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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 06, 1891, Brooklyn, New York The boo Katy daily eaqx�em0 nday it a Lilje it a it j�3, 34, 26 a2td 30 but 14th St go 23, 35, 27 and 20 West 13th St Hihun Hughh i ii Hll he Eree Eek Ike Keene be be be to e Peeek Beebe be week Kekk Eek Renee eee Yeeee new York. Aaa Kaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaa Kaaa a a Kaaa a a a a a a a a a a a err Rorr Rorr Rurh or or or or or or or or or or err Rorr err Rorr r or or or or or s3 s3 or jut by or Nunn Nunn in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in a Nunn a they who would furnish elegantly at moderate Cost May now is Happy. Here is Welcome news. We have bought from messes. Vietor amp a ii elis one of the great importing houses their entire Stock of German upholstery amounting to Many thousands of dollars and will sell the Best of Berlin Saxony and Vienna goods at half value. This. In connection with our great Purchase of the Stook of messes. Wearnes a Beyer gives us the most Complete assortment of curtains Portieles tapestries draperies scrims rugs and Art squares Ever shown in new York All at extraordinary pricks. Notwithstanding fifty por cent Advance in duty we Wile sell Chenille table covers boat Moquetta Oriental and High Art colourings u.4, 49c. 74, 81.40 i-4, 0�o. 84, 2.10 1.4, 08c. 104, 3.20 12-4, 3.08 usual prices 75 cents to $6.00. Tapestry table covers 1h to 3 Yards Long 59 cents to $4.00 usual Price $1.00 to $7.00. Jute and Victoria velour covers Plain and figured centers Plain and tinsel led some reversible 18 cents to $15.00 just half usual Price. Notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty we will Seitl value. Turkoman por Loros $1.40 up $3.00 $2.50 to $5. Bilk Portieles 2.08 to 15.00 5.50 to 22. When Lyle Portieles 3.03 to 20.00 0.00 to 30. Ate velour Porti ores 32.50 to 60.00 45.00 to g5. We will sell a lace and Madras curtains test and latest styles and colourings As follows a amp be 40cts. To $30�?value $1.00 to $50 a Madras si.40 to 7�?value 3.00 to 12 notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty we will sell push velour Satin Broca Tel turkish sateen and reversible Victoria draperies at $1,08 to $8.00 value $4.00 to $18.00, notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty we will sell at one ninety eight elegant Revo Siblo silk brocade tapestries exceedingly Fino Vovou Beautiful ofte cts a dozen different combinations Worth and Nevar sold under $1.00. At a Dollar ninety eight. Double tinted reversible Victoria velours for curtains and draperies those goods Are about a Yard and a half wide imported for the finest Trade usual retail Price being from six to eight dollars per Yard colouring exquisite. Notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty we will sell jute flax. Lion Kaw and spun silk. Tapestries. 10 cents to $5.00 valve 5u cents to $8.00 notwithstanding fifty por cent Advance in duty we will sell rugs and Art squares at ii Alf value. Imported jute 2x3 Yards $1.98 value $4.00. Imported jute 3x3 Yards $2.98 value $5.00. Fine Smyrna hugs Best and latest Coloru Gss hand knot fringe. 1 Yard Long usual Prico $1.00 go cents Shyar Delong usual Prico 1.75 $1.14 a Yards Long usual Prico 2.50 1.u9 1% Yards Long usual Price 3.29 1.98 2 Yards Long usual Price 3.98 2.40 notwithstanding fifty per coat Advance in duty we will sell scrims and cottage draperies Sci uding China Silks ini7�?.rtej madr&3 and Sash May Lin As follows 40 Inch scrims cent value 07 fancy silk lines off cents Valuo 15 French coloured spot Mucins j9 Ceuta Valuo 30 Plain coloured chivas 20 cents Valuo 40 b2 Inch fancy Vest Bulo silk 30 cents Valuo 85 Linen Jacquard slip covering 17% cants value 30 fashion linings Suro fit -45 Siroj. The Only linings Tea to in three length ,. In ladies cloak department we offer a thousand Fine jackets. Latest Spring shades and materials a9 follows at four ninety eight. Choice of eight Stylos that wore $7.50 to $9.00, comprising double breasted Broadcloth Cheviot stockinette Camel s hair and scotch a Hovious double breasted Reefer and Blazer styles sovino English Cut and tight fitting appliqued or trimmed with heavy Cord and Large buttons. Any of above $4.98 were $7.50 to $0.00�?All new. At seven ninety eight. Choice of four Stylos that were $12.50, hip seam jackets. Tan Gray and Black Cardinal reefers Gold buttons Navy Blu Cheviot military trim Fino Black Cheviot corded silk rovers All now. At ten dollars. Finest French whip Cord reefers Lap seams olay Diagonal keepers Fine Gold trim imported Camola a hair jackets fancy Surah lining Worth $10.00 and $18.00, and Choice of teu other styles splendid value. All now. At fourteen dollars. Choice of Twenty styles that were $20 to $25, of which we specify finest French cloth changeable silk lining Rich silk loops or Pearl buttons imported Cho Viott App quod Satin lined imported Serge Camel s hair and diagonals in the most stylish modes and Tan shades lined with the finest silk Serges All now. Millinery. Displays Are commendable Good values Are bettor. At four ninety eight Well sell handsome full trimmed hats such As you cannot Elbow hero find for less than ten i dollars and consider each hat a Gool advertisement Aso Aoh will Mako a customer for department. All made and trimmed in Best Stylo of finest materials no two alike All new. If you want a Fiat or Bonnet for Day or evening it will to Worth your while to Aeo our Stock a. There is no finer in Tho City. At Twenty five cents two to Boucaud untrimmed bonnets and toques. Fancy straws Fine Milan and real neapolitan with fancy edges now shapes Hlaoky and coloured a regular Price one dollars All now. At $1.98and.$2.93 won la soil children s trimmed hats Best shape Worth double. Ladies underwear with Sale Quot so Large As ours accumulations of Odd styles and form with each succeeding week hero Are three offerings far below Valuo to close the lots. At seventy nine cents ladies Muslin skirts with Torchon Edgo and inserting with deep tue Kod ruffles and Einbu a seven Stylos value $1.25 at thirty nine cents ladies Fino Lawn Cambric and Muslin chemises and drawers Val. and Ems y trim a dozen styles Worth 75 cents. At forty Nino cents High and Low neck Fine Cambric Corset covers All handsomely trimmed with round Square or v Back and front Large sizes Only were $1.25 to make a specially of extra size garments for Stout ladies and sell at lower prices than tis possible to Mako at Home. Drawers up to 40 Inch Waist,.49c. To $2.00 skirls�?3 Yards wide deep Yoko,.79o. To 4.00 chemises up to 52 Inch bust. .g9c, to 2.00 night dresses up to 18 Inch neck89c. To 3.00 we have bought the Stook of the palais Royal due notice will by Given of Sale. Trust 0<mipanjis. T he Brooklyn Trust company Corner Montague and Clinton 3ta capital Yentho r invested in u. A 4 Par cent Bond at Par.$.1,000,000 capital and am p. A arc 2,250,990 i it a kist allowed on Deposit tit test companies which fam Vable at fixed of Lvi a. Subject to Check at St ghz or Ratni u Uyeoka pies through now York Clearing House. Is a Safe depository for fund a ? tiring in vestment authorized by special charter to As of Soutor trustee Adela Intrator a Guardi ,. , receiver or a 1ngs county Trust company. A 373 Fulton St Arbuckle building. A Codini. $500.0 10 9 Quot 9 surplus. 390,000 i interest on deposits j total $809,000 a a deposits draw Indore to from Dato until withdrawn. Checks pass through cleaving House As in any Bank. Special rates time Genoa its for which interest bearing certificates Aro issued. These certificates pay Fetter than government new York Rich York. Current City or Brooklyn Bonds at prices. La to company acts Ai executor trustee adminis Trator. Guardi agent and receiver manages Roal or fic Ronal property for reside a a 9ct i g Feuu coupons do log the. To and non residents col coupons dividends and into oat and pay Guardi j a str is Egla Tfir or Tran Ilc _ As try Mere for Railroad or corporation mortgages. Exo Cuto orders in u. 5 bends an i ocher investment securities. Upon to posit of Cash it. Up Prore rules will Raveling letter o Oil la an i ail drafts the same. An Othor position of Trust Isa dose gated depositor a a a it court moneys cat As Replat rfcs or trans so age r. Of Stook Tod Christian t. Ouf to St. Pc scat. Abram h. Bayl13. A a it . James Ross Curran. It to rms ram Frederick c. Cut Tox to la o. Low Alexander White a. A. Low Michael Chauncey William b. Kendall Edwin f. Knowlton John 3�?T. Martin John j. Pierre Ponic George g. Reynolds. John Gib Fth is if. A r Isdr Ric p. Zolfo. 1 Henry k. So Moa. O. In. Wood. W eito h Abiam b Hay Lis Honry w. A amp two Charlesm. Pratt a 8. 1? in . Gey. h. Chuu 67. A fact to be remembered in making a will a Trust company never Dies. Never a rows infirm never Beo Omus incompetent. And never tires of its Trust. Jos. 0. Hendrix president a a a Jim 1iai4 vice president. Yauvon Morris be rotary. Trustees j. S. T. . D. W. To Withams e. W. Jos. 0. Lendrix closes May j. D. Fairchild Abraham Abraham a. D. Baird. Nolson j. Gatos. Harlan p. Halsey William Zio Lor t. L. Woodruff a s. V. White a. Pouch Connor. Of v. W Hite Charles Arbuckle 11. B. Scharmann Charles Coo or. George Monroe. D. W. Northup William Harkness. He Peoples Illust company. Felix Campbell Entrono f. O co . It. Smith re he 172 Montaldi Street. Mile lond Island loan and Trust company 203 Montague is capital. Or us j. Invested in u. S. Four per cent Bonds at Fak. A laugh . Interest allowed on daily balances. Checks can of drawn on thir cd it a la the As on a Bank and Aeo Aya Iilo through too no v York of diring ii oust or it preferred 01 will he issued payable on dem Sud or a a Zuj i data and interest unit. Paid. This company Auto Zorij in by Cliart a to actas Toni Lee Kount r. Admlm.,, guardian committee of estates or receiver mid to accept Anys Nili pcs icon of Trust. It is also a Legal Dop Svery for ail Trust f adj and Lor Money paid into court. D As registrar or Transfer agon of stocks and Lin res and As trustee ? Railroad and other . If Tharau Iccy a tors of a Redit issued a travellers and Vril to any and ail other big Lueas Rufii ail done by Trust o re pour Billiy and he Auduta. Capita jj$1,000.000.00 surplus. 550,000.00 arc drives Money on Deposit run oct to Cheokas sight and allows int Orost on Tho same. Checks drawn upon it pas3 the Ough Tho now York Clearing House. Is authorized by Law to As executor administrator guardian trustee. Receiver Transfer ago it and As registrar of mock and Bonds. Loans Money of bands and mortgages am j co other approved Security. Ofptcer3 William h. Murtha. President i Jacob g. Del timer. First Vico president. 1 Horace j. Morse second Vico president Edward Johnson Secretary. Trustees Howard Georgo l. Peak for Derlo a. Ward Solomon w. Johnson George p. Tangeman Alonzo Sloto. T. William 15. Hill. Edward b. Bartlett trustees Charles pm at jail Ham Ingraham Atson b. Dickerman Aduol Eker Joeeph f. In App Honor off in Davia o. -. Edwin Beora Bernard tetors Edward Morrill Edward i. White David Barnett. Frank Layman forge f. Gregory. in he Tod. Or. Edward Merritt pm Deai Frederick t. Aldridge. Secretary. T he a Sash a a Trust co 101 Broadway. Brooklyn n. Capital $500.000. A mrs Rico Ved Jib Jet to Cheok at Lieut. And in to and Bonds list fund Certiilatc-3 of issued for time Deposit on which spec al r ates will be allowed. A note kist commences from Date of Deposit. Author Lovd i Law to Ait i executor administrator Ooin Mitta guardian trustee receiver fiscal and Transfer age pandas registrar of stocks a 18 a Legal depository for trus1 and for Moter paid into co a it. Loans of approved collateral. Will a tire charge of securities during absence or other Laoo owner. Checks of company Are payable through the now York Ole arme Horne. A. D. Whee look Preil Dent. William disk. I via Mjohn co pro to it o. Of Ricupa Basos Beo rotary a William h. Murtha Frederick a. Bib Vividor a Horace j. Morse a Eugene 3. Blackford 1 Henry j. Gulleu or. Dot feel f. Louii 1 Jacob g. Do Tutor a David a. Co in. Cornelius n. Foa it land Robert j. Kimball i Toliu e Kearle. Or. Paul 11. Kretzschma of Isidore To. Frank b. Martin i Bernard i Kaniv Lus Trust company Iza Ukio building 18�o Someen street1 capital 31.000,000. Surplus Over $400,000. Authorized by Law to not As executor admin-8trator. Trustee guardian or committee Aud offers special advantages As such. 13 a Legal depository for court moneys. Allows interest on deposits. Offers its services on Fator Oblo terms As trustee of corporation mortgage a Register or tran8fer agent for corporations or municipalities. Loans Money on approved securities checks on this crap amp by will be paid through then amp a Yolk Housa. Edwin Packard. Free Dent. William a. Wallace Vine president. George h. 80uthari>, second Vico president and Seo Staty trustee us Laird 1 r. Jamos Lefors utile slow i f. Rowla Jowell curator j Peters in Orwell o. Trustees Josaph f. Knapp John t. Willets John Loughran we. F. Garrison a. I. We Seelock Joel f. Freeman Dcharles ii. Russell Edward t. Huist John Mcloughlin a. A i. Sur Darwin r. James Alexander e. Orr a a sch e. By ovum Ohn a Woodward William u. Wallace frankly e. Taylor. U. Houghtaling Albro j. Newton Crowdu Hadden. H. E. Pierrepont Wiff Iam Marshall Felix Campbell. George Olcott George h. Soothard w. A read Thodoro Dreyer. J29 of Wati a hats f. Ric a. Sun Rani. We. E Wheelo Clr a card soc vat ate Kates rents and assess it ments notice department of pity works. Bureau of the water registrar notice is hereby Given that the books containing the amount of the annual water ramp to or rept levied a Siesser or Char Goa upon each and every parcel of land too plea or vacant and Taoh and every building in Tho pity of Are made up and completed and Are open and cent open for examination and por re Atlon in the i storage. Of Der a a storage War brooms 3j0 and 401 Mobo Noull St and 070 Fulton St. Fri in it fat Miyae up and Are open will to kept open for examination and por re Atlon in office of to water registrar. Municipal department building until the fifteenth Day of april. 1891. When they Wildie closed. Between the fifteenth Day of March and the fifteenth Day of april aforesaid inclusive. Ibali cation for Loire option maybe made by any person aggrieved by Tho amount charged against Hll property. Buch apply Eaton must be made la writing Abd must Stato the ground of the Brooklyn. March 14. Isu1. John p. Adams attest d. I. He Ontrop Seo rotary. Mb14 28t p5 near furniture x 891. Watek rates for 1891. Rooklyn Storath warehouses established 1807, main of ice 108 Duff esd fit Noar. . �?T,lan03 j2 by i Tuy Mai Myrtle a receives Tarn Turo . Month Cash advances pro our i on earn when Deal Reju cartage Aud handling free mall order attention.7>or Twood in torque an1> Viii no sober men for moving apply at the Lexington storage,25 and 27 Lexington a or Tho Annex 260 greens a. Lexington St<�rag�_5ww�x 1s now open for inspection Aud to receive Geode a fit with goo l reliable Oncu furnished for moving at Lam eur rates. Gan at 2o0 Greo amp of a. Apartment of pity works. Bureau of Ater rates. Rooms and9, first floor. Munro pal depart intent Rogu Vir water r4 ear Ronta levied c.85ead or charged for 18ul will to due and Pic Abis away 1,181. Bills mar he of Loq on and after 1891. Otiis mar be of Ines on and alter he Leith Day o Arii. Payi Viant by mid until he 1st Day of May by Oheka Only Nooel Ted Buls Willi Tho rate of 9 a he 1st Day of May by Oheka Only. Get returned after May 1. Lot Erest at the rate of 9 per cent bar annul from 1st of May. 1891. Will be charged on All Oinila for water rates or Road revaluing pupal Doh the 1st Day of Juno next and for each Day thereafter. Extra water rate Are payable Between the lit and the Joth Days of May no Leive and if not so paid the Laft iroc tithe department to discontinue he sch ugly to it the entire premises without any Furt Bor notice. Office hour from o a. A to 3 p. During the month of May from a a a. To 4 a Hours for receiving payments Are a 0 a. To 12 dining unpaid Frim 9a�?~.�?om? to 2 p. from l Tes or rents for 1890 remaining Una la of april 1801, will a transmitted to it a. Tho water rates on Tho loth a the Rey Uvraj of arrears for collection. A2 2m Edward j. Of Flyn water Roi Lutrar t he River said Washington Adams it so tillary its. Him to a 85&Quot \8� 8bbbss8 Saranga of oooo a . Bibb by i a i Quot i ? i i Reba our g 6 a. B do b a it ,i08bbbb Rof oooo Ernul we 4� w w w our Ono 8 8 8 a 8 bbss&sss9 8 1 i to h5ssuu a Quot i 8. All elevated and too Oara direct to our door. Great n tit tit in 1 ass ass s 5s tit �?~11 11 u ii 11 00 11 00 in k 00 000000 i 1 s 8 ass to Morrow we shall continue to allow epee Rorr p p e r r p p h p p e pop be err ? i a p k a l epee a l e a a a e a a l e a a l e a a l eee Kaaa l e a a l e a a l e a a l e a a Lull epee. R Egee r Vrbin Rorr y r r Irrer w r r v r r y r r y f.e2h r r y Edeeb in w to tit too Kyff Fuff e in n t o o f e e in n t o. O f f e n n n t 0 0 f f be n n n t a 0 0 up of e n n n t o o f f e n in t o o f e k n in t _ o o it f a Khz n in t too v f pop u p up p up p Puppy u p u p u u rr11r Coco h or 11 o of or r g Quot or r a u Rorr o or r o or r o or k o h a h a of h a a h h a a a huh a a _ ii h Kaaa of h a a o it h a Sass Reeb 8 so Usu b Occo iia 3 k sirs Kab s e 8 k a 8 8 e a Sass Edeeb in fifty two departments. This special inducement is held out in the Endeavor to stimulate to greater activity a somewhat sluggish Spring season and inasmuch As the Concession is not confined to a few departments n r to a few lines but holds Good throughout 52 departments of which stocks Are Large select a varied and off prices Oono Eddly the lowest in the Trade economists will find this an exceptional Opportunity to make t1ieir Spring selections at a substantial saving. Black Silks loss 10 coloured tic fancy Silks less 10 velvets less 10 bla0k dress goods loss 10 col d amp fancy dress goods Les 10 scotch 10 Wash dress goods less 10 cloths amp cloaking less 10 housekeeping 10 Fine White 10 muslims amp sheeting less 10 10 flannels amp quilts loss 10 Lake curtains a Portie Relosa 10 upholstery amp furniture coverings less 10 dress trimmings less 10 buttons. Less 10 10 10 toilet articles loss 10 fans amp fancy goods loss 10 leather Good Lesa 10 pictures amp frames less 10 clocks amp bronzes loss 10 stationery. Loss 10 por cont per font per cent per out per cont per cent per cont per Cut per cont per cent per cent por cont por cont por font por cent per cent per cent per cont per cent per cent per cont per cont per cent per font per cent ladies jackets a wraps. Misses jackets. Fur capes a shawls boys clothing. Men s neckwear. Menus shirts a furnishings. Ladies a misses shoes. Kid gloves. Fabric gloves. Hosiery. Merino underwear. Muslin underwear. Untrimmed hats. Flowers a feathers. Ribbons. Laces a lace articles. Worsted a Art emby. Embroideries. Handkerchiefs. Parasols. Umbrellas. Corsets. Infants outfitting. China a glassware. Lamps a brio a brag. Loss 10 per font less 10 per cent loss 10 por cent less 10 Par gent loss 10 per cont Leas 10 per cont less 10 por cont loss 10 per cent less 10 per font loss 10 per sent less 10 per cent .les3 10 per cent loss 10 por cent less 10 per sent less 10 per cont loss 10 per Cen loss 10 per cent l-39 10 per cont Leas 10 per cont Les 10 per cent Leas 10 per cent less 10 per coot less 10 per cont less 10 por font less 10 por cent Liebmann Bros. A own nos. W. It pc h. u u off Coo err Mumm u a Mommp o or r d d u of o o err d d u u f o or r d d us f too u u add a a upholsterers and decorators 390 and 392 Fulton Street near Smith. The Only Brooklyn House devoted excl Mivon a to upholstery goods and Wall paper. Quality always reliable and prices Tow. Our new Stock of Wall papers Surpas aos anything Ever before offered prices about 20 por cout. Lower than Hor Teoforo. P Arl Kaind Library papers s1lk, damask and Canvas effects 25o. To $5.00 per a All an i dining room papers scroll,.stencil and leather effects 15c. To $3.00 por Roll bedroom papers Rose Lily a a olt. Poppy. Daisy Pink and dandelion patterns. 10c. To $1.00 per a terms head tile papers y washable. For Halls bathrooms and kitchens. Upholstery. Lake curtains and por Tierese a Large Stock of Muslin Ouri Ains and Low priced Portiero for sum Mer cottages. a tur coverings tapestries. Plus ies Broca Telles to. Now is Tho time to Havo your furniture recovered. Big Cut in pricks. S lip coverings new linens and damask Cut and made at Low prices. W a in Dove shades our specially new Hollands and trans patients. Entirely new Fri of to wings and window screens at lowest possible prices. Order now and to will deliver when needed. Lace curtain cleaning. No acids used. Nottingham. 50c. Per. Pair. Tambour and Irish Point.75c. Por pair. W. A h. Mumford. Dividends. N National Cordage company. 132 and 134 front Street new York april 3,1891. I the directors of the National Cordage company have this Day declared Tho regular quarterly dividend of 2 per sent. Of the preferred Stock of Tho company payable May 1,1891, to stockholders of record on Trio 15th met. _ _ they have also declared a dividend of 4 per sent. On the common a took of the company for the six Montha ending May 1. 1891, to stockholders of record on the 15th iust., and who Roas Tho holders of pro erred Stock f re entitled to a dividend of 8 per cent per annul Booro any dividends Are paid on the common Steak Tho director Havo made a special appropriation necessary cover Tho dividends for Tho roman nor of Tho year on Tho preferred Transfer books will Oloane on Tho 15th april 1891 and will reopen on Tho 2d May. _ e. Fulton treasurer. Elect Opi exotic be Ere As much Bent on keeping Trade As in getting it. Absolute a dependability that s the keynote. T a k a for instance our Spring overcoats from $15.00 to $25.00, they re As trustworthy for style As for fabric. Smith Gray amp co., three Brooklyn storks Broadway to Bedford a Fulton St. A Flatbush av., and Greo Point a Manhattan . New York store 3d a Aud 123d St. Financial. P purchasers of real estate can obtain Loans to Complete their Purchase at the lowest current rate of interest from the German american German american German american German american real estate title guarantee company. Cash capital half million dollars. 10 court , Brooklyn. A ski Kcal notice office of the Brooklyn City and Newton Railroad company March 28, 1891�?the annual Loo ton for directors and for in no motors of Tho not of lotion will to hold at Tho office of Tho company 120 Broa Hay room g. New York City on monday april 13. 1891. Tho polls will remain open from 3.1 a. Until 12, noon. Duncan b. Cannon Secretary. Mil 10 annual meeting of the x Brooklyn Art association will be held at the rooms of Tho an soc Union at 8 of clock on monday Tkv Kinu april 13, 1891, for Tho Eteo Tiou of trustee and to transact such other business As May to properly brought be Bre said meet aug. Oakill ii. Desilver. Secretary. Fwy clerks office Long Island icily March 30,1891�?Public notice is hereby Given 11 a a a common Council of Long Island City a a f Tho whole will first consider the a poll i Inland pity and Newtown railroad1.oramon Council chamber in the City Hall in a / april at Mitt. Tho Long Inland pity and Newtown Railroad company Tho common Council chamber in the City Hall in Oug Island City on tuesday the 14th Day or april at 8 of clock in Tho att i noon. Such application is for permission Ami consent to said Railroad company to build and extend a track Railroad from Borden Avenue along Wost Avenue to third Street Aud along third Broetto front Street and to operator such Railroad by electricity and Olac tical order of the common Council in la 15t Thomas oui iry City clerk. E the annual election Eok Dikic Toro of Tho Flatbush Gas company will be he a at oif Ico of Iho company. Flatbush a Cornor of Diamond St Flatbush saturday april 11, Between Tho hours of 7 and 8 p. Flatbush april 1, 1803.april a. I. Ditmas Secretary. I Blu ton Familton Bank of Brooklyn 5 Hamilton a. April 2,1891�?the annual elec for seventeen directors Aud three inspectors of election to Servo for Ono year will be held in Tho Bank tuesday april 14. Between Tho hours of 9 and 10 a. K. S. Clark cashier. Pianos. A. Fischer pianos. Large assortment of upright grand and Square pianos at Moderato prices Cash instalments Aleo piano to rent and to Exchange several bargain in a to Ond Hana pianos Dlf forent makers at Low noes. Flip her piano War rooms 110 fifth a Corner sixteenth it. Now York. 1�?perfect i an it to nning 25 years daily practice. T. Stanley piano tuner and repairer 16, 415. 772 Gatea a 491 Tompkins a. 282, 478, 725 Myrtle a and 51 Smith it mail 34.� Fulton at piano players taught piano Clai re Oval Brooklyn a favorite mme. Phe be Boulanger reliable clairvoyant Sovo nth daughter of a seventh daughter born with Vail wonderful revelations without asking question gives the name of the one you marry. Ivy cottage Elm i near grand opera House 25 cents 50 cent 91. Not in wednesdays civil service commission of the City of Brooklyn office of the Secretary Unity Jalall March 27.1891�?examinations for Tho following positions have Boon ordered by this commission Joerke Grade a a clerks grado�?�b�?�stouograpuer8andtype-writors. Inspectors of i ailing and paving Granite and general. Foro Meu of Street repair. Plumbers. Blana forms or application May to obtained at this office and any desire information will to Given by the Soor Elary. All applications must to filed with the Secretary at i the pity Hail on or before wednesday april 8, at 4 of clock p. Mh27 12t we. D. Campbell Secretary. Drunkenness liquor a Iii in All the world Thero is but one cure. Or. Iii new a Golden specific. It can be Given in Coffee Toa or in articles of food without the knowledge of patient if necessary it is absolutely harmless and will Poneot a permanent and speedy cure whether the Patout is a moderate dry nor or a alcoholic wreck. It never fails. It operates so quietly and with such certainty that Tho patient under foes no inconvenience and soon his Complete Reform Ion is affected. 48 Page Book free. To to had of Bolton drug company 204 Fulton St Brooklyn and Alex. Hudnut. 218 Broadway Ana we1sman a Ellin Bach. 9 Bible House. Now York. And paving Granell i Romeu of a Tibet repair. Plumbers. Blank in plication May to obtained at this office and j information will to Given la a a pawnbrokers Arthur j. Heaney s old Roii Ablo office 214 Atlantic a near court St advances from $1 to $1.000 on diamonds Gold watohe3. Solid Silver and plated Ware Seal Dolman and camels hair shawls fair dealing legitimate rates Only charged. Brooklyn ladies directory for servants established 1882. Offers ladles in need of help first class swedish Aud German girl. Please Call in Tho office 373 Atlantis a and you will be suited immediately. Please look out for Tho right address. Shea marvelous medium Galvos names of dead Aud living friends whom and Ronen you marry Busl nest journeys Law absent friends j wealth anything you a lab cures nervous debility and All a diseases. At Home sunday. 659 Fulton e make the Cigar. You make the smoke. Tiger Cubana Tho Best Cigar 5 Ota. Each 60 of i per bundle. Ask for them of your dealer. L. Miller a sons 149 Chambers St n. Y., of re Devil Tkv. Rte it. Hoyt dentist of 395ful-r Quot ill will remove May dental establishment 45o. A from pity Hall Between Jay and Law Royce St fifth door from Jay St. Opposite Horton dry go ods a Toro. Cd. Brooks dentist a has a penal at 424 St. Marks a. Is two a Carlton and Flatbush where he can to found at ail times except Koudaya and tuesdays. When he will do at 181 South Oxford at. _ tax Salis notices to Robert Pierpont. If living and h dead to his. Widow heir a Law not of Kip tion or d Lien i Lxi Dana certified under Ahu pro Lalou of said All that certain toy and Elt nato in the pity of Brooklyn Dovia oos grantees mortgagees losses his successors in interest and to. Francks Pierpont her devise mortgagees heirs at Law next of Kin successors in inter St and to any other person unknown having or claiming any estate right title or int Orost of in or to Tho lot de a Crl bed in too following to Loq of Sale please to take notice that. In pursuance of chapter 114 of the taws of 1883, the registrar of arrears of the City of Brooklyn at the City Hall in said City on the 12th Day May 1880. Old at Publio auction for the nou payment of a certain no assessment and a f virtue of the provisions of Sai Lece and Parco of land Elt nato t d desc ipod on toe assessment. -0a Ward of said Alty As lot Rigi her 170. And that Thomas Bema baser of the Samo at said�?Tsale1 and tofiq cd it Incato thereof was it Hue on slay. 29,4890, and that to of a Alp Thor of which cart Lyl for regl floor 6l s her 83, in Tho. Office of said reel Bat if such Ator Erld amount of so Ruea interest anal charges by a expiration of a he yeat from it Olce. 1 shall apply to to Kronor n a Aid Aboto Mentlo hed Jaklyn the twentys�c-1,6n Block nuts a Eoa meth a baser of the same at said Sale for the sum of $239. And the cd Ftp Falcato thereof was a and that i certify ter 61 a fid reel out of the exp ration of he year from the Date of Seti _ notice i shall apply to to proper officers of the said pity of Brooklyn for a title of absolute in a old above a a a a lands As provided for Inevald it Hann Moor Blok mhs8 4wm 807 flite uni St Brooklyn. N. Duly assigned to for a i Dow hold the certify. Ate is Krown Arnum lifer 61 said sales designated in said registrar of arrears. And mount of $229. 31.toi a and the cd Niff Coto thereof was d value on May.29,4890. Ind that _ Pato of a Alp Thor of which Cserti Floate is Krown As Nam or Jln who x "gl9�?~ r 61 ,�?o"1 a that if such a a Reli rued interest and charges to. I the Flat of service of of or 1 al on or Boford i a go Thor will astonishing prices paid for gentlemen s left off clothing. Of Aeron Send postal.__202 Flatbush a Brooklyn. Immense prices paid for libraries and Small parcels of books. Cheapest Book store in the world. Leggat Brothers. 81 Chambers St. Third door Wost of pity Hall Park new York pity. To the stockholders of the Lewis a Fowler manufacturing company Ana to whom it May concern you and each of you Are hereby notified by Tho undersigned Bong a majority of to trustees of the above named company that pursuant to chapter 40 of the Laws of 1848, Ana the and part of acts amending Aud extending Tho Camo a mooting of the stockholders of the said lows a Fowler manufacturing company will to held on the 29th Day of april 1801, at Ono of clock p. Of that Day at the said mooting is to Nenahlo said company to Avail itself of Tho provisions and privileges of said acts by increase the capital Stook / of $200,000 to $400,000. To books of the company for the Transfer of Stook will be Tho provisions and privileges of Sauth closed on the 21st Day of april 1801. And remain closed until the 25th Day of May. Í8u1.�?Brooklyn, april 0, 1891. John w. For Vielt Daniel f. Lewis a Charleso Vananglen John j. Brit of. Trustees. Ubelio notice application hav. Permission to of Laugetta motive Power from horses to Olec Trinity on that portion of its Road along Conoy Island Avenue in the town of Flatbush and fifteenth Street and ninth Nuri u Hor by Given that tue Board w bearing on the same on wednesday apr a at to be chamber of Commerce in Tho City of new York. By the Board a a. A a 7t William o. Hudson Secretary. It feb Bdl a loe8er a co. Of off r f err ebb Riff ree p err be _ f it b i d d t r b res add n j 00 ebb _ e o be Russa eeb err a a e r r 8s8q be err h l o or Che or , too Abb 6sb Kab r b a v i v aaa Good o 0 a a o o too o o o o 0 o o to Coo too importing retailer8, Fulton Street opposite Dekalb a. The system of Selling every article at a Small profit but of a thoroughly reliable Quality is a ruling principle of this firm. Dress goods All Wool French Cashmere 60 ot8. A full line of the most desirable shades of Tan Ecru Fern and Light Grays in All Wool French Cashmere 50 ots. Per Yard. Black. Silks. Very Low prices. 22 Inch Black China silk 6 ots. Per Yard. 24 Inch All silk Black Surah 09 ots., 85 ots., $1.00 and $1.10 per Yard. Lacks. Special offers. Black Chantilly half Flouno Ings new designs 59, 79 and 98 cts. Per Yard. A trimming laces in Black Chantilly a to 5 inches wide 25 cts. Per Yard regular Price 30 to 45 ots. Infants department. Dresses and Coats. Gingham dresses High neck trimmed with Fine embroidery $1.38 and $1. 39. Gingham Gamp dresses trimmed with Fine embroidery $3.25 to $1.87. Special lot of children Scoats four different styles Plain colors and plaids. $4.75 regular Price. $9.50. Trunks. Our new special dress trunk 38, 40 and 42 inches Long has 4 trays and a hat Box that can be taken out or Putin at anytime. Our Standard special trunk is 32.inches , All Linen lined covered tray Flat top steel clamps 12 Nickel strap Iii Gas and Best brass Excelsior lock and Iron Bottom $5.00. Superior shoes the Best goods that can be produced for the Money. Our Spring and summer Stock of ladies hand made Oxford ties Are now ready. They Are made to our order embrace All the new styles and Range in Price from $1.50 to $5.00 the widths Ark a a to d ande the same in Grade. Ladies welted walking boots $3.00. Reliable French kid boots $4.00. Our $5.00, $0.00 and $7.00 shoes Are equal to any custom made shoes. Frederick Loeser amp co. Rnold Constable amp go. India Pongee. Corals. A Fine assortment of the latest Spring printings has been added tii1s week desk goods Are unrivalled for durability and Wear. Broadway and nineteenth Street new York. I Sura of a Tantio Mutual insurance company. New York. Office 51 Wall St. Organized 1842. Insures against Marine and Inland transportation risks and will Issue policies making loss payable in England assets for the Security of ita_noltclo3 Aro More than ten million dollars of face profits of Tho company revert to the assured and Ara divided annually upon Tho premiums terminated during Tho year certificates for which Aro issued bearing interest in accordance with its charter. Cd. Jones president. W. H. In Moore vice president. A. A. Raven second Vico president j. H. Chapman Soo rotary. 2 p i1enix insurance company Brooklyn n. Cash capital $1,000,000. Gross assets december 31, 1890$5,008,315.00 liabilities. 3,444,010. 34 surplus As to policy holders. $1, 353,704.42 losses paid since organization $39,033,332.79. Offices Brooklyn Phenix building court St and 114 Broadway e. D. Pity of new York Western Union build-1no, Broadway Cornor Dey St. Merion steam b01lerinsull-Anoe company. New York. Cash capital. $500,000, a insures steam boilers elevators and All other kinds of machinery against Accident to property and life. Long Island department Garfield building. Brooklyn n. A John in Wilmarth manager. Ontic Kontal insurance co., Corner court and Montague Street.? $2,470,343.21 a 275,720.78 Pash Oapl Tal. 1,000.000.00 not surplus la. 703.80 f. O. Moore. President of h. Dutches Secretary Brooklyn department. C _ Reserve for reinsurance. Reserve for All other claims. Hotels Merion hotel _ 28-30 Fulton St., Brooklyn near ferry newly Fri Nashed froome Good accommodations for per Piacent or transient Cuesta 50 cont per night. 81.50 por week and upward Uberon managed of Louall night or gentlemen Only. 0. Mariauo proprietor. E newspapers Agle Branch offices. Bedford Branch 1,227 Bedford Avenue near Fulton Street. Eastern District Branch 44 Broadway. Fifth Avenue Branch 435 fifth Avenue near ninth Street. Atlantis a near East new York a All business pertaining to news advertising and Job printing will receive the same attention at these offices As if transacted at the office. Auction in sales. E Xuc Utora a Sale. Geo. W. Brown a co., auctioneer will sell by order of executor at the Broadway Sale rooms 103 Broadway. On wednesday. Aoril 8.189j. At 12 of Clook noon the 3 Story Brick House known As 03 South tenth at containing 12 rooms All improvements. Also. 2 Story Framk House on rear of lot. Known As 301 Berry 8t. For full particulars apply to Tho auctioneer or Graff a Blauvelt attorneys 229 Broadway new York. Also at the same Elmo and place Twenty sixth Ward Lota on Blake a Logan and Milford its and Schenck a and Lerir lots Road. X Wendell auctioneer a a Fol cd 085 motor Tough St Sells tuesday april 7, 10 30 a. A. At 221 Hooper a Corner Knoke Brooker o Oise Tho Fri Eston estate All the furniture Etc., confined in said House stores and Over Yibing belonging to to estate. Also buggies wagons harness ploughs and fixtures of a grocery store. In wednesday 10 30 a. M., 856 Willou by a All of the furniture of said res Donco. Particular on tuesday. Auction sales. J Ere. Johnson jr., 33 3 Fulton St Brooklyn. 60 Liberty St new York. Tuesday april 7, 1891, at 12 o Dock noon. In the a Brooklyn real estate Exchange no. 393 Fulton St Brooklyn. Peremptory auction Sale of 250 valuable building lots eighth Ward Brooklyn and near Brooklyn pity Lino in new it Root. Entire Block bounded by sixth and seventh fifty fourth and fifty fifth its 74 lots eighth Ward Brooklyn adjoining famous Hunt estate. Also at same time and place w 132 elegant building lots formerly the property of Thomas Rutherford esq., situated on fort Hamilton Stewart sixth and seventh and Eightieth and Klugh Tok first its. In the town of ,. Nelv utrecht Ana adjoining Tho magnificent property of the Bay Ridge Park improvement company. The property is on hied ground. Fort Hamilton and Stewart Aro opened Tho former according to town grades. Seventh a is to be opened from fort Hamilton a to the Bay. It is very accessible by Tho new Leotric line of the Brooklyn City Railroad company which will to Complete 1 in the Spring arid will run tothe thirty ninth St ferry and will Donn oct with cars to Tho Brooklyn City Hall and Iho Bridge. Another electric Road is promo cod on fort la Milton a. It is next to Tho land of Tho Bay Ridge Park improvement there Are to to water and Gas electric lights Shade Trees sidewalks and All other necessary improvements and conveniences. Terms easy. A 1 i los insured by the title Guarante and Trust company of new York. Also at same time and place seventh a and fifty seventh East Corner 7 lots. Forty ninth St North Side,200 oct East of second a 1 lot. Store. Frame House and extra lot of sixty fifth at 100 feet West of fourth a. Mans and particulars apply to Jeke. Johnson 60 Liberty St. New York 893 Fulton St Brooklyn. Thursday april 9, 1891, at 12 o clock noon in Tho Brooklyn real estate Exchange no. 393 Fulton St. Brooklyn. 450 sup Irb Bui Jiuing lots of the celebrated mai1tense farm West Brooklyn adjoining pity tone. Maps Aud particulars of Jere. Johnson jr., 00 Liberty St new York 393 Fulton St Brooklyn. Thursday. April 16, 1891. At 12 of clock noon in the Brooklyn real estate Exchange. No. 393 Fulton St Brooklyn. Peremptory auction Sale. 139 elegant building lots. Eighteenth Ward Brooklyn. E. Palmetto Woodbine and Madison its and Putnam Irving and Ridgewood within 2li0 feet of Wykoff a station of Union Railroad. Maps of Jere. Johnson Jbv a 00 Liberty at new York 303 Fulton St Brooklyn. St North j Cole auctioneer. No. 74 Columbia Heights. No. 78 front St Corner Washington no. 51 Tompkins pm near dog raw St. No. �?o15 Rhene a. Near St. Maraca i. 3 vacant lots. Lexington a a Noar Glasson 3 vacant lots. Herkimer St near Hopkin you a. No. 107 Nassau St resale for account of former purchaser. Jamks coleus son will sell on tuesday. April 7, i8ll. At 13 11., at Tho commercial Exchange. No. A a so Pulton St. Oppo Aito Tho pity Hall Brooklyn Tho following very desirable prop cry no. 74 Columbia Heights a 3 Story basement and sub cellar Brown Stone House 14 rooms two ornamental and five Marble mantels dumb waiter Bath Epos King tubes ran be Furnace laundry cupola torn easy. Apply to George b. Wilson caq., 143 water St. New York. No. 78 front St Corner of Washington a 4 Story and Collar Brick Storo and dwelling in rooms Boldo the Toro floor water Gas and other Honvo nieces All in Good order the store floor contains store and Baca room Good cellar. Also 2 Story Frame store on Roar of the lot 4 rooms. Fun particulars at the Otico of Jess is. Bearnes a Brenner attorneys. 26 court St Brooklyn. No. 51 Tompkins ply a 3 Story basement and Buh cellar Brick apartment House 14 rooms 7 Marble mantels Aud 1 Hardwood mantel 3 Bath rooms in Tho Roar a Sai Story Brick building intended for storage of trunks Etc. Full particulars at Tho office of Webster a son Corner Clinton and log raw St. Brooklyn. No. 10? Nassau St a 3 Story basement and sub cellar Brick dwelling with 3 3 looms beside Storo 10 closets Etc. Heaters water and Gas throughout 4 mar Bio in amp Tols Etc. In closed Piazza in perfect order throughout. Bale positive. Map at the auction room. This Salo is Boca Tho former purchaser did not comply. No. 215 Greene ?3 Story attic basement and sub Ellav Brown Stone House to room including Alcove at lie and Bath 7 Marble mantels 5 mar Bio basins Furnace Hardwood finish Etc. Etc. Lexing l in ?3 lot with Stabo 100 feet West from Classen a Oach 22.7x100 feet. Herkimer bt�?2 vacant lot s 50 foot Kins Nav each 25x100 feet. Full particulars a to Torum mortgages otc., at Tho office Ole a. Carloy esq., attorney no. 51 Liberty St new York. John y. Hallock esq., executor. Map of All the above Are Roady at Tho office of j. Cole auctioneer no. 389 Fulton at. Brooklyn. T East from hop Ere. Johnson jr., auctioneer thursday april 9. 1891, at 12 of Olock Brooklyn real estate Exchange no. 393 Fulton St without Reserve 450 Superb lots remaining part of celebrated o of adjoining the City line eighth Ward. Tho property is splendidly situate 1 on thirt7eighth to dirty ninth Fortieth its an i tenth twelfth thirteenth and fort Hamilton . Street made sidewalks Laid tree planted and elegant water Supply with water pipes All Laid. A great future for investment go and examine. On purchases of $590 an j upward 6u per cent May remain on Bond an 1 mortgage. Title guaranteed by title guarantee Aud Trust co. Free of Cost to purchaser. Within 4 Block of fifth a elevated it. And 23 minutes to Bridge. Trains at Union depot thirty sixth at and fifth a connect with Brooklyn Bath and West end r it. And Prospect Park and Conoy Island Cul vory to r. Stations on property. 5 minutes to thirty ninth St ferry and ouly 20 minutes to Battery now York. Trains will positively run and Connoe with Tho great thirty eighth St Cut to ferry by May 30. Map and put ullars at 60 Liberty St. New York and 393 Fulton St Brooklyn. F Cole auctioneer. Nos 293, 295, 295a and 299 Mcdougal St no. 289 Washington a. Nos. 1.55 5, 1,558 and 1,500 Myrtle a. No. 178 Elizabeth so. James Ogle a son will Roll on wednesday. April 8, at 12 of Olock m.,at the commercial Exchange. No. 389 Fulton opposite the City Hal Brooklyn the following very desirable property to cloak a concern nos. 209. 295a, 295 and 298 Mcdougal St four entirely now ornamental front Brick houses 2 Story High stoop basement and a Bucell amp reach contains 7 rooms beside Bath 4 Marble mantels Ono of Thom ornamental Marble basins Range Heitur speaking tubes electric Bell Gas atm water. Term easy on Bend and mortgage ii do sired. Full particulars of James Walsh a son 5 Wall so . No. 178 Elizabeth St a 2 Story and Collar Frame dwelling with 1 Story Extension in rear contains let rooms and cellar making a flue Lutlo re i Junco in the business part of the two fun Ward. No. 1.56 Myrtle a 3 Fitzory and cellar Frame House ii rooms Rosido Large Saloon and Collar has 2 in Arlo mantels dc., do. Ii it it oct front of Myrtlo a and �s9 feet front on Palmetto St. Nos. 1.55s and 1.556 Myrtle a a a a two 2 Story and cellar Frame Patoros and dwellings each has 7 rooms i Sid Toro. This is one of the Host locations Tor business in this part of Tito City. Full particulars and terms at Tho office of messes. Rabo a Keller attorneys for exec lots 243 Broadway now York. No. 2x9 Washington a near Dekalb a 3 Story Brick mansion and 4 lots of land 13 rooms to Side Bxs a 7 Marble a Netols 4 a amp bins. Tito House is substantially built Large Piazza in front 2 Story and Bane deut Extension in rear Largo Bay window Oto. There Are 4 lots each 22.6x100 foot two of them front on Lylall St in the rear. Jan be Feen by application to the District Telo Graple Ooin Nany 335 Dekalb a. Noar Hal at. Full particulars at Tho office of Julius Lothro Krauss 34. Adams St. Maps of All the above Are ready at the auction room of j. Cole 389 Fulton St. C h. Luh Tuune auctioneer. Sells to Morrow a tuesday 10 30 a. a the entire contents of the private residence 15 Herkimer St near Bedford a. Embracing in part Fine antique and modern furniture Pui omit grand piano Forte Choice inc a Brae porcelain it of Cen a crockery Glass and Silvo Waro Cairo 1 dining room Fumi Turo. Brass bedsteads and Superior bedroom Farni Turo folding Bod. Cost $309 Ebony Arra Oire a Glace to match exquisite canopy bed. Finest of hair mattresses Pillow All the gluon and lace curtains. A few Fine old engravings and pictures. Bronze group bisque to. Fine Louis Xiv Rosewood parlor suit in Goblin. 2 Fine Orbison Carnet Balanco in Axminster body Brussel a to. Catalogue at House. A h. Luengene auctioneer will sell wednesday april 8. 10 30 a. M., Tho furniture carpets ac., Vine Rosewood pianoforte contained in private residence 48 St. Marks a near sixth. Particulars to Morrow. Absolute Sale of valuable Twenty second fourth and fifth Ward property. Llomas a. Kerrigan auctioneer will sell on thursday a april it at 12 of clock noon at Iris Sale rooms 13 Wil Oughty St the lowing property no. 238�?tenth St Between third and l our h a 3 Story Laramo Brick basement and sub cellar dwelling House mansard roof 12 , including bathroom All improvements in Good condition House about 40 feet Daon lot 20x11 0. No. 144�?High St a 2 Hory Attio and basement Frame hopi about 32 feet deep lot 25x98. Nos. 18, 20 and 22--Evans or Little water St is a triangular plot of ground about St feet front us 109 feet drop on which Are erected a 3 Story and Collar Brick Tonkin Cut House 13 rooms and a 2 and 3 Story Frame building 15 rooms and Hack basement. Terms easy. For particulars inquire of auctioneer 13 Willoughby a hardware and House furnish a s. Steinweg7-Auctioaoer, Sells tuesday april 7, at 10 30 of clock. At 521 Graham a Brooklyn vory Large and Staple Stock of above consisting of Twenty five Fino ranges assorted hardware Aud cutlery very Fino Stock of crockery and lamps full Niue of Agate. Tin Iron Wood and Willow Ware Lino horse and Wagon elegant fixtures All of which were bought Only two Mouths ago. W Cole auctioneer Lato Cole a Murphy City Saleroom 7 and h ourt Square formerly Boerum i. Wednesday. April 8, at 10 30 o Olock at Sale rooms. Household furniture parlor suites in Plush Broca Tolle. It to. Walnut Ash Oak and Cherry chamber suite wardrobes. Bookcases Hall Racks. Folding Beds. Walnut and Oak dining furniture sewing machines mirrors hair mattresses Springs and bedding 2 pianos and a Largo assortment of furniture. 5 carpets. Oilcloth. Rugs. Mats. Assignee1� Sale to Henry h. Hill assignment Friedmann a co. Auctioneers will sell tuesday Apil 7,10 30 a. M., on the Prem it uses 33 Dos Broiles St now Yore City. The entire took. Machinery and Plant of Llyd Raulio machinery and Eio Vator oar builder also patterns and of Ting for Koper caloric engine Etc also office fixture combination Safe Roll lop disk chairs stoves. Partition oct. Catalogues ready on Tho premises or at auctioneer s office 5 Wooster St. By order. Ashforth Assignee. A. W. Seaman attorney for Assignee 63 Wall it new York. S. Stern if son auctioneers office 918 Myrtle a Brooklyn Sells to Morrow april 7, at 10i30 a m., at 13 Graham a Corner of Deboy Oise St Brooklyn a Large Staple Stock of groceries consisting of new canned goods flour sugar chests of teas Barry is of molasses and syrup boxes of soap powders Eta bottled goods spices Shell goods and Otner Complete Stock. Also 20 Glass bins 5 Scales 3 counters. Oil tank Ico Box Fine clock 3 show cases Large Coffee Mill Etc la signee a Sale l notice is hereby Given that i shall sell at Publio a a Publio auction on Friday Tho 10th Day of april 1891, at 10 of clock a. M., at nos. 7�.�?~a or Quot i. 73 and 75 old nos. 83. And 85 George City of Brooklyn the Stock of tables sideboards furniture a amp Ohnery and a sit All Othor goods and al w. Den Naer a co. 1891. Ice Boaras furniture a amp Umery Ana fixtures lately assigned to of e. 1ei? Awig Aee. A motion Sale hos. W. Lindsay will sell on wednesday. April 8, it 2 of Cleolo a at two qty first St near fifth a contents of livery Stablo. Comprising Stablo utensils contents of office Ana double harness coaches sidebar wagons two excellent horses 15j4 hands High warranted sound senile in harness. Also Bui dug with 3 years Loase. . A oader1y of Musio. Stoddard the Stoddard lectures. The Stoddard lectures. The Stoddard lectures. _ special and extraordinary announcement. To Morrow evening at 8, Friday evening. April 10, at 8, saturday matinee. April 11, at 2 30, John l. Stoddard a famous lecture on the passion play of 1890 at Oberammergau. Only three More opportunities to Hoar or. Stoddard s overwhelmingly popular lecture. Profuse and realistic illustrations. Or. Of Auntey Depew attended a representation of Tho passion play last summer and on his return Home paid the following eloquent tribute to Tho Sim Plo players of Oberammergau q Quot the vast audion co sits for hours spellbound without movement or Vrh per except when shaken by convulsive sobs or drawing a Long breath of Relief at the close of an . The Man or woman who has Hoard told and retold at his mothers knew Tho Story of Christ saw and Felt its significance with a Faith o dual to that with which he had Listopad to it from those Skorod according to Tho testimony of those who have heard tha playans attended or. Stoddard a lecture the effect of the former is scarcely less vivid and life a a be than that of the latter. Positively last opportunities. Tuesday and Friday evenings april 7 and 10, at 8. Saturday afternoon april 11. At 2. Reserved stats 76 cont. N it a on Sale at chandlery a 300 Fulton secure seats Oatly in order to avoid disappointment. Burditt a North managers. T he associate alumnus of the Packer collegiate Institute will give april 9. At 8 p. M., at the first Baptist Church Clinton St Cornor Pierrepont. An evening of old songs. Tho old songs among Thom such favourites As Quot old King Colo a Quot rally in our Alley a Quot Kitty of Coleraine a Quot heroes to Tho Maidon of bashful fifth on a will to Given together with Tableaux following Edwin a. Abbey s exuuisit3 illustrations of those old time melodies. A thread of nineteenth Century Reverle will blend Muslo and Tableaux in Ono harmonious photo. The picture will be arranged by the artists mosses. O. E. Cook Iuan and w. H. Goater who kindly tend their Aidt and the ladies of Tho Cora Mitten in charge can oof Dently Promise a most thoroughly artistic affair. Thero will to music by an orchestra and a Beautiful souvenir programme. To proceeds of Tho Orenius go toward the gift fund Aud. In View of this object the committee solicit from All graduates and friends of to Institute their Hearty co operation. A tickets $1.50. For Sale at Packer Institute hand lord a and at the door. Cademy of Musio l thursday evening. April 9. 1831, Jim the Penman by the Amaranth -0 of for the Benefit of a fund to endow a soldiers bed in thj2 Home for consumptive. Tickets at Chan a Lek a. A admission 50 cts. Reserved seats $1 and $1.50. You. Sinns new Park theater. Every no gut Ekls week and saturday matinee Only o i Francis Wilson of and his comic opera company in of t the merry Monarch. Large chorus augmented orchestra and original scenery and offo ois. Next week Rose Oghlan in Quot Peg Woffington a Quot forgot to not and Quot London jul Jade late be Hmains a. This week matinees monday. Tuesday thursday and saturday Reilly a Woods new classic vaudeville company Tho most expense Leo and class organization of its kind in Tho world. Box office open daily from 9 a. To 9 p. Amphion. Knowles a Morris Lessee and manager this week Clara murr1s. Monday. Wednesday. Friday and saturday nights and Only matinee saturday. First time in Brooklyn of Sardou Sodette. Tuesday and thursday Nigito Camille. Next week Agnos Huntington opera company. Ati o�7v l k l y0 of Quot it Csc in Corner 23d by and 4th a n. Sixty sixth annual exhibition of paintings and i statuary including Tho competitive designs for Tho new Cathedral of St. John the Livim. Now open daily from 9 a. To 6 p. And from 7 30 to 16 p. Admission 85 cent. W Put River so annual carnival ant it exhibition of fancy dances criterion theater thursday evening april 9. T 1,817 Bedford a seats on Sale at Avon Viall Ieav Auad Brooklyn is. D. J week april 5�?matinees, wednesday and saturday. Miss Lydia Thompson and her own company of comedians in the Dazzler. Week april 13�?marie Hubert froi1man. A Quot Olmes Star the Ater. A matinee monday wednesday saturday. Tia week n. S. Wood in. Out in the streets. Not Wook we us a co. A a Ovelty theater South fourth and drigg9 its. Every evening and matinees Tuo ulay thursday and saturday. English gaiety girls. Next Wook Oak a Youngs minstrels. P Oland Spring. Opon Iros and storm heat class accommodation in connection with Tho Quot far Fame in Poland water. Natures great remedy. Greatest medicinal water in the world. Cures All diseases originating from dyspepsia kidney and liver complaints and All dhea sos of the urinary organs. Send for illustrated Phot of its history and wonderful medicinal proper los. W new York depot. 164 Nassau St Tribune building. Sond for cd Roulard. Hiram Ricker a sons. Look out for imitations. Manhasset House a2�d cottages shelter Island l. I., n. Y.,will open june 25. The new York office in ,2 to 5 p. At 83 Union Square room 7, where application for rooms and cottages with Board Atho Tol or for housekeeping will to received. Send for illustrated pamphlet. H. D w. Lawson formerly of Murray ii ill . T shelter Island Heights Suffolk county n. A a a a a the new Bay View House via fast trains on Long Island r. It. And 6teamers foot of Bookman St new York. Open Juno to october. Samuel Roberts. Is helter Island Heights. C3 Prospect House a opens june 25. For particulars and circulars add Rani a d. P. Hathaway a 115 Broadway room 33, new York. Wint Kil Kos Pitts Phe Albion. X Plainfield n. J., opens february 81 under same management a hotel Netherwood Netherwood n j. Forty five minutes from Liberty St n. Central Railroad of new Jersey sixty trains daily new sanitary pm unbind steam heat it Exerv room newly furnished throughout Piatt a a Eunen ended by new York and Brooklyn phys Clau for it dry pure air. For term Nodi us _ Frank e. Miller. The Austral Pine Park Brentwood l i. N. A modern hol Busun Tia by built and elegantly appointed intend a especially for a Winter and Spring a a he a Quot. Health resort a team heat open Wood fires Sun parlor. Otis elevator Gas Etc. Perfect Mani Terv conditions soil dry and Sandy balsams and Pine the latter for mile in All dire sons. J0hns0n Many Fri the of Alfont Atlantic City n. On the Beach with unsurpassed Ocean View. Salt Wator Baths in Tho House. Sond for circular. A. Huberts a sons. Re Phi try More. Atlantic City n. W. W. Green a amp a Lmar House. Lakewood n. Handsome Brick sir Ciuro first class elevator steam heat open Wood lire Etc. Palmer manager. Hustu i Tki v. To k a quoth g Raphy and t y per Tai no must go together. Ohuchi Tho fact. 36 new machines. 86 new instruments at bhownk�?T8 bu8iness College 364-366 Fulton St oppo ii Johnson inflow lie Hall. Separate Dpi rom it its. Of it shorthand bookkeeping arithmetic writing aloud $5. A Puiai teach ions to prepare for examinations backward persons Etc. Login any Iline. Day and evening All summer. Mado up. Monthly payments received. Conducted by t. Bra Twne pc songs. Thirty second year. Stenography and typ�\w1tt�cl Cuas. F. Youngs school seventh year�?148 Montague st�?3 months Only examination necessary to enter. Over 10 years experience in teaching and practice. I3t� John s military school. A Manlius n. Civil Englot wring. . Bulues. Summer school. Address w5l. superintendent. S musical inst22-Uctioa. Us. F. Harris Pupil of Philadelphia Academy of music teacher of Imano. Residence. 70 Clifton pm. Bankruptcy notices. In pursuance of an order made by Tho honorable Henry _ a. Moore. County judge of Kings county on the 18 h Day of March 1891, Noii of is hereby Given to All creditor and persons having claim against Tho Copartnership firm of we. F. Engel Fahdt a co., composed of we. F. Engel Hardt and Albert k. Engelhaupt. Lately doing business in the City of Brooklyn county of Kings Ana state of new York that they Are required to present their claims with the vouchers the of duly verified to Tho subscriber Tho duly appointed Assignee of Tho said we. F. Englhardt it co. For the Benefit of their creditors at hts place of transacting business. No. 14 Vernon a. Long Island City now York on or before the seventh Day of Juno 1891.�?dated Brooklyn n. A. March 20. 1891. James Mackintosh assignee1. Of Muer a Williams attorney for a signee 132 Nassau it n. City. _ _mh23 6wm Legal notices. Our Kumb court Kings county John Andrews jr., against Margaret Kelly and others in pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure and Sale herein bearing Date Tho 12th Day of december 1806,1, the referee in a amp id judgment named will sell at Subtle auction at the Roth Una of the county court House in Tho City of Brooklyn on tuesday the Twenty �1u , 11 a us Viva a i vat j a us 1 a a a a eighth Day of april 1891, at 12 of clock Noou of that Day Tho following premises in said judgment described Viz All Tho a two certain lots pieces or parcels of land situate lying and using in the City of Brooklyn county of Kings Aud state of new York bounded Auu described As follows beginning at a Point on Tho Westerly Side of Patchen a Distant Twenty feet Nix inches southerly from to southwesterly Corner of patches Avenue Aua Decatur Street thence Westerly parallel with Decatur Street and part of the Way through a Paris Wall eighty feet thence southerly and parallel with Pat Chou Avenue Thor to nine feet six inches thence Easterly and again parallel with Decatur Street eighty feet to the Westerly Side of Patchen Avenue and thence northerly along the Westerly Sido of Patchen Avenue thirty Dino feet six to the Point or of april �pu�7t math Frank Reynolds refer. Supreme court Kings county trial desired in Kings Foamy a action for divorce Frederick a Reiss Plain Milf against Jenmol Reiss defendant. Summons to the above named defendant Yon Are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in tuis action Ana to Sarve a copy of your answer on the plaintiffs attorney within Twenty Days after the Servos of this summons exclusive of the Day of service and in Oase of your failure to appear or answer judge font will be taken against you by default for the Relief demanded it the March 23,1891. Isaac Bernkopf. Plaintiffs attorney. Post office address and office be. 776 Broadway. N y. Defendant above Inarae Jennie Reiss the fore a is served upon you without the state of pursuant to an order of Hoo. Joseph f. Brooklyn n. To the Jefe of Pluf Summa. New York Pur. Jamara oho of the justices of the supreme court of the Usu a inv . Vilua up Imus Tuuri. State of new York dated the 6th Day of april i8�o1, had filed with the complaint in the office of the clerk or he county of Kings at Tho Hall of records in Tho City if Brooklyn Kings county new Brook n. Y., april 3, 1891. A Bernkopf. Plaintiffs attorney. Lyric office and Post office address no. 770 Broadway Brooklyn n. ______apti6wm Flet your printing done at the Brooklyn daily Bayle Job printing bstabl1shuknt. 32.34 find 30 Fulton it. By Bishop Foss a notable Sermon before the East conference. It was Joist trod to by a vast cear Roffa Tonia tie path bogus Church a service in of the cent aary of John Wesley s Deanii. Special to the Eagle. , l. I., april 0. At 9 of clock Tho sunday sitting of Tho Navy York East conference opened with a lore feast devoted to 8onpr Aud prayer. The building was crowded indeed Tho services through Tho Day Wero attended by Suph congregations As Tho pretty Little Patchogue Church has Novar Scon since its opening some few years ago. After prayer by the Bishop Tho choir joined in singing several hymns. Tho first lesson was read by Tho Rev. Or. Pullman and Tho second by Tho Rev. W. I. Hill. Bishop Foss selecting As Liis text Matthew xxii 42, Quot Jesus asked them saying what think to of Christ whose son is he a pre Alliod a Sermon which was listened to with rapt attention by the Large congregation. Jesus Christ to said was the Touchstone of All christianity and determiner of ail destiny and on the last Day the determination of Tho destiny will depend upon the Rol amp Tiou of the individual soul to Jesus Christ. Accordingly they found that men of All Ages and in All countries to which the gospel lad gone had Felt themselves mjg al seriously related to Jesus Christ and had been trying to and out about him. Who is he 7 who40 son is to ? that had been the question of Ages and generations. There was undying curiosity about him More lives had been written of him a Hundredfold than any other Man. He had been written about in More than three Hundred languages. Yet had they never a doubt a kind of sense of unreality about him As a hysteria person had they never Tor a moment a disagreeable suspicion that he might be a Blind myth ? did they All feel Clear As to Tho historic standing place of Jesus Christ it hat sort of a Man was he 7 what sort of a person was to 7 those two questions opened up the whole Field of Christian a Vidonio. External and internal. The first thing he desired to place before them was to Provo that Christ was a historic person and the first that he would bring before them was Ono out of the Many passages in profane history a a Ingle one Tho famous passage from Tho annals of Tacitus concerning the conflagration in Rome in Tho reign of which the historian recorded Liat multitude of the followers of Chest confessed themselves and were crucified or burned. This was Only thirty five years after Tho crucifixion. Quot what sort of a Persou was to 7 what think be of Christ whose Sou is How Christ was intensely human in everything. Uliey doubted whether to was really and truly a Mau behold him on Tho Cross dying for the sins of the world glancing about with that weary set tearful Eye and hand Ine a Var his Mother wit i Tho sword going through her heart to his favorite Dia Ciplic. He was a Man the most wonderful Man that has Ever trod the Earth. Christ was a Man Whoso intellect was Peerless he always on the instant and perfectly Aud absolutely foiled Ilis enemies in answering Beir puzz ii a questions Boas to throw Back shame upon Iceni Melos. In hid answer to the question Quot whether it wan lawful to pay tribute to a our a he for All time Laid Down those two precepts that the Powers that a being ordained of god Hava their rights which separate judgment can determine and also that where the Dominion of conscience begins the Dominion of the ruler or Earth ends. Christ was a miraculous Man. He Walt miraculously born and died miraculously. Thank god for that. Christ was risen from Tho dead to bring repentance to Israel. He wished he could lift up his voice and ask Tho White Robed women what Thoy thought of Christ Aud Tho women throw their crowns on the ground and say Quot unto him that hath lived us and washed us from our nine in his blood be glory a Ami Honor and Power of Rover and he would Liko to ask the Angels Quot what think be of Christ a and they would answer a worthy is Tho Lamb to a Scrivo Beauty and riches and Wisdom and Honor and glory and they should preach the gospel preach a Capua. Tho afternoon session was devoted to the ordination of Tho deacons and elders Whoso names have already appeared in Tho Eagle. Bishop 1 us led in prayer and the iter. C. S. Wing Road the the candidates having been ordained Tho hiphop addressed them and after that took place the anniversary services in Momo Riam of John Wesley. Lev. George l. Thompson preached the Herman and gave an elaborate account of the life and work of John Wesley and said that the Church of England was not ready just yet to acknowledge it Elfy As ene of their Saint a hut it would not be Long before that Imo arrived. Mot Liodis had forged ahead and to trusted it would continue in its Good Woi k. Rev. Or. Mains followed and said that John Wesley inherited a Genius found in few men. Lie wan a Brilliant scholarly holy conscientious Man and his character was fully illustrated in his work. There was a growing carelessness in Tho proceedings of the sunday services which should to stamped out. The Chr Ion concluded with prayer and singing. In the evening the conference missionary Sermon was preached by Rev. 9. Mccheane who a poke at length on the missionary work done for the past twelve months and the glorious future there was in i Tore for their work. Rev. B. Adams presided and Tho Church was thronged. A prominent official of the conference who knows More than any other Ono Man except perhaps the Bis Imp about that body stated for your correspondent the probable Changos in Brooklyn appointments this year. He said Quot mind you there is nothing absolutely sure about what i Tell you. Thero is no Man Suro where to is to to until he get his appointment. But this is the pretty accurate gossip that is going around. There will be no changes in the larger charges in Brooklyn. S. Pardington will probably go from the Central to the first place Aud w. I. Thompson will Exchange from first place to the Central Church. B. Wilson a recent accession from the Philadelphia conference will go to to the Simpson Church which j. B. Hamilton will leave. Or. Hamilton will Devoto his Timo to the work of a sort of self constituted a Goudy to Raul a fund for a a Peran fuated ministers. E. Saar Les will leave Carroll place Church it. L. Bailor of Tho eighteenth Stiver Church will withdraw from Active duty and got it Europe fora year to study. C. H. Buck Wao is in Europe now will follow or. A Elcrat the eighteenth Street Church unless be gets appointed older. William Hamilton will go from the eur Inry Church to the Allen memorial new York w. W. Bowdish goes from Johns Street to Embury c. S. Wing will beat Fleet Street. E. C. Hoag leaves Flatbush and it is rumoured that George Lansing Taylor will follow him Thero. F. B. Upham a Young Mau of much Promise will go from Francis Church to sea Cliff. C. P. Corner expects to leave Power Street Aud follow or. Taylor at the fourth Avenue Church. Nathan Hubbell will go to Power Street Church Aud Henry Aston expects to Loave a St. Luke there will to one providing elder appointed by the Bishop on tuesday to Tako tha place of presiding elder n. S. Cheney of Tho new York Oast did Rich. It is an obscure member of the conference indeed who is not a candidate or who has not been prominently mentioned for the vacancy during the past two or Throe Days. Those who have not appeared in these capacities have been promising dark horses. If Tho Bishop would just note Down the names of those who Havo been chosen by them selves or to Weir 1 rinds for Tho office in the conference gossip he would Havo a Stock of candidates Largo enough to Supply the conference vacancies for a dozen years to Como. It is asserted however tint c. S. Wing has the inside track if either a. A. Eggleston or g. North or f. North or c. H. Buck does not prove More successful. D. A ouch the present financial Secretary of Tho Brooklyn Church society in also prominently motions a for Tho elder ship. Should to fail of appoint meet to will take a charge Kopew hero in the conf Cinco. A political libel. Supervisor tot scud will prosecute a Ucelli Ociot preacher tiie Campaign for supervisor of Heap stood is Tho liveliest that town has Ever seen. The town is strongly Republican but was carried last year by Edward n. Townsend a Democrat. To a at the head of his ticket for re election and is opposed by Thomas d. Smith. Between the two candidates Iho Best of feeling grown out of the it our a pursued by George Wallace who is running on Tho Republican ticket for Justice of the . Supervisor Townsend said this morning Quot or. A amp Llano practice Law in justices1 courts along with Clem Matthews and he wants to become a full fledged Justice. His election and that of or. Smith is not possible unless they can get out an unusually heavy party vote and frighten Democrat tit into thinking that Thero is something wrong with accounts. To do this or. Wallace started Iho Story that accounts were $12,000 Short. It is a falsehood and a libel. As or. Wallace is a Lay preacher of the methodist Church i am surprised at his Lack of club Cinco. I shall take the matter before Tho Gra Djury on monday next. Quot accounts Are Correct to the Penny. Colonel Sawyer has made up the books Aud judge Weller and other prominent democrats have seen Tho accounts and know that they Are Correct. I refused to submit the accounts for audit to a committee of the town Board of which or. Wallace was chairman after learning that to had shadowed and for the further Reffkin that or. Wallace in opinion has never been naturalized Aud a amp a no right to hold office or transact Public business. He is a Canadian by birth. I asked him to show his certificate of citizenship and he would or. Town find is so Well pm a i to the people and so responsible in every Way that the charge is More Likely to help him than to Hurt him. Bail Fob the bka0ke5 bi0tiikrs. Thomas and William Bracken inmates of hatters Row on Navy Street who Are alleged to have seriously assaulted James Duffy a peddle about two weeks ago Aud who have Boon locked up Over since Wero admitted to bail in to 6iimof$500 each by judge Kenna to Day. Duffy who is in the City Hospital in gradually recovering from the effects of the assault. Clung by tilt Fly acs0x� Honry Liti gues and his wife of far Rockaway were arrested yesterday on Tho charge of arson and arraigned before Justice Vandervoort of Woodsburgh who committed them for examination. The fire which they Are charged with setting destroyed Tho House of mrs. Ellon Cronin. Tho loss was$i,00q. A his head Cut off. Tho 9 of clock Oast bound Trail on Tho Long Island Railroad saturday night killed a Man at a a robbing cast of Westbury. His head was Cut off. The body has not been identified. Will not incorporate. The citizens of Rockaway Beach voted saturday on Tho question of incorporation and to opponent of Tho rave Montc won the Day by a urge _ fined for stealing oysters. In Justice Seaman a court at Ridgewood Abram Carman of baldwins was flood $55 for stealing oysters belonging to Wallace Ceroo Frem a bed in Hempstead Bay. Iiiuti1hbn in the Saddle. Exhibition hide of to al Galantia hiding club to vigilant a Riding club closed its first season Friday night and celebrated the event a life amp a exhibition Rido in Tho Bedford Academy. This club is composed entirely of members of Lita Twenty third Rog Mont and the membership is almost wholly confined to Tho officers and not a commissioned officers of that organization while much pleasure has Boen Der red from the weekly rides during the Winter Tho main Obj Etc of colonel Partridge an i Tho other projectors of Tho club was to give Tho of liars of Tho regimen an Opportunity of becoming familiar with horseback Riding with a View to adding a vory valuable military accomplish Mont to those already possessed by Tho Twenty third regiment. In our Tho Twenty third is Over called upon for Active duty this system of Riding school training will undoubtedly prove a valuable adjunct to the knowledge gained on Tho floor of the Del room several members of the class wore prevented from Riding at the time by illness and Accident. One of these was Froderick l. Holmes of company i who has Boon Laid up with amp sprained ankle for six weeks but who was previous to that time one of Tho most enthusiastic riders a the class. There was a Good sized attendance in the galleries when the ride began shortly after 8 of clock Aud All the Good Points of Trio exhibition wore roundly applauded. Tho Rido consisted a Tho main of movements of cavalry with Juif enough of the regular Riding school figures sandwiched in to Mako a pleasing variety. It was essentially military Riding smoothly and creditably performed. A portion of fobs band furnished delightful music and Tho ride went like Oloc Kerork from Start to finish. Tho movement comprised right and left obliques marching in columns of twos and fours fours right and left Columna of platoons flank movements Circola squares and numerous Graceful Riding school figures All of which Woro carried out so Well that the fact seemed scarcely credible that most of Tho members of the class Wero Groen rider at the beginning of last season. Tho Snake Figuro led by colonel Partridge was flawless and called Forth much applause. In All Tho movements the distances wore Well kept Aud All the riders looked perfectly at Home in their saddles. One of the Best riders Das and one of the most As Well �9 Ordna sergeant Quot Charlie Quot Bryant who is old enough to be the Grandfather of soveral of Tho other members. Riding master Haupt Calls him his brightest Pupil. The military men who participated were colonel John n. Partridge Captain def Robt major Waters Captain can Dee or. Aldrich lieutenant Blackman Corporal Ball lieutenant Todd sergeant Reapard Ord Nanco sergeant Bryant Corporal Hosier lieutenant Chaq Captain Thorn or. Hardy Corporal Pouch adjutant Sillcocks sir Grant Tapley or. Gunlick and or. Bostwick. At Trio conclusion of Tho ride colonel Partridge on behalf of Tho club presented Riding Maser Haupt with a Gold headed whip appropriately inscribed a a Token of the esteem in which to is held. He has Boon very faithful and Eli cont in the capacity of instructor of Tho club. The ride last evening reflect of much credit upon Riding master Haupt and also upon the member of the club for their dil Geuco and application which has resulted in their becoming so Elf iolent in Ono Short season. Events Down on the Island. To i Resbit cries to a left at Southampton and far Rockaway sex assemblyman Edward by. Stergos of Brooklyn has become a resident of East Rockaway. Or. And mrs. Oscar pot tit and their three children of Belln Ioro Are ill with the grip. Knickerbocker Post g. A. La of Anait Villo will col Brato Trio Twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the order this evening. The Rev. S. Sereno is the guest of friends at baldwins where he formerly preached. The rut. Or. Pilatz of Central Park is Sori oily ill with the grip. The presbytery of Nassau will meet at far Rockaway on monday the 13th inst. Tho question of establishing the order of deaconess will be discussed. A year ago Baldwin Post g. A. R., presented Tho Hempstead Public school with a handsome Flag. The Board of education has begun to think of the propriety of erecting a pole from which to float it. Meets of Trio Meadow Brook hounds Havo been arranged a follows april 8, Hooks vice 4 p. A 11, Oyster Bay 3 p. 15, whoa toy 4 . 18, Titus set and Jericho Cross roads 4 15 p. Next wednesday evening or. James a. Hamilton of Manhasset ail miss Nettie Pearsall of Pearsall will to married. The presbytery of Long Island will meet at Southampton april 21. Run. John d. Stokes will preach the Sermon. Grace Church in Jamaica has been bequeathed $500 by miss Ann Auguata Simonson of condition that her grave is kept in order. Samuel Watt i of Springfield a Veteran of Tho Lato War has Boon granted a pension of $12 per month. Jamos p. Neimann has take a ton years lease of the trotting track at Pearsall. The track will to placed in first class order and a grand stand will be erected. A pleasant �nterta1nhent Given by Iho .>1 embers of Oriosto Lodga last tuesday l-jvoiiins1. The members of Orion Lodge no. 717, f. And a m., gave an entertainment to their friends of tuesday evening at their rooms Johnston building. Tho coi Mittoo spared no Nalens in making it one of Tho most Onjo Pablo events of the season. The commenced by Tho singing of an ode by Tho whole audience. Tho chairman of Tho committee brother Charles Dela Lerro made a Fow Happy remarks in his usual eloquent Stylo. The following programme was then Given Quarter Quot night Storch Orion quartet b. Ii. Toby d. N. Maun. C. T. Kellett in ii Kennedy recitation Quot Trio Jiniv mins Grace Green Tenor Solo Quot con d i but say a Rohlo brother j. Harry Stubbs song Quot the wish Kuckson Misa Gussio w. Touey accompanied by Orion quartet recitation miss May Burnes violin duet the Boecher Niteis baritone Solo Quot Ohi Happy Day a brother d. N. Mabou recitation. Quot out of the old House Carlet onor. O. E. Bushel piano Solo Waltz Moskowski miss c. E. In Lapiorre Soprano Solo a Quot Sogno d�?Tamor�?T1 Grega Quot he Zens fruling a miss Bertha Cox recitation brother William b. Green quartet Quot last Good night quartet. At the conclusion of Tho programme the Audi coca were invited to an adjoining room where a Bountiful Baum but was served to about 250 guests. Tho offi Coni of Iho Lodge a Aro Allan Stevenson master Charles Delapierre s. W. William a Gilchrist. A w. I. Oliever s. D. W. We will Din j. I v. 1. Maeu Bur Secretary j. 0. Grennell treasurer 8. E. Grant senior Of 0, f. Caulkins Junior Of 0. Christening parti. Chauncey Paul Carter was Christ Nad thursday night and he had a great tune at his residence 136 Keap Street. It will not to known for years if at All How Icli he enjoyed it but it in certain that his friends and those of his parents or. And mrs. William in. Carter parsed a pleasant evening. Four generations Wero represented in Tho gathering the Hoy s great Grau Mother a Knght by woman though 86 years old having come nil the Way from Newark to to present. The other guests included or. And mrs. William , or. And mrs. William Miles sr., or. And mrs. William Murray jr., or. William Miles jr., or. And mrs. W. L. Same Nii or. Ami mrs. W. James or. Aud mrs. F. A a Are Ona or. Aud mrs. Walter Horn and min Horn or. Ii. Hoffman or. And mrs. Carter or. Cooper. Or. Fredericks or. And mrs. Asa Dutton Marim Dutton mrs. John Lentz and Jacob Lentz of Newark William Washburn Fred Stevens William Pratt or. And mrs. Goodbody or. Aud Miv. Jacob Miles and miss Annie Miles of pm Amfield Stephen Meers mrs. James Tho miss Rose or. And mrs. F. Earl of Muselie or. And Max. Robert Greer John Mcintyre or and mrs. Somme c. Matthew or. Aud mrs. John Martin of peeks kill or. And Are. Iliac Roberts William Mckinnon mrs. Gracely who is the baby s great grandmother or. And mrs. William Gracely and Henry Gracely of Elizabeth or. Aad mrs. Frank Miles of Plainfield. In addition to dancing there was entertainment by miss Hay and miss 8t. Anna with miss sloth of the Loc Avenue Church choir f. W. Is Barth zither soloist and William b. Graor Buciur and Story Teller. T1ik ciie1k92ch opening concert. The initial concert of Trio Chiron conservatory of Fine arts was Given last evening in the criterion theater. Selections were rendered from Quot in Trovatore a Quot Lucretia Borgia Quot Favorita a and Quot Maria a under the direction of Signor Stephani. The programme opened Wilh a symphony conducted by professor Carlo Brizzi. Some of the artists who took part in the e Curt wore Tho misses Venecia miss Dolly Kutzle miss Flora Hall miss Lulu Sheridan. Lulu Powell miss Anno a. Mildeberger miss Jennie Todd miss Lola Gomez miss estello Gruendahl miss Sarah Brady or. Sellers miss Lanzer or. Page Aud a. Powell. The boxes were filled with friends of Tho Chiron among Thom being mrs. Theodore l. Cuyler mrs. John Gibb mrs. 8. A a White mrs. T. Dowitt Talmage mrs. Joseph f. Knapp. Mrs. Joseph c. Hendrix mrs. Darwin r. James mrs. H. W. Hunt mrs. Mildeberger mrs. Henry Maddock mrs. Cato Boswick miss Brown miss mud Berger miss Hunt Aud Everitt. Abbott Titcomb is president of the Chiron against Huntur Thero was a meeting in Jamaica saturday night of citizens who Are opposed to the re election of us Parrlor Dunton. Nearly two Hundred Wero Pron ont. Speeches in opposition to or. Dunton Wero made by John of Donnell Democrat and William Dykes Republican. Or. Dunton Wai nominated by both parties and to in opposed by Henry a. Van Allen who is running As a citizens candidate. Or. Dunton is a Democrat and had no opposition in his own convention. The Republican Leader asked or. Van Allen to Taka their nomination and he consented but when Tho convention Mot his name was not mentioned and or. Dunton was nominated. Republicans Are very angry and Aro asking what influence was used to bring about the result. Tho party is badly split and Thero Wili be two organizations in Tho town hereafter. Dinner to Akkir Abhi Ual by air. Of saturday evening april 25, the Oxford club will give a complimentary dinner to Roar Admiral d. L. Brame who retires from Active service on May 18. Admiral Draque is an honorary member of the Oxford Aud it is intended by the club to make tha event of his rat Romont an Long to be remember a 1. Many distinguished speaker have Beau invited to be presen o w ;