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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 06, 1891, Brooklyn, New York Moa Day evening april 0,1891. This paper has a Carsula Tola liver Thau that of any other Bro plug paper published in the United Statos. Its to Blanc As an advertising medium is therefore apparent. Eagle Branch of Lco-iv23? Redford Zarenne. Near Fulton Street. 435 fifth Avenue. Near ninth Street. 44 broads tray is Coltlyn. E. D., and Atlantic Avenue near East not York aconite. Advertisements for the week Day edition to ill be received up to in s0 o rebook .1. At., and for the sunday edition up to 10 p. On saturdays. Persons desiring the Eagle left at their residence in any part of the City can Send their address without remittance Obj Lee and it will be Given to the new dealer who Pierres panel s in the District. Persons leaving town can have the daily and sunday Eagle mailed to them postpaid for $1.00 per month the address being changed As often As desired. The Eagle will be sent to any address in scrape at s1.3� per month postage prepaid. Communications unless accompanied with stamped envelopes will not be and Las Bills. About two years ago tie legislature passed a Bill to put the Price of Gas in Brooklyn at 81.50 a thousand feet. Last year also the legislature passed n general measure correctly though not minutely described when it was called a a the general land after that general land Bill was signed an interesting. Discovery was made. A Rural legislator had put a a a rider on it which escaped everybody a attention but his own. A a a rider is a provision attached to a Bill providing something entirely different from the declared and apparent purpose of lie Bill and such tricks Are frequently played in legislation. By this a a rider it was provided that in cities which by Trio not Federal census should appear to have a population of Over 800,duo, the Price of Gas should on and after May 1 of the year following the taking of such census be ?1.25 a thousand feet. If therefore there is no change in existing legislation the Gas companies of Brooklyn will be required to charge f?1.25 a thousand feet on and after May 1, instead of �1.50, which they have been charging for some time in the past. The passage of the a a rider referred to was a fraud on the legislature a fraud on the governor and a Surprise to the companies and it was neither asked for nor suspected by any Man woman or child in this City on which it was designed exclusively to take effect. Assemblyman Cooney Early in the present session introduced a Bill to maintain the Price of its present rates Here and that Bill the other Day passed the Assembly by a Largo vote. The Eagle Lias watched Tho passage of the Cooney Bill with indifference for the following reasons admitting that the reduction of the Price of Gas is desirable to Consumers the prospective reduction to $1.25 a thousand was secured by a fraud and Reform or retrenchment by fraud is not in itself com med Noble. As there was neither Public knowledge nor Public demand behind Tho Quot rider surreptitiously passed last year so Lias there been no Public demand visible or audible from Tho sources of Public opinion in Brooklyn the Puoplo themselves for or against or. Cooney a measure or for or against the continuance of the legislative trick by which Tho prospective reduction was required. Moreover the Eagle is satisfied by experience that whether the Price he 81.25 or 81.50, Tho lulls rendered to Consumers for Gas will average about the Samo month in and Mouth out year in and year out. In other words Tho Bilu Bear a strict relation to what May be called Tho policy of the companies and do not Bear a strict relation to the Quantity of Gas consumed. There is no consumer who does Nof feel this to to True there is no Gas company which would not swear on a pile of directories As High As the new Eagle building will be that it is not True and there is not a single mothers son of those impudent and inscrutable beings who examine your meters from Mont i to month but would make his affidavit that his declaration is Correct. All the same the face of the Gas Bill bears a direct relation to the policy or necessary Revenue of companies and bears no relation at All to speak of to to Quantity of Gas burned. The Eagle has carefully avoided saying that the face of the Bills bears no relation to the figures on the dial of 1 lie meter. Those figures Are to the jews a stumbling Block to the creeks foolishness to men of All nationalities a conundrum and to the chaps who nose up and note the a state of the meters Quot a wild and delirious Delight. Of these accounts neither the Eagle nor Tho other Brooklyn papers can be said to have developed a condition of editorial frenzy or reportorial rapture or reprobation touching the c of once Bill or any other Gas Bill. When consumption does not determine the amount of Bills legislation undertaking to fix a rate of charge will most certainly secure no Relief to Consumers although it May slightly add to the activity of meter computers. Nor has Tho Eagle been concerned because the companies hero have pushed and promoted this Bill. Corporations generally look out for themselves before Legislatures and legislators Ara pretty Apt to look out for corporations. We do not believe in legislation for or against corporations. Corporations As combined capital should have about Trio same rights and should suffer about the Samo burdens As individual of dial. The City is interested not in to ruin but i the. Reasonable Success of nil business enterprises whether corporate or personal whether Selling Gas or s icing dry goods whether carrying passengers on the ground or in Tho air whether printing newspapers or conducting Heaters or doing anything else. With the Hue and cry against corporations the Eagle has 110 sympathy and from the special efforts put Forth to favor them Tho Eagle has Sim piously withheld itself Well knowing that Ulieru is no advantage which corporations will not seek to obtain and that there is no Quot strike which can be made upon them which Tho policy Caius in local and in state government will not attempt to Lohnke. Newspapers ran Well let the self interest of corporations and cupidity of politicians fight out their own struggles without concern on a the part of the press. There is a method of Reform in the relations of lighting companies to Tiu Law which tie Eagle Lias favored in the past and still heartily favors. It is the method of a state commission bringing lighting companies under the same Wise rules and penalties prescribed to carrying companies or railroads by the state Railroad commission. Governor Hill Las repeatedly urged such a measure. The legislative brigands of both parties have been careful to prevent his recommendations from being made into a Law. Thera is too much Money in things As they Are and there would be too Little in tilings is they ought to to for the legislative brigands to disturb the former or provide the latter. The local companies not unreasonably maintain that they ought to be allowed to charge 23 cents More a thousand feet for Gas hero than is charged in new York because of the additional piping and the More scattered population on this Side of Tho River. Sensible people who recognize that Tho people have More interest in prosperous than in pauper Zed corporations Liao been disposed to concede this fact. Especially is it so when they realize that a Rodu eed rate will not bring reduced Bills and that there will to no Reform in Tho mutter possible until tie wholesome principle of Siats supervision and accountability shall Havo been established. Persons of their owners and managers is another question. Probably Tho courts will decide that they have. So Long is property is not declared to be no property on the ground of conflict with Public morals certain privileges will attach to it. Even trusts until they Are outlawed As is piracy will claim judicial Protection. Orderly proceeding is one of Tho Means to this end. That an offhand direction to produce books from an office in another state is regular is denied by Tho sugar lawyers. Of course it will be argued that the Trust Hurt their Case by concealing the records More than Thoy would by disclosing Tho facts. They seem inclined to take the chances on that and refuse to risk Tho Senate committee in the matter. While Tho people discourage All combinations in restraint of Trade and forced schemes to put up prices they will perhaps not waste much sympathy in this particular Case. If the Trust is a strike against Tho Consumers who shall undertake to say that there is not a legislative strike against Tho Trust corporations Ilotti wrong. T no esteemed new York contemporaries Tho Sun and evening Post Are at logger Heads respecting the proper interpretation of or. Blaines statement that a the United states Havo distinctly recognized Tho Prim Ciple of indemnity to those italian subjects who May have Boon wronged by a violation of the rights secured by the treaty with Tho United states of february 2g, 1871.�?� seems to us that they arc both in error. The Sun construes it to mean that a if the treaty guarantees to Tho subjects of Kin him Bart the same Protection As is afforded by our Laws to american citizens Tho lynched italian subjects will stand on precisely the same footing in this respect As the lynched italian american the Post s Eon. Tent Ion is that indemnity is Nota matter of right hut a matter of Grace entirely. It de. Clares that there was no such recognition is that mentioned by or. Blaine either in Tho Case of the attack on the spaniards in new Orleans in 1850, or of the attack on the chinese at Hock Springs in 1835. But sir. By aide does not mean what either of them seems to suppose he Means. He cer thinly does not hold with the Sun that lynched italian subjects stand on the same footing in respect to indemnity from the United states As the lynched italian american citizens. The United states does not recon. Nize any principle of indemnity in the ease of american citizens which could be the basis of an Appeal to Congress for pecuniary damages or compensation. Their Appeal for failure of Protection to life or property is to Uio local authorities of the Coram Init in which Tho failure occurs. What or. By aide Means is that inasmuch As the United states agreed Vith the italian government to protect Tho lives and property of italian subjects domiciled hero Tho United states recognizes Tho property of indemnification in the event of any violation of that agreement. He is very far from saying that they stand on the same footing in this respect with american Citi. Zens. Tho Post is equally at fault in treating Tho Secretary a statement is if it were declaratory of a right to demand indemnity for an Infra. Ton of the treaty. It is possible to recognize the a Principio of indemnity Quot without recognizing the existence of a right to exact indemnity. His words Are entirely consistent with Tho View that Tho United states under Tho circumstances would make reparation As a matter of Grace merely. A principle May be founded upon an equity growing out of a written contract whose provisions do not Requiro us to Obs Orvo the principle. Or. Blaine feels that after engaging to protect the lives and property of italian subjects the least we can do is to pay for breaking the bargain. It is the fair thing As lie sees it not the necessary tiling. Trio obligation is moral not Legal. We do not stand the cold letter of Tho Bond. Our generosity neighbourly feeling and disposition to atone to the Best of our ability for a wrong unintentionally done Aro appealed to. These constitute Tho basis of his recognition of tie principle of indemnity and his statement is perfectly intelligible without As. Suming that to concedes to Italy Trio right to present and demand payment of a Bill for damages. or Marilie whether trusts Are generally bad and whether the sugar Trust especially is an enemy of Mankind which should be abated us a common Lui Innee is a fair question. It has been pretty to roughly discussed and the debate goes on. Economists and lawmakers will probably continue to Experiment with the subject with entire Freedom. It is one of the most interesting topics of Tho Day. But Ali Eolior until destroyed by statutory or constitutional enact Mont Tho trusts Havo any private rights in the a defective programme. It is stated no it on what appears to be very Good authority that Tho Connecticut democrats have completed their programme of Legal proceedings to Settle the controversy Tunit Lias been going on since to meeting of tie legislature last january. We Are in formed that Tho application for a writ quo warranty will first be made to a Superior court judge that in View of the great importance of tile Case the Superior court judge will refer it Tor advice to the supremo court which is at present composed of four republicans and one Democrat that the democratic Contention will to that the court has nothing to do with Trio question of tie legality or illegality of tie marked ballots that May have been counted or rejected by the moderators that the sole Issue for them to consider is whether the failure of the general Assembly to Declaro the persons elected can impair judge Morris title and defeat the will of Tho people and that out of regard for the Public welfare the judges it is hoped will consent to expedite tie proceedings. There Are some obvious reasons for believing that to programme thus mapped out will not correspond with the actual course of events. Any reasonable anticipation of the probable action of the courts must Havo careful regard not alone to Tho dispute Between tie two houses of Tho legislature and its Legal effect upon the fortunes of the candidates but to All Tho facts and circumstances out of which that dispute Nrose. The alleged Contention of Tho democrats that the courts have nothing to do with Tho question of Tho legality or illegality of the marked ballots rejected or counted is therefore ranch too narrow for safety. The Eagle has already discussed Tho provision of Tho state Constitution which acquires the general Assembly to examine Tho returns and to declare Tho persons a a legally elected. Judge Morris according to Tho face of the returns has Twenty six majority. If Trio marked ballots rejected by the Bridgeport Moderator had been counted this majority would Liao been wiped out and there would have been no election by the people. It is evident therefore that Tho question at the Root of the whole trouble is were these ballots properly rejected or under Tho Law were they entitled to be cast and counted it is strictly a Legal question and upon its decision the disposal of the whole matter turns. The it publican House took the ground that the rejected ballots were Legal and ought to Havo been counted. Tho democratic Senate took the ground that the legislature could not go into this question but were obliged to declare Tho result As it appeared by the face of tie returns. The democratic programme accordingly excludes the two most fundamental Points at Issue first is to whether Tho disputed ballots wore or were not Legal ballots and second As to we tier tie general Assembly had authority to go behind the returns. Tho Only dec Isiah it contemplates is a decision As to the Legal effect of the failure of Tho two houses to meet in general Assembly and declare the result. But it is Plain that what Tho people of Connecticut chiefly wish to know is whether judge Morris inn or has not a Legal majority and that fact can Only be ascertained by a judicial construction of the election Law in its relation to Tho marked ballots. If that question the Funda mental one in Tho Caso is not decided now it is liable to arise at the very next election and Lead to a repetition of the pre3ont disgraceful squabble. Before the democrats ask Tho court to say whether Tho House can a defeat the will of Tho people Quot they would do Well to ascertain Inhat the will of Tho people is. To Morrow selections in the county towns of Kings county Are outwardly of greater concern to the suburban politicians than to the people of Tho communities affected. Except when excited by some particularly Fla. Grant abuse voters in the Rural precincts beyond Tho municipal Border exhibit Only a languid interest in the conduct of their affairs. For Justice of Tho peace and other minor officials Thoy vote so perfunctorily that the wonder is they vote it All. Wherever they Are subject to individual Bosses As in Gravesend or new utrecht they move with the precision and Road Noss of trained soldiers. In Flatbush and Fiat lands Trio exhibition of Independence is a Little Moro pronounced but the character of government is no better. Before Many years have passed the towns will be relieved of these annual bickering by admission to the municipal Circle. Until then they will have to make the most of the sex. Cent Honable situation in which circumstances have placed them. Are to indictments of Tho directors valid 7 Connecticut has a Railroad Law and a Railroad commission. It is a part of that Law that whatever that commission directs Tho railroads of that state to do shall itself be Tho Law of the Commonwealth. Pursuant to this the Railroad commission of that state has directed that All Tho railroads of that state shall use in their cars Tho Baker Heater. The Hartford an new Haven Road is a Connecticut corporation. Twenty five Miles of its lines Are within tli6 state of new York from Greenwich to the forty second Street station. Trio directors of the Road have been indicted in this state for not removing the Baker Heater and for not inserting steam pipes and coils within each car. They Are thus indicted in this Stato for compliance with the Laws of Tho state which created them to which they Are subject and which also created and controls the Road whereof Thoy Uro put in charge. They Are indicted in now York in Point of fact for obedience to the Laws of Connecticut. This is one Point to he looked at in contemplating the legality of the indictments found by the grand jury in new York. It is admitted that the Laws of this state require Star pipes to he used in cars and that All stoves and Heaters shall be of them. It is Manifest that Tho Laws of the state and the acts of the now York Stato Railroad commission Are binding Oil the railroads of this state. The Hartford and new Haven Road however is a Connecticut and not. A now York Road. Tho applicability of new York Laws to a Connecticut Road . The comity to to paid by Tho courts of one Stato to the Laws of another is hardly questionable. Moreover the new York Law is the assertion is made to the effect that this requirement about steam pipes and about Tho removal of Heuters and stoves is applicable Only to roads of the state which Are fifty Miles or More in length. Tho new Haven and Hartford Road aside from Heing a Connecticut Road is Only Twenty Flo Miles Long in this Stato unless Tho Twenty five Miles from the forty second Street station to Greenvich be counted As one length and Tho Twenty five Miles from Greenwich to the forty second Street station be counted As an Otylior. Such a calculation would be much like the renowned p. T. Barnum a estimate and Eulogius of the Royal Bengal Tiger a which ladies and gentlemen is you see fourteen foot from Tho tip of his nose to Tho end of his Tail Ami which ladies Ami gentlemen is fourteen feet from the end of his Tail to Tho tip of his nose making ladies and gentlemen Twenty eight feet in this policy of Longitude however has never been legally adjudicated. Whether it will be applied to the measurement of the Connecticut Road or to As much of it As is within new York state under Tho pending indictments is an important Legal question. Both these considerations apart tie matter of the applicability of the indictments to the individual directors instead of to Tho corporation As a whole As a Legal personality is also significantly to to Borno in mind. Tho steam heating Law of this Stato says that a corporation doing so and so shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour. For Legal and punitive purposes is a corporation divisible into the directors forming it or is Tho organization which Thoy comprise the Only punishable Quantity if Tho latter question be answered yes then the sentence would have to be a Fine and not an imprisonment a penalty in Money and not u personal punishment. Whether this is so or not an analogous Law May help show. By another Law this state has forbidden the use of any other system of platforms on passenger coaches than that which brings Tho platforms flush against one another. It was found that the old arrangement of pins and couplings connecting the ears was dangerous to life. Tho Law says that any violation of this act by any corporation shall be punishable so and so and that any violation of it i Kowis by the directors or officers shall be similarly punishable. Thus a distinction is made in that Law Between the corporation As a Legal person and Tho Dir occurs is separate persons. If this distinction is to be observed in Tho ease of Tho Hartford and new Lavon directors then Tho indictments against them individually can to contested with fair Hope of having them declared invalid. Tieso seem to be the Legal Difini eusties in the Way of sustaining the indictments Tho fact that the directors Are indicted under Tho Law of new York for obedience to a Law of Connecticut the fact that steam boating is required in new York on railroads of fifty Miles or More in length whereas Only Twenty five Miles of the Connecticut roads tracks ire in this slate and the fact that the Law is held to discriminate Between a corporation As a Legal Perso ago and the directors As separate individuals. The Eagle has no doubt that the indictments whether they Are sustained or not will serve a Good moral purpose. The argument of them will at Tho outset define Trio relations of responsibility which the directors sustain to Tho Law and the Law to them Wiio the agitation and Effort which these trials involve will do much to increase Tho carefulness and vigilance of those put in Trust of Tho duties of common carriers. Tho directors however thus indicted must to tried by Law and not by clamor by the courts and not by the newspapers and if Tho Law exempts them from the measure of responsibility alleged in Tho indictments then All impartial judges will so declare. The matter is a very interesting one and Tho Legal Points should be carefully regarded for their bearing upon Tho eases. It is of the first importance that the idiot meets should be just and Legal indictments and the question of whether they no or not should be clearly determined in Advance of any further proceedings. A tranquil pcs eau the new York East conference will adjourn to Morrow after a quiet and satisfactory session. Tie Only Ripploh if it May to so called was made by Trio unwise action of Tho woman a rights agitators in forcing an Issue on their demand for ecclesiastical office a holding and suffrage. There Nevei amp was any doubt As to i Liat would to the decision on the question of admitting feminine delegates and it was scarcely Good policy for the reformers to insist that their friends should stand up and to counted until there were More to count. It would Havo been better to wait and work than to invite so a overwhelming a defeat As 3 to 1. The incident really amounted to Litile More than an Opportunity for Tho conservative or. Buckley and the Radical or. Boole to make some speeches. The ministers will now go Homo in Good shape for another year s work after the completion of the Only important business Tho assignment of pastors to the various churches. Even that is a Mere formality As it Trio agreements Aro really made outside 15� the conference. The saving Grace of common sense showed itself the other Day in Tho prompt tabling of a motion to appoint committee to prepare a statement is to Tho position of the denomination concerning socialism. It would have been easy to engage in a debate on this subject of tedious As useless. Sociology in its most visionary of Well As dangerous forms has bitten a great Many men some of them not Only sane of other subjects but Ablo devoted oven Brilliant. The agitation has Many traps for the unwary and impulsive i Bellam ism which plausibly beginning with such things As the running of railroads artfully leads to the Selling of pins by Tho government for All Mankind be orgasm which at first confiscating private ownership in land by a tax 9chomo, ends in the destruction of individual ownership in everything Tho ranker forms which boldly and at once or gradually and by and by overturn the Ivole order of society displace god with the state and lift nihilism to the Lovoi of a religion. It is not surprising that before they far in this Road ministers begin to doubt what they believe or whether they believe anything. The methodists prudently let this controversy Ozone. And Railroad Man to has so Many men who ought to go to hell. This reason is not to be dismissed As unworthy of consideration. If a person of or. Depew a amiability and charitable disposition has met so bad As to provoke him to condemn them to everlasting damnation there is probably something wrong wit professor Briggs doctrine. If Tho latter Means anything it Means that some time in the course of the countless icons of eternity everyone will be saved. A grab at run millions. The details of the conspiracy to obtain Possession of Tho Fortune of Loring a. Bob Yertson a Brooklyn leather merchant who died suddenly last october at the hotel St. Georgo Are made Public this morning by the confession of Cassie Brooks Tho principal figure in the scheme. Boher Tson was an eccentric Man of gloomy and irritable disposition. He had no wife no Homo of his own and lived an irregular sort of existence going about from hotel to hotel and finding his chief pleasure in increasing his pile of Gold there were those who made close study of his habits and character Aud the Ovid once is at hand to prove that the plot to obtain his Money was conceived Long before to entered into his last Long sleep. What was chiefly necessary was a woman with the brains and audacity to play Tho part of widow and the shyster lawyers who were managing the scheme lost no time in endeavouring to meet Tho requirement. In Cassie Brooks they found what they wanted. She was on adventuress of Tho sidewalk Young Good looking not devoid of polish und what was move to Tho Point ready to Stop at nothing Ilia would swell the slender resources of her purse. So it happened one Fine morning that Cassie underwent a great transformation. No longer a Gay and painted Nymph do pave she appeared in the somber garb of sorrow and her Supply of tears was equal to Tho emergency. Thus it was that she walked demurely into the Law offices of Evarts Choate amp Boaman to establish her to do her Lull Justice she was no expert at prevarication on the witness stand As in any of her intrigues and although her answers were governed by a system of signals her composure under fire was such As to temporarily warrant Tho. Belief that her a a claim was not entirely lacking in the element of Validity. Later on however detectives began to investigate Aud it was found Itiat in her festive moments the dashing Cassie was not quite so guarded in lie speech As when in Tho big new y Ork Law office. Between Tho wine cups at a notorious resort in the Metropolis she pricked the Bubble other prospective Fortune. To play the grieving widow for two or three hours in Tho witness chair was one thing to he expected to keep up. The comedy while a off duty a so to speak when the Champagne sparkled Aud the air was merry with Musie and song was too much for cassious confiding yet frolicsome soul and in the vulgar but extremely vigorous language of the Street she a gave the snap dead then there was a run to cover. The unscrupulous lawyers confronted by gloomy visions of state Nirison wanted to Compromise. As for herself Cassie became weary of playing the cats Paw and rushed into Tho Welcome arms of inspector Byrnes with an alacrity if not with a tenderness that excelled any of her previous exploits. Two million dollars is a heavy sum to play for but the risk is proportionate to the Reward. This conspiracy to grab Lloyc it Sony a Fortune is remarkable Only for its audacity. It was not Well managed. That no lawyer of unquestioned repute in Newyl Ork or Brooklyn would Havo Beon willing to lend his name to the fraud was a matter which was apparently entirely overlooked. To Send a fifth rate no a a y Ork a a shyster into court to contest a claim with Evarts Choate and Beaman when millions Wero at stake was to prejudice the Case in Advance. But it is chiefly in their selection of the bogus claimant that Tho conspirators proved Vliem elves to he novices in the Art of imposition a better knowledge of human nature and More especially of that seamy Side of human nature which attains its Best development in Tho gutters would have led them to anticipate precisely what occurred. It was quite absurd to suppose that Cassie could consistently assume the role of the widow just As it was nonsensical to cling to Tho idea that moral scruples would restrain her from turning states evidence when Tho critical moment arrived. Whatever her audacity her nimbleness her dexterity on Tho stand in Tho capacity of a jumping Jack it certainly was not to to supposed that her griet would be of that enduring and grasping Quality essential to last through a period of Many weeks if not of months and to Lead her moreover during All that Timo to maintain a uniform degree of reticence. Even had Tho plot succeeded its disclosure from Tho lips of Trio woman would ultimately Havo been a matter of certainly. As showing however what infinite trouble people will take to obtain in buoy by fraud the Story is not without interest. It is one of those Peculiar phases of metropolitan life to which Public attention is constantly invited Only Tho actors in it Wero not up to the usual metropolitan Standard of ingenuity. One thing it proves Aud it is this that an old Man with millions at his disposal had better entrust himself to Tho society of some Good woman in a Home of his own rather than Lead a nomadic sort of existence As it Obertson did being the prey of every adventurer with whom to came in Contact. If there Are millions to be distributed wives and children rather than Blackleg and courtesans had better get it. Professor Briggs do Trilhe of progressive w i not go Down with or. Pew. He says lie drug we the Limo at Una versa because m his double capacity of lawyer 111 the pulpit. Tho Promise not frankly fulfilled of bettor weather than Tho easter season has brought sent an increased number of persons out of doors yesterday and a Sharo of the accessions found their Way to the pews. The preachers who prepare their sermons without regard to the probabilities of Sunshine or rain provided their congregations with varied and interesting addresses. Or. Meredith a quite Able Aud valuable series on the a beginnings of christianity has reached its Twenty second number. His special topic yesterday was Tho apostolate of Peter whose commission and its significance and the circumstances amid which it was issued wore effectively considered. Tho plague of Tho Day at the two academies of music was or. Talmage avoided personalities but it would be Odd if to did not think of colonel Ingersoll during the delivery of Tho discourse. A hero is a dose , Here is n strengthening plaster of sarcasm hero is a bottle of rib Aldry that you Aro to keep Well shaken up and take a spoonful of it after each meal laughter and if that does not cure you hero is a solution of blast Filemy in which you May Bathe and hero is a tincture of derision. Tickle the Skeleton of death with a repartee make Tho King of terrors cackle i for All the agonies of All Tho Ages a joke in these Ivory some of Tho phrases with which to renewed Stout Battle for orthodoxy. Before the Sermon or. Talmage paid a warm tribute to Tho late or. Spear. Tho services in Tho Fleet Street methodist Church last night Wero in memory of Tho late Bov. John Bussell. In St. Luke s episcopal Church or. Bradley preached to Tho children. The Rector has also been Tho medium of an easier gift of silverware for the Parish including six pieces beside a brass font ewer. Tho Bov. William h. Fords Sermon in old Busl Iwick Church on a Tho italian situation was rather belated As Tho question seems to to substantially settled. The Tribune May rest assured that the Eagle stated exactly the truth in saying that lieutenant governor Jones believes gov. Error Hill should Romain governor until december. 1891, and Hopes he will do so and has toll and written the governor so. The fact interferes with a great Deal of Republican fun but neither the Eagle nor lieutenant governor Jones is required not to Interior with that. Personal mention. I Osi dont Carnot will not go to Tho Moscow of motion. P. T. Barnum is suffering from Indle Ostion. Rev. Father William Tole father Ducey a ask Bis taut at St. Leos Church new York has Boa transferred to White Plains. Recent events. Or. Parnell spoke at Phenix Park Dublin and showed a decided leaning toward the tory party. Edward he Lingor coloured sex preacher and prize fighter hooked his wife to death with a Hatchet in Jersey City. For Tho first time in years All Tho Hoboken theater were closed on sunday night. To Dolphin is to to ordered North to be fitted for service for the president. Part of Tho Publio Library at Lowell mass., was destroyed by fire. Alexander Snyder a wealthy miser of Goshen ind., was murdered by who bad received their Cue from his divorced wife in now York. The election of or. Ollery. The anti Parnell candidate in North Sligo la pro tidally assured. Preparations have been completed in new York for celebrating the Twenty fifth anniversary of Tho grand the Bop Blie. Tho London Globe thinks there is danger of another revolution in this country on the question of state s rights. James Konney a Poopor in Tho Chicago detention Hospital was nearly killed in a struggle with an insane patient. Two thousand five Hundred and sixty four immigrants were landed yesterday at the Bargo office. Hegeman e big piano factory in Berlin was destroyed by fire. A Torrillo Gale swept Over Scotland and did immense damage. A Berlin dispatch says that Germany has offered to arbitrate Between Italy and Tho United state. A dispatch from Pembina n. D., says i Quot one of Tho bloodiest tragedies in Tho history of Pembina county occurred near Bow Ormont yesterday at the read donor of Robert Irwin where Fredor Iok Bartlett shot and mortally wounded Thomas Mcconnell and h. G. Hill shot Irwin in the Abdomen and an hour later blew his own brains out. Mcconnell wus shot five times and Hill Twito. It appears that Frederick Aud Thomas Bartlett knowing that Mcconnell was at Irwin s House wont there for Tho purpose of kill aug him claiming that to misled their Sitor under Promise of marriage and then married another woman. Intense suffering is reported among Tho Pennsylvania miners. A Olivor Wiggins an Evansville ind., Minsio store keeper has been arrested on a charge of eloping with his typewriter. A two Steerage Passon Gori on the Cunard Steamer aurania fell overboard and were drowned during tie last eastward voyage of Tho Vossel. Three of Canadas Cabinet ministers Aro in Washington for the purpose of conferring with or. Blaine. Rev. 1. T. Hanks a Baptist Proa Oher of Dallas tex., Lias been arrested on a charge of Ibeling Somo of Bis Brethren in Tho ministry. Thoro wore Sevonty six Orciso arrests in now York yesterday. James h. Mcdonald a drug clerk of ninth Avenue now York committed suit Ido by taking aconite while suffering from an attack of the grip. Manager George w. Stanhope of Tho grand opera House Newark has disappeared leaving a Large number of Bills unpaid political Points. We have ample warrant for a sound and wholesome policy of discrimination against criminals and paupers against anarchy and Igno Ranoo. Trio shipping of infected Aud unhealthy products to our shores would be quickly Aud properly stopped and Why not apply the Emo Rule to demoralized and mischievous human beings a St. Louis Globe Democrat. A thousand incidents warn us of the danger of unrestricted immigration. The honest and industrious Are Welcome. The vicious the fugitives from Justice the indolent and the pauper Zed Are not Welcome. Take the statistics of 181 0 As 1-Cgardh immigration. Thoy reveal the unpleasant fast that five eighths of the 350,000 strangers who came Here to domicile were from Trio least desirable european countries. Barely 00,000 wore English and North american. To offer too much to the foreign reprobates who seek Refuge in our country. To make Thorn citizens and voters in any state before they have Learned the English language and while Thoy Are 3et ignorant of America except As an Asylum for fugitives. Tho naturalization Laws which make citizens of the Des Poablo on a res Leuco of a year or a few months need to be mors restrictive and the foreign Rascal who goes to the polls should to Able to show some better qualification than a Quot declaration of retention Quot which some politician has bought for him and which to him3elf cannot bulletin. Contemporary humor. Primus Thoro Are times i think when Money is a Curso. Fecund us Yos for instance when you Haven to life. Questore of what denomination was that Bill a on loaned skip last week ? Jester Episcopalian i guess it seems to keep courier. Bagman sadly a Tho doctors have Given me up. Climb Ere then there a Only Ono Hope for you old Man. Bagman what a that ? Blim Bersy give up Tho fortnightly Pun. A a in a Lilie to know Why you hired a Young woman for a typewriter a a demanded mrs. Hitow of Hor husband. A so 1 could have someone to dictate to a replied the unhappy Many Pew York Sun. A your brother Tho dentist is vory slow and torturing at pulling out a i know he is but you Seo lies Rich and Only follows Tho business for the pleasure it gives Blattler. A hard Job miss do Plain you promised to paint my portrait for $500, but you have charged $5,000. Great arc into Yon forget Madame that after i fixed the Price for Tho portrait you added that you wished it idealized Good a news. A greater Success than Niagara Falls or. Jones so you have Beon off on a bridal tour to Canada and Niagara Falls. What did you see that pleased you most Wiio you were away mrs. Spoony ? mrs. Spoony modestly a my husband Texas sittings. Hot a Fox Vigo escaped. The Buffalo express declares that there is a free sugar in this country and adds that one can go into a grocery store in that town and buy sugar now for 5 cents a Pound. Sugar is not a a free when it costs 5 cents to buy a Pound of it. The press and Knickerbocker of that City has a leading article entitled a Beautiful Ai butoy woman a it is half a column Long but Contato to flames. Co louds o., april 0. George Moore a convict in the Penitentiary complained yesterday of feeling ill. He dropped out of Tho ranks and secreted himself in a cell. Then to climbed a fire escape and throwing a rope Over a beam climbed to the roof. Armed with a chisel and Center bit to Broko soveral bar out of Tho ventilator. He Drew himself out and walked in supposed full View of guards and persons in the prison enclosure to Tho administration House. Lie Broko open a window in Tho lat Tor and descended to Warden Dyer s office. There be Laid off his prison garb donned a suit belonging to Tho wardens son in Law and Tho shoes and hat of the Warden and walked boldly out into the Street. He was sentenced in december 1885, to ten years imprisonment for burglary and larceny. They cannot 1 Iuit a Duel. Boci Jabest april 0. The King of Romama has refused to accept Tho resignation of n. Yao Arosco us minister at Vienna. Yacar Eseo offered his resignation in order to Challenge Tho Prince of Reuss Gorman Omba Sador to Austria for Tho affront Whigob Tho latter a wife recently offered to Tho son of the romanian minister at a Ball Givon at Tho German embassy at the austrian capital. Tho Gar Man ambassador ref no of to accept the Challenge on Trio ground that his wife was justified in taking the course she did. King Charloe Lias arrived at Ilia decision to retain minister Yacar Eseo after a thorough inquiry into the quarrel. Discussing the american Navy. London april The Philadelphia correspondent of Tho times Girey a Long account of the new american Navy. The times devotes a critical editorial to the subject dwelling mainly upon Tho likelihood that when the american ironclad Are carrying a full Coal Supply their Speed will be largely Rednold. Tho times concludes Quot if Tho greater boldness of the american designers is really based upon sound judgment to need not regret it. Woehnl equally profit in the Long run by their experience whether it results in failure or Suco Esb. We May therefore Tva Teh with keen sympathy associated Friendly workers on the same problem is against it. Iu1sii ihm1�o1ut10x to America. Dublin april 0. Tho tide of Irish immigration is unabated. Six liners during Trio past week took 1,240 emigrants mostly of the farming class but including a few mechanics or tradesmen from Munster Aud Connaught. The passages of these people people wore fully two thirds paid by relatives in America. All Tho White Star and Inman Lino steamers announced to sail have already full lists of passengers. The Prospect a a that for the next three months the number of emigrants will fully equal that of 1800. _ found her body Lute ii. Ligonier ind., april 0. Yesterday morning As two Young boys Wero rowing a boat on the Elkhart River just East of the City limits they discovered the lifeless body of a woman. The body was identified As that of miss Sadie Haines who for several yearn resided with her Mother at this Placo. She was a Brantl Ful Young woman. Three years ago the girl ran away with a travelling Man and was finally discovered in Chicago where bib had Del food after being deserted by her comp Avion. The cause of her suicide is not known. Sold fart of his mine. Boise City id., april The Sale of Tho great Delamar mine in Owyhee county. Id to a company of English capitalists has keen completed by the Deposit at the Boise City National Bank of $475,000 to the credit of j. L. Del amp mar. Rosido the $475,000 paid Delamar to also holds 28,000 shares of took which at the present London quotation Are Worth $1,130,000, Delamar is world fair commissioner for Idaho. _ _ i Chigas Spring election. Detroit mich., april Michigan votes to Day for a Justice of the supremo court and two regents of the state University. There Are pro tidally but two tickets in the Fields the Republican headed by judge r. Montgomery and the democratic by Justito John w. Chample who is nominated As his own Euco lessor. Or. Kretz3chmar opposed to consolidation Iii Lang lot tar to Tho or can Stronn Han commission a county has nothing to gain by absorbing new York political and other complications. Supervisor at Larso Paul h. Kretzschmar has sent this communication to Tho municipal consolidation commission of which aug Lith. Green of new York is chairman _ 402 Washinton Avenue Brooklyn n y., april 0, 1891. It municipal consolidation inquiry commission 314 Broadway new York a gentlemen i beg to acknowledge Tho receipt or boat favor of the 3d inat., Anil in reply desire to say that notwithstanding the Well known attitudes of the president vice president and other members of your commission toward the question of consolidating the cities of new York and Brooklyn and other adjacent territory into one municipal government my convictions compel to take a stand directly opposite to theirs As Well As to Tho arguments provi ouly reported to have been made before your honorable body. My views upon the question of annexing adjacent territory to our Largo cities Are decided and Schey Are Best illustrated by quotations from my annual add roses before Tho Board of supervisors of the county of Kings in Sun Zuary a t18 ail l year. A year ago i said the annexation of All Tho county towns to the pity of Brooklyn and the a separate county government Haa for Somo time past and is now being discussed in Tho daily press and among the people generally and it is a subject h-m1 eherv.e8 the most careful consideration. A hero Cun to no doubt about the eventual Union of Tho county towns and the City of Brooklyn but it seems questionable whether the pre it but is the proper time for any wholesale changes in that direction and i question whether the Suddeith annexation of All the Torns to the City of 3rooldyn would be of Benefit to either the to wus or Tho City. Any act pas6ed by Tho legislature at Albany annexing one or All of the county towns to Brooklyn against or even without the expressed desire of a majority of the citizens of such towns would be a direct and a most doll Ohrablo attack upon Tho rights of the individual Anda blow to the principle of Home Rule. A the Union of now utrecht or of Flatbush with Brooklyn if desired by a majority of voters of the towns and approved by Tho proper authorities of Ujj Rooklyn would in my opinion be entirely feasible and would probably As in the Case of Tho town of new lots be of interest to the incoming districts but such an Extension of Trio City limits would in to manner affect Tho relation of Tho county of Kings to the City of Brooklyn or tie dual government As it now and atthe beginning of the following remarks in reference to the desirability or uniting Tho county towns with the City of Brooklyn a whether the question of consolidating Tho county towns with the City of Brooklyn will be finally disposed of this year or not is somewhat doubtful although it is admitted that the Tunc is not very Distant a lib the dual Goy Erin sent existing in Tho county of Kings will to abolished. Firmly convinced however that a Union of the towns and Tho City would Benefit Tho former most. I still adhere to what i said last year upon the subject. It was that a any act passed Bytho legislature at Albany annexing one or All of the county towns to Brooklyn against Tho wish or even Tho expressed desire of a Ina Arity of the citizens of such town or towns would be a direct and a Moat deplorable attack upon the rights of the individual Aud a blow to Tho principle of Homo the initiative should and no doubt will come from Trio towns not from the City As in the oases of Flatbush and new utrecht where Many citizens Havo already expressed a desire to become United with nobody will deny the fast that a consolidation of the governments of Tho City of Brooklyn and the county of Kings is a question or much More importance to the citizens of Brooklyn than Tho one relating to Tho consolidation of the two neighbouring cities. I venture to say that the Public welfare so far As Kings county is concerned does not require that the people do not Domand and that the Public press does not advocate at Tho present time Tho consolidation of Brooklyn and new York. If it Wero proposed to unite Tho counties of now York Kings Tieh Queens Bufi Olk Ami Westchester into one municipality with Tho absolute Power of self government holding a relation to the state of new York au-?i�5�u,h a a at at not Lay the Ata to to Tho United states doing away thereby with Tho interference of Rural legislators in matters purely local 1 believe much Benefit would to derived Froni such a change and a doubt not but that the majority of citizens of Trio territory affected thereby would look with favor upon it. Your honorable body has not As yet formulated any specific plans for the proposed consolidation and it is therefore with difficulty that the entire question can be Diac Basuil otherwise than in a soneral Way. It is 111 that Light that i claim that Tho county of Kings cannot to materially benefited by a Union with new York. Aside from the fact that commendable local Rulo and patriotism naturally abhor the idea of being a wallowed up by the Quot greater new York without Good and sushi event reasons the great principle of self government and Home Rule demands that changes of such Radical nature As the consolidation of the territory or Tho Harbor of new York would to should not to undertaken without Trio expressed wishes of the people affected thereby. I desire to repeat that with the exception or a very new although highly esteemed Citi Zouth Trio people of Kings county have in 110 manner shown the slightest desire to relinquish Trio i by to govern themselves or to allow the citizens of adjacent territory to participate or assist in Tho administration of affairs entirely local in nature. In striving to improve than own Udemia Tragiou to Cit Zous of Brooklyn have no desire to deprive their neighbors of a Flke Privily of a but they Are prepared to allow the people of new York or those of Staten Island to manage their local matters in Buell a manner As maybe most satisfactory to them. I admit that from a geographical Point of View Trio consolidation pro oot appears As 0110 that could be easily accomplished. I by love however that in reality the needs Aud wants of tie two great cities Are diverse in Many res docs. The character of to two neigh Borin cities Bop rated from each other Only by water loss than a mile in Width is entirely different and one need Only Cross the Bridge to be Coin Viu cod that now York is the hustling Active Center of Commerce of Tho new world with an Ever changing transient population of Many thou Hamly Wiio Brooklyn is the quiet and comfortable City of Homes with a rapidly growing yet positively stable citizenship. Trio statement made before your honorable body by or. Edward v. Graves in relation to taxation in Brooklyn was to say the last at variance with the facts and Wab undoubtedly prepared with a desire worthy of a better object to Mako it Appeal that taxes in Brooklyn Are higher now than Thev Ever Havo been and wifi continue to grew in Tho future $3.24, and that with the exception of 1871 when Tho rate was $2.53 in 1881, when it was $2.30, and in 1882, when it wus $2.31, it never was us Lowns last year when it was $2.57. Or Gravos is reported As having said that in slut the Bio Orlyu tax rate showed an average of Over $3 per Hundred and that the values had to be increased in order to produce an apparently lower rate. The fact however Are that tin entire tax Levy last year amounted to $11,1 05,81-against $12.030,074 in 188�o. Or. Grave also stated that the Tux rate in Mao amounted to $2.05 net Hundred Auto it dues seem like a perversion of common Send of to claim that with a largely diminished Tii Levy in a constantly growing City it is necessary to increase values und Tiv to prevent tie tax rate from going up. It in a Well known fact that Brooklyn is especially known As a City of residences still it should not to for not teu that her manufacturing interests Are constantly growing and that during the last decade Many Industrial establishments have developed within her limits. Judging t -0111 tie past growth of Brooklyn As compared Ofili that of new y Ork which according to the official census shows the following figures Brooklyn. New York 1800 200,001 810 009 1870 390,u99 04- 3$ 1h80 000,089 1,300 577 1890 894.377 a it 6 fair to presume that the time is not far Distant when Brooklyn will Compro vory favourably with new York so far As its population is concerned Brooklyn has a Large arca of unimproved real estate and with increased facilities of rapid transit Tho City Hall or new York Cun to reached from any Point within its limits in less than half an hour. Tho prices of land for building purpose in Brooklyn Are decidedly lower than they Aro in new York and she will Welcome into Hor midst All those who Are tired of living in the Flats apartment houses tenement House and boarding houses of overcrowded Newyl Ork. Trio future May bring great changes and i would not undertake to predict what conditions might Ariso making a Union of Brooklyn and now York desirable but at present i do not hesitate in saying Quot let Well enough inspire our fellow citizens with the right kind of municipal spirit to the end that our Best efforts May to advanced to improve our local governments Aud you will thereby Benefit the citizens of both new York uni Brooklyn in a ranch broader souse than by planning a Liat Lias Beon pleased to to called a a greater new very respectfully yours signed Paul h. Kuet Zsohar m. a supervisor at Large of Kings county. Funeral of ja31es kossnst0ck, masonic ceremonies previous to lie cremation of the Llody. A Large a thorium of Tho Masenior fraternity assembled in Euclid Lodge rooms Brooklyn Avenue and proceeded to the late residence of James Rosenstock 1,407 Fulton Street where tie funeral cer Emmea of the order were performed Over the remains of the deceased brother Llight worshipful William h. Sutton performed the ceremony with Tho assistance of worshipful brother Nathan of tuscan and brother f. Schroder of Euclid acting As senior and Junior wardens worshipful brother Hockemeyer of Euclid and other Brethren acting us Puli bearers. Among those who participated wore right worshipful Marion Grimes worshipful brother Nolan of Hill Grove Fitzgerald of Tyrian and representatives from Euclid Hill Grovo tuscan acanthus Tyrian Zor Edatha and Oiler lodges. There wore also present the news dealers association of which or. Roso Stock was at 0110 time vice president a logo of chosen friends and a court of foresters. Brother Rosenstock was a member of of Limbus logo no. 11 f. A. M., of Alburgh Center it his remains Wero taken to fresh Pond l-1-, for cremation. Or. Byre is modest. The trouble in Assam. Calcutta april 0. A dispatch has been received from lieutenant Grant in which he says to believes that to ii the Only european that escaped Tho recent massacre in the province of Assam. Strong Oom Mente Are m ado Here on the Blunder of Tho officials in bonding such a Small Force to Assam. It is further a olnsted out that the residency Wab provided with a Tinl rifles while commissioner Quinton a escort was armed with Snider rifles. It was on this to count that the ammunition gave ont the a apply of Cartridge at Manipur being of no use for Snider Rifle. _ a Cook burned to death. Washington d. 0., april 0. Francco Lewis an old coloured woman who was Cook in a restaurant was burned to death Early this morning at her Home. She had made a bed on some Chalis near the Ito Vei and Hor screams aroused the police who broke Tho door �11 to find the woman a mass of flames and Harrod flesh. It is thought a spark from the stove get fire to her clothing. _ _ Nicholson s horse Han Hohe. A horse attached to a Light Wagon owned by join nto Hollon of 44 forty fifth Street became frightened at a passing train on third ayn Pun yesterday afternoon. The animal ran at break Nook spied to its own stable at Tho Corner of thirty fifth Street and third Avenue Aud then stopped. Tho Wagon was completely wrecked. To the Niiha Ilsoo Kylii a a Strong rut lilo Oiler teams Are also improved. To ascertain Tho exact strength of Brooklyn s team and the chances of holding Tho prestige which it Lins so famously won for the past two years an Eagle reporter consulted the Oracle of base Ball in this City president Charles h. Brno. Nyhen asked what chances the Brooklyn team had of winning Trio league Pennant this your Piebald Quot to feel that we Are materially stronger this year than last. In fact we Wero compelled to strengthen on team for Tho reason that All Tho other league clubs Are very much better equipped in playing Force than they were last year. New York has Trio Best team it has Ever had. Boston of Courso lab got Back a number of Tho old stars and Thoy have been Roin forced by Tho acquit Sittou of Stovey who is recognized As a great Ball player in Overy respect. Chicago Lias also Boon greatly strengthened. Cleveland and Philadelphia Havo acquired Tho services of Somo who will be vory valuable indeed. Pittsburg has shown a great Deal of Energy in securing Bome Ball players who Are recognized As being among the Best in the country. It is very necessary therefore for Brooklyn not to overestimate its strength on Tho basis of having won the championship of Tho league last year and the association championship of 1880. Eye Aro forced to realize that to Are going to he in very fast company this season. A Brooklyn has always been unfortunate in Ono particular. A with All Tho efforts to have made from time to time to secure first class Talent for Tho club we had never been Able to obtain what we Lead always Noo Dod and that was a first Olasz Captain and manager. Trio team has had some very Good captains but to have never Beon Able to have an infield Captain which is a very necessary qualification. When John Cassidy was Captain of Tho team for a Short time lie did fairly Well. Swartwood afterwards captained Tho team and from time to time 0�?~brien and Burns. They All did Woll but they wore never anxious to fill the position because they knew they Wero handicapped in doing the work on account of being outfielders. Lheu Tho present Opportunity was offered we very promptly availed ourselves of Tho Chance to have Tho services of a Man like John Ward who had already achieved a National reputation As a manager and Captain. We Feol that we Havo in the position a Man that will greatly Benefit the club. Tho acquisition of Griffin will materially strengthen the team. As you know to is recognized throughout Trio country As 0110 of Tho most Brilliant outfielders in to profession. He is steady and reliable a Liard Batter and an excellent base runner. You May rest assured that with Burns o Brien Aud Griffin in Tho Outfield we will be Ablo to hold on own with any team in Tho league. To were also fortunate in securing Kinslow and daily Whoso work last your was exceptionally Good. A the Outlook so far is that Tho season will to a vory interesting one and ail indications Point to a general revival of interest in base Ball throughout the country. It a a Clear that every club in the league will be in the race. Tho Pennant of the National league will float Over Brooklyn s grounds at the Ond of this season if hard work will place it there. To Are confident of Success and enter 011 the season with better prospects than Over before. Of Courso to championship of the Loague will Lio decided on the Diamond and not in Tho off co or at league the Sherman memorial service. If11ii programme of Lio exc Crici to be held on May 7. Tho full programme of the Sherman memorial service at Tho Brooklyn Academy of music on May 7, big cd by general c. T. Christenson chairman and treasurer commander James d. Belli vice chairman major b. It. Corwin Secretary Lias been issued and is is follows of Haulcey m. Depew will preside and Mako the Odening address the Amnion musical society professor 0. Mortimer a Zisko musical conductor United Statos Navy Yard band professor l. Contorno Leader Tho Patriot 1801�?"on 110 earthly account will i do any act or think any thought Hostilo to or in do Fianco of to old government Otto United states a a a. T. Sherman address by St. Clair Mckelway Shiloh 1802�?�?oit is the unanimous opinion Here that brigadier general w. T. Sherman saved Tho fortunes of the Day on the oth and contributed largely to Trio glorious Victory of the 7tli�?��?ii. W. Halted commander in Ohio address by general Wager Swayne Vicksburg 1803�?"the siege and victories of Vicksburg in title general Shorman to Roro credit than generally Falls to the lot of Ono Man to earn a a. Grant address by general Ilo Raco Porter Savannah 1s04�?"many, Many thanks for your Christmas gift the capture of Savannah. The Honor is All yours Quot a a. Lincoln address by Gen Oral ii. W. Slocum Trio grand review Washington 1805�?"now Are our brows bound with victorious Wreath our bruised arms Hung up for monuments our Stern alarms changed to merry mooting our dreadful marches to delightful measure so address by general Howard. Tho committees Are headed As follows reception j. T. Stranch amp a chairman executive. General c. T. Christensen chairman Ordor of exercises and music major b. It. Corwin chairman printing Benjamin Blanchard chairman platform and Ushers. Major Georgo j. Collins chairman police arrangements commissioner Henry i. Hayden decorations sergeant j. N. Johnson chairman m. L. L. V. S., general e. L. Moli Tireux chairman grand army of the Republic commander James d. Bell chairman War veterans. Captain Harmon 0. Sell to chairman United states Navy rear Admiral d. L. Brains United states Navy chairman United status army colonel Loomis l. Langdon United Statos army chairman National guard s. N. Y., general James Mcleer chairman Veteran police Captain William j. Mcl Velvey chairman. More revolts in India. Restless tribes along i10 Frontier attaching Tho ill Leleh troops. Calcutta april 0. If present indications turn out to to Correct there is vers serious trouble Browing in India for Trio British forces. Emboldened Bytho Buccos of Tho Maui Uris who recently Cru Bod Tho Ohio run escort accompanying Ohio commissioner James in. Quinton in his efforts to Settle the disputes which have occurred among Tho rival chieftains , Tho Mir Anzai in Tho khat territory a District of Tho be Shawer division of tie Punjab have risen in a runs and Are attacking Tho British troops along Tho whole length of their lines. It is also known that Tho Mir Anzai attack is being pushed so rigorously that Strong reinforcements Havo been hurriedly dispatched to the front. Full details As to this new uprising Are naturally withhold by to British authorities Here. In addition to Tho Mir Anzai trouble telegrams from Rangoon announce that Tho Haku chins Havo revolted Laid in ambush in a favourable locality awaiting Tho passage of a Small British column on Tho Way from one military Post to another. When Tho British forgo was Well inside Tho trap Laid for it the Haku chins suddenly opened fire upon Tho soldiers instantly killing lion tenant for Boa and five men and stretching eleven others severely wounded upon Tho ground. This column however returned Tho of my b fire with such effect that the British Force was enabled to Retreat from the dangerous position into which it had been led and thus probably escaped total annihilation. Cablegram in Brief. Tho Standard s no bios Ayres correspondent says Quot president pulic Gripe authorizes Trio statement that tie government has decided on a paper currency a Tsuo on a metallic it is officially announced that Tho assassins of minister Weltcheff have been arrested. General von Caprivi the German Chancellor has notified lord Salisbury Tho British Primo minister that Germany will abandon Southwest Africa unless Tho Anglo German Syndicate succeeds in raising the proposed capital. It is doubtful whether the sum required can be secured. Mrs. Wrigley Tho wife of Captain Wrigley a Saloon passenger 011 the Steamer aurania from new Yolk which arrived to Day at Queens own died from la Grippe of Board that vessel to Day. The number of emigrants who left Germany for America during Tho months of january and february was 7,043. This is the highest total that has been recorded for Tho same period in the last five years. Stole his child and ran Awat. 8t. Louis mo., april 8. Last month Bam store Tho sex King of St. Louis dudes. Left his wife and Sho kept Possession of their 3 year old child a Little girl. Yesterday morning or. Stone saw his wife ail tie child in a Street car. To bolted in snatched Tho baby and ran out. Mrs. Stone a creamed and went into hysteria but Stone ran like a Deer and soon distanced All pursuers. The Mother made complaint to the police but no Trace of Stone 01 the child has be ii found. Opening Sims of tiie Nautilus boys. Tho cold West wind that blow across the Bay did not deter Tho Nautilus boat club boys from enjoying a pleasure spin yesterday afternoon. Tho boat Bouso was opened for Tho Jimason and during the afternoon a six cared Baree was launched and manned by Nimuel Manly Bow j. Shall ii Berg 2 Joster Kent 3 John Pennington 4 Wallace Kirkland 6, and Arthur Prentis stroke. A pleasure Row of five Miles along the Bay Ridge Shore was enjoyed and on returning the club Flag was hoisted to the beak and three cheers were Givon by Over forty members who wore present. Peter f. Of Keefe dead. After a protracted illness Peter f. O Kente died at his Homo 110 Cumberland Street at 3 of clock yesterday morning of consumption. I. Of Keefe was a Veteran Printer a Zombor of typographical Union no. 08 of this City and also of court Adam a. F. Or. Of Keefe was prominent in labor councils and about four Yoars ago was candidate for supervisor of Tho eleventh Ward on the United labor Tirkot. A social organization with a Large membership boars Hia name. Tho funeral will Tako place to Morrow at 2 30 p. Hrs. Loss Berio a reception. Mrs. A. B. Lounsbery and miss Lounsbury gave a reception saturday afternoon at their Home 440 Washington Avenue which was largely attended. The Floral and table decorations were in Pink and yellow. The Young women who assisted in receiving the a nest were miss Grace Cronyn miss Carrie Lownsbery miss Helen Post miss Ada Blackford miss Fay Randall and miss Lowt-11. Broke a child a nose. Lizzie White 8 year old and residing with her parents at 13 Emmett Street was Aooie dentally struck with a Baso Ball Bat yesterday by Gustar Raush. The in held s nolo was fractured. Her parents Deell Ned to make any charge against Raush. Kasbah co operative Colony. Several member will Alello of to come Jeanj re a and in California. _. Tie Eastern group of the Kaw Eali co Opo Rativo Colony which holds its meetings in this City convened at Granada Hall on Myrtlo Avenue yesterday afternoon to bid Farewell to Bome of its members who Are to Start this week to join Trio Colony As their future Home. Trio colonists include f. E. Vestervelt wife and two sons George Gowan wife and granddaughter of Brooklyn and Ralph and Bart hopping sons of George hopping of Bloomfield n. Tho Kaw Eali of operative Colony company was organized in 1880 for the purpose of Domon Strating Tho advantage of Complete co operation in Eoo Ial Aud Industrial life. Tie Price of membership is $500, which entitles its owner to an equal share with All others in Alt its profits and privilege. Trio membership at present numbers Bome Liat Over fro Hundred of which about two Hundred and fifty Aro resident members. Tho company Lias Loo Atod several thousand acres of land in Tulare county California along Tho Banks of the North Fork of the Kaw Eali River in a Semi tropical climate Ami possessing valuable natural resources. A it another suspended. When policeman Peter Cody of Tho eleventh precinct reached the station House at 8 30 o clock yesterday morning it was Lioti Ood that to was intoxicated. Trio Captain big blended him. Fine travelling clock mid opera glasses at Ovington Brothers Fulton and Clark Bis. Young a Styli us a Quot Acme Quot pellets instantly allay Throat irritations. All drink kist to a a Ocsek. To let House of a ii Bale a bargain a 2 Story and French roof Doti Blo Brick House 34x82 lots 4l xl00 12 rooms All improve meats apply on premises 51l Lafayette a. To let House g 0 0�?191 d u Fri eld it Brit 111 rooms. 7 with hoi awl cold orator two Hunters Ond Ranko new por oct order. Owner 187 Waverly a. O la to if ouse a stir 13 to Omha stable and Earden of about an acre with plenty of email fruit. Apply on premi aos to i. Sulu unmake Flushing a City Liue. To let�?house�?283 Livingston s la al near Hanover pi�?3 Story English a rooms improvements Extension dining room Caubo sub lot to advantage. Apply to owner on to let houses on git and a Somo 3 Fitzory Basc Mont Brown store houses Allim prove Manta newly a amp Porod and renovated rout very of p. Williams 210 grand a. To 6 let House Kent �?g2�> ti1k 3 Story and basement Brown Stone. 37 9 in argon it 18 rooms All improvements half a Block from l station. For permit apply to Uoka Tio s. Slew at 8 fourth a. My Quot let How so cute x in Brooklyn a Lino 3 Story and basement House 18 rooms and Bath All improvements tier oct order Good location 50 a month. Apply at Quincy St near bin nor a. My Quot let to 204 Pitt at al near llodford�?14 rooms storeroom and Bath will to newly Pap and painted throughout Roady for occupancy about april 19. 1891. Owner 130 Madison t0 let list uses Llu $300 to $1,909 to Havo soveral Denira Blo houses in first class locations to rent to Dom Vable tenants Send for printed lists. Paul u. . 42f> Gates Avonzo. Reno r i i re 11 o u see a Nice 3 Story by a in tha Mient Brown Stone front. Amity St Corner Jonry Toa my All private family Nice neighbourhood modern improve Miels Plonty lobeta a Immediato pos session. A. In. Howe 88 Atlantic a. Rno let houses on Green Lite v 1. Siv 3 St by find has Mont Ntonio fronts All the t 1st a improvement arc being decorated rent a Sao and $99 of a or month. Impure of Pluer 911 Greene a near tend. _ _ Reno let House a Gitano Chano 15 a. Foran undertaker Tho House and store Vanderbilt a next to Corner Myrtlo a has Beon i wont Vears in undertaker s establishment Apo Ehll adapted for of pics business. Young Myrtle a Nova it Diing Onave. I m la to do Van town by Oaky a St Vinson 198 Fulton St 88 8ands a 3 Story Brick 12 rooms. Soo ool Arronco it 3 Story Brick 12 rooms. 739 318 Glinton it. 3 Story Brown Stone 15 rooms. 1,099 Hicks St near Clark turn sed 1�?� tones. 1.589 to let�?houses�?2 Story Bro in al Stone 3 Story rear do Pant order noon from to to 2 243 Monroe it. Inquire of owner j. Hush 240 Monroe St Buford 10 a. Or after 8 p. A also 2 Story Brown Stone 338a. Inc Cal in Stuyvesant Avenue. To let House a a Tor Sale a al Fine 3 Story High stoop Frame Radii on St. Between Radford and Franklin avs Ronve Mant location perfect order sanitary plumbing Furnace a my Loai or of Jupior by owner he Neo built Low rent to careful and responsible tenant or for to o Tor loss Thau value on easy humid. Apply to owner. 89 Hancock St. To let�?house�?175 Remsen St Jyh first House from court Sou Thorn exposure contains 13 rooms Parlours und Well lighted pleasant up Taira dining room butlers pantry dumb waiter and Overy convenience second Story front Siervo location vory suitable for s physician rent to it it a Good tenant $1,400. Apply love. Fly Star. 158 Hempen St a nit Quot Jtj a. a my basement Brown Stone vacant newly decorated throughout also Olu Gant Plato hem of a s Madis a St Corrior Throop a 19 rooms High de Singh All Light rooms tiled Halle resident janitor. Apply pm Prombo or Paul u. , 425 Gate a. My let�?housed�?11arg�in�?i 7011, i 218 Garfield i Between seventh and eighth avg �3 Story and basement Brown Stone atoll Iron i Binot trim Hoith a open grated Doc orator roat on a or Low rot ital party has purchased an Ozior lint a a 0. For pretty 2 Story and Hanoi deut Brown atom 888 first 5t, soar sixth a. Been Only by l Orr its from Hakk Nukool Kcal a Steno 118 seventh a Rno let a houses a 599al Quincy St near sunnier a i. Station Rno let houses the following al. 2 and 3 Story Brick a Tono and Framo Hoa a. Decorated and in thorough order 484 Giovano Avei Iuit 135 Monroe Street 248 lot Luton ave no 235a Ivington Avouac 282 old ton place 331 Tompkins Avenue. P. Puels.3u Nostrand a. O let House new grown Stone and Tara Cotta 3 Story and basement Hnud Replete with All Tho latest modern improvements will to papered and decorated to match for Alturo and carpets Matol mirrors tiled open urn Placo., hard Wood doors private a treat Asphalt pow met Lawn Fountain rent 8720 fifteen minutes from m Ido. Apply on premises. No. 1 Alice court. Atlantic a. Nut Ween Kingston Anu Albany Tako Fulton St elevated Railroad to Albany a of a Ulvi imams 343 state it 8 to 9 a. My a 5 301> 7�80 p. _ my Quot let houses by �?~si7elle al hfkig.81 fifth a on Prospect Park slope. Dorko Loy i near sixth a. 2 or and b a 8 a. Park i near sixth a 3 fit and base b s. 13 a. Ninth St. Near might a. 3 St and i Asut it a 10 a. Union St Noar fifth a St and Basol it a i 1 a. Sterling i. Near sixth a. 21 to and miso b a 11 r. Fro Peot i near Flat Bijou a 3 at mid , 12 r. Second at near eighth a 3 at and Haso n a 12 r. Altio St Noar fifth a. 2 St and base or 8 a. Bergen St Carlton a 2 St an j base b Slor. Worron St near fourth a 2 an 1 base or i a gallic St. Near fifth a 2 St and Inse i 9bergen St Noar fifth a 2 it and base b a 10 a. Union i noir fifth a. 2 to it Tut base or 8 a. 8450 7 99 800 �?�120 790 850 1.080 380. 509 380 a 380 729 i out 890 489 Cumberland St near Lafayette a 3 n b i s. 12 a. Ninth it in a fifth a 3 St and base by. 10 a. Dean a i hear Novins 3 St and Baso by 10 a. President St Noar a sixth a 3 it and base by j i a. Park i near seventh a 3 fat and base b a 1 l a. .1,000 pros oct it a near sixth a 3 and base it 1 a. 1580 fourth St Noar sixth a. 3 St and base b b. 11 r .500 info full a formation and permits apply to it Kelli a i1mkig, 81 fifth a. Piht ilm ill sri. To let a a rta1ents--ti in Pieko be Pont Tho Mojo desirable in Brno Lyu Fine vim of Tho Harbor Only two left fourth and filth. 149 Willow fit Noar Pierro pout. To l17t�?a \vr4751ents Nie steam located apartment a in also in t to Annie not Heater All Light rooms near i. Halum apply to owner 2.79 Groc Neav. Rulo let apartments in to in al al Siambra Nostrand a and Macon a Tho Central High school front May 1 to email family of adults. In Piliro of janitor on the . To let�?apartm�nt3�?th 12 j k of x. Ferson Cornor Throop and Sinf Fonn avs 9 Large and Light room 5 Bod Roome All improvement Aud Hoato rent $3.5 and $40. Apply on premia in. To let Apa 1�tm in tsp Van hot it me Chico Cornor in suite All Light rooms elevator steam heat Coal Telephone Telegraph and Mosa Ungur Call. Grand a Cornor of gatos Shewn Only by permit from Geo. In Cook 50 Broadway Tuv York r Foo Ler to a a arts ends a e 7 a a Jant a suites of apartments in now build is on Vernon a Noar Tompkins and in Tho Corner building every room Light steam heat and All Othor improvements. Apply to Buu Dors Corner Tompkins and Vernon avs. My let apartment the a Manta ago 103and 105 Nguo a Brooklyn e Gaul apartment Superb location ten minute from Wall St apply on promises or to f. 8tunl, to Broadway now York. To let a of a Hymen tsp of this Licitr Throp 510 Vinsson ave Ono Flat in ids handsome apartment House newly decorated 8 rooms pro Valo Hall and Bath steam boat janitor no shafts. Apply to _ a. Cuu olm an 88 Putnam a. Rio let al Altai Entz in the Elk a Gant apartment House 287 Quincy at near Nostrand in station containing parlor Library music room 8 Chambers Kitchen dining Bath and servants room. Ele Rator a team heat Telephone. Of Muir on promises. To let�?apartmentrf�?�li7.s�on�y a rooms first clans by Nele sonic d Ita Chod apartment housed Ryn Tod Only to rot nod Partie giving responsible references Loam heated and Coal for Range All improvements rout $43 to $50 owner i Sijing on promises. Ii. 13. Muslim Khz Decatur at. I o let a fart men the a n time new apartment Hrubos Lonada i Noar Fulton St and Iny a Brooklyn two Tolooi i oath a rooms and Bath All modern improvement steam heat Etc. Apply on Pren Sisoi 20 Gloria a i key Nolde a Butchek pwn ors _ to Lwy a a part Mentz n a a Titis Quot Eli Gant apartment House 287 Quincy St near Nostrand 1� station containing parlor Library Musio room 3 chamber Kitchen dining Bath and servants rooms elevator steam heat Toi Chono. Owner on premises. To let apartments in Quot til of a olo Gant a Artmont House Kensington and Saratoga suits of 9 handsomely decorated Halls heated excellent janitor Hor Vlco Overy room Light Possession at once rents reduced. Apply to janitor on premise 459 and 400 Throop a or Paul c. Gig Kex Long 42a Gate a open Ovon Ings. Rno let a part Nientsu to Quot or a a in a to a it hotel apartment Honeo Corner Fulton and Bedford a Brooklyn Entrance on Brevi Ort i finest building in Brooklyn ii now Opan for Tho a Brevoort Cunt Vins All to modern improvements Rea Tau rant steam lie-9, two Oris of Lovator Gas and olo Trio Light speaking tub Saud Oleo Rio bolls in each apartment Call and Unolt t to i Jet info Unest Figuni Fileo no let How use a Hunts Ftp to a a Largo Brown Stone front with 17 room Boon a boarding Howoo Filton years location Central and All improvements rent $1,109 nor year Tho Best of Rotor since required. Apply at 347_paci�c at near Hoyt. Ring l Etc Iio use of j Jin Ishiki leg r a one year Tho Fine 3 Story and basement Brown Stone v front Hosso 219 Berkeley i. Near eighth ave hand timely for Nahod pictures ornaments Etc to responsible party rent $1,590. Apply to of Wmk 185 Washington Park _ to let 1�auts of houses to let part of House second a part of third with use of Bath and laundry to adults Only with references. 459 Gold i near Fulton. To let�?i1 Art of House second a floor in now private House with owner 4 rooms a Doc orator. 933 Lafayette a Between Lewi and a Tuy Voskan Jcj a gab let part of House a floor al of 4 Largo rooms with use of bathroom owner Ocen Dios the balance of House references. 438 Monroe Street. To let part of House second i and Dart of third floor in Bro in Stone House 50 St Marks a near Flieth to a a not fall Lar improvements and in Good Ordor Torner in House. To�. To let part of house�?327 Puta Nam a elegant parlor floor and Bas Groont in Brown Stone front rent tory Low a four in autes from roid a station a owner Oahu Pisa. To let part of House whole or part of 5 room Flat in Brown Stone House with owners family of adults j All improvements on two lines of oars three minutes from two l stations rent for whole $18. 774dekalbav. To let�?paufof"h6�ose�?lower pro Monroe St 5 rooms All improvements Good order finely do Oor ated three minutes to Honnor a l Road Ettalou Fine neighbourhood a rent $22 Nippur part occupied by adults. Inquiry at 070e Gatas no let part of House to a Small family of adults second floor al Largo rooms. Alcove with use of bathroom Halls. A talks Aud shades fam Lichod no Hoube keeping. Apply at 289 a Hormor Horn St. And a Reno let flags single 9317 Anil St Nesri nov Juja nyr07wuieuth Obj amp nor 411 Bratt Rito let Flats i it to Sis tall Imp a i Jim a in Iii rooms and Bath. 23 Parchm a. of at held and Kosciusko 1$ station. To let�?flats�?4 to too is wifi in Tai m v front ire 11,1,11 april 15. Apply to janitor ob9 Altio third a. _ a v r 7 in la a lib a a a a Quot a a a jux , in 1 Nohrr l l a Corner Lexington re no let Fly tsp with Allim j if a a i a a Rilo l e to f r j at s by w n t w no a j. Cary to Stevenson l l f,q,nn�?~3 Iro let�?i1 la to elegant Flat Golf or on to list Flats a l e Gant new in Aram rooms All licit. A a a the inquire of promises Comer Koil Rand a i Avonzo. U�?~1 to let�?flat�?330 Sumner a a elegant third Flat 7 a and hath All imn Rovo moms very Destalo local my rent Mode Ralo ifs nov to owner in Toro ii proud ban irom 10 to 4 p. M Aye a rho let Flats in Tuluo a Ute am a Corner Lewis and Putnam a Esmi a nne Ltd rooms $38, $40 newly Doco Saied Tuvim in at coat for Range and resident janitor Horn no in .a iia Only a. 11. Ifs for o to let Flats Han i so m k of a y 1 k it rated and steam heated Flats 8 rooms Ami Bash or a a a to $30 por month Halls lighted electric a a a a bin Tor on Tho prom ibos. Inquire at 318 living Btu it in Paito Llano or a poo. A 1 t single Flats for Throe families 5 room Aud Boatfi with Privato Hall electric bolls All a a a a a a Stuky on premises Row let Flats Possession Quot no a commence May 1�?520 Greene of fourth. -8 Grodno a $18 8l3 Lexington a first or third end $18 show any Timo. Talbot a l,2 j9_bodford a of Lico open openings. To let Flat third Flat of 172 al president St Cornor honry7 All ugh rooms in Good Ordor Possession May 1 reasonable rent to Small family. Inquire in Toro on premise or of a. Kouji �?�188 Myrtle a. _ _ let Flat in Rooklyn our _ own property at $12, $10, $20. 423, $25 and $87 All within fifteen minutes of Tho now York Post Oleo. Inquire of _ n. T. Sprague. 124 Flatbush a. Brooklyn to let Flats a l Krak tyke a it Anglo Flat for three families 3 room and Bath with private halt electric Bell All improvement janitor s a Orvice. Owner j. R. Story on Promise 243 tenth it. Janitors Sonvico. Owner j. A 243 tenth Rio let i i Renta to come my. $20 518 i t. No let Flats a 8&Quot and $20, two very desirable Lints on in South a near Garfield a t Row in papered in up rect order All improvements janitor a rimmed into pupae Salon. Apply to or. 11 Asu l89 seventh a second Flat. To y etl i. At vend do 10 apart a by re my a Cornor a .ea-.olcvator, Toaru a ii a p on Telegraph and to Songor Call i a ii i .n�?T?11-1 House in Brooklyn. Apply to goo it. Of Broadway new York. To j j hts f l ats the e new Roomy al and Light la to 7 $8 Mary a. 150 foot from Tompkins Tark 8 room private Hill ail rent $81 to i8s. Union elevated station nos to near ten Loon Minuth from Bridge. Inquire of janitor. To Uetz Flats the new Lanu a Tomo Cosmio Diotis and Light Flats stomp heated 741 Marcyan 75 foot from Tomsk inn bark 9 Root a All in Provit in onto $35 to $15 Nystrand a l station 13 minutes from Bridge. Inquire of janitor. Re let Flat a to the Quot s Peng Eli a and Tho Fulton elegant Fly to. 83 spencor i 8 and 9 rooms All improvements hard Wood trimmings his att a Ami janitor work ii of $30 and $35 Tjien sunday. Apply to Robert 11. Willils pkg 83 Spencer i. Rpp let Flats first class Flats al. In the spencor 151 and 153 Baltic St near Henry. 75 feet deep open on at hides to air Shaft full windows in Ivory room Lodden janitor 7 rooms Aud Largo pantry. In quirk at 402 la cry a Corner Baltic Rno Quot let feats�?$14�?5 Lior it is and a Bath loom All modern improvements Privato hails Portiero Biily to Cabinet trim mirrors und Firo Dace healers has is elegantly furnished. Apply on promise18 1 Cornelia #. Cornelia St last of a l station. Reno let Flats the Reni dining j Iii All improvement 5 room Flats in Tho Sherman and Concord. I.os1-1.0m/ Myrt e a Between stunner and , at thy Rejo to 1 re uts of in l. $15 and �18 exp Gant ii a i hallways hard Wood him janitor oct. Reno let Flats handsome five or com Flats rent $ 10, $11 Small families also u and 7 i ooih8 ail improvement Cabinet trim Halls carpeted Ilire families in House rout $15, $18. Smth 817 Chauncey re near Ralph a Heon sundays. Re a a let in to ats i �s�r/vid7eflats al. On Cumberland to fronting Kurt Greene Park Beau a Tifful location 7 Loams each All improve month pm door service Etc Post Sion at ouse rents role col. Apply to janitor Fiji Cumberland so. Owner 299 atm Sci Bil Avenue. To let Flats on Park al. Hill near sixth a 34, my i Romp act i bountifully located imm Adiath Brown Mono 1 j looms All Light. H Kii Quot a Etc. Tul Hor Hoopii first Coupon i a it to All Tei Lea front $35 to $45. Apply on Rotulo. Or to al. C. Vax air k of a 7 1 Broadway new \ Ork. To let Flats Elko ant a in Lyly Elf team hot no if All improvement electric Boll Etc. 1.118 to 1,188 Fulton St near Fri Iii Lin a station fiume Oruro p rent $81 to $38. App Lyon Prem-i-o., or to i i. C. Nan Auk Jhn. 71 Broadway new \ Ork. Met Golf re i1 a k11�e to m7\yt-s .11 Minn s o to heated Flam on seventh a. By tween Lin. A a a a in and Pis Are being and Lirong Lieut an f Bijj be finished up in Biaua ome Tufty to $3o, $4i. $19 and $39 janitor on Pruman at All times. A Stella a 11kr1g, 81 fifth a. Rupo let Flats a 11 e apes t and Ujj l of arrange d i t or Oldyns a Light rooms dumb , Oie Trio and door opener hot and cold water a one tub Imil big Hood and newly Earp Tod Small family. Inquire resident janitor no. 137 to Ruuti Avenue. Trpo let Flats a is Madison St 10 rooms healed $49 459 Throop a. No , j in $3j 45.� Gaic a ? room $25 783 Matey a. A Quot $88 3�5 Nof c. Ukbn13c room. _ ,. 8 loom $80 83 Monroe fat 8 re Iran i a. $81. Soo lot in Odivee in aut 42� Gate a. Met it let Flats a a the Rev Kush Dey al now buildings fireproof it circa of All Bun lighted Icom separate water olo sink mid tub for each Aphis menu Privato Park Fly a Lew Dionico net still rent $3 to $4 por end fur illustrated Pamp lol. Agent Riverside,89 Lora Lomon it my it Quot let Flats in new Ruff Dong 1 47k Washington a Noar Gate 8 Large Light room and hath finished in but St manner porcelain tubs open plumbing work fireplace slant Hont janitor scr View Etc inspection is invited. Apply on Promise or l Wollk Bros. 1 Niton it and Bedford a. Hop let Flats m. My fifth a fifth a first Flat a a i Oouinn All imp81499 fifth a Tii St Flat 4 room part Imp. 14.00 filth a third Flat 9 rooms All Imp. 15 09 fifth a lira Flat 9 room All inn. 17.99 la Ark i. For to Flat 9 room All Imp. 83 99 a St. Matko a second Flat 7 Rall Imp decorated. 24.00 Seliafe Home Nice Small apartment of 3 Moni each of of Lorenaf near fish a from $7.59 to .519. Styli k a Krio. To Fjar let St Ker it a Myrtle a a a to al i a Titshing this l in i of Trio busiest location on to Avenue. App y to Vaud you 595 . A. To let stores new stores cur i. Nor Tompkins and Vernon avs Corner sult Ablo for druggist inside stores on the Avenue $39, 887.50, Aud apply on premise. To let store a one or three. Years Noar Bridge two s or a Mii Tahlo for liquor Cigar or restaurant in Strablo he cation Chita a Ron Ltd v. It. Johnson. 32 Liberty St no v York. A re it let store by Tok Rooklyn Job. Bridge. 43 Sands St great thoroughfare first clan by Puiia a a to Mility for Ltd. Go tits furnishing a shoe doff cat Hutu or liquor by incs. In Julio of to janitor. To let stores Elegan a Lakert al Well iffy item 1,118, 1,128, 1,124, 1.18u, 1,188 la Ulton i near Franklin al it us Union to oreo can 1 0 thrown into one Storo imm Eliat. Non Seshion. Apply on Iti in try it it a to ii. C. Van Auk , 71 Broadway new i Ork. it it a to ii. C. Van Aukim York. To ski Stork for Lames crocks al. A ii it. To no Furu Hinc or Othor purposes $85 a month Pinte Trout 1 a 109 poop a in Bush lug head Tor illustrated pamphlet agent Kivor Ido b ill Altig. 2d Joralemon St. Rno liar Sto re Large store an 5 s. Par of building 40x99, ii Ablo for clothing dry Good or Lum Uuro and . Apply to a 11. Go act a Ilio old y an. Jay sit or , 791 Union St Corner fifth a. To a a a let stores Corn Ell stores Quot al Comer Clinton and a ribs and Wavily and Mertio highly Well situated for any first Ehy. Brain est Putic Laidy drugs and carpet hardware idiot business an. __8. You nil Myrtlo and Washington avs. To let stores aft be Corner al store for Tho past eleven years As a drug Boio also suitable for a grocer i Prospect Slopok ninth at Corner of sixth a Small to a in rear on sixth a. Apply at 445 Mutti a. Rno let store a goner al auit Mofor provision men Market House furnish ing. Out twin a Etc. A plan front a Pur. 1.100 people in Bibl no a. ,4 till november 5��nd Lor illustrated Patna Lucr title 29 Jor Nieton it. Stoke. So furnish opposite Wilion Lino rent a a 40 Pur month a hot. Agent. To of i foil hi9.jnesn al a posts. Re a v Lei rooms co in or off lilt al ton fill Hilary to Brooklyn a number of Light looms s i Triblo for photo Naphor or other bits loss $59 nut Lily. Apply it 77 Wol third at now York. To a let workshops la of tsp a cd Toro floors,.335 Adama at in Molato poster it Iii. Inquire of Henry a. Rou iils on Tho or maj. Tes 33.� Adams at. To let of Kioes doctor s office al on fro epoch Heights will let furnished if do crud a to Telephone Over. Thing m office and a Good practice Alo bore. Add Ruff a. B. 1 i ago office. To let Silv it pm in it a by St a Kail j. Near Myrtle av-8 Story Brick 89x40 suitable for Carpenter shop or any manufacturing will put in order to a nit to it Nauf. _ Gary a st1- , 199 of tip Tou St. Ray . To let�?floors�?2 url or floors al. 94x85. In new factory Cornor St. Mark and Underhill avs elevator fireproof vault abundant Power. Apply on pre Mitus or logo. W. Sill he Llor 8 Liberty pm no v York. To let rooms doctors office Quot a. Moderate rent a amp a Duomo Parlours newly Furi a hed Prid a Fco Ratt d Moque to ear pots furniture Etc ail ii to Las Jevory convenience Telephone Bead if desired May or Toom r. 387 Clinton St near hair Sou. I o l Etc of a to r y a 11 and 1 it in up. Kiib at Brooklyn. 4 a tory. 40x70, Brick with rear id Itig Liht All aides to Lbw oui a a Devator Iuno Low insurance e por con apply to i. Minor 10 Kait forty first at be t York. To let i Arr a i just floor 50 1. Uni 91 court St cuito of 3 and 2 room rout very Ria Oua Blo to por Nan out Lonam also luge Light basement under above u i tubers. I out $15 go. K. Luck of <1 uu., agon o i tin premise. Let lot in Koi end y former. _ thu Pelcl a # o a i o Yard c nor of Biford Ami Flushing avs Kirbt Das Hii nation for Coal Abouo Luin Bor and building Mit Tran. Apply at Ruiu us a 889 Broadway new York. To let i looks with Fob a a al and aconm1 of. In a 30\180, ground floor 24x95 al of 4 Story Brick building 4ux49 a of bin tier floors steam boat Aud of Ovalo. Apply on Pic Mido 259 imy Mould St or Oaky 1 . 108 Fulton St. To _ july o thu pc l to let meeting room a Leer year�?44 court by Opp it sit City Hall Corner Joralemon St utely Furini Bod boat if it people for wednesday t Hur Aday Friday Aud saturday Dvo Ninta Tustin a Ubbins real age nov 44 court �?�jtr��?4 a j. The following Mill or front on Chon Scudy a. Running irom Atlantic a to Fol Brooklyn Condo Tang of 3 Atory Brick factory 100x1 to containing j3.u00 feet of flooring Sparo and Laud 899x150with Long Island Laih a Street. _ _ re it Quot let front on Sale factory property Melro a from Atlantic a to 5 i \ a a a a a a a iu. Hui juju Bill Fiill in Yard this property has Beon used fur planing and molding Mill and lumber Yard it is Huit Abl for 4ntilfactory manufacturing or Ole Trio lighting Torma reasonable. Address n. A. O., Box porno amp of i 2,290. To Ler stalks. Molet�?stable�?20 Doughty St 10 a al stalls Ono Block from Fulton furry. To mt-90�jntkv Piso Lui Ro47et�?figl�?Tsk�?n. l a Small House with All modern improvement Barus Lino Garden five Church Good in bul near Sopot will in Ron Tod Low to a Good tenant. Addrow Jan. W. Fkbgu8�on, 31 and Ujj Fine St new York. Rio let Housky cottage a Shel i ter Island nicely furn Labud containing 12 room and All improvement located on ther respect House Cronn Msj front very moderate. Apply at Ibe Cashiers desk Eagle emos or cashier of commercial Bank. 1 Rill let to uses it a a la of Blu j and Glon Ridge n. J., on d. I k w. R. R. And g i. Ii., 1 have houses with group do $20 to $30 Elx #30 to $49 five 40tof50hix at 9�0 four at #08 four Quot vas1,t.ll.taa$99<icrn supro Semenu a Rio let part of House lower f a part of 3 Story Brick House. Lt�3 South Kliott i. Consisting of 2 Parlours an Framo Extension with Kitchen. And dining room in basement additional room on third j floor if desired owner occupies Balasco of House. Apply a onto premises. Into let part of House on put al Nam a Noar Bedford upper part of Brick House Rem doled to Mako a Flat on two floors entirely unique t a parlor kith in. Dining room Bath and a and 1 i Small bedroom All improvements separate inquire of j or. Blank. 194 fut am a. 1 75 four Vor #3-,------------------ _ Nav a ilex rus Bill Bloomfield. N. J a rivet h o uses a Flat a on a Fonn More St near Flatbush a. Two detached cottages containing Ivory improve Orient and convenience plenty of grounds Noigh Boohoo 1 first class. For Nai to Cullars apply to jg11� Loffi fits jr., Ltd j Rem non St. To a let How use of a Vor Salk a al. Slomp bread. H. charming House. 14 rooms with All modern also handsome stable inane of to Healthiest and most desirable neighbourhoods in Tho a Lulea five minutes from depot Tor particular address au1uuu by a 273, Lea Stead ;