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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 5, 1891, Brooklyn, New York The Brooklyn daily Eagle bund a april 5, 1891-tw Enty no pages. R v i v ii i t ii Down on Long Island. Incidents which make the Spring elections interesting. Tho Hatchet will dvrs on both sides Ilare been Busy in Kew town a land company is investment or. Sorf fans search for water. General news. The elections will occur in the Lon Island towns on tuesday. Very Ottlo Bini Picanco at taches to Thorn for Whilo Tho several parties Mauo nominations Tho voting is Dono of local and Tho Mou and not their politics count with the citizens. Tho most surprising pre elec Tion incident was the defeat of John e. Van Nostrud for As supervisor of new town by Tho Republican convention. At the same time Emanuel Brandon was thrown overboard by the democratic convention As a candidate for a Nistico of the peace. Or. Van Nostrand and ill. Brandon although of opposite politics were allies and it would Biem As if there was collusion Between Tho leaders of Tho two parties to drop them simultaneously. Frank Mckenna carries the Scalp of or. Brandon at his want and Harry Skelton has or. Van no strands thin locks Hong up in the wigwam. Or. Van Nostrand has been supervisor a Long time. He had no doubt of bin part yes nomination. Nearly every time he ran he had Tho democratic Indor sombut or a Dummy opponent but a year ago he made Tho mistake of combining with or. Brandon to defeat or. Mckenna for re cloption As polic Justice and he lost Tho election by seven votes through his own Andiff Orozco. To thinks to is Square now. The Republican candidate for Supor Vinor is or. Albert Coombs and the democratic candidate is i a Saesor John Hegg. Or. Coombs is Tho favorite. The Campaign miscarried in Jamaica. The de Iii crafts nominated Frederick w. Dunton for Lupoi Winbor. He is a Democrat. Tho Beau Buran leaders begged Henry a. Van Allen to take the party nomination against or. Dunton and he consented. A hour before the convention met he was sure of being placed at the head of the ticket. Some Clover work was Dono by or. Dun ton s friends and when the convention got Down to business my. Van Allens name was not mentioned. Or. Dunton got the nomination and four other democrats along with him for of lick Ohice. The party feels scandalized and the leaders who Aro Mere boys and therefore inexperienced Are being severely criticised. Tho citizen a representing both , have placed or. Van Allen in the Field for supervisor of an ticket and an Active Canvas is being made in his behalf. A pair ring Campaign is being carried on in Hempstead. Tie democrats have Edward a towns Ontl in the hold for super visor and Thomas d. Smith represents the Ile publican. The town is strongly Republican but the democratic Nom Inee May win with the help of the waterworks vote. Or. Townsend Defeated Martin v. Wood last year and to is considered a stronger Man than or. Smith. The Smith influence helped to defeat or. Wood and democrats Are expecting the Wood Niino Isicc to return the compliment. Or. Smith is Viaud capped by being a Long Island Railroad employee and a witness for the Railroad in damage suits and the Many be Oyrle who have had suits against Tho company Aro Likely to re Tain an unfriendly recollection of him. The election of or. Townsend is Couf ideally expected. John m. Clark has both nominations for Kun Provisor of North Hempstead and will a doubt Only have a Walkover. David l. Van Nostrand is sure of Aro election in Flushing. In Oyster Bay it a going to be a Strong race Between Scudder v. Whitney Democrat and his Nephew Freder ick w. I gotta. Or. Whitney is service to Tho town Hau been so faithful that his defeat now would seem ungrateful. Long Island City elected her supervisor last fall Frank Burke who re sides in the Astoria Section and is popular and trustworthy. Tho indications Aro that the next Board will to Republican. Shottek a howls at kl9bal Park. Floral Park is now one of the most Beautiful villages on Long Island and All through Tho Industry of one Man John Lewis child Al. Tho place was formerly known As East Ili Iisalo and had no other distinction than As the switching place for the Creedmoor Rifle Range. A few florists and seed growers worked of a Small scale there. In 1875 John Lew Childs came from Buck fold me., bought Laud on both Side of the Railroad and began in a Small Way Tho business of r seedsman. In the rubs neut sixteen years or. Childs has acquired Tho distinction of being a millionaire. To built up Tho town and changed tie name of it to Floral Park. The Post of lace Dupar Tenient restored Tho name of East Hinsdale and again or. Childs had it changed to Floral Park. He is adding houses to the Village and new departments to his Busi Josd All the time. He Lias agents collecting specimens in All parts of Tho world and be ships goods to every part of Tho Globe Ami he paid last year $45,000 . He Haa 100 acres of Laud under cultivation and employs 100 men. Ca in Date co reins platform Charles g. Corey is the democratic candidate for excise commissioner n the town of Southold. He Compi Aiyub that the prohibitionists have mis represented Hia position. And to no Lucy their accusations he Yek Ticlay issued Tho following address to the voters Lam in favor of granting licenses under Tho Law. I behave that the Lic Usu fee brio Siul to higher than Leroi fore not Leas than $100 for spirituous and malt liquors and ale and Beer licenses in proportion. I would favor the revocation of licenses for All violations of the Law and especially so in Tho Case of violation of the clause forbidding the Sale on sunday. In Case a License is revoked i am opposed to grunting a Nice vibe to some other member of the family to continue the business. Affairs at Tilk Kasz Side. A Stock company is being organized at Sag Harbor to run a Steamboat to Luv Rhead. The now congregational Church at Bay Shore will be 7 2 x 100 feet and will Cost to our the Sisters of St. Job Eph at Flushing will establish a Seminary for Young y0lnen at lire it the Rev. Father Hickey will probably be appointed Rector of the Church of St. Francis de sales at Patchogue. Miss Mary French of Sag Harbor and or. William Clarence Cox of new York Are to be married soon. The Ikus of . Jephthah masonic Lodge of i ushing will work Tho fellow Craft degree of three candidates on monday evening april in. William 0. Hunt a Al found dead sitting in a chair last wednesday his wife was talking to Liim and getting no response she looked around and saw that to had expired. Or. Oliver l. Jones and family have arrived from Texas where they spent the Winter. Kmil Weinberger of Nortu Nort fell from a Wagon and broke his left Arm at the wrist. About peo Puk. George Duryea of Brooklyn has bought the Homestead of Elbert Duryea at Syosset and a ii reside there in Tho summer. Miss Anna f. Collin of Brooklyn has taken Smith w. Clock s House in Bay Borc for Tho summer. Alexander g. Sullivan of Brooklyn has a handsome summer House in course of erection at of Arringdale. W. C. Boone jr., and family of Greene Avenue Brooklyn Are occupying their summer House at Amityville. S9tks fou Sayville. The Rev. Or. Graham will remain with the Metli Diat Church at Sayville another year As pastor. The Rev. .1. Ii. Prescott of 8t. Annas episcopal cd u Richa i say ill is ill w Ith the grip. A prohibitory amendment party has been established in Sayville with Albert Payne As pres i a e n t. Fish Fob the lakes ak1� p05b s. Superintendent Mather of Tho Fisli Batch Ryan cold Spring is ready to Supply fish and spawn for stocking hiked and Ponda anywhere within Trio Taio. He has ready fur distribution 490, 000 Lake Trout 120,000 Brook Trout 00,000 Broin Trout and 15,000 Loch Levin tront. He has distributed Over four million Tom cods. T n r. tacati05 , the Brooklyn Holiday House at Locust Valley which is conducted by the to mans Christian association of Brooklyn has had its name changed to Tho Downing vacation House in Lionor of Benjamin w. Downing who donated the proper Typo Ilie society for the Benefit of work ing women. Several Hundred women were entertained Liere last summer and arrangement a will be made to a larger number Thiu year. In addition to the property or. Downing Furni fled the House and provided a horse and Carryall to run to the depot and several cows to insure an abundant Supply of pure milk for Tho guests. Long is Idaho in urdu Elk Tifuh. Eastern elections have been hold in episcopal churches on Long Island As follows Christ Church Oyster Bay wardens John a. Weekes and Daniel in. Youngk Velar pc of her hand Cut off in a factory at Whitestone. W. V. P. Bradley and family have moved from Flushing to Queens. Tho grip a prevalent in the town. Among Tho persons prostrated Are judge Connorton mrs. Connorton Captain Hance miss Clara Easton William d. Higgins de Mott Burtis. Miss Sara Rhodes William Mccann or. And mrs. Alex Ander Dumas mrs. Dumas. George Poplo and Josiah w. Barstow wore i Octor wardens of so Corse a Church and Tho vestry Mou Are Isaac Bloodgood John w. Weed e. Y. W. Rossiter d. S. Jones e. H. Goodwin and w. T. Dobson. . The Rev. J. W. Simpson of the methodist Church at Babylon was presented with several handsome articles by members of his Church. Mrs. Frank e. 31oorohas been appointed Matron of the Long Island Asylum at Amityville. Babylon masonic Lodge in occupying handsome new quarters and will soon add now furniture. A great Many persons Aro ill with Tho grip including postmaster Hawkins miss Anna South Ard miss Fleet j. W. Jarvis James Lowerre and Treadwell Kellum. Tho latter a a candidate for excise commission or. Hotes Bat Shork. Libr Emma clock i so very ill with pneumonia that her recovery is not expected. Walter Wicks full from a ladder and broke his nose. John Hubbs of Sayville fell from a train in Bay Shore and broke his leg. The Rev. C. P. Corner of Brooklyn will preach in Tho methodist Church at Bay Shore to Day. if Islip. William 0. Chalmers District Deputy grand master of the Long Island District will pay an Oft dial visit to Meriden Lodge at la lip on Mon Day evening. The children of St. Marks sunday of school at fillip sent fifty plants to Tho Hospital for the rup tured and crippled in new York. Donations of edibles were made to St. Phebe is Hospital in Brooklyn. W. A Opper Iuan and family have arrived from Germany. ? general news and notk3. Colonel d. Smith of Saith town is Home from Florida where he spent Tho Winter. The Rev. Or. Blatz and mrs. Blatz of farming Dale arc recovering from an attack of Tho grip. Trio Board of education of Flushing sold.$45, 000 Worth of bold at 103.30. High Fig be masons fraternizing. A n Stablo dec Sulit f to m b to o k by n k e c e in o d a n d l i l n t e r t a i r e i l b y re e in York. Oils be of Perfec Tion. Nearly two Hundred member of Aurora grata Lodge of perfection of this City in charge of the thrice potent grand master Edwin Knowles 33d degree thursday evening were royally welcomed and entertained a Scotti a rite Hall Twenty ninth Street and Madison Avenue by now York Lodge of perfection. Among Hobo who took part from Brooklyn were luus Triou Brothers Wayland Trask 33d Edwin Knowles. 33d Joseph Abel 33d e. , 33d Alonzo Brymer George ,\v.w.share, j. P. Felt r. P. Wilson Jacob Jackson Miles h. Larder j. Harry Stubbs George m. Gale Albert King Charles Riveir Edgar Skinner William f. Prunier Avery g. Wheeler. Henry Ede Hobbs Charles g. Bennett George d. Barney i. D. Frank share Charles a. Ball s. J. Brown . Tue Tel Mark Mayer. Ralael Navarro Ira Ketch am r. A. Holcke Alfred Potter John a. Bennet a. Val Woodruff Charles t. Jung Harry e. Trackenberg Joseph ii. Pratt w. A. Kotchar a f. 3l Lethbridge t. Henry Holland general j. , Richard s. Shannon f. Donaton Valentino Hamina Uii Eliza Whitney o. H. Rowe e. W. Mascord. J. H. Seavey e. A. Deveau a. B. Martin g. S. Stoddard g. B. Cornell Frank l. Davis Georgo a. Powell. Rev. C. L. Twing Charles h. Tyson Thomas a. Green w. E. I Ottar Captiva Mckelvay Robert Raphael e. I. Dex Ter a a. T. Fackenthall Chandler f. Grave Peter m. Mclaren. Elliott Burris t. Jefferson Stevens e. E. Clapp a. N. Rankin j. D. Acker John s. Denton. J. 13. Marquand o. K. Buckley of Yor Aii Ramoh Cockroft e. Stone Dwight Burdge Fred Schroeder Fred Heeg Jolt Cooper a. A. Cantor n. Y. Josselyn a. 11. Topping Henry Ahlhei Johns Urquhart w. S. Elliott Alonzo Brymer. George e. Eldridge f. E. Wrigley Godfrey Vincka. Andrewl Ock ii. D. Dumont Ilia Herious Brollier Isaac Froine t. P. O. M., of the now York Lodge Aud illustrious brother c. T. Vcci Nachan welcomed Tho Brooks Inuos with Able addresses and responses were made by illustrious Brothers Wayland Trask Edwin Knowles general j. H. Warwick and Peter m. Mclaren. The third South degree was conferred and the vocal music was rendered by a triple quartet from new York and the Aurora Quaido of Brooklyn. F. N. Innes played selections of the trombone. At the conclusion of Tho work a tempting banquet was served m Tho banquet Hall downstairs. It was an Early ii our when the compans separated for their limes. The following Nevy York 33d degree Vasoiu wore presort James Mcgee Joseph b. Eakin George w. Millar Charles t. William a Lay Lesa Charles t. Uri Fluhs Thomas Moore Charlesh Heyzer William s. Paterson. William d. Garrison Kamuel Jones a. P. Moriarty George ii. Fitzwilson Stepheh d. Affleck John Collius r. H. Hall 33d, Southern jurisdiction Charles e. Meyer 33d, Philadelphia George Scott Robert Maloy. get out. Elis w i fees serious Lulu a s an i Art of a p be a for it Leavo. Judge Ingraham heard arguments yesterday upon the application a Haber i Corpus proo Eod Iuga to release Perrin ii. Sumner who is charged with trying to bribe persons to become witnesses in Tho Astor Hobo suicide Nuqui St. A. H. Purdy said that these people had no intention of be coming witnesses Aii l no intention of accepting Tho alleged bribe. Therefore there 7as no meet ing of the minds Ucli As the crime of bribery requires. Assist Ait District attorney Welch opposed the motion. Or. Purdy said that Aii Mner a wife was now lying at the Point of death. To raid by direction of judge Brady Sumner was placed in his custody pending Tho decision on the contempt proceedings to Lugo Coroner Levy. Judge Brady had died without deciding Tho matter. be temporarily placed in his custody again or released on Small bail but judge Ingraham said that to was powerless to do anything us the Man was charged with a felony. Or. Purdy said that Sura Nerch wife to had been informed could not live two Hourel. Decision reserved. Lia Ilia y Cutter. A quiet Homo Ive dding occurred Thuv Day evening at 11 Decatur Street. M ibb addio l. Cutter daughter of or. And mrs. P. C. Cutler was then married to George Mailley. The Bride wore a gown of White silk ii train and carried a bouquet of White roses and Hyacin Pithy. She was attended by two bridesmaids Misa Estella Harper and miss Maine Vrooman. Both wore gowns of Cream silk and Crepo y. R. Jones. The picture is excellent in design and execution is about 2 feet 0 inches by 2 feet and Baa a handsome Gilt Frame. Thirteen figures Aro depicted and mrs. Jones has playfully painted in her father As one of to monks. Miss Haweis b1btiidat Fautt. A pleasant Surprise party was tended to miss Flossie Hawkins by her Many friends in Honor other 16tu birthday of wednesday evening. John Hawkins and miss May Davison Sang. The Happy Little hostess was Tho recipient of Many handsome and useful Presenti. Some of those present were or. And mrs. Joseph h. Davison mias Nellie Callahan John s. Hawkins Mich Grace body Daniel Davison Percival Roberts George body Edward Hawkins miss Lucy body Leo Davison miss Maggie Wright Milton Roberts. Misa May Davison miss Madge Hawkins Mirs Mamie Hawkins Misa Lillie Pitt Mike Tillio Hawkins Harry Smith Benjamin Sherwood and mias Nellie Smith. The myst Shrike. Mecca Temple conferred the order of the mys tic shrine on thirty seven candidates on tuesday evening last at scottish rite Hall now York Ami gave a ladies reception on Friday night when a Short Chinco play by native performers was Given. There Ware six candidates who received the shrine degree on tuesday voting at the regular session of Kismet Temple. Aro y of Goins w est Puriba a tickets via the g Rea t four track new York c ventral a Rae Ricas g Reata St r Railroad. A advantages r reliable service splendid k quips ant g Rand scenery. Five Trainr to Chicago four to o in Cannati three to St. Louis every Day in Tho year from g Rand c ventral s to , he holds the indoor jumping record. 0 Alvar Nickerson. S k e t c h o t a l r a k p i in h e in o no to o k by n m c him Loii it a Jum per the famous indoor High jumping record of a. Byrd Page of the University of Pennsylvania has been eclipsed by a Brooklyn . Since de Cember 10,1887, imn Diede of athletes through out the United states have essayed to Clear Tho bar in indoor perform Aaroen at six feet but with one exception they have hopelessly failed. The record of Tho College High jumper was supposed to to Tho greatest height that would Ever be cleared in indoor Competition. The Best judges of athletes nil at the time that Tho world Waajid never Geo a jumper that could equal Page and the history of his life has been an Oft repeated tale in Amateur at Bietico sport. Page in Early childhood is said to have been a cripple and according to doctors urd ors when he be came Strong enough he took to outdoor of Ercilio and especially to High jumping in order to strengthen his lower limbs. How he built up a Strong Constitution and the stories of his Assidio ou3 practice at Bis favorite pastime Are Well known. That a Brooklyn athlete should be the first to outdo pages great performance is appropriate As this City at the present Day can Lay claim to having a quartet of the Best High jumpers in the country in Nicker so no a Llo cd r i t c h a r d and Stokum. The pres ent Holder of the worlds indoor rec Ord ill High jump ing is Alyah Nick Erson the popular athlete of this City. He a 21 years of age and Baucia 0 feet inches in height and when in con d i t to n w Eig h s about 100 pounds. The first athletic games in which Nickerson com � Peter were those held under the auspices of Tho Nautilus boat club on february 21, 1s8s. A t this time he was a Mere Novice in Tho Art of High jump ing yet he gained third prize against a number of Tho leading men in that event. He i cleared Tho bar at 5 feet 5 inches. In the fail of Tho same year he competed in the games Given under Tho auspices of Yale College at new Haven and Defeated the boat athlete that a number of Trio College could turn out and also the crack High jumpers of All the Large organizations of now York. On october 11, 1889, to won Tho High jumping contest in the games of the Orange ath Letic club and seven Days later Wai fourth in the champions help contests which were held at travers Alan i. Nickerson cleared 5 feet 7 inches but was Defeated by Pritchard Hallock and Ford. On february 22. 1889. He also won the High jumping contest in the games of the naut Lifs boat club. During the sea soil of 1800 Nickerson gradually improved in Bis form and style of jumping and by careful study and patient practice succeeded in increasing his record. On february 14, 18d0, he was placed on Woratch at the games of the forty seventh regiment in this City. There was a Large Field of competitors and in order to win Nickerson had to endure a Long and continued struggle. To finally captured Tho prize by Clearing 6 feet 8 inches. Tho next event in which he competed was in the games of the new York athletic club of october 1, which he won by jumping 6 feet 0 inches. On october 11 the championship contests took place at Washington and in these he competed under the colors of Tho new York athletic club. Tho other contestants were Pritchard the Amateur Champion High jumper at that time Morse and Long the crack Eastern Atli letes who wore counted on by their Boston friends to capture first and second places Hallock the powerful Little All round athlete who wore Trio Cherry Diamond Emblem. Pritchard won the contest by jumping 5 feet 10 inches and it was allowed that a much greater height would have been cleared but for the poor condition of the take off. Hallock gained second place. The indoor games of the season of 1800 then commenced and Nickerson trained hard to get in Good condition. In the eighth regiment game.5he won first prize by Clearing 6 feet 11 inches and repeated the performance at the Twenty third regiment games in this City on no vember 20. The saudi captor then began to pile on the agony and the Brooklyn jumper was snowed under by a crowd of second rate men who could not Clear any better than 5 feet 4 or 5 Iii his. In the Staten Island athletic club games on november 29 to jumped .5 feet inches but ouly gained third prize. In the Vanina boat club games to cleaved the bar at 5 feet 1054 inc Lich and won another third prize. On Decem Ber 29 he won first prize in Tho ninth regime it games by Clearing 5 feet 9 4 Iuo lies and captured first modal at the Prospect harriers games pm december 31 by jumping 5 feet 9% inches. At the games of the seventy first regiment of new York Nickerson jumped 5 feet l l a in Cush which at that time wan considered Pheu Monal. It was not until saturday week that Nickerson was Able to accomplish a fac that has been the shining Sal of All the Amateur High jumpers and that was to equal pages record. Nioko Raon succeeded in accomplishing this at Tho games of har Vard ool Joge. The collegians turned out in Force and it was distinctly understood than a attempt would to made by fearing to lower pages record. Fearing cleared 5 feet 11 Mehes As did also Nickerson Haywood Aud Green. Tho bar was then placed at 0 feet m Inch and the three famous jumpers then braced themselves to Clear this height. All failed on Tho first trial. In Tho second attempt Nickerson cleared the bar touching it As he went Over but not enough to dislodge it. Nicker songs style is very Graceful. To jumps without any Effort Aud seems to Fly Over Tho bar they went to bed. Now pull on the sculls the season of aquatic sport be gins to Day Tho police idea Ivelio Blavo Boon so Jim Cou Iii Overton it ii quite probable that the Boycott of Overton of the t invt precinct a at an cud. Friday night at 12 orc look when overtones Section returned from duty All those assign of to Overton s room who were to sleep in Tho station House to nor Mao key and Fitzpatrick went to bed without hesitation. Commissioner Hayden is very much pleased at the Good sense shown by the men and their apparent willingness to do what is right. If they had not obeyed Captain Carob Ellis order Friday night they would have been suspended by gom missioner Hayden nest morning. As trial for them would have been a week from tuesday they would have had to Sigaud a loss for ten Days pay in addition to tiie penalty then imposed. Opposed to ex-se5atoe Blau. Sax f Rax Cisco c Al a pril 4. Tho chinese Meroa Uttof this City at a moot ing agreed to Forward a petition to the chinese minister at Washington protesting in Tho name of the chinese residents of California against the appointment of i so Viator Biair As minister to China and request lug the chinos minister to bring the matter to the attention of the president of the United states. The Chin Sec merchants state that senator Blair has shown Arcag auriem toward their race and that their protest is made on that account. They that senator Blair will not to received As United states Loiuis tar by Tho chinese government. The he Idzu of tit Mitthu cel Tuneff. Sofia april 4. In an interview to Day Prince Ferdinand said he did not expect that any serious Cousey tienes would follow the murder of minister Piet Cioff but he was prepared for further attempts on Tho lives of himself and Premier Sto Buloff. Bulga Ria would not be provoked into any rash action through Tho recent outrage which simply imposed the duty of discovering and Pubis Liing the Asa Assiut. _ police fight. D a Dixa Nril 4. A party of Moo go term a a says a dispatch from Eunis county Glare last night attacked the House occupied by Michael Fitzgerald near that town. The police however surprised the Moon lighters and tired upon them. Tho result was that one of Tho Moon lighters was shot and fatally wounded while All of the Moonlight party Wei a Tho Amateur oarsmen May he seen on surrounding ? Waters what the various clubs Are going to do during the summer during Tho past week Thoro has Boon signs of activity in and around Tho boat houses on Tho Bayl bulge Shore. The Large float stages which have been lying on Tho Beach All Tho Winter have been thoroughly overhauled and after receiving the usual Coats of tar they Are now ready to be placed in position for the season. If Tho weather permits to Day will witness Largo numbers of the oarsmen afloat in gigs Neils and barges enjoying their first practice spin. The season will be a most Active one in aquatic sports As Groat interest has already been manifested among the oarsmen and arrangements have already been concluded for a a umber of interesting events. The Brooklyn clubs will chose their strongest and Best oarsmen to rep resent them in Tho Early Spring regattas. The most interesting event of the Early rowing Aea Bon is Tho regatta of Tho Passaic River rowing association to to held on decoration Day. It u to this event that the oarsmen flock in great num Bers and Tho races have always proved interest ing in Tho extreme. Tho contests Promise to prove of unusual interest this year As All the Best oarsmen of this City Harlem Boston Phila Delphia Aud elsewhere will compote Tho Brook Lyn contingent will be made up of Crews from the Yanin to Nautilus sea Wachaka Ravenswood and probably Tho crop cent clubs. In Many instances new boats have been Pur chased during the Winter and the Brooklyn crows will Start in Tho races equipped equal to any in Tho country. Tho Yamuna boat club has Pur chased a Largo Stock of new boats and will turn out a larger number of oarsmen than any other organization in this Vicinity. That Captain Tigho has been wide awake during the Winter Mouths is apparent when it is known that Bobu Mak ing extensive plans for Tho rowing men. Tho one thing that a Brooklyn oarsman has had to con tend with is the Lack of a proper course of prac timing with shells. That Bay Ridge Shore is not adapted for training has become apparent and although the Brooklyn oarsmen have outstripped the smooth water crows in Many an aquatic struggle it was Only extra hard work Aud Groat physical strength that brought them across Tho line winners in Many Large events. Captain Tighe thinks to has at last succeeded in solving the question of practice ing for races Aud has already made arrangements for the location of a training House at Sheepshead Bay where smooth water can be obtained at All times. A one Story Structure will to erected at a Point Congo Lieut to the Railroad depot and in Lofia than a month the Crews of the club will to working Bard for the decoration Day races. Tho location of the boat House will be at a Point Junit at the Mouth of Coney Island Creek where it flows into Sheepshead Bay. A course of about one and one half Miles can be obtained but it is not a Straightaway and could not be used for racing purposes on account of a Atrip of land which i juts out making it Impo Siblo to Lay out a straight course. Tho place will however be a Model one for training Crews and if the Varuna is colors Are not carried across the finish like ahead in a Largo number of events this season it will not to Boca Uso they have not the facilities for training. Heretofore Brooklyn have been compelled to journey daily to harlot or Passaic in order to obtain Good water on which to train for Randi. Tho effects of rowing at Harlem and Pas Saio have always been Felt by the Brooklyn men. And oftentimes within a week of Tho races Tho Crew would to taken with a slight attack of malaria Wlinich would incapacitate Thorn for a hard struggle. The course at Shoeps Hoad Bay. Beside by ing smooth at All Tomeh is open to Tho sea breezes and the Salt air and Surro tidings com Bine to make it an Ideal training course. It will Only be a Quost iou of a few year.? when everyone of Tho local boat clubs will to compelled to relinquish the places they now hold and the March of Commerce will drive them All below fort Hamilton Tho next available Loca Tion is ahem behead Bay and it a Probach that in less than five years every one of Tho Brooklyn club will Havo their housed on Tho shores of either Coney Island facing Sheepshead or on the Mainland facing the Ocean. The club Fleet of Tho Yamuna boat club will be greatly increased within a week or two when the builders who Havo been fortunate enough to receive orders for Choice racing Craft will de liver Tho boats. Blake of Boston is overhauling a Ruddick double Shell which Captain Tighe purchased when at Yor Coster. The club also four cared Shell from of Troy. The new Shell is of Tho latest design measuring 41 feet in Lengli and living 19 inched Boain with Tho carrying lines Well for Ward and aft of the cockpit. Kernst now swivel warlocks will be muted to Tho boat and she will be rigged with Fine French steel . She will be one of the lightest and still est that has Ever been turned out by Waters Aud promises in every was to is a Model i acing Craft. A four cared racing Barge is be ing built for the club by a Liao of Boston. The Craft will be of the working boat class and will be designed and built of the lightest mate rial. She will be rigged with sliding seats and Davis Patent warlocks. The carrying capacity of the boat will to Only five p2r.son.s and her lines will to formed for shift rowing. Tho boat will be named Tho John Courtney As sheriff court Ney who has been for Somo time a prominent member of the dub and one that has always been greatly inter item in seeing the club colors brought to the front by its plucky Young oars men has the Craft to the club. A new eight cared Barge will be ordered in a few Days and Captain Tighe is hustling around to get p., boat builder who will Turu out a fast rough water Barge in a Short time. The Nautilus boys have already to pro pare for the season and a new four cared Shell Haa been Milb by Waters of Troy for their use. Captain Waring a very sanguine of the Hue Cesh of the club in racing this season and expresses conic Rhone in Tho ability of the. Young athletes to win Back Tho pre Arige Wlinich this organization held a . A Junior four cared Crow will be formed in about a week and from indication a very Strong team will be got together. Arthur Prentiss Tho powerful All rom id athlete and the stroke of the Junior Crew of 1889, which gave Tho Fant Yamuna Junior Crew such a close race for the e a o of. Cup will occupy tie stroke seat. Joseph , a tall and Strong Young Junior , will Row in seat no. 3, and will Carndley who also rowed in a Junior four cared Crew will Row in no. 2 seat. The Bow Man has not been chosen As yet but there Are a number of men in the club who have never competed in a race and who can be called upon to Stoor the thou. A four cared gig Crew will also be formed and the Mort powerful men in the club will probably handle the oars. Don s. Voorhees the powerful senior oar Kuian will probably stroke Trio Crew and along with such Strong rowers a Gus Hill Man will Holden and Rudy Hillman a Crew could be funded equal physically to any in this Vicinity. Tho club during the past few month i has increased in membership and some of the new clubman arc Strong in athletics. It is prob Able that Early in the hereon a Junior four cared Sheli Crow will be formed to compete in Tho Early Spring regattas. The members of the Ravenswood boat club am As Bosy As they can to just now. The Largo Fleet of Craft belonging to the club Job being Over hauled and repaired and to Day a Large number of the Mombert will take the first Row of the sea son. The club has decided to add to its fiet a new four cared Barge a double gig two Sintic gigs and one or two pair cared . The club has the reputation of boing an Early starter Ami before the Frost is out of Tho ground Many of Tho preliminary arrangements for the rowing season arc decided on. Two Crews have already been formed and Captain Hiridon has placed Tho coaching of the men under the guidance of Adolph Bushman Tho famous double Shell oars Man. The club will enter a four cared gig Crew or a four cared senior atoll Crew in the decoration regatta of the Passaic and by Aliimau Una liar key will probably enter in Tho double Shell event. The Iii Ciao rivalry which has existed Between the Yarmila and Ravenswood boat clubs in Tho senior Shell event will be continued Liis Hobson. Ever since Amy Platt the crack double Shell oarsman re signed from the Raven Woods there has been a feeling Akin to War Between the doubles of both club. Trio Yaninas Defeated the Ravens Roods in the Middle states regatta and again at Tho nation my last year but Bushman and Sharkey Are confident that they will defeat Platt Aud froth this season. Tho sea Wachaka boat club it is Haid will again be in Tho front rank in rowing circles. Captain John Ranken during the Many years to has been connected with the sport has earned the title of a Hustler Aud to promises this Seacon to outdo All his former attempts in this line. The club has incr Ahod greatly in membership during the past six months and Tho club House on Bedford Avenue is crowded Overy a veins with Strong Young athletes and members who Promise to take an interest in rowing this season. A train ing House has Beau procured and will to located at a advantageous position of new town Creek where to crows which the club has turned out in recent years have trained. The course is not Tho Best in Tho world but the Creek affords a stretch of smooth water of about half a mile in length on which a Good spurt can be obtained. A Junior four cared Shell Crow will be formed Early in the Spring and it is said that their incentive is the cup. Which is now held by the Yamuna boat club. The first valuable fro play which was presented by the b Hook clix e Agle to Tho Long Island rowing association was won Throe times by the sea Wachaka Crew and became Tho property of Tho club. Its Junior crop was Defeated last season in Tho race for tie new e Agle end and it is said that a great Effort will be made to wrest the plate from to vaginas. Dame Rumor has also circulated Tho report that the old time Champion four cared Shou Crew of the Seciwa thakas will to got together again and the men will go into Active training for All Tho important regattas of Tho season. The members of the Crew Are Adolph rave Tho fast senior sculler Jolt Fogarty Tho old Lime Champion pair cared rower Bob Polton the old time Champion and Junior a cuter Ami a. Ross Tho powerful stroke of Tho Crew. The club has a Large Fleet of racing and pleasure Craft and it is Nob Likely that any additional boats will be purchased during Tho Early Spring. After them Iny struggles for aquatic supremacy have been decided on decoration Day the Crews of the Brooklyn boat clubs will remain in train ing for Tho Harlom regatta which will to rowed on the old con so from Gates Niaber Dock to Mccombb dam Bridge this year. Tho Date Haa been changed Aud instead of Decoi Tiou Day the races will be decided on june 13. D he next event which will engage the attention of the oarsmen will be the regatta of the Middle Beatea Assoria Tion which will probably to held on july 4 of Tho old National course at Passaic. Tho regatta of the National association of Amateur Oarb Iuen will to held this Toason on Tho Potomac River near Washington. This is in reality Tho rowing event of Tho 3oa2, Aud All pre Vii if regattas Are Only preliminary ice to the great struggles for Honor a in Hoko of crib the local oarsmen Aro Brou Glit into direct Competition with Tho Best rowers of the East with us Center of rowing on the Charles River at Baston the West with its Center of rowing on Pullman Lake at Chicago and Tom canadians who haunt the Waters around Toronto Bay. That Tho Brooklyn Arsmon will make a creditable allow ing in the National races there is no doubt and it is probable that two or three championship emblems will be captured by Tho boat clubs of this City. Old Point c0.1if3rts season. My verily Lio n m la ii o it b f College Al Kitoff. European play houses. The Henrietta very favourably commented on. Special to the Eagle old Point Cosu out a april 4. There have been 120 College men at the Large a during easter week. Collego colors have floated higher than the big Flag Over fortress Mourelo fraternity pins Havo found now owners for the while in very Sweet Aud very Happy Ina Sikma and old Point has Boon a peaking wildly hilarious. Seventy Yale men Wero the first on hand. They Camo Down aboard Tho old Dominion Steamer c to of Atlanta Aud took Posa Essieu of to big hotel wit i very Little ceremony. Twenty one of them Slot in Cou in Tho great banquet Nail but they did not fic Otu to mid that and made All Tho More noise. Thirty Throo Wero members of Tho College bang and Gleo clubs Tho rest healers. Saturday evening they tendered a complimentary concert to Tho Kuosu and finished their music in time to do jus Tice to a very pretty Ball. Tho officers club at Tho fort entertained them during the remainder of the night at a i arid Ever Rae Morallo Stag sunday was a boat pitiful Evator an Ideal Day am Tho Long proo Hsion of Puoplo of Tho Esplanade seemed made up mainly of Yalo men with pretty companions. They swarmed Over Tho fori found out Tho Coz Iest rot Roats in Tho Jive Oak Grove and Down Tho Boach and altogether had a most delightful Day of it. In the Afton Oon Many of them visited general Armstrong s coloured and Indian school at Hampton. In the evening All hands joined in a serenade of Tho Beach. Tho Moon oame u d Tho Bay Jii. In time to make the night a perfect one for serenading purposes. Tie upper piazzas Wero crowded with Maidens who throw roses to tie Kingera and encoded every Gloe. Tuesday Tho Clisba wont away but Trio healers didst. Lioy declared in favor of old Post Anthe girls Roso veil to Hod no More. fifty Hopkins Meir Camo along and gave another Voncort. Princeton. Harvard and Columbia sent about a dozen men each to the Impromptu of fun and the prese Noo of All gave old Point such a Lively Xci Tomoum As it has rarely had before. The week figured Well As that mystical Indof Nablo Boot Lime commonly known As the ii eight of Tho season people from further South homeward bound in variably a top pint place of old Point. Then too the ending of Lent tie Prev Alonco of Damp Iro Wilbor in the North and the Genor in Spring for which old Point a noted As no other place in All Combine to make Tieso present Days both Gay and inter citing. There have been Many prominent arrivals. Mrs. John Hoher Synod has been the guest of mrs. Congressman Walker monday mrs. A Herond rend her paper on to a de lighted Little audience and noted quite a sum for tie Little Post Chapel. Mrs. Thiu Wool held a miniature court while Here and brightened the week coned Crahay. I senator and mrs. T. C. Platt a f. Kamze de Viator w. H. Crane Walker and George c. Drexel Are other Pronini Elmit arrivals. Among Tho Brooklyn people registered during the week live been i. Floyd Jones de Forest , mini. G. N. Talbot. Fritz Talbot a. J. Osborne. Miss Lilian Osboran or. A. Ii. Aben Drath ill. And mrs. David Barnett k. J. Bergen miss Swenn mrs. L. E. Barron or. And mrs. Clifton Hunt or. And mrs. W. B. Nichols s. H. Bacon or. And mrs. To. J. Gilligan miss Gilligan mrs. Robinson or. And mrs. W. B. Leonard or. And mrs. Camden c. Dike or. And mrs. W. I. Dick miss Vlasi bugs. Or. And mrs. D. A. Barrett c. August Havila Iid George Brewster or. And mrs. D. F. Mccabe Miv. Mary to Kibe in. Aud mrs. Christopher hate Ziy. Walter Brewster j. U. A Pirchman and a h. Tidden. Among Tho peo ple returned to the North during the week none have been More sincerely missed than Cong Reaa Man Felix Campbell and family and mra and miss Tenney of Brooklyn. Baker and Baut Esder x Fao f k s a e a n l / n p r o ? h a b l c s p c c n a u o h in e nolo in Suad Acme. John Rothenbach a Baker and Carl Dietz a bartender engaged in partnership about three month ago Aud opened a to Dihlia Saloon at 804 , known As Tho wine room. Roth Ibach furnished the capital and Dietz ins services Asau equivalent. Each was at Liberty to draw from Tho earnings of the bits ideas $50 a Mouth for Liis maintenance. The Bui Sinesi however not appear to ii Are prospered and when to Cash on iia Iid at the end of Iho month was under$l00 Dietz found himself Sciort Wii to Rothenbach Blung the owner of tie funds could take of at last they a solved part Pership without a dividend and Otheni Iacoli jiving since collected some debts of the firm Aud failed to let Dietz Havo his share Tho latter applied to judge Boocting for a on tie charge of Petit larceny. Trio warrant re fused but Rothenbach receive ;