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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 5, 1891, Brooklyn, New York To succeed p. A. White. Some of the eligible candidates discussed. A vacant place in the Board of e la cation the filling of which excites great interest in the coloured circles of the City Stewart the favorite. In considering the vacancy in the Board of education caused by the death of sir. P. A. White and the probabilities of an Early appointment to fill the vacancy the views of various factions have been canvassed and the result is a half dozen names of Good citizens no one of whom would be Likely to throw Auy discredit on the appointment. Tho most prominent of Theao names is that of t. Mccants Stewart and after him May to mentioned James w. Mars or. P. W. Ray e. A. Deerfield Aud or. Phillips. In canvassing these names questions of educational experience ability to nerve and discreteness of manner Are primary considerations including the ability to influence in the direction of special interests. A grouping All these qualities it would seem that there is a Strong preponderance pointing toward the men in the order of their mention with Strong leanings be far As regards literary attainments observation As to matters of education readiness of perception and Devotion to interests through race Alliance. The name of James has been mentioned perhaps because no Man in Brooklyn is More widely respected. Or. Mars is a taxpayer. The magnitude of his business interests is an evidence of his tact and judgment. He has been identified with every movement of Public interest. He is a Well known Church Mau senior Warden in St. Philips protestant episcopal Church. Or. P. W. Bay of the Eastern District will be urged by Tho coloured citizens Central league George m. Drayton president. A delegation from this uncompromising Republican body will Call upon the mayor. Or. Ray is a Man of wealth he has had the traditional Silver spoon. But he is a thorough politician and it is said that his candidacy is purely political and that his appointment would be of no Benefit to the race. A writer in the new York Aoe of last week says that or. Bay will be opposed on account of his selfishness. A petition was circulated for signatures in some of the churches last sunday though the doctor is known to have said that he would not accept the appointment unless it were pressed upon him. Some of the teachers have expressed themselves for e. A. Bearfield of South second Street. He has a following also among the sons of new York who with pardonable Pride Are clamouring for a Northern Man. Or. Bearfield is a Man of excellent social standing unimpeachable character first rate tact Large business interests and is Well thought of in religious circles an All round Good Man. To is thoroughly identified with the race interests in Brooklyn and has been for Many years. He is connected by marriage with one of the oldest and most influential families in the Eastern District. The objection that on account of his Light complexion he would not to representative in an absurd drawing of color lines within Tho color Lino and can have no possible weight. Or. George h. Phillips Lias been proposed but he disclaims any fitness for the position and says he would refuse to consider an appointment being a Man of close application to business. He expressed himself As favouring or. Stewart and said to a reporter a two done to want a Man to go into the Board to fight and we Don t want one to go there As a Mere figure or. George r. Henderson of it Ifield Street has been approached by a number of citizens but would decline Tho candidacy. He is a Yale graduate a Man of ideas and a Clever talker. It is unfortunate that through an unwritten Law men of Bucini eminent fitness for the position As or. Rufus l. Perry should to debarred by his clerical office. His scholarship is indicated by a string of literary titles. To is an eloquent preacher a property owner in the Twenty sixth Ward and has held a prominent part in the Public interests of his Ward. The same May be Taid of item. A. V. Funnell. But for this understanding several minister would have a Large support. Or. Stewart is a representative coloured Man. He is respected for his marked ability and comm amp ads respect in All departments of his calling. He has that assertiveness which americans Are which is rarely found in his race unless accompanied by certain obnoxious features. It is claimed by his friends that he viewed with Mwhite All the aspects of school management and was in sympathetic relations with him in All his movements. Or. White secured All that the race could ask and there is no reason to expect any More aggressiveness than characterized or. Whites service. Or. Stewart is is Accord with the Powers so far As Tho administration is concerned. Tho tendency of the Board in its policy is in Harmony with the views of or. Stewart and is Lebb Likely to result in friction than would be the Case with others. It is not his policy As a Young lawyer to antagonize the Powers but rather to conciliate. The coloured member is not intended for the interests of the coloured schools solely but for the general cause of education As Well and must to Able and ready to act upon All questions. Or. Stewart knows something of Tho philosophy of education. His Legal experience would be in Point. To would be in All respects the peer of Bis associate. Objections Are raised that he left his old party and again that to bolted Tho new but his people do not mind this. Justice Sutherland s Bill. The Bard a a supervisor will have to a audit it. Justice Bartlett of the supreme court yesterday handed Down Tho following decision in the application for a writ of mandamus made by just ice Kenneth f. Sutherland of Gravesend to obtain a re audit of his Bill against the county. In november last Justice Sutherland Yent in his Bill to Tho Board of supervisors for $974.15. He wanted it audited but supervisor Watson had a committee appointed to investigate the account and Asa consequence Tho Bill was audited for Only $673.03. The account was for services rendered and the Gravesend Justice did not propose to have such wholesale slicing done and he accordingly a phed to the supremo court to compel a re audit by Tho Board and Justice Bartlett decides in his favor As follows the correctness of the relator s Bill cannot be passed upon in deciding this application. The Only question that can be determined upon these papers u whether the claim Liaa been audited in the form required bylaw. It is conceded that the items rejected by the Board of supervisor have not been in any manner specified so As to enable the relator to Tell what items where allowed and what disallowed. But the Law is Well settled that a claimant before such a body of auditors is entitled to their judgment upon each item of his claim and that it is their Dury a to distinguish Between such items and make known such a Are allotted and such As Are allowed in part and such As Are disallowed and such As Are disallowed in this Wai not Dono by the Board of supervisors in the present Case. The failure of the Board to pass specifically upon the relator s separate charges deprives their action of the Legal character of an audit and entitles Tho applicant to a peremptory writ of mandamus commanding Tho respondents not to allow or disallow any particular item but to audit Tho claim of the relator in the manner required by Law that is to afro. By stating separately the items thereof Walssh they allow in whole or in part and the items thereof which they disallow in whole or in part. The writ can go no further than t his for Tho warrants of the relator to Tho effect that he was not allowed the Benefit of counsel or to privilege of offering proof or Cross examining witnesses Are denied in the answering affidavits. Ix-p0lice1ux full oms arrested. David of Halloran an sex policeman who now keeps a Saloon at the Corner of court and Lorraine streets was arraigned before Justice Tighe yesterday on a charge of assaulting John Coughlin a labourer residing at 247 Lorraine Street. When cough tin entered Otia Llorans a barroom Friday Nicht a woman named Annie Smith was in Tho Back room. The two men got into a quarrel about her and of Halloran knocked Down Coughlin and kicked him. The cd police Jonau pleaded not guilty and was held for trial. In. Al Bigalk. A pleasant Musicale was Given Friday night by or. And mrs. Robert ii. Martin at their Home 654 Lafayette Avenue. There were songs piano and violin solos and recitations and Tho singing of miss Grace Martin and piano playing of miss Ruth Martin were much commended. The latter a Pupil of Josefy is a Brilliant Aud understanding player and shows a Talent for composition. U69tauk electric Light company. Papers of incorporation of Tho Montank Oleck Trie Light company have been filed with the county clerk. Tho trustees Are Alfred l. Hough Willum j. Stitt and James Hon Gas. The capital Stock is fixed at $50,000, divided into 500 shares of$100 each. Medieval German literature. Pro fess a Ilja Linar adj orb Isoye sen. Lectures at Tho Pratt ism Itte professor Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen delivered Tho third in his course of lectures on German literature Friday night at Pratt Institute. He spoke mainly about the Minne bingos or love poets who flourished in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Those times he said were remark Abio for the extravagant worship bestowed on women. Tho period May to compared in its of Borant fancy to the period of the youth of Man when All feelings Aro More or Jess strained when Boyish simplicity has gone and Tho healthy strength of manhood not yet arrived. The a lightest whims of women were obeyed with the utmost exact Uoss. The More absurd these whims the More meritorious was their accomplishment. The troubadours from Provence in the South of Franco who flourished during Tho time of the crusades were the parents As it were of the Minn singers. The troubadours were noblemen who devoted themselves to singing ballads in Praise of women. They accompanied armies on Tho March and entertained the Camp. They travelled about from Castle to Castle where they were always Well received. They did not accept Reward for their services instead of accepting payment which they often needed they employed another device. They hired a lot of inferior men called Jungle Ute a who Sang the songs composed by the troubadours part of which they returned to their masters. We must always take into consideration that in Tho Middle Ages Tho noblemen had very Fow resources to pass away their Timo. War was their legitimate occupation. In times of peace they used to Hunt Aud get drunk. But even these occupations could not fill up ail their time. They Hiipfl ered very much from ennui consequently the wandering Gleeman was always Well received wherever he went. In this the lecturer continued they much resemble the american women who Are the Only people in this country who have nothing to do. In order to get rid of ennui ridiculous Means were often resorted to. One of these consisted in the institution of a court of love. Imaginary cases would to put before the court in order that judgment might be pronounced upon them. Questions would be put such As have old people Auy right to fall in love f is it possible to love two people Ato Uco and so on. Of Courso much fun could to got out of these cases As frequent allusions would be made to Tho people present. That which was put before tue court As an imaginary Case would often be an actual one in which persons present were implicated. Tho Minn singers adopted these extravagances from the Provencal troubadours and added some More of their own. They made it a Rule never to imitate another poet s verse nor to use ones own style of Verso More than once. The theme was always the same so that the Only diversities possible were those of meter. Tho meters were As extravagant As the themes. One Minn Singer eventually composed a poem which had verses Only one syllable Long. Beside the Minn singers Thero were a class of poets called Bezik Elsinger. These corresponded in some Way to the French jongleurs. They always had a string of yarns of hand they knew riot of songs they could perform acrobatic feats a Peculiar class of people in Tho Middle Ages were the Fakre Ndu Leute or migratory people. These people had no particular calling but could turn then hands to everything. In Cou sequences they could do nothing Well. The lecturer spoke about the great waste of Energy there must litre been in those Days and How much More fortunate Are we now. This led to a slight digression and the subject of civil service Reform was introduced. The lecturer said that the present system was a failure. After a Mau had worked for four years and had Learned the details of civil service duty a new administration would Como in. The administration would not ask him whether he could do his work or no but whether he was a Democrat or a Republican. If he answers wrongly he loses his place Janac when to Lias Learned his business. A new Man comes in and Nus to learn the work and so this continues. What a waste of Energy the lecturer said Thore is. Returning to the subject of the migratory classes of the Middle Ages professor Boyesen said that they were a great Burden. At the grand tourneys Tho great expense of maintaining these masses of people was incurred by the nobility who thought it incumbent on them to support these Fahrend Leute. Of the Minn singers who have achieved a lasting reputation Are Waither von Der yoga Weido and Wolfram von Eschen Bali. Waither von Der Yog Elicide was of a Gay disposition and wrote exuberant verses with great facility. To was one of the Only Minn singers who wrote about any subject but love. He was in part a political poet. One kind of Palm. To was especially famous for was Tho aubade or Dawn song. The song is a dialogue Between the watchman on the Tower of a Castle the fair Weinau within and the Knight Lover. The watchman announces that Day is beginning and that the Sun is rising. To this the Lover is supposed to answer that the watchman mistakes Tho Moon a for the Sun and Tho song of the Nightingale for that of the Lark. The woman then Speaks and eventually the Lover departs from his watch. Such was the Burden of these aubade or watch songs As they Are called in German. Another famous Minn Singer was Ulrich Tod. Ulrich was a Nobleman of Good birth of whom descendants Are yet living Tho Princess of Lichtenstein being one. In Aid of a kindergarten a fair by Good will and Suav Hine circles of icings daughters. Good Wili and Sunshine circles of the Kings daughters inaugurated a fair of Friday in the Chapel at the Corner of Atlantic and Gatea avenues in Aid of the free kindergarten and sewing school. Miss Maud Williams and miss Annie Mackay were in charge of the affair and Aro responsible for All the Good things they gave to their guests. The Little Chapel was filled by 9 of clock with friends of the Young with music by the Temperance drum corps. Miss Ada Barnes gave piano recitals at intervals during the evening. Tho cake table was presided Over by miss Maud Williams. The variety table was in charge of the misses Mary Miller and Belle Sun 8. At the Apple stand where everything was sold for a Penny miss Lottie suss dressed up As an old woman disposed of Tho fruit that eve tempted Adam with. At the Dickey in Plum padding a spoonful of the delicious mixture Cost Only 5 conts. It was Well patronized and was attended to by miss Lizzie Kusch. At the perfumery table there was a bean Jar where strangers could guess the number in it at 25 cents As they could the name of a doll which was put up at Tho Samo figure. Miss Lottie Kusch was in charge. Misses Mackay Aud Barnes presided Over the Tea table and they were Liberal enough to present to each purchaser of a cup of Tea at 15 cents with a China cup and Saucer. The fancy table was doing such a Rushing business that it had Throe attendants Tho misses Mary and Emma Motzan and Lizzie Miller. The lemonade Well was presided Over by Tho misses Rachel Berliner and Bertha Broneer but the night being cold As Well As the fluid the Only regular customer they had was Tom Murphy. The misses Minnie Finkbiener and Annie Noll dealt out sweets at the Candy table while miss Kato Williams distributed dusters towels Aud such like to admiring throngs at Tho useful table. Ice Cream was sold by Tho misses Laura Gulliford Maggie Lockwood and Lizzio Mccormack who stood ready to wait upon any stray customer that came along. Taken altogether Tho fair was a Complete Success m0zirt clubs euchre party. The Mozart club gave its second entertainment of this year in the shape of a progressive euchre party on tuesday evening at 369 Degraw Street. After the card playing a Bountiful supper was nerved and Tho president made a Short address in which to reviewed Tho Success of the club for the past five years. After the supper dancing was indulged in until a late hour. Among Tho Many present were misses Daisy Myers Agnes Freeh Nellio Murtha Alice Freeman Bertie Carroll Loretta Mcdonnell Lillie Grindal in. Cohen Ella Mcgratty Ethel Kenneth Maud Cohen Ada Crain Emily Logan m. Oliver Wallace Young John d. Rusher Arthur Lake Augustus j. Browne Charles Downing Joseph Gilbert Clinton Moffett Frederick Ashe William Mccormick James Oliver Harry Torrey Harry Greason Harry Grindal Charles w. Plumb James Tormey Frank Cohen. Tho officers of the organization Are Wallace Young president Charle Downing vice president j. D. Rusher financial Secretary Jumes Oliver Secretary. A a a related by heat weather. The English steamship Bellingham Captain l. E. Watt came in at the docks of the Mediterranean and new York steamship company off Furman Street yesterday from Mediterranean ports with a cargo of fruit and general merchandise consigned to Phe Ipa brow. Amp co. She sailed from Catania on March 1, Messina 4, Palermo 8 and Gibraltar 13. The vessel had Good weather on the first part of the voyage but in the latter part encountered Strong variable winds at times increasing to the Force of a Gale and accompanied by very heavy seas. The Bellingham received no material damage though her Progress was delayed somewhat by the rough weather. Armstrong Litster. Miss Angie Bennett Luyster daughter of or. And mrs. Peter Luyster of 493 Kosciusko Street Aud Frederick Armstrong were quietly married in Tho Naylor of the Greeno Averio Baptist Church Friday night. Tho Rev. R. B. Mofit Gomory officiated. Tho Bride wore a travelling suit of Gray cloth. Or. James l. Cornell acted As Best Man and miss Ella Luyster sister of the Bride As bridesmaid local stocks and Bonds a Dull week in the Brooklyn Market. The troubles of the Union ferry company in securing a renewal of its Francht Sci the drop in City Railroad Stock a financial notes. The sky has been exactly symbolical of to local Stock Market during Tho week Dull heavy and lowering. Not very much business has been done in anything although Union ferry matters and the action of the Brooklyn City Railroad have Given people plenty to talk about. What sales there have been were at slightly reduced figures generally in some stocks the reduction has been considerable. As a matter of fact in one Stock Only has there been Tony Advance and that is Fulton Bank fifty shares of which were sold at auction on wednesday bringing 20�mh tub is Tho High water Mark of this Stock reached when with All others the Tido has been rather Low. In the midst of the depression the brokers Are optimistic however and predict activity that will commence soon. They say that while local securities usually have Little connection with Stock Exchange operations sometimes there is a very close connection. As soon a Tho Wall Street Market picks up and Tho prices get bettor Tho local Market will follow suit. This is because they say in november and december Many Brooklyn investors thought that the speculative stocks had reached Rock Bottom. They bought them therefore thinking that they would jump right up again and that several pots of Money from fair to Largo in size could be picked up. New they Are disillusioned and Aro waiting to get out without serious lo3s. When Price Advance enough for this they will say Goodby to Wall Street and look for some Safe non fluctuating dividend paying Brooklyn stocks and Bonds in which to put this Mousy. They will vow to them Reives never to hit the ticker again and they won to not until next time. This is Tho general View on Montagu Street and Tho Brooklyn brokers who adopt it Are praying As heartily Tor a Stock Exchange Boom a their confreres across Tho River. When this Boom will come no one will predict. It is merely hoped for at the cud of Tho month or Early in May. The week has been full of history for the Union ferry company. On tuesday the sinking fund commissioners refused to permit it to raise the toils of the South and Hamilton ferries. At this meeting the argument of the ferry company in the form of letters made Public Moro information concerning the Liua cos of the corporation than has Becu let out during Tho past live years. These were published in the Eagle at Tho time. At Tho game meeting Tho appraisal of the ferry property at $3.808,000 was questioned and at Tho suggestion of or. Auerbach of Lowery Stone amp Auerbach Chamberlain Crain and controller Myers were directed to examine into its correctness. On thursday and yesterday this examination was made and it developed a difference m Tho Point of View. The officials thought that in appraising the ferry boats and houses the and tear should be deducted while president ii. Knapp thought they should be a aloud at Tho amount it would Cost to duplicate them. On the Samo Day at Albany senator Jacobb tried to get his Bill which had been adopted in the upper House reported by the Assembly committee on Commerce and navigation. He failed by a vote of g to 5. This is the one Bright thing to relieve the gloom that hovers Over the corporation. Ferry stockholders arc not talking very much just now. It is True that they Are not becoming frightened for Tho Stock is not coming of Tho Market in any considerable amounts. Since tuesday the largest number of shares that have been offered in any one Day have been about 300. On monday Tho stuck sold for 40, of thursday it dropped to 39 and on Friday and yesterday it was offered for 38hja38. At Tho lower figure 200 shares were bought. It is Safe to nay that if Tho increase in ferry tolls of the South Brooklyn forties were to vital to the company As the communications intimated the drop would to More than it has been and some insiders would be trying to unload their Largo holdings. The question has often been asked what is the object of questioning Tho appraisal made by Lewis May representing new York and Charles m. Anglia representing Tho company Thor seems no possibility of any Competition for tue franchise so what is its object it Lias been suggested that politics has much to do with it. Anyone who knows the sinking fund commission and the antagonizing factions represented in it will admit Tho possibility if not the probability of this. At any rate hero is a consoling thought the appraisal will have to be Cut Down very Low indeed before it will cease to to higher than the Presont Market value. A when the time for final action comes the Union ferry company will almost certainly withdraw every proposition heretofore made and substitute another reducing Tho rentals from 124 to g 4 per cent of the Gross receipts. In the present proposition Tho company offers to pay 1254 Only on condition that it is allowed to increase the toll. It would be manifestly unfair to reject the latter and to insist upon the former. Unless another company comes into the Field it is difficult to see How the new York officials can refuse to renew the franchise at the lower figures. It is this thought that gives the stockholders Hope. Another matter talked about in the rapid decline in Tho Market Prico of Brooklyn City Railroad Stock Sinco it was decided to Issue $0,000,000 in Bonds $3,000,000 immediately and $3,000,000 when the electric franchise should to granted. Last saturday As reported in Tho next Days paper 1,000 shaves sold for 1g7 and 1g7j��. From these figures the Price has been declining1 two Points or More each Day until on thursday 200 shares sold for 158. Of Friday and yesterday considerable blocks Wero offered at that figure. Tho slump is probably temporary the Best judges think for at they ask Why should an Issue of Bonds nearly All of which will to used to pay the debts of the company whether Fundodor floating reduce the Prico of the Stock nine Points. The fixed charges will to increased by $45,000 a year Only and that cannot affect Tho dividends at All. The Security will probably com. Meuce to recover lost ground very soon although it will be some time of course before it is up in Tho seventies again. Bids for subscription rights to the Bonds Aro already being made. As High As $40 for each $1,000 Bond has been offered. In Gas Tho stocks have been firm although quiet. Thirty six shares of Fulton municipal sold sex dividend for 1304 on wednesday and Peoples sold for 90 during the week. At auction 100 aliases of Brooklyn Gas company brought Only 11054 on thursday or. Cooney a Bill amending Tho land transportation Bill passed Tho Assembly with Only sixteen votes against it. All the local representatives present excepting or. Aspinall were Marmi aled on the affirmative Side of co nor and Earl who had been called off. Were not present. It is almost certain that the Bill will pass. Haid the president of a local Gas company a there is a general Public misconception about this measure. Its object is thought to be to increase the Prico of Gas. This of course is wrong As Tho Bill a object is merely to keep the Price at $1.50 a thousand As it is at present. Unless the Bill passes the stockholders in the Gas companies will be the victims of Gross carelessness on the part of the codification commissioners the legislature and the governor who let it go through with a clause fixing the Prico of Gas at $1.20 a thousand although two Days before it had been fixed at $1.50. It seems fair enough that the Brooklyn companies which have to Ruu fifty or one Hundred Miles of pipe for As Many Consumers As the new York companies could Supply with four or live Miles should to allowed the extra 25 cuts on a a work is being pushed on Tho Montagu Street Railroad despite difficulties. Thero has been trouble with the City works department and trouble with the courts. Or. Lewis and his friends Aro confident that they Havo the upper hand. They hold that the tubular company has a charter As a manufacturing company Only and therefore cannot successfully oppose them. It was said during the week that Tho Stock was out but this is hardly so. Only thirteen shares arc out one for each director to permit him to qualify. The rest of the Stock and All the Bonds Are held by the construction company which consists of the same persons who Are prominent in the management of the Railroad. Trust companies stocks have been a Little More Active during the past week than has been usual lately. Ten shares of Tho people a sold at auction for 198, a decided drop. The same Day however a private Bale at 201 was reported. Another Small lot brought 200. Small lots of Kings county brought 1g5 and 170. Yesterday some was offered at the latter figure. Some Hamilton Trust Stock is offered at 155. Several shares of Brooklyn Trust Stock sold at from 495 to 500. There Wero a few sales in Bank Stock during Quot the week. Fulton sold at auction for 205, which is a decided Advance in Price. Twenty shares of the Long Island Bank bold for 140. At auction Twenty share of Tho mechanics Bank brought 268. A Strong demand for electric Light stocks has manifested itself recently but it has Een difficult to got any except at High figures shares of both the Brooklyn municipal and the citizens companies Are offered for 140. A Largo lot of Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Bonds Aro offered for 80. Twenty share of the title guarantee and Trust company sold at auction for 174. The Pricco for local securities at the close of the Market yesterday Wero Brooklet Scitt Bonds. Issue duo. Int. Short term. Lone term. $4,250.000 1899-1924 7 128 168 3.333,009 1908-1919 6 138 150 Bridge. 2,279,600 1917-1925 5 132 137 2,383.337 1921-19281 4 3 117 120 l 80,000 1908 100 Park. 8.019.00011915-1924 7 165 168 1.217.600 1924 1 6 155 160 7,667,500 1904-1912 7 141 148 1,439,00011891�?19131 g 10 l 144 water. 393,500 1914 5 130 906,000 1914�?1916 1.277.o�o0 1905-1908 4 113 lie 3 100 102 Aud Elk Cubio Light coupahis9�?t stocks and Bonds. I capital. I Las Brooklyn. La Klyn Maui Opal $2,000,000 $25 to amp us 120 Klee. Light co. 500,000 30 "21140 citizens. 1,599,009 29 12 88 90 Bonds. 750.006 1,000 5citizens Al. 500,000 100 2140 Edison k a. 1.500.000 100 81 Fulton municipal 3,000.009 190 2 130 133 Bonds. 300,000 1,000 g 100 305 metropolitan. Bonds. 837,000 100 13 103 106 70,000 1,000 it 102 Nassau. 1,000,000 25 136 scrip. 709.090 Rar. 100 103 Peoples. 1,000.000 10 a 89 91 first Mort. 400.000 1,000 100deb. Bonds. 100.000 Var. 6 100 Union of in y. 250.000 25 Bonds it p a. 250,000 1,000 g a Bonds 5 pc. 500,000 1,000 5 Williamsburgh. 1,000,000 50 of 129 131 Bonds. F.000.000 1,000 a a 105 109 a quarterly. Semi annual sex. Trust companies1 and Bank 8took3. Capital. Par. J�1. Bid. Asked by Klyn City Safo $100,000 $100 Deposit co. 3 200 17 a Brooklyn Bank. 300,000 50 4 165 by Klyn Trust co. 1,006,000 100.000 100 4 495 500 Broadway Bank. Bedfor Bauk. 100 140 150.0001 360 3 155 commercial. 398.90 60 4 365 170 1 in the ave. 190,090 100 129 131 first Nat. 300,000. 300 14 550 Franklin Trust. 1,000,090 100 3 230 235 Fulton Bank. 200,099 40 3 200 210 Kiiu a co Bank. 150,000 Loo t 130 133 Kiu a co Trust go. 500,000 1001 3 165 170 Hamilton Bank. 100.0001 1001 500.1 >u0 3 001 123u.uniltou Trust. 155 i i Bank. 400.000 .50 3 140 145 l i a Safo Dop co. 209,090 100 2 60 1il4t co. Manuf Nat. 500,009 100 2 215 262.000 30 4 210 215 mechanics and traders. 300,000 100 4 255 260 mechanics a. 500,000 50 0 268 2 5 Nat pity. 300,000 50 30 435 445 Nassau Nat. 300,000 100 6 270 Nassau Trust co. 500,000 100 3 in in North 8ido Bank 100,009 f 300 105 people of Trust co 1,000.000 100 3 200 a Twenty sixth we Bank. 100,000 100 o 125 130 seventeenth wed Bank. 100,000 100 3 170 sort Kuo Nat. 200,000 100 3 170 �3� Wai Labont Bank. 100,000 100 1128 Quot quarterly. Local stacks and Bonds. Capital j last i d v i bid. Asked i a 850 1,000 1,009 100 1,000 101 n 1,01 01 5 100�? 1 1.000 5 100 1.000 0 1,0001 5 1.000 g 100 100 3 123 5 102 1.000 5 1101 Atlantic at $1, Rirs Niort. Consol. Broadway. Bonds. Brooklyn City. First Mort. Brooklyn cry pc n first Mort. Brooklyn a. Firs Niort. Second snort. Bushwick at Bonds. C. I. A Brooklyn. Consol. Curtit icarus. Crosstown. First Mort. Fulton l Bonds. Uran St an. First Mort. Kin it Ltd col. First sort. Second Mort. Mout amp gite St. Now w Urff. Flatbush. Firof Mort. S by Klyn gent first Mort. Second Mort. Union a. First Mort. Second Nort. Quot quarterly. Stoini annual. Sex. Miscellaneous securities. ,000.000 140,500 757.000 525,900 850.000 .000,000 800.000 ,000,000 ,000,000 ,200,000 ,500,000 ,250.000 400,000 500.000 300,0001. 200,000 ,u21,000 200,000 .250,000 ,377,0001 ,438,0001 150.0001 113 .115 107 1112 105 1103 185100 101 158 160 100 101 85 100 29 103 85 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 100 290,0001 1,000 125.000 150.000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1105 103 102 30 100 87 ii 185 105 103 90 105 13 97 98. 60 100 112108 103 109 112 105 110 capital. Par. Last div. Bid. Asked acad of mum a $200,000 $501180 Ai Ephion. Brooklyn a n y 160,000 50 t3 90 Forry co. 2,000,000 100 "1 190 Bonds. 1,000,000 1,000 a a 120 n y amp s a a trans k ferry co. 400,000 100 30 40 350,000 1,000 0�?o 105 Tele Nono go. Bonds. 2,535,000 100 1 99 l01 1,500,000 1,000 5 100 s. B. Saw Mill co 500,000 100 t4 128 131 tit jog. A to co. 2,000,000 100 t3 170 175 Union ferry co. 3,000,000 100 38 39 Bonds. 2,200,000 Irreg 5�?o 97 98 a quarterly. Tsomis annual. Insurance stocks. Kings county. Lafayette. Nassau. Phenix. $150.0001 0.20 150.000 3 50 200.000 5150 1,000.000 550 William Burgh City 250,00u1 Lolo the court calendars. Cases to be called for trial by judge on ill Oft Dar it special term j. F. Barnard Justice Roberts a a. N. And n. Icer. R. Company libel the. City of Brooklyn May is. Mcfaddon Zendri Oksoo is. Mace Oakley is. Gardiner Ziegler to. I Lapin etc., Arnold is. Unge Mau. Lajnes to. Merwin Antonides is. Burroughs. Mangam is. Pock cons Lyoa is. Swift Sherrill is. Lynam Schmelke is. The City of Brooklyn Ziegler is. Chapin. Otc., Vanderveer is. Tho City of Brooklyn. Nelson is. Mcpadden Simon is. Young Wallace is. Wallace Shleier is. Sohl Oier Foster is. Clark Hayes is. Carr Warron is. Is. Serg Otia is. Fla query Knapp is. Weschler Brooks a. Munoz Williams is. Brock Van Bomel is. French Cochrane is. Kaplan. Tinder a a. Tonnison Klein a a. Weinan Odell a Allen Lano is. Rash Grace is. Valentine Farmers loan and Trust company Island Belt Lino it. U. 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Highest number reached 5 Jyh Tho City court of Brooklyn part i judge Van Wyck. Part ii. Chief j Udo Clements most is. Maurer Zeller is. Henderson Courtney is. Mumme in Lucchese is. The c. I. And b. K., n. And Brooklyn Ico co. Is. Bruns Chin is. Tho City of Brooklyn Gonzales is. The Brooklyn g. Foj. Co., Goodheim is. Schoenig Allen is. Mcgrath Mccarthy vib. Moserole Thompson is. Goldsmith ii Lesmo is. O. I. And b. It. R co., Hoy Dioger is. Use Al Ulm Ano., Currivan is. It Mosel and aoo., i Rehfeldt vib. The City of Brooklyn bar Thorou is. Lia Marlund Melroy is. Adrienne Niebling is. Nauenberg and Ano., Murphy a Hodgkinson. Exr etc., Doran is. Polhemus and Ano., Lynch is. Bliss Cristina is. Dam Mott Durr is. Tho City of Brooklyn Dunn is. Wickes Kelly a. Lehott. Levy is. Nelson Mcgrann is. The City of Brooklyn Donn Day is Trio City of Brooklyn Smith is. The Union ferry co., Moore is. The Union Forry co highest number reached of regular Call 1,098. Special term judge Osborne Nvick Raan of Al. Is. Bre her Champion and Ano. Is. Rock Agol Mcmurray and no. Is. Ennis and Ano. Rochford is. Mowbray Dunne is. Dunne mid a Ion a Crary a. Crary Mcmeehan a. Fisher. Degoot is. Dog Root Mcnulty or. A. Ryan and Ano., Whalen a. Whalen Zielinski is. Luther Ganava Hughes Kilian and Ano. Is. Laurence Kenorick is. The City of Brooklyn Mayer is. Alexander Muncie is. The City of Brooklyn. Dardo a a. Dardo. Poll Aud Ano. A a Scholon Etal kick oif is. Eickhoff Wor Berlotsky is. Ivo ii it air a dog Root a. Crooks Whitfield a a. Boone and Ano. Fiali thu the English Syndicate. Minneapolis Minn., april 4. Ten Minneapolis Mill with a daily output of nearly Twenty thousand barrels have formed a combination Aera inst Tho great Pittsburg. Washburn English Syndicate. The owners of the Mill claim that they were compelled either to go into a Combine of their own or go under the Wing of the great institution managed by c. A. Pills Bury. It in understood that the opposition Mills will in a few months be placed under one management with one set of Gram Meu and All Tho other economies of concerted action. A birthday anniversary party. Mrs. Or. Turner celebrated her 58th birthday at her residence g47 Dekalb wednesday evening. The House was handsomely decorated with Ilo Weri. The company wore favored with some Fine classical music by or. Roughs by and mrs. Dodo due. A collation was served about Midnight Aud then there was dancing. A Type of tvo Cru development. Tho North Shoro Yos Tibule limited Only afternoon Quot limited train out of new York for Points West leaves grand Central station at 4 50 p. M. Every Day. Typical in All Dopart Monts of the highest development of railway service a adv. Financial review. Features of it the markets during March Tho situation in Europe a Ortsis in Paris averted by the action of the Bank of France. Course of the Stock Darket a Exchange Strong and Gold exported a new policy adopted by the Treasury department Money easy. Wall Thuet saturday evening april 4. The financial situation in Europe at Tho opening of March was not very Euco raging. Affairs in Buenos Ayres were approaching a crisis and this fact had More or less of a disturbing effect upon London. On Tho Goth nows came of a panic at Buenos Ayres which was of to serious a character that Tho government declared a Holiday until Tho following monday in order to Stop Tho run upon Tho provincial Bank and give time for Tho negotiation of a loan of $100,000,000, which was offered to Tho banker of that City at 75 por cent. Tho loan was partially taken and on the oth business was resumed and thereafter flu Ancial affairs in that country were More settled. On the 12th the announcement was made that Tho society Des depots it computes Courante of Paris haying a capital of 80.000,000 francs had become embarrassed through mismanagement and investments in argentines and that Tho Bank of Franco Aud a Syndicate of parisian Bankers had at the request of Tho French minister of finance came to its Relief with a guarantee of 60,000,000 francs by the Bank of France. This action averted a serious crisis and Neth eng further of a disturbing character occurred until the 17th, won it was reported that Tho affairs of Murietta amp co. Of London which have been tided Over since to Tombor were in such a condition that failure seemed inevitable. By the 21st arrangements had been made to relieve Tho House by converting it into a joint Stock company and Tho financial atmosphere of London was once More cleared. On the 27th the news came that the Hank of leghorn had Eua bonded with liabilities of 50,000,000 lire and that a commercial House in that City had failed for 20,000,000 Franca. Fortunately Tho european markets were closed for Tho Good Friday Aud easter holidays and before they reopened Ragas ures Wero taken to prevent the spread of the trouble at leghorn although it was supposed at the end of Tho month that both London and Paris would Ere Long be indirectly influenced by these failures because of the intimate financial relations existing Between Italy and Pari and London. A report of the governor of Tho Bank of England showed that the affairs of the Arius had been liquidated to the extent of �10,828,000 and that Thore remained �3,709,000 of Argentine securities to to nursed. It was not until toward the end of the month that the feeling in London became at All confident but the speculation in Tho London stuck Exchange Vraa Tamo throughout the month of March. There was no particular feature in on Market for Money. Tho reserves of the Banks were gradually drawn Down by movements of currency to the Interior but the Bank were out of the Call loan Branch of Tho Market and therefore it was not affected and the Supply of Bankers balances was ample for All requirements even on the last Days of the month when preparations were made for the april settlements. The rate on Call ranged from 4 to i per cent., averaging about 2j Timo Loans Wero in Good Supply but Tho demand was not urgent. Bates wore 4 4 per cent for sixty to ninety Days and 5 for four to six months on Good Stock Exchange collateral until the fourth week when Money on prime Security was offered at 4 per cent for ninety Days 4�6 for four to six months and 5 for Flaven to eight months while on Good collateral the rates were of 1 per cent higher. Commercial paper was so per cent for sixty to ninety Day endorsed Bills receivable 5iag for four months acceptances and ga7 for Good single names having from four to six months to run. One event of the month was the suspension on the 24th of Tho Washington National Bank a new concern with a capital of $300,000, which War brought to grief through Tho mismanagement of its president but this failure had no influence upon Tho Market. Exchange opened firm at $4.80 for Long and $4.89 for Short. On to 7th $600.000 Gold was shipped to Berlin As an indirect Exchange operation. The Treasury department under the authority of a Law passed by the last Congress imposed a charge of 40 cents per $1,000 on these bars but this did not prevent their Export. Thero was no Shaugo in the rates for Sterling until Tho 18th, when an application for $1,000,000 in Gold bars having been Rofu aed by Tho Treasury department Tho shippers Woro obliged Potako Coin four sevenths double eagles two sevenths eagles and one seventh half eagles. This caused an Advance in Exchange to $4.87 for Long and $4.89 for Short. On the 2lst there was a further import of $2,275,000 Gold Coio. Sterling rates fell off on Tho 26th to $4.861 for Long and $4.89 for Short but $700,000 Gold was sent out on the 28th and this time Tho proo ortion was two fifths double eagles and eagles and one fifth half eagles. The Market was Dull and steady at Tho close of the month. The Stock Market was Dull irregular and generally lower during the first week in March and it was Only temporarily influenced by Effort of Tho Bull party to Start a Quot Boom on Tho adjournment of Congress. Pacific mail was advanced of news of Tho passage of Tho postal subsidy Bill. On tuesday the announcement that Tho United states supreme court had decided in favor of Tho Northern Pacific Tho suit against the Manitoba involving about $3,000,000, caused a Rise in those stocks. Chicago. Burlington and Quincy was freely sold on what appeared to to inside information that Tho Road did not earn its fixed charges in january and Tho decline in this property More or less affected Tho other grangers and indirectly the whole Market. On the 6th news of Tho panic in Bueno Ayres was made Tho pretext for a raid upon the Market and Tho tone Wai somewhat unsettled at the close of the week. There was a recovery during the second week induced by a better feeling in London on the news of the subsidence of Tho trouble in Buenos Ayres and Tho bulls resorted to manipulation with the object of compelling a covering of Short contracts. The bears resisted the upward movement by occasional attacks upon the grangers but after the Middle of the week there was a Strong undertone at the close each Day. One feature was a break in the Coal shares due to the decision of Tho interstate Commerce commission in Tho Case of Coxe Bros against the Lehigh Valley but under Tho Lead of sugar refinery the Trust stocks Aud the grangers the Market was rallied and it closed generally firm. The news of the embarrassments of the Scioto Des depots it computes of krauts on thursday had Only a temporary influence for London was up patently but a lightly affected so far As the Stock Market was conc rued. Tho feature during Tho third week was a Sharp Rise in Rome Watertown and Ogdensburg of news of its absorption by the new York Central and the declaration of a 20 per cent Stock dividend and new York Ontario and Western was also favourably affected on reports that it would to cared for by the Central but subsequently this Stock fell off. The Market was generally Strong until after Tho Middle of Tho week when it was affected by Gold shipments bearish demonstrations and the failure of the Keystone National Bank of Philadelphia but it closed steady. The speculation was tame during Tho fourth week but there was a fairly Strong undertone. On monday the bears twisted the shorts and forced prices upward but in of doing they prevented the execution of buying order from Tho arbitrage houses. The Rise was assisted by an Advance in wheat Corn and pork in Chicago which made operators there very bullish but subsequently it was ascertained that the Rise in that City Wab mainly due to efforts on the part of speculators in wheat to get out of the Grain they had been carrying since Tho fall and which they were unable to sell during november Aud december. On wednesday news of Tho successful tiding Over of the affaire of the so cite Des depots it computes Courante of Paris made the Market Strong but realizing sales brought about a decline. One feature on thursday was a drop in Chicago and Northwestern preferred which indicated inside soiling. The Market was very Dull on that Day and on saturday by tit closed steady to Strong. Tho Courso of the speculation for Tho remainder of the Market is shown by the sketch below. Comparing sales of stocks at Tho opening March 2, with those at the close on the 31st, Tho following changes appear Deol Ihk. A a ,. _ percent. Control now Jersey. Ways saw. Ones amp Ohio. Northwestern. 1 Oleo Oast. Oleo Oast i Northwestern pad 291 done amp Rio a. M Northern Pacific deny amp Rio g pad a Oregon navigation 2 is Erie. Erie pad. L Hocking to Joey Illinois Central. A Lake Shore. 196neauiuir. Loais Rille Anaa Sivillo. Richmond terminal. Oregon navigation., North american. A amp Clifio mail. Poor in. Pipo Lino certificates. Reading. Manitoba. Michigan Central 1�? Minn St l pad 1 Nat Lead treat by a new ene and. 8t Paul pad. Texas a Pacific. Union Pacific. Wabash. Amer refining co Amer Llo fining go pad. A a a i. P a. A i \. 1. Advance. Per cent. New York Central. _ any Sun a pad. Ainer Cotton Oil Trust Northern Pacific pad. Atch Tod a s be 1 Omaha. Canada Pacific. Jjo Omaha pad. Canada Southern Ontario a Western. Ches a Ohio Lut pad. Law Nilman. Chen a Ohio 2d pfd., Roc Island. Chicago Bur a Quincy. Paul. Cut Icarro Gas Trust la a no Var Bullion certs. Consolidated Gas 2 41 Wabash pad. Long Island. 6f4i Western Union. Manhattan eld con. 3 i the Markot was quiet although generally Stroug this week. On monday there was a bullish feeling among the traders based upon anticipations of an improvement in London after Tho easter holidays and the Market opened Strong with Good buying of the grangers and the Vili Ards. One feature was a Rise in Manhattan elevated on a report that Tho company would get All the facilities it required from the new rapid transit commission. New York Central we a Only slightly influenced by Tho announcement of the Deal with the Canadian Pacific a by which Tho latter obtains an Entrance to now York Over the tracks of the new York Central and Tho West Shore but Thero was a feeling that this arrangement would prove beneficial to All the trunk lines by bringing Tho Canadian Pacific under Tho control of Tho association. After 10 30 the Market was Dull and it was generally steady for the remainder of Tho morning. In the afternoon Thero was a More Active in a higher Market with Tho grangers still leading but it grew Dull again toward 1, to continuing for an hour. In the last hour of business the tendency was upward and Tho Market closed Strong. On tuesday influenced by higher figures from London prices opened at an Advance for the grangers and Louisville and nn8hvillo and Tho sugar stocks were favourably affected by a report that the Spreckles opposition to Tho Eastern refineries Lead ceased and that Tho territory had been divided. The tendency was upward for half an hour but then came a Selling movement and Tho tone was heavy for Tho remainder of Tho morning. The tone was steadier in the afternoon on a limited volume of business and it so closed. At to opening on wednesday Tho new that Tho italian minister at Washington had been recalled it was supposed in Cousey Leuco of Tho Lynching of italians at new Orleans March 14, had a depressing effect upon american stocks in London and it induced Selling Here. Bub after 10 30 the Market partially recovered and then it became Dull so continuing for the remainder of Tho morning and in Tho afternoon until the final dealings when there was a Sharp rally in sugar refiners Stock and Tho Market closed generally steady. Of Friday morning sugar Reli Nories took Tho Lead while Tho Railroad properties Wero Dull Aud inclined to to heavy in consequence of reports of intended exports of Gold but about 11 30 nows that the maximum freight rate Bill which had passed Tho Nebraska legislature had been vetoed by the governor caused a Sharp Riso in Tho grangers Aud the Market was Strong for Tho remainder of the Day. Tia Advance in sugar refiners stocks wat due to a report that the Havemeyer and Claus Spreckles had formed a Western coast Eillery association for the regulation of the refined sugar product. Ono feature in Tho afternoon was a Riso in Manhattan elevated and another was a Sharp Advance into headings the latter on to report that the Vanderbilt had about completed arrange Monta for the Purchase of a Large Block of beading Stock. The Market closed Strong for All the loaders. This morning the news of Tho defeat of Tho Nebraska freight rate Bill and a bullish feeling among Tho traders made the Market very Strong and it was generally higher to near Tho close when it became irregular but the declines Wero Only fractional and the too was firmer at noon. Comparing Sale of Stocka at the opening on monday with those at Tho close to Day Tho following changes appear Amor refining co. Amor us i Mug to pad. Amor Zottou Oil Truat atch top a Sauta of. Canada Pacific. Chic Bur a Quincy. Chicago Gas Trust. Iov c of St a. Colorado goal. Del Lack a a. Done a Rio Grau Dopf Din. A j. F. Trust. Illinois contral. Lako Shoro. Louis a Nash. Advance. Por Cint. I per cent. 81 Manhattan Loveon. 3 5 Imo Pacific. 1 it it Nat Load Trust. 1 n y a now Eug. I Northwestern. 2 Northern Pacific a 3 Northorn Pac pad. Vii Pacific mail. Pullman. Reading. 3 lock Island. 2-Ih St Paul. 1 h1 Silver Bullion Corts. Kunion Pac. 1 til decline. Percent percent. Ene. Ont a Wos torn. Hocking Valley 9ftist Paul pfd., n y Central. I Exchange was steady Early in Tho week at $4.80h for Long and $4.89 for Short. On wednesday lower prices in London for americans caused by the news that the italian minister at Washington had been recalled in consequence of what subsequently appeared to to a misapprehension on the part of to italian Premier As to Tho course which the government was taking in its investigation into Tho circumstances attending the Lynching on March 14 of italian Hub oct at new Orleans induced seeking of stocks by the arbitrage houses t or european account and a demand for Bills to remit for these stocks made the tone of Tho Exchange Market Strong and Tho Canadian Banks advanced to $4.87 for sixty Day Aud $4.89 for sight. On thursday $500,000 and on Friday $700,000 Gold wer shipped to Tho continent of Europe. Money on Call loaned at 4 and at a per cent this week Aud to Market was not in Tho last affected by Tho april settlements. Timo Loans Are 4% per cent for 60 to 90 Days Aud 5 for 4 to g months on Good Stock Exchange collateral Aud the Demaud is Light. Commercial paper is a 5hi per cent for go to 90 Day endorsed Bills receivable 5hi a 6 for 4 months acceptances and 6 a 7 for Good single names having from 4 to g Mouths to run. Tho following table shows Tho course of Tho Stock Market for Tho week ending saturday april 4 Opont As Ilich Meh. 30. Esi. Amor. To Finniff co. A 44m 0 19 ?4 05 Amer. Us fining co. Of 86 am. Cotton Oil Truat 23 atol top. Of. 2/js Canadian Pacific. 78 Canada Southern. 50 Central now Jersey. 11> Ches. A Ohio. Ches. A Ohio 1st Phi. 52 Ches. A u Nio 2nd pad. Chicago a altoni24?x Chi. Rur. A Quincy. 78 Chi. Gaa Trust. 4jd� Slevc. C. C. A a get. A. 00 Colorado Coal 36 Olav area Hudson. 133 Del. Lack. A Western. 13 it a a Denver it Rio Grande 17 Denver a Rio g pad. 58_ Dis. A cat. F. Co. East Tonu Essee. East Tony. 1st prof. Jias Taeuu. 2nd pad. Erie. Eri oped. Hocking Valley. Illinois Central. _ lakoshoro110 Island. 94 Louisville a Nash. 73 manitoba107 Manhattan Elov. Con. J.01% Michigan Central. Minn. A St. Louis. Minn a St. Louis pad 9 mo., Kan. A t. Prfu. Missouri Pacific. 06 Nat. Head trust18 new York Central 103 of. Y., Ciu. Amp St. A. N. S. L. 1st of 06 n. A now emr 3434 h. Y., sus. A West a n. Y., sus. A w. Pad. 22 Northwestern.104 Northwestern pad. Northern Pacific. 2645 Northorn Pacific pad. North american. Omaha. Omaha pad. Ontario a Western. Oregon navigation. Pacific mail. Peoria. Pipe line certificate Pullman. 393 Reading. 60$ Richmond terminal. 17 a Rock Island. Of St. L. A s. F. 1st pad. 0-5 St. Paul. 55w St. Paul 110 Sliver Bullion Cert. 98 8ucar Trust receipts. 8t p. A Duluth. Texas a Pacific. Union Pacific. Wabash. Wabash pad. Western Union., 70 17 36 13?< 44 18 80 86 91 24 28, 7�i 5tj>i 1164 17it 33 134� 81# a a it it �?�j37 j 75� us ii 45 6 54 15 in 5 i 20 90m u 0 9 i 107 Liis 91 4 9 26 19 103 14 06 36 n 33 106 134 27 u Liu s3 15 73 37 21 73 393 33 18 71 05 57 11&Quot 99 90 h 18 45j� 9 is 8 l Lowe to. 77 86 23 27 a amp a a a 1342 7 a 43 of 359x 333 134 j v 57 44 1$ Quot i 24 9.� Ltd 109 94 107 104 91 4 9 20 06 is 103 Vajk 06 84?� 5 53 104 131 3�gi 7&Quot 17 24 i s3 17. 36 19 19 �?�4 1 7 08 05 55 30 is 90 24 187� 44 a in 80 olo ing april f. 24 a a a 78 50 37 32 81 47 oui 30 325 h 58 44 39 21 96 310 7454 10 07 184 102 l a 30� 10�h 7 1 17 17 31 a 21 3 93 32 17m 70 50 110 98 i 4�?� is or. And mrs. Musical. The reside no of la Rofe Shor and mrs. Aron c. Burnham 995 Dean Street was Trio scene of a musical presented before a Largo number of guests last tuesday evening. Tho entertainment provided consisted of recitations by several of Tho professors pupils and a number of musical selections. Tho features of the programme Wero a the siege of Lucknow a recited by mins Emma Wilson to the a Compa Nin Jent of the incidental music performed by herself miss Fanny want House and mrs. Robert Carter in a a Mcclain a child and a a Tom a Little Start respectively. The misses Belle Carter and Flaherty Sang several solos accompanied by mine. Maiville. Arthur Burnham a son of the professor gave a Clever sleight of hand performance Aud an exposition of spirit painting and master Walter Burnham contributed a violin Solo accompanied on the piano by miss Nellio Covington. Among the guests present were or. Aud mrs. John i. Covington Captain Blanchard wife and daughter or. And mrs. Byron Beale. Or. And mrs. Carleton Wiggins am. Whitehouse and daughters or. Stewart. Or. Bugg or. Westlake wife and daughter. W. P. Burnham or. And mrs. Henry Lewis or. And mrs. C. Lou Meier mrs. A. S. Chase miss Chase or. Aud miss Iti Blet mrs. D. Burr mrs Carter. Doings inthe new Ward Post lenten festivities of the past Quot week. Third annual Ball of Tho eccentric club. Golden wedding of my. And mrs. Charles it Miller Tho it Amilton Carson nuptials some personal notes. The closing of Lent and Tho Onenie Ngotho social Benson in the new Ward made Tho past week quite a Gay one and Tho Botial happenings wore numerous. The members of the ecco Trio club opened Tho season monday evening with their third annual Ball Anda Largo crowd Wae in attendance. It was in a measure a social reunion of Tho Sombora of the different clubs who took part in the Twenty ii Stu Ward Bowling tournament. Tho eccentric club was in this tourney and although Tho members did not win a prize they put up Somo Good games. There was a dance dedicated to each club and there were representatives present from All. Trio Golden wedding of sir. And mrs. Charlen r. Miller which was celebrated the same evening at their residence on the Corner of Barbey Street and Tho Highland Boulevard was Alto a event that interested Many people in Tho new Ward. Or. And mrs. Miller Wero Tho recipients of Many congratulations. A Surprise party and reception took place monday evening at Stein Backora shall on the Cornor of Bushwick Avonzo and Vanderveer Street. It was tendered to miss Flora Zimmerman Aud was a Complete Success in a very particular. Tho evening Wai spent very pleasantly in dancing and Kindred amusements and a Good supper was served shortly after Midnight. A few of those present Wero Georgo Saunderson miss Sundor son Joseph Flecker John wearer Frank c. Steinbacher James Sanderson John Egger miss Egger or. And mrs. William Kincade or. And mrs. Patrick Farroll miss Genie Steinbacher Quot Peter Beaver Frank Zimmerman mis Flora Zimmerman Jacob Steinbacher. James j. Fleming mias Rosio Zimmerman Joseph Robinson miss or. And mrs. George Marsh or. And mrs. L. Leg Gor or. And mrs. Frank Bailly or. Aud mrs. Frederick Becht Trio misses Youngeun mis Josie Powers Robert Ryder John b. Ledogar Oscar Young Frederick Switzer Albert Murphy James j. Fleming jr., or. And mrs. Louis Zimmerman or. And mrs. Jacob Erhardt or. And mrs. George Becht Frederick Knobel chs Lea a. Steinbacher c. Steinbacher Nicholas Mulvey Fiill or. Lion Cutch Aud or. And mrs. James f. Murphy. Another sir prison party was one which was held on tuesday evening at Tho residence of Misa l. Hall on Cleveland Street. Tho David l. Nash association held its annual Hall on tuesday evening at school loin shall. It was a successful affair and called ont a Largo crowd who danced unceasingly until supper Timo to the music of professor Mcelhinney a orchestra. Tho Ball was prettily decorated for the occasion. The officers of this association Are August i Iipp president William a. Evers Vico president Frank l. L. Cook first vice president John f. Evers second vice president Albert d. Lutier Secretary Richard Campbell recording Secretary Frank e. Smith flu Ancial Sce rotary William Nash treasurer Robert c. Koptick sergeant at arms. The Marrugo of William d. Hamilton and Misa Jeannetto Carton was celebrated on tuesday evening at the Ros Donco of principal a Warren Hamilton of Public school no 73. His House at 84 Miller Avenue was crowded with friends and relatives of Tho contracting parties. Rev. Charles a. Hamilton Rector of St. Clements can Rob and a relative of the Groom officiated. The Brido wore a dress of Pearl coloured Faillo Francaise with persian trimmings and silk fringe. Miss Annie e. Kennedy the bridesmaid was dressed in a gown of Pearl coloured cloth with Surah trimmings. Or. Frank f. Mcgrohan was Tho Best Man. A reception followed Tho ceremony and the Happy couple received Tho congratulations of the guests after which they depart ocl on their wedding tour Tho objective Point of which is Washington d. C. On their return or. And mrs. Hamilton will Tako up their residence at Ozone Park l. I. Tho entertainment and reception of the Mozart quartet on wednesday evening at a Hall was Well attended. Or. Frederick Heschol managed Tho affair. Tho hard storm of thursday evening prevented a very Large attendance at the tenth annual Ball of Eastern Star Lodge of Tho knights and ladies of Honor which was held in Schiellien a Hall. Those who did attend however had a very pleasant time. On Friday evening a Surprise party was tendered to miss Margaret Faron daughter of Robert d. Faron the chief Engineer of Tho Ridgewood pumping station of Tho Brooklyn water works system. Tho party assembled at Tho residence of mrs. J. 8. Cowenhoven Norwood Street near Atlantic Avenue and from Thore proceeded to Misa Faroni a House across Tho Street. The sur peso was Complete. Dancing was the principal amusement of the evening. Tho favors distributed Wero both unique and costly. They Wero pretty artificial Roach Tor Tho men and handsome specimens of brio Brac for Tho women. Tho guests Wero entertained in Tho conure of the evening by or. William Zweig with selection on Tho violin. A musical entertainment was Given on monday evening at the residence of or. Edgar Randolph on Van sicken Avenue. The programme was a very Good one and waa appreciated by the Large number of musical people present. A piano duet by or. William Randolph and Emma Randolph opened Tho entertainment. Tho Sparta quartet gave several selections. Mes Are. C. Randolph e. A. Miller and j. Kapp were among those who furnished literary and musical features. A farce concluded Tho evenings pleasantries. It was entitled a Thompson on his Hunt for the Call extended to the Rev. Augustas b. Prichard pastor of the fort Greeno presbyterian Church by the Arlington Avonzo presbyterian congregation has been accepted by him and he will in All probability to installed at the anniversary service of the Church which i to occur on sunday May 3. The Call has yet to to sanctioned by to Brooklyn presbytery which meets of monday. April 20. Tho Rev. Or. Jesse Wendell Brooks has pub. Lis lied a pamphlet which embodies Tho substance of two Kindred papers prepared by him Aud Road at different times. The pamphlet is called a Primitivo theism or evidence outside Tho scriptures that the revelation of god was the article has attracted widespread and generally favourable criticism. The Quot literary digest gave Largo extracts from it and most of the other magazines and periodicals interested in such matter quoted voluminous by from it. The friends of Conr Selor Alexander Couch who until recently had his office in Tho Casino building will to glad to learn of his successful establishment in he Pokalo Falls wash., to which place to went Early this year. He has recently become a Benedict. Or. Samuel Eden a Well known resident of this Ward has to turned from a extended tour through the South and West. He stopped at mo8t of the Large cities and has Many interesting experiences to relate. Ono of them a an account of a landslide in the mountains of California by which the train which or. Eden was on was detained for borne Timo. Counselor Georgo h. Alexander has almost entirely recovered from his Long illness. Assessor Georgo w. Palmer has been suffering for some Timo from a bronchial affection and is forced to keep himself secluded from the evening air. He however manages to attend the meetings of Tho Thomas Jefferson club of which he is president. The family of c. Warren Hamilton principal of school no. 73, Are All suffering from the prevalent malady Tho grip. Alfred Chichester who was once a resident of this Ward but is now living in Chicago was visiting his old friends hero last week. Alfonso Martin Tho once famous alow Pitcher and Captain of Tho world champions the Oid Mutual of new York gave a reception at the jeffersonian Corner of Pennsylvania and Atlantic avenues last monday evening. Ditmas Jewell president of Tho Twenty sixth Ward Bank returned last week from his Florida trip. Both he and mrs. Jewell who accompanied him were greatly benefited physically by Tho journey. The big Little puck use defied. 3 Chicago iii., april 4. Referring to a dispatch from Kansas City about a great cattle combination or. Favorite of Armour amp co. Said it was sensational when Thero was no sensational foundation. Several thousand head of Batlle had been purchased by armours agents but no such Quantity As stated in the Telegram. Such purchases or. Favorito said were common. The Stock had been bought Early in the season owing to the expectation of a a Hort ago during the summer Mouths Aud not As a speculation ;