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Brookfield Argus (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Brookfield, Missouri The Brookfield Argus volume by no. 252brookfield, Missouri saturday july 23, 1938 Linn county a Only daily newspaper labor appears to be slashing its own Throat the news summary. Foreign Japan softens its tone Boundary dispute with soviet Union. British King and Queen return from Paris King reconfirms ties with France. Employers Are tired of fighting unions May use machinery. Babson sees upturn three teachers found by Aid of officer the weather forecast. For Missouri generally fair tonight and sunday. Slightly warmer the Northwestern portion tonight. Committee stick to it i Venesz. British labor always keeps out of courts Washington. Hopkins spa statement called launching of third term Boom for president. Domestic. Will of Mabelle Horlyck Sidley Dis a posing of 3 to 9 million estate filed for probate son expected to contest it. Experts our business to Resolution introduced Indiana expand from now to up talc Askine congressional i Vestiga the new year. By Roger Babson. I Tion of politic go scandal charges j a that state. ,. _ Farmers of. Illinois solve Relief a Roble Pic a i of giving to it. They i Gloucester mass. July 22 -1 expect care for their own shading what they i to be better business each month have a s women school teachers missing for the batiks the inside of the Raser from now until the new year a re st director Lilienthal of Tva denies at nearly a week Northwestern new y a to one foot a gone upturn is the cards. But looking a com Ritter hearing charges a amp de by Mexico s bad lands were found today work is progressing new Mexico badlands Are or scene of Hunt Trio favourably new hopelessly lost. Reservoir for City elements harmful work 13 program nut Evora by the new Reservoir edition to the present one and is expected to be finished about three months according to r. B. Vater Foreman. The addition is 900 feet Long 300 j feet wide and twelve to fourteen feet deep. It a will be. Filled with water pulped out of the Creek and will1 probably be a a sed As a settling tank for the larger Reservoir. State trooper locates women by reflection from Mirror. A Uhl ted press. Leased wire . Mex., july 23.�?three further ahead t am not so optimistic. Or. Moulin deposed chairman. Our unemployment problem is not be German a catapult a i it Lane spans rating solved. There is no Hope of ending int from azores to new York joblessness Natif Lacr Abd a the and by. Searching parties which were attracted by mirrors which the women tourists flashed into the. Sun. They were suffering from exhaustion and ministration change their attitude a spouts 1 current Union tactics Are Short sight red sox defeat Bob Feller and tiled. Labor is slashing its own Throat Dun 7 to 4. Found the women approximately three employers sick of fighting with the pirates defeat bees 4 to 3, and Miles from their car it which they unions Are now bending their ener lengthen league Lead. Left to visit ice Cave lava Gies to the development of labor Sav Oak Park professional takes Early j Beds lands. He said that which give a slant length of Twenty j four feet. The incline is rip rapped with lift Estone Rock quarried East of Marceline try keep the dirt slopes from 1 exposure eroding away. About a forty men Are a state trooper named Mccollough j Emp oyed the Job Lead Chicago open with a 67. Ing machinery. Ibl to a. I especially Hope that the current redskins to present a triple threat Wand eng their shows Jeen torn upswing business will net give Rad i offence against All stars. Cal labor leaders further encourage a a ment. The Babson Chart for july is Commerce and finance registering the first monthly gain . Grain markets Dull As trading also the new Reservoir to be cleaned and 800 Yards of rip rap still remain to be put up. Seven thousand two Hundred Yards have been completed already. The refuse Rock from the work will go to reinforce the be to shred a a plodded car the ment wal1 the old Reservoir. They were hopelessly lost and their business activity since last August. July contracts ends. The Chart shows that business Railroad freight traffic for week Sharp Glassy surface of the area. The women were so weakened from exhaustion that they scarcely could move and their feet were badly lacerated. The spa furnishes All labor including hauling and engineering. The City supplies smaller tools Blacksmith work Cost of the Rock and so Forth. Part of the men now working Are they finally decided to rest and one 9uaru ins at Marceline drilling and it Quot a Farmar tllpk1 a add 16 �?o1 of the Imam a to ing Rock while the remainder Are he Aphel but the trend a the right Western railway Heads decide Refl cd a from Thun it was several thousand Yards of dirt. F. A direction. fact a Sharp jump against increasing passenger fares. Vburke is assistant Foreman for work business this fall is inevitable t�?Thi�1 a aaa a a a from these flashes that Mccullough 13111 assistant Foreman ii worn business this ran is Ine table. This outside packers pick up bargain _1#l 5 at the Reservoir and Ray Sternke Mirror from her pocketbook flashing i en8agod rip rapping and removing upswing will not be due to pump hogs Chicago Market priming. To this Falls business fed eral spending will be Only what a Des recovery news. A at. A Sert is to a Man who ha., already new York business activity the a a a a Quot a it a a it dually a Square meal. Irrespective of pump week ending july 16 Rose sharply to priming a natural rally from the the highest level since november 20, year old recession was bound to come. Moody a investors service reported. A a Al abort recession. St. Louis department store sales a 0rk found them he said. Mccollough said that the women the same position at the Quarry at a a a or Ala. Taken from there to a Hospital there were Many outstanding con j were up 6 8 per cent last week Over Grants Tributino causes to the recession. The preceding week. Springfield 111.�?state-wide building were Given nourishment Small j Marceyne. This will when completed increase the City water Supply by one fourth remove All danger of a water shortage during a dry season. That primarily was the reason for building the new Reservoir. During the drouth periods members of the Rescue party assisted the women Back to the Roadway where they left their car. They will be forced Stock Selling was a major item Mccollough said that because of the weakened condition of the women. Of several years ago there was a water shortage that compelled residents of Brookfield to curtail their use of but the decline was really started by Boom expected As result of con Tam from three to four hours probably water when it possible to of labor trouble. Everyone manufacture ted $100.000.000 Federal and state Wou d required t0 make the trip or wholesaler retailer consumer construction program which will a was scared that higher wages would clude roads housing water conserve Force prices into the stratosphere., Tion and pm wer projects. There was a Stampede of Forward buy Louls inquiries from customers Law goods were Ove Hiowt fat it and to expect Good fall ventries All Down the line Ware Over j sea son Washington stocked. Then buying started to drop because of the Mark up prices John m. Carmody head of the Rural electrification and governor Lloyd Stark Waits word of Hopkins Jefferson City to july 23.�? u. A i plan for inauguration Tain Aid from the government this project this Aid was eagerly taken As it the further advantage of giving work to the unemployed. Ltd a a plea to groups for refugees fourteen believed dead san Saba River goes big rampage. Heavy Texas flood w a. Or., communication lines Are virtually wiped out River is rising. R ita a of. I i. I ii ii United press leased wire san Saba. Tex., july 23.�? emergency flood Relief committee today appealed to the United states army and to the East guard to tale charge of the caring for refugees the worst flood the history of san Saba Valley. At least fourteen persons were believed already to have been drowned by the sweeping Advance of the normally Placid san Saba River. The fourteen persons were believed to have been members of two mexican families who sought Refuge top of a barn which workers said was almost certain to have been swept away during the night. The town no water Supply. The City water Plant was submerged and there was a threat of disease from Lack of sanitation facilities. Food supplies were almost gone. George Steinman. Head of the quickly mobilized Relief committee the Appeal for help said a conditions Are becoming extremely critical and much loss of life and property is he said Hope virtually been abandoned for the stranded mexicans. All communication lines except a single Telephone wire been washed out. Steinman asked the United press to relay the Appeal of the committee to the army and the coast guard m. W. Trussell a publisher who been checking the Rise the River said it was advancing at a rate of two feet hour and that at its present rate of gain would reach the City Square where 3.000 refugees were huddled a sometime this by Rev Harry Cook do. Success depends Back Bone not wish Bone. 1 a the Story is told of a Man visiting relatives the West. Near their Home was a Mountain which was rather High and rugged. A i have always wanted to climb to i the top of that Mountain a he said a and i have come resolved to reach the top this he started Early the Morniing and lunching prepared sandwiches the Way he struggled to the top. The View was magnificent and As he gazed enraptured the Beautiful scene he thought of the other time when he failed to reach the top he Given it up despair As impossibility but How he found that he Given up when almost at the lop r. A difference Between Success and failure is frequently Only a matter of persistency. Jya a Little More patience a Little More courage and the impossible is i a be that Yod have heard of the siesta of Gallipoli and How the allies hammered away with big guns or months at Tho Gate of the Darday Nelles. supplies dwindled. Ammunition ran Low. Only a few minutes More and the last Shell would have been fired the defense. Suddenly the sound of British Cannon died away. The British quit and the Fleet moved away. Only sixty minutes Between Success and failure and the British failed. They did not know of course they did not know. And neither do we know when we Are the Brink of Success. Just a Little More courage just a Little More Faith. The israelite lost their place the Sun because they failed to take All the land that was to have been theirs. Satisfied with too Little they brought misery and trouble upon themselves All the Days of their lives. A Job half done is surely not a Job Well done. Who cannot remember instances when a Little More persistence would have changed the course of j their lives when a Little More Faith would have brought them Rich rewards. How could they have forgotten the word of the lord to Moses Quot speak unto the children of Israel that they go grit makes the Man the want of it the chumps. The Man who wins takes hold. Hangs . And humps. Would elites court Only As last resort pacts i rarely broken. Differs from u. S. Our National labor act be accepted great governor Lloyd c. Stark apparent., ,. By disappointed the proposed meth which the higher wages forced. Announced he per of poll local activities drop demand together with Missouri spa. Today awaited is of salesmen s crusade huge Supply of goods hand put the entire $140.000 000 which the last Durance from Harry l Hopkins fed business into the sharpest tailspin a nose Sion of c�n8t Ltd a Dabler Jeral spa administrator that the to siness into inc Sharp Cost tailspin i construction will be hastened. History. Now it looks As though the losses of i 1vesti gation would be a full and com the past year will be wiped out by Alit hurts him to fire them. But what last night the governor upon his. A Arun or Rini return from a political rally at Sikes Sharp upturn. Several millions should can near. I go Back to work Between now and h Marks up the Price of his to a sent a Telegram to Hopkins say Christmas. Looking ahead into the goods lie Lases orders and to la Sion i step Stive a inn Corr form inf birr however i see off workers that is what happened 5atn>n us imperative longer term future to e. There is no use going1 he also asked for Public hearings of Little Prospect of eliminating Unzem us is no use going t with h it was . A a a a r. I through that again. If lie absorbs the testimony the charges it was ploy ment until there is a real change l. H t. R i j de stood that Stark investigators the attitude of labor and the Quot adm Cost s allo is goons probing further into the same Price he loses Money. A Uyuk a Wick attitude of the administration con rim no a by siness at a lofts does not charge of a political coercion beaming labor. Any gains jobs due anyone thai Over i half of judge James v. Billings can to increased demand tor goods will lie j Only is to cd mus by dilate for the nomination to the mls offset by More technological unemployment due to Radical labor demands. A by technological unemployment. I mean workers being put out j Ery have already been installed. Theof jobs by labor saving machinery j surface however scarcely been a investigator to two do the we Ork of three. Scraped. Huge possibilities lie ahead the possibilities of labor saving Ma-1 killing the Goose Chin cry arc almost limitless. They stalling More labor saving Whinery Misouri Supre quote court Stark is Sun it and discharging More workers Mil. Porting by mugs opponent judge Lions of dollars Worth of such Machin James m Douglas. Thurk stall a Hargis the Quot National salesmen a crusade j will be formally inaugurated Here with a mass meeting at Burlington Park next tuesday night. A band concert to Start at 7 30 of clock will precede the meeting. Authoritative speakers will be present. The theme of the crusade is Quot sales mean it is based the principle that Selling of goods will put men Back to work and bring better times. Credit for Large assistance the present business rally been i Given to the crusade for its efforts to revive Prosperity. At present 496 cities Are either actively carrying the crusade or Are making plans to do so the move j meet spread Over a1 of the united1 states and is another indication that this time America is determined to shake off the business doldrums. Reports from the various cities em-1 playing it Are encouraging. Kansas City reports say that the crusade Ozark Institute flans to open july 25th Eldon mo., july 21.�?approximately 200 to 303 Young Missouri methodists will come Here july 25 to enter the Lake of the ozarks Institute which will continue through the week. The Institute class sessions held Public school buildings of Eldon will occupy the morning hours. Recreation at the Lake of the ozarks will be enjoyed the afternoons and the Eldon City softball league rearranged its schedule so that the visitors May Sec a game each evening. Rev. R. J. Gilbreath pastor of the methodist Church Here will be Host. Rev. Ralph Hurd of Sedalia will be Dean of the Institute and Rev. Lester Greenwood of Sedalia is business manager. pushing the movement. Detroit and Ann Arbor Many stores Are claiming a 20 per cent increase business during july and Are giving credit to the Quot National s menus crusade for the upswing. The situation is much the same All the crusade is the _ workers finst Ance tax lip people Are Chicago 111., july 23.�? u. Pm Bruce j improved business about 18 per cent. Stagger the Imaginal . Watching the new cellophane materials Uthus works Progress administrator i it is being carried energetically today Are doing what three my ten n0w used for Raj coals. These investigator planned to leave Here late there with Good cd operation from the years ago. This Means that our Stan coals Are simply pressed and stamped today for Jefferson City Missouri to i business men of the City who realize Dard of living is rising and that the out rather than spun and loomed. 11 investigate charges of spa political j that it is to their advantage to join two men have More Leisure. But to am Soi a to Jat this cellophane material activities that state. The third Man who is thrown out of j a improved coloured and made opaque o work it seems just the opposite a will be substituted for cheap Rayon of try a fir a surf a ill a eventually this jobless third Man May and Cotton dresses. There Are literally p a of be absorbed into some other business hundreds of new practically la Orless Iii British Solil Lalhia giving credit to the Quot National sales perhaps he will go into the Industry j plastic products. They take the place. Which makes the labor saving machine of Metal and Wood products made by Courtenay British Columbia july that took his Job. Maybe he will go laborious methods. They save untold 23.�?<u. Pm four Hundred residents Over America Back to his old Industry where sales sums overhead and labor costs. Of Bevan prepared to evacuate today kind of business push that is needed. Are booming due to lower prices for by now pushing for More supposed As authorities warned that a Forest it starts with a spirit of optimism the machine made product which he advantages workers Are Only forcing fire. Which already burned which is so necessary these gloomy formerly made by hand. Eventually employers to install More of these through 130 Square Miles of Timber j times. And it seeks to bring about he will find a new Job but the labor saving machines and processes j land would reach the town within Good times for All not just for one interim he creates a real problem. I do not blame workers for wanting eighteen hours. Privileged class. Labor saving machinery Given More Money. That is Only human. The towns of Courtenay and cum it is sound economically too. The us our wonderful Standard of living. Furthermore i believe collective Berland also were the path of the simple principle is that the More a Par to continue to produce goods by hand bargaining but labor is foolish to fire a train of empty freight cars titular merchant happens to sell the when they can be made by machine is kill the Goose that lays the Golden was sent to Bevan to carry out the More prosperous he is the More people retarding Progress. But the sensible eggs. As i warned workers March residents and their belongings. He can afford to employ and the More policy is to bring about technological 1937. A a higher wages Are not All they fire fighters escorted fifty families merchandise he can order. As a re Progress slowly. Any program which Are cracked up to be a i repeat that to safety from the Community of suit Prosperity like this spreads artificially stimulates the use of labor warning today Black Creek saving devices aggravates the whole. Of o ass. A reason for doubt As to whether violent actions Are forcing employers i strained look boy Villi be punished to devote their efforts to the develop-1 Arment of new labor saving processes. Kirksville mo., july 21�?e. 8. A Dexter. Mo., july 23�? Ltd. Pm whole hearted support rapidly orders everywhere increase and the fresh demand caused by the crusade May Well be the foot that will kick business Back upstairs. any Case the citizenry of Brookfield should give this movement their they have labor leaders Are sabotaging their Fol j son instructor speech at state col sheriff Randol Evans said today he nothing to lose and quite a bit to Lowers while the administration lege was introducing a speaker at a doubted that Harry Collins 13, would gain. Fomenting labor troubles is mislead recital Here. Suddenly a strained look be arrested for the killing of Reuben oing workers i appeared his face. Sweat popped Capps. 31, a neighbor last night. For Sale. The employer s dilemma. Out his forehead. Capps knocked the boy Down after one 20 h. P. Witte engine one Corn the employer is sick and tired of he continued with the introduction a stick thrown by Harry at the dog Sheller me Hammer Mill. One Crusher this constant bickering and fighting however then plunged from the stage hit Capps. The boy rushed into his burrs for flour belting and hemmed by Quot stewards the fac into a Side room. A moment later he Home got a Rifle and shot the older mrs. J. B. Carmack North Salem tory a Union representative manacled a crushed Bee one hand. With Man. Of by threats of the Wagner labor act the other hand he rubbed soothingly and worried by High demands he his leg. Had enough. Yet he really does not a i captured it the leg of my want to buy machinery now. He feels trousers too late a he explained. That he does not have the proper re. serves a moreover he lib Tes to see his for Board and room. Men thrown out of work. Many a at reasonable rates first door West i Corn. Paying top prices. Car track factory the a a Bossy knows Mast of his of Missouri Power amp Light Cash Coal st peed. Workers and their families personally mrs Haney. Iphone 151. Sheriff Evans said he doubted if charges would be filed against the boy. I of wheat Oats and Corn. We want to buy your wheat Oats and Catholic picnic at Milan. Sunday july 24, Chicken dinner and supper 35 cents each. Baby show and tap dancing contest. Other attractions and contests. Mass at 10 30. Of dance saturday night. John Lee and his coloured orchestra at Linneus. Stock Market rises to record Levels today new York. A a a july 23.�? u. Pm the Stock Market Rose to a new High since october 7, 1937, the Industrial average a rousing half hour spurt today. Trading picked up sharply the Rise until tickers fell far behind. The last appeared ten minutes after the Clasing Gong sounded. Sales the first hour were Light at 230.000 shares against 330,000 shares the corresponding period last saturday. The spurt raised the second hour total to 580,000 against 300.000 shares last saturday the second hour. At the close the Dow Jones Industrial average stood at 144 24. Up 1.99 Points the Best since october 7, 1937. The Railroad average closed at 30 38, up 0.50. A new High since february 25. General motors made a new High. As did Eastman. Case and a Long list of others. Of bar association will support judge Douglas explosion at Boonville tears up Large Hole st. Louis. Mo., july 23.�?<u. Pay a poll of the Missouri bar association Boonville mo., july 21�?the third made Public today disclosed that at i Gas explosion within five Days the tourneys of the state have endorsed main line of the Panhandle Eastern judge James m. Douglas for the pipeline company occurred today democratic nomination for the Short the farm of Ott Holman three Miles term the Missouri supreme court East of Here near Highway 40 the by overwhelming majority. Blast was heard for ten Miles. Almost six votes favored judge the explosion Tore a Hole the Douglas to one for his opponent Cir ground 18 feet deep and 25 feet across Cuit judge James v. Billings of Ken no fire resulted. Net. C. O. Mccoy Missouri division judge Douglas previously re superintendent said the main line was Cei Ved the endorsement of the Kan carrying pressure slightly above nor Sas City and st. Louis bar Assoc a Mal to test it for the heavy Winter tons. Load. Gas service was restored Imo mediately through the use of pipe Loop circuit clerk faces symm installed year. Embezzling charges a a a ,.n a it Houston mo., july 23.�? u. Pm catch All Dru fish William p. Carty suspended Texas a county circuit clerk was arrested Here Jefferson City mo., july 21�?mis today charges of embezzling county Souri anglers May catch and have funds. Possession All the drum fish they can the warrant was issued Ai inform land. The attorney general a office lion filed by a. A. Akeman who charge ruled de that $115 due him As damages a opinion prepared by assistant Road condemnation suit was Carty a attorney general w j. Burke held Possession. Carty is under five other drum Are not the same species As indictments resulting from invest Perch and thus not subject to the gation of his records. Statutory Possession limit of 15 for the a to latter variety. Neville Charlie Raill prosecuting attorney g Logan Marr i us i my of Morgan county requesting the semis Hitler message opinion said game wardens been holding drum were the same As White London july 23.�? u. Pm prime Perch and arresting fishermen with minister Neville Chamberlain sent More than 15 drum Possession Burke cited description volumes of the Standard Library of National history As authority for his ruling the two fish Are of different species. Wheat Oats and Corn. We want to buy your wheat Oats and Corn. Paying top prices. Car track Cash Coal so peed. Phone 151. Adolph Hitler a personal message expressing the governments desire for the improvement of British German relations and urging him to be moderate his policies toward Czechoslovakia it was understood today. A of for rent. Good cow pasture at the end of Hansen Avenue. Phone 432. By Webb Miller London july 22. To. Cup a the dominant principle that guides British labor its relations with management is a keep away from the that is what i was told by one of the leading authorities the British trdj3e> Union Law when i asked him to explain the essential differences Between labor legislation great Britain and the United states. For professional reasons he requested that his name not be used. The commission which president Roosevelt appointed to study Industrial relations great Britain and Sweden will find wide divergence Between the British and american systems this expert said. A broadly he added a Trade Union officials great Britain would not accept the american National labor relations act As a gift for it violates one of the deepest instincts of Brit so labor which is a keep away from the Quot the essence of the american Law is that a Trade Union pact with employer is something that the last resort is enforceable of a court of Law. That makes a British Trade Union official shudder. He wants Trade pacts to be kept flexible and enforceable Only by the willing consent of both parties to the agreement. Such agreements Are rarely violated but if they Are broken then the answer is a strike one Side or a lockout the other Side while negotiations Are started or conciliation machinery is brought . A but Appeal to the Law courts exposes Trade Union funds to a costly Drain and brings up the possibility of punitive damages it exacerbates tempers and makes it difficult to resume cordial relations. A we have. I think Only one example this country of agreement enforceable the courts. Parliament 1934 passed a novel act applying Only to the weaving Section of the Cotton Trade. The act stipulated that employees and employers were empowered to agree a wage scale which when approved by the minister of labor becomes enforceable courts of Lawr. A there is Only one Union All of great Britain which toys with the idea of making Trade pacts enforceable the courts. That is the National Union of general and municipal workers which is influenced by the fact that it is often dealing with Small firms trades we re employers Are unorganized Emu Oyer federations and where there is considerable breaking of agreements. But practically All other Trade unions dislike the idea. Quot there is no general Law great Britain compelling employer to recognize a Union. So far As the Law is concerned he can maintain open shop. A closed shop or any kind of a shop. The nearest thing to direct Legal compulsion employer is the railways act of 1921. That act combined All railways into four great systems and established the machinery for settling labor disputes the form of a Board composed of representatives of the railroads and representatives of the three great railway unions the National Union of railway men the associated society of locomotive engineers and firemen and the railway clerks association. Quot now Here is something interesting. You might imagine that those three railway unions would be highly flattered at being Given statutory recognition the Law of the land. But they Are not really. They did not complain about it. But they did not relish it. For it was too rigid if one of the three unions should split into two unions because of internal Strain then it would take act of parliament to clean up the mess. Quot the British Union member the Back of his head. Is always conscious of the fact that what parliament gives parliament can take away Quot now. While there is no direct Legal compulsion British employers to Deal with unions there is a Good Deal of oblique pressure them to recognize unions the trades Board act of 1919, establishing minimum wages various hard pressed industries encourages common organization of employees and employers. A similarly when Industry like the sugar beet Trade receives a subsidy or special regulation parliament commonly lays Down conditions regarding wages and working conditions which results both Side organising for convenience administering the act. regard to jurisdictional disputes Between rival unions the British employer no Protection Legal a otherwise although he could Appeal i to the minister of labor for a a Ltd a a a a it a
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