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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - April 4, 1891, Brooklyn, New York T h e b r o o i a y f h a i e y e a g e e. R .-1 vol. 51. No. �3. Brooklyn. Saturday april 4, 1 8 9 1 six pages. Three cents. New buildings permits sixty Hundred and structures. T hey will Colt $ 1 ,95,c 7 thre � pub lie it Beeli in tie list the w a Largo Batch of real state t transfers. Bubi Nesib ill the build Nir department was Tery Brick Lii rim the week. i Oiler p to is Ned p srm in for 100 Struc taros a t a total Cost of $1,095,017. Seventy two of Hoo Are Frame coding $1 09,317 and eighty eight Brick Valuet a t $800,300. In is u the e largest received in tins department except two. week enl ing May 4, 1s8 8permit ? were Krauter for 150 b r in k a n d 58 f a m e Btu Cuttre at to $1,333,188. The week ending 27, 1889 footed up 20 5 born Tureh of Ali k kinds at an Chi Mats valuation of $1,120,800. The week ending a osterday comes Thirl in the num Ber of building and valuation of same. What to the costs thib week Are the r a i Ibio Ach Eoln about to go tip ill dil Terent i its of the City valued a t $11 0.0 0 0$79,000 and $74,000. The usual num Ber of Lla private dwell Wiiki and Frazzo Colf gleam More and Shoffield Jivoni ivies a Throe Story Frame dwelling 25x57, for four families and store. Charles Victory owner Cost $,5,000. On Essex Street near Arlington Avenue three two Story Ami attic Frame 1 .8x28, for one family in Racli. Messes. We ii & shit lock of Neil Cost $u.300. On Clinton Street. Near president three four Story Brick dwelling.-, one 20 and the other two 30x8u, for three a raises in one and e ight in each of the others. Euiel Buckley owner coat $22,600. On Nisith Street near e High the Avenue six three tory Brick dwellings 20x40, with a Ono Story ext Union 12x13.0, for one family in Sach. A Doody. Owner Cost $30,000. On Clinton Avenue near Fulton Street a fire Story Brick dwelling 27x72.4, for live families. Bernard Fowler owner coat $2 0,000. On , near Navy a Throe Story Brick dwell my 25.4x38. For six families. Mary Harvey owner Cost $3500. On Arlington Avenue near Warwick Street a to o Story a d attic Frame Deli Iii j0x45. For one family. Frederick j. Swift owner Cost $4,000. O n Lgraham Street near g Ardner Avenue a one Story Frame stable 20x20. Alpheuis settler owner coit$l70. At Myrtle Vonno and Street two three Story Frame dwellings 28 and 47x47 and 50, for four a Nilles in each. V on Glahn bros., owners Cost $9,000. On fifty Sov Mith Street near third Avenue two two Story Frame do cuing 20x50, for Ono or two families. W. 0. Van Duzer owner Cost $4,000. On Ingraham Street near Lorgan Avenue a three Story Frame dwelling 2.5 r.50, for six fam i lies Eph Shat owner Cost $4,800, of second Avenue near f fifty third Street a two Story Frame stable 20x19.8. Eniti Biele owner Cost $2.50. At the Corner of t Hatford and Blake Venn cd a one Story Fram e shop 20x24. Levine a Gettleson owners Cost $75. At the Southwest Corner of Blake and Snedekor avenues r two Story Frame shop 2.5x40. J. P. A a. 31. Free owners Cost $800. On f fifty fifth Street near second Avenue a one Story i Nimo shed 14x12. L. Larsen owner Cost $50. Of gatos Avenue near Central a three Story Fram o dwelling 25x00, for six families. F red Erick Kaiser owner Cost $.5,000. On Hancock Street near Sam Ner Avenue five to o Story a d basement Brick do clings 18x42, for one family in each. J. F. Tyler owner Cost $23,500. On Macon Street near Stuyvesant Avenue eight two Story and a half with i Aamont Brick dwellings 18.9x45, for one family in each. A Rthur Taylor owner Cost $3 6,000. At the Southeast Corner of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street a Throe Story brio dwelling 25 a Foo. For two families and a Toro. Edward Alt owner Cost$0,h0u. At the Northeast Corner of Myrtle and Toiny Kiib ave Tea four Story Brick dwelling 25x 100. For nine families and a store. H. Schil dec owner Cost $24,000. At 080 Bergen Street a three Story Brick dwell ing 20x42, for three a mics. E Rick Suder trom out her coat $4,000. At the foot of Binm Ilton Avenue a one Story Frame storage j nit aug 4 5 t4 5. The Atlantic Dock company owner Cost f 1 ,0 0 0. Of Mcdonough Street near held a Otto two two Story and basement Brick dwellings 18x42, for Ono family in each. Henry Hill owner Cost $0,000. On Greeno Avenue near Throop e ight two Story and a half with Basc nit it Brick dwelling.-, 20x43, Tor Ono family in each. David s. Beasley Virner Cost $4.s,000. On Eivet Nih Street near e High the Avenue two two Story and basement Brick dwelling20x44, for one family in each. F. O. Peterson owner Cost $0,000. On Avenue e Oldert Street four three Story Frame dwellings 25.x.57, for live and six families. Michael Moran owner Cost $17,000. On so Brick Uveno. Near Fallon Street a two Story Frame shop 25x30. S. T. Hollister owner Cost $40 0. On Bergen Street near Albany Avenue a three Story Fram e dwelling 2.5x55, for six families and a Szorc. Z4e3.-rs. Cornell and Barnes owners Cost $0,000. On Lii Pii erd Avenue Bridgewood seven t Story Frame Dwe lungs 17x38, for one family in each. 8. T. , owner Cost $14,500, on Manhattan Avenue near it Man a Ono Story Frame store 9.6x27. Charlea p. Oer Mauu owner Cost $250. On Manhal Liin Avenue near Norman a four Story Frame Wei ing 26x46, for six fam Ilies and a store. Charles p. Germany owner Cost $5,000. At 37-39 Bye son Street a two Story Brick s to b be4 0 x 2 0. Andrew wit Sherr owner Cost =1,500. At the Southwest Connor of fourth Anomie and Lorty six Tii Street a four Story Brick building 1 00x 100. For a i Niblic school. The City of Brooklyn owner of t $79,000. At tin Jim Fioti of is Iii Merit Oft Street third and avenues a two Story Brick building size Irre Tilar to be soil As stores. George ii. , o Unur Cost $4,000. At their n Thweat Corner of b Gen sir not and. us inc a three Story Brick school Liokhe 104x101.5. Fhe City of Brooklyn owner Cost $74,000. On i dig Wool Avenue near Leveland Strait a two to � y Frame dwelling 18x30, fur one fam � ily Witliff yep Story extent Iii. 12x17. J. E. Vincent owner , $2500. On Moore Street near Grai Iam Avenue a thro Story Frame dwelling 2.5x55, for .-i.7 Lon to Reviue i d Warwick direct a two Story and attic Frame d.\eiung, 20x48, for one fam ily. F Rederick j. Hwier owner tool $4,500. At Ilie of in Jwuc h. I09 duo. Of a in a s r . 13 jh91 from March to to March 25, Molas it o Tota in roof Marcua of. 239 total Tahm. $771,009 Fiu Najbor o p arc is 5 Money m Jos. 72 Vatu or Rno Var r Iazle s5235,587 Luio from March 20 to March 26. Inclusive Tot n i Nicu . 31 i Cal . In. $1,386,324 number of p Lunoy Mori a of. 107 value of Urc Ian Moa in mor Tzatos. $003,275 in i w a 3sli of h Faik a 25x109, ainu a s Doh son to John Farr -11 Bali Bridi to St s 3, 164 it w Lupidi no. Runs w 30 h 111. 16 10 n 3 or Joiclyn a did Jamaica Plank Roa 1, i 16-i h from u a id a v in to h Fin big. Davenport to w or. 8 ,500 Sajna i Sperty Henry Weir to m urge Weir b Ain in logo n Al i7 8 it n a x . J -3io a Annin to Goorji 3 seem it. Caie in 1. No of Iid at. S s 100 i Hoyt at 0x90, Rie Tor a i Cher Wile of i Villion to is raid the ener Fuu s t. H 4 2 .6 e k Inchon Al .9 .tl2 7 ,9. Fro Ierma a Liwo to Annio h Lowe. In wife. Boren i b 225 .3 n a 2 .\100. H Miira Sweet we a to Lohn w Stro Mitall Tine k err us it is ,ou0. To. To w s. 375 i n w third a. 25x100. Davi s Tir Biu to i Arollo d Ribant. Who of 1-a Arua. Mort $ 00. Ipei car it � a too u n o Over Roen a. 25x i 6, in Albam could of to wife of ii o poo Riim Al a so Yri of a o Lohmer Tkv do v a 0 a Yoi to Joseph col lbt in m Ort 5,100 5.300 1,825 7.300 1.950 to h n t Ynell to Daniol s i Tau Mort Volle j. Mort $ 4 ,0 0 0lira dry Fly a 8.2 � f to Brooklyn a 20x100, Imp Ard 1-Yolf a Oronona Livatt of fun Thinh Broad a Ftp. A in Corner Jeffer Jon of 73x101.8 x 6 8 .10x100, William 11 and Wiiri Sibin f n to. Annio or Anu like wife a a Kush f Nolle Ami Oeor ii nol a wife of s Teahou Mack of Clyde 0to Guatave j Mack of same place. Oba Neey St. S135 f t o Saratoga a 10x100. A Diana spi .Jo to Thom As a mow ii olay St h 1275 f t e m Manhattan a a 5x_,_. H Annab wife Samuel Datini Aon to to h n Snith Al v a pony.2 100, Bai ,8amnol Uniat bar ton m Ort $4 ,500 Tufton pm d 8. 625 f t o Boiu Ord a 26x100, jury a wife Wulf Tia Doug a to Fitt Phea 5.000 3 .800 3.000 9.000 225 38,000 g.500 12.250 8,500 m Erton m o rti2 ,.5 0 04,u0u Oll nod at. W b ,3 2 u in p a Are o n t8 t,2 2 .9 x 1 0 partition deed r Obert m or Eban tto Jar tvs p b � no o f n v13 ,100 of n y and m Ari to Maria 7 0 0 Conselyea 6t, n a 175 it we Lori or at 2.5x100. Jessie m Chapm an to Ooola e Jontu. M Ort 10,500 Curn Berland of w a 1 1 2. 3 � a 25x100, Loonry a r Ichardson to Llen by 0 Baker m Ort Zioto d Ean St q so o it o a Albany a 20x80, fore close same to same. I500 Dean it n 310.8 e f rankle a 16.8x109, addle m Cook to John i Covington m Ort d Decatur Al n a -.5 it w Reid a 16.8x100. . Mary a wife hilon f i Sawyer to William p Ras m Ort $ 3 ,5 0 0exch d in a v s to n a 91 .4 fourth a. 16 .4x08.6, Kriza m Moore wire of o forgot Moore to a a b Kastman of a Arlington. N pm Ort. 0.000 and Fyhn John f Egan. Sam property 1 0 same Relea 000 336 2,000. Marraret widow of John will 3 property Catherine f Mcilrath exr anti Sive Mary a ill to same. Sane prop dirty Michael j Gill heir of John ill to Hame. 0 i 6samo porn peril Catherine v Mcruth heir of John ill. 510same property. Car Aret Cassidy heirs John will to 0 i 6 Dwight fat e 0 Cor Dike Nan 2 5xt5 John Bau Mann to Cornelius bait am. Nodi Tillit 6t, n o Cor Dikeman St 25x75, John Batmani to Olliie. No Mellery St h a 275 few Tomins a. 25x100, Valentine brucha Ousbor to Henry Bruch Haon 6 e r. � ,000etna St s s. 200 it w Elderts Lane runs w 7. I s 12.5x e 2.5 x h 125 to us Droh a x o 75 x n 125 x w 2.5 a n 125, Mary Mccormick to d Mcl Ori Ulk Essex, 12.5 it n Cozino St. .25x10. A Owis Gnok of fort Lee n to Kilzi Botlik Coo Floyd by n a. 200 it w Throo of a. 2.5i 00, Henry to in Bagein to Frank j be Cuianu Mort fun Iteni As a 80 it o Alti Auy in 26x3i.wili Iam Nagle to Ezra b Tuxtla. Mort $4.000. No Fulton by. N 8to it w Lawrence St 20x60, Hor Tenso to b Hoxey Mort govt Lio n � w o d i s i i i a Luo Fitz Herald to Catharine e Greenland. O,000 Halsey is 8 u s. 120 it a w Central a 40x100.John o and Jam is x7 Jameli Wal Long to Benjamin j head Mort ii a s to v a i a v in n a h o in a m x w Eliza Schoenwald to Lytza Wola part. Huron St. 1.20 i o Franklin 8t.2. Xl00,Llor Mann Brunssen to Meita , his wite Mort $#,o00 John St h a jl.5 it w Hudson a 25x109, ski Ali 1, extra and glint to Kichard Boa Charles and Charles m fratt. Orali and , to John k Barnes. 1 $1,900. Ail takes. Etc. Ivko tip at s a 189.4 w Bedford Avlo .10x100, Auguh Lua Daniel t Matuson to John d o n n o ily. O,i00kent by. U a j 7.5 it o West at 25x100, joins u Stead to of Marioi 3.760 2,400 Alu considered c i s c n Agel. 4 ,200 Kosei Miako Rit h.201.3 o a 17 .3x300. Lion to a Leigh to William 11 club lard Ort 4,709 4,600 $3 out Kosciusko St s s. 24 1.3 w sum Nerva , Franeis g Raneiti of Morris Park 1, to i Bailie Louise i Iod Matin. A Elfort. I a n a 2 2.8 v Laeson a 10x125. To Icuss 01 to ver and xl00, h i Lmary if widow love Jilin m in Sci ainu. 4 ,700 Locust St n � 3. Too it n o Broadway 25x1 to Chrisrophe j Frank to to b an a Iti Pior Mort Locust it. A 8. 334.9 s Ira n t St 4 i.4xs 5 .3 i 4l .3x.s/.s, us Olav to w ilium , to it $2,. I Al. Consideration omitted same prop try Algurt h air Noil to Cist a kick Mort $ 2 ,5 0 04 ,000 Aii it w 8, i 10 it h Eastern Parkway 20x Iuo Weihn Imin h a Iddiols to Aloys Chuck and Nio ii to Phon. 290 by in s. 140 it w ick s 8t. 20x100. Christiania Jeh n us Trifo o. John Eto John e Jon Sou p a r Tom m am ist.iih240 it w fat Chen a 20x100, May a Burro vhf to Lla Rio i m Sullivan Mort $4.i�uu 7 ,000 a Cou b., 3 h. 200 i t o Paichel a 18x100, Roburta Guo Ieno sikh to k Aud Julia 11 b in n e to. 0 ,800 a Lisun by n a 100 it w Faich Nav. Runs o 75x n w i08 .6x a 78 to be t. A Toivo s wheel of i Ryoo to Cornelial wife 01 Lam of o brook., u , c to. Am m Arkett 0 4u it Brooklyn and Jam Pike 12.5x150. Cornelial of jamo.4 c Brooks. To Dary 11 ryc3. H p a to. Noni m Arket i w a 1u2 u n Rocoll i. 50x160, k Ati i a widow of lion cart f , to to Banna. Mifoo me Vine. 1 ,225 Mcdonouh at 8 a 402.2 e toinpkin., a. 2u.2x Lou. Lohu Fraser to Samuel i c Iago m Ort Modon Vujih at. H b Corner Throop a 285x100i Litt Mioi 11 cram to to h n Fraser m Ort Mcd no i h 3. .322 i 0 Tomii Kiich a 20x Lou. To h n i laser to James j Burry Mort 8 Iii i us Marfi Avri i Iii , Barbara k alb to Maria a Baier More m Obilt St. O 8. 152.6 11 e Bro , i8_\7.5, a to d �0 James jul Urt $3, u0. Imon Roj to. Ii 8 ,427 .9 w Fra Nuhn a 2u.9x.s5, a and Emma c Ile or in it Al ears of Franco Melvin to i m Ai Ari t f Ito of will Iam if. L a i f c. A . Anno Melvin. Widow to Sam u. Monroe fun300 it w Tomsk Iii a Luu. 5 Iii i Raj .Jo an n a Leonard m Ort $ .i,0 94,--00 n 0 Cor no lots Rad Jerom e St. 4 2 .2 i93 .10x 40x j 1 o 2. Willi Uii ii Iok Ler to Allyn shuck niiu11 Ami Bun Jauvin j Lla a j to Sarah i it Sim icons. N Orth Home St u a 121.4 a Van c olt a. 1 ?.4 .100, Mort James d Lynch to Haidich i. I i u i t. O. J o same property Cimelus Kii fort to Henry t n t u i u n s m e i. Oakland a. W a .50 f t a India it 25x100, p Ete r Lunnon to Edward an 1 John Connelly. Incl to l.,1 0 0. 3,000 Palmubo St. U w a 34u i t n e Cun Lral a .50x .100, kill turd Goodwin to Melvin j Bailey n to r to 2 ,0 0 a exch Marne proper Deolvia j to Cash Arius Mousy 8sb it to Allu a in. S a p to. A to a h in o ,7, o sixth a 20x100, parti Courtney to Josoph Hyin. 8 ,100 143 it w Leo a. 20.4x100. 13,500 6,500 5,200 8.000 5.000 3.500 1,850 a n 111 " s lion w Ilii Atn .1 cart u e p Enn at s a .a Jelia wife of and Thomas Crocker of South Orange n to leu Riutta Schroeder n v 7 a w. K i uhf Niimi w Uny to Mary j. I or Arol k and Stosny m o it $203nom q Lucy to u a s5.6 w Balph a. 4uxjou. Us Alolph Heimur to Hubert a norms and Glia los a to be ago. Subject to All Moi to. Hic. Nom q Quincy to s a 2uj t t w Tomsk sub a .6x 95lull Vun c Humphrey to Aaron Butler now brii4h on m Orts $10,ul.h17,000 Ralph by 3 e a Luo it b w Central a 3 40x Joo. John Rapp to Henry Roth m Ort share Collier of Alley x 2 ii .4. Wit ii use o Quitoy Etc. To h n Aud Crno to f to i Hui us b Liow in Ort $ 1 ,3 ,0 0 0. 23 ,000 Richardson is. 8 ,25 u 0 g Raham a v re t a s to land of the Marma Tau Ai u and n y r r x e 2 oxus 44xw 25 to be Silas a of indict to rhe Udoro t Ock Critz Mort $ 1 ,2 0 01,600 in ency at is 2 53 u w Leo a 2 2 Ziou j u Lia k it Lattison wife of a Jitter m., re ii Waid a at in. at. N is 1 77.10 n e bed Iordan 19.4x100, w Inch iop m t i Ilco to h n b Phillips m Ort to Kyj s 7f fio n o vhf 100 join b Phil lib and Anoo hrs Aud Init toes join i , to w in Hrop m 1uttlo, More 1,000. 13,Uoo r Toledo to n w a. / / it i c Lea a Lii Loo Joseph Good Stein to Viola c ii Yuca Mort Nus i i no too fro7o-,v ii in do a dim Faiumi wife or 5yin d. 10 we Llo y d and 13.000 13,000 e i Phalet s Nowins. Nom Scipio Impi Ivorn 4. A 270 it 0 c Oart St l ,5x t8 .3x19.3x69.6. Hai. M aia Arai big Gou to the Bureau of charities Mori 5000,000 Schurm Erikorn Al � a 125 f t w Loyt at. 21x 100, hrs Paulino Baldwin Lotre d e Rick Friko Niiori $ s ,0 o 022 ,000 ski Mari is w a 94 .8 u d Elk a a 14x80, an ton i Iacoli to Educ Ono Goh. M Ort $2 ,o003 ,800 s kill in St o a 80 i t n Alayeito ii 20.xiou,. John f to Lodyko to Max Meiers of now y Ork. 4 .300 St win t 8l. U in 8. 130.8 s w Bushwick a a i6 .8x too to tin in Llanah of Maspeth i to Lenry f id Erick Ami Amolia his info. Mol $ 1,900. Spencer to of s. 300 u 11 Tiu cry at 2 5 xl6u. He a of Iliou h Lilure to Lois Burter Mort 3o, u up Cor by House no 52, known a lot 41, g a re t t Matevo nth Ward Daniel Doti Midy to a ice d o n n e Fly. Wiio Mort .$2, l50s Teuben e i a ,22. It a m Anlo .-iv,25x100, s i o in u u i $5 ,000 7,000 i St it hns Viu Esb. 100 it o sixth a. 25 250.2x102. Georgo a and Alice cro kor do Vicca Vav Iii Iii b Crock or to Eor a 11 i it Ichuan by a. .Jo Iii i. H h. To o Ite sixth a 2.50x01.4x 2.50.2x102 s t to to s i. B 8, 3505 w seventh a. 0.7.\100, go Rie ii in Uman Aud \5 Illian a to William Lia a a g a to m Ort $2.r, Wii off k i part sub to Morl $4 ,o002,440 to Klou at h a 360 it 9 m 46,000 is Sunna wife Frank t to it Jcj Edward a Friea arid Sii Saona Hia wife m Ort $ 3 ,0 o 04 ,900 Sullivan it b w Cornor Del Khz St -10x60, Maria a Cher to Cli Arlos Sutherland new \ Orn. 3,200 u Nion a 1 4 6 j i e Chu Tuit so 23 .9 .t10o. It. 6 u to Mary Siule. N ilm to m Ilse a i Niiori. U Nion St n Greene to 8.000ft w suit h an t Sarah a wife of jharlu.-. Torii it Union lit n o s2. .6 u w i Dith or Louie j o h n Courtney to Kli Zabih old b run t of a e 5. .50 it u o Frum ont St 25x90. Emilii Johnston to Potor Carroll Lori $ 00u 1 ,500 same Iron Eric Isa Cha Johnaton. Heir of Ohar lob Johnston by guardian to Bino. 1,500 Van Burea i n 9 j j 0 Stuyvesant a 5 i 4,150 20 .800 Chris than h Artuner of new 1 Ork. In arcu s e.120 it n to Hoyt St 20.xl00, John m , a Nna m 0 Pfau Kuchon w in Tolmino 11 Tnp t Ami Ink Gallno Kos Asbur heirs Etc., to h n i Elsaai Are to s Tirl w Ron n n m a r 50rioov Rancis h Arper to m artha and Llen by Hoca same prope vyv Artlia wi5j Henry Ito a to Uei Ibon Goldschmidt Mort $14.u 00 Tashi Wikton St 0 i. 21 it u Julury St. 21 x81.5x 21x81.7, j o h n Dill. J o s Liebum Annas sons Browing co m Ort $ i0 ,0 0 0 and iut Robt Goto \v,7ki./v re o 6 k n i in in n in a v a 5 Solomon Woitt to Carrie wife o f a Braham in Olaf m Ort $2 ,2003,200 5rierlield o a 225 it n o Broadway 20x100, Olar Lofs 1 Stark to Ludwig womb shall. M Ort Nette wife of George w More to a Anthony ii to a g h7 ,800 w Thors at. No 41. N a 2 75 i t w Lorimor St 25x Erley h Tyler and Ano exre Emma j Tyler m dry $0,000 .18 ,000 York at 8 8, Between j a r mid Bridge h x i32. To Talm an 8t, 20x122jeremiah j Bacon and Mary 0 Byrne heirs of Jeremiah Bacon to Sohria Ophor to ichor. A. 5,160 8 9 0o at 190.10 0 a Mintoft at d Aniel Bram e to to h n m Noonan. T h ird 9 ,1 6 2 .1 1 w Hoyt St. 26x106, c ath Arine r Townsend extra of to h n j Townsend to a m Piaf a Tom Orris. Lame properly c Atharine r Townsend to Samo. Hard by. 8 82.11 w Hoyt St. 20x100, c Athar Ine r Townsond extra j o h n j Townsend to h Iram k irk. Berard o m iry a m Iller subject to taxes e to. Bevent by. 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Far the so x 100.2, Anthony Mone oly to a Liu i f Thiol 0 ,030 m a u no o r t thirty Nini h s,l0o f t 0 seventh re 5 0 x1 it org u Kelly to Rebecca Godsoe , o n u. St. S a 8 8 t Inird a i Joaeph a f c t o j a r r o of Xvi right title and in to rest in s tree t and ii nine 4x100, to h n Ksepko to h Erm an f Koepke 6,500 0.500 2,300 2.800 4,750 now a trocht. Mort .$1,500atlriuicav, ,400 it e to Chester a 2. .4x 101.1 i40.5xl00, Hotl August immig to Aaron Aliu Strom. Mort $3,.5 0.Atlantic a n w Cor Russell i oho Ica Tot. Wife o Alfred Ogden to Borelli and Vincenza his Evite part $3.000. Atlantic a n a 83.10 e Schenectady a 30.6x9.0 1, Lor closure John courtaud to Thomas s Denike. Alla Ulica 8 w Cor Schect Ady a 150x200 to Pacili by. James r vans to my Dort a Voa Bec Loru a. 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L i tvs it notable Gat Bertig of men and Tromon m Ost of Thorn More than 50 years old Aud m any of Thorn Ciers mod the a t Shouger Cam s Aud Laid his linger the heart whose pulsations had not Coa cd for nearly 80 years and instantly the a t heart was still and with the expiring breath the in m ortal Houi went away to the House not made with hands. This Breth Renis a True Euthana a no Strugg Linig with death no Opportunity for sorrowful fare Wells and painful partings and no need for special preparation be Caine tie life work is done and living or dying Tho soul is Safe in clip fit. God give u6 All such a death and make real in our personal the wishes expressed in the exquisite lines of the g greatest living poet Sunfist and evening Star and Ono Clear cull for me and May there be no moaning of the bar when i put out to sea but such a tide us moving Veeras asleep. Too full for sound and foam when the a t which Drew Itom out the boundless deep turn again Home. Twilight and evening Bell and after the a t the dark and May there to no Ladnes of Farewell when i embark. For Tho from out our Bourso of Tim e and place the flood May Bear me far i Hope to m get my Pilot face to face a lion 1 have crossed the bar. The rot. Or. William Hayes Ward of the Jade pendent delivered a prayer a t the conclusion of or. Van Dyke s address. Before the invocation however lie said last s saturday m orning who i m it or. Up sir a t i did each saturday for Oarb he said to me i am As ready to die now As i Over Al null be. Aud that Waw his thought for m any years As his soul rested on god. Or. Ward in his prayer thanked go for the Man who had passed into eternity of r the Faith to had exhibited to All who m it him for Tho example be set and for the mind e strength. Power vigor and positiveness the a t had carried him on Aud for Tho gents Enexis the a t was behind All his outward Force. The doctor prayed of the a t the service or. Spear did of r the Ohn Roh in Brooklyn m ight not be lost and the a t the Power hosta red m ight so on from generation to generation. A closing hymn was Sung and then the people filed slowly by the of sket to look for the last time on the face of or. Spear. The Only Flowers in Tho Church were in a Smau simple Butch the a t stood a t the Side of the pulpit. The body Wka placed in the fam ily plot a t Greenwood. K e e p s o m o c of is e x t r a d r y i m p e r i a Oban Raukx Roar ice Olivit Adri Alue Rhen procrastinate. B is Iii a b e of r e i b o i j a w c o n in u the e t to a c i a e Pivot k e e n a u o a d e d to p Eter Cleary made a proposition to the City to build the new seventeenth proof not station Honee of r$48 .000. In a letter to the folder Mon after Ward Cleary explained the a t he had made a mis take of $3,000 against him self and wanted to withdraw. City works commit Mioner John Padams appeared before Tho Law committee of the common Council last evening and explained the a t Cleary had since agreed to do the work for $48,0u0. Under these circumstances i move to Dis charge the commit too from Furth or consideration of the m Atter said Aid. Jeffersoni Black. In this he was supported by chair Mai James Keyes and Aid. E. P. Gliomas tha other Mem Bers of the committee present or. Cleary can proceed with his work. The petition of Ada 0. F u rth of Canton Street near division asking the a t she to reimbursed m the sum of $75 for injuries to her property on election n ight was received. We Hayo no Power in Tho premise a in Ter ejected colonel Edward wild non Price Tho Cork. " 80 ordered remarked chairman Keyes. The widow of Tho late William Kowalski in his tone u City Burte Yor asked a claim of $540, with into Rcpt making the debt $738.07, to paid. Or. Kowal skirt work was ill connection with Tho widening of fourth a Vogue and the claim dates Back to 1881. No action was t Iken. Controller Tho Odoi e f. Jackson so n Tiu half a dozen letters regard tour quit claim deeds. Tic of deeds Are granted by the City to perfect the title of Ocen Panu of lands in Winch tiie City May have an in Frost. The to t notable inst cob arc Ali org of the lines of the old Flun Torply Crip pc Bisish go Numis and Bushwick roads. Tie particular quit claim deed that gave Ritie to a Tutlo Ditcu Ksiuk was the a t of George s. Wheeler to lots 58, 59. 00 and 01 in Block 73 of the Twenty third Ward. The property is located on Gates Avenue. Controller Jackson reported in favor of giving the property co or. Wheeler and of pay ing $100 Lor soar Liing titles. 1 Movo that this in actor be Laid Over said Aid. Thomas who liven in Tho neighbourhood i to property has been improved and it looks to me us if the City should receive a More substantial re turn. Aid. Elcock and i have talked this thing Over and would like to have it Laid Over for future consideration. Aid. Elcock is also a resident of Tho Twenty third Ward. Or. Thomas motion was agreed to. A dozen other coir medications from Tho con troller Sug Hoiting like action in each instance were read. Aid. Black and Thomas objected to and the Iii being done n Atli them. W e should be supplied with diagram s in these cases or. Black . F. Skelton wanted the common Council to give him u Clear title to land on the line of the old Jamaica Railroad on Buffalo a Smuc. Between Atlantic Avenue and Herkimer Street. The m at Ter went Over with or. Jacksons requests. Colonel Price tried to air Tho up by showing the a t Koruzo of Tho m matters under con Sid caution Hud been in the a t cond Iliou of r a year. He was . The Blue Stone Floggers Royit in a petition ask in g the a t to e Rule compelling every Man in their Trade to Sec i e a Perm it before to can do any work in this City be revoked. I a resident John Mccarty of Tho common coun cil showed the need of caution in Aitch a m Atter a the bedding underneath the atone was an important Factor ill such a Euing and inspection by Lui employee the City work department was Noces Btry. With this Sta tem ent to go by Tho Ald Ormeli ogre Oil to Lay Tho m Atter Over. Early Dawn of our Muslo. L e c to r e b y aug amt w i i the e r u cd Ore t k e b r o o k y u i its u note the larg 5 Loc cure room of the Young monks Christian association 502 Fulton Well filled Cote Day afternoon a t the m monthly meet ing of Tho department of Fine arts of Tho Brook Lyn Institute. Professor f rank Lin w. Hooper opened the m meeting by Sta Ting the a t Tho lecture to to Given should properly be under the auspices of the department of music but As yet that de part ent had not been formed. I t was in fair Progress toward form ing when the five in the old Institute building occurred which of course stopped everything for a time. In the coming fall however it is expected the a t a department of Musio for the Institute will be inaugurated Aud from Tho list of names for membership already obtain Neil it is Likely to prove a big Success. Pro Fessor Hooper introduced August Wallier who spoke on the e arly Dawn of our music. What we term our music Allier said is of comparatively recent origin As nearly every o ther nation had perfected their own before ours was begun but such As it is to Day it has never been surpassed and probably never will be. Music the most Beautiful of All arts was slow in doming to the front. Already Bosforo it appeared architecture sculpture and painting had come into use Tor m ans expression of his ideas of external Beauty Aud poetry for ideas of internal Beauty. Our music unfortunately had its be ginnings ill the greek music. Nothing could have been worse for ours was encumbered Aud Ham Breed by the greek for Luany Long years until finally 11 was dropped quickly Aud for Good. And it was Well for Tho Melody o f anoint Greece would never have developed into our sex in Iii and complicated music Eren through the evolution of Ages. Or. W alter then went on to explain by Means of charts and piano recitals some of Tho earliest form s of our music most of which wore crude in the Light of our modern airs but nevertheless it was clearly shown the a t Tho simple illustrations Given were the foundation in part of our Sublime nut ii of to Day. Or. W Alther s lecture As a whole waa excellent and was roundly Applan Dod at its close. Tier the in Vaul bail Morats. T b e a ii oct atom to o u old n o t c o m n i t i to Ito of f r e e to Ralile a largely attended m meeting of the t thirteenth Ward democratic association was held last n High t in Phenix Hall in South e High the Street near bed Ford Avenue Fedor Mahoney in the chair and John d. M Aldo recording. The inv Ati gating committee reported favourably Outh dirty proposed a t previous in outings. They were elected and a few of them present had their names a round. Several propositions for Mem butt ship were made. Joseph Mcginnis a Siglo tax Man said the a t As the Campaign of 1892 was not far d Stan t it would be advisable the a t some action be taken by Tho democrats of the Ward to prepare for it. He proposed the a t a committee of five be appointed to solicit subscriptions for h enry Georges Book on free Trade and Protection which would he of great advantage to them As it would enlighten them on the Issue which would to the Tariff. Chairman Mahoney said the a t Tho organization was not for Trio purpose of creating committees to collect subscriptions for any work no m Atter what it was. Anti refused to put the motion Bosforo the meeting. He Hud failed to said to discover a free Trade Plank in any democratic National platform. Warden Patrick Hayes was of the same opinion Ami thought the a t Tho Campaign of 1891 w As the first to be looked after. The chairman i United or. Mcginnis to Appeal from his dec Ilion Aud he did to. Tho chair was sustained. The meeting then Adlour nod. Is office in uis hat. A c s h n c to e r a c o Tea to b be k catch a a n d d e p u to s h e r i f f f e e n e Bad blood has oxi Stod for Rome Tiniuc Ever Tho posh Stison of a drawer in a certain table in jus Tice t in hers court Between Constable Timuia k eating of the sixth Ward and special Deputy sheriff Thomas Flonoy. Tho latter now holds tie key to the Cove cell receptacle and k eating claims Liat As a Coli table attached to Tho court to is entitled to Possession. Keating Laid his grievance before Justice Tigho yesterday but the the r Refe rred him to chief clerk my Garry but to dec Irinod to interfere and thought the men out to Settle it Between themselves. I have to carry my of Lico in my h a to said con fit ahle Keating. To hats a Good place for it retorted Feeney. I ave Iliad the key of the a t d Raa e r for ten years and intend to hold it for ton years More. Pil see about the a a replied Keating. I ill see the Alderman about it and if i get no satisfaction from Iii i i ill Call on Tho mayor. I am a Rogu Larlor elected official and you Are the creation of an India dual. The new Eastern District theater. P Kaiim o f t h e Dropo Etoil is ii old in g i n s o u the s in the m re o t d e a d A architect Gaylor has Tho plan of the that a about to be erected for a. E. Ric liars on South sixth Street near Broadway ready. The draw ing is completed and Bitows Tho fron t Elevation of Tho proposed Truc tire. I t will to erected on the site of j. C. D a tones livery stable will be 55 feet High w Ith a for Ortago of 84 feet and a depth of 100 feet. I t will he entirely modern in construction and will have a Large seating capacity. The location could not Well be More Central for it com Maud a View of Broadway and Bedford ave nue. Or. L Auren t Howard familiarly known a Larry the present efficient and popular m a nags of the Leo Avenue Academy will be Tho m manager of Tho new Pliny House w hich will be largely de voted to variety Perl Ornia cos. Work on the of Structure will to comic eucled on May 1, and the proprietor expects tight it will be finished in the fall. ? a at Alula Rich Hall. Bishop Littlejohn Coli firmer a class of sixty two persons last night in 8t. Annas protestant episcopal Church Cantou Bare of Corner of Liv Ingston according to the ritual of Tho Church. The Bishop made an Earnest address to the con firmes and Tho Largo congregation that was present on the lessons of to Suloman rite that he had just perform cd. Owing to a temporary ill Ness the Rov. Or. Roese f. Alsop Rector of the Church was not present. Personal. The now Waltzes dour enter by miss Georgia Lamson were played at the Park theater last week. The Booth Draha Tio club. A g o o d p c re o in a a n c e o f ckek99 a t t h e Crit Rio h a Largo audience was a Turac Ted to Arcanum Hall a t Bedford Avenue and Fulton Street last n in h t by the annual in Terra in ent and reception of the w Willoughby b a n Ujj and harmonic it club. The eur Ertain nent Progn jump under Tho Huper virion of prof i How g. H. Moore consisted of Banjo duets by Parlier an 1 j. H Arrison Char Acter songs by Edw Ard c. Evans Ria Liuga by Mist e Tea Ray Neu Olio in by the Lyric male Juar tet. Consisting of j. L. S d Boru John Donni j. H Arl Nogel Otto i Heinzm an e Lward Utz and Frederick Hiller piano Hof s h r Joseph hag Gerty a sleight of hand ror form Ance by a. R ohp.11 and instrumental by Alfred g rtt airs. Ambulance surgeon sice of St. F Atria Rineha Hospital both arrived and Fonn i tire Khjai pics rec6irfd we e not . Tivey pm Iii Ted of i Mycral Coata Sioris of the had and body. That wounds wore dressed and the child was not removed. Of pub 1 a 1.x Kkt. Annie Kennedy and 35 years was Foum d to in her bed at her Home 525 Graham uni Mike afternoon. Mrs. Kennedy was a i Low and lived alone the Anarum pm s. She Hud been complaining of ill health Fer some time an-1 yesterday when sire did no . In Atnee among the neighbors the suitor forced to i Fotr of her bedroom. Tire wan by ii a the bed having Pend and for bomb tiny. Ohio her wet ii a Riillo and held an Raqu Catt. A t � Fth Stith i s m i Okim i k is. The town of hemp Titean acc Iii to have a Good Many Parpora among its population. Tho Over Beera expended in the Iasi fiscal year $12,254.85 and there Are liabilities amounting to 13.300. The interact on the Stew Art fund supports the pauper and the to tool to fund \ Fli flouts l ? 1400,207. Y or a ;