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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 5, 1891, Brooklyn, New York The Brooklyn daily Eaglel i ivol. 51. No 94. Sunday morning april 5, 1891.twenty pages. Three cents a suffrage problem on which England delays legislative action the question of giving women the Totans Power May come up in a Xci form in Par Liam ent Kins Humbert will re celtic a Gold medal As a Reward for his Era cry. open she 3 891 by the United Presh l Ondon april 4. The friends in the House of commons of the a omens suffrage Bill Are already anxious about the e adjournment of parliament for Whitsuntide. The Bill is set Down for the 13th of May and in the o Ordinary course the House would adjourn for Tho w Whitsuntide vacation on tuesday t Hor thursday. 14th. Tho temptation to got rid of a difficult question would in All probability decide the government in favor of tuesday and in Tho expectation the a t this would be the Case the friends of the Bill Are Comiter plating its withdrawal and Tho substitution of a Resolution w hich would be balloted for in Tho regular Way. I t remain a however to be seen whether there will be any Whitsuntide holidays in Tho Ordinary sense of the term Litany supporters of the government consider the a t if the House is to adjourn in july it would be better to give Only a very Brief recess a t w Whitsuntide nay from f i Day the 15 the of May until the following thurs Day and to Cut off a few Days a t the end of the session. Or. Smiths expression of Hope As to an Early prorogation is regarded by the opponents of assisted education a t All events As sounding the Knell of Tho Bill dealing with the a t Subj set. I t is practically certain the a t both this Raca Bure and Tho Small holidays Bill will to Laid before the House by t in the most sanguine Cost sinats As to the e course of business they can hardly be proceeded with if the expectations of Tho first lord of the Treasury Are to be Fulli Llod. I t has now been definitely arranged the a t Tho die Cushion in committee on the Irish land Pur Chase Bill shall commence on Timur Day next. I t will to continued de die in diem in tie next week excepting Wod Leaday. I t is expected Liat the budget will be brought in on the monday or thu Vaday in Tho week following. This is Tho Only by Sinema which will be allowed to in Terru p t the proceed inc upon Tho land Bill until it is Dia poked of. King h Umbert of Italy has received some compensation for the various troubles the a t have of late afflicted his subjects in the recognition of i personal hum Anity and courage by the Coin Mission charged with Tho examination into the an Nuala Ards f medals for civil valor. The commission has decided to bestow a Gul modal on Tho King As a Reward for his bravery on Tho recent fall of a House in Rome. The facts were briefly cabled a t the time. Tho Fuller de tails flow the a t on hearing of the Acci deut the King hastened to the spot Ana remained there for four hours directing and encouraging the Rescue party. His majesty was Tho first to descend a rickety ladder let Down into the cellar wide no the muffled cries of the buried men could to Beard and while the Dilu cuu work of Rescue went on to continually encouraged Tho unfortunate men with ass Rauco of coming help. One Man whose head and should ers were above the debris by t whose legs were held by heavy beams was especially sustained by the k in god words of Good cheer. Although the Clanger of a fresh fall in Tho ruins was considerable King h Umbert held the poor fellow by Tho hand and gave him wine and did not leave the premises until All were taken out alive. Silver medals have been awarded to others who Asai ated in the Rescue. I Pulah sentiment in Italy. As cabled three Days ago the american difficulty with Italy is viewed differently by Tho govern m ent and by Tho people. Popular Beni ziment is decidedly hostile to the United states while Tho Cabinet is anxious to get out of Tho m Atter As qui etly As possible w without giving a handle to its political adversaries. King h Umbert and the pre m Ier Are said to be both convinced the a t there was no race question in the new Orleans tragedy and without a race question the affair loses inter est for itary Neverth Elerts they feel Tho Neces sity of Gratifying the populace with some show of resentment. I t May be of in Terest to state in this connection the a t brigand age still flourishes in Sicily to a degree the a t make.5 the in Terio r in eafe for travellers and the a t it has not been entirely extinguished on the neapolitan m Mainland. I t is remembered the a t a few Mouths ago a Rich proprietor who was captured by brigands and held for a Raboin offered a Large Reward to the brigand who was left in charge of him one Day to lot him go offering also to take the w Ith him and secure him immunity. The guard answered the a t he would be foil Weil and killed. Bui you m ight go to America said the captive. They would follow and kill me there too was Tho reply. The return of the Kaiser to Berlin w without see ing Prince Bismarck is attributed to the conf Deco inspired a the Kaiser by the our Stu of the reception at Lubeck. His visit to the old Harise City was next to Bismarck s birthday Tho memorable event of Tho week in Germany. The Lubecker spared no Effort to show their loyally not to the emperor but to the Empire to which like All the former Lanse towns they Are strongly Atta Clied because it allows them the Possession of equal autonomy with the More in � Portan t states ill which they would otherwise have been swallowed up. The feature which excited the deepest interest was the trades prices Hiom. As each Trade appeared Wilt its Bauner and greeted the emperor he returned the Saline As cordially As he had the a t of the m Ilita Brand he made particular inquiries from the Burgo Viaster press Lent As to the condition and his Orv of each particular Trade. The Kaiser visited the various places of in Terest in the old City and was shown Tho ancient Arm or which the men of Lubeck wore when they defended their City against the victorious swedes. The Kaiser said he hoped to b e e the Day when Lubeck and All Tho Ixa Nae towns would again to the great Satur Jay Muneo a pril 11adv. Y e c h s l e r a. Abraham. Laham mrs. G Ertrude Yandoc Briu widow of the late judge John j. Val Erbiti and the author of the e Book of the Lii Ivory of f la Bush is now lying dangerously Ili w Ithia g Rippe at her residence Fiat Buk h Avenue and Lincoln Road Fiat Brisli. Mrs. Vanderbilt is Ridenti Ineil with Many Char Itable in this City and Iho town of f iat Bush and in Tho la the r town for years has gladdened the hearts of m any d e s Titu the fam Ilif Tri. T h e cat f e n r t m c k i s o a to to Catt. Tho fas t and Rasponi Wicent Pas eager service from new York w est is by the e s re a t Lou r track now York coutral & h Hudson River Railroad. All principal through tra in s Ara ecu ipod w Iii w Abner Voa Lobule d raw ins Roui of looping d ining Aad b u list . B u n d a y fair. B it s o f a p r in s t o r e n new s. A r a so l so or t a in by 3,000 o p them. And h ardly two a Lik e. S1.50 to $30.00. D of snot this suggest an in d less Choice buying carpets from Specia Ltd stores in t h Ese Days of apr y sales and slim pro fits does not p a y a a r p e t department t h in d floor d pressm a Kin g a Lrea d y 50 p e r cent. A head in num Ber o f o orders com pared w it h last s p la n g of o u k t h floor. M in l in e r y if t h e r e is n o the in g among this s or in g is collection o f trim m de m Illin Eryth a t jul s t str ikes t o u r fancy w Ell s peed ily build som Ethin g to your n o t to n Mezza n in e floor. S t e p h a n y is s p r in g p e r f u m e s. T h e fun l l assortment of Steph a n y is s or in g per fun m Lis is in. Fancy goods front right. S u r p r is in g u n d e r w e a r s a l e. Unal and my Day$5.00. Cloak d Oparto ont2d floor. Wasu Intond. C., april 4. Or. Jay goal it called on postmaster general w Wanamaker to Day. Telegraph tolls was the principal theme of the talk. Next Juno will to two years since or. W Wanamaker fixed the sched ule of rates which the government should pay the w Estern Union for the Telegraph service. Tho w Estern Union refused to accept these rates by t continued to perform the service. The con a Quence is the a t Tho government has paid Noth ing for in us of the Telegraph since the a t time and the amount now due Tho company has reached Largo proportion ii. Or. Gould talked the m Atter Over with or. W Wanamaker but no Defi Nite Couch Tsiou was Road Rietl. Or. A y Gould and his son subsequently called on Trio president Secretary Foster and Secretary Tracy a n d spent a Short time in Tho society of each. I t is Learned the a t these visits were merely social in character and had no political or Finan Cial significance. As or. Gould was leaving the White House he said to a reporter the Ita Lian flurry is not going to to Teri our our government has move i in a dignified and eminently proper manner. I do not see just w hat Italy can do in the m Atter. Will the International differences of opinion dam age Commer Cirii relations hardly. You Yec How the m Arket is prices Are up and firm. Tho prospects Are favor Able for a Haiir factory summer m financial Cir cles and alien the a t is so the m majority of Tho peo ple Are Happy. Sofa r As appearances go or. Goulds health is better than i t has been for some time. Or. Gould and Hia party left the City this afternoon a t 2 Oclock on Tho Chesapeake and Ohio new c Cincinnati fast Lino for St. Louis via Cincinnati. A Telegram was received a t the department of state yesterday from lieu Tenan t Scriven the special commis Kiaer in Boli Alf of the world co Lum Bian exposition to Central America announcing the a t Tho president of Salvador had accepted the to partic Paia in the exposition and had appointed five commissioners to represent Tia t Republic a t Chicago Aud secure an exhibit fully illustrating ii resource. Lieu Chi Ait Scriven also telegraphed that Salva r in p e. F in e Quality Cost to Impo it $ 3 .0 0 to $4 .0 0 each t i l. 2 5 each m o n d a y is d r e s s t r in m in g s. O at steel trimmings in Points balloons and Leaf Pav Tern a w o rth $1.25 and 81 .50 per cd. Special for Mon Day. Too. And 85o. it steel Medici collars p lain silk and c it Jet Edisol collars $2 .75 special for monday $1 .50 each c it steel corsets full w Aist trim m Ingworth 812 0 0 special for monday $5.8.j e t and Plain silk passe Monterior in loaf p a tto in i. Balloons and o ram ent Gimps Worth $1 .00 special for trim a innings front loft. A l l s in k k in b e l v ests l e s s t h a n . $1.75 la d in so All silk r in b e d vests. Black p in k. Blue and w h Ite. 8uo. Each. S o Jie o p t h Ese vests a re t h e a 25 Grad e reason of r this a c r Ifica e is t h e y r e the e fir St run o f t h e m ill. And. As is w Ell understood. A the r a d h or e and t h e r e Brea k s account o p t h e shuttles mov ing r a ther stiffly. O p course these Breaks arb m ended at Onoe by being knotted. And w h in e the e y a r e As sound As sound can be of r up r poses of ser v � ice. They Abb tech Ica Fly r leg a red Asim be r be c t by the e Jia n in t h e tra d e w h o know s it All. S a c. Each w e said hosiery front right. o l o r e d d r e s s g oods. Plaid n o Itro Ohi Mont. Now p o tto in. On Ligh t grounds. I o. Cloths in Tho o i Quisito colouring Spoo igl Kai Icv a Lhoir b Rill Antines 43 Inch wide Tho Fulle it r t of an Aavo Ramout or styles 30o. Dreels Woolen item 11 5 0 pieces of seersucker s k its to sold a Quan Ity o f Theao a t bargain Price of iuc., b u t will beat it Tor monday 53c. Item 2 2 50 Diocos m Uslin chemises embroidered Yoke been Goc. Monday 39c. Item 33ud pieces Lilu Sliu gowns Mother h aboard Yoke 75c. Stylo londay Otic. Item 4300 pieces m Ansonville Muslin gowns Yoke of six rows Llam Bur pm broidery$1.10down to 75u. For the a. Item .5luo pieces Cambric gowns surplice neck w Ith handsome p a the lace trim m ing $ 1 .5 0 monday 98c. Item. 1100 pieces Only. D cited Lawn gowns can to worn for Day or night fail Steeves $2.u 0, to r $1.35. Item 7 4 0 pini08 c Hina silk chemises Black Cream Lavender Blue or Corn color elaborately trim m de with p la tto Val. And other laces $4 .50lor $2 .90. U Underw ear2d floor. H u n d r e d l a d in s suits 100 la d Iesu s u it s a l l d if f e r e n t styles. Been $12.50 to $ 2 5 .0 0 monday $5.90, s8.75 and $14.50. S u its2d floor. L a d in s c l o a k a n d s u it d e p it. Novelties bin ladies Long capes Are bomb received by every to Amer Tho Limo altered to Day com Prises Over to Rev styles in Tho dose Pablo colors. P rices Range Iron $8.i 0 to $58.00. To Aro p prepared w Ith an excellent Asso ramen t of la Dies m military us ions w Ith deep capos ladies Light w eight Bovio t. Long g Arm ends in u Lster Raglan or Connemara shapes. Also ladies Lig h t w eight m Antles and lace w raps. 45 ladies twill Diagonal Cheviot and silk w raps and Mantle to r in m mediate Wear Stylos Are All varied prices were $19 .50$25 .00 and $ 32 to. M onday$9.50, $14 .50 and $22.50. 150 j a ii Csc Jack e to in various styles of Cheviot diag nixed goods opened a t $8 .50 to $10. I 5. Mon main a Ulel be rear. G r e n a d in e s a n d s i l k s. Black g Ren and in is. W Ith coloured f in � u res. A re m Uch sought a after t h is sea son. W e h ave jul s t scoured a Small lot of 400 Yards the a t Cost t h e Impo Ter #1.67w. We Boug h t at a f in u r e the a t in � Ables us to be t go at 81 .3 3 cd. 31 Inch Black f a Ille fran Ca ise. Value s1.33, f o r oho. 33 Inch Black f a Ille fran Ca ise value s 1 .3 5 of o h 34 in c h Black fail be fran Ca ise value $1.50, of r $1.35 30 in c h coloured f a in l e fran Ca ise value $1.35, f o b$1 .00 s ilk left Center. So m e n e w b o o k s. How Tho o ther h Alf Lite new cheap edition. Y lib Lory of the second army corps in Tho army of the Poto Inao by Goberni i Ranoia a. W Alker 1 Roi. So Ira cloth published a t $1 .90 per cover Publ Hod a t 50c., Sto ? tropical Airi i by Henry dry published a t Price. 89 Cen rum m Ond new Ditri Iio oks Accad lion m is s e s a n d c h in d r e n is Sec Tio n. 150 c h in d r e n is apr in g w e in h t g Arm ends in Pla in a and Pla id cloths sizes 4 to 12 y ears o be n e d at $5 .50 to $ 8 .5 0 monday. $1 .98 and s3.50. T h Ese a r e bargains in Earnest. Second floor. L a d in s Spring wrappers. .500 ladies Calico w rapper. Excellent Etyle Ecol Itegue Lar $1 .00 style monday Only a r t e m b r o id e r y d e p a r t m e n t. New s f in s t a e ave r a ther a Rich Collet Tion of table covers and screen s m Ade of m ail and Hollyw Ood cloth. Now some spec a l pric is t h e v Ario u s sized s o r e e n s a the r e e of l d $0 .00 screen. Trim m de w Ith Bil k e l in e w ill be r Setio k eted . $4 .35. Kensington table Art squares. 38 Inch is. 33u. Impo red 80o. Hb.mst1tched table squares and . Various designs. Monday Uoo. A item broidery2d floor. Bargain w a s h goods. W rapport round Yoke w at w rappera2d floor. And Waivio and Uarte broken Plains ail with Bourtie Etc cos will be bold a t 2.jc, Yard. Also about 59 pcs. Of the to debt fre infants Day a Sale. It e m 1 .1 6 0 in f a n t s s in k c a p s. F in e q u a l. It silk. W Ith lace in to h in c also. P in k or Blue hats. $150, for 98 item 2.200 c h ild r in is Gingham dresses sizes 1 to 3 years. Handsom e , pm Bro id Ery trimmed $1 .59 Aid $1.75for 75c. 98c. Item 3 a 0 c h ild r in ssh o it Coats. 1 to 3 y a r sizes All Wool Cash m Ere. W it h by a id de trim m ing on w Aist $5.25, of r $3.90. Item 4. 1 0 f in e Cream ottoman silk Coats. G retch in d Exira ble styles of r very l it the o ii ild u k n h a e been $13.50 and $10 .50. Of r $9.75. Lufa u to d ept second floor. Of l no Nch and scotch be Ulieru. In stripes plaids and Borders Havo been soiling in our Royal or Stock irom .5c. To Uduc. Yard. Those win 2oc. Yar w Ashable main aisle Back. .2.50 for �1.25. Picture frames. 100 of them. W h Ite enamel w Ith s Ilver ornaments , 20x24 Inch is. Is x 2 4 Inch is 10x24 in c u e s a it la Glass and Back. Our Reg u la r $2.50 Grade at $1.25 each. P in Turo s 3 d floor. Corsets. 25 d o z in c h e a p. 2.5 dozen perfect fitting Corot a in Fine sateen color White drab and Uacas. $1 .00 horse to monday 7 o. orae ia2 d floor. Sample pieces of . Enough Ler of last weeks Sale of Sam Ole i embroider Iob to make a Days offering monday. 10c. To 18c. Cambric Nain Sook and Swiss embroider ies for 5o. And 8c. A cd. 25c. To 35c. Cambric. Nain Sook and Swiss embroideries for 10c. And 15c. A cd. 40o. To 60c. am Brick Ain so o k a n d swigs e m b to id e Rie s to r 2 0 c. An d 2 5 c. A y ;