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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Brooklyn, New York The Brooklyn daily Eagle. Vol. 51. No. 19. Brooklyn tuesday january �0, 1891.�?six pages. Three cents Hanover new House opened with a reception last night. A successful racial affair in every a a bpm ctr address by St. Clair Mckelway judge 11. 1. He orc Joseph c. Hendrix Murat Halstead and the rot. To. A. A Ottoiii the guests. Tho formal opening of the new a Hanover club House last evening wan by far Tho Moat notable social occasion that ban occurred in the Eastern District of Brooklyn for a nil nor of years. The event was attended by Many prominent Brooklyn ites from All parts of the City a Large number a of Well known club men of other organization and by ail to members of Tho new club who constitute a body of citizens representing at once Tho Best social and intellectual element of that Section. The gathering wan Large bit lid not seriously overtax the capacity of tin building Whoso amplitude provides room for Many Liun Drod persons. Such club As the Hamilton Leion Windsor Union league Lincoln Amphion Brooklyn Oxford and other leading organization were strongly represented by Many of their members. The arrivals began Early in the evening and from that tune until Lute a Stream of carriages on Bedford Avonie together with the Brilliant appearance of the club House from the exterior it tractor Many watchers in the Street. A the reception committee with president w. Bryant and ii. F. Gunnison was composed of the entertainment committee Frederick w. Wurster chairman James a. Taylor Charles ii. In Nossoll Frank Sperry l. To. Busty George t. 3ioon, j. G. Gulick o. Mortimer Wike George by. Piper Ludwig Nesseu and h. L. 8. Randolph assisted by the Mem hers of the Board of directors the former wearing White and the latter Blue badges. Tho decoration and furnishing of the new mild Iii Challenge those of any other similar edifice. In the Assembly room led into by the brightly lighted hallway and Parlours the Floral ornamentation was lavish and tasteful. The fire place Mantle Ioco and Mirror were hidden under a mass of Palms Flowers tropical plants Smilax and exotics. The orchestra under Tho the direction of professor Schnoir Ler was station 1 in Tho Roar of the room obscured from the View of those present by a solid Wall of potted plants. The decorations were furnished by or. Jahn the Florist. Throughout rho building the same Rieg Unee of appearance was preserved. The billiard room was a much visited part of the building during the evening. Its largeness of dimensions and perfect Harmony of titling cd cited favourable comment. The committees in charge of the arrangements performed their offices without confusion or delay. Each visitor received a share of attention calculated to make him feel at Home immediately. The press committee consisted of messes. Frank Sperry and Herbert f. Gunnison who devoted much attention to the newspaper representative. The speakers of the evening Wero president William c. Bryant St. Clair Mckee a to in judge Henry a. Moore sex postmaster Joseph c. Hendrix Murat Halstead and Powell. The flow of wit and humor was uninterrupted throughout the addresses and Tho cordial manner in which they were listened to was evinced by the frequent and Hearty applause and laughter. Among Tjioe present wore judge Henry a. Moore congressman William j. Coombs postmaster George j. Collins. Joseph 0. Hendrix George m. Chauncey Thomas h. Troj Sydney of Walker m. J. Bailey Guido pie issuer Goorge m. Olcott Sandford ii. Steele Samuel Guthrie f. W. Wurster Don 0. Seitz Alexander Black John Loaton Mirabeau l. Towns Daniel w. Wilson i of. Henry a. Powell lev. J. Coleman Adams Liev. J. M. Kiely. St. Clair Mckelway Murat Halstead William v. Hester William m. Van Anden William ii. Ford. J. It. Cowing Frank Sperry colonel Andrew d. Baird Robert Payne James Sperry Frank Raymond William Wood ii. L. Bridgman e. Frank Coo. Oscar Hawley George e. Moulton. Homar Lamb Jacob James it. B. Fur Gelison George Reichman. Julian 1. Fairchild. Ciao Tail Frank j. La Coront e. S. Seeley Clarence Lyon Captain ambro a Snow ii. R. F. Randolph u. M. Skinner judge Goetting Demas Strong Frank Schumn John 11. Walter Walter b. Gunni-�0 a major e. Page. Joseph b. Stilwell Kic Pheu Ryder Moritz 0. Karff. Williard h. Razor j. Ubert. W. F. Lethbridge n. W. , c. A. Early George e. Libby Daniel f. Lewis George a a Hoff. Robert Hoag John h. Brinnington w. W. Goodrich Edgar Halliday Captain I. Totten j. G. Herold jr., m. W. Konu Captain John Sauk eur John l. Shea Aithur Oades a. B. Amman August Waeldin John w. Sullivan find Rick v. Dare a. F. Gray Frank Manon ii. W. Miller. Louis h. Vogel adjutant William ii. I Hubbell John c. Provost John ii. Lockwood j. U. Eddy n. B. Pritchard John Mitchell. James l. Chapin Lotus sell Johnson George e. Wright h. Dickson Frederick Flatt a. H. Topping w. Ii. Stim on Howard j. Clark e. 11. Hedges la ankh a colonel f. S. Itenson William Vogel James w. Jul area Rufus l. Scort wizard Forshew Moses May Charles v. A Adee Thomas a. Beard e. Van Riper Henry a. Auburt Henry a. Conklin William c. A. Ryan ii. F. Mollenhauer John c. Morton k. R. Cole William a. Long 1. I m. J. G. Stearns rape Ian 0. Steam Alfred d. Snow Arthur Refenburg j. L. Mollen liner George Covert Levi Darbee Charles Francis pc team a. I. Blood goo 1, w. L. Fitzl Iii oink Charles Lundgrew John ii. Diu Grunau 11. 1\ Burroughs Welcome s. Jarvis d. Finek Frank a Tarry Edward s. Swalm William j. Matheson ii. Ii. Thomas w. Ii. Carter James e. A Eiliv Leslie h. Gray. Charles Herx a. W. Newnman j. Vav. Err Eggan Benjamin w. Wilson colonel ii. S. Jewell colonel c. N. Manchester Daniel m. Post j. S. Case alien Gray Frank Leonori. George e. Hoyt John c. Fry jr., july 0. Fry John Peyser j. , John ii. Corwin Joseph s. Jones Davis or. W. Jolarr Verf Theodore Christmas William h. Gaylor George l. Fox j. N. Binned Martin f. Ficke George m. Miston John j. Donohue Henry Broistedt John Jenkins jr., Barnard learns Arthur Guthrie John Guthrie Clinton w. Starkey James e. Redman Frederick Jewett or. Cole e. J. Dele Namy William h. Carter t. G. Underwood. James w. Smith Edward Rush Theodore Herx e. Wallace h. H. Van camper Warren l. Samson e. Clifford Wadsworth Albert s. Richey. Peter Wycoff. J. R. Ryon Wales b. welding ring Emil Zimmei Timu Jumes f. Schote. William 0. Garrick Captain Gorman Charles e. Bishop Walter j. Phelps A. Meyer George t. Duryca William j. Anderson or. Wood w. E. Pulsifer Henry Johnson la Yatt l. Marshall Joseph de Long a. F. Day Jot pm v. Witherbee Charles Stoppani Joseph Stopp amp in f. 0. Niebuhr Courtlandt St. John Penjamin s. Lead Dan m. F. H. Haas Alfred Lumer alien s. Swan i 0. A. Olcott John Knox P. Sheilas c. Ii. Offerman w. Voorhees t. Jefferson Hedges Frederick Mizger or. Charles Cooper w. S. Ite Sun Charles c. Platt Walter Blake Fra Lete k. Ward c. J. Manchester William e. Sep Broil. Theodore a. Liebler William Haight Lear Comstock b. N. Mitchell Alonzo Slote W. Bennett Cord Meyer jr., George 11. Lecount j. Walsh Abraham Stern a. E. Alien a. T. Alien William Andrew George s. Arnold Henry l. Aschoff a. P. Avory. H. G. Lalicin Benjamin i. Bacon Charles h. Bailey j. W. Bailey Andrew k. Baird George w. Baker m. In. Vincent Barth Jamos i. Bell Jame f. Ben i Erna gel William Berri s. F. Best Henry m tech of j. A. Black l. E. Blackwell a. G. Brown. Charlen Barcli Levi Burgess l. J. Busby Edward f. . Charles f. Cartledge join Cartledge John Cartlidge or a. N. Clark e. Parke goby j. S. Collins Percy m. Comstock Louis Conrad David jumper. Edward Cooper Charles Cory ii. G. Craig a. Ii. Creagh j. Cruden d. Oul Naue William h. Dar be j. Ii. Darlington Marshall t. Davidson Mathew Dean. 0. B. u a Morgne jr., Julius Delong George w. Demond William Dick Henry j. Dick Theodore c. Disbrow John Disosway B. Dowie James m. Donald Jumes Donald Joseph d. Donald William Donald Peter j. Donohue c. It. Dudley James Edgar charges j. Edwards Fritz w. Eisner. Charles Engert f. If. Evans a. O. Even. Harvey n. Fiske w. M. L. It eau Charles b. Fitzpatrick liar Les j. Fox a. Francken John j. Freol John Fry. John m. Fuch a Bernard Gallagher Charles s. Gaubert. Janies f. I leu t. P. Graham Morrison Gray William Gregory w. A. Griffin. Arthur b. Grimau j. G. Gulick. Philip Haberlein a. G. Hallam u. S. Harris Henry a laser. E. B. La Avenal A. Hawkins John w. Hesse j. A. La Ilkin ii. W. Hill Alfred ilodge.-. W. B. Hopkins Walter b. Horn William h. Horwell Henry Hosford William n. How., w. U. Al Urey Charles w. I Hubbell William i it. Him jr., controller Theodore f. Jackson George p. Jacobs Stephen b. Jacobs a. Jahn Robert p. Jarman. John e. James Reuben Jeffery j. A. Johnson j. S. A Iii cd of. Kingsland e. B. Kitching N. Kitching J. Kitching Cit Arles a. Klou Walter j. Kioto Robert j. Knox Ervin Knowles w. Krumbeck Marlet f. Laighton William la no b. It. Latimer j. Allen Latimer Malcomb ii liw Renco p. J. Lauritzen Robert Leonard m. Ii. Leonard Robert p. Lethbridge Arthur e. Lith Bridge Sidney b. Lockwood Gustav looser John Long ran Edwin Lyon n. Irving Lyon a. Mai comb George w. May John May j. Ii. , e. Mcgarvy by. Joseph Mckee John Mckee John s. Mckeon Lewis a. Mcmillan. H. Modi Cus a Lerv 1. Mocker M. Meyer awl i Miller Frank d. Moffatt j. Adolph Mollenhauer j. Mollenhauer f. Mollenhauer c. G. Mollor j. Hollcr jr., George t. Mom h. B. Moore jr., William j. Moran John m. , Thomas Moy Nan Alfred e. Ruuge Bernhard Muench. E. H. Mumby. Hermann Mundhenk John Murphy Thomas Nevin a George Nisson Ludwig Nesseu. Loftus w. 0-Berry, c. Olcott. Captain if. Of Keefe Frank e. O re Iii John Parker Robert Payne George Peck Janies d. Perkin., John a. Peter Kin Gilbert c. Petrkin b. Peters t. P. Peters Isaac Pickford George w. Piper Edwin s. Piper e. P. Post Emilio Puig m. J. Quinn no. G. H. Randolph h. R. S. Randolph Joseph a. Re Llor o. Rhodes s. A Rohi Jumes Llod Woll. A. Roos Charles h. Russell w. Ryan Zoder Iok sob Les c. W. Sehlus Ohauer Hen i by Schrenk Henien John h. Schultz jr., John n. Schumann Frank Seaman Henry Seibert Charles Seibert F. Simpson Janies s. Simpson Daniel Simmons Millard f. Smith Kiuon Smith a. E. Smylie o. Spence. Frank Sperry James a. 8perry j. T. Story Milford b. Streeter . Sturgis John j. Sullivan George w. Swain jr., Spencer Swain Franklin t. Swazey c. E. Taylor George f. Taylor Hubert Taylor James a. Taylor. William j. Taylor Walter b. Ten Eyck e. A. Todd George e. Travis L. Thomas f. J. Tuite Cortez k. Turner j. Ubert August Weldon. H. R. Walker Thomas e. Wallace Carlton j. Ward a. Waterman c. H. Waterman t. W. Weeks. Georgo a weeks e. E. Wheeler Daniel t. White Garrison White h. S. Wiggand j. H. Williams Benjamin w. Wilson jr., Daniel t. Wilson Christopher w. Wilson Mortimer c. Wako John Wood and Frederick w. Wurster. President William 0. Bryant opened Tho speech making. He Aid that Tho usual custom of the building committee formally turning Over Tho Housty to the club had been omitted. You have on of directors he continued Genile Meti who not Only men of words but i think you will concede that they men of deeds from the appearance of our new Home. I think you will nil endorse the action of Tho Board in provi aug to lib tally for the ladies. We realize the necessity of Weinig solid with them. Following the Church the school House acid the theater there is not Liing that so clearly Marks the Progress of civilization As the modern club. In sparsely settled country districts the Blacksmith shop or the country grocery store and fourth rate Post office combined were and the places where the friends and neighbors gather around to give expression to their opinions on the leading topics of Tho Day and to discuss the politics of the time. Indeed it Lias been truly a said that in fourth class Post offices the polities of the country is made. This club will form a meeting place for to citizens of this part of Tho City i Trust. I desire on behalf of the Board of directors to thank the member of Tho club for their encouragement their kindness and their appreciation of its work during these Many Mouths of preparation. Now you Sec the club House As it is. It remains for you to maintain it and to keep the climb up to i s present Standard of excellence. Or. Bryant then very favourably introduced St. Chair Mckelway who was received with warm applause. Lie said a a air. President and gentle men i Baliche that i am Here to night As a substitute for general Slocum. I had a great Deal rather be his substitute in the year 1891 than to have been his sub Timte Between i8�o1 and laughter although if what i a to heard be True the dangers he then encountered to ins life will not be More than those i am to confront at a later period to my Dige Tiou. Laughter it is not. However time to die jest yet. Laughter and continued applause. A voice a we. See Tuo Geu Tieman Evi Doutly belongs to that Roy Ai organization of minds which under a re pubic May not to incorrectly termed a dynasty. Loud laughter and cheers or president the desire of tuft race to perpetuate it Buff with thu love of Kindred established to Home. Eventually civilization and religion of to Rcd the desirability of monogamous Homes. The Home thus became the unit or the a Date. Just is the ii Izon became the unit of suffrage. Upon the a Ccu parts of Homes accessible by Leigh uni Hood and congenial by similarity of Tantee or beef the priv Eippie of combination took effect. That Prince a in religion took the form of churches. In business interests it took the form of guilds associations leagues Ami the like in plunder it has taken the form of politics. in mystery Aud spi Tacic it takes Pic Lonu of Lodge. In Fellowship it has Tanen the form of clubs. Brooklyn always a City of churches and of houses has Tiff Long been a City of to Ives of guilds and of leagues. Bin it was late in becoming a City of clubs flip Fuentes Titu which it took on this feature is not discreditable. The rapidity with which this form has multiplied of late in this Community is not surprising. Brooklyn h to and has move pleasure More sociability and More hospitality in her Homes than any other City. had Ami Lias More Force Ami fragrance More versatility and More virility in her pulpit than any other City the wants or other communities less Lur Lunate thanoor own earlier demanded that clubs should be established in them. Brooklyn Lus taken its own time and its own Way in our timing this luxury of clubs which in process of use will become a necessity. We All know that As journalism in Brooklyn sprung from the illustrious example of a single newspaper which i am too modest to mention laughter so also have Eibs in Brooklyn a Primig from the inspiration of the existence and from Tho copying or the avoidance of the example of the old men s Christian association at the Corner of in Pierrepont Aud Clit of streets. Laughter first thereafter cat no the Hamilton. Following have born the columbian Olio the Lincoln club in which they not Oiny the Friend it the bullies of Temperance laughter the Carle toil club supplying the Fedun Iii wants of the l Snopl the Oxford club crowning Limo neighbourhood and supplementing rather than neutralizing the influences of or. Cuy Ler s Churchi laughter Rue Union league club the pleasures of platen i am barred by the detestable character of my politics laughter Ami applause and last a Dougli far from least to pm Hanover club slow aug that that which without tue approbation of to Brooklyn Baity times is called by men the Eastern District daughter come to imitate or emulate to equal or to exceed the social and forces of the Western District. Any comparative delay that Lias marked the provision of this a Pieu did mansion has been apologized for to night. Without knowing in detail the reasons it Lias seemed to to an outsider that your Progress Lias been rapid and not Siow. Surely the result crowns the work. This spacious Assembly room will us come in Tho near a a Ture ibo Point of assemblage of consultation and of Fellowship of the Best citizenship of Tut portion of our great City. These ample apartments Wilt by graced with work of Aud made fragrant Aud forceful with Friendly exc aug of thought and of sentiment. 1 am glad that you appreciate to direction in Winch to club forces of Limo last decade of the nineteenth Century moving. I am glad that you have provided a Annex for the ladies in this institution. Last Friday evening i was the guest of a women club Korosis. There or. Iii ahead and myself made addresses a did about ten other men but the address of each Lulu was preceded by a address from to lady announcing and exhibiting the subject to be talked., about and calling Tuou the get Luau who followed her to respond to it amplify it or to pass upon the posts that had been previously taken. Ami i risk untiring in saying that for refinement for Eunise Lens and for lucidity of thought the addresses of the ladies in their own Bailiwick not Only favourably compared with but Lar exceeded those of the gentlemen with the exe Eption of Tho address of or. Halstead and of at Otuel Man whom 1 am still too modest to mention. Laughter Aud applause without desiring to interrupt Tho conversation beyond the doors 1 wish to say that while 1 believe m a Many Soiu by use it considered Aud in another portion of the neighbourhood or City m a woman a , by itself considered that the club of the future will be simply a club of which men and women will Botu be members and that then do Small degree of antagonism which m gentle exist toward the club a a possible mat of the Home will Long ago Piave disappeared. You and 1 believe in Thode Evno represent the sex of our Mother our sister and our wives. We do not sympathize with the cynical Frenchman who said Mazih sleep was his last repose for when he awoke there was Poznan. You win lipid Tuo Success of your club dependent upon the operation of easy principles. Let the Guver Niue end of the club govern. Lei the Wellov Phiiip end of the club fraternize. Make no rigid and numerous rules hard to live up to but Icahn the in sons abilities As you will team the pleasure of club slip. By experience trusting More to tune and to interest Tuan to devices or bylaws or even to Constitution. Applause i thank you heartily for your attention. I jul not longer intrude Between your desires and the burning ambition of those behind me to speak. I pro lie not Only for this club great Success out fur this portion of the City a series of Ciuba representing its wants Aud it wishes. Us taste and its opinions and for Brooklyn that Prosperity in All her affairs which comes whenever the District in which 1 live provides the mayor Aud the District in which Jou live the majority to elect him. Laughter and Long continued applause judge Henry a. Moore was the next speaker introduced by or. Bryant. He said in substance Why anybody should be introduced to say anything or to attempt to make anything in the semblance of a speech alter what to have Hoard from Jar. Mckelway is a secret which rests alone in the bosom of or. Bryant. But i would be an ungrateful Man indeed if i did not say a few words in response to your kind invitation. Evhen about ten Days ago i saw that the Hanover club was to be opened and Havo a reception i prayed but perhaps you will not believe that. Laughter j hoped that i Wiuff get an invitation. A Little while afterwards one come along and i cannot Tell you of the anticipations of pleasure that i had. A letter came to to this morning froth a old Frioud of mine nuking me to speak at least ten minutes to you to night. Now i so Mil leave speech making to air. Air incl Vray. He is a professional speech Makor. He passes most of his life in inflicting upon buffering audiences speeches. Air. Mckelway Rose instantly and replied a my sentences do not give half so much pain As your.�?�. Thi Swift Quot repartee brought Forth loud cheers applause and this is like anticipating Purgatory on Hie part. To has Norer received one of my sentences but Lio knows a Liat he deserves. Laughter Aud applause hell get it one of these Days. It does seem to me that the organization of such class As these Marks a i Progress in our civilization and i congratulate the citizens of this part Tif Brooklyn upon the fact that this wave of civilization is reaching their boundaries now. I am a Little surprised however to find the respected president of Thi club calling this part of Tho town Williams Burch. It. Never was Yili Ramsburgh never. But gentlemen that is not anything perhaps to its discredit. I remember Tho time when this Section was nothing but Corn Fields and mud holes. The transformation seems marvelous indeed. It is not a very great while since there seemed to to two popular ideas. One was that Tho Gallows was the very Gate of Paradise and the other was that the club was the Gate to that place Down below which my Friend brother Peters Doe not believe in. Now gentlemen allow me to congratulate Yon on this Beautiful Bouse. You Flavo place cozy comfortable and Homelike. It is better for it to be so Thau to Havo it More grand and up leu. Did. I Hope Yon will succeed and Prosper i have no doubt but that you will. Sou deserve it. Or. a advice is sound advice. Allow me to thank you for your kindness gentlemen in inviting me hero to night to make these trivial remarks. 1 wish your club All Prosperity now and for All time. Long applause or. Bryant then presented exp Rost master Joseph c. Hendrix who said in parts the Hanover club has already been extremely fortunate. They have had presented to them Tho double breasted Back action automatic phrase maker of America. Laughter they have had the Best known criminal Judigo in All this Region get up and Tell them that he recognizes them All laughter not being upon the programme in my own mind i was expecting Uriate of Halstead for whose Especial Benefit Tho Union league club with All it acrimony toward democrats was organized to speak myself to be reserved simply As a listener. This club Means a Good Deal to my imagination. Coming from the old Mon s Christian Alao citation at the Corner of Pierre Poujaud Pii Uton streets of which the most conspicuous Christian is judge Moore per nip is nothing but Good Waties. Wherever a Canter becomes Strong in population wherever it gathers about itself wealth and intelligence by an by gentlemen meet together first in borne Good neighbors House then in More Rao deat apartment Aud finally in a splendid club House now get Lemmeu in Latt Noh Ine the club upon the great sea of social life in Brooklyn it u important that you should Settle its character for character it must Hare. The character of Tho clubs of the pity of Brooklyn is Oue of Good. Strong devoted and Loyal citizenship a character that regards Brooklyn a a metropolitan Center of itself. Each club Mast take of a different character though All toward one final goal the Best i Tiff zen ship of the City of Brooklyn. There Greo times ahead in this City. We getting on rapidly Aud no Man needs to indulge in any great prevision to see that a trome Doub population will accumulate Here which will have its feet washed by the wavelets of the Atlantis Ocean on the one hand and which will scarcely limit itself in spreading Ovet. The Andalon the Hudson River. On this Une and from out thib sturdy yeomanry of Ortiz Onazip i think we can have a prevision of Good to Buff to come for the Hanover club. Applause the next speaker introduced Wab Murat Halstead who said i should hesitate to undertake to add even a a cry. Few sentence to the affluence of speaking we have had this evening. However a few thing have suggested themselves to my mind Thi evening which May to appropriate. I can see no reason Why there should be any he station or doubt in speaking of the Eastern District of Tho City. That might become a term of great dignity and distinction As for instance the West end of London where the expanding magnificence of that populace is especially significant. Club exist. They meet a Public want. They serve the wants of Tho people and they to be appreciated. They May become in every Way conducive to the cultivation of a better Public Andrii and give the citizens who gather together an Opportunity for the formation of an executive faculty that will take something out of the hands of those who exclusively and professionally handle politic a. The club has its uses and is a institution that will flourish doubtless. In Brooklyn i have had the Honor and the pleas nil a of the hospitality of a number of clubs. I have not As yet been Able to make Tho round of them completely. But i Hope to persevere in Tho Good work anti familiarize my Elf More and Moro with them. This Cine certainly has a very pleasant location and i feel myself no longer a stranger in Brooklyn when i re member that since i have been Here Thi Superb club House has been cons Ruoto i. I take it gentlemen that this club is one of the exp resin no of that Friendl incs in a Community of that congeniality of sentiment and of that neighbourly interest and kindness that is character Telic of your City and distinguishes it above other. I have to make my personal acknowledgements for the hospitality and the Kindne and the generosity with which i have been received in this cumin Unity. I am grateful for the attention that you have kindly bestowed upon my remark. Applause the Rev. Henry a. Powell was then introduced by or. Bryant As the last speaker. He said in part i do not know of anything More that i can say in addition to the remark of my predecessors. I find my blk in the midst of a difficulty. If i were not a poor unlearned c erg Mun. If i know nothing whatever about that terrible game which men Call euchre 1 should beg leave looking into your face to night and after an examination of Thi building to say that club Trumps Aud that the Hanover club is the joker. Laughter and applause i Havo been studying the subject of club during the Day. I knew nothing about them until about 9 of clock this morning when i began my investigations. I have been trying to find out the of your name what is the a Yovor club suggestive of i found in Tho course of my search that Hanover is a province of Prussia. I then thought the member of this club must to German. But looking further i found this statement the climate of Hanover is moist Aud foggy. Laughter i to adored whether Itiat Waun i Tiiu Ati ii that Thiwa to be a Motet Placo and men wore to go Home in a foggy condition. Laughter so i came Here in a state of mental confusion. But i find that this club i to stand in this part of the City of Brooklyn Tor Tho highest Typo of Liberal Manly and social Fellowship. The character of the men who comp so Tho Hanover club is a guarantee to the people of Lii Community that it will maintain a High tone and by it life and activities it will Merit Tho approval Aud Euthern of them All. If anyone a a word to a against the Hanover club to will find himself in a minority this club Mark the improvement Aud the a Piryt of improvement in Thi part of the City. Beautiful in a every part in the Harmony of its fittings and in All it it testifies to the Good judgment of your committees and to the bound sense of the club. You will go on and grow. Sound men will govern the club and it wiil before Long Liao won the esteem or Thi entire Community silencing every mean Petty word or utterance of critic Teui. You on the right Road in your beginning Aud All you have to Dziato go straight ahead in order to wih the highest possible successes applause following the address an elaborate supper wan served in the cafes downstairs. Expressions of admiration were to be Hoard on All sides in the inspection of the club House and the reception broke up at a late hour. Rev. J. Wells d. D., the venerable pastor of the South third Street presbyterian Church in sending regrets at inability to attend wrote a in common with Many of my fellow citizen i Hope Tuat Tho Hanover club May have All the excellencies of the Best institutions of the kind and that the new club House May be a Center of influence for Good not Only to the member of Tho club and their families but to our part of the i a a veterans have a merry time. Installation and Ball of a Upsel Post Ino. Is7, w. A The second Public installation concert and Ball of s. F. Dupont Post n a. 187, A r., took Placo inst night at Phillip a turn Hall on Mcserole Street and was enjoyed by a Largo Aaser Blago. Tho gathering comprised the wives and families of the members of the Post and the night was one of uninterrupted merriment. Past commander Hervy Hewes and staff of the Jame ii. Perry Post no. 89 conducted the installation exerciser which were very impressive. These Hie officers who were installed commander Emil c. Walter s. Y. C., Phillip Sci audit j. V. 0., Joseph led Nix chaplain James Kelly 0. Of Tho i Charles a. Wavue 0. Of the g., Peter Braun quartermaster William Haertner surgeon August soccer trustee Adam Klein adjutant William Hayes Delegate to state Encampment d. Acker Delegate to memorial committee h. Woods Council of administration. Edward m. Wunder Joseph Herzog Henry c. Woods Henry Schuckhardt Phillip , sex offi Cio. After the installation a most interesting programme was presented and evoked frequent applause. It comp Rifca an overture by the orchestra singing and exhibition Drill by Dewitt Clinton drum and Fife corps comic songs by George Arnslow and recitation by Ali Schaeffer. During the evening commander Walter was presented with a grand army Emblem handsomely framed by the wives of the members. He was also the recipient of a Meerschaum pipe for his Active and efficient service to the Post. David Acker a Comrade received a handsome Gold grand army badge for having sold tic largest number of tickets for the event. The presentation was made by past commander hews. At 11 o clock the Ball room was taken Possession of by the merry assemblage and dancing was engaged in until 4 of clock this morning. The veterans who had the affair in charge were Edward m. Sumter Isaac Bernkopf p. Sci audit ii. French h. O. Woods t. Shay l. Bohn William Hurtner w. A. Pol amp ter l. W. Dub Voise m. Meyer j. Becker c. K. Reece m. Sullivan j. Kelly Henry Loeffler d. Acker f. Fetton j. Rauth j. Westervelt j. Bossert Kunzer j. Ledoux a. Merkle a. Beck j. Kuhns Christopher Petersohn s. Whitlock p. Mann August Boeder. Emit c. Walter William Hayes Peter Braun Charlea w. Waago and Adam Klein. Among the posts represented were Rankin Post no. 10, Barbara Reitchie Post no. 11, Henry Lee Post no. 21, Mansfield Post no. 35, German Metternich Post no. 1 22, t. S. Dakin Post no. 200, George Ricard Post no. 362, Abel Smith Post no. 435, b. F. Middleton Post no. 500. A Republican split. Turc now two factious in Long Island City. Republican politics in Long Island City in a state of evolution. There has been a big split and hereafter there will be two parties in Tho City just As there two democratic parties and the opportunities for deals increased. Both of the Republican factions work in with mayor Gleason so that to does not care which devours tic other. Edward one faction Aud Richard Bamboo Tho other. The recent primaries were hotly contested. They Wero held for the purpose of choosing member of the county Central committee and of the pity general committee. Or. Dowling Aud or. Laws ran in Tho third Ward. It is alleged Tyml Tho poll Clork a return showed Tho total vote to have been 56, of which received 32 and or. Dowling 42, which together would make 74 vote or 18 More than wore cast. The county committee however refused to consider Tho matter at All and seated or. Dowling who had been chairman of last year s committee. When the general committee met Tho same snap judgment is said to have Beon recorded protesto from three wards being refused any consideration. George a. Stearns who was Tho candidate of his party for District attorney last fall and a hold Orar member of the Geu Eraf committee opposed this action As unfair but it was persisted in and he withdrew after denouncing the organization As illegal. Tho result of this has been the organization of another Republican party in the City. The organization has elected a general committee with the following officer president Samuel Burgraff recording Secretary Robert Windorf corresponding Secretary James Ingraham treasurer Richard Bamber executive committee James Smith. Jacob Schroeder Frank Hebberd George a. Stearns Henry Miller. A division of the Republican vote in the City will make it impossible Ever to elect a party Mau for a City or county not fight. Clan Piott John la. Sullivan will Only spar in Glove got tests. The rumoured Ohal Lengo on the part of for amp us Slavin the Australia for a go at John l. Sullivan for $10,000, which was made to Tho Champion by Makeiy and Lynch has not been accepted. Charley Johnston the Brooklyn sporting Man denied yesterday the Rumor that lie had had any hand in Tho Challenge and expressed a disinterestedness in what Wakely or Lynch might do. Charley Johnston was one of the principal backers of the big fellow in his contest with Kilrain Bat from subsequent happenings Bis Faith in the reliability of Sullivan has been somewhat shaken Sullvan will Only make a Glove match. To life Union Veteran legion. Encampment no. 70, of the Union Veteran legion met at Wilson a Assembly rooms 153 Pierrepont Street at 8 of clock last evening. Colonel Joseph e. Palmer presided and adjutant Thomas Moreau recorded. There Wero two new recruits enrolled Cliar Leb m. Titus and Joseph Hill Pratt. Charles m. Titus served in the first Scott lifeguards. To is from now York. Joseph Hill Pratt was Tho Organ Sizer of Tho new polio Force in Guatemala. He went Down there shortly after the War by request of the guatemalan government. Quot a. Hiss Kislev s Tea. I in lbs shot Eft a a pleasant Tea from 3 until 0 yes to Lay afternoon at her Home the Alhambra not rapid Avenue a abated of missed Cora Gates Nln it Smith Annie Holmes and Hattie brians. one Hundred availed themselves of kind old Day described by a witness in mrs. E. F. Bishops suit. The Mother the Bead mind Reader seeking to recover his effect a mrs. Maj a a general sure Ltd a quaint testimony a the City Coa seas published yesterday Eleanor f. Bishop is suing in the City court Thomas h. Hendrickson and John e. Hinma n As executors of the estate of Charles Sun eur for borne $4,085, alleged to be due her upon of Hattte entrusted to the care of the deceased but which she claims he appropriated to his own use. The hearing wat begun in the morning before judge Van Wyck and a jury but it remained for the afternoon session to off Tho Palm As Tho most enjoyable event of the season if such a term May be applied to the proceedings of a court of Astico. The witness who. A cans mod nearly the entire session and who was the cause of All Tho pleasure a mrs. Mary Augusta Swett a widow of the late major general Swett a As she announced herself. She was called on behalf of the plaintiff Aud she had been upon the stand but a very few minutes when the August maj City of the Law seemed Laid in the background and a Broad smile enveloped the entire room a smile that no Oue wished to Check. When Tho Benile broke into laughter As it very often did. Judge Van a it oks Gavel that is wout to preserve order with one resounding whack seemed to Havo Boit ened and indeed often failed to Emit any sound at All As it fell. One of Dickens a characters seemed to have been resurrected quaint and original and the stenographer took Down a curious history of How things were some thirty years ago. No one tried to atop the history and whether the answers Wero relevant to the questions of Tho counsel it made but Little difference for they were Given As the narrator saw fit. The articles upon which the suit was brought included some Throe Truu Fuls of jewelry Lacos and line wearing apparel and mrs. Major general Swett was called to testify that she had seen them in Tho Possession of the deceased Kunels. A a naut Little woman was this mrs. Major general with a Long Plush Dolman a hat with a High Pyramid of Flowers of top and the Blush of Pink roses in her Cheeks. In her hand she carried a Little shopping bag and not one bit nervous was Sho a she stepped upon the platform. The officer Stern As becomes his duty held out to her Tho Bible upon which she a to take an oath but she would not swear. A i will solemnly affirm a said the Little woman and so Bho did. As she gave her name and the title borne by her be caused husband Sho added that he was also a Well known democratic citizen of Brooklyn probably known to Many present. Then with a quaint and most profound Bow she took the stand. She said Sho lived on Dekalb Avenue and a devoted herself to Tho instruction of persons of neglected she had Firat met mrs. Bishop at a Ball Given in Washington by lord Lyons Tho minister from great Britain to the United state. That was Way Back in 1801, and she again met the plaintiff at the Home of her Cousin mrs. Gharieb Runel. In 1883. . Bishop who was the Mother of the dead mind Reader Washington Irving Bishop had at that time placed her chatted in Kod Piug of or. Llu note. Among them were a Diamond studded sword a Gold Goblet Given her son by Washington Irving for whom he was named and a Quantity of old Brussel lace. The witness then said that while at her Cousin s House she was Bhuwan these things by or. Runels him cd. A Charley waa a Little Jolly that night a a said the Little woman laughing to herself a and i done to think he wanted to show me the things but i said a of do show them a lie did. He took out the Chri Steuing Goh let that was Gireau to or. Bishop son by Washington Irving when to was baptized at Grace Church nearly thirty Flo year n to. A i was there myself and a mrs. Bishop brought the baby out of the Church the lace upon its dress Ding to the walk and trailed along. But the Goblet a of it was gorgeous perfectly gorgeous. A great High one of Gold at least it appeared to be perfectly gorgeous. Then he opened another trunk and i Law a magnificent sight a Silks satins and lace us perfectly gorgeous. There was Masa a of mum and Point lace All embroidered m seed Pearl that a the christening dress Aud As he held it up it Hung to Tho floor m Rich foils. T said it was gorgeous. Then he look us it a a rattle yes that was what it was called i. Lou Sec i never had any children myself and do not know Tho names of such things but it a Lovely perfectly gorgeous. Helen tree gave it to the Bishop for the baby. And As for that lace Why it must have Cost $500 a Yard and it was nine i Cuba wide and Only four or five Yards Long. Of it was gorgeous it a a thud you any Opportunity of becoming a judge of the value of line Iascu a asked one of the a Why my dear sir i was brought up Down South Anil , plenty of the finest of it. I was with nil aunt who had More. A sir i was intimate with mrs. James Gordon Beau cd and have gone with her to stewarts in new York where Kho paid 580 a Yard for Iaco Only two inches wide. My husband major general Sruti had plenty , sir but lie lost it in Wall afreet.�?�. Quot Doc Hieu change in value a Quot Point replied general a grows mor valuable with age air. It a like a musical . Some Lautoa Dye their laces to make them look old in fact i it myself. When major general Swica and myself used to Gouie up from ii get South years ago we would go into Tho big a Tores in new York and Price thing Junt for the pleasure of seeing them a the a incs a then shown Tho inventory of the Good and Uuk Edif that was the one she had year ago. A i am not positive a Asp replied a but it looks very much boo it. I will not swear that it in this Oue but i will solemnly affirm hat i believe it to be. I Cauuet Tell Yon Why by i feel an innate instinct that it is. It feels like it very whet Andied Good hum ordly if she could fool it with her Glove of sue replied with the smallest of laughs a ooh 1 old not mean in that Way. you want to know Why i Roar Glove Here Yuil you know there Uro of Matiy microbe theories flying about that i do it As a and Tho Gavel fell a pity upon the judge Deak. In speaking incidentally or the mind Reader death a he a Aid a a Yak Iulg Toni Irving Bishop was murdered by the physician. He Waif taken from the lambs club while in a Tranco and Cut up by them. It was a heinous crime Aud should not go . I have seen him in a trance for twelve hour at a time and if to had Boi ousted to me i Bould have made them suffer for such when lawyer Richard ing Aham began Tho Croas examination she asked him for his name baying a i always Liao to address lawyer by their names. My father was a lawyer and if i had been a Man i should have embraced the a. In speaking of the Quantity of material used in dresses of her time Une said a i done to mind tolling you that i am 49 years old and in the old Days they wore Dresse much larger than the pin. Back thing of to Day. A 1 a of to go to Many a bail for we ladies Down South were very Gay it was no use trying to Cross question her so after thank aug the court and attorneys for their Courtesy she bowed herself Sio Wiy off the stand the smile of the spectators faded away and the Gavel fed with its old time hardness and the Caito went of. Brooklyn theosophy. At the regular monday night class meeting of the Brooklyn Branch of Tho society held at Robertson Hall on Gates Avenue las5 night there were gathered fourteen men and women of various religious beliefs who devoted two hours to a deep discussion on Tho subject of a the key to Tho argument advanced Wero very interesting. The preponderance of the argument went to show parallels in a the Christian Bible and Tho Early sacred writing of India. A one Effort of these studies a said one of the members a is a harmonizing spirit underlying our various religion a the regular meetings of this society held every thursday evening Aud on monday evenings the class meeting i hold for deeper discussion. Prominent clergymen Havo taken part in Tho monday night discussions. Tip Kokhan Hospital association. President j. H. Doscher presided at a meeting of the German Hospital association at 809 Bedford Avenue last night. The treasurer acknowledged the receipt of $40 in Small sum from various sources which increased Tho total fund of the organization to $15,443.03. Several addresses were Mado upon the advisability of inaugurating a general movement to hasten the realization of the Pur Poao of Tho association the establishment of a German Hospital. After a Long session it was decided to authorize the several local German societies that have proffered their assistance to the movement to adopt whatever mean they deemed advisable to increase the proposed Hospital building fund. O a a a a the Anaconda Mink incorporated. Butte mont., january 20. Articles of incorporation of the Anaconda mining company were filed yesterday. This i the greatest mine in Montana and the greatest Copper mine in the world. Its owner have been senator Hearst and j. B. Haggin of California and Marsoub Daly of Montana. According to the articles filed the incorporator William c. In layer and Allan Mccullah of Nen York and William h. Green of Englewood n. J. The capital Stock is $12,500,000, divided into 500,000 shares. The men named As trustees Jacob ii. Schiff August Belmont Moses Kirkpatrick William w. Dixon and Francis e. Sergeant. Tok czars son Tribl by january 20. Tsoyun i Yamen the foreign office has in Satruc de ail the viceroys of China to Accord the care with a proper reception upon his proposed visit to this country. This action overrides the stand recently taken by the Viceroy of Shanghai who announced that he would refuse to Grant state reception to the care with on the ground that Tho Viceroy a an agent of the emperor was Superior to All foreign princes. now expected that the care Witch will come to China. The South Dakota Sekator soup. Fierce s. D., january 20. The Republican caucus to night Nomi Atod Moody As the Republican candidate for the United states senator ship from South Dakota. Fifteen members were absent from the a amp Nous. The independents decided not to make any caucus nomination. Several independents were absent from the Independent amp Uchs. Thel ois increasing talk of a dark horse with Mellette the favorite. Balloting for senator begins in the legislature to Day. A a the Melpomene. Prod Coloia of a a la he oct Oroon at the criterion theater the criterion was filled last night every seat was occupied and even women Wero compelled to stand among the rows of men who lined the bide Aud Back Walls of the auditorium. As one of the audience said the theater is too Small and the Academy is too Large for comfortable hearing. The Melpomene is a popular society and the members Carnot do enough to make their friends and guests comfortable a hence the crowd. The presentation of the a oct Oroon was not As perfect As it might have been. The play itself is one of Tho beat constructed melodramas of the late Dion Boucicaut and while for dramatic effect the plot and characters strongly marked there is an uncanny element in Trio sentiment Aud a cold blooded morbid Ness in the Story that leaves an unpleasant feeling. The performance was to some extent a worthy handling of the play. The cast was As follows George Peyton mrs. Peytona a Nephew Bert Andriks Jacob Mocloskey an overseer James Van Dyk Salem Scudder a Yankee Virgil Lopez Pete an old Darky. Albert Mealoy Sunnyside a planter w. J. Moran Lafouche a Rich planter or. J. J. Mackey Paul a yellow boy master Albert Lopez Ratts Captain of a Mississippi Steamer j. E. Quinn colonel Poindexter an auctioneer Frank j. Higgins Jules Tki Badeaux a Young Creole Jose Del solar caillou an overseer George Marshall Jackson a planter Harry Gannon Solon a Griff boy Ralph Earle Wah no tec an Indian Frederick Suydam mrs. Peyton of Terr Bourne Plantation Harriet Lawson Zoe the oct Oroon Ella Griffith Greene Dora Sunnyside a Southorn Belle Mabel Smith Grace a yellow girl Bianca Rahmer dido a coloured Cook Harriet Lawson Minnie a Quad Roon slave Mai Warren Lilie a regular wench Grace Baker planters flares deck hands Etc., by members of the Melpomene. Or. Bert Andresa did fairly Well with Tho part of George Peyton. He looked handsome dressed properly and was perfect in i lines. Asau Amateur a leading juvenile he pos��hb63 Tho elements of Success. Or. James Van Dyk made his first appearance this season in Tho role of Jacob Mccloskey a heavy villain of the old school. Or. Van Dyk has not Tho voice that a conventional stage villain a supposed to possess. His per ional appearance and voice were More suggestive of a love making operatic Tenor than a heavy Basso villain of the play. But to read his lines , and Savo for a desire to Over act when a quiet passion would have been More effective begot through Tho part fairly Well. Or. Virgil Lopez As Salem shudder was Over weighted. In Tho first place he was imperfect in bin Linen and on several occasions had to be prompted. He played the Parta if to had Beon called upon to do so at Tho eleventh hour in a Case of emergency. I dialect particularly in Tho first and second acts was More that of a bowery boy than Tho typical character Yankee that Boucicaut intended. In the last half of the drama however lie improved in that particular. The really artistic portraiture of Tho men of the cast was or. Mea Foy picture of old Pote Tho Darky. This Man is an artist. There is no straining after effects what he Doe is easy natural and brimful of humor. Howa particularly Good in the auction a Cone and ins dialect and by play in Good Tasto. Or. Frank j. Higgins a the auctioneer and or. Quinn As Ratts were both Good. Or. Nydam As the Indian Wah no tee was picturesque Aud effective. He would have been still More so had he stripped himself of the thick Buckskin coat worn during the most of the play when to started out on the Warpath to track Mcclora key to his death in the Louisiana Cane Brake. Master Albert Lopez As the boy Paul did Well but should to play the part again to should make up As a a a yellow boy not As a Stone coloured in the scene where the planters Southern Yontl cinch they bump owed to be with the exception of Mecloskey Euter the House they should remove their hat. Of the women of the cast miss Ella Griffith Greene a the Star. The part of Zoe Calls for an actress of much ability and miss Greece in the Nauy phase of character embodied in the part of Tho hapless oct Oroon girl was equal to each occasion. The make up was excellent but might have been improved by a Little More color in the Cheeks. Her a peaking voice a Good her Reading intelligent Aud forcible and her actions picturesque and Graceful. In her scenes with Scudder her facial play was expressive and in the sentiment no. Beenes with George Peyton Sho Wab tender and affectionate. Her action Oliou she found herself bold As a Blavo to Mecloskey was and her death a realistic enough to gain a round of applause. Mia Greece inky feel Satin Ifield with her Good work. Mia Mabel Smith a Dora sunny Ido a Southern Belle looked Hau drome and played the Young gushing Southern girl effectively and intelligently. Or. Lawson a mrs. Peyton gave a smooth and consistent picture physically and artistically of Tho Southern aristocrat possessed of the prejudices and affections of her kind. The makeup of or. Moran a sunny a planter is deserving of a word of commendation. The rest of the cast had Little to do but that Little was done properly. The third and fourth act i were not no to the Mark they require con it id Raulo rehearsing should the society intend to produce Tho play again the situations in the groupings were huddled and awkward and Waits in the business lifter dialogue cues wore Given were very noticeable. Tho scenery a fair Tho finale of the third act where the girl Zoe is sold web effective enough to earn for her a curtain Call. In the auction scene a couple of Little darkies did a binding and whistling duet which earned for them a Hearty encore. Or. Walter Bene a the director of the play quid or. George d. Hopkins the stage manager. The music which a Good As could to expected from Livo piece in the orchestra Way under Tho direction of or. Harry 0. Walker. Fourth wait democrats. New standing committee appointed by the president in an immaculate White tie High standing Collar Brand new shave and other clothe the banded me j. H. Murt Inhoff presided Over the deliberation of the fourth Ward democratic association last night for Tho first time a the new president thereof. It was Tho regular monthly meeting of the association and Wah held at the usual place Over Mccauley Mission at Jay and Willoughby at Recto. Andrew j. Colvin a Secretary Aud the attendance was so Large one would think that a Campaign was in Progress. After calling Tho meeting to order president Martin off made a neat and Brief speech in which to thanked Tho members for the Honor they had conferred upon him said kind word of i predecessors in the position now High and respected in Trio councils of the party Aud though the idea scr modestly averred Lio did not bring the ability to Tho position of those who had held it before him he brought the will to be a worthy successor Aud hoped for the Earnest cooperation of the members All of which was duly applauded. F the usual routine business was then transacted after which the chair appointed the following As the investigating committee for Tho year first District Charles Mcgregor second James j. Of Connor third John Mckay fourth of supt visor John a. Walker fifth w. E. Mali Tor sixth w. H. Faraoni seventh In Mathias eighth George w. Dixon or. Ninth Patrick Heaney tenth sex supervisor Edward j. Thomas eleventh 8ainuel Soliday twelfth moves Dreyfus and thirteenth. Jeremiah Mcgrath. Tho revising committee name was Thomas h. Kirnan Robert Crummey and Hugh j. Ken Nelty. The names proposed last month Wero referred to Tho new investigating committee together with the following proposals last night Loui Mckenna of 78 High Street proposed by John Mcevoy j. H. Mcl Utyro of 135 la Ronee Street by t. F. Dennen Thomas Burrell of 85 tillary Street by l. F. Mcnamara William Curt a of 228 Pearl Street and John Mcbride of 217 Jay a Street by Robert Mallon Walter Mcglensey of 59 Willoughby Street and Augustus c. Binkley by Edward j. Thomas Henry doubly of 181 Jay Street by Charle Mcgregor and Thomas Farrell of 114 Johnson Street by John Walker. Certificates of Transfer were Given to William e. Weideman formerly of 238 Pearl Street to Tho eighteenth Ward association he having moved to 19 Moffat Street and to Harry Linea Barg formerly of Pearl Street to the ninth Ward association to having removed to Pacific Street. Then the meeting adjourned. Hymns and their. Authors. William Peck mini the acc tire in the. Earl end of a Aptil to Church. There was a Large assemblage in the East end Baptist Church on Van sic leu Avenue near Eastern Parkway last night. The occasion was a lecture by William Peck Smith. Or. Smith took for his subject the lives of seven of the greatest of eur Felish Hsiun writer. His remarks beside being very instructive were quite interesting. He was introduced to the congregation by the pastor the Rev. Jacob Whitehurst. Before he commenced i lecture or. Smith said that Tho up Worth quartet would sing some of the hymns he would talk about. Thi quartet consisting of or. Frank l. Mallory Leader mrs. Fanay Fern Mallory or. Charles Medd Aud miss Alice Peeckor then a aug several hymns one by each of Tho following authors sch la a Watt Cooper Doddridge. Newton Kelley and Anna Steele. Or. Smith then gave a Short sketch of the lives of each Oue of the above authors and detailed the circumstances under which some of the most Well known of their hymns were written during and after Tho lecture the quartet Sang and rendered two now hymns one of which who by a Brooklyn author. Annual Ball of the Kaglik social. In response to very attractive invitations a Large assemblage of Young people gathered last Evo Biog at turn Hall on Sumpter Street to aired the first annual Ball of the Eagle social. The Hall had been very prettily decorated for the occasion and when the orchestra under professor George Ziegler struck up the grand March fifty couples followed the floor manager through Inaus pretty figures. Dancing followed and was Only interrupted at Midnight when a delightful collation was served in the dining room downstairs. Afterwards dancing was re Nowod and continued util morning he is release congregation Beth Elohim parting with its pastor. Til. Tromberi and Trostre Becida. T. In kept by. Snarf Era. Re i Aatila Willi much , Bat they Roca Gaza that Tho Howors conferred on him too great the be Ken id. A regular meeting of the members of the Congre state Street a ear Hoyt was held last overing to transact the usual business and in addition to take notion on the resignation of their pastor. Rev. Or. William Sparger who has accepted Bacall to the Temple Emmanuel on Avenue now York. There a a Large attendance and the deliberations wore animated throughout. President b. Schellenberg occupied the chair and Secretary eng i recorded. Or. Star Ger a letter of resignation was read by . It spoke of Tho Good feeling existing Between pastor and people and expressed Tho great reluctance with which or. Sparger tendered his resignation but added that the Call w&8 extended with so much apparent pleasure and the promotion was to great and the Field so much wider that he could not conscientiously refuse. After mature deliberation it was decided to release the pastor at i own conc Mencow with permission to leave As soon As he deemed necessary. The utmost Good will prevailed and Tho members deemed highly pleased that their be loved pastor bad received such honors. A committee of five composed of messes. H. Bloch b. Wasser Iuan. Jacob Brenner a. New Mau Aud b. Schellenberg was appointed to wait our. Sparger a us acquaint him with the result of Tho meeting. It was then decided that at some future time previous to or. Sparger a departure the congregation tender the pastor a Farewell reception acid that some suitable gift be arranged to be presented to him in Token of the esteem in which to is held by his congregation. The testimonial will be Public and a committee Una appointed to make Complete arrangements. On Tho subject of procuring a successor to or. Sparger Quito a discussion euqued in which Aleser. Brenner Newman Harris blow eau Stern was Seripau Levy Stein Hirsch Levine and others took part. It a finally decided to procure a successor who could properly take charge of Euch a Uge congregation As the synagogue Beth Elohim had become and who could carry out the Saue line a or. Sparger had prepared. It was Ateo made imperative that the successor should Combine All Tho abilities of a rabbi a Cantor Ami a preacher All of which or. Sparger is a master of. Or. Sparger i said to be the finest Cantor of Tiu United state. It was decided to advertise for a rabbi who would Combine All Tocao qualifications and who would be Able to preach both in English and German. The hitter step has been made necessary by the prominence of the Youthful element in the who do not understand German to extent. Or. Sparser will preach Ilia Farewell sermons Oil Friday and saturday january 30 and 31. Tim Friday Sermon will be in English and that of saturday in German. Tho promotion for such or. Sparger considers his appointment a been Well earned. When the worthy pastor first took charge of the congregation Beth Elohim it worshipped in a wooden edifice on Pearl Street near Concord. A period of great Prosperity at once Bagan and after two year of or. Sparger a supervision a new place of worship was found to to necessary and Tho present Largo and handsome Brick Structure on state Street was purchased Aud fitted up. The progressive spirit imbued by or. Sparger at once widened. Scletie Wero organized to promote the social As Well As Tho spiritual welfare of the Cou Gregariou. Tho sunday school numbering 300 children was placed in charge of the present superintendent or. Jacob Brenner under whose care the school Lias broadened both in the matter of study Aud welfare. The Young peso let a association was organized in july last by or. Sparger Aud under his Lead Bias done much Good work. There 250 members. A series of concerts is being give by the society the second of which will to held of tuesday evening next in the synagogue. The ladies. Benoi Ziou logo 9wos its inception to the pastor. The Icv. William Sparger was born in Austro Hungary on april 10,1800, of poor parents. He was of a studious Turu of mind Aud Wuhu very Young began to study the Bible and talmud. I aptitude attracted the attention of a wealthy relative who sent him to the University at Miskoley. After graduating or. Sparger continued his studies at Buda Perth at the name time attending Tho conservatory Quot of music lie obtained a thorough musical education and came to now York in lt�s-3. I first Call was to the hebrew congregation at Dansville a. The Rev. Or. Mort he resigning from both Elohim of to count of sickness about this time the congregation decided to Call or. Sparger. He came Aud the now period of Liberal and More mild services began in the synagogue. In a corresponding Way the membership increased both in adults and Young people. About three year ago or. Sparger married the eldest daughter of or. L. A amp Nesburg a prominent member of the congregation. Or. Sparger is thoroughly Liberal in ins views Aud holds that the jewish religion and the religion of humanity one. He believes that 011 american soil Judaism will first realize its world redeeming Mission but he fears that too much Reform will bring 011 radicalism which will prove More hurtful than strict orthodoxy. He is Tho author of numerous works in do Meuso of his Creed lie recently gained much prominence by i Able defense of Judaism against the Rev. Or. Meredith of the join skins Avenue congregational Church. Or. Sparger will fill Tho vacancy made by Tho death of the Rev. Or. Rubinie who died a year ago. There three rabbis in the Temple Emmanuel ail of whom will alternate in the pulpit and who enjoy equal honors in conducting the services. The Rev. Or. Gottheil of the Temple Emmanuel new York who will be or. Sparger a colleague will preach at the synagogue Beth Elohim on Friday next. The acade31y of methodist episcopal Home. Tho annual meeting hold last night in Tho key. Or main�9 cd Orch annual me Fig of the stockholder last evening. Tho stockholders of Tho Brooklyn Academy of music held their annual meeting last night at 8 30.o�?Tclock in the directors room of that building. Judah b. Voorhees presided Aud William Adams recorded. After the customary formalities the treasurer a report was Road. It was in substance a follows Tho balance in the Nassau National Bank at the beginning of 1890 was $5.464.13. The receipts came to 144,807.89 the disbursements including $1 0,000 paid us Hobt year a dividend amounted to $43,052.04 a loan of $5,000, with interest in ail amounting to $5,401.88, had been paid off. Thus the present Baia Uco amounted to $7,713.72. The Liu auce committee consisting of e. H. R. Lyman and John j. Pierrepont reported that they had examined the accounts and voucher of the treasurer Aud had found Thum Correct. It was decided that no dividend should be declared Thiol year since a Large amount of Mousy had Beon expended on repairs especially plumbing which had never before 1>oen much attended to. Tho improvement was thought to to a sufficient remuneration for the stockholders. The election of five directors who were to act for five years then began. Tho following were unanimously re elected Henry k. Sheldon Alexander e. Orr Josiah e. Low Charles a. Townsend and William Cary Sanger. There were present at the meeting e. Ii. R. Lyman h. Polhemus William m. Richards Alexander m. White Loonry k. Sheldon Edgar m. Cullom William Cary Sanger George l. A Chols Gordou l. Ford Alexander e. Orr John j. Pierrepont Crowell Hadden Charles a. Silver a. P. Wells and Adam Walker. The meeting broke up at 9 of clock. The engagements from Date to february 15 amount to $5,300 and from to latter Date to May Between $6,000 and $7,000. 110tkl in rivals. Hotel St. Geo Oey a. Q. Day w. E. Rutan Chicago mrs. M. Shenck ii. B. Shenck Ridgefield noun f. E. Alexander p. A. Hondrick new York h. G. Martin Boston a. In Campbell cold Spring Harbor 0. E. Chapin Hartford. Conn. T. B. Diehl Cincinnati f. B. Vandegrift Philadelphia f. W. Bogart new Loudon f. F. Ames Aud wife East Orange . F. L. Blanchard Northport William Otto Staten Island in v. Neal Auburn me. H. S. Richardson Eto Ira n. Y. W. Smith f. A. Boardman h. Gilmour t. A Bennis j. F. Dobbs Brooklyn. Cla Bendon a. H. Woodsten los Angeles Cal. R. J. Frank Trenton . J. E. Remsen East Norwich l. A j. T. Stickney Ellenville n. Y. R. G. Cornwell Jamesport n. Y. F. H. Davis Kalamazoo Minn. O. M. Hemings Denver col f. A. Tidey Newark n. J. P. W. Smith Effii thrown l. I. S. J. Cunningham Boston miss h. Weldon l. Clarke A. Seaven Charles Matlach mrs. H. A. Falk Charles h. Voorhees John h. Donahue h. O. Simpson Philadelphia m. Strauss j. List c. F. Beaman c. W. Fell e. H. Mayer Charles h. Porry Brooklyn j. In Goodenough a. T. Doyle w. H. Daly new York _ it edits the a society. To the editor of the Brooklyn role a i am much gratified by your valuable article in relation to the Bill introduced in the Assembly by general Mcmahon for Tkv Protection of women and children in mercantile establishments but i cannot accept any credit for the preparation of this very excellent measure which iras originated and drawn entirely by the working women s society 27 Clinton place new York City. I am very much interested in Tho Aims of the Bill of course Aud propose to do All that i can to Forward its passage. Josepnine Shaw Lowell. 120 East Tyr Teeth St debt new York january 17. 1891. A Brooklyn spanker wins second Puize. The contests for second prize in Tho a amp Stimo athletic clubs boxing tournament Wero held fast evening at the club House sixty sixth Street and East River new York. The bouts were Well contested and some of the goes were marked by hard sparring and heavy hitting. In the 125 Pound special class Honry Mich of the Acorn athletic association Defeated d. Mcgivn of Tho pastime a. 0. The Battle was a Good one and the Ahern Sparer Earmus the decision of the judges and was awarded second prize. The an annl meeting of the Brooklyn methodist episcopal Church Homo Drew a Large attendance to Tho now York Avenue m. E. Church last night. Almost every methodist Church in Brooklyn Wab represented at the meeting. In Tho absence of John e. Sea Lea jr., the Roy. George p. Mains d. D., pastor of the Church presided. Charle p. Armstrong was the unanimous Choice of the assemblage for Secretary. Following devotional exercises or. Mains briefly reviewed Tho objects of the Home. There was 110 institution in the City he said More worthy of assistance or More to be commended than Tho methodist Church Home. To had Beon connected with it since its foundation Aud knew whereof he spoke. To had unbounded Faith in every institution reared for needy purposes. The Homo was managed by a class of worker which insured it Sucese. There was a Force of Christian women at its Helm and it was bound to succeed. The past year had been far More successful than any preceding year in its history and he congratulated the Burden bearers upon their Good work at their a annl meeting. The yearly reports were then read by Secretary Armstrong. The report of mrs. A. A. Wilson the corresponding Secretary stated thut there were at present Lifty four inmates of the institution. A number had suffered during Tho year with chronic ailments but Only one death that of or. Sarah Colon had occurred during a the past twelve months. Special mention was Mado by or. Wilson of the Success of Tho Lawn party give at the Home in june and of Tho fair in november. The Horn was free from All indebtedness the report stated and Tho land upon which the institution stands was nearly paid for. Soon the report cobol used larger quarters would be necessary to carry on the work of Tho institution. . A. P. Stewart the trea purr submitted her annual message. It showed that Tho receipt for the year from All sources had been $10,-. 370.81 and the Tebu Romento $7,218.44, leaving a balance on hand of $3.158.37. Tho subjoined Board of managers representing Tho various local methodist churches was than elected for the ensuing year Andrew m. E. Church miss Lizzie Leighton mrs. Catharine Vollner Bushwick Avenue m. E. Church mrs. I it l. Brown. . H. G. Jordan Carroll Street m. E. Church mrs. W. J. Bower or. In Martin. . J. Overington or. R. Nixon Cedar a treat m. E. Charcas mrs. T. P. Lendrum mra. G. M. Richardson Central m. E. Church mrs. M. E. Brown mra. Laminan mrs. H. Everitt mrs. R. S. Pardington or. L. Ticu Cook Street m. E. Church mrs. W. W. Cotton mrs. In Clackett mrs. T. Honikel mrs. J. S. A lorry mrs. L. H. In Dell Dekalb Avenue m. E. Churchi. A or. A. M. Conselyea mrs. A. P. Cornell or. S. Henson or. J. Hall. Or. O. J. Cowles or. J. Johnson mrs. W. Ii. Tilton mis l. Al. Tompkins eighteenth Street m. E. Church mrs. S. Balkley. . S. L. Beiler mrs. J. Bowne mrs. M. A. Tried my mrs. J. Kennedy mrs. F. Van Orison Embury m. E. Church or. J. Cross mrs. Ii. Foddy or. A. Gav mrs. J. A Lasher mrs. G. F. Stuits first place m. E. Church mrs. J. Boito or. S. J. Harding mrs. W. Hutchinson Mth. A. E. Knapp mrs. E. Mackay mrs. A. R. Matheson mrs. T. A Perrin first Gro a print m. 3 j. Church mrs. O. Crane mrs. J. A. Kenyon. . Thomas Kirkwood mrs. A c. Young flout Street m. E. Church or. J. Bulwinkle mrs. E. Holloway mrs h. M. Meeker mrs. . Munson miss p. A. Rossell mrs. <3. Smith or. S. Wing fourth Avenue m. E. Church mrs. J. Dunn or. Sloat mrs. S. In Martin. . A l. Taylor Francis m. E. Chm he Misa Emily Agne mrs. India o Brien gothic my. Church mrs. F. A. Alford mrs. S. Sprague Grace m. E. Can Ron mrs. J. Bolton. . G. Copeland. Mra. S. E. Mca Siter miss m. H. Price mrs. William Tate Hanson place m. E. Church mrs. A. M. Bulley mrs. George Lowden or. H. Ai Addock mrs. M. E. Sanford. Mra. S. A. Sayor or. A. P. Strong. . J. Y. Tuthill mrs. W. S. Wright mra. W. H. Bedford Jane m. E. Church mrs. W. G. Bishop mrs. F. F. Durlee mrs. George Logan mrs. James Montgomery mrs. W. H. Northup mrs. G. 0. Wilbon or. J. 0. Wright Johnson Street m. E. Church mra j. Mason Leonard Street m. E. Church mrs. To. A. Dones mrs. E. Teudo new York Avenue m. E. Church mrs. S. L. Brown mrs. Hoyt,.mr. R. Lane mrs. Jacob Russell mrs. J. E. Sear a ar., or. W. Smith mrs. J. A re now North fifth Street m. E. Com relic mra. J. W. Adam mrs. J. N. Graver or. M. H. Lark mrs. S. Quinn norwegian Bethel m. E. Church mrs. Alaria Jahnson mrs. Caroline Petersen Nostrand Avenue al. E. Church mrs. E. L. Crocker mra. It. Gavill on mrs. H. B. Hubble m. H. Rutherford Pacific Street m. E. Church mob. G. B. Halstead miss m. E. Rera sen mrs. M. Al. Voorhies. Miss m. Young Russell place Ai. E. Church mrs. E. Byrt or. E. Edwards or. Alexander Mclean St. Johns m. E. Church mrs. N. L. North mrs. N. L. North jr., mrs. L. P. Nostrand miss Ida Phillip or. J. A. Reeves or. J. H. So Cults mrs. L. R. Yoor Heel airs. F. W. Young St. Luke s m. E. Church mrs. R. 8. Coleman mrs. J. M. Collins mra. W. Cook mrs. H. J. Samn Fis mrs. E. L. Wood or. J. Matheson St. Paul m. E. Church or. J. T. Riley or. Leonard Smith Sands Street m. E. l. 0. Clayton mrs. J. N. Matlock miss m. A. Turner Sim Sou m. E. Church mrs. J. S. Barn Doliar air. A. W. Courtley mrs. V. L. Cook mrs. George 1. Elliott or. A. A. Foster or. T. L. Jones airs. E. J. Lader it. In Resseguie sixth Avenue m. E. Church air. A a. M. Gale. Or. J. Pullman mrs. J. A Spear South second Street al e. Church air. S. Ai. Bar chill air. M. Mackno or. ii. Yohun sch South third Street al. E. Church mrs. William Miller Aliss Lilly p. Alfiler mra. R. A. A Rudgley Ali a Sarah a. Stile . Church Aliss e. W. Beers air. H. A Nora Maui a irs. O. Al. Jaquins Alt. M. G. Phillip airs. E. L. Parson airs. L. S. Pitcher Sumner Avenue Ai. E Church air. H. A amp surd Misa l. Nystrand. Air. Ossar slip a Bolt. I s. Al. A. Cornell swedish Emmanuel m. E. Church air. E. Swenson Tabernacle m. E. Church mrs. J. Beaver air. Alonzo Ain ii or. J. Jenkinson air. A. Preston or. A. Bolhm Deon or. A. Walker air. A. Wilson air. J. Wilmurt. Or. S. Randall thump Avenue Ai. E. Church or. 0. E. Bryan air. L. Butler air. J. Liege Man Altes c. Ser feat Washington Trecet m. E. Ehn Rulis Alry. Z. , All a Iii Roach alias c. Seuey Alin s. Wii Sou Aliss s. White Wesily Ai. E. Church air. Alary e. Young Williams Avenue ale. Church airs. T. J. Waison airs. Ii. A. Ali Llano York Street Ai. E. Church or. G. Denike or. A. John mrs. Samuel Smith Warren Street m. E. Church or. Rogers airs. Garmany. Short addresses followed by the Rev. T. P. of tic summer yield al. E. Church and Tho Rev. W. B. Kelley 01 St. John s al. E. Church. Or. Frost characterized Tho Charity As second to none in the City of churches. It was right to held that the Motho Disi episcopal Churchi a hould provide a Home for its worthy member. Tuero Wero material re Yurces in Tho diet Leodist Church amply sufficient to pension off All it veterans. To regarded Ilie aged laymen an Inch Veteran As the aged clergymen. The society hid founded schools at the expense of millions of dollars for the Benefit of it a Jung people and Why not Home for it old people Trio hundreds of thousands of dollars lavished on Tho Young people was entirely out of. Proportion to the few dollars doled out to the aged. Civilization would not to up to the Standard until it had provided generally pleasant Homes for worn out men and women. If Pride a amp justifiable the managers of the Brooklyn Church Home would to justified in feeling proud of their institution. To Huy certainly ought to be congratulated upon it. To had never known but two methodists to to in a poor House. Oue was converted to the Faith while an i Muto of a county institution Aud the other was insane. After Tho Rev. Air. Kelley had applauded the work of the Homo tie meeting was brought to a close with singing Aud Tho doxology. Department of astronomy. Abort paper read by the member at the Hegy ular Nso Athly Meei Iii Tho monthly meeting of the department of astronomy of the Brooklyn Institute was held in the lecture room of Tho Young menus Christian association 502 Fulton Street last evening a Good Audi Euco being present. Professor Cury m. Parkhurst president of Trio department presided. Secretary Gardner d. Hiscox attended to mutter of record. Only routine business a transacted during the a Hort business session after which professor Parkhurst gave a abort talk on the different nodes of mechanical commutation with Especial regard 0 the More Modem methods. He first spoke of Hart s computing machine for adding two columns of figures at a time. This Little machine of brass which was originally designed and is now sold for Tho use of mathematicians weary Cashiers bookkeeper and others whose daily life is a Monotony of Tig Uros has proved of the greatest value to the astronomer in making calculations of space and it May by used in Many ways beside that of Mere addition. Professor Parkhurst Snoke next of Leigh logarithmic computing tables which i also very useful in Usoro nominal work in that they were designed for ready multiplication proportions and for working Tho a Rule of Gunter a Longari Traio Scalo Aud fullers logarithmic computer Wero next consulted As Wero also Moro tersely Babbage a differential machine for working out formula Aud col mar s and Grants computing machines for multiplication and division. Professor. P. H. Van Der Woyde was the next speaker and to detailed at length Trio present state of scientific investigation with regard to the properties of heat Aud Tho bearing those investigations have upon the nebular theory of Laplace. Laplace believed and taught that Tho entire universe was formed primarily from a nebulous mass which losing its heat gradually closed in from a gaseous state to amp solid which of course was then Moro readily influenced by gravitation and the solid masses gradually combined the smaller with Tho larger until planets were formed and thus the entire system was set awhirl. Professor Van Der Weydt claimed that Laplace a theory a All wrong Aud has been shown to be so by All recent a scientific investigation. He explained that the atoms from which planets were formed instead of being in the first place in a gaseous heated state were without any beat whatever until the Force of a Center of gravitation Drew them together and Tho passage of the atoms through space caused friction and consequently heat hence when planets were formed they were All in a Utu to of fusion and gradually have cooled As Tho Moon and other dead planet have done and the Earth Sun and other heated Planeta doing. Palm pmcam1bb club. Tim members and friends of the Palm pleasure club of the seventeenth Ward enjoyed the annual Ball of the organization last night at turn Ball on Grec Point Avenue. Over fifty couples were present to take part in Tho festivities. These members managed Tho affair George Schmittuz Edward Ford m. Daffy j. Guin f. Smith t. Bird j. Southworth John ahem amp in l. Battcher u. Lafferty j. Mcguire d. Kerrigan and j. Walsh. Sale of an old t1mk farm. The old John Phraner farm on South Street Jamaica adjoining the Montauk Railroad of the West and owned by the late Abraham Doba Voi of was sold yesterday to Edward h. Brown Henry d. Norris and George h. Chinnock of Brooklyn and David l. He Donbrook of a amp Maia. They gave $25,000 for forty nine acres. For Tiibi Holmes family Teaque has received $1 from miss Gertrude lord for the Holmes family of 1,020 Fulton Street a their first annual reception. The Centra Mcmo Craig entertain their friends Vitu a ten Csc and dancing. The athenaeum was filled from parquet to gallery last night at Tho first annual reception and Ball of Tho Central democratic club of Kings county. Tho Talent which furnished the musical and literary entertainment a drawn entirely from the clubs members and their performances were Well received. Tho artists were arranged in Tho minstrel Stylo with Valter f. Keenan As interlocutor and Robert f. Conroy acid Frank Dawson As Ondulyn. Tho various numbers of the programme wore interspersed with sallies of wit Between these prominent character in the combination and Tho jokes exchanged were new and to the Point. The musical part of Tho programme a rendered ran thu Cli Orns by the company a if the water could speak As they flow a Harry Gold a a they re after me a Robert f. Conroy a Little Darling dream of me a w. Cory conk comic song William Bryan a thine Only thine a a Goorge Vanderlinde a never never no Alore a Frank Dawson a in old Madrid John Dolman a write a Loving letter to your John Mulligan a by by my Honey a Jack Williams a a sweetheart a Farewell a Harry Dawson grand finale by the company. Part second included a topical song by or. Dave o Brien mandolin and guitar Trio messes. Smith Swan and Falco club exercise. Professor w. J. Murphy topical Aud burlesque songs Edwin Fremont vocal Solo mis Ada Cullen ten minute with Jack William and his Liker Black face artist Intro dicing songs and witty sayings. L. Little Ami Walter Maxwell High kicking and jumping Ira Baird an Devard Crocker remarks Walter f. Keenan instrumental selections messes. Chester and alos Siter and hypnotism professor m. O. Water. Tho exer toes proved interesting and the audience was appreciative As was shown by the frequent round of applause which greeted the entertainer. A reception followed after which dancing proceeded to Tho music of professor Daniel f. Harts Orch Offra. Tho method of amusement attracted a Large party on the floor Aud it was a late hour when the event came to a Cloie. Tho Central democratic club i an organization about eight month old and. Although Young is already in a a Tato of Prosperity and number thirty five member. Tho headquarter at 338 Bridge Street. Tho officer Walter f. Keenan president Frank l. Duly first Vico president William s. Robinson second vice president Chris Diehl general Secretary Charle j. Muguiro Trun Marur James j. Keenan financial Secretary Thomas w. Al Waters corresponding Secretary Richard a Oimen sergeant at arms William Edward m. J. Llanon a. Crowley Thomas j. Little George w. Miller and Francis Barry Board of directory. Last night s committees were entertainment Aud arrangements Charle j. Maquire al. J. Hanson William s. Robinson Chris Diehl Edwin Kromhout Francis l. Doely Ami Joseph w. Little. Floor Thomas j. Little William e the William Henderson John Tierney John Shelley Peter Noah John j. Gilleapie Frederick Kun nuke Georgo Pierson Loui Krupp and p. Van Hess. Reception Joseph w. Little Goodsoil Ira Pike William Henderson Goorge Meliff al Boekmeyer Peter Mcnally Frank o a Alloy John f. Gardner Edward Mccauley James j. Sweeney John Dillman Frank Peck James Robinson d. F. Mullany James Gill Julius Taft John s. Duval John Armstrong John Hall Robert Frost Thomas j. Healey Churlo v. Car Berry Thomas Meehan Frank Springer. Frank Maraney James Cassidy John Long Thomas Malono Andrew Keenan Georgo Bergier and William Keenan. Among Tho guests in attendance were Aliss aggie Hogan mias Mamie Hayes miss Lizzie Hogan miss Annie Flynn mis Mamie o Donnell miss Ella Thomas i Annie Ryan Aliss Lonisa Ryan miss Mamie Brady mis Annie Brady Jennie Dalton mis Mario see aban miss Louisa Mahler air. And mrs. Fred Kenneke mis aloy Nichols Misse Wail Mianna Barry miss Toohey miss k. Tierney miss n. Riley miss m. Shelley mis a. Manning or. Acid or. Thompson miss Jennie Crai Alia Mamie Craig or. And mrs. William Henderson jr., and Ili Robinson. A fight in a Saloon two Young it fib Cloughly Ham led by amp crowd. There Wero Lively times shortly after Midnight sunday in Arthur mulligans Saloon at 274 Bond Street. A number of Lounger were in the place when Alfred Loach 16 years old of 147 Douglass Street and Robert Legge aged 21 year of 215 Dean Street entered and called for a drink. One of Tho Lounger insisted that the Young men should treat Tho crowd and when they Romusod to do to one of the men struck Loach with by to weapon cutting an ugly Gash on the forehead. Enraged at the might of i friends injury logo threw off his two coat and offered to fight the whole crowd lie was promptly set upon and kicked about the Placo until to Aud los ii Wero glad to escape with their lives. Once outside they went to Tho third proc duct police station and reported Trio Case. Accompanied by an officer the Young men returned to Tho scene of Trio fight but Mulligan place was a tight a a drum. A Effort to got Mulligan to open Tho place wore unavailing. Detective Torke will try and recover Lii go d two coat which to left in the place when he ran into the Street. The alleged counterfeiter of trial. David say Cole did n it Koiv. The Silver Dollar was dad. A in the United states court yesterday David Kepner the alleged Long Island counterfeiter was arraigned before commissioner b. Lincoln Benedict. Colonel Oakey prosecuted lawyer John 15. Hudson defended. Kennedy in Lite own behalf testified that lie was a Driver and lived at 544 eleventh Avenue new York. He drove to a funeral at Calvary on december 18. Lie went into a hotel at Calvary where lie Lynul a couple of drinks to had about $4.50 when starting. To paid a Silver Dollar which i he thought he got at a place on thirty fifth Street now York did not know it was counterfeit passed no Money knowing it was counterfeit. He produced a certificate of character from Liis employer with whom lie worked Twenty year. Maurice Daly Olio is Kennedy s Bondsman Laid that he knew Kennedy Over two nov year and always considered hts character Good and never heard anything against Lam. Commissioner Benedict said he should read Over the testimony before deciding what he should do with the of tue Seminole club. A crowd off merry maker in a full. Smithsonian Hall co nor of Manhattan and Gree Point Avenue was filled inst evening by the members and Friend of Tho Seminole club a prominent social organization in the seventeenth Ward the occasion a the annual reception of the organization. The ballroom was prettily decorated and presented a most att Metio appearance while the gathering that enjoyed the festivities of the night was a Rorry one. It was 11 of clock when the Hall opened with William f. Mcgovern and his pretty sister leading the March. Dancing followed and continued until Daylight. These were the committees floor William f. Mcgowan Edward j. Regan. Georgo w. Wood Andrew b. Murray Aud William c. Young. Reception Francis p. Pidgeon Jamos h. Wood gliomas f. Cash Man and Joseph b. Robinson. George w. Wood chairman Andrew b. Murray Joseph b. Robi Sou and William f. Mcgowan. _ a asked the Justice to have a Diuk. One of the Britton who will to slave Henry Britton charged with intoxication came up a railing yesterday before Justice Grotting his air indicating i Confidence in presuming that from Justice Goetting he at least had nothing to fear. Tue Justice however maintained a Stern aspect As he read Trio charge to the prisoner. A now judge that a not so Yon know. I work every Day and i got a Little off onco in a while. I was off saturday last and did no to i see Yon pass by with your High hat on Aud did no to i Aak you to have a drink a. A ninety Days a said the Justice and or. Britton was hurried to the pen where to was heard singing lustily a Orne minutes later a britons never i l be two alleged corrections. To the editor of the Brooklyn Evaie by Over thirty years Ros Deuce in Brooklyn i have Learned to look upon the Eagle a a contemporary of the City and a chronicler of events from its beginning. Bat my knowledge of some persons and things before i became a resident so much at variance with two of your correspondents in last sunday s Eolk i think for the Benefit of those for whom the Eagle is making history they should be corrected. Under Tho caption of a life in now York City your Reader told that one Henry s. Wise of Virginia acted As or. Gravot a second Etc. Henry a. Wise was the Man to whom your correspondent refers. But Moro important under a sex mayor f. B. Stryker a Tho of mayor is made quite a hero of in a cholera epistle in Brooklyn iul839, when there was no cholera Here. If he will look Over Tho old file of the Eagle he will doubtless find there was an epidemic of cholera Here in 1849, but thou he will find it necessary to Correct Hia alleged period of or. Stryker a mayoralty. Brooklyn january 13,1891, a. N. A when one corrects 0110 should to Suro to Correct correctly. If a a. N. will Road Tho Stryker article again he wiil observe that Tho subject of Iti Inot re scribed As mayor Whon the cholera epidemic referred to Broko out. If there was no cholera in 1839 there Wab some of it in 1832, and it was not be or for a a. N. to wait till 1849 for . Eolk Fui aeral of landlord Hiram Howe a successor. A Rimini Nitro hotel manager Thesa opine Ion was highly valued by Honsmon. End of a use by to Retho Suditu she Turing. A Little casket not 4 feet Long was carried out of Hiram Howe Road House 011 Tho Ocean Boule Vard at Gravesend Thi afternoon it contained Tho body of Albert Pease who was known to every Borse Mau of Brooklyn a Little Albert. There was a Large gathering of mourning friends a in t in famous House Over which Little Albert had presided a manager a inca Tho death of Hia Uncle. Hiram Howe a year ago lust new years Day. Little Albert was 32 year old. No had a fill when he was 3 year of age which injured his spine and though to then weighed thirty Livo Pound i Woight a but forty pounds when lie died and lie Hud never weighed More. Twenty year ago his parents died and he a then taken with his brother into the family of his Uncle Hiram Towo. Became of delicate health hero Cei Vod a common school education Only but he practically applied what to Hud Learned and though he was Bush than four feet tall he a bowed excellent executive business ability when the Cir unit Ance of Juis Uncle s death Mado it for him to Tuko upon him Adf Tho responsibility of managing the hostelry. About fifteen year ago Albert lost the be of ins legs Ami doctors advised Llinat Jie should be Given some High t out Lour Ein ploy sent. Hiram hone then had Iii stable of trotting Hornea and. Lie made Albert the super into Lent of Tho a tables. Here the Hoy acquainted himself with horse a to such an extent that i opinion was sought after in recent year by Many Hor Emo. He fitted Lini Vlf into i urn do business and a for several year bookkeeper of to establishment having regained his health Hud the Uso of his leg. Howa Well fitted to succeed Ilioram Howe Whan Tho hitter died and it is doubt fill if there Ivy a Moro popular landlord from Prospect Park to Coney Island than Thi diminutive Man. Or. Howe gave him full charge of the outside business of the House and he enjoyed entertaining guest. He was Happy Whon the House a listed and his method of caring for the want of visitors Drew a Large number of patrons. Jle was cordial do quilted and Well informed on matter of interest to those who Speed their i orc on the Road. Although he wore a big Diamond stud and heavy Gold watch and Chain to was extremely Modost. His love for horse made him a prominent feature of the race truck theft i opinion was much a ought after. There was another class of people who loved Thi Active ii Tolu than. Servant and stable Rae who Wero employed under him or who came in Contact with him had a warm regard for or. Albert us they knew him. I uniform kindly disposition and genial cordiality. with Lii remarkable bunnies tact mud for him warm friends of All who were acquainted with him. And the fact that he was to a mail made All who knew him speak of him wit i a great degree of gentleness. Few people who Havo seen Little Albert to Gay and Bright a Howa about the Road House know that in. Was a heroic Little sufferer. He was a victim of Novoro headaches which i would frequently prostrate him. He never a poke of Hia suffering. Last saturday lie Lead one of these attacks. He seemed to Havo recovered when he retired for Tho night but shortly after to aroused one of the waiters. To was then very sick. As he had frequently had Simitar attacks lie would not permit the waiter to awaken i aunt. She was called however at 4 o clock sunday to Ruig and found that Albert was then dying. He Wuh dead before medical Ai l could be summoned. So methodical was to that i own judgment was not interfered with when to was Airek As it was not in anything else. A postmortem examination showed that death a due to exhaustion Tho result of nausea. The body was interred in Cypress Hills evening of sc0tcii 1iall1ds. Brokk his . Frank Berland aged 30 years of 147 Freeman Street while at work yesterday in Cheeney a Hewlett s Iron works foot of Clay Street had his right a Roku by being caught in one of the pulleys. To was atton Dod by an ambulance and removed to the Eastern District Hospital. Of he la morn choir entertain a Large audience at the Central Church. Tho scottish concert by Bryce and Patrick s choir last evening under the auspices of the Young people association of the Central congregational Church Drew an audience that nearly filled that Largo edifice that grew highly Over the scotch choruses and considerably Lent the cd along programme by try. Core. Tho choir consists of eight members. Misses Grace Robb and Helen Anderson Soprano Misho Kusion main Saml Marie Malcolm contralto George Fulton and hew j. Mcdavid tenors Harry Taggart bans and Walter Bryce baritone anti conductor. It was assisted by John Mcghie a scotch pianist It. Patrick a scotch reciter and Richard Arnold the accomplished first violinist of tie new York philharmonic club. Trio programme a composed except for or. Arnold Solo wholly of scotch music. It contained ten or a dozen part song by the choir a few scotch Ballad by the individual Singer and in arrangement of scotch air Well played by or. Mcghie. The scotch voice is the key to scotch music. Thu Shane keys the rasping High phrase and Tho piercing harmonies that so trying to Ordinary chorale a nit perfectly the Sharp ringing and powerful scotch voice. It would to difficult to get Bitch ringing Lyric a a Scot wha Hae a a the March of Tho Cameron men a a Hail to the chief a and a Willie Astley us will Sung by an american chorus a they were by this Little Balmoral choir. The dash and Fervour of Tho word and if it must be said Tho Strid ency of Tho music were perfectly brought out. A a cd me Dorothy come was also excellently Sung and the Hal acc of part and accuracy of attack were admirable throughout Tho Etc Niue. Of Tho other baud Tho scotch voice is not delicate 01s tender Ami the Lack of softness in tone was Felt somewhat in their hinging of a Annie Laurie a though the Ballad a Sung with great cure and Moro expo Shively than the four part arrangement of it usually Given by other than scotch Singer. Tho ballads Sung by the members of Tho choir a solos Given with remarkable appreciation of Tho sentiment and with a sympathetic expression which makes them remarkable and delightful example of halted hinging. So Many Well equipped i singers a o might sing Ballad Well if they would Only take sufficient pain a Light such song and utterly fail to express Trio poetry in Tham that it i pleasant to to Able to hear and to Praise heartily a choir whose members invariably Render the sentiment of their songs Corr Lotfy and feeling. The matter of tone production is so far Hoco Sidary to the meaning of Tho a Onga that it would be ungracious to dwell upon shortcomings of that kind in a company capable of giving so much pleasure by their performance. Or. Fulton Sang a a Here a a health to Bonnie Scotland a and a an encore gave that Beautiful Ballad a Mary of to and miss Malcolm gave Quot the Crook it Bilboe a with a sturdy sentiment that greatly touched Tho audience and made repetition of part of Tho song imperative. Miss mainds Sang a my Ain fireside Quot a an encore a John Anderson my to John a with much tenderness and later a gala or. Brucd Quot gave Quot Hail to the Thistle a and an encore song with a vigor and spirit that Wero amazing considering that he had already led i choir through half a dozen part songs at the top of i lung. The same remark applies to miss Anderson the loading Soprano who gave near the Cio of of the concert �?oti10 Flower of Tho Forest a and a within a Milo 0�?T Edinboro Toone with deep feeling and a Sweet voice. Mias Robb Sang with spirit a come Over the Stream Charlie a messes. Fulton Mcdavid and Taggart gave Tho bacchanalian a Willie brewed a Peck of Manta with action that was More appropriate to Tho song than to a Church platform and or. Patrick told humorously Tho Woch of a scotch Lassie in trying to get her License. Or. Arnold a violin Solo wore a polonaise by Wionia Nln a trifling a fairy dance by Bazzini and an encore Melody. They Wero beautifully played As or. Arnold a work always is. _ Pieer blows and blood. Lively features of a wedding Cele bration in the Earl can District wedding festivities Wero conducted in the Collar under Tho Saloon at Tho Corner of Wythof Avenue and North sixth Street sunday night. A Large number of hungarians and poles atton Dod Aud Heer flowed freely. Several men got Luto a fight at 8 of clock Aud glasses wore freely used some of the Rae escaped to the sidewalk where the Light wan re owed. Offices Brennan of Tho. Bedford Avenue station arrested two hungarians who gave their Navios As John Eanoy and John Shear Meyer of y31 Kent Avenue. The latter head was badly Cut. Eanoy a Aid to Justice Goetting yesterday that lie was taking Tho wounded my Honro when arrested Aud that they had not been fighting but the officer testified to a different state of affairs. The accused Wero permitted to depart under suspension of sentence. A Edison illuminating company annual a Recti Ngatia Flection off direct or yesterday. Tho edition illuminating company ill annual Meetins for Tho Eloot iou of directors yesterday and to follow Nair Board was elected by a vote of 111.3 20 out of a total of 13,500 shares Joseph e. Brow but Ono Crowell c. E. Crowell. Ethan Allen Doty f. A. Hastings 0. N. Has land Samuel instill d. Ii. James Martin Joost a h. Martha Edwin Packard F. Pos body and Charlea m. Pratt. Trio company will erect additional stations of Large capacity during Tho year. Sinco May 1, 1880, Tho company has Laid Emir hey Miles of wire under round. Beside the furnishing of lights they now supplying More than one Hundred and seventy five horse Power of motors for the operating of machinery presses and organs. , and broke his leu. William j. Busby while intoxicated of Bandar afternoon slipped and fell at the Corner of twentieth Street and fourth Avenue and Broko Lita right leg. To was Takou to Liis Home at 201 Twenty second Street in an ambulance ;