. Of. Desnik Octta William Mason a jew i Jox a. King la office Iuvale ins Lluc in on the Al Banjo Ladina gentlemen no Virster 55. Court is terms .$26 per ads Lur Lino toned Perlor banjos of Liml Ordor. _ v be of la Lano parlor will a. To lot Ono or nip mus Tofor giving 1 Pupil. Between u by Hall of. A Kerry. Ajar is fur three Days piano. Both. Yaghy ten lorry. Office. Jianos Mesick. Read this great offers All Xiv e Rohneer a piano this Moi a 25 lesson Cirea Byone of the Best teachers free of charge. Pianos sold on Mcasy terms buit everybody. Ual Anderson b. 86 court St. Of Pobile pity Hall. Open evening till 9 out Unis out. _ h. Chandler a a Montagu 5trrkt. Ilc keying a pianos for Sair of knt. Secondhand pianos from $8-Lo $id0, in a Cid condition of l see them. _ _ Banff on. Coke b Lamod 4 Elixt Vul. Del. H. To on Tiku pm Mil of 201 Pui r. Coma 2. A of Lemma Sally unions corns. Of ? this of r. Lonoku pm mall a. Napial ill ii Anil. Kin one drop of his in Hii years of a Tuzy la Vonland Fie Ivi tout be or Mona Rovi Uvon without Pov i ladies. Killer which 001 drop nod on a oort or by Pipii i Arlin. Of gain. Ai of Tilting. For Aalo. Soi vibrato Jarl or i old Idoy from 9. Or int i Dea Utikal Oum teetai�8 a set Inok Udod partial sets a per tooth laugh. Of via he Dally Oxtra Jinx. 25 cent with Gna 5 150 cent amp Eteaki ing Teeth. 50 Sente. Till us. Ail work us. Or. I. 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