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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Brooklyn, New York Ofh e b b o o k Lo p i u i / e a g l e s a p b i l 61891. Ss4, 26 a in 3 0 � feb 8uh s l23, j5, 27 and 30 w b 3i m h p h e Toni Versari Washington. Adams & tillary . / a f in h n n h m i ill u h u h h h in h h m i m us h h 9h h h err Kekk Ike Keene be be be Ever e Reeb e e be eur he Eek Renee be Kebede n new York. Aaa Kaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaa Kaaa a a Kaaa a a a a a a a a a a a or Berrr Rorr Rorr or or or err Rorr err Rorr or or or is go or b or Nunn in Nunn in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in a. In Nunn in Nunn n notwithstanding fifty por cent Advance in duty w e w i l e s e l l h e n i l l ea b l e o v e s b est Moquetta o rental and Inch a Rcolouring Al u.4, 41. 74, 81.40 l 40�o. 84, 2.u 1.4, 08c. 10-4, 3 .20 12-4. 3 .08 usual prices 75 cents $g.00. Tapestry table covers in 3 Yards Long 59 Ponta $4 .00 usual Price $1 .00 $7.00. Jule and v Ictoria v Elo u covers Plain and Flag need Cen ters Plain and tin selled som e reversible 18 cents $ 1 5 .00 j u Shalf usual Price. N notwithstanding f fifty per cent Advance in duty w e w i l l s e l l Mareom an Portl Rob bilk Portieles Chenille Portieles a the v flour Portieles value. $1 .40 up $3 .00 $2 .50 $5. 2 .08 j 5 .00 5 .50 22. 3.08 20 .00 5.00 30. 32 .50 60 .00 45 .00 05. We will sell lace and Madras curtains the Sand la Tesstyles and colourings As follows , 40cu. To $ 30value $1 .00 $50 Madras $1 .40 7value 3.00 12 n Tow Tandoc f fifty per cent Advance in duty w e w i l l s e l l Plush velour Satin Brocatoru Irish sateen and Rcv Orsillo Victoria d a Peries a t $1,08 $8 .00 value $4 .00 $18.00, notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty w e w i l l s e l l Aone n Inett Meigue Caan l Revo Siblo silk Brocadetapestries exceedingly Fino we void Beautiful ofte a dozen dil lorent combinations Worth and never sold under $1.00. Aa Dollar ninety High t. Double tin Ted Rev or Sib be Victoria velours for curtains and d draperies those goods Are about a Yard and a half wide imported for the finest Trendo usual retail Price being from six e Mehdollars per Yard colouring exquisite. N notwithstanding fifty per cent Advance in duty w e w i l l s e l l j u the flax. Linen. Raw and Spur silk. Tapestries. 10 cent $5 .00 valve 5u cents $8 .00 n notwithstanding f fifty por cent Advance in duty w k w i l l s e l l rugs and Art squares half value. Imported jute2x3 Yards $1 .98 value $4.00. Imported jute3x3 Yarda $2 of value $5.00, f in e Smyrna u u 08, Best and la test co Lorings hand knot fringe. 1 Yard Long Yards Long Yards Long 194 Yards Long 2 Yards Long usual Price $1 .00 usual Prico 1,75 usual Prico 2.50 usual Price 3.23 usual Price 3.08 go cents $1.14 1. To 1.08 2. A n notwithstanding fifty per coat Advance in duty w e v / i l l s e l l Bortmes and cottage d a p e ies including China Silks in 7�rtej m Adras and Sash Mabl Inri As follows 40 Inch scrims fancy silk olives French coloured spot Musi ins Plain coloured chivas 82 Inch fancy Vestibule silk lib cent.? value 07 0? cents Valuo 15 cents Valuo 30 2 0 cents value 40 30 cents Valuo 85 Linen Jacquard slip covering 1791 cents value 30 Fash Ion Iro fit -45 Siroj. The Only idea Majo in Throe Lugtu i. W e have bought the e Stock. Ofh e p a l a i s o y a l d u e notice w ill by Given of Sale. X m j sr j h e b o u k i a ni i u so i in a n Corner Mon j Auk and u n i capital in Tiro in Voird in u. Scent. Donda a Capital and p. I Roc Wirig. T i i i j so a p a n / is o u nyr u so s in a . A v a ku1.n Carbuckle building. C Iid i.$5oaaio " 9 surplus., aug i i ne e so n d e p o s is. / t o tal. Inti kist allowed a Deposit a which subject Check Aal he or r i u Beoka Pis guru adm Lal Trator Guardi a ugh now is a Safe do Iosif by for fun authorized by Apa Olal Ohai an Gage. Exec set Moira the same. York Clear lug House Xiii a Tor trus ror or in d 4 7\Iii liquor if. A 0 act As of Juto $80u.000 deposits draw Indore from Date until withdraw checks s special. Ing Certitil Campb Are is. Pay i Lett eur than City or Brookl prices. L a pass in rough Clearing House As in any Bank rates time Yeii Oaits i o. Which interest Bear Tili i sued. 1 hese . I. Govig intent new York Lyn bond8 a 1 current tee i car. Adj Othor pcs Ion of Trust Fra designated dope Aitoro Acta As Regia Tryr or Irani cd of Slook i id s trustee for Railroad or corporation Mortinoue St Ocuto orders in u. Bends a. I ocher investment rites. ? m s s s ie s abeam h. Bay James Ross cd. Fred Erfu k. C u. Ricapi icat. Pre Yuent. Lul Idun. Silita in on Citari. Oalar o. Low a Lejander m. White a. A. Low Michael Chauncey William d. Kendall personal property for Resi Azote and non residents col in i g in Coupon dividends and interest and pay Jos. 0. , president is Hanahan vice presidents. Is d. W. Moi shame. Joa. C. Hendrix j. N. Of ii Ehud a. D. Baird 8. V. W h Harmon b rotary. J. S. T. .strar.ahad, e. W. Moeed May. Abraham Abr Aliani b l a l s i a la bulb. E Lex ? up 6 u la h. B. Schari Eucenio f. O co Charles ,-3r, a v. S i George Monid. W. Nort William Harkness. 1 Edwin f. John t. Martin j. Pierre Ponic o g. John Tribblri stif Woltan k ? t. I us a. e peo Ples Tolu company. 172 Monera Tiu s n the e t. A go Ixia a. Chauu6y. Jr0u a a a Rit a a. $ ,. 550,000.00 m i l e Lon j loan and tru31 Cor Spany. 203 montauck s i i a Pira . Invested in u. F. Four per cell bond8 a k. A a Aroh . Interest a l l o w 3 on . Checks can of .1r.xw i on l.,a int a us Thi a on a Bank and Acu Ayalo uru Yeii York ilou3,o a if prot Errod Oer Tiguaof prior. Win be issued payable � n or 6 .5 i Date a in a .iriti7 ? interest mull i d. This company aut Lioi i i i j by act As itus i Lee Kex out t. , u car Lian of i est Atoa or Roor mid Nice i Anyah Alliv position. Of Trust. is also a i Dop s cry for All Trust ii Pilj and Lor Money paid into . Ii a ii a a .?i3lraror i Transfer Akou of stocks and in Aad As Truston Railroad and Olhorn . Ito a Raj Eek 1 6redll issued o travellers and web co any and ail Otbo. Birr Yueai a Driml done by Trust companie.-, of i Lily and a Luduig. Lire Ives Money on Deposit Ruth oct Check Aeight and allows int Frost on same. Checks drawn upon pass the now York Clearing House. Is authorized by Law i Gur fair. Trusted. Receia executor administrator a fisc in and Transfer ago no Ive tis i l e g is tra of Ocks and b ours. Is Money of Bonds and m mortgages am co other Rod Security. Ofptcer8 or a e j. Morse soon Davard Joh n so soc relay. Trustees resp jul. Liluain h. Urtha Frederick a a Broeder Jacob in. Det Bujor David a. Co by. Cornelius n. Hoa and in e. Sear cd a Isidore m. Boilo Avard m. Sml., Georgo avs Frederic a. Ward Solomon w. Johnaon go p. Tangeman. Frank b Ernard Gallagher. No be . Kimball 11, Kretze Omav. Artin. Raham Erman. Holm Meker Mph f Jav App. ,d.- fofiui.eggfi-. Thust Eesi Edwin before Bernard pot Ore Edward Morrill Edward d. Thlu David Barnett Frank i Man George f. Greg _ k e d a k m i l e Nab Oak Trust co., 101 Broadway. Brooklyn n. Capital $500,000. Ter. posit received Una Jet Cheok Asight and a 1.l0wkd of he resulting daily balances. Rtulate-3 of did a issued for Tim e Depoala Onje lion sj.0 Al will be allowed. ekes coma1ence8 from Date o f Del in a n in i a sk u so o m p a k y11.1111110 Duil Delugt 18 1 Thomson Itro e capital s l.000 .000. Surplus 3 o v e la $100,000. Author lord to not Exko Toh admin Strator. Trustee Guardi an or o o ilm Ditteb Bud Woltera by Elia advantage a As such. Is a d repository of court moneys. Allows interest of d deposits. Of Era ser races on Faro Pablo Tarm s a trustee of corporation moutoage3. Be Wikter or tra n Sfer amenfor corporations or m u n Ipa h tie8. Loans Money on a pro Ved cities. Hack on this com Tian will a paid Throughh. N i w York of Saring Housa. L if a s w second Vico Are Aimont and Seora Tarj and for m Sld into co it. A p s of approved Colli ? Iowla. Laterals. Butlre charge of go Critie during absence or Olhorn owner. Yor one l teds company Are payable the Roab the now e w Heesook president. 7 j a h ? u i l � o v v p o. For Micua Basos Beor tiry. Trustees we. Mihok Iep f. Knapp a. D. Baird. John t. Waueta. Darwin A bios John Loughran. Ii ii. K fors we. F. Garr Loa e. B. T u title. D. Wheelock j o h n trn alow Joel of Freeman Thomas f. Rowland. Charlesll. Rub sell. Dit roae jew Ell Edward t. Huist f. W. W curator John Mcloug Lla Bernard p e Leri. Sued Tel. We k. Horwill. Wheelock. A a Low Edwin Packard h n Winslow. B. Huntlngtci.-, Darwin , a Lexander k. Ort. Jeff Mph k. Brown John a Woodward w Illiam a. Wallace. Fra Jilm a Taylow tru8tehbk8 a h. Hoagh taunt Albro j. Nawton Crowdu Zadde in be. Pler Repol Fel 0i -1. Be repoll w Illiam marshal Lix Cam Bolf Jeorge m. Olcott Georgah. Gunthard Thodoro Dreier. J 2 9f \ t a 1 i u i ak k. \ \ Sateh hates rents and assess Means Potiuk department of City works. Bureau p f tub water begi8trar Brooklyn Ere will k upal Lade up and completed and a e a m n i cation for Rollon m maybe made by any person 4 g o u ncharged against h i property get be Mape la w rating Abd m a estate in i. H o nu o Be Roviarg. h l4 Sist no u a u i. T o a u e is storage w Abe rooms. 3j0 Efti Matea Svon for toxin ?Ai.?, j if Iajro a ,. Near k a county elevated Etalon and \ \ grieved by Iho amour i Buch applied Tina m d v the ground of la s i 1 4 .18u1. A treat 891. W rates of 18ut of m a v o h a o a j with Goi rates. unpaid 1 a transmitted j f l y new g be k Oil tray cars cols l i e ibbbb8b my m 4 a bb8bms flail rat 0000000 stews Sujie. H s \ / / \ i \ x a i. J quod Job. Loop of oooo w we u q w w w a o w w w o w w w u w or w o w w we w w w 5", i 8 our Ono a 8 i k 8 2 a a i l Oulu i. Fatal aus Louo in a la e elevated and sri Oara d Recto o or doors. T h e y w h o w Ould f u n is h elegantly m operate Cost May now b s h a pay. H e e i s w e l o m e n e w s. We h a v e bought from m e s s s. V i eo r & a o h e l i Sone o f the e great importing Housesh e i e ni e so k o f g e m a n u p h o l se amounting Many o f dollars. And w ill Sellh e b e so f b e l i is a x o a n d v i e n n a g o o d s ah a l f v a l u e. T h is. In connection w our great punch a be o fh e Stock o f m Essres. A n e s a Beyer gives us the e most com plete assortment o f curtains por Fly e tapestries d a Peries scrims rugs and Art squares e v or shown in new York All extraordinary pricks. Co 0 0 0 u 3 o o o i g e Aj in n Tutt o u. Co ? n j u u a l a e a a l a a l a a l a a l Kaaa l a i l epee b e e a s a a k ass a a be e e e e Lull epee Morrow we shall continue Allowof Loop m l 00 00 i 99 $0 of of 000000 p p p be be rrb p p e i ii � i p p p e e a i � g p e p e e e e b Oruo Edeeb in n 8 e e 8 0 e o o k Coco kerb n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n in i n l a d i e s l o a k d e p a e Nw e o offer a thousand f in e jackets. L a test Spring shades and m materials As follows aof u ninety High t. Choice of eight Stylos the Awore $7 .50 $9 .0 0o oink rising double breasted Broadcloth Cheviot stockinette camels h air and scotch Cheviot double breasted Reefer and Blazer styles bomb English u n d Tig hfitting apply Suud or trim m de w heavy Cord and Large buttons. Any of above $4 .08 were $7 .50 .$0.00all new. Aseven n in Eig h t. Choice of four Stylos the awere $12.50. H in seam jackets. Tan Gray and Black Cardinal reefers Gold b u tons Navy Biao Cheviot m military trim Fine Black Cheviot rpm All now. H i Webb or y y v y y p p p u p p u p p u p p u p p p u p u e up u p Usu r Coco h u n o o h u a " u 0 u Rorr 0 u 0 u 0 u k 0 h a h a h h a a h h a a h h h h a a h h a a a h a 8sss Reebie s e sirs be s e s b b Coco i a 8 b e a Sass Edeeb corded silk rovers ten dollars. F French w hip Cord reefers Lap Asams Clay Diagonal reefers Fine Gold trim imported camels h air jackets fancy Surah Lin ing Worth $10.00 and $18.00and no ice of Teu o ther styles splendid value. All now. Aof u teen dollars. Boice of Twenty styles the awere $20 $25, of which we specify f French cloth changeable silk lining Rich silk loops or Pearl buttons imported Cheviot Aputi ipod Satin lined imported Serge camels hair and diagonals in the most stylish modes and Tan shades lined with the finest silk Serges All new. i l l i n e y. Displays Are commendable Good values Are bettor. Afou n in Eig Hwell sell handsome full trim m de hats such As you cannot elsewhere find for less than ten dollars and consider each hat a Good advertise out As each will a Tomor of. Do All made and trim m de in Host Butylo of finest m rials no two alike All new. If you want a hat or Bonnet for Day or of citing. will Worth your while see our Stock there is no finer in Tho City. Athen five e cents two thousand untrimmed bonnets and toques. Fancy straws Fine Milan and real n expo titans w fancy edges now shape Hlaoky and coloured regular Price one Dollar All now. A t $1 .98. And. $2 .98 Wooll soil h ild in is hats Best shapes Worth double. La d Iesu Underw ear. W Sale so Large As ours accumulations of Odd i styles and size form w each succeeding week hero Are three Olf rings far below Valuo close the lots. As e v e ny n i n e e ns d Iesu Muslin skirts with Torchon Edge and inserting w deep tucked rutile and Omby. Seven Stylos value $1.25 a h i n i n e o ne ladies Fino Lawn. Cambric and Muslin chemises and draw ers Val. Torchon and pm by trim a dozen styles Worth 75 cents. Af o n i n o e ns h High and i of neck f in e Corset covers All Han Sot rely trim m de with round Square or v Back and front Large sizes Only were $1 .25 Black Rilk a. Loss 10 por cont coloured & fancy s in k s less 10 p or ent v Elvet Sless 10 p or ent Black dress 10 per cent col d & fancy d Ress g o o d Sless 10 p or ent scotch Ging h am Sless 10 p or ent Wash dress goods less 10 p or cont cloths & clo a Kin g a. Less 10 p or cent h o u sek Pepin g Lin e n Sles 10 p or font f in e w h goods loss 10 p or ent m Ullins & so e Etin g Sless 10 p or ent Lin in g a. L est 10 p or cont flannels & q u . Leas 10 p or cont lace curtains & to Rin e so Esa 10 p or ent u pm o ustery a fun n e love ring. Less 10 p or ent d Ress trim m ing Sless 10 p or cent buttons. Less 10 per ent Book a. Less 10 p or cent be w e l y less 10 p or cent Ilet a articles. Loss 10 p or ent fans & fancy d a. Loss 10 per cont be ah e goods. Less 10 p or cont pictures & Fra m Esless 10 p or cent clocks & bronzes. Iless 10 p or font stati02 Ery. Loss 10 p or ent Bros. & Owings. W. " m m m u u m j i a i f m m m us u m m f my my u u my my f of err Dud m m m m u u m m m m f 0 o d d m my m u u m Mai j l of 0 o k or d a y q u b Udd u pm o Lster ers and decorators 390 and 392 Fulton Street n a r the Only Brooklyn House devoted Oicle to u pm o ustery goods and Wall papers. Quality always reliable and prices Low. Our n new Stock of w All paper sj a i m o a in d l i m w m p a m u Al silk. and Canvas effects Ana 5yo make a specially of ext Jia size garments for Stout ladies and sell Alower Price the a Nin Possi ble Mako ahome. Drawers up 40 Inch w aist.4 0. To $2.00 skirl3 Yards wide deep yoke7 9 o. To 4 .00 Liem uses up 52 Inch b u sg9e, to 2.00 Niht d Resicar up 18 Inch Nev a. ,. .8 9. To 3.00 25o. 5.00 per Roll. Ba l l a Mj j inn g k o o m p a p e s scroll an i a a Thek i effects 15c. To $3 .00 per Rull de room Pape a d a i s y. Loc. To $1.00 per Roll. T a n i s h e Di l e p a p e s \ w Ashable. F o Halls bathrooms and kitchens. Up o ustery. And curtains and pout Uiles a la e Stock of m Uslin curtains and Low priced Portiera for sum Mer cottages. U Mu o 0 a e in g s n tapestry ies. Plush is Broca Telles. Now is the Tim e have your old furn Rococo Rod. Big in p r 2l in d v b is n new linens and dam asks out and made alow prices. Imp div so a Les our spec Salty new Hollands and Tuan parents. Entirely new Fri of m atch wings and w window screens Low est possible prices. O order now and will deliver when needed. L s w a o lace curtain cleaning. No acids used. N Otti Urbam 50c. Per. Pair. Tambour and Irish p o in75c. Por pair. W. 4 h. us Ford. I i v i o n x s s. National Cordage company.132 and 134 Frokt stalk new Youk a pril 3 ,1 8 0 1. I the directors of the National co rage com pan have this Day Doc Rod the regular quarterly dividend of 2 p e ont. Of the preferred Stock of the company payable May 1, shul stockholders of record on Trio 15 the . _ _ they have also declared a dividend of 4 p e sent. Wok of the company for the six months loth mat., an a Wiinie Are Onia Ilid a dividend of h por cent per annul lie Foro any dividends Are paid on the common Matcek. The have made a special appropriation cover dividends for rom Aidor of the year on the inc Ferrod Stock Lusher reopen on the 2d Alay. _ e. Fulton. Treasurer. P i. J Tran oks will Oloane on the 15 the april 1801 and will e a. E i o w n Oi l i of if f la e of the e broody City and Newton la o d d company m Arch 28, 1891the annual ton for direct is and for in a Cotora of the next of lotion will hold athe office of the company 120 Broa Hay. Room 0. New York pity on m Gnu May april 13, 1891. The polls will remain open from 3.1 a. A. Until 12, noon. Duncan b. Cannon Secretary. i l e annual m meeting of the e x Brooklyn Art association will be held athe is of the has of Eutimi 8 Oclock on Mon Day even in a april 1,3. 1891, for the trustees and transact such o ther business etly by e orb a s m u h d e no n k e e p i n gr a d e a s. I n g e i n g i t. A b s o l ue d e p e n d a b i l Ih Ash e k e y n Oe. T a k a f o i n Sa n u s p p. I n g o v e o As f o a $ 1 3. 0 0o $ 2 5. 0 h e y e a sr u sw o y f o Sy l e a s f o f a b i. The Kkt Brooklyn storks Broadway a Bedford a. Hilton St. A f la Bush a v a n d g Reo Point & m Anat n avs. New York store 3d a and 123d St. F i s a n g i a i i. P u u h a s e s o p e a l e sae can obtain Loans from the German american ame Kuoan american German american Rea l estate title guarantee company. Gash capital h Alf million Dollari. 10 court Street Brooklyn. Proper Oug s As May Hbefore Eaid meet sub Warll h. Do Silver so Rectar m h e a n u a l e l Ei o n f o h d in k x Tore of the e Fla Bush Gas will bed Aolf Ico of Iho company. Flatbush a Corner of f lat hush. Saturday a ii 11. Botwood 1 of 7 and 8 p. ated Flatbush april 1, a. I. Ditmas Sec Bua Moud the Hilton in seventeen a tractors Ana ree inspectors of election Servo for one year w ill be held in the Bank tuesday a pril 14. Between Tho hours of 9 and 10 a. K. S. Clark cashier. P i a n o s. . F i8 0 h e r Lar /. A. V rl5 o fro of a i a l n f o fj i ahoy Renand Exchange several bargain in 110 f fifth go Corner s sixteenth i t. Now i York n e k Fec of p i an tuning 25 a l a l t Klynas favorite mme. Phe x 3 be Boulanger Roli Ablo clairvoyant seventh Daugh Ter of a seventh d Augh Ter born with Vail Wou Morfut revelations w without asking questions gives the Nam e of the one you marry. Ivy cottage Elm i. Near g Rand o Pera h ouse 25 cents 50 cent 91. Noi in wednesdays ? s i b a a i. N o i h. S. 4 sity l or k is f inc Al o n i j a in i Tomarch 3 0 ,1 8 0 1 Public notice i hereby Given the e common Council of Long Island City in com m tee of Iho whole will first consider the application of Tho Long Island City and Newtown Railroad company Iho common Council chamber in the City Hau in Island pity on tuesday the 14 the Day or april 8 Oclock in Tho Atte i noon. Snug Aii plication is for per Mission Ami consent said Railroad company build and extend a doable track Railroad from Borden Avenue along West Avenuehird Stree i and along third Treel f Ronstreet and operate such Railroad by Elecirio and Olac Neal order of the common Council my u 15t Thomas Curry City clerk. I v i l8 e v i o b o o m m is s n o ph e Riby of Brooklyn office of the Secretary City Hall March 27. I h i l a examinations for Tho follow uni positions have Boon ordered by this clerks Trade a a a clerks g Radob Stout graph er8andtyi forni3o/a Lica Klijn May joob Iii Nodal this offic i Alf applications m ust filed with the scr Motsco Man e jury Lall on or before weaves m l i 2 7 � her or Secretary e Ary Ahis poll . Shea marvelous medium gives names of dead and living friends whom and when you marry business journeys Law Absenfriends Neal Tany thing you w ish cures nervous debility and All Diso Angeii. Ahome sunday. 659 f u Lton Yir u n k e n n e i liquor habit. X x in All the world there is Byone cure or. H a in eds Gulden specific. Icau be Given m Coffee Tea or in articles of food w without the knowledge of p a Tienif necessary is absolutely harm less and will Oagot a Perm Anent and speedy cure w Hether the Patienis a m operate Drinker Orvy alcoholic wreck. n Ever fails ioperates so quietly and with such certainty the athe p a Tienunder goes no inconvenience and soon his Complete Reforma Tion is effected. 48 Page Book free. To had of Bol ton drug company 204 Fulton Brooklyn and Alex. Hudnut 218 Broadway and w e is m in � m Bellin Bash. 0 Bible House. Now York. Jaw a broker Arthur j. Hean x eyes old Roli Ablo Bifid 6t, Advance watches sol camels bail charged. Of help first class swedish and germ an girl. P lease Call id Tho office 373 a tuntion a and you will be suited immediately. Please look o Ufor Tho Rig Haddress. 7 e make the Cigar. ? t you m Ake the e smoke. Tiger Cubana Tho Best Cigar 5 . Per bundle. Ask for them of your dealer. L. Iller a sons. 149 Obs Bors at. N. Y., m f each 60 Otis u e n x i sk v. T vib. L. J. Hoyt dentist o f s m e u l b y ton opposite o h All w ill by move a o p Bis new Ada enlarged dental establishment Fulton by third a Jjck u p r9ni City Hall both Eoa a found i he will a so n i s h i n g p i e s j \. Paid for g englem ends l e o of clothing. Cameron Bead Posta 2 02 f lat Bush a Brooklyn. Pm m b n be prices paid for x lib a ies and Small parcels of books. Cheapest Book store in the e world. Leg g Abroth ers. 81 Cham Bers St. T h ird door w est of City Hau p a knew York City. h e Stock holders Ofh exle w is a of w Ler m manufacturing com pan y and whom Imay concern you and each of you Are hereby notified by Tho undersigned being a Majo Rity Oftrustees of the above named company the ap u Tsuanto chapter 40 of the e Laws of 1848and the aand p a Raj of acts Arae Naing and extending Tho came a m meeting of the took Holder of the said Lewis a Fowler m Anua conring company will held on the e 2 9 the Day of april 1801, Aone o clock p. Of the Aday athe office of tool company no. 48 w Alworth Street in the City of Brooklyn. County of k Ings scale of now York and you Are hereby Furth e notified the athe e object of said m meeting is enable said company Avail itself of the provisions and privileges of said acts by increasing the capital Stock / pm $200 ,000 $400 ,000. The books of the e company for the Tran see of Stock will be closed on the 2 1 sday of a pril 1801, and Rem Ain closed until the e 2 5 the d a / of May , a pril 0, 1891. To h n w. J d w l e l a d a n Iel f. Be w is ? Charles 0. Vananglen h n j. B u v e h trustees. Avenue Vul him Vul Bir us. Board will hold Bubo bearing on the same on w wednesday a pril 8, Ai a la athe Ham Ber of Commerce in Tho City of new York. By the Board i 71 William 0, Hudson Secretary. � Rassured and Fly upon o premiums term fuated Cates for which Are issued boar co dance with charter. J. D. To n is. President. W. H. H Moore vice president. D Vico president a. A. Raven Secor j. H. Chapm Anson rotary. ? p Ile k in insurance company Brooklyn n. Cash capital $1,000,000. Surplus As policy holders.$1 ,053,704.42 losses paid since organization $39,033,332.70. Office Brooklyn p h e n in i building 114 , e. D. York we8teun u court St. And o of new s Nion build. Ing Broadway Corner Dey at. X m b i o a n se a m b 6 i l b in sj i l anon company. New York Cash capital. $500,000, insures steam boilers elevators and All o ther k ind s of m machinery against Accident or o per and life. Long Island department Garfield build ing. Brooklyn. N. Y., to h n a w ilm Arth manager. O ni j a s na l i s u i n o Corner court and Montague streets a Servo for reinsurance a. Reserve for All other claims. Pash a p ital. Noi Fiu Plu $2.4r0,.343.21 27.s.720.78. 1 ,0 0 0 .00 0 .0 0 o. H. Dut Heb. Secretary Brooklyn d department. H Oe l s. A Merion h Oe la 9 l 28-30 Pulton St., Brooklyn near ferry. Of newly furnished Toom s Good accommodations former Man enc or Transientguest i 60 Monte per n ight $1 .50 por week Aud upward u brew my Ana god Jop Euall n ight m gentlemen imly. O. a Rin us. Proprietor. N e w s p a p e k s a g l e b a n h o f f i e s. B e d f o d Bra Nch 1,227 b de of d a v e n u e n a Fulton n Street. Eastern d is Inbra nch4 4 Broadway. F Ifh a v e n u e Bra nch435 f Ifh a v e n u e n a n inh Street. Atlantic a n a East n new y o k a All by sin Ess Pera in in g n news a d v or � Oisin g and b or Inin g w in l e e in eh e Sam e attention n t h e s e o offices As if tean 8a noted a h e o of k a Licto in. S Ain s. J g x e uo is s a l e. Geo. W. Brow n a., action Here will sell by order of executor athe a Broadway Saleroom a 103 Broadway. On w wednesday. Arll 8 .1 8 9 1. A12 Oclock Noonh e 3 Story brio k House. Rom in As of Southin thut containing 12 rooms All improve meals. Also. 2 Story Fram e h ouse on Roar of lot known As 301 Berry by. F or full particulars apply Tho auctioneer or g a of Bla u velt. A Orneys 220 Broadway Jow York. Also athe same Tom o and place. Twenty sixth w Ard Lota on Blake a Logan and m Ilford and Shenck a and Nett lots Hill auction sales. By. Hamilton i n f a ns d e p a e n t. D e s s e s a n d o o As. Gingham dress is. H in h n Eck trim m de w h f in e embroidery $1 .38 and $1.69. Gingham Gamp dresses trim m de w h f in e embroidery $ j .2 5o $1.87. Specia l lot of child in is Coats. Of u d Iff e e Nstyles Pla in colors and Pla id s. $ 4 .7 5 Reg u la p in e$6.50. T u n k so u n e w s p e i a l d e s sr u n k38, 40 and 42 in Ches Long has 4 trays and a hat Box the acan be k in out or p Uin a by Tim e. Our Standard Specia l tru n k is goes Long. All Linen line covered tray Flatop steel clamps 12 n in k e l Stra p i Ingeb a n d Best brass Excelsior look and Iron Bottom. $5 .00. S u p e i o s h o e h e b e Sg o o d sh aa n b e p o d u e d f o e i i o n e y. Our apr in g and summer Stock of la � d Iesu hand made o Ford ties a now Rea d y. They a m Ade our o order embrace All the e new styles and Range in p in e from $1.50 $ 5 .0 0 the e w widths Ark a a a o. D and e the e Sam e in Grade. La d Iesu w melted w a la in g boots $3.00. Rel a b l e Fren of k id boots $4 .00our $5.00, $6 .00 and $7.00 shoes a Seq u Al any custom made shoes. F e d e in k Loeser a of. 1 Erb. Johnson or 303 Fulton Brooklyn. 60 Liberty n new York. Tuesday a p in 7, 1891, a12 o clock noon in the Brooklyn Rea l estate Exchange no. 393 Fulton Brooklyn. Perez Story auction Sale o p 250 valuable build ing lots e in h the w Ard. Brooklyn and near Brooklyn City Lino in new u trocht. In Tir e Block bounded by s inh and seven the avs fixity of u and fifty f Ifh s is 74 lots. Eig h the Ward. Brooklyn adjoining famous h in t. Estate. Also Sam e Tim e and place. 132 elegant i building lots of m or l ah e _ or o per p f _ � h oma8 v f i Sss Teniib w n o f ,. Nelv u treo h a and adjoining the m magnificent property of the Bay id g e p a k improve ent oomph. The property is on High ground. Fort h am Ilton Ai s Tew Art ave Are opened Tho former according grades. Seventh a is be opened from f o h am a the Bay. Iis very accessible by Tho new electric line of the Brooklyn City Railroad company which will com plete 1 in the Spring Aud will to eh dirty a in the Sferry and will nout with cars Tho Brooklyn City h All and Tho a Ridge. A nother electric Road is promo cod on fort h am Ilton a. Iis Nexto Tho land of Tho Bay Edge p Arkim prove m ent company where the Are water and Gas elec tric lights Shade Trees sidewalks and All o ther necessary in Po a e m s and Donven Renoos. T e m s easy. Titles insured by Teaitle g Saran Tco Andre scom Pany of new York. Also Asame Tim e and place seven thav and f Ift y seven til North East Corner 7 lots. Forty a in the n o Side,200 oct East of second k b. Fram e h ouse and extra lot on sixty fifth 100 feet West of f ourth a. ans and particulars apply be e. To h n so no n.6 0 l Liberty s t. New y Ork 393 Fulton Brooklyn. The u is d a p la 9, 1891, 12 Oclock noon in Tho Brooklyn Rea l estate Exchange no. 393 Fulton s of Brooklyn 450 super b b u in g lots celebrated m Aften be farm. W est Brooklyn a d join in g Pityin e. Maps Aud particulars of be e. To h n so no r., 00 l Liberty it. Now York 393 f u Llou St. Brooklyn. The u red a y. A pril 18. 1891. A12 Oclock noon in the Brooklyn Rea l estate Exchange. No. 393 Fulton Brooklyn. Perium Pogry auction Sale. 139 leg a Nbuild ing lots. Eig h teen the Ward brooklynj3. D of n p a a m etto Woodbine and Madison s and Putnam Irv ing and Ridgewood avs w within 2li0 feet of Wykoff a s � Tion of Union maps of be e. To h n so n. Job 00 Liberty 8t, new o 303 f u Lton Broo Lyn. O o l a Ui o n e e No. 74 Coli Umbria Heights. No. 78 Fronst. Corner w Ashington. No. 1 pm. Near Degraw it. No. 215 o Reen e a near St. James i. 3 vacant lots l x in Ga 2 vacant lots h Erk in no. 107 resale for account of former purchaser. A m is coleus son will 3ll on tuesday. A or h. 7. 1891, a12 a. Atho comm eurial exch a n g a no. 389 Fulton opposite Tho Unity Hall Brooklyn Tho following very desirable erty no. 74 Columbia h e in hs a 3 Story a and sub cellar Brown Stone House 14 rooms on a a near Olas Soa near Hopkin sem ent i Lar o Orna m rental and Flo m Arble m mantels dumb waiter Bath Epos King tubes Range Furnace laundry cupola torm easy. Apply George b. Wilaon esq., 143 by new York. No. 78 fro Ncorner of w a Shingto a 4 Story and Collar Brick store and in wolfing i v rooms Boldo the Toro floor , and o ther Honvo nieces All of o e the store ill lie e and Back s. Full athe e Portica o f mess Mer. A attorneys. 26 court Brooklyn. 51 m pm in s p l a 3 Story base go Good cellar. Al 4 room a arc Llo Orocu ins a room so 2 Story Fram e store on Roar of lot Titi i is. Bearnes pm Enno. Bub cellar Brick Apartmenthouse 14 rooms 7 Mario m mantels Aud 1 Hardwood m Antel .3 Bath rooms 6n Roar in a 1 Story Brick building in tended for storage of trunks . La l l particular a Atho office of m. W Ebster a son Corner Clinton and dog raw Brooklyn. No. 10? Nassau Sa 3 Story w e m e nand sub cellar Brick dwelling w 3 3 Iii beside store 10 closets e Heaters water and Gas thro u g h o u 4 m Arble Mau Tols e in closed Piazza in perfect order throughout. Sale io3itive. Mathi Palo a Boci l Jis athe auction room. J also Tho former up Rubai comply. N o. 215 g Reen e a a Story Atti Basem ent and Brown Stone Houtho room Iuo luding Al Cove lie and b a the 7 Mario m mantels 5 Mario basins Furnace Hardwood finish ., . Lex in g l in av3 lots with stable 100 feet West from class ii a each 22 .7x106 Leet. lot j 50 foot East from hop k Iii sonar each 2. Xl00 feet. Full Nartic Ulara As Tonus m mortgages ., Atho Soffio of a a. Carly attorn y. No 5 l l Iberia by new York. To h . Hallock k.sq., executor. Maps of All the above Are ready Atho office of j. Cole a auctioneer no. 3vs9 Fulton at. a e e. J o h n s o j the u red a a a pril 9. 1891. A12 Oclock Brooklyn Rea l Exchange no. 393 Fulton w Tho ur serve 4.70 super b lots remaining part of celebrated o m Artense. W est Brooklyn adjoining the City line. E eighth w Ard. Tho property is splendidly 8itu. 1 on thirty Eighthlily by Nisith Fortieth an i Tomiith Trouthchirtea Itin and f o h am Ilton Ava. . Made sidewalks Luid. Tie j plan Lod and elegant Supply with water pipes All Laid. A g Reat Funu e for investment. Go and examine. On purchases of $.500 an j 06 por cont. May m Ain on Bond in 1 mortgage. T titles guaranteed by title g guarantee Andrust co. Free of Cost . W in 4 Blos of f fifth a elevated 11. And 23 min Tob Bridge. T Rains au Nion Depoth dirty sixth Sami f fifth a connect with Brooklyn Bath and w est e and u. And Prospect p Ark and Coady Island Cal Vor Air Lionson properly. 5 in Invitesh dirty a in the ferry and Only 20 m minutes Battery now York. Ivill positively and connect a the Greatilly Elg lira Cut ferry by May 30. I a is and Pahi a60 Liberty , new York and o l a Ui o n e e Nus a. Ai .5, 20r a 2h9 Mcdougal St. coleus son vill fell on wed a pril 8, a12 Oclock m Atho Commer 0 h a in o. 389 Hulyo n .8oppo Hii. 20.5a, 295 and 2i a m Mcdougal our new ornamental Fronbrick houses 2 Toi a High stoop Basem ont and Luib Cedar each contains rooms beside Bath 4 of m Aiu ols one of Tho mesday Ange a Noh pos o the cily the following very do Strablo property cloak a coun o s. 299 7 o o i la l Arble b sins Range Heater speaking terms easy on Bond . Ornamental m i b tubes electric Bells Gas Ami water. O. Aud , ii . Full particulars of lame w also a son 5 Wall be no. 178 e l la a ii in s a. 2 Story and Collar i 1 cd tension in rear contains 6 file Litlo Recuenco in the bus be a v 3 Story anti cellar Frame Rosido Large Saloon and Collar has 2 -. Dwelling with Story cite ii of and cellar m aking a be int Pari of Tho twelfth Ward no. 6 Myrt 16 Ronnie b Rulo Mai ital ijic., Tjio a. Of Loet front of Myrtle him j n Al j ? c e l la for. M a w o2 Story d do Ollie 1and o and Toros an Rollings each has 7 room f Ness in this part of Trio City. Full particulars and term Atho office of . Rabe a k Eller attorney .1 Fop e Coculo 243 Broadway now York. No. 2x9 Washington a near d Elk a la a 3 Story Brick m mansion and 4 lots of Laud l 3 rooms be Side 7 Marble a Netols 4 basins. Tito House is b u Largo in front 2 Story and Bane meet Extension in rear Largo Bay window . There Are 4 lots each 22 .6x100 foot two of them front on Hall in tic rear. Jan be Foen by application the d Istriatelegraph , 33.5 d cd alb a. Noar Hall St. Full p of ill q a f. Tho a Tilv 345 Adams St. H. Luengene auctioneer. ?-m 0nr05v tuesday 10 30 a. e in Tir e contents of the e Kes Denoe 15 or near Bedford a. Pm blazing in part oho Ico Silvi 2 n n o o o n carpets balance in a Minster , to. C Ahoui ale of valuable f o u a n d f l Li l Thomas a. K or in a auctioneer will sell on thursday a pril 9, a f Oclock a Ion Ahis Rooma 1.3 w ii Oughty the lowing Giro party no. 238t tenth St. Betweenhird Ana l our h is a 3 y Irmo Brick Basem ent and sub cellar dwelling House roof 12 , including Bathori .oo,.c Ilio. No. 144high a 2 a tory a attic and basemen House about 32 feet d be p25x152.20 and 2 2 or Lutlo Snow. 18 l Ivi tis a Tri angular plot of ground about s Tolfe Efronand 106 feet drop on which Are erected a 3 Story Collar Brick tone ont House 13 a 2 and 3 Story Fra no building 1 and Back . Carpets. A and a Largo Asso Rameno f f u in . 5 Oil cloths. Rugs. May s s i g n e b ifs s a l e f in d _ w u Liell tubs. To h enry h. H ill assignment. Ann a co. Auto Yonkers _ e Day Apil 7 ,1 0 3 0 a. M., on the premises 33 d Desbrosses now York City Stock. machinery and p la Nof Llyd Raulio f Tiitu Renc of Biri Tion � in o in i o in b l of h ? stoves p partition oct. Oata Loukes ready on Tho Prem ise or anot Pioneer s offic 5 w Ooster St. By order j. J. A so Fqy the Assignee. A. W. Spam a a Arney for a Assignee 03 w Allt. C Stern if son auctioneers office 9 18 m Yrtle a Brooklyn Bells Morrow a pril 7. A1 0 i3 0 am. A13 g Raham a Corner of Debevoise Brooklyn 1 Large Staple Stock of groceries consisting of new fanned goods flour sugar chests of the a a barrels of Nolasses and syrup boxes of soap powders e bottled goods spices Shell goods and o ther com plete Stock. Also 20 Glass bins 5 Scales 8 counters 6il Taskico Box Fine clock 3 show cases Large Coffee Mill end a big be a Sale. Notice is hereby Given the Ai shall sell Apullo auction on in a Tho 1 0 the Day of a pril 1891, cd a. M., Anos. 7 3 and 75 old the e All o ther goods am w. D Oum Nger a 1891. A o s .8 3 Obrooklyn Are m Acuin err and fixtures lately assign by me by e. A u Oi o n s a l e h o s. W. L i n d s a y Loe Stato. Also buggies wagons harness ploughs and near fifth a contents of lev a. A. 856 w lilo n a v a a in of the furn of said res Donco p Alico Faro excellent Bossos 15m bands High w arranged sound on tuesday. Gentle m harness. A Bohu Ildage so Pearam Easa a m v k e Lyns ns a Oderiy of music. Stoddard the e. Stoddard lectures. T h e stodd a lectures. T h e Stoddard lectures. Specia l and extra o in Ary announcement. To Morrow even in a 8, for id a y even in g. A pril 10, a8, saturday m matinee. A pril 11, 2 30. To h n Stod Dards famous lecture onh e passion Pla y o f 1890 Aoberammergau. Onlyh e e More o pro cities Hoar or. Stod Dards o v Era h Elm in Gly popu la lecture. Or o fuse and realistic illustrations. Or. Chauncey m. D ebb w a attended a repro sen Tatios of Tho passion play last summer and on his turn Home paid the following of Loquet trib u the Tho Sim � ple players of Ober a a Cergau the vast audion co sits for hours spellbound w without m movement or whimper except when shaken by convulsive sobs or draw ing a Long b Reath of Relief athe close of an act. The Man o woman who has Hoard told and retold Ahe m others knee Tho Story of Christ saw and Felt with a Faith o dual the Awith which he had Liet Enad from those Maurod lips. Body. In Good of lot Nfram e i o Tho entire of y d a m machinery Aud Kiev air oar b builder also p a the in s and casting for Roper caloric engines Alao office x Tures Lna of ? ? a. ,. A. A Xmas. Tif in Aal Cinoa. New York. According the Testim ony of those who have heard the o p la y a n d attended or. Stod Dards lecture the e Ellel of the former is scarcely less v in id and life x la e than the aof the la the Positively last o pro cities. Tuesday and Frid a y evenings. April 7 and 10, a8. Saturday afternoon a pril 11. A2. Kes arved seats. 75 cent n in on tale achand l e is 306 f u Lton Saevre seats daily in order avoid disappointment. B u d la a North m Nasers. h e Assoc Iamb alumnae j. Of the e p a k e collegiate Institute w ill g in e a pril 9, 8 p. M., t h e first Baptist Liu n Clinton Cornnie Venn not. Enno Aan evil Riner Tio Ropo a of old songs Tho old songs among them such a doritos As old k ing Cole Sally in our Alley. K itty of o Ole rain a a h erets Tho Maiden of bashful Filoon a a will be Given of ? together with Blea u x ,. Following Edwin a. Abbeys exquisite Ilia Stracione those old Tim e melodies. A Road of n nineteenth Cind music3 and tableau Iii be us in Ono Barm o g e d by the Arti i i Tury Reverle will ble i Niou whole. The will a rang messes. 0. E. Cook Iuan and v. H. G Oater who kindly tend Thor Aidand the ladies of Tho Cor Mittoo in embargo can Doutly Promise a most thoroughly Artis tic Atrall. Therow ill music by an orchestra and a Beautiful souvenir Prog Amine. Rob proceeds of Tho Orenius go Tow Ard the Gilt fund Aud in View of this object the com m tee solicit from All graduates and friends of Ina Titu their Hearty co operation. Tickets $1 .50for Sale Apacker ins Litu Tou handlers and athe door. A a d e m y o f a u s i Uthe u red a y even in a apr in 9. 1831, Jimh e Penman by the e Amaranth of the e b in edit o f a fun d endow a sold i Eros bed in jhj2 Home of consumptive. Tick Chan d Lek is. Admission 50 . Reserved seats $1 and $1.50. 0 o i i. S in n is 3sew p a Kh e ae E v e y n in Hthis we Fyk and saturday m matinee Only 0 q 1 Francis w Ilsonand % is comic o Pera com a in Otth e m Erry m Monarch. Large chorus augmented orchestra and original scenery nod Olyouis. N ext week Rose Oghlan in Peg Woffington forgot n of and London Asa Rauco. G y d e & b e h m a is. This 5yeek. matinees monday. Tuesday the u red a y and saturday Reilly a Woods ne5v classic v a d Eville company Tho most expense and Cla 3 organization of kind in Tho world. Box of Coupon daily from 9 a. To 9 p. ? p h i o n f1r.Tim e in Brooklyn of said ours e3d a v a n d pm is d a y Niu next week Agnes h uniting Iii opera company. = a f i o n a l a Ai \ l y 0ysr.n f y. Cor or 23d and 4 thav n. X Lyl l annual. Sex Iii to n of paint actuary including Tho de for Tho now Cathedral of St. John the Livim. Now open daily from 9 a. A. To 6 p. And from 7 30 1 10 p. Admission 2 5 cont. Sixty is my xm. I l lk in k k s y y annual carnival sex h Bitio n o f by a dances Oil Khionh Date Tolu u so a y eve nine a pril s cat on Salo Avon Hall 1,-, 1v a Odvord at. T a let a y a u a u 1 Al v i j week a no Lim Heo and her own of in week a pril a la h u Bert . F4t o Taili Ater n ext Wook we us a co. Q v e Ih e ae South fourth and d Riggs . Every evening and m matinees Tuo ulay thursday and . E n tills i gaiety hols. K do a co a b e a Youngs m minstrels. P o l a n d s p i n g. Opon Flroes and storm heat class accommodations in connection with Tho far Fame in a Poland water. N nature is g Reat , greatest m medicinal water inh e world. Cures All diseases o originating from dyspepsia kidney and liver plaints and All Rulli eases of the u binary o organs. Send for illustrated of h history and wonderful medicinal proper lob. W new York d spot 1g4 Nassau Tribune building. Hiram Rio k or a sons. For imit.\t10ans. Send for Ciro Ulara. Look out in f Anshan set h o u s e a n d cottages shelter Island I. N. Will open j line 25. The now York office is ,2 .5 p. A23 Union Quaro room 7, where for rooms and cot tages with hotel or for Housek suing will lie � Cei Ved. Send for Pam Phlok h. D w. Law son formerly of Murray Hill manager. T q h e Le Island Heights 0 Suffolk county n. Y., the e new Bay View House. Via fast tra in s on Long Island u. K. And steam ers foot of Bookman new York. Open Juno october Sam Uel us beats. Q helter Island h Eki . O Prospect House opens jul n e 25. For particulars and circulars Audru i d. P. Hathaway 115 Broadway room 33, new York w i nh l l u i is o e m n. h e Alrin x p l a in Fiel d. N. .t., opens feb Ruaud 21 under hotel nethout03 from la Jerse y sixty a. Ticu Lars Aiho office of Juliu s Lothro Krauss Are ready athe a action room of ,2 u a manago Mout Wood Netherwood. N j. Forty five min Liberty n. V. a Road of Nen tra in s daily new sanitary Pau Nhing oath by room .1 ally Quoit phys Claua for dry s e m heat Iii furnished Tsirou ghost pain Fielde Pecl Tomn handed by now York and Brooklyn pure air. F o ? Krant ,.fml Libr. pub Austral pin e Park Brentwood l i., n. A modern Hou. Subs Anu a by a Iii and leg minted intended u Antly a Pointe Espttia by for a w inter and Spring health report Tuam neat open Wood fire Sun Parlours. O tis elevator Gas . Perfect conditions goil and Sandy balsams and Pines the la the for mile in inj m Fino a antique and Alo Leru f urn Reu Puio Hgrand Pia n o Forte b no a Brae porcelain. \. I i l k u u a p h y Pic l la Audto w rating Al must go Togo Thor. Much Iho f.. .36 new machines. 26 new . business col Viciie .304-366 Fulton so Opp Odie Johnson hollow a Puiai teachers for examinations Rani , ._ Bogin any time. E l Madoue n o g k a Iphy Andy w h Luln g. Chas. Seventh year14h Over 10 years Oil Orinoco in Tea Iii m a n civil eng Lawri adder w. Lius. N. Vring. Cla5i.iicb. Bulues. Summer school. V eur b k superintend a and i j Robin and 5 rooms Sieme by. For particulars inquire of auctioneer 13 Willoughby by Ards Abb and House furnish l ing. S. Stein w leg. Ucli Ocoer Sells esd a p rila10 30 o clock. 21 Graham a Brooklyn. Very Large and Staple Stock of above Consin Tiue of Twenty Flo Fino ranges Asho Lod hardware Aud Cutler j i u s l g a i. I n s3u o i �. \. F s f a 7 l i a h w i p u p in of p Ollil a d a Academy of music b a n i a u p y i o n b s. 170 sur u a very Fino Stock of crockery and lamps full Liuo of Agate. Tin Iron. Wood and Willow Ware Lino h orse and w agon elegant f in Tures All of which Wero bought Only two m months v sm. C o l a Uto n e e Bylato Cole a m Urphy City Saleroom 7 and h Ohrt Square formerly Boerum i. W Edn esd a pril 8, a1 0 3 0 o clock Asale rooms. Hou Seh old f u n u a Arlo satires in p Lush Broca Tolle. Hat sort of a Man was he ? what sort of a per son was 7 those two quentious opened up the whole Field of Christian Evi Douro. External and internal. The first thing he desired place before them was prove that Christ was a historic per son and the first that he would bring before them was one out of Tho Many passages in profane his tory a Siglo one the Famo Iii passage from Tho annals of Tacitus concerning the conflagration in Rome in Tho Roi ii of which the historian recorded Liat multitude of the followers of Christ confessed Thomb Clec a and were crucified or Barnaj. This was Only thirty five years after Tho Cruc Ixion. What sort of a was a 7 what think of Clorist whose son is Foj was intensely human in every thing. They doubted whether was really and truly a Niau behold him on the Cross dying for the sins of the world glancing about with that weary set tearful Eye and hand ing Over his Kotlier wit i Tho sword going through her heart his favorite disciple. He a Man the most wonderful Man that Lias Ever trod the Earth. Christ was a Man Whoso intellect was Peerless he always on the instant and perfectly Aud absolutely foiled his enemies in apis working Beir so As throw Back shame upon Iceni Melos in his Ai Niwor Trio question whether was lawful pay tribute Cour he for All time Laid Down those two precepts that tie Power that babe ing ordained of god. Have their rights which separate judg Mout can determine and also that where Tho Dominion of cot science begins the Dominion of the ruler of Martli ends. Christ was a Mirac Loiis Man. He we Nurack loudly Borit and died miraculously. Thank god for that. Christ was risen from Tho Tad bring repent Ance Israel. He wished he could lift up his voice and ask Tho White Robed women what they thought of Christ and Tho women throw their crowns on the ground and say unto him that hath i Ord us and washed a from our sins in his blood by glory Ami Honor and Power forever and Ever. He would like ask Tho Angels iliac Christ and they would answer \ Ortley in Tho Lamb receive Beauty ail riches and Wisdom and Honor and glory and . They Shoul preach the gospel preach Jeptia. The afternoon session was devoted the Ordi nation of Iho Tea cots and Ellers Wii Oso names have already appeared in Tho Eale. Bishop l of filed in prayer and the . C. Swing Road the service. Tie Eam Liatos having been ordained the Bishop addressed them and after that look place the services in Luo Moriani of John Wesley. Rev. George preached the Hormon and gave an elaborate account of the life and work of Jolin Wesley and said that the Imreh of Lii gland wan not ready just yet acknowledge \ a Fly As one of their Sai hut would not be Long before Liat Limo arrived. Mot Liodis had forged ahead and trusted would continue in Good we k. Rev. Or. Mams followed and said that John Wesley inherited a Genius found in few Mon. Lie wry a Brilliant. Scholarly. Holy conscientious and his Cha Nicter was full illustrated in his work. Breig was a growing carelessness in Tho proceedings of the sunday services which should stamped out. The heh Ion concluded with prayer and singing. In the eve giving the conference missionary or Mon was preached by Rev. 9. Mcc Hestoy who Polce Senath of the work done for Tho past twelve months and the glorious future there was in a Tore for their work. Rev. B. Adams presided and Tho Church was thronged. A prominent official of the Confor Onoe who knows More than any other Ono Man except per haps the Bisi iop about that body stated for your tie changes in Brook Lyn appointments this year. He said Blind you there a nothing absolutely sure about Woliak i Todl you. There is no Man sure where is until get his appointment. But this a the pretty accurate Goa sin that a going around. The Rowill no changes in the larger charges in Brooklyn. S. Pardi Wigton will probably go from Tho Central the first place and w. I. Thompson a Del exc aug from first place the Central Church. J. B. Wilson a recent accession from the Rhi Aldolphia Confer ence will go Tho Simpson Church which j. B. H Milton will leave. Or. Hamilton will de vote i time the work of a sort of self constituted Agency raise a fund for Hope ran mated ministers. J. E. Saar Les will leave Carroll place Church. . Bailor of Tho eight Cut path vet Church will withdraw from Active duty and go Europe fora year study. C. H. Buck Wao is in Europe now will follow or. I Elcrat the eighteenth Street Church unless be gets appointed older. William Hamilton will go from Tho Embury Church the Allen my Muriul. New York w. W. Owdish goc5 from Johns Street Embury. S. Wing will boat Fleet Street e. C. Loag Flatbush and is rumoured that George Lansing Taylor will follow him Thoro. F. B. Upham a Young Man of much Promise will go from Francia Church Soa Clift. C. P. Cor Ner expects leave Power Street Aud follow or. Taylor the fourth Avenue Church. Nathan a Hubbell will go Power Street Church Aud Henry Asten expects leave St. Luke s. There will be one providing elder appointed by the Bif Bop on tuesday take tha place of pre siding elder n. S. Cheney of Tho now York Oast District. is an obscure member of the Confer Ticu indeed who is not a candidate or who has Noi been Provini Dontly mentioned for the vacancy during the paid two or Throe Days. Tho i who have not appear in these capacities have been Durk . If Tho Bishop would Jusi note Down Tho names of those who have been chosen by them selves or their Joti Jiuu for Tho of fice in the conference gossip he would have a Stock of candidates Largo Eno High Supply Tho conference vacancies for a Dozai years come. is asserted Lio Wever that. S. Wing Lias Tho inside track if either a. A. Eggleston or g. J. Ortli or f. North or. In Buck does not prove More successful. D. Ouch the pres ent financial Secretary of Tho Brooklyn Church society is also prominently mentioned for Tho elder ship. Brio wild he fail of appoint moist will take a charge Kome Oliero in the Honfi Ion co. A political libel. Bail Fob the bba0ke5 a bothers. Thi 0 Oclock Oast bound Trail on Tho Long Island Railroad saturday night killed a Man a crossing cast of Westbury. His head was Cut off. The body has not been identified. W ill not Pincok Pobat. The citizens of Rockaway Beach voted Satur Day on the question of incorporation and opponents of Tho movement won the Day by a Largo m majority _ _ find for a skaling oysters in Justice Seamans court Ridgewood Abram Carman of Baldwin s was fined 155 for stealing omit Oil belonging Wallace Cornell Frem a Bod in Hempstead Bay. Mut uhen in the Saddle. k Ido o f the e l l lf. In f club. Tho vigilant a Riding club closed first Les son Friday night and celebrated the event walk an Axhi Bitou Rido in Tho Bedford Academy. Telb club is Coni Poyod edit rely of mothers of Iha Twenty third regiment and the membership i almost wholly confined Tho officers and not office a of that organization Liilo Mach has Boon derived from Ted weekly rides during the Winter Tho main Obj of of colonel Partridge an 1 Tho other projectors Otho club was give Tho of Icara of Tho regimen an Opportunity of becoming familiar with horse Back Riding with a View adding a very Valu Able military those already possessed by Twenty third regiment. In our the Twenty third a Over called for act Leo duty Liia system of Riding school training will prove a valuable adjunct Tho know Lofiego gained on Tho floor of the Tirol room. Several members of the class wore prevented from rid lug the time by illness and Accident. One of Litho was Frode Riou Holmes of com Pany i who has Boon Laid up with a sprained ankle for six weeks but who was previous that time one of Tho most ride Raia the class. Oliero was a Good sized attend Auto in the Gal lories alien the ride began shortly after 8 Oclock aul All the Good Points of the Obi Bitla wore roundly applauded. Tho Rido Yoonsi Tedia Tho main of movements of cavalry with Jui enough of the regular Riding school figures sail wicked in Mako a plea ing variety. In was of. Of initially Milit iry Riding Sra Athly and creditably performed. A portion of fobs band Furui Slid delightful music and Tho ride went like clockwork from Start finish. Tho movement comprised right and left obliques marching a Colum Iid of twos and four fours right and left columns of platoons flank move Nientsu Circola squares and numerous Graceful idding school figures All of which wore carried out so Well that the fact seemed scarcely a Rodicio that most of the members of the class Wero Green rider the beginning of last season. Tho Snake Al Giro led by colonel Partridge was flaw less and called Forth much applause. A All Tho move anti the Dut ances Wera Wall kept and All Tho riders looked perfectly Home in their saddles. One of the Best riders class and one of tie most enthusiastic As Wall in ordnance sergeant Charlie Bryant who is old enough the Grandfather of several of Tho other Remberd. Ruling master Haipt Calls him his brightest Pupil. Tho military Mon who participated were colonel John n. Partridge Captain defrost major Waters Captain can Dee or. Aldrich lieutenant Blackman Corporal , lieutenant Todd sergeant Despard Ord Nance sergeant Bryant Corporal Kesler lieu tenant Case Captain Thorn or. Hardy Corporal Poi Icli adjutant Sillcocks sergeant Tapley or. A Nick and or. Bostwick. Tho conclusion of Tho ride colonel Partridge of behalf of Tho club presented Riding master Ilant with a Gold headed whip appropriately inscribed a i a Token of the esteem in which is held. He has Boon very faithful and Eli cont in Tho.iuacity of inf Trutor of Tho club. The ride last evening Rofloc Tod Mich credit upon Riding master Haupt Aud also upon Tho members of tha club for their Diligence and application Wlinich a resulted in their becoming so off Lorient in Ono Short . Events Down on the Island. To p rest Yter ies Al Lei Asoutham p toil and far in Rockaway. I assemblyman Edward w. Stergos of Brook Lyn Baa Boco no a resident of East Rockaway. Or. And or. 0cu pout and their three Chil Dren of Boun Ioro Are ill with the grip. Knickerbocker Post g. A. R., of await Villo will Cole Bratu Trio Twenty fifth anniversary of Tho founding of the Oriler Thi . The Rev. J. S. Bereno is the guest of friends baldwins where he formerly preached. The . Or. Blatz of Central Park is Sori oily ill with the grip. The presbytery of Nassau will meet far Rockaway on monday the 1. inst. Tho ques Tion of Stabli Flung the order of Draco less will be discussed. A year ago Baldwin Post g. A. R., presented Tho Hempstead Public school with a Handsone Flag. The Board of education Haa begun think of tile propriety of erecting a pole from which float it. Motets of Tho Meadow Brook hounds Havo been arranged a follows april 8, Ilick Svino 4 p. A 11, Oyster Bay 3 p. 15, whoa toy 4p a 18, i a of Adit and Jericho Cross roads 4 15 p. Next dec Day evening or. James a. Hamil ton of Manhasset and mis Nettie Pearsall of Poar Salli will married. The of Long id lamp will meet Sogutlu Uptou april 21. Run. John d. Stoke will preach the Sermon. Grace Olmsch in Jamaica has been Hequn Nathad $500 by mis Ann Augusta Simonson of Condi Tion that her grave i kept in order. Samuel Walt of Springfield a Veter an of Tho Lato War has Boon a pension of $12 be Mont ii. James p. Noiman a taken a ton years lease of the trotting track Pearsall. The track will be if aced in first class order and a grand stand will be erected. A pleasant �nterta1.\he.o inc by the o a Lam Bura o f o Rio n Long l u d 1-Lvoitins. The Mer Abera of Orion Lodge no. 717, f. And a. M., gave an entertainment Weir friends of tuesday evening to Weir room Johnston build ing. Tho Cor Mittoo no Nalens in nuking one of Tho most Onjo Pablo fronts of tiie Boliou. The entertainment commenced by Tho singing of an ode by Tho Wlizlo audience. Tho chairman of Tho committee. Brother Charles Dela Pierrc made a few Happy remarks in lil usual eloquent Stylo. The following Prog amnio was then Given Quarter night Storch Orion quartet b. Ii. Tobey d. N. Maxon. C. T. Kellett. H. Ii. Kennedy recitation Trio Vineis miss Grace Green Tenor Solo con d i but say Rock i brother j. Harry Stubbs song the Wisla Kucken miss Gussio w. Touey accompanied by Orion quartet recitation mis May Burno Vio Lin duet the Beecher is Fletis Barite no Solo Ohi Lap Jim Day brother i. N. Maxon recitation. Out of Tho old House curl tour. 0. E. Bishoo piano Solo Waltz Kow Imis 0. E. Danhi Pierre Koi Rano nolo a Sogno d Amory a Grega ii Orz my fruling i Bertha m. Cox recitation brother William b. Green quartet last Good n Ijlal quartet. the conclusion of Tho programme the audion a were invited an adjoining room Oliero a Bountiful banquet a serve ii about 250 guest. Tho officers lilu5, r., or. And or. William Murray jr.,. I a. Willi Aiji mile., jr., or. And mrs. W. L. Samson or. Ami or. W. James ill. Aud or f. J. Jar0 . And ill. Walter Horn and i Lorn in. Ii. , or. And or. J. Cart in or. Cooper. Or. Frederick Lar. And or. A a Dutton Njaro Dutton or. John Leatz and Jacob Loitz of Newark William Wasi Burn. Fred Stevem William Pratt or. And or. Goodbody m \ Aud or. Jacob Milos and miss Annie Miles of Plainfield Stephen Maer or. James the miss Ross or. And or. F. A. Earl of , or. And mrs. Robert Greer John Mcintyre or. Ill or. Khemmo. Matthew or. Aud . John of peeks kill or. And or. Inc i Roberts William Mckinnon or. Gracely who is tiie baby Groat grandmother or. And mrs. William Gracely and Henry Gracely of Elizabeth or. Aad mrs. mile of Plainfield. In addition danc ing there was entertainment by mis Hay and Mist. Anna with mis sloth of tin Loc Avenue Church choir f. W. Iii Barth zither soloist and William b. Or on Tor and Story Teller. Thomas and William Bracken inmates of hat terse Row on Navy Street who Are alleged five seriously assaulted James Duffy a peddle about two weeks ago Aud who have been locked up Over since were admitted bail in 6umof$500 each by judge Kenna Day. Duffy who is in the City ii Ospital in gradually recovering from the effect of the assault. I Uruba in of Acson Honry Ilu Glies and his wife of far Rockaway were arrested yesterday on Tho charge of arson and arraigned before Justice Vandervoort of Woodsburgh who committed them for Examina Tion. Tho fire which they Are charged with Sot Ting destroyed the House of mrs. Ellen Cronin. Tho Loh was $1,000. Has head Cut off. Tue Crici Sonoh . The initial Couch of Trio Cli Eiron conservatory of Fine arts a Given last evening in the criterion theater. Suleo Tion were rendered from h Trovatore Lucritia b Virgia Favorita and Maria under the of Signor Stephani. The Progn irame opened with a symphony con ducted by professor Carlo Brizzi. Some of tha artists who took part in the e Cert wore Tho misses Venecia mis Dolly Batzle miss Flora Hall. Mis Lulu Sheridan. I i Lulu Powell miss Anno a. Mildeberger i a Miro Todd miss Lola Tomoz my Estelle Gruendahl miss Sarah Brady or. Sellers i a Lanzer or. Pago Aud a. J. Powell. The boxes Wero filled with friends of Tho choir ii among them being or. Theodore Cuyler or. John Gibb mrs. S. A White or. T. Dowitt Talmage mrs. Joseph f. Knapp. Or. Joseph. Hendrix or. Darwin James or. H. W. Hunt mrs. Mildeberger mrs. Henry Maddock or. Cato Boswick mis Brown mibs mud Berger miss Hunt Aud Mia Everitt. Mrs. Abbott Titcomb a president of the Chiron a Batku aug list . There Wab a moving in Jamaica saturday night of citizens who Are opposed the election of supervisor Dunton. Nearly two Hundred were pro ont. Poeche in opposition or. Dunton were made by John Odonnell Democrat and William Dyke Republican. Or. Dayton Wai nominated by both Partio and in opposed by Henry a. Van Allen who is running a i a citizen 8 candidate. Or. Dunton is a Democrat and had no opposition in his own convention. The publican loaders asked or. Van Volt jul take their Nomi Tatien and he contented but when Tho coup option Mot his name was nut Aud or. Gnu was nominated. Republican Are very angry and Are asking what a flounce was Buflod bring about the result. Tha party is badly split and there will be two organizations in Tho town hereafter. Dinner read adhi Ual brain. Of saturday evening. April 25, the Oxford club will give a complimentary dinner Roar Admiral d. L. Braine who retires from Active services on May 18. Admiral Braine is an Honor Ary inem Bor of tie Oxford Aud is intended by Tho club nuke the event of his rat Romont a Doc Ahloy lung be Lemom More 1. Many Distle Guia hed speakers have Beau Mvi Ted be present ;