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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Brooklyn, New York ¥01,. S3 to. 27tbrooklyn Friday. December 1. I one cent aha ring a dint a a pos. 1. Vamp jux a ask a publisher Ano prope Tafak sacks Kim xxx so apply of Strait of too re terms delivered to City 8nbcrcrlbera, every evening at six and a cent per week payable to the Carrier. Psf All advertisement not accompanied a Ltd written instructions win be inserted until forbid Ana charged accordingly. All transient advertisements lust repaid in Advance. Quot a . Virv Vav Beni Day a amp Quot vsznt�?81 per advancer ?2� aka sub ska. Jodz acted wifi taste Aud trots Pinsett i easi.1 Tod Otish Raon Roath no it Tauss. A hour a Iuone Luc lunatics. Reader were you Over in a Lunatic Asylum 1 ii so have you Ever forgotten it ? can you not although years May have elapsed since the visit remember the Blank stare of one halt you met and smile of the other ? our sympathies Are deeply moved in their behalf though their bodily sufferings do not seem great. Indeed Many appear to enjoy tolerable health. In by gone times the mad were deemed special recipients of divine favor perhaps Etc also the Finger of god being Laid on their brow and depriving them of the Power of guiding their actions aright they were also relieved of All human responsibility. Something like the same thought struck us As we we were walking through the rooms of Tho Lunatic Asylum at Blackwells Island the other Day. A faithful description of what we saw there during one Short hour would fill the whole of our Little paper and therefore we must Content ourselves with mentioning one or two of the most singular and interesting cases. One old Gray haired Man whose hair stood erect like i a quills upon the fretful Porcupine a met us at the door of his room and seizing our hand with the utmost eagerness and with a wild rolling Eye said in a husky voice tin glad you be a we expressed a pleasure similar to his a tones As nearly like his own As possible. A sit Down a said to greatly excited. A did you bring the Money this Titue. I shall be ruined tomorrow if that note is not taken up. A in a tight place Elk asked we. A tight place a said he excitedly. Tight place ? you know All about it and have promised Over and Over again to bring the Money. You borrowed it for Only three months and now its near sixty years but of course you brought his manner was so wild and Earnest that we began to have in uneasy feeling which even the Entrance of Tho doctor to the room did no entirely dispel. The doctor looked at him very sternly and whispered to us a a a he takes you for hit Friend say you brought the Money and have left it with in a we did so. He sat a moment quietly and then stealing up to us As if eluding Tho oct of a lie whispered a you have done wrong Alfred. That Man has had Over fifty thousand dollars left with him for me and i never see a cent of it. All i get is Herb Tea and physic. Here a said he pulling out a roil of paper from his poc tet a is How matters stand. Look at we left him to go Down stairs and get the said Money. A walk in sir a said an elderly Well dressed lady As we lingered for n moment at the door of her own apartment and watched her knitting. A walk in sir. A this a the White House and you Are Welcome. I am the presidents lady and prefer doing the honors myself rather than Trust honorable gentlemen to tile care and insolence of servants. Walk in sir 1�?T a we stepped in with much pomposity which pleased her mightily and took the scat which she proffered us. She inquired How the treaty with Mexico was Likely to terminate. We told her ail we knew of the matter and a great Deal More but in the very midst of our explanations she asked us if we thought Caps were becom Iuglio her. We then launched North on the beauties of tier Cap and her general appearance and the More we flattered her the better she liked us and the More haughty she became. She insisted on our taking a Glass of wine and we accepted without hesitation but she did not move to procure it and we Are obliged to imagine that part of the ceremony and on approaching the Ball a. Young wild looking woman with big Black eyes commenced telling us u Long Story about somebody being drowned. could 1 do a said she a when they brought him Home dead on the Board. The Money was As wet As the clothes and they were Bath lost. But next week his father will be Home if the wind done to chop to the Westward and then hell catch we saw this was Likely to be protracted so we frankly told her she was French and did t understand a word she was saying to us. What a pity a said Bhe with the greatest sympathy and without at Al perceiving the Absurdity of our excuse As we Leit her. We peaked into a room where three ladies were setting the Tea table. Come in a said one. We Are glad Ofa Little company Here at any time. It is no pleasant Job to to living Here a among a and Here she came near and almost whispered a lot of lunatics As crazy a As bedbug a it must be very unpleasant for you a observed we. A of you done to know what it is till you try it a said another. Quot i know something of it a said we. A i know a Young lady once in new Jersey who became deranged on account of her Lover proving false and wedding we could proceed no further for one of the women had fallen to the floor in a fit. The doctor came used the Ordinary remedies explanation lol Lowed and he upbraided us for mentioning such things before the patients. Are these patients ? asked we in utter astonishment a certainly they Are a enough. We left not wishing to raise another Row i bedlam. As we were walking Down Tho Island we met an old White haired Man in the pauper dress leaning on a Talf. His hair flowed in ringlets Over his shoulders and a peculiarly Sweet expression of face attracted us to him and we accosted him with Good Day sir. How do you Dot to Well sir thanks be to Are you Content and Happy of no sir a said Tho poor old Man shaking his White locks. A Why done to you get enough to oat drink and Wear that Sall any of us Cun a of ye3,.suchasu is but that a not it. There is no one for me to talk to. They Are All either dish dutch or French and worse than All sir there Are no dear Little children Here to be my companions. I had them once in better As he said this a tear for a moment glistened in his Eye and he walked no y. Picayune. �?~0 shame a cried Oliver a is this the Way the English Nobles keep their Honor did you not Promise not to see Charles Stuart a. A i did not see him a answered the Nobleman. A then a said Cromwell a who put out Tho Candle you or chirle3 a. A Oliver had cunningly contrived to put a spy of his own into the poor a service who discovered that of the interview the King first put out the lights. _ a _ almost a fatal joke a correspondent of the Petersburg express communicates the following under Date of Farmville november 20. An affray occurred in our town yesterday sunday afternoon which though resulting in the loss of not blood caused much merriment and some a tall the parties were John Haskins of Buckingham and Nathan Gazan of this place. It appears some mischievous Young men wrote Hakim a Challenge to at the store of or m. A. Hunt a fixing 30�?~ minutes psst 4 As the hour of meeting and attaching Gazano a name to the note. The writers of the note were aware of the fast that a difficulty had occurred Between the two parties. Quot Gazan wholly ignorant of the transaction above mentioned Vas walking Down the Street yesterday in company with several others when he met Haskins who immediately accosted him and desired that he should walk with him to Carrington a hotel. Gazan signified his willingness to go but remarked if there is to be any fighting a aint Haskins , no i Only wish to Settle our old difficulty a but upon reaching the door of the hotel remarked with an oath Quot come in a and at the same time Drew a pistol. The sight of the shooting Iron however was enough for Gazan and he took Down the Street at a rapid rate closely pursued by his antagonist. Upon reaching the store of J. Harvey an�ycb., Haskins Quot fired the Ball passing we third a few inches of gazing a head which caused the affrighted Man to accelerate rather than Blacken his speed., he the top of invoice ii heard the Bullet in i heard the Bullet a fortunately he was not Hurt,.though very much alarmed and it is thought by All who witnessed the affair that it the watches had been consulted red Eye would have been deprived of his laurels Haskins either concealed himself or left the Plaez As the officers have not yet been Able to effect his enquirer a november to. Oua Becky and tax club Young Damsel who is engaged and will shortly be United to a Gallant son of lately visited Tho mariners Church. During the Berryton the Parson Dis coursed Eloi gently arid with much earnestness of the dangers and temptations of the Sailor. I he concluded by asking the1 following questions a is there any one who think. Aria thing of him who wears a Tarpaulin hat a he blk be jacket or a pair of trousers made of Duck ? a i , is there one who cares aught for the poor Sailor ? a i Ltd girls sister of Tito Damsel jumped up and looking Atchity at her sister said in n tone loud enough for every Ort to hear a _ a a yes. Sir our Becky does jewelry fancy goods the season is fast approaching when Many will was talc to and bands me presents 8 and in order to meet the wants of our citizens. We Are Conr Janjy adding to Large Stock of watches jewelry Silver Ware. Mimcy a gods ac., and to can confidently assure our customers Twidt we can sell them Vas Good goods and much cheaper and a save a the trouble of Goto to new York. -.5. 4 our Good of All kinds Are warranted to be what they Are represent d. A Johnd. Chose a 203 Fulton St. Next below Concord. Manufacturer of Silver Ware jewelry�6c� it is sometimes amuse re to read some advertisements wherein our citizens to Purchase Good in Brooklyn and yet Tho a that4pfi0.icit. To i amp be their printing done . Comment is us Mecey Ary. Nou6w a a new anecdote of Oliver find Tho following characteristic anecdote of the. Protector of the Commonwealth in an English paper. Oliver Cromwell being afraid of cabals from the expelled family thought it dangerous to permit persons. Particularly noblemen to leave the kingdom without leave. A Young Nobleman in the interests of Charles ii came to Puy his respects to the protector and solicit leave of absence from the country. Cromwell immediately granted the request but said a Well but let me see you soon again and done to see Charlea Stuart i will not upon my Honor a replied the peer., the Nobleman soon returned and coming to pay Bis duty to tile protector Cromwell snatched hia hat out of his hands and with a Penknife quickly Cut open the lining and from the inside took it it several letters and., papers addressed of Charles. Sov n e Welch Flat. .,-.15�.mavbnuk 5�. Fas9l. But Ksn Jay and it Hwy Knob St Bietz. _. the of thai be Pic to Ltd of oily Irod to Lief _ of watches cloth a i try,-<3uid aug so incr to Prici Fugli Silver and o��ery4f>bcrlpil�u.�npy.oo Odt. Filpot Wolctt Ihu by will come a net Ion a the lowest prices at Bare Tofit. It 1 end Jurf Ejra a tear la and and All tit . A ie21y m it established 1789 a r b . A Fol mo3�?T.t_,k-jt0f bks is no. A John blk a a a n. R., a i a Purler and Denly a re in Vink w at bus jewel. Re Klica und of Tea hid a pm Iwic. Al idols Moud Aln ring Tai Silver Vire. -vc., allot or Lafr will be warranted. A p. neat Workman Una employed in ramp Pale less i7 ,. H a a watches jewelry. The sub icel Berle Bow Selling Low Rutoli Golden glib lever thatch a from �10 to a 1 six Ilia we . Is to .80 Silver vetch i All of which Are s to 18 ladle a Pina ear alga. Bracelet.cbstelaln�,, sic., o . Somo Plendl necklace for children. A a Large variety of sold and Uorn Enan ,3eali, a. New Stylet of Wenla veits Sod Fob chains silverware or every dear Law. Wurr Tantet Felt Iuah it Coin and at or Lei which defy Competition always on hand or made to order by Thealka Culber. Spectacle of sold Silver Ana steel to Aalt any Ato in a a a -w.-j. Vandru Obj n. B. Watch Besof every description and Prenc Cloea a paired by Ibe Motl experienced wer Knien. And warranted o give . W. J. Vanderhoef Dolly no. Its Faltyn at., Brooklyn. A Raaz i. Long Island Railroad a Wintek arrangements of ind Miter monday oct 24,1854. Trains will ran As follows unto further notice exc kit on sundays Traini Wojno East pm Moo Brooklyn at 10 . For Greenspan a. 12m.ic5p.m.forhompiied a a 3 45p.m. For far Uund ample 6 4u Jim secs a the of Vosit train will leave Brooklyn aft 10 am. And 3 45 p. Day and take the train on Yosie Branch at Hacks Volle at 11 35a.m. And526 p. It on Ssan Days the 3.45 Puma Parmon Dale train will inn to Yan finh and ., monds morn logs for Brooklyn also the 6.4 it p. A Malca Tesfu will Ruu to of amp pm Longdale on saturday nights and leave Perm Long Dale at 4.25-a. In for Crook ten on monday moral nos. Freight train leaves Brooklyn at70 .Forursanpert train a oink West. Ii ate Greenport it 10 am. For b Rooklyn ?. For do syomeiat7.35a.fci.ii i Ford a a Hempstead at 6 55 a. k 3 50 . For do Jamaica at 5 40. 7 35, 8 45 , and 2 10, k 4 35 . For Brooklyn i a a a relight train will leave Greanportmi-7 . For Brooklyn. Oc2 of we a. Sokhis. Proi Dent _. Uld Black Ball line 1,1v Hir. A ssi. Pool packets. A3bkr� c. H. Marshall. Aco., is Barling slip Mali ism certificates turn bed tur passage to and worn Liv Spuul on Ibe Tel an�?~d.l6tli of every month by the a bowl no i pleaded in spa Harveil t�aeen�?1.500ion. Captain e. Tang a Isaac webb�?1,5s0 tons e. O. Pm Trier. Great we�lorn�?1 Fino Ion w. G. Turber a a a oaf lock spa 1ew books Seua Iveda and for a Tbleby. Geo Limle Al pm Lars at. Africa and the american 71v lectures on the a Trae beat ital and got it a a Quot by Caroline thumb Al. A alone Quot j5y Marion Haviland. A Utah and Tho mormons a by perils. A is Enty years on the pull Pine Lalande a a the Iron con Sim r a Aubrey a by the Kaftor of Amelia fad Helm a a Harper s Gazette of tha world two i. A a Fiora Yfim of neat dind incr v Al Sovka a Uez to graph. A Lonk ls>nqd3a�k. A a Atu Lobanak. A Bank of Brooklyn. City Bank. Bank. Central Bank. Jat Roc Davod and for Sale by George Little _ 51,Fulton Street. V1 5 1? excer it list Ric a pah Rork 1vt by books for Sal by Geo. Little 5l Fulton Street. A mph Flibort or the european wars of ftbel6th Century a by alex.,Damas. A the dead Liea and the Bible land a by Fie a amp sky. A party leaders a sketches of Jefferson Clay Hamilton. A. A last of his a the Flash times of Alabama and a journey to Central Africa a by Frayard Taylor. A capt. Canot or Twenty years of in african Oto it a oof , Oil paintings Oil x. Prints mezzotint and Litho rep framed and in Fra died May be Marsh s Athen Atam Book and music store 175 Atlantic it. Also an immense a arts to of Philo and ,��t�o�v3o�kfl, fancy goods accor4fcoo e,-v.f�hd3pbri pm violin Btl nov a muslc/5ic. All Are inched of Cal it and of the picture Gallor Gratia. De22 by a j for frat Bli Aav. Grading and paving from Dou Lais Streat to the Fadius Blind. Sealed get Dmn tes jul be received Otibe Street a Coin mls stoners office a next the instant at 4 o clock p. For grading Aud paving Franklin Averno Frond Douglass Street to the Al Bash line Nith the follow log materials to wit ? 7 Cut curb. Cut Eude circular cat Corners and croat walks at All marked the profile All in strict conformity Ullh the ordinance and to be paved who Bank Pavly a stones of the Best Quality a a inches of gravel under the pavement ail the materials to be dope la the most substantial manner All the materials on the Street watch conform to the ordinance e cant used la the work. T contractors will Pleisse take notice that there willbe no allowance made for extra work hit should to found necessary to Ukrop and re pave Ary of the Inte Are tics to make them conform to the proper Grad Buthe Sime will be cod a Ido Eclas included in the contract Price and no extra work will be allowed la any ease except specially ordered by the common Council. They will Alo Tako notice that no estimate will be considered in Esau Eon Tams the name of a reap crib a peril Nas surety. ? brootlrnvn�2jd ls54 co24dti. A. T. Lawrence Street a. Cd go la a a Al tue a. Supreme court a Alwyn Bogart against Kyj Samuel for a Money demand on contract., com. Not served to the defendant. You Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in thit amp Pilon which was tiled in the office of the Clerx of the county of Kings. At the City Hall in the Chy of Brooklyn on the Slot Day 1854, and to serve a copy Olyou answer to lha said complaint on the subs cri v office no. 63 second Street in the City Oiw ill amp it Barb. Within twerly Das after the service of this Sun Mossoni you. Exclusive of the Day of such service and 1 you Fallo answer the said complaint within the time Afore said Iberl Aiolfi in this action will take judgment against you for the sum of one Hundred Auu onfe2l-u0 dollars with interest from the Twenty ninth Day of april one thongs and. Eight Hundred and 6fiy four besides the costs of this action dated october,31st, 1854. No2 lsw6w Jno Berry puffs att y. Oho Oklyn City x. La Clarke against Antoine re lift. Com. Not ser. To an Toltin Wignes defendant. A Yoa Are hereby summoned and required to answer the mis action which was filed in the office o i the glory of this cont all�6 a game Brooklyn on the 26th Day 1854, and toe Erve a copy of your answer you exclusive of to Btu Day such service Andriy Ourfali to answer the said complaint we Blu the the Pilsl Nolff in this action will apply to the Cotton for the Ralit a demanded in the complaint. Dated october 25th, 1854. A a i oc26 lavv6w Marvin it prime puffs. Attys. Llu Reec big of Otto Wesendonk and Anthony Schefer p Alt iffy against George hit Langley William it. Robinson be amp Nedr to Boson Ana William g. Barney defendants. Summons. For Relief. served a to William r. Ilof Craton Ebenezer Robinson and we lain g Sarny dof6ndant#i a a a. 1 you Are hereby summoned and required to answer the , no in . a a Tjin .v.-. La a Vav i us Wutt i juju in set Roa win Vui and fewer to. The said complaint of Tho subscriber of. Office no Street to the sky of never York within Twat to the service of this commons on Yon of Chi Faye of lilo Day a Iamb service and if you foil Tea swot the said a mtg he Mii of told the time aforesaid thu la the Lac apply to the court for the Relief demand to in the Comal amp let. A to a Byo Lobor 2nd, 1854. I to i. Brewster. Corporation for Degraw Street grading and paving from Hoyt to Boydst. -. A sealed estimates will be received at the 8treet comm. A loner a office Ontl wednesday next 59th inst., at 4 o clock p. M., for grading and paving Megraw Street from Hoyt to Bond a treet with Ute following mate a Lala a to wit�?T�?1�?ocutcnrb, Cut Gutter circular Cut Comers and crosswalks at All the intersections marked re the pro file All in strict conformity kith the ordinance and to be paved with Bank paving stones of the bust Quality Mohave eighteen inches of gravel under the pavement nil the materials to be of the Best go Tufty. And the work to be done it la pm amp uner. A a a a it a win. Pledge take notice that there will be no allowance made for extra work fit should be found to it a Denary to tak e re Pavo any of the intersections to make the eur conform to the proper Grade but the same will be Qon Siderati As included in the contract Pitco and no extra work Iii bellowed la a it in a Peciulis or Dereby the common Council. They will also take notice Tea to estimate will unless it contains the name of person As surety. \ , Brooklyn. Nov rider 23 i1ps1. Riu24di�?T.l sub eme court. A Lojis cum James a Bowen and Edward n. Kitchel 5�anst Stephen t. Noble. To dts Hen t Noble defendant. You Are hereby summoned Aud required to answer the complaint Inith reaction Ali itch is tiled in the Vilice of the clerk of this court at Hail Bioko in and to serve a cup of your answer r to the but a complaint on the Auh scribers at their ,office,.atlanticbtreet, to Rooklyn. Voth u Twenty Days after the service Hereof exclusive of the Day of Sueh f and if Yonly amp in to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid the plaint Fla in this action will Tuku judgment again you for the sum of twelve Hundred and twelve dui Lars with interest from the 16tn Day of september one Homand eight Hundred and fifty rur besides the Coats of this action. Dated september 23d. 1354. Po22 Law a life Wolfl amp Browne pm of fit. Atys. 142 Atlantic Street f or Kohlt ,00u tons c a Alaric amp la. . Grafu f it a Al and top wards on la Koval Bank of round and on mesftraa9ariqg,, fit co. Liverpool it London Pryblo at sight. A old line la jacket so Fly i 3 East River fool of . A. Oc9 so i great reduction in paires. Aro pm re omd to a for Atli a a Iho present ,niyreatl5 t Rodo Cei or Loci on Albrae can 5� tur no Send is All Lime and at reus Onalle rates for Fly Les and military Bacn Ratonyi on kept Catlon to the rat Troad oar Rubott retry Atteo toral depot at Ibe of the routes at Jaal Rooklyn he fled Bdl or tiber Alloa office a no. Ill Salton at. -1-� a a its of a novel sigh t,-th0 a a Lei rated a a a a a f Washington billiard table. 1 the first Premium Crystal Palace Hilliard table. Two English slate bed. And other Bill ird tables. A of Bass Fokd a make May be seen and used at the Saloon Corner of Fulton and pineapple the present a Felt the neatest fitted up rooms in America. Gentlemen of new York and Brooklyn who wish to see the Best the and the most ancient and finest running tabled in this country Are invited to Cau Aud see for themselves. T gentlemen about putting up tables in their private houses Are invited the above before doing to. A Large assortment of Billard tables of smaller dimensions Mode to order and every article in the Trade for Sale at 14u Fulton and8 Ann fets. New York. J h. Salmon will be open at 8 o clock a. I no7 8m a. Bashford jr., 149 Fulton at. N. 5t, non ii to the rigid kits of to 7th . A notice is hereby Given that carts will pass through All the 1 Meta he Cev Nih Ward from Flushing to it Kalb a. An from Spencer St. To Washin Tofi av., in thursday of each week Ano through All the streets of said Ward from St. To Dekalb av., and from Wash Uptou to Bedford a. On Friday of each week. Abo. Through a the streets in the eleventh Ward from Bridge to aril St., and from Fulton a. To Johnson St., on thu Ustav of each week and through All the Street of said Ward from Washington a. To Carlist and from Flushing a a to Atlantic at., on Friday of each week for the purpose of Coue Criag Coal ashes. The residents of each Street Are particularly requested to cause their ashes to be placed on the sidewalk in front of their dwelling by 7 of clock a die Morang of Euch Day As above designed tiie barrels Tobe removed is soon As emptied. A any person found throwing ashes in the Street will be punished according. Morris Evans Street inspector no20 of 1 residence Myrtle a. Near Clason. Ident Stirp a . B. Griffin Den list would Raiburn hit a know Lodgment for to very Liberal patronage extended to him Ine part year and would Rospoch fully give notice to the patrons and the Public that he has remu Veu from no.�12 to no. 284 Fol ten St., nearly opposite Johnson St., where be will continue to give his personal attention to every Branch of surgical and me Chaoi Cai dentistry Aud will warrant every opera. Jon to be performed in Tho most caracal and satisfactory manner Aud at the very lowest Cash prices. He would also Call attention to his Block and Gaiu Teeth which be i amp tiers himself Are Superior to an7 now la use. All persons requiring dental operations will find it to their adv Cantago to give Bint Acell. He we Lonsert Beautiful incorruptible Teeth on the bests Gold plate for. $2 to 4 on Silver plate for. _ i to2 of lot m75 to full upper 8ets on sliver.b15 00 cavities tilled with Gold. 50 to $1 a a a Cement. 50 a a tin foil. 50 cleaning Teeth. ¿0 to 01 tools Acue cured. 50 extra clog. 25 All w Ork warranted As represented. Ae23 3m to m&w6fr- a h. Brewster pm offs court county of cd go Itaf Wynberg Jug san i Robert fest Jane Ely Hil wife and Paul j. Relief. Cota not ser to tie above Camel defendants. A Yon amp re hereby Sun mined and required to answer the complaint in this action which has been filed in the office a the a Erk of y of King at the City hell in the City of to norv1� copy or your answer to the said complaint on to sub Crelier at Bis office number i Nassau tr�i4>t, la the cit7 of new York within tire qty a a to after the service of this sum Mlekon Yrtti amp Idu Ive of the Day of such service and i w answer idea Tiu Beafore Salfi that Label Elfi in this a tion will apply to the court tar the complaint a a dated . A 1 a. 7, a Sakles fir atty. 5 a. I fj0 7 York. and compel Nln this action were filed in the clerks office of Kings county on Tho 20th Day of Oclo bar 18.54 Quot <jc25 Law Fiji Niia supreme Bogart against major lines 8amuelbirker and David Buell Simmons for Money demand on contract. Com not served to a amp Mel Barker. Yon or thereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action which was filed in the office of the clerk of. The count of Kings at the City Hall in thecly of Brooklyn on this lat Day 1854, and to serve Aeop the said complaint on the subscriber at his office,.nv. 63 second the Cuy. Of Williams Barg with cd Twenty Day Rafter Beserr Cleof this sep mods on Yon exclusive of Beday of such service to Husver Quot to within the Alffie aforesaid th6 plan Tiff in thl Ioc Swul take judgment for the sum of five Hundred dollars Wilh i ctr Erest from the Elighte Ecith Day of april one to Sand a Dpi Fly four besides the costs of this action and seventy f v dated october sat 1854. No2 Laww Jno. Berry Pic offs. corporation Oon a firmed. John Street grading and paving from Joy to Bridge St. Wyt amp a no grading and paving from Ross at. To a Lvi to nov Leonard Street grading and paving from Hamilton a. To court St coi umma and Middagh streets Public Datura. Gatea Ano Tompkins ., Well and pump. Navy is. Gat lamp and posts from Concord at. To Flat Bush a. 4 Park Aro. A amp to lamps and posts from Navy St. To Clinton a. Gas lamp and posts from flashing to de Kalb .,the assessments loathe above entitled matters re a duly confirmed on the a3rd Day inst and the j a Goniu or a fair copy thereof will be delivered to the collector of Taxe and assessments dirt Madday of november next. A Una. Notice is Jaer by Given to All parties interested that by paying their several assessments to Alfred m. Wood. Col sector of tone Ana ats at ments at a tsp office in the City Hail a within thirty Days after the assessment Roll to him. They can same with it charge All assessments not so paid will him or one of his Deputy. Collector of with additional charges Law. -. A a a. Lawrence. 8treat commas Lopar dated Root Len. Cleber just 1854. Oc3l law4w, Dan lev Bogart jut ilor again to Liulam Keogh Ano Mafs diet key git its wife. Amp in Rodney s. Relief. Cum hot served 1 to it a above Aarau defendants. hereby summoned und required to amp Osworth complaint in this action which waa file i in Tho Olpt of the clerk of the county of Kings at the City Uff Oaklyn Mussid coamy7 on the lot Day of August a. Let.1u54 Aud old a Orve a copy of you or answer to the so a pm Wiit of to be by by or levs at Tiff air office Nult Jar Roadway in the City of. New York. We Vuai Eniy Days a in a o/t1fls�?~su��moiis you air Ciu Erveno be Day c / a Jen Servera a a cd lab a Kli a i a Xith compoint. time azores pad the to Tun will apply to the. Court fur to to it Liri of photo Malkim. A a a i 1 it Liichi . A a in 1 a Kielce Colu motor of taxes an1 f j3eflamema tax Ltd 1854. A Olce is hereby Given that the tar Rolls of the present Vear. A a ill be open for payment on the first Day of Noverio ber 1k5c or a a a a tax esp d previous to theft aft Day of december will to received without any a Dulou. To All taxes unpaid on the first Day of december one per be added and Paeper cent adult ionic for every thirty Days thereafter i 1. A a a hours for receiving taxes from 8 o clock a. M., until 2 o clock . A. _ bankable Money Only received. Alfred k. Wood taxes and assessments. to examine their Bills before paying thus avoid errors. wrong property Aro respond role for Ihbe Verbr a oc2t� Tel llua.d.l6kejjpiinl�<? fat Leach w. Miller. . For Relief. O tbedefeffdanfrj4mrhyoailg. Yon Are hereby summoned and req Irod to answer its complaint in this on which was on the Rialti amp yol september last past filed in the office of the clerk of the county of King in Tho City. Hill in the Cuy of Brooklyn and to serves copy answer tothe said complaint to on the a in liar to of Subj office no 38�?owintara Street mar chants Exchange do the cloy Cut Nec Ork Days after the service of this Auu non amp Ongoa Escly slyer. The Day of Cush service and if you fell to Ahsue Kite to Sec cow i amp the amp a line aforesaid us in Ollil tothe i att Fajr fib Hbl Lef to la Raa seed l Ihebom plent. Quot dated october 19th, 1854. Sheriff Fialco. Supreme seamens Bank for Pavan is la the cite of now York against a or a Wilson Wasll amp a Catiello and a b., Bis wife and jul a in pursuance o s it Indgin it Ade Ana ooze de in Ihu ,.6 i the lib Day or no Vei bar in the year one it a and eight Brno and fifty four 1 will Sel at Public auction at the auction room of Ruekle. Fax Writt o. 343 Pulton Street in thecly of Broo Sayij on wedi.esda-, the 13th Day of december 1c54, at 12 of clock at noon on that Day. ,. A 1 that certain lot piece or Isreel or land situate by Logan being in Ward i f the City c t aforesaid. Bounded and a scribed is follows Torii a Cpin mencing Ata Point on the Comer formed by the inter a scion of the Westerly line of Pulton Street with a sont Berly lace of Cranberry Street running thence sch Erly along the Westerly Side of Ful on Street Ninf Cen fret thence Westerly eighty six feel and three Ingber More or less to land formerly of a Nha my dab and Dow belong lug to George Hall at a Point Welch is dimm seventy meet Easterly from Henry , As Taid Hirv Siree is now opened a of Laid out and Distant Nineteen feet southerly from Cranberry Street thence northerly and parallel with Henry barrel Nln St amp in feet to Cranberry in re it and thence Easterly along the southerly aide of Cranberry Street eighty two feet and three Ifie Hes to the Point or place of be amp tan Long. Dated Brooklyn nov. 16th. Lp6i. John a. Weeks referee. Go. T Stone Al of Saul a. Nol7saw3w in Axil Row k Kastman of ulu Utt a Adorney. Up Reivik a putt to Kikut Cote itys Thomat of Lecuit Aliou Hgt anti Wil Luiu to of Niev mrs Aid Oil i Traci i a. Roi sir a to we Al Ftp is rate a. Viiu tvs Ite Uby a a it Mon Ltd Aud to a rawer the 5ympi�t?u i Huik it coif Fri in Ibe office of the cd Root Fiji a unit of Kings it let it City Hall. Ruth Bruj Olys Yukiji in a rid county of the sixteenth d�7 of sep Tonii Corr spy no a a Are so i. And uis Vii a1 copy Quot of in a Igo it Wattul cd in Limo it i the a Dha roller bib the no. Lija Valt so ten to Ibe City of new York with a j Day the service of ibis Siim. It Antonyi it Xci us of the duly of such service a in a cd i you ail ?-vs�vld Ltd Uip a n Saij tie a a Ikitake jul a qty in a a Ftp Nat you Fortso 8uttor- Jov it by Dolther and his Cefis kit interest from the of aught la on. It Nousand eight titty four be aids the costs of this action dated sep Al tier 15lli8mv�?o v a a sv29�orw.,>. Ken j. For True or pm Fly atty. County Dock company j against Fiam Nel f Townsend and others Gbo Sce , Flint Lff attorney in pursuance of this court Madern the above bearing Date to health Day of sep lamber 1854,1 will sell by Public auction i the Montague Hall court Street opposite the City Hall is the i Tycz to health Day , 1854,at 12o�?Tclock, noon of that Day the following described land and Promisee ail Taip Lecer. Parcel of land situate lying Ana being in the sixth Ward of. The City of Brooklyn. Id the county of King and Kiaie Ofney York known on the map of property on file in the Kings county clerk a office entitled map of property of Nicholas Lutheer. Made by Alexander Martin Cuy Surveyor As Block number 1 one bounded Easterly by Columbia Street northerly by Centro Avreet Westerly by Betts Street and southerly partly by Euseb Street and the Millpond or Marsh formerly of tace Van Dyke family Togo Thor with All the right title so interest of Tho said Samuel f. Townsend of in and to All the land in Columbia Centre Betts to the centres thereof respectively Lof Rentof and adjoining the i but less above Menton amp a. Dated Brooklyn , 1854. El92aw3w c Englebert lot. Sheriff. The Sale of the above properly is postponed until the 31st Day . 1854, at to e same thu it a and place. A Engle Bert Pott. Sheriff dated Brooklyn. Oct u. 1854. Ocl22awto the Sale of the property is until the 8th Day of november 1854 at the same time and place Englebert Lott sheriff. Datedbrooklyn.oclober3��t, ism. I.o2awtd the Sale of the above properly is farther postponed until the i5ih Day of november 1851 amp i the same time Aud Piacun. Englebert Lott Sun flu. Dated Brooklyn nov. 8lb, 1854. so win to resale of the above property is further postponed until the alb Day 0f us a igbo aat Ibe Siu e a into Andje he. Engle Bev Lory Benti. Dated brn Uklyn nov. Isth j8v4. D l8 1a�id 6c50 a wow edgar8. Van Winkle plaintiff Atli Orney. Surk file d. Middleton exp a. �te., of John user dec�?Td.,against Jabez Jurk and others. A 0 a . Dewitt pm of fatty is in pursuance of judgment order of this court mid in the above entitled action bearing Dale the 13th Day of no a tuber 854,1 will sell by Public in i court Street. Oppose the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn oath sch Day of dts cer it or. 1851, at i 2 of clock noon of Flint Day off a of a ill plug described. Mud and premises Quot a r a a a a a ail that certain lot puce or parcel of land situate lying Aadi being la the Blyth Waii of Ihu clip of Bra pm in county of Kings described As follows to wit beg Nuion at a pointed the a orb we Sterlov Side of Chi a ver puce Dis lint fifty nine ter t Torino Astery from the northeasterly find of Degraw street1, parallel with in Megraw net eighty of a Etc thence of Thea term per a Hlis a Wlton c Fwee to i be t in hence so nth East Ray Parail amp a with Degraw tree Egby be put Tbs a Besom Iowa six Ray along Vitace twen\7 few i to the place of Ait a Dinguisr a be Leoe ments Heredia Lieota and in eked Otobe longing or in Ady Tolse , kno. The Retreat in and and remainders rents issues and profits thereof a. A Kis Glebert Lott sheriff rated Brooklyn. Nor. 17.1854. __noi8 2sw3w 2 a Dpi Usk of a Afi motion foe i fib Ujj v do Chitre of insolvent from their a a uts Purizaca to of the Ibfred tie first tul of he Ofiu do Tupts a of the second per to of the Ker ised Adjoa Tatja f. By . S a i uus a built by City of Brooklyn county of Kinda Luao Leeiii debtors. Notice drat published sell. Ít�,j3�4. A 1 a creditor to a a Yea re inc Orn sub. Jonry a. Morr Poauty judge of the county 01 tugs Ethla Chambers of the Fry Hail in thecly of Shook you Lue Els Veath Dey of of it Ceinor l 54, at 1� of cock in the of Renoos loaf ice Csc St Feuy they Bave. Why an Wal Gomert should out Bernalb of said insolvent a stau. And they be discharged from their do by. We. S. Fears s<i2sluwi0w kit y fur insolvent 85 Chambers of. Fioti Jub of application Lor to diff charge of an insolvent from he debts pur&u4m to the provisions of Ibe third article of the first title of fifth crisper Oft be second part of the revised statutes. James Brown of the Cuy of Brooklyn county of Kings insolvent. Notice first published september 26th, 1854. Cred ors to appear before Bon. Henry a. Moore county judge Kings county at his Cham Bers Ilithe City Hall Brooklyn Ken a county on of december 1854, at in of clock a. >1., to show cause if any they bar u Why an assignment should not he made of said insolvent s estate Ana be be discharged from is debts. . Travis se26 Pawlow Broadway. Suft Toimi you Rte county of Kings Charles h Thomson exp a and Cornelia grab Avex a against George f. A Davenport Aud Rufus Daveu Poris it umm flt a for ii in v dams and on contract. A to Georgek it i a a hmm Ehy Suni Monetto la Ihil copy is Bare with served upon you adv a Cupy of Youra Weru in Sald complaint on Mbel at tic ii office number nine court Street in the City of. Brooklyn wit Btu Twenty Days Afir a tit a Cavite but re if exclusive of the Day of san service and if yen fall to Daub Wren. The Coin Piatnik As aforesaid be plaintiff wit Uiko a augment for the sum of two to Busand two to Utic tred aus fifty fun or to Lari with interest Groin the first tiny or March one Boas and eight Hundred and fifty three besides the Costa of tits action. Dated october 12th. 1854. D. C. K j. Winslow ply offs att is. The comply shot was tiled in the office of the clerk of be coup in of Ohga at the City Hall City of Broukian on the 13th Day of november 3854. A. Ool4 Tawfiq a. G. A j win8lowpl�ffs. Atty. A Tiok of application for Tjoe la discharge fan insolvent from Bis debts Turau Arrito the provisions of the third article of the first title of the blah chapter of the second part of the revised St autos. Daniel , of the City of Brooklyn la the county of Kings. Not co first Paul shed september 19, 1864. Creditors to appear before honorable Henry a. Moore Kings county judge at his office Orch amp in Herson the City Hall,.Brooklyn on�ae4th Day of december 1851, at it of clock ., to show cause. If any Tioy an be made of fluid insolvent estate and be be discharged from nos debts. New York september 19,1854. Sutherland it Morrell atty for insolvent sel9lawluw 54 Wall Street aaa farms on Long Island Fob Sale so or Exchange in or Civ property bw1llbam Lotimer general agent for f Rop Orty Nat on hand some excellent farms of different Sixes and values pleasantly situated on different parts of Longisland which Elf ready to sell or Exchange for other property among on farm of 22acres, with a of buildings. The lands in a Good stale of cultivation. Trice Low. Chase Money can remain on Bond and mortgage Alae a Homestead farm of about�0 acres on the South Side within 10 minutes walk of tic rail Koar depot. The Bouses Are in a Good state under Good cultivation. Frier 4,500 dollars 2, of a of which can remain on Bond and mortgage. Also six Brick build dogs on least old property having 20 year to ran Well built within the last two years. Whir properly now yields an income of Over 2 000 dollars and would be an excellent to Van item for capital. Two thirds Oft be Rou Cinon Bond and mortgage or we Luck City lots. Also farm within one mile of Jerue amp Lom bal Troto i tion month Northside coot sting it 4"actt�ui loud and Good cultivation. Buildings re trict�?Tii1u a a talc repair. Torm easy.,also Good steam tug in a Good state of repair doings Good busses for Sale or Exchange fur City property. would also inform property to dispose Oier to let that be to pay the strictest 0\. To Asj 7 of Klein Clarc , Yetf Yosr 4tl nil. Saih Lirow Klyn metallic burial . A it Morrel go moral Umek amp Tau amp would inform hit friends the above line at Short Olce gives personal attention at he assures those who May favor him with a Call that it Hall be done with entire satisfaction. N Moobi at. He invites attention to the metallic burial cases and expects by a strict attention to who through affliction. May need his services. Mets Luc burial cases and Wood Copins of every Quality. Interments procured in ill the be Merlc. Office.7 . O2ttt Lolic in infants is a very distressing complaint often Flat Rbing the slumber and exciting the sympathies of the household. A he remedies most commonly resorted to such As laudanum Paregori ac., often produce lasting injury on the cd a Ati Levlon and some times deaths dry Robert s ccl1c mixture for inf ants affords Tuuu Edisto Relief from pain operates gently on the bowels i and is perfectly a Nie and Vellabe. 8oljftt25ceuls k vial by mrs. Id a Yak amp 175 Fulton St q. P Milne 2l7,fu1tou at . Hayes. 154 a Auticel and by All the druggists la Brooklyn iad now York. 1 Oclo sm1 cloak and Talma t111 m min g or and imported exp repair or Ibee la Trade can be found at Ibe Saab Loeble to Minloe eco pop to a a i.u.jcki9wnk? ate t. In. A Stilloe 1 Opito Alle Olin inn a t very Tine urea Ley and i it did Yler watery lust cd Ted a j. D. Bull a St. In set Zerof Silver War jewelry. Ae.,wncbl� and a oct a repaired in Tbs beat a a Abr. A a i hoopers Patent the intent Lac prep Rallon 1� warranted la Reitars the mar to la a sural color in Ibe space of three week ii the directions accompanying it be observed. It contains no Lodtz be of Liny other Lulu Roux to to hair or Ibe skin i frees the entirely from Dandruff orca Monad the growth of the uber and prevents la falling off. For be by no2lf Georoe Little Fallona. Corporation notice a estimates for a Dock and pier. Boa oiled estimates will be received at Tho Street comm Salon cry a office until wednesday next 29th instant at 4 of clock p. For construe bldg a Bulkhead and pier at the foot of Fulton Street. Particulars con to had by Appu Patlon at this a Asp. Lawrence Street come a. No21td corporation Oon firmed. Tuurie envy Street opening the entire length in the City of Bio Kiyu. The assessments m the above entitled matter was duly confirmed on the 13th Day of november inst and the original assessment Roll or u fair copy thereof will Bedel Neredio the collector of taxes Aud assessments on the 25th Day of november mat. Notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that by paying their several assessments to Alfred m. Wood collector Oft axe and assessments the City Hall we Blu thirty Days after the delivery of said assessment Roll to him they can pay the same without any Addi Llouel charge. not so paid will recollected Bybliw or one of his Deputy collectors with addle on provided by Law. Dated Brooklyn nov. 23, 854. No2i law4w a. V. Lawrence Street Commux a. N pursuance of an of Djit of i it i i c. ,esq., county of Kiugo. Notice is hereby Given according to Lew to Cli Korsun having claim against Charley Bennett Date Olinc town of f Lai lanes deceased that they Are required to sex Hutiu the same with the vouchers to oreo. To the subscribe at the office of Lott Murphy a a Vanderbilt Quot no. 3 front it in the City of Brooklyn on or before the 25lb Day . Dated Muy 12th, a a 354. Garret Stryker mys Laws we. Kou Winhoven it by enter John a. Lot in persons having Olazima against Xiv Tho a american Candle company a incorporated by and under the Taw of the state of new York Are Roque ipod to present the a amp me to the Secretary g. Wilson with proper vouchers of the correctness it Bis office is Greenwich at., on. Or before Shefi suday of March 855. Dated August 11,1851. A a 2 Laws two guano of the Best n Quality now Landing and. Or Sale in Lota to shit it the �?T0wommarket Price by Marston it Power a Coal depot at Hixion Whart Between Faltyn and a Cath ori5 re Verst iwo Nooci a from Walls not. a. Roger fruit and seed. or . Nanai Galva join anal Gua is White Gfa pea Yohb Keg Brandy pea Ebsa in Are s Alio a general a a sort a off Oslo , and pl.xt�, an adj. . A by Tim. , a a a re urn a i apr piano Fortes and my ale for Sale aft the Al neum Book and in Sec a or a Atu Fuesl. Nil of Marsh. Of new i. Jones sad Ritz Sbet his wife aft list Allred w. Craven and a Tux i Whf. Jut Tad de Macarty and Omelie Bis wife Alired Schrim Erburu his wife Poter j Ohn score mesh orc and Emily Bis wife the said Alfred and Alfred a Graven trustees of the up pirate estate of uld Emeile Macarty John Jones 8che a a Horn. Edmund Fol Scheria Dishorn Archibald Cruca Ticho amirhom Helen schermerhorn Willham Cacterine Roro a cd Anna c. Bis wife Charles Suydam and Anna w. His w for it be Maui in s. blk wife Ellen Scherm Roro Frederick a. Schermerhorn and Henry a. Cor Merit it it in John f Irving fetid. Uelen his wife Willlam Astur acid Caroline w. I wife. John Irving court ipod for bldg Lle oct v lev Irving a Francis r. Irving. Edward Irving Aud the said Helen Scherm a Horn and Edward , trustees in derive Rill of Abraham Schermi Boru dec cast. In pursuance and by virtue of an onit i of ibis court made in the above cause on the Twenty Day of March one thousand eight hand red .uil.y four notice is hereby Given to All persons bang ony general Lien of encumbrance by judg eur or decree in otherwise on the undivided share or interest of any of the owners in Ibe premises hero in after dear bed to produce to me the Uoder Ned the referee id this or before tbe9th Day of january next at 12 of Cly ski zoos at icy office in new York City proof of Ihler respective liens Anh encumbrances together a Ltd satisfactory evidence Ofthus amount Cue thereon and to specify the nature of snob Locum Brinces Aud the Thor to respect vely. The said premises Are described in of complaint As Fouga All Utah certain dwelling hous Cut brutes and tract Failece or parcel of and Ai fuated in the town of Brookise the county of Kings and slats of new York butted and bounded As follows to wit a bag Laniog at the southeasterly Comer thereof by the Road Tuat loads from Flatbush to Brooklyn Sod run nip thence North fourteen degrees and thirty minutes cast three chains thrice us Rob iwo Degreeff a at one Chain and links All along Tho Sadr Road. To the John Baisly Beuce North a Xiy five degrees weit four a Bolus and eighty four looks thence amp Isy egg by degrees and thirty minutes West for a bahts Ana fifty licks All along Tho lard of said John Baio Ley to the Laud of the Belarr. Of the late Roberft Bruce deceased thence South fifty eight degrees und thirty Mia ate. Ens Tseven chains Ana Sinty one links thence South sixty six Deroos East three chains and eight links ail along the land of of the said Robert Brace de. Ceased to tie puce of beginning co Jianning four car e a two Roods and to arty Rve parches a the same is new in Janee marked and staked out. 0ai6dftbe2t Bidsy of novem ber 1851. A. Vanda Koeu referee no. 78 Brua Uway i new York. Go Xgo t. Skoro ply offs. Atty. Nc2d Laww i t a Flag sidewalks on both sides of Ersoz Street from fits Flag to Tiu. 1a notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that a petition has been presented to to Commee Council of Tai Scrivy asking for the passage of an ordinance requiring the of Vexa of property on the above posed Street to Tiivel tit air aide Walls flagged six feet wide. Remonstrances if any against the passage of.saldordl Nance Eusibe presented to Tbs common Cou Cllon or before ihe2d Day of de Camberne it astr a a will Fin the same Attner next ensuing my eting bras soon thereafter As convenient. Dated Brooklyn nov. 12. 1854. R no22d0t a. Lawrence Street come a g to fill up Andrade lots in the Easterly aide of Spencer e i a be feet North of Myittie a and no Ine Bro Utah to a. Uror Ltd Street. C. A v m. Notice 1� hereby Given to All parties interested to Ata Rejo let Iona. Been to Ibe con non Coon Colof Tel Zolty for the passage of an ordinance requiring Tho Oivera of property on the above named Street to have their Lou filled Upland graded to conform to the Grade oth e Street non a which obey front Remor Trandes if any of Ald Oral Haiti Anco must a presented. To the. Cornmon Counce on of before the 2d Day of do com ber next As the will finally upon the same at Ihler by runs Ting me Tang Otas soon thereafter As convenient dated Brooklyn nov. 22,1854 no2 2 Idlof a a. T Lawrence. Street comm a. Corporation , to till up ind Grade vacant lots numbers us and 117, on the Westerly tide of Graham Street Between Luo Abby and Dekalb a venues. Notice is hereby Given to All parties interest. I Fiat a Resolution has been for resented to the common coucil off this City asking for the a amp is Seq fan ordinance requiring the it owners of property in the above named streets to have their vacant lots filled Opio the Grade of Sud or him against me passage of said ordinance masque presented to on pc before the 2d Day of Cembor next As they will finally non the same Art Keir next ensuing meeting or a soon thereafter i Conven but. Dated Brooklyn. Nov. ¿2, 1854. No22 lot a t. a. Street Conff Isidoor. S upe me court county of want a Tummons for a Money demand on contract. Com. Not served a co the above named defendant. You Are Betony summoned and raq Mircu to answer the Coni Plant in this action watch was filed in the office of the clerk of to county of Kings a. The City of Brooklyn on Ibe Twenty second Day of november inn and to serve a Cepja of your answer to the said Compi Anton the subscribers s their office number 1 Cuy Hall Beaure Brooklyn within Twenty Days after the service Al this summons on you exclusive of Ine Day of Euch service Aud if you map to answer Ibe complaint within the time aforesaid. The plaints is this action will take judgment asst Psi Yoi. Or the sum of four Hundred add seven y five dollars and sixty four cent with interest from the sixth Day of september Onet Bou Send e and fifty four on free h vudred and l re of and Irot the Twenty fifth Day of Jub one thousand eight honoured and Fife four in one Tuair a and Twenty five dollars and sixty four cents thereof be Side be Costa of. To Isacson dated Brooklyn nov. 22, 1854. John3un it Hammond. Ply Fly att is. No23 lsw6w_1 a Ltd tall Square Broukian. Six c in up Katlun is to j Flag Sido walks on both sides a a Dekalb Avenue from Fulton to Beloid . Notice is hereby Given to All parties interested that a petition has Boon pres Tulud to the common Council of this its at King for Ike passage of an ordinance requiring Ute owners of properly on the above named Street to Nave Ibert sidewalks flagged Alx feet wide. A Quot re most fences it any against the passage of said ordinance Eusibe presented to the common Council of or before to 2d Day of december 1nt, As they will finally upon the same at heir next ensuing meeting or As soon thereafter As convenient. A v dated Brouk in tiov.22.1854. A a Lawrence. No23 die Street commissioner. Up Eeme court Kings Tunis Van Pelt Talmage against James summon for onco Nirsch. Cum not ser to James mix the defends ten this action. You a re hereby Somnis Ned and required to answer the Eom Plantin this action which will be filed in the office of the clerk of the county of Al no sat the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers at their office to. 52 now York within Twenty Days after the service of this summons on you exclusive of the Day of a Ucb service and. It you fail to answer the said com plaint within the time aforesaid the Plain a Iff in this action will take judgment against you for the sum i five Hundred and eighty Foa dollars and fifty cents with int ret from the fourth Day of september one thousand eight Hundred and fifty four besides the costs of this action. Dated november 2, ls54. Marvin it prime ply offs. Aug is. No. 23 Wall it new York. The complaint in the above action was filed in the office of the Clark of the Kings county on the a in Day of november 1854.no8 1aw6w May Van k prime ply of Atli a. Sut Keme Lynde against Rowland sury and others. Ceas. Lynde. Ply offs. Atty. In pursuance of a judgment order of this court made in the above entitled action bearing Date the 5th Day or june 1834,1 will sell by Public auction at the Montague Hall court Street opposite the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn on the 18th Day of december 1854, at 12 o clock noon of that Day the land and premises described below Viz All that certain lot piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in thecly of Brooklyn. County of Kings and state of new York and bounded As follows to wit beginning Ata Point of the northerly Side of Willoughby target Distant Twenty five feet nine inches Westerly from the Northwest Cor her of Willoughby and Jay streets running thence northerly and parallel with Jay Street one Hundred feet Vience Westerly and parallel with Willoughby Street then y five feet thence southerly and parallel with Jay Street one Hundred fest to Quot Willougnby Street and thence Easterly along the northerly Side of Willoughby Street Twenty five feet to the place of beginning. Together with All and singular the ten Ementi Hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in Anywise appertaining. Dated Brooklyn november a i 1854. No26 2awld Englebert Lott. Sheriff. Saddlery harness &q.,Robert r. Story. At Tho old stand no. 25 Fulton Street a Large his Prenti Sest and added to hair can to his former friends and patrons and All others who May be pleased to favor him Wilh thei custom. having ool engine and All other at Nix of Hose and fire buckets made to order. N. agent for the Sale of All Kinda of goal and Wood. Se8 t bread and Tea cake bakery subscriber would respectfully inform Bis friends and the Public that he has purchased Tuat Well Knowle Kublun ment i 7he to a 129 and Tel Faletoi Street Snyth Atheras added thereto s bread find Cak bakery where All. These who May Honor him with their favors can get supplied with As Good and As cheap an Art co As can Iny procured at Auy store in this City. I Letb Saloon will to kept oysters of first rate qualify and Phi Del ii a ice Cream of the very . Parties to upped with conf conary and is Cream Lhetbohetpr, in fest Rowland 8t0rv / is fitting in All its branches. It Coo office 81 Rolton Street a Raou Ivor Krutop �t7bfoplaf�treeiroou Yil hts a Kolni Aid style of a Ai text Ursa. Mada rear b q Tkv Sarv Beecher again to George Cummins. Sammons for a Money demand on contract served. To the defendant George Cummins. Ton Are and required to answer the Pomplal Nln Titis action which willbe fileding the office of the clerk of the count of Kings at the City Hall in the City o a Brooklyn and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers Attner office no. 9 court Street Brooklyn within Twenty Days after the service or this Lummous tin you exclusive of the Day ots Ucb service the said complaint within the time afo Resal it a a Ihu Abati stiff in this action will take judgment against you fire Prestat of one Hundred an sixty eight Dollar. Is p Odoi frs Wizir interest from the 13th Day of november ote Imp Viand eight Hundred and fifty four besides the costs of Tali Duclion. Dated november Jtb. »8a4. Said complaint was this Day filed in the office of the clerk of Kings county at Thecil hell Brooklyn. November 14>h, 1?64. A Henry 1� Alex hagn8r, do151hw6w_______ a plaintiff s actor toys. Notice of Apuli Taiton for the in Alvant from his the to nerd article of Iho 7lilo of the Al feb Oha Dierof the second part of theft Evland Buculea. Notice first pub Ihei. Creditors to appear before Hon Henry a. Moore county judge of King county it his ii Sutera in the City Hall in the City of Brooklyn county of King and state of new . The filth Day of february u55, at Tea i of clock in the Forenoon to How came if any they a amp the a by an a alignment should not be made of talk insolvent uate Tsi and he be discharged from Hli debt. Soil Pawlow Arnold Nelbon ;