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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Brooklyn, New York The Brooklyn daily Eagle. Vol. 51. No. 116.Brooklyn. Monday april 27, 1891.�?six pages. Three be tits it is dedicated or. T. De Witt Talmage a vast new Tabernacle. Bro tired wit i people at three service tester Day the contributes $22,000 toward the to Btu congratulatory addresses by distinguished divines a great Temple of worship opened. Or. To Almagor a new Tabernacle on the Greeno Avenue Block Bou ded by Clinton and Waverly Avenna was dedicated yesterday mid elaborate services Iti which prominent divines of various denominations of this City new York and Washington took part. The services were hold at 10 30 in the morning 3 30 in Tho afternoon and 7 30 in the evening and at each the immense Structure the largest protestant of Hurcil in America having a capacity of almost six thousand was crowded Over neat being occupied on the Mam floor in the Chapel adjoining on the Waverly ave Inre Side of the Structure which was made an indistinguishable constituent part of Tho Church proper by Tho removal of Tho rolling partitions with which it is equipped and in Tho two Groat galleries that run one above the other on the aides around and in front of Tho pulpit platform while Tho spacious lobbies wore filled with a Groat Many who had to co tent themselves with standing room Only. A modest estimate would put Tho crowd that failed to gain admittance at fully one half the number of those that were Intro fortunate. Long before Tho services began and Long after As Well Tho locality which is graced with Tho handsome Structure was Tho scone of constantly changing More or loss anxious and much Disarno Inrod crowd. They were not All Brooklyn ites for Many of them came from our big sister City across the River while outlying mentors of population in new Jersey and elsewhere sent goodly delegations facts which wore made apparent in the cars after the services through the questioning of could actors As to connections with the Bridge ferries and Jersey Annex. Tho precaution had been taken of issuing tickets red ones for the main floor and White ones for the galleries to insure the admission and a accommodation of Dow holders and other More favored admirers of Tho great preacher but Tho doors were thrown open to All shortly before the services Bogan and such seats As wore then unoccupied were placed at their disposal. The scone presented in the monster edifice so thoroughly filled was Ono Long to to Ioramo Bercy by those who witnessed it Tho sight was most striking from the main floor around and about and above. From Tho top gallery Down it was Only a Shado loss so. Not a Porson in the House As could to easily judged from a glance backward and upward from any of Tho front beats failed to command a thoroughly adequate though in Many info canoes a necessarily Distant View of Tho platform Aud those upon it and that the acoustics of the Groat Ani Phi theatrical Structure were admirable even to the further most and highest seats was abundantly proved. Or. Talmage s friends indeed wore fully convinced that he will have no difficulty in filling Tho immense Structure. Others yesterday with loss Strong voices and less distinct and Oak Oruo adequate qualities for Public speaking were Hoard in All parts of the House to As Good Adan Tago and apparently with As Little trouble to themselves As would have Boon the Casein churches of dimensions not one half As great As those of the new Tabernacle. Tho a Niceas and gladness of the Day were appreciably heightened by the steady Sunshine that to happily Aud auspiciously prevailed. It log Hood up the handsome Interior which presented hardly a sign even to Tho most scrutinizing that to much Yot remains to be Dono to it and enabled the Groat audience to form under Good conditions an estimate of its artistic merits that Coll not but to favourable to a High degree. I tided Tho appearance of Tho Church which Many supposed would have Bare Wall a unc Arpot of floors and various like inconveniences was such As of a stately place gotten ready at Leisure. Carpets not ult Ogeth a Ruddy placed covered the passageways Between Tho rows of Cwb Down stairs and up and the Walls were decorated and adorned. Only the great $30,000 Jardine Organ was incomplete As regards appearances for Konio of its Dummy pipes were not in position. Professor Henry Eyre Browne was however enabled to make it peal Forth grandly. Though in a manner Only faintly suggestive of Tho Noble tar amp in of which it will to capable when the finishing touches shall Hayo been put anon it. Professor Ali Cornet preceptor led Tho singing to Tho accompaniment of Tho Organ and by moans of generously distributed leaflets bearing the words of a dozen a elected hymns from a Many voice a a forthcoming Book prepared by or. Tah Nago for the Tabernacle Tho congregation was enabled to join in with a resulting volume of harmonious Praise snob As is Seldom Hoard. There was no choir or Solo singing As there has Cor Boon in or. Tal Magoo to Church and no provision has been made m Tho pro sent Tabernacle As there was none in the preceding for such singing. During Tho collection yesterday morning professor Ali played a Cornet Solo a song poem a by Paul Stein Hagon. Tho first service of the Day began As usual with the singing of Tho doxology after an Organ a voluntary and then or. Talmage briefly introduced Tho Rov. Or. Hastings who offered a prayer of thanksgiving. Or. Hastings is Tho president of Union theological Seminary is a tall thin Man with Long White hair and clean shaved face the lines in which demoting advanced age Are but beginning to appear Mound the Corners of a hands orc Mouth. Tho pastor followed with Tho Reading of psalms and after Tho singing of a hymn Tho dedicatory prayer was offered by Tho Rev. Or. Wendell prime of now York the whole congregation standing bowed. The dedicatory Sermon was preached by the Rev. Or. Hamilton pastor of Tho president s Church at Washington. A Tho building and Tho builder was his appropriate theme and Reading from manuscript with an eloquence and effect that seemed to to aided rather than hindered by that method lie impressed his numerous and attentive bearers with a Beautiful discourse that was admirably fitted to the oct airing. The other occupant of the pulpit platform was Tho Rev. Or. Ives Tho famous debt Raiser who got Tho congregation in thorough sympathy with him when or. Talmage introduced him. By for a statement in which the pastor of the Taber Nacho said with marked sadness and apprehension in his voice that they had reached not Only a Happy but a crucial period in their existence. The Day he continued saw Tho realization of their fond Hope in the dedication of the building but it would determine As Well to added whether they should go on in their work or forever go out of existence As a Church. In the afternoon Tho service was of a Union character and in addition to the occasion calling it Forth it no a of an intensely interesting character by of inc listing us he men who took j part and the various it nominations they to ably j . In the evening or. Tah Nago preached his Sermon in his now Church. At about to 30 o clock or. Tal a a ago amended the platform accompanied by Llev. Luuis to. Hamlin pastor of the Church of the covenant of Wahington j. 0., her. Or. Hastings president of Union theological a Minary Rev. Or. Wendell i mini new York and Rev. Or. , the Church debt Laiser. Tho services opened As usual with the hinging of the doxology by Tho congregation. Or. Iai Muger the president of Union theological Seminary the Rev. Or. Hastings jul offer Pony r. . Hustings almighty and Ever blessed Loci rather Sou and Jinny spirit one god our god forever Marc to have rated our glad doxology unto it in i now ask thy returning Benediction upon is. Grant a a in l Saceen the that the father s love the Saviours iii and Tho spirits favor Muy Bur it Ali a i or. . Grant to beseech thee irom first of last doxology of May fill tins House Ai i a in our hearts. Thy mercies new every Murnig an i renewed every evening arc indeed jul Suitum and great but More Viau thy mercies to uis thy infinite mercy in pc us Christ our lord. Let that mercy be realized unto our hearts to Dav and in a the Ineree of this hour May any i Escene be Manifest an a Muy thy Namo to magnified and May the songs of Praise uplifted b. The overflow of sincere in arts. Tim prayers offered May they n pre Cut read and honest desires and our me ii Taiyun upon in by word be pro Tuble unto us. Why Bxs i attending thy servant v. Hor Hall speak unto us in i by name. A so we invoke thy b de i iii. Thou Mit nut disappoint us. Our Larue Onieh Art in heaven Haji owed be Tny m.m-, thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in Cardias it a in . Give us this Day our bad and in give us our debts As we our debtor., and Lead us not Ini but us Nitoiu evil for thine is the kingdom and tac Power and thu glory to revue. David in four of thee a -. To i i i i a Road to 1-Ttlli of lie i Tiou United ius Mii of tie beef Runng a a you Uli god or. Talmage Aid it is dual to h to e the dedicatory Praver toward the of such services but i think while our hearts Aro run of the Lye,h, of Tho it Orvilee it will be letter Ai , rom Cui thai i hide a Uja Nib fit in Rise Ana Urna in Thi Travor vedic ii Wei be offered by Rev. Or. A in my of new Yoi a. Or. Primers prayer was in in Csc words father almighty All and All Loving. Thy Temple is the us verve. Innumerable Wurth Are Thi altar. By the gift of his Miry Begotten pm who hath Pul away our sin by the of Ili Seif thou Hast redeemed thy p Ople out of tin.-, rebellious world and thou Hast 1 by Temple Ana thy Ultras Rae their count it . That we May worship thee according to 1 of thy Grace in Hunst Jesus we have place of Prayor never to without the baptism of the holy spirit. May this place of Prats re bound with the voices of those who Bing and make Melody in their hearts unto the lord May this place of instruction be endowed with a spirit of Wisdom and Power and sound mind and Freedom from All bigotry and All error. May to who Ocee Nica the gospel height to so informed and transformed by thy word that is entire personality body soul and spirit shall become merely the voice of one that cloth. Prepare be Tho Way of Tho make his path straight. Beneath him May to Evor feel Tho omnipotent support of thy Ever lamp stuff Arm. Beside him May to Over feel Tho triumphant strength of our Over living Saviour and within him May to Ever feel Tho prevailing inspiring consuming Power of Tho holy spirit. From this pulpit May lightnings Flash and thunders Roll until it becomes As terrible As Sinai to Overy unto pontaut rebel against the authority of god. And then through the Rifted Clouds of the retreating tempest May the Sun of thy love Shino Forth with Healing glory. A Thoro is a River Tho streams whereof Mako glad Tho City of god the holy place of the Tabernacle of the must hero May these streams gather in a Reservoir for Tho refreshment of thy people. With Joy May they draw water from these Wells of salvation. In the spirit on every lords Day May they have a foretaste an Earnest of Tho inheritance in Quot the pure River of water of life Clear As Crystal proceeding out of the throne of god and Tho Lamb forever. 0 lord Hast thou not brought again Tho Captivity of Zion May not a your months be filled with laughter and our Tongue with singing a at the remembrance of thy great mercies ? Manifest thyself graciously unto us o lord at this sacred hour when to come unto thee with that which our hands have wrought in thy strength. Accept o god graciously that which is thine own. Truly the Light is Sweet Tui a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold Tho Sun but sweeter tar is the Light of thy countenance a thousand Timos More pleasant is the Ann of thy Loving kindness Aud now bore o lord in this Tabernacle which we devote to time fulfil thy Promise that a was the Earth Enugu the Forth her Bud and As Tho Garden Cauca the the Ali bugs that Are sown in it to Spring Forth so thou Wilt cause righteousness and Praise to Spring Forth Buforo All natiofis.�?�. Aud Thino shall be the Praise and Tho thanksgiving and the Honor and the glory the Dominion Aud Tho Power world without cud. Amend Tho congregation Sang a hold Tho fort and or. Talmage thou made this announcement the most important parts of this building Are completed but Thoro is work for artists during Many weeks. Many Organ pipes Are to be added. Home of the Walla Are to to pencilled. The entrances Are to to better gated. The memorial Wall at the right of the pulpit will be improved although Tho memorial stones Are there. I will explain them in my Sermon this evening. Thu top Stone i brought from Calvary. Tho two tables of Stone i had brought across the desert from Mott Sinai. The lower Stout is from Mars Iliili and granted me by Queen Emma Queen of grouch. The Tower of Tho building is Only partly constructed. A so Thuro Are Many last tilings to do. But the building to Felt was near enough completed to be dedicated. We heartily Welcome All Tho people. Our Chiapel is so constructed that by Iho easy removal of the partition it can be made part of Tho Mam auditorium As it is today. It has become Tho custom for pastors to preach Tho dedication sermons of their own churches. I do not preach the dedication Sermon for several re sous. I wished to have in this service the impression of Christian brotherhood Aud in the second Placo i wanted someone hotter fitted to do Trio work and in the third pm co to have been through so Namoli of Joy and sorrow i could not to confident of the Mastery of my emotions. Aud so our eminent and beloved brother the Rev. Or. Veunia to. Haul in of Washington has Boon persuaded to forsake his own pulpit to Day Aud come Aud speak to us Tho words of life and give us counsel for the future and it is my this moment to iut Roduco him. Or. Hamlin s subject was a the builder and Tho builders a mud the preacher spoke from hebrews iii 3, a the who hath buil Dol Tho House hath More Honor Tuliau Tho House a As follows Tho inventor is greater than his inventions Galileo Thau the Telescope Watt than the steam engine Henry than Tho electric Telegraph Field than the Ocean Cable Bell than Tho speaking cd Phouc the artist is greater than his pictures and Bis status Leonardo than the a last supper a Raphael than the a Sistino Madonna a Milia of Angelo than the frescoes of Tho Vatican phidias than Tho Gold and Ivory. A Zeu Sjo rower than the Teek a or slave a the author is greater than his Book Homer than the a Iliad a Danto than Tho a Sta Radisek and to a inferno a to Haks Pearo than All his dramas and comedies Emerson than his Ossa a Bancroft than ins a history of Tho United states a the architect is greater than Bis structures Morius than the pantheon Michel Angelo than St. Be torn a sir Christopher Wren than St. Paul a Walter than our National Cape Tol. But while All this in True it is not the precise meaning of our text which has a broader scope. A thu it who hath bold of the House a is not its designer but its owner. The writer is showing Jesus superiority to Angels Aud Tomen. Mosca Lio says a waa faithful As a servant a he Laid the foundations m Tho Law and Tho Iustini Tuiono of to Inai and the wild Niedec. But Christ was faithful Quot As a Sou Over his own and that House is Tho spirit at Trumpio that we Call the Church of god. Abraham Moses Elijah Isaiah Peter James John Paul were living stones built into this spiritual House. Aud to Are to All from the humblest believer Whoso name is hardly known beyond his own threshold to Augustine and Calvin Luther and Zwingli Whitfield and Wesley and ail the most eminent Aud useful servants or god. Of this House Christ is the builder. Of this household Christ is Tho founder. Nob the designer. The Conception was our heavenly fair Eros who a do loved the world that to gave his Only Begotten but that Bong a atoning blood ransomed All the innumerable multitude of souls that a fitly framed together arc growing into an hoi Templo in Tho lord a redeemed the whole family that in Earth Aud heaven is named for him. All a these Christ claims As ids. He Nath built the House. He hath both furnished Tho material and Dono Tho work. The House is his by the Best possible title. And he a hath More Honor than the to him Quot every knee doth Bow and every Tuguo tic redeemer is greater than All Tho redeemed. The Captain of our salvation is greater Thau All his hosts. The Good Shepherd is greater than All uis sheep. Tho victim of the altar is greater than the Templo and All the worshippers. The living word is greater than this printed volume which is Only so much of himself us to could get into human language. The Light of Tho world is greater than All Tho lamps that he can Ever kindle. Christ a Grace is greater than All Thau All the graces that it creates in human lives. Returning prodigal Aud ripest Saint alike Pray daily Quot god to merciful to its All the ransomed on Earth and in heaven Coli Iusally do cry Quot worthy is the Lamb that wad slain to receive Power and riches and Wisdom Aud strength and Honor and glory Aud the inmate supremacy of our divine lord this is the truth that Vearo trying to got into word. It is a truth Etna Dontly adapted to this hour. It is the truth that you Liao intended this edifice should express. If a architecture a Frozen music a Tho Strain Here congealed is the doxology of the Abaca Hypse a unto him that loved us and washed us from our Sius in his own blood and hath made us Kings and priests unto Gotland his father to him to glory and Dominion forever and this the warmth of thousands of Loyal hearts will melt and Send heavenward Coria tacitly in a mighty Stream of Prairo. This Wilt always be the Burden of the Luck huge from this pulpit As we would gratefully and reverently make it the keynote of this first Sori jul within the e Walls. For this is a Christian Church. To abjure All Loncer named that Mycak of sects and divisions that we May place this Church in fraternal relations to the whole household of Faith. We baptize this edifice into thu name of Christ Ajoue. It belongs to him. To Are it Ere this morning to give it to him. To Devoto it to ills service. O blessed master Whoso name we wiil Ever hold above every usher name we entreat thee to accept tha gift. Ii is right that a Structure offered in Loyal homage to Yeii a Saviour should to Beautiful and co try. You have a worthy Pride in this Noble building but your Jay in it would Boim Nina i Ubly less had you not pub into it anxious thought Aud genuine self denial. You have been building yourselves into those wails. May of you have done this now for the third time hours has been a trial by Liro. But under Tho Lebdeff dip that god has Given Jam you have never tailored. Tribulation hath wrought Pattone and patience open mics and exp i Euce Hope. You Haw been Strong and of Good courage and god hath strengthened your hearts. Each tiny. You have built larger and ilium than before impelled to it by the great Prosperity god hath Given Yon. Eight Midred thou am dollars is a sum of Money for any to rain within Twenty two years for building sanctuaries for its own worship. But the trials and thu giving to Woi la a temporary Host have All Dono it of Good confirming your i individual Faith Cem uiting your Mutual love. You have prove i Louis caves worthy or tins magnificent edifice. And the edifice is worthy of you. Massive Imp Mug i without spacious comfortable elegant within the Brooklyn of 1 ii it i a n glory Ana Crown. Ven in tvs City of stately he Trehu. There Are those no Dubur who will say you Liao wasted Money in Nee Der a but the master knows that it ii your mini mint poured Forth for him an i he approve.-. Your stately lower will spot a and Liichi who Ali other voices Here Aro , of the divine redeemer to glory you have devoutly reared it. It will to unceasing witness to the multitudes that throng these str is that there Are men and women who believe in the dear lord enough not merely to Bear his Numo but to spend their Money freely for his cause. This is an invaluable testimony in those commercial Days when religion like everything else is submitted to the be t in value. This edifice will do More than Piea a Tito Eye Inore than cultivate architectural t site n Wili proclaim the very gos pm of the son of god. A Fer years ago a gentleman who had been Long a a kept c was travelling from new York to Buffalo by no us Mai Railroad. Enl posed to read to too lid hour alter Horn from thu car window. In every Village lie Clerch Pire was the must object. In every City the churches were the conspicuous buildings. To begun to ask Muse it Wii at the i mean How it could be that inn had lath in what he scorned to put Olivir Money into it. Tim More to thought the stronger grew the argument for to to reality Ami truth of religion and before Day the Church a iras had Clia Irger him Iron a sneering septic to a devout Buji Ever. Flay that experience Bot it my quids of Wiiilie this Noble edifice endure. But they liar have budded the House Nuitt have More Honor Rhian Tho House. It is for them not Thoy Tor n. Inc Law that Ghrist Laid Down in another connection u equally applicable Here. In h was made Lor Man not a my fur the a tin is of More to red than the , which but Oiin my solely for Hia Good. The it a in is Tim precedence it becomes a tyrant. A soon As we think More of honouring it than of helping Man we Liao Failon Awu from Uudo purpose. The lords que Hijii is always pertinent a is it not lawful to do Well in thu dab Barli Day a to Here. Thi o Lif must not become thy master of thus that have built to nor of the multitudes for whom they built in hospitable spaciousness Ami Connert. It been built for Man for his and service if l proves too elegant for this it. Will prove just i cant enough to he torn Down until not one Stone n Lutt up a another. We All know churches de Erre this Fate for thu that have built them prize them Moro than to cd Oriz a . Or i it this characteristic of Ehui chs Only. Of know people that Are in abject Hivey to Thor Fine houses Superb Rizui Imu a Loining. They take no com a it Fly a Mohing will to soiled or injured Pijie edit for. N Are m mortal Dve diem Timy Ubo nid us Gnu c a chair or break i vase. so Dar Ami cheerless lest the Sun should Lude Soi Milnut mint no neighbor Ever fuels moved to go m. ,1 he family have let their House them i hey feel that it is greater than yes Jurii Juci . J Joey Preier a to a Home. A so and ours with Tho general j of Many Hur Elies. They Are thought too Good f the first born which Are a to us of. They Are Heid More sacred Thau Man. A a a a i am kept it a very Hoice tha one is always Proe Plu i to am i a is it not to do Well in lilt magnificent budding a Thoro Mav a 5,o do Iwuc. Jiu a fair in Sou a a o what coh i btitut.-, to iii my Llu by we n de be at no great to a for an in Wor. It is to make j the o a Lime for Tajc family the Church a Home for Tho Jiou Shohl of Faith. Thuro arc two great extremes both wrong i about equally wrong. Tho Church inny to completely secularized Kyj that re it Debny of saturday nights Tableaux or private theatricals can be gotten my of the Way in Tibia for sunday Servici s. Or by Sucharu Perstin Iione a regard for thu Stone and Wood Ami upholstery that every hint human not to say humane is rigidly i Oclude i. The Formor crop Rob the Church with such a amp Pular Aud trivial b led Oliue. Of god Tiniou builder and maker a a All liing.-. This Templo and Lnu re to would thee a great and Chou i a Angels in All the War Aud la a , a posh ii a Advt it be 1�?T v a j Jay it Ved ouch s a a it Rubiy and Church of. Wiilus in heavy n. And he re ii lord to mod Oner oui if Lac s to thee and a would Xvi v. Uve kids edifice i Ipoh we have i i w1th a love that is More than All a Anele Burnt offerings of a Aeri fico. This a Trust urn in,.11 a r fci.1 it signed and furnished and or i fiction of our natural do a in Ftp a �1 a Vrr cd i tilted taste or our per Nonni am a a Lviv in of lord and devote it a no Rte Niu i by. W10i i lri to work its Hub iii a a and height with nil in a a i a in a nil conveniences and contents to in a ii Ivy Wori a 111 the l Wuu six. Flin Lei pm vim a la m011?. 111 tli0 and Framp Uci Itice Iti ii of tic hearts of thy Neonile. In Tho of ftth5�soii of Dmoi Broat cite in Trio ii rink up unto slim ii in i7 Man unto Jum. On Loloi our salvation May this Tiona that devout worship in it to practical la in to Stiblo. Tho latter makes it so Ploomy and forbidding that the Young the irreligious indeed All that have warm hearts Aro Ohi led and repelled. And just hero is the place to remember again that they that have built the House Are. Of More value than the House. It is for them to to used in any Way in every Way that will serve their highest interests. It but Placo to Bayo men in All that this fraud word moans and Henedo a place to do whatever will draw and we men in order to salvation it in a place to the amp of and preach and administer the sacraments and to do Moro than this. As the Bible is More than a Book so is the Church More than an organization and an edifice. It is an Iusti Tiou. It ought to teach t Meu at the largest possible number of Points. It ought to minister to them physically and mentally As wifi As and the former in order to Tho latter. It ought to staud for civil Freedom for patriotism for social municipal National Reform for All Good manners As Well As for distinctive religion. Its doors should be Flung invitingly open Overy Day in Tho year. Then it would prove a Sanctuary in Tho Good original sense a place of Refuge and safety into which Tho tempted might Floe Aud find strength whore Tho wretched might Pray and find Comfort where the sin burdened alone with god might repent and find Christ. This Church is unique in Tho person of its pastor whose fascinating eloquence has Given it and him International renown. Metropolitan in its location cosmopolitan in its thronging audio cos it a world wide in its influence. For Moro than a score of years Tho voice of this Tabor Naolo pulpit has been heard in America in Australia in new zealand in Europe in Asia from Brooklyn to san Francisco from Calcutta to Pekin. Twenty five millions of copies of the sermons Here Are amp Chod Aro read each week in All Tho principal languages of to Oivi izod world. Moro than fifty volumes from this Fertile brain enrich the religious literature of Christendom. Tho More Thau five thousand converts that have hero confessed Christ Aro but a fraction of the multitude that Tho same faithful preaching either Hoard or Road has brought in Poni Temuco and Faith to the Crosh of Jeanua. How Groat the number and from How May lands Only Thi last Groat Day will disclose. Every True pulpit is a throne of sufi Vouco and Power this pulpit has a Dominion that circles the Clobe. May you Long be spared my dear brother to extended in Unfall Toring loyalty to Christ the reign of Ilia glorious Grace Over human hearts and lives. We Are dedicating this Church to Day not consecrating it. To cannot thus consecrate it. No form of words pronounced Here can make this House holy or give it Auy new claim upon your reverence and Ioco. But we have already begun a process that Wili by Aud by Mako this Sanctuary indescribably sacred and precious. Those Walls Hayo no phonographic Dowers but in years to Como they will Echo hundreds of sermons and thousands of prayers. Hero your sous Aud daughters will pledge their troth to each other in marriage. Hence you will carry the Skorod dust of your Bol Ovod dead. Hero you will bring your children for baptism and. Like Hannah lend them to Tho lord As Long As they shall live. Around this communion table you will hold Sweet Fellowship with each other Aud with your common lord As you renew your vows of loyalty to him. Before this pulpit wiil staud Many a Young Mon and Maidens old men and children a to confess their Saviour while it is recorded on High a this and that Man was born you rejoice to Day in the new House that you have build of and you Hayo a right to rejoice. It Means fears dismissed Aud Hopes realized plans accomplished and prayers answered. But How much More it will mean fifty years hence a Hundred years. May to who Speaks from this pulpit then to your descendants and to Strau Gors from every latin to Able truth ugly to we Tulsa to your loyalty to god and to Man to your self denying Zeal in your masters service to the integrity purity sweetness of your lives hid with Christ in god. I esteem it a great privilege to preach Tho first Sermon in this the largest protestant Church of America. But Tho privilege involves a responsibility. I dare not fail to proclaim if in Only a Senteno Tho glorious gospel of the son of god. Pardon through Hia atoning blood 1 Pardon for you fellow sinner whatever Tho Load of guilt Yon have brought in hero this morning. Immortal life for you dear Friend whom fear of death has held All your lifetime in bondage. The bread of life for you that hunger. Living water for you that Thirft. Divivo Comfort for you that mourn. An almighty Friend for you that Are friendless. Heaven for you that Are homeless. Purity for you that Blush in secret As you think of your boiled and St aloud souls. Grace for you tempted ones that will enable you to to Siafa and overcome. And All free All for the asking whosoever will May Cornel whosoever c Metli Christ will m no Wise cast out tree in his outstretched hands Pardon peace purity heaven 1 All fur you beloved All for you 0 that this Church May to consecrated this very hour by every unsaved Man and woman Here turning in Peu Tonco Aud Faith to Tho waiting redeemer i to wiil it be if Here As on mount Zion a the glory of the lord Lull fill the House of Tho All Prosperity shall be yours if the lord whom be seek shall suddenly a Como to his Temple oven the messenger of the covenant in whom be make room for him m Overy heart. Turn out ills enemy Aud thine. Cast Down every idol throne. When to fills your Livah beloved. Lie will fill your Sanctuary a lift up your Heads 0 be gatos and be be lift up be everlasting doors Aud the King of glory shall Como in. Who is this King of glory the lord Stroug and mighty the lord mighty in Battlo. Lift up your Heads 0 to atos even lilt them up. Be everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory the lord of hosts to is the King of at the close of or. Hamlin a Sermon or. Tal Mago Mado this statement i this is a most Joyful Solomn and crucial Day for Brooklyn Tabernacle. During the Twenty two years of my pay Tomato to have Hud great scenes of Blessing and disaster. Blessing upon Blessing. The Church which for various reasons had become almost extinct and which could gather but 10 members together to give me a Call has using those years recoil of 5,080 souls into its communicant membership and to have had in our great revivals May thousand Moro who have with us declared their conversion but have joined other churches in this and other lands. But we have also had disaster upon disaster. This in the third immense Structure to have Boon called to build during this pastorate. Tho previous churches destroyed. In Twenty two years to have expended in Church building and in support of our Church $800,000. We Havo raised for charitable purposes $305,000, making $1,105,000. To have sometimes been misrepresented and. I make this statement in Justice to my congregation. To other congregation was Ever before called to build Throo churches. Today is a crisis to must raise a Large amount of Money or halt and probably halt forever in our history a As a Church. Boy. Or. Ives will Presont All Tho facts. Rev. Or. Ives said i Havo the Groat Eleasaro and the great Honor of being permitted to make porno state Moats of a offs to you that you ought and i presume will to More interested in than to Lilac just made especially those in reference to myself by your honoured pastor my dear or. Talmage. First this entire Olmsch property including Tho Laud upon which it stands will Cost in round numbers when it shall be completed $410,000�?Tho land if Solf having Cost the society $05.000. Which is some $15,000 or $20.000 Lebs As it Caino to them through different hands than what thu first Price was. Tho Organ and Tho furnishing of Tho House have coat about $150,000 More leaving $200,000 As Tho outside and inside and Complete Cost of this most wonderful Structure. The society have already in posted in Liia Church proper to they Liao in it an equity of $100,000, haying received their entire insurance Money on the Taber Aelo that was burned the Money for which they sold the lots and the Money that Lias been paid by Tho men and women interested in this cause�?$100,000 a leaving As you will see $250,000. Two Hundred thousand dollars wiil be invested in Bonds that will run for a Long number of years. One Hundred and Twenty five thousand of that two Hundred thousand of Bonds have already been Takon and it is supposed it will never give Thom any particular anxiety or trouble. So that if $50,000.000 can to raised hero Aud now Tho coast is Clear. Tho prospects Are grand and encouraging and this society which has been Hunig Glusic for those years under terrible because of debt will be liberated. The $50,000 will remove from the Church the mechanics a lion that is now upon it and pay All the floating indebtedness to that $50,000 must to rained. That is an imperative necessity and it does Suom As though this great audience in View of Tho facts in c lie Case would take pleasure in pledging hero and now. L said to my dear brother Taimage in talking this matter Over a there must have been wonderful sympathy Felt for the people of the Tabernacle Cli Roll at the time of the burning of the last one a a and that would Havo been Tho time it Seei nod to me to have allowed the people to express their sympathy in a substantial Way but it was not done. A year and a half have rolled by. The society has been scattered and without a Home in certain particulars. But it was thought Beiter Aud so providentially Havo Thoy scorned to to led on until this time so that the people could Havo a Chance to Seo that whatever they gave now would to something Moro than Mere sympathy for the society it would be value received in the substantial and commodious edifice that you see Here to Day. A a now i have to say to you just another word. The trustees authorize to to say in a Little mooting we had together to look Over the matter that to make it an object for the people to help them and to help them liberally they May Divide if Thoy choose their subscript oud into four equal parts paying one Quarter of what they think Dro Pur to give within fifteen Days Between this and the loth of next month and then the other three quarters in three six and nine months which covers As you see practically a whole year. Now it is very Seldom that you have an Opportunity to get in debt for so glorious a Causo As this Aud with such a Liberal pay Day. So i think there Aro a great Many people ii Ore who ought to do As did Tho people spoken of to me a Little while ago by a Man who was raising Mousy fur just such a purpose. A a give us a Little Extension a a Aid they a and vac la come Down for anything you now Here in this Caso you Havo an Extension and a Good goal of Extension also. With these explanations Mado or. Ives Mado an Appeal to the people present for subscriptions first inking for Tomse of $1,000 each. Among the largest responses were these or. Harrison a. Tucker $1,000 to senator James w. Birkett $1,000 Alexander Mclean $1,000 Charles m. Stafford $1,000 John Wood $1,000 or. Limiter $1,000 two friends $1,000 an old Friend $1,000 j. E. Robbins $500 e. F. I obb$500 e. Ii. Branch $500 Tabernacle sunday school $500 Warren t. Smith $500 a. S. Barnes $500 a. E. Coates $500 mrs. W. E. Dodge $500 to. O. Ct., $500 or. It. 0. Gray $500 j. T�., $500 father Pierson. $500 e. A. Clement $250 Leonard Moody $2.>0raliyod e. Mcadam $250 Janies a. Maxwell $350 e. I. Terrain $250 Washington Barton $200 Case amp Bradfield $200. Tho total Motine of the subscription was reported to to about $22,000. At 3 30 in tha afternoon a great Union meeting was held in Tho Tabernacle a which brio addresses were made by Olberg you of different denominations. Tho Tabernacle was filled to overflowing. Or. Talu Uge presided and on tile platform with him nearly a score of his brother clergy Mou were seated. To a Here uses were opened with the singing of the doxology Quot Praise god from whom All blessings Rev. Or. Famlin who preached Tho dedication Sermon in Tho morning led in prayer. Then Tho congregation a aug a hold the fort a with great spirit and or. Talmage said with great heart Uoss i Welcome these throngs of people. I have received letters full of kind nes from Tho pastors of Tho City who Are not permitted to ii with us this afternoon being hindered by other engagements or by illness Lam glad to know Tiitu we have on Tho platform min i tors of All denominations of christians. People Are looking Forward coming of the millennium. The. Millennium is Here and to lion and the Lamb lie Down together and you cannot Tell who a the lion Aud who Tho Lamb. Laugh-ter.3 among those whom to Grout to lie platform this Anc non is the Rev. Or. Ice dig one o the great souls of method he Tho pastor of the Hanson Placo m. E. Burch. 2 am glad that by Tho prolongation of Tho pastorate of Tho Cli Urenos of that denomination to Are per knitted Uliuli to return Dir. Koudis in Brooklyn. To is al ways on the right Side of everything. Or. Kondig will now to pleased to address us. Or. Ken tug said in part. I am great my Christian friends because i happen to be the pastor of a great society. I am euro i bring the congratulations of any society and the Joy and gladness of or own heart to this hour to this Man to this Board of trustees to the members who shall worship in this society and to this congregation. I remember with what alarm i was awakened from my sleep when the fire waa raging in the former Tabernacle and i remember How Early in the morning i dispatched a messenger to say to my Friend and neighbor or. Talmage a the Hanson Placo methodist Church is at your disposal for your services whenever you shall command Iam glad standing Here today to witness the consummation of this building and Tho reaching of this hour. Having been a pastor and a Church builder for some years of in life i am conscious of the responsibility and Tho anxiety that must Havo rested upon this Good Man and his ool borers during Tho months that Are past. Now the glory of Tina latter House exceeds Tho glory of Trio former by its Superior style of Zarohi torture by its Groat amplitude by its More numerous adjuncts for the work of a great society by Tho greater amount of Money expended in its construction by to creator amount of Money that will be needed for its. Parma nout continuance in Well doing acid Sefc i am sure i would Echo the you tibents of do Lal tango when Isay and Wolfor the prayer Dorbut luf that the j glory of Tho latter House shall exceed the glory of the former House in this that More souls shall bore Havo the gospel preached to them that More souls shall hero become Oon Vinetia of sin and Rillito Rusness and judgment to come that More souls hero shall to brought into conscious Contact. With Tho Light la Christ Jesus and become partakers of his Grace. I am sure if Tho lord Jesus Small to markedly present in this direction Tho glory of the latter House shall immensely exceed the glory of the former notwithstanding tile. Fact that in the former there were multitudes added month after Mouth and year after year but with the larger capacity with Tho larger Opportunity with the larger possibilities god will hold you responsible for a larger measure of Success. I Pray that the divine Blessing May so rest upon this pastor that for Many years to come he shall to Able so to exhibit Jesus Christ that men Aud women shall immediately on the exhibition fall in love with him and fall out with Rin and turn away from Tho vile and the debasing and Lay hold of the pure Tho Good Aud the ele a rating. God bless you my brother As you work. God bless you congregation. Or. Talmage introduced Rev. Or. Chambers Ono of Tho pastor of the Coll Agiato Church new York. Quot to was a said or. Talmage Quot Iny father s pastor my mothers pastor. From him i received the Dearest views of divine truth in my boyhood Days the clearest views of divine truth i have Ever Lead. Or. Chambers said substantially your pastor has list announced what is the simple fact that in his boyhood he said his catechism to me. His father and his Mother wore among the most eminent christians that i had in that congregation or that i have seen in my life. His Mother particularly was the god list woman in speech in behaviour at Home in the Church and abroad that i Havo Ever known. I attribute to that fact a Largo part of Tho us Vooss of my Friend your pastor. A great Many things have Boen said about him As would naturally of said about any Man occupying so conspicuous a position but i Havo Yot to hear the first insinuation that anything but Tho gospel in its purity and in its integrity Lias Ever been uttered from Tho pulpit which this building succeeds or at Auy previous time. And it is a matter of very great pleasure and thankfulness to to and to the Brethren who Are with me on this platform Over this spacious Odin ice in looking at the sea of up turned faces that so Many Are Here to be gathered from week to week for the worship of god almighty and to have the truth set Forth just a it is in gods holy word without any so called modern improvements without any departures from Tho Faith once Given to the saints illustrated with vigor with imagination with endless resources and yet trucks Tho Needle to Tho pole to that which the master has said and put on record. Perhaps i attach More importance to this than you to but i Havo lived longer than Tho most of you and Haye been enabled to Soo Eliut affects permanently human character and human life. There Are incl deuces which Aro Strong for the present but they do not last. What you want i the truth of god in its simplicity and in its fullness which is adapted to train and invigorate the Christian Beli re and to attract Tho sinner to convince him to convert him to make him a new preacher in Christ Jesus. I cannot occupy much of your time As there Are so May to speak to you on this interesting occasion. I can Only say that to regard the Success of this Enterprise Notas confined in its interest and import Ned to the immediate neighbourhood As is the Case with most churches but having a far wider influence spreading Over a larger portion of the population on this aide and on the other Sido of Tho East River Aud then multiplied through the press and reaching Tho ends of the Earth. Our of my former colleagues Tho Rev. Or. Ormiston came from Scotland. Lie told Rao that some ton years ago in going Back to his native Laud and to Tho place where to was born in visiting among people to found various sorts of literature but almost invariably in every House there was a volume written by or. Talmage. To did not know it beforehand. To said it surprised him vory much until he Bonamo familiar with the effect of that preaching and that writing and then his Surprise gave Way to Joy and thankfulness. Use your privileges improve them hold up Tho hands of your pastor and make the succeeding years Yot More prominent and yet More useful than Auy that have preceded Thom. Rev. Or. Wells said these among other this Msj about eighteen months ago on a cold october Day i stood with Many others on Tho ground Over there and read Tho hymn so familiar Aud glorious a fall Hail the Power of Jesus name a and after a Little or. Talmage took a Spade and not with the vigor that i exported to see but with Tho quickness of a hash of lightning dashed it into the Sod a Little Way. I expected to see it go in up to the handle. Laughter and so Tho ground was broken for this Maguit Koont Structure and i Haven to set eyes upon this part of the City from that Day to this. May believe that this building is a Marvel Ana an inspiration to to. A few Days ago i received a Short note from or. Talmage in which to said Quot i would like to Havo you with us at Tho opening of Tho Tabernacle. I want you to Gay a word this is his own language of salvation Aud now notice to Maya a a word a not Many words Laughton re Aud with All those Brethren behind to eager Aud aching to speak laughter and All those people before to longing to boar Thom i shall not be so Rutan As to stretch that one word beyond the possibilities of its endurance. With ail my heart i can say to your easter and to you that i Hope this building May o base from the fire and Safe from Tho tempest and Safe from to Wrath of Man and from Tho Wrath of the great enemy for i suppose that there will be some Strong battering of thu battlements on Tho other aide and yet i think there a courage enough and strength enough in Tho speaker and there is Power enough in the truth to meet All that would come against it. Now there is a crude idea of life insurance. I Havo som Timos found children having Tho Crudo idea that to insure life is to Mako life sure. And i would suggest therefore if that be True that you pile up life insurance upon or. Talmage to that he Bhail not to allowed to die if to want to. Laughter and if that wont work a and in a afraid it won to then i Hopo you will Lay on him Tho Strong hand of authority and of love and Hay a you Shan t die before your and change his appearance As much As he May wish to laughter to can to take off Twenty two yours that were on him when he came Here. Now he is Twenty two years older than he was when he came hero Ana we done to want him to die before his time. But if neither of these methods of keeping him Here will work then i buggy St that lie to required to train up in his own family or out of it a Man who can fill this Structure with articulate speech and Lias mind and heart Ono Gli to preach Tho glorious gospel of the blessed god and who has Winso Moness enough in his character in his person in his name in his life let to add too to fill this House with generation after generation of those who will be eager to hear the word now i have finished Tho word of a As to the word of a Lam a Little bothered to know How to utter it and for this reason a Man that is never discouraged does t need to be Cuneo Dragod. Now that is certain. Quot they that Aro whole need not a physician but Tho now you Burn Down an Iron Church if you please and get a Brick Ono. You Burn Down a Brick Ono and Yon gut a Granito one and i done to know what thu mines and the quarries of Tho Oarth will do Tho next time. Laughter to i Trust you wont have any one Union to build after this. I Bei Uvo that in thin vessel which you Havo built Aud now launched without a scratch on her keel or sides so far cd i can see Ghrist himself the master is and loves to to. And your encouragement must be uis presence with you. Be Truo to Jim be True to that precious word of which we Havo a Tisoc heard to True each of you to yourself in to oui ing that word and Truo to Ono another. Be True to this great Church that is represented on this platform by Brethren of so Many different denominations. To Truo to Tho Church whose doctrines and polity and responsibilities especially Vou share. To Truo to tins Groat City and then be Truo to this great dying world that needs just what you have the glorious gospel of the blessed god. Or. Talmage next Rov. Or. Dooms of the Church of Tho strangers new York whose contribution waa one of the first made toward the erection of the new Tabernacle. Or. Deems said in part it is very unsafe to generalize rapidly. It is Verv ugly to Dogma Tizo when you Havo generalized. Bur sitting Horo this afternoon i have been doing Somo generalization. Thuro came to me the question which came to Elijah a what Doest thou Here Elijah a then i began to Quot of Over my mind and heart a what did bring me hero this afternoon Between services to take part in your service a i have generalized in this Way very Seldom does any Man great or Small do anything from Ono motive. I have not been Abo five times in my life to discover that i did anything from Ono a Ingle solitary motive. There wore always several. To Day i done to pretend to myself nor to you that i am operated upon by Oue motive but vory Many wore playing upon me to make my will to come Here. In Tho first place of All i Liko to see great crowd. The most interesting thing upon Tho face of the Earth to to is crowds of Meu. Your great mountains and your great Rivers and your great Niagara Are nothing. I would rather hear a congregation Liko this sing Quot hold the fort five minutes than hear Niagara Thunder for an hour. Thero is a Oino tiling so marvelous Aud stimulating in a great crowd. One reason i want to got to heaven. Is that every now and thou there Conie glimpses of the immense multitude that no Man can number through thu windows of Tho Book of revelation and to often snatches of the songs of that great multitude that 1 love to see Tho thing and hear the thing rehearsed hero. Then i find now awful then a Man who is interesting to to. I knew i would find him Here. He is a Man i have been a to dying Twenty two years Aud i have found this about him. That lie is a Man capable of immense enjoyment. I am very glad i did no to know him until he was a Man. A a buy he must have been tremendous. Laughter but us a Man he is capable of do much enjoyment. I love to see a Kitten in its play a Tiger in in tumbles yet a Man in Trio enjoyment of a threat rapture is a delightful sight and on neither Side of the River do i know a Man that can hold As much fun and As much Joy As brother Taimage can laughter and i just wanted to Seo How he looked this afternoon and i Havo seen the sight laughter and it is Good to look at. You sue when i think about men i go deeper than Tho surface. I care nothing at All about Tho whiskers and things of that kind laughter Only i Hun some one mentioned whiskers i looked at him. This Man can do a Good Many things. Tecau even go to far re to take thu Beard off his face but he cannot put it on the top of his head had Laugher i came hero because of another thing. I Havo had a growing respect for the inner Man of the pastor. It Hud room to grow for i had precious Little when i firm knew him. It had room to grow and through Twenty two year that re Sheet has grown. The More i have seen of him in nubile and Tho More i have seen of him in private life Tho More i Havo Learned to respect and love him. And that a saving a Good Doal. Whenever Yon can get to the inside of a Many for everything hns its two sides i have come to believe that the inside of the Man was so much butter than Tho outside. Woe to the Man Whoso Friend As they come to know him More feel that the out Ido of him is very much butter than Tho inside. Then again came hero because it furnishes an Opportunity of meeting with so Many of those Ven Cradle and accomplished ministers of Tho gospel whom i dearly love for thank god there is not amp a Misiur Catholic or fro Toutant that i am to a a 1 a i a que amp in cd with in Enron or America i do not love not one. Applause i Nave Nerer passed Church since i waa a boy without playing for it Catholic or protestant. Never. I believe the truth of it is in Jesus the gospel of the blessed god a always preached by or. Talmage. It a a preached in a very curious Way. Sometimes the gospel of the blessed god seems to be on its head and sometimes on All fours and sometimes flying with wings butt is preached. If these crowds had been gathered merely because to was a play motor merely because he tickled you Morely because he Tolu Yon you can go to the theater and play cards and ail that kind of thing and go to heaven be Wab lied off in the Jordan if to told you All that i would not have wanted to see tli6 crowd. But he tells you if you drink Yot wiil go to hell and you All know wha Dowitt Talmage Means by hell. He tells you if you Are a sinner without the blood of the lord Jesus Christ you Novar can to cultivated Aud developed to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints of Light. There is another reason Whyl Amo Here it is this. I am Verv glad to see this great filling out of the sketch of tha Church of Tho strangers Whoso pastor i have the pleasure to be. The Church of Tho strangers represents largely the Poa Siblo Unity of Chri Lanb. Fourteen different denominations of Christi aus we can recall there now. We Sot no store by any particular ritual but we do by Tho treasures of Tho gospel of Tho blessed god. come together that a gramme Here i said was and whorl saw x Oum. Mwolf now we have a but no it on a Small scale a a Quot a Jolly a. Thank god in Brooklyn i going to to Dono upon the largest possible so by every sentiment of my heart by every thought of my mind i Felt it would to a Groat pleasure to Como and unite my Yosoe with the voices of the other Brethren in salutation prayers that this chum he no i will not Pray that Tho building shall be preserved i done to care if it does Burn Down. I have got so used to or. Talmo gets churches burning Down i am never going to Pray they Shane to. I done to Oare whether this Burn or not. Of Tho morning when your other building burned i said a i am to glad we will have a better Church i Felt that Way and i feel if you Sorvo god and give yourselves up to him and obey the teachings of your pastor no matter what occurs Tho word of god will Crow in you and around you and this of lurch shall be a Light not Only to America not of ill to this reach or country not Only to tbs Quot United scatc3, but a Light that shall reflect Hun and Shine out with the glory of him who oame to be a Light to lighten Tho gentiles. Rev. Or. Dixon of the a Landon place Baptist Church waa next introduced and said m part i would like to begin just where or. Deems loft off and congratulate pastor Aud people first of All upon Tho a lossing which has come to them through a succession of dire. I verily believe that the Best thing that could be done for Many Church of in Brooklyn Aud nov York is to Burn them up and the fire after Conan Mug the building would consume the old fog ism and Tho conservatism and got them out of the ruts and Wako them up and Bend them out upon a career of larger Prosperity i would congratulate you again noon Tho bigness of the thing. Thoro Are Somo people who believe in Quality Thoy toll us. So does god in Quality and much of it. He makes a perfect Flower Aud then multiplies it by thousands. He makes a per be of Crystal of Snow and then multiplies it by millions. Quality j perfect Chris trains multiplied by Tho thousands and the millions is what is needed. I had a Deacon once who said to could not be comfortable in a crowd he did hate a crowd. He wanted a Little Nice Dainty place that nobody would come to Buthe Anda Fow others. I wonder what to will do when he gets to heaven. To Mako that Man Happy Tho lord will have to give him a Little bit of a Chapel on a Back Street somewhere in heaven where he can go Aud worship without a crowd. I congratulate you in Tho next place upon Tho attractive Power of Tho gospel that a Horo preached. A pastor makes Progress by standing still and he stands still by making Progress. Thero is such a thing As making Progress by standing still. There were two sailboats racing on the Connecticut coast and one Man saw to was being left Aud noticed at the same time that Tho current was stronger than the wind and to just cast Anchor and won Tho race. The other boat was left behind. The current took it fifteen Miles in Tho rear before the race was closed. In the our Reut of infidelity that is setting about us to need to make Progress by standing still standing for the truth that god has Given us. I congratulate you upon the additional burdens that you Havo assumed. A jockey says a horse must Havo of Burden on its Back to run Wolly especially a big horse. Your horse is so big Here you need quite a Burden upon its Back Aud i congratulate any Church that has pro buro upon it. Character is made by a Reasnor. That pile of Sand there can be swept away by Trio wind but that Granite Peak that has been Mado by pressure ton upon Tou will stand in Tho Faco of storms for Many con Turies. The pressures of life. Pressure is what is needed on most churches. After All this building is but the scaffolding upon which pastor and people Aro to stand As they work upon another building and All our churches and All our machinery Aro but the scaffolding that is going to fall Down by and by and leave standing Tho building not made with hands eternal in the Hoa Vons. Rev. Henry m. Field said among other things this building and this congregation Are the proofs of the prodigious vitality of this Church and of its pastor. Why sir according to Ali Ordinary rules you ought to Havo been extinguished Long ago. You have been burned out twice. A Wasny to that a sign of the elements that Yon wore to expire ? but hero you Rise again larger and grander than Ever before. And. Sir you Havo demonstrated another thing hero in Brooklyn that Thero is no such thing As a dead lion. You toll to you have Boot hero Twenty two years. You ought to have been preached out Long ago. Now i can say to your congregation privately Tho preaching of their pastor will be better than Ever. Why because he has had a new baptism. To has Boon baptized in the Jordan. To has been to the holy Laud. He has seen All the sacred places whore our lord and Saviour walked and preached and a Alfered and did and i believe that it is indeed an inspiration to any Man. All Tho treasures of his observation Aud his learning and his Export Enos to brings to this service now. Well sir. It is a Groat thing to come Back Laden with such riches and speak to such audio cos As you address. Now my dear brother i Pray god to aware your life , Twenty Veara More year of increasing Vigoro and May you Havo no More fro until you have Tho Chariot of lire that shall carry you up into hoax cd. Rev. E. P. Ingersoll a Ald in parti i give greeting to this pastor and to this poo pie. You Havo come Forth twice out of the ashes. If it did not belong to grecian mythology i should feel very much Liko calling you by Tho name which belongs Only to mythology Saint Phenix. From the ashes you Havo come Forth. I Don t know whether i Oak join with Ray venerable Friend in regard to the Hope or to Tho wish that you May have author fire. However it May to there seems to to to strength of purpose hero that a quickened by every do say Tor made zealous by every difficulty. To want that kind of christians we want that kind of churches in the world and i am glad that god has Sot this one herein this City that is known throughout the world Aud upon this Hill which cannot be hidden. I give to you my brother with whom i have been a col Borer in this pity for nearly Twenty two year my right hand of Fellowship. God bless you Aud Prosper you. A or. Ward editor of the Independent said in the course of his address i believe that Thero is nothing else so grand As a human being. To boast of our country som Timos of its material greatness of its forests of its Prairies of its lakes of its Rivers but we would of shango ail its material grandeur for the memory and the does of Homo of to lion of Grout men that Havo illustrated its history. And i Oan Tell you that Tho single will of Ono babe in its Radlo is More stupendous than cont Ries of the action of Mere material forces even if it Woro extended through All celestial space. To it is that the Mau who can stand Here and influence not Ono individual alone but thousands of those who to Abbath by to Abbath and influence Hundred of thousands who hear him Aud Road his word in this and other land is doing a work at which Angels May rejoice. I rejoice hero to Day that i can Seo this work. Brethren what perishes when a fire comes is Wood Hay stubble. What remains is Gold and Silver and Procious stones. Thero is Puro Gold in Tho hearts of those Meu and these women who Havo Here out of this lire come purified and glorified and who Havo built this line Structure this glorious Temple to Tho service of god. May god bless you in your pastor. May god bless you in your people. Rev. Or. Humpstone said or. Talmage has come to to our neighbor. It happens in Tho prov Donco of god that i am our of those who speak for this immediate Vicinity Ilo has come Tobo our near neighbor. Perhaps you Cauuet blame As when we first heard lie was cd Piug we said a the is coming to be our very Noar neighbor. To wonder if How Many Thero Are of us and How near to Are to each other a but now that it is settled that to is Here i Havo Homo to say for myself and my people to intend to love our neighbor and love him in the very boat sense of Tho word. If Thero is anything we can do to promote the Prosperity of this Enterprise we shall do it with All our hearts. Why not is he not a Friend in a common Causo ? will not his Prosperity to Christ a Prosperity am so ours if you my brother can preach to Tho world while to have to preach to this neighbourhood to will thank god for Tho Good which you do and Pray to multiply your Opportunity. It is in this spirit that i am hero this afternoon to speak for myself and for my people feeling that any Good accomplished in this place will to our Good As Woll As yours. I have thought again Aud again during these services of one who would have delighted Flo be hero this afternoon the one Man in Brooklyn whose reputation was world Wido As that of or. Talmage Lenry Ward Buoch to. Applause. Aud Plymouth Church is his Monument and Plymouth Church like Plymouth Rock abides in All Noble and generous gifts and ministries a Delight to this City which honors Plymouth Church the memory of it Doad pastor Ami tie person of the living one. So May it be Here with you that you shall Havo a Home that shall bless the world and abide after you Are l Oug. Accept sir in Tho Amo of my people for yourself and for your people our Heartfelt congratulations. Too Luvae or. Taimage said there were others Presont whom he bail intended to Call upon but As the hour was late to should refrain from asking the i to speak. Rev. Or. Bow duh pronounced Tho Benediction and the great assemblage slowly dispersed. There was another immense throng in Tho evening when or. Talmage preached. Thousands of people wore unable to gain admission to Tho edifice. Or. Hamlin Aud or. Ives Here of tic platform with or. Talmage. The vast auditorium illuminated and packed to the doors looked More Brilliant than in Tho Day time. Scores of Well Guowu citizen in were in Tho assemblage. Or. Talmage preached about Quot sermons in stones a Aud in Tho course of his remarks gave Tho details of Tho acquirement of Tho stones for ibo memorial Wall in the new building. He spoke As follows the Jordan Liko the Mississippi has Bluffs on Tho one Side and Flats on Tho Otner. Hero and the afro a Sycamore shadows it. Hero and Thero a Willow dips into it. It was Only a Little Over Waist deep in december As i waded through it but in Tho months of april and May Tho i Iowa on mount Lebanon thaw and flow Down into the Valloy and then Tho Jordan overflows its Banks. Then it is Wido drop raging and impetuous. At this season of the year i Hoar Tho tramp of forty thousand arcu men coming Down to Cross Tho River. You say Why do they not go up nearer Tho Rise of the River at Tho old Camel Ford All my friends it is because it is not Safe to go Aro mud when the lord tolls us to go ahead. The israelite had Boon going around forty years and they had enough of it. I do not know How it is with you. My Brethren but i Havo always got into trouble when i wont around but always got into safety when i went ahead. There spreads out the Jordan a raging torrent much of it Snow water Juat Como Down from Tho Mountain top and i see some of thu israelite shivering at the idea of plunging in and one Soldier says to his Comrade a Joseph can you swim a and another says a if to gut across this Stream to will get there with wet clothes and with damaged Armor and the Cair Aames will slash us to pieces with their swords before we get up Tho other but it is no time to halt. Tho great Host marches on. The priests carrying Tho Ark go ahead the people follow. I hear the tramp of the great multitude. The priests have now come within a stones throw of Tho water. Yet still there is do abatement of Trio flood. Now Thoy Havo Como within four or five feet of Tho Stream but Thuro is no abatement of Tho flood. Bad Prospect. It seems As if these israelite that a Robson Tho Dysort Are now going to to drowned in amp ight of Canaan. But a Forward in is Tho it cry. The command rings All along the line of the Host. A Forward a now the priests have come within Ono Stop of Tho River. This time Thoy lift their feet from Tho solid ground and put them Down into the raging Stream. No sooner Are their foot there than Jordan flies. On the right hand god piles no a great Mountain of floods of the left the water flows off toward Tho sea. The great River for hours halts and rears. The Back Waters not being Able to flow Over Tho passing israelite Pilo wave on wave until perhaps a sea Bird would find some difficulty in scaling the water Cliff. Now Tho priests and All the people have gone Oyer on dry land. The water on Tho loft hand Side by this Timo has reached the sea and now that Tho Mir Conlous passage a been made stand Back and Seo this stupendous pile of Waters leap. God takes Hia hand from that Wall of hoods and like a Hundred cataracts they plunge and Roar in thunderous Triumph to the sea. How Are Thoy to Celo Brato this passage shall it to with music i suppose the Trum sets Aud cymbals were All worn out before this Hall it to with banners waving of no they Are All faded and torn. Joshua cries out a i will Tell you How to celebrate this build a Monument hero to comm Morato this event a and every priest puts a heavy atone on is shoulder and marches out Aud drops that Stone in Tho divinely appointed place. I a to Tho Pilo growing in height in breadth in significance and in after Yoars men went by that spot and saw this Monument and cried out. One to another in the prophecy of the text Quot what mean be by these stones a Blossom to god to did not leave our Church in Tho wilderness to Havo been wandering about for a year and a half worshipping in the Academy of music Brooklyn and Academy of music new York. And some thought we would never Roach Tho promised said to had better take this route and others that. Bomea Aid to had bettor go Back and some said there were Sony of Anak in the Way that would eat us up and before Tho Shioko bad cleared away from Tho sky after our Taber Aelo had been consumed people stood on the very site of the place Aud said Quot this Church will never again be we came Down to Tho Bauk of Jordan we looked off upon the Waters. Somo of Tho sympathy that was expressed turned out to to a now water melted from the top of Lebanon. Somo said a you had better not go in you will get your Foet but we waded in pastor and people further and further and in Somo Way Tho lord Only know How to got through and to night i go All around about this great House erected by your prayers and sympathies and sacrifices and cry out in the word of my text a what mean to by those stones a it is an outrage to build a House like this so vast and so magnificent. Unless Thero be Somo tremendous reasons for doing it and so my Riendy i pursue you to night with Tho question of my text and i demand of thus trustees and of those elders and of All who Havo contributed in the building of this Structure a what moan be by these Tomos a a but before i got your answer to my question you Point to Tho memorial Wall at to wide of this pulpit and May to me a explain that unusual group of memorials what mean you by. Those stones a by permission of to lie people of my beloved charge i recently visited Tho holy lands and having in mind by Day and night during my Abs Eure this rising House of prayer i Bethought myself Quot what can i do to make that place significant and on the morning of december 3 to Woro at Tho foot of tha most sacred Mountain of All the Earth mount Calvary. Thero is no More doubt of Tho locality than of mount Washington or Mont Blano. On Tho Bluff of this Mountain which is Trio exact Shapo of Tho human Skull and so called in Tho Bible Quot the place of a Skull a there is room for three crosses Thoro i saw a Stone so Bugge Tivo i rolled it Down Tho Hill and transported its it is at the top of this Wall a White Stone with Crimson vols running through it the White typical of purity the Crimson suggestive of the blood that paid Tho Price of our redemption. We place it at Tho top of the memorial Wall for above All in this Church for All time in Sermon and song and Prayor shall to the sacrifice of mount Calvary. Look at it. That atone was Ono of the rocks rent at Trio crucifixion. That Hoard the cry a it is was Auy Church of Earth honoured with such a memorial be Noath it Aro two tables of Stone Winch i had brought from mount Sinai where the Law was Given. Three camels were three works crossing the desert to fetch them. When at Cairo Egypt i proposed to Tho Christian Arab that to bring Ono Stone from mount Binai to said a two can easier bring two rocks than one for we must balance them on the Back of Tho Camel a and i did not think until the Day of their arrival How much More Sugg Outino would to the two because Tho Law was written on two tables of Stone. Those atones marked with the words a amount Sinai Folt Tho earthquake that Shook the mountains when the jaw was Given. The lower Stone of the Wall was from Mara Bill Tho place where Paul stood when he preached that famous Sermon on the brotherhood of the human race declaring a god hath Mado of Ono blood nil since lord Elgin took Tho famous statuary from Tho acropolis Trio Hill adjoining Mars Hill Tho greek government Mako it impossible to transport to other lands any grecian Anniti ques and armed soldiery guard not Only Tho acropolis but Mars Hill. That Stone i obtained by special permission from tie Queen of Greece a most gracious Aud Brilliant woman who received us As though we had Yeeu old acquaintances and through or. Tri Coupe Tho prime minister of Greece and or. Snowden our american minister and or. Manatt our american Consul that suggestive Tablet was sawed from Trio Pult of Rock on which i aul preached. Now 3011 understand Why to Havo marked it a the gospel.1 Long after my lips shall utter in this Church their last message these lips of atone will Tell of the Law and the sacrifice Aud the gospel. This Day i present them to this Church and to All who shall gaze upon them. Thus you Havo my Nushur to the question Quot what moan you by these a Tonos a but you must not divert to from the question of the text us 1 first put it. 1 have Sutero Ruud these Ioui memorials on my right Haid but there Are hundreds of stones in these surrounding Wall and underneath us in Tho foundations and rising above us in Tho towers. Tho quarries of this and transatlantic countries at the Call of crowbar and chisel have contributed toward thi3 Structure. A what Meau be by these stones a you mean among other things that they shall to an earthly residence for Christ. Christ did not have much of a Home when he was hero. Who and whore is that child crying it isje3iis, born in a outhouse. Where is that hard breathing it is Jesus asleep of a Rock. Who is that in the Back part of the flailing a Inek with a sailors rough overcoat thrown Oyer him it is Jesus the worn out voyager. O Jesus i is it not time that thou Hadst a House to give thee this. Thou didst give it to us first but we give it Back to thee. It is too Good for us but not half Good enough for thee. Of Como in and take the Oest seat Here. Walk up and Down All those aisles. Speak through those Organ pipe. Throw Thino Arm Over us in those Arches. In Tho flaming of those brackets of lire speak to us saying a i am the Light of the of. King make this tonne audience chamber. Here proclaim righteousness and make treaties. We clap our hands to uncover our Heads to lift our Ensign to cry with multitudinous acc animation until the place rings and no ooh Kougl Sivu forever r in it not time that he who was born in a stranger a House and buried in a bar Auger a grave should have an earthly House ? come in of Jesus i not tie Corpse of a buried Christ but a Radiant and triumphant Jesus conqueror of Earth mud heaven Ami hell. Ilo lives All glory to his name he jives my Jesus still Tho Samo of Tho Sweet Joy this sentence gives i know that my lives. # blessed be his glorious name for Ever again if anyone asks Tho question of the text a what mean be by these stones a the Ruply is to mean Tho communion of saints. Do you know that there is not a single denomination of Chrisi Iaus in Brooklyn that has not contributed something toward the building of this House and if Ever standing in this place Thuro shall by a Man who shall try by anything to say to stir up bitterness Between different denomination of christians May his Tongue falter and his Cheek Blanch and his heart Stop my friends if there is Auy Church of Earth where there is a mingling of All denominations it in our Church. I just wish that John Calvin and Arminius if they were not too Busy would come out on the battlements and Seo us. To sometimes in our prayer meetings i have heard Brethren use Tho phrases of a Beautiful Liturgy and to know where Thov came from Aud in Tho same Travor meetings i have heard Brethren Mako audible ejaculations a amen a a Praise to thu lord in Ami we did not have to guess twice where Thoy came from. When a Man knocks at our Church door if lie comes from a sect where they will not give him a certificate to say Quot come in by Cou Fessio of while Adoniram Judson thu Baptist and John Wesley the methodist and John Knox Tho glorious old scotch presbyterian Are shaking hands in heaven nil churches on Earth can afford to Como into Jocose communication Quot one lord one Faith our Oil my Brethren two Nave had enough of big fights Tho fourteenth new York regiment fighting the fifteenth Massachusetts regiment. Now let All those who arc for Christ and staud on the Sarao Side go shoulder to shoulder and this Church instead of having a sprinkling of the divine flossing go Clear under Tho wave in one glorious immersion in the name of the father Ami of Tho son Anil of Tho holy ghost. I saw a ii Tio child once in its dying hour put one Arm around its father s neck Aud Trio other Arm around its mothers neck and bring them close Down to its dying lips and give a Iassc kiss. Of i Puiq those two persons will stand very near to each other always after such an interlocking. The dying Chrit puts one Arm around this denomination of Christiana and the other Arm around that denomination of christians Ami to brings them Down to his dying lips while he gives them this parting kiss my peace i leave with you. My peace i give unto How Swift the heavenly course Thoy run Whoso heart and Faith and Hopes Aru one. I heard a Baptist minister once Bay that to thought in the millennium it would be All Ono great Baptist Church and i heard it methodist minister Bay that to thought in the great millennial Day it would be All one great methodist Church and i have known a pro Hyt Erian minister who thought that in tie millennial Day it would to All 0110 great presbyterian Church. Now i think they Are All mistaken i think the millennial Church will be u composite Church and jus As you May take the bunt part of live or six tunes and under tie skillful hands of u Handel Mozart or Beethoven entwine them into Ono grand and overpowering symphony to i suppose in the latter Days of the world Gud will take the beat parts of All denominations of car Isiaih and weave Hera into one great dual Harmony Broad As Tho Earth and High As the heavens and that will be Tho Church of the future. Or As mosaic a made up of Jasper and Agate and. Many precious tones Corente 1 together a mosaic a thousand feet a Mare 111 to a. Mark s or mos amp to hoisted in colossal Seraphim in to to. To Ophia so so i suppose god will make after awhile our great blending of All creeds and All faiths and All Christian Sou tibents the amethyst and the Jasper a and the Chalcedony of All different experiences and belief cemented Side by a Ido in tuo great mosaic of Tho Ages and while the nations look upon Trio columns and Architraves of that stupendous Church of the future and cry out Quot what mean be by these stones a there shall to innumerable voices to respond a we mean the lord Iod omnipotent still Furt Iier you mean by tie a stones Tho salvation of the people. We did not Buhl this Church for Moro worldly reforms or for an educational institution or As a platform on which to read essays and philosophical disquisition but a Placa for the tremendous work of a Oul having. Of i had rather to Tho Means in this Church of having one soul prepared for it Joyful eternity than 5,000 souls prepared for Mere worldly such coh. All Tho churches Are in two classes All communities in two classes All Tho race in two classes believers and unbelievers. To augment Tho number of thu 0110 and subtract from Trio number of thu other to built this Church and toward that supreme and eternal idea we dedicate All our Sermo no All our songs All our prayers All our to Abbath handshaking. To want to throw defection into Tho enemy a ranks. We want to Mako Thura either surrender unconditionally to Ghrist or else Fly rout scattering Tho Way with canteens Blau Ketz and Knapsacks. To want to popularize Christ. To would like to Tell the a tory of his love hero until men would feel that they had rather Dio Thau live author hour without his sympathy Aud love and morny. We want to Rouse up an enthusiasm for him greater than was Felt for Nathaniel Lyon when to Rodo along the ranks greater than was exhibited for Wellington when to came Back from Waterloo greater than was of pressed for Napoleon Whon he stepped ashore from Elba. We really Bei Uvo in this place Christ will canot Tho Samo a Cocos that were enacted by him when to landed in Tho Orient and there will to such a opening of Blind eyes and uns Topping of de amp fear and casting out of us cloak spirits Auch by Loci us be stormed Genues amp rets As shall make this House memorable 500 years after you and i Are dead and forgotten. Of my friends to want but one revival in this Church that beginning now and running on to the Day Whon the chisel of Timo that bring Down even St. Faults and Tho pyramids shall bring this House into the dust. Of that this Day of dedication might to Tho Day of emancipation of All imprisoned souls. My friends do not make Trio Blunder of the ship carpenters in Noah a time who helped to build Tho Ark but did not get into it god forbid that you who have Boon so Geu Orous in building this Church should not get under its saving Tutu once. A Como thou and All thy House into the do you think a Man is Safe out of Christ not Ono Day not Ono hour not Ono minute not one second. Throe or four years ago you remember a rail train broke Down a Bridge on Tho Way to Albany and after Tho catastrophe they Woro looking around among Tho timbers of the crushed Bridge and Tho fallen train and found the could motor. To was dying and had Only strength to say one tiling Aud that was a hoist Tho Flag for the n6xt to Thero Homo to us to night from Tho eternal world voices of god voices of Angels voices of departed spirits crying Quot lift the warning. Blow Tho trumpet give Tho alarm. Hoist Tho Flag for the next of i that to night my lord Jesus would 8weophisarm around this great audience and take you All to his holy heart. You will never see to Good a time for personal sons aeration As now. A what moan be by this atone two mean your redemption from sin and death and hell by the Power of an omnipotent gospel. Well the Brooklyn Tabor Naolo is erected again. To came hero to night not to dedicate it. That was done this morning. To night to dedicate ourselves. In the episcopal Aud methodist cd Rohey they have a railing around Tho liar and the people Como and Kneel Down at that railing and get the Saor Montal Blessing. Will my friends it would take More than a night to gather you in circles around this altar. Then just Bow where you Are for Tho Blessing. Aged men this is the last of Piroh you will Ever dedicate. May Tho god who comforted Jacob tie patriarch and Paul Tho aged Mako this House to you Tho Gate of heaven and when in your old Day you Poutou your spectacle to read Tho hymn or Tho scripture Lebeou May you get preparation for that land whore you shall 110 More see through a Glass darkly. May Tho warm Sunshine of heaven thaw Tho Snow off your foreheads 1 m011 in mid life do you know that this is Tho place where you Are going to got your fatigues crested and your sorrows appeased and your souls saved ? do you know that at this Aita your Nous and daughters will take upon themselves the vows of the Christian and from this place you will carry out Somo of you your precious dead Between this baptismal font Aud this communion table you will have Botne of the tenderest of life a experience. God bless you old and Young Aud Midlo aged. Trio Money you have Given to this Church to Day will be i Hope Tho Best financial investment you Havo Ever made. Your worldly inv Homenu May dip oud upon Tho whims of the Money Market or the honesty of by Sinos associated but the Money you have Given to the House of the lord shall yield you Large percentage and declare Stern amp a dividends Lowig after the noon Day Sun shall have gone out like a spark from a smitten Anvil and All the stars Aro Load. At the close of the Sermon or. Talmage called attention to Tho necessity of raising More Money and or. Ives came Forward again. To made Ono of his strongest appeals but Tho subscriptions Amo in slowly. The hebrew family lecture by Rcv or Fri colander at to a Psi Agomuo Haiti Israel a Largo and Fash Nablo audience occupied every available seat in Tho auditorium of the synagogue Baith Israel at state Street and Boerum place last evening to Liaty a Toa lecture on a Tho hebrew family a migratory Penolo on the Road to Progress Quot by Tho pastor Rev. Or. Friedlander. In addition to hearing their pastor the Doug rotation had Trio pleasure of being addressed by two other Brooklyn rabbis Rev. Loon Harrison of Tho Temple Israel and Rev. Gottheil Tau bauhaus of Tho synagogue both Elohim. Tho event was thur Eforo of triple import Uco to Tho progressive society of the Wynis Gogou under whose auspices the lecture wan Given. Rev. Or. Friedlander a remarks Woro to effective that his auditors wore not a Low in expressing their appreciation. In introducing his subject he referred to the fact that the hebrews were celebrating the feast of Tho passover and that to had chosen his discourse accordingly. To said in substance the hebrew family had received 0 Call from heaven to wander from Placo to place to enlighten people. Thoy started out to bring about Prosperity. Thoy Aro progressive in every sense of the word. In All their history they never wont Back they always went ahead. Their outfit at Tho Start was patience perseverance Ami Faith. By and by Thoy began to Advance on the Road of Progress. They were Hiu bored 011 All Side but they overcame their obstacles at every turn. Ti10 More the egyptians oppressed them the More Thoy increased. When the oppression became too great Providence intervened and led Tho family out of Egypt. Whon. They escaped from Egypt they landed 011 the Shore of Liberty and this de Liverano the hebrews Are celebrating with Trio fount of the passover. Israel a trials commenced when her children left Egypt. They conquered Ono Egypt to conquer a Ever a Egypt. Their Anarch to Liberty was never interrupted. Through All Trio hebrew family remained firm. You Are scattered All Over the face of Tho Oarth but your fortress Tili remain. To Long a the fortress refuses to capitulate Long Aro to conquerors. Our fortress is our Taber Aelo. Our synagogue. Whatever to our Tabernacle our fortress moves with us and from there we draw our strength. Whore Are Tho temples of Egypt or the pantheons of Rome they Only remain in history. Where Are Tho riches Anu Laws of Egypt they Are Ink in oblivion while those Laws Given on mount to Inai will outlive everything. Tho jewish family abolished idols advanced Liberty and vindicated Justice. Thoy Are the promoters of everything Law Art Inte Leot history. Has our destination been reached and our Mission accomplished no. Although the hebrew family is far advanced and has accomplished much still no yet a. Their destination Buen readied to Long As nations wage War on each other so Long As weapons Are manufactured to bring about Durdura. To Long As society refuses to recognize Equality in All to Long As Trio greed of gain makes Mon increase the period of labor and give Tho poor not enough to subsist 011 comfortably then is Tho Mission of Tho hebrew family not a accomplished. A or. Fred Landor then spoke personally to Tho members of the hebrew progressive society. Ilo said Tho organization was a grand one and the object still grander. The advancement of Tho literary Aud religious taste of Tho Young and everybody wants to be Young is a Good object. To hoped that Good Fellowship Aud Friendship should prevail and that Tho society would step Forward of the Road to Progress. Trio speaker introduced the Rov. Leon Harrison who complimented or. Friedlander 011 his Ablo address and then spoke at length on a Tho la crows of the present Day their tastes and he pointed out a Fow hebrews who had beco no famous during the present Cui Itury Somo by purchasing Trio in Way to recognition and others who gained that goal by their intelligence and ability. To impressed of parents the necessity of giving their Clil Iren As thorough an education As Poa Siblo declaring that the hebrews of Tho present Day wore not As cultured a Thoy should be. This he claimed 1� thu reason they do not command the recognition their More numerous Brothers do. Rev. Or. Taubenhaus became allegorical in his remarks. To declared that no Tho preceding a pokers had furnished Tho meal and the dessert he would furnish Tho Havana and therefore j10 told the Story of How thu israelite wore divided into four parties who they left. Egypt Aud that if Trio United status were peopled by hebrews just now Thoro to Only Republican Ami democratic Partis a but Over a Hundred of them. He said a a Rulo the hebrews do not agree especially at prude it wide Over Radical changes Are being made in the services in the synagogue. O a a held a Farewell service. Kant now a fort Ilei Ormed c i Macli co in Kcuik Odcie ti10 East new York reformed Church on new Jersey Avenue held a Farewell service to their present building yesterday. Tho Structure will be at onco partially torn Down and in Tir by remodeler. Thu present building has been in use for Over thirty Zigni years and Trio proposed alterations will totally alter Tho appearance of the Church und increase its a eating capacity by about on Hulf. The choir loft at Tho front of Tho Church is to is removed As is also Iho Vestibule. The whole interim of the Church will to thrown into one Largo auditorium. Thu building is to by raised several feet and a porch built on Tho front to within nine feet of thu sidewalk. Tho auditorium under Trio now arrangement will be about ton feet Aboyo thu struck. A Scoturo room is to by built 011 Tho rear of the Church and Over this will to the choir and Organ loft. A handsome new avg a will be a feature a of Tho alterations. The present sunday school room in the basement is also to to remodeler. The floor in to be Loci of one foot and with Tho raising of Tho main floor this will give a Large Light Aud airy room. The contemplated improvements to Tho Church building will necessitate its for two weeks. Services next sunday morning will to held it Trio reside no of or. Ditmas Jewell on Williams Piave near Fulton Street. The sunday school classes will assemble at the houses of Tho different teachers. Tie evening service which was devoted to Tho Farewell exercises included a repetition of Tho easter music by the choir and u Berman by the pastor Rev. Or. Brooks. Cohinta of Christ. Or a last Sermon on a a Tao beginning a of the Twenty fifth and last Sermon of the series 011 Quot Tho beginnings of christianity was preached by Rev. 11. R Meredith i. D., last Evon ing in the Tompkins Avenue congregational Church. The topic was Tho second coming of Christ and the text Wab from revelations i 3. Tho doctor spoke substantially As follows whatever May Havo been Tho motive that in Ilu Onode Learned Mon in their Effort to a Olve the mysteries of this portion of the word of god it is quite evident that in a majority of instances they Nave failed. This Book in not a dead letter it contains i Abbous of great prot local importance. It forms a part of god s message to us. A such it Uio rits Aud commands our attention. What waa True of the old Tel Tamut is also True of Tho now. A whatsoever things Wero written aforetime were written for our learning that to through patience and Comfort of Tho scriptures might have Thon a simpler and More rational interpretation of the Book u coming to to acct Tod. It was Wotton during the first Pagan Porac cution under Nero n Hile there Wero Only Sevon churches in pro consular Asia or that Eart of Asia minor lying along Tho Western Aea Oaid while Tho Juda izing Dorotics wore a till motive while the jews were still occupying Nea distinct people their own land while Jern Alum Aud Tho to mule wore still standing and while Tho sixth Homan pm poor was on Tho throne. It was written to the oven churches of Asia primarily. Tiny is not Truo of Tho Botond and thud chapters Only but of the entire Book. Its solemn Duroso was to gird their souls to a be Duro a great fight of it lust therefore Havo been Well Undorf Tood by those for whom it waa designed. Tho judgment threatened were not to them unmeaning Tho enemies threatened were not to Thom unknown. The Luaa inc promised were to be measured und Anspro cited in the Light of those judgment. They Liada keen personal interest in both Tho threatening and the Promise. The time was at hand. The events predicted Wero almost upon them. The prediction of Christ with reference to Tho destruction of Jerusalem were on to eve of accomplishment. It was under these circumstances that John wrote to his companions a in tribulation. And in Tho kingdom Anil Pat Oncu of Jesus ti10 great design of thu Book Nus to support the Faith of gods persecuted people. A if tuo writer of it had said a fear not Tho per Huchting Powers under which you now Naffer the jewish and Trio Pagan will Boot be destroyed. Hold fast that precious Faith which thou Hast received that to Man take thy Crown. Behold i come quickly. And although other Onemia May arise in future times let the christians of those times find Consolation in this that All foes Are destined to the Samo overthrow and that Christ a Hall reign in glory the apocalypse reveals Christ us King coming to the Relief of Ilis people and coming Quick la. Ilu did thus come. Tho prediction was speedily fulfilled Aud Trio us particular Persou uting Powers were destroyed. But that does not exhaust Tho prophecy. Every opposing foe must be overcome till Trio final and Complete Victory Jug gained. This coming of Christ to this world a Tho Themo of Tho revelation. It is prominent in Trio scriptures. Thoy speak of it in at least four different Hunan so refer to four adverts of Christ Ilis Advent at his birth to then Camo to seek and to save that which was lost. Having accomplished the work he Camo to do Trio Saviour ascended to Tho father. Now we Aro told of Liis spiritual Advent into individual souls. Quot behold i stand at the door Aud Knock if any Man Hoar my voice and will open Tho door i will come into he Camo thus to the waiting disciples on the Day of flute Cost and thus he comes now by his spirit to everyone who will receive him. There is also a coming of Christ in providential Agency. Quot Boyo also ready for m such i hour Asye think not Tho son of Man Christ in our King. We lire under his government and to mar to said to come to a in every event of our history. So Tho destruction of Jerusalem was foretold by himself a a coming of the Bon of Man. So it is represented in the apocalypse. Thon there if the final coming of our lord As Tho judge. This is a till future and certain. The soil of Man is coming not in Liis humiliation a a the Man of sorrows a Notin Liis spiritual Power invisible and gracious not in his providential Power the Beneficent ruler of Trio world but As the judge eternal. He is coming in person with that is ibo glory in which lie now a Psi tooth at the right hand of lie comes As the mediator al King Tho final act of whose reign is to bulge the world and to distribute Tho rewards Anu penalties of eternity. A a before him shia al to gathered All the judgment is general and final. Not Morely Tho jewish nation or Tho Christian Church is to be judged but Ali nations Tho in who shall then Bea Livland Tho dead a Small and great shall stand before Liis judgment Here 1� not Only the assembled world hut tie assembled generations of the world from the beginning of Timo placed at his bar awaiting Liis sentence. There will to from among Meu to Mere Spectator of that Sublime and awful so be. Each 0119 will feel hims if to be cited. Each our will by arraigned. The language used to get Forth this judgment is figurative. It is presented under Ihu Figuro of tie Nucion courts of judicature such us the Sanhedrin which in general features agree wit ii Tho forms and practice in nil modern courts. Four tilings Are Clear from this figurative teaching Obrist is coming again to judge the world in righteousness there will then be a separation of inc Good from the bad thu Good will to rewarded Aud Tho bad will to punished and the distinction will proceed according to Tho work of each. To a Hull be judged according to our works. Quot Marvel not at this for Tho hour cometh in which All that Aro in their tombs shall hear ills voice Ami shall come Forth they that have done Good unto Tho resurrection of life und they that Havo done ill unto the resurrection of it is important to remember that in Trio solemn proceedings of Tho great Day it is not the Croud however orthodox nor the profession of thu Amo of Christ however loud and persistent that turn the a Calo in ones favor but Iho character of his works. Faith in Christ is Tho Ono Only ground of our bul Faith works by love love nukes the foot run in Swift obedience Aud patient perseverance in Well doing secures thu Crown of life. Tie doctor annoy cod at Trio close that in compliance with Rupe Atod Aud Earnest requests lie would of next sunday evening Prevoli upon Tho Topio of our recognition of friends in heaven. Too exclusive. Complaint made against German socialist leaders. To Talik about Tiik Sioux. A file Eftev. A a j. Cleveland accept in invitation. The following explains itself the air. William j. Cow Law 1>e\k to us the us Lei i Gaud Bedi Oving that your seventeen years of experience among Iho to i unix indians As a of the protestant episcopal Church and your recent special give you unusual facilities for giving la Yli Ablo information concerning the recent to Iuno outbreak As Well As respecting the Ludo an problem in All its aspects invite you to address the citizens of Brooklyn on this subject in Plymouth Church at some Date this a Prius convenient to Yon. Your respectfully Lyman Abbott 0. T. Ghuri Tensen St. Clair Moke Way Charles h Hail it. To. Storrs r. R. Meredith Murat Halstead Truman j. Backs a Stewart l. Woodford George g. Reynolds Edward Braislin Darwin it. James Thomas g. Shearman. Brooklyn april i 1801. Tho. Ave. Jyh Lyman Abbott and Olhorn l ii recent troubles Between our government and a fraction of the Sioux nation was a very Complex affair and worthy of Carpi us study on the part of All who regard the Honor of our own Raco und Musiro that Justice Ami Lair dealing should characterize our treatment of our Judian wards. A. I accent with great pc azure Tho cordial inv tation you Hare forwarded to me to address an audience in Brooklyn 011 that subject and Trust i May to Ablo to throw Light on n which will be hoi Ofui. I would suggest Tho ovo Ninor of tuesday april 28, for that purpose and thanking you for Tho Opportunity i am with croat respect Veri sincerely yours. William j. Colv Klaud. Bal Timofie april 1g, 18b i. Sekt by tar from i it Elm it Bloom Intok. 111., april 27. Pauy and Mary 0�?T?a,. Aired respectively 7 and 0 years arrived Noro last ainu from Londonderry in clued. Each child had a tag at nachod to its clothing giving Iti Nairn and destination. The father of Tho children died recently and a relative at Meroa this county Cut for Thom. This Relativo was. Present at tuo depot awaiting Thom and took Thorn to a pleasant Home. A news of the Ball Field. Trio Auto Chatum Gamow yesterday on the Amateur Diamond. Two games were played in the american association yesterday. In Tho contest at Cincinnati Tho loud rvs pigs had no trouble in finding cranes curves and won by 12 to 0. At Columbus to to. Louis boat Columbus by 7 to 5. Tho second Adelphi team will play Tho alerts 011 thursday. Tho alerts will play Tho Bryant amp Stratton team 011 tuesday and 011 saturday morning Thoy play Tho St. Jamou nine. Third bad can a a. Afield has joined Tho a Orts and a. Young will hereafter play third for Tho second polytechnic team. Most of Trio members of Tho Jerome base Ball club belong to Tho Lorraino society. Tuo club will open its season 011 Tho Field on decoration Day Whon it meet tha Randall club of Randall Island. Tho officer of Tho team Aro Jolt f. Thompson president a Osoli a. Lynch treasurer John Allison manager Frank l. Ilig Gor to assistant manager and acc rotary Jamos ii. Proctor Captain. Trio Baso Ball fever hns Broikou out with redoubled Force in South Brooklyn. All Trio vacant lots 111 Tho Vicinity of the Gowan us casual Woro crowded yesterday with contending teams and spectators Llund rods of people assembled on the twelfth Ward fits in Tho aft Union expecting to witness Tho Gamu announced Between Tho Nassau and Tho Fulton. Thu Lattur,.for thu second time this year failed to materialize however and Tho crowd was not backward in expressing its disappointment. G inic to Morrow National league. Brooklyn is. New York at Eastern Park. Boston is. Philadelphia at Boston. Cincinnati is. Chicago at Cincinnati. Pittsburg is. Cleveland at Pittsburg. Am Kucas association. Athletics v. ton at la Hila Dulphia. Ral Tinio a a. Washington at Baltimore. Colunious is. Cincinnati at Columbu a. St. Louis is. Lot Sivilic at St. Louis. Oai smax out i Force. They take adv Vitago of lie pleasant weather for in a act cd i Huva. Tho oarsmen of thu Bay Ridge boat clubs turned out in Force yesterday and from Early morning until dark the boat House were crowd my . A number of the racing Crews j whirled to train for the decoration Day regatta j and during thu Day took Long a Pink Over Tho Bay Ridge course. Thu Varnum wore out in Large i numbers Ami the Fleet of racing Craft was 011 tie \ water most of the Day. The four cared gig Ilia Watlam was manned by j. Finney m. Mcgini inn 2 j. ,3, and f. Leonard stroke. Eddie Robbins handled the Tillor lines. To Cru a were a number of other crows outdo Rifg thu Day and two eight Zarud. Heidi crows took Long practice rows. The racing Crews of the Nautilus boat club began training yesterday and from now until decoration Day they will Row every evening from the boat House at Bay Lidge. The gig Crow with Don to. Voo Licce stroke a. Andrews 3 j. Phillips 2, and j. Pennington Bow rowed Flo Miles yesterday. Arthur Prentiss stroke a. Holden 3 p. E. Do inert 2, and Russell Fraser Bow will compete in Tho senior Meu in Tho Passaic regatta on decoration Day. at Albany. A certify Calo of incorporation of the Long Island real Exchange and investment company of Brooklyn was filed on saturday with the Secretary of state. Its objects Are to Purchase take hold and possess real Stato and buildings and to sell Losaso and improve the same. Iho capital Stock is placed it $100,000 and the trustees arc Louis Schultz. Friedrich Sumetz Gottfried j. Kohlhepp. George Apfel Nickolas Mueller Charles g. Krueger and Louis Jung. Nature s skin powder company limited of Brooklyn was incorporated 011 saturday with the Secretary of state to manufacture vend Aud sell nature s a Kin powder and druggists supplies. Tho capital Stock a $20,000 and the incorporator Aro Bou Tamia b. Mcfadden. Ii. P. Treat Ami b. C. Daris. _ _ to a the it ten an Hospital. Last evening a vocal and instrumental concert was Given in Tho Amphion Academy a Lford a Avenue in a Aid of the German Hospital fund. The cancer a held under the a auspices of Tho Lyric quartet club which was ably is a hts by the Zoellnor Maeu Merchor and Star quartet. Among the artists Wero Frau to cd a Ismann be arc violin or. 0. Kaiser thu roof St. Peters Cathedral. New York miss a. Friedman Soprano miss Margurit Bee Atohi Alto min Maduro Behrmann contralto or. E. W. Van go Elon Tenor or. I. C. We a Mann Barso or. Joseph was accompanist a and or. Uimer Braml was image manager. The attendance was Large. A Pitt in april 27. The in Parfai alluding to the proposed unlimited note Issue rays it fears such a policy will in time result in a forced paper currency. It add a we Are entering upon Tho Samo system that Haj caused such grave conflicts in Tho Spanish South american Tronilo a Wolff Trio minor so Trio Czarda master of a Orson Fin Shaw a warlike on the austrian Frontier the eight hour demonstration. By Tho United press London. April 27. Ti10 More moderate of Tho social democrats in born will not celebrate Tho 1st of May but purpose to put off their demonstration until sunday Trio 3d. Tho extremists however have already arranged for a 1st of May gathering in Moabite Tho Northwestern District of Berlin. Tho social to Mccratic movement is somewhat weakened just at present by dissatisfaction with curtain of the leaders whom the extremists regard As too exclusive in their habits and associations. A Largo body of troops was ordered to bochum in weit Pumlia the scene of Tho miners strike. Trio latest now from bochum represents Tho miners a very much excited and much on Agod against the mine owners. The police Aro inadequate in numbers to preserve the peace Aud tha military Muy meet with a warm reception As Tho miners Are mostly armed and act under the direction of chosen leaders. Queen Victoria wiil not moot Trio German emperor this year at Darmstadt As had been arranged and Tho subject of Tho Guelph fund so far As Tho Queen and Trio Kaiser Aro concerned will have to go Over until july. Tho Kaiser a making Liberal Uso of Tho fund to carry out his personal aim in opposing Bismarck and in effecting Tho conversion to the Imperial View of several prominent Cunt exists Whoso party the Kaiser Hope to hold hereafter to Tho support of Liis policy. A it is reported that Tho russian master of to 0 horse who was recently convicted of a serious swindle upon the Czar in connection with a present to the of juror of Germany has committed suicide. Thu swindle consisted of palming off both on the Czar and the Kaiser a brass harness for a solid Silver harness. Tho Czar presented a magnificent Troyl Ca to Tho Kaiser with three russian hoi res and a russian Coachman. Ti10 harness was alleged to have Cost 20,000 roubles and supposed to to solid. Lately Tho brass began to show itself much to the Surprise and disgust of Trio Kaiser. Tho facts Ron lied St. Petersburg and the Czar ordered to dismissal of Tho master of the Horn a who had probably pocketed Tho difference Between the Silver and Tho brass. Tho disgraced officer of Arceme with shame and perhaps dreading Boyero punishment Pustau end to his life. A Vienna correspondent Ivoa certain details in answer to the denial of warlike preparations by Russia. Several first class fortresses including Warsaw and Kovno also several second Aud third class fortresses Are being reinforced for Tho reception of incr Easiod quantities of ammunition provisions and Field a Tores. The network of railways leading to Galicia and Bukovi iia is being extended. All these Linos Are under military supervision and Tho stations Aro supplied with military commander. Everything has been Mado rutty for the immediate transport of troops. A provincial and municipal of Iclal stand under the direction of a committee at to to. Petersburg whose duty it in to prepare for Tho transformation of Tho army from a peace to a War footing in Tho shortest possible Timo in Case of emergency. A now army corps tie twentieth is being formed near Tho galician Frontier. Altogether the conduct of Russia i a Aid to to that of a nation getting ready for War. The Cologne Gazette acc sub Tho French newspaper of distorting occurrences in Germany with the View of arousing Tho War sentiment in Franco. Tho authorities of Amsterdam Holland love issued an order prohibiting an eight hour outdoors demonstration on May 1. Thu working Lugii propose celebrating indoors. Active preparations Aro going on to insure the Success of Tho eight hours demonstration in Hyde Park next sunday. The farriers society on horseback will head thu procession and several Hundred laundry women from All parts of London will take part. Star athletic club tourney. Gommi Aud Young will spar four hound Tho boxing tour Grummt of Trio Star Atli Lotio club to to hold at Puritan Hall Borden Avenue Long Inland pity this evening premises to to a Veri interesting event from the Fristic standpoint. A Large number of Trio prominent Ara Atour a Parrell Shavo ont Rod in Tho five events and in addition a special four round bout Between Jolt Gorman the sex Champion 125 Pound Sparrer of the United states and John Young Tho crack Boxer of Tho Brooklyn a. 0., has Boon arranged. Both Mon Are evenly matched and As they Are considered to be Tho Bsat 125 Pound spa Rora in this Vicinity thu bout will a Well Worth witnessing. In Tho Bantam weight class Tho following will compete t. Campbell Brooklyn a. 1 Otto Stumpf National a. A John Dola Hido Star a. C. John Burrill soup Broil a. 0. Of now Yolk t. Crook Clinton a. C. T. Larkins Clinton a. A a. J. Rugeley Bridge a. 0. And j. Ward Marion a. 0. The entries in the Oatho Woight class Aro As follows e. Coughlin Brighton a. 0. William Pine Star a. O. M. Burke West Sido a. C. E. Garrity National a. C. J. Leonard to tar a. 0. Tommy Edward nonpareil a. O. Ii. Mcallister to car a. O. John Denny. Star a. 0. To. Jackson Star a. A j. To plot Union a. O. J. Mctiernan downtown a. J. J. Dougherty Clinton a. 0, j. M. Gratz Brooklyn a. O. J. Barry Bridge a. C. J. Ii tick Bridge a. C. J. Roc ii Star a. C. John Hock. West Sido a. C. Frank Lowery. Union a. C. John j. Coleman Union a. C. Jolt Keenan Union a. J. And j. Costigan pastime a. 0. The following Aro entered in Tho lightweight class Chuck Connors downtown a. 0. Mike Hutu Clinton a. C. J. Stein furry a. 0. J. Ferguson j. Ron an. Star a. James Finley Union a. G. To Gallagher m. Fitzgerald Brooklyn a. 0. Johnson Seaman Erminio a. C. 0. Dudley. Cedar a. O. A a. Carberry Rooley a. C. The following men will Content m the welterweight class Charles Mulh til. West Side a. 0. Frank Burrows Orchard a. T j. Charles Liam a incr or West Sido a. 0. Jamos Sullivan Brooklyn a. C. Jako Pitz Nacional a. C. Of Cofo West Side a. A James Smith John Haggarty Star a. A w. Marshal w. Haul of Prospect a. 0. And j. J. Van limited West hide a. 0. Ti10 officials of the contests will be Max e. Moon new York a. 0. Referee Bunny William nov York a. O. And j. Wilson judges Frank Burke Astoria a. O. Und or. O Shea timers t. J. Alien Are Upwood boat club d. Cox Brighton a. J. And j. Roo buy Star a. 0., wig hours. To in big circus Parade. All Iho vouders of thu san Niue jul inn. The show grounds at Ila Lcy Street and Saratoga Avenue were thronged All Day yesterday with sightseers. Tie scrub base Ball teams who had games on in neighbourhoods where vacant lots Are numerous cancelled their Date by Mutual consent and moved on upon tie show grounds. At Daylight this morning the bustling around the big tent began and shortly after 8 everything was in readiness for Tho a tart Down Halsey Street. Between 8 and a the wardrobe tent was a Simsy place. Tight spangles and Bright coloured apparel of every description wore hastily donned and great piles of a pears and Armor disappeared us Trio line of performers file i out of the tent. A Little before 0 o clock the head of Tho Procos a ion moved Down Halsey struck. The line of Mure was through Bedford Avenue South eighth Joe bang Aud division streets Harrison Tompkins Willoughby Ola srum Aud Dekalb avenues Rockwell place Schor morhorn court Mem sen and crinum Street Atlantic third Lafayette Washington Greeno Bedford Gates and Ralph avenues and up Halsey Street to the show grounds. Thu procession included the a Ual Points of interest Trio elephant and Deer the open cages of wild animal. The trainers Riding with Lions and tigers thu clowns with their ridiculous Little carts and donkeys Tho trick elephant Aud Hii Tricky Raduf the gaily costumed equestrians Tho Brash bands and All the other fascinating things that draw grown people out by the thousands just for tic Sake of the children. Bureau of charities. A peering eff Clif last tit us Trout Church on fac Ford avoid my a meeting was hold hut. Oven aug in Christ Church ii Bedford a unto opposite Morton Street under tic auspices of tie Brooklyn Bureau of charities for thu of creating interest in its work. A Branch was forum i last week in thu nineteenth Ward at the Home of mrs. Frank to Purry him iras eluded Tkv Cir Lutary. Or. Richy was made Meddy but. A at 50 South eighth struck was Eula god mid it will soon to opened. Rev. Or. Darlington the Recter presi led. The meeting was opened with prayer. Rov. Or. Saf Ford a poke of the Good work Tho Bureau was doing and favored District visitor. Alfred t. White explained Tho practical Workings of the society Wuitch now Conti of Throe Woody air a a our near thu City Hall thu second at Sumner Avenue and Broadway Aud the third at South eighth Trout. A Laun iry will to added to Tho latter Ono As soon As possible. The Yards arc Kep Odu from 8 to 10 i m. And Foo i i furnished free to All who arc willing to work in the Yard until oui ploy ment is obtained for them by the society. In the laundry women arc put to work until situations Aru Prue Uva for them. Milwaukee will Honor Henry Berli. A Matuz of i pc Vrca ii a amp menu i Ituria i co he ii Vailati Yuvi Uduc Mcinty i ii april 27. Lab Ovate of Reiso will i Nyk thu univ ailing of the Berg memorial Monument in it to inc Day. The Monument i a colossal Bronze figure of the Crual humanitarian and Liua Duomo base on Markot Square in Tun u Nev of Trio City. A Large number of guest will to hero from outbid Trio City and great preparations have been Mado to receive them. Professor David swing of Chicago will deliver Iho principal address. Among Tho other speakers will to gov a Cruor Peck mayor Somers Henry bet g. A up hut of Tho Nuu in Whoso Honor Tho Monument has Boon erected and Ford a. Peck Aud William Penn Nixon both of a Blazo. Quot ;