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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 07, 1891, Brooklyn, New York A the Brooklyn daily Eagle. Vol. 51. No. 96. Brooklyn. Tuesday april 7, 1891.�?six pages. Three m. Dene is lecture at the Academy. Tlush lights 01 that changes in human existence a a heir Story of a a a or re a Washington genial glimpse at familiar men and matters. It is not often that the leading men in Brooklyn turn out in evening dress to Welcome it Man under the indictment of a grand jury and out on bail but Chauncey m. Depew is an exception to All Ralea. There were several remarkable things about his lecture last night Amone others he found a now Story to Tell about Washington. When it was Antoun cd that he would lecture for the Benefit of the a Hospital it was a matter of course that the House should be crowded. The stage Tho boxes and the auditorium of the Academy of my do wore filled last evening among those on the stage being David m. Stone William c. Bryant f. 0. Tovey Charles a. Gilbertj. Gilbert d. B. Powell James d. Bell n. T. Sprague j. F. Cole John c. Quintard William Ziegler Benjamin f. Hobron w. Bowers Ethan Allen Doty Frank Luvian Augustus . Henry l. Travis Henry , or. Ii. M. Lewis Thomas 0. Smith a. A. Raven George s. Weed m. J. Dady James m. Fuller William Hester c. A. Moon William 0. Redfield al Batto Raan James Omi Shank Frederick m. Moss Justice j. Tighe Harrington Putnam Frederick a. Schroeder j. T. Strau Alian Lenry Sheldon. William c. Hough Justice Thomas j. Henna j. P. Cranford 0. H. Lne Ugone t. Thomas Fortune or. H. Willis Jesse Johnson Silas b. Dutch or George a. Price Camden c. Dike w. A. Goodrich colonel Loomis l. Langdon g. Plei Suell Jacob Neu w. B. Kendall Charles a. Schieren Ditmas Jewell Henry d. Morris Thomas g. Shearman 0. M. Denton George a Palmer j. F. Mcgee Frederick c. Cohen Majer Darius ferry Aaron Healy William ii. Ford William b. Leonard John b. Ladd lev. J. Ager St. Clair Mckelway Eugene g. Blackford or. In. 0. Moffat or. J. Lester keep general c. T. Christensen John c. Mcguire b. Corrigan w. Ii. Burger j. Ii. Cowperthwait j. Jenkins ii. K. Sheldon judge Calvin e. Pratt Jamo Dunne Homer l. Bartlett general Lenry w. Slocum William Irwin Martin Dumas Strong Charles a. Hoyt Edward Bush. Charles h. Stoddard general John b. Woodward. Among the prominent people inter Atod in the Hospital and present wit i members of their Fain ilits were Carll h. Do Silver ii. D. Atwater Albert Ammerman l. Hastings Arnold jr., Charles e. Bigelow James n. Jarvio William a. Nash Frederick e. Parsons Warren s. Hillocks w. Taylor e. B. Tuttle w. H. Wallace John b. Woodward Robert b. Woodward j. M. Fuller h. D. Atwater George j. Laig Atou John a buckle d. H. Slough Baliag John s. James or. William Jarvie l. A. Parsons Robort j. Kimball Robert w. Paterson j. B. Ladd George l. Pease George h. Richardson t. T. Barr. Jamos s. Connell l m. Bon l. Bar Liam Sturgis coffin j. R. Cowing William h. Cromwell or. Depew was welcomed heartily by the audience and was introduced by w. W. Goodrich president of the Board of Hospital trustees. Or. Goodrich said that the officers of the homeopathic Hospital desired him to express their gratitude to the audience for their Aid. The Hospital never appealed to Brooklyn in rain. The proceeds of the nights lecture were to endow a bed to to known As the Chauncey m. Depow bed. Or. Goodrich added that if he wore Only an irishman he would assure or. Depow that he was Welcome to occupy that bed whenever to chose. Of course or. Goodrich reminded or. Done of a Story and he used it to preface his lecture which was called the Story was of the editor of the shroud the Organ of the undertakers. Those solemn individuals were to hold a convention at Niagara fails and the editor of the shroud wrote that if a or. would Only Send them passes they a would be Lia Opy to reciprocate laughter. The lecturers first contrast was Between such an informal talk As he was making and the lecture Lati Orin in its Primo when its orators were Theodore Parker Emerson Wendell Phillips Beecher and or. Stairs. Those giants lie said were succeeded by a race of charlatans with spa Clatious about our mental moral and spiritual Mako up by lecturers possessed of neither Quality. That killed the lecture platform. The american people had readied n Point Thura they did not want speculation but results. give the results of some of his observations in life. Most of or. Depew a contrasts were Between american methods and customs and those of the old world. His first was Between the homeopathic Hospital and Tho Hundred year old hospitals of London and Paris. He said we had produced nothing ret to equal Tho Hospital architecture of the old world but that when we walked through one of thou old Hospital wards and thought of the Way the patients were hacked and Cut and sawed of the enormous doses they swallowed and then remembered that some of them got Well we Felt that they belonged to a heroic ago and that we should not have Beau equal to their trial. When he remembered he Enid the Blue pills As Largo As marbles which he took monthly a luring his boyhood and the generous doses of Castor Oil and molasses which were a Suci ated with Good health and then looked at his own boy taking microscopic pills augur coated he Felt sure that the coming generation would never amount to anything. Another of or. Depew a contrasts wan Between the newspapers of fifty years ago and those of to Day which were As far apart As Tho few books upon the shelves of a District school House and the alcoves of the Astor Library. In those Days Bald or. Depew he was the Tribune lie was the journal of Commerce As he is still applause he was the courier and in ulcer he was the new York times. Jow no one Man is great enough to give the impetus to All the varied excellence of the modern then he compared the reporter of to Day with his predecessor of thirty years ago and with the English reporters. If All the loroyed things or. Depew said about the modern reporter were written out Here the column would have to be printed in red Ink to represent professional bin Sites. Or. Depew regards the to Portor As a very great Man indeed who rides in the same car with the statesman lie is writing up and who sleeps in thu adjoining room to him at hotels with the door Between them wide open the reporter of thirty years ago he said was an infant in mailers and intellectual equipment compared to the reporter of to Day who is interested in every movie Hunt who photographs every phase of human life who Rode to the lecture with or. Depew who would be sitting on his Doorstep when to got Homo and who would drop in the next morning to breakfast. Or. Depow added that he welcomed and heralded the reporter not because the reporter is like other Tneia and writes pleasant things about the men no treat Gnu wed but because or. Depew wants the world to understand that the reporter is a Fine Man upon a Public Mission upon which he is Bent by men in authority and lie gives him in Foi Maitan because the reporters failure to get it would blast a Bright journalistic career. He added that the american reporter walked right into the White House and if lie did t exactly Ait it the Cabinet table lie made the Suo Ruganus him what Mey Nail been up to As soon is they got through lie interviewed anybody High or now on any Subj ret of interest and he was the judge of who and what were interesting. In England it was different. Not a Man in Eugi iii Public life had been interviewed except on rare o o i Lions when he sunt for someone to take Down i a reporter who had taken or Uhul Poi if a speeches for of teen years had nov a Mot or. Gladstone. Hune of or. Dept we a most Inin i provoking stories were told aleut the contrast i Iween the English and the american Misc of humor and Tho utter incapacity of the briton to comprehend a yet name joke lie d English wit by the Story of the Umu Wiio was a lining wit i Gurnaud editor of punch aim Gnu asked him if no did t get a Good Many Pithy paragraphs and Brilliant ideas by mail. A a a bus Fiell of them a was Burnand a Imp Fri rent Remy. A Why done to you occasionally print Onevo asked his que Stouer dryly. The British bulk los Ness Bourc an american Joko or. Depew illustrated from his own experience. Going Over once his snip was two Days late into Queenstown. Or. Pfc Pic presided Over the Tuiai ship concert Anil said that the Captain wished him emphatically to deny a Rumor fixating about the ship to the al Lect that they had Wojt their reckoning i it a hcs to Ireland and were put aug us toward the North pole. Us jumped an inmost pm Litchman and declared that he did no to know that such a Gross slander was m circulation. On Mio her occasion no had to intr Luce sume Yulu and Harvard students Wero going to sing College songs. There were englishmen present and or. Depow assured them that Yafo Ami Harvard represented to american culture want us word and Cambridge do to English adding tint in order to graduate from either it was m Essary to Nave a thorough know Ige of music Boni scientific and technical of iii Tho boys Sang a a Here a to Good Oid wifi Skyl drink her Down drink her Down a a the Bud Frog on the Bank a and Kindred melodies. Walking on the a i afterwards heard two englishmen discuss in the concert. One of them said a of course win la an american of the standing of cilia Bucuy let Pew in ikes a statement you Mno to accept it. But to to iii of those universities giving a thu Luish of music Aud such music i Quot or. Depew a new Story of Washington comes Kiuon London and wan told Lite there 1-y the due d a Imide who got it from his Fainer. To i. Thi Iipp. Louw Philippe met Washington my in. and a poke of his being an Early . Quot a Libe Early Washington said a Joe cause i w my. A Bleep Well because i have never written Ltd said anything which 1 Wlsh to tic result wih that poor Louis rigid pc when Hob a Iune Nutig it Iea Royed unseat Abo it a third of letter.-, no wrote Lor fear be shout due to live up to i Pevy a it Hing on Tarn card. The speaker Cun ten item thu list and am rican governmental pie thuds and the Loul it a Ami Newyl re dinner. A ii uner in new Yarkho said a merely a Piea aut Taj of pus slug an evening among Eon Yuri Iohani pc pie Ami Hud to political or Uncial Elgin licence. In London no Tim our was Quot Ives without a purple. Frequently that Par Poms was to display some literary or Arus Iio or military lion and in that Cay Tho dinner revolves around the chid guest in the course of a London Maeou a diner out meets All the celebrated men of the Day. As political life and Poe Iril leadership arc intimately associated in England politics enter the English wills the soup and is a subject Lor serious and weighty Dirc Hsion throughout the evening in contrasting Tho two methods of government in lamented Tho decadence in the american con grub of debate which to held to be the Vury by of Liberty. He gave some vivid pictures or English leaders and an Ita Nession o j Noli and his future. Parnell a relations a a 5. Mere Pur Fostiy Wal known and Dise Majed a it. I a i club i Ulm drawing looms and in All. two years ago. But when the 3 a proved in court the people who had a. Aunut them before wore horrified at a pm. J lie question whether Parnell a a a a oblivion was not to be settled by i a it Backbone of the English Liberal i a -1 Etc Noii conformist ,tli0 a 1 a and Baptist. Tie same. 1 f in these men to Day that of. A by m Mainuu Moor and at. watch burgeon read the a a Ora 0 i pm Iai in jut and see Liin con % a. L>-1 Haniu until their nails go th1 these Moil would i. Of the Nav for an opinion re dad. Indy knew nothing of a p or a Juu. Fri id they cared to or pm Riqie As compared i Viii Reil Gilda in it Ivyes. When the Parnell a it. A capita Titi a the Bible Aura thua Aud to and or. A to us a a tip you in Reffi the Ca Bolie Church a a strenuous in a Theldine the marriage tie As the non conformists Are in England. If there was a Leader of equal Power against Parnell he must sink under this combined opposition. But the Man is matchless in Hill re Horcus Urage audacity and magnetism. Opposing leaders can to crush Hime but that he will still Lead a powerful minority and the Only Hope of Ireland a obtaining Tho Home Rale from England have lies in the raising of another great Irish loader to unite her people. The conclusion of the Leotard was devoted to an ele Anent description of the passion play at Oberammergau which or. Depew thinks is unrivalled a a dramatic achievement. After Tho lecture a dinner was Given in Honor of or. Depew at the Hamilton club by John a Nichols and William h. Wallace. It was entirely informal and Only a Fow members of the club participated. The statement which had been published to the effect that the club would give a reception in Honor of the orator was erroneous. It had the result however of filling the club House with members who Wero disappointed in finding that no reception was to be hold norwegian american seamen. They hold a reception at Hall. Tho norwegian american seamen a association held its first anniversary Ball lat night at sponge round Hall Corner of Smith and schermerhorn streets. The association held a Bazar last week at the Athene am and concluded the festivity wit ii Tho Ball. Tho proceeds both of the Bazar and the reception will be devoted to buying permanent quarters for Tho association. The Hall was tastefully decorated. A platform was erected at one end of Tho Large room and decorated with the norwegian and american flags. In the absence of the president of Tho society Captain Lonis vice president, Volckmar introduced Simon w. Flood formerly the norwegian Delegate to Tho Marine conference at Washington who made a Short address in norwegian. Or. Volckmar then read the list of those who had won prizes at the Bazar raffle and congratulated the fort Nate ones. The orchestra opened with the wedding March by to Udelsohn and the dancing began. It was continued until after 2 of clock. Refreshments were Jerrod during the intervals Between Tho dance and later on the guests partook of supper. The officers of the association Are Captain Louis w. Blix president or. Hans Volckmar first vice president h. T. Berger second Vico president c. Uil Enaes Secretary Jacob Jacobson financial Secretary and Captain Peter Olson treasurer. The trustees Are Jolius Engelsen John g. Norman Gustav Olsen and Frederick Bjoern the reception committee included Captain Louis w. Blix or. Hans Voick mar and Niels Olsen the Steward of the now York yacht Cine. The arrangement committee included John g. Norman Henry Berger and Gustav lie. Tho floor committee comprised Helge Bull Ivor Iversen Captain Lonis w. Blix and Gustav Olsen. Among thobe present were my. Simon w. Flood miss Bergljot flood miss Segrid flood Henry ii. Flood Erling flood mrs. Louis w. Blix Captain f. A. Blix miss Alexandra Blix miss Freda Blix mrs. Henry Berger mrs. Jann sen. Miss Katie Hansen miss Otilio Jaunsen mrs. Melann miss Nigrin miss Tarti Vold miss Arntzer Christen Harris Hans Harris mrs. Bull. Miss Lina Hausen miss Annie Busboy miss Lina Michaelsen or. And mrs. Groth. Mrs. Bergitta soot or. And mrs. Jensen or. Dressen professor Holm n. Andersen Captain Eilersen Evald Edwards s. Gundersen George Zok Elan mrs. John Yolk e. Eversen c. Magnussen mrs. Iverson John Yolk jr., Koehler Olson or. And mrs. Emil Nelson Mhz a Tothea Kling Walter Bonnet ter Christopher Anderson miss Dora Hurst mrs. Crowell mrs. Luckerman miss Tobina Smith miss Jansen miss Noby or. Andersen. K. Hansen Frederick m. Fredericksen Andrew Nelson miss Emilia Sandgren miss Andre miss Annie Andersen miss Bolotta hand h. Boh Liffer miss Lina Hansen and j. favor of Parnell. Brooklyn irishmen arranging Inias meeting. For a a meeting of Irish citizens in favor of or. Parnell was held at Matoaca Hall. 718 Myrtle Avenue on sunday afternoon the meeting took place in response to a Call issued by some men who have heretofore identified themselves with Irish National league matters in this City. Among those present were James , Daniel shiels Henry Mcgowan p. Mcgahey Morns alien m. V. Collins Simon Donovan Lawrence j. Mcalpin James Bolles Thomas Simpson m. Sullivan Alexander Wall . M. Browne. There were probably altogether Over one Hundred persons present. Alexandor Wall was elected president . M. Browne Secretary. After Homo talk in which the question of receiving the delegates at present in Thi country representing or. Parnell was discussed at length it was unanimously resolved that a Publio reception to Tho delegates be held at a Date to to fixed later on. Those present resolved themselves into a general committee from which a sub committee with full Power to act Wab appointed. This body is to make a report at Tho next general meeting which will be hold at the same Hull at 8 of Clook of sunday deck Load washed off. The Schooner Cocilo a a Tail let of bad weather i it string her voyage. Tho Schooner Cocile Captain f. L. Steele arrived at the Franklin Woodruff stores sunday afternoon from conto Island Mexico whence she made the trip in Twenty Days with a cargo entire of logwood consigned to Ward amp Huntington the vessel to a. Abbott. On March 22, the vessel a experienced a heavy southwesterly Gale lasting twelve hours and hauling around to the Northwest during which the Waves ran very High and broke Over Tho Craft continually fore and aft doing considerable deck damage. On the same Day she passed a Large Quantity of hard Pine planks not Long m the water evidently the deck Load of some lumber Laden vessel washed off in Gale. On March 27, when about fifteen Miles to Tho southward of Winter Quarter lightship the Cecile encountered a heavy East northeasterly Gale lasting several hours during which a part of the deck Load of logwood was Wahed overboard. On March 80, in latitus to 37 Deg. 45 min. North Longitude 74 dog. West the vessel passed a considerable Quantity of Railroad ties which from appearances had been but a few Days in Tho water. Hotel arrivals. Hotel St. Geohue�?>0. H. Nutt Philadelphia 0. J. Hague now Haven Conn. Mrs. E. A. Beatty Babylon or. And mrs. F. J. Dibble Peabody Mas. R. W. Walker Boston f. B. Vandygrift Philadelphia h. Hurlbut Massachusetts j. Ropes Salem mass. I. Danielli Plainfield n. J. J. E. Howell mrs. A Coral Carlin c. W. Fisk d. Eaton t. Murray. H. Johnson e. Dunn s. Oudit t. Ii. Bini is Brooklyn a. H. Wallerson c. E. Chapin now York. Clarendon a. I. Cunningham Long Island City f. W. Tidey Newark n. J. P. W. Faith Philadelphia. In. George Roberts new Jersey Clark Balcun Guan Park n. J. J. F. Seward p. H. Johnson. Chicago 111. T. T. Leeward Watertown n. N. F. Smalley Stamford Cvjetan. J. B. Fath Wais Burlington . J. W. Parsons Richmond. A. J. T. Stickney Eden Villa n. George Parker w. T. Bentley j. K. Warren . Shannon j. T. Smith ii. Thornton Julian Bechet w. Lerough new York n. W. Remond Thomas e. King mrs. Kenney mrs. Budd. J. , Brooklyn Steven Wool sey. New liven Conn. A. Hatch and wife Boston mass. _ _ Firak a lout a school 1191�?Tsi. The now fifth Ward school House in Long Island City was not opened yesterday morning and consequently a clash Between the school trustees and school commissioners was avoided. The smokestack on the building was not completed and As no fire could be had mayor Gleason said it would Only endanger the lives of Tho children to occupy the building. The trustees Are at War with the commissioners. The former claim the commissioners have entirely ignored them in the payment of claim Amias a result the trustees cot out an injunction restraining City treasurer Bleckwenn from paying Uny further claims against the building. It was thought that the trustees would Endeavor to take Posso Tsiou of the new school building to Day Aud refuse the scholars admission but they failed to put in a appearance. A hard by heart Skas. Tho bark Caraboa of Windsor n. T�., Captain j. W. Sheridan arrived at Robinson s stores on sunday afternoon from Cura coi whence she made the trip in Twenty eight Days with a cargo of Salt to order the vessel consigned to Foulke amp co. The Curacao had Good weather for the most part of the voyage up to Capo Hatteras but from thence to port was twelve Days battling against Strong Easterly and northeasterly gales accompanied by High running confused seas. Of March 28, in latitude 28 Deg. 40 min. North Longitude 74 Deg. 10 min. West in a heavy cast to Northeast Gale which lasted nearly forty eight hours about fifty feet of the port rail was carried away by the heavy sea then running and the Hatch Batten Ings and capstan head were washed off. Suing a Railroad company. Before Justice Bartlett and a jury in the circuit court yesterday Tho suit brought by Ida l. Phillips to recover $25,000 damages for personal injuries against the Northern Railroad of new Jersey was called for trial. The plaintiff alleges that on october 15, 1887,-Eho attempted to Board a train on her Way to sparkling n. Before she had gotten a firm footing of the platform however she claims Tho conductor pulled the Bell Cord and started the train. She was thrown on to Tho Steps and dragged a considerable distance before the car could be stopped. Her Pine was injured. My. And mrs. a Tok seption. Or. And mrs. L. P. Rhood som gave a Musicale at their Home 1,424 Bedford Avenue last night. There was a Large number of guests and a pleasant time was enjoyed by All. The programme included piano Lolos by my Gertie Alexander and mrs. 1m p. Rhood som vocal selections by Charles Bardwell l. H. Anderson and Frederick Armstrong and readings by mrs. A. 0. Burti Sand mrs. Of. Williams. A collation was nerved at exhibition at the Bedford Academy. Yoa agr son Aad in dra Cefel array at tbs Cleilan bide of the season skill Fol Fino arianism displayed by of the organization. Lively Munsie gayly Zapari Onod horses Eood equestrianism and pretty Young women combined to make the final ride of Tho Adel Lii Riding club the feature of the season of indoor Riding in this City. The Large risk of the Bedford Riding Academy was tastefully decorated with flags and Vari coloured streamers Hung in festoons. At 8 30 of clock professor Bush entered the ring mounted on a splendid Black horse whose arched Nock showed that to was a thoroughbred. Tho bridle snaffle reins and Martingale were White. The effect was a very pretty one and the rider was received with a round of applause. Then came troop after troop of horses and a the riders were recognized by their friends in Tho audience there was Hearty hand clapping. A splendid thoroughbred horse Ridden by or. George a Graham Lod the column Aud at his Side was a pretty Bay Horae with miss sub a Vanderveer in the Saddle. The loaders Rode in Fine form Aud guided the column through Many in try Cate movements with precision and Grace. Tho second loaders were miss Mamie wan mounted on a dark Bay horse. Or. William Campbell Aleo Rode a pretty Bay horse. The order in which the riders proceeded into Tho ring was As follows mias Carrie doctor and or. Charles g. Bennett miss Minerva Bon and or. John Wilson miss Grace Street and or. Livingston Emory mrs. W. A. Graham and i. E. De Boise Don miss Annie Atkins and or. Harry bochum miss Van Wyck and or. Joseph Topping mias Campbell and or. James Moore mins Moore and or. Frank Oliver miss Hanly and or. George Atkins miss Lockett and or. F. W. Blossom mias de la Mesa and or. W. A. Graham miss Hutchins and or. H. B. Vanderroer miss Braman and sir. Charles g. Mcdermott. The women All wore dark Riding habits White gloves and Corsage bouquets. The men wore dark trousers and Coats White vests cravats Aud gloves Aud silk hats. Columns of two were formed and Tho class then proceeded to go through the Many evolutions of ring Riding. The Quarter Circle was executed in a neat manner and soon after at the command from professor Bush the horses started to Gallop around the ring at a Good Speed. Tho half school movement was Well executed. The right and left turns were done in Good style and the right Aud left about and forming in columns of fours was also done prettily. The oblique the serpentine and Many other difficult figures of ring Riding were successfully gone through there was Only a single break in figures and the women of the class managed the school horses in a confident and spirited manner. The forming in columns of fours and evolutions were also executed prettily and Olio Tod rounds of applause from the audience. As soon As the Rido had bean completed or. H. B. Vandeveer the president of the Riding club drove Forward and after saluting professor Bush presented him on behalf of the Adolphi Riding club with a Silver mounted Riding whip. In a few Choice words professor Bush thanked the members of the club for their kind Token of regard and Corar Pontod on the Zeal with which the members of the class have performed their part in learning equestrianism. President Vander veer show Rod encomium upon professor Bush and the entire class and audiences mod to agree with the president for he was heartily applauded. Dismounting was then begun Aud in a few minutes the entire club was in the Center of the ring. The audion co applauded the members for the Brilliant Riding they had done and As Tho favourites started to retire from the track they were surrounded by Many Friend and congratulations were How Ord on the fair request Rennes and equestrians. Miss Braman is one of the Best women riders in the class and handles the snaffle reins of her pretty Chesnut Mare Mollio with Grace. Miss Hauler miss Susie Vaud Ercer and my so Mamie Loway Are All acco a Plche i request Rennes and during the evening they were congratulated for the splendid Riding they had done in the class Drill. Miss Oarrie de Traer is also an accomplished rider. In a few minutes after the Drill had been completed the band started playing a Waltz and a Daluh Ridden by professor Bush entered the ring. The famous horse started in to Waltz just As soon As he entered the ring and the Graceful motions which he performed Wero loudly applauded. Tho Waltz was performed first around one Way and then without a word of command but by a slight pressure of Tho knee and a Gentoo touch of the reins the Well trained animal started to Waltz in an opposite direction. The Spanish Trot was then performed in Brilliant style and the exact Timo and precision of movement was a marked feature of the exhibition. The most difficult step that can to taught a horse is the , and the manner in which Abdallah went through the difficult single foot motion of the step marked him As one of the Best trained quadrupeds in Tho world. Among those present were or. And mrs. Schoe neck or. And mrs. T. J. Atkins e. E. Oliver miss Oliver or. And airs. Gardiner miss Kalley air. Creuzbaur or. Heywood miss Pool Frankel Didgo. Miss Liebo Eldidge b. Childs or and mrs. Hamilton mrs. Susan Vanderroer John Powers air. And mrs. Macklin George Gauss Mann misses Katie and Annie Hausemann Ida Banta Gertrude and Marion Hutchins or. And airs. Boerum Kirk Boerne rom sen Boerum air. Aud airs. Hart Curry f. L. Noble misses gifting and Grace Giberson or. And mrs. William a Vilamil or. Aud mrs. James Ross Rawson Wood miss Addie Betts Horace ii Uible alias Annie Titus alias Rosa mrs. Barr mias Cora Barr Louis Schott and or. Aud mrs. Frederick Topping. Hllespik�?k1ldoun. Flora Bricea daughter of George l. Kilbour was married to William h. Gillespie on wednesday evening. The Rev. John w. Anal cola eff cited. George c. Gillespie brother of Tho Groom was Best Man and amiss Lottie Johnson of new York was maid of Honor. The presents were imm Crons Aud valuable. Late in the evening the Happy couple left on a Weill no tour. Among those present were George l. Kilborn William l. Kilbour George c. Gillespie mrs. Ii. R. Gillespie airs. George h. Hinman air. And mrs. 0. Anderson or. And airs. William Humphrey air. And mrs. James h. Johnson miss Lottie Johnson Louis Johnson alias Beatrice Williams Harry Johnson Winfield Johnson mrs. L. J. Rose or. And airs. 0. F. Gatjen air. And mrs. J. B. Bostwick alias Hottie to. Boatwick h. P. Bostwick airs. H. 8. Morrison amiss Hattie Bow to miss ii. A. Spicer air. And airs. J. To. Foote miss Lottie Foote air. And airs. Osborn miss Jennie Osborn Captain and mrs. Noyes j. N. Thompson Alisa Hattie Sweeney amiss Suie Alau Jer Harry Conover amiss Nellie pie sch air. And airs to in Arete Walter Gladding amiss Alico Payne airs. Ruth airs. L. Alzoro Charles Wells or. And mrs. J. W. Malcolm air. Herman miss Altunio Moyer. The memorial Hospital. Imanol meeting and election of boards and staffs Rill trap and tit Lijek. Tho Waverly gun club a recently organized shooting organization held its first meeting at the Dexter Park grounds yesterday. Although the club numbers flt teen members Only five were present. The score Nara. Yes. H. M. Helm Stead 23 4 j Gristin .23 2 o Lauio. Yes. Hai. Ii. dmana.21 5 5 m. Schmidt. .23 3 7 j. Fiakbolaor.23 2 8 to weeps take shooting followed. The first was at seven Blue Racks Ealr Vovou entries. E. Kraft with six took fir to prize. Helmstead Wae second with four and Ai. Schmidt third with three. In the second Sweepstake m Schmidt took first. Brown and Goldi Nann divided second. bandits Captur ild. Chicago iii april 5. Six men entered the Farwell House cafe late tonight and while two presented revolver at cashier Blevins a head the other four busied themselves with the Cash drawer or trying to intimidate the solitary waiter on duty. The latter named delude grappled with one robber who was making off with a Cash Register and was fired upon twice but was not wounded. The shots attracted the police who chased the robbers into their Den a tenement House nearby. Tho Plano was quickly surrounded by a patrol Wagon Load of officers and after a Sharp struggle All of the six desperado were arrested. In the fight at the House policeman Smith received a Bullet through lieu Richit Haud. The prisoners Are All local toughs and one is an sex convict. Calico Ball in Knicker Bocker Hall. Tho Edward t. Manly association gave its first annual Calico Ball last night at Knickerbocker Hall on Clymer Street near Lee Avenue Aud the affair was in every respect a decided Success. The Interior of the Hall was decorated with flags and streamers and there was a Largo crowd of merry makers. Dancing continued until 5 o clock this morning. Call10pea literary association. The Calliope an literary association of the seventeenth Ward gave a entertainment and reception last night at turn Hall on Gree Point Avenue for Tho Benefit of John h. Sprague. The attendance was Large and the programme presented included musical and literary selections. fair. A fair was held at the residence of miss Anna m. Bingham 380 Cumberland Street on saturday in Aid of an orphan girl now sick in one of the new York hospitals. Mian Anna was assisted by the Missen Kittie Fowler lamp la Stevens May Voorhees Sadie and Oarrie Fradley. Tho sum of $25 was realized for the worthy of poor pct guard. The Prospect guard composed of members of company a thirty second regiment n. G., 8. A. Y., gave its third annual reception last night at Weber a Washington Hall on Broadway. The affair was largely attended. It Wall Daylight before the fest iritis were brought closet the eighth annual meeting of the memorial Hospital for women and children erstwhile the Brooklyn women Hospital and dispensary was held yesterday afternoon at the Church of oar father grand Avenue and efforts place. Mrs. J. H. Byrtis presided and miss a. K. Mirrielees recorded. The annual report was read by the Secretary. It showed that during the past year a regularly organized training school for nurses had been established. At the dispensary 811 Bedford Avenue five clinics have been held daily under five physicians and the average attendance has been seventy five patients a Day. Through the Beneficence of a new yorker whose name is at present withheld a plot of ground has been received valued at $10,000. This was Given on condition that $20,000 for a building fund be raised before april 1. This was More than accomplished and the building committee is about ready to consult with an architect for a new Structure whose estimated Cost will to $50,000. This new Hospital is to possess a surgical Ward wards for nervous disease a maternity Ward wards for general diseases private free and children swards. The Hospital is to to removed temporarily from its present quarters at 1,318 Fulton Street to Tho old Nassau Institute Corner of Claason Avenue and Quincy Street. Airs. T. Willets the treasurer made a Gratifying report a balance of More than $2,000 being in the Treasury for current expenses. The report of the training school for nurses was read by airs. L. R. Smith the Secretary. This department was incorporated january 15, 1891, although it has been practically in operation for several years. Daily Msten Tiou is Given in All branches of Medicine and especially in the care of the sick. Lectures have been delivered during the year Fly drs Baker Clark Grady and Lyons. The Hospital staff report that eighty patients were admitted during Tho year of whom sixty were discharged cured Twenty improved one unimproved and two did. On March 31, 1890, there were eleven under treatment. There were 1,954 free Beds for adults and 408 for children in All 2,3g2. Tho average Hospital Days Wero 30.52. Of Tho Mouth ending March 28 last there were More free Beds than in any previous Mouth. The dispensary filled 0,854 prescriptions during the year. The new patients numbered 3,026 Aud 898 were children. Mib. William Berri reported for Tho building committee and showed the remarkable Progress which is now being made. Tho new Board of managers is composed of mesdames Joseph Annin h. Archer. William Berri e. Bishop w. A. Blazo h. E. Brown Ai. D. J. H. Byrtis e. H. Cole a. Crane. O. A. Decker t. L. Doyle j. W. Eason a. B. I Allock m. R. Hawley j. 8. Biol Ling head e. 13. Janes t. W. Lowell j. L. Alar cetus c. 0. Martin t. H. Marshall j. Miller w. Ii. Cloak a. A. Pendleton j. Plummer h. A. Richardson j. A. Rid Dalty. Ai. Roby c. H. Russell Henry slide l. R. Smith a. H. Tifft ii. H. Todd s. T. Townsend to. T. Willets w. 0. Wyckoff. J. J. Vat f. E. Caldwell Yerbury b. R. Corwin and aliases g. A. Cassidy Ai. D. J. J. Cassidy and Ai. Clark. The officers selected Are airs. J. H. Burtis president mrs. Anna b. Hal lock vice presi Dout amiss a. K. A Mirrielees recording Secretary Alisa j. A Cassidy corresponding Secretary mrs. O. Martin treasurer. The new Hospital staff consists of drs. Harriet e. Brown Lottie a. Cort Jennie v. U. Baker Laura c. Blackman Georgia a. Cassidy m. E. Clarke Theodosia Hobby Alary . Mary l. Linen Alay w. Straley Rosalie h. Stolz Annie b. Van Arnam consulting staff drs. A Bell Brown e. Carlton. W. L. Ai. Fluke g. 0. Jeffery Phebe j. Waite h. Willis t. F. Allen w. M. Butler Alice b. Campbell . Caldwell. J. H. Ward . Welles resident. Georgiana d. Read. The dispensary is Ondar the charge of Tho above physicians in addition to drs. Louisa Sohl Egol Ella Ai. Martin h. K. Goeway f. No Laok Oakey s. 8. Mckinney Alaria u. Hanford with or. Nevie c. Detrich As dispensing physician. General 0. T. Christenson was elected treasurer of the building fund. City Mission society. Several of the worker a Flake report at last evenings elect Luff the monthly meeting of the City missionary society was held last night at the Roo inn on Flat Buah Avenue near Fulton Street Aud air. Alfred Porter presided. Among the members present were Dwight Johnson s. J. Marples Asa w. Parker a. D. Wheelock Charles Glatz and or. Lelacheur. The hour was taken up with reports from Tho missionaries and words of encouragement and suggestion from the members of the society. The record of a months work among the distressed of Brooklyn a population a Given by thirty missionaries indicates a Largo Field of religious and benevolent work. There was an interesting report from airs. Mintonye of her jail work Aud her sewing school in the seventeenth Ward. Rev. F. W. Fes on Dou of Tho fourteenth Ward has been gratified to find an increased attendance of men at his religions services. To spoke of his cot Scago prayer meetings As a source of profit to families and neighbourhoods. established a Mission Chapel in the Twenty sixth Ward which is largely attended by Germana. Or. Charles cedarholm the Only swedish missionary connected with the society finds larg amp scope for work in the to event South Ward and at red Hook Point. To had made several visits to the consumptive Home whore lie found a number of swedes a icelandic patient found Comfort in scripture expounded by air. Cedarholm in a mixture of swedish and English. Mrs. Meury who labors among the germans of the sixteenth Ward spoke of prevailing sickness and consequent destitution. She had placed twelve children m Sterling Placo Industrial school mrs. Schneider also a German mullenary gave some sad experiences in Hospital work. Airs. Kate Thompson reported her efforts at Flatbush in the Hospital Asylum Aud almshouse. Reports of work Ainoa Tho sailors and canal Boatmen were Given by Rev. John Sheridan the open air missionary and by Captain Meeker. Tho Rev. D. Ai. Hendriok of the Bathlo hem Mission Bho Wod some of the discouragement.? and some of Tia rewards of the work. Other missionaries present were Rev. William Aee Yand Lee Shock Wuu of the Chin so work mrs. X. Ai. At ller and mrs. L. To. Marcellus. At the close of the reports or. Lyman Abbott offered Prayor and the executive Board went into session. Downing vacation Home. Help wanted Cor a Wertly institution tie Razar a Bazar and Industrial exhibit on behalf of the Downing vacation House at Locust Valley l. A will be held at the Arcade building Fulton and tillary streets next thursday Friday and saturday the 9th, 10th Randll thirst. This is a last years Friend under a new name. Last year it was called Brooklyn Holiday House but it was to frequently Coufou ded with the new York Holiday House also on Long Island that a change of name was deemed advisable. A Brief sketch of the establishment will be sufficient to inform readers regarding it. A Little More than a year ago judge Downing gave to the Brooklyn association of working girls societies this big Homey old House at Locust Valley to a used As a place of summer rest for the working girls of our City. It was fitted up for this purpose and thrown open last summer. The Board was put at $3 a week the Railroad fare greatly reduced Aud a Early three Hundred girls in All went there during Tho summer for Portada ranging from a Day to two weeks. That in Barest outline is the history of Downing vacation House. Many a girl could fill in the outline with Many a Story of the refreshment and Good times that came into her life through her stay Thore. On the other hand a Story not so interesting could be filled in of Tho necessary initial expenditures of such an undertaking. A it is Tho first step that costs a and the a of that the Board Money of the girls goes to far toward paying the run bag expenses of the House certainly indicates that Tho old proverb will apply Here. The need which houses like this try to meet in very deep Aud real. How fast and How far that used in this City May be met depends largely on the support which this outer Rise receives now. John d. Cap hello a de Iise John d. Campbell an old and Well known Brooklyn Ite died at his Home 395 state Street saturday afternoon at 4 of clock. His death waa caused indirectly by an attack of grip which developed into pneumonia. Air. Campbell was in i 75th year. He was for a Long time engaged in the crockery by silos of Fulton Street Aud after to retired from that line was in the real estate business for several years. He has resided in Brooklyn for half a Century and was an old member of Bethel Church. Of late years to has been a regular attendant in or. Talmage a Church. Tho funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Or. Brown at the family Road ouch last evening. The interment occurred this morning in the family plot in Greenwood cemetery. Eykn1nu Star social. The evening Star social held a Calico reception and Ball in Katz manuf a turn Hall on Bradford Street last night. The affair was very successful in every Way. Tho costumes for the most part were very Good and provoked a great Deal of merriment. Those who bad charge were John to Tong or c. Ruder Brausen j. Fuchs Peter Flie. Ger a Seidler Klein v. Masset a. Baer w. E. Cummings. The officers Are a. E. Gaming president Peter Pflieger View president p. Klein financial Secretary Adolph Baer recording Secretary v. Mass St treasurer Jacob Seidler sergeant at arms. old offenders. Two men were seen by Captain John Brennan and Roundsman Lees of the Gates Avenue pre Tinct about 10 o clock sunday morning soliciting alms from Church goers on Hancock Street in the Vicinity of or. Behrends Church. They were arrested and described them Eires As William Butcher and Thomas Ganley inmates of a Fulton Street lodging housed judge Kenya next Day recognized both prisoners As old offenders and sent them to the Penitentiary for six months. German american improvement company. Papers of Moore oration of the German american improvement company have Boon filed in the county clerks office. The company is organized with a capital Stock of $1,000,000 for Tho purpose of acquiring Selling leasing and improving real Estalo in the county of Kings. The capital a divided into 10,000 shares of a Par value of $100 each. The trustees for the first year Are Edward f. Linton. Frederick Brommer Claus poacher Henry Offerman Aud Frank e. put it on ice 0k ski Lino . Frederick a. Lindsley Frau before Justice get tint yesterday Selling Ole Margarine As Batter at the grocery of Patrick Harrington i 7 Driggs Street on february 20. Lindsley it appear. Had delivered the butter to Harrington and the latter informed Tho of Bce of the state Dairy Oom Mission us Iwuh thereupon arrested Lindsley. The Justice held Tho accused in $300 bail for examination on monday next. Cook she test t Imperial Champage he stood 1 thirty years its extra dry a Ady. Coffey placed the ground of leeches opposition. The Babas in the Board of aldermen preceding tit granting of a franchise to a Romgo rating company or. William Richardson will hat a hearing. There was some interesting discussion in Tho Board of al Dannau yesterday afternoon Over the Resolution reported by the committee on docks and markets giving to sex Senff Rhinehart and contractor John Guilfoyle a franchise for a refrigerating company. As stated in the Eagle of yesterday the Resolution was adopted by a vote of 16 to 1, Alderman Leech being in the negative. A this i Savory valuable franchise a said Aid. Leech. A if it is Worth anything it is wort i something to Tho City of Brooklyn and no franchise of that character should be Givon away by a simple vote or Resolution of this Board. 1 say Here As one interested in the ice business in the City of Brooklyn that that franchise is Worth to the Par Tieb who make the application a Militan of dollars. It should be Pur up and sold to the highest bidder and the City of Brooklyn should derive every Penny of Benefit that can be derived from it. I Hope Tho Resolution will not prevail and that it will be referred Back to Tho committee for future a i done to see a said Aid. Coffey a Awba Leech can Gam by referring the matter Back to the committee for the reason that it has been there for the last two or three years. This particular matter May not have been but similar applications have re a there is no motion before the Board a said president Mccarty. A i made a motion to refer Back to the committee a said Alu. Soch. A Lyon said the matter should be referred Back a replied president Mccarty. A Well i move that it be referred Back a said All Leach. A anybody who understands Tho position of or. Leech a remarked Aid. Coffey a will readily understand Why he opposes the granting of this franchise. There is nothing mean about him in regard to ins figures. Only a Short time ago there was a matter before this Board in reference to the Extension of a Railroad and he pub the Samo value upon it As he did upon thin Cooling arrangement. It May not be Guowu to the members of this Beard that or. Leech is prominently identified with an ice corporation. Last summer they were engaged in thin business a a the gentleman is out of order a interrupted president Mccarty. A a you. Are discuss aug air. Lee ohm a Conte Tiou with the Iee business which has nothing to do with the matter before the t a i am merely giving or. Leeches reasons for opposing this Resolution replied Aid. Goffoy. A Lyon can to do that a retorted Aid. Leech. A a that a so a Baid Coffey a Well we will say that certain gentlemen interested in the ice business formed a combination or Syndicate to raise Tho Price of that commodity As he Calls it. I hold that it is an actual necessity. They raised the Price from 40 cents to 80 Aud 90 cents and As High As a Dollar a Hundred. I understand that the object of this corporation to which it is proposed to give a franchise is to manufacture ice by an artificial process so that in Case we should have an open Winter hereafter those engaged m the meat business or grocery business will not be at the Neroy of Tho combination or Syndicate formed by these inc Compau Iea. The object of this corporation is to give Cool air and manufacture ice. Anybody interested in ice companies might oppose a franchise of this kind i might myself. At any rate if the petitioners can carry out what they represent it will be a Relief to Many business Uicon in this Aid. Elwook chairman of the committee explained that the committee had thoroughly examined a similar system in new York and had round it perfect. Aid. Leech explained that he opposed the Resolution simply because no provision was made for u i Eye Itiba to tie pity. He hold Tomt the City should receive something for such valuable franchises. The Beard rejected his motion to recommit and adopted Tho Resolution reported by the committee. Aid. Leech alone voted against the Resolution. President to party offered a Resolution directing tie Trussler of tie unexpended Street cleaning balance of last year to the account of this year. Aid. Leech inquired Hoir much Tho balance amounted to. President Mccarty did not know Tho exact amount but said it must be Small. Tho Resolution was adopted. Aid. Mckee offered a Resolution directing the committee of Publio la Nils Aud buckling a to report next work on the propositions to lease a temporary building for the lire department Headquarters and to have the controller Purchase a site for a truck Homo in the Twenty fifth Ward. The latter measure was introduced at yesterday meeting the former was presented lust week. Aid. To buoy chairman of the committee said that he did not understand Why a Resolution directing a report for next week should to offered especially in reference to Tho Twenty fifth Ward site. As to Tho other matter no report had been made because of the Abs Eure of a member of the Comini Ttoe. Aid. Mckee said that the fire Comini Slouer had requested him to do All to could to have the Sito purchased at once because there was pressing need of a truck Oompaul in the Twenty fifth Ward. The Alderman Asau amendment that the Coral uitto give a Public hearing i i order that every member of could know just what was done. any hearing m private. A i have made it my business a remarked Aid. Roancy a to Converse with the fire commissioner in regard to those matters. I feel justified in saying that in Auy matter pertaining to the fire department Tho commissioner will Havo no reason to find fault with the chairman of the committee of Public lands Aud bail drugs or Auy member of the Aid. Mckee a equated that he wanted a Public hearing so that everybody could know what was Doug. A so far As the committee is concerned a said , a it has nothing to fear and nothing to hide. I Only Trust that every member of this common Council can say the same. I say a chairman of the committee we Havo nothing to fear and nothing to the Resolution As amended was then adopted. In View of the application of Tho Atlantic ave duo Railroad company for a hearing of is petition for por Maion to change from horse to electric Power the time of the Railroad committee to report on a similar petition of Tho Coney Island and Brooklyn company was extended for a Wook. Tho committee will hear both companies at one a doctor of Alcantaras performed by amateurs it lie criterion theater the twelfth anniversary of Fulton Council no. 299, Royal Arcanum was celebrated last night at the grit Orion theater which was filled by the members and friends of the of Urcil. The committee in charge of the entertainment for Tho occasion provided a treat in the shape of a performance of Woolf and Eich Borg a comic opera a the doctor of Alcantara a which was Sung Aud acted by a number of Well known Brooklyn amateurs. The cast of Tho opera was As follows Isabella daughter of or. Paracelsus airs. J. T. Bro Luau Lucretia wife of or. Paracelsus miss Maggie Williams Inez her maid miss Alice Aler Moreau Senor Balthazar or. A. J. Ala Calluy Cartas his son in love with Isabella air. J. T. Brennan or. Petra Cebua or. Charles h. Parsons Don Pomposo or. J. H. Noble Perez or. It. Harris Sancho or. Barrett. The opera is tuneful from beginning to end and never flags in interest. Tho libretto is Well constructed Tho Story simple and the situations natural Aud humorous. Airs. J. T. Brendan Sang the Dart of Isabella with a fresh flexible Soprano refreshing to hear Aud noted Tho part with quiet effectiveness. Miss Williams played Lucre Tia fairly Well and Saug Tho music of Tho part acceptably. Miss blur Moreau Long a Brooklyn favorite was the Stellar figure of the feminine part of the cast. An Excel Lenic actress full of vivacity and with a Good Mezzo Soprano voice she made the part of Inez the life of the operetta. All1. Parsons another favorite was Well received Aud played Tho part of or. Paracelsus As Well As would be expected of him Aud that is saying a Good Deal. He was funny without striving to be and made the most of Tho situations where humorous Points were to be made. Or. John Brennan a Fine Tenor voice was heard to Good advantage in the melodies assigned to Carlos Audau Intro Ducor song a Queen of my heart a and his Good acting deserves a special word of Praise. Air. Macaulay played Senor Balthazar and did it Justice. Or. J. H. Noble was Over weighted with so much padding that it seemed to affect his voice and equilibrium and Tho music of Don Pomposo suffered in consequence. The parts of the two porters were adequately performed by Alestra. Morris and Barrett Aud the funny scene where they bring in the Basket was done so Well that it had to a repeated. The orchestra although not As pretentious in numbers was Tho Best that was heard at an Amateur operatic performance this season and or. George Freidger the conductor handled it like a Man who knew his business. Tho performance As a whole showed careful preparation and reflected credit of air. Parsons the Stago manager. The Concel Tina had bad what Kkt the italian bark of Cattina Captain s. Cris Pouolo came in at Tho North pier Atlantic Basin sunday afternoon from Messina we once she made the voyage in sixty five Days bringing a cargo of fruit and general merchandise consigned to Baring Bros. Be co. The vessel to the master. During nearly the whole of the voyage Tho con Cettina experienced Strong Southwest Aud Northwest gales accompanied by very heavy seas which at times broke Over the vessel with great Force washing the decks of All Movables and doing some damage to Tho planking. Some of Tho sails were also split from the Force of the wind. From Cape Hatteras to port the vessel had very bad weather and had to Havo a Pilot on Board for nine Days. _ had a Arsi Ful of shoes. About 2 yesterday morning officer Stewart of Tho fourth pro Mot disco Rod a Middle aged Man with an armful of shoes walking along Myrtle Avenue just below Raymond Street. The fellow was unable to satisfactorily explain How he came into pose Biou of Tho goods and was locked up. The shoes Wero later found to have been stolen from the establishment of John ehrs at 527 Myrtle Avenue. They had been taken from the stove through a Hole in the plate Glass window. The prisoner was identified by Captain Mckelvey As Thomas Fritzee a Well known burglar. To was formally committed for Tho action of Tho grand jury by judge Kenna. A tub poet Scull it in a Konzik. Baltimore Aid., april 7. There has arrived Here from Bremen a Bronze statue of Tho poet Schiller. Tho statue is so Large that it cannot be put into a Box oar and As the customs Law prohibits Tho transportation of goods in Bond in open cars the matter has been referred to the Secretary of the Treasury for permission to have Tho statue shipped in a Gondola car. The statue will be admitted free of duty wet aft it Seu to us final debt Maura in the Greco Rohan world. Rob void slug us first lecture of a the Send pcs of modern at a association Hall Corner of Fulton and Bond streets was Well filled last evening that a occasion being the regular monthly meeting of the department of architecture of the Brooklyn Institute and the Fordt lecture in a Conree of four on. A the sources of modern Art a by Russell Sturgis of new York. President George l. Morse presided Over the meeting and introduced or. Sturgis who spoke a follows. To have. I Aupp Oss a general feeling that the Fine arte of european people Are More important More dignified and worthy on the whole than Tho. Fine arts of extra european origin and growth. Much As our Art students have admired japanese decoration and painting Aud even Kcal pure of late years and much As those who look further and deeper Havo Learned to love the Fine arts of China we believe still that neither could Over replace the correspond aug Art work of Europe for a. The greek sculpture of the time previous to the establishment of the maritime Empire of Athena say 460 b. G., had been conventional and formal by which it i8 meant that the sculptors gave to their figures certain attitudes and gestures and expressions of feature which though suggested by life were net copied from life but merely received As the proper Render lug. A Boult or would give to Fouvale figures certain Well understood draperies arranged in a series of folds giving the idea of actual garments but not much like the actual fall of the thin Linen or the soft Woolen. The sculptor of the nude male statue gave to it breadth of shoulder and Well developed Muscles of thigh and Schcht but with these attempts at reality he gave no Freedom of movement he limited Liis figures action to Trio putting of one leg a Little before Tho other or Tho advancing of one Arm or hand to hold an attribute or offering. In Relief sculpture Tho action was often More free and vigorous but also it was awkwardly repressed. The sculptor could hardly Render to action of a Man kneeling running or striking and when he tried such action his work was faulty. The faces of All figures men and women Aud divinities alike were generally act in a cur Tau amp smile. But for a Century there had been a decided Advance in the posing for nature and the Power of representing nature and now a Little before the Middle of the fifth Century the Type of perfection was set by the sculptor s work upon Tho great Temple of Olympia that upon the to of thesta at Athene that upon other build Iuga less Well known to us and a number of statues and reliefs not dependent upon any building. From these works of Art to Tho crowning magnificence of Tho Parthenon there was but one step and a it was splendidly taken. It is probable that All the sculptures of the rudiments the me Topes and the tympanum of Tho 1 Parthenon were Complete before Tho year 440 b. From tins time of greek sculpture though never quite equating this its highest flight in purity of style maintains nearly All its marvelous excellence. The Little Mainland of Greece proper Tho greek colonies along the coast of Asia minor the islands of Tho Tezcan spa the colonies of Sicily and the South of Sicily were All filled with statuary in Bronze and Marble Relief sculpture applied to temples and porticos coins Whoso amazing Beauty is one of the Ever now surprises that await the Art student and As we infer works of color almost equating those marvels of form. Or. Sturgis wont of Ell How the romans grew to love the greek Art not at first from obtaining it for its Beauty a Sake but merely for plunder of War and what benefits we in Modem times have derived from the combined Art of the greek and roman. Tho lecture was illustrated by about sixty excellent Afore option views and closed with a round of Well deserved applause for the lecturer. A big strike averted. The new York and la re Oklyn building trades Ferin a Trace on thursday a Resolution was adopted by Tho Brooklyn building trades Council to tie up yesterday morning every building in the City on which steam fitters should to employed. News of this More of the Brooklyn building trades quickly reached the building trades of now York and caused a flutter. Yesterday the steam fitters working on the big bottling establishment in course of erection on Atlantic Avenue near Nevins Street quit work. They did so under compulsion the Brooklyn mechanics refusing to work alongside them. A similar Yoeur route took place of Tho real estate Exchange now building on about ago Street and at Wechslur building of Fulton Street near Bridge a general strike was ordered and Between 270 and 300 mechanics were preparing to quit work when the now York Board of walking delegates put in an appearance. This was shortly after noon time. Tho members of Tho Brooklyn building trades Council were at the time on the spot m full Force. A debate ensued and the demands made by the Brooklyn building trades wore acceded to. A conference is to be held at an Early Date to decide the matter Tho members of it to consist of two representatives of Tho steam fitters Union two steam fit Torso helpers two Brooklyn plumbers two new York plumbers and a disinterested person to be a elected by the conference committee. In Tho meantime Tho steam fitters Are to resume work solely in their own Branch of Idun Stry and Tho plumbers whom they Havo caused to quit work in now York City Are to to reinstated of the jobs they had been working changes suggested. Niet Lions of help by Tho Board of education Radical changes in the method of selecting the employees of the Board of education will be recommended by the commit too of rules at today a mooting. Hitherto the clerical Force and others holding important places have been appointed directly by the Board but the new rules provide that the committees liar aug charge of the departments in which the employees serve shall have practically Tho Power or appointment by nominating such candidates As they see fit. Thus the school House committee will appoint the Moil employed in the department of construction As Arti Saiu and nominate the clerical Force to the Board which in the general run of Casos will confirm. The libraries committee will name those having charge of Alio distribution of books. The finance committee will a elect the Cleri Oai help on Tho main floor and the heating and ventilating committee those employed in superintendent Cunningham a department. None of the employees so selected can be removed except on of amp res duly preferred Aud proven. Hitherto it has been the custom to appoint for a year or a longer Bat just As specific Tim Einsom instances but under Tho system proposed practically a life tenure a guaranteed. Even Tho clerks of the superintendent of Public instruction come under the new Rule As their appointment is in Tho hands of the teachers committee under Tho new rules. Anivy , knights of Honor reception ii entertainment and Arina Small Ivy commander no. 35, uniform Road rank knights of Honor gave an outcry Airmont and reception last night in Arion Hall on Wall Street. There Wero nearly two Hundred persons present and the night was a merry one. Tho Early hours of the evening wore devoted to the carrying out of a musical programme. Among the artists who appeared were miss Alice r. Adams Alisa Nettie Braithwaite airs. A. Al. Wichlei h. Western Charle e. Richey alias Emma Kalb amiss Lillie Blair miss Alary Parker. Alias Alico Bani am and Mina Hattie Turner. Tho committees who had the affair in charge were floor a. C., George Finley w. E. Way a. Lucas c. Ai. Tumor j. F. Winkler 0. R. Home Jamesl. Adams s. B. Gourlay jr., j. D. Osborn . Shultheiss. Reception George Ai. Baker j. At. Nash j. L. Kendall e. A. Cooper c. W. Blake w. P. Carpenter c. Milligan j. R. Hall William w. Arnold a. F. Fitzgerald George e. Blake and s. A. Clark. Executive George Finley a. Lucas j. U. Hall j. Aladdin w. D. White James l. Adams Aud George s. Clift. Music and . A musical and dramatic entertainment was Given last night in Schiellein shall by the Ai. V. Eichen Knutz a flinging society of the now Ward. Tho Eichen Krantz society was assisted let a Trio William toll Maenner Chor and to quartet club. The programme opened with an overture by Ziegler s orchestra which was followed by the Eichen Krantz society which Sang a Adas Horham Otto he Etolil played a violin Solo and Otto Kork sane a baritone Solo. The William Tell Maenner Chor Sang two a elections and William Jasaon rendered August Tobel of the Tell Maenner Chor Sang and was followed by the quartet club which Sang a very pretty selection. Alias Mamie Yon Grichton Sang a Soprano Solo and s. Willi Mieux amused Tho audience very much with his serenade. Julius Espe Stod Sang a a Aleixo Susanna a in heart breaking tones which seemed to Miido the audience greatly. Tho closed with a laughable after piece representing farm life in the old country. E. W. Montoux represented the Farmer Aud the other parts were taken by Frederick pc Brien w. Jessen Philip Lehman ii. Ziemer and i. Moffert. At the conclusion of the farce which Wab highly enjoyed the Hall was cleared for dancing. _ _. Cured it a had 8tonb. Indianapolis ind., april 7. During the Pnat few weeks in Bartholomew and adjoining counties there has been great alarm on account of mad dogs. Many head of live Stock have been bitten Haring gone mad and been killed and hundreds of canines Hare been laugh stored As a sacrifice to the hydrophobia scare. Or. Butler of Clifford was two months ago bitten by a Rabid dog and to went to Columbus and applied Tho William Phipps mad a tone which adhered to Tho would eleven hours before dropping off. Since then the doctor has experienced no inconvenience from the bite. Last Friday mrs. Reynolds and a neighbouring woman were attacked in Bartholomew county and both were severely bitten. Mrs Reynolds had a Finger broken. She also applied the mad store which Adb erod Teucci oily for thirteen hours. 11kb parents disown her. Grand army. Margia Ounn Inclima Aeed 15 years faced june Konna yesterday 011 a charge of vagrancy preferred by officer Robert Walker of the fourth precinct. The Eirl was found by Walker at 11 o clock on saturday Nii it with a youth about her own age drip King Beer in a rear room of a Hudson Avenue a aloof. Her parents refused to have anything to do with her in the court room and she was committed to jail pending an investigation by officer Frank Folk of the children a society. _ a 8a1lkd Fob �uu0pi.mrs.-Charlis h. Russell and iss Katherine d. Burnette sailed for Europe on wednesday by the Antwerp line. They will spend several months Twenty fifth anniversary of the organization. A to Bratis is by various Bre Efti Fotu last a us Ion Osbor Lamto in Plymouth Clmrch-014 soldiers Exchange greetings. Charles r. Doane George c. Strong and Winchester posts of the grand army of the Republic with u. Grant Moses f. Odell Devin first Long Island c. D. Mckentie William Lloyd Garrison and Henry Ward Beecher posts and u. 8. Grant veterans As guests assembled in Plymouth Church last night to celebrate the Twenty fifth anniversary of the organization of the order. Tho body of the edifice was filled with old soldiers while the galleries were taken up by women and children and of the platform were seated the commanders of the posts and general George h. Sharpe of Kingston n. Colonel Thomas f. Barr u. 8. A Henry al Calvert Alason Gallagher and general Horatio c. King. Tho last named acted As master of ceremonies and could noted the musical part of Tho programme while the big Organ poured Forth its melodious strains and the full choir led in All the singing. Albert 8. Caswell opened the entertainment with a Organ voluntary and general King explained the object of Tho gathering saying that he Felt a Strong tendency to repeat the old chestnuts of the past but he would refrain from to doing. To spoke of the Gray haired and Bald loaded men Prev ent asserting his belief that they All Felt As Young As they did in 1801-05. He told a Story of a dutchman who wanted his fathers picture taken. Tho old Man had changed it great Deal but his Bou walled Tho artist to make the likeness look us his father did in years a Ono by not As he appeared in features just then lie speaker made the store applicable to the grand army men in their present situation and changed appearances and the whole building Shook with laughter at general Tiu go a Story. He then introduced tie Rev. Lyman Abbott who offered up a prayer in which he called upon god to suppress All sectional strife and corruption in Overy part of the country. At 8 30 p. M. Adjutant Alonzo slivers of Strong Post read the order of commander in chief Veaze of Rutland vt., and the the whole congregation Sang Julia Ward Howe so Battle hymn of the Republic a a which was followed by a tenting on the old Camp ground a by the choir Aud audience. General Sharpe was introduced by Tho chairman. He said that since the War general Grant was abroad Aud was received by All classes across Tho Ocean As no other Man was before that time. Sherman also received the same generous treatment. Gladstone and lord John Russell continued tie speaker were against the Union and they said that the end of the War would Leavo us with a military government but they Wero wrong As Tho Farmer the lawyer and Tho minister went Back to their original occupations thus showing that no government of the face of the Earth was As Strong As a Republican form of government. The speaker related several anecdotes of Tho surrender of Leos array at Appomattox court House saying that Somo words were spoken by the two great captains which were not heard by Many of the staff officers around them. After the conference to heard Grant say to the commissary to turn out All the spare ratios in his pos cession As general Leeds array Wero starving. Cheers general Lee the speaker added never gave up his had been erroneously stated it he carried it off the Field with him. That was the first of general Grauth a conciliatory methods. Afterwards the conqueror proclaimed a let is litre so it was said general Sharpe every anniversary of the death of Grant distinguished Confederate soldiers meet Union soldiers Aud to with them in honouring the memory or our great Captain. The speaker referred to Tho Western Campaign and hoped that All engaged in it would Seo the forms of John Sedgwick u. Grant a. P. Hill and Stonewall Jackson mingling together in peace and he knew that if such should be the Case the guard would turn out Aud say a uncover to the great a i paroled general Leos army at Appomattox a said general Sharpe a and when i was in Huglund afterwards i Hail a great desire to see John Bright who told me that to would not Havo treated the rebels half b Well As i did. But i was Only carrying out the policy of conciliation adopted by general the choir and audience Sang a marching through Georgia a during which general King entered into the spirit of the evening and general Sharpe stood behind Bun As if trying his lung Powers. Colonel Barr was next introduced and he opened in remarks by paying a compliment to thu memory of Lenry Ward Beecher a who waged War in behalf of constitutional Tira colonel thou referred to Petersburg Richmond and Gettysburg describing the patties around each place and passed a High Eulogius on Grant Sherman a Riendau and Terry. To said that the volunteers proved to the Notti Riib of the Earth that Tina country did not need a great standing army because she was Strong duo Una without Sulci a expensive luxury. A tramp tramp was Sung by the entire congregation in such a flue spirit that it evoked Iron general King the remark a boys you arc engaged for the next in Iuro during Lenry Ai. Calvert Tho master of ceremonies said that general Fisk made him acquainted with the last commander saying Tuai to Calvert was a healthy methodist while he King wrote All the obituary poetry for the Philadelphia Leaver and was the author of that Beautiful specimen Coli me Sciug with a Mary Ami has gone to rest and she sleeps in Abrahams breast. It is Yery Well for Alary Ann but it is awful bad on or. Calvert said that it so happened that to was a senior Warden in a episcopal Church in this City and he did not Aee How they could Mako him a methodist. He gave a resume of the history of the grand army and delivered a glowing Eulogy on the lace founder or. Stepoli Euisun and closed by speaking of his grave on the to Adamou River in Illinois making a powerful Appeal to his listeners to Bee that the burial place of the founder of that organization be kept in a proper state. The audience Sang a a Moricas and chaplain Mason Gallagher Peuo suced the Benediction. The Twenty fifth anniversary of the organization of the grand Anny of the it Publio was appropriately observed by Middleton Post no. 500 in its rooms in Lexington Hall Gates and Reid avenues last night. The Post Headquarters were elaborately Doc orator with tropical plants and the american colors. About five Hundred guests of Tho organization witnessed the ceremonies. Commander a. D. Spaulding had charge of Tho exerciser. In conformity with a general order from the grand army Headquarters at Rutland yt., the programme was opened precisely at 8 30 with a Brief address outlining the purpose of the mooting by the Preu Diug officer. Past commander Ai. Shaddock followed briefly review. Aug Tho history of Tho Post which lie stated was named in Honor of Benjamin Middleton a once Well known resident of Brooklyn. It was formed air. Shaddock added in 1884, and now numbered 130 members. Thirteen members had passed away during its seven years of existence. Through the efforts of the pest $2,023.25 in All had been distributed for the Relief of widows Aud orphans of War veterans. Hull Grant past senior vice commander of new York state was the orator of Tho evening. His address was an interesting description of the formation and objects of Tho grand army of the rep Bho. Originally or. Grant stated three quarters of a million sex so Diora Wero enrolled on it roster. Thore were thirty Nino departments and 7,041 Post. Death had reduced Tho ranks in a Quarter of a Century from three quarters of a million to a half a million. Instrumental and vocal selections by Charles Lurphy and Alisa Campbell brought tie exercises to a close. The anniversary was fittingly commemorated Byg. K. Warren Post no. 280 and Rankin Post no. 10 at conservatory Hall Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue. Commander p. A. Waddy of Warren Post presided. Comrade l. R. Miller explained the history of the Post. Major Walker of Rankin Post Road a formal order from commander in chief of the grand army w. Yeazley explaining Tho purpose of the Celebration Comrade 13. Smith told the history of the organization and entertainment consisting of vocal and instrumental music was contributed by Foster l. Backus mrs. E. Bartlett Reeves Augustus Goodell master Allio Waddy mrs. And alus Lainio aloud Clyde matter 13. Smith Alisa Heath Max Tor Alfred Sunil and a. J. Quevedo. A dancing programme of twelve numbers was subsequently interpreted. Tin Twenty fifth Audi Ersary of Tho grand army of Tho Republic was celebrated lat opening by the members of to. F. Dupont Post no. 187, at their rooms 355 Bushwick no euro. The night was pleasantly passed in binding Story telling and speech making. It wag Long after Midnight when the affair was brought to a close. Death of an old teaches. The funeral of Alisa Sarah e. Sniff on teacher of the graduating class in Public school no. 70, took place this afternoon at Tho East new York reformed Ehrob. Alias sniff on was born in fort Lee n. A. 45 years ago. Her parents soon after became residents of now Lota Aud she spent her life there. On october 9 last the pupils of Tho Wyona Avenue school us scrod tie twentieth a Niver Sarnof miss stiff end al connection with educational work and Many warm tributes were paid to her Worth. Pneumonia complicated with heart failure caused her death on saturday. Sic Donald Kennedy. A or. Edward f. Sic Donald of Philadelphia and miss Joie Kennedy oldest Daug Tor of or. And mrs. Audrew j. Kennedy of 12 Kosciusko Street Wero married at St. Patrick a Church on Kout Avenue yesterday afternoon. R9v. Thomas tank o officiated. Amiss Agnes Kennedy sister of Tho Bride acted As maid of Honor and Daniel Mcdonald brother of the Groom was Best Man. The presents Woro numerous and costly and the party after receiving congratulations departed on a Short trip. _ _ a prof Issott Ufi uhis orthodoxy. Philadelphia a. April 7. What promises to be a struggle of no Small importance for the maintenance of orthodox Pron by arianism has been opened by the presbytery of Philadelphia which has taken Tho initiative in calling Tho attention of the general Assembly of the Church to the opinions expressed by professor Charles a. Briggs who occupies the chair of biblical theology in Union theological Seminary new York City. Air overture to the supremo authority of Tho Church practically petitions his dismissal. Wokk1nu for fifty a knt a a Day London april 7. According to comparisons made at Tho Parta miners Congress belgian miners Aro the worst paid of any their average wages boing 2s. Dally while French miners receive 8s. And the germans from 3s. To 4s., but this has Boon the Caso with a germans Only Viuca their Etri Kei in 1889 a him tary gossip. Notes from the big Licat and Brigado Headquarters company go Twenty third regiment Captain Ezra de Forrest had its preliminary inspection in the armory at evening. The theater party of Tho Twenty third will come off at Tho Park to night. Tho soldiers Wil Wear evening dross not full dress uniform As was Given out by a member of the committee last week. The closing Drill of company a Twenty third will occur a pril 29. The even pc will to Cota rated with a dance which 18 to Bogin at 9 30 o clock. The company already has a Ball team named for the camping season. Company a Twenty third and company a thirteenth shot a Matoh at the Twenty third regiment armory last saturday night. The Twenty third men win by 17 Point. The totals were company i438 Campan a 421. A battalion Drill of the fourteenth regiment has been ordered for april 15. Company a fourteenth regiment will have a social at petera1 Hall Fulton Street and Gallatin Placo april 13. A Good entertainment including a boxing exhibition will be followed by refreshments. Company a Twenty third regiment will Havo an entertainment in the company room to Morrow night. The veterans association has been invited. Tho entertainment will be followed by a dinner. Rifle teams from company a Twenty third and company a thirteenth will shoot a match in to thirteenth regime pfc Range next saturday night. The annual meeting of Tho to Torana association of Tho Brooklyn City guard was hold in tiie room of company a Twenty third last evening ands veral members of Tho company wore elected veterans. Tho association will have a dinner at the Union league april 25. The preliminary inspection of company g will occur next Friday night. The members of the ambulance corps of the Twenty third regiment passed theoretical Aud practical examinations in Tho armory Friday night. Captain Franklin p. Swazey a discharge was received at brigade Headquarters last night. A special meeting of Tho examining Board was held at brigade Headquarters last opening for Tho examination of these officers from tie thirty second regiment Captain elect Rooney company a second lieutenant Frederick Forster co Udany a Captain elect William Thum company a Captain elect Ervin a. Pratt company a and second lieutenant a. W. Simpson company of hrs. Ellen Gordon Burge. A we Man who qua identified with Ninny educational institutions. Mrs. Ellen Gordon Burge wife of professor f. W. Burge of the boys High school died this morning at her residence 64 Brooklyn a ouzo. She Hud been afflicted with cancer for fire years but it was Only three months ago that her condition became critical and her life was de a waived of. Mrs. Burge was born in Salem ind. Forty five years ago. Her father was general Gurdon who Warono of the Promise it men in the affairs of Southern Indiana. Mrs. Burge had the a Lvan Tage of ool Legato training graduating in Tho classical course in 1860 from Miami University Oxford o.,Ono of the most advanced institutions of learning in Tho West. She afterwards pursued musical studies in Loudon Ami Paris and previous to her death was Oue of Tho most skillful performers in this City. In 1870, at new Albany ind., she was married to professor Burge who at that time was engaged in teaching in the a Nii Vilta High school. Afterwards she went to Lincoln nub., with him As an instructor in Tho state University Thore. While her husband was professor of modern languages in the University of Vermont at Burlington she also taught in the institution tilling a position in the musical department. When the Brooklyn High Sci Kiji was organized five or six years ago professor Burge acc Stod the headship of Tho modern language department. Mrs. Burge came to Brooklyn with him and has resided Here Over since. She was a Earnest student an accomplished musician and a cultural woman. Vuu though i with disease she kept fresh her knowledge of the Cla Mica. To he was a member of Tho Tompkins a ouzo congregational Church. The funeral a ervits will be held at 10 o clock to Morrow morning at her Lute residence. Or. Meredith her pastor will have charge. Burial will follow at evergreens cemetery. A lecture on too far. Stephen Helm s. Ii m. Toll of the of several specie. The monthly meeting of the department of microscopy of the Brooklyn Iusti me was held in the class room of the Young menus Crristian association 502 Fulton Street last evening about fifty of the member being pros out. President Henry l. Woodman presided. Secretary George e. Allily attended to matters of record. A few items of routine business wore gone through Aud president Woodman thou introduced Stephen Helm f. R. M. S., who gave a very interesting and highly instructive discourse on the Pecunia Rivies of rotifers. Tho rotifer although the size of but about one fiftieth of Oue of us Inch is us animal nevertheless and a exceedingly Lively one at that when viewed beneath the Lens of a powerful Microscope. His Home is a single drop of water which is plenty Largo enough to contain a great May of him and allow perfect Freedom of action. The rotifer in so called because of possessing a a hic a or wheels Winch Ura fringed by Minuto hair or cilia and used for thu purpose of securing food in the first place and in the second place to build habitations to dwell in. The Cei Iuliu is like a hair and yet perhaps that hardly expresses it As it is Fiat. A Bhuta of grass with a Point like its tip is More nearly a Correct idea of it. The Rotor bus always been held in the High ont esteem by thu , As it is easily procured easily kept easily seen and always interesting. It was first discovered by John hums Rector of win Chenoa to 1690, who however did not know what he had discovered but nevertheless published in that year Tho Desur Puou of a animal Cule found in a drop of water which tallies very nearly with that of the rotifer of a later period. Rotifers May be roughly classified As those which swim and creep those Winch swim Only Aud those Umoh do neither. Professor Helm had on exhibition beneath the lenses of powerful Micro Seopa two of the most interesting species the Ilo Cuianu Kornuta Aud Stephano Eros singing society. The organi Zavion elect officer Aud consider improvement the annual but Tiunis meeting Aud election of officers of the Arion singing society a held last night at Arion Hall on Wall Street. About two Hundred member of the organization were present. Peter Bertsch presided and Joseph Zoellnor recorded the proceedings. Or. Ii. 13. So airman moved to have the Liall the property of the society enlarged. In making the motion or. Scharikan dwelt at some length on the necessity for More accommodations. He then submitted a act of Plana and said that Beveral member of Tho society had already subscribed contributions to the amount of $23,500 toward payment for Tho enlargement of the building. The new Hall he continued would then offer facilities twice a Largo As the present. Thero would also be an annual income of $8,59 0, out of which the sinking fund would receive the sum of $2,600. Tho contributions thus a i Van cod by the member would have to be repaid by third mortgage Bond. At this Point cd judge Naeher submitted a plan to cancel the present mortgage of $30.000 and to take up a new mortgage for $g0,000 out of which to pay Tho Cost of the new building. He Flat the proceeding would have to be made in a careful manner a the now plan needed the com but it fall the members As Wei As tie consent of Tho courts. After considerable debating the matter was placed in the hand of the Board of officers with full Power to execute Tho plan. The election of officer was then taken up with Tho following result president Peter Bertsch re elected first vice president Marion Eisen Hauer second vice president Herman c. Wagner recording Secretary Louis Zoellner Corren a onding Secretary g. Kaufmann treasurer. \ Jung. Trustees a. Ii Esq Louis Graf Ami Joseph 0. Harker. Houmu committee Carl a. Merle Valentino Becker and Louis Vichill. Democratic gunk al committee the regular monthly meeting of Tho King county democratic general committee was held la get night at Jefferson Hail. Chairman Adams Prosi fied and Secretary William furan recorded. After the Road Lugof Tho minutes of last meeting Aud the other routine business a concluded the he rotary announced the substitution of the name of William h. Mclaughlin for that of John ii. Martin off As a member of the general committee from Tho fourth Ward. Protests against their expulsion presented by Joseph f. Curran and Charle Crook of Flatbush were made. Tho protest were referred to Tho discipline committee. The committee then adjourn god. Mash Naland for emigrants London april 7. Lord Randolph Churchill Bay to intend to discover whether Mash Naland is suitable for emigration on it Largo scale. If to he say that it will a of Tho utmost importance to England considering How restricted the emigration Field in now becoming. He does not expect that he will an armed Force. To will Nail on april 24 and will return at Tho end of the year. Hichak Daywitt was not appointed. London april 0. The Mccarthy Ite have declined to suggest anyone rut Ead of Michael Davitt to bit on the labor commis lion. They will Movo to adjourn the House of commons of thursday. They Challenge or. Smith to explain his refusal o accept or. Davitt As a commissioner. Parnell suggests that a non political outsider liar aug the Confidence of both sections of Tho Irish party should to nominated in place of or. Davitt. A fukncj1 colonial ex1iiiut10x pair april 7.government consent a about to to asked to the holding on the champs de Mars in 1892 of an International colonial exhibition including specimens of Tho human race throughout the world with discussion by the. Colonial and ethnological congresses. Several million Franos Hare aired Besa guaranteed to carry out Tho influence in the recent. Irish elections. It Aron of Tai of the in Gloh Liberali a a nonconformist a a Gorman float sont to chilian a Torso Tho Guelph fund. By the United Preall. London april 7. The feeling of uneasiness which is gaining ground amour the English liberals As to Cleri Oai into Serenco in Irish politics has been powerfully voice a a by lord Edmund Fitzmaurice in an and drum to the Reading Liberal. Lord Fitzmaurice said to at protestant As he was to desired to lec Oguiza that Ireland was chiefly a roman Catholic country but they must equally Bear in mind that Ireland a not altogether roman Catholic and that a Placo must be kept to cure for the protestants in Tho politics of the country. To added that it was most desirable that nothing should be Doug to in create the difficulties of the situation by striking Tho note of ecclesiastical bigotry. Lord Edmund a apprehensions Are widely shared by English non conformists As Well us Irish proc stauft and the slurs of the orangemen in the Sligo contest have greatly tended to exasperate that order. A horrible at Teruel at agrarian crime is reported floras Soklow. A Farmer named Jackson who occupied in evicted farm was expected to take Tea with a neighbor named Driver. A girl aimed Julia Murphy in Tho employ of Driver poured corrosive sublimate used for Ali Eop dip into the Tea. She was detected before anybody drank the Poison and confessed her guilt and said that aha had been prompted to Tho act by other parties. It is stated that Tho Kaiser has requested another interview with Queen Victoria to talk Over Tho Guelph fund difficulty and other family mat teis. Tho Queen it is said would to satisfied with the payment to Tho Duke of Cumberland of Trio interest of the fund which interest amounts amounts to about �100,000 a year. The Kaiser wants Tho Duke to surrender his claims to the hanoverian throne. It a thought that Queen victorians influence May induce the Duko to surrender. Among tie Berlin stories of the Guelph fund is one to the effect that Bismarck presented 50,000 Marks from the fund to the chief of the secret political police in return for Aud in recognition of his services in carrying out the personal Aims of by Baarck. The grand Duko of Luxemburg Lias solicited and obtained permit stir a from the Kaiser to visit bar in about the end of this month. Tho grand Duke of Baden has fitted up a magnificent read Deco in Berlin which he wiil occupy Liuo residing there As commander of a brigade of guard. The relation Between Germany and Luxemburg Are watched with much jealousy in France but Aro every Day becoming Clonar. It appear that Chancellor Capri via a Resolution to Send a Strong feet to chilian Waters was prompted by re out news recoil of at Hamburg of Tho treatment to which German vessels wore being subject ii. The insurgent feet has seized a German loaded with Coal and carried it off cargo and All the interference of the British Fleet caused Tho bark to be released Tho Coal however being taken and Well paid for. The objection of British merchant vessels were to prevent interference without Appeal to Tho feet. Tho belgian workmen a party now in session in bru8els. Is considering the Quost iou of ordering a general strike. The strike was originally fixed for april 1, but postponed to await Tho action of Tho miners International Congress. The Congress however a done nothing and Tho belgian workmen still hesitate to sacrifice belgian Industry in Tho general canse of labor. Tho cessation of manufacturer in Belgium would afford a Golden Opportunity to Tho depressed industries of England and France with which Belgium enters into cheaper Competition. A number of partial strikes Are already going on in different parts of Belgium but without apparent concert of action. The German and British governments Havo protested against Trio imposition by Servia of new and onerous taxes on imports. Death of u. M1mster Swift. Particular of i deceased Honor paid to into dead Diplomat san Francisco cal., april 7. The particulars of the death of John f. Swift United states minister to Japan arrived hero of Tho Teamor Rio de Janeiro. Or. Swift had been prostrated by an attack of influenza Early in Tho year but was supposed to Havo entirely recovered on March 10 he complained of a pain in Tho Region of i heart and went to bed. That night while talking to or. Swift he suddenly expired without further warning. Death was attributed to heart failure. The Bol j Wall Takon to Yokohama where it a received with great honors. As Tho funeral procession reached Yokohama minute gun were fired from the United states a Trainer Alliance. The funeral arrangements were Mado by the american Colony Aud Wero participated in by the japanese officials the foreign diplomatic corps Tho american legation Admiral Belknap and staff. Tho funeral service were hold in the american episcopal. Church at Tokio March 13. The coffin was draped with Trio United state Flag and was covered with Flowers some of which were aleut from Tho Imperial household. Tho services were conducted by Bishop Williams and Beckort Teth. Tho remains were escorted to the train by the foreign and japanese ministers the naval and military officer and a Large detachment of troop. At Yokohama Sailor from Trio United states British italian and japanese men of War acted As an escort. Bishop Williams could noted the services at the cemetery. A Wreath sent by Tho emperor a buried in the grave. The remains Are Only temporarily interred at Yokohama Aud will to conveyed to overcrowded Hospital. I pervs for it Aulcy 11a nut vet Talca Altan on Tutu i ter. A no action a yet been Takon by president pro tera. It. L. Bassiey of Tho Board of supervisors a to the appointment of a committee of Throe from that body to arrange a method by which the present overcrowded county Hospital at Flatbush could be immediately relieved and the alleged maladministration there corrected. Supervisor at Large Paul ii. Kretzschmar a couple of weeks ago recommended Tho appointment of such a committee and As a physician entertains vigorous View a to the needs of a change for Tho bettor in Tho Hospital. From outside indication it would seem an if a determined Uffert would be made to secure the selection of a visiting Bou Pital staff made up of some of the More experienced medical men in Brooklyn who would Giro the county institution Tho attention they give Thwin own practice. A at present constituted Tho Hospital staff in made up of Young men Nom appointed for political reason others because of social connection and in rare instance for professional skill. Tho need of More experienced men is apparent Whon one consider that not Only is the Hospital overcrowded but that it surroundings Are such that an unhealthy condition in general prevails. Or. Kretzschmar when questioned about Tho matter to Day declined to discuss it. He however. On saturday asked or. Bistay to appoint the committee As Hook a possible. The Dmick train on the invitation of the management of thu new York and new England Railroad company a number of new York and Brooklyn people made a trip to Boulton last week on the celebrate a White train which leave the grand Central depot every afternoon at 3 of clock. Tho train consist of seven cars including Royal smoker Aud a dining coach All painted White with Gilt ornamentation. The Interior of Tho coaches i i finished in highly polished mahogany. Heavy plate Glass mirrors bookcases and elaborate Oak writing do Fly Are among Tho convenience placed at the Dipo al of Tho passengers. Gas is used for illum Nattan and Largo Cylinder Nino feet Long Are under each car for thief purpose. There is no Bell rope. Each car has a lever working in a pipe which con eur with underneath tie car and when the Lover in operated on any of the car a Small whistle i blown in the engine cab and this Furni uhe Tho signal to Stop. Another Houe running parallel with the Sigual hone Furui Ahe the air for the brakes it being possible for any of the passenger to bring the train to a a top almost instantly. Tho train hand have White Capa Garu Hod with Gold Trio menu cards in the dining car Aro of Ivory and Gold and even the note paper and a Cave Lupow Are lettered in White and Gold. The trip to Boston is made in a in hours to the to cooed n chemical compound known a a Skem Komi being used in conjunction with Tho Coal. This compound not Only create a larger Volmo of heat and subsequently result in a saving of fuel but it kills Trio smoke. Tho convenience of Tho Road Wero highly appreciated by to excursion lists who voted Thorn tie Acme of comfortable and luxurious travelling. To or. A. In a Rndall the general agent and to or. W. Of a. Babcock the new York and Western repro i native of Trio new York and now England company Tho of cure Ioni to were indebted for Many courtesies shown in Taron. Thoy re turned a Thoy wont precisely on Timo. Municipal elections in Ohio. Findlay 0., april 7. From tie various cities of northeastern Ohio on the municipal election yesterday indicate that the democrats litre carried Tho i tie.-1 of Findlay Nepoleon Defiance , Lima upper Sandusky while Trio he publicans have been successful in Toledo of Toria Bowling Groen North Baltimore and Bluffton. Philo Tho mud a Wero purely local Trio result is regarded As significant of Tho fall con test and with Thi View of the matter the democrats Are somewhat jubilant although the returns hardly justify such fool bugs of exaltation. If Tho Battle of this fall is fought out on Tho same line the result will be exceedingly doubtful. Tho officers voted for wore mayor noun Wilmou and members of the Board of education a each of to several Oit Iea of Northwestern Ohio and the result gives Tho democrats control 91 the principal olits of Northern Ohio ;