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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Brooklyn, New York A / the Brooklyn daily Eagle. Ytol. 51. No. As. John Rossell. Brooklyn. Monday april 6, 1891.six pages. Three cents. Niay preachers honouring his memory. C. C. L � i has and his / to r in a l adroit in the flesh s Trest b Ejbad is Epise Apa cd Macli tribe ass to a d spartan Torkar. The Lay preach Ora and a Larce congregation Aroe bled last Ereni in in the Flot str cot Metho dist episcopal Chireh to take part in the memo rial services in memory of the late Rev. John Bonell who died two weeks ago the Ripe old Cerf 70 years. He was the last of the charter member Al of that Church. His Pew was draped in mourning and on the platform wore seated the revs. 0. C. Leigh Richard Sio Kotsou and Thomas Sherwood while Ben Atli them Back of the rail wore the revs. Job g. Cass and James Clayton. There was a full choir in the gallery and after had Sung Jesus Lover of my soul and the hymn commencing with Why should our tears ill sorrow flow pro Hidon Leigh read the following history prefacing with a few pertinent remarks in this Mem Orul service of our departed and beloved brother John Roggell who continued for forty seven years a Faith Fri preacher in the new York and Broom in local , preaching the in these two ii Iota without any pecuniary Reward to think is proper to show the value of this order of Lay preachers to the world Aud a few Roft ions Why the Church should encourage and increase their numbers. Brother Itok Seli became a osiris Tau in his youth Toino the m. E Church Aud was us Naod by Liat body to preach the gospel he was that time in very Humble Sircum statues. In had none of the glitter acid polish of the Ucli Dolmen and Lead they sat in kudu meet in his Cas he did the grand Sanhedrin on Peter and John they would have declared Iii to us an unlearned and ignorant Man but no More so than were summer yield John n. Milit Adam Clarke and Many ii that time a ill not allow me to name who under the Drill of most Kodim became very useful men. Our Church never did con8idor the plan of salvation so Difili cult to under sound that none but the most Learned com explain her mysteries which Are so simple Tomt a Elii Dor a wayfaring Man though a fool could under stamp birth of Mel Louisin in tins country was very simple Ami Nai nral without any Amrish of trumpets. A poor Iris i Emigrant a Ca Peutor by Trade opened his doors on the Sahban and invited his Keig Liboris to join with him in the Wor ship of god. They Sang Hymus and prayed to Gether. Lie read a chapter in the Bible Aud on the text Anotia hymn and prayer and the congregation was . The congregation kept Lii creasing until his rooms were too Small Tim they hired a sail loft and afterwards built a Chuven in John Street. Thus a i lurch was formed by the people the Serri ooh conducted by them even the preach ers empowered by this people to go Forth and preach the gospel. Liis Mode of a Church was copied by the people Aud now you will and a lurches located in every state in the Cirion. The Laid Crest Brauchi cry o f this work of Iny Moi number ill this country alone Flo inc live millions of All this has been accomplished in a Little Over a Century. The other de nominations have pursued quite a dil Terent surse and consider a necessity that ii preacher should have a collegiate and an education and to set apart in a formal Way and Commissi Oneil by a presbytery a conference or by the hands of u Bishop to give him the Dirino right to preach the gospel and invite sinners to come to jesu.-. The two have been working to Gettier in this Cen try All those years. Mark the result. Let me Call your unto action to a outlier buc Cesnul work carried of without the Aid of Learned school men. Somewhat after John Wesley s plan i Omo Twenty or Twenty two years ago an Humble in Uii influential Luau but full of Faith and the i foil ghost mid Zeal for the master began preaching to drunkards and thieves in the must degraded part of the City of Loudon in the Publio streets. For a Tim Thuy mocked and so fled the preacher but he continued to warn the ungodly and urged them to come to be is who died to save them to Jook one then another Eorio Ubly listened until scores. And then hundreds were crying for mercy. They sought the lord in prayer and penitence Ami found forgive mss Piid halva Tiou irom sin. Xuy their first Wario love they j ined this Man of god and became zealous 111 warning their Nickeil companions of the terrible Monseque Uchs of a life of sin and the peace und Joy of a religious life these helpers soon Luer eased to a Large army enrolled under the Banner of the Cross. Last year after a careful count they found they a follows Tho Western shores of Galileo Aro among the most remarkable o history. Tim a Urai of Iho Region Are Groat. The Waters of the Placid hike form Laid big Mirror Blo Piug shores and lofty Hiilis. Gain Pisut a with jul Emidid vegetation. But the Cine Iii of these localities rest not alone nor , in their Lui Turai Beauty. A higher attaches to to lieu than any that nature can impart. Sliu Siores of Oali Iee were Tho scenes Ollie Uede Morv Miginty works her echoed some of i most pro Eloua u oids. Hero More men to turn Tho world ii Flidr Down were first Gat ii Ere him and those mighty current which the moral Lilc of Yuuki jihad Here Kheit Iouri Iii head. These shores were in the time of our lord the abode of a numerous and ,y Poi . Nine arc to live Bor dived the u jew solitary Lake Aniie the Ferrule Plains of Goni Sarci and Uplands beyond were crowd Zwirb tows and Yjih Igus. Ono of the Iii oat Ini Poi Mac of these Gai Nicean Lake Side towns was Iirth Sisida inhabited principally by Rii Mennen. re about the time of Christ s d l Cut lived Jona Pirau Iii the toilsome y cation of Liquerman. No in River noun my Ilion is male of Hui in Ilie sacred , than dial he was die Fatlich of Andrew and Simon. Be had probably passed away before tiie period Ai Wii Icli ins iwo sons arc Niru need in the gos p. I Nav Ratic use Brothers were doubtless i Cipes of Jan i uie b Ipi Isi. Ili preaching Lia i inem Lor the reception of the Fulier Mith and they r ii Dii embraced the service of the team Iii to whom no Gav witness. The Siors of their Intok Duclion to h toil with graph ii simplicity by inc Jolin. The dirt Uia Fiphs Nho Over Atia Mirnd Ulicni suites to Jesus were Andrew Ami to m. The Iii no to Cir. I toe fruit of Andrew s Fra Mai Shinpa by. Trade you Ivy ii in As a Cingari this i to i Alu iut 4 j years of age and uie Benior re Andrew Dan of tic Faiers d the age of Peter is like Uio reason of ins in Mimi Sci. Among the aporia is. Liis Lime lie was a married Man. Living . Of Liis Early and train mine vie und nothing. If lie lid not belong to the hoc Olih. Par Imecs to was deep la imbued huh their modes of timing i Ami riia Rcd the Bel. Is Lay Ira Kitiona my the Narro inn civic of . i. Ii review Iii Jenitis ii seems o Liao returned to his borne and Resu ined Lus ii . There Home Mon Vijh later the Luril a of wind him with Andrew in their boat and Sai i of like in cum pc Otter me and 1 will make you to Occomy list I of men. The iwo Brot Uei a took Jesu in Ward. Xiu Olcik All to Iii. Scucci Ortii Tali tile very Las tight of i i life m by Heon stat pc i Widm Ilioiu. Big Orelj after came Liat Lii Glier ii our the dignity of apostle lop. After a u Hole night spent in i layer our lord Thusa twelve Nie. A in the company of us ii.-, to in his apostles Mitno he. To the of life a surr action and us onion. And fou Lieis of i lurch. Their Ollick was unique. J u w. Re mtcrcouio., u Iii Enriot. I j Kiili Vunt by Eliric Lii Seif ill the i Ower to won. Miracle now Union of the Cha act r i Lis Siml them from very i a a i y ii Rye and War never de Higinid any. Within their hindu eve div. I in of Cli racier Louill its Type. A Iii Vino Tuut in pm of Cults and prud Cucu a is of iv.1 Viivi of Eon Solai of w Sci Iuka. In to apus Vilic . Even Judas is Snow was o. A and Auu Eicr a Isom Tiki Civery a. Poe from Polo a Simon Izeter. In Idi of tue Gicu in toc new to com Tel i , Oil Hel by Carlse of he in onto a u in l i a n d l set l g i f o d r. In c to a d be y att c lurch. Tho services in . La keys protestant episcopal Church Clinton Avenue near Fulton Street the Rev or. E. N. Bra toy. Rector which Are being hold in the Chapel pending Tho complo Tiou of Tho cd Macli proper were devoted Yos Torday to Tho children. Or. Bradley preached Aud Tho elaborate music of Cartter sunday was repeated. Through or. Bradley . Lukeus Church was Tho recipient of a magnificent easter gift. Cousis Tod of six pieces of solid silverware and a brass font Eiver All of which Wero undo for the first time on easter Day. Tho ewer is Staddon with rubies. Tho kilo rare is a Sot of co Section Nizato and an alias receiver. The plates Are very heavy. Each one bears an appropriate scriptural sentence of its Edge while in the Center u Tho inscription give unto tie Long encircling a greek . Tho alms re Cheivor however ii the elegant and piece of Tho whole gift. bears the in sorption Cost be into the Treasury of the lord and to will pour you out a . In the Center is a relieve in Gold of the adoration of Tho magi. The scone in the rude Birthplace of Christ show ing Joseph standing belie us Tho Virgin Mother and her child is pictured while the Throe Kings of the Orient Are opening their treasures and presenting their gifts unto Christ typical of All offerings unto god. Between Tiu artistic repro Bont Ationo the adoration of the magi and Tho inscription Are four medallions of Tho evangel its Alio in Gold. Or. Bauduy believes there is no finer ecclesiastical silverware in any Church in this country. Trio gift further coup rites a Large credence for holding the broads be fore their prese station and administration. Joun Lon. Gnu rest Emilii k in d f Ron i min ecu. W o r d i i Iier Lici la uti.8c c y or a Jcck Ai and , Fabuis tint. In Ulm in in to e no ii no ii vast Cigar ii or , Mil Ruch interest mob re hair cd by in. Ouspicnou., Pur which lie Luis taxis la Goa Iii Iii tory. He Tho ii ustious no do late Tiia the Dun c f Alan is to in reply Tuiai was great Ilia cavity of opinion among Limo peo in con coining . By Tohir Loith Qiric Strba was inv to Aii Oiher , us no Puu but Tjia s in be that 1 am i Der , he he spoke for Ali the sties Lut lie c Law 1st, he a Iii of tie living a tie Pic Tom va8 Pui to the i n Cave . this Iii War be Tai cd i Tho in . So of to Al Fil vhf. Ia-,.t Hoko to Iii through their Ipri Xvi Stuive. Tii ii Arif Cler Ana Pau Nin Rocki v in by Iii my Church and tin Ca of had a fluid nol Gai Tibt . I Nill give unto thee till keys o f in of ii to ecu. And Wasis j v r Ihnn Bialt Ziad Sartipi Bilali to bound in 111 i.a, Ami Wizi of Tver thou Shait Loo a on Parili to booed in i to Moat in a a Prus thu of word ii that which re Orn i Tiow to ivies. His name big Niflot a Toho our la i Piug the term figuratively in his in uni Way upon Tai if Stone i will Bijj m Burcu meaning unique tionne a not upon i tier a person but upon Beters Ylli o Auu Taoh lug. To is nut Poki n of As & Man Bat in to Ayo Ittig Whoso sole of Ico Vrain. K i incs for oust. Letor is but As the a pre Floii a Tive of All Tho postus. They Hul ail joined coups Guiou they a 1.11 been pronounced blessed in i hts Blessing pro bounced Eler Lioy bad no been to go father of by Fleu is of about the Tluck Nois of an Ordinary Needle. Williston j i Lvi l m Dinnik. T to arrange Niento have been completed for a reception Ami dinner to or. William Gallagher principal of Williston Seminary Eab Mchampton mass., by the former pupils Ami Ros deut in Brooklyn and Vicinity. Tho Date Haa been set for a i in 15, and tie place appointed is Deli on icon. I Atli Uvo nuo and Twenty sixth Street new a Ork. Trio reception will comte twice us c00 Aud dinner will be served 7 Oclock tickets for which can to had of Edwin e. Jackson ji., 140 Broadway new or. Among who to Weir int Tuum of being present Are the Rev. Or. Wichar i i., William 0. Whitney i Secretary of the Navy Hie Rev. Or. George s. Bishop judge George p. An Lejwa and More than Forry of dior. Tho com Airlee i Henry f. Dimock d eth e. J to is a Nim r in. Masten Alii Hon w. In ice James l. Bisilio and Edwin e. , or. Skull Caus Iii a . Scr Ligand r a Ole aged 42. Of 252 Pimp Dent reel. Met with a probably fatal rec Cidot Satur Day afternoon while a work on rhe Fortl have no Imper near Butler a treat. He and a fellow Workman Alio Miael Antonio were driving a Plank into Tho . Sable a holding the Plank und Antonio striking with a heavy whilst. Down clime the Sledge and missing the Plank i truck on the head Cru Hiag his r kult to was Falcon to Tho Bro Delyn Hospital where Lii Edaili is momentarily pipe Ceil. An , Wiio is in years of age and Isreb 440 i ,, ii treet arrested h j Lue tenth precinct Violice but Earley says there is no Bat Tho lil w an Accident. Coroner Ivory Charles a. Raidey ii. J. Koppe Edgar a Taylor Donald Saroa Aith Iii l. Shaw Henry Rose Laud w. Dorsey and or. Mouy. Interesting to hatters furriers. A d e is v to i b y isae � r c a f u r y d e p a r m e n a b o n p l u c l e d c o n e y Skina to Tho following circular just issued from to Treasury department in regard to plucked Coney gains will Lut Areat the Hatteras Aud furriers in this City to collectors and other of ulcers o f the customs the department has been of scially notified that the collector Tho port of Boston has applied to Tho circuit court for a review of the question us of Law and fact involved in a decision of Tho Board of general appraisers g. A. H9q on March 0, 1801, upon the protest of messes. Wootton bros., against Tho assessment of duty 20 per cent and Valorme on certain plucked Coney skins imported by Khom. While the department recognizes the right Ond duty of ool Loctoria to Neek a final by Tho courts of doubtful of Law does not Feol to re versus its Long Mesiab Lahod a Diurso pending the consideration by Tho court of tic que lion now sub Mitio. La View of the pen liar Virci inst juices attend ing this , and of lieu Large Inta reats which would be jeopardized by a sudden change of , Tho pro Tirtlot ? of circular synopsis 10,309 May to thu sodded As regards import Tiona of Plu cited Coney skins. This Uon Ohirion is tidied by the Tii Orough consideration which Lias been Hort fore Given to the classification of such articles and by Tho language used by the Board of general appraisers in announcing la Weir dec Jon. Fur a King not drabs of in any manner a is a camera Tiomi of Tho Tariff dating Back to 1840. They were made dutiable 10 and 8 per cent and Valorme re spec Lively from 1840 till 1870, when they Wero placed on Tho free hat where they have since ram aloud. They Wero provided for under Bustan tidily the same do in nation by the Tuoti of july 14, 1870 december s3, 1876 May 1, 1872 Juno 1872 Hay 0,1874, Ana Mutch 3, 1883. Xuy 1884 the comm tog on Len acc of Tho United states Senate submitted a report known As Senate report number 12," in which was Forth a list of Art Iolos that had been held entitled to free entry under paragraph 708 of the act of March 3,1883, for fur Sims of All kinds not Dresiou in any manner a a and in this list Lambskin far skins of All kinds raw or undressed with or without hair on and pulled skins were included. Fur skins like Tho articles under consideration have been the subject of numerous decisions by the Treasury department the series beginning with the following rendered october 15. 18gb skins which have been pulled of the hair which grows beyond the fur Are not in fact or in commercial parlance Dresbold frs on Tho skin a but a undressed a and dutiable 10 per cent Nandor Section 13, act of june 30,1864. From Date of the foregoing decision Down to the present time a period of Twenty two years there 18 a unbroken line of Treasury department rulings ill exact Accord therewith. The effect of such rulings is Well settled on the authority of the United states supreme court. In the Case of Robertson is. Down aug 127 u. 3., Page 007, the court says the regulation of a department is not or course to control the construction of an act of Congress when its meaning is Plain. But when there has been a Long acquiescence in a re gala Havu been be or Nunez Anu Mauiu Mateu Lum be disregarded without Tho most cogent Aud per Rii Nuion Tion and by rights of parties for Many years ten i d d adjusted is not to by Rabi o reasons seems More expedient to continue a practice which has the Sanction of such High authority than to change during the consideration by the court of its goods in question will until further instructions. To admitted to free entry under Para graph 588 of the act of october a 1800. Charles Foster Secretary. Appealing to governor Hill. T h e a o l l. A Faith i b you eur p i e r l in e 21iik Teeter Days meeting of District Assembly 220 the following resolutions were passed and sent to Albany to his exc Eugeneg David b. Hill governor state of Noto York h o n o r e d s in a o Aro informed by Tho press of this City that the a Sembly Bill no. 385, known As Byrness pier line Extension Bill has passed the Senate and now awaits your approval. We wish to place our protest on file against the Bill be coming a Law. the regular Reabion of the Long Island protective association held this afternoon the Fol lowing resolutions Wero unanimously adopted and a copy ordered to be mailed to you whereas the Assembly Bill known As Bill 385 has passed the Senate and is now before the governor awaiting his approval or disapproval resolved thai we earnestly protest against the Bill becoming a Law. First by this act is proposed to Divide be tween $5,000,000 and $7,000,000 wort i of Vitato property Between the Standard Oil company and half a dozen other corporations second Tho Bill was introduced by Assembly Mau Byrnes who stated that he had never visited Tho Ili strict Tho Bill intended to improve and when requested to do to stated that to had not time to do so although is Only about three Miles from Liis Rabid knee. Third that assemblyman Byrnes refused to visit and explain to Tho Long Island protective Albu citation Tho nature of his Bill Alt Tough he had been invited to do so of two occasions. The association holding its meet aug every sunday afternoon. Fourth that the assemblymen and senator from Tho District affected by Tho Bill refused to have anything to do with Aud voted against i s passage. Fifth that a mass meeting was held by Busi Nesb men and taxpayers and said meeting resolutions were adopted cond Muing Abbsom Blyman Byrnes and the Bill. Sixth that All the streets going to the water Are now closed in Tho thirteenth fourteenth seventeenth and nineteenth wards fall those wards have a Large water frontage with the exception of three streets. Soeuth that too much weight cannot be placed on the fact that Tho United Staten engineers have established the Harbor line of new York Harbor As Tho same Means May have Boon adopted to establish said line that we believe were used in the passage of the Bill its the water is deeper in front of the fourteenth Ward Thau in any other part of new York Harbor averaging Fram forty five to seventy two feet deep. Hoping Liat Vou will see Suffi Lieut Reabon in the above to veto this Bill we remain yours resp Eok fury Tito fas Oti Eilly d. M. W. Seal f r e d e r in k s. J a m e so. R. S. Brooklyn april 5,1891. A communication from the Brooklyn Branch no. 30 of the International Union of the boiler makers and Iron ship builders of America and Canada asking for assistance in the boilermakers strike in a ship building Yard in South Brooklyn was next read. gave Rise to but Little comment. The Secretary was Dirco Ted to reply staring that the District refused to interfere and would protect us own members. Resolutions wore passed of in the interest of labor Tho following Bills the anti Pinkerton detective Bill Amend ing Section 108 of the penal code state printing Bill ten hours surface Railroad Bill the Mer Cantile Bill Safe scaffolding Bill Bill to increase Railroad com Misiou to five by add ing Farmer and Leige Paplior Bill to create Bureau of state engineering uniform text Book 5 per cent interest Bill equalization of taxes the prison Bill weekly pay Bill employ Eric liability Bill employment of citizens on Publio works Bill Bill to create a Commir Siou to inquire into the standing or right of railroads to their prop erty. Etc. Bill to abolish contracts on ail state work. The District Secretary was directed to write to the state senators of Kings county with copies of thebe resolutions and ask that they use their Best Efi ports to have Eliom made Law. The Roll Call of assemblies concluded Tho business of Tho meet ing. Ridgewood Grove opened. T l i e n in o the e i i a w a r d u a n c i i c k i h a b Ift Ulm a i in Iii although the temperature was Low for picnics Ridgewood Grove waa opened for the sea son yesterday Aud a Large crowd was present in Honor of that event. The occasion was the Sec Ond annual picnic of the nineteenth i Ward Han cock club Aud the members of to. organization Aud their Many friends were in attendance to Aid in making the Ocean Ion an enjoyable one. There wore but few changes in the Park itself from last year. Or. Benner Lias not As yet got the whole of ills menagerie on exhibition but several new animals were to to aeon Boater Day a pretty striped Fox and a Hawk caught near the Park being chiefly admired. The dancing Pavilion had been i closed with boards to admit of Dano my in Tho cold weather. Tho music for the dancers was Furui Bod by professor Peter Franks orchestra and Ali times the dancing platform was crowded. The chill of the evening did not prevent even a larger crowd than that of Tho afe Erusia attending and Tho dancing was continued until Midi ight. Those who had charge of the affair were As Folus Adam 3choenegan, floor manager William Roy As Birlant floor Man Ager. Committee a. W. Brown Jacob Henry Philip Hochu John Gross. In the course of Tho afternoon Tho following organizations visited the Park in a body Twenty first Ward German democratic club Denis Winter democratic Bat Tery Peter Frank Schnurrer club North Ameri can Iron workers Relief association and the August Haidt chowder club. The officers of the Hancock club who received the different Socie ties As they entered the grounds Are As follows John Hanson president Adam Schoenegan vice president Henry Bauer Secretary William Ord aug financial Secretary Philip King treasurer John Brooks sergeant Arras Charles Conrad chairman of reception commit too. Against Holcomb is Bill. T u c k e p u b u c u u la u l a i i v e c o m m i e e w i l l o p p e j i c iia chairman George of the Republican legislative committee devoted several hours sat urday night to the Sonbi Deramion of wig lit hol combos Bill for Tho apportionment of this City into election Cli Stricos. The Otylior members of Tho committee assisted or. Elliett in examining the provisions of the proposed Bill and agreed with him by a unanimous vote to oppose . Or. Elliott will leave for Albany of tuesday and will Tho committee. In connection with the stand taken by the legislative committee to said the Voto of Kinga county for president in 1888 a shows Eliut the democratic Luau Unity Here this time Jasniy 12.0u0. To Greo with go Vornor Hill who in his recent letter to the tax Reform club of new York said that the vote the last a location waa not a fair test of Tho tar Iff question. Tho last vote in Brooklyn should not be accepted As a test of Tho Republican Voto of Kimiga county. In View of this fact to Belicov that we Aro entitled to have two out of Tho live Congo Chomen from Kings county. The apportionment proposed by or. Holcomb in Tho third District would to an outrage on Tho voters of Brooklyn. is simply a piece of political Juggler to fast Tiou the Nii Illi und Tiv out third wards Togo tier in Tho Iua Imor urge Ted. We shall oppose this Bill and Endeavor to show up a True char5t5tcr in the Abs rally. Chairman Elliott says to is much plea cd the Way Tho Legiel Ativo committee has been treated Albany Liis 3ear by both democrats and republicans. A anti he Pflug Bill. In Tho Illinois Legi Santuro now in bobs Ion Springfield a Bill was introduced last week by he Viator Thomas Fcook county which if be comes a Law will prove a Boot to spiritualists and investigators of psychical and Spiriti Stic polio Nomona. Tho wording of Tho Bill is substantially a originally written by or. A. H. Dailey of Brooklyn Whoso High standing a a lawyer and is already Well known to most of the journal s read Ord. Tho text of the Bill is As Fol lows every person Olio. Fur profit or gain or in anticipation thereof for the purpose of presenting any Hull Napur donate the spirit of any deceased person or by any trick device or mechanical Contr France shall present anything representing the spirit of any guilt of a minded Manor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined a hum of not ush than $100 or More than $300 for each Buch Offe Ubo or shall to in the coun Tyrail Doc less than Broo nor Moro than six Mon lib or in the discretion of the court both Kuch Fine and May be imposed. voided that nothing in this act shall be construed Asa implying to any theatrical performance. The Pasha go of this Bill into a Law need not be feared by any Hodjat medium of the contrary All such should actively favor Aud solicit their patrons to work for . This Law will give honest mediums a Chance and relieve from Tomta Tiomi those who might possibly be driven to simulate spirit forms against their own Cou sciences through stress of circuits Tuncer and Tho Crape Iii us of a Hilu Soi Etc journal. Educational Kelieh. Xii april Esau National Mevrew Henry Hoit & co., now York treat of Art education in the Publio Sobo Oli a a by James mama later the pod a Ohio value of ," s. A. Forbes Ite ool in Cloua of hound school Gorbo e. Ellis Adolf diet ewes Henry Cassell James principles of Patch ology M. Baldwin Tho department of superintendence by William h. Maxwell and Tho Brooklyn Lusti Tuto Leo Era Lical exhibit by James Orni Shank. There Are Alib Many matters of interest treated editorially and in the departments revisit and for Eibon Coj re Poud once. I. For infidels. Rev. Or. Talmage defends the Christian relis Rion. A Stadiem ant e f reasons thy he could Kot he an unbeliever reply in i the Tho charge that the e Rosaie acc Obot a Aii Hsi Irdill tribute to the late or. Spear Bov. Or. Tal Raago Cave a Clear intimation yesterday morning that a does not expect to move into the new Tabernacle right away. To an no need that he should continue to hold services in the Brooklyn Academy of music and that Tho lease of the York Scad enit had also Boon renewed. Or. Talmage said a tribute to ills old Friend the late Rev. Sai Uriel. Spear. As i was absent in Chicago and . Louis the time of his death and burial said or. Talmage i take this first Opportunity of expressing my admiration for this great and Good Man. Groat As an aut Lior great As an editor great As a preacher the great est of All debaters of the floor of ecclesiastical courts. He was a exception to the Anlo that a Man can do Only one thing Well. His articles on flt Ianco were accepted As models by financiers. Without going into Wall Street Lio understood Wall Street better than Many who Are there. His books on Law were considered highest authority by judges and attorneys. Had he entered the Legal profession a would Long ago have occupied a place on the Bench of the supremo court of the United states. In Christian scholar ship to had no peer but As the expounded of the gospel of he was most pronounced and Iii Strons. Some people thought him severe and to did carry Somo Sharp edged tools but never out anything that did not need to be Cut. He has for a Loling time been Ripe for heaven. Without a moment of sickness to was translated. For All that he was to to Aud this Oliu Roh i express my profound obligation. Dear old or. Spear. Let his name be hold in everlasting remembrance. Thoeub Jentof or. Tali Nagos Sermon was in Fidelity. The Sermon was of the series Lii he he has been Prea Obluk Oil Tho plagues of these three Groat cities and Shioli was interrupted by the easter sunday services. His text was let god to True but every Man a liar romans 4. A congregation that filled the Academy to the top of the family Circle listened to Tho preacher As he said these among other things seems from what we hear of All aides that the Clirel Siau religion is a huge Blunder that Tho mosaic account. F the creation is an absurd Ity Large enough to throw All nations into rollick ing Guffaw that eve never existed that the ancient flood hot Noah is Ark were impossibilities that there never was a Mir Acle that the Bible is the Friend of cruelty of murder of polygamy of Ell forms of Bass crime that the cd Tristian religion is woman s tyrant and Man s that the Bible from lid to lid is a fable a Erno Ity a Humbug a Sham a lie that the martyrs who died for its truth wore miserable dupes that the Church of Jesus Christ is properly a netted As a fool that when Thomas Carlyle the septic said the Bible is a Noble Book he was dropping into Imbe oilily that when Theodoro Parker Doci ared in music Hall , a never a boy or girl in All Christendom but waa profited by Liat great Beok be was becoming very weak minded that is something to bring a Blush to Tho Oliwek of every Patriot that John Adams the father of american Independence declared the Bible is to Best Book in All the world and that lion hearted Andrew Jackson turned into a snivelling Coward when he said that Book sir is the Rook on which our Republic rests and Liat Daniel Webster abdicated tie throne of his Power and resigned his logic and from being the great expounded of the Aud Tho great lawyer of his age turned into an idiot we Iii to said my heart assures and reassures me that tie gospel of Jesus Christ must to a divine reality. From to time that my mothers feet or on my father s knee i first Learned to Lisp verses from the sacred writings they have been my daily study and vigilant contemplation Aud if there is anything in my Stylo thought to be Somme mod the credit is one to Ray kind parents in instilling into my mind a Wariy love of Tho scriptures Aud that William Al. Tie Ward the Diplomatist of to Century Only showed his puerile to when he declared Iho whole Hope of human Progress is suspended on the Ever growing influences of the Bible and that is Wisest for us to take the Book from Tho throne in the affections of uncounted multitudes and put under our feet to be trampled Aipou by hatred and Hess aug Enn tempt Aud that your old father was hoodwinked and cajoled and cheated and be fooled when be leaned on this As a staff after his hair grew Gray and ins Hamis were tremulous Ami Hafl Steps shortened As he came up to the verge of the grave Ami that your rather sat with a pack of lies on her Jap while Reading of tie better country and of the ending of All her aches and pains Aud reunion not Only with Elioso of you who stood around her but with Tho Hildrea she had buried with infinite heart ache 80 that she i Ould read no More but ii she Teok off her spectacles and wiped from them the heavy Mist of May tears. Alas that for forty Aud fifty years they should have walked under Liis delusion and bad under their Pillow when they Lay a dying in the Back room and asked that some words from the old Book might be Cut upon Tho Tombstone i Iuler the Shadow of the old Oun ulry meeting House where they sleep to Day waiting for a resurrection that will never come. This Book having deceived them and Haring deceived the Miglior Inte liets of the past must not be allowed to deceive our larger mightier vaster More stupendous Iii Tel Loob. Aud so out with the Book from the court room where is used Iii of Tes Timony. Out with from under the Komi Latsiou of Church and Asylum. Out wit i from the do Mestizo Circle. Gather together All tie bibles the Olvil Drouss bibles Tho family bibles those newly bound and those with lid Early worn ont and pages almost obliterated by the fingers Long ago turned to dust bring Thorn All Aud Lotus make a Bonfire of Tho Iii Aud by warm our cold criticism and after that turn under with the Plo share of Public indignation tie polluted ashes of that loathsome adulterous obscene cruel and Hui Book which is to unit Agonistic to Man s Liberty Aud to mans Honor and to worlds happiness. Now that is Tho substance of what infidelity Oro posts and Declios Ami the attack on the Bible is accompanied by great Joco sity und there is hardly any subject about which More mirth is kindled to Iii about the Bible. 1 like fun no Man was Ever built with a Keener appreciation of . There is health in laughter instead of harm physical lie Alth mental health moral health spirit wiil health provided you laugh Tho right thing. Tho morning is Jocund. The lit Diati with its own Mist baptizes the cat tract Himi Thaha or laughing water. You have not kept your ores open or your oars Alert you have not see the sea smile or Licard tie forests clap their i ails or Tho Orchards in Blossom week Uglee wit i re Dolence. But there is a laughter which is deut Laiful Liere is a laughter Shioli Haa the rebound of despair. is not healthy to Giggle about god or Educ to about eternity or Smirk about Tho things of Tho immortal soul. You know \vh. caused the Accident years ago of the Ilu Sou River Railroad. was Ati Dutoi Icabod Man who for a joke pulled the string of the air Brake and stopped the train Tho most dangerous Point or the journey. But the train not knowing there was any in Tho Way came Down crus ii ing out of the mangled victims the immortal souls Liat went speeding instant by to god and judgment. Only a joke. He thought would be Bitch Fuu to Stop the train. He stopped . And so infidelity is chiefly anxious to Stop the Long train of tie Bible Aud the Long train of the clip Ochoa and the Long train of Christian influences Wilile coming Down upon us Are death judgment and of equity coming a thousand Raiolo a Minue coming with mors Force than All the Avail Aitches that Ever slipped from Iho Alps coming with More strength than All the Nighti Piug exp Ess trains Liat ver Lii stud or shrieked or across Tho . Now in this sentiment of in Aldol thinkers i can not join Aud i propose to give you some Reanous wily x cannot be an in Bidet and so i will try to Kielp out of this present Oon Ditinno any who May hav9 been so Ritok with tie awful plague of Skop Tio Isiu. First i cannot be an i Lidei because Iii lid Lily has to Good substitute for tie Consola Tion proposes to take away. You know there Are millions of people who get their chief Consola Tion from this Book. What would you think of a Crusada of this sort ? suppose a Man should resolve that he would organize a Cou piracy to destroy All the medicines from All the Apouse Cairies and from All tie hospitals of the Oarth. The work is done. Tho me Tomos Are taken Aud they Are Ali Riwu into the River or the Lake or Tho sea. A patient Iva Kiis up Midnight in a paroxysm of distress and wants an Anodyne. Of says the Irso Tho Ano duts Are All destroyed we have no Diop Sto Giro you but instead of that i ill read you a Book Oil the Abisi Ritie of mor Pitino and of the absurdities of Ali remedies. But the Man continues to Wal Trio in pain and Tho nurse says full Oon Siluio to read you some discourses of Anodyne the oru Letioa of Anodyne Tho Riidu Ceu cies of Anodyne the absurdities of Ano Dynes. I or your groan ill give you a laugh. Hero in the Hospital is a patient having a Gau greed Hub Amii Tantod. To says "0. For Ether. 0, for lilo Reform. The doctors say Why they Are All destroyed to dont have Auy More chloroform or outlier but 1 a Ive got something a great Deal belter. I Uji you a pamphlet against James i Kimpson the Dis comerer of chloroform As an names thetis and against doctors Agnew Aud Hamilton and Hosack and Mott and Harvey und Aber Tiothy. But says the Man a of must Hare some Aii aesthetics. No say Tho doctors they Ara ail Ile Strood. List to have Guc something a great Deal better. What is that fun. Fun about medicines. Lie Down Allye patients in Uel Leruo i Sopitai Aud Stop your groaning All to Bioko i hearted of All the cities and quit your cry Iii to Bavo the Calio Licois last hero is a dose of wit Liore is a plaster of sarcasm Here is a bottle of rib Aldry that you Are to keep Well shaken up and take a spoonful of after each meal laughter and that does nut cure you Here is a solution of blasphemy in which you May Bathe Ami Here is a Tizio tire of Dorisio. Tio Klo Tho Bkeire Iii of death with a re part eel make the King of terrors cackle i Xor All the agonies of All , a Jokola millions of a Kopjo willing with uplifted hand toward leaven to affirm that the gospel of Jesua glib is la full of Consolation for them Aud yet inf Douty proposes to take away giving nothing absolutely nut big except fun. Is there any greater hoi Glit or depth or length or bread Ali or Imi uen sity of meanness in All gods universe 7 infidel Ity is a religion of dont know. Is Tipiere a god Don Kun Oval la the soul immortal Don know 1 if to should meet each other in Tho future world will to recognize each �ther7 Don know i a religion of dont Tuow for tie religion of i know i know ill whom i have believed. I know that my Rodeo for Livelli. Infidelity Prouo Soa to Busti Tito a religion of awful negatives for our re Ligou of glorious positives showing right by Foo tie a world of reunion and ecstasy and High companionship Aud glorious Woi Thip and Victory the might Icet Joy of Earth not Leigh enough to Roach to Tho base of Tho Himalaya of uplifted splendor awaiting Aii those who of Wing of Christian Faith will soar toward . Furthermore i cannot to an infidel because of to false charges infidelity is All the time making against Tho Bible. Perhaps Tho slain Dor that has made the most impression and that some Ohri asians have not been intelligent enough to deny is that the Bible favors polygamy. Does god of a. I s u i o u the f Tho Bible uphold poly gains or did to ? How Many Wivoda did god make for Adam 7 he made our wife. Does not your common Suho toll you when god started the marriage inst Butiu to started As he wanted to continue 7 if god had of stored polygamy he could have created for Adam five wives or ten wives or Twenty wives Nat As easily a to Nide one. i the very first of the Bible god shows himself in favor of monogamy and antagonistic to polygamy. Genesis 2 24 therefore shall a. Man leave his father and Mother and a halt c Lea onto his not his wives hut his wife. How Many wives did god spare for non Iii Tho Ark two and two the Birds two and two the cattle two and two the Lions two and two the human race. If the god of the Bible had favored a multiplicity of wives he would have spared a pm laity of wives. When god first launched the human race he gave Adam Ono wife. Tho second launch ing of the human race to Boarer for Noah one wife for Ham Ono a Ife for Shem one wife for Japhet one wife. Does that look As though god favored polygamy in Leviticus xviii 18 god thunders his Proiti Ibitson of More than one wife. God permitted polygamy. Yes just Ashe permits to Day murder and theft and arson and All kills of crimes. He permits these things m you Well know but he does not Sanction them who would dare to say he sanctions them Becane Tho fro Sidonis of Tho United states Havo permitted polygamy in Utah you Are not to Erofie to Cou Ludo that they patronized that they approved . When of the Conti Ary. They denounced . All of gods ancient Israel knew that the god of Tho Bible was against polygamy for in the 430 Yeara of their stay in Egypt there is Only one Case of polygamy recorded Only one. Ali the mighty men of the Bible stood aloof from polygamy except those who falling into crime wore Chat ipod within an Inch of their lives. Adam. Aaron Noah Joseph Joshua Lamuel Monog mists. But you aay did not David and Solomon favor polygamy ugh and did they not get Well punished for read the lives of those two men and you will come to the conclusion that All the attribute cd of gods nature were against their behaviour. David inf Feied for his crimes in the caverns of Dullam and Masada in the wilderness of Mao Anaim in the of Zik lag. Tho bedouins after him Ai Knesh after him Absalom after him. Ahi Topol after him. Adonijah after him. The Cilomi Tuff after him Tho syrian after him Tho Man bits after him. Death after him the lord god almighty after him. The poorest peasant in All the Empire married to Tho Plain est jewess waa happier than the King in his marital Misbehaviour. Flow did Solomon got along with polygamy read his warning in fro Verba Road Hia self disgust in ecclesia item. To throws up his hands in loathing and cries ont vanity of vanities All is his 700 wives nearly pestered the life out of him. Flaughtor.3 Solo Mon got Well paid for Kia Cri Nefi Well paid. I repeat that All Tho mighty men of the scrip Turos were aloof from polygamy save As they were pounded Aud Luilea and Cut to pieces for their insult to holy marriage. If the Bible is the Friend of polygamy Why is that in All the Landry where the Bible predominates polygamy is forbidden and in the Landrt where there is no Bible is favored. Polygamy All Over China All Over Tulia All Over Africa Ali Over Persia All Over Heath colom save As the Mitsi Onarina have done their work while polygamy does not exist in England and the United states except in Oliance of Law. The Bible abroad god honoured monogamy. The Bible not abroad god abhorred polygamy. Another false charge Yli Ich into Doliny has made against the Bible is that is antagonistic to woman that enjoin her degradation and belittles her Mishion. Under Thia Impre Biou Many women have been of Crocomo of this plague m la Fidelity. Is the Bible the enemy of Weman come into the picture gallery the louvre the Luxembourg of the Bible and see which pictures Are the More honoured. Who has More worship ers to Day Thau Auy being that Ever lived of Earth except joins Christ Mary. For what purpose did Christ perform his first Miracle upon Earth to relieve the of a Wom anly the falling Short of a Bever age. Why did Christ Reali up the Wilence of Tho Tomb and tear off the shr ii and rip up Tho rook7 was to Stop the bereavement of the two Bethany Sisters. For whose Comfort was Christ most Audi our in the hour of dying sex Crucia Tion for a woman an old woman a wrinkle faced woman a woman who in other Days had held him in her Armi. His first Friend his last Friend a is very Apt to be his Mother. All the pathos of the Agoa com pressed into one utterance behold thy Mother. Does the Bible antagonize woman if the Bible is so antagonistic to woman How do you account for the difference in Torai Uiva condition in China and Central Africa and her condition in England and America there is no difference except that which the Bible Macb. In lands where there is to Bible Ahe is hitched like a beast of Burden to the plows she carries the Hod she submits to indescribable indignities. She must be kept in a private apartment and if she come Forth she must be carefully hooded Aud religiously failed As though were a shame to be a woman. Do Yon not know that the very first thing the Bible does when comes into a new country u to strike off Tho shackles of to mans serfdom 0 woman where Are your chains to Duy 7 hold no both your arms and let us see your hand cuff s. Of we so the hair in iflf8 they Are Brace lets of Gold bestowed by Ima badly. Or fatherly or brotherly or sisterly or loverly affection. A loosen the warm Robe from your neck o woman and let a see the Yoke of your bondage. Of i ibid Tho Yoke a Carcanet of Silver or a string of Corn Ohana or a Cluster of pearls that must Gall you very Mutoli. Furthermore rather than invite i racist this plague of to cause has wrought no Pobi Livo Good for the world und is always a hindrance. I ask you to mention the names of the merciful and the cd cantonal just Dentious which Ifft Lolita fondle in and is supporting and has supported All Tho Way through institutions pronounced against god and Tho Christian Relig Ion Aud yet pronounced in behalf of suffering humanity. What Aro the Ramea of them ? Oer Triniy not the United states Christian comm Sion ? or the sanitary commission for Chris Tau George h. Stuart the pres Dent of the Ono and Christian Henry w. was the presi Dent of the Othur. Where Ara Tho asylums and merciful founded by infidelity Aud supported by Mii Delity pronounced against god and the Bible Aud yet doing work for the alleviation of suffering Iii Fidelity is so very loud in its Braggadocio must have some to mention. Certainly if you come to speak of educational institutions is not Yale is not Harvard is not fit Iceton is not Middletown is not Cam Bridge or Oxford is not any institution from which a diploma would not to a disgrace. Do you Point to Tho German universities As exceptions ? i have to Tell you that All Tho German universities to Dysaro amur positive clip Stinn influences except Tho University of Heidel Berg where the Ruffi anly Stu abuts Cut and Maul Aud mangle and murder each other As a matter of Pride instead of infamy. Do you mention Girard College Fiji Ladelphia Asau exception that College established by the will of or. Girard Wlinich forbade religious instruction and the Entrance of clergymen within its Gates ? my reply in that i lived for seven years near that College and know May of its professors to to Christian instructors Aud no better Christian influenced Are to be found in any col lege than in Girard College. There Ricanda christianity there stands infidelity. Compare what they have done. Compare their resources. There is c a Prayor on her lip a Benediction on her brow both hands full of help for All who want help Tho Mother of thou hands of colleges the Mother of thou Sands of asylums for Tho oppressed the Blind the sick Tho lame the Imbo Cilo the Mother of missions for the bringing Back of Tho outcast the Mother of thou ads of Reform a tory Iusti Guions for Tho saving of Tho lost Tea Mother of innumerable Sabbath schools bring ing my Luodo of children under a Drill to prepare them for respectability and Ansof Lueis to say great future. That is Christian Ity. Here is infidelity no prayer of her lips to Benediction on Iier brow Bot i hands Cle Alicd what for to fit Christi amt. That is the entire business. The Complete Mission of Xiii delay to fight christianity. Where Aro her schools her colleges her asylums of mercy ? let to Turow you Down a whole Ream of fools Cap paper that you May till All of with the Ramod of her Benefice in institutions the c logos and the Sylura Hilie of More and of learning founded by infidelity and by imported alone by infidelity Rotio suced against goil and the Christian religion and yet in favor of Mak ing the world better. Of you say a Ream of paper is too much for the names of Tii Ose ins Tuu Well then 1 throw you a quire of paper. Fill All up now. Iziu wait Usu in you get All the names Down. Of you say that is Tuo Weil then i will Justham you a wheet of letter paper. Just fill up the four sides we Iii to Aro talking of this matter with the names of tie merciful Luhti curious and Tho educational in a dilutions founded by infidelity and sep Pond All along by infidelity pronounced against go 1 and Ihfe Christian religion yet in favor of humanity. Of a a you say that is too much room we dont want a whole Sheet of Piikoi to write Down the name. Forhans i had bettor Icar Iii one Leaf from my memorandum Book and ask you fill up both sides of w Ith Tao names of such Iusti Tutti Ina. Of a you say unit would to too much room i would not want so Imich room As Well then suppose you count them on Jour ten Llu Gors. Of you aay not Qto so much As that. Well then count Trio i on the Fin Gers of one hand. Of. You say we Don want quite 80 much room us sup Pixie then you halt and count of one Huger the Immy of any m kit nation Tonii ded by Iulah Lolita supported Outziu by by infidelity Proton need against god and Tito Christian religion yet toiling to make the world better. No touch not one is Iuli Delity so pour so starve Ling to mean so useless get out you miserable pauper of the a Morse Appia Uhi crawl into some Ratolo of everlasting Noti Piug less. Applause stun Over by a Neacsu. A i Arrow Eye ape f rom scrip ii i Uji irim 3 Oclock Yevto inday afternoon a Call was Lent to the Eastern District Hospital on South third Street for an ambulance to go to tie Corner of North eleventh Street and Wythe Avenue. Sur Geon White responded and found that the patient was a Man Hui ering from alcoholism. The am Bulan Coamo through Wythe Avenue and Between North f Wirht and second Street met a funeral pro cession. The ringing of the Gong attracted Iho attention of George Negra aged 10 years of 274 Wyt Iio Avenue. Tho Hoy ran into the Street directly in front of Trio horses attached to Tho Mcarae Aud was knocked Down the wheels of the vehicle passing Over his feet. Surgeon White who witnessed the Accident went to the boy and found that his in Uviah were blight. George Corey the Driver of the Hearse who was arrested waa then discharged and the funeral or session proceeded to the cemetery. Bus. Konx Effi fickle Pius dad. Mrs. Annie Kenney a Middle ago woman Liv ing 333 Oakland Street complained in the third District police court saturday that her husband Michael Kenney was in the ii hit of spending much of jigs Timo Tho House of mrs. Mary Mcgarrity a widow living 140 North Fourtly Street and in con Quence she suffered for Money. Kenney is conducting a Saloon the Corner of India and Oakland streets while mrs. Kenney carries of a Little Candy store her residence. A few Days ago mrs. Kenney called of the widow her Home on North for Ali direct and Mattoi usted to avenge her grievance with a club but waa prevented from Daing Anyser Riib damage. After some difficulty she was ejected from the House. Tho court mrs. Vonnoy was advised to try and win Back her Onsba ivs affections Aud she loft with that intention. Bop makers Luck a picnic a keyed her up. The bloody vengeance of an italian woman. S Hladum fun m Oman see hats to. Visit her Leckt Tho boor and a track l to Vilh a Ilu Liber knife her dict ii will Bio. Pm Capo april 0. A Myrd Rous fight Tho result of along stand bag Foud Between two italian women mrs. Jct so Zallio and Fri. Couge Ito Vallone occurred last night in a state Street tenement House. Mrs. Gallio sent a message to mrs. Vallosio ostensibly offering overtures of peace and inviting her to Maifea Call and Settle matters amicably. Mrs. Vallone on arriving was cordially greeted but while she was taking off her shawl and h. mrs. Gallio locked Tho a or Aud placing the key in her pocket went to a closet and secured a Large Butcher knife the Edge of which was whetted As keen As a razor. She then coolly informed mrs. Vallone that she had invited her to her apart ments for the purpose of settling the trouble existing Between them in True italian fashion and proceeded to carve her schording to the rules and legs lotions of the mafia. Mrs. Vallone shrieked for help and attempted to make her is Cape but her frenzied assailant pitilessly bore her Down upon the floor. Fourte ii times the Gallio woman plunged Tho keen Blade into her victims face neck and body and Only desisted in her bloody work apparently from Shoor exhaustion. Polico this juncture broke open the doors. In Ono Corner of the room Lay the unconscious body of mrs. Vallone the blood pouring in streams from her numerous wounds Aud forming Little puddles on the Bare dirty floor. Furniture was overturned and Broikou and Tho Wall and coiling were spotted with blood. In another Corner panting with the exertion she had undergone crouched mrs Gallio the bloody knife tightly clenched in her hand and a wild look in her Little Black eyes. As the officers approached Sho sprang to her feet and rushed upon them. A fierce struggle ensued for Posi session of the knife but the desperate woman was overpowered Ami her victim taken to a Hospital. Mrs. Vallone cannot recover. Mrs. Gallio was held without bail. Roman oat Violio charities. Sixty Fira a Nti iia l Lle Ifo o f the e or p h a n a s y l u m a of icy the sixty first annual report of the roman oat Fiolic orphan Asylum society of Brooklyn was issued to the people of the several City co Groga tons yesterday. According to its showing there Are now 3,818 inmates in the three asylums under the care of the society. They Are distributed As follows 8. Johns Homo for boys . Marks and Albany avenues in charge of Mother do Hautal and thirty six Sisters of . Joheph diocesan boys in Home March 25, 1890, 417 admitted during the year 2fl0 discharged during the year 240 died during the year 0 remaining in Homo March 25, 3 8 0 1431 county wards in Homo March 25, 1800, 543 admitted during the rear 330, discharged during the year 237 died Dur ing the year 6 a Una Inott " in Oujo March 25, 1891, 030 of which nun inor 125 Are Tocoi ainu dived in . Johns projector a Ilio Kaville . Josephus Asylum for girls Willoughby and Sumner avenues in charge of sister Omury Lewis and Sisters of Charity diocesan girls in Asylum March 25, 1800, 453 admitted during tie year 124 discharged during to year 147 died Dur ing the year .5 remaining in Asylum March 25, 1891, 425 county wards in Asylum March 25, 1890, 107 admitted during the year 84 i charged during the year 58 died during Tho year 3 remaining in Asylum March 25, 1891, 130. . Paulus Industrial school for Young girls Congress and Clinton Street. In charge of sinter Alaria Louise number of in the school March 25, 1800. 202 received during the year 49 discharged during the year 44 died during the year 5 Tomai Vingin the school March 25, 1891, 202. Totals . Johns Homo diocesan Hoys 431 . Johns Limo county wards. 030 . Josephus Acyl him diocesan girls 425 . Josephus Asylum county wards 3 30 . I Uilys Industrial school girl 202. Total in All Tho asylums 1,818. Tho treasurers report shows that Tho receipts of Tho year were $184,915.34, and the expenses came within $2,743.57 of this amount. The chief sources of Revenue were the following Board of excise $22,388.48 county wards $53,092 Church collections easter Aud Christ Mas $10,249.61 Emerald Issue nation. Balance Ball 1890, $911.05 Emerald association on account of Ball 1801, $3,500 Brooklyn Benevo Lent Boriety through k. Egan Tea juror $14. 000 Board of education $10,24.5.52 miss Jane Connors. For Chantl att. John s , be to p by n 1--------Aletta m. F to a f licks title $1,000 bequest Vanderveer $8,860 loan from Peoples Trust company on two notes$2.5,000 Braid eur me o f ortion of far a Sperty mortgage on Berg Sal f p $1,000 Peoples Trust company. Prospect place property $12,500. Among Tho notable expenditures to balance this lire the following items groceries provisions and ,$51,140.24 clothing body and bedding $1.5,500 fuel and Light $8,907.04 repairs and improvements. $6,785 buildings . Johns protector picks Ville $16,403.08 House and farm goods Uick Villa $2,805.88 building quarantine and Dormi tories . Joro Pheb Asylum $13,100 medi Oinos doctors fee etc., $2,0.59.14 to pay off mortgage on 58 Lewis Uvennie $3,013.33 salaries and labor $20,092.32 Brooklyn Trust by to take up note with interest $15,375 Purchase of Prospect place property $21,000. Tie total liabilities Are these Peoples Trust company two notes$25,000 mortgage on Prospect place property $12,500 mortgage on Coney Island property $5,300 loan on i Troy Avenue property $1,880 unpaid Bills february 2,974.77 unpaid Bills March estimated$7,000 total $54,720.77. The Board of Inana Gerh of the society for 1891 92 comp Rios Preh Dent right Lough in d. First vice president. Thomas Gassin flacon advice pro Hidon p. F. Keany , Joi eds w. Carroll assistant Secretary w. E. Mcdermott treasurer John Onn noun directors d. J. Byrne John Horan John c. Mcguire John Mcdermott John h. Marnul Bernard Mccaffrey. George s. Oali ill Arthur my Gorald Thomas f. Hon Gliton or. Joseph a. Pc Erie John Didina John h. Newman James s. Donovan and William .7. Roche finance com Mittoo John i Doyle John d Carrot and John. Breen inspectors of , Michael Donohue and Bernard my bridle. Local politics in Flatbush the Oil ploys of the Ropcea Kinig Esta Hsu ment of Lawrence Waterbury & co. Yield a pict Iio in Charles docket Maunys Ridgewood Park yesterday. The Ball room in the hotel was used for the dancing. Quite a crowd was present Dur ing the afternoon and evening. Tho officers of Tho employees association arc As follows of halos Colligan president Tony Hemple vice presi Dent John Behro recording Secretary Frank Cooper flan Oil Secretary William Miller treasurer Henry Mccarthy Cli Annaa of the committee of arrangements. A land Ctm Panlos Syi stunt. The Long Island Homo and invest Merit com Pany has purchased 100 Morei of land from Henry Enlil Hicksville half a mile from the Railroad station Tho plot has been so Veyo and Laid out the erection of lipases will begin. Fifty houses will be built to Start with and when these have been sold or rented Ether houses will be rooted As Tho demand is made am Kex Ciutti is comic i fun r in Watt officers. Tho Tiv no a Iltem the Parkview club of Windsor Terrace Flat Bush held a Large und month Chiastic meeting on saturday evening its rooms on Coney Island Road under the auspices of the citizens Iua Guo . On motion the Fatsie Blago unania inti Ihly endorsed the of George c. Case the to publican and citizens candidate for Justice of the peace and for town auditors Henry b. Davenport a. J. Weedon and 3iat How ser ins. The meeting was presided Over by the presi Dent of the citizens league Richard Young and Secretary George c. Case of Tho town re Public Cai kept the minutes. Add cases were made by president Young Foster l. , w. J. Weedon and or. Thall. Trio mooting came to a close after or. Case had spoken some length and told Tho audience what his course would be in Case Lio was elected. Trio political situation la that Little Hii Barb a interesting. The citizens Lagua and Ron by can a of Clatious Havo combined Agama the regu Lar Damoc Ralic organization of Tho town. Both sides Aro working Hanl and the town is deluged with circa Lars pastors Aud Ballota. There is Izard Yany doubt but hat Tho largest vote Ever polled a town meeting in Flat wish will to cast next monday. To h parties have already hired one dozen coaches each to convey the Vot ers to the polls. There will he five ballots Given to each voter As follows citizens Loague to publican democratic Blank and Tho appropriation ballot. Tho ballot to be used will to the same As the last gooral Oloc Tion in every particular. The town is by Between 25 0 to 400 majority and hoi iry Boukamp Tho democratic nominee is hopeful of Success. tub . L a r f be ammo Mbong e o f f a h to i a b be w a to o l i l h a u mrs. Edward l. Militia ii and the muses Millus gave a Large re option saturday Al Ter Noou their Home 291 Henry Street. Trio parlor Aii a drawing room Roro Toxqui Kiuly decorated in yellow und Green. Tho mantels Wero Bank cd with daffodils and per Fieros of Smilax sprinkled with in Chart wore Luing Between Tuo rooms logo Bong of daffodils were placed on Tho tables. A in Andosia and Harp orchestra was stationed in Tho hallway and was screened with Palms Aud of rns from a View of Trio guests. Those who assisted in receiving Wero Mac. Mil Viau of now York miss Hadden. Miss Bhe Purd and miss Margaret Bee. Tho reception was Fol Lowed by a Sellow and Lavour dinner. The table decorations were exceptionally artistic. Some of the participants Wero mrs. Packard Greeley of new York general J. Mil Naii or. Aud mrs. Camden 0. Dii emr. And mrs. Charles Adams or. And . Whitman we Pitman 3irs. Henry k. Sheldon. Roar Admiral and mra. Balne Rev. F. Mcallister Murf. Willard Ward mrs. Det tuck or. And mrs. J. L. Biker or. And mis. James liar Thorne Gen eral and mrs. I be Viiola the misses i cos Noh miss Maria Girard Mes Aouger and miss Chamberlain. _ Iii filetic is r ii. In the april Funk to Wagn Alln new York or. Euing Wood discusses the pro int re lations of in false religions to Bishop Huntington applied Tho True socialism or. Ror Bensnyder "liturgica.1 tendencies and tie service of tie Reforma Tion and or. C. M. Cobern the Egypt Logist Bibliog latin Aud or. West Reid Dave has a Sermon Why Tho Pillari of Hiram wore crowned with lilies Bishop pot Ter and president Bealton revivals. Ror. Ivilo tire. Crafts reviews a he Stuart Milt on sunday Amus Menth. The Peabody Model dwellings in Loudon Aro described. Is by lady Herbert and is autobiographical. John A Beckon begins a Story a question of Alfred Young Hai some easter verges Hast thou seen him whom my soul Novoth H. Gore pm. D., gives credit to Gabriel Monton. The priest who anticipated the French Academy in pro nosing the Basu of the motrin sysum of measures. Henry h. Noville has a sketch entitled Galveston Beach with though to Bugge Stod there As to the solution of the negro question. Rev. William Barry has a second paper on the Witheas of Scienzo to Relig Ion 3 Ary Elizabeth Blake an ode on Tho Silver Jubilee of archbishop Williams o. E. Hudaon a paper entitled through Mexico by rail 8. M. G. H. A Short Story the stage from Whipple is Corners Rov w. Elliott another insult sent of father Hooker is life and William f. Markov a paper on the Catholic truth society. Advocates of Temperance. A m Ccu no in if audion a Laco Episco p a l can Rob a Temperance meeting was held last night in Tho Hanson place Mot Hodut episcopal Church Corner of . Felix Street Rev. Or. A. B. Kondig pastor which was very largely attended. Much enthusiasm was manifested As to meeting pro Gressed. Edwin p. Lie chairman of the commit tee of 10 0 of the constitutional prohibition Mem lout Moy meet presided and the speak ers were John n. Stearns Secretary of the Temperance publishing company of new York and the Rev. C. H. Mead. Tho meet ing wan further made Lute Reitzug by a company of four singing evangelists called the Silver Lake quartet of which or. Mead second Bass is a member. They rendered several of the Moody Ami Sai Iuey hymns appropriate to the occasion to Tho accompaniment of a parlor Organ played by Ono of Tho quartet. Or. Staruh was Tho first speaker. He was introduced by the chairman in a Brief felicitous address 111 which reference was made to the in fluence of education in to matter of i drinking. Or. Tear in re viewed the vices itunes of the constitutional prohibition amendment Bill and but on to say that oven if then Polo Hii Ould not get their wish regarding they would still have Mph for which to themselves. I hey have created More sentiment in the last six i months against drinking and Havo brought More towns under prohibition than was Ever tic Case before in tie history of Trio state of new York. Or. Stearns then paid his respects in no Uncertain tones to King Hico hut Asau enemy to a ii Alliy Constitution. He build that the Bible in live places Proli bits Tho use of liquor. He next dwelt i Noii Iti strength of the liquor organization and said that every Man Earlb a vote in its favor every time to drinks a Lasa of Beer. He adv Enod Tolfe use of moral suasion und Trio value of personal Pronab Itaipu in the fight against inti Eric d Appe Tite social drinking customs the organized liquor Power corrupt politicians indifference Anil the arising from the immense in flux into tins m Uii try of wine and Beer drinking foreigners. He dosed with Tho thought that tie Temperance movement wan tie child of Tho nineteenth Keiit Iii Aud Thau any other similar move ment had accomplished More for humanity through agitation Edu Caiiou conviction and de termination. The Silver Ojuko quartet then Sang throw out the Lite line a a while a collection was Baliag taken up for the cause represented. Or. Mead next arose and waked up Tho Large audience to Grout by a address of mingled pathos and humor. Introductory by taking for granted that Trio presence of so Many Kopje was Chi Dunco that tie drinking habit was widely As an evil he said Itiat Tho time had Long since passed by when Ter Aperance speakers were expected to prove that alcohol was a Eurse. So Muesli Light had been turned on the ii cation As indeed Iliad been turned on no other vat Reform Titan Ever Boily bras convinced of that. Like Quch Tion of Trio Day Tuor Eforo was not to prove that drink was an evil but How to crush out. He thou related a numb r of incidents that Lead occurred in ills lengthy career i a Temperance agitator in Thieu in them he showed himself a Manter of the pathetic and Immo Roua in style moving his turn to loud Amons and to laughter. To was cd racially Good la relating a Visic he once made to a paper Mill where to Haid they make Sheoris for editors to lie on. To contrasted this paper Mill to a Gin Mill for what Uneas the Jurat mentioned Turus a clean while us caul and Iii every Way desirable article from Uii wholesome dirty and rags the latter does just tie revoke converting inn a disreputable repulsive and disgust Iii of inject Trio pure and unsullied boy of a Good mothered tenderest care Aud constant Loving solicitude. To � a Joir of Tho Clerch having Lud the singing of the dui ology the audience was dismissed with Tho Benediction by one of the members of the Silver Lake quasi . Tue Century Magazine. C o i i i i in a to m h e g a l i f o r u i a p i o n e e r a Erich o f p a p e r s. Tho april conto g again presents Confederate War Export Icicco in Northern prisons in a paper by or. John a. Wyeth who was Jaiup Morton Indianapolis. Dogs and rats Aro declared to have been eaten there. Bin the percentage of deaths is admitted to have been Les i by one half than in Southern prisons. Tho Talleyrand Meni Oira though appearing no longer Are some what elucidated of a paper by mrs. Amelia Gore Mason who sketches two women of Tho French revolution mesdames Roubid nud de Siapol. Let ters by Wordsworth to his Young admirer do a Muncey containing moral advice Aro Given by Tho lat terms biographer with the replies. Or. Ilary Putnam Jacobi reviews the lao ovaries of Pasteur Koch and other germ Hunters. Lieu tenant Bali Swatka a Rios of his journalistic expedition to mount . in 1880 and Isriel c. Rub hell of the geographic society expedition. Both expeditions were Isicc Essul in collecting valuable geological and knowledge though not in Bun mounting . Elias and the papers give much of this knowledge in text drawing and photograph. M. Conway writes of the supposed relations Batheon Wash Tigon and f Rodorick Tho great if there Wero any such. Or. 3onway does not believe that either a sword or any Public Ralso Ever passed from Tho latter to the former. L. C. Davis has kit article about the new English actor Willard. Or. Still maned paper on Tho old masters is by a Trouti spec engraving of Leonardo a inc Ira Lisa Aud others from his works. The California artidia Are the Panama route in 49." by Julius h. Pratt giving lib Gold Hunting adventures with illustration a by Gilbert Gaul after Obi drawings from life and the Conquest of ii fornia Shioli is by general Fremont him Al Elf giving his own part in the acquisition of Tho Stuto Foi Iho Union together with much histor ical Hud descriptive matter. This has been delayed y Trio illness of mrs. Fremont Olio Lins edited from and notes left by her husband. Cali Domiana contains Buchan ans dispatch As to the policy to to pursued in acquiring Ca fornia and a Suetch of the hards tipi of Tho isthmus Roulo. Pioneer mining life is by e g. Waite Secretary of state of California. This Horish has almost rival i a interest for Piou Eora or to Weir cd Isidron that on the War among Toter Anri to judge by the great Piura apr Oliet Terji Lias called Forth i Lic financial editorial of the number is on a Money lesson from history and mind cure and Chri Tian eci Enco arc discussed As affecting regular medical prac Tice. The Faith doctor by Edward egg los ton is Continuo a Maurice Thompson a race Romance Allen m. Hamilton Herr von raiment Richard Harding Davik there Wero ninety and nine Aud colonel Carter of Cartersville is Lini Slid. E. J. Glavic has an illustrated paper on in Congo land. In tiie Koval . I Civ if Ota among rho men avii9 l in a lit pm c. the nest meeting of fort Greone Council april 9, George a. Hunt will give an of Chi Bidoni of the phonograph. The meeting will of cared 8 Oclock and Dudli close about 9 i0, when the doors will to lir own open Oas to permit the admittance of men who Are not member Rel of Tho order. This will be an informal but a very pleas ant reception no doubt. There will be vocal and instrumental music and a Good Timo Geu orally. Tho committee of consisting of John a Quintard. J. C. Kuhlke Warren c. Tread Wei. E. Tangeman Samuel Green c. F. Larry Titomas w. Kelly A. Gru Dolios George brow i F. Price and b. S. Horton of the Royal Arcan Iii councils of Brooklyn and Long Island have made the following arrangements for the grand Lodge meeting to be hold in the City of Bingji Amtomi. N. Y., on april 28 and 29 leave on the Eri railway from thu foot of Chamberg Street 1 a. M. Monday april 27 special parlor cars have been to served l r the delegates and their Fri and. Trio Uii Dino club. Co in de of member of the order have also secured a special car for this trip. The train will arrive port Jervis 12 noon and will make a Stop of forty i Itei for dinner leaving port Jervia tie Tram will pass through the picturesque Delaware Val Ley arriving Binghamton 4 p. M. Most of the delegates have arranged to take their wives with them a the committee Havo been assured of a Good time by the Binghamton Council. The late mrs. Van Sliclen. The funeral of mrs. Cornolia r. Van sicken Olio died lit Hoiriis on Friday took place this of urnnonai2 o clock from her late Rosie enc. . Van stolen was thu daughter of Jacob Ryer Kon a Well known resident of thu now Ward and before her marriage wit i or. Van sicken a Liili occurred three years ago was prominent in society circles in tie new Ward. A Largo number of Tom Rock dents of the annexed District went to Jamaica and then took the Carriage. Waiting there to Hollis and attended Tho Fui reral scr Vico. The interment a Hollis. Lhtookly.1 medical Kuunal. Of Muollo Irold ha6azine. The a april Cacho Iio world disc asses to recent Check to the Irish Hemo Rule movement and Lopes for a return of Gladstone to Power and Morley to the Goter meat of Ireland with Relief from alleged Hatab or to boat friction a Maiman. Gement of Latr Touru and tyranny and Ora Elty of tue Polica / the u Koonter Ldoa the april medical of firm a Brooklyn has Arti cles on galvanic Aud Fradic Mioc Trinity by or. L. F. Criado Pelvic abscess or. A. 11. Buckmaster influx no of Public opinion on surgical practice or. E. A. Lewis on school in tenement houses and Tho evil of janitors re siding in Tho Public achoo editorial the obituary of or. Wilgram Henry Sievens a sketch of John Baptist Van Ile Lmont by or. Joseph h. Nunt papers on Progress in Medicine by dr.-. Fowler a Cweitz Conkling Bartley and Kemp and Brooklyn vital Stati tics for 1690. A Yurt deep a sell. The Well that i.9 being driven on the premises of Edward d. Morgan Wheatley ban reached a depth of 050 feet and there is to telling How much deeper the pipe will have to to sunk As Tho presort depth Tho Sand is to soft that Ologa the pipe and prevents Tho flow of water. Or Horeau Saya he will not give up until a sup ply of water hag b09n Obj Enedino matter Arhat the coat. .Ondon plots. The police watching the anarchists very closely. ? ? t 4 Rassi Aii a anti in Soflin Laterna question on the. Snirus Frontier. Sweden and Kors ii Baumne Edasi Power inn inst in chill by tie United press .Ondon april 0. 18 stated that owing to the ferocious utter a cab of Iho Cordia units Tho recent Celebration in .Ondon of Tho Iwon Ticoli anniversary of the commune Tho policy authorities have detailed detectives to watch the More Rabid of Tjie foreign narc lists who now find Refuge in England and to ascertain who Thor Thero is really any Liing in their talk us starting Tho com Munyin j,.ondon. Going through a baptism of blood Aud to Forth. If there brio old prove to to anything in Tho baptism of blood Bua inca the foreign anarchists will probably be expelled from England or locked no As suspicious Persona. The prevalent belief is that the anarchists Aro harm less and really have no idea of killing Tho beasts of Proy As thy Call the people who have prop erty. .Ondon however is infected with them a they Hack hero from All parts of Trio continent and Vise till City to Hatch plot i and Conan Gracios against cont Nomal governments. Hereafter they will be More closely watched i although Germany permits her agent .Snfla to act also in Boli Alf of tie russian government an arrangement Eslaba Iscil when but Marok was Chancellor the Kaiker will not allow the German Agency the be the shield of any plots or Cone Pira again. Prince Ferdinand As Tho prompt surrender of a bulgarian in the employ of the Embus Bahaa shown. This Man Socho Vulkoff is believed by Tho bulgarian Anthor Tiea to Havo been the i titling spirit ill Sofia of the conspiracy to murder Premier Stam Briloff and which re Hui Tedin the killing of minister Beltchoff. His surrender was of vital importance to Prince for Dinand s government and was equally to the interest of Russia that to should be protected. Tim russian Araba Sador Seho Avaloff had a personal interview with Caprivi on the bub Job immediately after his return to Berlin but Gap Riri was firm. Tho arrest 13 believed May Load to the Unoo Oring of the whole conspiracy a Peculiar International Quost Lon has Arisen place called Hofen on the a wish Gormail fron tier. An italian who Iliad Traver fed Switzerland with a performing Monkey and a barrel Organ Rob Hod the Liuo into Germany. To was Arre Atod for the want of a passport while to was in prison his Monkey not being properly confined got Loose and injured a child by biting. The Monkey was killed. The italian was released Aud Cut Back across Tho Frontier but to Haa remained for i pfc on tie other Ide boating abuse and Rae Acos the German Sentinel immediately of Porte and loudly Derma Diug compensation of his Monkey. The German autuori tips want Tho fellow i Leuned but the Swiss have refused to interfere with him on Tho ground that to in doing no harm Aud has a grievance. A Stockholm dispatch that Tho swedish government is being strongly and Viand to put Down norwegian disaffection with a forcible hand. The governments critics claim that Sweden has been too lenient and conciliatory in its treatment of Norway and Haa thereby encouraged Tho spirit of recession among a certain class who wild sooner boo Norway under Tho protect Iii of Russia or Denmark than of Sweden neither of tie of Powers is raid would dare to help Norway Sli Ouid the disaffection be dealt with now. emissaries Are charged with fomenting trouble in Norway. from Liili Little doubt of bal make Days defeat. Tho whole coun try is against Trio pro Sid for Trio outrage which his troops in the burning Down of far Housos and the do a Tructien of crops and belonging to escaped opposition Loa Derfl. Tho late Socal cd elec Tion is said to to the Meriest farce nobody Dar ing to vote buc of plot of of the government. The liar est is rotting in tin Fields owing to the labourers having Buou impressed or tempted away by bounties to the military service. News of the Uoss country , i f be e l in c o f h e l. A i i i f l i a u d a s a o c i a i o n. I l a r r l c r m o u i n f o r c e. I i i Al w h to Xiem buium �1 to eau Hutan Uttz drool Klytta clubs Aro h Eins. A special meeting of Tuo Manhattan Cricket club wan yield Friday night 585 Fulton Street for the Purpo in of inking Arrango bats for the ensling Avalon. The opening any was fixed for May 2 proud act Park. Two match. Wero arranged for May 9 with tiie fort Llama Lou Cricket club first eleven Prosi sect Para Ami a scoons eleven fori Hamilton. About forty mat Dies Hare been made for both first and Sec uni Elst during the season. An arrangement has been male with the mar thab Vin Tavard ausonia Tiomi to play a match with Tho Elevon cottage i y of August 25 Ami 26. is that an Mexcur Biu will be run on Tho Steamer Manlia Aii on the occasion. The member ii of Tho Brooklyn Cricket club a i l Riold a reception a conjunction with the gun Ali Oronia terpsichore an and musical Hoci Otje Avon Hall Bedford Avenue and lab of Street of the Raday evening next. is a peeled that & Large utto dance of Trio m Luhers of the club and their Frieml will to on hand to i inner perfection ill All details. Oxford club. I Uoch Dille for Iio old l ird Iacov Nooi iced. the april meeting of Iho Oxford homing club Tho Colum Ritvo on training recommended the following sol Fluie for Tho old Bird races of 1891, which a Jop Tod May 3.cranl.ony. N. J 45 ,y 19 ii .ilinlo.�, Luil Ogilvy 17m Tuuli idiom i of. 105 Imeloa Sii 3.j no. Ulutolo to Vitlip. \ a j0l i a. Ocker mount va408 mile july 5 , no. 519 Mia tiie Birds Are in Fine condition and with favor Able weather Good rough May to Loxi ked for. H0rel4 Aii rivals. Loti a . Go Ovioe or. And mrs. J. Jonos. J. Wash. A. R. Earth s. A. Small Philadelphia miss Lydia Thompson e. Lunch Iii son new York. e Titomas Ilo Sioui mass or. And mrs. W. Ii i her c. Rickard Albany n. A . Brown s. R. Bror Ulmont Philadel Plain a. C. A. Murray Kings Park l. A Of Janid Whiterson n. J. C. F. , so Takuso n. C. L Blis Ard. Keyport. N. J. Or. And mrs. W. Bennett Rochester n. A f. W. Tidey new Ark or. And mrs. G. By Ortii a. C. Pilch new York c. B. , or. Irod or a. F. Brown or. Aud or. Greening v. F. Zoom Coli F. Koch jr., w. R. . T. K. King p. Murning f. E. Vns Ii. Walters i. Mcneil a. O. Kit Ridge or. Ii. Vroome mra. F. Walker Brooklyn. . of a tills. Tho ethical Engin ice of to geology Aro legion. The april International journal of ethics a Hila Delphia. Laii papers on social ," by j.,e8lie Stephen Rico religions Elmont in ethical codes professor c. Ii. Tor the right final aim of life professor g. Von Gizzi Zivi Tho moral and the moral life pro Debbor William Jam Sis another View of Tho ethics of land tenure professor 8. N. Patten mor i Tuigg a Clara e. Coilet school of applied ethics and a to View of general Booths Iii dark Cit there u talk of reopening Tho b8twoe& Alloy a Tram Aud Ilora Stead. Judge Uil Toa Owji 4ud will Iorio to Tho Long Lelaud Ooi of Pany. The acl Jornod meeting of tie Long Island Cross country Nshon citation was hold on saturday night Trio residence of g. Ii. Weymouth 5 Macon Street. Tie following dubs were represented Prospect Carriom. Outing a. 0., Union Harris Rel Etna a. C. And Brooklyn Heights a. 0. The committee on and by Laws hav. My made a favourable report was discharged with thanks. Vice president Hullo reported that Aero play Iliad been prob onto to the association for the winning team in the forthcoming Champion ship race on april 1 8. Charley f. Brandt of president of the Prospect i Arrieh also proposed to give a prize for he Junior race and Ii. Mollor one for Tho senior. A com Raitto was appointed to make arrange month Tor the championship race Wlinich will to held on the Gliton Beach race course the meshes. Engo Naii having tendered rhe Titio of Tho Bame Tor Tho run. was aug decided to give a prize to each of the first six Nimi in Tho Junior Champion Iship race. Tho Junior teams will to started a half Lour i rior to Iho senior to avoid confusion. Xii juniors will run a of about Tiro Miles and Tho seniors eight Miles. Tho next i Iii of the Ushati citation will be held lift Prospect Harriet by gymnasium of tuesday april 14. The Vicinity of Bay Ridge was crowded yester Day with Cross country winners and their Admir ers making very Lill cult for the sport agora to identify their favourites. Tho pro peer harriers had out two Packa. Captain e. H. Lii Jock led Trio blow pack con hissing of admit Twenty runners und Lloyd Tho fast. With w. H. Kuhlke und f. Kulko. Tho slow pack Utu Ted 3 Oclock from the Maal iut Tan Boulio sixty fifth Street and fourth Ufemio Over stiff course of about seven Milos Follos Voil by Tho fast puck thirty i autos later. The no in was u brisk one. Tho Cut Atiim Hoad no their teams we Lenin Huml in a Bunch. Faut Timo waa made but not corded. The Bridge athletic club a carriers had a Good run Over about five of the scaled Liand Cap Bay Ridge. R. Brumly finished first c with John lung see Jiuu Tho Union athletic club harriers Alho had a stiff run Yeatere in from Bay Lugo Over a six mile Coli Vic. Cai Faith Findlay was first la and w. J. Mccarthy second. Timo33 minutes and 21 a conds. Tie Mem Heni of Tho Acorn athletic club Crons country team Hail in Eglit Milu run Over Tho a Pioro Road and adjacent country the Start was made from the Chin Houst fifty sixth Street and second Avenue. Good time was made tie coir do being covered in 55 Minuter several other Cross country club teams wore out Bay Ridge yesterday including the . Zaineb Outing visitation lyceum a. U. And Iho . Petered gut Holic Library association. News of the cricketers. F ;